Friday, 25 September 2009

I'm back!


I’m back from my holiday and have finally found the time to update this blog.

I thought I’d start by answering a few questions.

First up, the idea of re-dos has come up in the comments section. At the moment Eaglemoss will not be doing any remakes of our earlier figures. The reason for this is that it’s a bit of tricky proposition. I personally (and from the look of it a good number of collectors) think that it would be a shame to go back and make new models of characters already made, instead of producing new characters. Also, there’s the problem that remaking characters would isolate collectors who didn’t want another version of the character. If some collectors are happy with a figure, then putting a differently sculpted version in the collection may mean they stop collecting.

As a pure example I look at it like this:
If Issue 140 is a new character, say Tigershark, out of 100 collectors 80 will pick him up.


Issue 140 is a re-sculpted version of Dr. Doom. Out of 100 collectors may be only 30 will want him.

And the less people who pick-p a figure the less likely we’ll continue and the less likely that the one character you think is missing will get in.

This is not to say that characters will never be re-done but at this time we definitely have no plans to put in re-sculpts. If the collection continues to be as strong as it is, then maybe when we get to issue 200 we can do a re-sculpt. Personally I love just having a hugely diverse collection.

Special variants such as Archangel, World War Hulk, are a bit of a different beast, and although we have NO plans to make any of these at the moment, they are more likely than re-dos as they offer a little more, in terms of variety.

Multi-packs & Mega Specials

Right next topic is Multi-packs and Mega Specials. I can officially confirm that so far we’ve done three mega specials: Galactus, Sentinel and Watcher. While the Watcher may not have had the Mega Special logo in some areas of our website, it did have Mega Special on the bag it came in and as far as I’m concerned it was designed to be a Mega Special.

Mutli-packs: We’re looking into these but at the moment we do not have plans to produce any.

Here’s a thought for you guys to ponder though: Would you be interested in buying standalone multi-packs (no magazine) that had re-sculpted figures in? Inspired solution or crazy rambling? Let me know what you think.

Other projects
I see that you guys have been thinking of other figurine collections, I’ve got to say some of the choices are genius. My favourite so far has been Capcom, simply because I love Street Fighter.

Anyway, I can’t say what Eaglemoss are working on at the moment for the obvious reasons that not all projects make it through their development and we can’t let the competition know what we’re up to. Needless to say, we’re always looking at new projects/ideas and trying to put out lots of different products for different markets.

Right, that’s my company duty done for the day, now it’s time for a quick figure update; below is the paint master of Ant-Man.

Catch you next week.


Holy Wolf said...

Painted Ant Man looks pretty good! I'm pleased with your stance on re-dos, I certainly prefer to get new characters everytime :D

Multipacks are a good idea but again I'm not sure I'd want redone characters in them, new characters only.

In terms of future scoops, hopefully we'll have Snow(bird) for Christmas :D

Holy Wolf said...

Also, I know they're unlikely but I'd view Archangel and WW Hulk to be similar to Batman on Bike and Gold Superman in the DC collection - Unnecessary.

Ryan Maxwell said...

Glad to have you back, Rich. As far as the re-sculpts of existing characters, Beast is the one I think you could easily get away with and sell just as many if not more than you sold of the original sculpt. I for one haven't bought it and won't, but would be all over a George Perez figure.

Bring on the team packs, multi packs, two packs, archenemy packs, whatever, just give us more figures! :^)

I'd be all for dropping the magazine on any and all releases, I don't read them anyway. I'm sure they are great, but I'm collecting for the figurines.

Ryan said...

Ant Man looks superb! As for re-dos I do think that there are a handful of characters that "need" re-sculpts. I'd defiantly but a magazine less 2 pack of Cable and Rogue for example if re-sculpts were to be done.

Depending on the character I can agree with Holy Wolf on something like WW Hulk being Unnecessary. Although I believe that Archangel would be a significant enough divergence of a character to warrant its own sculpt. Being Born in '85 and growing up 90s kid that's how I new the character first.

With that being said as long as the collection keeps going I wont complain.

P.S. Stick it to Marvel and give us avengers Beast! :)

Zombula said...

Ant-Man looks great - cheers Rich !
Multi-packs ??? ....... Tbh id prefer if they were for new characters teams & not re-dos of existing figs.
Mutli-packs of the Wrecking Crew , Thunderbolts , New Warriors , Warriors 3 , Starjammers & Guardians of the Galaxy id buy straight away.
Figs such as White Tiger , Shroud , Owl etc need to be made 1st before originallly released figs are re-visited ; imo.

jarvis69 said...

Nice to see You back Richard , nice hollydays ?
I agree with Holy , Ryan and Ryan . Before re-dos , we NEED new characters ! Ok for the packs , multipacks but.with NEW characters ;)
Ant Man ! Yeah , great !

ted sallis said...

nice to see you back in harness rich
and very glad you like the idea of a capcom collection , if eaglemoss announce a collection in the future i will be happier than happy hogan on happy pills .
ant man looks up to the usual high standard . 1 or 2 team multipacks a year would be fine with me ,the wrecking crew and warriors 3 being my first choices

Killer Frost said...

Multi-Packs would be great if the magazine has to be dropped just for multi-packs then fine, its a good idea Richard. If it means that we could finally get some NEW MUTANTS or STARJAMMERS in the collection!

jimbob said...

Thankyou for answering our Questions Richard!

YES i would like Multi packs without the magazine!!!!!!!!!

Im only interested in the figures only:)

mighty_marvel said...

i'd definitely buy multipacks without a magazine, the figures are the main draw for me anyway and the more figures the better imo. ideal solution not only for resculpts eventually but also for getting in some of the characters who simply wouldn't be able to fill a magazine but also wouldnt suit a double pack and characters who appear regularly as teams such as warriors 3, wrecking crew, serpent society, horsemen etc

Miss Medusa said...
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Miss Medusa said...

Welcome back Rich,

I think The Starjammers would make a beautiful multi pack im guessing the multi pack idea is going to be very popular but it would be good to use it for small teams rather than getting re-do's. Maybe the multi packs will never happen but Did I mention that Starjammers would look amazing!!!! ;)

any chance of a sneak peak of Tigra or Sunfire or Pyro?

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

The Ant Man looks awesome.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of multipacks to offer some different versions of main characters. I'd love to see a more classic Perez Apeman Beast as well as Archangel. So I'm all for the idea. I still say that doing a 2-Pack of Beast and Dark Beast would be a brilliant idea. ;)

As for Archangel, I don't have anyone that pops to mind right off the bat to include with him. But what about Cameron Hodge in his Phalanx form? That would be a pretty nice set if you ask me.

Another 2-Pack idea, what about Moira McTaggart and Proteus. Both of them have been major characters in the X-Franchise, and Proteus doesn't nearly have enough appearances to really fill a magazine. But Moira does, and she did pretty well in the Xavier pack-in poll.

Still hoping to see some 3-Packs for teams. The Warriors Three of course for the Asgardians. And Gibbon, Grizzly, and Kangaroo as the Spider-Man Revenge Squad/League of Losers. And of course there's the Starjammers. Hepzibah, Raza Longknife, and Ch'od w/ Cr+eee on his shoulder would rock. With Corsair as a single back. :D

pirate adam said...

Ant Man, meh, never much liked the character in any form, glad he is only done regular size as should all size changers!!

i dont mind the idea of having re-done characters without the magazine, but any new characters or team packs have to have the mag as to me its half of the collection and i enjoy reading them

still no news on the remaining specials for next year! tut tut Rich

Piarte Adam

mighty_marvel said...

as rich mentioned 'when we get to issue 200' i thought i'd post possible extensions to get us to that number. any chance to plug my wants basically!


1 Odin
2 Northstar/Aurora
3 Madame Web


1 Ares
2 Mockingbird
3 Moondragon
4 Cannonball
5 Destiny
6 Wolfsbane
7 Forge
8 Sauron
9 Nico Minoru
10 J. Jonah Jameson
11 Hydro-Man
12 Balder
13 Triton
14 Clea
15 Vance Astro
16 Sersi
17 Pete Wisdom
18 Radioactive Man
19 Moonstone
20 Owl


1 Atlas
2 Corsair/Hepzibah
3 Ronan the Accuser
4 Sasquatch


1 Stingray
2 Monica Rambeau
3 US Agent
4 Sunspot
5 Boom Boom
6 Magik
7 Callisto
8 Omega Red
9 Silver Sable
10 Jackal
11 Sif
12 Starfox
13 Trapster
14 Quasar
15 Gargoyle
16 Abner Jenkins
17 Songbird
18 Frankie Raye
19 Typhoid Mary
20 Simon Garth


1 Celestial
2 Hammerhead/Tombstone
3 Onslaught
4 Lockjaw


1 Arachne
2 Mantis
3 Swordsman
4 Toad
5 Longshot
6 Domino
7 Spiral
8 Vindicator
9 Puma
10 Silvermane
11 Spitfire
12 Hela
13 Karnak
14 Gamora
15 Lyja
16 Klaw
17 Tiger Shark
18 Brother Voodoo
19 Silver Samurai
20 Baron Mordo


1 Skurge the Executioner
2 Shaman/Puck
4 Terrax

mighty_marvel said...

oh, and another idea for multipack. hellfire club - sebastian shaw, selene, madelyne pryor, trevor fitzroy etc. would immediately fill out the x-villains category

Jacadoo said...

I fully support (as per last blog) the idea of re-dos BUT not in place of regular characters - great suggestion regardign re-dos as double and no mag!!

I think I'm one of the few collectors who will collect all characters as they are offered - WW Hulk and please, please, please archangel!!

Anonymous said...

"oh, and another idea for multipack. hellfire club - sebastian shaw, selene, madelyne pryor, trevor fitzroy etc. would immediately fill out the x-villains category."

I'd rather see the more iconic members over Maddy and Fitzroy who make more sense elsewhere. Sebastian Shaw, Harry Leland, Donald Pierce, and Selene.

Anonymous said...

Nice list though MM.

I'd remove Nico though and replace her with Sage.

But other than a few other swaps, I like the list.

asura said...

I just lost interest in the marvel collection and stopped it. The upcoming characters are quiet old and target older readers. It's a shame that the current story lines are not done...I wanted Ares so bad and for me it's so obvious that he looks better than any other upcoming characters! Well...I guess it's only a matter of tastes...

However, I just saw...STREET FIGHTER!!!! Hell yeah! I would love to collect them! With SF 4, the serie becomes more and more popular! Bring us Guile, Bison, Sagat, Balrog, Vega and other cool characters (is it necessary to mention Ken and Ryu?). If Eaglemoss could have the license for SF4, they could also produce cool characters such as Seth or Abel!
Richard, take a look at what Bandai did (super modeling soul serie for Street Fighter IV)

jimbob said...

Just a note on re-dos,sure DocOc,Mystique and Beast are a nice sculpt but i would'nt think that new collectors would want Rouge,Crystal,Iron Man and Cable current look in this collection!

Im sure when they look at the quality of the current sculpters, they would think that Rouge,Crystal,Iron Man and Cable could be better?:)

Fabio Mucci said...

Nah, re-dos aren't good. Make more figurines: this is good! :D

P.s. Ant-Man it's cool!

Anonymous said...

well by the looks of things , it seems we are all for multi packs !!

i have been banging on about this for ages , as i only choose characters that i think would look great as figurines.

i too only really buy the collection for the figurines although it's nice to read about characters i do not know.

what i mean is , if there's a character that looks great , but there's not a lot of information about that character , just dropping the magazine and replacing
for another figurine or 2 or 3 is
a-ok with me , as i would like to collect as many figurines as possible !!

right here comes the list :

puppet master + red ghost
triton + karnak + maximus
dorma + krang
stingray + tiger shark + eel
atlas + man killer
ringmaster + gargoyle-yuri topolov
whirlwind + blizzard
modok + blacklash / whiplash
grey gargoyle + dreadknight
mad man + ravage
desak + bor
seth + leir
arleta ogord + stakar ogord
longshot + spiral + mojo
darkstar + omega red
maverick + silver fox
aunt may + mary jane
sasquatch + wendigo
northstar + aurora
forge + shard
strong guy + thornn
hammerhead + owl
solo + silver sable
annelle + lyja
paibok + skrull king
betty + general thunderbolt ross

groups :

shi'ar empire
savage land mutates
nasty boys
alpha flight / omega flight
serpent society
wrecking crew
frightful four
heralds of galactus
hellfire club

bring on the figurines !!

thanks for the update rich

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

More figurines and more magazines!

Bill9000 said...

I completely agree with your stance on re-sculpts of existing characters, Richard. I'm not big on variants, and I'd much prefer that Eaglemoss concentrate on producing figurines of characters we haven't seen yet. Having said that, the only figurine I can see that would need a re-do would be the Beast. People generally go for his classic blue-furred ape-like appearance from his Avengers days. But this should be the only one and no more. I really believe this one would sell, and sell very well.

And as for multi-packs, this is a great idea even if there were no magazine. But again, I'd prefer multi-packs of characters we haven't seen yet. And there's a plethora of characters that could be made into multi-packs: The Warriors Three (Fandral the Dashing, Volstagg, Hogun the Grim), the Enforcers (Montana, Fancy Dan, Ox), the U-Foes (Ironclad, Vector, Vapor, X-Ray) and of course the Wrecking Crew.

Ant-Man's looking really good. Definitely a prize for the collection. Thank God you went with the classic look!

Anonymous said...

and now the long list .............

here's a list of all the characters in general that i would like to see made into a figurine regardless of whether they are made as specials , standard issues , multi packs , with or without a magazine etc etc.

puppet master , red ghost
trapster , wizard , blastaar
hydro man , triton , karnak
maximus , diablo , dragon man
dorma , krang , maelstrom
high evolutionary , stingray
tiger shark , eel , whirlwind
blizzard , modok , grey gargoyle
blacklash / whiplash , dreadknight
beetle mk II , aracne , ares
atlas , man killer , crossfire
firestar , lionheart , mantis
mocking bird , neutron , song bird
swordsman , ultimo , king cobra
asp , puff adder , constrictor
black mamba , black racer
diamond back , bulldozer , wrecker
pile driver , thunderball , domino
gargoyle - yuri topolov
gargoyle - isaak christians
gamora , kate bishop , marrow
miss america , moonstone , desak
odin , leir , bor , seth , mad man
the ringmaster , onslaught , ravage
grandmaster , blackout , hulkling
cannonball , baron strucker
justice - vance astrovik
red guardian , exodus , unicorn
night thrasher , yondu , ronin
ronan , sif , count nefaria
speedball , bug , morph
arleta ogord , stakar ogord
longshot , spiral , silver samurai
mojo , maverick , silverfox
darkstar , omega red , wendigo sasquatch , puck , shaman , marrina
northstar + aurora , diamond lil
forge , strong guy , shard , thornn
avelanche , toad , gorgeous george
hairbag , ruckus , slab , amphibius
barbarus , brainchild , vertigo
sauron , shanna , ch'od , corsair
hepzibah , raza longknife , manta
flashfire , titan , warstar , fang
hussar , death bird , in-betweener
d'ken neramani , baron mordo
3d man , angela del toro , jigsaw
nightmare , madame web , boomerang
black tarantula , hammerhead
bluebird - sally avril
jackal , owl , puma , shriek , spot
solo , silver sable , stilt man
tombstone , toxin , graviton sharon ventura , crucible , huntara
klaw , mad thinker , texas twister
psycho man , giant man , goliath black goliath , fire lord , terrax
nova - frankie raye
annelle , skrull king , lyja
paibok , betty ross , j j jameson
general thunderbolt ross
mary jane , aunt may

buffduffdan said...

Ant-Man looks very good :D Wasn't a fig I was particularly looking forward to but now I am!

Glad we aren't getting re-do's too. No need for them IMO, especially at so early a stage. Maybe after 300 but we got plenty left at 200!

As for including them in a multipack, I'd be against it. If the only way to do team packs as such is without a magazine then fair enough but please don't stick in already done characters too!

Hope you enjoyed your holiday too btw :)

spidey_1979 said...

would be happy to buy resculpts with no mag as long as they didn't affect the normal running order and specials. agree that they shouldn't be done in place of brand new sculpts.

one resculpt pack per year would be affordable and should allow all of the repeatedly mentioned resculpts to be done. personally i would definitely buy resculpt packs of

1) cyclops (blue costume, yellow gloves, boots, pants, belt, uncovered hair), beast (ape), jean grey (green dress/yellow mask + boots)

2) rogue (90s), mystique (white cost), storm (white cost)

also agree that its a good idea for quickly filling teams. could issue one team member with magazine that focuses on all the group and the rest later as a multi with no mag.

such as
1) wrecker with mag, then thunderball, piledriver and bulldozer together with no mag.

2) sebastian shaw with mag, then selene, donald pierce and harry leland together with no mag.

3) ch'od as a special with mag, then corsair, hepzibah and raza together with no mag.

4) hyperion with mag, then dr spectrum, amphibian and whizzer together with no mag.

5) confirmed blob special with mag then avalanche, toad and mastermind together with no mag (yes i know this includes members from magnetos and mystiques brotherhood but with pyro in the regular run and assuming destiny makes an extension it should pretty much complete both lineups)

6) Vance Astro with mag then 2 potential GOTG packs of
i) classic lineup: yondu, martinex, starhawk (charlie-27 would probably have to be a special)
ii) modern lineup: rocket raccoon, groot, bug

7) sister grimm with mag then karolina dean, bruiser and talkback together with no mag

warriors 3 should also be done but i think all 3 should be together WITH a magazine also

ted sallis said...

not too keen on endless wishlists . but when in rome....
order a curry?
i would like to nominate some unloved charachters overlooked by ye list makers
nebulon (possibly the coolest marvel villain of all time)
a quick question for mighty marvel which confirmed charachter in this collection has the lowest number of appearaces?
i was going to nominate anti venom
but i fear he is fast becoming a wasted opportunity in the comic medium at least.
and last and probably fittingly least omega the unknown

Anonymous said...

"red ghost"

I'm all for him being released in a multi-pack. But it has to be with the Super Apes. Not with some other unconnected character. :D

Freakazoid37 said...

i have a few things of interest...

In regards to other eaglemoss collections i think what would be quiet interesting would be to see a Hanna Barbara Cartoon Figurine Collection, over 5 decades of toons that would make excellent figurines... Think about, you could range from Wacky Racers, Space Ghost, Birdman, Hong Kong Fooey, Top Cat, Atomic Ant, Magilla Gorilla, Flintstones, many others.

Second thing i would like to say what happend to the chess?

Anonymous said...

spidey 1979 :

firstly i'd like to say , that was the year i was born , and i assume that 1979 is the year you were also born ?
and secondly , i like your ideas , you are on the right track there.
a magazine to cover the group as a whole !!

freakazoid 37 :

not a bad idea ( hanna barbara )
but with the disney takeover i'd have thought disney characters would come first.

my ideas for future figurine collections were :

star wars , star trek ,
sci fi / horror , gi joe ,
wresling legends , football legends
sporting legends

chess ? good point , eaglemoss were
going to do a marvel chess collection weren't they ?
i think that is a bad idea and could effect this collection.
unless they used characters that people wanted as re-do's.
this would solve two matters.
speaking of re-do's -

ice man - more colour add trousers
doctor octopus - add yellow colour
kang - add a cape + change pose
ultron - add more colour
yellow jacket - lose wasp
human torch - clothing + (4)logo
crystal - change everything
abomination - standard black base
doctor doom - new pose
rogue - 90's look as seen on forum
beast - avengers look

now back to the chess :

i think a good idea would be to do capcom as a chess collection.
or namco or midway ?
or a mixture of two ?
street fighter vs mortal combat would be cool

Anonymous said...

oops i forgot doctor who , james bond
and beano / dandy collections.

add them to my future figurine collections ideas list

ricky said...

hi love the antman pics. i also just want to say that i would like the multi-packs and where as im happy with nearly all my sculpts i would like to have the ape beast and arch-angel, but i want to see more new characters first like Bushman(because moonknight hasnt got anyone friend or foe in the collection yet) warpath, cannonball, wolfsbane, sunspot, starjammers, longshot(should of been double pack with dazzeler),JJJ,MJ,Aunt May,madthinker and awesome andy,pete wisdom and jarvis.

mighty_marvel said...

ted - not sure how accurate this is but lowest appearances listed on comicvine for a confirmed character is blackheart with 46.

and i'd like to see bloodstone at some point also. think there's an obvious double pack opportunity of ulysses and elsa.

Anonymous said...

"ice man - more colour add trousers
doctor octopus - add yellow colour
kang - add a cape + change pose
ultron - add more colour
yellow jacket - lose wasp"

Some of those really are unncessary.

Buy some paint for Iceman, Doc Ock, and Ultron. Not sure why they need redos for such simple issues. And not sure why Ultron needs more color.

As for Yellowjacket, Wasp is a seperate piece pinned into his shoulder. Just cut it off or pull it out and you'll be fine. There have been pics posted online.

As for Kang... I don't really recall him ever wearing a cape with tha armor. So I don't really see the point of that one either.

ricky said...

i personally loved the yellow jacket with wasp on his shoulder

Nightstar1441 said...

Hi Rich and welcome back!

Hope you had a nice holiday. You raise some interesting points and as I was reading the comments - I came across an idea where we combine some of the suggestions made.

Some people wanted the magazines, others, did not. some people want re-dos - others do not

The majority all want team packs so it brings up an interesting dilema

So how do we make all of these people happy?

What about this as a solution.

I'm going to take the Wrecking Crew as an example.

Next extension - we get Wrecker as one of the 20 confirmed characters.

The magazine has the name Wrecker and in smaller print underneath it

'and the Wrecking Crew'

The magazine can now focus on all four characters of the Wrecking Crew.

Since villians may have appearances that do not add anything pertinant to the character (one of the reason why we have not seen Omega Red yet - even though he has more than 30 appearances - he still lacks material to fill a magazine - pssst - double-pack with Maverick)

This format will allow the magazine to use the histories of Bulldozer, Piledriver and Thunderball.

These three characters would be offered as a team pack the same month Wrecker is released without a magazine.

This can be done with other teams as well. U-Foes we see Vector and get Ironclad, Vapor and X-Ray.

Starjammers we get Corsair and the pack we would get Hepzibah, Raza and Cho'd

Hellfire Club we get Sebastian Shaw and the get a team pack with Donald Pierce, Selene and Harry Leland

We get Red Ghost and then we get the pack with the Super-Apes.

It's just an idea that popped up.

Anonymous said...

"Hellfire Club we get Sebastian Shaw and the get a team pack with Donald Pierce, Selene and Harry Leland"

Love the ideas Nightstar. Though I think there's more history for a Selene magazine than there would be for for a Sebastian Shaw. How about Selene and Sebastian both get single packs. And the 3rd character in the Hellfire Club pack can be Mastermind. Since he had close ties to the club and not a lot of history.

spidey_1979 said...

glad you liked my ideas smiffy and yes i was born in 79. seems nightstar liked my idea too as he's mentioned something similar.

i had an idea about mastermind as well CBRBeast. you could do the blob special mag as blob + the brotherhood, then release mastermind, avalanche and toad as a multi without mag. this way you'd complete magneto's and mystique's brotherhood lineups (assuming we get destiny in the extension) and it would solve the pyro/avalanche double pack problem too

Anonymous said...

cbr beast :

well i have seen kang wearing a cape try google images smarty pants lol
it's not that i don't like any of the figurines i have mentioned like yellow jacket and wasp for example it's just that if i were going to make any changes , those would be the one's that i would improve.
now that we are getting wasp on her own i don't see the point of having her sitting on yellow jacket's shoulder.

ikabodcrane said...


142. OWL
147. ARES
158. DUST


165. HUSK
172. KLAW

183. SAGE
194. CLEA
200. AGENT X


213.URSA MAJOR (Version militaire ou transformée)




254. NIKKI















Jacadoo said...

Hey Rich instead of endless lists - I'm sure its time fro another poll - at least we present our "Hopes" in a constructive way.

Just thought hows about this idea for a re-do - simply dont re-do FS WASP lol..... sorry Thor8 could not resist.

BigBot said...

If you can, Please give us Paul Gulacy art on the Huge Double-sided poster for MAG #111 (SHANG-CHI issue). Thank you!

BigBot said...

BTW are these lead toys safe and non-toxic? I'm sure I'm not the only one that's concerned about safety.

ted sallis said...

i once dropped the grey hulk variant on my big toe , my language was pretty toxic.
so yes i consider them a major health hazard

Anonymous said...

jacadoo :

you took the words right out of my mouth mate , time for a poll for at least the next 20 - 40 characters !!

b4 that though here's some ideas to get the brains going !!

1 longshot
2 spiral
3 omega red
4 sasquatch
5 trapster
6 wizard
7 blastaar
8 hydroman
9 stingray
10 whirlwind
11 madame web
12 aracne
13 firestar
14 lionheart
15 moonstone
16 silver sable
17 shanna
18 angela del toro ( white tiger )
19 hepzibah
20 vertigo
21 avelanche
22 wendigo
23 forge
24 barbarus
25 corsair
26 jigsaw
27 owl
28 solo
29 tombstone
30 stilt man
31 terrax
32 puma
33 sauron
34 strong guy
35 marrina
36 puck
37 shaman
38 puppet master
39 blizzard
40 song bird

pirate adam said...

Jacadoo, was you attacked by a wasp as child or somthing?


jimbob said...

Hey guys, pic of Chameleon on the forum!

max_0888 said...

Hey Rich, can you confirm if in the next extansion we will have at least one current x-factor member to go with Madrox's figurine? Like Siryn, Monet, Strong guy or Rictor?
The one that deserves the most a spot in there is definitely, imo, Siryn, Theresa Cassidy!

BTW, Ant-man looks grrrreat :)

Anonymous said...

jimbob :

how do we find the pictures of chameleon on the forum ?

i don't understand how to use that site , it's too complicated !!

can you help pleaae ?

jimbob said...

I know it's hard to start of with!

Have you registered already?

Here is step by step from Grim!

1. Go to website

2. Register and choose a USER NAME

3. You will need to use an ACTIVE e-mail address as the forum sends a test mail to the given address.

4. When you submit your application you will receive an e-mail which contains a link back to the forum- You MUST click on that link.

5. Once you are on the forum you must then make at least 1 post within 7 days otherwise the account gets automatically deleted. We do this to stop some spambots and also keeps things tidy.

Ok mate so make sure you make a post in "welcome-new members post here first"to activate your account!

And click "apply here" to write coments!

Ok mate!

Thor8 said...

Okay jimbob,maybe you can help me also. Why is it that sometimes I have access to vote on a poll and other times the "add reply" or "vote" options do not appear on the page so that I can place a vote or opinion?

Banshee said...

Ok so I understand where you stand on re-do's and Im completely on board. If re-do's occur they should be after the collection run's out of great characters to immortalise :)

But where do you stand on doing a Jean Grey figurine. I know Phoenix has been made but I consider Jean a whole new kettle of fish. I hope she can be entered into the collection at some point along the way. What do the rest of you guys think??

Finally could the next reveal be Snowbird please :) and maybe a few words about the next extention!!!!

Banshee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Banshee said...

Oh and also love the team-pack idea. A 4-pack of Sasquatch/Puck/Shaman/Vindicator would be great, given that we get Aurora/Northstar.

Also if team packs do come to see the light of day surely The Wrecking Crew and StarJammers will have to make the cut.

Anonymous said...

jim bob :

i am already on the forum as smiffy , what i really want to know is how to find the picture / s of chameleon ?

Anonymous said...

well i have been asking and asking for the nasty boys.
this group of four were often seen fighting alongside mr sinister and were an enemy of the x men

hair bag
gorgeous george

they would look great in my cabinet standing next to their master / leader mr sinister who we already have in the collection.

wouldn't be too fussed if they never came with a magazine , just love to see the figurines !!

we do need more x men villains in the collection anyway.

Anonymous said...

The Marauders would be more interesting to see done than the Nasty Boys. A group of characters that who's appearances you probably can count on one hand.

Jacadoo said...

PAdam - I dont dislike Wasp - now we have a Classic Ant Man starts to make the original line of the Avengers look more meaningful.

Just don't tell Thor8 I said so.....

jimbob said...


It's on page 979 on the C.M.F.C Main chat thread.

Or go to HARD FACTS and scroll down to CMFC spoilers to look at the other pics that we've had.


Some of the polls are locked,because they are finished otherwise send a message to get help off one of the guys.

ted sallis said...

i would like to see a few more genres of the marvel universe included for multipack consideration
western charachters:
kid kolt , original ghost rider and the rawhide kid.
millie the model and patsy walker.
sgt fury and his howling commandos
simon garth ,brother voodoo, satana, damien hellstrom.

Anonymous said...

cbr beast :

put your handbag away love , we are all entitled to our opinions , and also our request lists too !!

Anonymous said...

wow , chameleon looks great !!

i'd love to see some more sneek peaks of other figurines.

son of satan
crimson dynamo
grim reaper
drax the destroyer
x man

any of these will doodle do , but the one's i can't wait to see are :


perhaps we can see more in the next update rich ?


ted sallis said...

looked up up the chameleon preview.
god it's dull ! but a non descript forgetable charachter is exactly what the chameleon needs to be,not sure why his trousers,socks and shoes have become one entity,
i know the guy has history but he's hardly got the wow factor of annihilus has he?
this fig is the ultimate argument against civilians in this collection ( apart from stan of course )

jimbob said...

Its not the most exciting costume to pick for Chamelon!!!

The Green smokeing jacket or the animated version would have been better!

I like the face and the mask in the hand.

Was excited on getting Chamelon unsure now sorry!:)

I think the Chamelon fans are dissapionted with the costume choice and the people who are not fussed say they like it!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Antman fully painted. He looks very good indeed. Is there any news yet on how long this collection will carry on for? As in anymore extentions?

Anonymous said...

subject chameleon :

i'd have preferred the costume he had in the animated spiderman series from the 90's.
the costume was still blue but also had red shoulder pads and a yellow or gold rope thingy going around his jacket from shoulder to waist , he also had a red belt , any way you get the picture , his costume basically needs more colour !!
other than the costume i think he looks great.
the pose is great , the face is spot on , love the way he's holding a mask !!

Skott said...

I would still like to see
Terror, Inc.
Death's Head (Original first then Death's Head II)

Maybe a sub-set of Marvel Zombies?

Also, it would be really cool if I could order directly from your website here in the states!

Other than that, I'm loving all the ones I have so far and look forward to seeing what's coming!

S.H.I.E.L.D boy said...

Still waiting for SILVER SABLE and SHARON CARTER.

Thor8 said...

I won't say that the Ant Man figurine looks great because everyone else has already said so. What I will say is that I'd love to see a sneek peek of The Wasp(especially with Ant Man and Yellowjacket beside her).

Now for the main reason for this comment: Rich seriously EM's main site is badly in need of updating (and I do mean updating) thier main site. It has fallen way behind the times,I mean, if other sites can show us picks of upcomming figurines;why can't you!? I just hope that when you finally get the person in charge of doing this to finally do so that they do a proper update and show us not only the next five figurines, but rather the next fifteen or so.

100% behind you on the multipack issue. That way we would be able to see in this collection characters that are mosly seen in teams and thus do not have enough history on thier own to merrit an inclusion in this collection. I'd like to see teams such as The Warriors Three,Soviet Super Soldiers,Zodiac, Squadrom Supreme and other teams done in this manner. Maybe you could even make a special Wasp multi-pack sporting a series of different costumes. It would make a great Christmas gift for my pal Jacadoo now that he's finally confessed his love for her.

If you write a new post today I hope you're able to give us a sneak peek of a couple of other upcoming figurines( Jocasta and Tigra would be nice). Let us know what you think of replacing the center fold with other features (could be done as a come and go feature)and please remember the updating of the main site. Peace!

Jacadoo said...

PAdam dude you told Thor8 my mild liking of Wasp - but better still He now admits to having a fixation for Tigra MIOW BIG BOY!!!!

Anonymous said...

thor8 :

jocasta has already been shown dude