Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easter Blog

Not much to say this week as we wind it down for Easter, Peter Hutchins kindly sent us his own shots of Wiccan & co. for us to see, Thanks Pete.
Looking forward to your Hela sculpt! :)

Unfortunately there will be no update next week as I'm off to sunny Wales for a week! But I promise a nice juicy one the week after.

PS. For those of you wanting to buy back issues and specials direct from Eaglemoss we have a new online shop with a pretty comprehensive list.

See you soon.

Dan ;)


jarvis69 said...

Hi Dan , have a nice time in Wales ;)

deamon said...

,,PS. For those of you wanting to buy back issues and specials direct from Eaglemoss we have a new online shop with a pretty comprehensive list."

Yup, and still people from out of UK can't buy back issues, so how to keep this collection alive?
UK EM doesn't send back issues to EM in other countries, other shop in UK doesn't have re-stocks, but EM keeps figurines in their stocks and say selling is bad, hmmm...

max_0888 said...

Great looking Wiccan. Thanks a lot Dan for this. He's a standout.

As for the online shopping, I just want to repeat that the picture of Destiny is on the Songbird one and the Songbird on the Destiny one. Number 152 and 155


Paibok said...

I was originally concerned about the age the sculpt made Wiccan. Now seeing him now and side by side by Sif and Bill and getting a gauge of his height, those concerns have been put to rest. I love the sculpt, all it needs now (besides colour) are Hulkling and Patriot and the others flanking him.

Does the figure come packaged with the 50p?

vicnuts said...

Like the sculpt a lot but I don't understand how any size related issues have been resolved. I think he's a bit too tall but relative size comparisons went out the window a long time ago lol. Still find the figure far to brawny. Know this will be a nice piece either way as I loved this sculptors Beta Ray Bill (though his "holding" arm seems far too short lol

Is he doing my Vangard sculpt???

sed tallis said...

"But I promise a nice juicy one the week after"
If I had a penny for everytime I have been promised that.

JinxDealer said...

good to see the p&p capped for orders of 5 figs or more.. expect a nice order from me, if u accept debit cards????

Dan The Man said...

The online shop does send to some countries (shown along the bottom of the webpage). I think there are probably legal/financial restrictions with some countries. who knows? as I have no involvement with it at all, and I only found out after doing a random google search! Sorry for any errors in the listings I may try and inform them of any incorrect information.

Mal-Pensant said...

"PS. For those of you wanting to buy back issues and specials direct from Eaglemoss we have a new online shop with a pretty comprehensive list."

I was excited for about five seconds before realizing that they'll ship to the Aussies, but not to ye olde US of A. I would happily throw piles of money at Eaglemoss if only they'd let me. Trying to find back issues here in the new country is next to impossible. I don't suppose anyone will ever do anything to address that issue though (you know, since it's been years and all).

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Have a fab break, Dan.

I'd like to have your feedback on our comments about Moonstone, how her costume should be in adularescent silver (ie. imitating the shine of a moonstone gem, and not simply plastic-y white) and how the yellow details should be gold (currently they are a bit dull and too much the color of flesh).

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Wiccan is phenomenal.
He does look younger when you see him next to Beta Ray Bill and Sif.
His cape is a masterpiece. I'm sure you're planning to use metallic silver for his coronet and metallic gold for the arcane patterns on his sides, right?

SinisterVenom said...

Enjoy your break Dan, you certainly deserve one! Already looking forward to the juicy update for when you return.
I've had a look at the online shop, hopefully this will accept debit cards, though will the out of stock figurines ever be back in stock? My little bro is a huge Batman fan so when I looked on the DC page, I noticed Batman and Joker were sold out. D'oh!

It's also good to see Northstar and Aurora on there too. But I need to ask why the Abomination special isn't on there, nor is it on the CMFC main site. Was it a limited figurine for the Incredible Hulk movie or any other reason? If that is the reason I still need to ask why it's no longer advertized because Black Suited Spidey was around the time of Spider-Man 3 and Iron Man mark I was released around the time the film was. So what's the deal with Abomination?

Before I go, I have...


Today I finally got my hands on Avalanche! While I opened the packaging, I was a little disappointed that one side of the figurine box was bent and open. It's together again now but that's besides the point. Anyway, Avalanche himself is incredible! My first delight was as I picked him up, I was happy to notice the weight on the figurine, good ol' lead just like the good ol' days before the use of resin. It was nice to see. The detail was sculpted greatly and the paintwork is spot on! Yeah I wish he had the 'A' on his chest but so what, it doesn't stop him being a superb figurine! 10/10 from me!
Coming next in two weeks...Arachne!

Dan The Man said...

Myself and Rich are happy with the way Moonstone is painted, in hand she looks really good so we are not making any changes to her.

I know little about the stocks of certain figurines - Abomination is probably out of stock as it may of been made in limited numbers.

Addressing the obtaining back issues in the USA: Frankly i don't know if there is a way - Diamond is currently our only way into the U.S. market and they only order what the comic shops order from their catalogs (maybe you can ask at your nearest dealer and see if they would be willing to order a specific issue from Diamond?

Dan The Man said...

I will address the painting of Wiccan with Rich after the Easter break.

jimbob said...

I like the size of Wiccan looks perfect.

Enjoy Wales!

Thor8 said...

Enjoy your week off at Wales Dan,you deserve a little break. I just hope that when you get back to us part of that "JUICY" update you mentioned will be the good news of another extension being approved. If it is,I'd like to see the characters selected for this extension revealed one by one like last time. This will keep us in suspense and trying to guess whom the next figurine will be. I just hope it will finally feature the first of The Warriors Three.

On a different note I received a portion of my latest order of figurines consisting of: Galactus,Sentinel,Northstar and Aurora,Shanna,and Beetle. In two weeks I'll be receiving Forge,Wizard,and Thunderbird.

I was kind of let down by the size of the megas (up to now I had put off purchasing any). I thought they'd be a little taller. I recall Dan mentioning that The Giant-Man mega would probably be a tad smaller than the other megas,I don't think this should be. After all Sasquatch is shorter than Giant-Man and he is practically mega size. So please make Giant-Man at least the equal height as the other megas.

Tohi said...

omg... and you still talk about sculpt - but it's nothing but 3d printing now... you made digital image and just print - it's not sculpt anymore...

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Moonstone ... Moan stone!
Soz! Can I moan & complain in advance??? ;P

I don't mean to be a party pooper or stir controversy. I love this collection! But I don't think I've ever seen a comic book image of Moonstone where her modern costume looks white like a washing machine or a fridge.

It seems to me that all Marvel colorists apply a distinctive blue-ish, silver-ish metallic effect to the costume. And the yellow details are painted to look shiny gold in the comic books. Colorists would not use these color effects if they intended to depict her as simply white.

Can someone please find and show me reference images where she's domestic-appliance white? I'm keen to see them, so that my mind will learn how to associate those images with the CMFC figurine. It's too white!!! Is it definitely Marvel canon?

All the images I know seem to show her in a silverish hue with glowing gold details. N'est pas?
See examples here:

Dan, soz to be a pain, but how was the conclusion reached that the paint should be such plain white? What reference images have been used? Has Marvel approved?

Osvaldoeaf said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Osvaldoeaf said...

Thanks for the new update, Dan. Have a great trip and happy Easter! I too hope that the juicy update is the announcement of the new extension. It would lift our spirits, after the slow, agonizing death of the DC line (about which I know you are not allowed to talk about, it's just that as a huge fan of both EM lines, I'm reeally sad about it).
I agree that it would be nice to have the characters announced one by one, the anticipation makes it all that much more enjoyable!

Mal-Pensant said...

I'm the first to admit that the American distribution system is more than a little . . . wonky . . . and not only with regard to comics. I used to work in a record store (since extinct - thank you, iTunes) and dealing with music distributors was about as much fun as a root canal. And don't even ask about the tiered alcohol system. Gah.

That digression was originally just meant to be, "Good suggestion, will keep trying.

Thor8 said...

Yesterday I mentioned that I received a partial order of figurines,but I forgot to mention that Shanna looks very good. The top part of her spear was bent,but I was able to bent it back into shape without any problem. Beetle looks great as does Galactus,but The twins were a let down. The paint job on their hands and feet is quite terrible. There are lumps of paint on them that makes it look like if they were painted at 3:00 am after having taken a big dose of Benadryl. Northstar's feet have so much in-between them that they almost look like one big foot. Aurora's right hand looks as if it was run over by a steamroller. It's over sized,flat,and has so much paint between the fingers,that it makes it look like The Creature from the black lagoon's webbed paw.

LarryS said...

Have a wonderful break Dan.

I'm assuming "a nice juicy update in 2 weeks" is Eaglemoss-code for news on 201-220...?

If so, no doubt you'll spend a few moments during your hold wrestling with the thorny issue of how to balance all the competing views on the composition of the long-awaited and much-anticipated extension!

fredpostman said...

Happy holidays Dan,
"a nice juicy update"......
An extension approval?
A LOCKJAW figurine soon?
Ditto Mr Hyde?Cobra?
As Nu Schooz(remember them?)sang..I Can't Wait

LAWay said...

Enjoy your holiday in our small country of wales. Hope the weather turns out nicely for you as its usually frickin freezing here.

This guy's sculpts are incredible. Get him to do much much more. :D

Next Friday we will all have to make some sort of 'fantasty blog update' to fill the void.

Alex Summers   said...

Happy Easter everyone.
Like Larry said, I hope Dan takes a bit of this time off to come up with the new extension choices. But, as I said before, I think this time it won't be as hard as before...the opinions aren't as conflicted as in the previous extensions! Maybe just a little! Four S's all the way!

Kal Brindle said...

Wiccan looks stellar and is bound to become one of my very favourite figures in the entire collection. Great job Eaglemoss.

A really juicy update in two weeks!? Please please please let it be the announcement of the next extension and news that the Northstar and Aurora sold so well a Two Pack subset is en route featuring...

Misty Knight & Colleen Wing
Thunderball & Piledriver
Fandral & Hogun
Ringmaster & Princess Python
Darkstar & Vanguard
Barbarus & Lorelei
Whizzer & Miss America
Madison Jeffries & Diamond Lil
Warlock & Cypher
Diamondback & Black Mamba
Asp & Impala

LOL - now wouldn't that be aces!

I'll settle for another extension please Dan and the announcement of the first figure chosen..

Grey Gargoyle.

sed tallis said...

Well if you can afford to Swansea off to Wales, you must be sure yer not getting the old P45 anytime soon.
which leads me to conflabulate that you know the next extension is nailed on.
uncle Ted

lipstick said...

Νο changes at Wiccan's face? Damn...

mighty_marvel said...

first announcements of the 201 - 220 extension (if and when announced)?

i hope it's the top three of the forum request poll and they count as the forum choices for the extension.

silver samurai

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

We eagerly wait for confirmation of the new extension. So many amazing characters left to cover.
Meanwhile, here's some more ideas
in this week's

Crimson Commando
This mutant super-soldier and World War II veteran
was part of Freedom Force. Great together with Avalanche.

Black Talon
Voodoo priest who can control zombies. Enemy of Brother Voodoo
and Avengers. Surprisingly (for a villain in a supernatural
chicken costume!) he'd make a superb figurine.

This time-travel incarnation of Kang the Conqueror became
a separate entity to serve the alien Time-Keepers, establishing
himself as one of the most influent global villains in the MU.

Enemy of Iron Man and member of the Masters of Evil, Melter
is a bit kitsch - but a truly classic villain nonetheless.
In his old-school costume, he'd make a very cool figurine.

Avengers Academy is an awesome series, and Mettle is one
of its most recognisable heroes. He has a body of living
iridium. An interesting representative of modern Marvel.

One of the best characters to emerge from Grant Morrison's
New X-Men run, Beak has clocked up 257 appearances and
deserves to be in the CMFC. He'd make a distinctive fig.

Fans of Excalibur will love this stunning Shi'ar heroine
who can create solid objects of red spectrum energy
and even dated Nightcrawler. A remarkable curveball.

Some interesting ones, no doubt!
Check'em out here:
Anyone you like?
I'd love Immortus and Melter.

Osvaldoeaf said...

Let me just point out that Sage is in third place, tied with Mantis!

deamon said...

As for first announcement to 201-220.
Hope it's leader of cosmic pirates, father of Summers -> Corsair. Time to start Starjammers.

Double packs:
Groot & Rocket 2013
Ch'od & Raza 2014
Devil Dinosaur & Moonboy 2015

bethrezen said...

"As for first announcement to 201-220.
Hope it's leader of cosmic pirates, father of Summers -> Corsair. Time to start Starjammers"

I also hope.

Double packs?
Misty & Colleen 2013
Ch'ód & Raza 2014
Groot & Rocket 2015

SteveP said...

Still no shipping to Canada! What is the problem. Eaglemoss is missing out on a huge market. I have a bunch in my collection but Eaglemoss is not making it very easy for collectors outside UK.

mgf said...

I've been re-reading Tales To Astonish this week, including Groot's first appearance in #13. A double pack with the racoon would be great and it is such a shame EM seem so dead set against the little chap.

I wonder how long the CMFC will have to go on before we get some of the other Tales To Astonish monsters? Are we ready for Mummex, Trull, Droom or Rommbu? Can EM cost the number of exclamation marks that would be needed to include them in the collection?

PS: Check out the cover of Tales To Astonish #34 on Google Image... Now THAT is a cover. :0)

bethrezen said...

Please EM

Robert said...

Have a good break, Dan.

Well, that's my ticket to see the Avengers bought. 27th of this month, 6:40p.m., at the Quay. And none of that 3D nonsense for me, neither.

P.S. Starjammers, when we haven't even seen one of the Warriors Three yet? You're having a laugh...

bethrezen said...

"P.S. Starjammers, when we haven't even seen one of the Warriors Three yet? You're having a laugh..."

Why Warriors Three are to be before the Starjammers?

40 Corsair
20 Hepzibah
9 Fandral the Dashing
3 Hogun the Grimm

Robert said...

Oh, please don't tell me you are using a forum poll as "proof" that the Starjammers should precede the Warriors Three.

Construct a logical justification why they should be in first and then I'll take your sugestion seriously.

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mgf said...

Now, now, don't be so cynical Robert. You know ze forum polls are run in a fair manner until ze correct result is achieved. Jawohl! I remember Lockjaw winning a month long specials poll once so the poll had to extended until he didn't.

Just spent a happy hour faffing about with my figures display. The FF shelf really is tremendous. Great character choices, great costume choices. Nigh on perfect.

bethrezen said...

Robert, tell me why Warriors Three should be before the Starjammers??

Robert said...

To be fair, I asked first.

Maybe we should have a blog poll, too?

Question: Do you think the forum poll should be ignored?
A. Yes.
B. Not sure.
C. I don't understand the question.
D. I have a hamster called Tim.

And, yes, it's deliberately ironic.

mgf said...

They shouldn't be ignored, but nor should they be considered the voice of the collectors en masse. It's a relatively small sample (no jokes, please Ted...) and no more.

JinxDealer said...

@Robert. A. Yes ;-)

sed tallis said...

MGF, a collection of pre superhero monsters would be fantastic, unlikely i know, but hey they could all be mega special size, all series????
Heck some of us come from a time when comics sold in there millions not tens of thousands, there could be a huge untapped market out there. Namely middleaged chaps,looking for something to satisfy their nostalgic itch.
EM, must have an idea about the age range of the subscribers, wouldn't surprise me to find a lot of older semi retired comics fans subscribe for the nostalgia vibe, if it was all young uns EM would have 12-15 young xmen per extension...yet they don't....?
oh and Robert whats with all this Warriors Twee, The Great Lakes Avengers need finished first.

bethrezen said...

Robert, I'm not saying that starjammers must be before Warriors Three but why not?

Robert said...

Longevity, number of appearances and breadth of appearances (Avengers, Secret Invasion, etc.), importance to Thor (even the film grasped that - where were the Starjammers in the three X-films?), etc. I think they are the last major Stan-Jack creations to make an appearance in this collection.

The Starjammers are unquestionably important to the X-Men but not nearly as central to that title as the WT are to Thor. Thor without the WT is like Holmes without Watson.

Coincidentally, I took Noah to the vet today and the lady after me had a dog called Thor. It was a curious name for a nervous little spaniel. Not sure what she was thinking with that.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

But actually there is no reason for Warriors Three and Starjammers to be competing against each others. The next extension can definitely include one or two representatives from both teams. If anything, the question is: which other Asgardians may compete with Warriors Three and which other X-related/cosmic characters may compete with Starjammers?
Personally, I think Heimdall should be the next Asgardian. He's an amazing character with fascinating mythological concepts to offer. As for Starjammers, I'm a huge fan and I feel it's about time we got Corsair in the CMFC. As a sci-fi pirate, he's so unique, he has such unique niche in the MU that he's got virtually no competitors that can steal its place in the CMFC. Just my view, of course. So, yeah...
Heimdall and Corsair would make me very happy.

bethrezen said...

I agree with BLAKENEWMAN2002

LAWay said...

Maybe we should do a poll of characters that we NEVER want to be made. List 20 characters, and they all get thrown on the fire. ^_^

navaho said...

Warriors Three every day if the week, by a country mile!

max_0888 said...

Id take Fandral and Corsair next extansion for sure!

Oh and LaWAY, did you read Venom 15? I have to know, cause you are the only other person I know who liked Scream, the female symbiote. After 15 years absent in comics, she finally makes her return...I guess she'll never have a shot now heheé. Too bad I love her design

Robert said...

You've shifted the goalposts by talking about both being in the next extension (which I am fine with).

The discussion/ argument we were having was clearly using the word "before" - as in who should get in first.

Oh, and the next Asgardian should be Skurge.

Thor8 said...

I agree with my ol' pal Robert,Skurge The Executioner should be included in the next extension as well as Fandral or Hogun. Heck if we can get up to 5 X-related characters in one extension,why can't we get 2 or 3 Asgardians? Oh and Corsair would be welcomed by me also,but if the 3 forum choices are X-people,then I guess he should be set aside till the following extension. Fandral and Hogun as a double pack would be a sure shot. Destroyer as the next Special please.

As for LAWay's poll for unwanted characters how about...

Howard the quack
Rocket Raccoon
Fancy Dan
Orphan Maker
Fool Killer
The Needle
The Hangman
The Locust

Can you believe thet one of the code words is "BLEAQ"!

bethrezen said...

"Fandral and Hogun as a double pack would be a sure shot."

I propose:
Fandral - regular
Hogun + Volstagg - Double pack

Robert said...

I second Bethrezen's suggestion. I'd be ecstatic if we saw the WT in this collection. You could put in anything you like after that. Yes, even the duck and raccoon. The main reason I get grumpy about some of the characters we end up with is the fact we haven't had the WT yet. Put them in and I promise not to moan for at least six months.

LarryS said...

I’ve been thinking about the various ideas suggested last week for “extensions with a common theme.”

Here’s my humble offering. The theme is “variants who will also appeal to purists because they are actually different people”. I ran out of time, so it’s actually a mini-extension rather than the usual twenty.

- Red Hulk
- Dark Beast
- Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch)
- Lady Bullseye
- Golden Age Human Torch
- Rescue (Iron Man variant, actually Pepper Potts)
- Dr Doom 2099 (I think the series left some ambiguity about whether this was the real Doom)
- Stature (Giant Man)
- Zombie Captain America
- Agent X (Deadpool)
- Ronin (Hawkeye variant, but also Black Widow’s ex hubby)
- Sin (Red Skull’s daughter)
- Daken (Wolverine son)

… and of course, the irresistible
- Spider-Girl

Osvaldoeaf said...

I really want warriors three in the collection and I think there are several reasons for them to be made, but Robert just gave the best reason of all! Come on, EM! LOL! Just kidding, mate! :-)

Robert said...

I thought it unlikely my offer would pass without some cheeky comment, Osvaldo. I really do live up to the grumpy old man stereotype on here a lot...

Anyway, off to Crail today. See you all soon.

jimbob said...


BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I agree that Warriors Three need to appear in the CMFC, and Robert has explained very well that they are central characters in Thor's comics. However, the fact that they appeared in the Thor movie is less crucial. By that logic, Heimdall is just as important as Warriors Three. Even more, as he was practically the second star in the movie while the Warriors Three were mere accessories. Also, Skurge wasn't in the movie. Does it mean he's not important? Hell no. He is important. Similarly, the fact that Starjammers were not in the X-Men movies does not mean that they are not important. They are important. Ultimately the CMFC has a deeper understanding of the Marvel Universe and its history, and I'm sure MU history suggests that Warriors Three, Heimdall and Skurge deserve to be included just like Corsair, Hepzibah, Ch'od and Raza.

Personally, I see Heimdall as the most important next Asgardian. And I see Corsair as a must-have, not for its X-Men relations but purely as a remarkable representative of Marvel's sci-fi/cosmic ideas.

Robert said...

Not away quite yet.

Heimdall is basically a bouncer. He just stands on Bifrost with a serious expression and says whether or not you can get in.

The Warriors Three play a far more active and interesting role - being sent on missions by Odin, accompanying Thor on adventures, etc.

EM really need to get the finger out on this. I'm not getting any younger, you know.

sed tallis said...

It is kind of mystifying that seven years in there's no sign of them. The 181-200 Extension will take this collection into it's eigth or ninth year? And still The WT not confirmed. Nae luck Robert
Thank goodness I'm a huge Silver Sable, X Man and Blink fan , I would have went bonkers if they had been ignored at this stage.

Thor8 said...

Very glad to see The Warriors Three getting some time in the spotlight here on the blog. It sure is time for at least one of them being included in the next extension alng with Skurge and some other Asgardian such as Heimdall,Karnilla,Hogun,or Tyr. A couple of asgardian bad guys wouldn't hurt either(oh yeah,Karnilla is definately a black hat).

bethrezen said...

I'd like to see once Malekith.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Nice one bethrezen!
I'd love to get Malekith. He's often forgotten, but he's a remarkable
enemy of Thor and has played massive roles in Asgard history. Moreover, visually he'd make a fantastic figurine.

deamon said...

Starjammers are much higher than Warriors Three in any polls, but as someone wrote:
,,Id take Fandral and Corsair next extansion for sure!"

Skurge? Too big to be a regular.
Special in 2014.

Thor8 said...

I think Skurge can squeak by as a regular. He is sometimes listed as 7'2",but many times he has been listed at being 6'7"-6'8".

bethrezen said...

Skurge should be special because he is tall and has a big axe.

sed tallis said...

Started on the Twitter I've been twatting people all over the place, love following some genius artists ike Leinil Yu and the legendary Walt Simonson, he has some lovely Thor sketches on his "feed" .
I can sense an upskurge in the love for all things Asgardian.
To me a died in the wool hater of mince, the thought of a special slot Going to Strong Guy instead of Ulik or Mangog or Destroyer or Skurge is a tad annoying.
But hey ho and away I gooooooooooo!

Thor8 said...

My top 10 candidates for a "SPECIAL" slot...

1) Destroyer
2) Super Adaptoid
3) Skurge (could be made as a regular)
4) Attuma (same as Skurge)
5) Mangog(mega?)
6) Man-Ape
7) Orka
8) Titanium Man
9) Fill in later
10)Fill in later

My top 5 megas...

1) Stranger
2) Atlas
3) Eternity
4) Goliath (Bill Foster
5) Surtur

bethrezen said...

Strong Guy must be next specjal!

X-factor need his.

LarryS said...

'Destroyer' is also an Asgardian must-have

kissynose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CGJ said...

Has anyone had the latest subby pack delivered?

The money went out last week but still no delivery

kissynose said...


Now that Power Pack has returned. Will you consider them for the next wave?

tinodragon14 said...

Thanks for the update Dan. Enjoy your trip to Wales.

Wiccan figure has not been changed at all but my only thought was that he looked a bit more mature in the face otherwise the figure looked good. I think the cape makes the figure look more impressive. The cape is more impressive then it looks in drawings of the character. I do wonder if the outstretched fingers will look good in as the hands & fingers in recent figures I have gotten like HYDRO-MAN & KARNAK have looked well bad.

Jumping in on the WARRIORS THREE versus STARJAMMERS I support the W3 but I think the next extension could include FANDRAL, HOGUN & CORSAIR. VOLSTAGG has been talked about as a special but I have been unable to find out how tall he actually is. He is obviously a big guy width wise. I doubt EM would do a three pack but perhaps they could do a two-pack with either HOGUN or FANDRAL with VOLSTAGG & then have either HOGUN or FANDRAL as a lone figure in the extension. Perhaps they could do a Asgardian two-pack with VOLSTAGG & SKURGE THE EXECUTIONER. One good guy & one bad guy. Then FANDRAL & HOGUN must be in the next extension.

tinodragon14 said...

My top ten Specials are:

9) ATTUMA unless he can be a regular but he is a large bulky villain including his weapon & headdress.
10) BLASTARR unless he can be a regular but he too is a big bulky villain.

Mega Specials
THE SUPER ADAPTOID (in all is Avengers duplicated finery)

SinisterVenom said...

My list of top 10 specials would be:

1. Onslaught
2. Volstagg
3. Madame Web
4. Titanium Man
5. Shuma-Gorath
6. Destroyer
7. Shadow King
8. Heimdall
9. Skurge
10. Hulkling

My top 5 megas would be:

1. Goliath (Bill Foster)
2. Atlas
3. Dragon Man
4. The Living Monolith
5. The Super Adaptoid

SinisterVenom said...

Speaking of lists, I was checking out the All-Villains 201-220 Extension on the SHFF. I voted ages ago so if you havn't done so yet get cracking! Anyway I thought I'd share the top 10 voted regular and special characters wanted with the amount of votes they got.

Top 10 Regular villains:

29 Whirlwind
28 Grey Gargoyle
26 Baron Mordo
25 Silver Samurai
23 Crossbones
22 Selene
20 Count Nefaria
20 Tombstone
19 Jigsaw
18 Madame Masque

Top 10 special villains:

17 Skurge the Excecutionner
17 Wendigo
15 Titanium Man
11 Super Adaptoid
10 Dragon Man
9 Shadow King
8 Destroyer
7 Mr Hyde
7 Nimrod
7 Onslaught

It's no surprise to see Whirlwind and Skurge as top of the votes. They are high wanted characters who are certain to get confirmed soon surely (in Whirlwind's case, once the new extension is confirmed, at least I hope it will be). But plenty of characters there well overdue and one or two surprises I think. It should be worth noticing that while Jackal is probably more important, he's not in the top 10 but Tombstone is. Even though Dan said he'd confirm Jackal if we get another extension, surely we'd get Tombstone too as another villain? Personally, I prefer Tombstone over Jackal but that's just me...

Thor8 said...

Okay,here's something to keep us busy while we wait for the "JUICY" update we've been promised for next week.

What was the motive that got you into this collection and how did you find out about the same?

I'll start by saying that I'm an Avengers' fan(have been since I was 7).One day while searching for some type of action figure or statue to add to my collection I decided to write in the word "FIGURINE" instead of figure or statue or statuette as I usually did. Then whoalla,there I saw thise marvelous(no pun intended) figurines of Iron Man,Spider-Man,Doctor Doom and a couple of others for sale and instantly knew I had to have them. Aftr purchasing them (at a very fair price) I discovered through Wikipedia EM's main site and from there This blog. I was surprised to discover tat this collection was into it's third year and I had not heard or seen anything about it before. I scanned through the main sight to see how many Avenger members were in this collection that I could acquire,but seeing such nice looking figurines such as Angel,Colosus,Ghost Rider and others I was trapped and decied to purchase them all,and here I am some 3 or 4 years later still colecting this magnificant collection of true masterpieces.

So,how did the rest of you get hooked?

bethrezen said...

"I prefer Tombstone over Jackal but that's just me..."

me too

SinisterVenom said...

Noticed another problem on the new Eaglemoss shopping site.
Had a look on the DC Figurine page. I noticed that issues 45-50 are not listed with the others. What's the deal there EM?

Robert said...

Been a collector since day one, Thor. Saw ad on the telly and thought the figurines looked like the cat's miaow, whiskers and pyjamas combined.

CGJ said...

Same here, saw advert, drooled, subscribed.

mighty_marvel said...

same for me. subscribed from the start after seeing the advert.

warriors three:
while i'd be happy to see the warriors three in the collection, i don't think that they should get 2 regular slots in the next extension if it happens.

personally, i'd include fandral in the next extension as a representative of the team. and then if a 221 - 240 extension also happens i'd put hogun in that extension and have volstagg as a special sometime during this run.

this is how i would have 201 – 240 go:

201 – 220: sunspot, sage, silver samurai, selene, corsair, us agent, mantis, whirlwind, diamondback, high evolutionary, jackal, thundra, misty knight, jigsaw, brother voodoo, starlord, starhawk, speedball, two-gun kid, fandral

specials: madame web, atlas, archangel, lockjaw

221 – 240: warlock, magma, exodus, madelyne pryor, callisto, justice, jewel, fixer, princess python, patriot, tombstone, diablo, paladin, baron mordo, colleen wing, phyla-vell, yondu, namora, karolina dean, hogun

specials: brood, warpath, hulkling, volstagg

LAWay said...

Off topic, but Dan, or any EM guys, you should set up a facebook page and a twitter account.

Everything is about social networking these days and its an easy and cheap way of keeping in touch with fans, gaining new ones, and its just free advertising.

Would be great seeing a photo a day from the office on the likes of twitter or facebook, while a weekly write up can continue being featured in the blog.

With the amount of Marvel groups and accounts that you could get likes, follows and retweets from, its a wonder why it hasnt been done before. Wont take much maintenance.

Osvaldoeaf said...

Very nice from LAway! I'd love it to become a reality!

BobDiamond said...

Hi guys,
Thought up another game we could have a go at...'Substitutes'
Here's what you do:
For every one of the main 'families' you pick 2 or 3 new figs that you'd love, BUT you then have to nominate the same number of (already existing) figs that you'd be willing to sacrifice to get 'em. Simple!
These are the 'families'(slightly expanded on EMs originals)
MARVEL KNIGHTS (anyone who doesn't fit neatly into the others...)

Right then, here's my choices...
IN: Mantis, USAgent
OUT: Firestar, Photon
IN: Mimic, Mastermind
OUT: Siren, X-Man
IN: Hammerhead, Tarantula
OUT: Scarlet Spider, Silver Sable
In: Thundra, errr?
OUT: Crystal
IN: High Evolutionary, Starhawk
OUT: Lilandra, Nova
IN: Killraven, Baron Strucker
OUT: Nomad, Blackheart
IN: Super Adaptoid, Eternity
OUT: Blob, Omega Red

Bit tricky that..some very difficult decisions, and I copped out on the FF one- just couldn't think of anyone I'd rather have than the ones we've got already..

Anyway, Thor8...I'm afraid my answer to your question was similar to the others; I saw the advert on telly one night, couldn't believe my eyes,and subscribed immediately. Never subscribed for anything before (or since, except the DC Collection). Still can't believe it's still going! I naively thought it was going to be 10 figs altogether- without even The Hulk included!


Thor8 said...

Gee,you guys at the other side of the pond were lucky to have TV ads and are able to subscribe. I found out by sheer dumb luck,and had to get the back issues the hard way.

No offense Mighty M,but I see no problem with getting 2 of The Warriors Three in one extension. If we can get 4 or 5 X-people or Avengers why not 2 Asgardians? We even got 2 double packs in a row.

mighty_marvel said...

personally i just think asgard is a relatively small area to be putting in more than one character in an extension of 20. obviously you are a thor fan so you won't see a problem with getting more characters from there. but you should think of people who aren't necessarily interested in asgard. the characters from the areas of the MU they like stand less of a chance if too many from one area are put in.

and i'm not saying this just because my interest in thor isn't as great as yours. for example, i absolutely love spiderman but i only want one figure from his area from now on to give other, less represented, parts of the MU more of a chance, even though my spiderman wish list is still pretty long.

x-men and avengers are an exception as they are the biggest areas of the MU. also, i would guess that these are the biggest money-spinners for the collection. so getting 4 or 5 from each of those areas is likely somewhat of a necessity.

and i do want the warriors three in. i just think that, like many other teams in the collection, a representative should suffice for now with more getting in somewhere down the line if the collection continues long enough.

Osvaldoeaf said...

As one of the "greediest" x-fans in here, I'm personally all for the Warriors Three getting into the next extension...

As for Bob's game, I will only play within the X-men family:
OUT: X-Man and Blink (not that I don't like them, but I could've waited for them a little longer)
IN: Sage and Marrow (love the characters and, personally, the fact that they were x-men members makes them more important in my eyes).

As for how I found out about the collection: I've never ever been an action figure or figurine kind of guy, never cared about that. Then, one day, I went to a friend's house, and he had about 30, it was love at first sight, seeing those characters I love, so perfectly sculpted, all together there in front of me. I decided there and then I would have them all!
I'm still going through the saga of completing my collection, but I'm pretty close...17 left!

And for last, I did a "Deffenders" picture with my figurines, and I'm really proud of it!Hope you guys can take a little look:

Thor8 said...

Nice looking Defenders pic Osvaldoeaf. I happen to have a few doubles of some of the earlier figurines,so let me know which ones you're looking for and we might be able to work something out.

Osvaldoeaf said...

That is very gentle, Thor! I actually found them on ebay, I'm just waiting for my credit card to clear so I can buy them...LOL! But if they escape me before that, I will accept your kind offer!
Thanks for the comment on the picture, btw!

Ken said...


I started collecting these figurines back in April 2010. I live in Manhattanand we have some amazing specialty comic shops such as Midtown Comics. I usually like to peruse the merchandise at said shop once in a blue moon and one day I saw these amazing figurines and they had a big store wide sale going on. The ironic thing was the FIRST ever figurine I ever purchased was actually Dooomsday from the DC collection even though I'm a big Marvel. Doomsday just looked so cool, I had to pick it up. Eventually I bought Hulk as my first CMFC character and the rest was history. I have ever single one and counting... :0)

sed tallis said...

Easter , and Dracula has risen, lovely sculpt and paintjob. Avalanche is excellent too.... Weeelllll, apart from two banana fingers on his left hand. His little fingers look awfully delicate so I'm grateful that they are still attatched.
One week until the juicy one!

Thor8 said...

Ken: I'm a big devoted Marvel Madman myself,yet I purchased all of the members from the original JLA out of nostalgia of my very early childhood.I would have like to have colected The Metal Men. It,s a shme EM never got around to making them(excepy God who made it by the skin of his teeth).

Yes Ted,one whole week before the big one,I'm just hoping it will be a very "juicy" one indeed.

Thor8 said...

I meant "GOLD" not GOD. Lord this old keyboard drives me up a wall!

Chris said...

Can't understand why these HAVE'NT been made yet:

The Living Tribunal (Mega Special) - Quite literally the ultimate force in Marvel.

A Celestial (Arishem or Exitar) - no explanation needed, surely.

(Lady) Death - ditto

The Destroyer (Giant size) - Kirby/Lee stalwart, arch nemesis of Thor, Galactus herald, unbeatable foe of Hulk, Thing etc. and recent movie star!

Zeus (g/s) - We have Herc and Ares, but no Zeus? C'mon!

Warriors Three (triple pack) - Again, stalwarts of Marvel U far transcending Thor, and recent movie stars no doubt seen in the sequel.

Executioner - Master of Evil, star of animated series and partner to Enchantress. Can't have one without the other really.

Others that should put in an appearance before any more Z-list spidey/mutants...
Pip the Troll (to go with Warlock & Gamora), Ulik, Morg, Star Lord, Ego (yes, a massive planetoid sphere with face!), Onslaught, Mangog, Eternity, Nova (herald), Magus....

Chris said...

..nearly forgot.. Heimdall (around 7' must have Kirby 'H' on sheild!), Blastaar, Frankenstein's monster (badly missing from monster lineup) High Evolutionary, Karnilla. PS: Skurge is built like Thanos.

Robert said...

I don't know who Chris is, I have no idea what his politics are, what his idea of a perfect Sunday morning is or whether he prefers jam or marmalade on his toast, but anyone who asks for Pip the Troll is an A1 top bloke in my book.

Oh, and the reason we have so many glaring Asgardian no-shows in this collection - WT, Destroyer, Heimdall, Karnilla, Ulik, Skurge - is because the CMFC was very slow to wake up to this area of the MU. It's now pretty much routine to get one per extension, but, really, that pattern should have been set years and years ago. Instead we were getting folk like the Impossible Man, Titania, Silver Sable, Blink and a host of other make-weights.

Ken said...


Yea, I also collected some of the JLA members and a dozen or so of my favorite DC characters as well in addition to the entire CFMC.

mgf said...

Subby pack!

Avalanche and Midge Ure arrived this morning.

Having loved the alternate French names for many of our great heroes over the life of this collection I would have liked just once for Avalanche to be called Tons Of Snow On Your Head Man in English, but we have appropriated that wonderful word for ourselves so it wasn't to be. He's a lovely figure, although his fingers were a little arthritic. Easily fixed though, and an X-er well worth his place.

Dracula! Terrific. I was less than impressed with his face on the promo pics, but he's really, really great. Lovely paint, and a spot on sculpt.

There shouldn't be any questions over the continuation of the collection if these standards are maintained.

Ken said...

Dear Dan,

Please consider the following for the next extention (and my reason for them):

HIGH EVOLUTIONARY (classic character with rich history in MU)

DARKHAWK (had own solo title for 50 issues)

BARON MORDO (classic Dr. Strange villain in MU, starred in Marvel video game)

WHIRLWIND (classic Avengers villain in MU, starred in Avengers video game)

JIGSAW (classic Punisher villain, featured in Punisher film)

MASTERMIND (Classic Xmen villain, starred as main protagonist in recent Xmen Anime series)

SHADOW KING (Classic Xmen villain, starred in Xmen cartoon series)

CROSSBONES (Classic Avengers villain, starred in Avengers video game)

SILVER SAMURAI (Classic wolverine villain, starred in Xmen video games)

HEIMDALL (Classic Thor character, had role in movie and video games)

..and some other great characters:








mgf said...

Don't forget Lockjaw, for the best reason of any character not yet included - he's an enormous teleporting dog.

Robert said...

Under "I shouldn't have laughed but I did", a hamster ate a magnetic Spider-Man and got stuck to the cage bars!

Check the BBC website.

sed tallis said...

Lockjaw better Blimmin be confirmed, I have spent a small fortune on chew toys .I risked life and limb appropriating a toy dog basket from my daughters puppy pets collection. And a cute pair of wee tartan slippers from her Sylvannian families cottage. His space is all prepared .
Anyone read AGP yet? love Hitch but can Wossy Wite??

Robert said...

Read a preview of the first six pages, I think it was. If you like Millar, you'll probably like it, Ted. It's very much in that vein. It was okay, although couldn't help thinking it was a waste of a great artist in Dave Gibbons.

Me, well, I'm rereading Peter David's Hulk run and happy as a clam. It's taken nearly four months to read the first 30 years of Greenskin and now I'm at one of the great runs on that title. Potty mouthed 21st century comics vs. a comic that talks about Bugs Bunny as a philosopher? Nae contest.

The Mad Thinker said...

There are lots of mistakes on the main site's shop :

The Odin special is advertised on the main site for £10.99 to subscribers and £12.99 to non subscribers where the specials pop up , but if you go to the online shop the price is £14.99 for subscribers and £15.99 for non subscribers.

Where the picture of Jocasta is it says Chameleon.

Where the picture of Jubilee is it says Beta Ray Bill.

Where it says Quasar there is a picture of the Quasar magazine but the figurine is of Cannonball.

Where it says Prowler there is a picture of the Prowler magazine but the figurine is of Triton.

Where it says Cannonball there is a picture of the Cannonball magazine but the figurine is of Quasar.

Where it says Triton there is a picture of the Triton magazine but the figurine is of the Prowler.

Where it says Destiny there is a picture of the Destiny magazine but the figurine is of Songbird.

Where it says Songbird there is a picture of the Songbird magazine but the figurine is of Destiny.

Where Forge is it says Force instead of Forge.

Hey Dan -

This would be a good idea for the next competition !!
Make some mistakes on the main site's shop and let us find them all then email you with the answers and then you can choose a winner at random , who then gets to add a character of their choice to the next extension lol.

mgf said...

Doctor Octopus is listed as Octor Doctorpus.

The Mad Thinker said...

Robert :

I want to see The Starjammers and the Warriors three in this collection but I have to agree with you on this one , I'd much rather get my hands on the Warriors three first.

The Mad Thinker said...

mgf :

I just wet myself with laughter after reading your comment lol.

Robert said...

And I laughed at MT's unintentional homo-erotic double entendre!

We have missed you so, so much, Mr Smith. (Never thought I'd say that!) Please visit more often. It would certainly make me check in here regularly again.

You were responsible for one of the two funniest comments that ever appeared on this bob.
1. "The figure looks like it was painted by Stevie Wonder on a pogo stick" (Ted)
2. "I think you should get Eaglemoss Investigations to look into this!" (MT)

Ah, where did the good old days go?

mgf said...

"They're selling hippie wigs in Woolworths, man."

The Mad Thinker said...

Robert :

Well of course I didn't mean I literally want to get my hands on the Warriors three.
I can't wait however to get my filthy hands on that busty beauty Lady Sif lol.

What ?
Woolworths has closed all of it's stores ?
No way man , that sucks !!
I miss my pick 'n' mix cups

Happy friday 13th people

Bagman said...

This look familiar to anybody?
e-bay #280860415603

Thor8 said...

Just yesterday evening I was wondering where have many of the old bloggers gone,so just like Robert,I was glad to hear from you again MT. I wonder if jacadoo and Pirate Adam still read this blog or if they are still collecting.

Thor8 said...

Did sideshow by the rights to copy this sculpt?,or are they tryig to muscle their way into gaining benefits from EM's designs?

mgf said...

I think both Mystique sculpts are a homage to the cover to Mystique: Drop Dead Girgeous #2 from 2004.

As I have now reached the fery outer edges of my knowledge of the modern X universe I shall stop.

Elasti-girl and Mad Hatter arrived this morning. Both stunning. It would be a (minor, on the scale of human history) tragedy if the DC collection got cancelled.

sed tallis said...

Ha, my favourite quote was by Mr Ron Burgundy, news anchor and comic fan.
At the 77 NY con he was asked what made Bloodstone his favourite character.
He kissed both biceps and replied" watchout for the guns they'll getcha"

John said...


Further reason to put Rocket Raccoon and Groot into production now:

"Feige confirmed that the upcoming film will portray the modern incarnation of the team, which includes such intergalactic superheroes as Star-Lord, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, Groot and everyone's favorite, Rocket Raccoon."

""We are very excited about bringing things like that, maybe things exactly like that, to the screen. [...] When you tell people, you know what would be really cool? This movie, and there's a raccoon, and there's a tree... And they go, 'What?' And people like you know what it is, and get excited. And the majority of people go, 'Did you say a raccoon and a tree?' 'Oh yeah, they're going to steal the whole movie. They're hilarious.' 'Okay, I'll believe it when I see it.' I like that."

John said...

I am beyond excited. That is everything I want! :D

Banshee said...

Holy Crap!!! Roll on 2014!!! You know if the collection is still running then, that the extension is going to be crammed with GOTG. Bring on StarLord, Phylla Vell, Rocket and Groot!!! (All in matching modern costume please)

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Every corner of the Marvel Universe contains awesome characters. I love them all. Bring them on!

For example, if you're a fan of Annihilation Conquest, or a completist Avengers or X-Men fan,
or a curveball seeker...
check this week's


including such interesting figs as

One of the minor Avengers, this pyrokinetic superheroine makes a stunning figurine with her impressive wings of fire.

This demonic mutant from the biblical Neyaphem race is the father of Nightcrawler, and was a star villain in the X-Men First Class movie.

Enigmatic shapeshifter, best known as the first X-Men to die in battle. A curveball choice that would make a nice addition to the
X-Men display.

Also known as the Forgotten One, this powerful Eternal joined the Avengers and helped them in many battles. Let's not forget him,then!

Master of the World
A prominent enemy of Alpha Flight and Namor,Eshu is 40,000 years old. Plodex technology turned him into a global Marvel villain, more recently seen in Fear Itself.

Circuit Breaker
A sexy cyborg dressed in nothing but cyber parts and a circuit mesh! Her obsessive mission is: to destroy robots in Marvel's Transformers comic series.

This awesome Annihilation Conquest character is so unique. Dark sci-fi desing, translucent skin and a polymorphic weapon make a superb figurine.

Click here to check them out in the

My fave is Wraith.

BobDiamond said...

Did you know that it was the infamously crazy genius Keith Moon who came up with the name for Plant's and Page's new collaboration, when he said, 'They'll go down like a Le(a)d Zeppelin...'
...A bit like my last game idea...:)


PS. A Guardians of the Galaxy movie sounds awesome!

The Mad Thinker said...

Just checked out the Mystique statue on ebay and yes it does look familiar.

When I saw the side view I was thinking - does my bum look big in this ?

Robert said...

Well, no need to ask what you'll be dressing up as at the next con, then.

I saw some chubby cosplayers at the LSCC, MT, so don't worry. I'm sure you'll be quite fetching.

LAWay said...

The GotG movie will hurt Marvel financially I reckon. Its just too weird. Think it will either come across too kiddish, or too naff. Just look at Green Lantern when they throw CG sci-fi at unestablished, non mainstream IPs.

Glad you guys are excited though, but I do worry.

Guilherme said...

Wiccan face is nos right! He is a teenager, not a grown up man!!!

The Mad Thinker said...

Don't worry Guilherme , we'll get Eaglemoss investigations on the case.
I'm sure we can get them to paint rosy red cheeks and some freckles on Wiccan to make him look younger.

The Mad Thinker said...

P.s :

I am not a robot and should not have to prove it by typing two silly words that sound like a Harry Potter spell.

Every time I type these words I feel like I have just cast a spell and turned someone into a duck or something.
Perhaps one of our future figurines may turn into a duck , we could call him Howard !!

Robert said...

There's now a double-sized billboard advertising "Avengers Assemble" on the way to work. Made me smile broadly this morning. For the next few weeks I probably should go to work on my motorbike with my Cap shield on my back.

P.S. MT: What?

TheTooN said...

Those 2 verification words do my nut in, I'm 44 and eyesights not what it was ;)

The number of times I get a digit wrong and have to go again is maddening.

No ducks ;) maybe if we get to 300

Watched Thor again with the nipper yesterday, Warriors 3 please EM !!

Robert said...

Oh, right!

Had no idea what MT was on about there! Seems so obvious now! Well, except for the stuff about the duck. That's still a bit out there!

The Mad Thinker said...

quack quack

The Mad Thinker said...

Robert :

I know what I'll be watching on 26th april.

Clue :

I've got an army !!
Yeah , well we've got a Hulk !!

SinisterVenom said...

Just the 26th April MT? I won't be leaving the cinema even if they try to drag me out!
I'm not kidding guys, if I go quiet for a few weeks, either it's because I've moved into the cinema until Avengers stops showing...or it's because I got arrested for trying.

The Mad Thinker said...

Is Fing Fang Foom in the movie ?
the reason I ask is because I saw a dragon in the trailer.

mgf said...

At the risk of being controversial, something I avoid as many of you know, are superhero movies any good?

Although it's great to see our heroes up on the silver screen how many films hang together as a whole? There are great moments and set pieces. Spidey and Doc Ock on the L train was wonderful, Nightcrawler's attack on the Oval Office, and my personal favourite, Sandman reconstructing himself after the accident that created him. All terrific, and the printed page come to life.

Of course there is a thrill seeing a believeable Spidey swinging through NYC, Cap flinging his shield, or the Human Torch chasing down the Silver Surfer, but I'm still waiting for a superhero movie that is unerringly true to the source and works as an entire piece.

I shall see the Avengers, I shall go to see Spider-ManGa 90210 and his battle against something pretending to be the Lizard with a great deal of trepidation, and look forward to TDKR, but the movie that really excites me this summer is Prometheus.

sed tallis said...

Most superhero flicks are mince.
Anchor Man,Smokey & The Bandit and Shenendoah, I watch them regularly. I don't even own Spidey 3 on dvd, i very rarely watch the ones i have, Iron Man and Cap being the exceptions.I am genuinely excited that these dudes n duddettes from my 70's childhood are finally able to be " DONE PROPPA". but truth be told most of them bore me to tears.
Wolverine,Ghost Rider, Spidey 3, Glee Lantern...utter, and i cannot stress this enough! are UTTER mince.Three days till the big juicy one!!!.I'm off to see the giant pandas in Edinburgh zoo, not sure a species too lazy to copulate it's way out of extinction deserves any sympathy, but ahhhhh ainteeluvlee?

LAWay said...

I think there are alot of great superhero films. There are also a lot of duds as well though. But you raise an interesting point, and those films where they stray too far away from the original source is usually where the films get worse.

Its a shame no film has really stuck closely to the source material. They usually take bits here and there, but then are processed through the hollywood machine so much that its more like finding easter eggs and little nods than recognizing the original story.

Another problem is some of the great stories has characters from the whole of the marvel universe, and sadly due to copyright reasons we wont be seeing that happening anything soon apart from the avengers.

I think execs are too scared of staying too true because general audiences wouldnt 'get it' if its just the book translated into film. Comicbook fans know they are wrong of course, but it is just going to take time to convince them. I think Marvel are fighting that cause with the Avengers and other projects in the pipeline that they still own the rights of instead of selling them off like spider-man, xman, daredevil, fantastic 4, ghost rider etc.

I think hollywood dont understand that comics and that they dont always need continuity. Hollywood loves sequels, trilogies and franchises keeping the same actors etc because they think audiences are too stupid to understand change.

Personally I would love the likes of Frank Millers Dark Knight Returns to be made into a film, but I doubt it will ever happen as audiences will think 'why is batman so old?'

The Mad Thinker said...

What gets me is when they use the same actor to play more than one marvel character.

Ryan Reynolds was in blade 3 and wolverine.
He was also the Green Lantern but that doesn't count because that was a DC character.

Chris Evans
( not the ginger one )played the human torch in the Fantastic Four movies and now he's playing Captain America.

sed tallis said...

Naw too sure what's meant aboot sticking to
source materiel . Does that mean a literal translation of the characters 1st comic app ?
I understand why costumes have to be tweaked by Hollywood costume designers , Otherwise it wood look like a cosplayer YouTube vid.
Cap sticks to source ...haven't read much golden age Cap but it satisfied little old me.
Oh and Punisher Warzone ,perfectly entertaining action movie. Big Ray Winstone was an inspired choice.
Hate to break this to you MT but he also played Volstagg.
Chris Evans is an actor ,he's naw really Johnny Storm, he also makes a darn fine Steve Rogers.

The Mad Thinker said...

I knew there was another actor that done a double whammy.
Thanks for reminding me Ted.

Punisher Warzone was the best Punisher movie ever and was one of my favorite Marvel movies.

I'd love to see Jigsaw in this collection.

Thor8 said...

Well just 2 more days before the promise of the "JUICY ONE" comming about. I just keep my hopes up high that it will be the annoucement of the next extension. If it isn't I sure will ned to go watch the Avengers film to perk me up.

LarryS said...

Do I get extra points for naming an actress who has been two different Marvel movie characters...?

Rebecca Romijn was Mystque in a number of X-Men movies. She also played Joan in the 2004 Punisher movie (character first appeared in the Welcome Back Frank storyline).

LarryS said...

I'm on a roll now.

Iron Man director Jon Favreau played Stark bodyguard Happy Hogun in those movies, and was previously Foggy Nelson in Daredevil...

LarryS said...

One more comes to mind. Then I need to go to work.

Sam Elliot has been both General Ross (Hulk) and Caretaker (Ghost Rider).

Hey, no one said they had to be good movies!!

Robert said...

Saw Punisher: Warzone just a week or two back. Quite enjoyed it, but it's still a poor relation to the Ennis run on the actual comic.

Which sums up the comic-to-film debate from my point of view. Much as I love films, I prefer comics as a form of entertainment/ art form, so a classic comic will always trump a great film.

Yes, that even includes the Avengers film.

LarryS said...

Idris Elba in both Thor and Ghost Rider 2.

Robert, are you (or anyone else) planning to turn up for the Avengers European premiere tomorrow evening at Westfield in London...?

Robert said...

Much as I would love to be there, Larry, I live in Scotland. London is a bit too far for me!

I will just have to be patient. I have watched all the trailers and clips so many times that my wife says I am becoming obsessed. Considering she's never said that before, despite my clearly insane devotion of classic Marvel, I probably should be worried...

Bagman said...

Sorry Ted and MT, PUNISHER - WARZONE starred RAY STEVENSON not Ray Winstone,

Robert said...

Ah, the gentlemanly tones of Bagman. How are you, good sir?

sed tallis said...

Ahahaha ! That's me not touched a drop in four months .Ray Winstone would have been an interesting choice " Cop fer that you shlag" etc
My wee nephew is taking his auld uncle Ted tae the Avengers fer the 13.50 matinee next Friday.
Canair wait tae see Natasha Kaplinsky aka the Black Widow

LAWay said...

Remember to stay after the credits boys, Marvel like showing some extra scenes after them for the fans. :)

Bagman said...

Hi Robert, i'm well mate, haven't been posting much, just a bit too much hysteria about the next extension and how the latest x-person thats been in the Marvel Universe for all of two weeks deserves to be made immediately or heads will roll!!!. Apparently Volstagg, Fandral and Hogun are the back three for Bayern Munich :)
Anyway i seen SAGE the other day in the Blister pack for $2.30 and decided to have a read of the blurb and this is what it said ---
Sage is available all year round, and is used in stuffings, stews, and roast meat and vegetable dishes and not to be confused with the Marvel character of the same name. ---- :)))

sed tallis said...

Dan, I bet you have an early update planned, I bet you my unopened Texan bar (1983) .

Thor8 said...

You and I are thinking alike sed (Now that's what I call SCARY). I also have the feeling Dan wil give us an early update (announcing the next extension naturally). Can't wait to se whom the first entry wil be,(HOGUN HOGUN HOGUN).

mgf said...

So then, what did you lot think of Iron Man headbutting Thor and Thor headbutting him back?

All these Avengers trailers have proved so popular I heard a rumour Marvel might edit them together into something their marketing department is calling a "movie". An exciting prospect if true.

Nice to see a well deserved mention for Idris Elba. A great actor. He's about to show up in Prometheus, but he'll always be Stringer Bell to me.

sed tallis said...

Waited 36 years for an Avengers movie back in 76 I sat doon with my packet of Spangles .Beside myself with excitement at the awaiting episode one of The New Avengers, I was heartbroken to discover it had nothing to do with Cap & co, Still , every cloud and all that. Purdey was a revelation to this pubescent wee lad :-/

CGJ said...

I am loathe to give credit to the DC Collection, it gets far too much already, but I picked up Swamp Thing today and it is the best figure I have seen.

In either collection.


Even though it's resin.

mgf said...

I cannot wait to get Swamp Thing, C. The DC collection has seen so many great figures.

Clayface is a favourite of mine, also resin, also stunning.

Robert said...

MGF, I am still giggling over the head-butt scene two days after seeing it. Instant classic.

Texan bar? I remember the cowboy ads on the telly and having aching jaws from trying to chew one into submission. Ah, those were the days!

sed tallis said...

I was in the charity shop earlier trying to find something for dinner. Ended up with a Capo Di Monte diorama of a tramp on a bench feeding the pigeons.....and it's resin

and it's simply astoundifent.
i got so excited, i had to stop of for a box of Tena pads

mgf said...

Well, Ted, imagine my excitement when I did a Google Image search for "Dark Knight Returns Superman Statue" and saw what came up as a pre-order. Superman and Batman fighting on top of a wrecked Frank Miller style Bat-tank thingy.

Plans are already underway as to just how I am going to sneak it in the house without it being noticed...

ted sallis said...

My personal holy grail. Is a wee movie viewer. I got one for chrimbo in the early~mid 70's
It was appproximately the size of a box of Poppets. With a winding handle and a small viewing hole to watch the magic lantern show. Watching Spidey. On that tiny screen was way more magical than any. Superhero movie I have seen since.

mgf said...

There's one just gone up on eBay, Ted, starting at a quid.

"Super Hero Mettoy movie viewer - vintage - 7811 Spiderman Horn of the Rhino"

Robert said...

Just noticed that Bagman F.F.F. was on. Sorry, didn't notice your reply, Bagman!

sed tallis said...

Thanks M.
It is like it..... but I'm not sure.Heck, I'm begining to doubt my memory is still in mint condition. I seem to remember Spidey was fighting Electro .?
But for a couple of quid I'll check it out just in case.
Hey! Wonder if I can find one of those 9ft inflatable submarines?

Thor8 said...

Well no early update,so I just hope the big juicy one includes a big juicy new extension announcement.

Oh by the way,is the main site thinking of making an update of their own,anytime this decade?

TheTooN said...

Todays the day ! Hope its the best news possible.

A new extension....with ZERO X-Men and 20 Villains, Asgardians and Cosmics. I can dream I guess :P

Texan Bars.....

Cowboy tied to a stake about to be burned alive by Indians...

"You wouldnt fire a man until he's finished his Texan Bar would you ?"

Happy times :)

deamon said...

With zero X-Men, but with X-Factor, X-Force, X-allies and X-Villains.
Yes do it.

LAWay said...

Its that day of the week where we constantly hit 'refresh' on this blog until it updates. :)