Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Elvis Found Living On The Moon

Fred_Postman wins the update title. Well done make yourself a cup of tea as a reward...
Second place goes to LaWay for 'The Chronic Mental Fart Chatter' (claim your No-Prize). I'll keep some of the others for future updates, many thanks to all who bothered!
Now on a more serious (?) note - Deathbird paints....
I'm really happy with her - nice original colour scheme - not too much modelling for the sake of it, allows the beauty of the sculpt to show through. Also happy with the face detailing (we may add more dark areas to the sides of the face to add more evil! (see pic).
I'll be back soon with more amazing stuff from the crazy world of the CMFC - See you then!
UPDATE TO THE UPDATE! New darker face mask.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Good day to you all. Some recently designed covers...
Trapster Final inks...
Some recently painted sculpts...
We are changing Wiccan's cape to all one shade of red as this darker shade doesn't really work.
As Mojo has quite a lot of fine detail, we have taken the decision to pack him in polysterine for maximum protection. So as you won't be able to see the figurine through a window we have designed a groovy box to show him off. This is the design of the front and sides.
A little competition: I'm really stuck for Blog titles at the moment, so please post your title for next weeks update and I'll choose the best!
Jameson didn't take the news well.
PS Thanks for all the (kind) comments and suggestions. I'm not in marketing or finance but a lot of your suggestions make sense to me. Bye for now. Dan.

Thursday, 3 May 2012


Unfortunately we will not be extending The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection past issue 200. It was a shock to us on the editorial team, as we were quietly confident of another 20 issues. Sadly, following recent increases in production costs we came to the inescapable conclusion that a further extension just wouldn’t be sufficiently profitable. That said, there are some truly amazing figurines still to come and I’ll be previewing them all right here in the months ahead. Rest assured, there will be no reduction in the quality, effort and love we put into every issue of this Collection. I hope you'll stick with us for the journey. Thanks to everyone for your support, comments and enthusiasm. Excelsior, true believers! ‘Nuff said. Dan, John and Rich et al. PS: Please DO NOT send letters/e-mails of protest to anyone at Eaglemoss – the decision is made and Galactus himself couldn’t reverse it!