Thursday, 10 May 2012

Good day to you all. Some recently designed covers...
Trapster Final inks...
Some recently painted sculpts...
We are changing Wiccan's cape to all one shade of red as this darker shade doesn't really work.
As Mojo has quite a lot of fine detail, we have taken the decision to pack him in polysterine for maximum protection. So as you won't be able to see the figurine through a window we have designed a groovy box to show him off. This is the design of the front and sides.
A little competition: I'm really stuck for Blog titles at the moment, so please post your title for next weeks update and I'll choose the best!
Jameson didn't take the news well.
PS Thanks for all the (kind) comments and suggestions. I'm not in marketing or finance but a lot of your suggestions make sense to me. Bye for now. Dan.


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Thor8 said...
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Thor8 said...

Jameson says; "and I will publish it from issue 201" Does this mean there is still hope?

the owl said...

man wolf has been made jameson its john walker who is curiously absent.
Great sculpts and covers by the way.
Mojo looks very fragile hope the packaging does its job

Blog Master Dan said...

Of course John Jameson's been done. Thanks. PS just a liitle joke from me, trying to spread a little light on a dark and gloomy day!

Thor8 said...

All of the covers look great. The Fire Lord figurine is very neat looking,although sideways the yellow flame on his head looks kind of funny. Longshot and Wiccan also look good. Won't comment on Mojo (I never did like this character). Can we get some pics of Hela next?

Anonymous said...

love the painted version of Wiccan - looks great! I really like the dark inside of the cape, personally (though it's not technically accurate to the comics, but meh!)

Robert said...

Another excellent update, full of sneak peaks. Looking forward to Firelord. Another Herald.

Loved the comment about not being in marketing but thinking our suggestions made sense. Should get an award for diplomacy, that should. Must be depressing to know that you have worked your socks off on something and it will be ending because of the incompetence of others. What's that old adage about a chain only being as strong as its weakest link...?

The Mad Thinker said...

Competition for the next update headline ?

If we knew what the update was going to be about or what pictures we will see , maybe we could do this.
Unless the two pictures about the collection ending were examples and that is what the next update will be about ?
Can you explain more please Dan ?
Also , you didn't even say what the prize would be , all competitions have prizes.

MOJO Special :

I knew this figurine would cause some concern over damages , due to the sculpt of the character but without being able to see the figurine through a clear window us collectors will have no idea of the quality inside the box.
There's nothing worse than opening a box and discovering a damaged item.
Shops may refuse to offer a replacement or refund too as there would be no proof as to how the item looked when purchased.
They could say that for all they know we could have dropped the figurine at home and that's how it got damaged.
Obviously if the figurine was visible like with other specials , we would know if the item was damaged or not before purchasing.
It's a shame they don't make clear see through polystyrene !!

Firelord :

The flames don't look right on the staff and as for the curly thing on the back of his head - well , it just looks stupid.

Wiccan :

Yes the cape should be totally red coloured , I haven't seen any images of it being brown one side and red the other.
Also , he's holding one arm out as though he should be holding something , why hasn't he got his staff ?
Anyway , is it worth purchasing this character as we won't be getting any other young avengers characters in this collection as some numpty decided to cancel the bloody thing !!

On a positive note :

The covers look great , especially Sebastian Shaw's one.

Blog Master Dan said...

I don't know what the update will be about! So generic/random titles would be best? Isn't having your winning title emblazoned across the top enough!?

The Mad Thinker said...

Yes , looking at that comment from JJ Jameson it looks to me like another company maybe taking over.


Has Eaglemoss passed this collection over to another company ?

Whatever happens in the future , I just hope to see more Marvel figurines being made of characters we haven't seen yet
( not chess pieces )

Dan stop teasing us and give us some straight answers please.

Blog Master Dan said...

No the collection is not passed on to another company.

I was just joking, although I sometimes think it's not the best option!

The Mad Thinker said...

Dan :

Well I have already had that privilege with EAGLEMOSS INVESTIGATIONS.

Anyway , I'll play along and try to get my headline again.
Here's my entry :


Here are the images of the Hela sculpt in it's early stages

Here are the early paint stages

The final painted version

Cover design

In other news :

We've decided to add another extension.
This may or may not be the usual 20 issues that we have announced in the past , this has not been decided yet , but we are hoping to complete some teams at least before the last issue of the collection which I am hoping will be at least 250 ( a nice number ).

fredpostman said...

Thanks for the update Dan;think all the figures look great (haven't got a scooby about Mojo but will get him anyway.)
My title for next weeks update is;
MR HYDE/COBRA double pack soon
Elvis found living on the moon

The Mad Thinker said...


Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
From glen to glen, and down the mountain side

The collection's gone, and all of us are crying
'Tis you, 'tis you must go and I must bide.

But come ye back when summer's in the meadow
Or when the valley's hushed and white with snow

'Tis I'll be here in sunshine or in shadow
Oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy, I love you so.

And if you come, when all the flowers are dying
And I am dead, as dead I well may be

You'll come and find the place where I am lying
And kneel and say an "Ave" there for me.

And I shall hear, tho' soft you tread above me
And all my dreams will warm and sweeter be

If you'll not fail to tell me that you love me
I'll simply sleep in peace until you come to me.

I'll simply sleep in peace until you come to me.

Osvaldoeaf said...

Blog title? I've had one on my mind for a week, now! Considering the success of the Avengers movie, and the end of the collection at the same time, I'd say "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times"!

sed tallis said...

In honour of Robert,Mgf,cgi,MT,MM Bob D etc . I think the next blog update should be titled"So this is where all the big nobs hang out"

sed tallis said...

Glad tae have MT back to his crazier than a half eaten hotpot best ;)

Robert said...

Yeh, I think I will miss MT's potty outbursts more than the figurines.

Robert said...

Maybe we should have a competition: what unsaid calamity killed MT in the poem?

Whatever it was, I am sure it was implausible, unique, preventable and sillier than a Clone Saga full of Timmy Malletts.

jimbob said...

Massive teaser!!

How can the collection end after seeing the quality sculpt of Firelord and Wiccan.More please!:(

LarryS said...

Next week's title? Simple!

'EM suits in unprecedented U-turn'.


'They were misreading their spreadsheets'

deamon said...

Best title?
,,It's not the end, CMFC is still alive after 200. Extesnion 201-220 is confirmed."
All other titles sucks.

Robert said...

To quote The Man (FF #43): "Lo, there shall come an ending!"

ADParker said...
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ADParker said...
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ADParker said...

All look fine to me. No concerns at all.

Not really liking some aspects. The flame looks wrong. And technically is inaccurate anyway. It would both be more realistic and more visually appealing to have the flames progress from white, or better yet the same yellow as his 'skin' outward and upward to just a touch of red at the tips. (Flame is hotter and closer to white at its core, and red because it is cooler at the edges of the flame.)
The red eyebrows are rather awful as well, there color should definitely be lighter.
Less red in the flame effect all round would be a good start I feel. More like this image shows:

The face looks off as well. Perhaps more of a scowl or disapproving look (as in image; frown, angled eyes) might work better. Although the flame could change alone might rectify some of the problem.

Looks good. I agree about changing the cape to one color front and back, it was worth a shot but doesn't quite work. He looks young enough to pass for the teenager he is, which was of most concern to many.

rob said...

how aboot "Eagleblog."

cheers from vancouver, canada!

tinodragon14 said...

Thanks for the update Dan. Still really down about the end.

Love all the covers. All well drawn & colorful. I especially like HAMMERHEAD'S cover.

I really like the final FIRELORD figure. WICCAN'S cape would look better all red. The cape really makes the figure look very impressive. His face does look younger painted. Both Wiccan & LONGSHOT are not favorites but the figures are so well done I look forward to adding them to my collection. It is a shame that it ends with you guys making even characters that I was not interested in worth buying.

My headline would be the announcement that they will be adding more specials including

plus we at EM are considering ten final regular figures of

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Awesome. I'm a massive fan of the character, and I think this figurine is totally stunning. Which reminds me of how lucky we've been with the CMFC producing and giving us such splendid representations of cult characters like this herald of Galactus.

Again, absolutely fantastic. His face looks suitably young. This sculpt is just magnificent. (I only wonder if the use of metallic silver is correct? I thought the details were metallic gold).

These are bitter-sweet comments. Looking at these amazing figurines of Firelord and Wiccan just makes me think about all we could have seen, if the CMFC didn't have to end. Now we're left with just the dream of the Air-Walker and Hukling that could have been, and all the other great characters that could have been.

Oh why why why does it have to end? The CMFC was such a special, ambitious exploration of the Marvel Universe, and the CMFC editorial team were acting like veritable Marvel researchers and historians. A beautiful project that really must not end. I hope EM will continue it, in some other shape or form.

LAWay said...

*The Chronic Mental Fart Chatter*

Afterall, I know i do talk from the other end on occasion.

Anyway, great update! All the covers are looking fab!

Firelord is looking decent. Is the orange on his arms and legs supposed to be a different orange to his face and neck?

I quite like the 2 tone reds on Wiccan but can understand the change.

Mojo looking good. Longshot looking great.

Hoorah for updates! :D

ikabodcrane said...

Save the Marvel collection
3.Silver samourai
6.High evolutionary
8. Baron von strucker
9. Tarentula
10. Pixie
11. Graviton
12. Sage
13. Air-walker
14. Grey Gargoyle
16. Selene
18. Diablo
19. Yondu
20.Titanium man

22. Marina
23. White tiger
24 Puma
25.Hate monger
26. Baron Mordo
28. Jewel
29. Erik the red
30.Kree soldier
31. Starfox
34. Corsair
36.Gargoyle vodoo
38 Mesmero
40. Malekith
44.King cobra
45 Blizzard
47. Black tom cassidy
49. Namorita
50. Count Nefaria

5. Strong Guy

Pack: Warriors three

Save the dc collection please please!!

1. Lady blackhawk
2. Dawnstar
3.Uncle sam
4. Black condor
6. Sandman
7 Tomar-re
8.General Zod
9. B'Wana Beast
11. Grany goodness
12. Obsidian
13.Atom smasher
14. The ray
15. Miss martian
16. Ragman
17. Alfred Pennyworth
18. Eradicator
19. Platinum
20. Chameleon boy

22 Emerald empress
23.Ocean master
26.Gentleman ghost
27.Lady shiva
30.Psycho pirate
33.Comissioner gordon
34.Black mask
35. Weather wizard
36. Owlman
37. Halo
38.Hugo strange
39.Talia al ghul
43. Johnny quick
44 Phantom girl
45. Black orchid
46.Kid devil
49.Dream girl
50. Clock king

4. Ultra-umanite
5. Toyman

Pack: Ice and Fire

Thanks eaglemoss!!

sed tallis said...
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sed tallis said...

RIP Mr Tony DeZuniga, one of my fav artists of the 70's Filipino wave ,Along with the likes Alcala,Trinidad,Nino and many more , That country still produces some great talents to this day. From Whilce Portacio to Leinil Yu.
As sparse as my collection is , i'm lucky to have some lovely examples of DeZunigas art.
Doc Savage #5 B+W mag, Now that's how to draw a splash page .

Banshee said...

Everything about this update is awesome.
All the covers look great.
Firelord is amazing, the detail that's gone into him is incredible but i do have to admit the Mr Whippy effect on his head is a little odd :p
Love that you guys have come up with a solution to the Mojo packaging debacle. Hopefully he'll arrive all nestled and in one piece trapped in his polystyrene prison.
For me its Wiccan that has made this update extra special. He just looks AMAZING!!! I was concerned when i saw him in his earlier stage but now he looks younger and so much better.
I <3 you EM!!!
For the title how's about UP, UP and AWAY :(

Becquerel said...

But John Jameson got an issue already, Man-Wolf. :<

Thor8 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thor8 said...

Hela is Figurine #198 in the regular line. Maybe she should be moved down to #200. It would be poetic justice to see the end of this collection represented by the goddess of death.

Anonymous said...

Yeah dan don't joke! haha! Just make one last BIG blog update showing all the outstanding figurines etc... and then call it aday. COuld be something like 'The end is here'

That's what I would do ;)

It's been a quality collection and you all at EM have done a good job. Nothing lasts forever so it all had to end sometime.

Thanks for all the updates over the years Dan & rich! Best of luck with your next series

CGJ said...

'Regrets, I've had a few....

but then again, only Blink and Xman.'

Firelord looks like he has a ginger wig on, surely that needs looking at

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I'm seeing red
Why does Wiccan's cape need to be in two different shades? Can we see a version with the cape fully painted red? I appreciate that the darker shade is intended as an effect of shadow, but I think his black costume would stand out much better against a normal red.

SinisterVenom said...

Loving all the latest covers, Hammerhead is probably my favourite of them all.
Wiccan is superb, I don't think the cape shading will be too much of a bother. I just want him to arrive soon.
Mojo is looking amazing too. I'm not fussed on how the figurine is packaged so long as it arrives in good condition and in one piece, unlike all the trouble I went through to get a decent Arachne figurine.
I think the final figurine should either be Hela, for the irony in her being the Goddess of death and this being the end of the CMFC *pulls a sad face* or it should be Spider-Man 2099 for the reason that the collection began with Spidey so why not close it off with Spidey too?

mrsinister88 said...

I got Mockingbird today. She's the last figurine I'm buying. I don't see any reason to continue supporting Eaglemoss with figurines I'm not that fussed about when they have pulled the rug out from under us. Alot of the teams will now go unfinished such as Alpha Flight and The Avengers. I'm selling my collection on ebay......

Dagmc said...

What about "Until the end of the world" since we will have new figurines until 2013, that is after 2012.

Or maybe "The day after apocalypse".

LarryS said...

I have a second suggestion for next week's blog title.



You know you want it - - So Make It Happen!

Robert said...

I'd second that. Blake is this collection's Number One Fan. He's got more positivity than a roomful of kids' tv presenters.

On another note, can anyone help with a question? In the "Phoenix" (1984) one-shot - which presents an alternate (original) version of X-Men #137 - what if any changes have been made to the appearance of the Recorder from #137? I have #137 but not the one-shot.

sed tallis said...

Well thanks to Robert and Thor8, I have decided to cancel my subscription. Thor8, a Marvel fan who will have spent tens of thousands of dollars on comics and related merchandising over the decades,Robert, a life long comic fan, who spent £300? on a single volume of the Marvel Masterworks,simply to complete his set.And yet even these two Marvel stalwarts don't feel compelled to buy every issue of the cmfc .
It must be the 7 year itch, I cannot be arsed phoning up to cancel mince like Domino, or Mofo, and to be honest if Strange Guy got the final special slot over the likes of Skurge , there would be a real danger of me putting my boot through my display unit.

Robert said...

A sad post, Ted.

Ted, last year it became a simple equation for me. Use the money to buy a missing back issue or use it to buy a character I don't know from Adam (Blink, etc.) or care about (Mojo). The comics won out. I don't have bottomless pockets and I'd like to read these missing issues before the eyesight and brain cells go completely.

But I will miss the CMFC and I will miss the anticipation of who will make the cut of a new extension. Knowing that I will now never have a Warriors Three or even a Recorder (hey, there was a tiny little unrealistic dream there) saps a lot of my interest for this collection. I am still excited about Gamora and Hela, but they are the only ones I'm really keen on that I have still to get.

Oh, and I will definitely miss you and the other guys on here, Ted. You made me laugh more than anyone else by the length of Sauchiehall Street. I am hopeful I will see Bagman when he is back in the country and I still hope to bump into you at a Scottish convention one day. I guess meeting the likes of Bob Diamond won't ever happen, which is quite sad considering we were in the same place in February when my phone decided to play silly buggers. Anyway, I have hoosework to do while the wife is off at a school fair.

Have a good weekend, guys.

mgf said...

Ted, I understand your decision completely.

I cannot see the point of wasting money on figures like Domino, Nico Wotsit or Longshot, especially as I believe it was the decision to include such tedious characters is in no small way responsible for the demise of the collection. It is pretty obvious that including characters from a comics era where the sales are so pitiful would fail to attract strong sales. There is a reason those tired analogues didn't make it into other major collectible lines.

I've also just checked the listing for the DCFC. Grifter? Who? Aqualad? No thanks. Aqualad isn't black, anymore than Nick Fury. EM has been politically correct with these collections all the way to a double cancellation.

The end of the DC collection actually irritates more than th CMFC as a near perfect collection was achievable. For me the Metal Men, Captain Marvel Junior and a decent smattering of Legionnaires would pretty much have done it. Instead of Cap Junior we can look forward to... Vixen. Insane.

I'll pick up the Doom Patrol, Elongated Man, Kid Flash and Metallo, and as it is such a fine figure I'll grab Ventriloquist, but beyond that, I'll pass.

But let's not end on a negative. Both these collections have been absolutely outstanding. The Marvel collection started strongly and lost the will to live, while the DC collection followed roughly the opposite path. The Marvel collection was thrilling, but DC, with figures like Clayface, Adam Strange, Captain Cold, Orion, Big Barda often left me grinning like an eight year old.

max_0888 said...

oh man, both Wiccan and Firelord looks awesome. How can this collection end. I want more !! hehe

Lovely cover art too. Especially the Owl.

With 200 + specials figurines we can still have a pretty huge representation of the Marvel Universe. But it would be nice to have Mantis next to Swordsman, USAgent next to the West Coast avengers, StarLord to lead the moder GOTG and Sunspot to add to the new mutants.

Mojo is just phenomenal imo. What an awesome figurine. Really happy you guys pulled it off.

Thor8 said...

"Different strokes for different folks", so the saying goes I know,but I still can't understand how this collection included suck vague characters such as Silver Sable,Blink,and a couple of others,and yet left out potential and greatly requested classic characters such as,Warriors Three,Whirlwind,Mastermind,Silver Samurai,Skurge,Destroyer,Grey Gargoyle,Melter,Count Nefaria,Baron Mordo,Clea,Mantis,Squadron Supeme members,Molten Man,Jackal(whom was even shown in the Spider-Man list in the beginning),Starfox,USAgent,Maximus,Yondu,Martinex and so many others.

I say if DC could get 1 extra extension,Marvel can easily be give 2.

Robert said...

Two words, Thor.



mgf said...

You hit the nail on the head, Robert. I hope EM learn a lesson if they ever decide to tread a similar route.

sed tallis said...

I should clarify I am canceling my subscription , but still collecting . I intend buying the majority of the final 25 regular figs.
I just realised I am really naw that bothered about having a "complete" collection . I was happy ennuff to accept guff like Omega Red in the childish hope that by supporting the collection I may help secure Skurge or the big dug or Super Adaptoid etc , same goes for X-Man Marvel Girl etc . Cancellation made me realise I really shouldn't be wasting money on stuff I have no interest in.
Now i know I sound like a right wee misery guts, but I have honestly loved the vast majority of this Collection.
I never got a proper Cap Britain or original Beetle, On the other hand I got absolute beauties far too numerous to mention.
And hey Deadpool did make a fab Ulysses Bloodstone :)

Robert said...

I'm not saying they're responsible for every lame duck in the collection, but you really have to scratch your head when the Warriors Three haven't made an appearance by number 200.

Then you remember the forum polls and how low they polled.

Coincidence? Hmm. As a general rule of thumb, when you put two and two together you end up with four.

fredpostman said...

It's really sad when this collection expires that we will have useless characters (Sentry anyone?)when some of the great CLASSIC figures remain just a dream....(sigh)....what would have the Red Ghost and those cuddly apes looked like?

LarryS said...

Having ruminated further on my post yesterday, here's my Eaglemoss executive management team dream-team.

Come the revolution, we'll have in place:

Marketing Director: Blake Newman
Quality Director: Sinister Venom
Strategy Director: LA Way
International Development Director: Robert
Pricing Director: John
HR Director: ted sallis
Specials Director: Mad Thinker

In this parallel world, the collection is destined to last until at least issue 500. Who else needs to jump aboard...?

Kal Brindle said...

Really? Even now? Give it a rest guys - the Forum is not the root of all evil.

Sad to hear so many guys are dropping their subscriptions - there are some truly awesome sculpts and characters coming up and I'll be buying them all. If Canadian and US collectors were able to subscribe, and buy direct, Eaglemoss might have more faith in the numbers moving forward and we might not be losing the collection at all.

zombiedude13 said...


You are 100% correct, no direct buy really sucks. I am trying to figure out someone in Jolly Ole' that I can send the figs to, and then have them send them to me for the postage.
No sub really sucked, but I manage to pester my comic shop owner enought that he just automatically pulls things for me.

Robert said...

Appreciate the compliment, Larry. Even if I am not entirely sure what my responsibilities would be!

I'd be happy to help shape policy, though, and then hand over to someone more capable like Bagman F.F.F. or Bob Diamond. Or someone like Thor who has first-hand experience of being a foreign buyer.

My philosophy on international sales is simple: Everyone is treated the same. Everyone can subscribe. Everyone pays the same for a figure (postage will obviously differ depending on distances involved). Everyone will receive theirs at the same time (give or take a few days). Everyone will receive the same customer service in regard to breakages, altering subscriptions, whatever. No preferential treatment and no exceptions.

tinodragon14 said...

Hello out there across the pond in the un-United States I have collected all of the Marvel figures through my local comic book shop & yes the specials to as well as many of the DC figures but frankly DC does not have as many great characters but I was puzzled that there was only one Metal Man in the collection & no figures of characters like PARASITE & COMMISSIONER GORDON. I could not understand why characters like Blink, Marvel Girl, Silver Sable, X-23, Arachne, Photon, X-Man, Wiccan, Siryn, Firestar, Nico Minoru would come before Mantis, Marrina, Sunspot, The Warriors Three, Air Walker or villains like WHIRLWIND, BARON MORDO, MOLTEN MAN, ATTUMA, TOMBSTONE, STILT-MAN, THE COBRA & MR. HYDE, MR. FEAR, THE HIGH EVOLUTIONARY, BLASTAAR, THE JACKAL, JACK O'LANTERN, THE SCARECROW, THE MELTER, DIABLO, DRAGONMAN, THE MAD THINKER & HIS A.A., MOLECULE MAN, THE RED GHOST & HIS SUPER APES, MASTERMIND, THE WRECKING CREW, ARCADE & well I'm beating a dead horse here. Just so disappointed that none of the above characters will be part of this incredible collection all of them making great figures in the hands of Dan & his group. If only they would do a final twenty at least of few of these greats would get done.

Dan at least get them to do a few more specials like TITANIUM MAN, SKURGE THE EXECUTIONER, ATTUMA, LOCKJAW, ARCHANGEL, maybe the first villain two-pack of THE COBRA & MR. HYDE, a special WARRIORS THREE pack, a special WRECKING CREW three pack, DRAGONMAN, THE SUPER ADAPTOID, THE LIVING MONOLITH & here I go again.

LarryS said...

Thanks for the suggestions Robert.

My Fantasy EM team is now stronger than ever. NB: I've promoted Dan The Man - despite being the bearer of bad tidings, I do believe he's one of us underneath!

CEO: Dan The Man
Marketing Director: Blake Newman
Quality Director: Sinister Venom
Strategy Director: LA Way
International Development Director: Robert
International Sales: Bagman FFF and Bob Diamond
International Sales (US): tinodragon
International Production Management: Thor8
Pricing Director: John
HR Director: sed tallis
Specials Director: Mad Thinker

Robert said...

I wasn't sure if you were entirely serious, Larry, but you'd gave it some thought so it seemed only fair to do the same.

Love the fact I am now a figurehead and Bagman F.F.F. and Bob are doing all the important work! Now I have all this free time I guess I will havto take up golf...

fredpostman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sed tallis said...

Ha ha ha ha ha hard luck Mighty Marvel no cmfc no leeg trofee.

BobDiamond said...

Ted, you are often an enigma...but this time I really don't know what're on about! :)
Robert...heads up for you if you don't already know...the big T features at the end of Avengers Assemble #3.


LAWay said...


I am honoured to receive the role of strategy director, and with my new position I hope to strategically direct the cmfc into the greatest strategically directed brand in the history of brands.

Thank you.

LAWay said...

Also, disappointing to hear people pull out of subscribing or purchasing every figurine now that they know the collection is over.

I can totally understand it, but its disappointing.

Say if this is all a test. A test in our faith. Whether we will still buy despite the collection ending, seeing how loyal we are to greenlight an extension?

I remember commenting a while back about people who petitioned for characters they wanted, and when delivered, they would leave the collection. That there was no loyalty, people just wanted characters that they personally wanted. Its sad that it rings true, but maybe it goes to show the collection is ending at the right time, and that maybe listening to the fans and their obscure choices of favourite characters that was a never ending list in a challenge to please every fan was a neverending, impossible task.

I wonder what this collection could have been if different decisions had been made. Whether being like any other marvel product with variants/redos, whatever you want to call them, whether that direction would have kept the collection going and allowed fan to dip in and out collecting who they really wanted, no matter how obscure, while the general marvel fans and die hard collectors of the main marvel heroes would have kept the collection going. Who knows.

SinisterVenom said...

Quality Director eh? That sounds right up my alley! Count me in! :)

I'm going to be collecting the final figurines too Leigh. I started this collection with the intention to collect every figurine and have a complete collection. So far I have not missed one and I don't intend to stop now. I'll keep going til the end, be it at 200 or if they ever did give us one last extension then until then (unlikely I know but I can still dream can't I).

I have to be honest though, when I picked up my first figurine, Spider-Man, I never thought we'd have come this far 200 issues later! I thought it was just going to be the characters featured in the list that came with the first issue...even though we never did get all of those from it, like Jackal. But I am truly happy with what I have to look at on my shelves every day.
Picking up Tigershark on Thursday. I'm really liking the look of the figurine. Anyone else looking forward to him?

tinodragon14 said...

I'm looking forward to TIGERSHARK as well SinVen. I'm just sorry Subby will not have his big guy villain ATTUMA in this collection.

sed tallis said...

"Say if all this is a test .A test in our faith.Whether we will still buy despite the collection ending"
If they had wanted to test my faith they could have raised the price to £9.99.
Can't believe Bob D dropped the T-bomb. Although I find it unbelievable that Tarantula will feature in such a blockbuster franchise but not this collection.

sed tallis said...

20 figs that would have saved the collection
1 Hole Burst
2 Cram Fist
3 The Goose
4 The Slipper
5 Creampie
6 Major Minor
7 Starwood
8 The Shoe
9 Swollen tit
10 Billy Blister
11 Can Man
12 Turtle Head
13 The Spuzz
14 Gull Boy
15 Horsed
16 Fetid Girl
17 Sage
18 Pooper
19 The Clap
20 Hump
Disgusted that not one deemed worthy.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...
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BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...
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BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...
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BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...
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BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Hey LarryS, thanks for the offer in your fantasy CMFC team.
That'd sure be fun.

I'm a bit worried about your choice of strategist, though! I'd be worried about any strategist who doesn't understand that there are hundreds more characters worthy of inclusion that are as important and exciting as those we've got so far and which made us reach issue #200. And I mean at least 100 characters that are really, objectively equal to those already in the collection. I’d worry about a strategist who uses the term 'obscure', but may in fact be referring to characters which are simply not part of his knowledge of the Marvel Universe.

Imagine such strategist working on a Dinosaurs figurine collection.
Thinking that the Tyrannosaurus Rex is the most famous dinosaur, the collection would include not just a first (and perfectly beautiful) Tyrannosaur figurine. It would also give you such beauties as Tyrannosaur in a running pose, Tyrannosaur eating, red Tyrannosaur, green Tyrannosuar and Tyrannosaur taking a dino-dump. The Dinosaurs collection would eventually turn into the Tyrannosaur collection, forgetting to explore the great variety of morphologies of Triceratops, Pteranodons and Stegosaurus and all the other amazing dinosaurs that collectors want to see but are deemed too 'obscure'.

I appreciate the logic that popular characters can be used for the commercial success of the collection and allow it to explore other less know characters. But I'd be worried if the notion of 'less known' was simply used out of limited knowledge or personal tastes. An objective, deep knowledge of MU history is a vital prerequisite for any CMFC strategist. Richard and Dan have met this prerequisite very well.

I'd rather have LAWay as design consultant. He sure has the talent and understanding of character design. His comments have often resulted in improved figurines.We could also employ him as the 'popularity' test subject! To see which characters instantly resonate with him!

But in terms of strategy, in the real world I hope that the next incarnation of the CMFC will have someone with a deep knowledge of the Marvel Universe. It needs to be an ambitious visionary strategy which celebrates the spellbinding variety of characters of the House of Ideas. Something with the spirit of research and study, not just a commercial spirit.

We need strategists with daring ambitious projects and a mission to celebrate art.
Without that, book shops would be filled only with books by 'popular' authors,
theatres would only host 'popular' plays, concert halls would only play 'popular' music. There has to be balance. And a sense of mission. Of course 'popular' works need to be covered, but it's important to cover works which are important for artistic/historical reasons other than mere popularity.
The same applies to Marvel characters, the CMFC and its future incarnation… whatever that might be.

Thor8 said...

Don't know how many of you are aware.but non other than 'DISNEY' has put out a new series of PVC figurines of Marvel characters and there are varous Avengers and X-Men characters already available. They are 2 1/2" high and they even have ape like Beast. Coincedence??!!

TheTooN said...

Just spat coffee on my keyboard....

I want at least half on that list Ted :P

My letter to EM went out today,cant hurt to try for a final 20 even if Strange guy gets made as one of the final specials.

And yes there have been some awful strange inclusions over the 200.

I just spent 10 minutes doing lists of my personal faves. How bout some of you other guys ?

Top 5 male figs (in hand)

1. Taskmaster
2. Doc Strange
3. Hawkeye
4. Deadpool
5. Beta Ray Bill

Top 5 Female figs (in hand)

1. Enchantress
2. Scarlet Witch
3. Valkyrie
4. Spiral
5. Titania

Top 5 Specials (any size)

1. Galactus
2. Odin
3. Thanos
4. Colossus
5. Kingpin

And my hall of shame !

Worst Male - Sabretooth (bleerrcch)

Worst Female - Silver Sable

Worst Special - Omega Red

It was hard to choose worst female but Sable is just a stinker.

Thor8 said...
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Robert said...

Cheers, Bob. Haven't been buying this as it's Movie Avengers, not the real deal. But may read it just to see tha mad Titan.

Anyone reading the Hulk Smash series? Will be picking that first two parts up on Saturday...

P.S. Not sure we should write to EM when Dan explicitly asked us not to. And posting the address on Dan's blog may just get him in bother, Thor.

Thor8 said...

Sorry Robert,it is not my intention in any way to have Dan compromised. It's just that the forum is requesting that all collectors that wish to see this collecton continued write to EM and even supply a letter you can use if your short on words or do not speak English too well. It is meant only to have the guys in charge hear our plea,not get anyone in trouble. Since Dan was not the one to give this information to us(on the contrary he requested we shouldn't write in), I don't see why he would have a problem.

sed tallis said...

C'mon Robert live a little.There is no way the big chief would ever connect Dan to our petition letters
I have made a start:
Dear Andy
WTF are you playing at??. Daniel Racheal art editor of the CMFC tells us your an idiot.
That's as far as i've got whatcha think?

Robert said...

Obviously, I didn't know about the forum campaign.

Still, Dan got it in the neck for his openness on this blog not so long ago and I'm wary of causing him any more hassle through campaigns and addresses appearing on his blog.

Thor8 said...

Out of respect to both Dan and my buddy Robert I have deleted my comment from this blog. Sorry if I caused any discomfort.

Robert said...

I'm sorry too, Thor. Really didn't intend to make you feel bad about this. You know I've nothing but respect for you. I'm probably over-reacting. I just remembered Dan getting into bother with his bosses and I don't even understand what it was he said or did on the blog that caused them to take him to task. Any campaigning should be left to the forum, I think, just to be careful. I'd hate it if any of this back-fired on Dan. Maybe I'm just being paranoid because I'm reading the Bruce Jones Hulk run at the moment... ;)

LAWay said...

Blake, the strategy you want to follow has got the collection cancelled. Everyone wants new characters but it isnt paying the bills at EM offices.

And I may not articulate what I mean well, but when I say 'obscure', I basically mean anyone who is more of a supporting character not in the main spotlight in marvel. It doesnt mean I know any less about these characters, or care less...although admittedly, there are a few I could take or leave, much like everyone else.

Again, possible reason why the strategy of this collection has failed? Too many take it or leave it characters?

But lets not argue over a fantasy job position and dig at people about it. You have huge enthusiasm and are a great optimist for what this collection can or should be, but the reality is what is happening at the moment and what you want to keep happening isnt going to change the fortunes of the collection.

I reiterate. Other collections, which you may know a lot or little about, have continued success and a future because of how they are organized. They can shuffle popular characters and costumes with supporting characters until every marvel character is represented. The CMFC cannot, because 1 blip in profit margins in 1 extension, and its over, and that time has already come.

LAWay said...

I hope to keep informed about this petition going on, whether you guys hear anything back.

Although I wish you listened to Dan. Maybe he was using reverse psychology on us, but I doubt it. EM hasnt announced anything publicly about the End. With everyone petitioning, they are going to know someone leaked info. And then it makes it seem like Dan is to blame.

If people want to really make a difference, if you aint subscribed, SUBSCRIBE for the final 20 figurines. Do what you can. Change the way the suits see those number graphs.

If you aint subscribin' you aint helpin'*.

*(note this is aimed at UK buyers since we know overseas collectors have no option to subscribe and are helpless here)

LAWay said...

Controversial Offer.

The CMFC continues up until 260 with whatever characters they choose, or whichever are popular in the polls. However, the next extension, 201-220 is a complete redo of 1-20, and the numbering is reverted back to 01.

The price increases to £7.99 and the figurines change to resin.

Would you still subscribe?

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

LAWay, au contraire: you forget that the strategy I describe is the none other than the strategy that got us up to 200 issues. The reason why the CMFC must end is a reason of raising production costs or some other undisclosed licensing issue.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

And yeah, I'd totally embrace some redos and a price increase!!! I'm not against redos at all, so long as they do not become the core of the collection. I just feel strongly that the core strategy of the CMFC should continue be the exploration of all Marvel areas with passionate encyclopedic ambition. Like Darwin, aiming to catalogue and classify as many different specimens as possible.
The eternal truth of all collectors: gotta catch 'em all :)

LarryS said...

I didn't realise there'd be a boardroom battle quite so quickly on my fantasy Eaglemoss exec team. Maybe this stuff isn't as easy as it seemed from afar, I guess it falls into the hands of HR to try to resolve this tussle of CMFC titans. Luckily that role is held by the highly sensitive and respected Mr Tallis, so all should be well.

sed tallis said...

Larry your faith in me is touching, but I am afraid Hormone Replacement won't be of much use in this situation. Beautiful morning out with my old black lab. Oh there's a Bonnie big Staffie, cannot believe the bad press they receive they are so gent....

LAWay said...

haha indeed, the difficulties of running this collection, we cannot imagine how hard it must be for all these guys. ^_^

Thor8 said...

I don't believe that the cancellation of this collection is due to character choice,or at least not the main cause. I have a gut feeling that EM execs. have other reasons why the collection is being laid to rest and the big wigs have prohibited Dan from informing us.

Robert: Don't worry my good friend,I feel no ill feelings about your observation or comments and truly understand the reason for them. As for why Dan was once in the hot seat, it was because he would keep us informed on what was going on at EM and would let us in on future plans and developement of the same. How can keeping your customers informed on the product they're selling to you affect the company in a negative way is beyond me. I just hope that the leters sent to the big guy by forum and non forum members ave a positive result.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...
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BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Play it with me - and see why the CMFC has more extensions in it.

There is a very solid, logical argument to support the fact that character choices are NOT the problem. Consider the characters in the last 5 extensions, and the fact that EM have extended the CMFC year after year on the basis of the success of those extensions.

How it works
Now play a game of LIKE FOR LIKE.
It's simple. Choose 20 characters from the last 5 extensions and replace them with a counterpart from the same MU area and/or with a similar level of importance.

The postulate
You will have an almost scientific proof: If those characters were OK for EM to extend the CMFC, then by that logic other extensions are possible with other equally worthy characters.

My 20 like for like's:
1. Cannonball = Sunspot
2. Vance Astro = Star-Lord
3. Balder = Fandral
4. Swordsman = Starfox
5. Moondragon = Mantis
6. Beetle = Ghost
7. Tigershark = Krang or Attuma
8. Wiccan = Hukling or Patriot
9. Daimon Hellstrom = Gargoyle
10. Prowler = Speedball
11. Baron Zemo = Baron Strucker
12. Silver Sable = Misty Knight
13. Nomad = USagent
14. Batroc = Diablo
15. Puppet Master = Molecule Man
16. Firelord: Nova or Airwalker
17. Chameleon = Jackal
18. Quasar = Hyperion
19. Spiral = Silver Samurai
20. Hydro-Man = Whirlwind

... and these are only 20 examples. Try, and you will see that you can build
another 5 CMFC extensions using
this LIKE FOR LIKE logic.
It's the inherent beauty of the Marvel Universe and its awesome characters.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

... and this, I think, should dispel any doubts that character choice is the problem. Clearly it's NOT! It's worked for 7 years! I still hope that EM will try to increase the price, or come out with a new series at a new price, so that production costs are OK to continue the CMFC's exploration of the Marvel Universe.
Do send your letters, folks!

The Mad Thinker said...

Ok Blakey boy , I'll play along and base it on the last extension :

1- Sebastian Shaw / Selene
2- Firelord / Air walker
3- Hela / Fandral
4- Wiccan / Patriot
5- Longshot / Callisto
6- Swordsman / Mantis
7- Mirage / Sunspot
8- Moonstone / Diamondback
9- Hammerhead / Tombstone
10- Owl / Jigsaw
11- Vance Astro / Yondu
12- Spiderman 2099 / Jackal
13- Werewolf by night / Zombie
14- Gamora / Star Fox
15- Trapster / Paladin
16- Death bird / Corsair
17- Shaman / Marrina
18- Stingray / Thunderstrike
19- Wolfsbane / Meggan
20- Constrictor / Whirlwind

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Beautiful selection, Mad Thinker!
Well played, and what an awesome extension that would be.
Let's see more. C'mon bloggers!

Blog Master Dan said...

Yes, sending letters would only help to embarrass me, as it's only been revealed on this blog and various internet sites. The general populace of the subscribing world does not actually know! Say we have 10,000 (not actual figure) subscribers - how many go online and actively seek out info on the collection? many just sit back and await the rattle of the letterbox.

Dan CEO EM Towers INC.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Thanks for the note, Dan. Of course no-one here wants to create problems for you. But as far as I know from the forum, letters have been sent already, as EM news also reach the forum via other channels - some liaisons between key forum staff and key EM staff, as far as I understand.

Perhaps we could send letters that do not mention the end of the CMFC, but simply express our passion for the collection and how we look forward to more characters.
Would this be ok? All we want is to try to keep the CMFC going.

PS. We sure wish you were the CEO!
I'm sure we would see more extensions and more of the awesome figurines that you produced in your inspiring 181-200 run.
C'mon Dan, get promoted to CEO!

Robert said...

"The general populace of the subscribing world does not actually know!"

This is not a direct question for you, Dan, but more a general inquiry: when will they find out? There was nothing on the main site last I looked. Has any info been placed inside the subby packs? Considering we expected an announcement in February and it never came, I firmly believe that EM closed the door on this collection months ago. I hope I am wrong, and the petitioning is successful, but it just doesn't look like there is any hope.

Bagman said...

Hi Robert, this was the letter i recieved when the Australian collection was cancelled

Dear Reader,

Thank you for buying The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection. This letter is to inform you that, due to unforseen circumstances, the Publisher has to suspend publication of the series. Unfortunately, this also means that we will be unable to supply you with the subs gifts at this time.

We have greatly valued your custom and hope you will continue to enjoy and value the issues you have bought.
However, should you require a refund, please return complete copies, including the figurines, to the following address no later than 31 January, 2012.

Your money will then be refunded. Please allow 28 day~ for the refund to be processed.

The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection Refund Reply Paid 3460 Nunawading VIC 3131


Customer Service Team Bissett Magazine Service Australian Subscription Agents for Eaglemoss Ltd

Robert said...

Thanks, Bagman F.F.F. How much notice did you get? That's what I am wondering. This isue doesn't affect me as a non-subscriber, and I visit here so I know what's going on, so wondering about the folk who subscribe and don't yet know. When and how will they be informed...?

sed tallis said...

Oooh dear, afraid i sent a soiled thong, to highlight my disgust at the decision to cancel. I enclosed an S.A.E though.
i feel such a silly sausage( especially now that i am thongless)

Gremlin said...

I have to say it's a bit disrespectful to the buyers if you didn't intend on letting them know the collection was ending. What's going to happen????....are they just going to get a final package through the letterbox with a thanks for collecting letter.
You should at least give them a heads up.

Thor8 said...

With al due respect to Dan and all involved,but I find that keeping faithful subscribers uninformed about the decision EM has made in ending this collection an act of disconsideration and a lack of respect and gratitude. Why isn't EM informing subscribers and the collecting populance about this? Do they believe that if they do,many will cancell their subscriptions and non-subscribers will stop buying,so it's better to keep them in the dark and milk them to the very end by having them purchase figurines they might not really want,but do so in hopes of getting their wants in future extensions that will never come. I find this is a low blow,and it shows what disregard the execs. have for their supporters.

Gremlin said...

Why don't EM put a little survey into one of the upcoming subby packages asking for their opinions on the cancellation and the limits they would be prepared to go to to keep it going. The marketing of this product has been abysmal so their must be lots of money in the marketing kitty for some leaflets.

Kal Brindle said...


The letter writing campaign was in the works long before your announcement on the blog - you beat The Forum to the punch by less than twelve hours. The collecting community is not stupid and Eaglemoss' silence was deafening. I am grateful that you gave us some information at all.

While I appreciate that letters you expressly asked us not to send may be embarrassing, they are neccessary for those of us, the rabid fans, who did seek out information and community online. We feel disapointed and let down by your employers and refuse to let the collection go without attempting to fight for it, regardless of how futile you claim the likelihood of success may be.

Simply put, we love this collection and we have to try and save it.

LAWay said...

To the uninitiated subscribers that do not follow the blog, they are not aware of 'extensions'.

There is no letter saying about the upcoming 20. You get 2 figurines, and the only knowledge you have of a new figurine is on the back of the cover. You are charged per package sent.

The collection still has a year to go in terms of figurines to be delivered. Subscribers who do not know of the CMFC online presence will have no clue that the collection is up to 200.

There is no need to inform the subscribers, and what for? I expect a 'thank you' letter in the last package, but nothing more. They dont need to do any more. That is not disrespect. There is no agreement, no contract saying this collection will be ongoing.

Again, the only disrespect is not subscribing, yet complaining the collection is ending. If you are in the UK, subscribe, simple as. Only those people can do anything remote to change decisions.

Money talks. Not letters.

Dan The Man said...

LAWAY - you beat me to it - and said it more eloquently too!

Although I believe there are little A5 black and white notes that go into subscribers packages telling of the next extension (the 181-200 ext note has only just gone out! - so they would get it near the end of what they thought was the end (178-180?)

Can anyone confirm this if they get one in the next couple of weeks?

So to the majority of subscribers they will be over the moon to get another extension (181-200), or totally pissed off that they will have to continue getting it! (and at that point the numbers would drop a little bit as they do every extension).

Dan The Man said...

So you can see the EM mindset clearer here:
They know numbers will fall when official extension notes are sent to subbies (fact).
So if the numbers are on a knife edge already (161-180), then with the knowledge that another few 1000 will drop off with the 181-200 ext notice. then how many will be left by the possible issue 200+ ext. notice? so you can see EM have made the business decision that another ext. would not be profitable enough.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

But these are only projections. Is it really not possible for EM to send a survey, instead of the usual inconsequential extension notice, to ask subscribers if they want to continue subscribing and getting more characters? I really really don't understand why a survey cannot be sent, which would give EM facts instead of working with elusive projections that may be wrong.
C'mon EM, send a survey already!

LAWay said...

I dont recall getting an A5 slip mentioning extensions, but maybe I havent been reading that carefully.

Blakey, ever to optimist, but subscription numbers keep falling, not increasing. It makes sense to end it if the numbers and projections are low.

The only people they could send surveys to is subscribers. There would be a percentage of those subscribers that will be bothered to fill out the forms. And what do you expect them to say in the forms that will change opinions.

Like I said, its subscriber numbers that need to go up. You cant blame current subscriptions. If they are falling, its due to character choice, not being able to afford to continue, or there just being too many figurines.

EM need NEW subscribers. Where are they going to come from? Not new customers. No one is going to subscribe freshly at 181. Whats the point?

It all lays with current collectors. If they are not subscribed, they are not attributing to the money sheets the suits look at. Businesses are run and organized by projections and plans. You cant keep going on the passion of fans if there are not enough fans to make the money needed to keep everyone happy.

Nothing gets attention to an audience like a new product. Thats EM's future direction. And there is nothing wrong with that.

zombiedude13 said...


Do you think that the Powers that be at EM would be amenable to restarting a new series (one that is roughly of the same size and shape so to speak, so that it matched the old set) if they were able to raise the prices, make them out of resin, and redo the more popular characters?
I know that licensing can be pricey, but realistically, Marvel is a licensing whore, so to speak, they make just about everything with their characters imprint on it. I doubt renewing the Marvel license would be all that hard.
Then, EM go actually do some advertising, get the word out to retailers, and maybe even advertise in a MARVEL COMIC!!!!!!! That would really help sales.

My suspicion is that the dropping numbers in subscriptions have made them opt to do a different line of figures. Probably Harry Potter.

LAWay said...

Personally I think the CMFC has shown, with 200 issues, that Marvel is a popular brand and EM would be crazy to throw away that license. If they wanted to keep old fans happy they should do the same scale, but to make sure they get lots of people buying again, they may even make them quite different on purpose, like the DC chess set (The metallic paintjob really makes them look cheap and tacky and not worth £7.99)

I wouldnt bet on advertising though. It depends if EM have the guts, or even if the license allows, to sell it as a subscription based product worldwide. It may only be allowed to do it again in the UK. So they couldnt really advertise in US Marvel comics. While they could advertise in Marvel UK, I dont know how strong those sales are, or its target audience, and how much advertising costs, but whatever it is, it would probably have to add an increased price figure to total costs.

If we are saying that £7.99 a figurine balances the books better, if you want EM to advertise, then it may increase the price of each figurine to £8.99 or £9.99.

Since the CMFC did well enough on word of mouth, and DC did well but ultimately doesnt have the fan base or characters in the UK that Marvel does (perhaps), EM would probably be happy enough to go down the same route of an initial tv advert and little else.

I think they will learn from their mistakes, or should, and incorperate social media in their next product, with simple blog, twitter and facebook pages as well as a functional website and shop. The boosted online presence alone may help 'advertise' and boost collectors more than an ad in a comic.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...
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BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...
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BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...
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BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...
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BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...
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BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...
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BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I think the passion of CMFC collectors is being unjustly underestimated. It's not fair and it's not right. I'm pretty sure that collectors are, like me, seeing the CMFC as a dream come true. EM should send a survey slip, possibly also including an attractive list of characters they could include in new extensions. Then I think subscribers should be given a chance to say if they want to continue, accepting a price increase and/or switch to resin. All assumptions (EM's or those of some jaded bloggers) are meanigless and unreliable. It's silly crazy to be based on them. The truth is: What Marvel fan that is a real fan would want the CMFC to stop when there are so many characters to go with the ones we already have? C'mon EM, be serious. Send the survey slip already - if you really want to know if the CMFC can go on.

LAWay said...

"All assumptions (EM's or those of some jaded bloggers) are meanigless and unreliable. It's silly crazy to be based on them. "

You are assuming all subscribers will filled out and send back a survey. That all subscribers want a price increase and a change to resin. Your assumptions are just as crazy as you think the EM suits are.

Maybe your passion and that of some people who write in will get people think if there is enough. And by enough, I mean THOUSANDS of letters.

If not enough people online are bothered to write a letter to EM, then it'll be the same for filling out forms.

What Marvel fan really wants to see the CMFC stop? No one. But poor sales or subscription figures is what will persuade EM.

What Marvel fan wouldnt buy or be interested in a new Marvel collection?

Thor8 said...

Blake I agree with you,but the truth is EM's execs have no interest in seeing this collection continue. They have made this clear by their deafening silence and indifferance towards our pleas. I don't expect them to continue if they are loosing money or not making enough profit to merit it's continuation,but with so many alternatives on hand to help boost sales and make a heafty profit and EM just saying it 'CAN'T' be done,when in truth they mean it 'WON'T' be done,that's what rally frustrates me. The marketing and advertising of this product really left a lot to be desire and I believe this affected the continuatin of this product more than anything else. If another comany with with a wider view puts out a similiar collection. I'm sure they can take it to greater heights. Sorry to say this EM,but I feel you guys really blew it. You had the chance to make collecting history,and you have let it slip through your hands.

mgf said...

Guys, they don't want to do it anymore, and here is only one reason for that. It isn't profitable. Why that is the case is neither here nor there. It's over.

JinxDealer said...

Ok ok. So i will subscribe as one last attempt to save. Against my better judgement tho... All i hear is subscription numbers matter and seem to be the be all and end all. THEN NEXT TIME.. try rewarding them with regular subby gifts

LAWay said...

EMs lack of advertising still got this collection to go for 7 years at 200 issues, more than any other part work magazine collection. Saving money on advertising meant cheaper figurines.

EM suits dont need to address us. Dan telling us that the profit margins are not enough is all we need. We cant complain that not enough people are buying the product to increase this.

Look what Dan said. Each extension, people STOP buying. The low price isnt effecting their decision to stop buying.

The blame will lay on people either not subscribing, cancelling their subscription, or just not buying enough figurines. Why are people doing this?

Some people dont subscribe because of poor customer services? A petty reason. Some people dont buy every figurine because they dont like the direction the collection is going because they dont care enough for each list of characters.

You cant blame the suits for running a business to a profit.

LAWay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LAWay said...

I agree.
A subscription bonus would be better.

Magazines make a big deal about free gifts and discounts PER YEAR!

The display base and folder were useless as gifts in hindsight. Subscriptions need to be changed to yearly with a free figurine every year your renew. Sprinkle a little discount so instead of paying £143.76 for 24 figurines a year, change to £130. Looks impressive but only saving 50p per figurine. (of course prices will have to raise in the future, but you get what I mean.)

Or just make a savings on specials like usual. But instead a flat rate, so your subscription pays for 24 figurines and 4 specials at a fixed price and you get 10-20% off the specials. Hardly anything when you have guaranteed customers.

But we all got our own ideas on how we think the collection could improve, so its all hot air really as we dont know if it actually would.

JinxDealer said...

Well i just said why i didn't subscribe.. And for the record i buy every figurine even the z list x'ers that i have no interest in

LAWay said...

Good to hear man. But if you were buying them all should have really just subscribed. You get a little discount on specials, save money travelling to shops & parking, and all the money go to EM rather than to the retailer you buy it from.

JinxDealer said...

I get what you mean but theirs a shop actually in the street i live in and i get the figurines on release day and can inspect them . I don't need to wait in on postman etc

sed tallis said...

Lots of interesting ideas on how to promote a figurine collection. But face facts you can stick a fork in this one because it is well and truly done.
Ha yon skank Rebekah Brooks is the spitting image of Sideshow Bob, made me think a Simpsons worldwide all resin figurine collection could be a thing of beauty.

LAWay said...

You pay £5.99 to the shop instead of EM.

For the shop to make profit, they must buy off EM at a discounted price for a bulk amount of orders. So the shop may pay at little as £2-£4 per magazine that goes to EM, which means for each time people are purchasing from a shop instead of EM directly, EM is losing £2-£4 per figurine.

Money spent through subscribers or the online shop is £6 straight to EM.


Just reread. Thought you said 'i dont know what you mean' when you said the opposite. But anyway, just leaving the comment there as I still dont think people actually consider this when purchasing their figurines.

Robert said...

Have to admit I hadn't thought about that aspect before, Leigh.

I always bought them from FP as I was in every Saturday anyway and I could pick the one that was painted best and had intact limbs, etc.

LAWay said...

I dont think enough people do Robert. I think people just assume every penny goes to EM as soon as you purchase the figurine.

While i can understand people wanting to check figurine quality, I have only had 1 broken figurine in the 180+ figurines, and that was replaced and I even got to keep the broken figurine, which I just glued together anyway. People may be unlucky, but I dont think the quality really differs too much from figurine to figurine.

JinxDealer said...

yeah Leigh you make an excellent point. So lets see what happens if all those who can subscribe but don't all just sign up for one last try. Worth a shot sign me up

Robert said...

You seem to have got off lightly, Leigh, but you also have to admit that we've heard some horror stories on here about repeated breakages. I have also noticed that paintjobs can vary quite a bit as well. Not making excuses, just explaining why it seemed easier just to pick them up in FP. (The figures are right where you pay, so I was standing beside them and just reached out an arm...)

LAWay said...

Yeh, heard alot of horror stories and I just take that as being unfortunate. If it kept happening the majority of the time then I can understand people not subscribing, but a handful out of 180+, with any damaged figurines can be replaced, then I dont see it as a problem.

Maybe being a subscriber gets you through customer services quicker?

My FP is awful. No figurines on display, magazines in a mess separated from the figurines, so you couldnt even browse for quality inspection if you wanted to.

Rabid Womble said...


I really can't see EM going for "one last" fan picked extra figurine taking it to 201 figures, but would it be possible for people to vote on the final figure? You already know who the final 5 or even 10 are going to be, so how about putting them all up for a vote and the top fine being the last five that are release starting 5th most votes, 4th, 3rd and so forth, to poll winner get the final figure accolade? If the poll is set up fast enough and only lasts a limited time it shouldn't cause yourself, your team too musch stress and anguish with dealines.

Rabid Womble said...

LAWay said...

The blame will lay on people either not subscribing, cancelling their subscription, or just not buying enough figurines. Why are people doing this?



I think it could be something as simple as people were getting tired of buyng the collection and not getting the figures they wanted.

I stopped reading comics almost 30 years ago and don't know who about30% maybe a little more of the characters are. Despite this I've subscribed from issue one and will stick with it to the final issue.
Most people aren't like me though.

As has been mentioned a lot, possibly the bigger percentage don't come to this blog to see who is being released etc.

As I don't think there have been too many obscure releases that the majority say "Who the hell is that?" too, I do wonder if when the letter was included saying that there has been an extension it could have been helpful if the list of at least 10 if not all 20 characters were included on the list.
The people that were giving up as they lost interest, ran out of room or just couldn't afford the expense anymore would still have cancelled regardless, but it may have reduced the number of people giving up if they knew for sure that xxxx was in the next extension. Yes, it could go the other way and make people decide I don't want that lot and unsubscribe, but IMO the positives outweigh the negatives because as I said, there were very few "who?" releases that most fans wouldn't have heard of.

fredpostman said...

HA HA the sweet irony of it;The Avengers movie has taken over 40 million quid in the UK and Ireland to date,globally crossing the $1 Billion threshold at the global box office.
And all we want if another few characters to finish of teams (well actually i would like at least to no 300,but i've always been greedy).

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

LAWay, what I consider silly/crazy is the fact that no attempt is being made by EM to approach collectors with a simple survey slip. This would give them some facts, which would be better than conjectures, projections and assumptions based on no real feedback. Collectors' interest could even increase, because of the awesome figurines in extension 181-200. I mean, c'mon. Give me a break, mate. A survey slip is a simple, yet effective way of gauging collectors' interest and how much they want the CMFC to go on.

LAWay said...

Only because the Avengers is about characters that every marvel fan and non fan cares about.

You couldnt make a film of 90% of Marvel's characters.

And the film has done well because of the backing of Disney. Cant be all that bad. lol

Dan The Man said...

the final running order is decided, so sorry no voting.

EM is/was very pleased with the success of CMFC - generally part-works run for anywhere from 60 to 180 issues (Lord of the Rings and Real Robots being previous long runners) but CMFC has exceeded all expectations getting to 200 issues plus 30 specials! (If you include the subs gift (spidey), the variants, aswell as the double packs we are edging toward 250 characters! So as numbers start to fall it's time to focus on new ventures and get out while the going is good.

Dan The Man said...

...and yes we are still working with Marvel!

Robert said...

I look forward to the next poorly advertised, impossible to subscribe to if you live abroad, difficult to subscribe to even if you live here collection from EM.

Okay, that was cynical.

Yeh, it's been a great ride. But I can't shake the feeling it could have longer and, therefore, even greater.

Robert said...

Keep thinking of the footballer George Best as an analogy. Had some wonderful years but retired at 27. If he'd moderated his behaviour he could have played on for years longer than he did. Great career but culd have been greater.

sed tallis said...

Really hope we see Hela this Friday. It's the last big reveal.

LAWay said...


Another Marvel product done by you guys!

I'm excited. Cant wait to see what you guys do for the future and that some things have been learnt along the way during the CMFC.

sed tallis said...

If its a Marvel chess set, i'll let out a contemptous sigh.
A Marvel cufflinnk collection and you can sign me up right noo.

Thor8 said...

I may have come on here as the heavy lately,but it's mostly due to my dissapointment on how this collection ended.Robert has voiced in his last two post my thoughts exactly.

I do not want EM (Dan and Rich especially) to think I am not gratefull for this great collection they have provided us with. As I have said before,this is a dream come true series and no one before has ever been able to put together such a varied and extensive set of Marvel figurines such as you have. It beats Marvel Legends,Bowen Designs,and others by a mile,but it really is a shame you couldn't walk the extra mile(or maybe you did since this collection was originally intended for 60 figurines),in that case,it's a shame you couldn't walk the extra extra mile.

I love this collection and will treasure it for a very long time.

Peace to all and adieu

LarryS said...

This blog has convince me I am officially an old codger.

When I was a lad, I would have been delighted if customers wrote to the CEO saying I was doing a great job, please can we have more or the same, please can you put up the prices.

In the modern world, it seems such letters get you int trouble.

I'm out of touch. I don't understand this tipsy turvey stuff. It leaves me befuddled.

Please wake me up when the world makes sense again.

TGR said...

When comparing profit margins for selling items via subscription, directly via website or via a third party seller (like FP) then the figures are not biased one way or the other as you all seem to think. Subscribers probably don't provide vastly more profit at all if any.

No one on here has yet considered the postage costs in getting the figures to the subscriber, I'm sure Royal Mail don't deliver them out of the goodness of their own hearts.

You must also consider that a subscriber is getting maybe a £1 or £2 price cut on a special figure which also eats into the profit margin

Like wise with subscription freebies, it may not seem much but a free binder, free figurine and free plinth also eats into profits from subbies. Spread this cost out over the run of 200 figurines and it probably amounts to 10p per figure. This may not seem much but when the product has a low RRP then it is a substantial cost that has to be taken into account..

Those that buy directly from EM website pay for P&P (£1 per figure as near as damn it) so it is most likely these sales that would produce the best "profit". The reduced cost of getting a bulk order to a retailer should offset the reduced profit EM get from these sales.

If EM have failed in any areas (if you can say that a 60 issue run that has made 200 is in any way a failure) then it is simply down to the much demanded product not being made available to its potential market; either because they can't easily buy it / subscribe to it or just don't know it exists.

I know EM would never reveal the actual figures but I am curious to know which are the top and bottom 10 sellers.


@Dan the Man : We would not wish to embarrass you in any way but it is extremely important that EM bosses know the feelings of the collectors. Likewise, you can't expect to post on your blog "the collection is ending but don't tell anyone else as it's a secret" and then expect us all to say "ok, thanks, cheery-bye" :-)
You, Rich, Sven and going back to Al have nothing to be embarrassed about but there are those at EM Towers that should be hanging their heads in shame at such a lost opportunity.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Well, it's good to know EM are still working with Marvel. I wish them success, and I hope that we will see figurines of all those characters that should have been in the CMFC,
such as High Evolutionary, Sunspot or Blastaar, and really hope they'll be in CMFC scale and style.

mighty_marvel said...

i'm really pleased em are still working with marvel and still fully expect a new figurine line made in resin with a higher price point featuring the a-list characters at some point.

just have the figures roughly in scale with the cmfc, avoid metallic paint jobs, slip in the occasional 'missing' cmfc character like usagent for example, make a jim lee era rogue figure and most importantly DON'T make it a chess set.

Gremlin said...

I think the Marvel license will be used for the upcoming chess sets. That should se EM through the next few years anyway. One set will take approx 64 weeks (32 pieces every two weeks....maybe another for the chess board??). SpiderMan will be the first by the sounds of it then given the sales it will be a coin flip for Avengers or X-men I am guessing. I won't be getting these as I am just not interested but I will be keeping a watchful eye on the X-Men chess set. I hope they drop the metallic paint as if they do the proposed characters I will pick up Vertigo and the Brood.

LAWay said...

Indeed, I think if EM announced 60 figurines would be the end of things, and somehow we extended to 200 we couldnt really complain.

What TGR is saying is ridiculous.

You are voicing opinions that it is worse to subscribe, despite being told that is what sales are looked at?

"Subscribers probably don't provide vastly more profit at all if any."

£5.99 a figurine to EM for a subscriber.
£5.99 to FP to non subscribers. Do you think FP buys them at £5.99 and sells them on at the same price out the goodness of their hearts? Overseas buyers have to pay twice or three times the odds because retailers have to make profit. If thats how retail works, then FP must be purchasing figurines at a low price to make substantial profit themselves.

"No one on here has yet considered the postage costs in getting the figures to the subscriber, I'm sure Royal Mail don't deliver them out of the goodness of their own hearts."

Likewise the cost of distributing to FP. Whatever the cost, FP is making a profit selling the figurines at £5.99, you have to assume a healthy profit to keep stocking the product. Not only is EM selling the figurines cheaper, but the added cost of distribution is added to the overall loss of the product.

"You must also consider that a subscriber is getting maybe a £1 or £2 price cut on a special figure which also eats into the profit margin."

You must also consider that most of the sales of specials come through subscribers. Taking a 5-10% hit in the price is nothing to generate sales, especially when there are only 4-5 specials a year. EM is making profit on these figurines. If they can afford to sell the specials to retailers for the likes of FP to make a healthy profit which I imagine to be over £2 per figurine, then they dont mind the discount for subscribers.

"Like wise with subscription freebies, it may not seem much but a free binder, free figurine and free plinth also eats into profits from subbies. Spread this cost out over the run of 200 figurines and it probably amounts to 10p per figure."

What? You subscribe and get 1 each of those things. Not 200 of them. The display stand is valued at £10.99. It does not cost that much to produce. The binder is £5.99. Again, it wont cost much to produce. Finally Spidey is no longer a freebie option, but lets say he is £15.99 valued. He wont cost that much to make. I would bet he doesnt cost half that to make. Anyway, thats £33 of valued products. Say EM makes a maximum of £2 per figurine. Their costs are covered after the initial 17 figurines. Thats 183 figurines not affected by the subby free gift.

"Those that buy directly from EM website pay for P&P (£1 per figure as near as damn it) so it is most likely these sales that would produce the best "profit". The reduced cost of getting a bulk order to a retailer should offset the reduced profit EM get from these sales."

Sure, if everyone bought individual figurines from the online shop, but the percentage of people who do that is not large enough to keep the collection going. I doubt many people have bought huge quantity of figures from the online shop. A retailer wont be buying the figurines at £5.99, and the reduced price of shipping a bulk order means they pay even less. Like I said, a retailer is not going to buy the figurines if the cost for them is practically the same as what they are going to sell it as.

"If EM have failed in any areas (if you can say that a 60 issue run that has made 200 is in any way a failure) then it is simply down to the much demanded product not being made available to its potential market; either because they can't easily buy it / subscribe to it or just don't know it exists."

True, but it has lasted 7 years and 200 issues. With subscribers and buyers in the decline every year, it becomes an issue of whether people want to keep buying the product, either due to costs, or interest in the product dropping due to character selection.

LAWay said...

At the end of the day, if magazines didnt make more money through subscriptions, they wouldnt offer them. Simple as that.

The end of the CMFC isnt a lost opportunity, it is looking to the future to start a new Marvel product that they hope to get as many new and old fans as possible. There are more opportunities creating new products than there is continuing with an old one that isn't as successful as it once was.

LAWay said...

I remember seeing previews of 3 or 4 different chess sets.

A spiderman one.
An X men one.
A Fantastic 4 one.

And an Avengers one?

I think its a dangerous one to do. I mean, I dont want 4 chess sets, so I cant see being financially able to subscribe to 4, especially with 64 figurines each. Problem with that is that if sales are poor and the series is cancelled, you have a half completed chess set.

I think its risky. The Batman one is a test, but I imagine EM have other options.

TGR said...

What i'm saying LKaWay is that subscription profits may not be as high as you believe. Subbies do provide for a base-line steady known income but you seem to be blinkered into thinking that the subscriber will provide substantially more profit.

It does cost more to send one parcel to you (a subscriber) directly than it does per figurine sending a dozen or so to a retail outlet. If EM are paying the same rate for distributing in bulk to a single vendor then the guy in charge of distribution needs his ass kicked.

We sell fireworks (FACT), it costs us roughly £15 to send 1 carton to one customer but I can send 100 cartons for about £2.50 each if I send in bulk. Example: I'm pretty sure that WHSmith have a central depots from which they then supply their stores so their bulk order would have been substantial and so costs vastly reduced per retail item (figurine).

You have also missed the point regarding freebies. I wasn't suggesting there were 200 freebies. What I was trying to get across is that it is a cost that MUST be taken into account. It may only be a few pence eating into the profit but it will be a significant factor on a product that has a low RRP and therefore little room to move on profit margins.

If you're only making 100p profit on an item then a 5p additional cost IS significant. If you then take into account that Royal Mail have just increased their rates by some 30-odd% then this too adversely affects your profits if you have to pay them, even at a discount rate, get that one parcel to a subby.

LAWay said...

It makes sense that a subscriber makes a company more profit than buying from a retailer.

How much to you sell fireworks to trade and how much do the retailers then sell them on for? I would think that there is some different between the two.

And its all about profit margins. You can send 1 carton for £2.50 surely. Bulk deals is just business ways to knock down prices to offer deals.

Like I said about the freebies, even taking into account of their cost, it doesnt take long to make that money back. Its like when they sell the 1st figurine for £2.99. The may make a loss on that figurine, or just break even, but the profit will be made through future business and sales. Considering you only get those freebies when you first subscribe, since we are into 200 issues the costs are covered. Its a business move to get people subscribing and buying every figurine. Do they worry about losing money initially? No. Because having people subscribing is better than having people just buying a handful of figurines.

The increased prices on postage works for all parts of distribution surely with inflation. With subbies, it could add to the reason why profit margins are not as high as why they are cancelling.

Profit margins may be less than I believe EM make on subbys, but then surely its even less that they sell to retailers who have to make a profit themselves.

I didnt want this to be a lecture on business. lol I just wanted to tell people that EM are saying subscribe, and that money spent in retailers is not the same as money spent directly to EM.

LarryS said...

No interest in a chess set from this quarter

sed tallis said...

A chess set would be even more tedious than the whole profit debate played out on here.And that had me dousing myself with petrol.
Have a wonderful lead free day my dahlings.

TGR said...

Well, I'll happily provide the matches out of my own pocket.

now, I can send one match 1st Class for 60p
or I could supply a whole box of 44 for... let me work this out..

oh yeh. 60p

don't forget to post the vid on YouTube, i'm sure it will be a sure-fire hit

mgf said...

Tough decisions ahead for EM if they are still working with Marvel. What to do?

The chess sets seem to be unworkable, they've tried hitting the younger end of the market with the Spider Man Tower of Power, long since dead, and the only thing that has worked so far has just been cancelled.

Perhaps they won't bother with figures at all and move onto stickers, cards or... Shudder... Pogs!

LAWay said...

haha yeh, of all the things we usually argue about on here, i didnt think profit margins would be one of them.

Imagine how the EM suits must feel. ^_^

Comparing sending 1 match and a box of matches isnt the same as sending a box with 2 subscription figurines and sending a box with 100. These are lead figurines that are not as easy to stack in small containers. Gonna need big bloomin boxes.

Like I said, you tell me how much the RRP is of your fireworks and how much you sell them to a retailer, and then we can see the difference. Obviously its sensitive information, but surely you know whether the difference is good or not.

LAWay said...

Back to figurines!


Checked out the DC chess set recently and saw a Dark Knight Frank Miller special!

I think this is pretty cool, an iconic moment in comics in a unique design style. This is the type of thing we (ok, a small minority of us) have been mentioning should happen in the CMFC. I think I may be picking it up.

Also noticed in the online shop Darkseid is cheaper if you are a non subscriber by £1. lol Oops.

LAWay said...

Never heard of that Spider Man Tower of awesome is that!?

Although to be fair, what kid wants a giant building as a toy? Even I would question where to put that and if I could afford it!

Again, the CMFC isnt working because collector and subscriber numbers are falling. Subscriber numbers are probably the best projections for casual buyers too. As I have said before, it could be because the characters are not good enough now with each extension, alienated core marvel fans (compared with the hardcore who stick with it), the collection is too expensive to keep collecting, or just the space required to keep 200 figurines.

The CMFC worked. At some point it hit a snatch. I dont think it was because of the last extension that the decision was made, I think they would have been monitoring the pattern for a while now and if sales have always been declining (we've been told, nearly begged to subscribe and to make sure we buy specials and 2-packs), then things havent been working in the last stretch.

But thats clearly a thought and speculation. I dont think the suits are evil tyrants that enjoy pulling the plug on a product if they think its working. Pretty sure any business would be happy with a successful product. At some point, it stopped being as successful.

sed tallis said...

Well mgf , at my local Tesco the checkouts are heaving with packs for all manner of Sticker albums from football to X Factor. A Marvel sticky book would be a very cheap to produce. And all you big kids would spend a small fortune on sticker packs trying to find that ultra rare Bloodstone foil sticker :)

TGR said...

here is a link to the french Tower of Power site for those of you who didn't know it existed. LaWay is an ardent marvel fan and he'd never heard of it. Kind of speaks volumes about a lack of advertising n'est pas. :-)

fredpostman said...

When mu pet cat died i grieved for a while but i got over it.It;s the same for the CMFC;I am never going to see Lockjaw,Mr Hyde,Cobra,Mantis.Skurge,Super Adaptoid,Titanium Man,High Evolutionary,Grey Gargoyle,Mad Thinker,Red Ghost & the Apes,Molecule Man,Warriors Three,Thundra...on my shelf,and when Dan dropped the bombshell recently i was gutted but..I GOT OVER IT!
looking forward to Stingray next year.
ps.EM....thanks for the wonderful collection you gave us.

The Mad Thinker said...

I like the way Dan says - get out while the going is good.

Surely if things are good they should continue until they get bad ?

In other words , this collection should continue until it runs out of good characters.

What a bunch of Doughnuts Eaglemoss are !!

No offence Dan , I know it wasn't your decision to can this collection.

LAWay said...

I didnt hear about it coz its french. lol What happened to the Marvel chess sets where the french images were leaked or whatever. Did they make it to french shelves?

Get out while the going is good as in while it still makes money, no matter how small. A further extension and they could lose a lot of money. We just dont know.

We were never going to see every character as a figurine. No one would have been happy no matter when the collection ended. That doesnt mean those characters wont be made in another collection.

I hope the next update we see some nice new pics of sculpts.

Although, Dan, what happens when all the sculpts are done and dusted. What things are you gonna show us on the blog when all production work is done? :s

Deadpool said...

I suspect his meat and two veg will make a guest appearance.

Deadpool said...

Spider Man Tower of crap is the best description Law. I got Spidy and teh Green Goblin and that was that.

If EM continue with the Marvel Figurine collection and show us their new extension then I'll wop out mine for the blog.

TGR said...

Tower of Power was also a UK release, I have the first 3 or 4 issues (can't remember exactly). It came out around the same time as the Horror Collection.

I don't think anyone is daft enough to think this collection could never end, we are just hacked off at the way it has (potentially???) ended.

EM bean-counters must have been aware of the way things were going and we could have had a heads up that 180-200 was to be the last batch. It would then have given us, and EM, a chance to fill in gaps in existing teams and make the collection feel a little more complete.

I know of one member on here who would be over the (Blue Area of the) Moon with just one more figure; a fluffy hound with the tuning fork in his head.

That's why we are asking that EM consider one last final push to the finish line (increasing prices if they have to) to try and achieve this.

Blog Master Dan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Blog Master Dan said...

What to do on the blog?

Yeah, that's my worry!

Apart from my meat and 2veg (i'm veggie so it will have to be carrot and sprouts!)

Obviously Hela and Deathbird paint are still to come - plus some as yet un-commissioned covers.

Will Sliney has a special on the Vance Astro cover he did for us.


Maybe the blog will have to change it's frequency and it's content? unless it become irrelevant.

sed tallis said...

Don't worry Dan, I can easily blog as you, remember when I posted that we were going to include a western character in the next extension? Remember how we laughed? Happy days Dan happy days.

Blog Master Dan said...

Well how did you guess, that's our next marvel collection Classic Marvel Western Figurines.

sed tallis said...

Ha, that would be a very limited edition. G mentioned a collection of the old pre super hero monsters.That would be incredible 24 mega specials £19.99 , all resin???
Hey you could advertise it in Saga magazine. Ah I guess us old farts are not your core demographic :(

LAWay said...

You can always post the pre-production stuff from the vaults.

I think Deadpool has killed any hope of an extension with the thought of him exposing himself if it gets greenlit.

Since Dan posted that the collection has ended, some people in a huff said they stopped subscribing, or buying every figurine.

If EM knew of bad news sooner and swung the axe earlier, then people would have cancelled sooner. At any point of the bad news, people would have been outraged that the collection was taken away.

I didnt even hear of that horror collection! Were these things just trialled out in certain areas? I never saw any of the batmobile stuff anywhere in Wales.

LAWay said...

Was that carrot picture always there?

TheTooN said...

@Dan - Is this real ?

Robert said...

£19? How big would that be?

Looks quite nice, right enough.

sed tallis said...

That looks lovely 14:1 scale that makes him mega special size..ish?
Totaly out of wack with my titchy cmfc but an original Cap Britain would look awfully nice out of scale or not. £19.99 for mega sized fig is fair enuff.

Dan The Man said...


um.... I've never seen that before.

JinxDealer said...

Follow th carrot my friends..

mgf said...

"Mum, can I have this?"

"For goodness sake, hurry up!"

"It's only £2.99..."

"Oh, OK, just hurry!"

Two weeks later...

"Mum, you know that Spider-Man thing? They've got the second one here..."

"Yes, go on then..."

At the till...

BEEP! "That will be £19 please."

"Mum! Wake up! Someone call an ambulance! Mum! Mum!"

On a different note, how long before this blog gets pulled, like a bipedal carrot?

Robert said...

I stopped asking my mum to buy these for me three years ago, mgf, and so should you.

sed tallis said...

See how I mentioned a limited edition collection at £19.99. Then moments later EM announce exactly wot I woz sujjestin? I've got the gift.

The Mad Thinker said...

I don't remember seeing those strange looking carrots before , where did they come from ?

mgf said...

So then...

Green Goblin,
Doc Ock,

Then on to the less likely...

Molten Man.

... And a few Spider pals thrown in?

It will depend on the costume choices. Some things never change.

mgf said...

I'm impressed, Ted. Quick suggest a CMFC extension to 300.

The Mad Thinker said...

I will always buy Marvel figurines no matter what the collection is called.
I don't care if they are made out of resin so long as they are in scale to the CMFC.
I would even pay more money to get them , but I will never ever buy a crappy chess set.
I hope there is a light at the end of this dark and gloomy tunnel.
I hope there is some good news to come about future figurine collections.

tinodragon14 said...

I'm afraid the blog dies with the collection. The sad thing is the next extension probably would have included some long delayed & deserving characters like FANDRAL, HOGUN, WHIRLWIND, MANTIS, BARON MORDO, SUNSPOT, THE HIGH EVOLUTIONARY, THE GREY GARGOYLE, JACKAL or TOMBSTONE. Maybe ATTUMA, THE COBRA & MR. HYDE, MARRINA, YONDU, STARHAWK, DUST, STILT-MAN, BLASTAAR, DIABLO, DARKHAWK, MR. FEAR, MOLTEN MAN & others would have had a shot & more specials would have been done giving LOCKJAW, TITANIUM MAN, ARCHANGEL, ZEUS, SKURGE THE EXECUTIONER, FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER, VOLSTAGG, DRAGONMAN all a shot.

Come on Dan can't you get them to do a few more specials. Say ARCHANGEL, TITANIUM MAN, SKURGE & maybe LOCKJAW or DRAGONMAN. Please Dan.

LAWay said...


Is that spidey real!?

Its a thing of beauty!!!

£2.99 instead of £19.99!? WTF!?


I'm gonna buy it right now. Wont be able to afford £20 for every figurine, but these look a beaut!!!!


Dan The Man said...

Yes it's real, but i'm not sure of the overall plan for this product - this could be just a one off to test the market. so don't get too excited yet.

and yes it is a thing of beauty - the larger scale in resin really retains all the detail. they are reminiscent of Bowen but at a vastly lower price.

Remember: I said nothing.

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