Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Please comment on what pose you like 1-8 ("!" is probably not feasible, but I've shown it anyway).

We have our own faves, but wanted to get your views (the final decisions will be EM's though).



ghost said...

WOW, Number 4 would look amazing!!!, but any of the first few would look great... just dont do the Destiny pose.

Anonymous said...

Number 2 is pretty ace and gets my vote

colin said...

definitely number 4!

AVENGERS -87 said...

My favorite pose is the n° 7

James Figueiredo said...

I think either #1 or #2 would be awesome, but my vote goes to #2.

Thor8 said...

supetroI like #4 but with the wings to widely spread out to the sides causes problems displaying her next to the other figurines,so I think I'l go with #2 with #3 as a close 2nd.

LAWay said...

1, 5, 6 or 7 I think.

Probably 6 is my fave.

My reasoning. Spreading the legs aggressively (oo-er) as in a 'power' stance I think just doesnt look that good for female figures.

The classier, legs together poses looks more feminine, and looks more pleasing on the eye for a figurine.

I also worry about how much the wings would be in the way. So despite loving sketch 1, I think having the wings dropping down to the side again looks better.

With arms coming forward in 4, I just imagine it from the side as profile and thinking it will be awful. The positioning of the feathers, the hunch etc just doesnt look too good and then the legs just seem thrown on.

So...ideally 6.

If you wanna show off more wings, go for 1.

If you wanna keep it sexy go for 7.

But other than that, keep away from the aggressive stance and keep the legs together.

Hiperion said...

I like #6 and #7, fit perfectly with the character.

Paibok said...

4 and 5 definate nos from me. 5 is too static and I don't really want the wings flapping around blocking anything behind it.

Considering she will be diplayed with Lilandra and Gladiator I don't think a background dancer from some theatre production would be too distracting so 1-4 no Keep sketch C for Baron Blood though.

I would prefer 7, then six. It shows her sexiness and feminine assets, and of course the wings but subtle enough.

Rabid Womble said...

I like most of the poses. I think the arms need to be raised to show off the wings properly. M choices are.


I do agree with LAWay regarding the spread-legged power pose. I think it can some female characters if it is right for them. If it's someone like She-Hulk for example the power pose works.

One of the consideraton points on the poses I picked is the postioning of the feet or the arching of the body. Raised arm and slightly twisted torso looks better than just standing centrally and rasing the arms.

buffduffdan said...

3 or 2 for me. Although 1 & 7 are fine too :)

Banshee said...

No 1 gets my vote but I'll be happy with any of them other than no 5 :-s

sed tallis said...

Wouldn't know Deathbird from Thora Hird, nice drawings tho. I'm sure she will look just smashing.hope this is of help to you .
Good day to you

David said...

The last pic looks awsome! but if it's not a possibbility then pic #6

deamon said...

She's a villain, pose 7 would be ridiculous for her, poses 2, 3 are good.
Please don't forget about her crown.

,,!" WTF? She has ballet dancer costume, but she isn't ballet dancer.

TheTooN said...

I dont know the character at all but from the sketches I would choose 4 every time. Really jumps off the page. Second choice would be 2.

Not knowing if she is good or evil I cant really say what fits her but I see Deamons point about the Ballet pose.

@Dan why dont Northstar and Aurora fit within 2 side by side plinth boxes ? Did they in the design stage ? Should their palms be vertical ? Have I got the wrong end of the stick ?

Simon West said...

It's awesome that your asking us, but in all honesty I think all those poses look great. I wouldnt like to pick one as I'd feel I wasnt giving justice to how good the others are!

Keep the lozenge!

wish list :
Sleep walker
(Doppleganger maybe...)

Kal Brindle said...

Great sketches Dan,

I like 2, 4 or 8 as they show off her wings but are also slightly menacing and Deatnbird is a serious villain after all. The rest are too winsome.

ElvenBrit said...

I like #6, it has power, but also has a feminine touch.

SinisterVenom said...

First of all, WOOHOO, DEATHBIRD!!! :D

Now that I've got that out of my system, I like poses 4, 6 and 8 the best. I think with pose 8 you should use that pose, but on another character in the future. It'll look great on someone but I don't think it's right for Deathbird. 4 is really menacing while 6 shows a feminine touch but you can still see the evil side to her.
I'd say go for 4, it's something different :)

Victor said...

I think either #1 or #2 would be awesome, but my vote goes to #1.

Suzene said...

4 or 8 -- they just bleed melodramatic villainy!

mighty_marvel said...

4, 6 or 7 for me

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Ace sketches, and it's great to get another blog update. But most of all, thank you Dan for allowing us to interact with your creative processes.

Pose 1 or 3 are the best for me.

They make the most of Deathbird's wings, which are going to look amazing if the plumage is multi-colored like in the comics. Moreover, these poses display the character's aggressiveness in a powerful and majestic, yet sexy and feminine manner.

The sculpt would be totally unique as we've never seen this type of wing display in the CMFC.

The other poses are too bland, or really cumbersome and unpractical (pose 4)

So yeah... pose 1 or 3 for me.

michal9403 said...

That looks really amazing. Number 1 and 6 are most impressive for me. I'd love to see the last one but i know it's imposible.
If I have to vote I chose #1.

michal9403 said...

"She's a villain, pose 7 would be ridiculous for her"

Yeah, she's villain but that doesn't mean she must have an angry pose.
Here for example she looks pretty softly.

deamon said...

Angry or not, Deathbird never was a ballet dancer. That pose has nothing to comic character.
This pose could be good for Dazzler, but not for Deathbird.

Osvaldoeaf said...

I'd go with 1 or 3!

Bob said...

The best pose for me is "6" for the simple reason it is in character, wings spread for 1 thru three would require more packaging to safeguard the fragile wingtips, and I would not want to pay extra for the "special" sculpt when "6" would really suffice. But I would want a modern costume like the Jim Lee version with all the detailing and tubes, etc

The Mad Thinker said...

i like the last one as it is a totally new style of pose.

Robert said...

I only really know Deathbird from a 1970s appearance in Ms. Marvel that was drawn by Sal Buscema. She seemed pretty ferocious and dangerous, and not many of those poses capture that. But I bow to those who know the character much, much better than I.

Ken said...

I prefer #6 or 7, thank you.

sergiogf said...

2, 3 or 8 for me¡

tinodragon14 said...

I would pick Number 2 because DEATHBIRD is a ferocious villainess & that is the best fighting stance & I like her with her wings up.

Dan The Man said...

Wow! thanks for the responses -

I thought they'd be an obvious winner, but it just goes to show everyone has a different opinion - most of your comments were very helpful and i'll go through them all with Rich and almost whittle them down to an eventual 'winner', other considerations such as production problems will obviously be a factor in our decision (I'm sure any of them would make a great sculpt anyway, so we're getting a great figurine no matter which one is made).


Sage said...
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Sage said...

Some great options but for me NUMBER 4 is by far the best!

Jimmydee said...

Definately 4 - or any pose looking more menacing - some look too prancey and fluffy

promo1965 said...

Number 1

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Back to Stingray
Dan, have you been able to clarify the design of Stingray's glider wings? The last time we saw the sculpt, we noticed that the wings were not attached to his body. Did you get feedback from Marvel? I'm fairly certain that the free-flowing cape is incorrect. They're glider wings, ie. seamlessly attached to the back to simulate the hydrodynamic properties of a real stingray. It'd be great to know your thoughts about this.

Bagman said...

All the sketches look good and i think any one of them would be a great figurine, but pesonally i like the quiet menace that No.5 seems to portray, so No.5 for me.

John said...

5 or 7 look amazing. Anything else will block characters behind her and make her an annoying pain. 5 or 7 still convey her regalness, sexiness and villainy.

sed tallis said...

Google 20th century Danny boy. There is a rather wonderful blog on how Marvel have successfully won their case against Gary Friedrich .A man who has fallen on hard times and now cannot lawfully claim that be created Ghost Rider and to add insult to injury he now owes the Marvel/Disney suits $17000.marvel really are utter scum .
Maybe want to read up on what they have done to this old timer before paying to watch the movie.

ADParker said...

They all look pretty good in these rough sketches. But I think I would go for #7.

Santi Hermana said...

Number 6 is sexy enough to me, and let the wings be admired, and even more important, give the figurine more balnce.
Yes, six for sure

TheTooN said...

@Ted - Thats an awful story and shame is the word that springs to mind.

Nothing surprises me these days with Marvel/Disney.

Thor8 said...

Looks like Marvel only sees $$$$$ these days. Maybe that's why they try to hit it big these days with so many "SENSATIONAL EVENTS OF THE YEAR" stories and only end up giving us a bunch of dog poop.

Sire-bd said...

My favorite is number 4 !!!

Mr J said...


Yeah 4 is the one I like best so I would go with that for the final pose.

max_0888 said...

I pretty much like them all, but 1, 4 or 6. Especially 6

I_Broke_the_Dam said...

Number 3 for the win!

Anonymous said...

my vote : sketche number 8

TheTooN said...

I'm still confused over Northstar and Aurora and their inability to touch palms within plinth boxes.

I posted a pic on the forum in the main CMFC chat thread for those who are curious what the hell I'm on about.

Heres a web link for those who are not registered over at the SHFF.;topic=234.0;attach=5168;image

Mixmerik said...


Thor8 said...

Okay,I already mentioned which poses I would pick,now I'll say why I "DIDN"T" pick the others...

#1- Looks good,but I prefer #2 and
#3 over it.
#4- This one is great,but the wings would cover the faces of the two figurines standing behind her.
#5- This pose is kind of bland IMO.
#6- Looks good ,but the pose of her legs makes it look as if she walking down the aisle of a fashion show.
#7- Lokks like daddys pretty little girl pose.
#8- Too similiar to the Falcon"s pose.
#9- Do I really have to say?

The above expressions are the bloggers own and EM nor it's affiliates are resposible for the same.

LAWay said...

In regards to Ghost Rider, its a sad story, but those are the rules when working for Marvel.

You work for marvel, anything you come up with that is published by Marvel is Marvel property.

The creator doesnt own anything.

Had he created the character and got a contract signed to benefit from his creation, then he would have a leg to stand on. Although if he approached Marvel like that, they would most likely tell him to jog on.

Its sad that Marvel are making him pay the legal fee and saying he cant claim to have created Ghost Rider, but its like the guy was biting the hand that fed him. He saw the movies were being a success and wanted money.

He was a writer for hire, signed off 2 contracts and ownership of the character to Marvel. Just gutted he has been cut short in the long run.

LAWay said...

Oh, check out the new Marvel Legends to come out early this year:

5 characters yet to be in the CMFC, with 7 different costume variants that would essentially make new figurines too.

We keep saying the CMFC is the most varied marvel collection ever, but you guys need to have a hard look at these action figure lines, they aint just kids toys with hundreds of spider-men and wolverine variants.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

If you are referring to characters like Daken, Madame Masque or Arnim Zola, it's great news for us. It's an indication that Marvel market researchers understand collectors want more characters from a great variety of MU areas and tiers.
I feel that the CMFC has pioneered this approach and is achieving the best exploration of the Marvel Universe ever attempted.

LAWay said...

Marvel Legends and Marvel Universe have always steered in this direction with curveball characters since the beginning.

Like I said, if people just cast their net wider they would know this.

Deadpool said...

Sketches 1, 3 are cool but my favourite is (!) which would make an awesome figure.

You could attach the fikgure using a metal rod throug the foot into the base, or even use the clear resin rod used on North Star and Aurora.

My subscription arrived and shanna was damaged. Her spear was bent and she was hanging off her base.

She is an amazing figure and I will use her for a conversion when I get a replacement.

Forge looks a bit crappy, the gun is out of place and looks poorly balanced.

The DC contingent this month was Mirror Man and Static.
Static was broken at the waist and needed to be glued together.

Mirror Man looks very similar to the orginal blue beetle figure, but is ok.

Dan I like seeing the concepts for figures and packaging.

Is there any chance that you can give us a redo special that features a behind the scenes concept magazine.

I would love to see some images of the sculpts, a look at your office and some of the casting facilities.

I have a large wad of cash waiting for Eaglemoss when you get your telephone service and online services sorted out. Any news when I can place some orders without talking to someone obnoxious?
I suspect that the Order line is manned by Skrulls.

Finally, can I take out a new subscription in resin?

Thanks again ...

Yours truly



It has came to my attention that Skrulls wear their hearts on their sleeve and their scrotum on their chin.
Not exactly a good combination for valentines day.

Definately not the done thing on Jersey.

See you next week Paihole.
Make mine a Darjeeling with a Jam and Cream Scone.

Deadpool said...

I have placed N&A right nest to Puck so their Palms almost meet over his head.

This is the best arrangement.

I'll post an image of them on my blog.

I still don't care for the position of Aurora's left hand.

When I get a second set I will reposition it to mirror Northstar's.

Deadpool said...

Oh incidentally I have stopped collecting Marvel comics all together.

Marvel has lost its way since Disney gobbled it up.

I think Marvel have a duty of care to Gary Friedrich since he has helped them rake in huge sums of money from Ghost Rider.

Lady Mechanika and 2000AD FTW.

mgf said...

Marvel lost its way in the early 80s in my opinion, DP. All Disney have brought to the deal is a veneer of cold eyed cynicism.

Subby pack yesterday...

Shanna was a nice surprise. Most people seemed to be slightly shocked at her inclusion when she was announced but the figure is pretty tidy.

Forge. And it's a meh from me. All the X-ers of that era were tedious tripe and Forge is no exception as a character. I always got the feeling new characters of that era were created by something akin to the Champions League draw. A dozen people, twenty pots. "This character will be a ... male! Gay! Hispanic! Orphan! With... telekinisis... and a hair lip." That completes the draw for Marvel Legends wave 76."

Figure wise it's a reasonable sculpt. Why would you roll half a sock of lycra up your cybernetic leg and put a boot on it by the way? I imagine the boots were added Poochie-like to American Indianise him by 10% but it makes little sense.

sed tallis said...

Ha ha , right enough mgf , why the Lycra to the knee??
I know someone with a prosthetic limb, I'll pass on this fashion tip.

LAWay said...

Disney havent interfered with the comic running of Marvel, and without the surge of Marvel comic dominance in the early 2000s to now we wouldnt have a CMFC, marvel movies, or marvel at all.

The problem I find is that there are just too many comics to read and its daunting going into comicbook shops nowadays. Thats why I just pick up the graphic novel collections.

TheTooN said...

I got wave 1 of the new Legends this week and they are pretty good for the most part. Terrax is the mutts and cant wait to see him in the CMFC.

I'd planned on dropping MU 3.75 and switching to Legends but wave 2 is hit and miss for me.

Not a fan of Daken or Madame Masque and seriously....big time Spidey is what the fans want ? Really guys ?

I usually go all out on variants once I decide to collect a new line but wave 2 is scary.

7 regular figures, 2 variants (that I know of) in unmasked Daken and Future Foundation Spidey.

Running changes to switch out Thunderball for Piledriver and Madame Hydra for Madame Masque.

Running change figs will have an alternate deco for a 2nd version of Arnim Zola meaning a 100% collector would end up buying about 15 figures to make up both BAF's.

Price atm is about £18 a pop so waves 1 and 2 would end up costing nearly £500 for a 100% collector.

And thats on the assumption you dont get screwed by scalpers when looking for the variants/running changes.

Thunderball and Piledriver are big wants and Fantomex looks good in a GI Joe kind of way.

Love to have the rest of the wrecking crew in the CMFC.

I'll try putting puck between the twins today but its a daft compromise to have to make for the sake of maybe 5mm on each figurine.

Saturn Lad said...

I pick 4 or 6.

Robert said...

Slide started waaaaaaaaaaaay before Disney. Disney can't be blamed for Heroes Reborn, for instance. Or pretty much the entire 1990s. Or variant covers. Or Bendis. Or Harry Osborn surviving being impaled through the heart by a large flying metal object. Or the forum voting for Drax-in-jeans. (Okay, I just put that last one in for my own amusement.)

Thor8 said...

Yes,Marvel has been slipping for the past decade and a half or so as has the comic book industry in general.
Too much hype and very little delivered. I have been re-reading my entire Thor collection starting from JIM #83 and The Avengers from #1 and although not every issue can be considered a gem,most of the stories and plots (and sub-plots)are great,and the character developement and continuity (remember those) were superb.

In the begining Marvel would really go out of it's way to make every sitiuation,fact and detail (no matter how small or insignificant) fall into place with everything else in the MU. Now anybody and everybody just writes what they want to with out seeming to care if it contradicts what has gone on before.

Before you would get great stories that would become CLASSIC MASTERPIECS. Now we are promised Sensational stories that end up making no sense and turning out to be real slops.

I wonder if Stan can be cloned!?

Robert said...

If so, I want one!

You're bang on, Thor. I'm rereading all the early Hulks - up to #171 - and the difference between now and then is staggering. The love story between Bruce and Betty and being the Hulk was a curse was at the centre of everything - now Bruce thinks being the Hulk is more important than Betty!!

bethrezen said...

I prefer pose 2 or 3.

",,!" WTF? She has ballet dancer costume, but she isn't ballet dancer."

I agree.

Thor8 said...

I've decided to sell my complete collection of Amazing Spider-Man which I have starting at Amazing Fantasy #15 straight up to # 6?? I guit purchasing this title a year ago and even though my sons don't want me to,I'll be saying goodbye to Spidey. Ijust couldn't take it anymore,what with Mephist having the power to change history without any mayor consequences,Harry coming back from the dead without any explanation and no longer married to Liz,Norman Osborn with a healing factor he never had before,Gwen Stacy turned into a slut,etc.,etc,etc.

Now we have the X-Avengers,with Beast,Wolverine,Storm as members.
We also have The Defending Avengers,with Dr.Strange,Namor,Hulk,Valkerye,Hellcat. We have Pet Avengers(Legion of Super Pets?) Young Avengers(Teen Titans?)What's next? The Senior Citizen Avengers?!... with Aunt May,Jarvis,Ancient One,and Willie Lumpkin as members?

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I actually think that the Forge figurine is excellent. Lots of stuff going on in the design,

cyber limbs
native indian boots
blue & yellow lycra suit
big gun
belt of holsters
moustache & pony tail

... and my fig was immaculately painted. I think this sculpt is actually a great example of second-division characters getting the star treatment and ending up with an excellent sculpt/representation.

SinisterVenom said...

First of all...TWO WEEKS TOMORROW GUYS!!! For me it's two weeks today as we will be leaving for London the day before to make sure we get there. WOOOO! :D



I've just picked up Forge today. I would say he's a cool figurine if I'm honest. The face is beautifully done, the gun is great and the body is done nicely too. But then you turn him around...not so great. The paint job is a little lazy on the back I must admit. The hair paint goes into his back, there are marks of yellow paint on the strap of his bag and the paintwork itself looks a little rough. I'm a little upset about that yeah but at least it's not the back I will be looking at. I'll give 8/10 for this figurine. Let's see what Wizard will have for us next time.

Finally, on a really random note, what's the weather like by you guys? Snowing much? I ask because roughly two weeks ago I ordered Northstar and Aurora and the seller is in the UK so they should have arrived a few days later. Apparently the item has been dispatched already so I can only assume that the twins are struggling to be delivered due to all the snow the UK have been having. It's not bad at all round my area but I know it's been bad in a lot of places.

Thor8 said...

Say Blake,I enjoyed your A-Z Virtual Galery very much.As you menioned it just goes to show how many cool looking character there are that can still be added to this collection. there are even more characters such as Mangog,The Melter,The Shroud,the other 4 members of the Zodiac,a Hydra Agent,The Supeme Serpent,Graviton,And many others.

tinodragon14 said...

Finally got my Moondragon figure & it is poorly painted as the green does not come down to the crotch & legs area so there is just flesh color. The figure is also in an awkward stance & the left hand looks awful. The headband was totally unnecessary so whose idea was it to add it. Her face looks fine but I see why the cape collar comes up so high because the head shape is deformed. Sad really but One more for the storage box.

Robert said...

To my great friend, Thor.

I felt quite depressed reading your second-last post. I think you should sit on this for a while. I'm equally angry about what's going on but, you know what? When I pick up something from the Good Old Days it is still great. I still love it. I hate what's happening to Marvel now, just hate it. Whatever awfulness Marvel perpetrates - Asgardia is a recent offense - it doesn't, however, affect the classic stuff. Now I only read Silver and Bronze Age, and I'm enjoying my comicbooks more than I have for a long time. You CAN go back. Stan, Steve, John, Ross, none of these guys are in any way responsible for today's mess and their work is still phenomenal. My advice to you is to sell off the last ten years, keep the classic stuff, and reread it. That's what I've been doing and it has worked out really well.
(Apart from my occasional violent urges to strange Bendis, etc.)
Your friend, Robert.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Stan Lee tickets
Hey guys, a shot in the dark here, but does anyone have a spare Comic Convention/Stan Lee ticket that I can buy? I didn't manage to buy one as they're sold out. I'd love to see Stan Lee, but I'm not prepared to fork out £175 for the ultra VIP ticket.

Robert said...

SV, you aked a few weeks ago about autographs at the London Con...

"We have been asked numerous times if people who cannot make it to the show can have an item posted out to be signed, the short answer is yes, but not via oursleves. Desert Wind Comics have asked us to put up a link for those comic fans who are NOT lucky enough to be attending the London Super Comic Convention.

If you are NOT attending the convention and would like a book signed by Stan Lee please click on the following [] to read more details regarding process by which you can have books signed and buy tickets.

Please do not direct any questions about this to us, as this is not a L.S.C.C. arrangement, and you will be referred to Desert Wind Comics."

mrsinister88 said...

I'd like to also comment on the Moondragon figurine. I'm also really disappointed with it. The paint work on it is shocking and I also agree about the hand which just looks plain odd!! Also she is out of proportion. As she's wearing the headband forced upon her by odin then I can only assume she has been taken from the time period she spent as one of the new defenders. when you stand her and angel and iceman and valkyrie next to each other you will see what I mean about proportion.... her head is massive compaired to icemans!!

SinisterVenom said...

Did I ask about autographs Robert? I really don't remember lol.
Who knows, maybe I did and I'm starting to go loopy...

Robert said...

I think it was you. Then again, my memory lapses are of Stan Lee proportions!

LAWay said...

I disagree on comic quality. I think during the 2000s were the best comics Marvel did while the older ones are a struggle to read, either being too cheesy, quality of artwork compared to nowadays, or just forgettable.

Sure you have the 'classic' moments of Marvel history but thats because that generation created these characters.

But thats a young guys perspective who will no doubt be in favour of new marvel compared to older fans.

Deadpool said...

Eagle Moss DC chess set advertised on the TV tonight.

First issue is Batman for the princely sum of £2.99.

I bet it is resin.

I'll probably collect it for modding provided its a similar scale to Marve and DC figurines.

I have to confess I am a Disney hater and need to blame something other than Marvel for Marvel's demise.

I hope they read this blog.

They need to kill off many of the characters and go back to basics.

Death to the mutants and bring on the Mutates, the Vigilantes, the Gadgeteers and the Gods.

All hail Benitez and the babelicious Lady Mechanika!

Deadpool said...

DC currently kicks Marvel's shiny metal ass.

The fear saga was a knee jerk reaction to Blackest Night / Brightest Day.

Personally I would love to see the hulk pummel the likes of Superman.
Captain America pummel Batman, Spidey pummel the various versions of the Blue Beetle, Iron Man to pummel Steel and so on and so forth , ad infinitum.

Cat woman and Black cat mud wrestling would be a treat.

The Huntress and Kate Bishop in a steamy jaccuzi ... drool.

Ah ... comic books could be so much better if I had my way.

sed tallis said...

Mmmmmmmmm , received a pile of old Curtis mags Dracula Lives, Kull, Marvel Preview ,DHOKU etc , lots of lovely naked ladies . Classmates had to give me sweeties for a wee look. Ah ,the innocence of youth.

Blackbolt said...

i prefer number 8 because she´s and evil woman and with this podition shows the power of her claws

Fabrizio said...

I prefer the pose nr.2
it seems just between not static and not too much in move...and not too much large in the box

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

If you seek proof that there's plenty of life in the CMFC, look no further than this week's


1. Equinox
Thermodynamic villain who combines pyrokinetic and cryokinetic powers.

2. Thunderstrike
Eric Masterson, prominent Avenger with the mace made of mystical uru metal.

3. Bulldozer
Perfect choice for the next Wrecking Crew member to make it into the CMFC.

4. Ajak
Powerful Eternal and part-time God Squad member with stunning Aztec-inspired Kirby design.

5. Wendigo
This savage creature from Canadian folklore is an all-too-real menace
in the Marvel Universe. Ask Hulk.

6. Veil
This striking young girl from Avengers Academy is a master of gaseous permutations.

7. Doctor Demonicus
Evil genetic engineer, occasional member of the Hood's gang, and owner of the mutagenic Lifestone meteor. And he looks cool!

Click here and enjoy:


Kal Brindle said...

NIce work as usual Kirly... though I have to say the Thunderstrike figure really got my attention.

Hey Dan how about we get Thunderstrike as the Asgardian representative in the next extension?

Erik though, not his son.

fred said...

number 2 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fred said...

number 2 please!!!

LAWay said...

Got my Batman Chess piece. Bargain at £2.99. In shops now.

Robert said...

Just had a look at your A-Z gallery, Blake. It's enormous! What a huge commitment of time and energy. Makes me think you should get some sort of recognition from Eaglemoss for being the most enthusiastic and devoted fan on here. What about it, Dan? A rejected, one-off early model? An original piece of cover art? Or...? What do you guys think?

sed tallis said...

If he pulls the finger oot and gets Bloodstone in there, he can have my subscribers Santa special. Even the Recorder has a place?!!!?!!

Robert said...

I think he's very open to suggestions, Ted, so the fact you have mentioned this will probably see him sorting it out for you.

So, Blake, what about it? Ulysses Bloodstone for the next instalment of your Virtual CMFC Gallery?

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Robert, thanks so much for your feedback and your spontaneous praises, mate! The best reward for me would be to see more extensions and to see some of those awesome characters go from virtual figs to real CMFC figs that we can buy.
I hope Dan will be able to do this.
I'm totally confident and optimistic he will. :)

Some stats
FYI, the Virtual Gallery has 3,000 visitors a month from all over the world. So I think this is good indication that there's lots of love for the CMFC and Marvel figs in general.

All of you who want to see more virtual figurines, I'm pleased to announce the relaunch of the space called CREATE YOUR OWN VIRTUAL CMFC
where you can request your faves.

Please visit it here:

All requests will be considered.
It's fun, it's a research resource,
it's (hopefully) and inspiration for EM decision-makers.

Long live the CMFC!

TheTooN said...

It would be great if Dan could give a 'thank you' for Kirly's hard work promoting the collection.

How about confirming his favourite fig ? Was it Air Walker ?

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

O yeah! Thanks for your hint, Toon. I must admit, Air-Walker would be a totally awesome fig.

Robert said...

Great shout, Toon. It's not as if Air Walker doesn't have supporters, either.

If we get an extension, and if Air Walker gets the green light, maybe a preliminary sketch or cover of Air Walker could be sent to Blake as a thank you? What about it, Dan?

3000 visitors a month, Eaglemoss. This guy is a free publicity machine!

John said...

Air-Walker would be amazing. You have my full support.

After that, its just Nova really. And Stardust if you wanted to throw a Herald to the modern fans. But Nova and Air-Walker are the last of the "essential" Heralds, imo., I'd like to have them all though.

Deadpool said...

Just a quick note regarding teh DC chess set.

I've jsut picked up Issue 1 - Batman and it is superb in resin.

Teh figure is very similar to the special roof top Batman of the DC figurine collection.

I recommend collecting these figures.

Deadpool said...

Dan where is my subscriber Santa Special?

sed tallis said...

Will they able to take lots of fingering? If these chess pieces are hand painted and actually meant to be used rather than ornamental.

Banshee said...

I'd love Air-Walker too, along with Stardust who would make an awesome sculpt if done right but I'd really really want Nova first. She is the next logical Herald in my eyes. Come on Dan give us a few more extensions so we can complete such teams :-)

LAWay said...

I'm sure people will let us know when Catwoman and Poison Ivy become available Ted.

Thor8 said...

Robert: I have given the idea of selling my Spidey collection some thought for over a year now and I'm afraid my mind is all made up. Ill still have my Marvel Master works to fall back on when I want to get a good Spidey read,so no problem. Right now the only Marvel titles I am reading that I truly enjoy are Avengers Academy and Journey into Mystery.

Blake: will be sending you my virtual wants very soon. You've got quite an impressive gallery there my friend.

Dan: Hope we get the good news of another extension having been approved very soon.

One more thing,Many of you have stated that you received a very crappy Moondragon figurine with sloppy and/or poor paint job. It seems like I've must have gotten the one they used for advertisement,cause mine looks fine.

Robert said...

Of course it's your decision, Thor. I hope my plea was not in any way impolite. I was just fearful that modern Marvel was spoiling your feelings for old Marvel. I was guilty of confusing the two for a time and I feel much better now that I think of them as separate and read only Silver and Bronze Age now. I hope you get a more than fair price for these gems.

Less than two weeks till we meet Stan...

deamon said...

This pose for Wendigo would be very good, but spin him 90 degrees to us.

Thor8 said...

By no means did or do I find your plea to be impolite Robert,all the contrary I'm touched to know that there are friends that care. When you see Stan in a couple of weeks could you please ask him if he can pass by Marvel's offices and kick some buts for me.If he can't,maybe he can send Frank Castle or Luke Cage to do it for him.)

Robert said...

Another great has gone.

R.I.P., John Severin.

Thor8 said...

So has Joe Simon.

sed tallis said...

Indeed Robert, John Severin was a true great ,his style was unique .loved his art, His work with his sister on the Kull colour comics are some of the best work you could hope to see ,even today.