Friday, 20 April 2012

I'm back from Easter refreshed and ready to go... I promised a good one so here goes: Dene Mason's amazing DEATHBIRD: Words cannot express the beauty of this sculpt...
I was initially worried about the wings being awkward and getting in the way, but Dene's deft touch has dispelled my fears. One of my favourites of the extension thus far!
MIRAGE: This is the original paint job (above). As much as it rocks I thought it would be better in the same colour scheme as Magik, so the updated version is below... (bad photography and all.)
The original black look we went for was rejected by marvel (above), so a more sympathic version to the comics was tried (below). We have since darkened the blue version a wee bit more, but I'm happy with the change.
Steve Butler's Trapster cover roughs:
We went with this one...
Ant Williams' Swordsman cover...
More next week! Ciao for now.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant update! All look ace as always

LarryS said...

That was quite juicy, Dan, but hopefully next week will be the extra-strength juice (about extension 201-220) we've all been craving.

Has been an increadible 24 hours for me. Yesterday at Vue Westfield Avengers premiere, the Marvel judges were so impressed by my seven year old's Hulk impression, plus my attempt at a costume, that we were hauled onto the stage alongside a dozen other cosplay winners ... And given free tickets to the movie showing that started a few minutes later. And what a mind boggling movie, by far the most perfect big screen interpretation of super heroics yet attempted. Plus got most of the cast to sign either Ben's Iron Man mask or Harry's cap America shield.

My recommendation... Make sure you get tickets fast for next Thursday before they sell out, and buy some for Friday and Saturday as well. One viewing simply won't be enough. It's epic, with great dialogue, on-the-nail characterisation, and unforgettable action sequences. Excelsior indeed!!!

If the movie is the big hit it deserves to be, there will be fans aplenty to buy the CMFC into the distant future.

And first up for the extension... Agent Coulsen, who has some of the very best lines and scenes in the entire film!!!

kissynose said...

Any consideration for Power Pack?
They have recently resurfaced in the Marvel Universe

SinisterVenom said...

A beautiful update Dan! Thank you! Also welcome back and hope you enjoyed your time off!
Deathbird looks stunning as we all knew she would be. The wings were done really well to make sure they don't get in the way of other figurines.
Mirage looks good too. I like the pose and the idea you went for, I'm just not a massive fan of the character. But it's still a great sculpt.
Spider-Man 2099, I love it, I really do! I think I kinda prefer him a little bit darker like in the first pics of him. But I think that's more down to playing the Shattered Dimensions game, he does look a little darker in that. Still fantastic either way.
I say you chose the best choice for Trapster's cover too. I'm sure the final piece will look terrific. Swordsman's cover is lovely and detailed too.
Still no news on a new extension yet? I am surprised! I think a lot of people thought this would be the update that would give us the confirmation! Hopefully not long left to wait now though...

fredpostman said...

Thanks Dan hope you had a great holiday
LOCKJAW soon please
Next extension announced soon as well.

Sage said...

Mirage looks great painted but the original paint job before you changed it looked better imo.

Deathbird looks like an amazing sculpt.

Spider-Man 2099 looks good also.

SinisterVenom said...

Dan's not the only one with a nice update today folks. Check out what I've just posted on my page...

I've only gone and completed the Avengers pic haven't I! :D

I've put some info on there about the prints too. I'll be sorting them out soon :)

Paul said...

What a great update and well worth the wait. Being an X fan for many years Deathbird is a great sculpt and will look awesome beside Gladiator and Lillandra. Having just started reading New Mutants and Runaways I love Dani but would have prefered the darker colors but matching Magik is wise for continuity. Can't wait for Nico.

Hopefully next week word on the extention and confirmation that we will finally get Lockjaw as the first special to finish the royal family.

Thanks for the heads up LarryS for the review of the Avenger's. We have to wait till May 4 here across the pond and I'm already planning a big night.

deamon said...

Where is her crown?
Deathbird has to have crown.

Mirage and SM 2099 looks great.

Hope You will confirm extension 201-220 next week.

max_0888 said...

Wow awesome update indeed!!

Deathbird looks stunning. Really a standout imo. She could become one of my fave. She's going to look great on my cosmic display along Lilandra and Gladiator.

Dani also looks very good. The sculpt definitely looks better with color. Now bring on Magma and Sunspot.

Not knowing Spider-man 2099, I prefer the black version. But I guess the blue version is the real color. Still, the sculpt is ace!

All three of them are excellent figs, so I can't wait to have the next extansion's announcement to see who else will get the lead treatment.

Swordsman's cover is great work too. I love those covers with new art. My fave of them is still Destiny, followed closely by Spiral's.

I've also just re-read my Runaways hardcover and I must say I am even more excited about getting Nico now. Please, make Karolina Dean to go with her. Karolina's glowing power would look awesome imo!

So thanks once again for this great update Dan, and welcome back!

Blog Master Dan said...

Avengers (Assembled) sounds great, we had 2 premiere tickets offered to the bosses here at EM (one was turned down!!!!!)

We went with the pre-queen version of Deathbird.

We are still waiting for the news on an extension. Seems they are running the numbers and hopefully news will be imminent. Due to recent production costs going up, I am actually doubtful we will get one!


deamon said...

But Deathbird should look majestic, needs crown.

Banshee said...

Deathbird looks amazing. If the paintwork is as good as the sculpt we could have a contender for Spiral for the best figurine in the collection!!

Mirage looks great too. Is it me or does she look a little like the late Amy Whinehouse in her face??

I too prefer the darker SM2099 but I guess the blue is the more used colour. He's still a fantastic sculpt.

The Trapster and Swordsman covers are great. Swordsman in particular is looking cracking!!

Doubtful of an extension Dan?? NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I for one would pay more for a continuation of this collection. Have the bosses at the towers considered raising the price to help the collection continue??

max_0888 said...

Doubtful of another extansion? That is the worst news!!!!! Everything seemed to be looking good for a new marvel extansion...

I can't believe this. I'd pay a few bucks more to keep this collection going, but please at least another one...

Osvaldoeaf said...

Oh no, Dan! Not now that I was finally so close to getting my favorite character!!!! Wow, this is just bad! I too would pay more for the CMFC to go on!

deamon said...

If new extension is doubtful, this is the worst day this year.

,,production costs going up"
1.Rise price of figurines.
2.More than 5 years since begin of CMFC, and people from out of UK still can't buy figurines in official shop, this has to be changed.

Banshee said...

P.S prefered the golden Mirage costume. She still looks epic though :-)

mighty_marvel said...

deathbid looks like she will be an amazing fig. great job on her.

preferred the original paint jobs on both mirage and spiderman 2099 personally. pity they were changed.

can't believe with the quality of the figs the cmfc is now producing, and how easily we have gotten extensions up to now, that there is even a possibility that it will be cancelled. i thought that there was easily enough solid and saleable characters for at least 2 more extensions before the issue of cancellation reared its ugly head.

please do whatever it takes to make this collection continue. raise the cover price, charge for delivery, use more resin, reduce the pages in the mags, whatever it takes. or maybe with the threat of no collection at all, more customers will be more willing to accept resculpts in the main line.

Thor8 said...

Welcome back Dan,but is this welcome back just a temporary one if we do not get another extension?

I believe that this collection stil has enough well known characters to get us up to at least #250 and a few extra specials to boot.
I can't believe this collection will probably come to an end without seeing all time greats like The Warriors Three Skurge,Heimdall,Destroyer,USAgent,Whirlwind,Grey Gargoyle,Mastermind,Mimic,Hyperion,Doc Spectrum,and many,many more that I could easily mention needed in this collection.

This could be the worst update I have ever read due to this.

Osvaldoeaf said...

And to think we were all so worried about making sure our favorite characters got picked we never even considered the possibility of not having a new extension at all! Judging from everyone's excitement, I guess no one saw this coming! What a bad day!

Kal Brindle said...

Dan oh promise us a juicy update, then casually mention we may not see another extension in your comments - dude that's harsh!

I know we are a scrappy lot who probably drive you a little nuts, but that could have been handled better. LOL

Hopefully the bean-counters will arrive at a happy number and allow another extension yet. Until we hear otherwise I am going to assume there's life left in the old girl yet.

Onto the update. Deathbird does indeed look spectacular! My compliments to your entire team on a truly sublime representation of this character. Gremlin is going to be VERY happy I think.

Mirage looks aces too - while I preferred the darker paint of the first picture, I am sure standing alongside Magik I'll be happy with your choice.

Spiderman 2099 - not a character I know anything about, but I prefer the lighter blue over the navy too. Looking forward to reading his mag, so I can find out more about this guy.

Trapster's cover looks great - another great choice and Swordsman is one of my most anticipated releases to date. Bravo.

I hope you had an awesome vacation - I wish you had more definitive and positive news about the next extension. Like everyone else I would shell out more of my hard earned cash to see this collection continue. Perhaps another letter campaign is required, though the last one for the DC collection hasn't seemed to have made a difference.

If this is the end I will be extremely sad that Grey Gargoyle, Baron Mordo, Marrina, Count Nefaria, the Two Gun Kid, the Texas Twister, Clea, Dust, Lockjaw and so many others didn't make it in in time. However I'll also be grateful that you and your colleagues gave us the best and most extensive Marvel figurine collection you could. The CMFC holds pride of place in my home office and brings me incredible joy. So thanks Dan, Rich, Sven, Alan and everybody else we've never met or heard about.

I will keep my fingers crossed in the mean time, all I ask is that if this is the end please let us know and don't leave us hanging as the DC collectors have been left.

How about squeezing a Colleen Wing/Misty Knight two pack in just to be cheeky?

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Welcome back Dan.

A truly beautiful sculpt. The circular dynamism in her wings is spectacular. If, like I hope, the paintjob can replicate the multi-colored feathers seen on the comic page, then she's going to look superb.

She's turned out awesome, and it's great how her eyes are intently focused on the trajectory of the arrow. I see that the first paintjob used gold paint. She looked amazing like that, but gold is not a Marvel canon for her costume, I don't think.

Very nice, especially the wings and the intricate logo/patterns on his chest. His pose, however, continues to be a bit too gracious, like a Rudolf Nureyev starring in a futuristic Swan Lake ballet.

This observation is a tragedy. How can this collection end? There are at least 200 characters that are as interesting and important as the 200 covered so far. Interest in the Marvel Universe is at its high worlwide, and the collection could attract plenty more new collectors. It should become a permanent exploration of the MU, wave after wave, like Heroclix. Most importantly, the figurines produced under your direction for extension 181-200 are magnificent. I predict they will boost sales. EM should give extension 181-200 a chance to prove that the CMFC can be a phenomenon. I understand the logic of profit is important to any business, so why not increase the cost. £6.99 or even £7.99 per figure. Maybe keep £5.99 for subscribers and sell at £7.99 to non-subscribers. C'mon. People know you have never increased prices until now, which is a miracle. I'm sure everybody would be willing to pay a bit more to keep this legendary collection going. C'mon EM. You have created a collection that will go down in history as the ultimate dream for Marvel fans. Do not stop this fantastic endeavour. Please.

sed tallis said...

Well you could knock me down with a shitty cloot. Never saw that coming.
A letter in every subby box explaining the situation would be your best hope. A few dozen folk from the blog/forum offering to sell cookies ain't going to change dick.
I know a price hike would require subscribers to resubscribe which is why you would never normally do this. But hey!, if we are at the last chance saloon, at least TRY.
Your longstanding (sometimes derided) subscribers may just surprise you.

TheTooN said...

I'd happily pay £10 a pop or even more to keep the collection going.

I really dont feel like saying much about the previews after that bombshell.

fredpostman said...

Raise the cover price;its been the same for 7 years;please don't cancel until at least no 300 (there's loads of characters not made yet).
I feel depressed...

Robert said...

Sneak peaks of figures and covers look great.

As for this collection going down the swanee, I'd actually not be surprised in the slightest. Never been impressed by the marketing (what marketing?) or the global availability (don't make me laugh) of this collection.

I'm quite sure this collection has the legs to keep going but until Eaglemoss notice, for instance, the rather large continent called "America" may be a useful place to sell these figures, it was always going to fall down prematurely. (Yes, I appreciate that using lead causes problems: use resin.)

We should probably be amazed it lasted as long. The fanbase - especially the subscribers and devoted fans who cannot order and have to go to silly lengths and pay silly money over eBay, etc. - have probably kept it going. The CMFC is still around today DESPITE Eaglemoss's marketing "skills", rather than because of them. It's a great shame, especialy when you consider the fantastic job Dan does with this blog and the efforts of others behind the scenes to make some great looking figurines.

Thor8 said...

People might get the wrng idea because Robrt and I always seem to agrre with one another,but the truth is Robert has expressed in his post the same thing I've been thinking. How this collection has made it this far with the poor markeing and advertisement it has been given thus far is nothing short of a miracle. I sometimes wonder if Marvel itself has not been an obstacle in order to see this collection end so they can then start one of their own in the USA where they will through mass marketing and advertisement make a bigger profit.

I had a feeling this anoucement was just around the corner due to the fact of no mention of future extensions for such a long period of time. No reply when questions were asked about this subject,and hints and curves thrown our way that sounded like cancelation. I just hope EM will give us an extra mile before they call it a day (D-DAY,that is)

tinodragon14 said...

Well Dan I am saddened to read your comments about no more extensions. I really wanted a WHIRLWIND figure. No ATTUMA, No MOLTEN MAN, No COBRA & MR. HYDE, No STILT-MAN, No BLIZZARD, No TOMBSTONE, No BARON MORDO, No BLASTAAR, No WARRIORS THREE, No MASTERMIND, No MELTER, No SCARECROW & on & on. No go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LarryS said...

I think most of rural Berkshire heard the shrieks of horror from chez Larry.

Daniel - what has changed since the days when you drip-fed us positive hints such as:
- There would be a cowboy in the extension
- There would be a golden ager
- High Evolutionary, Baron Mordo and Jackal were personal favourites of yours for inclusion
- There might be a couple of re-sculpts if an extension was green lit.

I'd love it if my local petrol station charged the same for a gallon of fuel as seven years ago. Or if a pint of Guinness at the Wheatsheaf was unchanged over the period. Or a ticket to see my team humiliated in the FA Cup. But we all know prices go up so businesses can continue. Sheesh, postage costs are going up by a bazillion per cent next month. We've all been dazzled that you've managed to keep the price unchanged for so long, and I add my vote to those who would accept an increase in return for more issues!!

jimbob said...

DEATHBIRD - Looks great,nice pose.

MOONSTAR - I actually prefer the gold paint to the 2nd choice, the second paint job does look like a custom job.Since Canonball and Magik costumes does not match, it would be nice for Moonstar to be diffrient as well.

LAWay said...

Nice update, ood to hear from you again! :)

Deathbird is a solid sculpt. I think you missed a sitter having the legs together and the spread legs kills the pose. The top half is so dynamic, and the legs are just...there. No character to them, dont do anything for the pose, its like 2 figurines have been glued together at the hip. Would have been nice to see an expression to go with such a dynamic pose. Its a great sculpt, but bits and pieces are missing to make the character look good. I am still worrying about the wings and how she will sit on display, not only blocking out people behind her, but actually fitting on a small shelf because of how much height those wings add to her.

Again, the sculpt is great.

I didnt like Mirage, but that gold and black look is absolutely gorgeous! Then you say you change the colours to fit in with Magik. Terrible decision. So boring and dull looking now, so flat. Why concern yourself with continuity when others before havent fitted together.

Spiderman 2099...brilliant!!! What a fantastic colour scheme...oh...changed as well? Dammit! A shame marvel rejected that one, and shame a compromise couldnt be made. The darker colour brought out so much more detail.

Trapster cover, great choice, best one of the lot by a mile!

So nice update. Some dodgy decisions ruined a few things, which is a shame, but a nice update.

And sad to hear about inklings of the end is near. I am not too surprised though, and think it is for the best. Every character was never going to get made. With costs going up, and the price staying the same, the money people must want to bail out and make something more profitable, preferably using resin next time I would imagine. Also probably looking to fix their marketing mistakes and embrace the likes of social media and conventions if they have any sense.

We've had an amazing run though. 200. Who else can say that huh? I just hope you guys stay on the next Marvel project as you have so much information from us fans. I certainly wont be going anywhere. New Marvel line, I'll subscribe on day 1.

And Larry S, cheers for the Avengers 'review'. Sounds so exciting, I am so jealous, cant wait for the film! Cant believe someone in EM turned it down. Cant believe they got an invite to be honest! lol If Marvel are throwing you bones like that, how come there hasnt been support to appear at conventions and promote the product more?

You know what, a Special movie Avengers Hulk would be a nice finish, or a movie boxset in general. ;)

Robert said...

I was reading Thor's comments and it also occurred to me that when we say goodbye to the collection, we say goodbye to each other, too. Hadn't thought about that before. Hmm. It's been a great ride, fellas. We've had countless laughs, arguments, anecdotes and craziness. There's been the wise Thor, F.F.F.-winning Bagman, humourless CBRBeast, potty-mouthed mosaic-maker Ted, uber-enthusiast Blake, controversy-stirrer Leigh, Disco Jacadoo (he loves the '70s, like me) and, of course, the indescribable Mad Thinker, to name but a few.

Actually, that reminds me: I haven't watched "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" for a while...

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Guys, enough with this nonsense about EM not selling more or better in the USA and internationally. Has it ever dawned on you that Marvel may have given EM a limited licence to market only in the UK or other specific countries? Marvel are likely to have several exclusive licencing agreements with other US manufacturers and cannot licence product lines that compete with them. C'mon guys, do you really think it possible that a well-established business like EM doesn't know how to make the most of licenced characters. C'mon.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

And c'mon guys!. Let's not be so accepting of the possibility that the CMFC may be ending. I totally and categorically disagree that the end would be for the best. Why on earth would that be the case? What? A tacky chess collection where ludicrous gigantic bases take up half the weight in resin and the figures look like McDonald's Kids Meal toys? C'mon! The best possible scenario is that the CMFC continues to explore the Marvel Universe and give us more and more of the great characters still left to cover. Price increase, or all resin if necessary. And some redos, of course. But in any case the collection should continue to expand, continue to create sculpts that have an artistic quality, continue to accompany each figure with a magazine that contains the best character iconography and info around. More of this, please! More extensions, please please please EM.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Dan, how about sending a questionnaire to subscribers and also include one in the magazines?
You should ask something along these lines ...

We want to know if you'd be willing to continue our unique exploration of the Marvel Universe and, if so, whether you'd be willing to support the CMFC mission by accepting a slight price increase necessary to the commercial viability of this product. You have Capitan America. Would you like Armin Zola and Baron Strucker? You have Doctor Strange. Would you like Baron Mordo, Clea and Gargoyle? You have Thor. Would you like the Warriors Three? You have Cannonball and Mirage. Would you like Sunspot and Magma? And so on. There are so many amazing characters that we can still cover and they'd would enrich your existing collection turning it into virtually one of the best, most complete and most exciting Marvel figurine collection where all characters are produced in a consistent format, and each of them is given the star treatment by talented sculptors. We can continue to expand your CMFC, but in order to do this, prices must be aligned with the current economy. Each issue will cost £7.99. If you want to expand your CMFC, please let us know. We look forward to continuing our exploration of the Marvel Universe and the collection needs your support.

Yeah, something along these lines.
Need I say? My answer is YES!

LarryS said...

My answer is yes.

Two votes in favour

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

PS. Of course it's not like I want the price increase, but it wouldn't be shocking, as £5.99 is nothing but a miracle. £6.99 or even £7.99 would be totally worth it if it can keep EM bosses happy whilst keeping all Marvel fans happy at the same time.
Oh, Dan, you really shouldn't have posted that nonchalant and cryptic comment in the blog today! Somebody please shoot me with a tranquilizer dart right now, or I'll keep posting message after message. Aaargh!!!

tinodragon14 said...

Don't know pounds to dollars Blake. Here in the US the Marvel Collection was 12 dollars per regular figure then went up to 14 dollars per figure before taxes of course. Yes, I would pay a dollar or 2 more per figure. I was hoping they would at least extend it to 250. I'm very disappointed to miss out on some great villains that are left to do.

LAWay said...

I just figure, a new collection will redo some of the most popular marvel characters, and then they will include ones that havent made it in CMFC.

It'll be the same, but cheaper to produce, more expensive to buy, and probably marketed better.

sed tallis said...

The end although inevetable at some point still came as a surprise , a bit like an old relative suddenly popping her clogs, we all knew aunt Maude was in her early 80's but she looked amazing for her age and was filled with vim and vigour that would put most folk halve her age to shame, we thought another extension was guaranteed, no one saw her cancelation coming.
A reboot of some sort may well rise from the ashes, that's for you young rich single types. I have neither the money nor inclination to start all over .way back in 2005, I was struggling to imagine what 2 full plinths would look like .200 issues and £2000 later seems to have a nice final ring to it.

Francesco said...

I just read that due to recent production costs going up, EM is actually doubtful about a new extension!

Please, try with this one as 201-220 extension (and 5 specials)!

I'm sure it'll such a success EM will continue at least until 250!

1. Warlock
2. Silver Samurai
3. Selene
4. Goblin Queen
5. Mantis
6. Hate Monger
7. Grey Gargoyle
8. Tarantula
9. US Agent
10. High Evolutionary
11. Krang
12. Arnim Zola
13. Jackal
14. Emplate
15. Diamondback
16. Arnim Zola
17. Nova
18. Darkstar
19. Marrina
20. Thundra

And specials:

1. the Destroyer
2. the Executioner
3. Blastaar
4. Wendigo
5. Stilt-Man

LAWay said...

I dont think any extension list will make a difference, not if we are talking profit margins, not even a redo of the first 20 would make a difference, not without marketing to appeal to new fans or changing lead to resin.

If the sales arent enough to push those profit margins higher, they aint going to change now. (which might not even be the case, it could be selling well, but profits are just not high enough due to production costs.)

LarryS said...

I've been reflecting on the horror rating of the following examples of 'digital media shock':

1. Being told by blog the beloved CMFC may end
2. Being fired by email
3. Being divorced by text message

I've decided number 1 definitely takes top spot on the terror scale. Way more frightening that losing job or wife, to be sure.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Indeed, the issue here is that the CMFC needs to generate significant profit margins to be commercially viable.

It's not strictly about how many figurines are sold. It's about the profit margin generated. Imagine that a figurine costs EM £5.00 to produce and ship. A £0.99 margin is not great.

Now, of course I don't know exactly how much it costs to produce a figurine, but we can be certain that the profit margin has become too small.

Considering how many people are still passionate about the CMFC, and the known fact that subscription renewals have been steady and reliable, plus how many new collectors can be attracted now that Marvel heroes are experiencing a peak of popularity, EM bosses should simply consider a price increase to keep the collection going.

Surely the dilemma for EM is that they know so many people want to continue to collect, and I'm sure they know the CMFC is a fantastic product that EM as a company can be proud of, but the shrinking profit margins are making it difficult to sustain it. The answer to this dilemma can be as simple as a price increase.

Simon West said...

Sad new about the possible end of this collection, although surely there are options to look at such as dropping led in favor of all resin figures and a price increase if necessary, im sure most collectors would gladly accept that option over finishing the series with figures left wanted still (Even though i doubt we could ever please everyones wish list).
As for the update.. i prefered the darker spidey 2099 too and original mirage paintwork but both look great.

(still wishing for 'vengence' & 'Sleepwalker')

great work as always

sed tallis said...

Blake , when a price increase was discussed sometime ago , it was either Dan or Rich who mentioned the probable drop off as subscribers would have to resubmit credit card details ,the thinking being that this far into the collection , EM would not wish to risk losing a large chunk of their subscriber base.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

What's in £5.99
Have you ever considered how many things are covered by £5.99? I still find it miraculous that the price is so small. It pays for all this ...

1. Character research > profile, history, timeline, archive images, costume design, etc.

2. Editorial work > write the actual articles / edit images / compose the entire magazine.

3. Cover art > an artist is paid to create an original pin-up image of the character for the mag cover.

4. Paper and printing materials needed for the mag.

5. Sculpt work > an artist is paid to create these amazing figurines.

6. Preparation of molding process to mass produce the figurine.

7. The lead and/or resin.

8. The base embossed with Marvel logo and the sticker underneath with name and serial number.

9. Produce the plastic and cardboard packaging.

10. Paint job > all figurines are painted manually.

11. The color paint itself.

12. Packaging > each figurine is carefully packaged in its plastic bubble and box, then in the bag with the magazine.

13. Shipping to retailers / mailing to subscribers.

14. A percentage paid to the retailer.

15. Marvel licence. I'm sure it doesn't come cheap!

16. And of course the salaries for the amazing, passionate, superb EM staff working on the CMFC.

Considering this, and probably more things I've forgotten, I always found it astonishing that we only pay £5.99. Even more so now that EM bosses are crunching numbers and the CMFC needs to be proven commercially viable.

Deadpool said...

Hi guys ....

Having spent some time with a Syrian guy recently I'm now free to post a few comments.

The mossmen must ask the subsriber base to agree to a new cover price.

Expand the subscriber base in to other countries.

The new extension should be approved in resin.

The Shi-Devil has been getting me the Batman chess figures and I am happy for her to pay £8.99 on my behalf.

I'll happily continue the marvel collection at £8.99.

Sort out the telephone order line and the much maligned debit card issue on the webite.

If the suits kill the Marvel collection, all subscribers should boycott the other Eaglemoss collections.

For me that's 3 subscriptions to cancel and I don't bluff.

Let's exercise our special powers here - the power of a united consumer base.

Basically, if the Eaglemoss suits are going to butt f**k the consumers, then lets give them a taste of their own medicine with a boycott.

Yours Truly


PS... I'm going to Russia soon... lucky me :(
I've already made some useful contacts.

Bagman said...

Dan said ---
"Due to recent production costs going up, I am actually DOUBTFUL we will get one!"
"DOUTBFUL" being the key word here, not SURE,not GUARENTEED, not FOR DEFINITE.
Seems to be be a lot of "chicken little's" on here -- THE SKY IS FALLING. THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!.
Why not wait until we know something concrete people.

Ken said...

Dear Dan & CMFC,

I agree with BlakeNewman. I absolutely love this collection and it would sadden me to see it end at 200 figurines when there are so many great characters that have not been made yet such as High Evolutionary, Jigsaw, Darkhawk, Baron Mordo, Silver Samurai, etc. I would gladly pay an extra 10% or even 20% more for each figurine so that we can see another extension or two! Dan please pass on this message, thank you!

New York City

mgf said...

For goodness sake, EM, put the damn price up.

Some here have been asking you go do so for a couple of years. There cannot be many organisations who are implored to increase the cost to the consumer, and fewer still who have kept prices static for seven years. I understand the concerns that may raise but if it is possibly ending anyway what is there to lose?

Presumably the moment a cancellation is announced a proportion of the subscribers jump ship. After all, many subbies do so to keep the CMFC going in the hope of getting more of the ones they want. If you won't get Whirlwind or Lockjaw why waste cash on another generic female? For example.

So much for the "X-Men keep the collection alive" argument too. Stuff and nonsense from the get go.

sed tallis said...

Capodimonte, will fill the gaps on my shelf. Charming they are.
"Chicken little wusn't making nothing but noise waiting for the sky to fall" excellent song.
Dundee Utd just beat St Johnstone 2-0, so I will need all available cash for the Terrors European campaign.
Love youz
Thinkin o youz
Stay strong girls
Am here fur yeez

Bagman said...

Hmm.. sorry Ted did that mean a Wegie(via Oz, Kylie. Danii, etc...) was agreeing with a Dundonian?
To busy watching S.O.A.

mgf said...

The Terrors European campaign? A narrow defeat to Havnar Boltfelag? Come on Ted, you know you want Sage and Dust, and errrr... An 'ole, before a run in Der Europa League. ;-)

The Mad Thinker said...

Deathbird may look good but those wings are definately going to cause problems when displaying her with other figurines.
She may have to go at the back of our displays.

Spiderman 2099 looked better with the first paint job and should not have been changed.

Mirage looks great.

LarryS said...

On the one hand, the word "doubtful" bears all the hallmarks of a classic softening-up exercise (to borrow a phrase from the dreaded world of PR).

On the other hand, Marvel is all about overcoming insurmountable odds and keeping the faith in the face of apparent disaster. So, as long as a glimmer of hope remains, let's keep the faith!

EM: the reason people subscribe is, self-evidently, they are enthusiasts. So a massive subbie lapse rate due to a modest price hike is surely a false fear. But why put subbies on standing orders anyway? Direct debits are far more flexible and avoid the need for a formal change process. (EM sure gets a lot of free marketing consultancy on this blog site.)

Victor said...

I'd pay a few bucks more to keep this collection going, but please at least another one...

Victor said...

If EM uses high production costs as an excuse to cancel the collection, then take note EM:
I WILL NOT BE BUYING your chess sets or any other stuff that you put out after the CMFC ends.

jimbob said...

Why not make this collection the same price as the DC collection??

Maybe it's time to include Variants??

There are still specials EM can do well with sales.

michael said...

Moonstar DID look amazing, don't know why you changed the paint scheme!

I get the point about Magik, but even if the colour scheme is the same, the costume is stll from a different era so they still won't "match". I think Moonstar should just be in the best colour scheme for her individual character, and I think that is definitely the original paint job!! Hope it gets changed back, the second one looks a bit amateur...great figure though!

Barnabas said...

So the collection 'may' be coming to it's end. All things end at some point that's the nature of the beast.

But I was just pondering this.

To my thinking not that many people will jump upon a collection that is 200 issues in, so cancel it.......And relaunch as a series of limited edition sets. Say 20 figures per set, plus 1 or 2 specials. So they have a definite end point. The price can be adjusted between sets if necessary and they can be tailored in different ways.
For example......

The Golden Age Set. All the classic looks from the Atlas/Timely era.
The Kitby/Ditko Set. Sculpts based on these two founding artists artwork.

You get the idea. That way, if a set fails, you know the end point. If it is a success, it can be extended or a second set produced.

That would also give scope for characters in their various costumes. And it would give regular slots for TV as a new set.


LAWay said...

I agree with Barnabas.

Relaunch. Have a Jim Lee Xmen set of 5-10 characters. See how it sells. Sales good, do an Avengers box set. An Ultimates boxset etc etc until the sales decline. I am sure many areas can be covered that would cater for new fans, old fans wanting redos, and squeezing in new characters never made before for old CMFC collectors.

must be resin.

Guilherme said...

Dan, I loved Deathbird Figurine, it's superb!!!! Moonstar first paint (black) is the best option, please stay with it!!! As someone told before, Magik uniform is from another time and they won't match anyway... Also, aWesome sculpt and paint job given to Spider Man 2099 on both ones!!! For last, that's one for EM: raise the cover price and keep the collection going on!!! Or use less lead and more resin. Pleeeease!!!!

fredpostman said...

I have been collecting the figures to reach this point;where the more obscure characters are made (er...Mr Hyde/Attuma/Lockjaw/Cobra/Mantis/High Evoloutionary...etc)so to end now would be very heart breaking because i wouldn't start again with a collection relauch;life's to short isn't it?
Raise the price and keep the collection going PLEASE!!!!
How i would swop the Sentry for any of the above....

Simon West said...

i hate the idea of cancelling the series only to relaunch making specific artists/collections.
it sounds like people trying to put an idea across that suits their wants/needs.. i.e. xmen sets.

Dont get me wrong theres been quite a few figure i have had from this collection i though 'Who?' but i wouldnt leave them out.
If it were to relaunch i think you could count me out as i'd see that as more of a money making option and not genuinly in the collectors best interests.

Barnabas said...

My ideas of sets were only as examples off the top of my head. I don't have a specific agenda regarding what should be released.
The only two figures I would want are Peter Parker and Mary Jane.
If the series was going to be cancelled, why would you not continue to collect the figures you want just as a subset type release? And at an adjustable cost if necessary. My only thought is to please the bean counters and we get to keep collecting.


LAWay said...

Personally I dont understand the idea of:

'oh, if this was relaunched, I wouldnt collect. It spits in the face of the fans.'

The fans of Marvel? Giving them a new product? Something new where new fans can get involved from the get go with characters they know and love. With characters WE ALL know and love.

I can understand seeing spider-man, and if he looked exactly the same, fine, dont buy it. But if its a gorgeous pose and sculpt, I wont turn it down. The EM guys have come a looooooooooong way since the beginning of the series, and seeing old faces redone in new poses and costumes in better quality sculpts would be fantastic!

If people intend on collecting the CMFC until it reaches 500 (!?) what is wrong with starting something new after 200, with the hindsight of knowing what costumes people want, what sort of poses people like, the interactivity EM have with us now, and what characters who havent been done before which can be squeezed in. By the time a new product reaches 200 I am sure it would have covered all those characters we have wanted to see in that crazy 500 extension dream.

But anyway. No no product is guaranteed, and no cancellation of the CMFC is guaranteed either. So lets not get hopes up or down, we still have a a year or 2 before the current extension is completed.

LarryS said...

Well, Dan certainly stirred the pot with his aside on Friday, that's for sure!

Dan, as you have probably noticed ... you've driven us all into a hyper-drive of speculation, assumption, gossip and scenario-making.

It would be cruel and unusual punishment to leave us in suspense for too much longer. Howzabout an early update during the coming week to lift the veil a tad and give your loyal followers a bit more info on likely developments...

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

OK, let's cast aside any doubts about future CMFC extensions.
I'm optimistic, there will be more! So let's look at some of the awesome characters that can be featured. Let's look at this week's

The Savage She-Hulk has been in the Frightful Four, fought the Intelligentia, teamed up with Hulk, sided with Namor against Attuma in Fear Itself. She's ace.

One of the most powerful and iconic representatives of the Serpent Society, well deserving of a slot in the CMFC.

Also known as Phoenix IX, this curveball choice is a Galactic Guardian, offshoot of the Guardians of the Galaxy. He makes an awesome figurine. Check him out.

Strong Guy
Despite the lame name, Guido is a cool character and a must-have in any New Mutants/X Factor display.
Check the virtual fig. You'll agree that he'd be great.

Not just an alternate future alter-ego of Adam Warlock. Magus is a character in his own right, a terrific villain who played crucial roles in the Marvel universe.

A classic Iron-Man enemy is long overdue in the CMFC and Unicorn is the perfect next candidate for inclusion. Simple, yet great design that'd make a fab fig.

Brother Voodoo
How on earth is he not already in the CMFC? OK, maybe he competes with his brother Doctor Voodoo for inclusion. But he's the original. A great supernatural character
with iconic design that'd make an outstanding fig.

Just check them out here

I, for one, would be happy to see a price increase if it means that the CMFC can continue to cover more and more of the fascinating Marvel characters we love.

sed tallis said...

Av been twatting all day , and there has been a fair "buzz" surrounding The Shadow#1, so i'm going to purchase it on the say so of some twatters tweetings.
Yo EM your dead to me.
I broke the news to Pirate Adam concerning the possible future of the cmfc. I'm sorry to have to tell you ... he did not take the news well. He.....he.

europa league ? pah! champins league mare like :)

mgf said...

I don't see the point of getting 200 issues into an iconic and important (I thought) collection only to relaunch it and start back over again, with many of the same characters we already have in perhaps different outfits and poses, something we have discussed as part of the current collection ad nauseum, to be met with deafening silence.

Down the years we have come up with idea after idea to reinvigorate the collection, from redos, to team packs, to alternate realities, to price increases, and barely a word back from EM. Now possibly the redo idea will be taken to its illogical extent of starting the whole damn thing again? Yeah, good luck with that. Resin and £7.99 anyone?

Now we hear of the potential cancellation of the CMFC, nigh on two months after a similar scare on the DC collection, which remains unresolved, by the way.

It strikes me EM management and marketing don't really know what to do, so are twiddling their thumbs until they have no choice but to make a decision. That usually ends in a negative result in my experience.

What exactly have marketing done to aid this collection by the way? Oh, yes, I remember. They don't like ducks, and think the future lies with full breasted attractive women. It does. IN THE REAL WORLD. Not in this collection.

The chess set idea is a nonsense, compounded by the stupidity of making the figures out of scale to the CMFC and DCFC and with a different finish, you know, just as an additional "get stuffed" to any current collectors who might possibly wish to amalgamate one with the other. It will fail and it will deserve to. Draughts and tiddlywinks set to wow the folks Arbroath anytime soon perhaps?

It is a little disconcerting when the fanbase seem to value the collection more than the company which produces it.

You produce a great product based on a licence from a world famous organisation which produces a couple of hundred thousand comics a month and you don't take out a page advertisement? Ever? Bizarre. No, worse. Inept.

Most of us here have between one and two thousand to invest in new extensions across both collections. If that isn't sufficient, here is a radical idea: Make you minds up one way or another, because it is growing tedious, to the extent I'm beginning not to care.

sed tallis said...

It is bizzare,and frustrating,EM make a truly fantastic product,coveted by thousands of eager fans, who have discovered the collection despite EM's attempt to keep it's existence a secret.oh, and they won't accept debit cards if you want to buy their product.
The bloggers are Buford T Justice to EM's Junior

Osvaldoeaf said...

I'm sure a number of alternatives could be tried before canceliing on us! Price raising, resin...most of us would be willig to go with both if that's what it takes. Please, EM, at least one more extensions, like you gave the DC collection....the extension we were all so excited about and pretty much counting on! My weekend was kind of bad after reading that comment, hope to hear more positive news from you soon, Dan!

zombiedude13 said...

It is fairly obvious that the DC collection is dead. We have had no new updates, and the current extension is about to finish up.

Marvel still has some hope. They should switch to resin, and raise the price a few bucks to keep this going.

Ken said...

Spider Man 2099 looks better in the FIRST paint job.


Including myself, as well as what others have said already, we will gladly pay more if it means an extension for the CMFC.

LarryS said...

EM bosses turned down complementary ticket to Avengers premiere, notes Dan.

Says it all, really.

LAWay said...

I wonder if raising the price has other implications to people who stock it.

WOuld they then have to buy the magazine at a higher price? And if so, would they?

Its a simpler process to subscribers or people just buying from their online shop as the middle man is cut out, but maybe its abit more complicated than raising the price.

I also wonder how the DC chess set is doing, and whether its sales will have any effect on the future of the CMFC or another figurine collection in general. ALl resin, more expensive price tag, are people buying it or not?

I bought Batman because he was cheap. Planned on getting Catwoman, but after seeing her in shops I turned it down. £7.99 is expensive for something that isnt perfect.

John said...

Dan, leave the subscriber price the same and raise the price in shops. This will bring in more money, may attract more people to subscribe and people won't have to "resubscribe."

As a non-subscriber, of course I'll pay more than $14 a piece. These are cheap at the price they are. I think people expect it to cost more, so new customers won't frown upon a price increase. $16 sounds good. More than that may cause frowning. Is a $2 increase enough (they started at $12 in the states, so its technically a $4 increase from the original.)

Blake, thank you for Brother Voodoo! And personally, I really want Sidewinder. I've never even seen the actual Sidewinder in a comic, but I find the leader of the Serpent Society so fascinating, I'd be very interested in purchasing him. BUT, first we need Cobra, so we need a few more extensions, right, right?

John said...

Switch to resin and reduce the magazine page count.

John said...

*cough* actually advertise *cough*

I called about 10 comic shops looking for some missing figures the other weekend, and more than half of them hadn't even heard of the line. Again, the comic shops themselves hadn't even heard of them.

sed tallis said...

We shouldn't be too hard on EM's marketing strategy??
I mean there was that 15 second tv ad back in 2005.
EM , should go on Dragons Den ,show them this wonderful product that they make in a shed in cleethorpes and I'm sure the dragons will be tripping over themselves to Market them for you.

LAWay said...

Dont think EM have any control of the price of the product in shops. Obviously shop hands are tied with the price printed on the magazine cover, so they cant make up their own prices in the UK.

The US shops can changed their price to whatever they want as they are essentially supplying to demand. But EM wont make any of the profit from the price difference the shops will make.

I dont think reducing the amount of pages will change things all that much. They are already thin enough as they are with poorer quality paper than when we started. Take any more pages out and it will just be a leaflet. lol

You have to think resin is a big deal breaker since the big specials were made in it. But then charging £7.99 for the DC chess set makes you think are they really that much cheaper to produce?

Eaglemoss are know for the publications, I just wonder if this product really needs the magazine? Most comicshops in the US I visited, and Forbidden Planets in the UK, display the figurines in a nice glass cabinet, and the bagged mags look a mess. I wonder if the magazine could be ditched entirely so that the product can then be displayed on pegs or at counters near other marvel/collectible type products.

Or maybe reduce the size of the magazine to A5, get rid of the display boxes and package it in conventional card backing with plastic cover, much like Marvel Universe comic 2 packs. That way the product can sit on pegs in any toy shops and supermarkets and be near other marvel products so that it grabs people's eye more. Instead of a bi-weekly product, release 6 figurines per quarter like toy ranges.

Of course this is fantasy talk. Too far in to change now probably. Maybe for next time.

If you like my ideas, then I am looking for a job at the moment. ;)

Cheshire Cat said...

Now, since DC collection is already dead I can pay more for CMFC.
Don't you disappoint me guys like this again. DC collection death's
already been great loss for me.
Make it 6,99GPB and resin if you want - I don't care - I just want my
favorite characters to come and it sure is long way for them.

deamon said...

You can't compare CMFC with DC collection. In Marvel world there is 3x more characters than in DC world, so we should have at least 300 regulars in CMFC.

mgf said...

Has anyone done a Google Image search for "Monogram Marvel PVC" lately? Maybe that is why things appear so bleak for the CMFC.

The Mad Thinker said...

Another extension doubtful ?

Like I've said in the past , just release a 2nd series of the collection and put the price up if need be , I'm sure we'd all pay it just to keep these characters coming.
Or bring out some sub sets at a higher price.

It would be a shame to end this collection now when there are still so many characters left to be included , especially when it comes to the lack of villains.

List to follow ..............

Thor8 said...

Well,I believe that EM has gotten more than enough feedback that the subscribers and non-subsribers alike are willing to ay a higher price in order for this collection to continue. We have also stated that we are willing to support this collection made in a more economical material other than lead,infact changing from lead to resin might open the marketing doors to other countries suchas USA and the Carribean where the use of lead is restricted. So what do you say EM big wigs? Are you wiling to make these and other changes if need be to keep this collection going? Or are you just not bothered with it's continuation at all?

sed tallis said...

Happy St George's day to my lovely English neighbors,despite your strange fetish for being governed by inbred Flashman types , i find you quite quite adorable.
two mosaics to start, the Crow and Pete Sampras? I'll say yes to anything as the actress said to the bishop.
Enjoy your Faggots, yum yum

mgf said...

Och, thanks Ted. :-)

I celebrated by wearing my St George's flag Doc Martens today. and yes, we all miss that monocular Scots miserablist down here.

sed tallis said...

EM.I checked with the pub bore, he's a scientist/lawyer/workshy/playboy. He assures me that if i return 20 figs i don't like , then you in turn are duty bound to replace the 20 figs ,with a similar number of my choice .Otherwise you are violating a whole mess of my civil rights, i don't fully understand it all myself . I'm just a dizzy blonde.
I am returning
Impossible Man
Silver Sable
Cap Britain
Emma Frost
Absorbing Man
Marvel Girl
Omega Red
The Twins
in return please send me the following
Princess Python
Count Nefaria
High Evolutionary
The Recorder
Simon Garth
American Eagle
Kid Colt
Molten Man
The Jackal
Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.
Mr Theodore Sallis

Robert said...

Only ten?? (And I didn't buy the likes of Silver Sable!!)

And I am returning...
Impossible Man
Kazar and Sabu
and some other X-ers.

I'd gladly swap them for the Warriors Three, the Recorder, Pip the Troll, Tarantula and Ulysses Bloodstone for the mosaic-making maestro that is Ted.

SinisterVenom said...

Ok I've been quiet since hearing about Dan's bombshell the other day. But I like the idea of the latest list so I'll play along. I'm just gonna choose 10 though.

I would return:

Captain Birtain

And I would replace them with:

Baron Mordo
Silver Samurai
Molten Man


SinisterVenom said...

Oh and also EM, another thing that lost you money: that debit card problem on the CMFC main site!
Yeah you have a new shopping site now but even that already has it's faults and it's not doing you any favours.
Listen to us when we say when there's a problem, listen to us when we give suggestions to increase sales, listen to us when we say...PLEASE DON'T END THE CMFC COLLECTION JUST YET!!!
Ah, thank you. I feel much better now :)

John said...

I'll return Moondragon, Warlock and Gamora, and exchange them for their modern costumes.

Ken said...

Dear Dan,

I'd rather pay more than lower the integrity of the figurines by using resin or cutting back (or completely) the magazine attachment.

I LOVE the metallic aspect of the figurines and I LOVE the insightful and in-depth articles of the magazines!

And for gawd's sake, tell EM to market the CMFC better!
I live in NYC, the media capital of the world and I've only seen the CMFC in a handful of comic stores! No ads, no comics, no promotions, nuthin' :0(

mgf said...

Narrowed my returns down to a tight thirty something...

For the purposes of the following both Volstagg & Charlie-27 are Thing scale regulars, and I have assumed Marvel find Marvelman down the back of the sofa where they seem to have left him three years ago.

Rogue > Fandral
Blackheart > Volstagg
Lady Deathstrike > Hogun
Kitty Pryde > Grey Gargoyle
Emma Frost > Mimic
Cable > Blizzard
Psylocke > Molten Man
Havok > the real Havok
Bishop > Clea
Winter Soldier > Star Lord
Nico Minoru > Martinex
Blink > Charlie-27
Magik > Yondu
Cannonball > Starhawk
Forge > Jackal
Dazzler > Red Wolf (& Lobo?)
Typhoid Mary > Attuma
Domino > Air Walker
Titania > Maximus
X-Man > Whirlwind
Moonstone > Hyperion
Siryn > Whizzer
Longshot > Doctor Spectrum
Drax > the real Drax
Songbird > Torpedo
Wiccan > Marvelman
Danielle Moonstar > Boomerang
Mockingbird > Porcupine
Marvel Girl > Red Guardian
Wolfsbane > White Tiger
X-23 > Howard The Duck
Firestar > Baron Mordo
Jubilee > Mantis
Silver Sable > Bucky


Omega Red > Lockjaw
Mojo > Titanium Man

Thor8 said...

1) Blade ------ Fandral
2) Carnage ---- Hogun
3) Crystal ---- Improved Crystal
4) Maddrox ---- X-Factor Maddrox
5) Drax ------- Original Drax
6) Havok ------ Original Havok
7) Special #8-- Destroyer
8) Blink ------ Mastermind
9) Cap Britain- Original Cap Britain
10)Silver Sable Princess Python
11)Nico Minoru -Madame Mask
12)Siren ------ Mantis
13)Marvel Girl -Sersi
14)Dracula ---- Doc Spectrum
15)Mojo ------- Super Adaptoid
16)Cap America -Huskier Cap
17)Omega Red -- Skurge
18)Dazzler ---- X-Men version Dazzler
19)X-Man ----- USAgent
20)Wiccan ---- Starfox

John said...

I like how half the games you guys play on the blog are focused on what you DON'T like about the collection. Comes off as pretty negative to me.

You're not saying, "You know which 20 I'd love?" You say, "EM, these choices were crap, this is what I wanted." Sounds spoiled and ungrateful.

Just my opinion.

Robert said...

You're reading too much into this, John. Folk are disgruntled because it sounds as if the collection may be ending and we all know it doesn't have to if EM market the bloody thing right.

And if you're implying that the blog is more negative than the forum, well I'm sure that the forum never ever ever ever criticises the CMFC.

sed tallis said...

always distressing to hear of yet another childhood comic artist hero , fighting for his life while his poor family try to deal with crippleing medical bills . Google the man and you will easily find a link if you wish make any donation.
God bless Tony De Zuniga.

mgf said...

I'll check that out Ted. Very sad.

John, this issue goes to the connect between the consumer and provider and which of those two groups should have gratitude.

I don't consider myself negative or ungrateful, particularly as my thirty or so figures which in my opinion could be improved and/or replaced cost me over £200.

Those of us who supported this collection by buying every figure have to some extent subsidised those who pick up three or four per extension. Sounds like a pretty positive thing to me, if somewhat naive.

Thor8 said...

Sorry you see things that way John. I saw it as an innocent,simple game in which I was asked which 20 figurines I would have changed or replaced with 20 that I wanted or liked 'MORE'! I like chocolate ice cream,and Pistachio is one of my favorite flavors,so when asked which flavor ice cream cone I would like I will naturally say Pistachio. That doesn't imply that I hate chocalate or that I think chacolate is "CRAP".

Thor8 said...

I know EM has prohibited that Dan speak about EM's internal afairs,but it would be nice if we the collectors and the consumers of your product were given an explanation or reason as to why this collection is being cancelled. That way if there is something we can do on our part to keep it going we will have a better idea on what action we should take.

I remember when I first started collecting these figurines,the collection was up to the #60's. There was talk and requests to keep the collection going up to 200,250,300,and even 500. At the time I would think 150-200 just might make it,250? doubtful! 300 or more? I don't think so! Now that 200 figurines have been approved,and the possible extinction of this collection rearing it's head,I regret having doubted that this collection could succesfully go beyond 200. The quality of the figurines have greatly improved since then and there are still many many characters that can still be added to this collection that would sell quite well. So please EM reconsider and once again I ask; What is the reason for this decision?

LarryS said...

Imagine a parallel world where Eaglemoss ran Sainsburys.

The board meeting might go like this:

Agenda item 1: our costs have gone up
Agenda item 2: can't possibly raise prices of course
Agenda item 3: better shut down and go out of business in that case
Agenda item 4: board approves Sainsburys shut down

Strategic genius!

sed tallis said...

It's because EM is nothing but a front for one of Santas Elf workshops,They are prohibited from making any money. Money bad.

Robert said...

Brilliant post from Larry.

Although he did forget to mention that they wouldn't tell anyone where their stores were. Or even that they HAD stores!

tinodragon14 said...

I am disappointed about it ending because I bought every character even if I had no interest in them to support the collection in hopes to get my favorite villains. ATTUMA, WHIRLWIND, THE COBRA & MR. HYDE, SKURGE THE EXECUTIONER, TITANIUM MAN, STILT-MAN, MR. FEAR, NIGHTMARE, TOMBSTONE, THE SCARECROW, BARON MORDO, MASTERMIND, THE MELTER, DIABLO, DRAGONMAN, THE LIVING MONOLITH, BLASTAAR, JACK O'LANTERN, THE JACKAL, THE WRECKING CREW, THE UNICORN, THE RED GHOST & HIS SUPER APES as well as THE WARRIORS THREE, LOCKJAW, ARCHANGEL, MARRINA, MANTIS, SUNSPOT, THE ORIGINAL GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY & so I am saddened that I will not have any of those characters in the collection.


Osvaldoeaf said...

I'm still trying to stay calm, as nothing is for sure yet! I just bought the last figurine I needed to complete my collection ( Carnage ) and I'm in a very enthusiastic moment and I'm positive we can get at least one last extension, like we did with the DC collection!

fredpostman said...

Dear tinodragon 14,
i share you views (the list of characters you mention echo my thoughts).J am gutted that these figurines may not be made because after all these years collecting,i thought we would get some of the lesser known but just as interesting characters.It really saddens me that EM could end this collection after only 200 because the wonderful world of Marvel offers so much more.

Ken said...

I appreciate and enjoy every single character in the collection, which says a lot considering that I only was familiar with about half of them before I got my hands on this collection. I live collecting and reading about each unique character, thank you EM.

However, that being said, there are so many great characters left to be made! :0( please don't stop!

Robert said...

A game dedicated to John (because he has a bit of a point when he says negativity has kind of taken hold here - even if I think it's cause cancellation appears to be heading our way).

Assuming the collection IS ending, name five of the upcoming figures from the hypothetical final extension that you are really keen to get your mitts on.

Me: Gamora, Hela, Swordsman, Firelord and Stingray (in that order).

SinisterVenom said...

My five most wanted characters from the latest extension are, in the following order:

1. Hammerhead
2. Owl
3. Hela
4. Deathbird
5. Shaman

Although I'm more excited for J. Jonah Jameson before these guys!

LAWay said...

Lets be fair, 200 is phenomenal for any UK publication. No matter how bitter or disgruntled we are, big applause for these guys for making it last this long.

If no other Marvel product will come afterwards, I definitely want a 'Making of the CMFC' book cataloguing the whole process of the magazine and figurines, introducing all the good folk who have worked on the project, seeing behind the scenes of the studio, the artists who contribute to the covers, the sculptors, never before seen production photos etc etc. I'm sure you could release a book purely from all the information you have collected in the magazines.

Avengers Thursday. Abit of Marvel joy to brighten up the week.

Osvaldoeaf said...

Why is everyone talking as if it is over?

SinisterVenom said...

I refuse to believe it's over until I actually see it confirmed. Until then, the collection continues and yes I will admit that we are getting closer and closer to the end but I still see plenty of potential characters yet to make. Thus I believe it to be foolish if it did stop now considering how far we've gone and how successful this collection truly is.
Besides, if the DC Collection can get given another chance and gain another extension then so can we! And I'm not planning on stopping at one extension!

Bagman said...

Roberts Game ---
Looking forward to,
1.Vance Astro

Osvaldoeaf said...

Right on, SV! We must not accept defeat like that !

tinodragon14 said...

I intend to buy all the figures but my five favorites are
3) TRAPSTER - I was not happy about the choice of costume but seeing the final look changed my mind.
4) WEREWOLF BY NIGHT - I was unsure about this character because of the MAN-WOLF figure but seeing the final result was a pleasant surprise.
SHAW, SWORDSMAN, SHAMAN, SPIDEY 99 & CONSTRICTOR are really wanted as well. Wish we could have had a future DOOM 2099 figure.

DEATHBIRD does look very impressive so far.

HELA could be an impressive figure as well if the headdress comes out looking good.

I'm not a big fan of LONGSHOT but the figure looks quite fine indeed. Same goes for GAMORA, VANCE ASTRO, WICCAN & STINGRAY.

Only WOLFSBANE which the design just does not work for me, MOONSTONE which looks to generic for me & MOONSTAR which has another design that does not work for me either fail to make me want them though I will buy all.

That's 17 out of 20 that I really want or if they were not high on my list turned out to be fine figures. Well done EM! I'm just sorry that more of the ones I really want will not come to be.

John said...

Robert's Game:
1. Gamora
2. Wiccan
3. Firelord
4. Moonstone
5. Shaman
6. Vance Astro
7. Hammerhead
8. Trapster
I failed at finding only 5... I know I could technically just remove 6-8, but I don't want to. lol

And sorry for creating negativity ABOUT negativity ;)

John said...

Honestly, my TOP wants are... all of them...

zombiedude13 said...

Still so many that we NEED. I'm leaving out a lot of characters. I'd hate to see this collection close out now.

Spiderman foes include:
Human Fly
Stegron the Dinosaur Man
Mister Hyde
Killer Shrike
Rocket Racer
Will O' The Wisp
Speed Demon
King Cobra

Odds and Ends:
Baron Blood
Brother Voodoo
Gargoyle (Defenders)
Artacus Rann
Master Man
Patriot Jeff Mace
Red Raven
Manbull (Hulk)
Omega the Unknown

Texas Rangers:
Shooting Star
Red Wolf
Texas Twister
Phantom Rider

Soviet Super-Soldiers:
Red Guardian
Ursa Major

Black Knight (Nathan Garrett)
Brothers Grimm (Grimes)
Flying Tiger


Robert said...

"We're lucky we got 200." Well said, Leigh. I remember when we got the first extension and I spent the next few days mumbling to myself, "Please make Adam Warlock, please make Adam Warlock..." And I eventually did got Adam.

No apology needed, John. We disagreed with you, but that's no reason not to voice an opinion.

And, when I wrote "I dedicate this game to John," I couldn't help laughing at myself because I was remembering a scene from The Big Bang Theory as I typed it. Wolowitz to Bernadette: "I'd like to dedicate this song to a gal that I done wrong."

sed tallis said...

I don't know what I am
looking forward to a push I would's PMQ' naw make that christmas

no waitaminnit

I'm all shook up at the prospect of Danny boy's
next update.

Thor8 said...

Roberts Game:

My Fav Five are.....

Vance Astro

Yes LAWay is right in stating that 200 is a phenomenalresult for this colection,and all things (good & bad) must come to an end sometime,but in the case of this collection there is so much potential to keep it going for awhile longer that it's a shame that it is being considered for a premature end. I still cling to the hope that EM will give us a couple of more extensions and a fair announcement before the end.
When the end does arive I think it would be fair if EM would at least give us some sort of reason why it is being done,and not leave us in the dark wondering what happened.

Dagmc said...

I don't think it's over! If it were to end, I'm sure that we wouldn't be informed via comment. As a foreing collector I'm already paying twice the regular price, or even more.
I'm waiting for a clear information, and ready to accept the conditions for a new extension.

Robert said...

Something occurred to me. It's a little crafty.

Just imagine that this isn't the last extension after all. Imagine how pleased we're going to feel about that.

BUT... pretend for a moment that EM had already decided that the one after that is the final extension. What better way to make that bitter pill digestible than to make us think prior to that that we'd been given one extra extension? Pretty sneaky way to reduce the disappointment, don't you think?

I've been hanging around on here with Leigh too much.

Osvaldoeaf said...

Well, I do like your theory, Robert, at least we would get one more, even through we'd prefer to have many more extensions! It would be one more chance to get the Warriors Three we want so bad, and for me to get my favorite character! Apparently we are not gonna hear anything new before friday, so the torture goes on! Hope the new update is able to erase this depressing week for us!

LAWay said...

Tomorrow. 12.50. I will be Assembling at my local cinema.


I havent heard a bad word about this movie so far.

Robert said...

Leigh: likewise, haven't heard a bad word. Have dipped into reviews but had to be careful not to read any spoilers!

I am waiting so that my first viewing (of many!) is in 2D, which I prefer. So won't see the film till Friday, roughly two days and thirty minutes from now. Really can't wait.

Meeting Stan Lee and an Avengers movie in the same year. If I'm asleep, please don't pinch me!

Osvaldoeaf said...

I bought my ticket for The Avengers last saturday night, I was with my girlfriend and I was still visibly bumped by Dan's comments and I told her "I sure hope that, next friday, before I watch this movie, we have good news on the blog, or it won't be half as fun" ! Still hoping on it!

sed tallis said...

Please put me oot ma misery , I'm Desperate Dan.

Robert said...

Not sure if a gunman running through the cinema would put me off the film, Osvaldo. As long as he doesn't hit me in the eyes, I'm good.

P.S. "Babe" is coming along nicely, Ted.

Osvaldoeaf said...

LOL, Robert! Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely excited too, every now and then I check my wallet to make sure the ticket is there (good old OCD) and go like "wow, I can't believe it's just days away after waiting for years! " but I'm feeling like Ted, desperate, always checking to see if Dan has put us out of our misery!

The Mad Thinker said...

Re-sculpts :

( Mostly X-men characters )

Captain Britain
Emma Frost

Doctor Octopus

Out -

Winter Soldier
Captain Marvel
Impossible Man

Iron Man Special
Destroyer Special

In -

U.S Agent
Captain Atlas
Red Ghost

Lockjaw Special
Atlas Special

BobDiamond said...

To say that it's been emotional on this blog lately would be something of an understatement...personally, I'm feeling fairly positive.
I think we'll have another extension, and if the fans rally (like they did with the DC Collection), possibly one after that too.
I do agree that a bit of Market Research into what we want; how much we're willing to pay.. etc, would seem the right thing to do on EMs part at the moment, but that side of things has always been a bit lacklustre, in much the same way as the advertising...

Still, IF it is all coming to the inevitable end, then I must say it's been one of the high points of my life as a Comic fan and collector, for which I am extremely grateful to EM for achieving on our behalves.
Cheers EM dudes, it's been a blast!! far (got to keep positive! :) )

Rob's (Positive-style) game...most looking forward to:
Swordsman (we need Mantis, We need Mantis, We need Mantis...say it with me...)
Werewolf (looks to be a stunner)
Gamora (in original costume too! Hubba..)
Vance Astro


LAWay said...

Yeh, probably makes sense to give us a warning of a final extension rather than springing it on us, thinking about subscribers or collectors who dont follow the blog, they wont have to be notified in advance surely.

Less than 10 hours time I will be in a cinema watching the Avengers. Cant wait! Remember to stay after the credits guys!

Make mine marvel!

zombiedude13 said...

Why would you ever tell someone it's ending? People tend to say, "well, if it's over, why should I remain a completist? I don't really like the Swordsman all that much. Annnnnnnnd, I guess that I'm not really into Deathbird either, I don't think I'll pick that up, too."

Silence is better for companies that sell collectibles like CMCF.

The Mad Thinker said...

Oh I forgot to replace the Man Thing special with a Strong Guy special.

Thor8 said...

Well,tomorrow's 'D-DAY'. I just hope Dan won't keep us in the dark any longer,and let's us know if the"D" stans for DOOM or DELIGHTFUL.

Y'know Robert,you're not the only one that's had some thoughts about EM having a hidden motive for announcing this "possible" cancelation. It occurred to me that maybe EM has been considering raising the price on the figurines,but was a little worried on the consumer's reaction. So they announce "cancelation" due to economical issues and leaves the decision of raising the price in order for continuation to us. That way people will not groan for the price change,because it was done upon our request. Sounds a little silly ,I know,but thoughts like these come to mind when your feeling down.

When Dan promised us a"JUICY" one after getting back from his short vacation,It never occured to me that it would be 10% lemon juice with no sugar added.9By the way,not blaming Dan in any way).

mgf said...

Well, they haven't said it is ending, it is just EM editorial fearing the worst.

In hindsight Dan probably wishes he had not voiced those concerns, whether they have foundation or not, because we have met them in such a cool and calm manner.

Thor8 said...

That should read "100%" and STANDS" for not stans for.(anyone have a spare keyboard they don't need?)

sed tallis said...

I have to come clean , I set up a blog master Dan account and posted the cancellation scare., pretty sneaky April fool.
Ps Robert and MGF dared me to do it.

Osvaldoeaf said...

Oh, how I wish that were true, Ted!

Robert said...

Um, Thor, I didn't really think there was any hidden motive or coded message in what Dan wrote. But hanging about on here has raised my paranoid conspiracist tendencies twenty-fold.

Talking about paranoid conspiracists, wonder how Leigh got on this afternoon...?

LAWay said...


enough said.

Robert said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Leigh.

My turn tomorrow!

pirate adam said...

Avengers tomorrow YIPEEEE!!!!!!!!


pirate adam said...

It better not suck like so many other marvel movies do


LAWay said...

You guys will enjoy it. A very fun film, and for once, I think they have finally done Hulk right.

Remember to stay after the credits. (the first bunch of credits, it doesnt take long.)

Update tomorrow hopefully! :D

Thor8 said...

Pirate your alive and well!!! I thought maybe your ship was at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea. Glad to hear from you again my long absent friend.

Robert: Maybe 'hidden motive' wasn't the best choice of words. I was just letting my suspicious imagination get the best of me. this waiting to hear what is really going on is driving me bonkers.

The code words are WHAMM and IMAKIPI. Is someone trying to tell me something?

pirate adam said...

Hi Thor8, yep im still alive and kicking, glad to see somebody missed me, even if only a little bit


sed tallis said...

It's finally here...aff tae get the bus tae bonnie Dumfries wi aw the windae licking junkies. Leinil Yu said it was one of the greatest movies ever.
Hope Demolition man Dan, is allowed to update today,
PA, I'm glad you made it back to hear the final rites.
Love yeez

pirate adam said...

I gotta be honest, whatever news Dan gives today I wont be all that bothered. With the majority of figs we got after 140 I lost serious interest quickly and with the unlikliness that they are going to improve the collection could end tomorrow and I wont loose any sleep

Sorry for the guys who are gutted though


Thor8 said...

I sure other guys like Robert,Bobdiamond,Mad Thinker,and other have missed you too. I can understand your pont of view about ths colection,personally I skipped a few after #114 myself,but have gotten yhe majority of them. The quality in sculpt has increased quite well IMO and There are quite a few characters I would like to see before this collection is over.

Have you seen The Avengers movie PA,or are you planning to se it? It won't be shown here in PR until May 3erd.

The Mad Thinker said...

Welcome back Pirate Adam.

I think personally that this collection went tits up when Disney got involved.

Thor8 said...

Personally,I don't think Disney has gotten involved with this collection,but I do believe that with so many Marvel movies being produced and Marvel characters being so well known,plus A multi millonaire empire such as Disney being the owner of said characters,the marketing of this product could have done much better.

Thor8 said...

Here's hoping for an update today that will shed some light on this subject.

LAWay said...

Disney hasnt had anything to do with things.

Character choice, poses, costumes, sculpts, thats not up to disney.

sales figures, production costs, profits margins, thats not up to disney.

Its EM as a company, the artists and decision makers involved, and the buyers.

I dont think someone in Disney personally overseas this collection in their evil looking office and huge chair, sitting in the shadows, cursing this collection and wishing for its doom.

LAWay said...

These hooks of which I am on are tender.

The Mad Thinker said...

P.s :

My nephew is treating me to a late birthday present and taking me to see the Avengers movie next wednesday.

Hope Dan gives us a nice pleasant update today to cheer us all up.

I'm wondering if I should bother buying anymore figurines if I'm not going to get certain teams completed.

Missing :

Excalibur - Meggan

X Factor - Strong Guy

New Mutants -
Karma + Sunspot + Magma + Cypher + Warlock

Defenders - Clea + Gargoyle

West coast Avengers -
Firebird + U.S Agent

Mantis + Justice + Starfox + Thunderstrike

Young Avengers -
Patriot + Kate Bishop + Hulkling + Iron Lad + Stature

Inhumans - Lockjaw + Maximus

Wrecking Crew -
Thunderball + Bulldozer + Piledriver

Masters of Evil -
Blackout + Whirlwind +
Egghead + Boomerang + Man Ape +
Crimson Cowl + Executioner +
Grey Gargoyle + Melter +
Mister Hyde + Black Knight

Atlas + Blizzard + Fixer + Jolt +
Speed Demon + Jack 'o' Lantern +
King Cobra + Whiplash

There's still a hell of a lot more characters to be included in this collection other than the one's needed to complete teams that I've just listed above.


The Mad Thinker said...

If I'm wrong then I am sorry but didn't someone at Disney reject some costume choices or paint jobs for some characters in this collection ?

Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pirate adam said...

Back from Avengers, I give it 7/10, a good movie but still littered with bits of BS that is unfaithfull to the comics, still not a patch on Dark Knight, the best superhero film I have ever seen


Thor8 said...

MT: I believe that the incidents you are refering to are the following:

1) JJJ's figurine sporting a stoogie in his hand.

2) The showing of a cross on the cover of Dracula's magazine.

Now that I think of this,I do recall someone mentioning that the above mentioned details were indeed rejected by Disney. To be honest right at this moment I'm not too sure,but I believe that someone did mention this.

Robert said...

Pretty certain the cigarette and cigar bans predate the Disney purchase. So, you can't pin that on them.

Disney have their faults but it's a bit ridiculous to blame them for everything. Never been a Disney fan but by the same token I've never understood the irrational hate that some people feel towards them.

I do find some of the sayings attributed to them funny, though. The rewriting of "Don't Mess with the Mouse" to become "Don't F#*k with the Duck!" made me smile.

Anyway, Countdown 2 hours and twenty minutes till the Avengers.

P.S. I have to echo my good friend, Thor, and say that it's good to have you back aboard, Adam. The seven seas just weren't the same without you.

mgf said...

Quesada was responsible for the tobacco ban. Someone he knew died of ciggy related illness.

His laudable moral stance protecting our kiddiwinks from the dreaded weed does not extend to swords, knives and guns, however, as he does not know anyone who has been shot or stabbed.

Fact: Joe Quesada does not believe elephants exist, as he has never seen one in the flesh.

SinisterVenom said...

Welcome back PA! It's nice to see old familiar faces return :)

Let's be having an update today then Dan eh? The Avengers is on in a few hours and I'd like to see a nice update before going to see the film I have waited years to see! :)

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

The CMFC as a celebration
of the House of Ideas

Personally I find this collection totally amazing precisely because it recognizes that all Marvel characters are supestars, each one shining for his/her unique design, backstory, power sets and concept. It's a celebration of Marvel as a House of Ideas, and the CMFC is getting more and more interesting with characters from all areas of the MU, such as Firelord, Wiccan, Gamora, Vance Astro and so on. The sculpts are becoming more and more amazing, and it would be a dream to see at least another 100 characters. Anyone who loves and bought these characters so far, will be ecstatic to see the CMFC expand to include other characters that enrich the existign ones. For each Thor, there's a Skurge, Heimdall and Warriors Three to get. For each, Vance Astro there is a Starhawk, Yondu and then Star-Lord and the modern GOTG. For each Wiccan, there's a Hulking. For each, Cannonball and Magik there's a Sunspot, Magma, Warlock. For every Spider-Man, there's a Jackal and Tomstone to have. And so on. I'm absolutely sure the CMFC can continue to prosper by including more of the amazing characters left to cover, adding extraordinary beauty and meaning to the characters we already have, as there's beauty and ecstasy in seeing so many of them together. Go on. CMFC figurines assemble!
Long live the CMFC.

LAWay said...

BS from PA.

How can you complain about accuracy of comics and then compare it to TDK, which is by no means accurate to the comics or character, worse so in fact than most comicbook films!

7/10?! You watched the wrong movie bud.

Paulo said...

I'm from Brazil (sorry my english) and I love the CMFC!
Please do not end up with this wonderful collection. Although there are many interesting characters to be released and so we need another extension. Pleaaaseee ...
Here are some suggestions for future extension:

Mutant Universe: Quenn Goblin (very sexy), Xorn, Selene, Strong Guy, Shatterstar, Meggan, Silver Samurai
Exiles Universe: Nocturne and Morph
Alpha Flight Universe: Marrina
Asgardian Universe: Volstagg, Hogun and Fandral
Traditional Universe: Speedball, U. S. Agent
Cosmic Universe: Pip the Troll (complement Warlock Group), Death (lover of Thanos)
Mystical Universe: Satana (sister of Daimon)
Spider Universe: Madame Web
Inhumans Universe: Maximus

Specials: Eternity and Livingtribunal (looks great) and the High Evolutionary



Guilherme said...

Hi Paulo, where r u from? And how long have you Berna collecting the figurines? I'm from Rio. Abra├žos, Guilherme

mwdragz said...

Hi i know this is unrelated to the blog post, but did the cmfc ever come to australia?

andrea chiu said...

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your works and posts. You did a good job! Try to visit my site too and enjoy.

andrea chiu said...

I am so glad to read your wonderful article. Im looking forward to read more of
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