Friday, 19 November 2010

Behold I return with answers...

Hello everyone, apologies for the frankly abysmal lack of updates, I don’t know what happened, I went away to NY comic con and next thing I know it’s nearly bloomin’ Christmas. Is that a sign of getting old – losing track of time?

Oh well, time for me to answer some reader mail:

Q1) Where have you been???

A1) Where haven’t I been! It’s been a crazy couple of months but I’m back now.

Q2) With the themed packs already talked about, could the CMFC finally redo some characters and give us alternate versions of classic, A-list characters?

This is definitely a possibility. However, at the moment we have not agreed with Marvel or internally if we’ll do Marvel subsets. Despite there being a few different groups that could be done, it’s not sure whether Marvel will have any spinoffs at this point. If we did, the idea of alternate costumes (say classic X-Men) would certainly be on the list.

Why have EM decided against producing multiple versions of characters unlike every other marvel product out there?

A3) Simply put, we’ve listened to a lot of feedback and in general it has seemed that new characters are favored over redos. This does not mean characters are ruled out, only that the general consensus is that there are still enough characters wanted by collectors to not need redos. If you’re after alternate versions of characters (such as Age of Apocalypse Wolverine) then this also has been discussed, but more support – in the office and online – seems to be for new characters.

Q4) Do the forum members reflect the figures of subscribers and collectors that you know are selling? Why cant subscribers, who must give details with address and email, get something in the post to decide on how the collection should go? As inexpensive as printing our bills.

A4) It is very difficult to know if the forum (and here) truly reflects the numbers of collectors we have. Obviously not everyone that collects the series (especially non-English speaking collectors) is on the forum. In general, I think the forum (and blogs etc…) represent a significantly wide variety and number of people to reflect our collectors. Clearly not everything can be taken at face value; however, the forums are certainly more representative than the 8 or so guys (myself included) who sit at Eaglemoss making the decisions.

To answer the second point, we’ve run a number of web-based surveys in the past asking about the collection, and did initially send out questionnaires in magazines. It’s not a prohibitively expensive act (except possibly offering a freepost service) and is in general something us ‘creatives’ leave to marketing. I will pass on the request for this and see if we can make it happen.

Q5) I would love to see an 'Art of' book or magazine feature that collected all production pictures of sculpts, WIPs, paint tests, different sculpts, the design process etc. Will something like this ever happen? Art books seem to be hugely popular now. I would gladly lay down £25-£40 for a book.

A while back I looked into this and although it did seem possible it looked like it would be a lot of work. We use many different sculptors/painters for the collection and their input would be vital. We’d need to take a lot of time collecting more images from. It was debated in the office whether this type of book would actually sell. Plus it’s not something we at Eaglemoss tend to do, so there’s a little resistance to different ideas. I’ll bring it up in our next meeting.

I love specials, I really do, but can we not have forced megas and large characters just for the sake of filling up the gap and making us pay a fortune. I really don’t know how many more giant characters I would be genuinely interested in purchasing and would prefer more double packs or to move onto theme packs instead.

A6) Despite some of the comments I’ve seen, I guarantee that we don’t simply do big specials to charge you guys more. We look at all the characters that could be specials and try to balance the sizes. We’re bound by our licensors to make sure our figures are a good representation of the character and often that means Marvel or DC recommending a height. I’m working hard with our marketing team and sculptors to try and get the best value-for-money I can for you guys. If a figure can be sold out a lower price, I’ll argue for this.

Double-packs are tricky because despite the size of the characters some costs are simply doubled – these could be the fact we need two separate molds, two separate production lines for painting etc…

I’m keen to have double-packs so I’ll be looking at our 2011-2012 special line-up.

Q7) How about a competition to tour the CMFC studio?

A7) I guess this is possible but the winner may be a bit disappointed. We’re currently just an office in London working on a number of magazines. The actual sculpts are made elsewhere but perhaps I could talk to one of the sculpting companies about touring their facilities.

Q8) What costume was chosen for the Beetle figurine? (Hopefully the second choice he displayed).

A8) Yes, you are correct the second choice. Pics will hopefully follow in the next few weeks.

Q9) A while back, Rich, someone suggested occasional guest-slots on the blog by other members of the Eaglemoss staff as a way of ensuring more regular contact without loading more work onto you. Have you considered doing this?

A9) I’m happy to let my co-workers take over this blog anytime they want. Unfortunately, we’re all in the same boat and snowed under with work. I’ll see if anyone is interested.

Q10) Rich, the comments on here regarding a second character with Lockjaw were not exactly wildly enthusiastic. Are you any closer to deciding whether or not to release Lockjaw individually or with either Maximus or Luna?

Umm no is the short answer. I’m not really any closer to a final decision. Essentially you guys have confirmed what I thought: Lockjaw could (and perhaps should) be offered as a separate special. We’ll see if/when he can fit into the run and then try and work out his size/cost. I’d like to believe we could do him justice and make him £10.99 but only time will tell.

Q11) In regards to an earlier post by Robert, who's sidekick would YOU like to be and why? (Well we know so much about each other, how about you share some of your views Rich?)

That is a tricky one, I mean first-up I’d clearly like to be the star rather than the sidekick. But then if I have to be a sidekick I guess it’s a tough choice:

Spider-Man- Not sure I could put up with the ‘witty remarks’. Plus I’d probably get written out of continuity when Mephisto reverses another wedding/relationship.

Wolverine- NO WAY. Just look at the number of partners that end up dead or hideously scarred.

Hulk- I tend to wind people up a little, not a good idea with Hulk – I’d end-up smashed.

Batman- Couldn’t deal with the ‘Robin must wear tights rule’.

Captain America- See Wolverine. Bucky’s tend not to last too long.

Sooo many characters just don’t do sidekicks, hmm, I guess if we’re talking about Marvel I’d go for She-Hulk’s sidekick. Let’s face it she’s a total babe, very protective of her mates and has some zany adventures.

If DC I think I’d probably just go for being a Red Lantern – I can be a bit of a stress head and the rage can build-up. Does that count?

Right, that’s enough questions for now (sorry if I didn’t answer yours).

On to sneak peeks, check out Spiral, Wrecker, and Quasar. Please note Spiral is not on base in final position.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.