Friday, 5 August 2011

Oh Blog it!

Good afternoon fellow Marvelites,

Some new photography just in...

Thanks to the Forum folks for running the vote on Gamora...

Which costume for Gamora ?

37% [69] Classic
63% [120] Modern

“Modern won the poll convincingly though in the early going it was 50/50. Many arguments were made that there were concerns about quality and how EM would be able to mass produce the original costume. Many who voted classic stated they would not be overly concerned if the modern was made (and some vice versa). For the modern, the overall comments suggested her having a blade/sword.”

My original thoughts when I announced Gamora were to have her in her original outfit, but with the fears that the fishnet effect may look awful I was stearing towards the modern costume – what with this poll I think the scales are tipped firmly towards the modern look. (although the complexity of the modern look may be a stumbling block in production – we’ll have to wait and see).

Andie Tong’s Final Karnak cover (a real knockout!)

Plus thanks to a eagle-eyed blogger (stand up and take a bow), who spotted the Beetle should have wings when flying!!!!! Duh!
Mr. Tong has kindly added some buzzing wings...

The final 2 from EM Towers are....

Drum roll please.....

(I’ve heeded the calls for more villains, also I feel we needed an FF character in there (plus he rounds out the Frightful Four). So unfortunately Shaman has been knocked over until the next extension – hopefully though we’ll still get 2 Alpha Flight members early next year). Really sorry for getting the hopes up for Shaman (but he will return!)

I kinda like the last one best - it's his most polished costume, improving on the previous ones. (I think we can assume the Paste-Pot Pete look is out). The glue gun would be cool (although he didn't have it in the 3rd costume - they are built into the cossie).


I considered your request for a female and she was the highest on the poll after Wolfsbane (whom I won’t put through because I already have Mirage, but if the she goes through on the polls then that’s fine by me!). Ok she’s an X-Men related character, but she’s also a cosmic/female/villain, who’s been about in many MU areas since the late 70s

although very lovely, I think the sheer complexity of her newer 'regal' outfits rule them out, I think at the size they'd just look messy, so I think the original costume works perfectly for our needs. Clean and stylish.

So I can hand over the next 3 to the Forum Choice Poll...

The poll will start on the 10th and it will run until 31st (gives plenty of time to get a really good result).

The guys over on the Figurine Forum will handle the finer detail – rules and regulations etc. So get over there and exercise you civil rights!

Happy voting!

So I’ll hold off on the Competition for a couple of weeks until we have the forum results.

See you next week. Dan

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John said...

Wow. Unexpected.

Honestly, I'd have rather had Trapster than Shaman, so I'm happy. Thanks Dan. I really appreciate it. :D

Editor said...

So the 16 EM confirmations are: (in no particular order).


In retrospect a good mix of characters I think, plenty of villains and females (a little heavy on the cosmic/x-men maybe?), hopefully the remaining four will make this extension even more diverse.

Hiperion said...

As John has said... Unexpected.

I was expecting the formula "Shaman + female" or "Shaman + Trapster".

But Trapster inclusion makes me a happy collector right now! :D

Looking forward to the poll!

pirate adam said...

Tigershark looks amazing and is the only one of this weeks previews i'll be picking up

Trapster = MEH
Deathbird = MEH

although i may pick up Deathbird if Vulcan ever makes the collection

that is all

Joeking said...

Looking forward to Deathbird, surprised that you left out Shaman, as you say he will be in sooner or later.

mighty_marvel said...

thank you for trapster. F4 was a glaringly obvious omission from this extension. definitely the third costume for him please.

have a feeling that putting deathbird through instead of shaman will not make any difference in the end. if shaman had been confirmed i reckon deathbird will have got in via the vote, but with deathbird confirmed i reckon shaman will get in via the vote. hope so anyway as i really want starjammers to be started in the next extension and they probably won't be if there's still orginal alpha flight to do.

John said...

So if Shaman will return... that's a "Yes" to another extension? ;)

I view Deathbird more as a Cosmic. Although she's not one I particularly like that much, I will definitely be getting her. I love my Cosmic books, and am beyond thrilled that 4 made it in this round. Dan, you have no idea, Haha. Thank you.

With Trapster, I'd prefer his current look with the bald head showing and goggles. I LOVE the goggles. But its a bit trickier to find the perfect fit for him, as he's had a LOT of costumes over the years, and most of them fairly bland. Whatever one you think will stand out the most to the casual buyer and sell a few extra, go with that. I have faith in EM decision.

And I am sooo excited for Puppet Master. :D He looks amazing!

Dan, you've been doing an amazing job. ;)

LarryS said...

Dan, any chance of changing the images on the figurine homepage?

I'm getting a tad bored looking at Ares, Balder etc, which have all been on our shelves for eons.

You must have the next five images (Toad, Moondragon etc) sorted by now, and it would be great to get us "facing front" not looking back - - as Stan The Man often remind us..

John said...

MM, Even though N&A would be released early next year, and Shaman would have been released in 2 years, most people will look at the announcement dates and think they are too close together. I don't think we'll likely get many Shaman votes. Especially when Dan says he'll be in next extension.

Silver Samurai

I bet we just have 3 X-Characters announced, 2 of them female.

Robert said...

Happy to finally get Trapster. I like the last costume but, really, Trapster without his paste gun...?

As for Gamora, sometimes your first, gut instinct for something is dead-on. You should trust these feelings, Dan!

Banshee said...

Gotta say Dan I'm gutted you've left put Shaman. I implore everyone to vote him through on the poll pllllleeeeeaaaasssseeee!!!!!!!

That said I'm loving the Deathbird inclusion, she'll make a real nifty sculpt.

Now is the head scratching part of choosing poll choices. Hmm 1. Shaman and the rest ??????

mighty_marvel said...

pleased that modern costume gamora is looking likely. the modern GotG display is starting to come together :D

mgf said...

Trapster, great, no Shaman, a bit of a let down, but another definite promise. My gf is good at those. Can she have a job? ;-)

Puppet Master is going to be stunning. Really delighted and cannot wait for him to arrive. Proper old Marvel. JJJ painted is very impressive.

The Karnak cover is absolutely sensational. If Lockjaw's cover is half as good...

Yet another female? I fail to see the general fascination with comic women, past the obvious politically correct aspect.

Robert said...

And the classic Warlock display is being wrecked...

pirate adam said...

as Robert said your gut feeling is always the best to go with

and a chance for the sculpters to prove the boohooers wrong and show they can make a great fig with fishnets

and if you make her modern she will just look like the Moondragon fig with hair......BORING!!!!


Thor8 said...

All three sneak peeks look great,I hope the ones I receive are just as detailed and nice looking.

Glad Trapster was added,not too exited about Deathbird though,would have prefered another more classic villain. Ths is not a complaint or negative critisim,just a personal opinon.

Thor8 said...

Forgot to mention,I'd go with Trapster's third costume if it were up to me.

Robert said...

To be fair, I was being slightly tongue-in-cheek, PA. History is littered with spontaneous decisions that have been proved wrong!

Anyway, do you like my little photie?

LarryS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mighty_marvel said...

top of the request poll minus confirmed characters

51 Wolfsbane
47 silver samurai
45 shaman
35 Howard the Duck
34 sage
34 Stingray
31 grey gargoyle
29 selene
29 Warlock
28 Sunspot
28 US Agent
27 Baron Mordo
26 Whirlwind
25 Crossbones
23 thundra

looking likely we're going to get 2 x-characters, maybe even 3. howard would have had a good chance if he hadn't been blocked by EM. would be good to see stingray get in the top 3 as theres not as many avengers in this extension as usual. selene may get extra votes now that shaw is confirmed.

Anonymous said...

Excellent news that we'll likely get modern Gamora. I wasn't looking forward to another poor figurine due to Faux Fishnets. Plus I can never see that old costume without seeing Oola from Return of the Jedi.

Glad you passed on Shaman til the next expansion. Trapster (3rd Look Please. Though Modern isn't bad either) and Deathbird are great choices. I agree her more regal costumes would be problematic. But the one pictured of her with Vulcan looks great.

John said...

I need some confirmation on this...

As most of you know, I want Rocket Raccoon more than any other character. I've been told on the forum that Howard AND Rocket votes won't be counted. Is this true?! Howard I understand, but I didn't think Rocket was confirmed as being in that status.

LarryS said...

John, From previous blogs, I think an overwhelming case was established for EM to change their stance on animal-based characters. The ten most persuasive reasons:

1. Discrimination is illegal
2. Democracy in action
3. We woz promised
4. Beta Ray Bill
5. No character should ever be automatically ruled out
6. Various editors have described the collection's mission: to represent EVERY corner of the MU
7. And movies and videogames
8. These characters are core to the MU's history
9. The suit's logic ("doesn't fit the collection's tone") makes no sense
10. Once they've finally been selected, we'll be able to spend our energies on this blog on more fruitful subjects!

Ken said...

Dear Dan,

Now we need the HIGH EVOLUTIONARY and JIGSAW and TERRAX, thank you! :0)

Mark Malibu said...

Thank you so much for including Trapster!!

I was denied my Trapster action figure several years ago when Toy Biz cut him from their Fantastic Four line at the last minute. This makes up for it!

I definitely prefer his third costume with the multiple paste capsules, the costume he wore when he fought Cosmic Spidey!

Thanks again for completing the Frightful Four!

p.s. I would also love to see Stilt-Man in this collection. I know his height might be an issue, but, much like Trapster, he's a classic Marvel villain with a ton of appearances. I also think he'd look great displayed with the other figures!

tinodragon14 said...

Thanks for adding the wings to the BEETLE cover DAN. I seem to have been the only one who noticed & since no one else has mentioned anything about it one way or the other I seem to be the only one who cared.

KARNAK cover looks better colored. I wish the figure had more of an action stance to match.

TIGERSHARK is an amazing looking figure though it will depend heavily on the painter's accuracy & the lower part of his face/chin does not look right to me.


TRAPSTER is fine but since you were going villain you could have had WHIRLWIND to.
Also I disagree with the third costume choice as the second one is more like what he wore the longest & he has the gun Dan. How could you have him without his paste gun??

DEATHBIRD could have waited since another female/X character is not needed. WHIRLWIND or ATTUMA or BARON MORDO or THE COBRA & MR. HYDE should come before her. As it is she would have been voted in by the X forum.
Hey DAN the MAN, Just curious
If SHAMAN is voted in the top three through the forum poll will you guys at EM accept it? It is a strong possibility as he is one of the top three vote getters on the forum behind WOLFSBANE & SILVER SAMURAI right now.

Editor said...

Yes, Shaman will go through if he 'top3's' the polls.

For now Rocket Raccoon is on the back burner, maybe we can re-visit him in the future, but for now I'd prefer not to stir the pot.

Terrax would probs be a special?

But High Evol and Jigsaw are definite possibles for another extension.

Editor said...

Ooh, Stilt-Man would be interesting to at least look at doing.
7' being the tallest we could possible do him.
He's 5'6" that leaves 1'6" of extended stilt! is that enough? would he look silly just a little bit tall - or would he be better not extended at all - just at normal position?

Hiperion said...

Hey Dan, are New Warriors chances high or low??

They're one of my favorite groups, but as today we only have Nova and Firestar.

Justice's a character that's been featured in so many books during the last twenty years. The Thing, New Warriors, Avengers, The Initiative, Avengers: Academy...

Plus Speedball could make a terrific sculpt with the bubbles effect.

Night Thrasher & Namorita would be a dream come true for me.

Editor said...

The old 80s handbook has him pretty much as we could do him.

Not sure the url will work looks a tad long!!!!

Robert said...

A slightly-raised Stilt-Man is Platform Shoe Man...

Editor said...

yes I love the New Warriors would like to get Speedball in the next ext.

Baron Mordo another possible.

Attuma - not sure of the size/bulk but he was on my shortlist for this ext.

Hiperion said...

Thanks for the quick answer, Dan!
You have made my day with that little comment about Speedball.

It would be so cool to get him in next extension! :D

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Like I said, if this is Deathbird, then second can be Trapster.
THX Dan!

Deathbird has a chance to be the best sculpt of this extension.

Robert said...

Mind you, if Eaglemoss had to make Stilt Man at normal height, it would be a doddle to modify him to be any height you wanted...

Let's see, how much would I need to add to make him three stories high?

John said...

I personally don't want a "towering" Stilt-Man. I want him slightly raised to show his power a bit. But if he's too tall, he just goes straight to the back of the shelf out of necessity.

Dan, surely the height rule isn't a set-in-stone rule... Stilt-Man would be taller, sure, but he won't use as much lead as other tall characters. And if there is issue with that, just use resin in its place.

I say Stilt-Man as a Regular with just a bit of problem-solving. Its the only option, really, as I can't see too many casual buyers picking up a Stilt-Man at a Special price...

So would you guys rather have a 'slightly tall Stilt-Man' or 'No Stilt-Man'?

Blog Master Dan said...


RE: Polish Specials (from last update)

Sorry I have no involvement with the foreign editions of this collection.

John said...

Dan, do you have any general ideas in place for Cosmics next time? I love how you had an old GotG, a new GotG and a Herald of Galactus. I LOVED it.

Maybe Star-Lord, Starhawk and Air-Walker in the next extension?

Groot and Rocket Raccoon Double Pack? :D

I really hope people didn't think there were too many Cosmics. I feel there are just SO much more to do.

Paibok said...

Hey Dan, whats the position on the Executioner getting in anytime soon. I think be maybe over 7 foot, but seeing how good Odin is, another Asgardian special can be too long coming!

Loving the inclusion of Trapster, he was a must for me, frees up one of my votes.

Paibok said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Cosmic characters for next extension?
Nova (Frankie) - both herald/F4
Beyonder - Trav waits for him so long, and this character deserves to be in.

baltiroo said...

Promising news about the next extension and with the New Warriors being on the table for being made. Speedball and Justice for sure!

Ken said...


max_0888 said...

Good news about Deathbird and Trapster. Trapster will look awesome next to Wizard. I'm very very happy about this.

We've got a great extansion so far. Only Firelord, Spidey 2099 and Werewolf by night I don,t care that much for.

Great Siryn pic btw hehe.

Paibok said...

Paibok surely for the next cosmic choice. Starlord and Starhawk must have fairly good chances, and of course Bug with is staff. High Evolutionary shouldn't forget him, the Celestial Madonna, Blastaar or even Maelstrom.

jimbob said...

Trapster cool.

Deathbird!not bad.

Disappointed about SHAMAN.

Hopefully we will get the Twins next year to make up for it.

What's happening with THUNDRA??

I she counted as a regular now??
She would have a better chance as a regular and collectors would prefer her a a regular as well.

michal9402 said...

Thank for Deathbird Dan!
Trapster? Nothing special for me. I know that we didn't have character from FF so I can understand that:)

The best costume for Deathbird on second picture with Vulcan.

Time for voting so please vote SELENE:)

max_0888 said...

I'm hoping Jessica Jones or Misty Knight are in that list of yours Dan. They are my two fave characters not made yet.

LAWay said...

Andie Tong hits em out of the park! Get him on all covers and designing the figures if 'dynamic' is what you want. The Karnak figurine is a complete eyesore compared to the magazine cover.

Beetle coloured looks fab too. No one else mentioned the wings because it got called and was noted. No-one else needed to comment on it.

Nice to see nothing was done with Tigershark's god ugly face and chin. Woo. The rest of his however, the anatomy and the costume, the paint...SUPERB. Siryn looks very dull. Thanks competition winner for the blob of black/green.

Puppet Master's teeth are 'too' goofy. Maybe with a bigger head if would have balanced it out, but it just looks weird.

Mockingbird looks fab, a real beauty. well done guys.

Something not right with jjj...he looks too smooth or ...I dunno.

Trapster, last outfit please! Its his most iconic surely!? And please dont faff around with the it like that picture!

Deathbird? DEATHBIRD!? Who the frick wanted her!? Everyone has already been complaining of TOO MANY women, and you add her?! Have I been misreading people's 'wants' lists?

Thanks forum. Keep adding naff figures from your polls that you guys dont buy because you dont subscribe, then tell EM they should listen to you more because the collection is all about the pickers and choosers.

The forum vote will be a farce.

tinodragon14 said...

Make TERRAX the next special. I think he will be a popular choice.
Dan you think ATTUMA is special size? I was never sure with how big he is but he would make a fine looking special. How about MR. HYDE? He is another big guy villain I was never sure of size wise.
STILT-MAN will make a great figure with his cool blue armor & his gun drawn. You could design him with extension stilts separate that would connect with the bottom stilt feet base & his regular leg length stilts.
Also the finished JJJ & MOCKINGBIRD figures look okay minus a cigar in one case.
The PUPPET MASTER's over all design is good but the smile is not right.
The Siryn figure looks weak. The flowing winglike part of her costume is crumpled. Should have been open & flowing.

Robert said...

After reading Leigh's comments about JJJ looking "too smooth", I went back and looked at it. The trousers do indeed seem to be eerily without any creases. Good call.

As for PM, he did indeed look that goofy at first, Leigh, and the version we're getting is very Kirbyesque. However, this was much less obvious with later artists and it was less cartoony-looking then.

LAWay said...

I know Robert and i dont mind the style of it, just the teeth bug me with the normal sized head. Thought the cover art (which i really like) had a bigger proportioned head and eyes so it balanced out the teeth, but the EM guys have taken the teeth too literal and neglected the rest of the head.

I think the body is great for that style, but just the correlation between teeth and head bother me.

Tino called it right with siryn. the cape crumpled looks a mess, but would have been better in her other costume.

mighty_marvel said...

yes for terrax on being the next special. specials for next year should be

jan - northstar and aurora
mar - terrax
may - hulkling
jul - madame web
sep - atlas
nov - brood drone

something for everyone there. couple of x-related, cosmic, avengers, spiderman. perfect.

third costume for trapster is running away with it in the forum costume poll.

would like deathbird in the costume from the pic with her and vulcan.

please say brother voodoo and corsair have a good chance in the next extension dan. their continued absence is getting more and more obvious.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I love the character and think she'll make a stunning fig.

A good choice. He was never very high in my list of classic villains
but I welcome him - purely on the ground of his design, which should make a very cool fig. Third costume is the best. The gun is a must though. Please include it.

Robert said...

The forum want a Traspster costume WITHOUT the paste gun? Why am I even surprised or exasperated any more? Thank Stan I have never joined: it would drive me mad in a week at most.

I first saw PM in an odd little MTIO tale which involved Thor attacking the FF. So I can live with the sculpt easily. I just think it looks less realistic than all other depictions of Masters, which are much more naturalistic. I'll still buy him, of course. It does look like comedy teeth, though, as Ted might say.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

As for Deathbird, this costume please:

mighty_marvel said...

trapster can still have the gun in the third costume

Thor8 said...

This week's sneak peeks:

Tigershark: Looks keen.Nice facial expression

Siren: Not one of my favorites,but it looks pretty nice,though her facial features are not quite right.

Mockingbird: Looks alot better after the paint job than I would have thought.I still like her more with the loose hair though,(just personal taste I guess).

JJJ: Looks great,lots of detail in this one and perfect facial expression.(Wish you could do the same with the females).

Puppet Master: Pretty nice but the teeth are definately not right.He should have a big grin with both bottom and top teeth showing(kinda like old puppets used to have).

On a different note,I believe that in the future EM should refrain from adding to many X-related characters to future extensions if they ae going to contine to give the forum the privilage of picking the last three.If you look at past forum polls 80-90% of the choices made are X-related,and it seems that this pol will be n different.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Give a reason why it shouldn't be kept like that?
X-Men are most popular, are best selling, sliand there aren't so many characters in other areas of Marvel, so still should be 5 or 6 x-related characters per extension.

Kal Brindle said...

I am pissed right off. What is it with the Eaglemoss editorial team and the constant back and forth BS surrounding Alpha Flight characters?

Rich promised us Northstar ages ago and we got jerked around again and again and again. Always being promised next extension for sure and then being let down time after time. I am truly disapointed to see you Dan follow suit with Shaman. In your blog comments last week you confirm him and then this week shut him out.

You are the man and you get to decide who gets in and who does not, but please stop yanking our chains unneccessarily. If Shaman didn't make it in no worries, I can campigan for him and hope he gets through on the Forum Choice, but now with your he's in, no he's out wishy-washiness and worse your "promise" he'll get in next time - you have hurt his chances on the Forum Poll as happened previously with Northstar & Aurora.

Sorry if I'm coming across as a "bar steward", but I am gutted and feel tricked or cheated after feeling so elated last week.

I guess I'm not vocal enough here on the blog comments section, well that can change.

Robert said...

Good luck with that, Kal. I complained till me fingers bled about Drax-in-Jeans and it did no good.

LAWay said...

Why does trapster need his naff gun? He can shoot out his wrists.

lol ironic. people like TGR say how important the pickers and choosers are that dont subscribe, and yet they complain about constant 'x-characters' which only get made because of the the high sale figures presumably.

LAWay said...

RObert - wheres that cap statue from in yout display pic? looks the EM figure should have been like.

(EM should make mini bowen figurines. Just saying.)

mgf said...

Spot on as per usual, Kal.

Are we experiencing more marketing interference from people who think Marvel is powdered milk, or perhaps it's because Shaman doesn't wear a belt with an 'X' on it?

How did Shaman get suddenly removed? As we know "next time" doesn't mean an awful lot these days either, as this used to be next time and see what happened there.

Next extension means zilch especially as we don't even know if there will be one.

Do it, or don't do it, but don't say you will then decide not to, because it's irritating.

Oh, and next time fewer damn X-Men. Hardly anyone buys the comics anymore. It's a dying franchise. Move on.

jimbob said...

I'm with you Kal!!!

We can just hope that we get A&N double pack next year,and Shaman to win the polls.

Alpha Flight has gone long enough,it's time that EM complete them once and for all.

Robert said...

Thanks, MM, for posting that link. He MUST have the paste gun. You can have any costume you like, just give him the damn gun!

It's a Bowen statue from a couple of years back, Leigh. The Batman is an old plastic one from the Disney store c.1990. My original balloon read, "World's greatest fighter, my star-spangled ass!" But then Cap doesn't swear, which in this case is a shame.

tinodragon14 said...

There are 5 costumes offered for the TRAPSTER in the forum poll. The three shown on this blog & a fourth I don't remember where he looks like a ninja & the fourth being his latest & lamest where he is bald & wearing goggles is a costume. The third one without his paste gun is winning of course. I voted for the second one which is better then the first one & looks like the classic outfit he wore the most & he has his paste gun.

kissynose said...

I really think thins is the most boring extension yet. Hope sales stay up. Only 3 figures I am really excited about. However I will buy them all. I worry there are not a lot of choices for casual buyers.

tinodragon14 said...

For those frustrated about SHAMAN I think he has a chance of winning one of the three slots in the forum poll unlike any of the villains like WHIRLWIND, BARON MORDO, ATTUMA, THE COBRA & MR. HYDE, GREY GARGOYLE, TOMBSTONE, THE MELTER, etc.

DAN the MAN has expressed interest in THE JACKAL, THE HIGH EVOLUTIONARY, SPEEDBALL, JIGSAW, BARON MORDO, ATTUMA for the next extension but no WHIRLWIND (sobbing!)!

John said...

"Puppet Master's teeth are 'too' goofy. Maybe with a bigger head if would have balanced it out, but it just looks weird."

There's his latest appearance that I know of, in Heroes for Hire. He does have big, goofy teeth. Personally, I think the sculpt is perfect, and I'm thrilled with it.

"I really think thins is the most boring extension yet."

Really? This has been incredible for me! 2 of my 5 Top Wants. 4 Cosmics! 2 Spidey characters. Finally confirmation on Trapster. I'm excited about everyone but the X-Characters.

MM: "jan - northstar and aurora
mar - terrax
may - hulkling
jul - madame web
sep - atlas
nov - brood drone"

I could definitely go for that. Maybe replace one with a Mega. I'd prefer Groot/Rocket Raccoon, but Lockjaw should get in soon as well.

I don't know who to replace though. Madame Web needs to stay for the Spidey tie-in...

Anonymous said...

Seems some of you old fogies who are complaining about Deathbird forget that she's one of Ms. Marvel's original villains from her 70's solo book. So she fills numerous areas. Not just the X-Men that some are constantly crying about. But Ms. Marvel's rogues gallery and cosmics. And just because you don't like the character, doesn't mean that everyone hates her and doesn't want her. You complain endlessly about the forums having a voice with it's 100's of posters. But yet you think a few crying voices here should top them? Oooookay.

mighty_marvel said...

On a different note,I believe that in the future EM should refrain from adding to many X-related characters to future extensions if they ae going to contine to give the forum the privilage of picking the last three.If you look at past forum polls 80-90% of the choices made are X-related,and it seems that this pol will be n different.

i've said for a long time that EM should take into account what is likely to get through in the forum poll and use that to inform their decisions. dan did try to do that by saying last week that there would be no more females as they were likely to get through in the poll. unfortunately his mind was swayed by the complaints.

i think in future the forum choice should simply be the top 3 of the request poll that is run through the year. that way EM know what is going through from the forum from the beginning and can arrange the extension around it.

There are 5 costumes offered for the TRAPSTER in the forum poll. The three shown on this blog & a fourth I don't remember where he looks like a ninja & the fourth being his latest & lamest where he is bald & wearing goggles is a costume. The third one without his paste gun is winning of course. I voted for the second one which is better then the first one & looks like the classic outfit he wore the most & he has his paste gun.

the third costume can also be done with a paste gun. i posted a link to it earlier. here it is again

so there's no reason to be against it really as not only can it be done with the gun, it is also a visually interesting costume and incorporates many elements from his earlier looks.

John said...

You know what else we could do? In the next extension, have the Forum Poll BEFORE the 16 announcements.

Start with 3 from the forum, EM adds 16 to make sure its a diverse extension, then a Competition winner for the final spot.


John said...

MM, nice find on the paste gun pic.

See? Perfect compromise. ;) I'd prefer the modern look, but I'll back the capsule look with a paste gun if its what the majority wants.

Anonymous said...

Personally I'm 100% happy that Shaman is not in this extension.
I don't understand why, of all teams, Alpha Flight should be completed so quickly. And there's no reason for AF fans to complain when in fact they've had the privilege of two double packs - Sasquatch & Puck and now Northstar & Aurora. I wish Thunderbolts fans of Guardians of the Galaxy fans had the same privilege. Dan did the right thing, and now I can only hope that Shaman does not win the poll. Surely he can wait for the next extension.

TGR said...

so LaWay, you have a downer on the forum polls. Would this be that same forum that you have cast votes in and been happy when your choices get through? (arachne and spidey2099).

The trapster poll is set to give a little more info and choices...with or without the questionable gun.

And Dan, although deathbird is a welcome inclusion she could have waited and shaman put through. what happens next extension, will we get Northstar, Aurora AND Shaman? Just think how many whining dummies will be spat and teddies tossed with that decision. A double pack N&S IS the way to go so stop faffing around and make it so :-)

The negativity against the last comp winners choice is vile and uncalled for....just because you don't like it then was the comp winners choice and we should accept that, be magnanimous in defeat and shut up..imagine how you'd feel if you won and was then told you can't have your choice because someone else might burst in to tears. ffs.

On a positive note, looks good for another extension, but if EM decided to pull the plug you can guarantee that the "hated" forum would do it's best to keep it going we did with the DC collection.

TGR said...

just seen your post John...cracking idea...announce extension, do the poll, EM fill in the blanks and a comp winner makes the last choice. I am sure it is something that we'll discuss next month when we meet the guys in London.

tinodragon14 said...

OLD FOGIES! I never said I did not want DEATHBIRD & I have listed her in many of my villains list. She is one of the better bad girls or ladies to pick from but I had some male villains I wanted before her like WHIRLWIND, ATTUMA, BARON MORDO, THE COBRA & MR. HYDE. I have noticed Beast when I or others express their opinion you respond with name calling if you don't agree. You behave on this blog as if you run this collection. I gather you do run the forum in some capacity but I think this is still a freewheeling blog that does not need any name calling.

Anonymous said...

If you are voting in the poll for the Trapster costume and you like the third one, please go ahead! Do not be confused by the fact that he's shown without gun. Third costume with gun is 100% classic Marvel canon. Please make your voice be heard if you like the gun, so it can be included.

Virtual preview of Trapster fig can be seen in the Virtual CMFC Gallery, here:

and you'll also see how Deathbird
can be an outstanding fig, again here:

This is one of the best extensions ever, as far as I'm concerned.
Kudos to Dan.

SinisterVenom said...

Oh yes, yes, yes!!!
Deathbird and Trapster!! Two great choices! I'm happy to wait for Shaman if we have these two in his place. But I do notice Dan, you say Shaman will be in the next extension and he will return! So does this mean the collection will definately be getting another extension after this one? It makes sense to do it ;)
I've seen all the sneak peaks of these figurines before so nothing new for me there unfortunately :( I will say they all look great though.
Also loving the covers for Beetle and Karnak. I do truly love this collection! :)
As I've also just got home from watching a game of footie at the home ground too, and come home to this update, all I can say is...perfect end to a perfect day. :D

Gremlin in the works said...

Fantastic news on Deathbird. I love the character and her look. She is going to make a crackign figure.

Trapster I don't know much about but I'm sure the oldies on here will appreciate the F4 villian.

Moonstar said...

Deathbird and Trapster are both cool choices particuarly Deathbird will be good to have her and I like her original costume best anyways.

The Mad Thinker said...

just because there's 3 images of trapster on here , doesn't mean that we have to pick one. There are other images floating about. Just do a google search. I prefer the brown costume with the paste gun. e have to pick one. There are other images floating about. Just do a google search. I prefer the brown costume with the paste gun.

LAWay said...

I like the idea about the vote before the new extension is announced John. Think that would be good and to stop people trying to 'complete' teams or whatever. And while people are quite anti 'x', it would be a shame not to have such an iconic character like silver samurai turned away just because he is in x-men.

Although the pic you showed of puppet master confirmed what I was saying. He has a big ol head and no goody teeth. He has BIG teeth and a big smile, but not huge protruding upper teeth. (is 'upper teeth' even a phrase? lol) I chalk it down to missed opportunity, but if you're happy with it, you're more of a fan of the character so probably know what he should look like more anyway.

LAWay said...

lol CBR beast calling people ol foggies then recalling Deathbird's comic appearances from the 70s!? Pot kettle?

TGR, man you act like you are so high and mighty. The only reason people vote on the forum is because some stupid idea said that its the only way to get an official say in the collection. Instead of asking people who collect it through the magazine, they open it up to anyone on the internet.

SPiderman 2099 wasnt a poll choice either, or are you bringing up my personal data of who i voted for? Even though they werent competition picks, I am vocal that I approve of these two in the collection and dont cry or take it to heart that others dont like them. What do I care, I got characters I like in the collection coming up.

As for when the collection dies off and the forum saving the day yet again? I would have imagined the forum community were the collectors in the first place and must question why it was on the brink of going under, and question whether it is likely to do so again because alot of people dont subscribe but only buy a handful per extension.

LAWay said...

Is that forum vote ever going on the popular characters list? Surely it should be based off a fresh poll.

Maybe the most frequent bloggers can have an exclusive choice instead, and deliberate between the 20-30 of us hardcore regulars (if there is that many).

Or, get this EM. Just pick the top 20 in the poll. Looking at the current list MM posted, it aint too shabby. You can have the option of subbing any out if you want, but that must be put to a poll to see of we want your pick or to stay with the original top 20 pick.

That way, no complaints over top 3 polls. And when we are offered a choice to change, we have another say. Better all around.

Thor8 said...

John; You took the words right out of my mouth,I also believe it would be best if the first three choices of the extensions were picked by the forum,and the remaining 16 can be chosen by EM based on popularity and fan suggestions.

Funny how every time someone brings up the subject about giving other areas the same amount of coverage as the X-people,some start singing the same old song about the X-books having more sales than the others. According to the latest sales survey this is not so. Sorry gents,this isn't the 90's anymore.

Oh one last thing,do you thinks it's too late to add three more puppets representing the FF at the base of this figurine?

Thor8 said...

Your description of Puppet Master's smile and teeth is quite accurate LAWay, he by no means has big buck teeth but rather a big mouth(smile) and big teeth,both upper and lower.

John said...

"Funny how every time someone brings up the subject about giving other areas the same amount of coverage as the X-people,some start..."

You'll always find its the fans of a group that go out of their way to tell you why we need more of them. Likewise, the non-fans will always ask for balance.

Any time you see someone say that 5-6 X-Men is about right, its typically someone who would dedicate most or all of their votes solely to the X-Men.

But likewise, I'm all for Cosmic characters, as they're underrepresented, high profile, visually interesting and I just want them. Most of my votes will go to them, even if someone else will say we already got 4 this extension... Haha.

If we're going for some recognizable characters as a selling point (i.e. a huge selling point for X-Men) maybe we should start looking at characters that have movie appearances. Aside from just casual buyers recognizing them as they walk in the shops, you also have genre fans that surely saw the movies. I'm a Marvel guy, but I'm getting Constantine when he releases on the DC side... because I saw the movie and loved it.

Warriors Three, Jigsaw, Whiplash, General Ross, Dum Dum Dugan, Heimdall, The Russian... Howard the Duck. Dr. Strange is in the works. Start thinking about Wong. Guardians of the Galaxy may also become a talking picture. Let's keep them coming as well! :D More Cosmics!

John said...

Dan, I would love it if each extension from now on got us a member from both the old and new Guardians of the Galaxy.

Is this feasible, or do you think we should explore other areas either in Cosmic or in general?

I mean, we're missing around 6 high profile characters from the new team, and some of the... older gentlemen would love to see at LEAST Starhawk and Yondu. But then we've got the likes of Pip, Paibok, the Elders, Beyonder, and many more non-teams, PLUS so many more Heralds...

Can we just please have 3 slots dedicated to Cosmics, at least until the core original GotG are done? Dan the Man?

pirate adam said...

@CBR Beast

who's been complaining about Deathbird?? i can only see LAWay moaning about her but lets face it the guy moans about everything, i dont know why he bothers collecting when nothing seems to please him.


loads of people have been asking for Deathbird on here and the forum

and finally...should we get Vulcan, i will buy Deathbird to go with him and display them both in my cosmics section not with the X-Men

and really finally...the comp winners choice is never gonna please everyone but Max and MM were lucky enough to win and most people have been gracious but if you dont like a "blob of black/green" DONT BUY IT!! If i win this comp you'll be getting Stardust!! and if you dont like it you know what to do


Bagman said...

Well that's a bit of good news Deathbird in the collection and as "an ol' foggie" i remember her appearances in the 70's Ms.Marvel comics makes me wish we'd gotten a 70's Ms.Marvel figurine, that would make a nice little display --
Ms.Marvel-Warbird-Binary-- If only....
Quite like the idea of a Forum vote before the extension list,would make for interesting
reading once the other characters where announced.

LAWay said...

@PA If you actually read my post you would actually see the things that I do praise instead of jumping on the bandwagon of generalizing that I hate everything.

The bit about Siryn was more about the sculpt and costume choice, but I admit I have been vocal about the competition winner results. I think its a poor idea and gives fans TOO much power. Talk about people picking up and buying from stores being 'oh so important', but this area really should be aimed at subscribers who have no choice but to get the figurine. Everyone else, if they dont like it, the sculpt, the character, the costume, the choice, they wont buy it.

However, that won't stop you supporting the idea and other winners, but it does stop you supporting the collection. If people don't subscribe or collect every figurine and are having a go at me being vocal when they don't intend to buy the figurine then they are just being hypocrites.

And of course I didnt know Deathbird was a HUGE want on the forums. Not many people have mentioned it on the blog, which should really act like a macro opinion board of the forum due to numbers, but its funny how both opinions rarely sync with each other.

LAWay said...

About comic sales.

I don't really know what the sales figures say. I havent googled it. (lazy i know). I don't really know how new some of the 'x characters' are that are winning polls etc (back to the lazy thing).

It could be that when x-men was still running high that these characters were introduced and the fans from that era still want to see them.

Or maybe the sales figures are not as bad as people are making out.

Its a moot point really as alot of characters being made dont even appear in comics anymore, or not regularly, or havent in decades.

I aint 'pro xmen' nor 'anti xmen' (although I admit seeing some generic x-uniform on a young mutant would mean nothing to me) but I understand why the sales issue was raised because some people use it to justify their inclusion, but I think the argument that their sales have declined doesn't work.

LAWay said...

TGR - sorry, i must have missed your post there...meeting the guys in London? What's all this then? Is it at some comic con announced or just a visit/invitation to the studio?

Bagman said...

Hey LAway,
What is it about the competition winners’ choice that you don’t like ?

I to have been vocal about subscription but on the opposite side from you,
About it not being open to every-one( overseas collectors mainly Australia, U.S.,Canada, Brazil etc,)but that’s a geographical and logistical issue .
I buy every figurine even if I don’t know much about the character or don’t like the sculpt so I guess I subscribe by default.

I usually find that if some-one subscribes to a “part-works” it is generally because they are interested in the subject and wish to complete it . If your not a
Completist why subsribe?
Imagine HMS Victory without the main mast?

Competition- I (personally) think it’s a great idea, imagine being able to get YOUR choice in this collection ? I can’t think of any other “part-works” that let’s
the collectors have so much voice (whether it’s listened to or not is another matter).

Another observation here but if posts are negative over and over again and again then thats what people end up seeing even if its not.

STARLORD--STARHAWK--AIRWALKER--- got my vote on those three.

Robert said...

Larry, just looked over your chronological list and, at the risk of nit-picking, Spidey 2099 first appeared in 1992.

Also, I think your list simplifies things a bit. Moonstone debuted as a guy in the 1970s, but the present look of Dr. Sofen is much more recent and your listing takes no account of that.

Sorry, if I'm being critical. I do think your list is a useful and interesting way of looking at the extension.

Victor said...

In Larry chronological list: any character that does not have a classic custom, should be considered the date of the custom.

Robert said...

Or maybe we could just give the original character appearance with the particular incarnation of the costume in parenthesis? For instance, Captain Britain 1976 (1980). (I'm guesstimating the Chris Hoy outfit date, by the way.)

ted sallis said...

Painted previews look spiffing....apart from Syrin nothing against the comp winner,it's just a bland mess.JJJ has too much starch in his polyester troosers,Apart from that everything is dreamsville
Dan add my 3 picks to the poll totaliser
1 Beef
2 Baws
3 Flange

ted sallis said...

Aw Dan, you get to hang out with Casey Ryback.get him to run a poll on what colour stinkies you wear to the meeting;)

LarryS said...

Robert -

re: Spider-Man 2099

Good point, well made!

I'll delete that post, and repost it with the date corrected...


LarryS said...

OK, I can now update my chronology analysis of the 181-200 extension as follows...

- Zero

- Zero

- Five (Vance Astro, Hela, Owl, Swordsman, Trapster)

- Seven (Deathbird, Firelord, Gamora, Hammerhead, Moonstone, Sebastian Shaw, Werewolf by Night)

- Two (Longshot, Dani Moonstar)

- One (Spider-Man 2099, tho' the 1990s also saw Moonstone's current incarnation)

- One (Wiccan, tho' his origins do stretch back to 1986)

John said...

"If i win this comp you'll be getting Stardust!!"

PA, I love you. ;) Good luck!

There's a lot of guys that are picking Cosmics for their choice. Phyla-Vell, Star-Lord, Bug and Stardust. I'm really rooting for all of them, if I don't win. Its great that someone's pick could make me as happy as the winner!

Robert said...

Thanks, Larry, for the updated list. I'm glad you took my comments in the spirit they were intended. By the way, you didn't need to delete the earlier post as the Spidey 2099 dating was a very minor mistake.

Anyway, I do think that your list is a very interesting way of looking at an extension. How many of the 1970s incarnations will appear in their original form? Hammerhead can't change as his schtick is the
1930s. Gamora will probably change and likewise Moonstone. Firelord went through a redesign a good while back, where he ended up looking like a Human Torch, but not sure if that look stuck for long. Shaw is the same as he was, I believe, at least in his CMFC incarnation. I think Deathbird has changed a bit but Dan said that the fussy modern look is not going to work at that scale. So a bit of a mixed bag, some changing, some not.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

This look will be ideal for Deathbird. Compromise between classic and modern, and IMO it shouldn't be a problem to make it.

Robert said...

Of course, Hammerhead was inspired by gangster films from the 1920s, not the 1930s.

Becquerel said...

I'm very much in love with this update, while not so excited with the one last week, glad we finally got Deathbird.
If that means we'll eventually see the Starjammers, that'll be great.

Also, I'm excited about the hints that this wasn't the last extension! :3

Becquerel said...

Also, I'm very happy that this update is somewhat cosmic-heavy. Can't have enough cosmic characters in my opinion!

I'd definitely want to see Starjammers (as mentioned) and Guardians of the Galaxy. The GotG apparently have a movie in the works, so I'm gonna start advocating Starlord or Rocket Raccoon - latter also is going to be included in the new version of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, as well, so the base of people knowing him will most likely grow with both of these infos.

Also, I prefer RR over Howard any day. He's just a great character and despite his silly looks, a very serious character (unlike Howard who's a walking parody).

Mark Malibu said...

I'm glad other people also like the idea of seeing Stilt-Man in the collection!

A couple years ago, I suggested a Stilt-Man Minimate to the guys at Diamond during their New York Comic Con panel. They laughed and said, "No way!" About a year later he showed up at Toys R Us. I like to think I planted the seed.

I'd be happy with him being head and shoulders above the other characters!

JinxDealer said...

really like the tigershark & JJJ looks awesome , not to keen on the rest but i'l buy em still, just wondering about the comp & if its held on the blog or forum? i like competitions but it wouldn't be worth me entering as my scope of th MU has already been covered ( perhaps if i win i could hand it over to a fellow blogger who has a near zero chance of getting their fave in ?) :) i'd still like to play along even if i dont enter, thanks

LAWay said...

fairplay bagman, i understand. the competition vote is a good way for international buyers to have a say when they may feel disconnected due to not being able to subscribe. Because they cant and yet they buy every figurine and are dedicated and show compassion for the collection, i respect that.

WHat i personally have against the competition is the potential for a right mix up of a very very obscure character. Some people have...lets say an over enthusiastic infatuation with certain, obscure characters.

Great for the competition winner, but for subscribers and completists like yourself, we are lumbered with a character that would probably never see the light of day. ever. The non completists may not buy it, possibly in their drones, resulting in EM taking a heavy hit in sales. It could be such a bad choice it could be the catalyst for collectors to think 'yep, thats me out. not even i can enjoy this product.'

Thats one part why i dislike it. All the while the non completists will be urging for the next competition eager to get their own want in, potentially creating the same problem again.

Its such a selfish prize. An amazing prize to the person who wins, but potentially a disaster for any one else.

A poll for the top 20 characters voted by every fan at least gets everyone involved whether they subscribe or not, and should hopefully produce the best extension possible. It would make everyone excited for future extensions for trying to have their say in yet again. Not a tiny say like a suggestion of 3 characters only for all to be shot down, but to suggest 20 characters.

I understand I post alot of negative stuff, but it isnt all negative. I am allowed an opinion and to critique and suggest ideas. Problem is no-one counter argues with constructive debates, but just gets defensive or abusive.

I am unsure of if other 'part works' offer such input from fans. However, other subscription based publications offer lots of competitions (albeit they do feature advertising and thus have more money) and other gifts.

Robert said...

Ah, Leigh, I have a confession: I am Robert and I admit that I have an enthusiastic infatuation with the obscure character called the Recorder. I know, I know, I should know better. But I really, like the character and if I ever win a competition, folk will need to make space on their shelves for him... ;)

Dr Headache Rushing said...

Would love to see a White Tiger figure, original male version, to go alongside my Black Panther.

LAWay said...

dont worry robert, i dont classify 'The Recorder' as a super obscure character. You're safe. ;)

Robert said...


Then that means I can have Zargor the Epoch Man, too, Leigh?

LAWay said...

you're crossing the line now robert.
come back.

Robert said...

Very funny, Leigh. That made me laugh.

I did of course invent Zargor tonight. Mind you, the Epoch Man does have a certain ring to it.

Glad the Recorder passed the rather stringent Leigh Test. Or did I get special dispensation for extra lee-way...?

Anonymous said...

If you won the competition, I would happily buy a Recorder figurine. I myself would probably choose my most wanted character who doesn't have a chance. Barnell Bohusk aka Beak. Big fan of the character, especially his time as a member of the Exiles where he saved the Multiverse. :)

LAWay said...

cruel memories of awkward classroom glares and tittering during english spring to mind with that bad pun Robert.

that word does no exist in my world. thats what my therapist told me.

TheTooN said...

I dont know who either of Fridays confirmations are, reading the list of EM's 16 I honestly only know 7 and some of those not very well.

I only read Marvel's UK pubs for a short time from the late 70's to mid 80's so have very patchy knowledge. After leaving school I only read 2000ad.

I would sell my soul if EM gave 2000ad the lead treatment.

Dredd,Death,Mean,Slaine,Rogue,Chopper,A Fatty,Johny/Wulf,Sam Slade,Harlem Hero,Zenith. How good would Blackblood and Pineapples look ! Deadlok on his chopper.... Anyone else like to see a 2000ad collection one day ?

Sorry for going off topic :)

Kirlianeyes great mockups have been a big help for me in visualising unknowns so props to you. Trapster and Deathbird both look like they have good potential and as I collect for the looks much more than the history the only slightly iffy one is Hammerhead.

I appreciate it must be a time consuming task but maybe you could do mock ups of the costume choice next time there is a close split ?

I love this collection. Keep up the good work guys.

Anonymous said...

I'm very excited about the competition because I love extreme curveball characters. From what I see, some of your competition choices would make me very happy.
Recorder, Stardust or Beak, for example, would be awesome.
Hope you win! If I win, you'll get one of these:


...still undecided, but it'd be one of these.

John said...

Kirly (or anyone else that has this issue,) if there's a number of characters that you simply cannot decide between, maybe hop on the forum and ask that they're put to a poll.

If you just want to ask on here for some advice, I can only say how much I love the Cosmics, and I'd suggest Bug first and foremost, followed by Air-Walker then Darkhawk. The other two have a decent chance. Bug... does not. He's a bit further down the line of the Cosmic list, I'd think. But his inclusion should guarantee the entire modern GotG.

Robert, if you like the Defenders, I just received my tpb of The Last Defenders. Its just a couple years old, right after Civil War... and I'm not sure if you'd like it, as even I feel its all over the place with characters and ideas. But... :D ... there is a Recorder robot that shows up. So I wanted to pass that info along. I don't think its THE Recorder though.

As for Competition choices, I'm of course going to try for Rocket Raccoon. If I'm told I can't, it'll probably be an Agent of Atlas. Probably The Uranian aka Marvel Boy.

Robert said...

Thanks for the positive vibes, Blake and CBR. It's taken a while but we have found something in common, Mr Beast: neither of us has a snowball's chance in Hel of getting our pet favourite made! I contented myself with a simple modification, you'll have more bother making Beak out of someone.

Sorry, Leigh. That was a pretty diabolically bad pun.

The Toon, 2000AD gets mentioned on here every now and again. I'd absolutely love it, but it's mainly attractive to the UK market and has less appeal elsewhere. How many non-Brits even know who Wulf Sternhammer is?

Robert said...

Statement: Thanks for the tip, John. A while ago someone pointed me in the direction of a Hercules mini that also featured a Recorder.

Conclusion: I'd probably have missed it - and the Defenders appearances - if it hadn't been mentioned by kind and thoughful folk like yourself.

tinodragon14 said...

If there is another extension & please let that be so say Dan the Man picks
& maybe ATTUMA depending on his size
Perhaps even STILT-MAN
If SHAMAN does not make in the forum vote then he might be a choice as well
I suspect the next horror character would be BROTHER VOODOO as he is mentioned often.
With VANCE ASTRO another GUARDIAN seems likely probably YONDU who will make a striking figure or STARHAWK leaving CHARLIE 27, NIKKI & MARTINEX
Of course they will seek balance with women & if WOLFSBANE gets in thru the forum I think THUNDRA, PRINCESS PYTHON, SELENE, SAGE, KARMA, NOVA (& hopefully QUICKSAND) all have a shot because there will be at least six or seven women. That would pretty much be it with the three from the forum vote. I agree that the forum vote should come first then let Dan build around it & then the one contest winner comp choice. I will never win this contest but if I did I would probably pick STEGRON but then my hopes for top villains like WHIRLWIND, THE COBRA & MR. HYDE, MOLTEN MAN, THE MELTER, MASTERMIND, DOOM 2099, THE LIVING LASER, SCARECROW, having a chance of getting in seems even more remote. THE GREY GARGOYLE & SILVER SAMURAI seemed to be likely forum choices.
As for specials I hope TERRAX is the next one after the NORTHSTAR & sister two pack.
Hope they do a DRAGONMAN Mega
But of course aside from the many fine villains left out what of FANDRAL, HOGUN, & THE STARJAMMERS who have strong followings.

LAWay said...

i think a 2000ad collection would die a very fast death shortly after issue 1 - judge dredd. dont think enough people would justify its run.

Thor8 said...

If I would have won the comp in the past my pick would have been The Swordsman. I really felt sorry for the guy when he died and after reading his origin in an Avengers Spotlight issue and discovering he really wanted to be a hero from the start I grew even more fond of this hard luck character. Well being that he has been approved I feel as though I already won a comp. So if I were to by any chance win this comp I might either pick a golden age hero or pass my pick over to one of my Warriors Three. (Robert I also like the Recorder)

pirate adam said...

Well it seems I owe LAWay an apology he did actually mention a few thing that he likes although there still outnumbered by his dislikes, so sorry for jumping the gun mate and I wont be joining any bandwagons anytime soon

As for subscibers vs non subscribers....if everyone in the countries that cant subscribe suddenly stopped buying how long do you think this collection would go on for?? Not very

My point is...non subscribers no matter how many they pick up per extension are just as important as subscribers


Robert said...

You're a good man, Thor8. I am proud to be one of your Warriors Three.

TheTooN said...

A fair few expressed interest over on the alternate EM collection thread but I am new here and dont yet know peoples ages/likes or locations.

2000ad has over 30 years of history so there must be a pretty good choice of long running popular characters. Maybe I have my rose coloured glasses on again.

EM has been successful in the UK with other collections and it was with that market in mind that I mentioned it.

I dont know what the minimum number of issues is to consider a part work ? How many issues did the CMFC start out as guys ?

If EM thought a Marvel collection could be a success in a market that isnt 'overly' super hero then surely the number one UK comic for 30 years would have a good shot ?

I agree sales for Dredd would be huge especially if the reboot happens and is any good.

I can only dream I guess.

If I won the competion I would like to put The Fury through but think he is deemed special size. If that was confirmed Yondu would probably get the nod or maybe even Martinex or Nikki who may struggle otherwise.

Mad Jim Jaspers would be hard to resist too.

I had a look see who the Recorder is. I quite liked the modern look on comicvine.....dont shoot me :P

Robert said...

Trivia question time! Of all the characters that have been made or are being made for inclusion in this collection, who has the fewest number of appearances? (Just wondering, as the Recorder has a healthy 111, many in core titles like Thor and Hulk.)

TheTooN said...

Blackheart ?

Robert said...

Good shout, Toon. Blackheart has only 61 appearances.

Becquerel said...

The Recorder, eh? :P

Well, if I was to win the contest, I would also push for Rocket Raccoon, and if I wasn't allowed to take him, I'd go for Stilt-Man.

So that's who you can expect to see popping up should I get the win. :)

Rickabod said...

I want the Living Zombie!

The7thCynic said...

LAWay, just a quick observations: After reading through your posts, it seems theyre full of generalizations and assumptions. Especially in regards to grouping people together, when it's really never black and white. For example - I could always say the people on this blog are negative and don't know what theyre talking about, when really I could just be basing it of one person. ;) Just saying, an transparent attitude like that is a quick way of getting your opinion invalidated.

Dan The Man said...

The competition will be run on this blog in a couple of weeks, after the poll winners results.

I totally agree that it was difficult building the extension, knowing that there were to be 3 places going to the poll - I had a rough idea based on previous polls, but I agree that the polls should be run first if we get another extension. Then I can build it without thinking who might or might not get through in the polls. Aaah, the the beauty of hindsight.

I LOVE 2000AD, but EM don't see a big market for it.

60 issues is the minimum partwork length.

That's why we can't do short runs due to having to recoup the fees paid for rights and development costs - as well as production costs. (Blackest Night is different because EM already have rights/ development/ and production procedures in place.

Not sure of the viability of marvel sub-sets as EM would probably need to re-negotiate rights with the new owners Disney (???). Also EM probably don't want to over-saturate the market with tons of marvel figurines and kill the collection (which I kinda agree with - I think 25/6 regular plus 4/5 specials a year is enough don't you?!)

Anonymous said...

Plus if we got a subset, we wouldn't be getting any special. Which is what happened with the DC Collection. While I would love a subset, especially focused on redos... I don't want to give up specials for it.

mighty_marvel said...

I totally agree that it was difficult building the extension, knowing that there were to be 3 places going to the poll - I had a rough idea based on previous polls, but I agree that the polls should be run first if we get another extension. Then I can build it without thinking who might or might not get through in the polls. Aaah, the the beauty of hindsight.

i hope this happens. i've been asking to do it this way round for ages.

I think 25/6 regular plus 4/5 specials a year is enough don't you?!)

5 specials per year is enough. except for next year where we need 6 to make up for only getting 4 this year.

jan - northstar and aurora
mar - terrax
may - hulkling
jul - madame web
sep - atlas
nov - brood

would do nicely thanks :D

60 issues is the minimum partwork length.

probably no chance for thundercats then. gutted. although i think doctor who and transformers could easily make 60 issues. they would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

Thundercats could easily do 60 figures. Especially if you include both the old toon and the new toon. And also the line would have to allow variants, so you could get both Mummy Mumm-Ra and Mumm-Ra The Ever Living. Of course, I don't see it ever happening. But eh.

mighty_marvel said...

ah you see i wasn't thinking about the new cartoon or variants. is the new cartoon out yet?

Anonymous said...

Just started two weeks ago.

And is pretty darn good so far.

mighty_marvel said...

i'll have to try and find it somewhere. thanks

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind seeing a Planet Of The Apes figurine collection either. With the new movie doing crazy money, it would be a great time to kick off something nostalgic like that.

Kal Brindle said...

Hey Dan,

I'd like to apologize for my previous post. I'd had a particularly bad day and the Shaman reversal set me off and frankly I was well out of order. Looking back at that post today I am a little embarrassed by it. These are lead collectibles and while I may be passionate about them, I should keep some perspective - right? ;)

First I'd like to congratulate all the Trapster & Deathbird fans out there - these are both awesome choices and will look fantastic in the lead.

Thanks for all the preview picks, all the upcoming sculpts looks amazing. I have a question about Puppet Master though - will the version we get look like the one you have shown us or like the more monochromatic blue version shown in the Diamond Previews magazine? The paint jobs are vastly different and I certainly prefer the one you have shown us. So which are we getting?

The Beetle and Karnak covers look aces too. Absolutely cracking! I am looking forward to completing the Inhuman Royal Family and Karnak cannot get here soon enough - fingers crossed we get the giant bulldog with a tuning fork as a special some time next year!

Naturally I am hoping that Shaman makes it through in the Forum Choice and I am thinking about an Alphan or a cowboy for the competition.

Some questions...

Would you ever consider a mounted Phantom Rider on his horse Banshee as a special or mega special? Or would that just be too far out there and I should lobby for his inclusion as a regular?

Is Diamond Lil considered a regular or is she too tall? Some sites list her height as 6' 4 and others as 6' 8 ...

Will we see Western Characters in this collection eventually? Either classic Western characters like Two Gun Kid, Rawhide Kid, Kid Colt or the Black Rider? Or Superhero western characters like Texas Twister, Phantom Rider, the Two Gun Kid, Firebird, Shooting Star?

Rawhide kid is doing pretty well in the Golden Age Poll on the forum and I was wondering how receptive to the cowboys are the powers that be?

I hear what you're saying about not saturating the market, but man I'd love a Marvel subset - any way to get more characters into the collection in short order is a great idea to my way of thinking. As we get further and further into the B, C and D listers or niche characters of the Marvel Universe I am loving this collection more and more and more.

I buy every figure (even though finding them in Canada can be a real problem) and will keep on doing so as long as Eaglemoss keeps making them. Like everyone I guess I get a little nervous near the end of each extension wondering if this is this the last extension? Which is why I guess I got so ornery about ole Shaman. Again - please accept my apology and keep on with what you're doing. Each choice is a great choice - even if they're not my most wanted, they're all on my top 100 somewhere.

mighty_marvel said...

i'd really like two-gun kid at some point. he's got to be in with a shout because of his avenger ties

John said...

"but I agree that the polls should be run first if we get another extension."

You're welcome. ;)

And I find I have even more in common with MM and Beast as I'm a HUGE Thundercats fan. :D And yes, the new cartoon is amazing.

As far as other collections go, my most wanted and most logical (that I think could sell anywhere) is Street Fighter. But I'm just a USA guy. What's the franchise like in other countries? Would EM have a market?

ted sallis said...

Robert.Me just checked oot the cover to Thor #262. The blurb reads
"The Thunder God goes BERSERK To avenge the DEATH of one he LOVES but WHO??"
There on the cover is his old daddy,Sif, The Warriors Three ..and...The Recorder!! When did Thor declare his love for him??? I thought the Scarlet Witch was a sick puppy, but it seems even norsemen like a little android poontang.
Dan please add my three picks to the totaliser
1 Glumf
2 Fedunk
3 Poomska

Robert said...

Ah, #262. Arguably the best Thor cover ever. So cool I had it printed onto a beanbag!

As for "love". Thor's an Asgardian, lots of hyperbole and male-bonding, usually while cuffing trolls or would-be-invaders over the noggin! He can't say something middle-of-the-road like, "I kind of like him", he would describe someone as "a boon companion and brother-in-arms for eternity, even unto the gates of Hela's dark domain!" or somesuch other silly hyperbolic nonsense. If you go back and read Stan and Jack's original stories with the Recorder, when Odin meets him for the first time, he greets the Recorder warmly, adding that he is one of the Odinson's greatest friends. He is instantly accepted by all in Asgard. I like that about the Asgardians: they don't really care if you're alien (Bill) or artificial life (the Recorder), as long as you're brave, honorable and like a scrap!

Anonymous said...

I think 25/6 regular plus 4/5 specials a year is enough don't you?!

Er, not really. It's not enough! More and more collectors have started to realise that at the current pace we would need another 10 extensions to get the many major characters we all love.

With this realisation comes a series of worries - will there really be that many more extensions? will EM continue to be able to outsource production of the figs in a commercially viable way? can we really wait 10 years to get our faves?

The CMFC is stupendous but many teams need more representatives, many other teams are still uncovered, and plenty more indiidually awesome characters deserve a place. More and more collectors are hungry for this, whether it's more New Mutants, Young Avengers, Thunderbolts or Guardians of the Galaxy, or more Spidey villains, or the start of Starjammers or Squadron Supreme.
Why wait?

Personally I have no doubt that if EM was to release a subset including 12 characters that regularly appear in forum polls, the subset would sell beautifully in parallel with the main CMFC.

My personal view is that subsets SHOULD become a reality. 12 characters a year, themed around a broad concept (eg. Alien Races, Secret Organisation or MU Dimensions) giving us an extra dose of characters to fill the gaps in teams and MU areas that we all love.

John said...

I will say that I'd like the number of Specials to go from 5 to 6 per year.

I'd like to always know I'm getting an additional figurine every other month. And more Specials makes it more likely that I'd get that Rocket Raccoon/Groot pack.

...Of course, during a Subset, the Specials stop, so its not like EM would be flooding the market with marvel figures. Instead of 4 large characters, we'd get 8 small ones. Costs to buyers balance out and we get more figurines. It really makes no difference to me either way so long as they come in steady supply. ...unless of course the Subset was all redos. Then I'd be pissed.

Anonymous said...

Kal, they kinda already answered the horse question in regard to the DC Collection. It's seriously unlikely to happen, since the size and cost would be problematic.

ted sallis said...

Dan,Dan the art editor man commission Bloodstone as quick as you can, it's worth a cup oh marzipan man.
I don't mind admitting i had a lump in my throat as i wrote that ditty.
I expect at some point in your meeting with Casey Ryback he will give you a lump in your throat.
Please add my three picks to the vote
1 Ballwipe
2 Halfwang
3 Scumjugs

Robert said...

Ted, check yer emails.

ted sallis said...

Robert, that looks stunning mate, you've been hiding your light under a bushel, those mods of yours look pretty good to me :)
And your collection is absolutely lucky bugger:)
Thanks fer the sneak peak
All you bloggers will soon be able to view Roberts Sanctum Sanctorum.
Oh, and Robert the hand written note from Sal is fantastic, absolutely lucky bugger....have i mentioned that? :)

Thor8 said...

I would welcome Marvel sub sets with open arms. I believe that this would increase the possibilities for some characters that are wanted but don't have to many probabilities of making it into the regular line.Characters such as members of The Squadron Supreme,Soviet Super Soldiers,Zodiac,Wrecking Crew,etc.

Going back to what I mentioned before,about relinquishing my pick to one of my warriors three,if I were to win the comp. I'd like Robert,jacadoo,and Pirate to let me know what would be their first and second(in case the first is not approved)choices so I ll have them in mind when the time comes. I'd also like to extend this invitation to Bob Diamond(Balder) and Ted Sallis(Loki).

Robert said...

Thanks, Ted. I felt strangely nervous showing the loft to you and Bagman. And considering the rather impressive mosaics you make, I feel quite chuffed you though my mods were good. (Although the Iron Man was a Figure Factory kit - can't claim that one!)

From his note, Sal Buscema seemed a really likeable and decent bloke. Nice when your heroes are not just talented but good people, too.

And on the subject of (very) good people, Thor8, I have to say thanks for your very kind and thoughtful offer. Most anyone else - myself included - would have just picked another character I really liked if my favourite was included in any extension. You didn't and offered to make someone else happy, which speaks volumes about you. I feel I should follow your example, however, and ask that you do not consider my choices. How can I be selfish when you yourself have been so unselfish? I just can't. You are a prince among us "mere" Asgardians and we're lucky to have you on here.

Thor8 said...

It's good to have such good comrades in arms as those I have found in this blog. Peace to all,and may God bless!

Dan The Man said...

I'd love subsets too, it would be a great way of exploring areas we may never do. aliens/evil organizations/etc etc, I think EM are really happy with the way thigs are a the moment - but, who knows things may change in the future.

No worries mate, everyone needs to blow off steam once in awhile (why not do it here amongst friends!),

I'm a fan myself and i do tend to give out info that's not always 100% confirmed (Rich was better at it than me), I will state now that the things that may be said on here are ALWAYS open to change, due to extenuating circumstances or just straight forward mistakes! You guys have to except it just part of the system (if there were no blog you wouldn't know anything at all and probably be happier for it! ;)

Thanks for the apology anyway - at least you didn't use profanity!

"Would you ever consider a mounted Phantom Rider on his horse Banshee as a special or mega special? Or would that just be too far out there and I should lobby for his inclusion as a regular?"

He's not in consideration at the moment.

"Is Diamond Lil considered a regular or is she too tall? Some sites list her height as 6' 4 and others as 6' 8"

Haven't done any research on her. Seems a little big though?

"Will we see Western Characters in this collection eventually? Either classic Western characters like Two Gun Kid, Rawhide Kid, Kid Colt or the Black Rider? Or Superhero western characters like Texas Twister, Phantom Rider, the Two Gun Kid, Firebird, Shooting Star?"

Rich and myself discussed getting a western character in years ago and the response we got back from fans and friends in the comics biz was that this collection is primarily a Super Hero collection and we should exhaust the A,B,C even D listers before we even start to consider Western (I know we've done horror, but the horror characters usually exist/interact within the main 616 universe). I also understand Some Western characters have appeared in Avengers etc, but I feel those were only fleeting attempts to cross them over. We did discuss Killraven and other non 616 characters, but feel 616 characters are the more wanted, so feel we must get them in first - I like the idea of trying to get 1 or 2 curveball/alternative characters in every extension, so i'm not ruling out Two-Gun Kid or Rawhide Kid for instance I suppose they could be considered Golden Age really. So if a Western were to top the GA poll, then I would definatley consider them.

"I hear what you're saying about not saturating the market, but man I'd love a Marvel subset - any way to get more characters into the collection in short order is a great idea to my way of thinking. As we get further and further into the B, C and D listers or niche characters of the Marvel Universe I am loving this collection more and more and more."

Em are not currently considering subsets - but you never know?

I truly hope we get another extension and i will personally put my neck on the line and promise SHAMAN will be the first the be confirmed. (although he still has a chance at the polls!


tinodragon14 said...

I like 6 specials with NORTHSTAR & his sister being up first I hope TERRAX is next & I know I'm not the only one who wants him so I think he has a shot at it. My next special would be TITANIUM MAN. I think his big bulky green armor with glowing yellow eyes will make a great looking figure but I'm the only one that mentions him. LOCKJAW, BLASTAAR, THE EXECUTIONER, ATLAS which I would prefer as his bad guy POWERMAN persona or even his bad guy GOLIATH persona. There are those pushing Duckling or Hulkling which I don't care for or Madame Web which I don't think is a special & tying it into the next Spidey movie makes no sense since she is not in the movie. There is also the DESTROYER & VOLSTAGG which were both in the THOR movie. Some have mentioned WARPATH & THE BROOD but again WARPATH looks big but special big I don't know & if you are going to do Marvel's ALIEN ripoff the Brood then should it not be the Brood Queen as the special. Another favorite of mine is THE LIVING MONOLITH which will make an awesome Mega as will the DRAGONMAN. There is also THE SUPER ADAPTOID in all his Avengers finery.
I would after NORTHSTAR & sis do
VOLSTAGG though I wish they would consider a three pack with him & FANDRAL & HOGUN
Then do DRAGONMAN as a Mega
Of course there are five big guys I would like DAN the MAN to clarify as regular or Special & those are

tinodragon14 said...

I believe DRAGONMAN, THE LIVING MONOLITH, THE SUPER ADAPTOID & ATLAS/GOLIATH would all be Megas with three being size changers.
THE GRANDMASTER & THE COLLECTOR have been seen regular size but apparently are normally large size beings like THE WATCHER.
Also is not CH'OD of the STARJAMMERS of special size?

Kal Brindle said...

Wow, thanks for such a detailed response Dan. You're a class act mate.

Sad news that it might take some work to get the cowboys into the collection, but I'm up for a challenge. At least it's not an outright ban like the Duck. I always hoped this collection would cover all areas of the Marvel U and include the sublime to the ridiculous, but I can understand limiting the collection to the 616 heroes & villains.

Thank you very much for giving Shaman the nod at the end of your post for the next extension - hopefully he'll make it through in the Forum Choice Poll and it'll end up a moot point.

I appreciate your being so magnanimous. Now think about that Phantom Rider special - it would kick serious butt!

Cheers, Kal.

Anonymous said...

ALIEN RACES catch-all
The Marvel Universe and its teams are full of characters who also happen to be aliens. The beauty of an 'Alien Races' subset is that it would allow inclusion of characters that we all want to buy to go with main CMFC figs.
For example, this subset would be a best seller, imo ...


1. Starhawk (a Vesperian)
goes with Vance Astro & GOTG figs.

2. Marrina (a Plodex)
goes with Alpha Flight figs.

3. Hulkling (a Kree/Skrull)
goes with Wiccan and YA figs.

4. Starfox (an Eternal)
goes with Avengers figs.

5. Korvus (a Shi'ar)
starts Starjammers.

6. Airwalker (a Xandarian)
goes with Heralds & FF figs.

7. Blastaar (a Baluur)
goes with FF villains figs.

8. Hepzibah (a Mephistizoid)
goes with Starjammers figs.

9. Yondu (a Centaurian)
goes with Vance Astro & GOTG figs.

10. Bug (an Insectivorid)
goes with modern GOTG figs.

11. Shatterstar (a Mojoworlder)
goes with young X-Men figs.

12. Warlock (a Technarch)
goes with New Mutants.

I don't know who, in their sane mind, would want to miss an awesome subset like this one!

Anonymous said...

Subset business logic
Dan, thanks for all the info.
But what is EM's line of reasoning against subsets exactly? Surely board directors would be happy to increase annual revenues from the Marvel licence?

I'm no business analyst or marketing expert, but...
this blog and the forum show us that collectors are hungry for tens of other characters that are not in the 181-200 extensions. Collectors would buy those characters right now if EM were selling them. The demand is high now. What market saturation??? The CMFC has gained such high reputation as a dream come true for Marvel fans, collectors are positively ravenous for more figs.

Subsets would be successful, imo. They don't need to be dedicated to specialised explorations of MU areas. Using a broad concept, like Alien Races for example, subsets could include a mix of characters that we all want as companions of main CMFC figs. By acting as bumper packs including these much-wanted companion figs, subsets would be hugely successful, imo.

Deadpool said...

I have created a Howard the Duck custom to keep everyone happy.

Rocket Racoon is work in progress, I've created the sculpt and applied the basic colours - images should follow in a week or so.

Click my image and then select Marvel Customs blog to view the latest pictures.

My final version of Lady Mechanika is my overall favorite.

As for this weeks revelation: -

The Crapster is a disappointment.
Personally I would have prefered Shaman.

The others have a lot of possibilities for modding.

Don't forget ... check out Howard the Duck Marvel custom on my blog.

Thor8 said...

Nominees for future specials:

1) Mangog
2) Destroyer
3) Executioner *
4) Volstagg
5) Super Adaptoid
6) Dragon Man
7) Titanium Man
8) Attuma *
9) Blastar *
10)Ulik *

* These might just squeeze by as regulars.

Out of the 16 chosen so far I will definitely be getting 12,3 have a 50/50 chance and 1 I will not get.

Areas I'd like to see covered in the next extension...

1) Teams not represented yet: Squadron Supreme,Zodiac,Soviets,Morlocks etc.

2) Famous Golden age characters: Whizzer,Miss America,Blazing Skull,The Angel,The Human Torch,The Vision.

3) More classic villains from the 60's and 70's: Molten Man,The Collector,Count Nefaria,Madame Mask,Princess Python,Mimic,Mastermind,Rama Tut,Immortus,Baron Mordo,Nightmare,Whirlwind,Living Laser,Melter,Grey Gargoyle,Bhyra,Krang,etc.

4) Some still very wanted heroes: Stingray,Vulcan,Warpath,USAgent,Shaman,White Tiger,Hyperion,Dr.Spectrum,Fandral,Hogun,Mantis,Marrina,Giant-Man/Goliath.

And on another subject,the past two comps were based on identifying pics shown on the blog. What if this go round the comp could be based on knowledge of the figurines in this collection? You know like which 4 characters gained their powers together? Which hero got his powers from an arachnid? These are just poor,simple examples,but I believe you see what I'm getting at. Some my say "This is unfair to those of us who only collect or read certain titles" or like Mad Thinker,doesn't read comics at all,but the truth is there are many ways and sources at our fingertips from which we can extract this info. Just a suggestion.

Thor8 said...

Some how the last two characters from option 4 on my last post got blended in. It should have read Marrina,Giant-Man/Goliath not Marri Man/Goliath as shown.

navaho said...

Trapster fantastic, Deathbird not for me. Would have preferred Attuma, Baron Mordo or even Shaman.
Love the covers, beautiful, well done all.
I hope EM make Trapster holding a gun cos that's how I've always pictured him.
I expect 3 X related characters to be voted in, sigh, very predictable.
Let's hope the competition throws up a surprise.

Anonymous said...

finally the trapster.

Anonymous said...

i hope the final 4 are not all going to be x related or i will not be buying any of them .i am completely sick of the amount of x and female characters in this almost all of the important heroes,heroines and x characters have been done we should be getting a lot more villains,after all they do make up well over half of the marvel universe.thor,iron man,daredevil and captain america have hardly any of there enemies so far and there are literally dozens of these villains left ie mr hyde,cobra,baron blood,stiltman,jester,controller,unicorn,man-bull,whiplash,blizzard,melter,sidewinder,ringmaster etc.and if you have to do more females what about anaconda,thundra,gypsy moth,clea,red guardian,madame masque,spitfire,mother superior,darkstar,princess python,nekra etc.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Lon, but there's plenty of Heroes, Heroines, and X-Characters left to make. You can probably point to the fact they make less villains by comparison because market research in collectible lines indicate that villains don't sell nearly as well as heroes do. I think they're doing a pretty good ratio of heroes to villains myself.

LAWay said...

So Dan, is the reason we havent seen the chess sets yet due to the worry of over saturation at the moment, or are they still planned to run alongside the CMFC?

If the news that a collection has to be 60 figurines, I cant see many things actually being viable. Thundercats? No way. theres only like 10 characters in it (but you are happy for variants of the same characters...hypocrite. :P )

Didnt EM try to do a Buffy collection that died quickly, or is that one of the reasons why you need a more bankable license.

Tranformers has the characters. WWE I guess is something that couldalso work. Dragonball Z has alot. G.I. Joe. I think its a struggle thinking of things that are THAT huge of a universe that has 60 characters.

LAWay said...

No idea what you mean 7thcynic. You say I spout generalized remarks with a generalized remark that contained to evidence of my generalization. I'll put my hands up if you point things out, but otherwise its a bersmerchment of my name.

And I thoust not hath tho in thine blog.

mighty_marvel said...

the buffy figures were special editions of the buffy dvd collection. not really a proper line. i was disappointed more didn't come out as if i could have got a complete scooby gang and more of the main villains i'd have got them all. but with the few that were released there seemed little point.

thundercats could probably push about 30 characters without variants. would have loved this as a collection but seems it will never be.

transformers has easily got the characters to reach 60 and they've all got 2 forms, so an increased opportunity for figs. would definitely get this if released.

a doctor who collection is my biggest wish though. i easily reached a list of 40 characters but i'm certain that bigger who fans would reach 60 and beyond. also, you would have some people buy multiple daleks, cybermen etc which would push up sales dramatically. this could be a big money spinner.

The7thCynic said...

LAWay - There were no generalized remarks in my post, in fact, I was quite specific. As far as examples, why bother? You make one in almost every other post. If you can't see that, then you're surely not going to change. I was just giving you a heads up, that's all, but apparently its fallen upon deaf ears. So feel free to continue. ;)

Joeking said...

I love the idea of a Dr who collection, but what about a STAR TREK set. Encompassing all the series would easily cover sixty figures.

JulianoCPereira said...

Dan, poste the pictures we didn't see yet. They are:

- Lady Sif
- Domino
- Nico Minoru


Dan The Man said...

Domino/Lady Sif are not completed by the sculptors yet - WE haven't even seen them - Nico Minoru was previewed unpainted a few weeks back - I have a painted version ready for friday.

60 part collections are the EM benchmark - I'm sure if they had a surefire license (Harry Potter/Hobbit?) they would happily only do 40-50 parts (just my viewpoint).

I think a Hanna-Barbera collection would be cool (tons of characters). Unlikely to sell to the mass audience though.

I think a Star Trek spacecraft collection was published by GE Fabry (also a figurine collection was tested - it tanked - I've got the Spock figure and I can see why it failed - awful.) I also think a Dr. Who collection would be good, again would it sell 50k+ to a mass audience, I doubt it.

Not decided on a competition yet! any ideas welcomed. Was going to do the zoomed in details, but seems a bit easy.

jimbob said...

THUNDERCATS would be awesome.

Figurines with the Thundercat symbol on the base would be cool.And maybe Mumm-ra symbol on the villain base would work great.

I wouldn't want too many,I think they would be very valuable collection.

Also the only subset that will work is variants.Hope we will get them soon.

John said...

Beast: "You can probably point to the fact they make less villains by comparison because market research in collectible lines indicate that villains don't sell nearly as well as heroes do."

I was going to say this last week, but didn't want to until Trapster was confirmed ;)

I asked a comic book guy, who has figurines actually out on display, which characters sell well. He said the heroes. Everybody wants their favorite heroes, but they tend to not push the villains, at least in comparison. I asked how well the collection sells and he said constantly. So... good sign for the collection, not a good sign for villains.

Like other collectors, like Tino, its something that I myself have trouble understanding. I'd think villains would sell just as well. Maybe its because heroes get just a little more cross-exposure, whereas Misty Knight has showed up through so many titles as a main player, but... Mr. Fear is only used properly when in Daredevil. idk.

In any case, Jackal, Spot, Nightmare and Psycho-Man have my full backing. Characters like Ghost and Constrictor have the perfect balance, I'd think.

John said...

Wow. I was just looking through a list of Thundercats, and there are SO many I'd want to see.

Now I can't decide if I'd want EM to make a Thundercats line or a Street Fighter line. They're definitely the top two, though.

Robert said...

Surprised that the villains don't sell as well as the heroes. Mind you, a few characters straddle both camps. We just had Swordsman confirmed and I really consider him a baddie as he spent most of his career as a mercenary and (probably) a murderer. It was only very late on and for a very brief time that he converted and so I have a different take on him to Thor8. Likewise, U.S.Agent. He's a "hero" but his ultra-right-wing attitude and violent methods put him close to the Punisher, who is really pushing the definition of a hero as he breaks the law every which way. Still, I'd like to see more baddies. As Tino and others have mentioned, there's loads still to do.

michal9402 said...

Oh I really would love to see Harry Potter figure collection (like Lord of the Ring). Unfortunately from that I know Eaglemoss don't have a licence from J.K Rowling :(

Victor said...

The subset that will work is variants. Hope we will get them soon...

Kal Brindle said...

I loves me some villains!

Top 20 villains for me...(in order of preference)

Grey Gargoyle
Lorelei (Mutates/Brotherhood)
Baron Mordo
Arnim Zola
Molecule Man
Count Nefaria
The Hood
Madame Masque
Master of the World

Terrax the Tamer
Skurge the Executioner
The High Evolutionary
The Collector
The Stranger
Stilt Man

But I have to admit - if I couldn't afford the whole collection and I had to pick and choose, I'd want the heroes first.

John said...

If variants are the Subset answer, then I'll just stick to the regular Specials. Variants would be the first Marvel figurines I skip, and I'd hate to lose a place for Lockjaw, Terrax, Madame Web, etc for... well, nothing for me.

I like Kirlianeyes' idea a lot more at working the characters around a theme. This way we can cover a very diverse set of characters and make sure they're all ones not in the collection yet.

I'd prefer a subset around "Event Villains" like Beyonder, Chaos King, Korvac, The Hood, etc, as they have a GREAT deal of exposure and it gets us more villains. But Kirly's idea of representatives of alien races is a great one too. Its great because it doesn't tie down to one reader's tastes. Marrina fits into Alpha Flight, Warlock into X-Men, Hebzibah for Starjammers, Bug for Micronauts, Recorder for Thor readers, etc. That way, you hear aliens and instantly think Cosmics, but its really so much more and offers a wide range of picks.

LAWay said...

Hmmmm...seems like EM have been looking at bigger fish like harry potter and towards the hobbit. I wouldnt be interested in either, and although my girlfriend is a big HP fan, I dont think she would be interested either. I bought her some Lotr figurines, but she was never interested in the whole magazine. But who knows, its a huge brand.

I would gladly love to see that list as an extension in itself Kal. Could we ever have a villains only extension? Doubtful. But hey, we're all fans and collectors, technically speaking it wouldnt be a deterrent for us, and could infact be a cool way to freshen up the collection giving us extension 'themes'.

Of course, it could all backfire if alot of people dont want villains and cause EM to go bust.

Lucky I am not a decision maker. ^_^

the7thcynic - I am flattered that I have my own personal troll that made an account specifically just to comment about me on the blog. :)

LAWay said...

Oh, and I hope any fellow collectors living in London are safe right now. Terrible what is happening there and just pray that the violence and destructing wont be effecting you.

LAWay said...

-John, i think its too list to theme characters in a very specific catergory. 'villains' works, theres many villains left. But 'event' villains? I think with the characters remaining, not many are actually 'big' enough names that have done something substantial to warrant that label.

Maybe for specials, but not regulars. Unless I read wrong, in which I'm sorry.

mighty_marvel said...

can't wait to see nico painted (should probably start bracing myself for the backlash though). any chance i can see it first dan? ;)

i would love a resculpt subset. i think a jim lee design x-men subset would sell really well as not only do you get the comic fans, you also get interest from people who grew up watching the animated show. it would also get us the most requested resculpts of rogue, mystique, beast and archangel.

don't write off dr who dan. there's plenty of fans out there and many people would likely buy muliple copies of the villains. it could be big.

zoomed in details of figs wasn't an easy competition last time. from what i remember under half of the entries were correct. whatever you decide on, don't make it too simple.

John said...

LAWay, here's what I was thinking...

High Evolutionary
The Hood
Chaos King
The Serpent

Onslaught- Special

Picking out the best sellers, maybe adding some I forgot. Unless you think these are unworthy characters, I feel an Event Villains subset would be a really neat theme.

tinodragon14 said...

Event villains? Oh Yes because some villains are better then others & deserve special attention. NOT!!

SinisterVenom said...

Ah villains, there are still many I would like to see.

Baron Mordo
Silver Samurai
Grey Gargoyle
Molten Man
Mr Fear
Baron Von Strucker
Jack O'Lantern
Count Nefaria
Maximus The Mad

That's 20 villains right there and there are still some good choices for specials. My personal favourites are Onslaught and Shuma-Gorath.

Now regarding new collections, I've always wanted a Final Fantasy
collection. There are 14 main games and that's without mentioning the sequels, prequels, spin-offs, films etc. With many playable characters in each game, on top of the villains and non-playable characters that play an important role there are plenty of characters there to keep the collection going. For specials you could do figurines of the summons like Bahamut and Ifrit. Can you tell I've thought about this a lot? Haha ;)

And finally I just want to say I hope anyone in the areas of London, Birmingham and Liverpool are safe and well. The riots are terrible and at the same time ridiculous. If anymore start anywhere since I've wrote this then I hope you are all safe too.

The7thCynic said...

LAWay - Hehehe...of course that's how you'd see it. Not surprised. Oh well, I tried. ;)

John said...

"Event villains? Oh Yes because some villains are better then others & deserve special attention. NOT!!"

You're right. We should just have a subset of all of Marvel's 3,000 villains. Granted its a subset that would run for decades, but they all deserve their place.

Tino, I'm trying to find a theme to give a subset a focus. Event villains come from various titles, so there's something for everyone, and they have mass exposure due to the nature of their stories. (I never read Secret War, but I sure as hell know who Beyonder is.) So you have variety and recognizability.

I thought you of all people would appreciate a push for villains. Sorry they weren't YOUR villains...

Robert said...

I like Blake's subsets idea but the concern for me is that people may be forced into buying six figures to get four, or two, or even only one they want. The "representatives of alien races" subset held no interest to me until the Recorder was mentioned. Now, as anyone who is awake will know, he's top of my list so I'd buy the subset and just put the others in a drawer. However, that's only because I'm really keen on him. If it was someone else, I'd need to think hard before shelling out so much for effectively a really, really, really expensive figure.

No doubt this will set off Leigh again about us will-o'-the-wisp cherry-pickers, so I apologise in advance. ;)

Oh, and I'd like to echo Leigh and SV's sentiments. Hope everyone is well and unaffected.

Robert said...

"I never read Secret War."

You're not missing much. Remembered more for its historical significance of having most of the MU rather than the fact it's a great story. A bit like "The Jazz Singer" is remembered just because it's the first talkie and it's basically a very average film. (And only partially spoken!)

LAWay said...

Some names on John's list I personally don't consider worthy 'event' villains, but thats purely lack of education. A couple I can see, but others I can't.

A villains set in general works for me. I don't think it needs to overcompplicate things and be a 'subset'. Can just be the regular line-up.

But like Robert said, its a big gamble because not everyone may want 20 villains and may only pick up a couple. Then again, if 20 villains are scattered within 4 extensions, would they sell anyway?

SV's villain list is a quality one.

Good to see my troll keeps lurking and has nothing of any substance to say. I can gladly set up an 'LAWAY appreciation' blog just for you cynic. ;)

rob said...

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