Friday, 24 October 2008

Watching over us...


First of all I want to apologise for the not-so-frequent updates on the blog. I had really hoped to post something at least once a week, but as time has gone on I’ve found it difficult to keep up.

Anyway, I’m definitely going to keep aiming for the once a week target but I don’t want to reveal every figure that’s going to come out, otherwise there will be no surprises left.

With that in mind, I thought some of the discerning Marvel fans amongst you might be interested to hear that we’ve got a couple of Marvel’s greatest artist to produce some covers for us.

The first is the Absorbing Man pencilled by Herb Trimpe (coloured by Alan Craddock) and the second is Warlock, drawn by Jim Starlin.

For those of you not familiar with their work (shame on you), Herb Trimpe worked for Marvel back in the late 60s/early 70s and is best remembered for his amazing run on the Incredible Hulk. Jim Starlin on the other hand has worked for Marvel (amongst other comic companies) since 1972 and is perhaps best known for his cosmic stories; he introduced Thanos to the Marvel Universe and helped shape Adam Warlock into the character he is today.

Being huge fans of their comics we were thrilled to work with both creators.

Right, I tried to be good at the beginning of this post and not just slap up some new figurine images but I can’t resist. Below is Uatu the Watcher.

As you can see from the image we’ve gone for the version of the Watcher best characterised in John Byrne’s run on the Fantastic Four. With the Watcher we’re very lucky that the costume has changed little since his first appearance in Fantastic Four # 13. However, we did go for the ‘baby’ style of head rather than the original ‘just a bald guy’ look. The obvious reason for this is that the look we’ve chosen has pretty much become the ‘official’ Uatu look and has been used to illustrate him more times than any other.

If you’re wondering what the original Watcher looked like check out the image below.

Ok, I’m off again now but I’m going to make sure you get another update next week, I should have the Madrox figure in by then.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

The Professor is in.


I'm back once again after a bit of a break and once again I've got some fantastic news regarding the specials.

First up I have some images of Professor Xavier and Lilandra (please forgive my photoshop skills or lack of). For anyone who doesn't know, these two figures are going to be our first (and hopefully not the last) double pack. I hope everyone likes the figures as much as I do.

Second I have some news regarding our next special after Prof. X. This special is going to be another mega special and we've gone with the Watcher. I know that Onslaught narrowly beat Watcher in the vote but as we had an X-Men foe as our last special (Sentinel) and we will have also just had Professor Xavier's special, we thought we'd give another branch of the MU it's turn. Sculpting has already begun on the figure and I hope to have a few images up within the next week.

Right well that's your lot, I promise to be back a little sooner next time and hopefully I can give a definitive yes or no to the series extension.