Friday, 27 March 2009

Last minute sub...

Welcome back everyone.

This week I can announce who’ll be stepping into Ka-Zar’s place in the running order.

Drum roll please…

We’ve decided to go for Snowbird!

The reason I choose Snowbird is that as some people have pointed out we need a few more female faces in the collection and I also think it’s time to have another Alpha Flight member in the roster.

Destiny came a close second in my eyes (being a female X-villain) but looking through our reference, I found that there were more and better images of Snowbird. So sorry Destiny fans but I think she saw it coming! If we get another extension then Destiny will be top of my list.


I also wanted to stick-up the most recent running order 100-140. We’ve had to make a few shifts due to sculpting issues and hopefully to balance it out a little more.

101 War Machine
102 Hobgoblin
103 Baron Zemo
104 Taskmaster
105 Doc Samson
106 Madrox
107 Union Jack
108 Man Wolf
109 Ikaris
110 Machine Man
111 Shang Chi
112 Black Knight
113 Hellcat
114 Viper
115 Dazzler
116 Chameleon
117 X-23
118 Tigra
119 Son of Satan
120 Beta Ray Bill
121 Jack of Hearts
122 Crimson Dynamo
123 Jocasta
124 Gladiator
125 Sunfire
126 Titania
127 Gorgon
128 Jubilee
129 Ant-Man
130 Snowbird
131 Grim Reaper
132 Annihilus
133 Pyro
134 Prowler
135 Drax the Destroyer
136 Nomad
137 Enchantress
138 X-Man
139 Black Heart
140 Wasp

And finally a figure that no-ones seen yet:

I give you Zabu work in progress. And no he won’t be on the same base as Ka-Zar they’re going to be separate.


Friday, 13 March 2009

Custom Comp winners

Welcome back to another blog update. This week I thought I would put up a few images of some custom Marvel Figurines.

Each of the figures below one their respective category on the superherofigurineforum, with Zombie Sue Storm chosen by the guys at Eaglemoss as our personal favourite.

Category 1 – REPAINT
The original CMFC or DC figurine has been repainted. NO original material has been removed, NO material (fimo, Das, clay, plastic etc) has been added…..just paint.

Category 2 – REMODEL
The original CMFC or DC figurine has had additional material added or original material removed (capes, weapons, wings etc)

Category 3 – RESCULPT
The original CMFC or DC figurine has been substantially altered to create a new interpretation. This will include all aspects of Categories 1 and 2 with the addition of limb/torso removal and repositioning, additional non-cmfc accessories added and / or complete re-sculpt from scratch using CMFC or DC as the “idea”.

Eaglemoss Winner:

To the guys who made these and ran the competition, thanks a lot and my apologies for taking a while to put them up.

I can also reveal some news on the Specials front this week. We have another double pack lined up after the Kingpin Special. The characters we've chosen for this double-pack are Ka-Zar and Zabu. I know we previously had Ka-Zar in the regular running order but it just didn't seem right that he wouldn't have his big sabertooth cat with him. I think the pair make a fantastic addition to the collection and are one of the most natural double-packs we could have put together. Lets face it, Ka-Zar simply doesn't appear without Zabu.

I hope to have some images of the sculpts ready in the next couple of weeks.

Obviously that means we have another free space in the collection, and I plan to have this sorted out by next week. I'll be looking at the recent character polls and discussing with all the guys who work on the project.

Right, have a good weekend everyone.