Friday, 26 August 2011

Meat Feast pizza - hold the meat!

Hi chaps, not a great deal to offer you today. Will have Lady Sif coming in next week so I'll do a mid-week update with shots of her for you.

Marvel want some changes to Sebastian Shaw - so we are having to do some work on beefing him up a bit. hopefully have shots next week.

Nick Abadzis' wierd and wacky wraparound design for the MODOK special (should be stunning when it's fully rendered... (love the little AIM men scampering around makes me wanna do an AIM figurine!

Owl first look...

Myself and Rich think overall the body/pose is good, but his face/hair isn't quite doing it, so it's gone back for amendments. Needs to look slightly bulkier in the face with more defined 'owl-like' hair. (he's had lots of facial looks over the years and it's been hard to get a good composite.

I'd be happier if he looked a little more like this...

With hair maybe like this...

We await the sculptors changes.

Still awaiting the Forum polls (yes I will honour the top 3 choices!)

Competition will have to wait just that li'l bit longer :)

Have a weekend. Dan

Friday, 19 August 2011

Just a quickie

Been super-busy this week - haven't had much time to read your comments.

The forum choice is still running, so won't get confirmation until next week.

Hopefully I can run the competition next week.

The Golden Age poll will still be running for a while longer - Although Namora seems to be running away with it. I've not done a lot of research on her, but would assume her costume would be either her original or latest?



Dene Mason's sketches for Longshot ... (went with E - best not to go down the all-out action look that could go badly wrong).

...and Gamora.... (yes I went with my gut feeling and went with her original cossie, after consulting with the sculptor we decided it could be done if we didn't do the netting too small/close together and were clever with the paint job. Went with A (it's got that no-nonsense 'come and have a go if you think your hard enough' attitude, yet still feminine and sexy).

That's all folks!

Have a great weekend. Dan

Friday, 12 August 2011

The Blog Vol.2 #12

Good afternoon,

Nico Minoru painted:

Domino unpainted sculpt:

This weeks costume forum poll result:
Which outfit for Trapster ?

7% [ 12 ] first costume design - Paste Pot Pete

8% [ 13 ] modified 1st costume design

60% [ 103 ] redesign - masters of evil

8% [ 14 ] ninja

9% [ 16 ] current outfit

I don't mind, any of them ! 9% [ 15 ]

“One of the things a lot of people stated when they picked option #3 was that they would want him with his glue gun and it was also mentioned as one of the reasons a few people defered from that option and chose another that had him weilding the gun. A few members even found instances in comics where he used the gun with that costume design.”

I’m totally satisfied with this result, I think it’s his best look (I’ll even agree that he can have the glue gun in that cossie too).


Odin Special on sale 22nd September 2011. Priced £15.99 (subject to change of course).

Good news, the production problems have been sorted on the Northstar/Aurora (the clear pegs were not fixing into the feet securely enough). So I would hope they will be our next special – Will have to wait for the go ahead from Top Floor EM Towers. But things are looking positive.

The next 2 characters to be confirmed will be:

Captain Off-Cuts

and ‘Limbs’ Lieberman

That’s a clue on the upcoming competiton!? ;) (Thanks to Ted Sallis for the idea - and see the end of previous comments for LAWAY's pre-emptive attempt.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Oh Blog it!

Good afternoon fellow Marvelites,

Some new photography just in...

Thanks to the Forum folks for running the vote on Gamora...

Which costume for Gamora ?

37% [69] Classic
63% [120] Modern

“Modern won the poll convincingly though in the early going it was 50/50. Many arguments were made that there were concerns about quality and how EM would be able to mass produce the original costume. Many who voted classic stated they would not be overly concerned if the modern was made (and some vice versa). For the modern, the overall comments suggested her having a blade/sword.”

My original thoughts when I announced Gamora were to have her in her original outfit, but with the fears that the fishnet effect may look awful I was stearing towards the modern costume – what with this poll I think the scales are tipped firmly towards the modern look. (although the complexity of the modern look may be a stumbling block in production – we’ll have to wait and see).

Andie Tong’s Final Karnak cover (a real knockout!)

Plus thanks to a eagle-eyed blogger (stand up and take a bow), who spotted the Beetle should have wings when flying!!!!! Duh!
Mr. Tong has kindly added some buzzing wings...

The final 2 from EM Towers are....

Drum roll please.....

(I’ve heeded the calls for more villains, also I feel we needed an FF character in there (plus he rounds out the Frightful Four). So unfortunately Shaman has been knocked over until the next extension – hopefully though we’ll still get 2 Alpha Flight members early next year). Really sorry for getting the hopes up for Shaman (but he will return!)

I kinda like the last one best - it's his most polished costume, improving on the previous ones. (I think we can assume the Paste-Pot Pete look is out). The glue gun would be cool (although he didn't have it in the 3rd costume - they are built into the cossie).


I considered your request for a female and she was the highest on the poll after Wolfsbane (whom I won’t put through because I already have Mirage, but if the she goes through on the polls then that’s fine by me!). Ok she’s an X-Men related character, but she’s also a cosmic/female/villain, who’s been about in many MU areas since the late 70s

although very lovely, I think the sheer complexity of her newer 'regal' outfits rule them out, I think at the size they'd just look messy, so I think the original costume works perfectly for our needs. Clean and stylish.

So I can hand over the next 3 to the Forum Choice Poll...

The poll will start on the 10th and it will run until 31st (gives plenty of time to get a really good result).

The guys over on the Figurine Forum will handle the finer detail – rules and regulations etc. So get over there and exercise you civil rights!

Happy voting!

So I’ll hold off on the Competition for a couple of weeks until we have the forum results.

See you next week. Dan

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