Friday, 24 February 2012

"Where wings take dream"

Just reading through the comments section and it appeared to me how much you guys have taken this collection to your hearts and have a vested interest in keeping the dream alive (whatever that 'dream' is). Thanks again for all the support you show week in week out for the CMFC.

Took a few 'arty' shots of Mojo (& Co.) hanging around the book shelf for you guys...

Who the hell is that guy in the last shot?!!!

Constrictor paint came in, funny how you miss things until it's painted - We noticed there should be sections to the whip (like a rattle snakes tail)...

Wolfsbane paint. We've asked for darker fur, but I like how the paint has improved her face and top lip...


Vance metallic? not sure we have room in the schedule but it sure warrants looking into.

Blog membership.
Just click on follow blog in the top right. Thanks for all those that have 'joined'.

Will we keep lead.
Yes lead is our main ingredient, but we will continue to use resin on certain areas where necessary.

3D printing of figurines. Our sculptors pretty much use traditional methods of creating a useable production master. But they are welcome to try any means necessary to deliver us the best sculpt.

DC Chess the cause of death of regular collection ('Bruce'). DC wanted us to do another collection and EM thought it would be a great collection to do. It probably helped in the decision making whether to proceed to a national/international launch but it would of gone ahead regardless of 'Bruce's' fate.

Re-dos/Alt Costumes.

It's not been presented as an idea to marketing or the bosses it's just an editorial concept at the moment. But I think it would be foolish not to at least try 2-3 're-dos' in the next extension (if we get the go ahead). Iron Man classic seems to stand out to me, especially that Tony Stark has had many armours over the years and we've had War Machine and Mark I (Movie) already. Maybe an X-Man (Wolvie) and possibly Spidey would be where the money is at.

Stingray's wings.

Yes we are aware of the issue with his wings. We hope to have this fixed but can't promise anything at this juncture.

Suggestions from bloggers.

We always love to hear your thoughts and ideas on what EM should do next. Be it Marvel , DC, 2000AD or Dr. Who. Maybe these ideas eventually boil down to something tangible maybe they won't.

I noticed the proliferation on Comicvine recently and wondered who it could be! Now I know. Thanks.

I'll leave the last word to a certain irascible newspaper editor...

"Let me outta heeeeeeere!"

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Moonstone and Vance!

Wow! thanks to all those involved in getting her thus far. We took in most, if not all of LAWay's comments/sketch, plus our own amendments. I'm pretty pleased with her although her face reminds me of Kylie Minogue (not a bad thing I suppose), and she's not facing directly out from the base but at a cheeky angle (to allow for the wider stance).

Hopefully she'll be well recieved...

Nice Vance Astro paints too. I think the paint job really brings him to life...

PS. We collated your votes for Deathbird and it was a real mixed bag #2 and #4 came out top with #6 in 3rd place - so we went with 2. We shall have a fuller sketch for you soon.

That's all folks!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Please comment on what pose you like 1-8 ("!" is probably not feasible, but I've shown it anyway).

We have our own faves, but wanted to get your views (the final decisions will be EM's though).


Monday, 6 February 2012

CMFC: History In The Making!

Not a lot to preview this week, things are slowing down a tad as we have pretty much commissioned all the remaining figurines. So I'll only update when I have new/interesting things to show you (hopefully once a week (fri/mon), but I can't promise I'll have 'stuff' every week. Hopefully a green light on an extension will perk things up a bit?

Marvel's changes to Firelord:

They have echoed pretty much what we have said.
Hopefully Joni can take in the changes. Nuff said.

Firelord cover:
Andie Tong

...and now to fill some space...

A Blast From The Past:
The EM Vaults (part deux?)

Some old development ideas from way back in the mists of time (2004):

Dene Mason's first sculpt for us. We went with pose no.2. (as I recall there were problems with scale at the time because Toby Whiting had done the first 7 or 8 sculpts, and for whatever reason Dene's Goblin came in to too tall - so we had to do a hack job on his legs - didn't turn out too bad, but would of had a much more dynamic pose otherwise (paint job was a more cleaner style aswell, which wasn't in keeping with the realistic style we went for).

My original concepts for the plinth:
(note the original early sculpts that were done!!! deemed to actiony and childish - The Hulk was amazing though, and may still see the light of day one day!).

Crazy plinth idea!

Some box concepts (most are better than what we got in the end, but cost ruled the day - still some of the comic design elements would be an improvement on the drab grey box we have now (you can guess I didn't have a hand in it! I've since tried to make some of the special boxes more interesting but have had to stick with the grey palette):

A tin was also considered (way too pricey though):

See you sooner than later.
I'll 'hopefully' tune in to the comments section later tonight (or over the weekend). Catch you then...