Friday, 14 January 2011

Dracula, Blob and Sauron

Hello everyone,

Once again, sorry for the lack of recent updates.

First news I have for you today is about the Blob special. Due to be released on 10th Feb, we’ve now finalised the material to be used for the figurine.

We looked at a number of possibilities including:

• Solid lead, which produced figurines that were too heavy and costly. We also found that our bags that hold the magazines broke easily with these figures in.

• A hollowed-out lead figurine, which was a bit of a disaster with the figurine easily snapping in the middle during safety testing.

• Pure polyresin, which solved all the problems, but mindful of wanting the product to have a little more weight we decided against this.

• A polyresin figure with a lead powder injection/core. This produced a brilliant figure with more detail than the lead could manage and still had a nice weight to it.

As you can guess, we went with the last option and have a mix of material.

This has by no means cheapened the product and in fact the production cost for Blob is the same as all our mega specials. My reason for mentioning this is that I know a few people question the motives for producing these figures and I want to say that as far as I’m concerned, we have not taken this step to make more money but to guarantee the Blob, in all his glory, could be part of this collection. A solid lead Blob, even at a slightly reduced size would not have been feasible.

Right, moving on to some previews, I have some early shots of the Dracula and Sauron sculpts.

With Sauron we’ve gone for a pose from his first ever appearance, while Dracula is in a classic vampire pose.

Hope you like both.

Have a great weekend.


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ted sallis said...

Wow!! I love the count he looks fabulous . The pose is perfect can hardly wait to see the finished article. Speaking of weight, your solution to the Blob problem sounds quite reasonable. Sauron is fine , The retro Harryhausen head on captain Beaky is quite endearing

jarvis69 said...

Hi " Lazy " Richard ( I'm joking ofc...).
I really like the two new characters , very classics , just what I like ;) .
About the Blob , his "lead stomach" isn't a pbl for me as long as he's a nice figurine .
I hope we'll not have to wait so long for the next update ! lol

buffduffdan said...

Dracula is looking brilliant! I think that is the perfect pose for him and the detail in his face is great! Can't wait to see him painted :)

Sauron's pose is also just right! Suits the character well and shows why he justifies being a special!

Thanks for letting us know about Blob too - I think you made the right choice :D

Anonymous said...

Dracula doesn't look bad. But I wish they had went with this look instead.

Just sooooooooo glad we didn't the awful armor redesign of current Dracula.

Sauron looks good as well. But something looks a bit off about the wings right now.

Interesting info about Blob.

Going with a lead core should at least retain some of the heft you guys seem to love. Now you can use Blob as a deadly weapon like you all seem to focus so much desire on.

I figured a full lead Blob wasn't going to work. He'd be expensive to ship and rip the bags. Can't wait to add him to the collection. Now bring on Mastermind! :D

Cercatore said...

Solid lead,PLEASE!
Thank you!
a dear regard

Anonymous said...

Solid lead is pretty much impossible. It's not that hard to read the facts from Rich is it? Maybe keeping lead out of some people's hands would be a good idea. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sauron is incredible!!! I'm still lovin and collecting this quality series!!! Any news on ONSLAUGHT?? He's back in the MU in Feb so was wondering if this would help a figurine being produced of him?

On another note I'm selling my entire Bowen busts/mini statues on eBay next week! Please check my blog for more info.. Cheers :D

Gremlin said...

Great update.

Dracula and Sauron look awesome.

I completely understand the Blob situation. For me it has never really matter what it is made of as long as it looks the part visually.

jimbob said...

I love Sauron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is his wings going to be bigger???

Anonymous said...

It matches his first appearance look, which is what they're going for. So it seems they went with the smaller wing membranes rather than the larger ones on later appearances.

Though I do wish he looked more like....

I'm ok with it. Though I wish he had the pointed wing piece that faced forward on most of his appearances.

Robert said...

Sauron and Dracula are not on my wants list but they look very impressive. In fact, it's hard to imagine how they could have been better.

As for what the Blob is made from, it seems you came up with the best of all worlds.

Thanks for today's update.

SinisterVenom said...

Thanks very much for the update Rich, it's probably the best news I've had all day.
To make things better, both sculpts look fantastic! I love Sauron and Dracula is absolutely superb! More figurines to look forward to.
Can't say I'm too bothered about the material that Blob is made in. As long as the figurine itself looks nice, which judging from the sneak peaks a while back it does, then I'm happy with that.
And I'm backing James and his shout for Onslaught. Yes he may not be everyone's cup of tea but as I'm sure many of you are aware I have been calling out for Onslaught for a while now and as James mentioned, Onslaught is making a return in Feb so I believe he should make his place in the collection soon.

jimbob said...

Just noticed with Dracula,another side pose!!

When displayed not going to see much of him.

Prefer the figurines to face forward please.

Anonymous said...

Totally awesome. Really happy that the sculpt has already been produced and shown to us for some feedback. I would like him to have larger wings. No need to be like his first appearance. Please go for a more evolved version, with
larger wings.

I must admit the sculpt is great.
It's just that I'm not interested in the character, so I can't help
but wish that such quality sculpt had been made for a character I like.

Resin with lead injection sounds like an excellent solution, much better that pure resin.

Ramshackle said...

The info on BLOB was interesting sounds like you picked the best option so we could have the character so many thanks.

Sauron is looking very good so far another great job.

Any news on Northstar & Aurora yet Rich?

browncoat said...

Sauron does look good love the pose! Plastic bag not being strong enough is a weak argument for the blob being half And half.....appreciate the update though

Mr J said...

I think Sauron needs bigger wings but he looks good enough I guess.

Can we see DESTINY!!!!!! it has been ages since she was confirmed and not even a preview has been shown. I hope you are not holding her back because she's another "Crystal". :(

LAWay said...

In all honesty, if whatever material the character is produced in is good for the character to get the best out of it, then its good enough for me. I would prefer not to have a Blob that weighs the same as a bowling ball.

With Dracula, I really didnt like the idea of the character being announced, but it is a wonderful sculpt. Again, we have the issue of the side on pose, front on we will mainly just see his cape, which while it suits the character with the pose, it will look just dull on display. How many crouching characters! We were told because of his size, his height, he will have to be a why the heck make a sculpt that does not utilize that height? I wouldnt even be happy with this Sauron as a regular figurine. The outstretched arms with the wings look naff. How can you look at the front on angle and say that the pose is a good one?

Comicbook artists have the luxury of drawing things in dynamic angles to get the best of poses, but then when you change the angle it can look dull and wrong. I am sure the sculptor has captured the drawing and pose well, but it doesnt look good in 3 dimensions.

A long wait for a disappointing update.

What was that top secret project that was mentioned about ages ago by Rich was it?

Robert said...

Have we seen a painted version of Moondragon yet? I can only remember seeing an unpainted figure a while back. I only ask as we're already seeing some photos of figures from the 161-180 extension and Moondragon is from the previous extension.

Also, while I'm on, does anyone know when the Odin special is due out? I think Rich gave us a date a few months back but, well, you know how bad my memory is.

P.S. I just read the last comments from Rich's previous post and wanted to ask SV if he was feeling any better today?

jimbob said...

I have concerns that the sculptures don't think about how the figs would look displayed.

Dracula-Great sculpt,shame side pose will block the great detail of his front.

Sauron-Crouching!!Looses too much height.No point on being a special!!

Robert said...

I don't really understand the objection to characters standing side-on. The sculptor has captured Dracula perfectly. It's no mean feat to make a tiny little figurine look evil and menacing.

ted sallis said...

"I vont to drink yor blodd". Not worried aboot the side on pose it's Dracula and it's perfect

SinisterVenom said...

Hi Robert, yes I am feeling much better today, thank you for asking :) Must have been some secret medicine in that update, can you be my new GP Rich?
So true that we seem to be getting previews of the later figurines instead of characters like Destiny and painted figurines like Moondragon, Toad and Blackheart to name a few (I can't remember them all). Hopefully we'll get to see them soon surely?
I think some of us might be forgetting that Sauron is only in his sculpting stages and I do recall when we were shown the Pyro figure before he was painted that Rich stated the size is different before the finished painted piece. In Pyro's case he was too big at the time but maybe Sauron may be a different case? He is a special after all, he may be bigger than the pic shows?
And as for the case of Dracula in a side pose, I really can't see the problem. From many films or anime or whatever that I've seen vampires that have cloaks appear in, they tend to hide behind their capes a lot...At least this figure shows off his body. I think it captures his evil look personally. But hey, that's just my opinion. Some will like it, some will not.

SinisterVenom said...

While I'm on the subject of Pyro, may I just say I picked him up today and honestly have no issues with him. I've even tried to look at the flames and picture them as 'bananas' but I really can't see it. So the flame at the front has a similar shape, still doesn't look like monkey food in my eyes.

Darkshrimp said...

This is the first time I react to the news concerning the collection but I've wanted to let you know what I think for a very long time.

So here it is:

I can't say I'm happy to hear about the Blob news: from the beginning the collection has been sold to us as LEAD hand painted figures. But recently you've changed the rules and basically, you've tried to come up with an excuse for doing so. If appearance is what this collection is all about, then why put a lead core to the Blob? simply because you wouldn't be able to sell it as much.
Don't get me wrong, I do understand why you're doing that. But please do not underestimate our intelligence.
I really hope you'll understand what I mean but I'm sort of tired of reading that you're putting resine in every single special for "us"...
yours truly

Deadpool said...

Well I'm back again in the UK, but will be leaving again in 7 days bound for Africa.

I just got my hands on Beta Ray Bill and he is awesome.

Regarding the update, I think that the option of making Blob from a lead / Resin mixture is a great idea. The best of both worlds.

Dracula is a very good sculpt with lots of conversion possibilities.

Sauron - not that fussed.

Some Deadpool firsts during my last visit to Africa: -
Death threats from a woman after a security issue.
I came very close to some lions and actually stroked a lion cub - which was very cool.
I saw a Hyena cub up close that comprised a huge head and a small body ; it was the cutest and most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.

Despite the memorable moments of my last period away, I am not looking forward to being sent to Africa again.

Once again a hello and goodbye to everyone in the blog - Ted, Robert Bob, PA, Thor, Kirly, SV and last but not least Law.

Bye for now.

Yours Truly ....


PS the Blackest Night collection is looking awesome - so what's the chance of a Marvel themed mini series, Richard?

Anonymous said...

"I can't say I'm happy to hear about the Blob news: from the beginning the collection has been sold to us as LEAD hand painted figures. But recently you've changed the rules and basically, you've tried to come up with an excuse for doing so."

They don't need an excuse. The facts are that production costs have nearly doubled since the collection began. So they're trying to keep costs down on their end while still delivering the quality. And considering resin maintains more of the fine detail from the original sculpt, it's not the worst option that they could take. It's certainly better than a massive price increase across the board. Which will only lead to more whining than the resin use has.

"If appearance is what this collection is all about, then why put a lead core to the Blob? simply because you wouldn't be able to sell it as much."

Because of all the crying about how much Sasquatch weighed. I think the lead core is pretty unnecessary myself. But then I don't have a desire to cave in skulls with my figurines. I could have been perfectly happy with a solid resin Blob. At least they're trying to make those who like the heft somewhat happy.

"Don't get me wrong, I do understand why you're doing that. But please do not underestimate our intelligence."

Oh trust me, I think they estimate your intelligence pretty well. Especially since you're trying to demonize them for trying to keep the collection running and viable in these tough economic times. It's not like EM is making these choices simply to earn more money.

"I really hope you'll understand what I mean but I'm sort of tired of reading that you're putting resine in every single special for "us"..."

Well, they are doing it for "Us". Because without utilizing resin, they wouldn't even be able to continue with the collection. Characters with things like capes and other elaborate aspects to the sculpts would become few and far between while they try to balance costs. Remember that EM also has to pay shipping for all those who subscribe. So the heavier the pieces the more it cuts into the bottom line. So it's not just materials cost that is making them make these choices. But in the end it's still for us. To keep the collection profitable and continuing for the future.

xx said...

Hello, there.
In first i would like to say i'm a lover of this colletion.

I'm actually with 70 figurines, the ones i really like (i don't buy all cause i don't like some characters).
I wonder if you intend to launch the "Mojo" figurine and if there is any chance of releasing the "Havok" with original uniform. Because it is a Classic Collection, Particularly I believe that would be great the original uniform of the characters.
Thank you very much and congratulations.

Best regards from Brazil.

mgf said...

The Gene Colan Drac! Thank goodness for that. Was a bit worried we'd get those terrible modern versions. By the time he gets his blood red lined cape he'll be spectacular.

Great to see Sauron, and with regard to the Blob comments as long as we get the figures I'm not fussed if the material is lead or resin. Presumably Lockjaw will be the next special, unless there's an X-Special with three appearances in the cartoon, of course.

Top Tip: I find with side facing characters that if you move to one side you can see more of them. Simply stand with both feet together facing the problem figure, move one leg approximately half a metre to one side then quickly move the second foot alongside the first, thereby changing the angle at which you view the figure.

On a slightly more serious note we have 200ish figures now, and I'm sure pretty much every permutation of stance has been used, or considered and thought better of.

The worst instance recently of similar poses was Crimson Dynamo and Enchantress who turned up together seemingly caught in some third rate (IE: winning entry) Norwegian Eurovision dance routine. Both great figures after I'd spilt up the band though.

For me it's not a big deal as most have been pretty good, unless EM start putting hands in front of faces again ("Hey, how about this? You can't even see him!" "Cool! Let's do it.") in which case I shall facepalm in protest.

mgf said...

Hi XX,

Don't start me about Havok. I agree with you completely. It's the biggest error of the entire collection. Yes, even more than Drax the Dudstroyer.

Original Havok would have been a unique and wonderful addition, and instead we get that cruddy thing.

Best wishes,


(Word verification: Jiggling.)

Robert said...

Well said, CBR Beast. This notion that Eaglemoss use resin so that they can rip us off seems to be popular with the hard-of-thinking. Doesn't matter how many times it's explained to some folk, they keep bringing it up.

MGF, your first post was the funniest on here for ages. I loved how you explained how people could move their feet to see the figures differently. Just brilliant.

P.S. Glad to hear you're getting better, SV!
P.P.S. Where's Bob?
P.P.P.S. Hi, DP!

ted sallis said...

Jings,crivvens help ma Bloab!
Hi Darkshrimp you dared to raise the "lead" issue in your first ever post. This is no excuse however for the less than warm welcome to the blog, as my old ma would say "They weren't brought up they were dragged up".
One month til MvC3, i'm polishing my joynob in anticipation

SinisterVenom said...

Hello to you too DP, good to hear from you again. Sometimes it feels all our regulars are slowly disappearing, like BD as Robert mentioned. Safe travels DP! Oh, and thanks again Robert! :)
I trust you too will be buying MVC3 the day it's released Ted? I plan to be outside the shop before it opens :) But with one month to go, it's been stated that the full roster should be revealed by the end of this month.
That said, I have just discovered the latest two additions to be confirmed: On Capcom's side, we have Akuma from the Street Fighter series. For Marvel, we have.....Taskmaster! With so many favouritable choices I think I'm going to spend the first hour of the game just deciding who to use!
One more thing, it seems for those who like to play online, MVC3 has something that will 'punish quitters'. So if ever you're playing against someone online and half way through the match they would leave and quit the game, MVC3 will be pitting them against each other in future so that players can actually play other players without worrying about their opponent abandoning them.
Whew I believe that's my essay for today. Time to find myself a reward...To the kitchen!!

AVENGERS -87 said...

3 questions for Rich : When will annonced a new extention ? What order of publication for the figurines of extension 161 - 180 ? and are you a new for Blackheart ? Thanks

ted sallis said...

Yep SV quitters are intensely annoying, remember playing Mortal Kombat vs the DC universe, i was playing a nice lass and scraped through by the skin of my teeth , all the time her boyfriend? was laughing at how i was struggling to win, any who he took over after hyping himself as the greatest videogame ninja eva , i got a perfect in round one before he pulled the plug....if i remember correctly that game still credited you with the win and noted for other folks online how many times people quitted.
Sheesh DP you little ninja you. i hadn't even spotted your cameo appearance, always nice to hear your still roughly in one piece.

Anonymous said...

The original Eggbeater Havok was a terrible design, so thankfully they went with one of the better modern versions. When it comes to the X-Men they change their costumes so often that there's really no Iconic costume for most of them. In a lot of cases, like with the cast from Astonishing X-Men they wisely went with a unified team look.

Same can be said about Drax. The Space Pirate Hulk with Purple Cape was a terrible look. At least they went with something that looked good and lasted a good 6 years in the comics. Shame that we got a terrible look for Adam Warlock also, rather than his better GotG look to match up with Drax.

BobDiamond said...

Hi Guys- I'm still here...sweet that you missed me though!

Now Beast, got to say that I couldn't disagree with you more...
Classic Neal Adams- designed Havok is by far the best look he's ever had. Certainly better than the generic, bland one they went with.
Also, Drax would have been better in the original Jim Starlin look- after all he invented him, and that was his best defined period. We're not talking about the silly 'Hulked-out' dumb version- I doubt anyone would want that...
And finally, Warlock...could have been better, but the costume is good, although Infinity Gauntlet period would have been just as classic.
Not saying that 'old school' is always right...but there are some things you just don't mess with...Here endeth the lesson.


ted sallis said...

Oh and SV MvC3 is one of the very select games i have ever preordered, it might arrive early, heck i might be getting some practice in while your shivering in the queue outside Game at midnight :)
The original Havoc costume is wonderful, ancient history now why waste time wishing for it, Did i mention that old tibetan addage "wish in one hand sh*t in the other see which one fills up first?"
wax on wax off

Robert said...

Well, after reading CBR Beast's posts and hearing what he asserts as "terrible", I will know in future to avoid anything he describes as good. It's guaranteed to be anything but.

Actually, this is kind of similar to the lead vs. resin issue in that the message keeps getting repeated and yet, somehow, it's just not getting through. One more time, just for you, CBR Beast: one of the reasons we are fond of the original looks of Warlock and Drax (and Havoc) is that is the way they looked when we were kids and we've grown up knowing the characters as looking that way. It's not your fault you weren't around when these characters all came out the first time and therefore you don't have the same sentimental and emotional reaction, but try to use your imagination.

Oh. I see the problem now.

mgf said...

I assume CBR Beast is the same as guy as Dark Beast whom I crossed swords with over on the forum in the days when you could have an opinion which differed from the precious wilting Regency fop who runs it, without him dabbing his eyes with his lace handkerchief and swooning. If not apologies in advance. If so I much prefer your persona here, genuinely.

Anyhoo, the look of the characters we grow up with are the ones we tend to identify closest with. You do it, I do it, we all do it. But beyond that there is also the classic look, and that must surely be, in most cases, the look as defined by the creators.

There are notable exceptions, as all broad rules must reveal. Iron Man would look a little less threatening in today's cyberwar theatres with a bucket on his head and roller skates. Big footed original Beast was clearly superceded and improved upon by blue furry Beast, not to say the original 60s X line up would not fly off the shelves because we all know they would.

To me your comment about how modern X Men tend to change their costumes often is both interesting and telling. It illustrates to me just how little pride or interest modern Marvel seems to place in what they might now describe as properties, but I would consider pop culture icons. I don't want them set in amber, but I would like a little more care taken. A little more love perhaps.

Marvel (and others are just as guilty) tinker with these iconic characters not to advance a story, but to put a cent on the share price. They reset a title back to #1, just to get a temporary, miniscule blip in sales. You'd think you'd be quite proud of one day publishing The Amazing Spider-Man #1000 wouldn't you? Not this lot.

This is what irritates me about modern Marvel. They seem to care so little, when in my opinion they are the custodians of characters some of whom are right up there in importance with fictional greats such as Sherlock Holmes, James Bond or Tintin.

Robert said...

Excellent post, mgf.

Back in the 1980s when DC was busy reinventing Supes, Bats and all their big guns, the late Mark Gruenwald was on a convention panel discussing all these changes. Gru sat politely for twenty minutes, saying nothing, until someone piped up: "What about Marvel? Why don't they update their characters?" Gru leaned forward and said, "Marvel don't need to update their characters. We got it right the first time."

And that's what so sad. The new guys seem unaware that if something isn't broken, it doesn't need fixed. Some change is welcome, necessary and essential. But - at least for some oldies like me - the amount and particularly the pace of change is excessive. I especially dislike characters being redefined (i.e., Captain America has anger problems). It's almost as if in the increasingly frantic attempts to create a new readership, Marvel have forgotten to hold onto the diehards like myself.

jimbob said...


Anonymous said...

Well, you're wrong. Grew up with those classic looks also. But never put them on a pedestal and always considered them pretty bad. Especially Eggbeater Havok. Thankfully EM made the right choice and went with a modern look that really looks great both in the comics and in figurine form.

Anonymous said...

And it's not just the modern X-Men who change their costumes all the time. Hell, they went through three costume changes in the span of 60+ issues back in the original era. Even when All-New All-Different came about there were costume changes. And that has simply carried forward. It's because the characters are people first and costumes second. Unlike a lot of other comic characters.

LAWay said...

Nice to hear from you deadpool. very envious of your experiences with hyenas, lions and threatening woman, sounds like some trip. ;)

MvC3 news is awesome. Akuma is a classic, and taskmaster is such a refreshing and cool addition. Definitely be one of the first new characters I will try out.

More on the figurines...its sad that Sauron probably wont be changing. I cant think of many examples of a preview figurine being changed. With Sauron being a special and 7' tall, having him crouching is a huge waste. He will probably be as tall as a 6' character. What is the point? Because of the wings...which probably equate to a normal figurines cape. Not happy, but there isnt anything that can be done. I just dislike this excuse as what classifies as a special depending on scale, and yet the height isnt fully implemented in the figurine. I want a towering Sauron, much like I wanted a big intimidating omega red. Didnt happen, and I feel crouching figurines look absolutely dreadful.

As for resin/lead mixture. We have already had a special in resin. We are making compromises for the future. So lets just drop lead. Honestly, I dont care. If you can deliver me a quality product, and if it will drop the drop, give it to me. Regular figurines for £1-£2 cheaper? A massive saving throughout the year, I really wouldnt mind.

My word verification is 'tableter', and I am using my tablet laptop. Haha.

ted sallis said...

Why did we not get classic Drax and classic Havok? and why does god let bad things happen to good people? I've learned to live with Drax in his undercover gay Martian pornstar guise, Modern comics suck because the editors must be dicks.
That's why i don't waste money on such pish, these little lovlies satisfy my childhood nostalgia.
....and beer.

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody, Im new to this collection and ordered my first figurines a few weeks ago from the official site and havent received them yet. Is this normal how long do they normally take to arrive?

mighty_marvel said...

i'm going off my experiences with the dc collection as i subscribe to this one but if you're ordering the back issues it should be about 4 weeks, although can sometimes be up to 6.

Robert said...

Welcome aboard, Mr Gemmell. (Any relation to the famous Archie?) Sorry, can't give you any advice on subs as I buy mine from FP.

Anyway, does anyone have a link so that I can look at the results from the last forum poll? I know it was on here but no idea when that was.

ted sallis said...

er.. what was the poll about?

ted sallis said...

Just had a wee look at the polling booth on the forum it's mince
Do you want a redone Hulk?
Is fresh air overated?
I clicked on the highlights of 2010 , in the best male figurine category someone has Drax????
I thought Ricky Gevais at the Golden Globes would have been the funniest thing i'd see today

Anonymous said...

If you mean the last Fan Choice Poll...

Here's the 3 Winners and the Top 20.

#1 - Domino (82 Votes)
#2 - Avalanche (57 Votes)
#3 - Arachne (48 Votes)

Moonstone 45
Longshot 43
Silver Samurai 36
White Tiger (Hector) 36
Vance Astro 31
Shaman 28
Grey Gargoyle 27
Howard The Duck 26
Wolfsbane 26
Sage 25
Gamora 24
Owl 24
Thundra 22
Hammerhead 21
Stingray 21
Danielle Moonstar 20
Selene 20
Firelord 19
Brother Voodoo 18
Count Nefaria 18
Sebastian Shaw 18

Great to see so many X-Characters in the Top 20. And now that Domino Avalanche are in, the votes should spread out and push even more X-Characters to the top.

Robert said...

Sorry, Ted. I was thinking of the poll from months back about what figures to include in the 161-180 extension. Not being a member of the forum, it (stupidly) never really occurred to me that they would run a lot of polls. The reason I was asking is that I was going to eliminate the twenty who got in and then see what was most popular after that. Just to see who would be most likely to appear if we got another extension, you understand. Kind of hoping that any future extensions show some more imagination and we get start to see generics (Hydra), SHIELD agents (Dum Dum) and variants (original Cap Britain).

Robert said...

Oops. Your message came up as I was replying to Ted, CBR Beast. Anyway, thanks for the info.

Looking at the poll, I have to admit I am disappointed by most of the names appearing. I don't even know who Sage is. I was pleased with a lot of the 161-180 extension, but less so with the present extension, so maybe it's a case of swings-and-roundabouts with extensions.

ted sallis said...

Just discovered Sheena on the horror channel ex Baywatch babe in the deepest jungles of California, I wonder if this what inspired the EM crew to go with this Marvel superstar ;)

Anonymous said...

Sage is Tessa, Sebastian Shaw's former servant in the Hellfire Club. She was developed into a pretty big X-Character for a while. But she was limbo'd like Havok, Polaris, and Marvel Girl.

BobDiamond said...

Robert, your mention of Dum-Dum made me realise just how lacking this collection is in the Spies/ Agents category....
My dream wants would be:
Baron Strucker
Hydra Agent
AIM Agent
Yellow Claw
The Gorgon (major player in both 'Wolverine-Enemy of the State' and The Secret Warriors)
Fu Manchu
Zaran The Weapons-Master

Dum-Dum Dugan
The Countess
Jimmy Woo
Blackjack Tarr
Clive Reston
Leiku Wu

I realise that most of them have basically zero chance of making it in...but like I said, it's a dream list...:)


Robert said...

After my post, I did go and google Sage, CBR Beast. I wasn't questioning her inclusion on the grounds of her being obscure when I said I hadn't heard of her. Rather, I was pointing out my own ignorance of all things X-Men and my disinterest in the next potential extension. What I know about the X-universe since the mid-1980s wouldn't fill a stamp.

Robert said...

Good shouts, Bob, although you do realise the Fu Manchu would be a problem due to copyright?

ted sallis said...

Well Pyro when fondled in 3 dimensions aint that bad, but to be honest even if he had been portrayed in a tutu sporting a pair of comedy breasts he would still only warrant a cursory glance due to the sheer majesty that is Beta Ray Bill, Could this be the fig that replaces Drax as the greatest ever sculpt.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice. I didnt know Forbidden Planet had a website ill go have a look there. I suppose they deliver faster than EM? Thanks again.

Robert said...

Em, I should have been a little clearer, Mr G. When I said I buy mine from FP, I meant that I buy mine in person from the FP store in Buchanan Street. They do have mail order but I have no idea how fast that is and doubt it's any quicker than Eaglemoss themselves. You would need to ask someone else who has experience of deliveries for a better idea.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh I see. I used to go to FP on Buchanan Street when I was younger to buy Star Wars figures. Those were the days :D Anyway thanks again I think ill just stick with EM then. Anybody know anywhere else that sells these? I know eBays got them but there going for crazy prices on there.

Robert said...

I didn't want to say anything earlier, Mr G., but mail order is somewhat controversial on here because of breakages. There have been some horror stories of having the same figure ordered three or four times before getting one unbroken. If you can still get yourself to Buchanan Street, I'd think about going into FP personally. I'm always able to check anything before I buy it, and usually compare a couple of figures to get the best paint job, too. As you can order them from the store, you only need to go in every month or six weeks and pick up two or three at a time. (By not subscribing, it also lets you skip the odd figure if you're not interested in, say, ducks.) Money issues aside, if you went into FP this weekend, you'd be able to pick up a few dozen figures no problem. You'll need long arms to reach them, but the staff are very helpful!

mgf said...

So then, Pyro & Bill.

What can you say about Pyro? It's not EMs fault he's got a rotten look, and although the stance isn't great you can't polish a... third rater.

From my conversation with Beast earlier in which we discussed how often Marvel change X-ers costumes you have to ask why they've not improved on this Firestorm meets Firelord with a rucksack look. Perhaps he'll look better when Avalanche, Destiny, and Blob et al turn up.

Bill however...

An absolute triumph. He's perfect, so needs little more by way of review. Right up there with the very best in the collection.

LAWay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LAWay said...

onanIn support of EM and the postal service, being a subscriber and owning every figurine (except the lame ass repaints) I have had one breakage out of over 120. (cant remember what number we are on lol)

That was a Thanos, his hand fell off and I could have easily glued it back on. But EM were sharp and sent me out a new one after a phone call and email.

All figurines get posted somewhere, so being in a shop is no better than getting it delivered at home. I would never buy from FP as I have mentioned in my store, they remove the figurines from the bags and magazines. So you have to browse the mags, and take it to the counter in which they will go and collect the figurine. Which is mental.

New buyers must be aware a parcel comes once a month, so don't worry if it seems like a long wait, it just makes that arrival day extra exciting. :)

Wonder if EM paid any notice to that Hulk redo poll...or if the forum made sure they didnt see it as they expected no one to vote for a redo.

Also...not every marvel character is good or significant and we dont need a figurine of everyone. Really hate the long lists on who hasn't been done. I can look on the marvel character a-z list too and copy and paste every name, but I would prefer not to waste hundreds of pounds on characters that are not really established or have been in limbo for so long that marvel dont even care about them.

Anonymous said...

Pyro was a villain, not an X-Man. Villains don't tend to get as many makeovers, cause they're not main characters. Plus he's been dead for ages, so he only has a couple costume choices to choose from. Hard to change the costume of a dead character. ;)

Re: The Hulk poll. Considering EM asked for them to run the Hulk poll, I'm sure it was passed along to the guys at EM just like every poll is. I could go for a large Hulk Special. Though I would rather get Red Hulk, Red She-Hulk, and A-Bomb first.

Anonymous said...

Also Laway, nobody is forcing you to buy characters you don't like or want. It's your choice. And if your a completist, then you only have yourself to blame.

mighty_marvel said...

I'm all for a new hulk as long as it opens the door for other resculpts, with rogue being my main want in this area.

could live without red hulk, red she hulk and a-bomb. general ross and rick jones however, i'd snap them up in a heartbeat.

ted sallis said...

There a fantastic custom on Ebay, i think it's reached three figures already,The modder has removed Lockheed from the Shadowcat fig and superglued it to Fing Fang Fooms crotch the piece is called "enter the dragon" Didn't want you guys to miss out

Banshee said...

I Love Sauron !!!! Dracula looks good too but he's a character I'm not really that interested in.

I really dont mind what Blob is made of as long as he's a good looking sculpt, which he is so I'm happy :)

Now we have Odin, Sauron and Blob confirmed into the 2011 specials can you give us any news on the Aurora/Northstar double-pack. Are the ever going to make it?? Also has Lockjaw been decided upon yet and if so when will we see him :)


LAWay said...

Shut up CBR Beast.

I buy them all to keep the collection going and for some of the characters on those lists. If everyone dipped in and out and there werent subscribers, the collection would have died out a long time ago.

Sure its upto me what I buy, and I'll cancel my subscription when the time comes. So far the next extension looks a winner. But seriously the names people suggest are abit OTT just to meet their particular fandom. I'm just being more realistic.

I would more than welcome a Red Hulk as a special, or a hulk redo, be it Maestro, smart hulk, world war hulk, or just regular hulk. Just seems odd that we had this poll and yet we havent had any new on how this developed. Even stating a Red Hulk special would have been something.

I'd like to see a scale comparison with 'Crouching Sauron Hidden Special' - because unless he is still considerably bigger to warrant a special, we are getting ripped off because of an awful pose & sculpt decision.

mgf said...

LAWay sad:

"I buy them all to keep the collection going and for some of the characters on those lists. If everyone dipped in and out and there werent subscribers, the collection would have died out a long time ago."

Damn right. These people who buy three or four an extension live on the backs of those who buy many or who are completists.

The handwringing when I mentioned that elsewhere was as hilarious as it was pathetic.

Apparently if you buy a couple you are just as important to the collection. One or two of the forum members only buy three more an extension than my Granny, currently on zero, and for some reason think it gives them the right to tell everyone else what they should have in an extension. I don't petition the Bunty for what they should publish, (insert modern equivalent, Cosmopoltitan?) because I have no interest, but for some reason that does not apply here.

Even EM chipped in saying every sale was important - how could they say anything else? - which tempted me to wonder whether in that case we should all buy three or four for an extension and see how long the collection lasts. I mean if three an extension is the sign of a collector perhaps we should all spend £17.97 per extension rather than £120 plus specials some might currently do.

Perhaps those of us who buy many or all really are the mugs and should moderate our buying accordingly, because as we know EM don't have a problem with that at all.

I don't have a great objection to those who pick up the odd figure, but then being told by them what should or should not be deserving of a place next time around is a monumental mickey take.

And yes, I cleaned that last bit up.

mgf said...

Oops nice typo there. I don't think you're sad at al LAWay. Quite the opposite... ;-)

BobDiamond said...

Very eloquently put are definitely right- it is those who buy all or most of this collection, who are keeping it afloat in these troubled times....
Got to say however, that as someone who has 'got 'em all' so far, I have continued to be very happy with the mix and variety of figs chosen by EM. Never had a figure that I've hated....still waiting for Bob and the rest of 'The Sons of the Tiger' though! (could be a long wait..:) )

Beta Ray Bill was SUPERB btw....and Pyro was also very good.....

PS It's my birthday, and I'm chillin' with the vodka and looking forward to a weekend away in Amsterdam with my wonderful wife...

Ciao Guys,

Anonymous said...

Thanks everybody for the advise was really helpful. Finally I received my figures from EM both in perfect condition. Think ill stick with them for future purchases from now on.

Can anyone tell me why Abomination figurine isnt on the EM store?

ted sallis said...

Ah, i remember the old subscribers versus cherry picking parasites debate on the forum ..It was funny
Apparantly collectors who either subscribe or pick up every issue of this collection are pretty much irrelevant as EM can count on our custom, if however you spend maybe as much as say £11.98 per extension ,well, you are the casual buyer that EM should go out of there way to woo.
I read posts by people stating there intention to buy only 2 or 3 figs from the next extension ( this must have been the 141-160 )
Nothing wrong with that, spend as little or as much as you like, What bugged me ever so slightly was these very same people , then began screaming and mewling for who they wanted in the next extension.
Leigh is right on regarding endless lists of characters so obscure , Come issue 200 The big names are going to have to be revisited Ages ago i rcall Rich spelled out the EM mantra, i'm pretty sure he mentioned " characters from all realities" now i cannot remember the exact words he used this was the jist ( to me at least) Aoa, Ultimates, Spidey 2099, etc, Once we get into extensions where i don't recognise the majority of the characters that's when i hang up my credit card and become whiny cherry picker.

Robert said...

Happy birthday, Bob!!

Robert said...

What percentage of figures bought do you have to fall below to become a "cherry-picking parasite"? Does it have to be a small minority? Or even just a majority if it is less then 100 per cent?

Not being smart, Ted, just pointing out that there's a bit of subjectivity there.

SinisterVenom said...

Just passing by to say:

Happy birthday BD!

And does anybody else think Silver Sable has been tangoed on her front cover? Either that or she fell asleep on the sunbed...

mgf said...

"Not being smart, Ted, just pointing out that there's a bit of subjectivity there."

As in most things. Actually, as in all things.

Look, the forum was ruined in the end (in my opinion) by a select few, who admitted buying very few figures, but would shout down everyone who wanted something different to them.

If you are buying next to nothing does that give you the right to attack those who actually collect?

You are faced with the curious situation of some campaigning vigourously for three figures, which most likely would be the only ones they would picked up.

The tail began to wag the dog.

That's my point.

BobDiamond said...

Cheers guys for the BD BD wishes!

Now some comic recommendations.... (brought on by Robert's recent comments on current naff state of affairs in good comics out there..)

I do agree with you Rob, there is an awful lot of dross being peddled at the moment...but there are still some gems worth picking up...such as:

Avengers: The Children's Crusade.
A true classic if ever there was one. Beautiful art, wonderful story..

Secret Avengers.
Highly entertaining at the moment, with amazing atmospheric artwork.

The Boys (Dynamite Entertainment),
not marvel, but continues to be an amazing and engrossing read. (Garth Ennis writer)

Secret Six (DC).
Best thing DC are producing at the mo, and you don't need to read any other DC title to enjoy it. More comics should be like this...

And excellent one-off recommendation...Deadpool Team-Up 886, guest-starring Ironfist. Brilliant...feels like an up-dated version of the classic Marvel Team-Ups of the 70s.

See you guys after the week-end, have a good one!!


ted sallis said...

Can you fly Bobby?
or is it the ferry tae Amsterdam?
Happy birthday jnr.
love and kisses
from Ted

LAWay said...

Happy Birthday BD. Hope you had a swell day. (I say 'swell' because thats something you old dudes say, right?)

Well said mgf. I don't have an issue with people collecting as much as you want, and sure anyone can have a say, but at least they and EM should give the collectors and subscribers recognition and show some gratitude.

What classifies as a collector? Maybe at least buying 50% of figurines. Have 50-60+ figurines is still an impressive haul. Buying around 10 isn't. I have around 10 superhero squad figures. I am by no means a collector.

Anonymous said...

You guys sure sound like the exact same people your complaining about. Since you're whining about the characters doing well in a poll. And seem to think your personal opinions of who deserves to be in trumps everyone. The forum is a fun place for discussion. Since it's not the same people whining about the next X-Character and Bitching about the forums. Like you guys do endlessly.

I don't cry constantly over every Asgardian inclusion. In fact, while I don't like that arm of the Marvel Universe I am all for them being included. EM's doing them right at one per expansion right now. Since there's only a finite number of major Asgardians.

Robert said...

While is think the term "collector" is hard to define in a way that everyone agrees, I do basically agree with what's been said. I kind of feel the same way about johnny-come-latelies getting their way with what version of Drax we got. Many people like myself who have followed the character faithfully since his first appearance had to accept the version preferred by readers who came on board for the Annihilation storyline ten minutes' ago. It's irrational, I know, as no one decides when they're born but it's an understandable if unfair reaction from older readers/ collectors.

I was also interested in reading what CBR Beast said. I really should get over to the forum as it sounds some sort of nirvana. Apparently, no one complains or disagrees (I won't use such biased terms as "whines" or "bitches"). I was under the impression they did all these things, just that the discussions were different, i.e., more X-fans means more positive chat on the mutants, etc. According to you, CBR Beast, the forum attracts a different class of collector; an elite, if you will. I wonder what that makes us on here...?

Hawkeye said...

If I could just add my two penny worth on the subscriber / casual collector argument? I've been collecting these figures since Spiderman, No. 1, all those years ago and at that time fully anticipated buying every one. However, when it got to about 60 +, being a father of three on one income, I had to make a decision. Be a bit more choosy about which figures I bought (as there were some I had no real 'connection' with) or send little Johnny to school with no jumper / blazer / schoolbag. Being a doting dad I chose the former option. I still dabble of course, but only with those figures that really connect with me for whatever reason. Does this mean I should not voice an opinion as to who I would like to see in the collection? There are still loads that I would get (Spitfire, Werewolf by Night, Tombstone, Hammerhead, Owl etc) but not necessarily all of them. My personal opinion is precisely that - a personal opinion that carries no weight other than to express to fellow collectors what my views and wishes are. It's not the Gospel According To Hawkeye. Everyone, regardless of their 'committment' to the collection,is entitled to a view.

End of lecture - have a good weekend y'all!

ted sallis said...

Robert ,i can confirm that the level of debate over on the forum is of a far higher level, They are truly enlightened, Just last week i skimmed through a fascinating debate on the best display cabinets to buy and how do solve the problem of displaying Valkrye. Simply wonderful stuff, and it beat the stuffing out of counting sheep.
What else was there.......ah i tremember now... just sold my entire ehm...goodbye and thanks for all the fish

Hawkeye said...

Was it something I said? ;)

LAWay said...

you really sell all your collection ted!?

GTFO of this blog then. :P

Hawkeye, getting 60+ figurines is a substantial contribution to the collection, and you are still collecting, you are just being more conservative. You are not, like some people, just not buying any until EM make the characters you endlessly petition for like some people/most people on the forums do.

The forum is a friendly place where there isn't much of a heated debate. Basically if you dont agree with what they say, they all jump on you or ignore you. Its just all a bit dull with endless 'i want this character' posts.

But I dont mean to turn this into a forum bashing post. Funny how CBR Beast mentions the whining, but thats all I see when X-Characters are announced. The forums seem to have a hatred for anyone who likes x-themed characters who do win the polls, and yet the people voting never seem to comment.

My topic was against the dippers who flick in and out with a rare buy. I mean only have 5-10 figurines. They endlessly petition for a character they want. Fair enough. But if subscribers and collectors say the collection should go in a different direction with different characters, I am just saying those people should be listened to more as it is their product. They have supported it from day 1, not on occasion on day 27, day 52, day 114. Obviously if someone has a good thing to say, sure, I'll listen. But if you bark down my ideas or ideas of subscribers and collectors, thats where I see the problem.

Anyway, lets move off the subject so that we dont have 3 weeks of nasty posts. lol You just know the next update will be late again. :P

Anonymous said...

Sorry Robert, been a longtime Marvel fan myself and I much prefer the Drax we got over the Space Pirate Hulk w/ Purple Cape or any of his other looks. It was the best choice by EM, and it's a shame that we got Adam Warlock in such a terrible costume, rather than his GotG look as well. As for Drax, he was more popular than he'd ever been due to Annihilation and the other Cosmic Event books. And had the look the fans and EM chose for 6 years. So I'd say it was pretty firmly established and the wisest choice at the time it was done. I know he's one of my favorite pieces in the collection.

ted sallis said...

Hey Leigh ,if you get MvC3 and you want a good beating just reach out for thorsbelln and i'll be there :P

Robert said...

Gawd, what a week, Completely knackered. Too knackered to argue with you again on Drax, CBR Beast, and it would be a boring and redundant waste of time anyway. We are never going to agree as we are so different in our tastes and perspectives. Maybe I am too trapped in my childhood and youth. After growing up with someone looking a certain way, often for decades, that's the way I see him or her in my head. I can't bear the fact Cap is drawn with fish scales, for instance. The chain mail was always drawn with much more subtlety. I know why they are doing it - like the pouched belt, they are trying to make it more of a uniform than a costume - but I just plain don't like it.

I can't quite work out what is going on with my relationship with Marvel at the moment. After 35 years, I am phasing out buying new comics. I haven't really discussed this with many family or friends, but I suspect that no one believes that I will actually do it. The truth is, however, that I am not connecting with the characters or storylines any more. I am buying comics out of a lifetime habit. So I have altered my most entrenched routine (Saturday is Comic Shop Day) and will spend my money on the CMFC and back issues. Today the postie tried to deliver the Captain America Bicentennial Special, probably the only Cap story I have never read. I will go to the collection place tomorrow morning and later in the day I will ensconce myself in my papisan chair and read it in blissful silence. It's just a shame Marvel has changed so much. Or perhaps I have just failed to keep changing with Marvel. I think it's the former but I guess there's a strong case of the latter.

Enough rambling. I know Bob's off for his birthday but I hope you all have a great weekend, guys. Even though I argue with folk on here a lot, I think you're all brilliant.

LAWay said...

We talking xbox or ps3 here? My preference would be xbox, but may depend if capcom shaft us with exclusive DLC content which they most likely will.

When I played with Thor he was terrible. Or I was terrible. Or both. Only got one round to play as him, but my girlfriend well and truly whupped me as I controlled him. Never again.

SinisterVenom said...

Ted, Leigh, and anyone else that will be getting MVC3, I plan to buy it on the xbox to begin with...depending on how many of my PS3 friends get it too, I may get it on that console too later on. Yes, you may think what's the point if he already has it on the xbox? Truth is I like to play my good buddies on these games, I don't get every game on every console, only the good (sometimes multiplayer) ones and it's only on rare occasions I do this. It's just the way I am, I can't help it :)
Ahem, anyway yeah I will be getting it on xbox so if anyone wants a game, don't hesitate to let me know. My gamer tag is EidolonBahamut. Let me know if you're gonna add me so I know who I'm adding and won't end up pressing the decline button.
Right, I am off to play Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions on the xbox. I finally bought it yesterday and have only just done the first level (with Kraven) so can't wait to get back on it :)

jimbob said...

Spider-Man Shattered is amazing,you are going to enjoy this game.

I think you might going to want Hammerhead in the collection after playing this game.

ted sallis said...

Apologies if i've wittered on aboot this before, but i think the creators of Batman Arkham Asylum have a pretty good plagiarism case against the copycats behind Spidey shattered dimensions. Anyone with even the mildest interest in gaming has probably played the sheer brilliance that is Batman AA, there is a level in which Scarecrow uses his halluciagenic gubbings on Bats, cue stoner weirdness featuring a giant Scarecrow surrounded by floating bits of building, which poor Bats must hide behind to avoid the Scarecrows scare.
Cut to Spidey Shattered Dimensions Mysterio level, Spidey is in one of bowl heads illusions a level featuring a Giant Mysterio surrounded by floating masonary, which Spidey must hide behind to avoid Mysterio's glare.
I'm on Xbox live as PS3 owners are... kinda weird...weird like DC fans :)

Robert said...

Well, that was certainly, um, different. The Captain America Bicentennial Special: the only place you'll see Winghead having tea with Benjamin Franklin and taking centre-stage during a Busby Berkeley-like musical extravaganza!

Re: the above... Cap suddenly appears on set.
Cameraman: "Hey, fella! Where did you come from?"
Clapperboard man: "Who is this nut?"
Actor: "Yeah! Who is this nut?"
Director (losing his rag): "WILL SOMEONE TELL US WHO THIS NUT IS?"

Mad as a proverbial hatter.

Times ten.

Oh well, at least Cap wasn't wearing his 'Capbelt' and there wasn't a fish scale in sight!

Deadpool said...

Just a quickie ... I have just acquired Black Hand from the DC Blackestnight spin off.
I quite like the figure; nice detail on the face and skull.

Judging by the future figures on offer ... this new set could have a pretty decent run.

Richard ... how about a Marvel mini series too.

(I have 3 pare Black Hand figures for creating conversions - a steal at £3.99.

Well Africa bacons again ... I'll be shipped out in the early ours of Wednesday morning .... cya all in two weeks time.

Hopefully then I can spend a bit more time annoying everyone on the blog.

Bye again ....

Yours Truly


PS ...I have 3 Beta Ray Bill figures and intend to get 3 of Radioactive Man , Typhoid Mary and also each of the Blackestnight figures.

They wil be subjects of nefarious modelling experiments, some of which will involve the removal of Typhoid Mary's clothes ....heh eheh heheheheheh ...

Deadpool said...

* spelling corrections - Spare not Pare and Becons rather than Bacons.....

Freudian slip since I catually quite fancy a bacon sandwich.

Deadpool said...

Incidentally catually should have been actually.

Maybe I also want a cat sandwich too.

Deadpool said...

Or for the benefit of ted ... a little pussy.

Anonymous said...

The polls on the forum are fun and interesting, but they create a distorted picture of collectors' preferences. There's usually only a bunch of voters. A hundred or so, I think. Can't really qualify as scientific statistics. Those polls create a picture of what forum members want. And of course forum members are only a portion of collectors. Let's not fool ourselves. The characters topping those polls would be dramatically different if all collectors were polled. And I mean all collectors, including those who don't give a toss about the forum. They are the
vast majority. There is no reason, therefore, to expect that the preferences of forum poll voters should dictate EM's character choices. And that's my view, folks.

SinisterVenom said...

DP, you're posts never cease to make me chuckle.
Argh! Thanks for the Mysterio spoilers Ted! I havn't got that far yet ;) I have completed Arkham Asylum though and know all 3 of those freaky moments with Scarecrow. But that wasn't as scary as that nerve racking moment when you're creeping through Killer Croc's lair and he suddenly jumps up and charges at you! I believe I came close to wetting myself at that moment.
But I am loving Shattered Dimensions so far. I have just completed the Deadpool level (which was epic) and have just got to Act 3. As for Hammerhead Jimbob, I have wanted him in the next extension anyway. In fact he's my most wanted Spidey character, with Tombstone, Jackal and Molten Man a few places behind him.

LAWay said...

Nicely said KE. I agree, but i dont see why EM do anything about it. Sure, its free, but its a bunch of crazy obsessives that hang on the same website non stop. Lets just slip in some vote slips for all collectors to have a say. Like I have said many times before, there is no link between the collection that you receive off the shelf or in the post, and this blog or the forum. There is no link on the official website to the forum, or from the blog. Sadly collectors are being punished with decisions that they have no say in.

And yes, Spidey Shattered Dimensions is a Batman AA rip off. So what? That game was immense, and while I am currently playing spidey, it may not be AS good, its still a great spiderman game. If a formula works, I am all for people copying it. Nothing wrong with copying game formulas. If there was, we would never have any other FPS or platform games.

My gamertag is LAWay for the xbox. I dont go online much, but if I see a friend request I'll add you. I ain't annoying and do all that smack talk on the headphones, so you're safe with me. :)

ted sallis said...

SV, i'm sorry laddie i didn't mean to ruin your Spidey finale (there's a lot more to it than the Batman homage)
Leigh, glad to hear a delicate flower like ted will be safe in your company.Very rarely online apart from obtaing DLC.
I went online last week and downloaded a few demos for the kids, Among them was the old X-Men arcade game. At the end of level one The boss is a skinny dude in his pj's and a red lunchbox on his back, turns out the Pyro fig is spot on.. he really did look that lame ;)
Three weeks til MvC3, Oh and leigh you and i have been xbox buddies fer about six months now, you play solitary games involving dwarves and dragons, i wonder how many points you get for an online perfect????? I'll let you know after our first round :)

Robert said...

Not sure we can complain about the forum being unrepresentative of collector's wishes until we come up with a better solution. For numerous reasons the mail-in slip is a flawed system, too.

Mostly, I am happy with who has been made into lead (or resin!). There's been a few surprises: Impossible Man springs to mind, and to a lesser degree I didn't expect to see the likes of Titania, Machine Man and Ikarus as early as they appeared - or to see Ka-Zar as a special. Nevertheless, it's mostly been pretty good. It's never going to make everyone completely happy as you are trying to reconcile such differing tastes.

Bob-type game. If you could swap three figures from the collection for unmade figures (not variants), who would it be?
1. Exchange Impy for Mantis.
2. Ka-Zar and Zabu for Giant-Man.
3. Dazzler for Heimdall.

Robert said...

Check this out, guys.

107 CMFC figures and stands for, wait for it, less than £40!

bethrezen said...


Dracula and Sauron look fantastic :)

Does EM will continue CMFC in Poland after issue #60? We want to collect all figurines of CMFC, please don't stop selling CMFC in Poland.

Anonymous said...

It would be great if EM could organise an official poll on character preferences.
They would simply need to insert a form in a magazine, like they do when they advertise for subscription.

The poll form would give all all buyers (not just blog and forum users) an opportunity to list their top 20 preferences. And then send the form back to EM (maybe even stamp-free).

I don't see how such poll would be flawed. It would give EM a clearer picture of what collectors want and are likely to buy. The advantage would be for both EM (commercial success) and collectors (a chance to see their favorite characters in the CMFC).

Richard, do you think it will be possible for EM to organise an official poll like this?

norobin4 said...

Dracula and Sauron look really great.

Does EM will continue CMFC in Poland after issue #60? We want to collect all figurines of CMFC, please don't stop selling CMFC in Poland.

Konrad said...

Does EM will continue CMFC in Poland after issue #60? We want to collect all figurines of CMFC, please don't stop selling CMFC in Poland.

LAWay said...

haha dont know how many games i actually have that have dwarves and dragons, but i dont think i have played any of them. But I havent been online for months cos i have been too lazy to get xbox live and a connection going. We can set up a blog tournament, just all be ready to have neck ache looking up at me in the leaderboard.

As for the poll. Expensive and awkward to arrange? Hardly. We get 2 A4 sheets of paper with every subscription package. These are plain A4, nothing fancy on them. A simply A4 print-out like this included with subscriber packages and its easily sorted. One difficulty was pre-paid stamps. But I am sure a lot of people wouldnt mind just using an old 2nd hand class stamp, knowing they are having a real say in the collection.

Anonymous said...

It would be great if EM could organise an official poll on character preferences.
They would simply need to insert a form in a magazine, like they do when they advertise for subscription."

Won't work for a variety of reasons. Only reaches the UK market in the necessary time frame. Markets that are behind the UK wouldn't get the poll slips for months, long after the info was needed. Problems with postage from a number of different countries, especially if it's already a prepaid postage card. And it doesn't mean it's going to get any more responses than the online stuff will. Because not everyone is going to send the things back.

EM has already discussed and noted why the idea of putting polling cards in the issues just wouldn't work for the collection. It's just too much of a hassle, too problematic, and too expensive for the eventual return. And it's unlikely that the results would be much different polling from a larger audience. Because when Hasbro polls on a grand scale for the Marvel Universe line... most of the winners and runners up are X-Characters.

LAWay said...

"Won't work for a variety of reasons. Only reaches the UK market in the necessary time frame."

Er...simple. Only the UK market gets a vote, as its a UK product that EM only deliver to the UK. Other shops and distributors offer it abroad by specialist ordering. Much like I cannot subscribe directly to US Marvel comics, I have to do it through forbidden planet. I wouldnt be able to enter competitions in Marvel comics because its always US only. No different here.

"Markets that are behind the UK wouldn't get the poll slips for months, long after the info was needed."

Again, doesn't matter.

"Problems with postage from a number of different countries, especially if it's already a prepaid postage card."

Again, doesn't matter. Why complicate things? It's easier with UK subscribers, only UK members can subscribe, only UK subscribers receive the A4 billing slip direct from EM, so only UK subscribers should have the voting poll included in their package.

"And it doesn't mean it's going to get any more responses than the online stuff will. Because not everyone is going to send the things back."

Quantity is not the point, its the quality. With this system it would get genuine feedback from subscribers, those who have collected the product since day 1, who have been happy with everything, and they get a say with how they want the collection to evolve and develop.

It could even encourage more subscribers if having a say is only done through subscriptions. It doesnt mean EM should stop looking at the online polls, but this should be more of a definitive result from the loyal supporters of the collection, giving something back to those who dont know about the blog or unofficial forum, which gives unfair representations of what people want as not everyone votes on there, and some who do dont even collect the CMFC.

"EM has already discussed and noted why the idea of putting polling cards in the issues just wouldn't work for the collection. It's just too much of a hassle, too problematic, and too expensive for the eventual return."

EM discussed inserting cards or leaflets into every magazine. This is different. A simple A4 printout like the bill subscribers use. Subscribers get 1 or 2 sheets of A4 with their package. You probably dont know this. The amount it would cost to print these and insert into the subscriber packages would be minimal. Like I said, if subscribing was the only official way to get feedback to EM, to win competitions, to choose characters, then subscription numbers may shoot up, and thus EM make more money.

"Because when Hasbro polls on a grand scale for the Marvel Universe line... most of the winners and runners up are X-Characters. "

Because of misrepresenting online polls where most people voting are not collectors of the collection, but those who dip in and out and just want to see their favourite characters.

Your response simple comes across as someone who is not from the UK and feels like you will be robbed of your voice in a collection that you do not subscribe to or fully collect. Why fear and take away from the people who have paid hundreds, thousands to this collection. Why take away from UK voices, who, because of their support of this product, other regions are lucky to be able to receive from other distributors?

Any idea to get a fair view from the loyal subscribers is a good idea in my opinion.

ted sallis said...

Sheesh. Leigh that was beautiful, I may let you win a consolation round ;)
I just made a screensaver out of a Movie still from Cap America, I've just noticed those scary looking bozos in the background have...big scary green eyes, what/who are they???

Anonymous said...

And that long winded rant is exactly why they won't cut out a large portion of the buyers of the collection by only polling from the UK. Everyone is keeping the collection alive. Especially when you consider the pre-order sales for the Blackest Night subset for the US earned it an extension. EM already said that they won't run a poll the way you suggest. And your reply brings up even more problems with the idea, that I didn't get to in my first post. So no sense crying for them to. The forum polling may not be perfect, but it's better than any other suggested system that has been offered.

Anonymous said...

Also, there's one more point... many in the UK choose not to subscribe due to problems with EM's billing or breakages. Or numerous other isues. They'd rather go to a newsagent or comic shop and actually be able to see what they're buying first. I can't blame them, given how much breakage occured for Fin Fang Foom.

Also, who said I don't collect all the Marvel collection? I have all of them up through Batroc the Leaper.

ted sallis said...

They are two of the biggest questions on the internet( y'know where sexy people argue with other sexy people ) Does Lady Ga Ga keep her Hobnob in a jar?
and even more importantly why can't subbies be canvassed, I've never heard a good arguement against either question.

mighty_marvel said...

slips could go worldwide if EM really wanted to do a poll. its not like results are needed next week. its a year and a half until the end of the most recently announced extension. even 6 months would be plenty of time to get slips to the USA and elsewhere, and back again. the cost of a piece of A4 paper with questions on is negligible and not really an issue. obviously a prepaid return isn't going to work but i'm sure the worldwide collectors won't mind paying the local equivalent to £1 to post to the UK if it means their voice is going to be heard.

the problem is, just how many of these slips are EM going to get back? if it could be guaranteed that at least 90% of people returned it then it wouldnt be a bad idea. but i would guess it's likely that less than 20% would be returned, which probably represents roughly the number of people on the forum, so you may as well stick with that.

Bagman said...

I can just see them in Westminster now -- " We may have lost the Empire chaps, but by God we'll tell those foreign johnnies what lead figurines they'll have and they'll damn well like it"

Robert said...

Just read Leigh's latest post with dismay. I abhor any idea that divides us into haves and have-nots. Discrimination. Is. Wrong.

So much of Leigh's post was reprehensible I don't know where to start. Nevertheless, one point in particular deserves comment: British people should be polled on future extensions and no one else should be permitted to have a say, as they live abroad.

What?! But what about Brits living abroad?

They don't get a voice? They're still British! I could live on Mars and I'd still be Scottish. No one can take away my citizenship. Not even the European Court of Justice can do that (unless my citizenship was obtained by deception, which it wasn't)!

In Leigh's world, apparently the guys at Eaglemoss can do something that the Scottish Parliament, the Houses of Parliament and the ECJ can't do!!!

ted sallis said...

Didn't feel Leighs post was a xenophobic rant.. the reaction to it to fare reeks of wilful misrepresentation.
becoming more and more like the forum.

Robert said...

"[B]ecoming more and more like the forum."

What a peculiar thing for you, of all people, to say, Ted. You have been banned from the forum. On here, you are one of the regulars, welcomed by all.

(Don't you just love irony?)

ted sallis said...

I'm polishing Iron Man's helmet while reading your post Robert..Now that's a peculiar thing to say , but true nontheless

Robert said...

Your example is indeed both "true" and "peculiar", Ted. However, while something that is "True" can also be "peculiar", they are not synonyms. Any thesaurus will tell you that.

Bagman said...

Here's something,
The Classic Marvel British Figurine collection:-
1.Captain Britain
2.Union Jack
Have i missed anyone??
Don't know where i'd put them all.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, funny how the most vocal anti-forum people are the ones who seem not to be able to follow the rules and treat others with respect. Gee, I wonder why they would hate the forums so badly. And have an irrational xenophobic hate that a place they burned the bridges to get to help do market research and polling for Eaglemoss. *Strokes chin* Yes, that certainly is odd.

Bagman, hopefully eventually we'll see a few more of the better British characters. Especially Jamie Braddock and a Mad Jim Jaspers & The Fury 2-Pack. :D

Anonymous said...


1. Slipping a poll form in every magazine is no rocket science, and any publishing house will be able to manage the logistics that that entails. I understand that CMFC issues are not in sync around the world. EM will simply need to synchronise the inclusion of the poll form, ie. include it in all the issues appearing during a given month (regardless of what issues they are in the UK, USA and other countries).

2. I see interesting comments from forum members saying that EM would get more or less the same number of responses they get via the forum. This claim is unfounded. Market researches are acutely aware that online presence is only the proverbial tip of the iceberg. It's a well known fact that the core bulk of customers are not using internet to express their preferences.

3. In any case, the aim is not necessarily to get more responses. The aim is to get MORE VARIED responses, other than the obsessively repetitive and one-sided ones of forum members. The aim is to understand the wishes of collectors who are NOT forum members, regardless of whether they are subscribers or British or anything else. It's about time we listened to the Marvel character preferences of ANYONE who has bought a CMFC issue and is likely to collect more.

4. Running this type of poll, with slips included in the magazine, is not expensive. Its modest cost would certainly benefit EM in terms of improving the commercial appeal of the CMFC.

I really hope EM will run the poll
this way, ie. slips in magazines.

Anonymous said...

Well, they won't. They have already said there's too many problems with trying to do polls that way. And it wouldn't change the results on a large scale anyway. The whole point of the net is to get instant feedback and results. Especially when EM often starts sculpting the figures before they're even announced. It causes too many problems to do a mail-in poll.

Anonymous said...

OK, and that's your opinion.
I still hope that EM will rely on cutting edge marketing researchers who advise that a mail-in poll would give them important data.

Polling just superhero forum members does not provide meaningful insight or revelations. It's predictable, like polling people in a McDonald's restaurant to ask if they like hamburgers. You can expect Big Mac to top the poll all the time! If you want to get a clear picture of people's likes and dislikes, you need to poll all types of consumers. That's what a mail-in poll would do.

Anonymous said...

No, it's common sense and logic. And Ummmm, putting reply cards in the figurines isn't going to get market research from people who don't buy the collection. So your cry to "poll all types of consumers" and cDonald's analogy doesn't even make a lick of sense. Thanks for proving my point. :)

jimbob said...

Superhero Forum hits it's peak when EM sets up the poll for the extension.

So maybe all the polls should get set up around the same time?

SinisterVenom said...

I can tell you that Big Mac is McDonalds most purchased item, with Nuggets in second and Quarter Pounders in third. In fact, of all the grilled stuff they cook, hamburgers actually are the weakest selling grilled product.
There's a bit of Mcknowledge for you there guys.
That is all.

Bagman said...

Whether the post was " a xenophobic rant" or not, every time the subject of polls comes up on here the "UK only get a vote" rears its head and the reaction to it is the same "Why only the UK".
As i've said before surely its better fro EM to keep trying to increase the fan base and not alienate it.
The forum may not be perfect but at least you get a vote regardless of where your from.

Anonymous said...

CSR Beast, unlike Hank McCoy, you seem to lack a grasp of elaborate analogies.

McDonald's represents a certain type of demographic, and if you poll McDonald's goers then you know what type of taste they have, and you don't get data on people who eat at the Ritz Hotel, for example.

Similarly, the superhero forum represents a certain demographic (eg. broadly people who like to express their ideas in modern way and fast). When you poll these forum members, you learn nothing about all the other collectors who prefer to talk about their favorite Marvel characters during a face-to-face chat with a friend or who may like to write university essays on the Marvel Universe.

Stop trying to infer that forum members are the best available representation of CMFC collectors. You are misguided. They are a representation, one of many. They are the best representation of CMFC collectors who've got quite a lot of time to spend online. But they do not and cannot represent all the other CMFC collectors who don't give a Puck about the internet. There are a lot of them, if you wonder, and they buy CMFC like anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Basically, CBR Beast, I am asking for a way to poll all CFMF collectors, and not only those who are keen internet users. Clearly I was not suggesting that it's possible to get data on people who do not buy the collection. That's a market research absurdity.

Anonymous said...

Then why did you suggest it?

mighty_marvel said...

with the general ross/rulk debate going on the forum again i would like to know who rich thinks is the more likely version of the character to make the collection?

personally i'd want general ross. this is how the character has been represented for almost FIFTY years, compared to the three years of rulk (barely a footnote in his history). and before the 'civvie' bashers start the man is a military general and in full uniform would look no more civilian than nick fury. an excellent point was also made on the forum that rulk seems to be a story arc that will probably eventually end with ross just being general ross again. so why risk putting a character who's been represented in a particular way for so long in a look/characterisation he's only going to have for a few years. finally, people are regularly mentioning that if a character can be done as a regular then it should be to save special slots for those who HAVE to be done as a special. done as general ross he clearly makes the regular line-up.

ted sallis said...

Robert PHD said "Your example is indeed both "true" and "peculiar" Ted,However, while something that is "True" can also be peculiar, they are nit synonyms, Any thesarus will tell you that"
Gee Robert did you just use your degree to mock the thick kid? you da man.
CBR Beast said...? actually all the class A drugs in Easterhouse wouldn't help me make sense of his verbal gonnorhea.

And i have not burned all my bridges my mouthy mutant, i have a few left, i won't squander them as much in future. I'll do what the rest of the multiple account holders do on the forum , wait until voting time.

Robert said...

I was pointing out you were wrong, Ted. No one said anything about you being thick.

ted sallis said...

Ok.Robert, but i still have no idea what the fok yer on aboot. I don't know a synonym from cinnamon, but apparantley you do so congratulations big guy. big round of applause

Barnabas said...

I’ve been reading with interest the recent postings and one thing that I find interesting is that when there’s not been an update for a couple of weeks how much more of an aggressive tone this forum takes.
That aside, I just thought I’d say my piece about having subscribers having ‘special voting rights’ to everyone else.
It’s total tommyrot!
That’s my opinion anyway.
A quick bit of maths. Obviously, I have no access to EMs customer base.
We start with 100,000 customers.
About 60,000 will not reply to an insert (personally, I think this figure is higher) and we’re already discounting over half.
Take out people who live outside the UK (20,000) and a further 8,000 who buy from newsagents and shops. So we are down to 12,000 subscribers. Just 12% of the total customer base (and I would imagine a good few of those are passive collectors) would dictate the direction the collection should go in. I don’t think EM runs by committee!
I have every figure (with the exception of Sasquatch & Puck, which I can’t find anywhere and the French Quicksilver variant) but I buy mine from the newsagent. So why should I be denied to have my say? I still subscribe, I just have a middleman!
When you look at it, EM have been good to us. We’ve been allowed to pick some figures and costumes and they have taken our votes on who’s popular. In all my years of magazine collection NO other partwork has given this amount of freedom.
One day this magazine will end, probably when the profit margins become fractional or slip into the minus. The guys at EM have done a wondrous job at keeping costs down. As I said before, this collection has stayed the same price since the start, a feat in itself with the constant rising prices in the current climate.
Of course other opinions are available!

Now my opinion on the possibility of a subset. This is the ‘Classic’ Marvel Collection. So let’s have some classic characters. Maybe a set called 1st edition or some such kooky name.
The Ditko beetle for example. All based on the first appearance of a character. That could lead to some variants, ie the first Ms Marvel costume get the idea.


Robert said...

No interest in keeping this going, but I have no idea why you're getting so hot under the collar, Ted. Synonyms are not some obscure literary term I used to show off. Primary 4 kids (8 and 9 year olds) learn about them. They are just words that mean the same - 'sad' and 'unhappy', for instance. This is hardly advanced stuff. Like I said earlier, no one called you thick and if that's the way you interpreted my comment/s then you're mistaken. I was merely disagreeing with you and explaining why.

LAWay said...

Whoa whoa whoa, taken way out of proportion here. I am not discriminating. The discussion was how would it work? Stating that it NEEDS to be done worldwide? It doesnt. Its essentially a UK subscription product. Because EM does not offer a subscription worldwide, it cannot give worldwide collectors the vote in this way. Not something I am making up, its just fact.

Much like, what I said earlier, Marvel comics competitions are limited to U.S. residents only, regardless of which country you buy their comics. Is that discrimination? Come on, think guys.

My response was to get a fair view from the subscribers who buy all these figurines. To get a different response, maybe more variation, more feedback etc. My point was, not every subscriber knows of the forum, the blog, because it isnt advertised, and the forum is unofficial.

You could argue EM doesnt have to do it. Subscribers are guaranteed money. You could say that, but that is completely insulting to the subscribers saying their opinion is worthless, it totally takes the people who have made this collection keep going strong for granted.

Only EM know the numbers. Maybe subscription numbers are rising and they dont need any feedback. But if they are falling, then it should be a real option.

The forum isn't reliable. Everyone has their own personal interests that they have promoted for months. They have public lists and say they'll vote for each others wants. Its like a secret club of backslappers out for themselves. The votes will always remain similar if we follow what the forum says, because the forum has its regulars.

Yes, some people dont subscribe because they are scare mongered into thinking the product will break. Like I said, I had one breakage since I have collected, and it was dealt with quickly without hassle. These figurines are hard to find in shops, where I am anyway, so that wouldnt even be an option for me and probably a lot of people. Also, subscriptions, the money goes straight to EM. If you buy from the shops, most of the money is going to the shops, which helps EM less.

What urks me more is just plainly saying 'no'. Just shutting out the idea and views of what has made this collection possible from the subscribers who dont have a say online. EM has the numbers of sales, the numbers of subscribers, and the number of users who use the blog and voted on the forum. I am sure the number online if vastly misrepresented by how many people actually do subscribe.

Its all part of customer service, valuing your customers, showing loyalty, keeping them happy. Subscribers will continue to subscribe if kept happy. I dont mean to impliment these ideas now, next week, next month, but it should be something considered thought. Sure, EM said they have thought of an idea like it to reach out to fans, but specifically for subscribers in as cost effective way as possible? This isn't discrimination, this is purely listening to subscribers.

My word verification is 'sucked' funnily enough.

ted sallis said...

Well leigh me old cock. I agree with what your saying yet again,
Robert, thanks for the lesson, I want to take you in my arms right now and crush you against my manly chest, while you whisper "there,there Ted" in my ear... perhaps afterwards we could grab some chicken?

LAWay said...

lol yeh, the responses does get slightly heated when there is no update.

Barnabas brought up a good point, but without numbers and figures, we cant say. And like I said, that middleman means EM doesnt get all of your money, maybe 20% less, who knows. Which makes subscribers money more valuable, so despite less subscribers, they would have 20% more impact on sales.

Like I said, the main point was to get a different view from those who dont go online. Subscribers would be the easiest and cheapiest way to do it without going through EVERY magazine. Your stats would stil lshow more subscribers would probably vote than how many were on the forum, surely reason enough.

word - woops lol

Robert said...

Happy to share a hug any day of the week, Ted.

LAWay said...

Anyone see the new spiderman set pics? What do we think of the new costume?

Personally when they released the image of Andrew Garfield, I thought it looked...meh, ok. I mean, I'm happy with him as peter parker. But this suit, I still aint so sure on it.

Robert said...

What the heck is going on with the stripes down the legs?!! Not only does it look rubbish, I am really struggling to think why anyone would even think changing Spidey's costume was necessary.

The Spider-Man costume was designed by one of the undisputed comicbook geniuses, it has proved iconic enough to help make Spidey the most successful and famous Marvel character, and it has been very successfully worn in various other media such as cartoons, games and movies. (Spider-Man 1 was the most succesful film in the US the year it was released.) Yeh, I can clearly see there was a real need for change there!


P.S. Apparently the production company's next film is "Hamlet, Mayor of New York". In the final scene, no one dies as this scored badly with test audiences.

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BobDiamond said...

Thanks for the pics of the new Spidey costume Leigh, I agree with you -not particularly sold on it...especially those shoes. It looks like a 70s TV movie-type costume. Oh well, it'll probably look better on screen...

Now the old controversial dilemma of canvassing the public....IF we really need more input on what's produced or not, then I don't see the problem of EM creating a questionnaire on-line. They already have one on the front page of the website concerning subscription issues. Most people use computers now (even dinosaurs like me), so it would reach a considerable amount of the target audience, and I assume responses would come world-wide in the same time-frame. A small change to the home-page to draw attention to it and that would be enough...
What kind of questions are we all so desperate to have answered anyway? Perhaps a few suggestions from this blog might tempt EM to think about the possibilities of running a new survey.

Amsterdam was cool by the way...but not as cool as our house when we got home...heating broke down- could be days before they get the parts! Getting a much needed workout from cutting wood however, so every cloud etc.


LAWay said...

I dont understand why EM doesnt publicize the website more. Or is it there in the inside cover of the mag? Maybe more attention can be highlighted, and then it gives people no excuse not to visit. Problem with the online poll, will it be much different from the forum? What about multiple votes? What about votes from non collectors?

But like I said, if its highlighted in the mag more, all collectors wouldnt have an excuse not to check it out to have their say.

As for the spidey outfit. Yeh, thats exactly how I thought. The leg stripes?! No belt!? Blue strip in the gloves, silver shoes!? WTF indeed.

I am hoping the silver shoe thing is just for the actor to run around on the street without hurting his feet, but its an awful design. It smells of the marketing people wanting to A) distance this from the previous films, B) new costume for lots of new toys and merchandise.

I was hoping the costume would look more 'real', like kick-ass instead of something 20 costumer designers had to sit down and spend months making for thousands of dollars.

Ah well, its a shame. If you hate this, dont bother looking up X-Men: First Class.

Anyway, here's looking to Thor and Cap this year. Cap trailer debuting at the Superbowl, February 6th or 8th I read. Can't wait. :)

Bagman said...

E-bay -- Item #120676142776 --
Captain Britain's new look!!!
What the ....

LAWay said...

cant believe i wasted my time looking up that search. lol

Robert said...

What the hey??!!

"No trident included"!

Hawkeye said...


They've only gone and killed off the Human Torch! Say it isn't so...

Sorry, just had to get that off my chest....

(verification word is bidobag!)

LAWay said...

Whoa, really? I never followed the storyline, but I guess he is the most vulnerable. Wonder how/if they will replace him.

ted sallis said...

bet that storyline went down a Storm ;)

BobDiamond said...

Hmmm...wondered which one was going to go. Guess it's logical, as they've been making a big play recently of bringing back the original Torch AND Toro.

I'll give it 3 years max, before his 'resurrection'!

PS. just found a bunch of early Gerber Defenders and John Buscema Conans in the 50p box at my LCS- filling in the holes nicely!


PPs...still no ******* heating!

jimbob said...

News from EM on the forum.

First - price increase on the CMFC as spotted in Previews from several US members. Rich advised he has no knowledge of any price increase on this collection. He is currently trying to find out what is going on and is awaiting word from the marketing manager who is away this week. This could be a Diamond error.

No official word on an extension...yet. I did ask

BDD will be relaunching the specials poll this weekend. Here are some notes for you chomping at the bit to casts your votes.

Hela should NOT be considered a special as of right now. Rich advised if/when she is confirmed - she will be slotted as a regular - if the sculpt demands she gets bumped up, so be it - but the plan is to slot her at a regular at this point.

Thundra can be considered a special due to her size of 7'2". She is a borderline character but confirmed she needs to be bumped up to this classification to be considered at this time.

Shorter bulkier characters that are 'Thing' size should be considered specials as well - that means characters like Terrax, Morg, Mr Hyde and Ironclad that are below the size limit but have significant bulk.

Lockjaw has not been confirmed yet but if they do go forward - he will be on his own. Which is kinda a bummer if you ask me.

Northstar and Aurora are still on the radar - they've had some issues but Rich is hoping to confirm them as one of the last specials of the year. Rich is pushing hard for them and I trust his efforts.

We will be launching a new offical Eaglmoss Poll for...High Evolutionary.

Rich wants to confirm how WE want him in the collection - as a regular, special or a mega. I will be setting up the poll shortly.

mighty_marvel said...

if thundra is to be a special i'd rather not have her. will be the puniest special ever. the fig would be little taller than titania and about the same bulk. not worth special money in my eyes. now if we're talking female specials madame web in her chair would be amazing.

hela as a reg is great news. will get her in much quicker as,with odin coming, another asgard special is probably some ways off. although if hela, at 7' and with cloak and headdress, can be done as a reg it makes the thundra decision even more baffling????????

not fussed about luna, but a little disappointing lockjaw isn't being done with maximus. maximus, imo, is the only inhuman left who is needed and if we are to get him it would require a regular slot - stopping someone else from making it in.

as with most cases where a fig can be done as a regular or a special, i'd go for doing high evolutionary as a regular. no point in using a special slot on someone who can be a regular. in general special slots should be for characters who can ONLY be done that size

LAWay said...

thanks for the update jimbob.

I assume the price increase is diamond covering their costs for shipping the things. EM may stay the same, but parcelling and shipping may have increased. I am not worried.

Thundra news is a rip-off. I dont believe she will be bulkier than say annihilus or Gladiator. Height shouldnt be the only factor for specials, and if it is, redo the juggernaut as you fluffed that one up. And Hulk.

Dont care for Hela. The other specials are understandable. Big bulky characters, sure. WOuld be lovely to get them same price as Thing, but I can see how its impossible. As long as they are substantial in their bulk I don't mind.

Lockjaw by himself? Cool. Doesnt need to be double packed to up the prices.

High Eovlutionary size? If he can be done regular, I'd take a regular. Keep the price down, keep it cheap, give us another special.

Human Torch to be revived when the new Fantastic 4 film is in production/nears its release date I bet.

SinisterVenom said...

No, no, NO! Please do not waste a special slot for Thundra...or for High Evolutionary for that matter. Both can be done as regulars and there are more deserving characters to use the special slots for like Madame Web, Onslaught, MODOK just to name a few.
I do agree with Hela not being a special though. And as for Lockjaw, well I can't say I'm too fussed on how we get him, though I do still think a double pack with him and Maximus would be better, I really want Maximus in the collection!
Hopefully we will get another extension. Surely they can't stop now, so close to 200! And there's still so much of the MU to cover.

pirate adam said...


jimbob said...

Just like GOTG vs Runaways and Lockjaw double pack poll.This is a waste of time!

If people wanted High Evolutionary as a special they would have pushed the votes for him in the special polls.Like they have done with Sauron and Warpath who once was considered regulars by EM.

1st- Sauron 75
2nd- Mojo 67
3rd- Strong Guy 62
4th- Lockjaw 60
5th- M.O.D.O.K 50
6th- Warpath 49
7th- Dragon Man 24
8th- Shadow King23
9th- Rockslide 21
10th- Wendigo 21
11th- Atlas 19
12th- Giant Man 18
13th- Ch'od 17
14th- Hulkling 16
15th- Stilt Man 16
16th- Nimrod 15
17th- Onslaught 15
18th- Goliath (Bill Foster) 14
19th- Terrax 14
20th- Brood Queen 13

33rd- High Evolutionary 5

EM should go by the order of this poll.So many to choose from being ranked so low in the polls it would be unfair to confirm High Evolutionary before others.

Unless this collection goes on for ever,High Evolutionary,Thundra,Mr Hyde,Morg,Ironclad will never make it into the collection as specials.

Marvel collection should take a leaf out of the DC collection book and make large regulars.

ted sallis said...

Did they try changing the torch's batteries before they bin it?

LAWay said...

Reason why they dont go in order of that poll is to purposely not give us what we want. That way, we keep collecting for longer waiting for stuff we really want. Very disappointing though. They ask for fan feedback, then pick the 33rd most popular character to announce as a special?

I think maybe EM should change the pricing for some figurines. Thundra is clearly not a special, and definitely wouldnt be one in the DC collection. Just charge us an extra £1 for slightly larger characters.

Unless they are tall and bulky, they shouldnt be considered 'special'. If we receive Thundra and weigh her, and she is lighter than some regulars, there will be a sh*tstorm-a-brewing.

Hawkeye said...

See they've updated the main site with the next five figures. Liking Prowler and Cannonball. Quasar and Firestar - meh. And is it just me or does Triton look as if he is about to do the washing-up? Still, nice figure....

Anonymous said...

Thundra is indeed a Special. She's 7'2" and rather bulky. So she's well over the height guideline for regulars. And being bulky, she also is well into the Special range. And weighing her isn't really a realistic way of comparison. Since a lot of the earlier figures were larger and bulkier, because they were cheaper to make then. Like Thing, who would have been a Speical now. Or Dr. Strange, who would be lighter if made now due to resin.

As for the High-Evolutionary poll, it was due to the fact that Rich believed he should be a Special, since at times he makes himself larger to appear more imposing to his enemies or those who come asking for help. The current poll is due to the fact there was so many questions why Rich felt this way. So EM wanted a poll about it. It's already overwhelmingly in the favor of him being a regular.

And EM should never be beholden entirely to polls. Especially the Special polls. They would want to change things up a bit. Knowing this crowd, if 5 X-Specials ended up on the top of the next Special Poll (starting Sunday), you guys sure the hell wouldn't be demanding for them to be beholden entirely to the poll.. so you get a year of nothing but X-Specials. It's different in the case of regular polls, since we get more of those per year and the choices are balanced by all of EM's choices.

mighty_marvel said...

she's not that bulky. and comicvine both have thundra as weighing less than titania, so shouldnt be any more bulky than her. thundra's a little taller, but her fig shouldn't even be 1cm taller than titania's. a special of thundra would be pitiful compared to the specials we have had already.

if she really can't be done in lead for £5.99 either make her out of resin, or sell her at £6.99. look at brainiac in the dc collection. he's massive. thundra certainly shouldn't be bigger than him and he was done for £6.99

mighty_marvel said...

or just do her the same size as titania. she'd look fine that size. a little artistic licence with her scale would hardly be noticed

ted sallis said...

I saw a recent High Evolutinary appearance in an Iron Man/Thor mini series, when it comes to purple helmets they should be shown as massive as possible The big HE should be mega.
If Thundra was sculpted with large earrings and carrying 2 full bags of Tesco groceries sitting on a bus she stillwouldn't warrant a special slot. I love the gal but in the regular line up you silly sausages

mgf said...

Another Specials Poll?

"Ze votink vill continue until ze correct rezolt iz democratically decided upon."


Word verification is "fix".

Thor8 said...

I vote no on the Thundra special. She is similiar in size and bulk as She Hulk,and she wasn't made a special so I don't see the reason why Thundra should be done so.

Thor8 said...

I don't think there really is a ned to make The High Evolutionary a special either,he'd do fine and would sell better as a regular.

BobDiamond said...

I agree totally with Mighty Marvel and Thor8- absolutely no reason why Thundra should be made a special, if the likes of She-Hulk and Titania are regulars. An extra quid if necessary to cover costs, but certainly no more than that.

PS...Heating engineer coming Monday fingers-crossed.....


PPS got Black Hand from the new DC sub-set absolutely free there are some things we get as subscibers- so Ta very much EM!

Banshee said...

Yes Rich please please please push as hard as you can for Northstar and Aurora, I will be your number one fan :)

I think Thundra is going to turn out as somewhat of an issue among the collectors.
I'd love her in the collection but at the risk of losing a special slot that could go to Mojo or MODOK for instance I'm really not that sure I'd bother with her.
As people have said with She-Hulk and Titania being roughly the same size (albeit a couple of inches shorter) as her I'm sure EM could find a way to give her a regular spot.

Oh did I mention I'd love Northstar and Aurora :p

Peace Out!!!!!

jimbob said...

Thundra for LARGE regular!!!!!!!!!!!

Bring on Aurora and Northstar double pack please EM.

Then Shaman for next extension.

jimbob said...

And High Evolutionary should be done as a Large regular.

Anonymous said...

I hope Rich will stick to his view on the High Evolutionary, so he will be a special. There comes a time when every curator of a collection, whether it's an art gallery or the CMCF, must make ballsy choices that he deems correct, regardless of general opinion. Personally, I agree that the High Evolutionary would look at his most iconic in the same scale as Ronan. It would be an awful waste to make him regular.
And that's my view, folks.

PS. As for the poll on the forum, you know my point of view. Those polls should not dictate EM choices. If we want a fair poll, then we must find a way to poll collectors who don't use the forum.

Anonymous said...

For me High Evolutionary must be a special, in the size of Ronan.

Marvel artists have often chosen to draw the character in his
increased size, especially on covers, when they wanted him
at his most iconic. And that's how you're likely to see him
in the art in the CMFC magazine.

As a reader, when I've read stories featuring the character
I remember my sense of wonder at seeing him so imposing
and thinking how awesome that was.

Maybe I am only trying to recapture that sense of wonder.
Or maybe my opinion is that that 'sense of wonder' is
the defining trait of the character, and it's based on his
size. As such, I want it captured in the CMFC figurine.

LAWay said...

Some silly statements about Thundra 'must' be a special(!?) and EM should just do what they want, despite asking the collectors who want the exact opposite.

Like others have said, Titania, She-Hulk, Thundra is no different. There will be alot of complaints for a price hike, no-one will want to pay any more than 6.99 if they MUST, but we will all point back to titania and she-hulk.

You may say weighing is a silly idea to base price on, but it isnt. If a recent Annihilus weighs more than thundra, it means he has more lead/components, thus it means the production values for him would be greater, thus it means she wouldnt warrant the extra money. Most females are lightweights in the collection, I cant see Thundra be substantially bulkier than she-hulk or a male figurine.

High Evolutionary, my comments were based thinking of the mega specials. I seem to forget about regular specials now and again. While I still sa he could be done as regular, if he must be about the scale of Ronin, go for it. But no bigger. I'm all for saving money though and saving special spots for characters where there are no gray lines for what warrants a special.

PS - hope Sauron is being looked at and changed. No way is he a special.

PSS - has anyone got any scales to test the theory of heavy vs price? Would be interesting to see.

LAWay said...

PSSS - WTF!? A free figurine!? What the hell EM!? Subscribed for years, where is the free Marvel figurine!?

The 'Blackest Night COllection'!? I hadnt realized what it was, but why the hell hasnt Marvel received anything similar!?

A way out of the moaning and debating of alternate costumes. We talked about this months ago, and yet again the DC collection steams ahead?

Screw your High Evolutionary, and give me 'House of M' subset.

Damn I'm mad.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is going to change. That's why EM asked for the polls. Thundra requires a Special Slot. Sauron will be a Special. And High-Evolutionary will be a Regular.

The figurines are more than just the ammount of lead they're made up of. Do you think someone waves a Wand and they magically pop out?

And the polls don't dictate the choices. Rich asks for them so he can get some info from those who buy the collection what they want. That's the whole point of them, and because Rich wants input.

Shame we don't live in your fantasy world.

jimbob said...

Is anyone going to vote for Thundra special in the polls??

EM just needs to make her into a large regular like DC has done with Brainiac and Atrocitus!

I really want Thundra as the next FF character.

Maybe if EM shows us a sculpt of Thundra along side She-Hulk, Valkyrie and Titania,we might have a different view of her.

ted sallis said...

A poll tae see if Thundra could be included as a special is jist a big waste oh time. Mind you the forum love their wee polls, Every time they change the loo paper at EM the forum has to be involved with a poll on colour vs absorbancey.

Anonymous said...

I just want to express how much I am fed up with the 'nothing's gonna change'attitude of some people and their sense of entitlement, totally unjustified, thinking that they know everything and that the future is cast and that we should shut up and accept it. What a negative and annoying attitude. Everything is open to changes, so long as there is fair and constructive debate.

While Rich does well in taking forum polls into account, the forum is not the collective hive mind of all CMFC collectors. There are loads of people out there who buy figurines just like you and me.
High Evolutionary may well become a regular, or maybe a special, but certainly not just coz of the forum polls. I am fed up with the idea that the forum is some sort of higher authority. It is not. And I pity the fool who thinks it is.

I am happy to rely totally on the choices of the CMFC curator. I do want him to listen to the voice of everyone who's got an opinion, as that will help him fine-tune his own opinion. I just like to think that he does not HAVE to do what forum members want.

pirate adam said...


would you please explain why you have decided that Hela is not worthy of a special slot, yet that piss poor excuse of a character, sculpt and creation that is Sauron has been handed the Gold dust that is a special slot

everything about Hela points to her being a Special SO WHY NOT!!!

P'O'd PA

jimbob said...

Don't think that Hela and Thundra will ever have high votes by the collectors in the polls right now.

Maybe a better chance after EM makes the top ten most wanted?

Both are better off being regulars if they want to make the collection.

Will EM make specials that receive less than 10 votes???

mighty_marvel said...

although i think hela would be a reasonable special i'm actually pretty glad that she could be done as a regular. asgard isn't exactly the biggest branch of the MU and considering it's taken this long to get odin, another asgard special is probably some ways off. i want hela in the collection and i reckon there's more chance of seeing her if she's done as a regular, so regular is fine by me

jimbob said...

I would really like the three Warriors done.

They would look amazing along side Odin,Thor,Valkyrie,Balder and Sif.

LAWay said...

Why is CBRBeast such a dick?

Man you are negative, and seem like you know it all, yet come out with crap like 'nothing is going to change, thats why EM asked for the polls'? WHAT!? So basically you are saying EM are purposely asking for our opinions so that can indefinitely give us the exact opposite of what we want? Talk some sense and stop bashing potential ideas and opinions of others.

No one seems to want thundra as a special, with so many good reasons. Same with the high evolutionary.

As for the weight of lead for the figurine, its a fair enquiry. Would you be happy with an 8' stickman as a special, because he is 8', even though he has less lead, therefore he is cheaper to produce? Do you think a special above 6'6", lets say for arguments sake 7', do you really think it takes much longer for the sculptor to sculpt a character maybe 1 or 2 cm taller? Hardly. The cost of the special is due to the extra materials used to make them.

I aint saying EM should listen 100% to polls, but pay some attention to them. Hearing that High Evolutionary was 33rd on the list of most wanted specials was disappointing. Although, EM could have already had him planned anyway.

But still, i want the issue addressed of the marvel vs dc collection and how and why the dc collection gets a subset when marvel fans have been screaming out for one for ages...and how come dc subscribers get a free figurine? totally ridiculous.

Thor8 said...

I live in the Caribbean so I won't get a free figurine no matter what since I can't subscribe,but I totally agree that it's unfair that DC fans and collectors seem to be getting a lot of extras that Marvel fans have been clamoring for for ages and so far have gotten zilch.

As for specials,I have never been in favor of a character being chosen as a special based solely on height. In Sauron's case not only is he scrawny,but he's in a crouched pose,so what does it matter how tall he is!? Dr.Strange was made quite tall and along with his cape had quite a bit of lead put into his figurine,so I doubt very much Sauron will need much more lead than he did,especially if his wings turn out to be done in resin.

Characters that really should be done as specials are those that without a doubt really call for this status,such as Mangog,Ulik,Man-Ape,Dragon Man,Destroyer or Super Adaptoid.

I won't even bother getting into the Forum subject,it is quite clear that they enjoy some special privileges that I don't quite understand.(not to mention them being X oriented)

pirate adam said...


...CBRBeast is far from being a dick he just knows what he wants and no matter who tells him otherwise or even if he be proven wrong i doubt he will change his mind, he's a clever chap who just refuses point blank to accept that other people have opinions and wants also

OK OK, they may be the actions of a Dick but i still think he's just rather stubborn and i quite like the guy non the less


jimbob said...

'In Sauron's case not only is he scrawny,but he's in a crouched pose,so what does it matter how tall he is!?'

This is what I hate about specials and some of the regulars crouching!

Specials it takes away that awesome height they have,and regulars are made too look that they would be really tall if they stood up straight!

Sauron might as well be a regular,

Omega Red might as well be a reglar,

Shang-Chi 5'10" looks like if he stood up straight he would be tall as a special,

Pyro 5'10" also looks like he would be tall if he stood up straight,

The only one that has been done perfect is Rhino,he is crouched but still has height over the regulars around him.

Anonymous said...

Let's be patient with the subset business. It is highly likely that the Blackest Night subset is being
used by EM to test the commercial viability of subsets. EM starts with DC because it just so happens that the Blackest Night saga is one of the hottest comic book sagas and is likely to prove a success as a figurine collection.
Then, I think, this will open the gates to Marvel subsets.
Maybe EM will alternate DC and Marvel subsets, as they are limited runs. It could work well, whereas having 2 subsets running at the same time could affect sales, as fans may choose one subset or the other. Especially as so many people collect both CMFC and DCFC. I do, and I am now also buying Blackest Night.

In any case, I think we should praise EM for the Blackest Night subset as an effort to give fans more figurines at a faster rate.
This is what I want. More figurines at a faster rate, via subsets dedficated to major sagas, alternate timelines and special MU areas, like Annhilation or Age of Apocalypse or an Alien Races series, etc.

Let's just wish Blackest Night a super success, and let's hope this will persuade EM to launch other subsets for Marvel fans also.

jimbob said...

Annhilation subset would have been perfect.But the main characters have been done,starting now wouldn't be very strong as DC subset.

I agree that we need extra figurines in the collection..

We have already voted yes for extra Specials,Team Packs,Triple Packs in the polls last year.

mighty_marvel said...

i think an x-men animated series/jim lee subset would do well. x-men are the biggest sellers/most wanted as proven by them always topping the polls. and it would appeal not only to comic book fans but also to people who have only seen the series.

this subset would allow some of the most wanted resculpts such as ape-beast, rogue, white costume mystique, archangel, jean grey as jean grey rather than phoenix, as well as new sculpts like the morlocks, hellfire club, corsair, mastermind etc.

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