Thursday, 20 September 2012

Skurge in inglorius colour

For those who wondered why the lights went out, the account was accidently de-activated by me.
But it's back now.


I'm sure all you conspiracy theorists out there had your own ideas why it went down?



Hi peops here are the Skurge paints, it's got a nice realism to it...


Andie Tong's Constrictor cover roughs...

We went with this one. Looking forward to the full masterpiece!

BTW here's my mock-up for Diamond Previews Catalog (I had to supply them a cover way before we actually commissioned it!) Nice piece by Ed McGuiness from official toy packaging, doesn't really work as a CMFC cover as his hand goes under the logo too much, but it was perfect for a mock-up.

I actually tried to order the hi-res art file from Marvel, but they didn't have it - I suppose it's held by the toy company (?) I would have used it for page 2...'s the toy packaging...
...and here's the actual google image of the inks that I coloured up for my mock -up (interesting to see it was originally drawn the other way round and they flipped it!)
Bye for now. Dan

Monday, 10 September 2012

The final piece of the puzzle

aka 'Hela 'va good show old chap' – Mad Thinker

Well, it finally came in – Hela in all her deathly magnificence!

With annotations from the sculptor Peter Hutchins...

Hela: Asgardian Goddess of Death. Sculpted @90mm in height.

Three resin duplicate patterns.

Profile of her left side, from a slightly elevated angle.
She's sculpted by hand, ie. traditionally with no digital assistance.

Rear 3/4 view.

Rear view of the Goddess of Death.

Sculpted to compliment each other at a scale of 88mm -90mm.

First paint from Banjo.

Second paint with black mask and 'antlers'.

One man and his dog (Pete with Conall).

Don't forget Bridie the cat!

A beautiful sculpt to end the collection, Thanks Pete.