Friday, 10 September 2010

Competition Time

Hello and welcome back.

This week’s blog kicks off with news about the competition.
But before I go into the details, I just want to talk about the last comp. First of all, the reason that I asked for character choices to be included was that it speeds things up, gives me another source of information on what characters people are after and lastly it makes sure that people stick to their first choice.

No preferential picking or treatment was given and the winner was randomly chosen. But to assure you of this, you don’t need to put your character in the e-mail this time.

Here are some interesting stats from the last competition:

128 people entered the competition.
77 unique characters were requested.
Death’s Head and Howard the Duck were the most requested with 5 ‘votes’ each.

Now on to this extension’s competition. I once again wanted this to be something that a lot of collectors could enter but would give those that have collected the most figures a better chance of getting the right answer. I also didn’t want to make this a subjective competition – you know, something along the lines of 20 words on why your character is the best – it needs a system where you are either right or wrong.

I thought the magazine images turned out to be a little easy (if you had the entire collection and enough time to go through each issue). So using a similar system I’ve decided that you need to identify the three figurines in the below images. Obviously, we’ve not made this easy (well I hope we haven’t) and we’ve zoomed all the way into a detail on the figurine.


So competition rules are:

Identify the three figurines shown in the below images. They can be from issues 1-120 and the all released specials.

Send me an e-mail to with the three names in the e-mail title.

Please put your name and address in the e-mail. (These will not be passed on to anyone).

The comp will close AT MIDNIGHT GMT, 30th September 2010 and I will choose a winner at random from correct answers.

I’ll then contact the winner to let them know and ask who they want in the collection.

One entry per e-mail address only.
One entry per household only.

(Duplications will be deleted and each address needs to genuine, as the winner will receive a model of his/her chosen character, which may need to be signed for at the address provided.)
Characters chosen must be regular-sized figures (under 6’ 8”) with enough background/appearances to fill a magazine.
The character chosen should also be an original character that’s not been in the collection already, so no redos.

Sneak Peeks

To make things a bit easier I’ve decided to keep the competition details on a separate strand to this week’s sneak peeks.

So without further to do here are two new figurines:

Silver Sable and Radioactive Man.

I can also let you know that Radioactive Man has been given a special paint that makes him fluorescent/glow-in-the-dark.

Friday, 3 September 2010

One place left.

Welcome back.

This week I have the pleasure of announcing three new characters to the current extension.

Chosen by the collectors on the forum (in a blind poll) the three winners in order of popularity are:




A big thanks to everyone who voted and an even bigger thanks to the guys that helped make the poll possible. The worked very hard to weed out cheats and make sure the results were as fair as humanly possible. Simply put, the polls wouldn’t be able to happen without the forum’s dedicated staff and the hard work they put in. Well-done guys.

Of course, the ability to spot cheats isn’t the only reason the forum holds these polls. Having been with us since day one, and provided a torrent of useful information and feedback, the forum is chosen to host these polls as my way of saying thanks.

Obviously, I’d very much like to run extra polls, in addition to those on the forum, but alas a number of logistical reasons prevent this.

Right, the line-up is nearly complete now, just one slot remaining. Check out the list below:

Captain Mar-Vell
J. Jonah Jameson
Lady Sif
Puppet Master
Shanna She-Devil

A competition will be run for the last spot. I’m discussing ideas for competitions with the current magazine editor John and I plan to kick-start it next week.

That’s your lot for this week, sneak peeks and competition details next Friday.

Take it easy.