Friday, 27 April 2012

Fighting talk!

No firm news about the extension as yet. Sorry for the flippant comments last week, seems to have caused quite a stir. Let's all just wait for the final decision. Que sera sera... Cheers. Dan

Friday, 20 April 2012

I'm back from Easter refreshed and ready to go... I promised a good one so here goes: Dene Mason's amazing DEATHBIRD: Words cannot express the beauty of this sculpt...
I was initially worried about the wings being awkward and getting in the way, but Dene's deft touch has dispelled my fears. One of my favourites of the extension thus far!
MIRAGE: This is the original paint job (above). As much as it rocks I thought it would be better in the same colour scheme as Magik, so the updated version is below... (bad photography and all.)
The original black look we went for was rejected by marvel (above), so a more sympathic version to the comics was tried (below). We have since darkened the blue version a wee bit more, but I'm happy with the change.
Steve Butler's Trapster cover roughs:
We went with this one...
Ant Williams' Swordsman cover...
More next week! Ciao for now.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easter Blog

Not much to say this week as we wind it down for Easter, Peter Hutchins kindly sent us his own shots of Wiccan & co. for us to see, Thanks Pete.
Looking forward to your Hela sculpt! :)

Unfortunately there will be no update next week as I'm off to sunny Wales for a week! But I promise a nice juicy one the week after.

PS. For those of you wanting to buy back issues and specials direct from Eaglemoss we have a new online shop with a pretty comprehensive list.

See you soon.

Dan ;)