Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Elvis Found Living On The Moon

Fred_Postman wins the update title. Well done make yourself a cup of tea as a reward...
Second place goes to LaWay for 'The Chronic Mental Fart Chatter' (claim your No-Prize). I'll keep some of the others for future updates, many thanks to all who bothered!
Now on a more serious (?) note - Deathbird paints....
I'm really happy with her - nice original colour scheme - not too much modelling for the sake of it, allows the beauty of the sculpt to show through. Also happy with the face detailing (we may add more dark areas to the sides of the face to add more evil! (see pic).
I'll be back soon with more amazing stuff from the crazy world of the CMFC - See you then!
UPDATE TO THE UPDATE! New darker face mask.


TheTooN said...

She looks really good. Thanks for the update as always Dan.

Skif said...

Another "don't miss" figure for the collection! Very beautiful!
Thanks Dan

Robert said...

One of the better X-figures, I think. Very nice indeed.

Thor8 said...
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Thor8 said...

Very impressive figurine. The colors are right on,but for someone called Deathbird,maybe a little shading can be added to give her a more foreboding look.

mgf said...

Looking good.

Deathbird was wandering into the MU when I was wandering out. It's a great design, reflected well in the figure.

Stevie said...

Loving the Deathbird Figurine.

SinisterVenom said...

Deathbird looks beautiful, nice work on her there EM, certainly one of the better ones in the final 20. Though I do agree with Thor8, maybe some more shading to her would make her look better. I admit she has a lighter colour scheme to her than I thought she'd have.
I do believe then that the only figurine left to see now (minus the specials) is Hela! Can't be long now surely?

jimbob said...

Deathbird looks great!!

sed tallis said...

Deathbed is nice ,I like characters with purple in their colour scheme . It's purtee.

JinxDealer said...

WOW !!!! deathbird looks amazing. how can the CMFC end when the quality of figurines is getting better & better like this one. ps another unknown to me but she doesnt look very evil. :p

BobDiamond said...

Deathbird's sculpt is beautiful; but as Thor and SV have stated, she does need some moody tonal effects added to give a more menacing presence.
To follow on from the hypothetical discussion on what would be the ideal figure to end on, I will put forward ( for the last time?..), my vote for The Original Golden Age Human Torch....after all, he began the whole thing back in the day as cover-featured character in Marvel Comics #1 1939.
Who could possibly be more deserving?


Becquerel said...

Wow, this beautiful figurine makes me incredibly proud of actually kicking off the Deathbird movement when the last extension was announced. :)

mtravis390 said...

I'm a bit surprised and happy that EM went with here classic colors.
I'm still not to sure about the wing placement though since I use the plinths.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Deathbird looks fantastic. We already knew the sculpt was awesome, but check out the awesome paintwork - the tonal changes on the feathers are a class job. Wonderful.

max_0888 said...

It is indeed a beauty! Absolutely love it and definitely one of the best of the last remaining figurines.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...
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BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...


Finally on my shelf! A great sculpt, particularly the big fin and the spikes along his sides, which are meticulously painted. There's two things I like less: the frontal zig-zag motif on his chest is not very precise, because the surface is difficult to paint, but it's very precise on his back. And I was expecting the costume to be in a brighter shade of orange. It's a bit too dark, imo, and the paint looks a bit old and dirty.

Say what you want, but it's a truly
great figurine and I'm very happy to have a Runaways representative. The sculpt and the paint job are exquisite. Her pose and her staff make her look very iconic. But beware of the paint job on the hand that holds the staff! My figurine is ok, but I've seen dozens of figurines where the colour of her hand was smeared half inch left and right along the staff. It may have been an unlucky batch, but that detail definitely needed a bit more quality control.

Well, yes. It's worth mentioning that Aqualad and Grifter are amazing. Aqualad is perfect in all details - the weapons, the golden motifs on his costume and a fantastically precise tattoo along his right arm. I must admit that I'm not familiar with Grifter, but he looks really cool. His billowing shroud-like red mask is awesome. Again, it just makes you think how many other amazing characters could have been made into awesome figurines in these collections.

LAWay said...

Like mtravis, i wasnt happy with the wing placement, still not convinced it was the best decision due to display issues and overall balance of the figurine.

With that said thought, it is a great sculpt and a fine colour scheme, no other character is quite like it so she will stand out nicely.

Hoorah for my 2nd place no-prize! Always wanted one.

ADParker said...

Looking pretty good. Could definitely do with a bit of tweaking though, a little to bland as it is.
Some shading needed.
Probably darker shades of pink throughout, especially in the head piece.
Darker lipstick, almost black, will help with the savage impression of the character

tinodragon14 said...

A surprise update... DEATHBIRD looks quite colorful & only shows why they should have had another 20 issues & some more specials before killing this marvelous collection. Is that photo the cover for Deathbird's magazine? If so it is a good one.

How about 2 more regular specials SKURGE THE EXECUTIONER & TITANIUM MAN.

ADParker said...

Pretty sure that it is just a reference pic for Dan's point about the colouring. But I agree it would also make a good reference for a great cover for the magazine as well.

I also concur that it highlights how sad it is that the collection is ending.

Gremlin said...

I have to agree with the comments on Deathbird. She is a fantastic sculpt and you have almost nailed the paintwork. But there needs to be a bit of shading to tone down the purple.

deamon said...

Full figurine in the same blue and the same purple color, needs some shadows.

Thor8 said...

If you can darken the plumage on the sides and top of her head as shown in the drawing shown in the last pick,and also darken her chest as also depicted in said drawing I believe it would agument her villainy. As ADPARKER mentioned a darker tone of lipstick would also help.

Can hardly wait to see how Hela turns out.

As wishful thinking,I sure would love to see a Destoyer,a Skurge and a Volstagg special,and a Hogun and Fandral double pack.SIGH,I can only dream.

fredpostman said...

I have never won anything before...thanks for the no-prize.Deathbird looks great.

The Mad Thinker said...

Wow , now isn't she a thing of beauty

tinodragon14 said...

The shading on DEATHBIRD's face & head is an improvement. Well done Dan.

Now how about two more regular specials : SKURGE THE EXECUTIONER & TITANIUM MAN

How a one & only first villain two pack : THE COBRA & MR. HYDE

How about a Mega LOCKJAW Special to complete the Inhumans.

I still think an ARCHANGEL special with his metal winds spread out would be a BIG seller for EM.


tinodragon14 said...


ADParker said...

Updated darker headpiece a definite improvement.
I would be happy with her like that.

Darken the lipstick (Darker red, not black I think) and possibly darker shading of the pink closer to the body; dark pink fading to light (current colour) might make it even better.

jimbob said...

With the Avengers being popular than ever know, EM can count on members rising up the ranks on most wanted.

Here is how I see it.

Thor, The Hulk, Iron Man, Ant Man, Wasp.

Captain America, Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Swordsman, Hercules, Black Panther, Vision, Black Knight.

Black Widow, MANTIS, Beast, Moondragon, Hellcat, TWO-GUN KID, WHIZZER, Wonder Man, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, Falcon.

Early 1980s RECRUITS
Jocasta, Tigra, She-Hulk, Photon, STARFOX, (WEST COAST AVENGERS) War Machine, Mockingbird, Moon Knight, US AGENT, Machine Man, DARKHAWK.

As you can see from that list the characters that I need to complete some of the classic Avengers line up -


can't believe that I didn't want these at the start but now I want them so bad!

and complete the YOUNG AVENGERS.

Thor8 said...

jimbob You left out Jim Hammond,The Original Human Torch,who was ressurected and inducted into The West Coast Avengers.

Big improvement on Deathbird with the darker facial and head tones. If you can darken the lipstick and very slightly give certain areas of the body some shading it would be perfect.

Deadpool said...

Hello Dan

I attempted to purchase the


figurine via the telephone order line (located in South Africa).

The call centre claim that Eaglmoss limited editions do not and have never exisited.

Please confirm if this figurine actually exists and if I can purchase it.

I am in the UK.

I hate South Africa, having been based there 8 times in the last 24 months.

Deadpool said...


The telephone service is abomination.

I wonder how many customers have stumbled at this first hurdle when attempting to become a subscriber.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Dan, fantastic quick response with the improved version of Deathbird's face/head, now really faithful to the comic book version. The colour scheme is still not faithful though.


BOOTS: are pale blue in the comics.

OUTER FEATHERS: are also pale blue in the comics.

COSTUME: is NOT in the same shade as the wings and boots.

Basically the character has a 3-colours colour scheme in the comics, whereas currently the fig has a 2-colours colour scheme. This can be clearly seen on Marvel wiki and Marvel encyclopaedia.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

You had already identified and posted images of Deathbird in her classic costume on this blog on 11 August 2011. They were good reference pics showing that the classic colour scheme has 3 colours. In my opinion, using the pale blue colour on the boots and outer feathers will make an even more attractive figurine. Hope it can be done. Thanks.

fredpostman said...

Ummm,i have collected the regular figurines since no 1 from my local newagents (Thanks Dave)and have never had a issue turn up late UNTIL....Tiger Shark.After a phone call to the suppliers it seems that none have been supplied yet.What's going on?

LAWay said...

Nice update, the face is looking better thanks to that.

Blake has a point, all the references show light blue boots.

Deadpool, why dont you just order directly online like everyone else? Dan doesnt have anything to do with the new line so its pointless berating him. Head it up with EM customer services, or like most other people, just order it online.

I'm surprised Fred still gets them from newsagents, but I take it you place an order and the newsagents constantly get them in for you? May as well subscribe buddy, much easier. Hope the situation is sorted. I would contact customer services if I were you, but really, your newsagents, depending on if you have a subscription deal with them, they should be the ones sorting it out.

Its so hot out!

CGJ said...

Ordered online and have had an email to confirm so no dramas there so far DP.

Would like to know more about it though, nothing seems to be forthcoming

LarryS said...
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LarryS said...

When I was younger, I used to do a bit of amateur dramatics as well as some amateur soccer.

When acting, it was strange how the entire cast put on the most compelling performance on the last night before the end of the run. Or how the football team played out of their skins when we already knew we'd been consigned to delegation.

Somehow, the CMFC brings these back these bittersweet memories

Kal Brindle said...

Wow. A great representation of another awesome Marvel character. It sucks that this collection is ending when we see sculpts like this.

Deadpool said...

I never berate Dan, Law, he's a decent (if a little festive) guy (just kidding Dan)... the customer service line is crap however.

I would like Eaglemoss to confirm officially that the Linited edition Spiderman is not a scam before ordering online.

LAWay said...

Dan confirmed the collection in the last blog (in the comments). Seems legit. I've had an email from customer services when I said I had problems ordering online.

ADParker said...

As mentioned above; the colour scheme of Deathbird is notably different than the images of teh figurine here.

More like this:

Specific varaitions:
Feathers; both the outer part of the wings, and those on her head, are blue not the same purple colour as the body suit.

Her neck scarf thing; cover her entire neck line, but more importantly is the pinkish colour of the inner wings, again not the same purple colour as the body suit.

Boots; should be the same blue as the wing tips, instead of the pink of teh inner wings.

I would really like to see what the figure looks like with those changes.

Deadpool said...

Thank's Lawless .. good call.

I don't get much chance to read every comment at the moment due to my Russian and African entanglements.

I missed Dan's last comment on the previous subject entirely.

Time for me to Order online; I think I'll have 10 of them.

Dan Count me in as a subscriber if this is the new collection in resin.

I'd kill for that collection (I may have to literally to fund it).

Lots of Love


sed tallis said...

The DC superhero collection won an Eagle award last night for best comic related magazine. congratulations.
The CMFC guys got to wear freakish smiles while applauding the worthy winners.

mgf said...

Third award in a row for the DC magazine, I believe. Well cancelled EM!

Yes, that's right, I'm still infuriated by the demise of these two collections.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I'm still upset as well.
However, when it comes to the awards, I always thought the CMFC was better than the DC one. I don't get it. I mean, yes, the Marvel research entailed deserves an award - but why just for the DC mag?
The CMFC mag includes the key chronology of the character's appearances and a nice fact file. The layout and choice of comic book images is also more attractive. Plus, Nick Abadzis's articles are always beautifully written, rich in literary and philosophical observations on the character's power and story. In my opinion, it's the CMFC that deserves an award.

Robert said...

"Literary and philosophical references"?

Let's cut the crap. What we REALLY want to know is, who is stronger; Hulk or Thor?

LAWay said...

You cant trust awards. It doesnt make sense that the CMFC wasnt nominated when its practically exactly the same as the DC Collection. I guess the only factor to come down to it is character choices, and if leading industry experts dont appreciate the varied pool of characters the CMFC explores, then maybe thats telling.

Although I think its all BS. Looking at last year's winners, I dont think I saw a Marvel win, so maybe there is some bias involved, but judging from nominations and past winners, I dont agree with them so don't particularly value their opinion.

Well done the DC guys though. Glad EM won it out of those nominated.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Robert, what a shame. I take it you don't usually read the articles written by Nick Abadzis, winner of an Eisner award and, in 1987, the youngest ever editor at Marvel UK? There really is some deep stuff in them. I guess EM could have saved a few bucks if all 'we' wanted was to know who's the strongest between Hulk or Thor. Who's that 'we' you mention? Not me, I guess. I really value the way Nick has described the characters' powers.

LAWay, I don't see how the criteria for DC character choices have been much different from the CMFC ones. There are no indications whatsoever that 'leading industry experts' have not appreciated CMFC choices. The award is for how the mag is written and produced, not how the collection is run. I'd be very curious to know exactly why, in their opinion, the DC mag had an edge over the CMFC mag.
For me, it's the opposite.

Robert said...

I was being tongue-in-cheek, Blake, because you were being a bit pompous.

For the record, I enjoy the magazines a great deal. I just think you need to remember that it's comicbooks, not classical literature.

Sometimes it seems as if you are straining to justify comicbooks as an art form equal to the works of the most respected poetry and prose writers in history. You don't need to do that. They exist as entertainment and escapism, and fulfil a completely different purpose. I love comics, too, but you're altogether too serious about the whole thing.

Oh, and Thor can kick that big green spinach monster upside the head so he falls on his butt, and his butt falls off and he cries and his butt stinks of spinach.

TheTooN said...

Unless Hulk has a Taser :P

And blimey an Eagle award ! Brings back memories of 2000AD and Dan Dare kicking another green skinned monsters ass.

I've never seen a DCFC mag for comparison but the CMFC ones are a good read.

Never been a DC fan but just read Sinestro Corp War and on with Blackest Night now. Impressed enough to order a plinth full of EM's BN figs yesterday to come with my next box of CMFC.

I asked for shipping once Sif's out, anyone know when she's due ?

Still not had a confirmation from EM regarding the new Spidey fig I ordered on the 18th.

@Dan - Has it been pulled ?

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Haha Robert
Pompous... Who, moi? ;)
But I'm not straining to justify anything. It's a well known fact that comic books are a form of art. Of course they are also - some might say primarily - a form of entertainment and escapism. That's exactly how I enjoy them when I read them, just like everyone else does. But, in parallel with that, as a personal interest of mine - as someone with a degree in comparative literature and an essay on ancient mythology in modern hybrid media... how pompous is that?!? ;) ... I really like it when someone like Nick Abadzis focuses on the ideas behind the characters and the stories. I think I should be entitled to approach comics from this angle, no? It's not like I am asking YOU to write an essay, am I? What I can tell you is that Stan the Man loved this 'literature' approach when I had a chat with him. I promise you, if you join me for a pint, all I love to discuss is whether Thor can kick Hulk's butt - and this element of fun remains the reason why I still love reading comics.

Robert said...

Blake, Stan loves when folk take comicbooks seriously. He often mentions how pleased he was when fans started to refer to the three-part Galactus-Surfer story as "The Galactus Trilogy". Still, he's the first person to say that comics are a form of entertainment first and foremost.

P.S. I have an Honours degree in English Lit, so I'm not coming from a hugely different background. My highest essay score, incidentally, was for a Propian (Russian formalist) interpretation of Batman's "The Killing Joke", which had just come out. It basically sees characters as recurring roles in fables/ traditional tales: i.e., the Hero, the Villain, the Princess (the rescued person; in this case, Commissioner Gordon), the Donor (who gives the hero something to aid his quest; in this case, the Joker gives Batman tickets); and so on.

You can enjoy and respect comicbooks without becoming a comic intellectual. I want to engage with them with my heart, not my head.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Robert, that's terrific. You are my ideal comic buddy! :)

I always engage with comics with my heart, really with the simplicity and excitation of a child, almost.
And then, because I love them, I make a more conscious effort to understand the mechanisms and ideas at work in the art form. The two approaches are not mutually exclusive, and they don't pollute each other. Each one gives me a great deal of fun and happiness in its own right.

Robert said...

"You are my ideal comic buddy!"

Uh oh.


Robert said...


Then you will find this interesting.

Notice my misspelling: It's Propp with two p's. Hey, it's been decades!

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Ha! This may look a bit out of place on this blog, but I am familiar with Russian formalism and structuralism. I've done 2 degree modules on it.

Enough with the high brows, now.

More importantly, who's hotter?
Jean Grey or Emma Frost?
Hulkling or Shatterstar?
Who's more dangerous? Thanos or Apocalypse? Can Hercules kick Thor's butt? And who the hell is Tanarus and does he think he can kick Thor's butt???

Robert said...

Emma, no idea, Thanos, no and best not even think about it.

sed tallis said...

Hulk madeThor his bitch in the Avengers movie, so Robert is wrong Hulk is stronger by far, it's science.
And if you argue for Thor then I pity how wrong your life is.
Hulk could take on Thor and Thanos at the same time , I would give him two minutes before he was wearing both of them as glove puppets.
That's science so don't even bother EVA!!

Robert said...

Um, it was Thor versus Hercules, not Hulk, Ted.

sed tallis said...

I don't care Hulk wins.
Told my son, that some crazy folks in these parts reckoned Thor could take out ol Jade Jaws , so i'm telling you what he told me "daddy that's lubbish"
looking on Ebay there are some nice customs inc a nice Super Adaptoid.When this collection ends customisers are going to be rich beyond their geekiest wet dreams, Yeah DP i'm looking at you .

Robert said...

Hulk wins fights even when he's not there?? Wow, THAT'S tough!

The Mad Thinker said...


I had an email from Eaglemoss to confirm that my order had been placed but it said that they would send me another email to confirm that the order is being processed and that I should receive that second confirmation email within 3 working days or I should phone them on one of those high rate numbers = 0844/45
even worse when calling from a mobile phone !!

Well it's been longer than 3 working days and still no confirmation :(

I don't want to phone one of those high rate numbers , has anyone else had the same problem ?

CGJ said...

Not had a follow up email either MT but am not unduly concerned. Yet.

Robert said...

Does anyone even know when they will be released? Seems virtually no information so far.

Not that I care, mind...

sed tallis said...

I have heard nowt, maybe they know it's me , as loved as I am on this blog, i inexplicably annoy the heck out of some folks?? Lee Marvins nostrils are fantastic

LAWay said...

To join in with the high brow debate, any narrative structure can be said to derive from the formulas we have come to understand from Propp, Todorov or Strauss, and so its very easy to get philosophical and relate other stories to Marvel ones to try giving them deeper, richer meanings, when in reality it is just a narrative structure, a formula to aid writers in creating a successful story.
(although it doesnt have to stop people enjoying making such references)

Leigh Way, MA. :P

As for the new EM collection, I havent even been charged for it yet, despite having that confirmation email of my order. Maybe I should be worried as to why they havent, or maybe I should relax and that they havent taken money until they sort out business on their end of things.

LarryS said...

Unable to summon up one iota of interest in limited edition Spidey and effectively revert to start of rebooted collection. Sorry, but I think I'll put the cash towards saving up for dog eared Captain America trading cards. If they're good enough for Agent Coulson....

sed tallis said...

Propp, Todorov and Strauss ,Naw bad,but i can see the English wingers using their pace to get in behind them.I see Terrax is out can't wait for this months subby pa....oh.

LAWay said...

lol good one Ted...but knowing England football team, I wouldnt give them that much praise.

zombiedude13 said...

First, I hate to bust bibbles, but Hulk can beat anybody. He has no upper limits on his strength, he has a healing factor, and currently he has the intelligence of a genius to work with. Hulk Smash days are over with. Not even Superman could beat him unless it was done in one shot before Green Genes got mad. Think Doomsday, and you get my drift. Sorry. That's that. Thor might be a god, he might control the weather, and he might be mighty strong, but in the long haul he can't win.

Secondly, I was upset about not being able to get the new line, but after some consideration I have decided that I am nott so upset. First, they are going to be a bit more expensive, but they will also be a lot bigger. Secondly, all they are going to do is rehash the same stuff I got with the CMFC. What I loved about the CMFC was that it often slipped in 3rd tier characters (like Prowler). The only thing the H&V line will do is all the "Classic" heroes and villians. As much as I love Spidey, I do not need yet another statue/figure of him (considering its size). . . .I can sneak the CMFC stuff under my wife's nose, but no way in Hades I can get away with something on that level.

On the other hand, I would support a NEW line of the CMFC made from resin for an elevated price, even if it did redo some of the classics. I can pick up any of the ones I missed the first time around (like Captain America) and still get the occassional 2nd and 3rd stringer. Hopefully, lower level character won't be repeated, so no new Hammerhead, but a new Stegron would be great.

Of course, I am not holding my breath, but at least I am not lamenting any longer.

tinodragon14 said...

I just wish the guys or gals or big bosses had given us at least one more extension & some more specials. At least the chance of WHIRLWIND, BARON MORDO & ATTUMA had good shots as did FANDRAL, HOGUN & MANTIS. There would be possibilities for STILT-MAN, MOLTEN MAN, TOMBSTONE, SUNSPOT, JACKAL, THE HIGH EVOLUTIONARY, MASTERMIND, MARRINA, MIMIC, GREY GARGOYLE, YONDU, STARHAWK, BLASTAAR, THE COBRA & MR. HYDE. Finish it up with DOOM 2099 because the collection was DOOMED! There would also more specials giving TITANIUM MAN, SKURGE THE EXECUTIONER, ARCHANGEL, VOLSTAGG, DRAGONMAN, LOCKJAW, BLACK GOLIATH, THE LIVING MONOLITH, THE SUPER ADAPTOID, FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER, THE MAD THINKER & HIS AWESOME ANDROID. I keep repeating myself but I keep getting angry that this collection I so enjoyed with so many left to do is ending before some big name bad guys will be done. STILL TICKED OFF HERE!

CGJ said...

0844 number on the email takes you through to EM but only those that are dealing with the DC Chess collection. Have emailed for further info, will update on here when (If) I hear anything

sed tallis said...

This new line has not been advertised on tv or the press, my guess is us early adopters are a wee bit premature , but I'm sure EM will be heartened that so many rabid fans hacked into their unfinished website to place their orders ;)

CGJ said...

You might have a point Ted. Email reply gave me a jacklin 0871 number or email of

This has the makings of a saga

CGJ said...

oh, and 0871 is DC Blackest Night Brightest Day order line.

Phoned twice. Spelled my name out twice, and my post code, my house number

'You house number please?'
'Which 2?'

'What is it called?'
'Marvel Heroes and Villains'
'Marvel Eagles and Burns?'

Maybe it's me, I was speaking through a drainpipe all the while I was on the phone....

I think I will just cancel

sed tallis said...

Aha , that's funny, I thought it was just us Picts that couldn't be understood by EM customer services. Bloody infuriating innit?
Marvel Eagles and Burns hmmmmm? Could be some massive crossover event along the lines of The DC Blackest NIght.
I'm going to order a whole mess of them.

SinisterVenom said...

I know this may fall on deaf ears but what the heck, I'm gonna go for it.

EM, not long before the DC Figurine Collection was cancelled you released the Brightest Day / Blackest Night subset. Considering that the CMFC has been around longer, it never once received any subsets of any kind.
Now with the CMFC coming to an end, I don't dare ask for a subset, but I ask for JUST ONE triple pack, and that triple pack being the Warriors Three.
With the inclusion of Sif, the collection just won't look right having her in but no Volstagg, Fandral and Hogun. If needs be, use up an extra special slot to release them but I believe I speak on behalf of many CMFC fans when I say we must have the Warriors Three before the collection ends.
The only specials I feel we need now are those that are required to finish teams or go with their partners like Lockjaw, Skurge and Titanium Man.
I'd really like to hear your thoughts on this and Dan's thoughts if possible please. I just don't see it fair that DC get a subset and we wasn't allowed just one triple pack.

CGJ said...

SV please will you give me £500? My brother is rich and I feel it's only right that I should be rich too.
I'm joking of course, I am minted.

But in essense that is what you are asking of EM, to commission three figs package them in a triple which has never been done before so will result in extra costs across the board for a collection that they have deemed no longer viable.

I'm gutted about not getting the Warriors Three too and can think of lots of figures I would gladly replace to have them but asking EM to throw some money out of the penthouse window of EM towers is doomed to fail I fear.

But, just for a second, ask for a Warriors Three cast in resin, standing 6" high, with poses akin to some of the ones we have seen in the last 20 figs and in time for the next Thor movie, you might have half a chance.

SinisterVenom said...

At this point CGJ, I'm willing to take anything if it gets the Warriors Three in the collection. Even sacrificing a special slot if it helps to cover the cost needed to make them.

CGJ said...


Just received an email

'Apologies for the confusion.

The spiderman figure was a test run and the publisher has now suspended this until further notice.
Unfortunately we do not have any other information at this time.'

Go figure.

tinodragon14 said...

I agree with SinVen in asking for a WARRIORS THREE three pack special as well as join his support for a TITANIUM MAN, SKURGE THE EXECUTIONER & LOCKJAW Specials. LOCKJAW to finish the INHUMANS, SKURGE to be by ENCHANTRESS side & TITANIUM MAN to finish up the TITANIC THREE with CRIMSON DYNAMO & RADIOACTIVE MAN. The WARRIORS THREE are essential Thor characters & in my opinion should have come before Balder or Sif. I also ask that they consider one villain two-pack of THE COBRA & MR. HYDE. Both this bad guys together & apart made a lot of Marvel history & still are.

BobDiamond said...

This was the latest e-mail I received after confirming my order with EM for the new Spider-Man figure..

'Thanks for your e-mail.
We have received and processed your order and you should expect delivery within the next 7-10 days.'

So I'll keep you posted on the outcome...BTW, did any of you see that post (I forget who it as from, sorry..) over on The Forum showing the over-sized Roof-Top Spidey figure he was sent? (there are pictures). Apparently he sent away for this new Spider-Man Figurine and was told there were none left(or something..)and instead they sent him a 5 inch Roof-Top Spidey, which is almost the same pose as the one we got when first subscribing, but markedly larger. Weird eh?


CGJ said...

'Thank you for ordering Marvel Heroes & Villains.

This is to confirm that we have received your subscription and will process it shortly.

You will receive a confirmation of your order by email (or post) within 3 working days.

If you have any queries or do not receive this confirmation, please call 0844 493 6097 or email'

That is what I received on 19 May. Still nothing

armourcron said...

The over-sized Roof-Top Spidey figure I think is a first cast/ prototype, probably to expensive to produce so got rescaled to the one we all received.
How many more prototypes and first casts there are hidden in the EM vaults?

sed tallis said...

Got a package from EM along with a letter thanking me for My order it reads " thankyou for subscribing to the heroes and villains collection, unfortunately we are currently unable accept subscriptions .please accept this Hulk figurine originally intended for the CMFC "
It was hand delivered by Jessica Alba in a thong.

Deadpool said...

I suspect quite a few guys here have had their identities and card details stolen as a result of the SpiderMan Limited edition scam.

I will buy every figure in the Heroes and Villians collection at the £19 price if it is released and proven to be genuine.

In my line of work you must always be sceptical.

Deadpool said...

PS Ted ... I was that thong.

Even in this hot weather it was a treat to be of service to Ms Alba.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

LAWay, of course you're right - the basic templates identified by the formalists can be found pretty much in every narrative work. We're not saying that Marvel uses them more or better. Nor are we saying that the fact they are used represents an artistic achievement per se. Personally, what I find unique and hugely exciting about the MU and its characters is that it's one of the most hybridized work of fiction, (borrowing ideas from science, nature, philosophy, technology, magic, religion and so on) where all of these ideas get interwoven in a complex structure seemingly designed to make the most of all that the human mind has ever created and imagined. I can't think of many other art forms and works of art where such glorious melting pot is employed to such awe-inspiring and entertaining effect. Hence the apt name of The House of Ideas.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

But ultimately it boils down to the fact that I still get excited and filled with a sense of wonder when I see mutants, mystical masters, soldiers, Atlanteans, aliens, techno-enhanced madmen, cowboys, spies, swordsmen, ghosts, gods and demons interacting with one another in thousands of combinations in thousands of adventures on the pages of a Marvel comic. Clearly there is no need to intellectualize. The mix of characters, and the ideas they embody, their combinations and the sense of adventure never ceases to thrill me and fill me with wonder in the most natural way.

LAWay said...

Hmmmm...this new marvel line is getting mysteriously interesting.

I havent heard anything back from them, but havent had money taken out either.

I saw that large rooftop spidey, and I dont want it. Its mostly rooftop...which is why it was a poor special to begin with and why most people complained when it was a 'redo' of a character. If I got one, it would be straight up on eBay.

I know Dan cant say much, but hopefully he can sneak in a word to us if he finds out anything. Definitely disappointing news if the collection got cancelled before it begun, or even worse if its all a scam and we all just blindly followed a link from a fellow CMFC collector.

SinisterVenom said...

Thanks for agreeing with me Tino. It would be great if anyone else would join us in calling out for the Warriors Three. They should of been released a long time ago, before Balder for sure! And the other three specials would help to complete teams before the collection ends.

Thor8 said...

"It would be great if anyone else would join us in calling out for the Warriors Three. They should of been released a long time ago"

I've been requesting for this to be done for ages. So has Robert,Mad Thinker,Ted and many other bloggers. If not as a triple pack,they canbe done as a Fandral&Hogun double pack,and a Volstagg special. Skurge and the Destroyer should have also been done.

About this Marvel 'Heroes and Villains' series,either it's someone's cruel joke,or EM is testing just how effective the response is before launching the series. If they don't receive enough requests,they just cancel the project before it starts and no harm done.(Except for building up your hopes)

SinisterVenom said...

"I've been requesting for this to be done for ages. So has Robert,Mad Thinker,Ted and many other bloggers."

I know you have Thor8, I have been one of those bloggers. I just feel that now is the most important time to all speak up for them and try to get them in before it's too late. There's not many specials left now and with no more future extensions, this would seem the only possible way of getting them in. So I'm hoping EM will see how badly we still want the Warriors Three and possibly consider them in one of the next specials.

mgf said...

The chances of EM commissioning another figure in this collection is surely highly unlikely. Why would they spend another sous on the CMFC when they have killed it? Good money after bad, and all that.

Face it chaps. No Warriors Three, no Lockjaw, no Whirlwind, but as many Omega Red specials as you like!

Life, eh?

LarryS said...

Larry's law of bizness:

World's most valuable character licence

Wonderful and unique product

Fantastic and dedicated creative team

Rapidly loyal fan base

Years of consistent quality delivery

Incompetent management, marketing and pricing

Cancellation, termination, liquidation

Shame. Would've been nice if the CMFC had defied Larry's Law. But it seems the law is immutable and everlasting...

zombiedude13 said...


You are sooooooooooooooooooo right. How can a marvel line of such quality die off????

The fact that is was based on selling to subscribers is one thing. Hearing an official EM employee say that with each new extension the subs dropped off more and more is baffling. Who needs subscribers? Open your store to people overseas (i.e. the US market), advertise, use resin, and increase your product as time moves on and you will not only survive. . . . you will thrive.

There are a few reasons I have given up on the new H&V line, part of it is I know just how much EM will invest in it.

Does no one realize how much love Marvel and DC fans have for 2nd and 3rd tier characters? This is time to milk the awareness of Marvel characters because of the Avengers movie, not to shut down. Heck, EM could run the H&V line right along side the CMFC line and never miss a beat if they knew how to operate a business.

I think us CMFC fans need to buy up all the EM stock we can, do a hostile takeover, and run things the way they ought to be done, LOL!

Seriously, though, I have no doubt that we could do a better job.

mgf said...

I agree up to a point, but it is only relatively recently the wheels started to come off. Before that EM as an entity did rather well with the CMFC.

The problems seemed to start when it was decided to turn the collection into something that would appeal to little girls, or those with a similar mindset, with far too many female characters.

The argument from those who supported the feminisation of the collection was that they sold well. We know just how successful that policy was. The collection was cancelled.

Another possibility that may have led to the cancellation is that most of those at EM now were quite probably not around at the beginning. In my experience there is nothing new management likes quite as much as proving themselves through their own ideas. Before they get sacked...

Alpha male lions do love to kill the cubs of their predecessors.

Thor8 said...

Don't know if you're right about female figurines being the down fall of this collection mgf,but I rather doubt it. There are quite a few fems that are very impessive pieces,such as Spiral,Enchantress,and others. True there have been some flops such as Crystal,and Marvel Girl,but the same can be said about male characters as well.

You have my support on the Warriors Three SV. Each time I look at my display and see the empty space I had reserved for them along with Skurge and The Destroyer.I get a lump in my throat.

sed tallis said...

It is sad ,but hey we are where we are . I tried scrunching my haggard old face up and wished and wished and wished. Then I heard the words of an old old tibetian monk I met in a sex shop in Cleethorpes.
Wish in one hand deficate in other see which one fill up first.
Hope to heck we see Hela, then we can all get on with our lives.......apart from cbr beast he's obviously deid.

Robert said...

I wonder if the former regulars still collect? Regardless, it would be nice if the likes of Pirate Adam, Jacadoo, Ghost and others were to come back over the final months and weeks to say their goodbyes.

The Mad Thinker said...

Can't say that I was a massive fan of Asgardians but since the inclusion of some of them and after seeing Thor the movie it's a case of completing the main characters and teams etc.
Warriors three is a must !!
Executioner is also needed to go with Enchantress.

Our dreams could all come true in just two specials.

Other non Asgardian fellows :

Strong guy to complete X factor
( another special )

Lockjaw + Maximus to complete the Inhumans ( another special )

Just by adding some extra specials would make a lot of collectors happy.

Thor8 said...

And don't forget The Destroyer special MT,it's a must.

tinodragon14 said...

Do a series of two pack Specials

That way you get a regular figure with Special or Mega Special figure

jimbob said...

Lockjaw and Executioner would be great to fill those gaps in the non x-men displays.


Please push it for specials next year!

sed tallis said...

Wow my boy got his haircut today , as a treat for being good his mum bought him an Avengers magazine with really cool movie posters and the official Panini sticker book it's beyond awesome.
Subby pack Nincoo Molestu looks fine ....the comedy rubber hand ( think Woody Harrelson in Kingpin) is pretty funny.
Tigershark is a most impressive fig. My boy exclaimed daddy his fin is very fin

Banshee said...

Yes Nico's hand is terrible. She looks half woman half duck. Also paint all over over her staff. Very disappointing sculpt. Tigershark is OK though!!