Friday, 19 August 2011

Just a quickie

Been super-busy this week - haven't had much time to read your comments.

The forum choice is still running, so won't get confirmation until next week.

Hopefully I can run the competition next week.

The Golden Age poll will still be running for a while longer - Although Namora seems to be running away with it. I've not done a lot of research on her, but would assume her costume would be either her original or latest?



Dene Mason's sketches for Longshot ... (went with E - best not to go down the all-out action look that could go badly wrong).

...and Gamora.... (yes I went with my gut feeling and went with her original cossie, after consulting with the sculptor we decided it could be done if we didn't do the netting too small/close together and were clever with the paint job. Went with A (it's got that no-nonsense 'come and have a go if you think your hard enough' attitude, yet still feminine and sexy).

That's all folks!

Have a great weekend. Dan


Robert said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, Dan.

What a lovely and unexpected surprise! Now I can put classic Adam, next to classic Moondragon, next to classic Gamora.

This is the best news I've heard on here for months if not years.

That's really made my weekend!

Did I say thanks?

SinisterVenom said...

For a 'quickie' it's still a nice update, thanks Dan! :)
Sebastian Shaw and Swordsman look amazing! Really love Shaw in particular, bring em on!
I think you chose the right pose for Gamora. As for Longshot, I prefer pose D but I can live with E, it's still a great pose all in all.
Thanks again Dan, any idea when you'll get to see the sculpt for Sif?

Robert said...

Does anyone who is into D&D, Lord of the Rings and that sort of thing know where I can get a Pip-like troll?

Gremlin in the works said...

All great news. Swordsman and Shaw are looking great painted. And the concpet poses for Longsot and Gamora are good too.

I hope that if you do decide to put a Golden Age character through next time you will put Namora through. She ticks many boxes....obviously she's a GA character but also made a good leap into modern comics. Plus she is currently featuring in an interesting Avengers series set bfore the original Avengers set-up shop. As for the look....both have their merits. I like her modern one as it looks more superhero-ey but still retains the aspects of her original.

mighty_marvel said...

WHAT????? Can't believe you let the minority of whingers sway you to original costume for gamora. That fig is now ruined for me, and for the many people who wanted a modern guardians of the galaxy display. It's not as if the costume poll was even close. 66% to 33% is a pretty comprehensive victory.

Banshee said...

Yes Dan!!! Give us Namora in her modern costume at the beginning of the next extension :-)

Wanted modern Gamora but I can live with the classic look. Great pose though.

Seb Shaw looks great and I wasn't even that bothered when he got announced. Now I can't wait to get him :-)

Any chance of seeing some Moonstone progress soon Dan??

Victor said...

I echo the words of Robert:
"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, Dan.

What a lovely and unexpected surprise! Now I can put classic Adam, next to classic Moondragon, next to classic Gamora.

This is the best news I've heard on here for months if not years.

That's really made my weekend!

Did I say thanks?"

SinisterVenom said...

Forgot to comment on Namora, oops.
I don't know a great deal on the character if I'm honest but from the images, I'd say the second one sorta goes with the look that the Sub-Mariner figurine has so I would want that one. It's not really a great reason I know but it's all I can say I'm afraid.
Oooo well done on the first comment Robert, beat me by 1 minute! You're as quick as the Whizzer today haha ;)
Saying that, I think I would have preferred Whizzer as my Golden Age choice but oh well.

tinodragon14 said...

Congrats to Robert on Gamora. I know he will be pleased. Preferred the original myself.

I must admit seeing SHAW painted I like the look of the figure & his face.

SWORDSMAN painted is a marvel. You guys matched his costume colors quite well.

Not a big fan of LONGSHOT so I will not dispute the choice of drawing.

Victor said...

mighty_marvel will be cheering for variants or re-dos , from now.

We need re-dos of some characters, urgent... hehehehe

TheTooN said...

Hooray for classic Gamora !!!

spidey_1979 said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, Dan.

What a lovely and unexpected surprise! Now I get to save myself £5.99 when Gamora is released.

Anonymous said...

HUGE disappointment with Classic Gamora. Gonna be a shame to see another figurine ruined with grooves. And considering you guys avoided fishnets on two DC characters due to how troublesome they are... a character dressed in nothing but is going to be awful. But happy for fans of that version. Just means she'll be stuck in the back of the display with other terrible choices like the Adam Warlock figurine we got.

Everything else looks fantastic so far. Loving the pose for Longshot, and glad you included his knives.

TheTooN said...

I can accept some folk preferred the modern Gamora but to skip it due to the costume choice before even seeing it is a little bit odd imho.

I actually voted modern out of worry about the fishnets but changed my mind (and apologised shamefacedly) for doubting EM's ability. I hope she is a knockout when she arrives.


Anonymous said...

Here's hoping that Gamora works out in the sculpt stage. Would be a huge shame if you guys wasted all that money on the figurine sculpt and then found out that it's going to look awful. And have to scrap her and redo her entirely in modern. Cause I can almost see it happening.

Gremlin in the works said...

Whilst I voted for modern Gamora the classic concept sketch looks good. My only worry is the fishnets won't look good up close. Typhoid Mary looks good from afar but when you inspect her closely the fishnets are blatently indents on the sculpt.

mighty_marvel said...

unless they've figured out another way to do fishnets, all those cuts into the fig as a full body detail is going to look horrible.

Anonymous said...

Agreed Mighty Marvel.

The cuts/grooves in Typhoid Mary's legs look terrible. Especially since the wash painting on them almost never is perfect. Now we're going to have even smaller and closer together cuts/grooves all over the body of a figurine? It's going to look bloody awful.

Thor8 said...

I'm glad for Robert and I'm glad for myself on your decision on Gamora,thanks Dan.

Namora wasn't my #1 pick for the Golden Age hero,but I will be getting her and hope she opens the door for other golden age heroes in this collection. Yes I'm aware of the Destoyer special,but he wasn't accepted that well.I believe Namora will do much better. I really can't decide which costume I prefer though,Her mordern look is great,but if other golden age heroes are to come,she would fit in best with her classic look.

Shaw looks good,but Swordsman seems kind of rushed. His facial features are off.Eyes too big and his mustache is on his upper lip. The colors seem right,but just a tad too shiny!? I apologize if I criticize too much,but this is a figurine I've been really wishing for and would like to see it done magnificently.

As for the pose chosen for Longshot;Is it just me or does the pose look just a bit feminine?

Anonymous said...

Namora has to be modern. Since a lot of her votes are also coming from Agents of Atlas fans. Which is where she's sporting that modern costume. Plus the other GA redesigns for Agents of Atlas would look better than their GA looks. Would be nice to have one team outside of the Astonishing X-Men in matching costumes. Since that's not possible with GotG anymore.

Banshee said...

That's what I thought, the stance is very camp. Oo-er :-p

LarryS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mighty_marvel said...

since namora won the golden age poll, and is the character most of the fans want, we probably won't get her at all and we'll get toro instead. so namora's costume is neither here nor there

LarryS said...

I guess we're now suffering the "not much news today" consequence of the decision by the EM suits that Dan had to announce two new figurine selections per week back in June and July.

C'est la vie!

LarryS said...

mighty_marvel: would I be detecting a smidgen of bitterness?

Anonymous said...

Oh, wait. I misread. So they're NOT going to do the netting too small or close together. So the tight netting pattern look that is on the actual character isn't even going to be represented on the figurine? We're basically going to get what we got on Typhoid Mary's legs all over. Wow... now I'm sure it won't look good. Or even comic accurate.

LarryS said...

Dan -

Using the time you saved with your self-confessed "quick update", why not finally load images of the next five characters onto the homepage.

ie - Toad, Moondragon, Spiral, Siryn, Blackheart.

Plus Odin in the space where EM promotes the next special.

I know I mentioned this last week, plus the week before. So I’m hoping it’s third time lucky

Anonymous said...

Longshot is very lithe and has hollow bones. So the poses are pretty fitting for the character. Since he's always leaping around, and avoiding attacks with a graceful swiftness while tossing his weapons. So it works for the character. Hopefully he has the mullet.

JinxDealer said...

agreed.. totally unexpected & against the forum vote ( i predict some angry voters ). good luck with the fish-nets hope it works out. & liking the painted skulps

Anonymous said...


Dan doesn't do that stuff personally. They have a small website team that handles stuff like that. Hopefully they'll update it soon.

LarryS said...

Thanks CBR Beast.

Hey, website team, listen up! If anyone's still in the office, how about getting this sorted before popping out for your Friday night pint?

tinodragon14 said...

So it appears Namora was voted for not as a Golden Age character so much but as an updated character in the newer shortlived & recent Agents of Atlas & Atlas comic book runs. I do not believe this is a fair vote for those other actual Golden Age characters who did not have the benefit of recent name recognition.

mgf said...

Great news on Gamora. I seem to remember someone saying how it never really mattered which costume was used as it is still the character regardless. I forget whom...

Paint jobs look absolutely excellent.

PS: Superb news on Swamp Thing for the DC collection.

tinodragon14 said...


tinodragon14 said...

I also applaud SWAMP THING being added to the DC Specials. I will place him next to Marvel's MAN THING so all the things will be hanging out.

Iceman Drake said...

What?? I am very, very bummed & shocked about the Gamora 180, especially since 66% of your customer base voted for the modern costume, and more importantly, against the "clsasic" costume.... Please reverse this decision before it is too late.

With the change to Gamora, the GotG lose any hope at looking like a team and displaying well together. Consequently, I don't see the point in collecting any more GotG. I will skip Major Victory, and any other GotG that gets confirmed.

mgf said...

The Gamora choice was the correct one. The forum does good stuff but is not the be all and end all of the CMFC.

Well done, EM.

jimbob said...

Hmmm,a bit worried now about the future of these figurines.

Thought the mistake if costume choices was behind us.

Don't want another Rouge and Mystique costume mistake.

I would lose interested in teams if they don't match,like one having modern costume and the other classic.

michal9402 said...

Really nice news.
Sebastian and Swordman looks great.
For Longshot the best option for me is A. Nice and oryginal pose. Pose E honestly is best worse for me... look a little like Wolverine.
I'm happy for original Gamora's costume. Both pose proposition look good so I'm sure for great figure:)

michal9402 said...

I forgot about Namora.
I prefer modern costume only becouse I never see her before in first but if you want classic I can live with that 'couse it looks good too... like Golden Age should look:)

Anonymous said...

I don't even know why Dan even asked for a poll about the costume choice. If he knew what he wanted from the start, he should have just went with what he wanted from the start. It really comes off as a complete snub to anyone who bothered to vote and voice their opinions. Oh well, after the Howard the Duck and Rocket Raccoon decisions I'm not shocked at all that EM doesn't really care what people want.

Anonymous said...

"So it appears Namora was voted for not as a Golden Age character so much but as an updated character in the newer shortlived & recent Agents of Atlas & Atlas comic book runs. I do not believe this is a fair vote for those other actual Golden Age characters who did not have the benefit of recent name recognition."

Sorry Tino, she's still a Golden Age character. Just with a modern costume. The poll was for Golden Age characters. Not Golden Age costumes. And Namora and the other Agents characters in their modern togs are more than allowed.

ted sallis said...

Swamp!,Finaly i'll be able to tell who is the most startling swamp creature of all :)
Gamora excellent news on the costume choice.
Seb Shaw looks excellent.
Ted fae the shed

Robert said...

Tried hard to resist the urge not to make another comment on Gamora, in case it comes across as gloating. I know that folk I really like - John, for instance - will be very disappointed.

However, it made/ makes little sense to me to pick the modern costume. The classic costume is the one she wore longest, in the most number of appearances, in her highest profile stories, in her greatest stories (even the writers of the GoTG acknowledged that), given to her by her creator, etc. It was the logical choice. That's mainly why I was so indignant, not because it was my personal favourite but because it made no sense to me at all to go with the modern look.

CBR has complained that Dan shouldn't have had a poll as he'd already made his mind up. He hadn't and said he leaned towards the classic in a previous post. And, as CBR himself pointed out to someone else, Eaglemoss are not bound by any poll. (Yes, that was yet another example of hypocrisy from CBR Beast. Starting to lose count now...) Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if EM were looking at Drax and thinking, "We need to take these polls with a pinch of salt."

Thanks to Tino and others for the kind comments, by the way. It was as if I had won the upcoming competition today, it really made my day.

LarryS said...


Just popped up online a few minutes ago.

What's the collective verdict of my fellow bloggers..?

bethrezen said...

Namora - Only Modern

Gamora - She must have MODERN costume! A pose

Longshot - D or E pose

Iceman Drake said...

The right choice is the choice the fans want. If fans wanted a kitsch costume from 1975 (or were even older to remember it), they would have voted for it, not against it. They did not. A rational person should expect EM to produce a product that makes most of their customer base happy. One can reconcile themselves with EM producing a product they don't necessarily want if it is what a majority of the customer base wants. Why go against an overwhelming majority of your customers? Even worse, why ask their opinion, affirm their choice, and then dismiss it for no better reason than to go with your gut? I hope either a change of costume, or a better explanation for the dismissiveness toward the majority of the customer base is forthcoming.

Iceman Drake said...

*old enough to remember it

LAWay said...

For a quick update, I am impressed because we got alot of pictures here. And personally, I love seeing the sketches and pre-production side of things, so I think it was a great update.

Shaw looks decent painted. Standing next to Cap makes the old sculpts look terrible with the level of detail. lol *cough* redos *cough* ;)

Swordsman looks good painted too. Not great. Why? Because of the hand and sword obscuring the front view. His wrist tilted slightly and its fixed. Remember we display these figurines front on, and the front on silhouette should be the 1st thing that is considered. The face, I called it before and I'll reiterate, its not swordsman. There is no character, no charm, no arrogance, no charisma. At least make the guy have a cocky grin on him. It looks like he has a dislocated jaw and its still smarten'.

(not being too negative, the paints bring it to life, but the ball was dropped on those areas, like I stated when the sculpt was previewed. My own opinion though, others may love it.)

I think I voted Namora, purely for the Namor connection. tbh from the list, there weren't really any 'big' names that I thought needed to be in the collection. Why do we want another human torch? From the 1st one and Pyro...sculpting fire doesnt come out well. So I am pleased with the result, especially after showing her modern costume! Somewhere out there, Deadpool is approving vigorously.

I believe the Longshot pose, seriously you picked the worst most generic pose out of the previews. None of them are particularly 'actiony' or dynamic, so it was safe either way. I believe pose A worked the best. Its different, front on, and he looks ready for action without being 'in action'. Pose E is another one of these 'not facing front' models and to be honest, looks camp. You have probably approved already, but please reconsider.

Gamora, about the costume. Either way I was not really fussed. I knew her more in her modern costume from artwork, but I still havent read her in anything. I personally think its visually a better design too, but I dont mind the other one. I hope it is done right though. I believe the effect would work better than Typhoid Mary becayse of the skin tone and the colour of the fishnets not being at such a high contrast, but we shall see. I think you got the pose right with this one.

I don't understand the reason for the poll, which if anything will anger more people going against the decision. I applaud sticking to your guns, but had you done that from the beginning - ie offer Mystique in white vs black and white won the poll and you decided on black, there would be hell. Of course, people are overreacting saying they wont buy it which is really petty. 'Plastic' collectors.

So decent update. I would have liked to have seen changes, mainly a smile on Swordsman, and Longshot sketch changed to A. Other than that, decent update.

Anonymous said...

I think it's best to wait and see the sculpt before worrying about how Gamora will look.

While 66% did vote for her modern look, a quick look through the actual posts shows that many of those voters said they would be fine with either but elected to pick modern. So, 66% did not vote against the original look.

I have no problem with EM picking their favorite looks if it means getting a character in the collection.

Robert said...

Iceman, your argument and conclusion are based on the premise that the forum is the "overwhelming majority of [the CMFC] customers". If that were the case, you would be correct to say EM ignored their customers. However, the forum - and not even all the forum voted - represents a small number of the collectors, so your argument is not sound at all.

And any claims that the forum is representative of the larger collecting base remains unproven (as does the opposite, of course).

mighty_marvel said...

EM don't exactly have a flawless record when it comes to deciding costumes. the worst costume choices have all been EMs decisions - rogue, mystique, beast, gamora. maybe they should be taking their 'gut decisions' with a pinch of salt too.

LAWay said...

@Larry S

Ghost Rider trailer looks remarkably decent. Much better than the first, but let's not forget they put all the cool features from the 1st in the trailer. But its good to see Ghost Rider actually kicking some butt! I just dont understand who he will be fighting against. Whats the point of it all?

Anonymous said...

I thought some of the bad costume choices, for example, Beast, were because Marvel told them that was the look they had to use.

Robert said...

Alexocks: Exactly.

Larry, thanks for the tip. Trailer looks good. Let's hope it's another hit for Marvel.

LAWay said...

Regarding the Batmobile collection and batman chess sets.

Anyone buying them? Havent seen them in any shops. Seen the batmobiles are going for alot of money on eBay. The chess set figurines look amazing in detail after checking out some new reveals.

Cant find any websites listing the marvel chess sets however. Even if they are being tested, it must be pretty secretly.

How well is the product doing?Subscription number wise will it have legs to continue? I dont wanna buy if no one has heard of it and it wont be completed.

Should subscriptions be like them in the future? Subscribe and get a free gift. Then reach x-issue of your subscription, receive another gift etc etc. tbh seems a great solution to keep collectors on board, but with so many marvel collectors being completists but cant/dont want to subscribe, and those who want everything available to them whether they buy it all or not, are EM shooting themselves in the foot with it? Will it scare people away?

And why dont they advertise them in their own mags? Let's hear about it.

(anyway, just disappointed I havent heard much from these products - i know different teams handle them, but still.)

pirate adam said...

Wow i'm late to the party, great choice for Gamora, thrilled for Robert getting the original look, i myself wasn't bothered either way and would have brought either costume choice

i am not in anyway having a dig at the forum but as Robert said they are a minority when it comes to the whole number of collectors, does everyone who voted even collect the CMFC or are they just SHFF members who thought they would vote in a poll? allot of the voters didn't even bother to explain there choice in the comments section

i know EM will prove the boohoo'ers wrong and make a great Gamora sculpt


Thor8 said...

The "golden age" poll was meant to be for a golden age character that should look Golden Age. In my past post I was indecisive which costume she should use,but now I realize that if she's going to represent the GA she should have her classic costume,if not she will represent the golden age as much as Captain America or Namor do.

"Longshot is very lithe and has hollow bones. So the poses are pretty fitting for the character. Since he's always leaping around, and avoiding attacks with a graceful swiftness while tossing his weapons." The Angel has hollow bones and is very lithe also,and you see him using Barbie poses.

I agree with LAWay on The Swrdsman facial expression.

I am glad that you made your own decision and wentwith the original look for Gamora.

"What?? I am very, very bummed & shocked about the Gamora 180, especially since 66% of your customer base voted for the modern costume" The votes on the forum does not represent 66% of EM's customers,it reresents 66% of the forums voters. No way is this the same. The forum voters voted for Drax's costume and how many eople have posted on this blog hating it?

Thor8 said...

"EM don't exactly have a flawless record when it comes to deciding costumes. the worst costume choices have all been EMs decisions - rogue, mystique, beast, gamora. maybe they should be taking their 'gut decisions' with a pinch of salt too."

And their comp winners also?

Barnabas said...

As you are going to produce a Golden Age figure, they should stand out and as such they should be in their original costumes. Especially as those characters pre-date modern Marvel.In that way you could create a psudo Golden Age Subset.


ted sallis said...

Dan, god love you mate, all the sychophants have turned a touch nasty, I've every faith yer team of magic elves will do Gamora proud.

LAWay said...

What if EM poll us with every decision? lol

Ok, mental I know, but hear me out. I cant imagine this would ever be effective or productive and the hell it would raise. But with twitter and social networking we can get user interaction at an instance.

Starting with the character, we can vote on the costume. Then with the pose sketches, we can vote on that, and in that way, we should get a product that the majority of fans have voted for and are happy with.

How to poll everyone fairly? How about a combined poll from the forum, a poll from the blog, and even a email poll. Heck, if you can set it up, do a text based one and make money out of it.

After taking all the polls, create an average.

[b]EG - Gamora Modern Vs Classic costume[/b]

[b]Forum Poll[/b]
Modern - 66%
Classic - 33%

[b]Blog Poll[/b]
Modern - 40%
Classic - 60%

[b]Email Poll[/b]
Modern - 55%
Classic - 45%

[b]Average Poll[/b]
Modern - 54%
Classic - 46%

(stats made up)
A very complicated and pointless way to do things? Perhaps. But people often say the forum doesnt reflect how everyone thinks. Just an idea.

mgf said...

I'm relieved EM have reasserted their rather key role in this collection. They don't always get it right, but they get it wrong far less that the kiddiwinks.

As for CBRs view of why Dan ran the poll it was to get a flavour of the opinion. At no point since his arrival have I had the impression he is in thrall to the forum, which is more than I could say for his predecessor.

jimbob said...

Wonder what was Dans reason?

If it was because it would make a nice sculpt.

Then look at Mystique black costume,really nice sculpt but the collectors would have liked the white costume despite the black been done really well.

I'm not too fussed on Gamora,but worried about my other characters wont be done in their obvious costumes.

Gamora didn't need a poll it was obvious that modern was going to win.

Maybe this was to get back at ANNIHILATION fans for having modern Drax.

Robert said...

Have just moved Adam a bit to the right and Thanos a bit to the left...

pirate adam said...


i was fed up of standing next to Thanos, he was steeling me MOJO!!


Robert said...

The space is for Moondragon, Adam. Try to keep your peepers off her ample cleavage... :)

Anonymous said...

Dan The Man:

Another cosmic I know, but she’s pretty hot and really needs to be made! I’m on the fence with the costume on this one! I like the original look, but can see the love for the newer look – there’s only one way to find out FIGHT!....."

And then I'll ignore the overwhelming results and do her how I feel regardless. Even though I'm supposedly on the fence and called for a poll in the first place.

*Rolls His Eyes*

mighty_marvel said...

don't even bring the comp into this thor8. it's not even remotely related.

the view that EM get it right more often than the forum is a matter of opinion. i've been happy with all of the forum's costume choices, whereas i've not liked at least 6 of EMs. so for me, the 'kiddiwinks' get it right more often than EM.

and you're always going to get people who don't agree with a choice being very vocal about it. sure, a few people have complained about drax but it doesn't mean it was the wrong choice. there would probably have been more complaints if he was done in the other look because even more people didnt want it.

mgf said...

I think the important thing now is to get behind this choice and look forward as a communidee to seeing what will almost certainly be a stunning sculpt.

rob said...

check out my cfmc gallery!

ted sallis said...

Are you reading this Dan?...i'm laffing my head off at some of this stuff, basicly EM are nothing without the forum leading you by the hand .How did you poor wee unfortunates survive for 3 yrs before those armchair experts at the forum puffed out there chests and started flinging their thunderbolts of awesomeness at your sorry asses????.

ted sallis said...

Hey groovy , taking a leaf from Roberts book, I have put a blog together of my modest wee original art collection..
My next purchase features..The Beast!! whodathunkit?

Iceman Drake said...


At what size does the population become big enough? If you say the population isn't big enough, what is the current margin of error? What is the current confidence interval? I am curious as to how you came by saying the poll was inaccurate, and just how inaccurate it was.

CGJ said...


The sky has gone black with spat out dummies today, personally I dont care which costume Gamora is in because I dont care for Gamora but it has really shown up a sense of entitlement in some posters.

Ultimately the power remains with EM, which is how it should be.

CGJ said...

oh, and yay for Swamp Thing

mgf said...

MM sed: "the view that EM get it right more often than the forum is a matter of opinion. i've been happy with all of the forum's costume choices, whereas i've not liked at least 6 of EMs. so for me, the 'kiddiwinks' get it right more often than EM."

Nah. In a world turned topsy turvy perhaps, but rotten to the core costume choices have been a spécialité de la maison over on the forum for yonks. A few real hardcore MU fans - an impressive but small grouping imo, but far too many whose love of Marvel is taken from cartoons and lunchboxes of their youth, rather than, God forfend, comics.

Frankly, it's amusing to see the bleating here when a select few don't get what they want, especially as they are so high and mighty when more often than not they do, and so fast to SHOUT others down by stamping their little feet until others get bored of their antics. No names no pack drill. Beast left unmentioned.


If the previous EM management had the same courage shown here today we'd have a better collection. "Drax is too cartoony." Give me strength. The filter forbids my true opinion on that view.

ted sallis said...

The new album by "Thunderbolts of awesomeness" is available on itunes

mighty_marvel said...

mgf said "Nah. In a world turned topsy turvy perhaps, but rotten to the core costume choices have been a spécialité de la maison over on the forum for yonks"


mgf said "Frankly, it's amusing to see the bleating here when a select few don't get what they want"

it's not the select few though mgf. most people wanted modern gamora. the few in this case is those who wanted classic gamora. if classic had won, or even been slightly closer to 50/50 then fair enough, i'd be aggrieved but i wouldn't be complaining. but modern won the poll pretty convincingly.

and i've never been the biggest fan of the forum. but it is the largest sample of collectors that we have got. therefore it should be pretty representative of collectors as a whole.

Thor8 said...

Mighty Marvel: The only reason I mentioned the comp was to get you thinking. Imean I wasn't exactly jumping for joy with your pick as the winner and niether am I to pleased with the choice made by the other winner,but I was sincerally glad and happy for you guys because you won the comp and those were your choices. Instead of congratulating you I could have wrote in and said things like,"Well there goes 2 spots in the collection to some really crappy characters" or "who in the world will spend their money on such lame characters as these?" But I didn't. Why??? ,because just because I don't care for them doesn't mean they are not worthy. You guys like them,you won,and you got them,and the majority of the bloggers here respected your choices. So now that Don and company have made THEIR choice,don't you thnk they should get the same amount of respect.

If Don asks us for our opinion it doesn't exactly mean he has to abide to it. The choice has been made,accept it and live with it.

JinxDealer said...

oh shiz thrs a cyber fight going down ( refreshing the page to keep up ) lol

mighty_marvel said...

thor8 - like you i was pleased for max (even though siryn wasn't my most wanted either) and i'll be pleased for the next comp winner (even if we end up getting beak). but the comp pick is a personal choice. one person getting a character how they want them done. everyone knew that was the deal. if gamora had been chosen by a comp winner and done in classic costume i'd have lived with it because one person shouldn't be expected to think about everyone.

but as a company choice, consumers can question it. the company is supposed to be catering to as many of its customers as possible and using the feedback of its customers to inform their decisions.

Robert said...

"At what size does the population become big enough? If you say the population isn't big enough, what is the current margin of error? What is the current confidence interval? I am curious as to how you came by saying the poll was inaccurate, and just how inaccurate it was."

Never used the word "inaccurate". The point I was making, and you missed completely, was that we have no certainty it is accurate. I don't know whether it is accurate or inaccurate. No one does. THAT'S what I'm trying to say.

The forum AND the blog combined are only a small minority of collectors. My thinking is less about polling the minority than actually considering basic facts like longevity, number of appearances, prominence of appearances, etc. and then deciding that the logical choice of costume for someone like Gamora is classic.

Ted, I'm off to look at your artwork. (By the way, I got the idea of my blog from your blog!)

John said...

Sorry I'm skipping so many people's posts. I'm just beyond pissed and had to get something out.

Gamora?! Really?! Its ruined for me. Not just Gamora, one of my top, absolute Favorite characters, but the Guardians of the Galaxy, one of my top Favorite teams! Its bad enough to have Warlock like that, Rocket shot down. Granted the old fogeys are pleased but I sure as hell aren't!

Let me move away from that... Namora; while she's one of my favorite characters as well, its more because she's a member of one of my favorite teams (Agents of Atlas and the modern GotG are my 2 favorites, if you were wondering.) If she's in her old look, again, it completely wrecks every reason I wanted her in the first place. I love her, but she's my least favorite of the 6, and the old costume would likely eliminate any chance of seeing the others.

Longshot I hate as a character (not many I full on hate...) but the sketch won me over. I was okay with him when I saw that first sketch. Haha, then I read you didn't go with sketch A.

gamora's really getting that shit costume... I'm just going to stay off the blog this week. This will just irritate me...

John said...

One more:

"Here's hoping that Gamora works out in the sculpt stage."

Here's hoping it DOESN'T, so they can go back and FIX it.

Anonymous said...

This week's unmissable
Virtual CMFC Gallery update
brings you an amazing roster of heroes and villains.
Check this out:

1. Whiplash
In his iconic classic look. The next Iron Man villain to include.

2. Martinex
Awesome, curveball Guardian of the Galaxy with kaleidoscopic body.

3. Doorman
Let this cool character be first entry to the Great Lakes Avengers.

4. Namorita
In blue-shaded look, as Atlantean and New Warriors representative.

5. Red Guardian
This outstanding Soviet Super-Soldier is long overdue.

6. Darkstar
I want this Russian beauty with her darkforce powers in the CMFC.

7. Death's Head
This legendary Marvel UK character
has to claim a spot in the CMFC.


max_0888 said...

Oh i'm disappointed too.

But i'm happy those who wanted her in classic costume will get her like that.

I'm sure EM can pull it off though. EM are getting a lot better at female characters and I can't wait to see Gamora's final product.

Cheer up guys, i'm sure she'll look awesome

I'm just glad Gamora is in the collection

jimbob said...

I'm sure Gamora figurine is going to look amazing but it's not the costume we want!

Mystique figurine looks amazing but is't not the costume we want.

Mystique white costume please EM.

max_0888 said...

I reaally really wanted her in her modern costume.

But having her in her classic costume, makes me want to go back and read some more classic cosmic stories to appreciate the costume choice when I get her (Cause I get every fig)

I mean Moonstone won with the modern costume and I'm getting the Moonstone version I want. Which is awesome.

And now I didn't get the Gamora I wanted. It's really a bummer, but i'm sure EM will do Gamora justice.

max_0888 said...

Oh and i'm really pleased with both Sebastian Shaw and Swordsman painted version.

Longshot is going to look awesome! Can't wiat to add him to my x-factor display with Madrox and Siryn. (Or with my x-men Australia run display...) And if we get Mojo, ill have to make a Mojoworld display with Spiral...So 3 Longshot huh? ;)

LAWay said...

Didnt EM say aswell that Marvel approve the figurines and sometimes adopt changes themselves? Maybe they push for something and we are not really sure about.

We are kinda spoilt for choice having the option to throw in feedback. Ideally we would love for it to be taken on board, especially in a majority vote.

Alot of you guys seem to like the character, BUT only in the new costume. What if EM made the classic costume, and then made another one in the modern one? Since alot are saying they wouldnt buy the classic costume because its 'ruined', would you then buy the modern instead? And if so, then surely you are approving of costume variants and redos.

Essentially you are saying you wont buy a particular costume. Not a character. But if said character was in a different costume, different story. While I am sure some people would buy both.

Is this debate the beginning of the cracks openning up for variants and redos?
*rubs hands together with glee*

(oh, and good to see someone else thought sketch A was the best for Longshot. My MA degree in the arts and my professional job title agrees. Don't make these decisions Dan, listen to me. ME! :P )

LAWay said...

Also, unfair comment about the fans of the cartoons, movies, toys, video games etc

They are every bit a fan of the characters, of marvel than just the comicbook fans. Sometimes comicbook fans dont like the subjects covered in different mediums. Sometimes, heaven forbid, they complain about merchandise when a character wears a costume they dont like. Doesnt make them any more or less a fan of marvel.

I think kids nowadays and growing up in the 90s, we didnt know where to buy comics from. They werent on our local highstreets and we dont have local comicbooks stores. We grew up on the cartoons and toys, the video games and movies. And thus they then introduced us to the comics. Doesnt mean their voice is less worthy than someone who read just the comics.

mighty_marvel said...

i've always approved of resculpts. with gamora disappointingly being done in her original costume, she's already in my top 5 resculpts wants without even being made yet

Anonymous said...

A classic choice. Applause!
Dan, I'm really glad you used a combination of instinct and expert editorial judgment to decide that Gamora should be in her classic look. It's much more iconic and quintessentially Marvel than the modern one. A suggestion: her distinctive fur mantle can be used as a powerful visual element of the fig. Check this out, for example...
I have no doubt, classic Gamora
will be an awesome figurine.

mighty_marvel said...

sorry kirlian, but that looks awful

Anonymous said...

well.. I like it. But, hey that's only a mock-up, mate! Not what you'll get. So don't be pessimistic, and let EM
try to create a beautiful version
of it. I'm sure Dan will prove us that the classic look can make an iconic fig.

mighty_marvel said...

here's an idea. do justice instead of vance astro in the extension, and give us a modern GotG subset

1. gamora
2. vance astro
3. rocket raccoon
4. phyla-vell
5. mantis
6. bug
7. moondragon
8. star-lord
9. jack flag
10. adam warlock

special. groot

sorted :D

and of course, this can be followed with a jim lee x-men subset

1. beast
2. mystique
3. rogue
4. jean grey
5. cyclops
6. wolverine
7. storm
8. cable

special. archangel

Victor said...

Laway said: "...openning up for variants and redos?..."
I hope. :D
I'll buy every figure.

Victor said...

Victor rubs hands together with glee. :D

Victor said...

G R E A T I D E A mighty_marvel

JinxDealer said...

@ KIRLIANEYES, thanks for the virtual CMFC update. its most helpful to someone new like me, deaths head i especially like from this weeks upload.

tinodragon14 said...

I would hope that EM does the classic Guardians of the Galaxy group before doing the newer group which retools other classic characters. If the collection does MANTIS as a figure I suspect & hope they will do her in her classic Avengers costume not the Guardians look where she is green.
Though I am not a fan of Gamora I thought her classic costume was more distinctive. I find when they revamp a female character she becomes more generic looking & of course they go for more sexy not classy. I was happy for Robert because I know how it feels to want a character you like to have the classic look but the vote never goes your way on the forum. When I saw that EM went with the newer look for Drax I did not even recognize him & that is not Drax to me & he remains in the storage container not on display.
When the forum folk get their way they are so supportive & attack those of us who are not happy with a choice but have the shoe on the other foot & my how nasty they get. How dare you not do as they demand. I support this collection. I will buy the BEETLE even though I wanted his classic costume. I will buy the TRAPSTER even though I wanted his classic costume. I will buy the TOAD even though I wanted his classic look without the awful tongue. I bought the Drax figure even though he does not look like Drax to me. I collect them all.
I will say no matter what others say that the Golden Age poll was unfair because Namora has newer name recognition as a revamped character in a newer comic book series. I read a lot of talk on this blog about Agents of Atlas & Namora but never made the connection that this was a recent comic book that revamped certain Golden Age characters including Namora. We however already have a Namor figure no matter that he is not wearing his classic green trunks & his face looks poorly done & you know that to maintain female balance Namorita will be done as a figure. I think without Namora's recent exposure WHIZZER, RAWHIDE KID or HUMAN TORCH would probably have won the poll.

CGJ said...

'I think kids nowadays and growing up in the 90s, we didnt know where to buy comics from. They werent on our local highstreets and we dont have local comicbooks stores.'

In the 70's and 80's there wasn't ANYWHERE to buy comics from. Your local newsagent might get them in if they felt like it and then you had to beat your friends to them because they only ever got one.

If you managed to get a run of the same comic for more than two issues in a row you considered yourself really lucky

TheTooN said...

@Kirlianeyes - Awesome gallery again mate ! Martinex looks stunning. I liked Gamora too.

@CGJ - Thats exactly how I remember comic buying in the 70's I had a pile of random US Marvel colour comics which I prized. I dont think I ever got 2 consecutive in any title and instead I would get Iron Man then a Power Man/Iron Fist and then an Avengers issue (for sure my favourites)and on and on.
That was part of the fun as you never knew what the newsagent would have each time you went.

I dont know classic Drax but do know the modern one and He looks accurate. I know both classic and modern Gamora and either would have been fine but the image that springs to mind is always Infinity watch.

You cant keep all the people happy all the time.

I couldnt really tell from the pic but if Swordsman's face is obscured in a forward view then is it too late to modify it ?

I prefer the Modern look for Namora purely from a visual point of view.

Its a striking costume and I like the pose too.

dallen238 said...

i dont care about Gamora at all so no comment
as for the golden age poll, Namora realy? i cant believe of all the characters to choose from people choose a nobody like her,i mean she dosn't even have a half decent costume,whats wrong with Red Raven the Whizzer or Master Man.
surely this collection is about a collection of figurines that will look good on display not a load of half naked women who are so generic its unbelievable,for gods sake people get out of your bedrooms meet some real women and start voting for people with good costumes,i don't want to offend anyone but if you recognise yourself in what i've said do something about it.

ted sallis said...

Ah, the seventaes,oor we toon had a population of two thousand plus a sheep called Alvin.
Our sweet shop got in a pretty decent selection every month, the titles than came in on a regular basis were MTU,MTIO,Man-Thing and a couple of other titles. Amazing Spidey was pretty much non distributed at that time, all the other titles Avengers,FF etc were sporadic. First thing we would do is check the end of the comic to see if the story was continued..We hated continued stories as we never got the next part :)
Man ,if you tried to swap a "continued"story without the next months issue you were sent to coventry..tough but fair.

Robert said...

"If you managed to get a run of the same comic for more than two issues in a row you considered yourself really lucky."

Two issues in a row was beyond lucky, it was miraculous in Paisley or Glasgow c.1970s. I almost completely depended on the UK reprints. The only issue I could find with any regularity in the '70s was Marvel Team-Up. The rest were rarer than hen's teeth. I bought FF #166, Janunary 1976 (I think) and the NEXT issue I saw was #192!!!

Robert said...


#166 was indeed January 1976.
#192 was March 1978!!

More than two years!!!!

Robert said...


George Square (centre of city) is still fenced off. A rig reminiscent of something from "Smokey and the Bandit" is sitting at the western end of the square. Along the side driving away from the City Chambers the street is full of empty and abandoned cars, all with US license plates. They aren't queueing as if in traffic, waiting for the (newly fitted American-style) traffic lights to change, they are just all scattered and chaotic. It's quite eerie. In fact, it's like something out of a movie. Oh, wait, hang on...

Anonymous said...

The Gamora controversy has claimed this week's blog and I almost lost sight of the other updates...

A very elegant figurine, executed with exquisite sartorial style! Its pomp and frills will stand out nicely in the midst of other figs. The pose works very well, and the details on his face are amazing.

Excellent rendition of the character. No suprises or gimmicks here. A safe, yet fab and truly classic fig. Kudos to the colour palette, chosen very well. It's really as if he has just come out of the comic page. I'd only say that the face could do with a bit more definition.

Bagman said...

Jeez didn't that little update create a bit of a stir.....

Ah Glasgow in the 70's where comics were black and white and colour hadn't been invented, so imagine my suprise when i discovered a copy of Captain Marvel(vol 1) #29 in the comic rack of the local newsagent, November 1973, man i'm getting auld.

ted sallis said...

Dan, i have known you to be a rather wonderful chap fer years, long before you reasserted EM's control over this collection.
When the FFF mega came out my subby Foom was a pile of lead scrap....then the second arrived .it looked like it had been glued together by Stevie Wonder...I spat a shedload of pacifiers out , threatening to cancel my subscription,.....Meanwhile over on one of my blogs i recieved a message saying very sorry to hear of your trouble, email us your Subby number and i'll send you out a new one.
That message was sent by one Dan the Man.
We love ya Dan, you knew you would take some flak, but went with your instincts regardless, Speaks volumes my boy :)

BobDiamond said...

Wow, comments have been coming thick and fast over the last few months. This blog is more popular than ever...must be down to the great work done by Dan!

Obviously I'm as happy as Robert and a lot of the 'old-timers' on here about the news on Gamora. I was convinced that we'd get the newer, generic this was amazing news. Especially after the huge let-down concerning the Duck.
Hopefully this will mean that we'll be more likely to see the classic Avengers-look for Mantis should she ever get made, as the GotG costume really does nothing for her at all.

LAWay made me think (unusual!) about how we all get into this mad, but wonderful collecting thing in the first place. It occurred to me that, although it was my dear ol' gran who bought me my first Marvel comic back in the early 70s (MWOM #87- I think...Hulk vs The Absorbing Man...brilliant! This was a British reprint comic BTW), it was actually because I'd remembered the 'Marvel Superheroes' cartoon show from a few years before even that, that I became a true Marvel fan. The comic was the link to those amazing morning cartoons. I was living as a wee kid of 5/6 years old at the time in Australia, and me and my brother literally absorbed those cartoons. Incredibly basic stuff compared to even cartoons at the same time, but they were wonderful. Cap America, Sub-Mariner, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man....anyone else old enough to remember these classic shows?!

So yeah, basically, I agree with LA Way, how you get into Marvel Comics in the first place is immaterial...we're all hopeless fans of the genre, and all from different ages and places, and that's what makes it so cool.

Sorry for being an old waffley fart!


ted sallis said...

Bob,if it's wrong to love a waffley old fart,then i don't ever want to be right again......sniff....i promised myself i would not get emotional

marv.universe said...

I see that the mourners who populate this blog one had the skin of the modern suit of Gamora!

Robert said...

From sometime in 1975, the 1967 Spider-Man cartoon was shown on the most popular kid's programme in Scotland, Glen Michael's Cavalcade. It was so popular that legend has it that statistics show that incidents of road accidents involving children dropped to zero for the hour it was on! Anyway, th cartoon made my brother and I ask for comics. I was already collecting Tarzan annuals.

Incidentally, my fellow Glaswegian Mark Millar's intro to Marvel was through Glen Michael's famous programme, too!

Robert said...

Where you been keeping yourself, Bob? We missed you on here! Hopefully, you're back to stay!

mgf said...

All this talk here and elsewhere about "flip flopping" and EMs "about face" with Gamora is a bit strange. There has been neither of those things.

EM, correctly imo, chose the classic look. They didn't choose it and then go modern, and EM were and are under no compulsion to go with the forum choice despite what some there patently believe. Did EM even request their opinion? The ego of a very few forum members is quite astonishing. There seems to be a culture of entitlement in some quarters there, with one at least saying they will not buy any Guardians if they don't get what they demand.

Frankly if I were EM I'd think carefully about how close a relationship I wanted with the forum after all this. They don't speak for all collectors, not even close.

I can only assume if EM were daft enough to change the decision to modern Gamora then that flip flopping would suddenly become acceptable.

The hypocrisy of some on this topic is breathtaking.

BobDiamond said...

Hi Robert 'n Ted!
I haven't been away too much- we had a wonderful driving holiday around Boston and Maine recently, and apart from that family stuff was coming up and took over a bit.
Anyway, nice to be appreciated guys!

And it's cool about Gamora ain't it??!


Robert said...

Yes, very happy about Gamora, Bob. My interest in this collection has been drifting for the last few months but that news has revitalised my enthusiasm. I know that some top guys like John are unhappy and that's the only downside. It's a shame we can't get both versions and keep everyone happy.

By the way, during your absence I started a blog to show folk my loft. If you're interested, go and have a butcher's. (Scroll down to "Papisan Chair" and work your way up.) Ted has also posted photos of his art collection on his blog, too.

ted sallis said...

Ted built a shed Bob,Ted's shed...i am currently doing the outlaw Josey Wales and a pair of party girls at the same to follow.
Dan, i could make you a lovely Bloodstone mosaic,no charge, just as a token of my appreciation for your sterling service......nudgey, nudgey,winky, winky :)

mighty_marvel said...

All this talk here and elsewhere about "flip flopping" and EMs "about face" with Gamora is a bit strange. There has been neither of those things.

well first of all dan said he was on the fence about the costume, but later said his preference was the classic costume. then a couple of weeks ago he said the scales were firmly tipped in favour of the modern costume, only to then confirm the classic. so there has been a couple of change of opinions from EM.

Did EM even request their opinion?

yes they did.

They don't speak for all collectors, not even close.

and neither does the blog. but that doesn't stop the bloggers complaining about decisions they don't like either. when dan said modern gamora was looking likely, the bloggers complained. when dan said there would be no more females, the bloggers complained. and look what happened. he changed his mind both times. on the say-so of what, about 10 regular posters on the blog. most of whom have an obvious bias towards 60s and 70s marvel. thats really acting in the interests of all collectors isnt it.

at least the forum polls about 200 collectors for their opinions. and there's a much bigger cross-section of people on there. modern fans, classic fans and those in-between. so as a representative sample of collectors i would say it's pretty good. certainly better than the blog.

we can never ask ALL collectors for their opinions. its just not feasible. all market research is based on questioning a representative sample. and the best sample we currently have is the forum.

EM will never please everybody. but they should at least be aiming to please the majority.

Robert said...

Well, since I and a few others apparently have so much clout, I'd like to announce that next week Dan will announce that the Recorder and Ulyssess Bloodstone are going to be in the latest extension, the forum will not decide on the last three figures by poll (on the grounds of unproven representativeness) and no more X-Men will ever be made as part of the CMFC. More directives to follow...

mighty_marvel said...

i just don't think its right to criticise the forum people for coming on here and raising their concerns, when bloggers do exactly the same thing. and lately dan does seem to have been changing his mind based on the complaints from the blog. people have said the forum isn't representative of all collectors, but the blog is even less so. simply because of the fewer numbers, and many of you having similar tastes.

don't get me wrong. i like you guys on here. but everyone is equally guilty of complaining when things don't go their way. its not unique to the forum or the blog.

ted sallis said...

MM, you lovely boy, lets not get too hysterical about this, You win some you lose some, Dundee Utd got beat at home by Dunfermline today, utterly gutted ,but i'll persevere with them.I've had too fight my gag reflex at the sight of gay martian pornstar Drax,Matrix Doc Ock etc.But hey i'm still here.and to be honest in the great scheme of things, i'm really not that bothered

ted sallis said...

Of course EM source the blog and the forum for opinions, Although we all know opinions are like assholes everyone has one ;)Eaglemoss run the show (this may come as a shock to the forum)

Robert said...

"Everyone is equally guilty of complaining when things don't go their way. its not unique to the forum or the blog."

Totally agree. And, do you know what? Complaining is okay. I don't understand why people have an issue with complaints - and then, bizarrely, complain about complaints! Half the content on here is criticism and moans. I freely admit I've had some monumental and semi-hysterical ones myself, usually about Drax or Rocket torturing Thanos, and Leigh would be speechless if we stopped him griping. :) Moaning's allowed. We're expressing an opinion. Hopefully, a person's posts are not ALL moaning, mind you, but that's a different issue...

What I find rather hypocritical, however, is that the forum complain about the blog complaining!! Um, have you heard of irony, guys?

One other point: I DIDN'T want more females and we got Venus. So, we don't get everything our way.

P.S. I don't enjoy disagreeing with you, MM. I like you, too.

TheTooN said...

@ Robert ;P

Seriously guys this 'apparent' disparity viewed from either side needs to go. We all love Marvel and if you are young and like modern looks/ get them !
If you prefer older more iconic looks/ get them too !

Both sides of the coin need to be addressed regularly or unhappy fans may consider skipping or even cancelling in disgust/dismay.

Gamora's costume poll was in my opinion a double check prior to announcement. If EM were leaning towards classic but unsure of possible hatred what better way to gauge opinion ? I know the forum figures were 2-1 in favour of modern but lots including myself said happy with either 'or' if fishnets can be pulled off then classic please. In my view it was in no way an easy call for modern.

I must say I am quite surprised by the amount of negative posts from some of the guys who I thought were immune to that kind of thing.

My most desired and missing team is classic GotG but I just read Annihilation and LOVE the modern guys too.

I would happily pay a golden pig for a subset of either.

@ted - Your Hulk Mosaic is bloody awesome pal ! Do they hang on the wall with the weight ?

mighty_marvel said...


now there's something we can all agree on :D

Robert said...

How you getting on with Wolvie, Toon?

Robert said...

"None of us is all that different from each other. We all want essentially the same things outta life - a measure of security, some romance, friendship, and the respect of our contemporaries. That goes for Indians, Chinese, Russians, Jews, Arabs, Catholics, Protestants, blacks, browns, whites, and green-skinned Hulks. So why don't we all stop wasting time hating the "other", guys. Just look in the mirror, mister - that other guy is you!



(Stan's Soapbox, Feb 1980 issues.)

Weird, after what Toon was saying about forum and blog burying the hatchet, that I randomly came across this tonight...

ted sallis said...

I'm with Robert.....not like in a civil partnership or owt!!I agree that it's naw nice being at loggerheads with MM , because he's one of my fav bloggers.And he wants redos which means he is super awesome ;)
Toon asked" Do they hang on the wall with the weight?".....gawd i hope so. you best ask mgf

ted sallis said...

Just got some bumf on facebook fae the Marvel, A photo of Marvel/Disney big dicks hanging with the Avengers cast...Tom Hiddleston is in the photo so i guess Loki featuring is a gimme..who the hex is Jeremy Renner playing? and what is a Cobie Smulders??
Bloodstone the movie is being discussed, get the fig in production pronto EM...

Robert said...

At the end of Cap, you also see a manacled Loki in the Avengers preview, Ted.

SinisterVenom said...

Just treated my best mate to go and see Batman Live tonight. Seriously guys, regardless on whether you love or hate Batman, this show was absolutely stunning! The show was really well played, the storyline was gripping and you had all the characters you could wish for in a Batman show: Bats, Robin, Joker, Riddler, Catwoman, Penguin, Two-Face, Harley Quinn, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Alfred, Gordon and gangs of clowns, athletes, the lot basically. Plenty of goodies there too!
I will always Make Mine Marvel, but I have to hand it to the actors and actresses at the show, they pulled off a successful performance and truly made this night about Batman.

Anonymous said...

As you know, I'm a huge fan of all the weird & wonderful characters from the most curveball corners of the Marvel Universe. This week, I indulge my passion with a very special Virtual CMFC Gallery update
... drums roll ...


I would love this colorful cast to go with the Lilandra & Gladiator figs on my shelves. Along with a Guardian of the Galaxy subset, an Imperial Guard subset would be a dream come true for me. Oh well, let me dream. And let dreams shape reality. Subsets.

Bagman said...

Jeremy Renner --
Clint Barton/Hawkeye in Thor and Avengers.
Cobie Smulders -- Maria Hill.
According to IMDB.

Robert said...

Just had a look at the cast list and it also includes Jenny Agutter (of "The Railway Children") and Lyle Lovett!

TheTooN said...

@Rob - Still undecided on positions of arms/hands etc so not glued. Might have another go this afternoon if missus takes the nipper out.

Celebrated the Toon's win with a Steak dinner and too many bottles so need peace and quiet :)

100% agree on wanting a re-do subset but I dont see it happening until the collection 'as is' runs out of steam. If that means I have to look at my Avengers plinths without Ape Beast for another 5 years then I would be happy to wait.

I would love him now though !

Robert said...

Toon, not sure if you've been over on my blog the last couple of days, but I posted up a Wolverine pic as a suggested pose. May not work out with that particular figure, mind you, or even be to your taste, it's just a suggestion. My advice is don't rush deciding on a pose. Keep trying different positions until you get one you are happy with. Have fun!

Kal Brindle said...

Gamora - well I'm really happy with the classic costume choice, but completely understand the modern guys' shock and disapointment - it's exactly how I felt about Shaman. While I feel bad for you all, I personally am thrilled I can display Gamora with Adam and they'll look "right" together.

Perhaps the more crafty/clever of you, can take some solace in that customizing a Moondragon into a Modern Gamora should be relatively easy.

Sebastian Shaw - flippin' fantastic! Bravo EM - love him.

Swordsman - love it! What a wonderfully accurate paint choice - he looks like he stepped right off the page. I am very happy.

Namora - heck I ran that poll on the Forum and I saw her running away with the win from the get go of round one. She's fun character with lashings of history - so her mag will be great and my vote surprisingly would be for her modern costume. Anyone who wants to see some great Namora moments pick up Incredible Hercules trade with her on the cover - brilliant! Naturally I was rooting for Rawhide Kid who placed amazingly well and hopefully Dan and the EM crew will change their minds on Western Figures and we'll see the Rawhide, Two Gun & Apache Kids and Kid Colt sneak into the CMFC some day.

Having very publicaly spat my dummy out over Shaman perhaps I'm the last guy who should be allowed to comment, but to be honest I do find all the negativity tough to read sometimes. I don't like the name calling, and character bashing (not Marvel characters - you know what I mean)that occurs on here sometimes.

I am particularly fed up with all the homophobic and racist BS which pops up on here occasionally and am glad that the Forum bans that kind of language. While I know I can choose not to come here, I do and I can still hope for better.

There is plenty of room for both the Forum and Blog and I don't understand the level of contempt that some of you seem to have for the forum. The forum is not some maelevolent entity, it's just collectors from all over the world, individuals just like you. We are just people with a passion for Marvel comics in common. When members vote in the polls, it's not the Mod/Admin team who decides who wins, its the members en masse. So while I understand that you may not like the results from a Forum ran poll, or you may not like me or any of the other Mods or Admins, it doesn't make the opinions of the 300 or more people who voted in that poll any less relevant.

Speaking for myself, I am proud that the Forum has a good relationship with EM after years of communication and collaboration and I am over the moon that we are given the remarkable opportunity to host the Forum Choice and other polls. But for the record, I have no false illusions about our relationship with EM. We have always known that any poll we run on their behalf is just that an opinion poll and in no way binding to EM, it's editorial and creative teams or Marvel Comics.

As a collector and fan of Jim Starlin's work and the Classic Gamora, I am glad Dan went against the forum poll results, but I also understand why everyone who voted for the modern costume in the poll feels a little misled or cheated.

Hang in there guys. There will be other wins for us all.

Speaking of, Dan if you're reading this week - Mantis - has to be classic Avengers look for me, to match the Swordsman. Cheers!

ted sallis said...

Jenny Agutter!!! Man, she was hot. Teenage me had quite a crush on Jenny.Logans Run and all that.
Dan you dreamboat, Bloodstone classic or modern will do just dandy.

LAWay said...

Saw Batman Live this weekend and it was an awesome show. Really well done, great production, set set, the cast were ace with a special props to the Joker. Spent loads of money on merchandise, including a batman mask which is probably meant for kids, but it is equally cool. Why have Marvel wasted hundreds of millions into the spidey musical when it could easily be done in the same way.

Anyway, dont worry, the moaning will resume from here on out. Sorry to alarm folks with an out of character post. ;)

John said...

I said I'd stay off the blog for the week, but this has seriously ruined my weekend. The Gamora decision is all I can think about and I've just been incredibly angry.

Especially considering that nearly EVERYBODY that has been campaigning for her on the forum for the last couple of years have been doing so because they're modern Guardians of the Galaxy fans. Almost every time I saw a Gamora in someone's signature after a post, it was of modern Gamora. So her BIGGEST supporters have gotten the shaft and the casual fans of the Starlin era are reaping the benefits.

I know there's... Robert, and maybe a few other BIG fans of the classic era, but again, the MAJORITY of her biggest fans wanted Modern, and the MAJORITY of collectors in general wanted Modern.

I am SO pissed off!!!

buffduffdan said...

I am extremely disappointed about the Gamora decision. She was a character I really wanted and had voted for in previous polls and was so glad when it seemed like the Modern costume had been picked (especially after it had the 2/3 majority of the forum poll) but now we're getting what is a horrendous costume IMO. She had the potential to be one of the best female sculpts but I'm already reserving a place at the back of my shelf for her. Sorry Dan but I am very gutted and disappointed on this one.

I also think B, A or even D would have been much better poses for Longshot. E is pretty meh to me, looks almost like he's doing a Wolvie impression. It's ok but could have been much better.

Not a good week/update for me :(

Bagman said...

Thanks for the photo of Terrax, hopefully Dan has a look as well a maybe get some pointers for (if/when) Terrax gets confirmed.

Robert said...

Cheers, Bagman F.F.F. The figure had very few points of articulation and was very difficult to pose. It was as good as I could make it, really. I display him side-on, like he is in the first photo I posted, rather than how he appears in the photo with Reed.

John, sorry you are still angry. You have popped into my thoughts a few times and I've twice mentioned in posts that I bet you are very disappointed right now. Sounds very like how I felt about Drax. I was keen on a complete cast from the original Warlock run - my favourite comics ever - and the modern Drax ruined that. You and other fans of the modern Guardians are much the same about the GotG. This is another one of those instances where it's a shame we don't get variants because now neither the hardcore Starlin fans nor the Guardians fans are going to be completely happy.

LAWay said...

I totally understand what John is saying and it makes complete sense.

But then other costumes have won on the forum too, and people have often complained about the outcomes when they have won. Maybe the Baldur and Drax incident made EM question the poll decision.

But like I have said before, it's a strong argument for variants etc because aload of people who seem to REALLY want this character are sayign they wont buy her because of the costume.

Anonymous said...

swordsman looks ok but shaw is awful,he is leaning way too much and looks very cartoonish.saying that he is a boring x character so will not be buying him anyway.the last 2 figurines i also havn't bought.toad was better than i expected but the tongue just didn't work for me,and songbird was seriously crap,she looked as if she was staining to go to the toilet.however moondragon does look very nice.i cannot believe anyone would want such an ordinary dull character like namora.her first costume is a blue tunic for gods sake,like any dumb forties starlet and the modern look has been done so many times before.can the people voting on the forum not show any imagination at all?

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Sebastian Shaw looks really good, can't wait to buy him.

Pose A or D for Longshot. Yes E is too similar to Wolverine.

,,no more X-Men will ever be made as part of the CMFC"
5-6 per extension and keep it, or collection will die. Most of CMFC subscribers are x-fans.

Paibok said...

'But then other costumes have won on the forum too, and people have often complained about the outcomes when they have won. Maybe the Baldur and Drax incident made EM question the poll decision'

There never was a poll on the forum for Drax's costume / look. Considering he was voted into a regular slot and old Drax was hulk sized there really wasn't the need.

mighty_marvel said...

But then other costumes have won on the forum too, and people have often complained about the outcomes when they have won.

people who wanted the costume that didn't win will always complain about the outcome. but that doesn't stop the one that won being the most wanted. EM will never please everyone, but they should be aiming to please the majority.

mighty_marvel said...

well, they'll never please everyone until they start doing resculpts anyway ;)

LAWay said...

My bad then.

What happened to EM deleting that quick sketch post?

Robert said...

"Old Drax was hulk sized."

That's only partly correct, Paibok. Originally, Drax was a normal human size (c.1970s). It was only when he was later resurrected that he was Hulk-sized and brain-damaged (c.the Infinity Watch, etc. in the '90s). Typical Starlin: no free lunches. You block a poisonous gas from escaping with your hand, you get cancer. You get the power of a Soul Gem, you end up unable to remove it. You resurrect a character who was killed by a brain-blast and he ends up with a child-like intellect.

dallen238 said...

I agree with lonchaney shaw is very poor and Namora is just bland.

Thor8 said...

Everyone's arguing and many are complaining about the Gamora costume choice despite the modern look having gotten the majority of votes. Yet not many of those that do not agree with the choice made,seem to be bothered that the poll for a golden age character was won by a character appearing in "modern" times,and now they want her in her "modern" look. I like her modern costume,but this was suppose to be a "GOLDEN AGE" character. Most of the votes Namora got were from from people who only know of her recent appearances and not because of her golden age legacy.So my question is;Just how valid is this poll? If she is going to be considered the winner,and as such be made,then no matter how bland,awful,bleah,many may think her classic costume is,that is the one that should be chosen,since it is that one that represents the "GOLDEN AGE" this poll was held for.

Travis said...

It seems very strange that Dan has not posted in the comments thread like he normally does. I wonder why? The fact that he as not said anything should speak volumes.

Look I only post on here on very rare occasions, but Dan has shown us one thing. That you can not take anything he posts on the blog seriously anymore. Dan has lost alot of credibility. The Gamora poll was just the final straw that broke the camels back.

He has also taken away the credibility of the polls that he has ask for. Why would anyone vote in a poll that Dan ask for knowing that he now as a history of ignoring the results. How can I vote in the forum choice polls for what characters I want now? Is there a chance that these results will be discarded as well?

If I were to tell the majority of the paying costumer at my job that I am going to offer them something one week and then change my mind and say no I'm do this now I don't care what you ask or what I told you last week then one of two things would happen. The costumers and my boss would never trust anything I say, and there would be a good chance that I would loss my job.

From now on we just need to look to this blog as a place to get previews of figurines getting made. That's it. How can anyone trust any more announcements made on here? You can't, and I really doubt we will see any changes in that regard.

I hope I'm wrong. If anything I sure hope that a lesson has been learned from all this. You should not post something if your not sure that is what EM is going to do, and do not ask for a poll if it is going to be ignored please.

BobDiamond said...

Been scanning through your blog pages recently...must say I'm very impressed with your use of display and your comfy chair!
Will spend more time going through your blogs soon...

Ps..did I mention it's excellent news about Gamora, ain't it??!!


Robert said...

Dan has reinvigorated this blog with his dependability in posting every week, the amount of sneak peaks and information he gives, his honesty and openness, his additional comments and his enthusiasm.

And I am not saying this because he disagreed with a forum poll. Nothing against Rich, who I am grateful to for his posts, but to compare now with three months ago, well, it's a world of difference.

Robert said...

Thanks, Bob. I have to admit that you were one of the main guys I was keen to show the loft to. Feel free to leave a comment and we can 'chat' there sometime.

Travis said...

Your right that it's different now Robert. At least when Rich announced something you could trust that was what was going to happen.

Now I have no clue on what to believe when I read a new blog post.

Robert said...

I understand what you're saying, Travis, but surely you are over-stating things when you say you can't trust what Dan says? If you have no clue what to believe, does that mean you think that Dan was misleading us all when he announced that Swordsman's being made or that Odin will be out soon? Dan was undecided on Gamora. The forum ran a poll. After some thought, Dan decided to go with the classic look - for reasons I can only assume were longevity, volume and profile of appearances, etc. - and his conclusion differed with the poll. You'd think he was Ricard Nixon.

This Friday, there is no question Dan will spend most of his post addressing the Gamora issue and explaining why he ignored the forum. Put your house on it.

Thor8 said...

I keep trusting Dan and his post. Just because he made a decision that was not in accord with some of the forum members doesn't mean he can't be trusted.

"If I were to tell the majority of the "PAYING" costumer at my job that I am going to offer them something one week and then change my mind and say no I'm do this now I don't care what you ask or what I told you last week then one of two things would happen."

Gee does that mean that all those who are not in the forum and voted differently get their figurines free? And where do you get the idea that you are the majority anyway?!

Robert said...

On the subject of Gamora, I just remembered something.

A month or so back I saw a poll on the CBR website. It was about the most iconic comicbook panels ever. There were several Starlin panels in there, including one with Gamora. This particular panel was the end of the original 1970s Warlock stories and had Gamora walking off, arm-in-arm, with Adam Warlock into a peaceful existence inside the Soul Gem. In other words, a poll on the CBR site decided that the most memorable moment in Gamora's life had her wearing the classic costume. Now I'm still not sure about the reliability of polls, but if you believe in them, then what does this poll say, especially when you see that the respondents on the CBR site far outnumber those on the CMFC forum?

Travis said...

Look if the Gamora costume was an isolated incident then I could see that it could be a mistake. But it wasn't. You also have Dan saying he is confirming Shaman in one of the comment threads only to post later in the blog that nope I've changed my mind. I just wanted to jerk you Shaman fans around for my own amusement.

Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, and shame on me.

So how often does this need to keep happening until you say enough? I will not be fooled any longer.

Robert said...

Have to admit I paid little attention to any Shaman news as I only half-heartedly collect the Alpha Flight characters, Travis. Sorry I didn't pay more attention. Nevertheless, two instances of Dan changing his mind still seems like a small amount when you consider just how much Dan has said in his posts. But I can understand that if we're talking about two characters you are really keen to get then it would be very irritating and disheartening to think you're getting someone and then find out that you're not.

Thor8 said...

So if Dan would have stuck with Shaman,wouldn't all those that screamed and cried and threatened to hang themselves if they didn't get another female in this extension,now be stating that Dan and EM "does not listen to the majority of it's paying customers"(where did I hear that before?)and that they constantly ignore their most loyal fans??!!!

Most companies just produce what they feel like it,and don't even bother to anounce in advance what it is they are going to put out,much less ask for ANYBODY'S opinion. So maybe Travis is right,if we're going to act like stuborn,hardheaded children maybe EM should just forget about asking it's fans for opinions or comments and just produce what they think should be produced.

Thor8 said...

Besides Shaman will be in the next extension if he isn't pick in the polls>

Winchester said...

Actually, most companies do a little thing called market research to judge what they should or shouldn't sell before putting it out to the general market. Market research involves questioning, or polling, a small sample of your market to find out what they want because this will inform you what your full customer base is likely to want.

Very few to no companies will just produce what they feel like.

JinxDealer said...

DAN just ignore the hissy fits, dont be put off by the childish rants your doing a great job m8.. sure i love this collection but im glad to say im not ultra nerdy & dont plan on ending my life because some piece of lead is wearing high heels instead of flip flops etc .. SERIOUSLY GUYS ITS JUST LEAD CHILL THE F OUT,

TheTooN said...


I think I remember that Warlock Panel. Was there a weird humpty dumpty looking alien standing with Adam and Gamora ?

I probably read it in a UK monthly in the late 70's early 80's. Cant remember off the top of my head what it was in.

Anyway thats Gamora for me.

Robert said...

You must mean Judge Kray-Tor, Toon.

BobDiamond said...

That panel must be at the end of 'Marvel 2 in 1 Annual' when Adam, Pip and Gamora have all been 'killed' by Thanos. Adam then returns in The 'Avengers Annual' of the same year (briefly) and repays the compliment...Is that right Robert/ or am I getting a little mixed-up in my dotage??

BD the Troll

TheTooN said...

I googled Kray-Tor, I would never have known the name. This is the pic (or something very similar) that I was thinking about.

Would love Pip to be added to the collection down the line but could live without Kray-Tor ;)

Robert said...

What a day.

Toon, your image is a combination of two separate (and adjacent) images from issue #1 of the Infinity Gauntlet, probably my all-time favourite limited series. I thought it looked wrong somehow and, when I checked, sure enough, it was.

Bob, you are correct except for the fact that you reversed the order of the annuals. It was Avengers Annual #7 and then Marvel Two-In-One Annual #2 (both 1977). The image of Warlock, Gamora and Pip walking off was part of the final page in the Assemblers annual. Judge Kray-Tor was a Grand Inquisitor for the Universal Church of Truth and first appeared in Strange Tales #180, one of the greatest masterpieces ever committed to paper.

Robert said...

Here's the link to the CBR Most Iconic Panels page for the Warlock-Gamora image at the end of the Avengers Annual #7. It was #60 most iconic (Marvel) panel of all time.

Robert said...

Incidentally, number 55 in the list of most iconic panels is also Starlin and the next part of the same story, Marvel Two-In-One Annual #2!

pirate adam said...

Robert me old mucker, dont listen to anyone who tells you Dan changed his mind twice, he didn't, he only changed his mind once and its not like he waited all week to do it, he said near enough straight away that he would take another look at the Trapster and Shaman announcement and that was only because people wanted him to, me included.


Robert said...


Had to go into town today, so popped into FP and bought Moondragon. I am very, very happy we have her, but honesty, it's easily the worst paintjob I have ever seen on a CMFC figure. It's just all over the place. I will have to repaint the whole thing.

Also, what's with the headband? She wore it for two minutes. And the 'collar' is far too high. If you look through the magazine, you can clearly see in the images therein that the top of her head is higher, although, admittedly, there's one image that does show the collar higher.

I know, grumbles, but I wait ages for a figure and it's a mess.

promo1965 said...
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TheTooN said...

Bummer on Moondragon Robert :(

Not seen you post on the mini update yet ? 120 odd comments on it now so check it out. Or were you ignoring it in protest ? ;)

Robert said...

Mini-update? What mini-update?

TheTooN said...

Assume you have seen it now and are reading furiously....probably furious too actually. Its calmed down now thank goodness.

Robert said...

Actually, it's good I didn't get involved, Toon...

spidey_1979 said...

"I know, grumbles, but I wait ages for a figure and it's a mess."

There's going to be another one in a year and a half or so too

Robert said...

Spidey 1979, I think I can repair most of my complaints. Wouldn't be the first time I've made wee modifications. I resent it, but I can live with it. (After some loud complaints! :) )

I am also hopeful that Eaglemoss will do a decent Gamora and, if not, I will try repaint her. Failing that, I'll get someone who can paint well to repaint her! Desperate to get her, even more so now I have three of the Watch standing shoulder-to-shoulder on my shelf. (From a distance of more than ten feet, Moonie looks fine.)