Friday, 14 January 2011

Dracula, Blob and Sauron

Hello everyone,

Once again, sorry for the lack of recent updates.

First news I have for you today is about the Blob special. Due to be released on 10th Feb, we’ve now finalised the material to be used for the figurine.

We looked at a number of possibilities including:

• Solid lead, which produced figurines that were too heavy and costly. We also found that our bags that hold the magazines broke easily with these figures in.

• A hollowed-out lead figurine, which was a bit of a disaster with the figurine easily snapping in the middle during safety testing.

• Pure polyresin, which solved all the problems, but mindful of wanting the product to have a little more weight we decided against this.

• A polyresin figure with a lead powder injection/core. This produced a brilliant figure with more detail than the lead could manage and still had a nice weight to it.

As you can guess, we went with the last option and have a mix of material.

This has by no means cheapened the product and in fact the production cost for Blob is the same as all our mega specials. My reason for mentioning this is that I know a few people question the motives for producing these figures and I want to say that as far as I’m concerned, we have not taken this step to make more money but to guarantee the Blob, in all his glory, could be part of this collection. A solid lead Blob, even at a slightly reduced size would not have been feasible.

Right, moving on to some previews, I have some early shots of the Dracula and Sauron sculpts.

With Sauron we’ve gone for a pose from his first ever appearance, while Dracula is in a classic vampire pose.

Hope you like both.

Have a great weekend.