Thursday, 24 December 2009

Competition Winner

And so the winner of the competition chosen at random is Maxime Gariépy from Montréal Québec, Canada..

Congratulations, the character chosen was Siryn.

I'll be in contact with the winner come the New Year to discuss costume/pose etc...

For those not familiar with the character here's a pick below.

That's it for today, everyone have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Tigra and the Reaper

Just a quick update this week as we're busy making sure we don't forget to finish magazines before Christmas. But I do have two sneak peaks to make up for it.

First up is Tigra. As you can see we went for her second incarnation as Tigra. Although very similar to her first appearance as the werecat, this 'costume' has her with a tail.

Our second preview is also Avengers based and is the Grim Reaper.

And just before I go, I want to say thanks to all who have entered the comp already, the deadline for entries is midnight on 23rd December, I'll make the draw and announce the winner on here on Christmas Eve.

So far lots of people have entered and I can't wait to see what character we end up with.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Competition Time

It’s time for the competition to choose the last character for this extension. I wanted this to be a competition that rewards those that have collected our magazine but wanted it to be a little challenging.

So here’s how it works.

Below are two images that have appeared in our magazine at some point. Your job is to track them down and e-mail me the issue number and page number that they appeared on in our collection.



Image A is a zoom-in, while Image B is a whole panel. The images chosen are from the first 100 issues. So only look in #1-100.

So once you’ve worked out where they come from drop me an e-mail at

You should put the answer in the subject line as such: issue/page, issue/page.
So if you think they come from Issue 2 page 3 and Issue 76 page 4 please put 2/3, 76/4 as the subject.

Please put your name and address in the e-mail. (These will not be passed on to anyone at all and will be deleted at the end of the comp). As well as your chosen character.

The comp will close on 23rd December 2009 and I will choose a winner at random from correct answers.

I’ll then contact the winner to let them know and announce the figure on the blog.

Apart from the above the rules for the competition are:
One entry per e-mail address only.
One entry per household only.

(Duplications will be deleted and each address needs to genuine, as the winner will receive a model of his/her chosen character, which may need to be signed for at the address provided.)
Characters chosen must be regular-sized figures (general rule is under 6’ 8”) with enough background/appearances to fill a magazine.

Well let the hunt begin and good luck.

Friday, 4 December 2009

The Old Order Changeth

Right, first things first, my apologies about the duplication of Machine Man on the main site, seems someone likes the robot a little too much. He’s still coming out at #110 and #115 will be Dazzler. I will speak to the people in charge of the main site again but I think there should be more figures going up soon. Unfortunately I'm not in charge of the main site but I will put some pressure on them.

As promised last week, I’ve got an updated running order to share with you. As you can see the main movers are Beta Ray Bill, Son of Satan and Black Heart. We’ve had a few problems with these and other figures, both with our production and Marvel. However, they will all be in the collection we just need to juggle it around a little.

116 Chameleon
117 X-23
118 Tigra
119 Jocasta
120 Jubilee
121 Jack of Hearts
122 Crimson Dynamo
123 Enchantress
124 Gladiator
125 Sunfire
126 Titania
127 Gorgon
128 X-Man
129 Ant-Man
130 Klaw
131 Grim Reaper
132 Annihilus
133 Drax the Destroyer
134 Son of Satan
135 Nomad
136 Snowbird
137 Wasp
138 Batroc
139 Scarlet Spider
140 Beta Ray Bill
141 Pyro
142 Silver Sable
143 Radioactive Man
144 Typhoid Mary
145 Marvel Girl
146 Quasar
147 Prowler
148 Firestar
149 Cannonball
150 Triton
151 Ares
152 Destiny
153 Balder
154 Wrecker
155 Songbird
156 Toad
157 Moondragon
158 Spiral
159 Comp Winner.
160 Black Heart

The figurine update I have for you this week is the paint master of Nomad. Now I know the character wasn’t on everyone’s list but I think the sculpt looks great. In case anyone is unsure, we’ve gone for the Jack Monroe version of Nomad in his first costume.

I personally think that the character is really interesting as he was essentially introduced to make Stan Lee’s revival of Captain America (in Avengers) make sense. As I’m sure some of you will know, when Cap was brought back in Avengers #4 it was explained that his golden-age adventures had occurred but he had died before the end of WWII. The only problem was that if he died before the end of WWII how did he appear in the ’50s fighting commies? (Which he did in his own comic.) Step-in Steve Englehart, who later introduced a new Cap and Bucky for the cold war. That Bucky was none other than Jack Monroe.

Anyway, I love the mess and characters that Captain America and his numerous retcons have made throughout the years (just think Winter Soldier, Nomad, Isaiah Bradley, female Bucky…) and think Nomad will look great next to Steve Rogers and Winter Soldier.

And finally to answer a few questions:

Q). Are Aurora and Northstar going to be made as a double pack special?

A). My plan is that they are our next true double pack special (Cloak and Dagger don’t really count, they’re on one base). But I can’t confirm when they’ll be out, if I get my way then definitely next year.

Q). Is Odin going to be a special?

A). It’s hard to guarantee things with the specials but he’s definitely on the ‘must be made soon’ list. My personal (not confirmed yet) list is: Fin Fang Foom, Cloak and Dagger, Blob, Odin and Aurora & Northstar. But things can change.

Q). What are plans for the comp to choose a figure?

A). I will announce these next week.

And just for you Slapstick :)
Q). I'm shocked that we still haven't had any members of the frightful four in the collection yet. Hydro man is a must !!

A). Hydro-Man will make any extension we get guaranteed but as for members of the Frightful Four, we’ve had Medusa and Sandman from the original group, that’s half the gang! Then if you look at everyone who’s been in the Frightful Four we’ve also got:
Absorbing Man

But I know what you’re getting at, and Wizard and Trapster (other two original) would make fine additions to this collection. There’s always next time.

Well I’m out of here, so have a good weekend.