Friday, 1 August 2008

Mutant Beware!

Right so I’m back again with another update, but before I talk about the Figurine Collection I just want to address a couple of points that were raised with the Chess Set.

First I think I should make it clear that this is an entirely new series from Eaglemoss and not an extension of the Marvel Figurine Collection.

And Second, the Marvel Chess Collection will not in anyway affect the quality of the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection and certainly won’t take any resources away. I won’t be in charge of the Chess set, a different team will handle it, and if anything the addition of another Marvel product to Eaglemoss’ range is only going to help us. We’re going to have more Marvel experts working here and we’re going to have a stronger relationship with Marvel because of it. Oh and no this doesn’t replace double pack ideas we’re still looking into these and will see how well Prof. X and Lilandra do.

So on to this week’s update.

I have some lovely pictures of the Taskmaster sculpt (see below). Personally he’s one of my favourite sculpts to date and hopefully everyone can agree we went for the correct costume, none of this Agent X costume malarkey.

Apart from Taskmaster’s appearance in the office, this week has been pretty quiet but very busy, so I don’t have a lot to report. We’re still discussing the extension and possible characters. I think it’s safe to say Jubilee is getting into any extension, so Jubilee fans can celebrate.

Once the chess polls are finished I’m going to have a (regular) specials' poll put up to help us choose the next special character.

And lastly, I know some of you have seen him already but here’s an image of the Sentinel Mega Special, due out around the second week in November.

The Sentinel figure posed an interesting challenge for us when deciding which costume/version to make. As there have been many versions of the Sentinels since they were introduced in the 1960s we really wanted to make a classic looking Sentinel that would be recognised by comic readers from all generations. The actual Sentinel we have settled for is based on the Mark VII Sentinel, which in my mind is the most iconic as the design of this Sentinel can be seen in (and heavily influenced by) the Mark III Sentinels (drawn by Neal Adams), the Mark IV, Chalmer's Sentinel, Psi-ber Sentinel, Mark VI, and Day's of Future Now. While the Sentinels are obviously robots each model in the classic pink/purple and blue has always had a certain human body tone and as such this is recognised in our model. My favourite thing about this sculpt is the pose. I think this screams classic 'stop and identify yourself Mutant'.

And for those of you wondering about a size comparison with Galactus, what we've decided to do is have all the mega specials standing at roughly the same height. Yes, I know Galactus is bigger but the Mega Specials are obviously slightly out of scale with the rest of the collection (let's face it, at our scale Galactus should be about 6ft) so we want to make each of these figures as big as we can. Hence Sentinels and Galactus being very similar.

That's enough rambling for now, I'll catch you all next time.