Friday, 10 September 2010

Competition Time

Hello and welcome back.

This week’s blog kicks off with news about the competition.
But before I go into the details, I just want to talk about the last comp. First of all, the reason that I asked for character choices to be included was that it speeds things up, gives me another source of information on what characters people are after and lastly it makes sure that people stick to their first choice.

No preferential picking or treatment was given and the winner was randomly chosen. But to assure you of this, you don’t need to put your character in the e-mail this time.

Here are some interesting stats from the last competition:

128 people entered the competition.
77 unique characters were requested.
Death’s Head and Howard the Duck were the most requested with 5 ‘votes’ each.

Now on to this extension’s competition. I once again wanted this to be something that a lot of collectors could enter but would give those that have collected the most figures a better chance of getting the right answer. I also didn’t want to make this a subjective competition – you know, something along the lines of 20 words on why your character is the best – it needs a system where you are either right or wrong.

I thought the magazine images turned out to be a little easy (if you had the entire collection and enough time to go through each issue). So using a similar system I’ve decided that you need to identify the three figurines in the below images. Obviously, we’ve not made this easy (well I hope we haven’t) and we’ve zoomed all the way into a detail on the figurine.


So competition rules are:

Identify the three figurines shown in the below images. They can be from issues 1-120 and the all released specials.

Send me an e-mail to with the three names in the e-mail title.

Please put your name and address in the e-mail. (These will not be passed on to anyone).

The comp will close AT MIDNIGHT GMT, 30th September 2010 and I will choose a winner at random from correct answers.

I’ll then contact the winner to let them know and ask who they want in the collection.

One entry per e-mail address only.
One entry per household only.

(Duplications will be deleted and each address needs to genuine, as the winner will receive a model of his/her chosen character, which may need to be signed for at the address provided.)
Characters chosen must be regular-sized figures (under 6’ 8”) with enough background/appearances to fill a magazine.
The character chosen should also be an original character that’s not been in the collection already, so no redos.


SinisterVenom said...

Whew! Can't wait to get started on this comp! I think I may already know 2 of the pics already...time to do some examining. Excuse me...

Holy Wolf said...

Great idea for a comp, and harder than it looks!

Any details on how far into the collection we're supposed to consider? Do we count up to yesterday UK release (Annhilius) or further?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully it's older figurines, since we're only up to Ant-Man (Scott Lang) in the U.S.

Holy Wolf said...

Rich you missed the '.com' in the email address =)

Ninty said...

done and email has been sent. I had to add .com to the email address given as it wouldnt let me send it otherwise.

mighty_marvel said...

pretty sure i've got all 3 pictures. not sent yet cos just want to make sure with the third one. first 2 are pretty simple. not really true that this competition favours those who have collected all the figures though. you can probably find all 3 just by using the next 5 figures pictures on the main site. at least the magazine one required you to actually have the magazine

mgf said...

Tongues were ever so slightly in cheek over the last competition but thanks for the clarification.

My money is still on a female X figure though. Got it right last time so I'm on a double.

ted sallis said...

Just to add to MGF's post we had a bit o late night banter concerning the validity of the comp, It was indeed very tongue in cheek , I'm pretty sure none you guys are bent..... oh christ i've done it again!!!

Editor said...

Hey guys, Rich here.

Just updated to add that it's 1-120 in the regular running order and any UK released specials.

Also, added to .com, whoops.

Gremlin said...

Like the idea. It may take me some time to figure it out since I will be at work for a few weeks...but I'll find out.

Already chosen my character....

Josh said...

Awesome idea for the comp, and also LOVING the previews in the post below. I have been having an issue in finding the right thread to place this next section in as there havent really been many relevant threads since I considered the idea.

I am a massive Marvel fan, and Spiderman in particular is a massive favourite of mine - however I enjoy the old comic/cartoon characters from the 1994 fox tv show (I am 16 atm and have been brought up with them since I was 4)

I was just wondering would anybody other than me think that a MAN-SPIDER figure (Possibly a Special due to the size) be an awesome addition to the collection?

Also I loved the Kingpin sculpt however I feel he looks bare on the collection stand without his "Transformed" Side Kick, Alistar Smyth. I think he would also look EPIC and with the artists behind the collection, could have an AMAZING sculpt and would be a lot of fun.

Let me know guy what you think of my ideas, be as synical as you want - and if possible I would love to hear from yourself Rich as to any indication into whether these are possibilities?

Big Comment and a lot to read but I just want to refer back to a point at the begining Silver Sable and Radioactive Man are looking SICK!

jarvis69 said...

Done ! It was easier than the last competition .....
Thanks again to give us the oportunity to choose a character of our favorit collection .

Deadpool said...

I have resurfaced again briefly after recovering from my latest wound (abdominal and quite painful).

The competition seems to have lulled a few bloggers into a false sense of security here by providing two very easy images.
The third definately cannot be easily identifiedby using the next 5 images on the site.

I just recieved Annihlus and Drax and both are superb.
Annihlus appears to have plastic or resin wings, but this is a good move to keep the weight and cost down.

I also recieved my DC figures today and Kiliwog is absolutely huge.
Black lightning will make a good base for a few "Deadpool Studios" mods and Cosmic Boy looks like he's just attended a gay pride parade.

Bye for now yours truly - DP.

pirate adam said...


ted sallis said...

PA i will post up what i hope are the correct answers on the 29th of Sept as not to anger the masses, Am sure your fellow bloggers will correct me if i am wrong

ted sallis said...

Well PA these are the answers i submitted so hopefully i'm correct
1 the black x must be from Bishop
2 The blue chainmail Hobgoblin
3 weirdly ennuf when i first saw that image i looked up at my shelve and directly above my monitor sits Kraven.
Like i said these are just my own guesses. Best of luck one and all.