Friday, 24 February 2012

"Where wings take dream"

Just reading through the comments section and it appeared to me how much you guys have taken this collection to your hearts and have a vested interest in keeping the dream alive (whatever that 'dream' is). Thanks again for all the support you show week in week out for the CMFC.

Took a few 'arty' shots of Mojo (& Co.) hanging around the book shelf for you guys...

Who the hell is that guy in the last shot?!!!

Constrictor paint came in, funny how you miss things until it's painted - We noticed there should be sections to the whip (like a rattle snakes tail)...

Wolfsbane paint. We've asked for darker fur, but I like how the paint has improved her face and top lip...


Vance metallic? not sure we have room in the schedule but it sure warrants looking into.

Blog membership.
Just click on follow blog in the top right. Thanks for all those that have 'joined'.

Will we keep lead.
Yes lead is our main ingredient, but we will continue to use resin on certain areas where necessary.

3D printing of figurines. Our sculptors pretty much use traditional methods of creating a useable production master. But they are welcome to try any means necessary to deliver us the best sculpt.

DC Chess the cause of death of regular collection ('Bruce'). DC wanted us to do another collection and EM thought it would be a great collection to do. It probably helped in the decision making whether to proceed to a national/international launch but it would of gone ahead regardless of 'Bruce's' fate.

Re-dos/Alt Costumes.

It's not been presented as an idea to marketing or the bosses it's just an editorial concept at the moment. But I think it would be foolish not to at least try 2-3 're-dos' in the next extension (if we get the go ahead). Iron Man classic seems to stand out to me, especially that Tony Stark has had many armours over the years and we've had War Machine and Mark I (Movie) already. Maybe an X-Man (Wolvie) and possibly Spidey would be where the money is at.

Stingray's wings.

Yes we are aware of the issue with his wings. We hope to have this fixed but can't promise anything at this juncture.

Suggestions from bloggers.

We always love to hear your thoughts and ideas on what EM should do next. Be it Marvel , DC, 2000AD or Dr. Who. Maybe these ideas eventually boil down to something tangible maybe they won't.

I noticed the proliferation on Comicvine recently and wondered who it could be! Now I know. Thanks.

I'll leave the last word to a certain irascible newspaper editor...

"Let me outta heeeeeeere!"


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popedave40 said...
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jarvis69 said...

Great update once again . JJJ looks pertty good ;)
Mojo ........ I hope he'll be in a very resistant package ....
Next extention or not btw ???
Have a nice weekend

fredpostman said...

Thanks for the update Dan;Mojo looks good though those legs look very fragile.
Regarding re-dos;If it extends the collection then so be it but....when the next extension gonna be announced?
LOCKJAW soon please.

Blog Master Dan said...

No news on extension yet. I promise you'll here it asap from me!

We are considering packaging Mojo's legs and tail part separately, you guys'll have to click them in yourself but at least they won't be brock!

mighty_marvel said...

really looking forward to jjj. there's been a conspicuous space on my spiderman shelf for far too long.

i agree with you on resculpts. classic iron man is a good shout. i'd also go with tan costume wolverine in more of an action pose and ultimate spiderman. if they're successful i would love a 90s rogue, white costume mystique, ape beast, modern thor (would be good to have a thor with avengers and a thor with asgardians) and an original costume captain britain. a proper jean grey rather than phoenix, 90s cyclops, 90s storm and WW2 captain america would be good too.

still think wolfsbane's face should have been made more human. really don't like the overly wolfish features in her face. would have been much better like this imo

constrictor and mojo both looking good.

and as you mentioned it, please please please try to make a dr who collection a reality. it wouldn't even have to be a particularly long collection. i reckon about 40 issues would cover all the doctors, main companions and villains. and with figures like cybermen or daleks many collectors will buy multiple copies.

Paibok said...

Mojo is really an ugly and repulsive looking figure, which means that its a very good sculpt. Sure there are plenty here would be pleased. Cannot wait for Longshot.

Constrictor - like the sculpt and paintjob, except there is one area bugging me - the mouth area doesn't seem right somehow.

Wolfsbane needs a darker furtone, otherwise she looks great.

Skurge the Executioner next special please!

michal9403 said...

I voted for her in every possible polls. Now when I look at her I'm not satisfied at all. I imagine her in all diffrent pose, costume, her and diffrent face. I love this character but I just don't like what I see. Hope you all like it.
He looks great and Longshoot is perfect. Really amazing, detail job.

max_0888 said...

What a great update once again Dan.

First, you're welcome for the CMFC pics on Comicvine. I thought it was odd, that it wasn't done before. I really think it helps get this collection known more since it's a great data base for each marvel characters. Finally having CMFC pics in there is good publicity imo.

Mojo is just awesome. It was one of the special I was the most looking forward too along with Strong guy and he doesn't disappoint one bit. He's flawless. Seeing Longshot, Spiral and Mojo next to the others is looking very very good.

Constrictor is also great. Simple yet effective sculpt.

Wolfsbane, I prefer it with colour. I'm actually quite happy with the fig. She was one of the character I was the most looking forward this extansion. I can't wait to add her to my X-factor investigation display with Madrox, Siryn and Longshot. Hopefully, more will be on the way.

I really don't want any re-dos. There, I said it. I have bought every 167 figurines out in Canada, plus all of the specials, except for movie Iron man and rooftop spidey cause they were re-dos...What I love about this collection is having so many different characters. I really don,t want to replace the one I already have. I have spent a lot of money on this collection, but what will I do with another Mystique, or another Wolverine. Anyway, if it has to come down to this to have more extansions, ill take them, but I just don't want them yet. I like every sculpt that came out, they are not all perfect, but that's how they came out and I bought them. My Iron man is perfectly fine. I don't see the point in having another Iron man. Where will I put him...

I know some people want re-dos, and I totally respect everyone's opinion. I'm jsut stating mine here. Personnally, I would be very disappointed to lose 3 spots in the new extansion, to repeat of some characters i've already spent money on. 20, is not enough, losing 3 new characters here is too much imo.

Holy Wolf said...

Does this mean the fate of the DC regular collection has now been officially decided?!

Or is it still To Be Confirmed...?

Mblu6 site said...

No Dc collection?

No Eaglemoss!!!!

Banshee said...

WOW I really need to do a swear right now but I won't of course so instead "HOLY CRAP" Mojo looks AMAZING!!! I <3 you guys down at the towers. You are true legends!!!!

Constrictor is looking nifty too after a splash of paint.

Wolfsbane is looking better but I'm still not sure I like her but I can't figure out why??

I seem to be writing crap at the moment. I'm going to calm down and try again later :-s

mtravis390 said...

Mojo looks good.

Why did you not give Wolfsbane lips like she has in every picture of her in the costume you uses?

I still thing EM should wait on re-does. If the bosses or marketing isn't asking for them then why start now? There are still plenty of worthy Marvel characters that have yet to even be made yet. It seems such a waste to eliminate a spot for a new worthy character for someone we already have.

Now Dan if you could guarantee that we are going to 300 issues then I'd say go for 2 re-does an extension.

Can you make that guarantee?

Osvaldoeaf said...

Great great update, Dan...totally worth the wait.
Yes, we have great passion for this amazing work you guys are doing. I really agree it is a dream. Last night I was rearranging  my display, and I had so much fun just doing that and looking at my figurines, they’re pure eye candy!
About the update:
First: Mojo…amazing, one of my biggest (literraly) wants, he is so gross and evil looking, which is all I expect from a villain ! LOL
To me, it is a perfect representation of the character! I guess he is really coming out in May?
Love the pictures you took of him, specially the ones with Spiral and Longshot…really along the lines of the pictures I intend to do when I get them.
It was nice to take an even better look at Longshot, I hadn’t noticed the glow on his eye…how cool is that?
Wolfsbane: really liking how she is turning out, but I agree that the fur should be darker. I like how the painting made her face look better.
Constrictor I’m not very familiar with, but I like the figurine.
Can’t wait to get my hands on JJJ, I know a lot of people were against civilians in the collection, but I love his inclusion and I think he is very deserving of it!
Thanks for all the answers, btw.
I’m glad you are keeping the lead.
I’m mouthwatering at the prospect of a new extension, even if it has to include some redos, because I’m very optimistic about the inclusion of some of my (and a lot of other people’s) favorites this time around…finally!
Cheers! Always looking forward to a new update, knowing we can always counting on it!

deamon said...

,,We are considering packaging Mojo's legs and tail part separately, you guys'll have to click them in yourself but at least they won't be brock!"
Very good idea!

Wolfsbane needs more colors on her fur, because now it's too equal.

deamon said...
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bethrezen said...

"2-3 're-dos' in the next extension"

NO for re-dos!!!

Banshee said...

OK so Longshot looks great too.

On the uneasy topic of re-do's it seems to me that it's inevitable. Although I wasn't pro re-do I've come to terms with it.

Not fussed on Iron Man and I definitely don't want another Spiderman I think theres plenty
I would however love a re-do of Mystique in classic white, a 90's Rogue and a classic Jean Grey please.

michael said...

Hmm not sure about Wolfsbane's face - and her costume looks a bit lacklustre - but to be fair I thought the same about Forge but the final product turned out really well - and I'm not even a Forge fan!!
Longshot is looking really good!! My only comment would be that the eye with the star on would look better all white, rather than with a pupil/iris?? I think that's how it is often drawn...
I would definitely support redo's of any of the 90's era xmen - especially Rogue or Jean Grey!! A classic Jim Lee line up would be incredible!!
Any chance of a Moonstar preview next update?? Thanks!!

CGJ said...

Jeez, Wolfsbane looks like a dog's dinner. Awful, awful awful.

On the plus side, Longshot, JJJ and Constrictor look great.

Mojo looks like it's going to be more trouble than it's worth, not a character I give two hoots about, and one that will be worth a fortune in ten years time if you can find one that is still intact

AMARON said...

Dan are you saying that DC asked to kill the DC Collection???? Or that DC asked for a second collection to compliment the first one???? I am confused. Please clarify!

I am for redos of the classic looks of the Marvel greats.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant update... But my question is: as always! What ever happened to Onslaught? He won a poll back in the day against The Watcher... Will he ever be made? He'll be one bad ass figurine!

sed tallis said...

stan lees on the one show

buffduffdan said...

Mojo looks brilliant. A great amount of detail, well posed and nicely painted. Can't wait for him to be released! Longshot looks great too :)

Are you going to be adding the coils/section parts to Constrictor's whips? I hope so, otherwise he just wont look right to me!

Agreed that Wolfsbane needs a darker paintjob but she does look much better then before!

As for re-dos, 3 is way too many IMO. In fact if there were that many I would probably stop being a completist. Sure, 1 to try the idea if needed but frankly I still don't see the point of them. People aren't going to jump in post-200 just for a Spidey or Wolvie figure.

sed tallis said...

God bless Stan, he had em eating out of his hand.
Mofo is a mofo you could package it with a best of the Jeremy Kyle Show DVD and it couldn't be of any less interest to me .
Constrictor looking tasty, even Limahl looks good.
Female Man-wolf.....naah!!!

jimbob said...

WoW! Mojo looks good.

Please can Lockjaw be next.Finish the INHUMANS.

Hope re-sculpts go ahead!How about posting some re-sculpts on the next blog see what everyone thinks.

White costume Mystique
Larger muscular Cabel
Classic Wasp

mgf said...

Stan Lee on great form this vening. Even got around to mentioning Kirby and Ditko!

Mojo... meh. Wolfsbane... meh. Constrictor... excellent. JJJ looking magnificent.

Lockjaw next special please.

deamon said...

Not interested in redos.
If I'm big fan of Ironman, then I would buy bigger figurine of his classic version.
We already have Ironman in this collection, please next characters, just don't waste time.
Forgot we already have even 2 versions of Ironman...

BobDiamond said...

Mojo looks amazing!!
Not so sure about Wolfsbane's face however. Still, she's not one I'm going to have front and centre, so I'm OK with it.
Constrictor is also looking very classy, and Longshot ain't bad either.
Well done guys for another cool bunch of figs!

Tomorrow's the day- might see some of you up in London!

Cheers for now,

mighty_marvel said...

maybe you can afford to buy things like bowen statues deamon. but i know i certainly can't. if the cmfc would allow me to buy the version of a character that i really cared about then i'm all for it. while i would prefer resculpts to be part of a subset (a jim lee x-men subset would be a guaranteed seller) if that's not possible 2 or 3 in each extension seems fair. it's still at least 17 new characters in every 20. some people want resculpts, some don't. the collection should cater for everyone. surely a compromise of 2 or 3 resculpts per extension isn't too much of an ask.

Dan The Man said...
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Holy Wolf said...

I'm all for resculpts, and three sounds like a good number. Especially after seeing that larger Hulk sculpt!

Dan can you provide some more details on the DC collection? Is it officially cancelled now or is it still up in the air?

Banshee said...

Hi Dan, A poll is currently running on the forum concerning re-do's. Here are the results so far...

Would you buy re-makes of existing figures ?

1. Yes - Will buy all. 19% [ 15 ]
2 . Yes - But i will pick & choose. 57% [ 44 ]
3. No. 23% [ 18 ]

mighty_marvel said...

a poll has already been run on the forum asking if resculpts were added would you buy them. 20% of people said they'd buy all resculpts, and 57% would buy depending on the character.

but i guarantee once people saw a cracking ape beast, classic iron man or white costume mystique they would find it very hard to say no.

Banshee said...

To be honest I voted NO in the poll but I think mighty_marvel makes a good point. As a completist and subscriber I would probably take one look at the re-do's and buy them all. It's just displaying them that I think worries people most.

Dr Headache Rushing said...

Loving the Mojo figure, he looks awesome, Constrictor good too, not sold on Wolfsbane though.

Just my opinion, but I'm a big NO for redo's. There are too many other characters I want in this collection to waste spaces on those already done.

As for other collections, I would love, LOVE, to see a Gen 1 Transformers figurine collection, that would be truly amazing.

John said...

Definitely pack Mojo's legs separate. Anything to help avoid the "Foom" situation again.

I'm very against redo's, but very pro "getting as many extensions as possible." If you do have redos, just please make sure you're picking characters that will pull in new collectors as well as ones old collectors would like to see (A lot of people would like to see a better Crystal, but would she improve sales at all? No. What alternate Spider-Man costume is able to bring in as many buyers as his traditional red and blues? None, really. Cable, Mystique and Beast are big enough characters to warrent revisiting AND many collectors would like to see a new sculpt...)

In any case, more than 3 is way too many. Less than 3 seems like, "Why are you even doing this?" If you have redos, 3 is the right number.

John said...

As for the poll Banshee posted, at the moment I'm buying EVERY Marvel figurine. If we have redos, I'd pick and choose. There's no way I'd buy another Cable or Wolverine.

Banshee said...

Question Dan if we do get re-do's what happens with the magazine. Will it be a copy of the original or a new one?

I look at it this way, If we do have to have 3 re-do's to prolong this amazing collection were still getting 17 new characters. Not bad considering most people only like half the characters they're getting anyway!!!

mighty_marvel said...

i don't get the display issues surrounding resculpts. many marvel characters have been on many teams. i would love to have an ape beast for my x-men display and cat beast for my avengers display for example. or modern thor with asgardians and original thor with avengers. even with characters that don't really go elsewhere, if the sculpt is better then i'd have no problem putting the old figure into storage (i'm looking at you rogue and mystique)

yes, there are many characters not done yet. but i firmly believe resculpts will sell well and allow the cmfc to run for longer. the longer it runs, the more new, unique characters we get. in the long run i think resculpts will allow more new characters, not less.

Dan The Man said...
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mtravis390 said...

There is no reason EM can not offer variants (as you see them Dan
) on there own. You don't even need to make a subset. Just make them as a separate item like the specials. (Not in place of specials) Don't number them. Just make a new one with just the characters name on the cover, and release one every 3 or 4 months.

Then we have a win/win. No slot is going to a variant, figurines that really do need to be revisited like Mystique and Beast could be redone, and people could pick and chose who they want or buy all the redoes without creating a major hole in their wallets while still buying the main collection.

There problem solved.

buffduffdan said...

I've yet to see an argument that makes me believe re-do's (or variants) would increase sales of the whole collection. Would that 1 figure sell well? Maybe - depending on promotion. Unless you're going to get newsagent/Smiths/Asda to stock them, then you're average joe who might only buy the "big hitters" isn't going to know about them still. If you're talking about the guys who already visit the likes of Forbidden Planet, they probably already have enough Iron Man merchandise - one of the things we hear over and over is that people are glad this collection isn't like the others that have 5 Wolverines and 10 Spideys.

And really even if some folk are interested in those main big characters, they're pretty unlikely to try and go back and buy 200 figures. Then you have the difficulty of keeping them interested between the 'variants'.

I just don't see the benefits and I don't want to have multiple characters standing together on my shelf - or have to start hiding figures I've paid for so my display doesn't look odd. Sure you can get away with putting characters like Beast with different areas but there aren't that many you could.

If they are done then I think releasing them like you did with the 're-paint' variants is the best way - outside of the main line-up as Travis suggested. That way your core buyers don't feel the need to either buy stuff they don't want or ruin their "complete" collection by having to start refusing figures!

Kal Brindle said...

Travis makes a pretty good point there Dan.

I voted that I would pick and choose depending on the character. I do NOT want 10 variants of Iron Man, Wolverine & Spidey. I would buy Jean Grey as Marvel Girl, Bucky Barnes as Bucky, Beetle as Mach IV, Ms. Marvel as Binary (getting the picture?) and only because I loathe cat Beast so much I'd love an Ape Beast and a classic Havok would be aces eventually.

More than all of these however I'd love to see more new characters, Grey Gargoyle, Baron Mordo, Count Nefaria, Lorelei, Molecule Man, Morgan LeFay, Speedball, Darkstar, Meggan, Warlock,Dust, Arcade, Texas Twister, Corsair, Clea, Mantis and so on and so on.

Mojo looks brilliant btw. I didn't think you guys could pull it off and boy was I wrong. Bravo.

Wolfsbane, sorry but she looks like a bloke to me - she could be way more feminine.

Constrictor - fantastic job yet again! Awesome villain, simple pose - love it!

I'd like to add my vote tot he list for Lockjaw please!

Great update over all Dan, thanks!

mighty_marvel said...

off the subject of rescuplts/redoes/variants whatever, but dan don't you think that karolina dean would make a visually outstanding sculpt? just putting it out there :D

LAWay said...

Lets get a sieve for this crap.

"I've yet to see an argument that makes me believe re-do's (or variants) would increase sales of the whole collection."

People were outraged at a mere repaint of figurines and complained that not only could they not get them, but they sold for ridiculous prices on eBay.

"Would that 1 figure sell well? Maybe - depending on promotion."

Why would it sell any worse than any other character? Only if collectors unsubscribe. Being 200 figurines into the collection, I cant see it happening.

"Unless you're going to get newsagent/Smiths/Asda to stock them, then you're average joe who might only buy the "big hitters" isn't going to know about them still."

It isnt just the 'average joe' who likes the main Marvel characters. Its weird, but I think people who collect comics actually quite like those guys. You know, the specific spider-man, x-men, avenger comic collectors who buy the numerous monthly titles.

"If you're talking about the guys who already visit the likes of Forbidden Planet, they probably already have enough Iron Man merchandise"

Ridiculous. If they have enough, why do they keep making merchandise of the same characters? Because people keep buying them. Me for example.

"one of the things we hear over and over is that people are glad this collection isn't like the others that have 5 Wolverines and 10 Spideys."

We hear from people like you, while there are just as many who would like redos. No-one is saying '5 wolverines and 10 spideys". That is scaremongering. We are saying one variant of the characters and costumes that are important to marvel history.

"And really even if some folk are interested in those main big characters, they're pretty unlikely to try and go back and buy 200 figures."

Really? On what facts are these based on? You think the likes of Wolfsbane and Vance Astro is going to get people buying the previous 200 figurines?

"Then you have the difficulty of keeping them interested between the 'variants'."

Why? If the collection is so good like we say, with characters still amazing and varied waiting to come out, why would they be 'disinterested'? The variant would just be that fresh hook to grab their attention and make the product stand out.

"I just don't see the benefits and I don't want to have multiple characters standing together on my shelf"

Then dont put them together on your shelf. I would seperate x-men based on their costumes so i have 2 teams displayed.

"or have to start hiding figures I've paid for so my display doesn't look odd."

I already hide some figurines at the back because either I dont like them or the figurine is horrible looking. I would much prefer a good looking variant.

"Sure you can get away with putting characters like Beast with different areas but there aren't that many you could."

I dont have 'different areas' for all my figurines. Alot dont have an 'area' to go in. I display the best looking at the front, which I would continue to do so. If you have some sort of OCD about your display, thats your own personal problem, not the whole of the Marvel fan community's.


LAWay said...


"If they are done then I think releasing them like you did with the 're-paint' variants is the best way"

Really? Like I said, people were up in arms about it. I wouldnt mind, subscribers get dibs on them and they were Forbidden Planet exclusive, not that it means anything. I have been saying subscriber exclusives as a bonus to get subscription numbers up. Obviously other countries just get to buy them normally from retailers if they wish, but it would make no difference. They would still be on display in shops or available to subscribers who dont turn down figurines...thats why they subscribed.

"That way your core buyers don't feel the need to either buy stuff they don't want or ruin their "complete" collection by having to start refusing figures!"

Core buyers? Subscribers? They get they all anyway. Our US friends? I'm sure if they want a 'complete' collection, buying the odd variant wouldnt bother them.

Remember, people collecting are MARVEL fans, and thus will buy these things.

Anyway, sorry to pick out one comment to batter, just logged on quickly. Will post something decent and polite about the update later. When I see complete nonsense I just have to balance it out with logic and sense.

Bagman said...

Whilst everybody has a different opinion on re-dos/variants my own personal favourite for a re-do/variant is a Cpt. Britain original with quarterstaff and i just wonder how many of the people saying they're not interested in re-dos would pass up A CLEAR INVISIBLE WOMAN if Eaglemoss could make it?

ADParker said...

Mojo (& Longshot): Very nice.
I would me more than happy with 'clip on
small parts if it decreases the likelihood of breakages.

Constrictor: Also looking good. Good catch on the whip sections.

Wolfsbane: Somewhat better. I always think of her with her fur the same colour (or close to it) of her hair. That yellow fur screams Feral to me, not Wolfsbane.

Personally not big fan. Some variants (Archangel, [ape]beast) might peak my interest.
But as an incentive to new buyers I really don't know. I would not buy even a better Spidy or Wolverine sculpt, I already have them. And I have my doubts as to it working.
On that front I would much prefer improvements to the availability, for a good price in parts of the world where that is lacking (like here in NZ now - supply dried up around #100 or so!) Including back issues, or even a re-launch of the same figures. Might increase the customer base. But I guess Eaglemoss might know what is more likely to promote more sales.

However a few re-sculpts might be OK (if deemed worth it) if it keeps the collection going. a 17 original plus 3 variants would be okay.
Would prefer them to be numbered differently though.
1a Spider-Man (?)
2a Wolverine (brown costume)
16a Beast (ape-form)
In other words marked as variants of the original versions and numbered along with the rest. Those "completests" could just ignore them, or collect just the ones they want, whiles still feeling that they are still completing the "core set."

Suggestions from bloggers:
The two collections that would most entice me would be:
Doctor Who.
Terry Pratchett's Discworld.
(Both are coincidentally British.)

rhuwmorgan said...

I think Re-Do's can still be done in a way to please everyone by doing characters who are either 'imposter' type characters or alternate universe characters.
For example, for Spider-Man re-do you could do 'Iron Spider-Man' using the characters from Avengers the Inititiave, the new Kaine Scarlett Spider or do an alternate universe with 'Ultimate Spider-Man' featuring Miles Morales version of the character. With those three your getting a Spider-Man for the new collectors shelves, but for the old fans your also giving them a new character.

For Wolverine you could do alternate versions of the character like Old Man Logan or the AOA Weapon X version or if you want the tan costume do a Dark Wolverine from Dark Avengers with Daken under the mask. Iron Man is a bit harder to get around, but there are still characters like Iron Man 2020.

The other 're-dos' that spring to mind would be Hulk or She-Hulk, with a Red Hulk / Red She Hulk. Both have loads of history as Betty & General Ross but they're also giving new fans a Hulk / She Hulk who may have missed the originals. With Thor you could do a Thunderstrike version, with Captain America the obvious figure would be do to a US Agent but if you want someone in the Cap Suit you have Isaiah Bradley. With the X-Men characters you could do a Dark Beast for a Beast redo or if you want to get really creative you could do Shadow King as a Storm possessed by the Shadow King Figure or Malice with a Polaris possesesed by Malice. There's workable ways to give old fans new characters but also bring in some new fans with the staple Classic Characters. Hope they're good suggestions for you!

max_0888 said...

Ok, maybe a ape Beast and a white costume Mystique would be better. But Dan is talking about a Wolverine, and Iron man or a spider-man re-do.

I mean, I see a lot of people wanting a 90's Rogue, or a classic Havok or a kirbyesque Crystal...but that's not what we will be getting. A new spider-man? Again? I mean I really like the spider-man we have. It's one of my favourite. I'm loving the scarlet spider figurine. I wasn't a fan of having a Spider-man 2099 figurine, but I will buy it. Cause it is, technically, a different character. And it might get me interested in reading the 2099 universe. Plus, we already had a rooftop spidey and a black costume rooftop spidey that I didn't buy cause I don't really want re-dos. And now we are talking about a spider-man re-do in the main collection? I'm sorry, but that is not something I want. And I really don't see how a re-do of a Spider-man character in the main collection will benefit the collection. If the sales are great right now with character like Shanna, Hydro-man, Photon, Blackheart and Destiny I really don't see how the collection will lose that many collectors with the likes of Sunspot, Jessica Jones, Grey Gargoyle, Whirlwind and Misty Knight.

I mean, i'm guessing if the big office hasn't asked for re-dos to help the main collection, that it's not necessary something that is absolutely needed to keep the collection going.

In my mind, after 200 different figurines in the main collection, adding re-dos will change the integrity of the collection and might hurt more than it can help. If we look at the subscribers, to see how well the collection is going, I don't think that having a new Wolverine will make people want to buy the new Sunspot, Selene and Mantis and subscribe. But it's more about the people who continues to buy this collection again and again after all those years of dedication. Or people that sees where the collection is at and wants to go back and buy every other figurines to have the most diversed collection ever. I think having re-dos will make people stop their subscriptions more, cause it's changing the collection that has been going the same way for more than 7 years.

Anyway, all i'm saying is that before I see another Spider-man or a dark brown Wolverine...I would much much prefer to see the likes of Jessica Jones, Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, Paladin, Grey Gargoyle, Madame Masque, Mantis, Vindicator, Marrina, Meggan, Monet, Husk, Karolina Dean, Chase Stein, Count Nefaria, White Tiger, Patriot, Hawkeye II, USagent, Rictor, Shatterstar, Magma, Sunspot, Warlock, Karma, Cypher, Vermin, Scream, Tombstone, Jackal, Fixer, Strong guy, Lockjaw, Maximus, Arcade, Purple man, Goblin Queen, Squirrel Girl, Pixie, Boom Boom, Vanisher, Mastermind, Atlas, Hulkling, Brood drone, Shadow King, Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg, Diablo, Thundra, Clea, Chamber, Justice, Speedball, Layla Miller, Sage, Silver Samurai, Starlord, Rocket Raccoon, Princess Python, Phyla-Vell, Blizzard, Ghost, Satanna, Spot, Kaine, Demogoblin, Shriek, Doppelganger, Carrion, Alistair Smythe, Jack O Lantern, Thunderball, Piledriver, Bulldozer, Molecule man, Volcana, Stature, Living Laser, Sharon Carter, Mary Jane Watson, Exodus, Darkstar, Cassandra Nova, Warpath, Nova (Frankie), Air Walker, Bug, Starfox, Sersi and so on...

But if the collection were to end now if there wasn't any re-dos, if EM announce that they will stop this collection if we don,t include some re-dos, I would buy them without a second of hesitation. Seriously. But since I don't think we are there yet, let's just keep on having 20 new figurines like we've had for the last 7 years. So here's my opinion folks ;)

John said...

Dan, can you put the bug in the ear for a Street Fighter collection?

Sage said...

Mojo looks fantastic and Longshot looks perfect!. Shatterstar would look great with them and Spiral also.

Wolfsbane's fur definately needs to be darker so I'm glad it will be.

The re-do's/variants thing is not something I'm hugely keen on but I understand where your coming from in that a new Iron Man, Spidey or Wolverine (X-Force Uniform) might sell well as their so well known.

3 re-do's/variants in too many though in one extension, 1 or 2 fine but not 3.

Osvaldoeaf said...

As a non- subscriber, I have the option of not buying the resculpts, cuz I'm not interested in them. But I imagine if I were a subscriber, I'd be upset to get repeated characters! Really sad about the prospect of the DC collection being cancelled before we get Fire and Ice. I really hope this doesn't happen to the CMFC before we get Sage and Marrow, who, to me, pretty much complete the x-men!

rob said...


Holy Wolf said...

If I could chose what collection EM did next I'd say either G1 Transformers ( you could do two figs of each character one in robot form and one in vehicle/dinosaur form) lots of room for specials as well!

Alternatively I'd like a Hanna Barbera collection, that would be awesome and I'm sure would sell!!!

Bob said...

Mojo is fantastic !! and so is Longshot. I am not a fan of making classic Iron Man at this time, lest he be made as skinny as the first IM; but I do want the Hulkbuster armour or any one of the movie armors that haven't been made (i.e. Mk III Mk IV, or Mk VI). We do need variants of say, Power Man, Mystique, Hulk and Cable. I do support redos since some of the sculpts look dated.

Ken said...

Dan, why don't you do a variant marvel subset and simultaneously let the CMFC continue introducing its unique characters? That way the CMFC won't be "diluted" with re-dos/variants but at the same time can garner mire interest from new subscribers/customers with a variant subset similar to the DC blackest night subset. What do you think?

TGR said...

Interesting comments guys. As for subbies "unsubscribing" and become pick-choosers then it will happen.

In fact, I unsubscribed 3 weeks ago!!! Why?

well as a completist I wanted the whole collection and accepted that I would get the odd figure that had no attraction for me, that was all part and parcel of the collection. The prospects of redo's (that I personally do not want) means that in the near future there will be figures that are perhaps redo's of figures that hold absolutely no interest to me...and I would not buy these figures. With the fact in mind that my collection will now never be "complete" I decided to pull out of the subscription rat-race sooner rather than later. The bonus for me is that I am no longer compelled to buy everything. I never thought the day would come that I would unsubscribe from the collection I have supported from day 1 with SHFF etc etc but I feel it is losing its way. I guarantee I won't be the only subby that reconsiders the whole collection. For those of you that want it to continue forever then I hope you get what you want.....for those of you that think redo's acan only be good for the collection - then I suggest the rose-tinted specs are removed.... as for me.... I'll pick and choose from now on :-(


spidey_1979 said...

Cutting off your nose to spite your face springs to mind.

TGR said...

Strange comment there Spidey, if I can see that there will be figures in the future that I do not want and I accept NOW that my collection will never be complete why should I continue to waste money on other figures that I don't particularly want? If the collection continues and all the future figs are good then I will buy them (from EM, eBay or FP).

It's my choice and I only posted to show to other bloggers that PEOPLE WILL UNSUBSCRIBE . There are folk who were far less enthusiastic about this collection than me .

sed tallis said...

I will phone in to opt out of receiving
Mofo and Strange Gay, Asfor the regular line, the last extension was one of the best. We are just getting to the good stuff. Don't care if resculpts are part of the reg line or a separate subset , just do them!!
You lot promised me Bloodstone around the # 350 mark, I'm keeping my end of the bargain ;)

buffduffdan said...

So I talk crap and nonsense do I LAWay? Pretty rich coming from you :)

Sure the original variants sold for high prices on ebay - because there were a limited number of them. If we're talking about putting these ones in the main line-up then you don't get that same issue. Certain ones were released exclusively for different countries/customers and so certain completists paid an arm and leg to get hold of them.

I never said there wasn't a market for them or that they'd sell worse then the other figures - I just don't see how a couple of "variants" are going to boost sales for the whole line. Spider-Man or Vance Astro, nobody new is going to come in to buy the whole lot now. Not unless they have a huge wad to spend on previous figures and a lot of time to hunt them down!

It's not just me that said about preferring new characters to repeats. It has been said time and time again on the forum - believe me or not! Yes 10 Wolverines is an exaggeration but you only have to look at Bowens to see how many potentially 'different' versions could be done of a character. And where do you draw the line on who constitutes being important enough to get another re-do?

The reason I said about keeping people interested is because as I said before, I don't believe anybody would start subscribing at this point - or at least very few! I presume the idea is to appeal to the masses (or at least more people) by tempting them with popular characters but I don't see them picking up Constrictor or Wolfsbane in between!

Maybe I do have a slight OCD when it comes to how I display but I think that's a pretty widespread trait in the community. You only have to see the types of questions asked on the forum or look at the display thread to see how seriously and well-thought out some people display them. I guess you're not one of them - lucky you :P

Yes, people buying are Marvel fans - I'm a Marvel fan. Doesn't mean I'll buy it! Like I said, I'm sure there is a market but I'm also sure you will drive some people away. The way I see it is that it's a big risk! So if we really need to go down that route, I'd say try it with 1. See how it goes! Look at the sales figures, see how it affects subscriber numbers (if they go up or down) and then make a decision about if to include any more or how many per extension.

Right now, I just think 3 is way too many!!

mighty_marvel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mighty_marvel said...

i quite like the idea of releasing resculpts as an optional extra with numbering outside of the main line. release one every four months for example and number them a, b, c etc.

- subscribers who really want resculpts will not begrudge an extra £6 every few months.

- subscribers who want a full set will not feel that passing on resculpts deprives them of this.

- the resculpts are out there for the casual buyers to pick up if they choose to.

- the regular extensions are kept as 20 new characters.

- and em aren't tied to a minimum issue subset. seems like a win all over in my opinion.

a great suggestion mtravis.

John said...

These variants really are for the casual buyer anyway, right? So releasing them outside the main collection is the only thing that makes sense on all sides. An Iron Man "Special," so to speak.

tinodragon14 said...

Thanks for the update Dan.

LONGSHOT looks great much to my surprise as he has not been a big want of mine.

CONSTRICTOR looks great to & I look forward to adding him to my villain shelf. The pose is based on a drawing of him I have seen simple but effective.

Wolfsbane is okay but not a character that interests me.

To me mojo is one of the worst characters Marvel ever turned out but I must confess the figure captures the character quite effectively.

Regarding redos Dan if you feel they are needed to keep the collection going then do it but I would limit it to two an extension.

Oh Dan again I would strongly suggest you do a ANGEL redo as ARCHANGEL as a Special this year. I believe he will be a popular character & a big seller even by people who are not buying the whole collection. Please, Please Do It Dan!

I also think you should do a TITANIUM MAN Special with a IRONMAN classic suit figure. It would be a Classic IRONMAN Two-pack with one of his classic villains & do it this year.

Also do a LOCKJAW MEGA SPECIAL this year to round out THE INHUMANS.

Alex Summers   said...

Mojo looks sweet, me wants him!!!!!!
I don't have any major issues with Wolfsbane!
Not too fussed about Constrictor, but to those who like him I guess he looks good!
I'm not against redos, as long as they don't take the spot from Silver Samurai and Sage, my two biggest wants right now.
As for an idea for a new collection: how about the Thundercats, huh? I bet it'd be really popular!!!!

deamon said...

@ mighty marvel
Ape Beast in subset ok, in extension no. Don't waste time, when we can have characters that aren't in other collections. That's what I like in CMFC I can have so many marvel heroes and villains. We already have Ironman figurine and magazine, don't need another. If you're big fun of any Marvel character and you want him in different costume, just go on website and buy figurine or statue of this character in favorite costume. Don't need redo in CMFC, this is just waste of time. There are many kinds of statues, Bowen is too expensive, just don't go from one end to the other end of stick when we talk about price.

mighty_marvel said...

it's all well and good saying you can just buy another character in preferred costume from another line, but many of these lines are expensive and even if they're not they will not have the same look or scale as the cmfc so would look out of place.

i too like how we get many characters that you don't get in other lines, but i believe there are benefits to resculpts and they're not a 'waste of time' as you so condescendingly put it.

and besides, if you'd read further posts i've made since yesterday you will see that i support mtravis' suggestion of how to include resculpts while still keeping the 20 new characters in an extension.

CGJ said...

I don't think anyone can ask EM to build a business model taking into account their OCD.

They hopefully intend to make the collection last as long as possible, and if numbers are dipping then there has been strong enough arguments in the past to consider alternate and fresh sculpts for some of the better known characters.

If things are going swimmingly then things will no doubt continue as they are now.

I can't help feeling looking at the wish lists some people put on here that we are definitely getting to the dividing point somewhere around the next extension. There are lots of names being mentioned that I have never heard of much less want on my shelf, and this must apply to an ever increasing number of collectors.

I mean, hey, even the guy who runs the forum that EM use for polls has stopped subscribing.

Then again, maybe there is too much emphasis placed on subscriber loyalty, if a large number of collectors suffer from OCD, EM can put out whatever they like and people will still buy them, I mean, you have to, right?

mgf said...

We seem to be going in circles with the re-dos argument with certain people unable to grasp the idea that those who lobby for them do so in order to get several more extensions, which in turn will lead to many more unique characters.

It isn't an idea to get "just" eighteen new characters next time, but to boost sales and get another eighteen after that, and after that, and after that.

Comics sell a fraction of what they once did. They are a niche business now, meaning some modern characters may be in books that sell less than 30,000 copies a month.

How many of those readers even know this collection exists? It's the law of diminishing returns now.

Frankly if I am going to have to sit through another extension featuring the latest achingly PC character and still be hanging around for Whirlwind or Grey Gargoyle I might start to wonder why bother? Let's not lose sight of the fact that for many buyers this collection is a wallow in the nostalgia of their youth.

Now, Dan's response to my point about about the DC collection and the new chess set thingy...

Both DC & EM wanted a new collection. That's fine. It would have gone ahead anyway. That's fine too. I don't know and don't expect to be told the current profitability of the DC collection, but I do know, as someone who has bought it through thick and thin that casting it adrift (possibly) as the chess set hits seems a coincidence too far.

I'm sorry to say a little bit of me hopes the chess set fails, especially if it means the DC figurine collection gets a reprieve.

I'm loyal to it even if the companies concerned don't seem to be, to the degree that soon I'll be spending seven quid on a Teen Titan I've never heard of in the now seemingly fruitless hope that Captain Marvel Junior might have been forthcoming.

I shall cancel my subscription to it the second its demise is made official, and just pick up the half a dozen I want. Why support it more?

There used to be a lemon over on the forum who would glory in the fact he only bought two or three an extension, while pontificating to others about what figures should be in the next extension.

The truth now is we should all be like that, as it seems EM hitch their skirts for these kerb crawlers more than the loyal collectors. I shall pick and choose which figures I shall buy for the chess set. It shall be "none", which presumably should make me a priority on the EM marketing plan.

As you may have guessed I'm pretty cheesed off about the DC situation. Rescued with aplomb by the current editorial staff after a shocking start and now cast to one side, it seems, at least sixty figures shirt of a coherent set.

mgf said...

Sorry, I'm doing the ironing...

Word verification is (always) "indecipherable".

CGJ said...

Talking of wallowing in your youth, how about, for a new collection,

'Henson Studios'

Muppets, Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, and numerous films.

It's certainly got the legs to outlast the DC collection

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Stan Lee, the legend
I went to the Super Comic Convention and I'm still buzzing after seeing and listening to the living legend that is Stan Lee. Everything we love about the Marvel Universe, we owe to the magnificent imagination and creativity of this incredible person. He's always playing himself down with his typical self-effacing sense of humour, but really I know I was in the presence of a giant of culture who, in my opinion, is on a par with Homer and Shakespeare.
Excelsior, indeed.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

As for this blog update,
it's great!

Wonderfully repulsive, for all the right reasons! It's a genius sculpt that perfectly represents the character. The paint gives it a realistically gross, pus-like effect. The details on the insecto-mechanoid parts are incredible. A fab special.

I like the costume and the 3D rendition of the fur, but I do agree that the hair needs to be in a darker shade. I also agree that she looks a bit too masculine in terms of body frame and face. In the comics, somehow it is still possible to see a teenage girl trapped in a wolf body. The sculpt does not seem to replicate this visual effect too well, imo.

At this stage I will only say that he's kinda ok. For some reason I find that the design is a bit too over-simplified and not as sleek as I thought it'd be. It may be the pic, I think the segmentation in the orange areas of the costume could have been more embossed, and the colors should be a bit deeper and more vibrant. Just my opinion.

This figurines continues to impress me. Very sleek paintwork, great attention to the details. It's top class. I will only say that I agree that the eye with the glow effect should not have an iris. Even so, this Longshot is amazing, really like he's come out of the pages of the comic. One of the best comic-to-CMFC transitions we've seen so far, imo.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I also want to re-post my advice to understand the important difference between a Redo, a Variant and a Other Superhero Identity.

A redo is the same character in exactly the same costume as we already have in the CMFC. A new figurine is produced to improve on the previous one, especially in light of the advancements of EM's production techniques - or simply because the first figurine wasn't that great to begin with.
Example: a Captain America redo with a more muscular physique and with the shield facing the viewer.

This is the same character, only wearing a costume variant or in an era-specific design variant
Example: Beast in his Avengers-era design; Havok in his classic egg-beater costume; Wolverine in his white X-Force costume; Thor in his modern design, and so on.

Here the person behind the mask is the same as a character we already have, but it's a totally different superhero with different ability, power sets and raison d'etre.
Example: Clint Barton as Ronin; Archangel instead of Angel; Man-Wolf in his Star-God incarnation; Hank Pym as Wasp; Norman Osbourne as Iron Patriot, and so on.

Therefore, for polling purposes, it's important to clarify the differences between the above 3 types. Also, it's important for EM/Dan to clarify which types they'd be willing to consider.

Personally, considering the above definitions of the 3 types, I am completely against Redo's, but I'd be interested in some Variants and I am totally in favour of Other Suerhero Identities, especially as I want to see Ronin, Iron Patriot and Archangel in the CMFC.

Poll by type
I suggest a poll should be run to evaluate collectors' interest in the above 3 types and not using the slightly deceptive term 'redo'.

promo1965 said...

Considering the above definitions of the 3 types, I am completely against Redo's, but I am totally in favor of some Variants and Other Suerhero Identities, especially as I want to see Jean Grey, ape Beast, Mystique white dress, Binary and Archangel in the CMFC.

mtravis390 said...

Reposting this since from the forum since I just got off work.
Can't believe we lost our original completest. I never though I would see the day that Grim would be picking and choosing the figurines he wants.

I see more completest going to picking a choosing if redos are put into the main line up.

I think it as been made clear the the redoes people want to see are not major A-Listers. It's the Mystique, Beast, Cable, and other that we will never see redone. So why bother with them. Is it worth losing guaranteed sales just to try to pick up a few more casual buyers?

If EM wants to boost sales with casual buyers then the redoes or variants need to be done separate.
The changes of a new buyer going to back to get the previous 200 issues is going to be extremely rare.

Redos could actually hurt the collection and not help it if they appear in the main collection. I really do not think Dan has even thought of this. He is just to keen on doing redoes and really not looking at the bigger picture, IMO.

Dan The Man said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Personally I think that the problem (if there is one) with the last DC extension is that it made a very full, very extreme jump to more lateral areas of the DC Universe, abandoning the more classic track almost completely. There's no doubt that characters like Grifter and Statics are cool, but the Cool-to-Classic ratio is too much in favour of the Cool. It's a 'cool factor' overkill. The extension should also have included iconic old-school characters like, for example, Eclipso, Obsidian, Catman and Ocean Master. In my opinion, of course.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

As for our CMFC, ultimately we all want the same thing: more extensions with which to continue to explore the Marvel Universe and get the characters we love. Some want to see new characters only, some others are keen to get a few updated versions of the major players.

Whatever the dream, the key is to ensure that the CMFC can get more extensions. My personal dream is for the CMFC to become a permanent exploration of the Marvel Universe, wave after wave of characters, similarly to Heroclix and Marvel Legends.

Now, one only needs to look at the Heroclix series. The scope of the collection is so vast, it even includes Pip the Troll! Yes, Pip the Troll! You know you want it ;)
And that's great. But to do so, we know that the Heroclix waves always include some variants of the major players.

So this seems to be the way to go if we want to get all the other B-listers, C-listers and weird & wonderful curveball characters we love. I would welcome variants of major players in the CMFC if it means the collection can go on and on and on and on...

Dan, I hope that if you wish to experiment with the return of major players, you will not start with a plain REDO (ie. same character in same costume) but, rather, opt for exciting VARIANTS
(modern Thor, classic Iron Man, Shadowland Daredevil, for example)
... or, even better, opt for ALTERNATE SUPERHERO IDENTITIES
like Archangel and Ronin. They are stunning, hugely popular and quite in an A-lister league.

May the CMFC live long & prosper.

Ken said...

I agree with Blakeman on the variants.

Dan, if you guys plan on re-introducing characters, please PLEASE let it be a variant rather than just a "redo".

Viva la CMFC! :0)

PS. We must include the High Evolutionary!!!

sed tallis said...

Aha aha ha ha
Ladies and gentleman it is with a heavy heart That I must convey to you heartbreaking news . The chosen one has fallen, he lost his brave fight against redoes....blah de blah blah. I just can't believe he's gone....
Yeah EM . Base your business model one whether one solitary fan is in the huff or not .
Dan, me hold my bweff till I turn bwoo if yoo not make Bwoodstone :(

mgf said...

"BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Stan Lee, the legend I went to the Super Comic Convention and I'm still buzzing after seeing and listening to the living legend that is Stan Lee. Everything we love about the Marvel Universe, we owe to the magnificent imagination and creativity of this incredible person. He's always playing himself down with his typical self-effacing sense of humour, but really I know I was in the presence of a giant of culture who, in my opinion, is on a par with Homer and Shakespeare.
Excelsior, indeed."

Well said! If Stan was an "author" he'd be lauded around the world and Melvyn Bragg would be desperate to shine his shoes. Instead he gets silly questions off a ginger and a Welsh bint. "Ooo does the skkk-e- chezzz, yaki da?"

@ Ken. By re-do I mean a completely new sculpt from scratch. A variant is just a new paintjob in my mind.

mgf said...

"Dan, I hope that if you wish to experiment with the return of major players, you will not start with a plain REDO (ie. same character in same costume) but, rather, opt for exciting VARIANTS
(modern Thor, classic Iron Man, Shadowland Daredevil, for example)"

I thought this was what we all meant. Is this why there is so much tumult about this issue?

I don't mean the same Iron Man - as he has been mentioned by Dan, I'll use that as an example - in the same costume. I mean a new armour, new pose, paint from a new pot, applied by a different child (joke) and sent in a different box, delivered by a different postman.

Holy Wolf said...

"Having seen first hand how DC's c-listers in the recent extensions didn't helped it, Plus having seen the Diamond orders for the DC collection and basically all Batman characters did so much better than the more loner or random characters (I think Legion and Titans did the worst) has led me to believe that for the CMFC to continue strongly (rather than limp to it's grave) that the powerhouse characters of the MU need to make an re-appearance in future extensions."

I'm not surprised the Legion did worst in the DC collection, not because they're unpopular as a series but because they're some of the worst figurines EM have produced in either collection.

I think a lot of the Recent DC extension have had problems selling because some of the characters chosen are those that none of the collectors ever asked for, like Grifter and Static. Add the fact that some of the costume and sculpt choices have just been mind boggling and you soon start to feel that the reason DC is struggling at times is down to some crazy decisions rather than the popularity of the collection as a whole. Considering Metallo ranked highly in all the polls I'd be surprised if EM sell 100 copies of it to non subscribers given the actual sculpt! Given that the new 52 is currently outselling Marvel comics quite convincingly (even Aquaman is outselling anything Marvel can offer) I think Em are missing golden opportunities to utilise the collection. Case in point: there's been a watchmen film and now a watchmen comic reboot with huge publicity globally but EM have just ignored it!

This is something I hope the CMFC has learnt from, and to be fair to Dan I think they have, as the quality of the Marvel sculpts are improving and I don't see 'the wrong costume' appear so much because EM have started paying more attention to the polls. But if they want further extensions they need to start talking to us about every single character choice and every single costume choice.

sed tallis said...

Ginger idiot says " your here for a very important comic convention"
Stan replies " I'd hate to have crossed the ocean for an unimportant one"
love that man.

bethrezen said...

Dan if you start doing Redo than would do over 80% of characters anew.

Please Dan, do not do it.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Hi mgf. Yes, you're right. We are talking about variants and not redo's. You may find it a bit superfluous, but in fact it's important to clarify the difference. Some collectors were concerned that a redo is just a correction, like a better sculpted Crystal or a more muscly Cap America, for example. Whereas VARIANTS are completely different versions of characters, and can make interesting figs.
PS. I'd still want 2 or 3 max, though, and just to support the commercial success of the CMFC!

mgf said...

Agree entirely with that Holy Wolf.

The Watchmen movie came and went without so much as a shrug from the DC collection. Astonishing that those characters were not utilised.

Grifter and Static? Never heard of 'em. If the Legion did poorly perhaps we might ask why Timber Wolf and Wildfire, for example, were studiously ignored despite what seemed like a lot of collector interest.

Early in the DC collection, before the restructuring, it seemed to me the collection was being made for the editorial staff rather than the people who were buying it. That changed and things did improve markedly, but we have been let down by some very poor choices in the last year.

This can be illustrated by Captain Boomerang. The Flash rogues were some of the standout figures of the entire line. Grodd, Professor Zoom and the remarkable Captain Cold all met with great feedback.

What do EM do with Boomerang knowing how well the others had been received? A modernist look with the additional benefit of not being able to stand it up properly. That's just plain lazy. What should have been a Silver Age classic was instead a washout. If I wasn't a subscriber and had seen it on the shelf that is where it would have stayed.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

And speaking of variety of Marvel characters, this week's
showcases an interesting mix of choices that I've been asked to include:

This eight-limbed duplicate of Spider-Man, created by Magus during the Infinity War, would make a truly outstanding figurine, à la Spiral.

Pete Wisdom
A cult character, this secret agent and member of Excalibur has the neat power to create knives of pure thermal energy from his hands.

Texas Twister
A genius combination of Western character and superhero, the Twister has psychokinetic control over tornados and can create one around himself. It'd make a fab figurine.

Not just a Young Avenger. Speed is also Wiccan's brother in a mystical Marvel soap opera where the Scarlet Witch manipulates reality in an attempt to create her lost twins.

Space Phantom
This truly classic Marvel villain is a master of deception who can assume the form of any object or living being, sending the original to a lost astral plane of Limbo.

She may not be as famous as Sersi, but Thena is a great character. In Neil Gaiman's Eternals, she's seen wearing a magnificent golden armour like a warrior goddess.

Doctor Druid
A master of mystical arts based on the knowledge and skill of ancient druids, this doctor gained prominence as an Avenger and as leader of the Secret Defenders.

Click here and I hope you enjoy:


Ken said...

Personally I would be interested in a maybe a handful of variants: White costume mystique, egg beater havoc, Jim Lees xmen Beast and a few more.

Hey Dan maybe we can do variants without the magazines to push down the costs? How much would that save?

Robert said...

Just back from the London Con. What a brilliant weekend. Stan was incredible: yesterday morning he signed my No-Prize and I got a couple of photos taken with him; in the afternoon I attended a one-man panel with him; and in the evening I spent 90 minutes listening to him answer questions and crack wise. It was a fabulous day. Today I picked up a commissioned piece of art by someone I've admired since I was knee-high to Ant-Man.

Everyone was friendly, helpful and chatty. The queueing was much less than I expected and I just ended up chatting to really interesting and funny folk all day. The only minus was I missed Bob last night.

1. Which creator said "Sunuvagun!" to something I told him?
2. Which creator told me I was an oddball - and then explained exactly why I was odd?

I had no inclination to ever go to another con and now I am thinking I want to go to more! And Ted is right: there's a special buzz in owning an original piece of art! I have so many stories but that's enough cluttering up this blog.

Robert said...

Oh, thought of another question: I asked Stan about the inspiration for a character he created. What was the name of that character?

sed tallis said...

Hey hey junior glad you enjoyed it.
Let me take a wild stab at your posers.
1 who replied "Sunuvagun"
A. Stan Lee
2 who explained why you were an oddball
A. Stan Lee ( I'm guessing you were wearing the "Stan is my god shirt"?
3 Which characters inspiration did you ask about?
A. The Recorder
Do I win a cigar?

mtravis390 said...

If anyone thinks we will see a white dress Mystique,a new Crystal, ape-Beast, or a more muscular Cable then you deluding yourselves.

Dan is talking about "revisiting" the big hitters like Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America. Not fixing characters that were made in the wrong costume or turn about poorly like the ones I mentioned in my first paragraph.

Those who want redoes are not going to see that characters they want "revisited", and it does seem that those of us who do not want redoes in the main collection have lost this argument.

I know my argument is falling of deaf ears, but I will say this one more time. Revisiting characters will not bring in more long term costumers. Why? Have you tried buying an issue of the CMFC that is issue 100 or less. Here in the US it's impossible. Unless you want to get ripped off on Ebay. Even then there is not much of a selection there.

So why would someone buy, lets say, a new Iron Man, but not be able to purchase the other Iron Man related characters that were made when they are no longer available in the stores? Is EM going start releasing the collection again to the general public again so the new buyers can pick up previously made characters that will not be remade or revisited?

It will be interesting to see how many long term subscribers do what TGR did once it is officially announced that EM is going to "revisit" previously made characters.

The announcement is going to come. Even though it does seem clear that most long term collectors have little to no interest in them. At least not the ones that Dan is hinting at.

It will be interesting to see if your right Dan, but as they say in Star Wars, I have a bad feeling about this. If the next extension has 'revisits" then I'm afraid it could be the end of the collection.
Something that no one here wants.

Robert said...


VERY close!

Stan said "Sonofagun!" He stopped dead and looked up when I handed over the No-Prize. I took the opportunity to lean forward and say, "You gave me that, Stan". He laughed and said, "Sonuvagun!"

It was Bob Layton who said I was peculiar. I asked for a drawing of the Recorder and he said that in 35 years no one had ever asked him to draw that character. I then explained why I liked him so much, Bob looked at me with disbelief and said, "You're a funny guy". It was quite clear he did not mean funny amusing but funny as in 'weird'. The Recorder drawing is lovely, though! I love it.

And I asked Stan about Gwen Stacy. He said he didn't remember basing her on any actress or person he knew.

Bob D, sorry I missed you. I also stod outside after the cosplayers finished. Never received any calls or messages. Weird.

TheTooN said...

Thanks for the update and the Q/A Dan.

MOJO - Looks like a fantastic piece of work by all so well done. I hate the guy personally but will keep the faith and buy him. Snap on legs/tentacles or whatever those 'bits' are.

Longshot - Your 'approval' copy is fantastic, paint really pops and if my copy looks 75% as good I will be happy.

Constrictor - I like him but a snarling face like he has in both Marvel Universe 3.75 and Marvel Legends figs would have been an improvement for me. Face looks a bit vacant.

Wolfsbane - I dont know anything about her character but the figurine just looks awful.(sorry guys) Not sure if its the yellow of the costume or the colour of the fur or the weird face or all of the above.

Variant 'big hitters'

Spidey - No interest in a movie version and not that interested in any alternate costumes either. I would however love some kind of 'Spidey pose' in original costume.

Wolverine - Never a fan of the original figurine so happy to have a variant with 2012 technology. X-Force would be cool just dont do a first appearance :P

Thor - Modern variant would be awesome and would surely sell well.

Hulk - I'd buy the one you showed off the other week.

Iron Man - Classic 70's armour is sorely missing.

If variants help to make 200-220 profitable I would hope you could look a little further down and consider Beast, Mystique, Punisher, Rogue, Havok for 220-240.

max_0888 said...

I was looking at the main site and noticed the shop section changed. Can I just say that the figurine from 116 Shang Chi to 120 Dazzler don't have pictures and that number 152 Destiny has Songbird's picture and number 155 Songbird has Destiny's pictures.

mighty_marvel said...

i have to say i'm going off the idea of resculpts in the main line but i am in favour of resculpts making it in as some kind of optional extra, either as standalone figures or as part of a subset (i still think a jim lee x-men subset would be a massive seller).

if a subset is a no go, how about reducing the number of specials per year down from four to three. more time allows for more impressive special sculpts and in the current climate a bit of money saved for some people isn't necessarily a bad thing. in place of the fourth special, release 2 or 3 resculpts per year with different numbering (a, b, c for example), so outside of the main line. and with them being outside of the main line you could probably even put the price up £1 or so to guarantee a sculpt that is a vast improvement on the original.

the outside of main line releases could be something like this:

february - special

april - resculpt a

july - special

september - resculpt b

november - special

this way you could start bringing out resculpts before 201 - 220, long term collectors are satisfied that regular extensions are maintained as 20 new figures, there is an option for those who want resculpts, and resculpts being available of the big hitters may generate some extra interest in the collection.

ronnybadboy said...

Mblu boycott is not needed

You are the classic example of IDIOT !!!!

SinisterVenom said...

Hey guys! First of all I gotta say...London's Super Comic Convention was incredible!!! Next, Stan Lee was beyond incredible!!!
I came home from London late last night and have been sorting through all the things I purchased the weekend, I still havn't finished either!
I will say I'm gutted I didn't see any of you guys like Robert and BD, chances are we may have walked right past each other without realizing who we were! If you went past anyone with a hat, either my Venom profile pic T-shirt or a BAZINGA! T-shirt with a shirt over them then that was me. I had my leather jacket on yesterday too.
But saying that, the amount of people that was there it would be difficult to remember anyone you walked past. I did get some photos with some costumed characters though like a Stormtrooper, Mysterio, Dark Phoenix, Hellboy, Dr. Doom, Emma Frost and even a muppet, Kermit the frog!?
But all in all, this was the best weekend of my life and I can't wait to do it again!

SinisterVenom said...

Ok now quickly for the update.
Mojo looks absolutely marvellous! He is going to look brilliant with Longshot and Spiral! I'm gonna have to find some room for him now! Wolfsbane and Constrictor look really nice too.

LAWay said...

Glad you guys had a good time at the con. Hope you post pics and a detailed account of events on your blog, would love to read up on it and how the show went on.

As for the blog post, Mojo looks pretty good, I hope the paintjob on his skin comes out good.

Constrictor looks great! JJJ is looking good too! Loving Longshot, the splash of colour really adds to him, and I know I wanted a different pose, but I hold my hand up and say you guys did a great job on him.

Wolfsbane...urgh. She will be hiding at the back of the display. Very very very bad. Should have listened to us. Even the Wolfsbane fan doesnt want it! lol

As for future collections, I am not sure I would buy any that isnt Marvel.

I mean, I would pick and choose figurines in ALOT of different areas, but I dont think ANYTHING has the same appeal to me as Marvel where I want to get every one.

Ok, possibly a Man Utd collection, but thats about it.

Did go to Wembley with my family to see Cardiff give Liverpool a good run for their money though. Cracking game and bitter defeat for the local team.

knikki121 said...

I never leave comments on blogs or anything but I feel I need to speak up for Silver Samurai and Goblin Queen! When will these guys get their own figures, they certainly deserve them,imagine Silver Samurai as a special! Or even Mariko, perhaps in Japanese bridal wear?

LAWay said...

And onto my ranting...

My apologies, my rant wasnt aimed directly at you, I just felt some things you said sort of summed up the attitude about redos, variants, whatever you want to call them (I think we are all on the same level when we use the term - no one wants another red & blue spidey).

Although all I did was quote what you said and pick at it.

"I just don't see how a couple of "variants" are going to boost sales for the whole line. Spider-Man or Vance Astro, nobody new is going to come in to buy the whole lot now."

I disagree, as the forum and the blog often have people pop up and say how they have just discovered the product and plan on getting as many as possible. While I agree a variant may not boost sales of the whole collection substantially, the variant has that power over current names being thrown out to catch a Marvel fan's eye. He may only buy one. He may tell his friends who only buy one. You never know. Alternatively EM could lose out on loyal collectors having a hissy fit and not buying 'out of principle' or whatever.

"It's not just me that said about preferring new characters to repeats. It has been said time and time again on the forum - believe me or not! Yes 10 Wolverines is an exaggeration but you only have to look at Bowens to see how many potentially 'different' versions could be done of a character. And where do you draw the line on who constitutes being important enough to get another re-do?"

Yes, I can see alot of people argue against them, but alot argue for them too. The Bowen example just goes to prove that collectors will buy variants. Expensive variants at that! People don't seem to quite grasp that while the CMFC fans like all characters, there are probably more people out there that JUST like Wolverine, or Spider-Man etc. While even I would think it would be a shame to just make variants of the 'big boys', I would like to see EM right the wrongs we believe they made, like Rogue, Mystique, Beast etc That way both sets of fans are hopefully happy.

"The reason I said about keeping people interested is because as I said before, I don't believe anybody would start subscribing at this point - or at least very few! I presume the idea is to appeal to the masses (or at least more people) by tempting them with popular characters but I don't see them picking up Constrictor or Wolfsbane in between!"

Do these new customers NEED to bee kept interested? No. As long as they are aware. They will then look out for future issues, on the off chance they like something, very much like I am doing with the Marvel graphic novel collection, or the DC chess set. I have no intention on buying the majority of them, but the odd few, I will keep my eyes open. But if you are saying new fans wont be interested in the likes of Constrictor or Wolfsbane, you are admitting the collection is on the decline. You are saying the CMFC audience is not going to grow, and as time goes on, people will opt out of subscribing and collecting all together as a natural progression. Variants would give an chance of growth, but admittedly they may not subscribe, and there is a risk of decline of loyal collectors opting out. Its a risk, but thats one EM has to think about.

"Like I said, I'm sure there is a market but I'm also sure you will drive some people away. The way I see it is that it's a big risk! So if we really need to go down that route, I'd say try it with 1."

I cant argue with that. It is a huge risk. I can see it working, and I can see it failing. Why fix something not broken? I think EM will look into it and decide an outcome. Like you, I just want to express my own wants and speak for those who may not speak up.

LAWay said...

As for TGR...

was that really your reason? You are 'scared' of 'potential' redos entering the collection that wont appear for another year or two due to already unreleased figurines and unannounced future extensions, and you pull out now?

seriously having a laugh mate. Admit the real reason. You either still subscribe and are scaremongering so bend EM's and other forums members will to your ways, or you can't financially support it any longer, or just have grown tired of the collection.

I fail to see any logic in unsubscribing now of all times when we are still waiting the release of nearly 30 figurines!

I dont believe this nonsense.

LarryS said...

For so many years, I thought it would never happen. Things would frankly never work out. The odds were stacked against me. It was a dream. A wonderful and exciting dream. But just a dream nonetheless.

This weekend, the dream became reality!

I, and so many others, had the opportunity to meet Stan in person!!!

I am still in a bit of a daze, pinching myself metaphorically as well as literally. Thank you to everyone who organised the convention, who enticed Stan over the Atlantic, and who ensured so many of us had the opportunity to meet him. But mostly, thank you to Stan for displaying such energy and drive for two solid days, and putting us all to shame.

On Saturday, he signed five items for myself, my wife, and kids, including X-Men 2, Avengers 1, FF 3, and that famous old FOOM poster on which he collaborated with Jim Steranko. Then, we had a series of photos taken (with my whole family, then with each of us separately). And, being such a sport, I even persuaded him to change clothes for the pics!! I'd taken along the Hugh Hefner smoking jacket he wore in the Iron Man movie (which I bought at a Marvel Studios auction), and Stan wore it again for the first time in four years!!!

Then, in the evening, at the Meet'n'Greet, when it came to my turn, he told us a great anecdote about his day of filming with Robert Downey Junior for the scene.

Throughout the whole day, Stan kept smiling for everyone. He was witty, compelling, unique. Truly, The Man.

PS: I'm still buzzing to such an extent that I no longer care what Dan decides about re-dos. I'm at peace with the world, and will continue supporting the collection regardless!!!


buffduffdan said...

Thanks for the apology LAWay and for your response. I understand where you're coming from better with your follow-up post!

The sad truth is the collection probably is on the decline - not in terms of quality but in buyers. It happens with all part-works but I think thanks to the quality of the CMFC it's lasted longer then most. I'm sure the next extension will be given and then maybe the one after it may be a struggle. Or maybe not! Only the Eaglemoss guys and higher-ups know the numbers and where it needs to be to stay viable.

But if it is/gets to that danger zone then by all means try a re-do! Personally I'd avoid "Tan Wolverine" or "Armoured Spidey" and go for the likes of Modern Thor (or Cat Beast but I doubt he counts as A-list enough). If they were the saviour and could give us another 100 extensions then of course I'd be all for them. But nobody can know that yet and as I said before, my main issue is with chucking 3 in at once.

Just an idea but maybe stick a "questionnaire" into one of the upcoming mags to do with the issue so you can gauge the collectors response. I know we've got a forum poll but times are slow right now as we're between extensions :P

LarryS said...

Robert -
Now I know who you are ... I do remember the Gwen Stacey question being asked!!

tinodragon14 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Osvaldoeaf said...

Hey, knilkki! Man. I really want Silver Samurai too, not only is he a very deserving character, he will be a beautiful sculpt! I don't think he needs to be a special though! I wouln't worry about him, he is second in the poll and he will certainly be made. But I undetstand where you are coming from: no matter how well our favorites do in the polls(cough Sage cough), we will only breath in relief once they're confirmed!!!

tinodragon14 said...

Oh Dan,

I still think you should do an ARCHANGEL Special. He is X-MAN ANGEL redone & is a very popular character. I think with his metal wings outspread he will be a big seller even with those who do not buy the whole collection.

DO YOU READ ME DAN??????????

I also think you should do a TITANIUM MAN Special figure but with a classic Ironman figure with it. Call it THE CLASSIC IRONMAN TWO PACK SPECIAL & I think it will sell well.

Robert said...

I was behind you in the line too, Larry! We were both 'early birds'. You were maybe twenty from the front of the Stan line on Sat am, I wasn't much behind you. I saw your poster and you showed me the Steranko sig in the bottom right corner, which caused me to swoon. I asked if it was from FOOM as I knew Steranko had been the editor.

LarryS said...

Robert -

What a fantastic note. How funny that, having been bloggers-in-common for so long, we chatted over the weekend without even realising it!!

Let's meet up "properly" at next year's Con and/or at Kapow.

To avoid cluttering-up this forum with tangentially-related stuff, I think you've previously mentioned you have a blog...? Is it easiest to make arrangements that way...?

mgf said...

Things always seem to get testy on here when we are waiting for news of an extension, and I think I am right that last time, like this time, it coincides with the apparent death knell of the DC, which makes me, at least, question EMs commitment to both lines. Not editorially, but financially. The mood will change when we get an extension.

This collection is far closer to the end than the beginning. That much is obvious. Personally that makes me look at X-Man and several others and wonder why we have him and not Whirlwind, or look at Mojo, knowing with close to certainty that Lockjaw won't make it in because he will remind someone in marketing of a duck.

By the way, someone here mentioned a Manchester United collection, and although that would obviously be revolting to many I have occasionally wondered why someone has not looked at a collection covering the great club sides of the world.

A magazine covering the club history, with a figure wearing the classic kit, so no need for image rights of the current show ponies, with specials or variants of famous away kits, such as MUs all blue when they first won the European Cup, or the yellow and blue the Arsenal wore in the 1979 FA Cup win.

TheTooN said...

@MGF - I think you're spot on about it being testy atm and agree with the reasoning. Its worse than usual due to the variant debate.

@TGR - I understand your post and your decision process. I collected Marvel Universe 3.75 and bought every figure in every variant. I loved it for the first couple of years but Hasbro milked it too much for me at the end of 2011. I was faced with continuous growing outlay for less new content. I just thought sod this ! And, if I'm not going to have a 100% collection I may as well pick and choose. I've actually only bought a couple since taking that decision. Probably saved a couple of hundred which I spent on the new Legends instead.

Damn you Hasbro :P

Anyway I just wanted to say I share your pain all be it not with the same collection.

@LSCC guys - Glad you all enjoyed it, even my missus liked your stories of meeting the great man.

I wish I had seen Stans face when he saw the no-prize !

Is the blog running new software ? Looks different to usual and not previewing properly in Chrome.

TheTooN said...

I would still love to see a 2000ad collection.

Check these out for character selection and imagine them given the EM treatment.

I'm sure a Man U collection would sell well. Never ceases to amaze me the number of people up and down the country who follow them.

TGR said...

LaWay, I do not need to justify myself to you but seeing as you have openly called me a liar then I will. I have no reason to scaremonger, I am just telling it as it is and only posted my actions to try and show YOU that contrary to what you believe SUBSCRIBERS WILL CANCEL and revert to pick choosers. I have cancelled now as I cannot see the point in buying 10 of the next 30 upcoming figures that, as a pick/chooser don't really hold much interest to me.

My subscription was cancelled on the 10 th of Feb. It took me two attempts to do that as I had no reply to my first request!!!

I have plenty of spare money thank you very much but it's none of your business how much I have or what I choose to spend it on but I don't feel it necessary throwing it at a collection from now till whenever knowing full well that my collection WILL NEVER BE COMPLETE. I do however have the opportunity in the future to back-order all figures (and yes I have the cash to do so) if the redo's malarky doesn't come off.

Tell you what, give Dan or Rich a ring at EM and ask them about my subscription, I don't mind them telling you...... then you can do two things

1. post up an apology.
2. finally put your rose-tinted specs back in their case.


mgf said...

Megalomania is such an unattractive trait.

TGR said...

agreed mgf, but i'm sure they'll find a cure for you one day.

Paibok said...

At the moment what will put people off starting the collection is not the task of hunting down and getting items at a late stage (the thrill of the hunt) its that they are faced with ebay sellers clearly out to rip them off or the official website where a)debit cards are not excepted b)orders have been ignored and I think c)don't ship outside UK & Ireland.

Instead of introducing variants of the big hitters in the main collection, why not make these characters already released(plus binders / plinths & subscriptions) constantly available from a website/online ebay store (which ship worldwide) at original prices, so people can buy them at their own pace, offer discounts for certain combination buys (Fantastic 4 for price of 3) etc

Make variants an extra outside the collection as mtravis suggested way further up the page. Doc Ock is an A-lister in need of a variant for the same reasons as Iron Man.

If female characters are supposed to sell well, and Spiderman then perhaps Spider Girl (a combination of both) should be given a go next extension.

The charm and appeal of the CMFC is the wide variety of characters including those not regularly produced in other formats (i.e Jocasta), old and new and that will be lost if the redos go ahead in the main collection.

Whirlwind next extension please. Skurge next special, perhaps a Howard the Duck mini special.

sed tallis said...

Mgf, Not sure if the likenesses would be recognisable on such teensy figurines. Plus how long would I have to wait for the Dundee utd league winning team from 83?
Dan,EM should bust a gut to get a licenceing deal with Capcom, huge potential.
Reached Tales of the Zombie in my Curtis/Marvel pile. Pablo Marcos drew a awesome Simon Garth...what's his chances of appearing in the CMFC ? . Aboot the same as Paul Sturrock making it in the world footballers collection ;)

TGR said...

Rather than a collection of footballers, why not a collection of footballers cars. Lambos, Ferraris, McLarens etc . Only snag is , when you get to the lesser teams who would want Vauxhall Corsas, Ford Kas, Lada Rivas etc as driven by the Dundee players :-)

mgf said...


For someone who makes fireworks for a living you seem to have a very short fuse.

Your complaint that you were called a liar would be more valid was it not for the fact that many of us here know you to be one.

Perhaps you should calm down a little and not come here trying to throw you weight around demanding apologies. Those who know of you are aware of your bullying and bluster and it doesn't wash here, even if it does on the forum.

Perhaps that is the root of your concern. No CMFC, no forum, and you will be reduced to going back to drowning puppies for the RSPCA to fulfil your thirst for power.

Holy Wolf said...

I will echo TGR's comments. I too ditched my CMFC sub nearly two years ago (Issue 120) and just pick and choose.

I still subscribe to the DC collection however the Marvel set just got a bit Mundane for me as I was starting to see a lot of characters I didn't know and the quality at the time was largely inconsistent.

Since then I've picked up about half of the figs, both regular and special. New specials like Odin, MODOK, Mojo and Giant Man look great but I had no interest in sculpts such as Sauron, Blob and Omega Red.

I can also confirm that it's not for financial reasons. When I started collecting form issue 1 back in 2006 I was still in sixth form college, and throughout then and my three years at university I picked up every single issue from both collections.

Nowadays I'm a higher rate taxpayer and just don't have the itnerest to colelct all the figurines religiously. DC collection yet, but not the CMFC anymore. Instead I've turned my attention to the huge Marvel hardcover omnibuses and Gentle Giant's Marvel mini bust range which is beginning this year.Yes the costs of collecting these are significantly higher but the quality and the character familiarity is always there.

Plus this way I don't have to deal with EM's customer service staff!

Going forward based on the previews I've seen the CMFC figs do seem to picking up in quality again on the whole and I imagine I'll stick pick and chose about half going forward.

LAWay said...

LarryS comment really made my smile. So pleased for you man that the convention and meeting the man was such an amazing experience.

@buffduffdan-I have been crying out for magazine questionnaires for months, but have been told about production costs and admin being a stumbling block. And people complaining who dont buy every magazine that they wouldnt get their say. (which sounds ridiculous, I know.)

@TheToon - TGR comments about his irrational fear of redos being included into the collection in possibly 2 years time is no way the same as Hasbro merely rehashing and releasing the same figures in different Marvel Universe series, where the costume and sculpt is the same. So I still dont see any excuse.

@TGR You cancelled because of the potential of redos, which is ridiculous. There is no logic in it. If you are now a picker and chooser, and only want 10 of the next 30 characters that are so diverse like YOU WANT (thus unsubscribing due to redos) then you are merely confirming that the line up of characters is getting weaker, and that people posting on the blog and forums about their 'wants' are purely selfish and are just waiting to opt out as soon as their desired character is made into lead.

You were committed, and have been committed from day 1. 30 characters away from 200 and you pull out now. Even if redos were brought in, it would be in the next 20. Why not reach 200? Doesnt make any sense, and now your reasoning makes less sense. Its your decision, but I think it just proves how fickle collectors can be.

@Holy Wolf - this guy unsubscribed because the collection got too diverse. So redos would appeal to you I assume? Is his reason for unsubscribing any less than yours TGR? People are saying redos are the will be the death of things, but Holy Wolf got out at issue 120. Had there been redos, perhaps he and others would have subscribed longer.

LarryS said...


I am going to quote The Man in an attempt to spread a bit of inspiration on this site, and undo any personal hostility:

"Stand Tall! Thou hast reached the peak an plucked the proudest prize

Hang Loose! Thou shalt flee from fear no longer, nor suffer pangs of doubt

Face Front! The past doth lie behind thee. The beckoning future now is thine

Tis true! Tis true! Oh how proudly we proclaim! Thou hast joined FOOM assembled. Thy name hath been inscribed, now and forevermore, in the blessed book of FOOM

Come take thy place, believer, within the hallowed ranks. The eyes of FOOM are upon thee. They behold thee with fondness and favour. The heart of FOOM embraces thee. The hands of FOOM clasp thine. For FOOM hast summoned thee, and claimed thee for its own!

Thou hast chosen a creed, a code, a way of life! And by thy choice, and by thy faith, the legends never shall persih! Excelsior!"

That's the immortal proclamation that Stan penned to sit below the Steranko pic which Robert and I were discussing a few comments above...

LarryS said...

PS to LA Way - thanks for the kind words! Really appreciate the comment!!

LAWay said...

That is an idea though EM now that Holy Wolf mentioned it.

How about starting a new collection of Marvel, but doing mini busts? So basically they would be the same height as the CMFC, maybe bigger if cast in resin to save production costs, but concentrate on busts of characters.

With your current quality, reputation, and a cheaper alternative to the likes of bowen and gentle giant, throw in a magazine and it would make a great product!

(as for capcom collection, I would love it, I love street fighter, I love alot of capcom games and love when they make marvel vs capcom, but there are ALOT of characters I couldnt give a toss about. Even in SF, I wouldnt bother with some of them. So I wouldnt subscribe, and I wonder if others would be the same. I think its something need would need a hardcore dedicated following, much like a football team collection would need.)

LAWay said...

Replace FOOM with CMFC and it is very suitable for this blog I think. :)

LarryS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LarryS said...

Agreed, LAWay.

NB, For the benefit of anyone who wasn't around in the '70s: 'FOOM' stands for 'Friends Of Old Marvel'

Holy Wolf said...

LAWAY "@Holy Wolf - this guy unsubscribed because the collection got too diverse. So redos would appeal to you I assume? Is his reason for unsubscribing any less than yours TGR? People are saying redos are the will be the death of things, but Holy Wolf got out at issue 120. Had there been redos, perhaps he and others would have subscribed longer."

Essentially yes, I'm open to the idea of Redos. I think it would be a cool idea if EM decided to do a subset of Iron Man armour throughout the years. I also like the idea of an Ape Beast, a Jim Lee Rougue and a larger Hulk.

If EM did these, and they were notably better than the originals, and in a truer scale (Huge Hawkeye and Tiny Cable I'm looking at you two) then I would buy them all.

TGR said...

mgf , have I ever phoned you at work and wished you'd get cancer?


but you did that to me after you got banned from SHFF for displaying the same arrogance and personally abusive behaviour you do on here. I remember you got quite huffy and flustered when I said I didn't know you. :-) like a littel kid being told that he couldn't have any sweets. We were in hysterics in the office at your petulance; could almost hear your lips flapping still makes me laugh now just thinking about it.

What you forgot was that you once called me on my mobile whilst I was on the charity bike ride so I had your number to verify that the call logged by the secretary matched yours. As for drowning puppies, you are the sick f.....r.

I'm not worried about the forum, for what it's worth I have had very little to do with its running for well over a year now, just making the occasional post or helping out with technical stuff. But that's not the point here.

The point is simple so i'll explain it in a way you can comprehend.

Completeist: will buy EVERY figurine regardless. I thought I fell into that category but I can see we will go around in circles and end up getting another spiderman, another cyclops, another wolverine: All figures that I have little interest in getting again. With this in mind I wondered "should I continue to get everything so that I have a 100% collection or do I make a decision to quit subscribing and buy only the figures I think are appealing. By all means you keep spending but I'll wait, I'll buy the ones I like from now on in. In all fairness, I should have done this months ago but I held off. Neither you nor LaWay have any right to say how I buy these figures, if it irks you in any way then do what you want.

You rant on about megalomania and power trips etc but i'm not the one telling others what they should and shouldn't be doing. I'm not the one telling others they are wrong to subscribe or unsubscribe. Their choice, in the same way it is MY choice.

LaWay is right in one sense, collectors can be fickle and I agree it may seem strange unsubscribing at this stage but 30 figures is £180; £60 of that will be on figures that I don't particularly care for. £60 I can spend elsewhere.

TheTooN said...


I'm just saying I appreciate there can be a tipping point even in a collection you love where something happens and it isnt fun anymore. As soon as that happens why support it blindly.

I'm still sad that my MU collection isnt 100% because of Hasbro's greed and contempt for completist collectors. I eventually objected to the level of taxes so stopped buying.

In the case of the CMFC the argument against variants will have a similar effect on 'some' long term subbies.

I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with Grim's reasoning just saying I can see why he made the undoubtedly tough decision.

Hope everyone can chill out and play nice, no need for the venom or accusations.

mgf said...


I don't think you have ever called me at work, no.

Your behaviour has been so egregious down the years you can hardly be surprised when you get challenged on it. But perhaps that is the problem. Bullies rarely enjoy being challenged. I would suggest nearly all of the negativity that has surrounded the collection since the start has been as a direct result of your ego, and EMs inexplicable kowtowing to you.

The truth is that if you did what you claimed you would be a damn sight more popular, but you proclaim your egalitarian credentials while exhibiting exactly the opposite.

You have claimed on here that you never ban people without using the PM system to try to sort out the issue. That is a simple lie. I was banned for agreeing with CGR that I would prefer the mods did not play silly games at one in the morning when announcing vote results. I went to log in the next day and was banned. No PM, no explanation. That's when you got a phone call.

Like quite a few ex-military types you seem to have an extremely high opinion of yourself, without much reason from where I am sitting. Who was that lad you banned because you didn't believe he had had a burglary and lost part of his collection? You're a class act, and no mistake.

You also allied yourself closely with the despicable racist, homophobic fascist sociopath who called himself Captain Britain. It took you forever to suss that revolting creep, but hey, as you always say, kids read the forum, so presumably until someone like him denies the Holocaust its all jolly japes suitable for the under 12s.

TGR said...

You had plenty of warnings to reign in your behaviour, like others you failed to take heed, you snook back on (as others have tried) and for a while all was well but you quickly slumped into your habits of slagging off anyone who disagreed with you.

The kid was banned because he lied and tried to cheat fellow members out of figurines. We we're all sorry for him and several members offered to send him, free of charge, figurines to get him back up to his former collection. It was only when we started to dig did the whole sorry lie unfold and it turned out he had never been burgled, figurines he claimed had be "stolen" were never in his collection - he was stupid enough to post up a list of "wants" a matter of days before the supposed burglary. You spout your vitriole and bile Gort, you haven't changed, and you never will. I was called a liar before regarding the cancer phone call and folk said I was making it up but the truth has come out now by your very own typing hand.

i'll post YOUR message here for all to see as you will no doubt delete your comment (as you normally do when it shows you for the person you are....

You have claimed on here that you never ban people without using the PM system to try to sort out the issue. That is a simple lie. I was banned for agreeing with CGR that I would prefer the mods did not play silly games at one in the morning when announcing vote results. I went to log in the next day and was banned. No PM, no explanation. That's when you got a phone call.

As for Captain Britain...well, like you, Ted and a couple of others he too was banned. So can't see what your point is. Ted continues his homophobic rants on here. I come on, make my posts and get hit with nothing but personal attacks from you muppets. I've bitten my tongue long enough.. Well, no more, hopefully others will see YOU as the cretin you are.

As for being ex-military, makes no odds to me, but I'll think you'll find that it is an occupation where you cannot hide behind fancy words and snide remarks; you either get the job done or you get hoofed out. I got the job got hoofed out of th forum...says it all really.

now jog on and delete your post
.-- .- -. -.- . .-.


sed tallis said...

Teds homoerotic rants!? How very dare you, I bend over forwards to accommodate all my gay friends.
Your really not in a happy place
Where as I am as happy as Larry.
Please feel free to continue your breakdown, sorry for the interruption.

TGR said...

no breakdown from me Ted. I too am as happy as Larry. It does however appear than some others lost the plot a while back and have only now admitted something they denied at the time. :-0

Life could not be sweeter.


The Mad Thinker said...

I'm all for re-do's and variants but please do not add these to the regular collection as we need these slots for other characters that are yet to be done.
Sub sets are the way to go !!

Wolfsbane looks great but can we change the curry looking colour of her face please ?

Constrictor looks amazing , great work.

Mojo looks amazing too but i fear for damages occurring in the post just like northstar and aurora !!

Eaglemoss do a fantastic job at making our figurines look great but this is spoilt by bad packaging and items arriving broken !!

mgf said...

Stop whining TGR. It's embarrassing. Go and ban someone for no reason. You'll feel better about yourself.


TGR said...

I'm not the one whining. I couldn't be happier.

Folk only get banned for a reason. You're are a case-in-point.


tinodragon14 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tinodragon14 said...



Someone mentioned SIMON GARTH, THE ZOMBIE. Zombies seem popular of late at least in the States so pick him as the next horror character for the next extension.

I still think you should also do a FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER HALLOWEEN SPECIAL.








Robert said...

A wee question for Dan: IF we get another extension, what do you think the odds are on getting Hogun or Fandrall of the Warriors Three? Surely there aren't any other characters with their history, number of appearances, importance, etc. still to make an appearance? (I know that we'll probably need at least one more extension to get the full trio.)

The Mad Thinker said...

Robert :

I'd settle for a special triple pack with the warriors three all together , and then if successful another triple pack special the following year containing the other three members of the wrecking crew.

any views ?

Robert said...

Great idea, MT. I'd snap up a Warriors Three triple-pack faster than Thor spinning his hammer. But Dan has already said a triple-pack is highly unlikely. And look at the hassle just getting the AF twins!

By the way, you have mellowed in your old age. Time was, you'd have come on here and said that the reason Bob and I couldn't meet up at he con was because we are the same person! (Please take that as the joke it was intended to be. I'm really not starting anything, just pulling your leg ever so slightly. Been enough waring on here today...)

sed tallis said...

Hey SV, any chance you can post up your convention photos?, maybe Phoenix and ....Emma Frost frinstance :"
Robert sent me a photo.......of the Recorder!!

Robert said...

And I kind of thought Layton would be pleased that not everyone was asking for Iron Man and knew about his other work. Aye, right! Thinking about getting a few commissions of the Recorder...

sed tallis said...

pah!,commissions, shummissions! get yersel an original published page featuring yer man, that page link i sent you is still available.
Look forward to seeing you in your Recorder outfit at next years con.

BobDiamond said...

Hey Robert...that's a point, maybe the reason we didn't manage to meet-up at the Con was because we ARE the same person!! (Cue weird Twilight Zone music....):)


Ps. I can just see your face Rob, thinking why the hell has he gone and started that up all over again!!!:)

Robert said...

That was weird, Ted! I was thinking about making a Recorder costume for the first time not half an hour ago!

Robert said...

Hi, Bob. I recived your text message after work tonight! You STILL at the con? Stan has gone home.

BobDiamond said...

Wow...last few posts..Robert, Ted, BD and even The Mad Thinker...we're getting the Old Band back together!!

Robert said...

Watched Stan on The One Show. He was on, then off! Three, four questions?? That's it?? The greatest pop culture figure in history? EVERYONE I spoke to was there to see him. The guy in front of me in the signing queue was about to faint he was so excited. Guys flew in from all over Europe and even further just to spend a few seconds with him. And the producer thinks two minutes is sufficient!!???

Oh, Ted, it wasn't the Welsh lassie's accent, by the way, that caused problems. Stan is going deaf. Which proves he's only (super) human, I guess.

Robert said...

I'll ask the Recorder to record the first reunion session, Bob!

BobDiamond said...

Robert, you just got my text today??!!...Well I guess that proves I got your number right- I was beginning to doubt it..
Oh well, maybe next time pal,


deamon said...

If it sells so bad lately in UK, Dan can You say why people from other countries still can't buy figurines at official site? What's the reason?
If there is a problem with this site then EM create shop at ebay, and You will see increase of sell, then You won't even think about redos.

SinisterVenom said...

Sure thing Ted, I'll get on it! :)
Robert, I know what you mean! First thing I did when I got home was put the One Show on to watch Stan and I couldn't believe he was only there for a few minutes! Crazyness I tell you!

SinisterVenom said...

Ok guys, pics from the con are on my page now if you wanna check them out. You'll also get to see me on there so you can see whether you did see me there or not.

Alex Summers   said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alex Summers   said...

Oh, so glad to see some fellow Silver Samurai and Sage supporters here...I didn't even know they were high in the polls...I feel happier now!

LarryS said...

Two quickies...

SV - how do I find your page (mentioned 21:23)?

Robert - don't overlook my (08:40) message posted to you amidst all the subsequent chatter...

Robert said...

Got it now, SV. Need to wait and see about future cons. I spent (some of) the money for a 10th anniversary trip to Venice on this weekend. Wife said nothing as she understands what Stan means to me/ us. However, a repeat next year may not go down too well! I hear a wife can get a quickie divorce now! We may have to work something else out.

BTW, posted on your blog.

Robert said...

Sorry, substitute SV for Larry!

SinisterVenom said...

Simples Larry, click my name and then click SinisterVenom on the my blogs section. If you have trouble, I believe Robert is following my page so you can also find me there.

mgf said...


Why is it Grim, that it's always someone else's fault and never yours?


As always a superb wants list tino.


Let's get that extension approved asap guys.

mtravis390 said...

I'm not sure Dan will read this, but I would like to say one thing.

Dan I do appreciated you giving us updates and insights into the running works in this collection. I wanted to make this clear since when I do disagree with Dan I will voice my opinion. And to be fair there has only been two things that I think Dan has been wrong on. The handling of the Gammora costume choice and the issue of redoes.

But just because I think Dan has been wrong or has mishandled two issues does no mean I do not think that overall he has done a good job. If I thought that I would stop buying this collection right now. But I am still buying and I am still a completest. I have every figurine that EM has produced for this collection.

I love this collection so I tend to be a bit passionate about. I have an entire room where 3 walls contain the CMFC and DC collection on plinths.

So I just want to say thank you to Dan for his updates and keeping us inform on what is going on. Also a big thank you for letting us vent here in this blog. It got to be hard to read some of the things posted here, but I'm glad you have this section so we can voice our opinions.

LAWay said...

Take it outside guys if you got personal history and beef.

My point to TGR, and I would respect his decision to unsubscribe if we had an extension announcement that guaranteed redos. Then his fears are warranted and he is justified to leave as thats not what he wants in the collection. I would respect that.

But like I said, there is no concrete news of redos, and what irks me is stating to everyone that that is the reason why you are unsubscribing. You just have to look at the forum and some posts here that say 'oh yes, I understand, I might to'. Its like a rally to the troops to scare EM into thinking that if they do this, an army of collectors will quit out on them.

So while I would respect your decision, I do not think at this stage with at another year of no redos or announcements, I do not believe unsubscribing because of redos being a valid explanation.

Maybe it is your reasoning, but its flawed. The collection may never see any redos, and now subscription numbers have gone down, the fear and idea of unsubscribing has been put into other people's heads, so at the end of the day it effects the product.

Thats why I was disappointed at that remark. At the moment, its just not a justified reason. To each their own.

TGR said...


because it is invariably someone elses fault.


YOU were abusive (Gaius Octavius) - YOU got banned
You crept back on again (GORT), was abusive AGAIN! YOU got banned.
TED was abusive - HE got banned
TED, under various attempted guises crept back on, was abusive AGAIN - HE got banned.
ACE cheated - HE got banned
CAPTAIN BRITAIN was abusive - He got banned.
VENOM / BLACKBOLT whotisname lied - HE got banned.

See a pattern forming? Ban decisions are not mine alone to make, it is why there are 20 Mods/Admins from all around the world to ensure no one acts out of order. As site owner all I did was press the button marked "BAN THEIR SORRY ASSES"
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that all were given ample warning to reel it in a bit, ignored the request so no one else to blame but themselves and no one has been banned for no reason.

...but you know this already but won't accept you were bang out of order on more than one occasion.

Anyway, i'll waste no more time on you, i've said my piece and the blog can get back to some semblance of order.


I saw the sketches you have notch. Are any for sale? Might be interested in Thor if he's up for the right price.

TGR said...

Sorry LaWay, just seen your post.

I understand where you are coming from but just a couple of things that may help clarify my decision.

I didn't start the redo/ cancel subscription scenario, that point was raised before I made my decision. I was content to keep my actions to myself but on seeing several posts (I think some by yourself) that redos would not affect subscribers then I had to post. What other people do is entirely up to them. As for it being a rallying cry to the troops then you couldn't be further from the troops. Tonight I posted in Mods Chat on the forum (not a public page) suggesting that we support EM in keeping the collection going and provide a positive slant on things as best we can. EM have to know the good and the bad and the fact is redos would have an effect on the collection as a whole, there is uncertainty a) if redos will ever be made b) if the insertion of redos would achieve what EM think it will.

There are some good suggestions on here and on the forum that need to be looked at; suggestions that would satisfy all collectors.

Whatever I do I will never win. If I praise EM I get accused of kowtowing and being in EM's pocket, if I tell it as it is I get accused of scaremongering. It doesn't help when there are muppets who leap on my every post as another means of twisting the knife

One thing I won't do though is tell others what to do, I'll let them make up their own minds; I've made my mind up for now and at least EM know at least one subby as gone, I may be the only one and it won't matter one iota to them but then again others may see things the same way as me and do likewise.

I collected the LOTR set for quite a while but did get bored with that collection when the umteenth Ork dropped through my letter box. I pick up th eodd one or two now that I haven't got either on eBay (prices have dropped) or from FP where there are still one or two figs knocking around at discount prices. I can do the same with CMFC.

LAWay said...

I understand man, I just am worried that EM wont do redos, the collection carries on as normal, or heck, may even end very soon, and you'll be kicking yourself for dropping out. I know you can buy back issues and such if you want to be a completest, it just seemed a rash decision if it was purely based on the redo argument.

Another concern of mine is the divide the debate raises with collectors and it often gets tribal. We should all just enjoy it as much as we can no matter what characters are made.

LarryS said...

Thanks SV. I recognise your face from the event! Great pics especially the one with the Cosplay winner Doc Doom...!

sed tallis said...

These old mags are like time machines, I sat down to read Legion of Monsters #1 .After 2 pages of the Frankensteins Monster story I was 10 years old again In those days I could eat a Curly Wurly and pick my nose while reading my comicbooks all at the same time.
In the story the monster catches a glimpse of a beautiful princess and Feels compelled to follow her, he ends up at a Halloween ball , so nobody finds the 7ft monster out of place , he ends up drunk , the princess asks him to dance , he falls on his face , everyone laughs but not the princess . Anywho she is murdered the monster is framed . Monster goes Steven Seagal on the killers arse.all he has to remember the princess by is a silk ribbon from her dress. My 10 yr old self was angry at the salty tears that flooded my eyeballs all those years ago, and bugger me if it didn't happen second time around.
So Dan I want a Frankensteins Monster special . I will love him and hug him and love him.
Think of that little 10 yr old with his face covered in Snot , tears and chocolate.

Thor8 said...

I'm still optimistic that we will get at least one or two more extensions. After all there are still too many good characters yet to be made.

I can't believe we are 200 figurines into this collection and we have not seen the following heroes approved...

1) USAgent
2) Starfox
3) Sersi
4) Clea
5) Hyperion
6) Nighthawk (alternate Earth)
7) Whizzer
8) Doc Spectrum
9) White Tiger
16)Texas Twister
18)Charlie 27

Whoops have to step out. I'll be back with other heroes and a Villians to be made list,along with some Re-do's and Variant suggestions. Chow!

sed tallis said...

This new Avengers trailer is laugh out loud mad mental.
It is going to be smashing.

TheTooN said...

I just about managed to stream it at 1080p and agree it looks great.

I still hate Cap's movie costume though. At about 1:55 in the camera pans around the team and everyone looks great until it gets to Cap.

For the love of Mike EM no movie figurines !!

mgf said...



because it is invariably someone elses fault.


YOU were abusive (Gaius Octavius) - YOU got banned"

Dear Lord, Grim, you don't even know the incident we are actually discussing, do you? I wouldn't trust you to look after my cat. I hope you remember to wear goggles when you play with your sparklers, or you'll have your eye out.

I was banned before I rang you, not after. Why the hell would I call you out of nowhere with no reason? You don't have to be Colombo to realise that doesn't make any sense.

I reacted to the ban which was imposed without explanation, PMs or any of the other things you like to claim is normal procedure, or I wouldn't have called you in the first place, would I?

This is your problem in a nutshell - or perhaps I should say "case" in your instance. You lie, yet you portray yourself as the innocent party. In my book that makes you the worst kind of hypocrite, and the worst kind of coward.

I'm still on there a few times a month, just in case you ever get another CMFC exclusive (...), and for voting purposes as well, but it's not what it was, is it?

I don't know why you have suddenly chosen to come here to stir things up. You make demands of EM, you demand apologies where none are due.

While forum members like Zombula, AI, Kal and others actually bring constructive things to the collection over there you have brought nothing but bile and hatred. You have used this collection as a personal power trip. You have been a detriment to the collection, not a benefit.

Your backside kissing of EM has been nauseating, with their acceptance of it somehow even worse.

I think your posts here over the last two days indicate what many of us have known for some time. Your influence is nearly at an end, and that's what really burns you, isn't it Grim, my old sausage?

Now both of us should stop this blog clogging. I've said all I have to say to you, and in my opinion you have said far too much, the vast majority of which is wrong in every single regard.

mgf said...

@ Thor 8

"1) USAgent
2) Starfox
3) Sersi
4) Clea
5) Hyperion
6) Nighthawk (alternate Earth)
7) Whizzer
8) Doc Spectrum
9) White Tiger
16)Texas Twister
18)Charlie 27

I'd take that as pretty much the entire next extension quite happily, perhaps dropping Texas Twister for Whirlwind. If that didn't sell enough to get the next extension after that we might as well all pack up and go home.

LAWay said...

Calm down mgf, no point having a personal war on here.

As for that extension list half of it I think is a stinker, but thats due to my lack of knowledge of those characters. I think there are stronger candidates Silver Samurai for one (I refuse to believe he is a special).

I think there are a few really good extensions left without the need of redos, maybe another 40 characters max and then the line ups will start looking a little spare. In my opinion.

But why not take a leaf out of Hasbro's books and revisit 2 packs, and throw in a hugely popular character redone, thrown in with a largely unknown to the mainstream character.

It would mean that those who really love the supporting cast of Marvel get the most diverse and obscure characters possible, and those who want redos get to see their favourite characters.

Begin phasing out specials or super specials or whatever, because we are running out of decent large characters, or slightly larger than regular characters.

You could then incorporate civilians and henchmen as long as they were paired with an A lister, even Howard the Duck!

Everyone wins.

Robert said...

"As for that extension list half of it I think is a stinker, but thats due to my lack of knowledge of those characters."


sed tallis said...

yeah, They could twin Bloodstone with a packet of Monster Munch.

TheTooN said...

Starfox, Sersi, Clea, Hyperion, Nighthawk (AE) and Doc Spectrum are not characters I'm familiar with.

I have seen pics of some online but never read any comics with them in.

I wouldnt say I dont want any of them though as at this stage I'm used to not knowing a good chunk each extension.

I'd rather see classic characters make it in than modern ones.

Probably down to my age and rose tinted memories (I make no apologies) I've barely touched comics for 30 years and buy the CMFC out of fond memories not current ones.

I did read (and love) Annihilation, How about a double pack with an Annihilation era Adam Warlock and Starlord ?

I'd prefer to see Adam 'redone' in Infinity era costume but wont hold my breath.

Annihilation era might be a different ballgame. A hit with more current readers and for older fans a chance to get another Warlock that doesnt need to hide at the back in shame.

You could even chuck Rocket in there for good measure, or Pip !!!

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Marvel bountiful
I'd like to think that the
proves without doubt that there's plenty of great characters left to cover for at least another 5 extensions. The gallery contains 300 characters. Of which, at least 100 are on the same level as the characters we've had in the CMFC so far. I'm pretty sure there is no risk for the line-up to ever become sparse. Trust me! ;)
Check it out here:

TGR said...

Apologies now Bloggers but the prick you know as MGF deserves a response. I am really pissed off that other can say and do what they like on here with impunity but I have to sit back and take it. Not a chance from now.

I know you were banned before you rang me you dolt. I don't think phoning someone and issuing deathwishes is the act of a sane person, especially over little lead men? You need help, I suggest psychiatric help.

I'm not making any demands of EM, I never have so where do you get that from? Like I said above (it seems your gums-flapping and lips trembling have got in the way and prevented you seeing it), no matter what I do or say will always draw criticism from certain quarters (muppets ie YOU).

My first post on here for a long time was a not stirring in anyway. All I did was post in response to a point raised by another blogger regarding subscriptions. It was polite and factual - nothing more, nothing less.

The very next post was confrontational and questioned my decision - cutting off nose to spite the face IIRC. but no great shakes, my response was again polite and factual.

I was then called a liar by LaWay saying that I had not unsubscribed. My response to this was relatively calm and if I did make any demands it was for an apology for being called a liar by LaWay; not an unreasonable thing to ask don't you think.

MGF then chips in to stir things (as usual), and then again a few posts later talking about bullying and throwing my weight around. Can anyone see where I was doing that? No, just in MGF's tiny mind.

I won't go on. I'll let the bloggers decide who the real trouble causers are.


The whole debate revolved around Dan's pipe-dream of having redo's, strange how a lot of posts and comments have been deleted, comments that stirred up a whirlwind long before I posted.

rant over.

SinisterVenom said...

I remember when this blog was a place for us all to come together and talk about Marvel, the CMFC and all other Marvel things we love.
As wonderful as it is that some of us old school are together again like Robert, BD and Mad Thinker (just naming a few) I must admit it upsets me that there are some who feel the need to argue amongst themselves on here! If we wanted drama and fights then I'd put Eastenders on.
All I ask is that we draw the line now and carry on. I don't how it started and tbh I'm not bothered how it did but I have seen some try to end it only for someone else to not let it go and thus the fighting continues...

Let's turn this back into a friendly place to be and talk about extensions, figurines and all other things whilst keeping it clean.

SinisterVenom said...

Finally got my Stan Lee pic emailed to me now guys! It's uploaded onto my page if anyone wants to check it out! :)

Bagman said...

Well it sounds like the guys that went to the Comic-con had a great time.
Robert was kind enough to let me see the Recorder artwork, excellent piece congrats on that i'm sure it will be proudly displayed.
And getting the No-prize signed, fantastic.
So it got me thinking people if you had the chance to get Stan Lee to sign something what would it be?

TheTooN said...

I thinks its a sad thing when Dan is censored on his own Blog (AGAIN)

I read some forum posts questioning some of his recent content (which I thought was poor form and should have been done privately) Here we are a few days later and the 'offending' material has been pulled.

Read into that what you will guys.

To my mind EM's high ups dont give a rats ass if variants are included or not included in the collection.

What they care about is that their outlay generates the required income. If/when it doesnt then they will launch a new collection be it figurines, chess sets or whatever.

All this talk of variants being 'just' Dans idea makes me angry, its like he is being made out as the bad guy.

Its fan power gone mad. (AGAIN)

Deadpool said...

At long last we know that Dan is actually a Man

I'm so disappointed.
All those months flirting have come to nought.

Any how, I was sceptical about Mojo but I think the Mossmen have managed to pull it off.

Also I'd like to commend the Mossmen on the DC Chess figures they are very cool.

Since I have finally been let off the hook for my over enthusiastic execution of my duties, I'll be travelling the world once again.

I'm back in Africa for more cleaning up jobs in April.

Since I have prep to do ... I'll bid thee farewell until May.

Yours Truly


Deadpool said...

PS ... Dan I'm on your side.

How about the Mossmen distancing themselves from the unofficial forum freaks and sticking with the official Blog.

UP YOURS FORUM Butt F****rs!! Unlike me, Dan is one of the good guys.

LAWay said...

I noticed there were removed comments and wondered what I missed.

Yep, I dont know some of those characters. I did say I would welcome them. I think I google searched one name (cant remember) but it turned out to be a female with a cool looking design. Dont think I am the only one.

Blake has some great examples, I'll compose an extension as I rarely seem to mention what I like and generally bash others. lol Sorry.

(I am avoiding any potential characters that EM may consider too large to be regular)

1- Speed Demon
2- Silver Samurai
3- Thundra
4- Diablo
5- Patriot
6- Anti-Venom
7- Baron Mordo
8- Blackout
9- Blizzard
10- Crossbones
11- Demogoblin
12- Diamondback
13- Tombstone
14- Tarantula
15- Gravity
16- Kaine
17- Madame Masque
18- US Agent
19- Penance
20- Paladin

I can Oooh and Aaaah over alot of those spots, but thats a 20 I would be extremely happy to see, and another 10 from Blake's list alone that I wish I could have squeezed in. There are also many more that I wouldnt mind a figurine of either, so signs are good.

Nice to have a good look through Blake's blog though.

sed tallis said...

Back in 1983 ,I entered the Marvel Try out competition, I should have won but some dude called Mark Bagley ? was deemed the winner. Well 30 yrs later i think i've nailed it. Look see.
These unwashed bellends over on the forum dissing Dan, Are they the same mugs that were calling for him to loose his job over a costume choice?
Ignore them they are arse gravy.

TheTooN said...

I dont like to stir up blog vs forum debates as I enjoy both.

The vast majority of forum members and bloggers are good guys and I wouldnt want to fall out with anyone at either place.

I do object when I see posts or comments that demonize the very people who give us the CMFC.

Dan's made this blog really special in recent months and he should be applauded not undermined.

I hope you guys can park the hatred but if not why not meet up and knock seven bells out of eachother. I know it would be more interesting to hear about that than the old arguments.

I hope Dan still feels like giving us an update tomorrow or Monday but I could see why he would feel like saying F it !

TheTooN said...

Btw, Ben's looking awesome Ted !

Robert said...

I didn't know Dan had deleted his comment, which is shocking. Obviously, I was completely unaware of any negativity on the forum, too. Hopefully Dan wasn't asked or ordered to delete posts. If he has been I'd like to make a few brief comments of my own.

Dan, you are doing a great job. The overwhelming majority know that. You've revitalised the blog with lengthy, detailed and always interesting comments. You are a positive link between Eaglemoss and customers (unlike, say, the sales department which seems hell-bent on turning away business).

Frankly, the value of this blog should not be underestimated. You should be encouraged to continue posting, not discouraged. What's next? No blog? I and many other collectors would really miss the opportunity to hear news and to suggest, criticise and comment on the CMFC. Let's not find out the hard way that you don't know what you've got until it's gone.

Robert said...

Just discovered I'm on someone's blog! Photo and some comments!

Gavin was a really great guy I met in line. Loads of folk took photos of my t-shirt...

BobDiamond said...

I'd just like to add that I also think you're doing an excellent job with both the collection and the blog.
Since you took over we've had wonderful images of figures in production, insightful news and views and basically you've kept this space lively and entertaining.

Keep up the amazing work, and like my dear old dad often says, 'Don't let the b*****s grind you down!'


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