Friday, 25 September 2009

I'm back!


I’m back from my holiday and have finally found the time to update this blog.

I thought I’d start by answering a few questions.

First up, the idea of re-dos has come up in the comments section. At the moment Eaglemoss will not be doing any remakes of our earlier figures. The reason for this is that it’s a bit of tricky proposition. I personally (and from the look of it a good number of collectors) think that it would be a shame to go back and make new models of characters already made, instead of producing new characters. Also, there’s the problem that remaking characters would isolate collectors who didn’t want another version of the character. If some collectors are happy with a figure, then putting a differently sculpted version in the collection may mean they stop collecting.

As a pure example I look at it like this:
If Issue 140 is a new character, say Tigershark, out of 100 collectors 80 will pick him up.


Issue 140 is a re-sculpted version of Dr. Doom. Out of 100 collectors may be only 30 will want him.

And the less people who pick-p a figure the less likely we’ll continue and the less likely that the one character you think is missing will get in.

This is not to say that characters will never be re-done but at this time we definitely have no plans to put in re-sculpts. If the collection continues to be as strong as it is, then maybe when we get to issue 200 we can do a re-sculpt. Personally I love just having a hugely diverse collection.

Special variants such as Archangel, World War Hulk, are a bit of a different beast, and although we have NO plans to make any of these at the moment, they are more likely than re-dos as they offer a little more, in terms of variety.

Multi-packs & Mega Specials

Right next topic is Multi-packs and Mega Specials. I can officially confirm that so far we’ve done three mega specials: Galactus, Sentinel and Watcher. While the Watcher may not have had the Mega Special logo in some areas of our website, it did have Mega Special on the bag it came in and as far as I’m concerned it was designed to be a Mega Special.

Mutli-packs: We’re looking into these but at the moment we do not have plans to produce any.

Here’s a thought for you guys to ponder though: Would you be interested in buying standalone multi-packs (no magazine) that had re-sculpted figures in? Inspired solution or crazy rambling? Let me know what you think.

Other projects
I see that you guys have been thinking of other figurine collections, I’ve got to say some of the choices are genius. My favourite so far has been Capcom, simply because I love Street Fighter.

Anyway, I can’t say what Eaglemoss are working on at the moment for the obvious reasons that not all projects make it through their development and we can’t let the competition know what we’re up to. Needless to say, we’re always looking at new projects/ideas and trying to put out lots of different products for different markets.

Right, that’s my company duty done for the day, now it’s time for a quick figure update; below is the paint master of Ant-Man.

Catch you next week.