Friday, 21 May 2010

Thunderbird is go...

Sorry for the lack of update last week, I was away in Hamburg on Wednesday cheering on Fulham FC and so had a lot of catching up to do on Friday.

A number of us (including Alan Cowsill) are heading down to the Bristol comic con this weekend (hence slightly early update today) so if you’re down there we might bump into you.

Anyway, to kick this week’s update off, I’d like to put show you guys Drax the Destroyer and explain the choice of costume because I know it’s a little controversial.

We looked at all the options for Drax and after a lot of debate and a few e-mails back and forward to Marvel we went for the modern look. Essentially we decided that there were three looks to Drax: the original, the Infinity Watch and the modern. Straight away the Infinity Watch look had to be ruled out, as the character is over 7 feet tall in this incarnation – he looks a lot like the Hulk in a purple cape.

This left us with the classic and modern looks, each of which seemed to have a lot of support. After going through a lot of comics we noticed that the modern version of Drax appeared in more issues and had a lot more (and often better) artwork than the classic version. We also took in to consideration the comments we’ve had about putting more modern (and hence relevant to today’s readers) characters in to the collection. As Drax had a mini-series in this form, starred in a few major crossovers (Annihilation, Annihilation: Conquest) as well as Guardians of the Galaxy, and is likely to be back in Thanos Imperative, we thought this costume would be easily recognised.

We definitely considered the original costume. I thought it looked a little like Adam Warlock’s and personally I wasn’t too happy with the way the costume or figurine of Warlock turned out in our collection. I just also want to say that Dan’s comments about capes and saving money is out of context and at no point did we decide to go with the modern version because it might cost less. There are a number of factors that we must take into account to do with manufacturing cost (as I’m sure you expect) however Drax’s cape was not a big factor. Yes caped characters cost more to make but in the end it all balances out.
And as a side note, Dan himself actually championed the modern version in the office.

Anyway, with that aside I’d like to announce another character for the extension: Thunderbird.

This is a character we’ve wanted to include for a while and one that finishes the Giant-Size X-Men roster, which is one of the most important issues in the history of the X-Men. The reason he’s not been included so far is due to his height and also the fact he dies shortly after his debut. After looking through Marvel Handbooks and his first appearance we believe the character is just over 6’. According to numerous sources he’s 6’ 1 ½”. There has been some confusion in the past as in some modern handbooks he’s listed as 6’ 10”, which would make him too big. When it comes to the magazine we’ve decided to also include details on Warpath (the second Thunderbird). I know there were suggestions of doing them as a double pack but at the moment we have more important double packs to try and get through.

Lastly, here’s another sneak peek, an early stage sculpt of Hydroman.

Have a good weekend.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Eaglemoss Investigates

Hey guys,

Another Friday and another update.

I love all the comments about new vs old vs 'classic' vs z-listers. In essence it is a similar conversation to the one we have in the office when we choose figures for each extension. I think the key is balance and to quote one of you guys our mission statement should pretty much be:

1. Coverage of famous characters
2. Less known characters based on awe-inspiring concepts and design
3. Completion of top/famous teams
4. Expansions into new emerging teams and Marvel realities
5. Coverage of unmissable, classic characters that are testament to the House Of The Idea.

I couldn't put it better myself. I think the one thing everyone should take away from the lists and polls, here and on the forum, is that at this stage in the collection everyone has a different idea of who NEEDS to be in. I try my best to be a little impartial and maintain a balance.

So without further to do here are this week's inclusions into the collection:

Lady Sif


On to a few questions:

Other limited run collections.
Someone asked about limited runs of figurines from different sources (similar to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer figures we made). I love this idea and have been talking to our bosses about some new spin-off/mini-collections but nothing has been decided. I've always stated my love for all things Street Fighter so would love to do some figures of the World Warriors. The major problem with these little collections is the high price we have to pay for licences. If we only do a small run of figures it means the cost of the licence is spread over less magazines. Not a huge problem to contend with but one that always needs addressing.

DC Blog
Not sure if we can set up a DC blog, apart from the time it takes to read/discuss all your comments and then write these articles, I'm not sure we've been given permission from DC to set one up.

Nice idea and one that was originally considered as part of the collection. One of the reasons it was dropped is that we were looking at the collection being presented as a diorama. When this changed and we went for more individual poses the backdrop idea went. It was also thought it might make the collection look a little young (as in for kids). I'll speak to the marketing chaps and see if it's something we want to look at. Maybe we could include with specials – so Ronan would come with an FF backdrop, Blob an X-Men related one etc... No promises though.

Just time for one sneak preview, this week we have early shots of Marvel Girl.

As you can see we went for the mini skirt costume (which was the most popular in our office and on the various forums). The hands to the head pose came straight from a comic and represents her using her powers. When painted we'll have the phoenix symbol over the eye. Oh and she's not quite facing the right way on the base, this will be corrected.

P.S. Read Mad Thinker's comments about us investigating multiple blog profiles and now love the idea of Dan and I running a detective agency similar to Madrox's in X-Factor. (Hence the title).