Monday, 22 August 2011


LAWay said...

Great drawings, but still think Longshot should have been done as pose A.

I'll be happy with Gamora like this. (not that I minded either way.)

mgf said...

Gamora looking good.

mighty_marvel said...

i just really hope you've found another way to do a fishnet effect. because that many cuts over 80% of the fig is going to look horrible.


mighty_marvel said...

longshot - love that he's got his mullet. don't love that he's posed like wolverine

jimbob said...

I really really like Longshot pose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

michal9402 said...

Pose A for Longshot was better... more natural.
Gamora looks great.

awilson78 said...

on youtube there is a video i came across when searching google for "classic marvel figurine started". Its about 7 minutes long and towards the end on the guy's shelf of his variant figures there is a clear/transparent invisible woman. Is this a customised figure or is it a variant. Any ideas?

jimbob said...

Custom if you go on the forum there are plenty of custom figurines done by members.

Blog Master Dan said...

I think we did do a production sample of a 'see thru' Invisi Girl, but we couldn't proceed due to various reasons (mainly 'they have to be done in lead'). We tried doing a half and half version aswell. Not sure where those samples went?!

We also looked at doing Iceman in various 'icy' materials.

Just a plinth for Invisible Woman was also mentioned!!!!

awilson78 said...

thanks dan, the displayed version looks very professional (as most customs do) and i suspect its a sample. It was more the fact this guy (italian i think) had an extensive collection and displayed his see-through invisible woman with with cpt marvel, hulk, angel and jean grey variants. As there were no other obvious customs i was worried i may have missed a variant. Although i havent come across transparent lead yet either! Perhaps Doc Brown can bring some back in his Delorean

jimbob said...

It would be cool to see some of those samples or even some pics of the workshop on one of your blogs updates.

Maybe we can see some of these variants in the near future.

LAWay said...

Nice idea jimbob!
I would love to see some of the stuff that never quite made it onto the shelves. :)

ted sallis said...

Gamora looking sweet. Too shy shy hush hush eye to eye...Limahl looks a nice boy.

Dan The Man said...

Let's hope the CMFC is a Never Ending Story!

ted sallis said...

Amen! to that Dan :). Three yrs til my big Bday July 2014...You know what would help make it even more special?? ;)

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

,,Let's hope the CMFC is a Never Ending Story!"

Then You have to keep x-fans happy.
Longhsot pose E is too similar to Wolverine. Make a different pose (A or D).

spidey_1979 said...

Sorry Dan, the new sketch has done nothing to convince me. Gamora will definitely be a miss for me, and now so will any other modern Guardians of the Galaxy that come in the collection :(

John said...

I'm with LAWay on Longshot. I prefer pose A. But I don't really like Longshot, so I don't think that's my call. I'll still be getting him though...

I don't really want to comment on Gamora... Too painful... Alright fine. I think it f'n sucks. :(

"Let's hope the CMFC is a Never Ending Story!"

There we go. There's some cheerful news. :) I'm hoping we get to the point where we can see Rocket Raccoon, Star-Lord, Bug and Phyla-Vell. I could name off 400 characters I'd be keen to see made, and I'd buy every one. So just keep 'em coming. :D

promo1965 said...

Pose A for Longshot was better... more natural.
Gamora looks great.

LAWay said...

I'm working on drawing up Pose A in detail to show EM they were wrong. Hope to finish it tomorrow. :)

TGR said...

I see a "fishy" theme here Dan. we have Wolverine with a "mullet" and Gamora looking like she's just been dredged up by a Grimsby Trawler.

You must stop eating dodgy shellfish, it is affecting your decision making powers ;-)

jimbob said...

I am hoping to see modern Guardian of the Galaxy,Groot,Rocket Raccoon, Star-Lord and I would like to see Phyla-Vell as part of


CGJ said...

'You must stop eating dodgy shellfish, it is affecting your decision making powers ;-)'

''Fredo, you're my older brother, and I love you. But don't ever take sides with anyone against the Family again. Ever.''

TheTooN said...

I dont want to attack anyone or restart the argument but why would you say you wont buy any future GotG figurines because you dont like a costume on a figurine you have not even seen spidey ?

Its like saying you wont buy any future X-Men or Avengers because of cat Beast.

Buy the ones you like for their own merits and skip the ones you dont like for theirs.

TheTooN said...

An Annihilation subset would be a fantastic way to get them in fast Jimbob.

I hope Rocket/Groot and Starlord will all make it in time and hopefully Phylla too. EM could always add Adam and Gamora in the much mooted redo subset.

ted sallis said...

Hey Dan, How about a "Anything to stop them going on and bloody on" subset? Featuring...oh i dunno..let's say Bloodstone, Recorder,Pip the Troll,Lockjaw and Princess Python.
verification makeitso

mgf said...

The forum has spoken, Dan, and it seems they expect to be obeyed. The sense of entitlement is absolutely palpable.

Blame your predecessor's kowtowing, but stick to your guns.

Thor8 said...

GEE some guys are really holding a grudge on this Gamora incident. Hope they drink their Valium before the Namora costume decision is announced.

ted sallis said...

I'm sure the first pics of Gamora, will be verrrrrrrrrry interesting .Out of interest Dan, Is poor old sculptor aware of this kerfuffle regarding her cossie? No pressure then???

Winchester said...

Just like he stuck to his guns over the no more females announcement?

mgf said...

Either give the guy a break or apply for his job.

Strikes me this new chap is a significant improvement on those who went before. Regular updates, joining in on the threads, giving background insights, and his reward for this glasnost is..? The same as the first bloke who tried it, but without the international speaking engagements.

The implication by some here is what the forum says goes or else. If that ever was the case, and for a time it seemed that way, those days seem to have passed. That's good news for the collection in my opinion.

Maybe the forum motto should change from "We lead, others follow" to "All glory is fleeting".

Thor8 said...

Or maybe their motto was erroneously printed incomplete and it really reads: WE lead others follow,OR ELSE!!!

ted sallis said...

Has this blog got a motto???
How about "Far from the maddening crowd"
or.."We're just lovely"

Travis said...

"The forum has spoken, Dan, and it seems they expect to be obeyed. The sense of entitlement is absolutely palpable."

No....A sample poll was done. Sample polls are accurate withing 5% points. So it wasn't the forum that spoke it was the majority.

This will never be a Never Ending Story collection as long as EM ignores the majority.

The majority wanted modern Drax and that is what we got. And I hate the Drax we got, but it was clear that the majority of the collectors wanted him in that look.
Same with Cannonball. I hate that black costume, but the majority wanted it. So why sell something the majority doesn't want? Doesn't that mean sales will suffer?

Was Coca Cola right in making new Coke and getting rid of the original when the majority of people hated New Coke?

But look there is a simple fix. Don't ask for polls if they are going to be ignored and do not post things that you are unsure of. Problem solve.

Thor8 said...

Or don't ask hardheads for opinions if they think you are obligated to go by them.

Travis said...

"Or don't ask hardheads for opinions if they think you are obligated to go by them."

Isn't that the same as don't ask for a poll if the results are going to be ignored?

Because a poll is going to invoke strong options from hard headed collections.

Thor8 said...

As far as I know the poll was not "asked" for,Dan just gave the forum the go ahead to do one.(The forum tends to make polls for just about anything EM related no matter if EM requests it or not).

Travis said...

Well he did ask for the poll to start at the end of his blog post on July 29th. Then on Aug 5th Dan said the Modern Gamora won the poll convincingly.

So you can see where people might have thought this was an official poll, and why people are quite upset about it.

LAWay said...

At no point was it ever mentioned that the result of the poll would lead to the outcome of EM's decision.

Had the poll probably been more of a landslide, like 80-20, then I think EM would have been swayed. Perhaps EM thought satisfying 1 in 3 was still good enough, or perhaps they have experienced that previous polls have been misleading with people not putting their money where their mouths are.

Eitherway, people who want Gamora, will have Gamora. No problem. If people do have a problem, give in to the great 'variant costume' debate.

spidey_1979 said...

"I’m on the fence with the costume on this one!"

I don't mind one way or the other.

"I like the original look, but can see the love for the newer look"

There are arguments to be made for both sides.

"– there’s only one way to find out FIGHT!....."

I can't decide between them so I'm putting it to a poll to determine which should be done.

Alright it's not said in those exact words but I don't see how else it can be interpreted. And yet the winner of the fight ended up being the loser????? It's like a boxer knocking out his opponent for the championship but the belt then being given to the guy on the canvas because the judges prefer the colour of his trunks.

And we'll never know if people haven't spent money on the winners of previous costume polls because we haven't got the other costumes to compare against. Maybe the average units sold is 10000, maybe modern drax sold only 7000, but it's likely then that classic drax would have sold even less because less people wanted it.

But I agree with you on variant costumes LAWay. It seems to be the best way to avoid this unpleasantness in future.

LAWay said...

The poll was hardly a knockout decision. It was more a 'more punches thrown - but lost on judges points'. ^_^

EM must have had reasons or personal wants to have gamora in her original outfit. With others confirming they wanted it (even if they were in a minority), they were happy with it. Some comments they read from passionate fans may have swayed it too.

But it wasnt that much of a landslide, clear cut decision. Out of 3 people, 1 wanted classic, 2 wanted modern. (66%-33%) I believe had the ratio been more in favour then the majority would have had their way, but like you agreed, lets get some variants!

Thats how to make this the Neverending Story! :D

Travis said...

63% Modern and 37% classic was the final tally.

Sorry but any statistician will tell you that is clearly a knock out decision. In any poll. Even with a ± 5% there is a clear winner. Numbers don't lie.

pirate adam said...

Dan, if you read this, i want to give you a piece of advice.

Dont bother asking the forum for polls anymore, i am in no way having a go at the admins or mods over there as i have no problem with them at all and i believe they do a great job

my problem is with a few of the members who simply can not let the Gamora costume choice go, they truly believe that Dan promised them the modern costume and changed his mind or that he promised to abide by the results of the poll, neither of which is true,

there are even people calling for Dan to be removed from his job and writhing letters of complaint to EM towers to voice there frustration

Dan, you need to stand strong on this one and not let the bullies get to you at all, you made a decision, one that has pleased allot of people, unfortunately some people seem to think they have a divine right to get what they want all the time and as for people calling for your job? Deadpool would say

"just boils my piss"

Dan, i dont care what anybody else says i think your doing a great job and long may it continue, i'm sure others will agree with me


CGJ said...

'there are even people calling for Dan to be removed from his job and writing letters of complaint to EM towers to voice there frustration'

If this is even remotely true Dan should close the forum poll and put out three new announcements himself

**** 'em

The internet generation have a sense of entitlement that is just staggering.

Rioting, setting fire to shops, looting, calling for someones JOB because he doesn't agree with you and a £5.99 figurine of a comic book character will not have a costume on that you prefer.

Grow up

jimbob said...

"EM must have had reasons or personal wants to have gamora in her original outfit."

I think it might have had something to do with cost.

Collectors would have been more understanding if they were told that,and not that the original costume would look better than modern.

My top variants.

Archangel (special maybe?)
Mystique (White Costume)
Beast (Ape)
Rogue (90's Costume)
Havok (Eggbeater)
Cable (90's Costume and bigger)
Cyclops (90's Costume)
Ghost Rider on bike
Invisible Woman (Clear resin)
Human Torch (no Flame)
Doc Oc (Classic)
Giant Man
Namor (Speedo)
Storm (90's costume)
Dazzler (Excalibur) 2
Adam Warlock (Infinity Watch)
Hank Pym (Goliath)
Lizard (Bigger)
Wolverine (As Logan)
World War Hulk
Punisher 1st Costume
Wasp (classic)
Juggernaut (Standing up)

TheTooN said...

I am not up to date on the forum.....people are saying that ? really ? I seriously hope not as it would be absolutely shameful behaviour.

My interest level since Dan came on board has gone way up. Weekly updates are very much appreciated and I hope he continues and ignores any spiteful outbursts from either set of fans.

Off to catch up on the forum in a bit and hoping you are on a windup PA.

JinxDealer said...

AGREED P.A ... DAN YOUR DOING A GREAT JOB, u showed a strong back bone this week. bravo,

ted sallis said...

PA ,my gob is not often smacked, but i was genuinely slack jawed reading your post, If there are indeed spiteful wee boys calling for Dan's head. Then i think it's high time forum polls were a thing of the past. This is about a costume choice on a 3" lead fig...and folk are calling for his head??? It would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

,,there are even people calling for Dan to be removed from his job and writhing letters of complaint to EM towers to voice there frustration"

That are the same people who talks here, so pirate adam please don't say ,,there are", because me and You are there too. Don't blame forum for those 3 members. Dan is doing good job, we know it.

TheTooN said...

Just got caught up over there and a couple of posts made my skin crawl.

Thankfully others spoke up and condemned the behaviour of a small but vocal minority.

I love the USA but the way some Americans do things just doesnt sit well elsewhere. As Brits when something happens we dont like we tend to shake our heads and grumble disconsolately (for a bit) and move on. In the US if you dont like something you vocalize and get people riled up, maybe you can reverse a decision or even force a regime change.

In the case of DC being cancelled it was a great tool but a costume choice ?

Very disappointed, hope it blows over soon.

mgf said...

I'm sure we can hazard a decent guess at those calling for the guy's job, but I'm sure the calmer heads over there, Kal etc., will prevail. Those who are doing so should be ashamed, but I doubt they are familiar with that emotion.

Travis said: "No....A sample poll was done. Sample polls are accurate withing 5% points. So it wasn't the forum that spoke it was the majority."

It was actually *the majority of the forum who cast a vote* Trav, a very different thing. This is the mistake some over there often make.

The forum is not the collecting base, its those who are members of the forum, nothing more, nothing less, and fully active members there number a couple of dozen. Is that fair? A few more? A few less?

CGJ said...

'That are the same people who talks here, so pirate adam please don't say ,,there are", because me and You are there too. Don't blame forum for those 3 members. Dan is doing good job, we know it.'

But peopl aren't doing it here, they are doing it there.

TheTooN said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
navaho said...

Dan, I think the blog has improved 10 fold since you took over and whilst I haven't always agreed with your choices I've felt you've always made decisions with the collections best interest at heart. People will always disagree but you should always remember that the vast majority are with you and remain on the whole happy.

Make Mine Marvel.

TGR said...

Just to clarify: yes things have been said on the forum that are downright unnecessary and it is a couple of members that have said these things NOT THE FORUM. The members post on here too remember.

The members have been contacted and asked politely to tone it down and not get overly excited about what are, after all, little lead men. The forum is a place (like here) where people of their own volition make comments and not all are acceptable. Funny how the one or two on here shouting for our heads and EM dis-associating themselves from the forum are the ones that have either been banned for similar behaviour or have such strong views that they are blinkered to other peoples points of view and shouting down any legitimate discussion..

There is a fine line between allowing a person to post their "personal" views (these ARE NOT the views of the Forum)and stepping in to delete the posts (censorship ?).

The facts as I see it was that there was some scope for discussion, we (here and the forum) provided information to Dan along with queries raised and he has justifiably made his own decision on the matter. As with any Market Research there is no reason to go with what is popular - only future sales will dictate if it was or wasn't the right way to go.

Folk need to grow up and start behaving like adults rather than acting like children. The anti-Em, anti-forum and anti-blog bitterness needs to stop and some perspective put into the issue.

ted sallis said...

Jim Carey from dumb and dumber! That's who Toad reminds me of.....
Just thought i'd share that....okay i'll be off now .
Oh!,all the best to Dan, this blog was dying on it's arse a few months ago, your regular updates and interaction on the blog, have been greatly appreciated.
Ted from the shed...

LAWay said...

We should stop complaining about the complainers, and brining up some of the daft statements from some individuals on the forum - and lets not make this into a blog vs forum thing.

Appreciate the amount of updates we get nowadays, and how we had seemingly 2 in quick succession.

TheTooN said...


Nuff said.

blaggard said...

Just wanted to say I wanted classic Gamora and I'm happy I'm getting it but still disagree with Dan's decision. For some reason the modern look is more popular and should have been done.

Osvaldoeaf said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Osvaldoeaf said...

Yeah, I'm gonna have to agree that pose A for Longshot looks better!

Osvaldoeaf said...

OK, let me participate on the main debate: Dan....

Of course he's gonna make a few choices that aren't gonna please everyone, but hey...I personally love the fact that he regularly, and very caringly, updates the blog. To me it's a joy to know that evry friday we are gonna have some oppose to before Dan, when the blog was updated Lord knows when.
He even participates on the comment section!
I think that for your complaints to be taken seriously, you need to be able to voice them in an adult and respectful manner.

Joeking said...

Hear Hear

Rich Deposed Blog Tyrant said...

Hey guys,

Rich here, just wanted to say, what a great job Dan is doing keeping the blog updated every week – sadly something I just never seemed to have the time for and hence why I gave this over to him.

As TGR mentioned we often ask for polls/info from here and the forum, but at the end of the day the decision lies with us and Marvel. And we appreciate all your comments.

I do laugh at the suggestion of how close I was to the forum and how the regime change on the blog is welcomed – I didn't know I was such a tyrant. ;)

Anywho, I do still work with Dan on the figurines and the blog updates, so don't think you've seen the last of me – I may even update the blog occasionally.

pirate adam said...

i totally agree that the bitterness between blog and forum has to stop and i enjoy them both greatly, it just really riled me that a couple and i did say a "few people" in my last post where willing to take it as far as trying to get someone fired

right im off to Teds Shed for a BabyCham and Scampi Fries :)


pirate adam said...

good to hear from you Rich,

now GO AWAY and let Dan carry on with the fine Job he's doing :)

only kiddin, where i'm concerned your welcome back anytime


ted sallis said...

Babycham and scampi fries? Can't wait to try your english delicacies,
In your honour i have prepared some deepfried mini mars bars on cocktail sticks and xl cheese crisps.
Must be subby time soon?
and in this spirit of reconciliation love to one and all...even Rich, you old tyrant :)

tinodragon14 said...

I want to thank Dan for his efforts on the Blog & hope he continues. The weekly updates are very much appreciated by this collector. No one can please everyone not with so many different tastes involved & it is obvious many of us are passionate about this collection because of our love of the Marvel U. So voice your opinions strongly but leave the name calling & personal attacks outside the blog door.
Once more I implore the powers that be at EM to continue this collection because I do enjoy it so.

Thor8 said...

Just wanted to jump on the band wagon and also thank Dan for the great job he's been doing here on the blog. you have a great amount of supporters D so keep up the magnificient work!

Glad to hear from you again Rich,and look foward to do so again more frequently.

Dan there has been a subject that I've been meaning to bring up for quite awhile now,and it concerns your marketing dept. How does it function and who's in charge. I ask because from my point of view(and I did say "MY" point of view)it could use some polishing up. Personally I found out about this collection quite by accident while going through ebay. I then made a search through Google and discovered this blog and the forum. The collection was well into it's second year when this occured. I imagine that there must be hundreds of Marvel fans whom are totally oblivious of your existance,and that would most likely buy this product if it was advertised more amply. Why doesn't Marvel announce them in there mags? Why aren't flyers or ad posters distributed to comic shops? Why is your main site so far behind?

Well my breaks over have to get back to work,catch you later.

TheTooN said...

Deep fried Mars Bars! I had forgotten all about Scottish chippies.

I was amazed to see them chuck a Pizza in the deep fryer one night and when the next bloke asked for fried mars bar I thought I misheard him. I never did try it myself but enjoyed deep fried Haggis. I love your square sausage too :)

I wasnt around when you were doing the Blog Rich so cant say nice to see you again. I can say nice of you to come in and clear the air.

You guys do a wonderful job and I am very very grateful.

A quick quality question if you are up for it Rich or Dan ?

We Just saw the first 'in hand' pic of Moondragon and I am a bit concerned about the definition and paint where her right arm meets the cape. I dont have Destiny yet but examples I have seen of her look similar.

Is there an issue with the joining/painting/blending of 2 materials ? Is it sloppy paint ?

Moondragons face looks very well done by contrast. Are bodies/faces painted by separate people on a production line or does 1 painter complete each figurine top to bottom ?

Pics up in the forum, main CMFC chat page 326 btw

I absolutely love these things :)

Rich Deposed Blog Tyrant said...

Sorry to hear about the drop in paint quality for Moondragon. In all honesty, there should not be a paint difference on the parts you mention.

We have a number of approval stages, these include looking at pre-production and production samples. We compare these to our paint masters and expect them to stand-up. Unfortunately, the process of mass producing anything does mean that there are differences, but they should not be substantial. I will take another look at Moondragon and Destiny, and see if we can make sure any problems do not occur again.

Rich Deposed Blog Tyrant said...

Hi Thor8,

I appreciate your comments on marketing, it is something we need to work a little harder at.

When we first started this project it was a new process – up to this point eaglemoss had put out more classic part-work magazines (Build a Robot, Arts and Crafts etc...) and so we didn't really utilise the comic-buying market as well as we should.

Classically, we would put out a TV ad and then flyers in our other mags, along with point of sale stands in newsagents. Once the collection had begun the marketing would slow.

I think with this collection we learnt that we can benefit from additional advertising throughout the collection's life.

Currently, we do advertise in Previews, which comic shops order their stock from and we have previously had web ads on certain comic websites.

Hopefully we can increase this advertising and gain new collectors.

mgf said...

Richard said: "I do laugh at the suggestion of how close I was to the forum and how the regime change on the blog is welcomed – I didn't know I was such a tyrant. ;)"

I assume that is directed at me. I didn't imply you were a tyrant, I said essentially that you were not tyrannical enough, at least where the forum was concerned.

There was, is, in fact, a desire by a few on the forum to link themselves to EM very closely, even if that is not officially reciprocated. We've seen this in microcosm during the Gamora spat. Entitlement writ large in some quarters.

It's interesting to hear that you apparently did not feel this was as close a relationship from your perspective.

As for regime change, by your own admission you were unable to update as often as you would have wished due to pressures of work. Dan can devote more time and is doing a great job.

That's in no way a criticism of you. Look upon in the same way you might a new Pope, or a new Doctor. You can like the bowtie, but still miss the Converse.

On the Doctor, not the Pope... ;-)

Rich Deposed Blog Tyrant said...

MGF, not directed at anyone, just a little joke at my own expense.

As for the forum, we appreciate everything they do and everything you guys say and do on the blog.

The forum provides us with info (as does the blog). The forum gave us the impetus to do this blog – the first eaglemoss have ever done – but we know there are plenty of fans here and elsewhere not on the forum. In essence, I personally think the forum has been a great help to us on the CMFC and provided info that has benefited all collectors. But no-one should be under the illusion that we're in their pocket or vice-versa.

All fan feedback is greatly welcomed. As I've stated many a time, I too am a huge fan of this collection and would be buying it myself if not working on it.

You wouldn't believe some of the ridiculous arguments (ahem I mean discussions) we get into in the office.

ted sallis said...

"you would not believe some of the ridiculous arguements we have( ahem i mean discussions)we get into in the office"
C'mon Rich, which one of you is trying to get Bloodstone in???
i bet it's you ;)

Rich Deposed Blog Tyrant said...

I tell you Ted, he was mentioned. He's always in our lists, but then they do consist of 200+ characters. ;)

Just out of interest, you a fan of Elsa?

Don't read anything into the question, just wondering.

ted sallis said...

In all honesty Rich, i know very little of Elsa, apart from if she was in a doublepack with her dad i would kiss the postperson that delivered them :)
Soooo! top 200 you say??...hmmm Rich, thats not beyond the bounds of possibility. You could have a job fer life? :)

Travis said...

Good to see your still watching Rich.
I still wish EM would sell the plinths and binders her in the US again. The secondary mark up is getting ridiculous here. Not counting the fact that people are charging up to $15 to ship a single plinth.

I would much rather give the money to EM. I know when I brought this up before and it became a bit of a lost cause, but if Diamond will not sell plinths to the US and Canadian market why can I not order them direct from the EM web site. Same with back issues. Diamond does not sale back issues, so why can't a US buyer order them direct from EM since Diamond refuses to care them?

If you can't hook me up with plinths then you can make it up to me by making the Beyonder. Thanks. ;)

ted sallis said...

Travis, i have three plinths (never use em) and a spare binder ( i always use em ) .No charge, postage will be around $40-$50, All i would want in return is a selection of your finest american candy to cover the postage.
Can you feel the love??

Travis said...

I always feel the love Ted.

I actually had a person from Ebay UK send me a plinth in a paper bag. Needless to say it was shattered in a million pieces.

I don't know why I started using the plinths to tell the truth. I never realized how hard they would be to get. But at the the time I did not think this collection was going to 200 so I never thought I would have to be hunting them down still.

Plus I don't know how many collectors on here are like me.
I have bought ever figurine that has been made for the CMFC, Blackest night subset, and DC collection. That includes all the variants as well.
I paid a small fortune to get the red rooftop Spider-Man and the green Quicksilver from France. But I have every figurine the EM has made. I also have all three collections with the plinths.

I have posted pictures of my collection on the forum and in other places. The plinths really do make the collection look more impressive.

I don't know if anyone at EM really cares, but I had to jump through many hoops and pay alot of secondary mark up prices to get the complete collection. Diamond made it very hard to get these figurines when they first came out in the US.
So if it sounds like I get riled up a bit it is because getting this collection has been like a second job.
But I would hope that this shows EM how much I do like what has been done. How many collectors out there have driven hundreds to find plinths and back issues since Diamond doesn't offer these things anymore?

So are there any other completest of this collection and the DC and BN ones besides me?

I know I'm deluding myself, but I do think that by buying every figurine that there might be a chance that my favorite character will make the collection someday.

Look. I am a realist. I realize that no one from EM even cares that I even exist, or what I have to do to get this collection or plinths. But I do love this collection, and will continue to buy every figurine made no matter what decisions are finally made.

ted sallis said...

If i had the space i may well still be using plinths,I never envisioned way back in 2005 that this collection, would still be running.anywho Travis the plinths are boxed up in my loft , ( i do mean to cancel them, but i never get round to it),, your more than welcome to them.
first day of school for my eldest tomorrow, stiff upper lip and all that.
night all

LAWay said...

I'm with Ted on that. I wanted loads of plinths and binders to hold all the figurines and mags, but when the numbers got over 50, closer to 100, I thought it was a ridiculous pipedream.

the plinth is great as a centre piece to the collection displaying my fave figurines. I wonder if there were different incentives for subscribing if the numbers would increase, like the ideas used in the batmobile collection.

John said...

"my problem is with a few of the members who simply can not let the Gamora costume choice go, they truly believe that Dan promised them the modern costume and changed his mind or that he promised to abide by the results of the poll, neither of which is true"

I'm just speaking for myself here, but I would have been this angry had it been by poll or just EM decision. Gamora's in my Top 10 favorite comic characters, and the modern GotG are one of my Top 2 teams. I HATE the old look and LOVE the new look. So obviously I'm going to be really mad with the decision regardless on how it got there.

Same as if Rocket Raccoon were made in his first appearance suit rather than GotG uniform. I will say I really lucked out with Hank Pym though, as I'm a Yellowjacket fan and really dislike the Giant Man costume. So at least I've got that...

JinxDealer said...

i hope the fact Rich is speaking doesn't mean Dan has called it a day because that would be terrible news, Dan i look forward to my friday updates so dont let me down :)

kissynose said...

Well altleast 2 people on the forum mentioned Power Pack YEAH

kissynose said...

Hey Rich...can you pull some strings for Power Pack...PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

Jean Phy said...

Hi everybody
I am a french guy (Sorry for my english)
I follow the conversations since a long time, in this blog without interfering.
I am a huge fan of this collection until the first figurine like forty of my friends here in Lyon…and none of these forty people have spoken yet in this blog (Time, don’t speak English, to young etc…)
My friend and I are always happy with the figs. We like some figs more than others, like everybody. We want different costumes, different poses…but at the end, fortnighty, we are like children with our new figs.
I am not a fan of Blade or Dormammu but, at the end, I am happy to have them in the middle of the collection.
We believe that the collection becomes more and more interesting now, since the end of the A list.
You have to know that in France, before the 90’s, only a few comics came to us. That’s why we don’t have the same point of view. For us, Gomora and Trapster are strangers. Thanks to the collection, we will discover their stories….and now, we wait for them with great interest.
We would like to see figs important to us like Paladin or thundra but every weeks (every Friday) we take the info, in this blog like a great news.
All we want is that the collection continue.
Some angry guys in this blog think that they speak for us. This is not true !! Don’t be so navel-gazing. Don’t forget that the marvel figurines exist in Spain, Greece, Poland, France etc…where people don’t speak English. You are only 30 in this blog and 150 in the forum. You are not the majority
By the way this is our wishing list : Stingray, Hyperion, Madame Masque, The hood, Whiplash, Armin Zola, Crossbone, Constrictor, Boomerang, Puma, Diablo, Shaman, Mojo, Arcade, Mesmero, Silver Samourai, Scourge, Brother Voodoo, Paladin, Gorgon, Von Strucker, Jack O Lantern, Thundra, Misty Knight, Executioner, Destroyer, Blizzard.
Thank you Dan and Thank You eaglemoss

LAWay said...

Fair dues, the forum did a poll asking how collectors purchased figurines and around 36% say they subscribe/buy every figurine, which I think is quite a high number considering.

JinxDealer said...

@ JEAN PHY, your english is very good :) welcome

mighty_marvel said...

around 36% say they subscribe/buy every figurine, which I think is quite a high number considering.

those percentages are misleading because they include the numbers from the dc collection too. if you take just the marvel numbers into consideration there are 113 respondants and 73 of these either subscribe or buy all the figs from elsewhere. this is about 65%

LAWay said...

M_M - I understand what you're saying, but 36% of the voters on the poll buy every figurine. Thats what I said. It could mean that every poll that is voted on could have the same voters, even if they dont collect the marvel collection.

36% of the forum get every figurine. thats the statement which is accurate by the stats.

65% of marvel collectors on the forum buy every figurine. True, cant deny it.

Again - it doesnt mean that only the marvel collectors vote on the polls and you can still be pessimistic whether the data is account or people are lying. But still, it is an impressive tally, more than I imagined.

LAWay said...

So - let's hear it bloggers? How do you buy the collection?

A - Subscriber (buy all figurines)
B - Cannot subscriber but would if possible (buy every figurine)
C - Selective purchases (only buy ones you like)

Each blogger comments and we tally the results by Friday. (or before)

LAWay said...

A - Subscribe (buy every figurine)

Travis said...

Is this the poll your talking about?

Subscriber - Marvel Collection (buy all figures) 18%
Subscriber - DC Collection (buy all figures) 11%
Cannot Subscribe but would if possible - Marvel Collection (buy all figures) 17%
Cannot Subscribe but would if possible - DC Collection (buy all figures) 11%
Selective Purchases - Marvel Collection (but could subscribe) 9%
Selective Purchases - DC Collection (but could subscribe) 8%
Selective Purchases - Marvel Collection (but cannot subscribe) 10%
Selective Purchases - DC Collection (but cannot subscribe) 12%

mighty_marvel said...

i'd like to think it is only the marvel collectors voting on the marvel polls. seems a bit daft voting in a poll you have no vested interest in.

i know for example that as a selective dc buyer i only vote in polls which affect the characters i actually want.

oh, and on the marvel side i'm A - subscriber (buy every figurine)

Bagman said...

Option B for me can't subscribe but would but buy every figurine.

Victor said...

B - Cannot subscriber but would if possible (buy every figurine)

As a Portuguese collector I cannot subscribe, but I buy all the figures and all the specials at Forbidden Planet and on the eBay all the variants.

tinodragon14 said...

I have said this before I started buying the Marvel Collection from my local comic book store, B.S.I. Comics, when they started being sold there which was sometime after the collection had started in England. The collection had however started with the number 1 issue Spidey. I bought two & have been collecting them all since sometimes two if I really like the figure usually villains. I missed the Blade figure somehow but was able to buy it through a site call Now I order all the figures through the Previews catalog that comes out every month at B.S.I. Comics. I just ordered ODIN, BLACKHEART & THE PUPPET MASTER. Actual figures I have I'm up to TRITON (I bought two of him) but I'm still missing Dazzler (115), Snowbird (136), Wasp (137), Prowler (147) & Firestar (148) which seemed to be delayed coming from England. While I am buying all of Marvel I have to be more selective with DC because of cost but I am still buying a lot of the DC figures.

LAWay said...

@tino - so thats 'A' then? Just wanted simple answers so its easier to keep track of later when I skim through.

@m_m - i'd like to think so too, but you never know. Unless you can eliminate all doubt that people don't/can't vote on polls then the results will always be in question. Of course it could just be a minority voting like this, but it could taint the results either way.

@Travis - i changed it slightly for the blog because its the marvel blog, i figured its pointless adding the DC bits.

TheTooN said...

@Rich - Thanks for the reply re Moondragon its appreciated.

@Jean - Very good English my friend, I did wonder about navel-gazing though :)

I have suffered when buying plinths 2nd hand, you wonder about folks mentality sending 5 out in a cardboard box with each one wrapped in just a plastic Tesco bag. I heard the postie rattling before the door bell rang !

I love plinths so much I found Ikea bookshelves that fit perfectly and bought 3. Cheap and cheerful but they look nice and almost made to measure for the CMFC.

And here's a recent pic of mine.;topic=1428.0;attach=3397;image

I have 22 plinths now all bought used via Ebay.

Handy tip for anyone still using them. After dusting grab some black liquid shoe polish with a foam applicator and apply liberally.

Once dried you wont believe its the same plinth. 'Ohhhhhh Shiny' Also much easier for future dusting.

JinxDealer said...

@ LAWay . im a "A" i think, buy em all but i choose not to subscribe

ted sallis said...

I had a feeling in my water subby day was soon. And they just arrived. Toad is...actually...nice??
Moondragon is also loveley, no problems whatsoever with her paintjob.
I have to say the highlight of this subby pack is the picture of the upcoming Spiral fig, she looks simply sensational

JinxDealer said...

@ THE TOON. just tried your boot polish tip & the results are good mate looks like new, thanks

JinxDealer said...

so ive thought long & hard & decided to buy the DC & blackest night collection after randomly buying 20 & i must say the quality of the DC figurines is very good :) i guess the extra £1 is well worth it when you compare them to the marvel figurines

BobDiamond said...

Hi LA,
'A' for me...


TheTooN said...

Put me in the 'A' camp. Buy 100% through redhotcomics up in Glasgow.

LAWay said...

@Toon - great display! Looks wicked with the binders n the background too. Only problem is how much space its taking up! lol Your wife must be praying for it to end soon. ^_^

Since I posted the 'blog poll':

10 blog members
8 members voting

5 voted 'A' - 62.5%
3 voted 'B' - 37.5%
0 voted 'C' - 0%

Let's keep it going and get a more substantial amount of members voting for a more accurate result. :)

Jean Phy said...

In France, the figs are hard to find if you are not in Paris or if you are not a suscriber.
We don't have a lot of comics shops.
100% of my friends are suscribers and I think 70 to 90% of the french collectors are suscribers (maybe more).

Jean Phy said...

By the way, this is a interesting french link

TheTooN said...

Thanks matey.

The bookshelves are perfect depth for binders or books to sit behind the plinths. It does stop me from casually getting one out to read though, had my fair share of accidents moving full plinths :(

My missus hates my room :P

She wants me to convert the garage and move in there instead. Not that we need a spare bedroom she just wants me and my 'stuff' out of her house.

If I could move into Roberts loft I would be happy.

I got my Johnny Alpha,Judge Anderson and Slaine figures btw Rob so will chat on your blog later.


We need the deadhorse icon from the forum on here ;)

Check out these wargaming miniatures and imagine them CMFC size.

Surely there must be at least a UK market for those exact same characters and there must be 60+ there.

Nemesis, Torquemada, ABC Warriors, Chief Judge Cal (and fish !!) Strontium Dogs, Rogue Trooper etc etc.

Thor8 said...

LAWay; I used to be a "B" have every figurine up to #114 except Carnage,but recently I've converted to "C"buying about 8 or 9 of every 10.

Thor8 said...

TooN: Your not alone with your problem with "the better half". My wife feels the same way about my collection.

Kal Brindle said...

I cannot subscribe in Canada, but I buy every Marvel figure (although I am still looking for a couple of the more elusive figures - Lizard, Blade, green Quicksilver, white Genis Vell and both RTSMs).

I would buy this collection for another 10 years no problem (assuming I live that long). How many extensions would that get us?

I have been picking and choosing on the DC side, though with the recent confirmation of the Doom Patrol, I may have to revisit that decision.

As for the Man Cave, well my husband hates mine but that's just tough luck for him. I keep my obsessions to the one room and whenever he gets snippy about it I remind him how many horses we have and how flippin' expensive they are!

Speaking of horses, how about some cowboys in the next extension Eaglemoss?!!

mighty_marvel said...

with his avengers links i'd like to see two-gun kid. if u put him in avengers category though its likely that stingray and USAgent will be ahead of him.

i've got most of the variants except for grey hulk (for some reason i was never offered him even though i was offered all the others) and green quicksilver (no way i'm paying those prices). they're not displayed though and have never even been out of their bags. as its now very unlikely i'll have the full set i've been considering selling the others.

oh, if my maths is correct 10 years will give us another 13 extensions. (10 years = 520 weeks, extension of 20 takes 40 weeks to release. 520/40 = 13 extensions)

kissynose said...


Kal Brindle said...

If you decide to part with them MM - let me know via PM on the forum - I'd be interested, as my blue Angel and Dark Phoenix have minor damage and as I said I don't have white Genis.

TheTooN said...

Thats spooky ! I just refreshed the page after reading Kal's first post and had been trying to remember the name of the one in the Avengers.

Not read anything else with a Cowboy in it tbh.

If you asked me 6 months ago if I wanted Horror in the collection I would have said no but I liked Dracula and Werewolf HAS to be better than Man Wolf....right ?

I am still unsure of Cowboys but then I haven't really thought about it.

Who would you want if you could pick one Kal ? link a pic so we can see how you would have his pose and costume.

ted sallis said...

Love to see a Marvel western character included, it's the only corner of the MU without representation. In these days of xbox n yer interweb, kids still love Cowboys...and dinosaurs. So what with us being overgrown kids i reckon a fig of a rootin tootin cowboy would sell like sarsaparilla at an AA meeting.EEyaw.....waitaminnit that's donkey!!

LAWay said...

Cant read French. Had my hopes up that it involved free figurines, but I doubt it. ^_^

promo1965 said...

I'm a Portuguese collector and cannot subscribe. I buy all the figures in eBay. So..

B - buy every figurine

CGJ said...

A. Leigh, for whatever mortarr shell you are compiling to fire at the forum

As for subby packs, Moondragon looked like she had been baked out of clay. Hands looked like catchers mitts and the paintjob crossed from flesh to costume and back again.

Toad too didnt seem to have the level of detail present in the other figs.

Most disappointing, but looking at the Spiral pic on the back of the mag, oh boy, figurine of the collection and no mistake

ted sallis said...

I'm A- subscriber ( buy all)
star sign -cancer
i like to relax by taking long walks while listening to whale song.

BobDiamond said...

Found the perfect place for Toad. put him in front of Omega Red, and they look like they're 'very good friends' indeed...


Robert said...

Hi, guys.

Moondragon. I was in town today - saw Marines and frightened actors running through George Square at one point! - and bought Moondragon. Pleased as I am to have her on my shelf next to Thanos and Warlock, two other members of the Inifinty Watch, the paintjob is just shocking, hands-down the worst I have ever seen on a CMFC figure. And also disappointed with the seldom-seen headband and overly-tall collar. I will have to repaint the whole thing it is so sloppy. When I look at someone like Jack of Hearts or the Enchantress, who're beautifully done, it's hard to believe Moonie's from the same collection.

P.S. Hope your first born had a great first day, Ted, and daddy didn't cry too much... :)

ted sallis said...

Thanks Robert, i kept myself together, there was a fare old thunderstorm here this morning....hope their mutant powers aren't manifesting themselves already.
Just checked over Moondragon again ,she's absolutely fine, you poor folks must have figs painted by the same disgruntled employee ;)

Robert said...

Glad it went well, Ted.

Maybe one of the zombies cavorting around Glasgow painted my Moondragon? Nah, they'd never had done such a sloppy job. At first I thought she had hugely deformed ears, then realised the earrings weren't done. And there's a huge ridge on her head, like someone cut her head in half and disinterestedly put it back together whilst wearing over gloves. And that's over and above the wildly uneven paintjob, the dumb headband and non-comic accurate, extended collar. I think I can repair the paintjob and I'll sand down the head to remove the ridge and headband, so it's rescuable, I just don't think I should have to. Quality control must have been hiding behind barricades trying to get Brad Pitt's autograph the day this monster came off the production line.

ted sallis said...

And that was your pick of the bunch??? Yeesh! i'd hate to see the ones you turned down.
by the the way the old firm are mince. i love ou robert but .....mince

Robert said...

All three Moondragons were as bad as each other, Ted. They were all so ugly I could swear I saw stubble on one. Never thought that when Moonie spoke she'd have a gruff voice like Clint Eastwood on his way to a gun fight.

I mean, I sometimes touch up feet or an edge of clothing; no biggie. Never had to completely repaint a figure before, though. I should get the painter's fee for doing his job!

Agree about OF. My dad was probably at the game at Ibrox, so I'll be keeping out of his way for at least a day or two.

Thor8 said...

Y'know I just have to ask myself just how honest people are when answering these "unoficial polls" I'm not accusing anyone,but I have read time and time again in this blog: "I didn't like the Toasterman figurine,so I will not be buying this one". "I never was a fan of Cheer leader girl so I'll pass on this one". And now everyone who has ansered the poll states that they collect ever single figurine. It does not compute.

Robert said...

Didn't reply to the poll as I wasn't on at the time, but I pick-and-choose now, Thor8. As a general rule of thumb, I only buy characters I read about, or did read about. If I don't know a character, they hold little interest. That can sometimes even extend to characters being redesigned, like Drax or Nova, and no longer being recognisable as the character I know.

Anonymous said...

Words of appreciation
Friday's update is near, and I thought I'd rebalance this blog by expressing gratitude to Dan and the EM team for running the CMFC, a dream come true for Marvel fans.

Let me quoting one of the many nice comments from the forum:
"people should appreciate how helpful Dan, Rich and the rest of the team at EM are to us. They allow us input of what figures are coming up, what costums should be considered, sneaks peaks, insights and even let us vote on characters and offer competitions. I have not seen a collection such as this offer so much choice for participation and involvement and for people to throw that back at EM makes me sad and angry. We should appreciate what these guys because without that effort it would be no where near as enjoyable or interesting".

As for me, I'll also add that Dan is showing great transparency by sharing his thought processes with us on this blog. He shows us how his opinions get formed - and sometime change, as with Gamora - and this should be appreciated, not become cause for complaint. It's a honest process, and fuelled by passion and commitment, which I like. The alternative would be that he does not share at all, and only speaks when his decision is final. The guy's human, not the Living Tribunal!

ted sallis said...

Ah...Thor8 you have caught me out, there was indeed one special i phoned to cancel, such was my outrage that Sasqidditch would be formed from resin. turns out the words i received from Deadpool were both prophetic and touching " Ted, stop being a **** and judge when you have the fig in hand"..he was right i was wrong ;)

Anonymous said...

I love how the 181-200 turned out and I can't wait to know which 4 characters will join the rest.

PS. My Moondragon is immaculately painted. She's awesome. My only gripe is the headband. Bad decision to include it! It only represents a negative episode in her history, as she was having her telapathic powers dampened down as a punishment. She should have been without headband, which is her most Marvel canonic and iconic look.

Robert said...

Well, glad some folk like Blake got a decent Moondragon. If I had put an unpainted figure under a tree and then tied a paintbrush to a branch, the wind blowing the branch about randomly wouldn't have made any worse a job than the guy who did my Moondragon.

ted sallis said...

Kurly pies ,i echo your sentiments, regarding our input to this once in a lifetime collection.
Any chance of The Bloodstone appearing in yer virtual gallery? after all Rich has promised him by 2018????

spidey_1979 said...

Whats with all the sycophants? People had a legitimate complaint and expressed it. OK, some people calling for Dan's job was going too far but to now start with the constant praise instead? Get real. EM make money from this collection and the team are paid. They're not doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. And as for allowing customers input into the collection, it makes financial sense. EM are getting free market research; and customers, until now, have been getting what they want, which will increase sales and make EM more money.

Travis said...


Have to agree with Spidey. There must have been a sale of chapstick at the local stores.

Where I can I get a job where people think I can do no wrong?

Look I have been told to drop it so I will. This subject has gotten very old and stale anyways. Let's just hope we have all (both EM staff and fans alike) learned a lesson here so we can all move on from this past week.

John said...

B - Cannot subscribe but would if possible (buy every figurine)


John said...

One more annoying post before Friday...

Gamora decision is CRAP!!!

Thor8 said...

Gee,it goes perfectly with your comment John.

jimbob said...

I don't think we will have an update today.After we had that post on Monday,poll results next week and comp.

Anonymous said...

why can't we have less team characters and more stand alone characters like whirlwind,blastaar,tarantula,mab-bull etc.i don't see why every extension has to include so many team members,3 or maybe 4 should be enough surely.there are just so many stand alone villains not being done so people who like new mutants or alpha flight are constantly getting these characters in.i would have thought it made more sense to stretch the collection out to keep more people interested but we keep on getting the same type of characters with very few older villains at all.most of the older villains which have been have largely been spider-man enemies.

LAWay said...

Since I posted the 'blog poll':

24 blog members
15 members voting - 62.5% voted

7 voted 'A' - 46.7%
7 voted 'B' - 46.7%
1 voted 'C' - 6.6%

Jean Phy said...

A - Subscribe (buy every figurine)

TheTooN said...

To call people sycophants for daring to say they love this collecion and are grateful to have it is frankly ridiculous.

The conversation wasnt just stale it stank like a dead dog.

I would take Whirlwind Blastaar and Tarantula in a flash Lon. No idea who Mab-bull is tho. (Or Man-Bull if it was a typo)

Another mini update would be nice today.

I just wonder how EM took this week. I would still have steam coming out my ears.

tinodragon14 said...

MAN-BULL aka Bill Taurens aka Bull Taurus (Taurus the Bull) is a DD villain who first appeared way back in 1971. An experimental (bull) serum turned him into the super-strong creature with horns called MAN-BULL. A modern day Minotaur is what he had become.

ted sallis said...

Travis my boy, have you lost weight?..or done something with your hair?, Whatever it is it works, lookin gooood ma man!
What was i saying??....oh yeah, sycophancy, turns my stomach, it's no use trying to curry favour with Rich and Dan ( two of the cutest names eva!!) in some forlorn hope this will help expedite the inclusion of your "pick"
Nope you have to be or do something pretty special to earn their favour...a bit like me really, Those guys at EM were really struggling to come up with a comp idea, Then uncle Ted rode to the rescue, No thanks was needed i was just being wonderful as per usual, Then Rich (in so many words says Bloodstone is a stick on cert for the 380-400 extension. 2018=BLOODSTONE=RESULT!!! ;)

Thor8 said...

Looking forward to an update today,no matter how short. I agree that their are many classic villains that still have to be added to this collection. Looking at the intro mag given way back when with the purchase of the Spider-Man figurine,I noticed that out of all the characters listed in the then five main Marvel branches,only The Jackal has not been produced or approved. (Yes I know Aunt May is there also,but frankly I don't think OR wish she will be done).

Like the Jackal there are many main villains that should have been approved by now. I'll wait a little longer to see if we get an update today before mentioning some of them.

Anonymous said...

Any ideas on how I can vote? In the past I submitted my choices to Rich and then another time to grim from SHFF.

Thanks Dan

TGR said...

sorry James, but you can't vote, nor can any of the previously banned members.

Harsh but fair.

Deadpool said...

Deadpool sends his regards.

I told him I had read there was a bit of controversy on this blog and he wants me to say that he thinks Dan is doing a good job.

I mentioned the subscriber vote and he says count him as A A A for all three collections (he wastes too much time and money on this if you ask me, so he owes me something nice).

He's asked me to take some pictures of his last model, Judge Anderson for his stupid blog.

I liked the one he did for his friend's disabled nephew but he only took a picture on my Iphone.

I can't believe grown men collect dolls (you can call them what you like, lead figurines or statues but in reality they are dolls).
At least it keeps him quiet for a while.

He has promised to be back from Africa the last week of October but I want him to take me to Iceland then for a short break.


mgf said...

TGR preened: "sorry James, but you can't vote, nor can any of the previously banned members.

Harsh but fair."

Non-EM staff member has power to prevent EM customer from casting vote in EM poll.

What a curious state of affairs, and how odd EM would allow such a thing to develop.

Email Dan, James. I'm sure he'll sort you out.

Word verification is "Whoexactlyrunsthiscollection?"

JinxDealer said...

i cant believe the hatred between blog vs forrum, from my point of view we should all get along after all we all want the collection to run forever .. but sadly at times a few forrum members seen to come across as a bit authoritative with a hint of one-upmanship. lets play nice :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks mgf.... I know I dont understand it? Surely as a paying customer I have every right to a vote? Do you know dans email? My email is: