Friday, 26 August 2011

Meat Feast pizza - hold the meat!

Hi chaps, not a great deal to offer you today. Will have Lady Sif coming in next week so I'll do a mid-week update with shots of her for you.

Marvel want some changes to Sebastian Shaw - so we are having to do some work on beefing him up a bit. hopefully have shots next week.

Nick Abadzis' wierd and wacky wraparound design for the MODOK special (should be stunning when it's fully rendered... (love the little AIM men scampering around makes me wanna do an AIM figurine!

Owl first look...

Myself and Rich think overall the body/pose is good, but his face/hair isn't quite doing it, so it's gone back for amendments. Needs to look slightly bulkier in the face with more defined 'owl-like' hair. (he's had lots of facial looks over the years and it's been hard to get a good composite.

I'd be happier if he looked a little more like this...

With hair maybe like this...

We await the sculptors changes.

Still awaiting the Forum polls (yes I will honour the top 3 choices!)

Competition will have to wait just that li'l bit longer :)

Have a weekend. Dan


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mighty_marvel said...

looking forward to seeing lady sif.

michal9402 said...

Not to much news. I hope Lady Sif'll be great suprise for us 'couse we wait for her soo long.
Owl look ok and I agree that face should look more like owl.

JinxDealer said...

great update dan considering, i like seeing the development process etc so thanks & keep up the good work mate.

Kal Brindle said...

Owl looks amazing! Great classic costume choice - looks like he stepped right off the cover of Claws of the Cat #2. You're right about the face looking a little too leab though.

Great cover in progress. I too would love to see an AIM Agent make the collection one day.

Kal Brindle said...

Oops I meant lean.

jimbob said...

Owl looks amazing.

Cant wait to get MODOK.

Thanks for the update.

Gremlin in the works said...

I totally suport the inclusion of an AIM agent in the collection!!!!!

DeVoEse said...

Wow! The Owl looks so awesome! He was a fig I was on the fence about getting, and that sculpt is so great, I'm adding it to my list. I laughed, though, because he totally looks like a Victorian Wolverine.

Excited about finally getting to see Lady Sif!

AIM goon fig? If we go that route, you simply cannot overlook the other white meat, HYDRA.

Paibok said...

Owl looks great, the pose is good, and I agree with you on the face, needs to be more round... like an owl.

Would like to see some AIM agents / scientists in the collection as well.

mighty_marvel said...

aim agents - i suppose they're tempting for EM to do because some people will buy multiple copies. i'd like them eventually but not yet. there's still too many proper characters to do.

mgf said...

The Owl sculpt is magnificent, but with the proposed changes will be perfect.

Not a villain I was greatly looking forward to, but looks like a gem in the making.

The characters I haven't held much interest in but have been beautiful sulpts, Red Skull, Zemo, Spiral, are some of my very favourites of the entire collection. Looks like Owl will be added to that list.

LAWay said...

Pleased with the Owl and the pose is great. Agree with the adjusts needed although dont think the hair is too bad. I say keep it in line with the first fully body image with the chops rather than the other one to make it look less wolverine like.

What were Marvel's exact words and how come they felt strong to change it, but other things have gone unnoticed that collector's have pointed out?

MODOK cover looks decent, lots of detail in it which is fab, feels retro. He has cartoony hands and legs which look abit silly and isn't the best interpretation of the character, but I am more excited about the figurine anyway.

How could Shaw get so far down the production line and not have been flagged up before? Does this mean other figurines that have been shown painted be subject to change?

Robert said...

Wasn't hugely fussed by Owl but that sculpt is pretty impressive. You're right about the face, though: should be fatter and older looking.

Best bit about the update is that the MODOK special makes an A.I.M. technician more likely! One of those nasty little bee-keepers is long overdue. Never mind a "proper character", these guys represent an entire organisation!

Dan The Man said...

To our knowledge Marvel has seen and approved early stages (Seb Shaw) - only now they are saying they haven't seen him yet!? Something in the water does not compute!

Gremlin in the works said...

At least Shaw won't be out till around this time next year so there's plenty of time to alter him.

buffduffdan said...

Owl is looking great. With a fuller face and a slightly pointer hair, we will look superb. Can't wait to add him to my Daredevil display :)

Cool MODOK cover!

Looking forward to Sif next week!!

Becquerel said...

"love the little AIM men scampering around makes me wanna do an AIM figurine!"


I'd so love you for that, haha. I'd even go campaign additionally for HYDRA goon, SHIELD agent, Doombot and Hand ninja.

Hmm... in fact, I think, if I win the competition, I'll be requesting AIM goon to start off the henchmen-team. :P

Anyway, onto the actual update.

Spiffy cover. Although MODOK looks a bit strange, I really enjoy the general setup of the picture and the henchmen pretending to doing work. You can see the one standing in the front on the far left thinking very strongly about what to do next that will let MODOK think that he's working!

I love the Owl figurine, he's gonna look AMAZING! I actually enjoy the hair as it is, but yes, the head needs to be a bit bigger, and maybe the chops as well.

Although the update wasn't world-changing, it was still great! So thanks, Dan! :D

jimbob said...

Where was MARVEL when CABLE needed bulking up!!!;-))

Leader of X-FORCE is almost the size of X-23.

Any ways cant wait for Sif.I can see that the Asgardian gods need that extra bit special care.

Warriors Three next please Dan.

ted sallis said...

Just noticed at the end of the last blog.The boss in charge of this collection said
sorry James, but you can't vote, nor can any of the previously banned members.

Harsh but fair.
I've just checked my Visa statements, And guess what Dan/Richard, i have paid over £1200 to a company called Eaglemoss, over the last 5 or so years.
C'mon EM tell Ted he can't vote.

CGJ said...

I will email my five choices to Dan. I assume votes not on official SHFF headed notepaper will still be counted.

Owl looks sweet. About time the main site was updated Dan, who is after Spiral?

Gremlin in the works said...


jimbob said...

The Grim did except votes from the blog last year from those who was banned from the forum.

Maybe email is a better way for you guys.

Thor8 said...

Thanks for the update Dan,it was short but sweet.

Like the way the Owl is coming about and with the adjustments you mentioned it should look superb.

AS I mentioned in a past post,I wasn't too keen on Shaw,I'll save my final judgment when the finished product is shown.

"love the little AIM men scampering around makes me wanna do an AIM figurine!" I've ask for them in the past quite a few times especially once Modok was approved,they'll look awesome standing around the Modok Special.Then later on we could get Hydra agents and Sons Of the Serpents.

Can hardly wait to see my ladylove Sif.

Jacadoo said...

OMG just read the comments - sorry James, but you can't vote, nor can any of the previously banned members.

Harsh but fair.

Definatly not fair Dan - I know James (did me an awsome custom) and as I understand he was banned over a disagreement regarding a SHFF competition - over two years ago!!

Why / how is this fair and why is the CMFF now being steared by the SHFF?

Disgraceful - we have all been here from the start and without all of us you would not be!!

I support the SHFF and am not taking sides - but as a loyal follower James should be allowed to vote, whatever the relationship with the gents at the SHFF - Nuff Said!!

I for one cant vote as we are in mid house move and the internet connection here will not let me log into the SHFF pole - any chance of a sympathy Stingray vote......... Harsh but Fair - still can't get over that one!!

James Acroyear still looks awsome!!

ted sallis said...

Heh, i forgot to mention Owl looks top notch, needs a diet of Ginster pies tae pile on the pounds ;)
Please do an AIM technician and Hydra goon, The multiple buyer will ensure they are a stonking success.

tinodragon14 said...

OWL looks good & the face & hair changes you spoke of should make it better.
MODOK wraparound coming along okay.
Brief blog brief comment bye...

Robert said...

Question: If an A.I.M. technician was made, how many would you buy? None, one, two, three...?

I would buy a minimum of two, probably three. Five would be my maximum.

Thor8 said...

Hi jacadoo,glad to hear from you again my long lost brother in arms.

I had not read the post Ted and jacadoo mention in this post so I went back and read it. I,like jacadoo have nothing against the SHFF,but I find it is unfair for fans and loyal customers to be excluded from voting privileges. True the forum was given the go ahead to hold these polls in there site to avoid (to some extent)cheating in the votes,but I do not believe this gives them the right to decide who gets to vote and who doesn't. They were banned from the forum not from EM or this collection in which people like Ted have spent a considerable amount of money. Dan,Rich and EM staff in general,I ask on behalf of these fans and friends,that some measure be taken so that their votes can be considered. I don't how it is elsewhere but here in PR even those serving time in prison have the right to vote.

Dan The Man said...

What the Forum folks choose to do is really their business. I am not in anyway involved in the banning of certain people from voting. I am not banning anyone from the upcoming competition. I'm not sure how to resolve personal disputes/bannings that go on the forum (but they do effect Loyal (if outspoken) EM customers).

All I can ask is that the Forum mods can find it in their hearts to re-instate anyone who's banned and try and put behind us all the aggro and bad feelings etc.

PS I don't follow the Forum, so I don't know exactly the problems. But hope they can be put to bed anuy ill feelings, at least until the forum vote is finished.

ted sallis said...

Roberts question, if an AIM tech or Hydra goon were made how many would you buy . Three, one each side and one in front of their respective leaders

CGJ said...

Dont know if 'run along and play nice' will work on this playground Dan!

Would only buy one of any goon fig. Not into building diaramas so a single representation of each would be plenty for me

mighty_marvel said...

if generic units were done i'd buy one. still think they should be left for a couple of extensions yet though.

jimbob said...

The pose would have to be static,so it wont look odd when we buy multiple of AIM agents.

Don't do it like Sentinel,with the arm sticking out it has put other collectors off on buying multiples of them cause it would look odd.

EM must be kicking them self's over that,I would have bought 4 or 5 of those sentinels.

Maybe they can do variants of Sentinels doing different poses.

ted sallis said...

Dan ma darling, i have zero interest in being reinstated on the forum, I am a subcriber from day one,Your running a poll, but some dude from a fan forum with no official links to EM ( the people i give money to every month)tells me i can't vote as i am banned from the what???
I could be banned from queens club for streaking on centre court, that would be about as relevant.
I want my vote Danny boy.

Robert said...

Jimbob, I was wondering about the pose myself. A.I.M. technicians don't have a 'classic' pose to my knowledge - unlike, say, Hydra with their arms out-stretched salute - so not sure what would work best. But you're right; multiples of some poses would look odd. Tricky one, methinks, and not sure of the answer. What do you guys think?

"I could be banned from queens club for streaking on centre court." "Could be" or 'have been', Ted...? ;)

mgf said...

The forum is a power trip for one particular person. His comments to James, which were despicable in every regard, only serves to show the leverage he seems to think he wields over EM. EM should show us he doesn't.

Dan, being a decent cove, should invite those who could not vote to send their votes to him directly, and insist that that they are included.

These are the votes of EM customers in an EM poll, being disqualified by someone who is not associated with EM beyond his nauseating sycophancy to the previous bloke in charge.

Sort it Dan, and tell us once and for all, who runs this collection?

rob said...

Robert said...

Re-reading today's comments and I have a question. When I very first came on here, the issue of cheating here on the blog was just dying down. I only caught the tail-end of it and know very little about it, other than is happened. Anyway, I was wondering, are the folk who were caught cheating still posting here? I'm not asking for names or any specific information, of course, I'm just curious, as they seem to have been the root cause of long-running arguments and the forum vs blog disputes.

Robert said...

Thinking about when I first came on and started to wonder - Whatever happened to the Smiffy7856/ Slapstick/ Mad thinker?

jimbob said...

Madrox has worked with buying multiples without them looking odd.

If EM chose a simple pose that wont look odd with a multiple of them otherwise It wont work.

ted sallis said...

I was wondering, are the folk who were caught cheating still posting here? I'm not asking for names or any specific information, of course, I'm just curious, as they seem to have been the root cause of long-running arguments and the forum vs blog disputes.
Yep, i'm still here boab, one of my earliest recollections from this blog was some supercilious muppet explaining why we were all cheating scum. and from now on only the mighty fortress of honesty ( also known as da foyum) were fit to run future polls. If yer default position is bloggers are cheats...expect a tad of tension.

Robert said...

Thanks for replying, Jimbob. However, the Madrox pose was rather dull, don't you think? Ideally I'd like a little more attitude in a figure. Really not sure what the answer is...

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ted sallis said...

Och, Robert, i was refering to how the blog was portayed as a whole by the actions of a few. Christ ye must know me better than that??

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hello Dan anyway I can vote? As I said in a previous post I submitted a vote to Rich once and even sent one to SHFF another time. I'm told this time I can't vote??? Surely as a subscriber from day one I'm entitled to a vote as it is EM who have asked to do this for it's customers. My email address is:

All I'd like to do is cast my votes for a collection I enjoy

ted sallis said...

Ha, what are you like? ah never cheated, ah just took umbridge tae the fact all bloggers were tarred with the same brush. Forum? honest poll? arse!. i've had at least 10 accounts on there, it's as open to abuse as this place.Banned fae voting by the likes o them irrelevent cabbages???, aye, i'll let that go unchallenged.

TGR said...

Some of you on here really are bitter and twisted souls. You need therapy :-)
Let’s just put this straight once and for all.
The Forum is run independently of EM and has done since the inception of the CMFC. It started out as a place where like-minded collectors could discuss the figurines.
We made contact with Eaglemoss in the very early months of the series and quickly realised that there was a lot of mutual benefits. EM got free market research, collection promotion and an insight into what was wanted by the collectors and we got info on upcoming figures and sneak peeks. As far as we all were concerned it did work very well.
Eaglemoss realised there was something good about having a forum and even took it upon themselves to have a go at running one. The DC Forum - anyone remember that? bombed spectacularly because it was over-run with puerile children that could only post if they used the F and C words in every sentence: EM did not have the ability to properly monitor what was being said.
Rich then started the Blog on here...good effort . He also tried to run votes on here until it was realised that cheating was rife and we all were going to end up with figurines that one guy and 30 mates had voted for. Rich then asked us to run the various polls and as way of a thank you to the forum members we – the forum – had the opportunity to choose what we – the forum – wanted.
The forum choice poll is for forum members, any of you can join and all of you at some point were members and really entitled to do so.
BUT, this is where it gets really nasty and explains the bitterness, at least 3 of you on here felt that to abide by our simple rules was way beneath you.
Ted had a penchant for posting smut, he was banned, he was asked to tone it down...he didn’t and was then banned. H e snook back on under a different name, which to start with we turned a blind eye to as he seemed to have reformed....oh how wrong we were his language was akin to that expected of a miner with tourettes. (Read his posts on here , he hasn’t changed)
GAIUS/GORT/MGF – He was banned for different reasons, all he wanted to do was stir up an argument and basically troll and flame. Again, he was warned, ignored the warnings and was banned. Like Ted, he too snook back on under an alter-ego (ego being the operative word here) but like the saying goes, a leopard never changes his spots...again read his posts on here – they are aimed at causing trouble. And Gort by the way, even took it upon himself to ring my place of work and give me verbal abuse to the extent that he wished I would get cancer and die – nice guy uh?
James/Acex/aceExtreme...He was banned for having multiple accounts and basically attempting to cheat in one of the forum custom competitions. We found out and he vigorously denied it until it was proven beyond any doubt that he had been rumbled. He then apologised (only guy to have the guts to accept he was wrong) and has voted in other none forum polls via e-mail – Is that right James? Unfortunately this is a FORUM vote and it is a collective decision not to allow non-members to vote...that is why we have closed to new members for the duration of the vote to prevent any problems.

Dan is probably not aware of the bulk of this but Rich certainly is and the individuals I have named above will know themselves that what happened was down to them, and they were given a chance to play fair.
As you can see, they are not the squeaky clean, hard done by collectors that the purport to be. They don’t hate the forum, they hate me, it is nothing more than a personal issue which I ignore more than I respond to but the latest outbursts warrant my response.

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ted sallis said...

I hate to pick on the afflicted, but my posts were clearly aimed directly at the organ grinder not his irrelevant jumped up monkey.
EM decide if my vote is valid, naw some nobody.

Thor8 said...

Well,as it seems that voting privileges are in question here and not everyone is being given that right (which all deserve)to vote. I say that the best thing to do (although it pains me deeply to say so) is to banned the voting privileges. Either everyone gets the right to vote or no one votes at all. Let EM decide which characters are made and maybe just raise the comp winners to three. It can be done in the following manner: First place winner gets to pick a character of his or her choice,and second and third place winners get to choose a character from a list of possible candidates supplied by EM. Just a suggestion,what do you think Dan?

ted sallis said...

ps, forum members who voted to exclude banned members from this poll???.. whatta bunch ***^$£7&*%^*%*&^*,, seriously go shit yerselves.

TGR said...

Thor8 but the point is the forum vote was given by way of thanks. The votes are from a large number of very serious and passionate collectors and 99% of the time reflect what others want too.

The ones generally asking for the vote to be taken away from the forum are those that just cannot act like adults.I think in total we are looking at maybe 1/2 dozen people. so because they whinge, whine and moan because of their "rights" the likes of you and all the other genuine guys and gals suffer?

ted, i'm not biting. I think anyone with an ounce of intellect on here can see exactly why we took the steps we took. Some of your posts are very funny and informative, just a pity that you don't understand what is or isn't acceptable in an environment that children visit (and they do).

Anonymous said...

I just simply wanna vote. As for the custom comp (thinking back) I submitted my entries... Two days later! Banned!!

Surely being a long serving costumer I have a right to have my say and cast a vote. I'll await till EM say something as it's up to them. I'll quite happily email my votes to dan or anyone at EM

ted sallis said...

YEP, i cannot deny, i used fruity language on the forum, much as i do ....i am to be banished from participating in this a party totally and utterly irrelevant to EM??.
C'mon Dan/Rich is this what it's come to??
Never mind all this oooh ted said naughty things. My vote?' will you except it or not.?

Thor8 said...

I understand what your saying Grim I truly do. I do not favor in any way the use of foul language either,be it here on this blog or anywhere else,it goes against my moral and christian beliefs. Ted can be quite "outspoken" at times,but in the line of democracy and freedom he should be given the right to vote (in some manner) outside the forum. Maybe EM can work a way for these few fans to be able to cast there vote. I'm not trying to have EM take away anything from the forum that has been given to you guys in gratitude. I'm just hoping things can be resolved so we can all be at peace and enjoy this collection we all love.

TGR said...

Dan has already said that he has no intention of controlling what we do on the forum.

ted as a collector you are fully entitled to have your (loud) voice heard but not in the forum choice poll. Accept that and move on.

I don't think 1 vote for Bloodstone or Princess python will make any difference to the top 3 (or indeed the top 100) , you'll just have to wait till 2018.

I'm sorry Dan, but it would be a cold day in hell when Ted or MGF are welcome back on the forum and I very much doubt they would want to.

Again, don't let a loud minority sway your thoughts. They certainly ain't swaying mine. The forum vote is extremely representative of the collecting community as it stands at the moment (and all will see this when the results are published).

if in the future the polls are to be open to anyone and everyone then so be it but not this time around.

this all reminds me of a Life of Brian sketch...the one where they are discussing the Judean Peoples Front, Peoples Front of Judea. last week EM were the Romans.

Ted if you haven't seen it do so.
You can play the role of Brian especially the part where he asks "are you the the Judean Peoples Front". You'll find that Reg's answer is pretty appropriate. :-)

TGR said...

Sorry Thor, my last reply was not in response to yours (we must have been posting simultaneously).

I too am a believer in democracy and all that but it is the Forum Choice Poll. By their own behaviour the FEW relinquished their chance to vote. We have discussed this many times in the Mod/Admin section and it does take up a lot of our time trying to keep things fair.

As I say , if it was a collectors poll then fine, we would work around it, but it is not and so have no intention of pandering to ted/mgf/james.

Like I said harsh but fair (on everyone else who can behave responsibly in a public forum).

buffduffdan said...

Banned offences include multiple accounts to rig competitions, death threats and trolling, rude and homophobic posts, faked robberys to con people and the list goes on.

Rich knew what all of those members had done and fully supported the forum's decision not to allow their votes and understood why. If EM want to allow whoever in the competition then that is fair enough but seeing as this was supposed to be a forum reward then I don't see why we should co-operate with people who have been nothing but rude and insulting every time.

Maybe you should have a chat with Rich about the issue Dan? :P I think he'll let you know why take a firm stand on this!

ted sallis said...

Seriously Dan ,Is this guy talking on your behalf?, If this bellend with a forum is in charge ,I'm more than happy to piss right off and let you enjoy each other.Ban me from the vot. And lo. the bellend shall rule the cmfc so it is written amen.

LarryS said...

I'd be fascinated to know which characters people have selected in their vote...? does anyone care to share...?

ted sallis said...

Oi, Buff shit,
You cheeky little fox reporter, when have i been guilty of the following?
"Banned offences include multiple accounts to rig competitions, death threats and trolling, rude and homophobic posts, faked robberys to con people and the list goes on."

TGR said...

even when we are fair and try to explain things all we get back is personal insults.

Carry on bleating Ted, I really don't think anyone cares about what you as a foul mouthed, belligerent, individual wants. You say you are more than happy to P### right off so why don't you? and let civil discussion continue.

ah..hang , but you won't because you want to continue trolling. it only takes one bad apple etc etc

buffduffdan said...

Charming as ever :)

The list I posted was not just about you but covers several of the members who were banned.

You were the one who posted homophobic content (as I recall a picture implying an owner left his dog to die because it was gay), pictures of a penis-gun, and other such profanity and vulgarity.

However you already know all that, as does anyone who reads your post on here too.

ted sallis said...

Dan. ya idiot, i am more than willing to go to court over this, You have attributed remarks to me that i have never said. come check my hardrive you sad sad lonely boy.
I left a picture of a dying dog?????? You cannot come on here spurting insane shit like that ya fat freaky fuk

TGR said...

Tourettes AND do need to see a doc Ted...

buffduffdan said...

Yeah ok, I must be going senile. I remember the joke exactly because of how offensive it was. You might have deleted it now but I know what it was.

Resorting to personal attacks? Damn that hurts. I'll go cry myself to sleep :)

Anyway I look forward to the letter from your solicitor. And I'm the one that's insane? Ever read one of your posts??

ted sallis said...

Okely dokely Dan buff pie man post it up along with the evidence

buffduffdan said...

As far as I recall, it was this picture (still on your photobucket):

And alongside it was a joke implying that you had to leave 1 dog tied up there as the tide came in because you had discovered it was gay.

Anything else I can do for you? :)

TGR said...


Dan The Man said...

Please try and refrain from anymore flame-war stuff guys! It seems things have gone too far for an amicable resolution, and this'll just scare off people who aren't involved. Let's stick to friendly banter and on-topic discussions (MARVEL stuff!)

Hopefully, Rich will agree to allow the banished ones to vote via e-mail or snail mail.

Anyway a few random thoughts:

1. What horror/supernatural character for the next extension. Brother Voodoo, Selene, Frankenstein?

2. What Asgardian if any should get in?

3. Shall I put my job on the line and sneak through Rocket Racoon?

4. Can mankind truly find peace?

ted sallis said...

My god. you are off yer fucking head ya bastard, That is a pic of my labrador and my bernise , You sick fuk.

buffduffdan said...

Use all the denial you want. You, me and a bunch of other people who saw it know the truth. You can lie and try and seem like a saint to Dan but that's down to them if they believe you.

You also posted this:

And another image of 4 topless cosplayers which photobucket has removed for violating their terms.

Anyway that's the last I'm posting on the subject for Dan's sake :)

TGR said...

You asked for evidence and invited a search of your computer..that image was posted up on my forum along with the message that you had discovered one of your dogs way gay and you tied it to stake at the beach to let "nature take its course".

A pretty vile comment to post anywhere, totally unacceptable in open forum, and extremely offensive.

Best thing Dan can do is freeze the blog until all this is resolved.

Ted you have clearly demonstrated that you are a vile individual, decent words cannot express what I think of you and your unwanted opinion.

Travis said...

I think Shaw looks great. Where was Marvel when Cable was made. He needed to be beefer.

1. What horror/supernatural character for the next extension. Brother Voodoo, Selene, Frankenstein?
Satana is my #1 want. I'd like to see Selene as well, but I consider her an X-character.

2. What Asgardian if any should get in?

Any of the Warriors Three would be fine. Volstagg would need to be a special ofcourse. To bad you couldn't do them as a 3 pack.

3. Shall I put my job on the line and sneak through Rocket Racoon?

Sure, but really he should be made as a two pack with Groot

4. Can mankind truly find peace?

Only if the Beyonder makes the collection.

Victor said...

Turning to another subject...
If generic units were done i'd buy one. still think they should be left for a couple of extensions yet though.
Maybe EM can do variants of generic units doing different poses, in this case I'd buy one of wich pose.

LAWay said...

Please guys, dont drag your forum member argument on the blog and ruin it for us all. Please delete your comments and forget about it.

1. What horror/supernatural character for the next extension. Brother Voodoo, Selene, Frankenstein?
- Not sure who counts as 'supernatural/horror', not a genre I read or thought marvel is known for. Marvel says 'Toxin' is a horror character, so thats my vote.

2. What Asgardian if any should get in?
-Again, not an area I care for. We have had the big ones and think it is too niche an area. Since the Desctroyer was in the Thor movie I hope he counts, otherwise its just one of the warriors three.

3. Shall I put my job on the line and sneak through Rocket Racoon?
Don't need him yet. Throw him in a double pack if it has to be done. Hasbro are releasing an action figure of him, so any GotG fans that really want him should buy that instead of wasting lead on a small character.

4. Can mankind truly find peace?
Not if the internet and forums/blogs exist. ;)

John said...

1. What horror/supernatural character for the next extension. Brother Voodoo, Selene, Frankenstein?

Brother Voodoo! Highly wanted. One of my 5 Forum Votes. :) HUGE character, imo.

2. What Asgardian if any should get in?

Can we start the Warriors Three, please? Especially with the movie, they'll be highly recognizable. I don't care which you start with, but one of the Regular sized characters. After they're in, Volstagg votes will shoot up BIG time.

3. Shall I put my job on the line and sneak through Rocket Racoon?

Do this and I'll forgive the Gamora decision. Rocket is my MOST WANTED character right now. After him and Star-Lord are confirmed, I'll actually have all of my Top 10 favorite characters made. But Dan... please understand Rocket's actually in my Top 4... as in favorite comic book characters IN GENERAL!!! That's huge. Please?!

AIM Technician? I'd buy 3. Loving all the MODOK news. :)

Victor said...

1. What horror/supernatural character for the next extension. Brother Voodoo, Selene, Frankenstein?
#1 Selene

2. What Asgardian if any should get in?

Any of the Warriors Three would be fine. Volstagg would need to be a special ofcourse. To bad you couldn't do them as a 3 pack.

3. Shall I put my job on the line and sneak through Rocket Racoon?

Sure, but really he should be made as a two pack with Groot

4. Can mankind truly find peace?

Only if the LOCKJAW and MAXIMUS makes the collection.

JinxDealer said...

seriously over a joke pic? c'mon everyone in here has told a joke in their life about some minority etc

John said...

"Hasbro are releasing an action figure of him, so any GotG fans that really want him should buy that instead of wasting lead on a small character."

I don't buy any other collection than EM...

Dan, Rocket Raccoon and Groot in a Double Pack just makes so much sense. They really need to be together, and Rocket would be a HUGE selling point to get Groot through. The Forum is currently having a poll on most wanted Double Packs, and last I saw they were 3rd on the list (behind Misty/Colleen and someone else. Help me out here.)

Please work on getting this Double Pack through. You've lost a lot of Modern GotG fans angry over Gamora. This would DEFINITELY win them back.

buffduffdan said...

1. What horror/supernatural character for the next extension. Brother Voodoo, Selene, Frankenstein?

Brother Voodoo would be best IMO. Wouldn't mind Simon Garth or Selene but I think Voodoo deserves it most!

2. What Asgardian if any should get in?

Thunderstrike!! But if he doesn't count as Asgardian then I wouldn't mind Heimdall or any of the Warriors Three

3. Shall I put my job on the line and sneak through Rocket Racoon?

Have to echo the others and say a Groot/Raccoon double pack would be amazing. Leave the cosmic/modern GOTG slot for Phyla-Vell in the main running order ;)

mighty_marvel said...

1. What horror/supernatural character for the next extension. Brother Voodoo, Selene, Frankenstein?

brother voodoo. has to be. he should have been in this time round imo. selene can be put through as part of the x-men slots.

2. What Asgardian if any should get in?

fandral, hogun or thunderstrike

3. Shall I put my job on the line and sneak through Rocket Racoon?

do him as a double with groot

4. Can mankind truly find peace?

only if you start doing resculpts

SinisterVenom said...

Another quickie this week I see but it's still a nice one.
The Owl figurine looks superb and I am really looking forward to getting him. Hope he'll look even better once the changes have been made and the paint job is done.
MODOK has an interesting cover too. I'm not too bothered about AIM agents as figurines if I'm quite honest. I still feel there are plenty other characters worth doing first before those like AIM or HYDRA or SHIELD are considered.

And at that I move on to...


Moondragon this week. Good choice from the forum poll that chose her as her figurine turned out quite nice. Paint job is terrific, pose is somewhat different and is great because she stands out from the other females in the collection. Overall pleased with the character. Even more pleased that Spiral is the next character though, she looks absolutely stunning! Oh, and I can't remember who asked this earlier but after Spiral is Siryn, followed by Blackheart :)

Seriously though, what's going on with the guys in charge of the CMFC main site? Way overdue an update with two of the figurines yet to be shown already released! I think they may as well show the 156-160 and the 161-165 line ups the way they are going. I for one wouldn't complain ;)

John said...

Tally on that poll so far, Top 12:

Misty Knight/Colleen Wing 25
Rockslide/Anole 25
Groot/Rocket Raccoon 24
Cypher/Warlock 21
Corsair/Hepzibah 18
Ch'od/Raza 16
Cobra/Mr Hyde 14
Fandral/Hogun 13
Darkstar/Vanguard 12
Rictor/Shatterstar 10
Lockjaw + Luna/Maximus 9
Mad Thinker + Awesome Android/Andy 7

Everyone make sure to vote!!! And if you could throw a vote at my Raccoon, I'd sure appreciate it :D

LAWay said...

"I don't buy any other collection than EM..."

-how can a character never before created in merchandise be in your top 4, and yet you would ignore a perfectly good figure? Surely you would want more opportunities of getting stuff of your favourite characters that are never made?

I think EM will hold off on 2 pack announcements, at least until they know Northstar and Aurora will definitely sell.

Also - why Groot and RR? I dont hear other pairings, are these two essential to pair up? What price would you be happy with? £9.99? £10.99? I think any more than that would be a crime to flog him with a regular figurine.

LAWay said...

read the question again too guys.

would you really be ok with Dan losing his job as long as you got Rocket Raccoon? To indefinitely say 'yes' seems selfish and just plain mean.

I wouldnt say any character is worth losing a job over. Until the heads are confident these characters will sell (which it looks like they would) just be patient.

LAWay said...

Wow, that top 12 list isn't that great. nothing really in there that justifies a 2-pack when they could be done separate.

In my opinion, purely how I see/want it:

2 Packs
-are NOT 2 regular characters thrown together (northstar & aurora exception because of being twins, and cloak & dagger for being inseparable)

-should be a large character with a small character (slightly large/normal)

Pro X and Lilandra wasnt taken very well, and kazar and zabu was also a poor '2 pack'.

I see alot of people throwing in names to get characters out faster. The way I see it is thinking 'are these special? Are the characters or the package worthy of the 'special' label?' And alot on that list are not. In my eyes.

Sure, release them separately as they are just regular characters, but dont slap on special stickers on things and charge more just because of impatient people.

Travis said...

I don't think Dan would sneak in Rocket Raccoon if he really thought he would lose his job. He should at least have someone start making it just to see what he would look like.

I'm sure someone on the staff would voluntary some time into making one.

Anonymous said...

I hope this week's Virtual CMFC Gallery update will bring you back to pure, fun Marvel discussions...

An awesome 14-figurine

This collective of weird and wonderful characters would make a perfect subset.

For variety and visual impact, it would easily be as good as the DC Blackest Night subset. Even though the Imperial Guard did not feature in a recent succesful major saga,
these alien warriors have starred in memorable story arcs - from the Dark Phoenix saga to Operation Galactic Storm to War of Kings and Realm of Kings.

I hope the next CMFC extension will venture into some of the less covered MU areas, realms and teams.

Anonymous said...

Baron Mordo, Brother Voodoo or Nightmare would be awesome.
Personally, I think this is the type of supernatural we should see in the CMFC.

Surely the next one has to be Heimdall. No need for special. He could be in the type of large-ish size we've seen with Crimson Dynamo and Beta Ray Bill.

A legitimate Marvel character. It's aesthetic is not cartoony. It's proof of the bio-diversity in the Marvel Universe, and is thought-provoking. Marvel is showing us that superficial judgment based on physical aspect is wrong. A creature who looks cute (deceptively, by human standards) but is in fact a fierce warrior. Rocket Raccoon is a genius character and must be in the CMFC. I agree, however, that he'd be best in double-pack with Groot.

John said...

"read the question again too guys.."

Just read a few of Dan's posts to understand his sense of humor... He's not being literal....

"-how can a character never before created in merchandise be in your top 4, and yet you would ignore a perfectly good figure? "

Easy. I don't like action figures. They're more wobbly and fall over (I'm never going to play with them) and for display purposes, the joints make them look bad. That's why the CMFC is perfect for me.

I saw the figures you were talking about. They look neat. But I have no interest.

"Also - why Groot and RR? I dont hear other pairings, are these two essential to pair up?"

If you read any modern Cosmic stories, these two are essential together. Its a wonderful pair. Even after the GotG book got cancelled following the Thanos Imperative (a breather period for Cosmics in general, as I understand it) Rocket and Groot were given their own mini.

Cosmics are suppose to be coming back BIG next year, according to Marvel, and...


I only saw a scan, but Rocket's last words in his mini were that he and Groot were starting up the GotG again! Can someone confirm that for me? ;)

Anonymous said...

Some things never change... Reading all this reminds me of all the nasty things I got sent my way from SHFF years ago via email, my blog, my YouTube channel.... Just a bunch of bullies!

SHFF have done good stuff for this collection i agree but letting them rule a vote for future figurines isn't right. EM there must be another way you can do these votes without leaving it souly to SHFF?

I really hope the comp is open to everyone...

jimbob said...

1. What horror/supernatural character for the next extension. Brother Voodoo, Selene, Frankenstein?

Brother Voodoo modern costume please.

2. What Asgardian if any should get in?

3. Shall I put my job on the line and sneak through Rocket Racoon?

You would be doing EM a favour,small fig less money to make,very popular,should be very profitable.

4. Can mankind truly find peace?

Agree,only if you make resculpts,jut gives the 5 most wanted at least.

Robert said...

1. Horror/ supernatural character: Clea. No more horror characters would suit me.

2. Asgardian: Hogun or Fandrall. Volstagg will of course need to be a special.

3. Rocket? No, thanks.

4. Not if last night is anything to go by.

jimbob said...

Oops forgot to answer the Asgardian question.

2. What Asgardian if any should get in?

One of the Warriors three please Dan,I would much prefer an Asgardian than a Horror.

Horror and Golden Age don't really get talked about much.

tinodragon14 said...

Regarding Dan the Man's questions :

1)I'm sure everyone will say Brother Voodoo but I will vote for Frankenstein's Monster. He is a real tragic horror character but I realize my supporting him means he has no chance.

2) THE EXECUTIONER & VOLSTAGG & THE DESTROYER I believe would have to be Specials otherwise I would say EXECUTIONER but that leaves Fandral or Hogun or Heimdall & I vote for HOGUN.

3) Your job is not worth a raccoon figure Dan or any figure. I'm not a fan of this character & think there are many better villain characters still left to pick that will make great looking figures. The raccoon character is small & just looks like a raccoon in whatever clothes he wears. It will not make a great looking figure. I realize there is a vocal group of supporters that want this character because he is part of the new reworked Guardians but frankly anyone of the classic Guardians will make a better looking figure & they came first anyway. As for somehow owing or needing to make up for the Gamora costume choice by doing the raccoon that's just silly. I mean I have never had a vote or choice go my way on here but that does not mean I get to pick the villain of my choice because EM owes me.

4) No world peace as long as we exist on this planet. We cannot even have peace on a blog about lead figures. I think Blade Runner has it right.

tinodragon14 said...

Also about a generic AIM figure I hope EM does that later because there are a lot of great non-generic villain characters left to do. If & when they do one I would buy two to go on each side of MODOK.

Again someone had asked how we voted & I had revealed it before :

In the double pack vote my choices
None of these has a chance on the forum of course. The top vote getters are two females with tight fitting clothes & big bosoms followed by X characters followed by a raccoon & a tree followed by more X characters. SURPRISE! Not!!

marv.universe said...

Horror : Brother voodoo

Asgard : Heimdal

Rocket racoon : why not

Last question : NO

Anonymous said...

the owl looks very nice.i can see what some people mean about the paint job on moondragon but overall i am very pleased with it.if you do another asgardian it really should be the exicutioner,but i would be pleased also to get far as twin packs go it should only apply to characters who were often found in pairs ie brothers grimm,mr.hyde and the cobra,discus and stiletto,hammer and anvil or darkstar and vanguard.

Paibok said...


BROTHER VOODOO probably the best choice, failing that then CLEA or BARON BLOOD


SKURGE THE EXECUTIONER needs to be the next Asgardian confirmed, hopefully you could push him to be a special next year, the Enchantress needs him and his is my top want. Regular wise FANDRAL.

3. Rocket Racooon? Not worth your job sneaking him in on his own, a double with Groot.

4. World peace? perhaps confirming Skurge as the next special is the first important step to that.

Looking at the doublepack poll, the top three are certainly viable doublepacks since they all are doubleacts in the comics. Not interested in Colleen / Misty,and I prefer the big guy / little guy combo. Rockslide and Anole are a funny doubleact that would make a great doublepack and fill that criteria.

LarryS said...

Interesting list tinodragon. My five votes went to:

- KID COLT OUTLAW (western has historically been an important corner of the MU, and need to be represented once at least in the collection!)

- HOOD (cool costume and regular appearances since early 2000s)

- JEWEL (a classic Avengers member, albeit via retcon [retrospective continuity]; unique Brian Michael Bendis' creation; and mother to Luke Cage's kid)

- RONIN (Alexis not Barton) - can't quite remember my reason for this one. Probably a burst of misguided and excessive exuberance for wannabe ninjas

- SIN (mainly due to central role in Fear Itself crossover)

I'll have my fingers crossed next week to see if at least one makes the cut. Otherwise, I'll have to chance my luck in the competition!!

CGJ said...

See? I told you run along and play nice wouldn't work ;)

What Grim and Dan forgot to mention was that after banning ted they then flooded his inbox with pornographic material. This and other similar tales (including my own run in with the law) are why I choose not to use the forum anymore.

I am all for people exercising control to maintain smooth running of something they have created, but you then have to take the high ground and act like an adult.

Brother Voodoo
God NO!
I seriously doubt it when we are running out of oil

in answer to your questions

CGJ said...

Sorry, just realised I should clarify

BuffDuffDan on the Forum, not Eaglemoss Dan on here

Becquerel said...

1. What horror/supernatural character for the next extension. Brother Voodoo, Selene, Frankenstein?

From those Brother Voodoo, then Selene, although I personally would prefer Baron Mordo and/or Clea.

2. What Asgardian if any should get in?


3. Shall I put my job on the line and sneak through Rocket Racoon?

Yes. Please. <3

4. Can mankind truly find peace?

Only if 3 comes true.

dallen238 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dallen238 said...

1,got to be frankenstein monster

2,Hogan the grim or the Executioner

3,not in a million years

4,look a number 3.

Jacadoo said...

To be fair the SHFF stepped in to run polls when CMFF detected people cheating when they ran their own poll and to date they have done an outstanding job - even though I have yet to secure Stingray.

I enjoy submitting my customs and receiveng the support and tips offered from all the other memebers within SHFF.

Dan and Grim have allways (appart from beating up poor defencless padam for swearing in here) have allways been decent individuals.

A previous solution to this issue was to allow the banned to post their posts on this forum and the selections were updated on the SHFF.

I do not think its fair that any subscribers should be denied the opportunity to vote.

On the James front - this gents a top customiser and I still think the SHFF would be richer for his inclusion.

Ted - sorry my friend there is no room for vile outbursts such as your recent updates, please remember there are many other subscribers on this forum who do not appriciate this type of outburst.

Lets put a lid on this one now - and anybody stuck for a choice in the SHFF poll - Stingray All The Way!!!!!

spidey_1979 said...


Looks OK




I'd go for Brother Voodoo or Clea.


I have no interest in this area really.


Do what you like. This doesn't affect me any more after the frankly ridiculous Gamora decision.


Dunno. Trying to please the majority of fans might go some way towards it.

Guilherme said...

jimbob said...
"Where was MARVEL when CABLE needed bulking up!!!;-))

Leader of X-FORCE is almost the size of X-23.

Any ways cant wait for Sif.I can see that the Asgardian gods need that extra bit special care.

Warriors Three next please Dan."
Totally agree and where were Marvel to allow that non-uniform Cable is wearing. What was that??? A blue collant??? Also include Captain Britain. Guardian is everything he were supposed to be...

tinodragon14 said...

Well Larry I must say your 5 choices are quite a mix of characters. If I was going to pick a western character I would go with the original GHOST RIDER then probably RAWHIDE KID.
My love of Marvel villains explains my choices. Though they are all classic bad guys they come from different comics.
ATTUMA - He is & has been one of Subby's main opponents.
BARON MORDO - He is Dr. Strange's main opponent.
THE COBRA & MR. HYDE - They worked as a team for a long time mainly battling THOR but eventually got around to many other heroes before going their separate ways fighting heroes alone or with other villains most notably THE COBRA with the SERPENT SQUAD & MR. HYDE with the MASTERS OF EVIL.
WHIRLWIND - He started out as the Human Top before changing his name & costume for the better & joining the MASTERS OF EVIL with KLAW, RADIOACTIVE MAN & THE MELTER.
I afraid none of my bad guys has much of a chance on the forum vote as none are X related or big bosomed babes.

Becquerel said...

I actually was thinking of adding Whirlwind to my vote, but I wasn't entirely sure about it.

I actually have forgotten whom I have voted for, there's so many great characters I would love to see. I definitely know I have cast a vote for Stilt-Man, Rocket Raccoon and the Spot. I think the other 2 were Baron Mordo and Fandral, but don't quote me on that, hah.

Hiperion said...

Owl looks great. Id' be glad with that, without any change.

About Dan's questions:

1. My most wanted Horror character is Lilith, daughter of Dracula. But Frankenstein's Monster would be very nice.

2. About the asgardians, I'm with the majority here. Fandral or Hogun. They are long overdue.

3. Rocket Racoon deserves to be in, so let's make it. Howard too.

4. The peace will arrive if CMFC hits the 500 mark... :D

mgf said...

CGJ said: "What Grim and [BuffDuff]Dan forgot to mention was that after banning ted they then flooded his inbox with pornographic material."

No great surprise knowing that pair. Thank goodness Ted liked it... ;-)

Moondragon and Toad...

Both nice surprises, after hearing some comments here. Good paintjobs. Agree about M's headband, but apart from that pleased.

JinxDealer said...

completely off topic here guys but was wondering.. how do you guys display your figurines??? at the minute mine are crammed up on a computer desk until i find a decent way of displaying them, the room in question is only a small box room & i wouldnt trust the walls for wall mounting shelves etc, was steering towards tall glass units but can you guys recommend anything? thanks, Jinx

LAWay said...

Fair enough John, excellent reason to throw Groot and RR together. At a discounted price rather than the price of 2 figurines, I say go for it. Throw them on the same base to save more money.

While I love kirlianeyes previews, sometimes, for me, it confirms some characters that I simply would never want in this collection ever. It does often remind me of some great characters or some interesting designs, but some characters, no matter what EM do, it would just be polishing a turd.

But still, fantastic work KE.

Becquerel said...

I originally intended to use glass units myself, but they were quite expensive, and I got a bargain of a closet with glass doors, which is where I am displaying the figurines at the moment.

Though it's already pretty crowded with only the 40ish figurines I have now on the 3 of 4 levels (the fourth currently holds my comic books), so I'll have to look into a bigger or second display if I don't want them to be crammed extremely much, lol. At least after filling up the fourth level of the shelves.

JinxDealer said...

@ becquerel, ive just seen a tall glass display unit on ikea website for £40, but i'd have to think of a way to rise the figurines at the back.. & not to sure if it'l hold the weight, i'l try get over to the store & see it in person, just i'l need alot as ive just started the DC collection too & im a completest.

promo1965 said...

I have photos of my display to send you, give a way

SinisterVenom said...

I actually included Whirlwind in my 5 choices Tino. I may as well say who I voted for seeing as everyone else has been doing it.

Baron Mordo
Maximus The Mad

I must admit though I was going to put a vote in for Silver Samurai but I thought he did well with the last poll so MAYBE there is a chance he will do well this time. Knowing my luck now he probably won't make it lol.
Forgot to say earlier how much I'm looking forward to seeing Lady Sif. Fingers crossed that the sculpt will be worth the wait.

tinodragon14 said...

Well it's you & me SinVen with 2 votes for both BARON MORDO & WHIRLWIND. I think your right about SILVER SAMURAI having a good chance of being voted in by the forum. He is not one of my favorite villains but he should make a striking figure. TOMBSTONE was a good choice as well by you. Spidey still has his share of nasty villains left that should make some great looking figures. Looking at the forum's previous vote SILVER SAMURAI, GREY GARGOYLE, BARON MORDO & WHIRLWIND are the only villains that might have a slight chance of breaking into the top three but I suspect X females will dominate the vote.

mighty_marvel said...

i voted for

brother voodoo

two of them are really big wants of mine. the other three are characters i don't mind that actually stand a decent chance of winning the vote. my votes in the 201 - 220 request poll will be considerably different.

@ jinx dealer. at the moment i've got two glass fronted cabinets. a tall deep one from ikea that i had to make stepped stands for so you can see characters at the back, and a smaller one i found on the internet that can only fit two rows of figures on each shelf.

Anonymous said...

@LAWay. Thanks for your feedback, mate. Glad to hear the Virtual CMFC Gallery helps you remember or discover some great characters and interesting designs.

The King of Curveballs
For me, all Marvel characters are worthy of inclusion, potentially, but then again I'm an extreme curveball MU fan! It fascinates me that some curveball characters can be utter garbage to some fans and absolute diamonds to some others. While for me they're all diamonds! I find that some curveball characters are visually and conceptually more interesting than some of the so-called A-listers in terms of their design, power sets & back stories.
But that's just me, the King of Curveballs. ;)

Anonymous said...

My forum poll votes went to


and if I'm the lucky one to win the competition, you'll get
AIRWALKER, my favorite herald.

JinxDealer said...

@ PROMO1965. thanks that would be helpful, im i allowed to give my email address on here so you could send the pics? l @ mightyMarvel. so i take it those ikea display units are sturdy enough then, may i ask how/what you used as steps? thanks guys your help is much appreciated.

mighty_marvel said...

i bought some 5mm thick pine board, some pine dowelling rod and made them myself. spray painted black they do the job. had to make them myself as nothing available was the right size. i'll try to get a photo on photobucket for you

tinodragon14 said...

That's three votes for WHIRLWIND. Great choice K-Eyes! Actually all 5 of your choices would make striking figures. Like AIR-WALKER as well as the first four heralds are my favorites. SURFER already long done & FIRE just picked so I hope TERRAX is the next special. AIR would look great if they use a thick clear peg to lift him up so he looks like he is walking on air with his energy wings blazing.

Anonymous said...

Pose and costume details are great. I agree that the face/head should be wider ..but not chubbier!
Just shaped more like a real owl's head, so bulkier and more imposing,
whilst keeping the psycho facial expression. It's going to be a mighty fine figurine. A true classic.

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...

My loft's on the CBR Comics shelf porn site, guys. Scroll down to the CMFC modifications photo... you all get a mention.

Robert said...

Actually, go to

Can you believe that I am already arguing with some birdbrain who came on purely to slag Stan? (You can...?)

JinxDealer said...

WOW robert im so jealous of your loft.. STUNNING, i could live in it.

JinxDealer said...

@ mightyMarvel, thanks i look forward to seeing them.

LarryS said...

Great job finally updating the five characters on the home page. And I notice you've completely skipped the current five (Toad, Moondragon, Siryn, Spiral, Blackheart), who've all gone immediately into the archive section! Anyway, gives us something new to look at when we log on. Next, bring on the Odin special in place of Sauron!!

promo1965 said...

My display is built by me. It takes more than 220 figurines. It occupies a floor space of 2000x600 mm, do not know if it fits in your living room. The height is 800 mm, but is placed on a table with a height of 1 meter, so the visibility is total. 7 levels use to distribute the figurines. I do not like to see the figurines too close to each other.

promo1965 said...

email me, i'll send pictures

SinisterVenom said...

Love the figs in your virtual gallery KE, the Whiplash/Blacklash is really awesome. I hope he appears in the CMFC one day.

LarryS said...

Although not my personal choices, I'd be very happy to sees the likes of Baron Mordo and Attuma win the vote.

Rogues galleries for Dr Strange, Subby, DD, Shellhead, Cap and Hulk all stand somewhat under-represented in the collection to date.

Deadpool said...

Quick message ... time is short

Nice update look forward to seeing how Sif looks.

Dan please have a meeting at EM to decide on the influence that the forum has over EM business decisions.

They do not represent me or any other subscriber.

My business is with Eaglemoss not the forum.

For info I have spent in excess of £6000 on Eaglemoss collections through subscriptions and purchases at News Agents and Comic book stores.

This blog is connected to the CMFC official website and therefore is the official place online to post views to EM.

I do not endorse all the arguing that is going on, however I understand that subscribers who are being denied a vote are angry.

Everyone shares a common interest in these figurines yet we appear to have a two tier system where a quango of forum users are ruling the roost.

The only way to put an end to this is for EM to decide who is or is not in the collection.

No Forum or Blog polls.
No Forum bias and cheating.
No more arguments.

The other advantage to this is that EM can keep us guessing and make decisions purely based upon blog and forum feedback.

It does appear as if the forum mafia has been out in force this week.
Having seen these types before, pathetic inefectual people without a role in society, generally under achievers.

Guys pay them little or no heed.
Don't get angry, get even.

Insist that all further business is done directly with Eaglemoss.

Dan regarding your proposal for characters: -

1. Horror - Satana
2. Asgardian - Heimdal
3. Rocket Racoon - no thanks, I already have one.

he is actually quite easy to make if you use Super Sculpey.

Keep up the good work Dan.

Bye for now ...

I may be able to post again in a couple of weeks time.

michal9402 said...

1. What horror/supernatural character for the next extension. Brother Voodoo, Selene, Frankenstein?

Selene is defenately my #1. I'd love to see her in next 20.

2. What Asgardian if any should get in?

A few days ago I watched Thor so I think Destroyer or Volstagg could be good idea.

Jacadoo said...

Roberto - sweet porn mate, I promise to post as soon as we are back moved into our home!!!!

Guilherme said...

Dan our man!

Is there a slight chance in the figurines section at the main site to be included the first 5 ones in a unique picture as the figurines forward (Spider, Wolverine, etc with their respective sizes side by side?)?

About your questions:

1. What horror/supernatural character for the next extension.

Brother Vodoo

2. What Asgardian if any should get in?


3. Shall I put my job on the line and sneak through Rocket Racoon?

Only in a two pack and also only if your job wouldn´t be put on the line.

4. Can mankind truly find peace?

Sure, try the CMFC to achieve # 300 (to 500) and we'll all sing together!

ted sallis said...

Ah well time for Ted's obituary.
No excuses ,just my chance to put all this nonsense into context, firstly let me state i was totaly off my teats by the end of Friday nights hilarity....that's no excuse . i have no time fer drink n drugs being a crutch fer wife beaters, rapists , general scum etc.
I said "i'll take you to court??" man ,i laffed so hard i coughed up my indignation was priceless ...what cracked me up was i realised i did post up a pic of my gay dogs. I have had so many accounts on the forum, i honestly can't remember each ban, Security is top notch i only managed 7 or 8 accounts, and the only time they found me was when i waved a big flag shouting " OI! OVER HERE"
But then why did you freak out with Buffdufbam Ted???

ted sallis said...

Weeeeeeell this is where it gets modestly i genuinely had no recollection of posting up the pic of my dogs, i thought Grims guard dog had pulled that picture from my Facebook account, that's what sent me crazee inze coconut. "i'll go to court over this",, Man!, comedy gold.
You see Dan and i are friends, Facebook buddies, Years ago before the forum or this blog there was a friends of the cmfc or some such group on Facebook,Dan was one of those dormant friends we all have on FB, it was only in the last year or so something he wrote caught my eye, then the penny dropped and i realised this FB buddy was Buffduff one of the forum mods. In three years i only commented on his account once, After this years world snooker final Dan posted "Scottish ..c.."well lets just say it rymes with James Hunt, i corrected him by posting "surely you mean scottish winner". After nearly seven months i've given up waiting for the pithy retort
Question the forum and it goes all Scientology on yer ass, Never on here 90% of the time, But say a word against them and the attack dogs are set on you, Im easy riled, which of course makes them rub their hands with glee, My good friend Robert, contacted me , i told him of my decision to quit the blog. Robert said don't let them win!.. but that;s not the point auld pal, i don't want the rest of you lovely people to lose, My meltdowns, could see this blog closed, All those people denied access to the forum would be left without a voice. Those dipshits could never shame me in a dozen lifetimes, but if i was the cause of this blogs demise that would.
Hey it's time fer me to make my excuses and take the long walk to Teds shed .To show there are no ill feelings i would like you all to sing along with me, this is for Grim and his guard dog, my favourite song from the legend that is Mister Neil Diamond
All together now "Glans...touching ...glans...reaching out...touching me ..touching you.ooooooooooooh sweet caroline BARRARA RA RA goodtimes never seem so good"
That's it there isn't anymore

TGR said...

Typical attention seeking , drama-queen post hey ted. Hoping everyone fawns at your feet begging you to stay?... pathetic.

so once again all the slander that was aimed at us proves to be true. You did post up homophobic messages, you did have multiple accounts (which we knew about and terminated without any flag waving from you).

Don't be fooled guys, Teddy boy will sneak back on here mark my words...give it a week and a new member will appear with the opening post "Hi guys, my name is Cecil, I've just discovered this great blog etc" ..

....but it won't be long before it is" F###ng Cecil is not happy and wants Princess Python, and you are all a bunch of gay C@###s"

seen it so many times before it gets boring ...

Forum was better off without you, the blog will be too (for the week anyway)

JinxDealer said...

@ ted sallis. dont think you should quit buddy.. just idk try writing your comment then go do something relaxing, return to read/ edit your post before pressing publish comment :)

JinxDealer said...

@ PROMO1965, thanks i'l email you as soon as i get home, cant wait to see your display, thanks

JinxDealer said...

i think the CMFC should be the official sponsor of THE BIG BANG THEORY ( tv show obviously )... imagine how much exposure it would get. :)

sergiogf said...


1. What horror/supernatural character for the next extension. Brother Voodoo, Selene, Frankenstein?

Selene, of course¡

2. What Asgardian if any should get in?

The Executioner or Kurse

3. Shall I put my job on the line and sneak through Rocket Racoon?

Not necessary

4. Can mankind truly find peace?


Guilherme said...

About generic units, I would by 3 of them as I did with Multiple Man two years ago.

LAWay said...

@Ted - Nice to get a sort of apology and explanation from Ted, and I am sure most bloggers wouldnt want to see anyone go. Just keep your cool man, and if you do feel like you have to vent, blog about it rather than post a comment on the official blog. It would be sad to lose a personality and collector altogether like yourself, just need to vent in a different way.

@TGR - What you said just sounds like something to rile and stir things up more. If it bothered you what he said, just ignore it. We dont need personal battles drawn out with constant bitchiness. Just let it be man.

@Deadpool - Short response like usual. lol Some fair points in what you say, but the forum votes are considered 'market research' or a 'gift' back to the fans. Fair enough, but like you said, if they just monitored comments and picked up on a few characters mentioned then essentially it would result in the same.
We already have a competition for a lucky collector to pick a character which is more than enough. Unless EM did something more official like a poll on its website or something through subscription or just in their magazines, no one will be completely happy (and even if they did, there would be alot of complainers about that too).

As for Rocket Raccoon, just buy the Hasbro version coming out soon.

LAWay said...

Oh, and cool news for Boabie. ^_^

LAWay said...

I applaud anyone who would buy more than one henchmen type unit.

I would only buy one myself. I would worry how EM would do it as the wrong pose/sculpt/costume could just ruin it.

So if it ever was on the cards, i hope EM ask the fans who want them what exactly they want, from each stage of the production so that it is perfect for them to mass buy.

Robert said...

Like I said last night, Ted, you should stay but turn over a new leaf. I don't agree at all with the language you use at times and it's hard to disagree with the forum refusing to count your vote when you've been banned. But if you are at loggerheads with someone else, they win if you let them wind you up. Prove folk wrong by not reacting. For all the potty mouth stuff, you are a decent bloke. Just this week we saw that when you offered to send plinths to another collector. I hope Grim is half right in his prediction: I hope you come back but this time without the obscene language.

P.S. Thanks, Jacadoo. Did you see your name?

Robert said...

By the way, Leigh, Boabie is what my mates call me. It's (obviously) the Glaswegian version of Robert.

jimbob said...

Unlike Sentinel, which the pose ruined it on being multiples of.

TGR said...

not intended to rile anyone. Try and see it from my perspective for a moment. I have taken nothing but abuse from one or two on here and i am at my tether - some of the comments are downright personal and hurtful. We have been made out to be the villains in all of this and that is not true. I want the cmfc to be a success, I want the blog to be a success and I feel the same way about my forum (which has cost me a lot in time and money) to manage. I sure as hell won't let one or two spoil all of that.

@robert. I would have had no problem with ted / mgf(gort) on the forum had they been sensible and contributions were tempered to match the membership. Ted snook back on a few times and played a welcome and active part but, like I said, it didn't take long for him to cross that line again. He will be back on here I have no doubt but he'll soon revert to his old ways....if he proves me wrong then everybody will be included; i'm not holding my breath and deep down I think you all know that too.

oh, and whilst i'm on, @CGJ, I certainly never sent anyone any nasty links....that is in someone elses sick mind. However, anyone who openly publishes their e-mail addresses on the internet is just asking for Bots to farm it and use it. this has nothing at all to do with us.

LAWay said...

@TGR Nah, i totally understand mate and when you see some stuff you feel like you have to defend yourself and sent the record straight.

But sometimes there isn't any need. Sometimes the claims are so audacious it's better to leave someone posting something silly for everyone to see rather than call people on it and drag it out further. And while others may hurl personal stuff, its better to take the high ground and dont do the same.

LAWay said...

I've said this a few times, but has anyone seen/heard more about the marvel chess sets, or the batman one, or even the batmobile collection?

I emailed EM about the batmobile and chess sets enquiring about them and had no response.

Anyone having any luck with these or know any more info?

JinxDealer said...

@ LAWay, no ive not even heard of them???, i see the odd DC chess sets but theirs only ever 4 or 5 pieces that ever go onsale on ebay

Robert said...

Grim, I will defend to the hilt your own right to defend yourself. No one should have to stand back and accept insults or accusations. As a non-forum member, I obviously had not read Ted's posts. By his own admission, Ted has posted inappropriate and offensive material. He's also apologised on several occasions. That doesn't make it everything all right, of course, but it's a ray of hope. What I don't understand is that Ted knows he's out-of-order and apologises for it, but can't stop himself. I think he genuinely regrets it afterwards. Last night I tried to convince him to stay, and just asked that he refrain from the foul language, etc. I'm trying not to take sides here, I just want Ted to stay. He just needs to filter out one aspect of his on-line personality that is causing problems because I believe he is a good guy who contributes a lot to this blog.

JinxDealer said...

@ ROBERT, hi i was looking through your photos of your amazing loft, where did you get those big marvel heads/busts from they are awesome? cheers

Robert said...

Hi, Jinx. They are life-size busts I bought from FP. Most were bought a good while ago. Spider-Man was the first and Thor was the last, although there was a gap of at least five years between them, I think. Alex Ross was involved with most if not all, so maybe you could check his official website? Have a look on eBay, too. I doubt any other dealers will still have any as they were released so long ago. If you need more info, I can dig out the boxes and have a better look tomorrow for you. Let me know.

Robert said...

Jinx, no sign of my busts on eBay. However, there are different 1:1 busts of Spidey, Cap and Wolvie you can buy. There's also ones of the Goblin, Venom and Carnage. Hope that helps.

Guilherme said...

@jimbob, I like the Sentinel pose ant bought 3 figurines too

@laway, applauses, lol

Guilherme said...

@promo1965, i'll send an email too to receive those photos, ok?

promo1965 said...


jzichek said...

Owl looks fantastic, would buy him as is, though I think your changes are not unjustified. Never one of my favorite characters, but the sculptor has done such a wonderful job that the Owl is now on my "must have" list. I love this collection, one of my favorite line of collectibles ever! May it continue on for many years to come.

LAWay said...


It was mentioned on the forum with some pics but they are hard to find online.

Here are some links:
DC Chess -

Batmobile -

Marvel chess -

The folks on the forum have gotten responses saying they have been tested in france or italy and the collection may not be continued. Diamond may pick it up in the US, but seems stupid to test a market in countries where marvel comics are not as big in sales as the english speaking counterparts (speculated).

Thor8 said...

Ted;If you're still reading this blog I,like Robert want to ask you to stay buddy. I know many others would hate to see you go. I don't approve of your foul mouthing and sometimes weird sense of humor,you know that,as this once caused a misunderstanding between us way back when and you,jacadoo and I got into a free for all "fist fight" but things where cleared up,apologies were given and accepted on all parts and we became mates on this blog. Reconsider mate and stay,and stay as Ted,no need to go undercover or change ID.

Speaking of changing ID's where has our local Chameleon Mad Thinker gone off too? Where's Hawkeye,Lipstick,Madam Medusa,Ghost,and lots of others that used to post here? Are you guys still out there? Do you still collect?.

One last note before I leave. Not intended to stir things up again,but frankly I believe it would be best if voting polls were just eliminated as a whole. It was given with good intent,but seems to have caused more problems than favorable.

LAWay said...


I think there are good reasons to get rid of polls, but good reasons to keep them.

The biggest problem will be the members committed they are to the collection. I know people ave different opinions and feel everyone should be valid for their input, fine. But also the petitioning and the trading of votes between members. And of course everyone goes on about the people who dont know about the forum.

I think they are valid enough reasons to question the polls. But then its a great way for EM to communicate with fans and for collectors to have input into the collection. Even if the top faves dont make the cut, even if EM see who everyone wants on a whole, it can steer the collection for the future.

Thing is, whatever happens, there is a viewpoint of seeing it as being 'unfair', and thats why we argue and why people can't play nice at times. If EM decided to strip it away, it would only cause people to argue more, create a bigger divide, and probably be harder for any future promotions.

Travis said...

Before I use to love voting in the polls. Knowing that whatever the won the poll was going to be made was exciting and created for very fun debates.
My choices never seemed to be what the majority wanted, but at least it felt like I had a say, Even if my votes went toward the losing cause most of the time.

Anonymous said...

@jacaboo: just seen your post and I'm really happy that Acroyear is still standing strong in your collection.

I don't think ted or anyone should leave and Grim having hurtful words thrown your way hurts dosent it? Like one time your staff accused me of having someone else paint my customs... Soon proved you all wrong with a live video feed of me painting a Zero custom though!

At the end of the day 'everyone' should be allowed to vote. I can't even begin to calculate how much cash I've spend on this collection!!!! An EM collection!!!

Jacadoo said...

Roberto - did I see my name?

Where mate?

James - Acroyear is still rocking and as soon as I get my statues and figurines on disply, you will see him in all his glory.

Cant believe they have never all been on display together, I will post images as has Roberto and his cool loft.

Only problem is I have to;

1. Put on display.

2. Take images.

3. Hide many Asgardian Thunder god statues as I can - so Padam, Roberto and worse of all our resident thundergod himself Thor8, don't see as they are waiting for me to share my guilty secrete.....

Actually got to start work on Heimdall for Padam - first on my list in October when we are finally in our home.

Jacadoo said...

Roberto - got the name check thanks mate.

jimbob said...

What about us caught up in the middle?The ones that like the forum and the blog.

It would be unfair for us to get punished buy losing out on our voting privileges over some individuals that don't follow the rules!

I love the banter on here but it does get a bit heated sometimes,
unlike the forum there is no one in charge here to stop it going too far.

I enjoy reading Ted's funny posts but I don't approve of his foul mouthing,he seems to forget there are youngsters that go on here.He will be back got a feeling that this will be a recurring thing that Ted will be doing every now and then.

I think that Dan should get votes from those who are banned only and give it to Grim.And those who are not banned should join the forum and vote.

tinodragon14 said...

Was just counting the votes on the forum yesterday & I notice it was different from the forum tally. I know my votes were not counted. Anyway it looks like
The tree & raccoon take the lead with 30 votes.
The two big bosomed babes fall to second with 27.
Next is X-related RockAnole with 26.
More X-related of course Cypher/Warlock with 23.
Corsair & Hep are next with 21.
THE COBRA & MR. HYDE which is the only actual classic two team in this bunch jumps to 19 votes.
Then the remaining Jammers Chod/Raza at 18.

Hawkeye said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hawkeye said...

Owl looks good - been waiting for him for a while - also looking forward to Hydroman, bringing back memories of the Spiderman ride at Universal Studios in Florida last year.

Someone mentioned curveballs? Still holding out for the Human Fly. Well, a guy can dream can't he ....

BobDiamond said...

Wow, that took a while getting through the last few days of controversial debate....
All I've got to say on the subject is, Ted, I don't want to see you leave this blog- it definitely would not be the same without you...but just tone it down occasionally, huh?

Your pal, BD

PS.. oh yeah, um...

Horror character- Frankenstein's Monster. One of my fav mini-runs of the 70s. Classic stuff.

Asgardian- haven't we got enough of those already?? (Ducks head from various flying hammers, maces, swords etc..) just kidding....I'll go for Skurge, The Executioner- a truly 'old school' classic character.

Rocket Raccoon ? Don't mind him...but not bothered either way...

World Peace....just take a look around you guys:(

CGJ said...

Somewhere under here there was a blog about marvel figurines....

Grim, pleased to hear it!

Like you say, maybe some Bots happened to hone in on a published email address and randomly send links to gay porn websites after someone had posted something distasteful and homophobic on the forum.

Or Ted made it up to create some added fuss.

Either is plausible to be fair

SinisterVenom said...

Personally I would love to see Selene make it in the collection soon. I think she would make an awesome figurine.
For an Asgardian character, I would like to see Heimdall soon. He made a great impact in the Thor movie, a lot of my mates who saw it liked him too. In fact I think they showed more love for him than the Warriors Three! Speaking of whom I really want them to appear soon too, even if they are, in the slightest chance, made in a small subset...or even an Asgardian subset with them, Heimdall, Destroyer, Skurge etc...I can dream anyway ;)
As for Rocket Raccoon, I honestly don't mind what happens with him. If he makes it in one day (as long as Dan doesn't lose his job) then fair play to him and his fans. If he doesn't I doubt I will shed a tear over the matter.
Was trying to think of other trios we could have but apart from Volstagg, Hogun and Fandrall, all I could think of was the Stepford Cuckoos. Can you guys think of any more cuz I think my brain is fried tonight! Need to go have a chill methinks...

Thor8 said...

What horror or supernatural character?

Can't really think of one that I'd like.

Which asgardian?

Too many to think of,I guess I'll go with Fandral.

Should you risk your job for a raccoon ?


Some classic villains I'd like to see approved soon:

For Namor: Attuma,Warlord Krang,Bhyraa,U-Man.

For Dr.Strange: Nightmare,Baron Mordo

For X-Men: Mastermind,Mimic

For Avengers: Collector,Nefaria,Super Adaptoid.

For Yellowjacket: Whirlwind.

For Iron Man: Melter,Ghost.

For Spider-Man:Tarantula,Jackal,Molten Man.

For Thor: Destroyer,Executioner,Ulik.

Black Panther: Man Ape

FF: Blastar,

Thunderbolts: Graviton.

As for heroes my top 5 wants right now are:

3)White Tiger
5) Mantis

tinodragon14 said...

Well SinVen right off I can think of a few trios

Anonymous said...

@Jimbob: It's not about if you like the blog or forum. It's about voting for a collection that we all collect.

I can't see why 'the banned' people can't just send the votes to EM and then it's all settled

The Mad Thinker said...

Horror / Supernatural ?

Clea - needed for the defenders lineup along with gargoyle.

Asgardian ?

Executioner - needed to pair up with Enchantress and add to the masters of evil lineup.

Rocket Raccoon ?

I'd like him and Howard the duck but we know that's not going to happen.

p.s :

I went to forbidden planet yesterday hoping to get some back issues but only managed to pick up Titania. I then tried to purchase the rest of the issues that I am missing from the Eaglemoss web site but had no joy. Any chance you can have a word with the powers that be Dan and change the main site so that debit cards are accepted ?

Missing issues :
124 , 125 , 129 , 130 , 132 , 133 , 134 , 135 , 137 , 138 , 140.

mtravis390 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LAWay said...

Thanks why you need to subscribe MT. ;)

mtravis390 said...

There are people in North America that would love to buy back issues through EM, but EM will not let them order off their website.

Osvaldoeaf said...

Ok, I'm coming a little late, but here it goes:
1. What horror/supernatural character for the next extension. Brother Voodoo, Selene, Frankenstein?

2. What Asgardian if any should get in?

3. Shall I put my job on the line and sneak through Rocket Racoon?
No way!

4. Can mankind truly find peace?
Not in this lifetime.

Dan, I'm sad to hear you don't follow the forum...I didn't know that, maybe that's why I couldn't get you to choose Sage?? :-)

SinisterVenom said...

I must say I am quite upset about the main site not accepting debit cards too. I ended up having to buy Sauron from ebay and that cost me more than it does on the main site. I used to buy all of the special issues off the main site but then this happened and I had to pay more just to order Sauron from somewhere else just because debit cards are no longer accepted? I don't see why it should be a problem so can someone explain it to me why it stopped?
Thanks for the trio lists Tino, can't believe I forgot about the Wrecking Crew! No point in the Titanic Three now with only Titanium Man left to collect, I do hope we won't have to wait too long for him.

mtravis390 said...

I don't know how it works in the UK, but in the US a company can be charged more for taking a debit card than a credit card.

I think this is done just so people will be force to use credit card myself.

So if EM is being charged more when accepting debit cards they might have decided not to take them. Because the only other option would be to past the cost onto the costumer. Would you pay $3 to use be able to use your debit card?

I know my bank is talking about charging people for using there debit card to much or not enough. It makes my head hurt just thinking about it. I swear that they try to make sure you have no money at all sometimes.

John said...

Osvaldoeaf: "3. Shall I put my job on the line and sneak through Rocket Racoon?
No way!"

Come on, man! I thought we were buds! That's my favorite character you're shooting down! ;)

LAWay said...

Its kinda weird EM dont do back issues. I thought they did.

If they don't, any UK collectors, surely thats reason enough to subscribe to keep on track. While our poor international brothers have to resort to eBay or hope their locals stock it.

I was in Nostalgia Comics in Birmingham recently, and they didnt have many back issues at all, and my local Forbidden Planet in Cardiff doesnt offer many. Seems like if you miss out, its tough luck. Best to subscribe if you can.

CGJ said...

I have ordered back issues of the DC Collection through my local comic shop without any problem, maybe ordering through Diamond is the way to go

TGR said...

i'm confused now. I've just been into the "back issues" section on the website and it allows payment by Visa . I looked at ordering issue 52 and all seemed ok.

Am i missing something?

TGR said...

all sorted, the website lets you go through all the hassle and THEN tells you that visa is not accepted....DOH!!!

mtravis390 said...

Diamond is terrible at getting back issues. If Diamond has it in stock then your in luck, but if they don't they will not even try to get that back issue from EM. Even if EM is still offering it to the public.

That is why EM should set up a site for international buyers, so people can get back issues, or in my case plinths and binders.
The Diamond rep for my LCS has made it clear that Diamond will not carry plinth anymore, so I would think if EM really wants to make more money they would start a site for their overseas costumers.

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