Monday, 10 December 2012

Spidey on the web!

Thought I'd preview the final Spider-Man 2099 cover and figurine turnarounds...


With a bit of research I found this image (on the web) that I thought might make a nice cover.

So I did a quick lo-res mock up to see if it worked (removing the words balloons and background figure)...

It worked really well, there was space over his webbing cape for the masthead and a nice bit of room under his hand for his logo)! so I ordered the actual real comic (from the web), scanned it, cloned out the word balloons etc and removed all the colour (leaving just the black line art).

I can do basic colouring, but this baby needed a real pro job to bring it to life - Chris Blythe did the honours...

Amazing job Chris. 'nuff said.


The last one in the collection from Sculptor Dene Mason.
I was always impressed with Dene's sculpts, as he always wanted to make each one different and individual, I think he achieved it with this fella, quite difficult to give action and motion to a character like Spider-Man standing still (when we usually see him clinging to a wall of swinging through the sky). I think it's a beautiful sculpt and really shows off the characters excellent costume. I'm in the process of drawing up a list of what sculptors did what figurine for a later blog update, so you can see who did who!

Catch you in the web soon....