Friday, 8 February 2013

It's been emotional.

I’ve officially designed my last bit for the CMFC (pgs14-15 for issues 199 (see pics). I’ve still got little bits here and there to finish off, but I’m pretty much done with this legendary collection that I’ve been proud to work on for the last 8 years of my life! Has it been that long?

Here’s a couple of other (unfinished) pages from Deathbird’s issue...

Sadly (for me) the honour of designing issue 200 (Hela) has been given to long time comics geek and EM design guru James Britnell (with my efforts reduced to the front and back cover) - What I’ve seen so far looks top notch. James has been working with us on the Marvel Figurines and the DC collections aswell as a lot of the web design for EM. Thanks for your efforts James. I'm sure we will work together soon...

Talking of soon... I on the other hand have been asked to start on another project asap. I’ll still be logging on to the blog from time to time (until they pull the plug permanently).
Still have a comp to do aswell at some point!!!

So this will be the last update in an official capacity (has it ever really been though?).

It’s been a blast. Dan out.