Thursday, 3 May 2012


Unfortunately we will not be extending The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection past issue 200. It was a shock to us on the editorial team, as we were quietly confident of another 20 issues. Sadly, following recent increases in production costs we came to the inescapable conclusion that a further extension just wouldn’t be sufficiently profitable. That said, there are some truly amazing figurines still to come and I’ll be previewing them all right here in the months ahead. Rest assured, there will be no reduction in the quality, effort and love we put into every issue of this Collection. I hope you'll stick with us for the journey. Thanks to everyone for your support, comments and enthusiasm. Excelsior, true believers! ‘Nuff said. Dan, John and Rich et al. PS: Please DO NOT send letters/e-mails of protest to anyone at Eaglemoss – the decision is made and Galactus himself couldn’t reverse it!


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John said...

Raise the prices. I'll pay. Your product costs significantly less than other statues as it is. We're used to paying more anyway.

mighty_marvel said...

what an unfathomable decision. the collection has just started producing it's best figurines. most collectors would have been willing to accept the use of cheaper resin and a price increase to keep this going.

got a funny feeling that we'll shortly see a new marvel collection featuring the a-listers again. just hope it's not a chess collection, and that if rogue is in it that she's done in her classic 90s look.

on another note, hope to receive my comp win nico minoru fig soon :)

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

This is tragic news, as far as I'm concerned. I fail to understand how EM have reached the decision. Considering the peak of popularity of Marvel in these years, thanks to the successful movies. I'd like to know if EM considered possible ways to make the CMFC more profitable, by increasing the price - a move that collectors were more than willing to embrace. Tragic tragic news. Even more so as the quality of the figurines had reached a fantastic level, and so many amazing characters are still left to cover.

Unknown said...
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mtravis390 said...

Does seem strange that EM would drop this collection. Wouldn't at price increase at least give us one more extension?

Well this really bums me out since that means I will never see the High Evolutionary made.

andpal67 said...


BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

What I don't understand is how it is possible for EM to produce the chess sets - and obviously find them profitable - but it's not possible to use the same production formula for the CMFC.
C'mon EM. I'd really like to know.

Kimi said...

April Fools was one month ago!!!!!!!!

Raise the prcie with 2 GBP and I will pay!!!!

mtravis390 said...

I can't understand how EM can sell a chess set in the US and not offer the chess board. That is why no one is buying the Batman chess set here. Why by the pieces without the board?

I for one will not buy another collection. Even if it is a reboot of this one.

Victor said...

I will pay 2 GBP to continue, also.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

If, as we all suspect, EM plan to launch a new series covering the usual A-listers once again, I think that only a small percentage of CMFC collectors will start buying the new series. EM will need to build a completely new clientbase for the hypothetical
new series. I'm really not sure that they will find more buyers than they'd have if they kept the CMFC going with new characters.
Aaargh! What is the line of reasoning??? I'd love to know.

sporterX said...

Really sad... I've started collecting about a year and half ago and have really enjoyed the figures. I would be willing to pay a slight increase for it to continue for another 20. Oh well, I was really enjoying seeing some of the 2nd and 3rd tier characters that normally don't get any love.

Would licensing have any affect on the decision? Does Disney have any kind of influence in this? Not htat anything could be done if they did, just curious.

mgf said...


BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...
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BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...
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BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Galactus persuaders
Dan et all, you did a great job producing these amazing figurines and I'd love to know what you feel about the announced end of the collection. Have you had a chance to offer constructive arguments to your bosses, showing them examples of our passionate support, explaining how the CMFC is a dream come true for Marvel fans and how these fans are ready to see more characters in CMFC format?
Dan, we know you are passionate about Marvel and the CMFC. What is your opinion? What can be done to see more characters in the CMFC? You say even Galactus could not reverse the decision... but hey, we can be as ingenious as Mr Fantastic. We can move planets, we can persuade Galactus. Where is this analogy going? We can persuade EM.
Let's find a way!

bethrezen said...


We have characters like:
Impossible man, Ikaris, Machine Man, X-man, Nomad, Thunderbird, Spider-man 2099, Iron man movie, Black Spiderman, Destroyer

but we haven't: Tombstone, Warriors Three, Sunspot, Warpatch, Corsair, Callisto....

This suck!

mgf said...

It's not going to happen, Blake. I think you are probably right and we will see a resin replacement collection with the big hitters, one which many of us here will pass on.

I imagine the subby cancellations will roll in in the morning.

Victor said...

EM could continue with Specials double packs to finish teams and important holes.

sed tallis said...

I don't mean to sound mean spirited, but ah coodnae gae a know what about any other collection rising from the ashes of the cmfc.
This was my one and only foray into figurine collecting.
Not interested.
200 is one helluva achievement though.
Hey let's all write to D'agostini or Panini get them to start a "new" collection starting at #201 ;)

mgf said...

But they won't do doubles or team packs. No more expenditure for this dead collection, meaning no Lockjaw...

But let's not forget this has been a magnificent ride by and large. Far more stunning figures than not, which is a feat in itself.

Personally this news leaves me with a feeling of what might have been.

Unknown said...

Thank god for that. I love the collection but really running out of room on the display case.

Thanks for a great collection and every success with you next projects.

fredpostman said...

What a sad day...too gutted to say ant more

TheTooN said...

I'll miss collecting the CMFC once the final piece goes on the shelf.

I'll also miss the banter here and on the SHFF. Ted makes me laugh out loud at least once a day. You should be on the telly mate :)

I'll keep buying and aim for a complete collection MOFO and all ;)

I'll also start grabbing more spares for future custom projects as well as continuing the slow but steady upgrade of paint jobs via Archangel. (heres the latest);topic=234.0;attach=5547;image

Thanks to Dan for helping get the decision out in the open.

Thanks to the whole team for this fantastic collection.

@ Grim - If you still read this mate, I guess you had an early warning, or used your Spidey sense :)

Nightstar1441 said...

very sad - feel like we were just starting to get to the tip of the iceberg.

So many great characters so deserving never seeing the light of day.

Very happy we made it to 200 - very sad we could not go further

LarryS said...

And in related news, Disney has decided not to release the Avengers movie in the United States tomorrow.

They noticed that, in 1995, people paid just 4 dollars to go to the movies. Since they'd obviously need to charge the same 4 bucks in 2012, it would be impossible to recoup their investment.

The cinemas have also decided to stop supporting the movie. In 1995, popcorn retailed at just 20 cents, and with rising popcorn production costs, it'd be impossible to make a profit.

All Avengers merchandise is being removed from the stores for the same reason. At 1995 prices, which obviously can't possibly be changed,the stuff doesn't make commercial sense any longer.

I'm sure everyone on this blog will have noticed the empty shelves at Toys R US, and the complete lack of any mention of the Avengers in your local Odeon.

Bunch of clowns.

deamon said...

Worst day of this year.
What happened suddenly, Dan You talked about next characters?

Dan The Man said...

Thanks for all the comments!

All good things must come to an end, and as time has rolled on, we went from "this is definitely getting another 20" to "oh sh**, it ain't gonna happen is it?".
I still thought we may of had a slim chance until I was told today of the FINAL decision. I wanted to tell you guys as soon as I had a definite answer.

There are a myriad of factors taken into consideration to extend or not - a lot of these factors are above my understanding, but I can only guess that production costs rising are a major reason, then you add in the fact that EM would of possibly had to re-negotiate the license with Disney ($$$)?.

I know it sounds simple to just increase the cover price, but there must be a solid reason why EM are against this (I'm sure they have considered it). Possibly the difficulty in getting all current subscribers to agree to the change is the reason. bare in mind there are still 20 issues to sell to a limited subs base - so at what point do we suggest this to subscribers? as we would need to keep as many subscribers on board for the last 20 (#200) as possible, but would also need to press on with production of the next 20 (#201-220). and if say 20% bail we would be stuck with another 20 issues that would make a loss. That don't make a good business plan.
Factor in the possible licensing issues that would cost money and you can begin to see the reasoning behind the decision.

Of course EM are developing new ideas (as any forward thinking company would) and they need to make staffing decisions for upcoming projects that will hopefully make a ton more money than the current/outgoing ones. Editorial costs (our salaries) are also a factor!

I don't know all the facts but this is how I personally see it. And I'm still on the CMFC for the current, so I will continue to do the best I can until the last issue. We have got some top characters coming up and I hope you can stick with me to see out the best thing I've ever worked on!

ElvenBrit said...

Shocking! Like most, I would be willing to pay more, but EM have obviously valid reasons for ending the collection. It does mean there will be quite a lot of teams not completed. No Meggan... Boo! No Spitfire... Boo again! Sad Day!

Paulo said...

I think a solution could be divided among collectors and Eaglemoss. The Eaglemoss launch a final extension (NO MORE EXTENSIONS AND WITH INCREASED PRICES) with 20 characters (both from the line of Marvel and DC) and the collectors would vote in his last 20 favorite characters through the Super Hero Figurine Forum. Each collector would vote for 20 characters of each line in order of interest. I for example, would vote in Warlord (DC) and Goblin Queen(Marvel) and so on. The 20 most voted for each line would be launched as a reward for our loyalty and appreciation for all this years collection.

Dan, please consider this!


Mark Malibu said...

I was really hoping to have Stilt-Man towering over my other figures someday. Sigh.

It's been such an amazing collection. Not just the figures, but the magazine was great, too! Thanks for making it to 200!

Robert said...

Not sure I understand the decision. Sounds almost like the execus are bored with the collection. But then the CMFC has been mismanaged since the start, so we can't really be surprised that they refuse to even attempt to keep this alive.

Not sure how I feel, either. Lurching between remembering how pleased I was to get the first extension and feeling disappointed that we're not getting Lockjaw or the Warriors Three.

This will be the last series I will buy. Getting too old to start something else.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...
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sergiogf said...

Just Sad. And dissapointed.
What about specials? Can we expect more of them? Any chance to have a double pack?

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Ask us. Do not just assume.
What I find disappointing is that EM did not really try to approach the existing collectors with a simple questionnaire to ascertain how many would be ready to pay a bigger price to keep the collection going. Until now, the CMFC represented an amazing opportunity for Marvel fans to build a collection of characters in a consistent size and format, and of exquisite artistic quality. I'm sure the vast majority of collectors were eager to expand the roster and see more and more characters, particularly those characters who are essential companions to the ones we already have. I'm sure that all collectors would have chosen to keep the CMFC going, had EM really approached them with the question. It really really really is a shame that EM have not organized a marketing survey. There's still time.
EM, please give your loyal customers some credit, and listen to what they have to say. Do not just make marketing projections based on no real data. Ask us, if you really want to know.
Please send a questionnaire.

Wonka_Milo said...

Thank You for a wonderful collection Eaglemoss, I wish it didn't have to end but if it does Thanks YOU, everybody at Eaglemoss!!

One last thought, For issue number 200, it should be THE RED HULK!!!!

mgf said...

Robert raised the point about some parts of EM becoming bored with the collection, and I have wondered this for a while.

I hope there are no jobs lost over this, and that all involved are moved onto other projects. You must be due another orrery... (Note for first editorial meeting: Pluto got relegated to Dwarf Planet Division One, and is currently lying second after Eris.)

I suppose after the CMFC anything else will be a little bit like the final scene in Goodfellas. It's likely to be a hell of an adjustment.

max_0888 said...

wow that's sad...

I am thankful for those 200 regulars plus specials. It's a wonderful collection and i'm very happy to own this.

We still have new figurines coming out till next april, so a year more. I hope this collection will at least give us one or two more specials after Mojo and Giant-man

Please, make Lockjaw or Strong guy! If we can't have another extansion, I hope we will at least be able to get two more specials.

Oh well, i'll never have Jessica Jones, Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, Meggan, Vindicator, Paladin, Husk, Magma, Sunspot, Warlock, Karma, Cypher, Vermin, Marrina, Justice, Mantis, USagent, Karolina Dean, Molly Hayes, Speedball, Monet, Shatterstar, Rictor, Arcade, Goblin Queen, Grey Gargoyle, Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg...that I wanted so badly.

I am thankful more than ever to have gotten the luck to choose Siryn. I know now that she would never have been in this collection if I didn't choose her. Which makes her even more special. Thanks again for having let us choose with some forum votes, and three comp winner. We can't say a lot of collection ever did this.

So all in all, i'm still looking forward to those marvelous figurines coming up like Mojo, Nico Minoru, Sif, Sebastian Shaw, Owl, Longshot, Gamora, Werewolf by night, Wolfsbane, Moonstone, Wiccan, Deathbird and Mirage that I cannot wait to get.

I can't wait to see Hela too. She's the only figurine we haven't seen yet...

So here's me begging for at least one or two more specials after Mojo and Giant-man.


Dan The Man said...

The good news is I believe Giant-Man will be released at some point after Terrax and Mojo.

Not sure if any other Specials will be commissioned.

I too hope the guys from the DC collection and the 2 of us on CMFC will get a transfer to other projects. Of course nothing can compare to working on such a fun (yet demanding) project, but I could do with a break on something like Chandeliers of the World!!!!
Just a straight design job. I've put a great deal of effort into the CMFC over and above just designing the thing (as I am a massive Marvel fan!)

LarryS said...

Really appreciate Dan taking the time and trouble to write. You didn't need to do that, and it reflects well on your personal commitment to us and the cause.

I know there isn't a chance of changing minds, so the following is somewhat futile. However, I can't help pointing out that the rationale for cancellation makes no sense at all.

1. "All good things come to an end". Technically true but irrelevant. The newspaper I bought this morning had been published continually since 1821.

2. "It would be hard to know when to implement the increase". Frankly, an absurd excuse. I subscribe to Private Eye, the Spectator and National Geographic. Miraculously, they each manage to phase in price increases within their publishing schedule.

3. "There is a risk 20% of subscribers might not accept the increase". OK, that's an unknown. But far less of an unknown than launching a new series, and you tell us EM has new ideas under consideration. If EM couldn't deal with uncertainties about customer reactions, they could never justify any new series, and would need to shut down the business.

As I say, I do accept the cancellation decision has been made. So these points will make no practical difference to anyone or anything. We all have to accept bad news and disappointments from time to time. I guess it would just be easier to take if the reasons made even a Pym-sized modicum of sense!

sweet2cute said...

This is a really sad day. And while others are dancing around or ignoring the issue I will not.

The end of this collection is in part the fault of Dan and he knows it.

Dan's flippant remarks since he has taken over has brought a terrible taint on the blog, and if anyone above Dan's pay grade has read anything that has been posted here they would have seen collectors that have been upset with how Dan has been running thing here.

Dan calling characters "marmite", the whole Gamora costume issue, Dan talking about the doom of the DC collection, and now going for a most likely to get a extension to don't both trying a letter campaign just shows how Dan has help cause the down fall of this collection.

Everything Marvel is gold right now. It is even outselling DC merchandise, but Dan wants us to believe that it's just because of rising cost.

Every magazine that been around for 5 or more years as raised prices on it's subscribers. So there is no reason EM could not do it.

But they do not want to because of the mismanagement that has happen since Dan took over the board.

Sorry if he doesn't want to here it or believe it, but all the negative garbage that Dan has caused here helped EM make this decision.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Possible new projects
Heroclix have just produced a new wave of characters including the classic Guardians of the Galaxy. Provided that EM can secure the Marvel license, I'd like to hope that EM can start producing self-contained series of Marvel figurines, based on a major Marvel saga or storyline for example. A bit like Heroclix waves. But with two conditions:
1. the figurines are in the same scale as CMFC figurines, so they can be combined with existing CMFC characters.
2. Dan remains in the role as project director. He's been superb in all possible ways, and I'm of course grateful for the awesome figurines he managed to produce.

Becquerel said...

This is very sad news, but something is really burning on my mind right now, so Dan, I hope you can answer this question.

How will be the availability of back issues after #200 is released? Because I am still in the process of catching up and wasn't able to purchase many new figurines since my last one early this year.
Is the collection still going to be available for an extended period of time, or should I start amassing the older figurines (I'm at about #70 in the main line and have only a handful of specials) as soon as possible?

mgf said...

The suggestion the cancellation is down to an individual is disgraceful and the author of that post should be ashamed. As I have an inkling who that person really is they are incapable of shame.

The seeds of this cancellation lie with the economy and the increasingly poor character choices.

Now, what's this Giant Man business? We get that pile of (,,,) Mojo, but might not get Giant Man? I suppose few things could illustrate better the way the collection has pandered to the Xombies, but really. That's not on.

mtravis390 said...

I was hoping Giant Man might lead to Archangel still.

Are we still going to get a few more specials or is Giant Man the last one?

I though that we would see a few more specials if issue 200 doesn't come till spring of next year.

The Mad Thinker said...

Well I'm not buying anymore and I'm pissed at the fact we will not get to complete teams.
What a waste of money , some of the characters on the original chart that came with issue 1 weren't even made and instead we got a lot of characters that not everyone wanted.
I am so upset right now.
I wonder , would Eaglemoss be willing to do refunds ?

SinisterVenom said...

Well it goes without saying that this truly is upsetting news. Yes we all knew this day would come, but I really don't believe it should have come this early with so many great characters left to make!
I do hope that the Hela figurine is gonna be awesome and that she becomes the final figurine. We have to end on a fantastic sculpt.
I do think that specials should be continued to be made until the collection ends. If we can't start new teams, let's at least complete some first. Top three should be Lockjaw for the Inhumans, Strong Guy for X-Factor and Titanium Man for Titanic Three.
Finally, I know you said not to appeal for a final extension, but I need to say this: If the DC Collection, which may I add started AFTER the CMFC did, can get offered an extra extension as a last chance then why can't we? I have been collecting each figurine since issue 1 and I believe after all we've come through that we should be considered that which the DC Collection were given.

mtravis390 said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember when we were told that going pass 140 might not happen. Sure my favorite characters didn't get made, but how many other collections are out there like this? How many would have gone 200 issues. Not even the DC collection or the LoTR collections went to 200 issues.

The CMFC has done something that most other collections will never be able to do. And I think EM does deserve some praise for that.

The Mad Thinker said...

We all said that we were willing to pay more money to keep the collection going.

We all said that we were willing to accept resin instead of lead.

All we can hope for now is that this is just a short break and that the reason behind the closure is because of the subscribers objecting to a price increase.

What I am getting at , is that maybe the idea is to end the collection at 200 so that all subscriptions also end , and then maybe Eaglemoss may bring out a 2nd series at a higher price , maybe even in resin rather than lead , and start new subscriptions and add characters that we haven't seen made yet rather than re-sculpts.

I'd be over the moon and A ok with that so long as I got to complete teams and start new ones.

Fingers crossed !!

max_0888 said...

EM definitely deserves praise. All those characters in lead? It's just wow.

Of course, I never wanted it to end though. Why end something that's so addictive ? hehe.

Man, i'll miss looking at all those blog updates. It was so much fun awaiting for friday updates with hopes of another extansion and talking about who should get in or shouldn't...i'll seriously miss this.

The Mad Thinker said...

Sweet 2 Cute :

That was bang out of order blaming things on Dan , I think he's done a great job , and has done well to put up with some of our comments.
He's also been decent enough to fill us in on the decision.

Don't blame the individual , blame the company as a whole !!

Barnabas said...

LO There Shall Be An Ending........
A favourite story title for Marvel throughout the years and here we are now.
Over the couple of years I've been on this blog,sh there has been laughs, conflict and everything in between. But nothing like I am seeing now. Blaming the Danster is an appalling reaction. He's always been great with news and sneak previews. EM didn't have to do this. They also didn't have to let us buyers pick figures for extensions, take on board some of the suggestions raised here and a multitude of other things.
In my experience, NO OTHER part work has ever done this. We should be grateful for this, not begin to attack.
Also, no partwork I have ever bought has raised it's price during it's run. The price has always been pegged until the end.
200 issues, that is a damn good run for a partwork. We could have just ended up with just 60!
The colletion must cost more than some and profits would have always been dipping as prices rose. That is the nature of the beast.
The thing is it's not only the price of the lead/resin. Designers, sculpters, painters, magazine editors and things I can't even begin to think of costs money and that all erodes the margins. The bean counters have to ensure that EM remains in profit, that's what they're for. Otherwise, what would be the point. They would go under and that would be that.
I think it's great we got this far.
Thanks Dan and the MossMen.

ADParker said...

Dag-nab-it! No Darkhawk, no High Evolutionary, no Strong Guy!

Although 200 issues is a great run, I must admit that I feel rather upset by this. Why? Because it comes down to HOW it ended, not just THAT it ended.

I was hoping that at the very least we, this dedicated group of followers of the blog and forum and the subscribers, would be notified that the collection would end with at least one more extension yet to be set. And that we could then petition and vote for which figurines are most deserving of those last precious slots.

As we saw in the forum (and here) when the just a hint of that possibility was given here by Dan ; people make different selections when discussing the (possibly) "final" extension than they do for just "the next" extension. Because then it comes down to; "Who do I feel is the most glaring omission? What gaps need filling?" and so forth.

That hypothetical final extension that was being informally built up was looking to be something quite special. But sadly no, the rug has been pulled out from under us, and many of us are probably feeling that we are essentially left with an incomplete collection as a result.

And of course also included in that "rugged pulled out from under us" sensation is the lack if customer interaction. Vague comments about material costs and so forth, and thoughts that subscribers might not stand for a price increase. But no signs of those subscribers (let alone those of us unable or unwilling to subscribe who are nonetheless dedicated to the collection as seen in there presence on this blog and the forum) even being asked how they feel about it. How can you say that a price increase won't be absorbed by the customers if they haven't even been asked?!

It just makes it frustrating above and beyond the simple fact that this collection is comingto an end.

Barnabas said...

And for all the MossMen's future endeavours.

Sorry about this.


May the fourth be with you.

AMARON said...

To the EAGLEMOSS EXECUTIVES,the Editorial Staff, the Writers and the Sculpters.

Thank you so much for a wonderful run. I am glad you finally decided to let us know. I will have this collection and the DC one forever with me, to whereever I go.

I really appreciate the hard work and the great figurines you gave us.
Good Luck in your future endeavours.
Petro aka Amaron

Ken said...

Dear Dan,

Please tell EM that their decision to abruptly end this popular Collection is a slap in the face to all the dedicated collectors and supporters out there. As an extremely loyal fan I'm disappointed and disgusted by the decision.

Whatever happened to a warning? Or a questionnaire on how we feel? Or a "farewell" last extension? I will NEVER buy or support EM ever again if this is the course of things and I have bought every single figurine in this collection and even some in DC. Please pads along this message to EM.

Kal Brindle said...

Wow. How incredibly disappointed am I?

Eaglemoss thank you for creating this stellar collection in the first place. Thank you also for allowing us though the forum to pick characters for several extensions now. Thank you for Alpha Flight, Jocasta, Swordsman, Magik, Mole Man, Wiccan, Hellcat, Dazzler, Taskmaster, Enchantress, Puppet Master and the myriad of lower tier characters who have never had the good fortune to make it in other formats. This collection has rocked! 200 regular figures plus specials is awesome - thank you.

I waited my entire life for this collection to come. Since I was eleven years old I have hoped someone would make a collection like this and make the characters I liked most; those B, C and D listers that fire the imagination and resonate on very personal level. This collection made me so very happy, I cannot begin to tel you how.

Now, I am gutted that this amazing collection is about to end. I am also saddened by the way it happened. Our fellow collectors on the DC side got fair warning, an opportunity to plead for one more extension while we get told, that's it - no more - please don't send letters.

Unkind to say the least. I know you are only the messenger Dan, and please understand that my anger is not directed at you - but it still blows chunks.

Why no final extension for the Marvel fans? Why no attempt at communication with your subscribers about raising the price or changing materials or new sculpts of popular characters? Eaglemoss was happy to take my money, but now you won't take my letters? You don't get to tell me that. Regardless of whether my letter is ignored I will be sending it.

If it must end, why not end the collection and restart it at a higher price point with issue 201 for those of us still committed to moving forward with you?

(I know you cannot answer these questions Dan, but that's what I am feeling and this "stuff" needs to come out).

I hope you and the rest of the creative team who work on both of these collections are treated better by your employers than we have been and continue producing great part-work projects for may years to come. You are a remarkably talented young man and I have enjoyed your work on the mags immensely.

No Baron Mordo, Count Nefaria, Grey Gargoyle, Clea, Mantis, Karma, Marrina, Princess Python, Diamondback, the Shroud, Arcade, Arnim Zola, Thunderstrike, Graviton, Thundra, Diablo and so on.... devastating.

I sincerely hope that the Giant Man special is not the last one we see...Hulkling, Skurge the Executioner and of course Lockjaw would be greatly appreciated by this grieving fan.

All the best to you, Rich, Alan, Sven and the rest of the team. I will buy til the end as this is the finest collection of it's type I have ever seen.

I will hope however that your bosses come to their senses and allow us one more extension.

mtravis390 said...

Well said Kal.

Robert said...

Sweet2cute, you are an ignoramus. If the rest of Eaglemoss was as committed to the collection as Dan is, we'd still be buying these figurines in ten years time.

Dan, it was remis of me not to say this earlier, but thanks and good luck in the future.

P.S. If you're ever in Scotland, you'll always have a welcome.

albertocollection said...

It's impossible that a product sold in several Europeean and American and, in one case, african countries ends its production.
There is something wrong with EM marketing forecast.
I think that EM should fire the sales manager and make a new estimate of revenue !!!

CGJ said...

Well, that's taken the shine off my birthday.


sed tallis said...

When Dundee utd lost the 1987 uefa cup final , I was gutted, because even in those heady days , we knew we may never get this far again. But life went on. The cancellation of the CMFC is similar . I know I will never see it's like again , gutted at what might of been.
Sweet2cute , if I still drank I'd call you an arsehole, luckily for you I don't drink anymore.

CGJ said...

I think it was more a case of 200 was a nice even number to go out on, and there will definitely be something else to take its place whether that is chess set or a reboot of this collection who knows.

...I might be tempted to buy a chess set...

oh and sweet2cute, you are an arsehole

TheTooN said...

I'll do it for you Ted

Sweet2cute - You are a complete and utter clown. Nuff Said !

Had a sleep on the news and woke up even grumpier than usual.

Still cant quite believe the finality of the official statement.

Future EM collections :-

When this collection ends I'll have around 25 plinths full of CMFC which take up more than the lions share of my available display space.

I cant honestly see me starting a new partwork as I just dont have space. No way in hell will the CMFC get boxed into storage to make way for anything else.

How many of us feel the same way ?

Retour en France said...

Sad news. I started the collection because I wanted the professor x figurine and the donna troy on DC. On thing lead to another I bought around 60 figurines in less than 6 month.

I was truly hoping to have one day a chamber (generationx) figurine but now It seems unlikely.

Anyway, indeed 200 figurines is a great number and we should all be grateful it lasted that long.

I just need to focus on completing my collection now.

Sweet2cute: You are an arsehole

Banshee said...

Of course like everyone else in here and probably over in the SHFF I'm absolutely gutted. But people have got to remember this was a series that was suppose to run 60 issues and we were lucky enough to take it all the way upto 200... to me that's amazing. Sure there's going to be some teams short on characters and some unrepresented all together but look at the amazing 200+ characters we've got.

All this blame and BS is easily thrown around but I for one would like to thank Dan, Rich and the whole team for their incredible efforts and sustained involvement of us the collectors. Without these guys who knows how far this collection would have gotten? 60 issues? 100? You guys have done a stirling job and I for one will be here till the bitter end to celebrate this phenomonal collection we've all been so lucky to be part of.

Mike said...

Nearly heart attack after reading this bad news, just can't believe it's end, I thought it will go till #300.
We have Blink, but we don't have Mastermind, really?

Simon West said...

Sad to hear that and i hope it doesnt effect any of your jobs over there, but what i would like to say is a big thank you for all the figures that did make it into the collection and for all the work you put in to the series (not excluding keeping us updated with whats was coming up/happening and the blog)

Thanks :)

Francesco said...

And so, Dan?
No Arnim Zola with your face???

sed tallis said...

Well said mr Banshee, even though I won't see Princess Python, Killraven and a whole host of other wants. A glimpse at my sagging display shelf reminds me just how far we got, be grateful for what you have and all that.
Domino and Nico etc will all have their shelf space , naw quitting noo ;)
Oh, and a happy birthday to the CGJ.

Blog Master Dan said...

Aaah, some truly lovely comments especially from Sweet2cute!

Thanks again.

Banshee said...

Ignore him Dan. Everyone in here knows what an incredible job you've been doing over the course of this collection. Don't let a few miserable old no marks put a dampener on the success you've achieved here and the happiness you've brought us all with this blog and our involvement. Hold your head up mate. If it wasn't for you and your team, where would we be now? Not at 200+ issues I'll bet.

Chin up :)

John said...

This was THE thing I looked forward to more than any other. It outlasted a bad break up, a job loss, a move... I want to thank everyone involved in making the collection (except random people like whoever held High Evolutionary and the Warriors Three bak for so long, or whoever thought Howard wouldn't sell, but those are givens.) By and large, this is the greatest collection of its kind... the ideal thing for me as a collector (and I say that as someone who doesn't collect anything else.)

I think I'm rambling, so Dan and Rich, thank you for keeping us up to speed, and most everyone else at EM, thank you for the finest product ever.

Thor8 said...

I saw the Avengers movie last night and was delighted. This morning I was quite stuned when I read the opening sentence to this blog. I already suspected what was comming so I can't really say I was surprised at this news. There were logical signs and hints comming our way for weeks,yet the announcement still kinda shocked me.

I have not finished reading all of the posts yet, Ive read some skimmed through others and have not read some at all,but I did read "NOT2Cute's comment and couldn't believe all of the bull it contained. Dan you have been a great friend,and after you took over this blog you improved it greatly(not taking anything away from Rich). You gave us a heck of a good time,with many good articles and features,and you helped bond together a bunch of looney collectors into a cluster of cyber-friends that is unequal. Even though I will most likely never have the privalage to meet then in person I will treasure the friendship I have obtained with Robert,Ted,Mad Thinker,Jacadoo,Pirate Adam,BobDiamond,Blakenewman,Hawkeye,ghost,LAWay,Deadpool,Toon,and all the rest of this crazy group,and of corse you know that goes for you and Rich also, Thank you EM for this wonderful collection,even though I still believe you can reconsider and keep it going a bit more. Peace,and may GOD bless you all!

fredpostman said...

Thanks Dan for all the hard work you have put into this BRILLIANT collection;most of us here appreciate it.
LOCKJAW soon please
Cobra/Mr Hyde double pack soon please
Skurge soon please
Well it never hurts to ask does it"

The Mad Thinker said...

The Mad Thinker said...

How about we all have a little fun on here and cheer the place up ?

play a prank

bring back Jabba the slutt

change your identity and let us see if we can guess who you really are

have a sing song

ideas anyone ?

2 May 2012 01:25

I'd love to think that this was all just a prank !!

The Mad Thinker said...

Missing :

Excalibur - Meggan

X Factor - Strong Guy

New Mutants -
Karma + Sunspot + Magma + Cypher + Warlock

Defenders - Clea + Gargoyle

West coast Avengers -
Firebird + U.S Agent

Mantis + Justice + Starfox + Thunderstrike

Young Avengers -
Patriot + Kate Bishop + Hulkling + Iron Lad + Stature

Inhumans - Lockjaw + Maximus

Wrecking Crew -
Thunderball + Bulldozer + Piledriver

Masters of Evil -
Blackout + Whirlwind +
Egghead + Boomerang + Man Ape +
Crimson Cowl + Executioner +
Grey Gargoyle + Melter +
Mister Hyde + Black Knight

Atlas + Blizzard + Fixer + Jolt +
Speed Demon + Jack 'o' Lantern +
King Cobra + Whiplash

There's still a hell of a lot more characters to be included in this collection other than the one's needed to complete teams that I've just listed above.


The Mad Thinker said...

Others to include :

X men category

Silver Samurai

Avengers category

Count Nefaria

Fantastic Four category

Air Walker
High Evolutionary
Mad Thinker
Ms Marvel - Sharon Ventura
Nova - Frankie Raye
Red Ghost

Spiderman category

Aunt May
Stilt Man
White Tiger

Marvel Knights category

Baron Mordo
Black Tarantula
Brother Voodoo
Colleen Wing
Misty Knight
Night Thrasher
Ulysses Bloodstone

Cosmic category

Captain Atlas
Howard the Duck
Pip the Troll
Rocket Raccoon


Madame Web


Osvaldoeaf said...

Dan, even though I feel horrible to have come só close to getting Sage and then seeing the collection end, I must say EM did a wonderful job! You've been nothing but great with us here on the blog, and don't even pay attention to that one lunatic who says otherwise, ok? Good luck to you in your future endeavors!

The Mad Thinker said...

Easily enough characters there to make the collection up to 300 and include at least 5 specials or start a new collection containing 100 issues plus specials.

If this collection must end , please at least give us 2 specials to complete 2 teams / groups.

Strong guy - X factor
Lockjaw + Maximus - Inhumans

And please at least think about bringing out a 2nd series that includes all and more of these characters we were hoping for.

Raise the price of the new collection

Use resin instead of lead to keep the weight and postage cost down etc


Anonymous said...

It's a big shame but it's been an awesome collection! I've been with this collection from day 1! It's been a long and fun ride... Thank you EM

max_0888 said...

Dan, can you please try to push for a Lockjaw or Strong guy special? Pretty please ? ;)

With the end of the collection, it will help not to finish with Giant-man, but have at least one figurine who wasn't confirmed before. Just to have some sort of closure.


Shifoso said...

Bad news to me, but as you said, all the good things come to an end.

Your collection has been simply amazing, the mother of al the collections, a cult for all Marvel fan. I will not argue either claim for having other extensions, just take my little spot here to thank you for your excellent job and for the quality time you dedicated to us in all these years.


(what's the next collection now? :) )

Anonymous said...

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!

Please, one more extension :(

TGR said...

Well, what can I say that hasn't already been said :-(
When I saw the announcements on SHFF last night I was gutted. We all knew it had to end at some point but not yet and certainly not like this. I believe that had the collectors known that 180-200 was to be the final "encore" then we may have seen figures that nicely filled in a few gaps and brought a more gradual closure to what is still a bloody fantastic collection. I know I've not always agreed with folk and they likewise with me but surely there IS some scope to have one final push on really essential characters if we all pull in the same direction. Hell, I'd even settle for some of my less favourites if it meant groups were completed for the majority.

Come on Dan, you all ( Al, Rich Sven) have been instrumental in giving us what we want and making us all feel a part of this venture unlike any other company. The collections (CMFC & DC) are unique. Let's have one more extension and go out with a bang and on a high rather than a whimper. I know you say Galactus couldn't change minds but as I think Kal said, he had his ass wupped by the FF. :-) come on you know it makes sense :-). Thank you all at EM who have worked to keep things going and to all the bloggers and forum members that have made it great fun thus far.


..............ASSEMBLE !!!!!

lipstick said...

I hope Deagostini can help us.

tinodragon14 said...

Well I was having a lousy day & then I signed on to the blog & my heart sank. I was hoping for at least one more extension to get WHIRLWIND in & maybe a few more villains. This was an important collection to me & I had even started buying the Batman chess set to support EM but will not buy anymore since the Marvel Collection is now over. I will of course buy the rest of the Marvel figures but I'm afraid this will sever my connection to EM. My only hope is that they might do a few more Specials. Maybe ATTUMA or ARCHANGEL or TITANIUM MAN or MR. HYDE or THE EXECUTIONER or LOCKJAW or FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER or BLASTAAR or STILT-MAN. Ending this collection now hurts villain lovers like me more because so many great bad guys will never be done. A very sad, sad day for me Dan.

Robert said...

It's ironic - and cruel - that the main CMFC site still says "Welcome" and says that it wants to hear from us, when Dan has said they DON'T want us to communicate with them. Really, you couldn't make this up. I think I could accept this collection dying if it was being shunned by fans. But that's not the case. It's annoying that there's loads of fans unaware or unable to get their hands on this product. And doubly annoying that we are happy to pay more and that STILL doesn't convince anyone at Eaglemoss. Incredible.

And, to Thor, your kind words just remind us what a class act you are. It's been a privilege to share this blog with you.

LarryS said...

Well, after nearly 24 hours, yesterday's shock-n-horror has started to abate.

My main emotions about Dan's news are now:

- Fond memories: of all you great bloggers who, week after week, have provides insight, vitality, opinion, humour, imagination and knowledge

- Gratitude: to EM on the grounds that "its better to have loved and lost than never loved at all"

- Puzzlement: that EM has been unable to make this work commercially. In my experience, working with many businesses across many sectors, success requires getting a few basic ingredients in place. And the CMFC has 'em all for sure. (1) Great people - yup, Dan and Rich fit the bill. (2) A great product - no doubt about that, and it's been improving dramatically year on year. (3) Loyal and ambassadorial customers - for sure, in droves, just look at this blog. (4) and high brand recognition. Well that's a given, there's scarcely a more popular brand in the world at the moment. Forsooth, they've even named the movie 'Marvel's Avengers' not simply 'The Avengers'.

Sorrow: that we've spent the past 30 weeks on this blog getting excited about our ideas for 201-220 and 221-240, to no avail. what a lost opportunity.

Frustration: that I haven't recently inherited a few million that I could use to sponsor an extension or two

Best wishes: to Dan, Rich and the crew for the future

sed tallis said...

It gives me no pleasure whatsoever to say this , but it was MGF who put the Fluffy Woodland Animal Collection on the agenda, No licensing issues, no annoying fans moaning about costume choices, no lead content. No brainer for EM.
I will even take out a subscription for my daughter.
Long live the FWAC.

JinxDealer said...

Wow Im gutted. I have to echo the statements before me and state that this will be my last EM collection as starting another doesn't appeal to me and although EM seem to underestimate the power of social network sites etc Im still hopeful petition of sorts will bare fruit . Thanks Dan u did a great job and i hope u get something better to work on than a tea cup collection of bangladesh

ikabodcrane said...

Yes we can my friends Avengers, we can the revolution. I am an avid supporter of this collection and would be very happy if Eaglemoss would please continue it. Eaglemoss can increase by 2 livres sterling to still continue the collection marvel, can put the metallic resin. I boycott the Dc chess collection and the futur Marvel chess collection. Please return us the marvel collection. I was very disapponted. To reconsider your choice. I propose:
Regular:1.Thundra, 2.Jackal, 3.Silver samourai, 4.Marrow, 5.Whirlwind, 6.High evolutionary, 7.Darkstar, 8. Baron von strucker, 9. Tarentula, 10. Pixie, 11. Graviton, 12. Sage, 13. Air-walker, 14. Grey Gargoyle, 15.Arcade, 16. Selene, 17.Hulking, 18. Diablo, 19. Yondu, 20.Titanium man
Special:1.Skurge, 2.Destroyer, 3.Lockjaw, 4.Blastaar, 5. strong Guy, 6. STAN LEE
Pack: Warriors three

Thanks avengers!!! Thanks eaglemoss!!

ikabodcrane said...

and continue the dc collection and more, more please!!!

The Hood said...

It's sad to hear the collection is ending, but at least we made it to 200 issues and plenty of specials. I would like to thank eveyone involved with making this collection, it has been a pleasure to collect it, my only regret is that Howard The Duck was never allowed to be made but that's just one fault in an otherwise perfect collection.

John said...

Like Kal, TGR, and others, I just wish we had at least 1 more extension. If we all knew it was the last one, we could focus on those essential characters to round out the groups we have and bring some closure to areas.

I already set gaps for Fandrall and Hogun because I KNEW they were coming next. Star-Lord's spot is waiting for him next to Nova.

We can't convince them to let this run forever, but could we please get just one more extension?!

the owl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deadpool said...

Once again the bean counters and suits bring the world to an end.

Mossmen you've done a service to Eaglemoss.

Bean Counters G.F.Y.

It's been a pleasure knowing you guys, even though I've been here infrequently of late.

Russia, Japan and Africa await.
Cya around guys.

Live Long and Prosper

Osvaldoeaf said...

I'm going to allow myself to feel hopeful for at least one more extension, seeing how many people still think it's possible!
Come on, EM, look how much passion here on this you think all your subscribers don't have the same passion? I'm sure everyone of them would pay more for at least one more extension!

jimbob said...

I think EM could just give us one more extension just to fill in some of the gaps.

New Mutants
Brotherhood of evil mutants (Mastermind)

the owl said...

Whats going on

I expected the original 60 characters as seen in the 1st issue to be made and they arent

No Aunt May

I feel conned out of thousands as this was my all time want. I shall be writing to trading standards to see if there is a case

I was going to get 20 aunt mays to make O.A.P the secret organisation responsible for twinkies cup cakes!

Ken said...

Dear Dan,

At the very least, EM should have a "farewell" top 10 or 20 extension where fans vote for the choices, etc. Any respectable company knows not to upset the customer base.


avenger guy said...

Teams still have to be complete. I am probably one of the youngest collectors collecting this figurine collection. At the age of 14, i enjoy coming home from school every second Friday after school to find a figure or two to open. I read the magazines and study the figures.This lead me to discover new characters which were not in the collection i.e Two-gun-kid. Since, Marvel's movie franchise started more young people have interacted and started to get interested in the characters. I don't read comics but i do have some(except west coast avengers and two-gun-kid . In my high school near Glasgow i know of a few collectors who collect the collection. Anyway as the tale goes

FINISHED WHAT YOU HAVE STARTED!(i.e. finish teams/villains.

sweet2cute said...

I'm sorry if some thought I was being harsh, but that was the point. I even cried when I saw that the Marvel Collection was over.

As a former female Marine the first thing we learn is "If the platoon fails then it's everyone's fault." From the buck private all the way to our L.T who gives the orders.

But thanks for all those that have proved me right will all the name calling. I've called much worse by my gunny. For the recorded I have never call anyone any names in any of my post. Ever.

The German Army could have won the Russo-German War if only its leaders had made better decisions at certain key junctions.

Dan is one of the leaders in this collection. Different decisions by the editorial staff could have save this collection.

Magazines have been around for long before this one, and have dealt with increasing cost and passing them on to their subscribers with no problems. So to use the rising cost as the only excuse is just B.S.

There were other factors in EM's final decisions. Cost might have been one of them, but it wasn't the only one. The fact that we have been told not to fight just proves it.

Letter campaigns work, but Dan has already said don't bother.
So if the editorial staff doesn't want people to fight to save this collection then don't. It obvious they want this collection to end as well.

the owl said...

Ken i think the word respectable company is not understood by the eaglemoss top brass. Neither is the word customer, loyality or demand. Strange that. The service I have had over the years has been terrible. Dan is just a pawn in their next doomed chess set

Robert said...

While the idea of collective responsibility is undeniably laudable, it's not a concept that stands up to close scrutiny in this case, Sweet2cute. As has been clear in numerous posts over a long period of time, Dan's power is minor, and in terms of making decisions about the lifespan of this collection, zero. How can he be held responsible for a decision made by others? At no point either before, during or after this decision has he had any power to alter or overturn it.

And since you like it when people are "blunt", your wartime analogies are ridiculous. If you want to compare military metaphors, then Dan is the poor Tommy sent over the top at the Somme, despite the fact he sees the German machine-gun nests and knows he'll be cut down. To think he's a general is madness.

I don't normally indulge in name-calling, or defend it when others use it, but in this case you got exactly what you deserve. Technically, you are right to say you did not name call. You did, however, make a wild accusation. Then you come back on here, try and act all innocent and wronged, adopting an ill-deserved high moral tone as you did so. I was less strident than others in what I said, but I completely agree with the other names you were called. Particularly the one used to empty your bowels.

LAWay said...

Wow. Didnt expect to see this.

Its a sad day, but thanks to Dan and everyone who works on the collection for making such an awesome product. 200 marvel figurines and magazines, I know in years time all us collectors will be the envy of other Marvel fans who missed out on the opportunity to collect these things.

I applaud you all and thanks again. I hope you guys slot in somewhere else in the EM structure and quickly get to work on a new project to entertain and enlighten new fans.

This isnt goodbye, we still have figurines to arrive at our doorsteps and shops. It'll make me savour these last figurines even more.

Cheers guys.

John said...

And I was just at a comic shop yesterday picking up some missing DC figurines, and the owner told me he has people just finding out about the collection and trying to get the back issues through him. Then I told him it was cancelled. He was surprised. ...just advertise the thing and people will obviously be interested.


Leigh, I wanted to thank you for pointing out the Marvel Universe Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon and Groot pack. I THINK they're in scale, but I won't know until they arrive.

Out of my Top 5 most wanted, only Wiccan's been confirmed, but if I have to use Marvel Universe figures (ugh) to get the rest of my essential characters, so be it. Phyla-Vell and Brother Voodoo... I either need to find figures in scale or a customizer...

Wonka_Milo said...

does nobody want to see a Red Hulk or something!? There should deff be a special on the Red Hulk. just a thought!!

Bagman said...

Well, what can I say that hasn’t already been said, absolutely gutted that the collection is ending, that’s the second time this year Eaglemoss has left me disappointed, first was when they cancelled the Australian release after 5 issues, now this.
I do feel for the people that won’t get their wants now Robert- The Recorder, Ted – Bloodstone and others who expressed, cajoled and badgered to get their most wanted even on the radar.
I too believe that this collection has life left in it yet and hope that the higher ups at eaglemoss realize that to after (maybe) reading the passion of the collectors both on here
And the Forum.
18th April 2013 is still a-ways off so here's hoping to a change of mind.

Deadpool said...

Apparently there are rumours that the Bean counters are pulling the DC collection too.

What a bunch of clowns.

Even in my line of work we have to suffer the same type of cowardly, small minded, beady eyed little c**ts.

The real men do the wet work while Major dickless, sitting behind his oak desk, denies us the sytems and gear to do the job efficiently.

Dan and the Mossmen - the creative force behind the Marvel collection are a class act.
I doff my hat to you guys and I hope there are no redundancies - despite Eaglemoss' current financial difficulties.

Apologies to the blog rats for my foul mouthed rant.

Good bye old friends ... Ted,Rob, Thor8,"Chase Me Chase me"-Pirate Adam, Lawless, SV and everyone else I have poked fun at over the last couple of years.

I go now to nurse the radial head fracture of my left arm.

Adieu ......

Robert said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts, Bagman F.F.F.

Even though he has over 100 appearances (don't trust the Marvel Database, it's wrong), the Recorder never had any realistic chance and I knew that, so I converted a Machine man and I'm happy with that standing next to Thor.

I feel sorry for the people who were keen on popular or better-known characters. Characters like the High Evolutionary probably should have been made. Even - and I hate to say this - Howard.

I'm much more disappointed about not seeing the Warriors Three as they are important characters and deserve to have been made.

One more extension would have been great but the arguments over who the last 20 should be would have been ferocious. In a way, I don't blame EM for calling a sudden halt, even if their reasons for doing so are based on incompetence.

mgf said...

If EM decide to try to negotiate a new licence with Disney and go with a new resin collection let's hope they approach it from a slightly different angle this time. Initially the CMFC worked very well, but it got mired in its own rules towards the end.

Firstly start from the get go with the premise that you will include original or alternate costumes, universes and timelines for certain characters. Revisiting the major characters is key to the ongoing success of the collection. All those lovely Iron armours to exploit. Sigh.

Most importantly (unless you are thoroughly sick of us lot and who could blame you?) for God's sake keep any new project in scale with the CMFC.

The use of resin has never been an issue for me, and anyone who has Sasquatch, Clayface or Swamp Thing will be aware of the quality that can be produced in that medium. For me they are three highlights of both collections.

If the scale is right, and you can throw in a few origin characters every so often I'll be there.

Barnabas said...

So it comes to name calling and frankly unfair and offensive personal remarks. I find that sad.

Yes there will be unmade characters, but that would have always been the case.
You want figures A, B & C and they come. Now you want figures D, E, & F and so on.
Eaglemoss is a company and needs to make profit to survive. In the current climate, people have less cash to spend so there's probably an erosion of buyers. If the price were to go up, more people would stop collecting, shrinking the market even more.
Margins would be squeezed.
Add the rise in costs of production and once again the margins slip towards the red side.

Yes, I understand that the people here are very passionate and want the collection to go on, but we are in a tiny minority of buyers.
As I said before, we've been given a unique stand where partworks are concerned. From the concept drawings, to rough sculpts to the finished thing. We've been able to express concerns over figures and some of the time this has led to changes being made. We've even been able to pick figures.

Rejoyce in the 200 +special figures we have got and don't mourn the loss of something we don't have. We far exceeded the original remit.

Again, Well done Dan the Man and all your minions. I stand and salute you.

sed tallis said...

Maybe in the future there will be another Marvel figurine partwork, hopefully EM retain the liscense. It would make sense to keep any future "reboot" in scale with what has gone before. As this would entice collectors of the old CMFC ( remember that?)
Not that old Ted will subscribe, but I would check eBay on occasion , hunting for Princess P, Killraven etc.
Deadpool , I love radio head , you must have been a cheeky monkey if those hippies broke your arm.

BobDiamond said...

Just spent the morning reading the last 100 or so messages here, and like all of you, feeling a mixture of emotions from disbelief to numbness to stark realisation ( wat?! I'm never going to have Mantis, White Tiger, Baron Strucker or Killraven to grace my shelves!!?).
Feeling a little foolish too for being a bit flippant the last time I was on here when I casually said that we would more than likely get another extension... and then another after a DC-style campaign. Boy was I wrong!
Like Thor8 and many of you have pointed out though, it hasn't just been about the figures themselves that has made this such a high point in our fanboy/ girl lives over the last 6+ years, but THIS stuff too has been an essential part of the whole experience.
So a toast to Blogmeister Dan and Rich before him for giving up there time to create this amazing blog...and to all you guys- Rob, Ted, Thor, SV, DP, Blake, MM, John, MT, MGF, CGJ, Bagman(FFF!),Lipstick, Tino, Mtravis, Kal, Toon, Max...and all the rest of you excellent guys and gals who have kept the faith!! I salute you!...and don't forget, despite what the future holds (and it ain't over till Big Bertha sings..), we've still got a year's worth of collecting to go! So hopefully we can still look forward to more of the same for a little while at least...

Ciao for now,

BobDiamond said...

...AND Leigh!...sorry mate! :)

LAWay said...

haha, dont worry BD, I prefer to be singled out in that comment anyway. ;)

Please Dan, see if you can compose that 'Art of the CMFC' book that I have pestered about. There is still so much that I would love to learn about this collection and behind the scenes of it all.

Or...if you can just send me loads of photos of pre-production stuff then thats good too. ;)

The Mad Thinker said...

I think I better show my thanks and appreciation too , before everyone disappears , so here goes .........

Thanks to Rich and Dan for creating this experience.

Thanks to all of my fellow bloggers for all of your comments ,
thoughts , and info.

And to the following :

Pirate Adam
Sinister Venom
Ted Sallis( sometimes Sed Tallis )
Thor 8
Bob Diamond

And even LAWay plus anyone else that I may have missed -

It's been a pleasure.

LAWay said...

Wait...what will be talk about in the future now that 'fantasy extensions' is crossed off the list? ;)

Honestly, I still cant believe we will hit 200 figurines. From seeing those Spidey adverts for £2.99 growing to such a thing. I dont think another part works collection will touch this. It'll be great to see you guys try. I guess the challenge is set for Dan and the crew, or for whatever team has to handle a new Marvel product, they have some big boots to fill. :)

Rabid Womble said...

I think part of the problem was knowing when the collection going to end? Yes there are so many characters to do, in fact there are too many and that is a problem.

Somebody is always going to be disappointed especially when it comes to groups. Somebody is bound to say we need xxxx to complete such and such a group.

I do however thing one of the biggest problems this collection had is what do these figures do? They either sit in their packaging for collectors sale value or sit on shelves looking great and taht is it.

Many many months ago I mentioned EM starting smaller figurines for roleplaying games. Somebody (please accept my apologies I can't remember who) said some figurines for other collections that have been done haven't been great. That's fair enough. We all want the best quality product. But let's continue.
If a collection could be made with smaller figures made of resin to keep the prices down that came connected to some kind of roleplaying game. Top Trumps or something similar it opens up more scope for a larger collection including the lesser known and more obscure characters.
Each game the person played would be different because of the introduction of whichever character is included in the game which could change with each subsequent release.

This is no different to how things like He-Man worked in the 80's with new toys linked to each mew series as well as Pokemon in the 00's to present day.

I realise that not everyone wants to play games with their figures so they could just use them as figurines instead. However if it were possible to do something like the above made from resin and 2/3 or 3/4 the size of these figures to help keep the cost down then perhaps, just perhaps one day in the future another attempt at ccreating a much bigger collection of figures including more people's favourites could happen.

To end with thanks to Dan and everyone at EM for a superb collection. It's been a pleasure collecting them.

Hawkeye said...

Sad to hear that the collection is coming to an end but all good things and all that.... There are still some excellent figures coming such as JJJ and Werewolf By Night so still lots to anticipate. Wouldn't it be really cool if they were to sign off with figure 201, Stan Lee? I'm sure there would be many of us who would get that one. I know it's been raised before but I resurrect the idea as one I believe has merit and it would be a great way to sign off what has been a brilliant collection. As for my dream of getting the Human Fly, I guess I'll have to look elsewhere. EXCELSIOR my friends, thanks for the journey....until the next time! Hawkeye.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

A chess set/CMFC comparison.
And some wishful thinking.

Think about this: Eaglemoss are currently selling DC chess figures at £7.99 a piece. The price has been formulated in the current economy, not 7 years ago, so we can assume that it's been expertly calculated to cover for production costs and generate a significant profit margin for a while.

So, EM can produce a chess figure - with a huge gothic base which accounts for half the weight in resin - plus magazine, and find it commercially viable to sell for £7.99.

Where am I going with this?
As far as I am concerned, this logic seems to suggest that it would be perfectly possible to produce and sell a CMFC figurine for £7.99, by switching to resin.
I still hope that EM will send a questionnaire to collectors to ask if they'd be willing to accept this change to keep the CMFC going.

But if not, then the best thing EM could announce is that they plan to resurrect the CMFC in a new resin format, but in the same scale and bases as the CMFC, effectively rewarding all loyal CMFC fans with a new project that continues the exploration of the Marvel Universe. And yes, with some A-listers again (if really necessary!) but also including other characters that didn't make it into the CMFC but deserved to.

deamon said...

I'm not interested in Eaglemoss new projects, at this moment only continuation of CMFC.

Thor8 said...

Well I finally read every single post that was written after the D-DAY announcement,and I feel like I'm saying goodbye to a bunch of mates after graduation day,or some fellow combat buddies after going through hell and finally going back home.

The truth is that what hurts me the most isn't that this collection has come to an end(we all knew that it would one day),but rather the way it came about. I find EM's big boys indifference towards it's customers and supporters in-dignifying. First they order Dan to keep shut and not relay to us any news concerning their plans or decisions,they completely ignore our suggestions and pleas,and then with no signs of remorse just say it's over,without any forewarning or explanation whatsoever. I believe we deserve better than that,and a lame excuse such as "upping the price isn't as easy as is sounds" just doesn't foot the bill. When Toy Biz past it's license for the Marvel Legends line over to Hasbro the prices went up and the quality and details went down,but the product kept on selling. Recently Hasbro has rebooted the 6" Marvel legends line and the price has 'DOUBLED' but they keep on selling. So EM's big boys are telling us that it's near impossible to increase the price on this collection and keep it going,when we the consumers are practically begging you to do so? There just has to be some other reason(s) and EM just doesn't think they need to bother to explain it to us.

After the above statement it will probably sound hypocritical,but I truly am grateful for this wonderful collection EM has given us. Just like Kal Brindle I've waited most of my life for a collection like this,which is why it hurts even more to see it end when it's at it's highest. If DC could get one more extension after the cancellation was announced,I can't see why Marvel can't get another one also(maybe even 2). Maybe the results of DC's extra extension didn't fair too well and EM is fearing the same results with Marvel,but I truly feel that the results would be quite different and satisfying for EM (especially if there is a price increase). So please EM give it one more try and give us at least one more extension so we can adjust ourselves to this ending.

SinisterVenom said...

Ya know guys, just because the collection has announced it's end doesn't mean that we give up and say our goodbyes now. After all, there is still plenty for this blog to show us like Hela and more covers.
But to join in and show my appreciation to you all, I will say it's been a great pleasure to meet you all: Dan, Robert, DP, BD, PA, Ted, Leigh, Tino, Kal, Mighty_Marvel, Blake, Toon, Jacadoo and many more of you.
However, just because the collection ends doesn't mean our communication has to does it? I already have Leigh and Ted on my Xbox and I have a PS3 too so if anyone has one of those feel free to add me? Ask me if you want addys. And of course there is always Facebook and email among many things and my blog will still be on if anyone wants to check up on me and my artwork. I still need to fill all you guys in on prices and details for the Avengers pic I did once I get them!

We might be losing the CMFC but we shouldn't have to lose each other!

Robert said...

Reading Thor's comments, two thoughts occurred.

Firstly, the split personality of Eaglemoss. On one hand, they allow the forum to vote on figures and run competitions to let lucky winners pick a figurine. On the other hand, they don't even attempt to poll us on the idea of a relaunch or repricing to keep this collection alive. A bit push-pull there.

Secondly, does Dan's statement constitute the official statement? There's nothing on the official website (I checked) but surely they have to announce it there as not every collector comes on to the blog? At the moment, they're still asking for subscriptions and asking for our thoughts on the collection! I know they are historically tardy with these things, but still.

Even though we still have a year or so to go, it does feel like the end is here already. Weird times.

Robert said...

Lovely and much appreciated sentiments, SV.

Red- said...

Ringrazio Vivamente la EM per averci dato la possibilita di collezzionare questa Spettacolare raccolta.

La CMFC insieme alla DCSHC resteranno le Collection piu Significative della Mia Vita

Un Doveroso Ringraziamento va agli Autori di questo Blog che ci hanno permesso di apprezzare e condividere le numerose Anteprime e Novita

Un Abbraccio da un convinto Piombarolo Italiano


Red- said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gremlin said...

Very disappointing news.

I too would be happy to pay more for the figures or switch to all resin if it meant that the collection could continue. We are so close to getting teams like New Mutants, GOTG, West Coast Avengers, Thunderbolts and X-factor complete or at least with their iconic lineups.

Even just having one more extension would go a long way to helping.

I think what has come as the biggest shock is that everyone was convinced that we would be getting an extension. To hear that the marketing guys have nixed it leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth.

I truely hope EM will reconsider and give us a final 20. That way EM can carefully pick characters and try to finish off the lineups and get the big ommisions included.

Also on the specials front we could do with Lockjaw, Strong Guy and Atlas to finisht he teams.

fredpostman said...

Sorry EM but if you think we are going to rush out to get the future replacement for the CMFC think again....
This was as i have said before a 'once in a lifetime' collection which you have chosen to terminate.
Chess pieces etc thanks

mighty_marvel said...

as far as i can tell nearly everyone would be happy with a switch to resin and a price increase to £7.99, and i can't believe this would be as difficult to do as em is making out it would be, or that subscribers haven't at least been asked if they were willing to accept this in order to continue the collection.

the only thing i can think is that em really want to go back to the a-listers, and the cmfc doesn't allow this. it would not surprise me at all if sometime during the next year, or just after the end of the cmfc, we see a new em marvel collection made in resin priced at £7.99 featuring the likes of spiderman and wolverine on a regular basis.

i just hope when this collection comes it isn't a chess set, is in scale with the cmfc, includes the versions of characters that we all wanted to see here (ape beast, white costume mystique, 90s rogue etc) and also features some of our glaring omissions such as us agent and high evolutionary.

but em certainly won't have me as a subscriber for this new collection if and when it happens. i'll be picking and choosing my most wanted resculpts and team completing characters only.

jimbob said...

I support resin to save this collection.

and price increase.

Thor8 said...

Y'know I believe we are writing these post mostly to let off some steam. Most likely those in EM whom have the authority to make a difference and change things around aren't even reading these comments or care a twit about them. I think we should all email or write to or even call EM directly. Sorry Dan I know you asked us not to,but I believe we deserve to be heard. We supported this collection for years,some of us even recruited other collectors(doing what the marketing dept. should have done). So we should be listened to.

I'll be back later on,I'm off to write EM an e-mail.

LAWay said...

Dan did say NOT to contact EM about the news. I wonder if they were supposed to make it public at all, so I dont want to get the guys in trouble. And its probably a pretty definitive thing. Dan even explained some hurdles as to why simply raising the price and changing to resin may not work.

While I wouldnt particularly be fond of a chess set, I think all the feedback here tells EM that. We just want the same scale, the same product. Wrap it up in a different packet to please new collectors and distributors, whatever. Raise the price, make it resin, but as long as we know its essentially the same I think thats all we want.

While I would love new marvel products like a tabletop type minitures with a game, Heroclix already exists which is pretty much the same.

And Hasbro paid big bucks to get Marvel Legends, Dan is already talking about financial difficulties. While Hasbro did make mistakes with the brand in the beginning, you could argue Marvel Legends is a better brand now with the quality of figures and variety, and they of course gave the Marvel Universe line which is fantastic.

I know everyone is showing appreciation to others, and its great to see that we are all united as one on this subject and everyone is getting along. I wont be saying my goodbyes until the final blog post when the final figurine is released, so we have a long way to go just yet.

While EM may have killed off the CMFC, perhaps we can be directly included in the market research for the next product. Just to give something back to the fans.

lipstick said...

Who cares about the damn chess..?

mgf said...

Is the DC chess set still going? I particularly enjoyed the way in which it was designed out of scale and bronzed just in case DC and CMFC collectors were interested in buying it.

One if the potential pitfalls about relaunching in resin is that it died a death in Australia in double quick time. Would that impact on a potential UK relaunch?

Robert said...

You make a good point about resin sales in Oz, MGF, but should we generalise that to the rest of the world? It may be true yet I'd be wary of doing that.

As for resin, if it's a character we like and it's the only chance we have of getting it, I'm not sure many people would opt out. I seldom lift them up (occasional dusting or rearranging) and it's not as if the resin figures have blown over or anything, so what's the difference between lead and resin really?

Gremlin said...

Exactly. Sasquatch is all-resin and on a visual basis you cannot tell. And in the end that's all that matters.

Thor8 said...

If an all resin series is made and EM continues where they left off, (along with a few re-sculpts of the big guns)I'll continue to buy. If it decides to start all over again,there is no way I 'll buy anything other than new characters that have not been done yet and one or two re-sculpts if I find them more appealing than the ones already done,and if they are in scale with the existing collection.

mgf said...

It is unlikely they'll relaunch and start where the CMFC left off. What would the point? If another collection comes along I think we would see pretty much all of the first 40 again.

Addressing the increase in production costs being the reason for the cancellation that's in effect a nice way of saying lack of sales.

Thor8 said...

What I meant was if they continue the "EXISTING' collection in resin,I will continue to collect.,but if they start all over again from scratch,then I'm out!

tinodragon14 said...

Oh Dan is it possible that EM might do a few more Specials since the existing chosen figures will still be coming out for a bit longer. Like TITANIUM MAN or THE EXECUTIONER. After all ENCHANTRESS needs her companion SKURGE. Maybe the first & only villain two pack with THE COBRA & MR. HYDE. I think they would have done well with sales of the popular ARCHANGEL as a special.

tinodragon14 said...

At least they could have done 10 more figures to get in like MANTIS, SUNSPOT, WHIRLWIND, BARON MORDO, FANDRAL, HOGUN, ATTUMA, THE HIGH EVOLUTIONARY, MARRINA & STILT-MAN. Still would have liked a few classic villains like MASTERMIND, MOLTEN MAN, MR. FEAR, THE COBRA & MR. HYDE, DIABLO, TOMBSTONE to get in before it ended.

Robert said...

I don't believe that Eaglemoss are intending to relaunch the collection, but if they did, this would be an opportunity to do it properly: Advertise it. Make the figures in resin so they can be sold around the world. Make it possible to order worldwide.

If they did that, I don't see a good reason why resculpts of A-listers wouldn't sell. That includes variants. Every other collection does variants of the A-listers. Folk on here have also mentioned many times about seeing rescuplts of characters like Cap (more muscular, shield facing front), etc. I think it would work. Thanks to the films, especially record-breaking Avengers Assemble, Marvel's global profile must be bigger now than ever. If Eaglemoss actually tell their audience about the product and make it easy for them to order, this should work fine. But then that would be good business sense and that's not really the done thing where they are concerned.

sed tallis said...

IF EM, still hold the license?,IF they launch a new series in scale with the cmfc?,If it is all resin,IF they actually advertise the thing, If ma granny had a walloper she would be ma grampa.
My American counterparts,i honestly hope any future line is available in US newsagents, i just looked on Amazon cmfc #29 Rogue two available one for $36.99 the other a mere $44.99 before shipping costs!!!!
Moshi Monsters from here on in for me.

Robert said...

My Dad told me this today. May cheer us up, eh?

Vain gangster goes to Chicago for a big pow-wow with other gangsters. Arrives in town wearing brand-new, handmade spats. Stays overnight in fancy hotel and leaves his spats outside his roomdoor to be polished. Gets up the next morning to find his beloved spats have been scratched and ripped and completely ruined. The ganster is furious. He gathers his men and orders that they drop everything and find the culprit. Eventually, after two hours of anxious waiting, one flunky sheepishly chaps the door and enters holding an old moggy by the tail. "Pardon me, boss, is this the cat that chewed your new shoes?"

LAWay said...

Marvel Legends relaunched by Hasbro, sure they covered characters done before, but they also gave A LOT of characters or versions of characters not done, with some not even in the CMFC. Roughly I would say a in every series of 6, at least half of them are new characters. Thats what EM should do. Relaunch. Same old faces but new poses and costumes, then introduce new characters that didnt make it in the first cut of CMFC. Announce less figurines per extension, maybe do it quarterly, so announce 6 at a time every 3 months (they could have the whole year planned out, but drip feed info more).

pinchonade said...

too bad the collection is cancelled, i would have pay more money to have new figurine!!

what about the jack o lantern figurine??

The Mad Thinker said...


pirate adam said...

this really is a sad day, even though i only collect very few figs these days there are many many that i would still happily collect even at an increased price and in resin.

i will take this opportunity to thank the staff at EM (Dan and Rich in particular) for producing such a great collection

and to my fellow bloggers, this really is a final goodbye, Thor8, Robert, Ted and Jacadoo you guys in particular are absolute legends and it has been an honour getting to know you guys on here. but i mean no disrespect to all the other bloggers, you are all legends in my eyes i have just known those 4 the longest.

feel free to add me on Xbox:

Pirate Adam21


God Bless you all

PA signing out

LarryS said...

It's just been announced that the Avengers movie has broken box office records in the US, the first movie ever to gross $200m in the first three days. More than $30m ahead of the previous record-holder.

Box office records are falling around the world. It's all reported in glorious detail on

And EM claim they cannot make this amazing licence commercially viable!

It's beyond parody

I just hope they handover the licence to someone with a few more street-smarts and business savvy...

Robert said...

My rabbit, Noah, is available.

armourcron said...

jack o lantern figurine, now that rings a bell did that get deep sixed or something.

The Mad Thinker said...

Ok , here's an idea ............

List the characters that you would prefer not to have been in this collection and then list the characters that you would rather have had instead.

Dislike :

95 - Impossible man
46 - Captain Marvel
108 - Man Wolf
73 - Kang
135 - Nomad
82 - Moonknight
85 - Winter Soldier
159 - Siryn

Specials :

Man Thing
Iron Man

Rather have :

Captain Atlas
High Evolutionary
U S Agent

Specials :

Strong Guy
Lockjaw + Maximus

mwdragz said...

so i guess there's no chance of getting this in australia then?

Ken said...

Hey guys,

Despite what Dan says, I say we should all write a personal letter to the president of Eaglemoss pleading the case for one more extension. I LOVE this CMFC too much to just sit idly by. They have an addrees on Avengers assemble!


SteveP said...

I cannot understand how EM can decide to stop this collection. As stated by too many here to count they are producing a product that is in demand. Why stop. Especially with buyers willing to pay a bit more to keep the series going. Not to mention EM's online store not allowing shipping to US and Canada. Change this shipping rule and that alone would increase sales tremendously. I'm in Canada and would order online immediately if I could.

mwdragz said...

and shipping to australia!!1

Ethan Thane Athen said...

Whilst I understand and sympathise with everyone's disappointment, I for one am not gutted that it's ending. Yes there are 'classic' characters missing that I'd dearly love but there are also an increasing number of characters being produced and mooted that I have barely (Strong Guy*, Wiccan, Blink) or never (Sage, Nico Minoru) heard of - totally understand that for 'younger' marvelites the opposite may be true. I know several subscribers who have cancelled because it's just gone on too long and I suspect that is why there is no extension (posters here are way outnumbered by subscribers and casual buyers) - I'm slightly relieved the end is in sight as I couldn't justify buying many more (especially, as I said, for some characters that really mean nothing to me) and this way I can finish without 'missing out'. Forget the cost, sheer shelf space is getting hard to find!
Still sympathy to those who are 'gutted' but we should also celebrate 200+ (mostly) fantastic figures which is a tremendous achievement and an extremely interactive customer process which really deserves congratulations (although blogs and SN sites choosing the figures may have pushed us more into modern characters than I'd like - not all wrinklies are as computer savvy as me! ;o).
Best to you all and thanks to Dan for all his excellent updates.
*Really don't understand the popularity of this 'Strong Guy' - rubbish character from a rubbish period in comics with terrible artwork justified as 'distinctive style' when it looked more like they couldn't actually draw! Or maybe I was just too old to 'get it' ;o).

Ethan Thane Athen said...

Oh and we should now look to run some debates / polls on best / worst figure etc. to celebrate the end of the series. Best figure is a tough one but worst figure by a million miles has to be the 'ageing hooker' packaged as 'Marvel Girl'.

Thor8 said...

I can see and understand your point Ethan,but you were not compromised to buy every single issue if you did not want to. Personally I have 97 of the first 100 figurines,and will have 82 of the second hundred. I did not or will not buy certain figurines for various reasons,so I believe this collection can continue and collectors can just keep on purchasing those they really want. I don't believe this would afect sales in a negative way if EM keeps giving us excellent quality and great character choices,and if they go to resin and advertise and market correctly,this is the best time for sales to blow sky high!

Thor8 said...

OH I almost forgot to mention: Take care Pirate Adam,you've been a grand friend. You shall be rememberd and sorely missed.

LarryS said...

OK, here is some business consultancy that would usually costs a pretty penny, offered to EM 'on the house'...

1. Figure out the break-even for the extension. Let's say X thousand sales per issue at £Y per copy.

2. Let's assume £Y = £8.

3. Set the subbie price at £8, retail price at £10.

4. That works out at £160 per subbie over the extension.

5. To take advantage of this price, subbies must commit upfront. This gives EM a guaranteed £160,000 per 1000 subbies.

6. Give subbies 30 days to take advantage of this offer.

7. If more than X thousand subbies sign-up, you are ahead of break-even, and have a robust investment proposition.

Simple, no? Don't bother to thank me for this sparkling insights ... just move ahead with implementation!

Nuff said

Thor8 said...

Great idea LarryS,but Where does that leave those of us whom cannot subsribe and are at the mercy of the money mongers on the internet?

LarryS said...

Good point, Thor8. If EM follow steps 1-7, they'll at least break-even. So I now add step 8:

8. Solve Thor8's challenge, ideally by setting up an EM microstore on ebay (complete with a 'Buy It Now' tab for recent issues), and you'll be into super profit.

Thor8 said...

Thanks LarryS you are a friend and a gentleman.

Unknown said...

I'm ticked off. I want my Marvel RED HULK and my DC ARES! This sucks.

Kal Brindle said...

Well despite Dan's protests I have written and mailed my letter to Andrew Jarvis, Chief Executive at EM. I hope many of you will join me - whether or not it moves them to give us another 20, I just had to DO something.

This is an awesome collection and I'm grateful for what we got, but I want more.

Thor8 said...

Well Kal I sent them an email,but I think I'll do the same as you and mail them one. As I mentioned before,I don't think they bother to read the comments printed in this blog so if we want to be heard We should all write in.

Would you believe the code word is cendat?!!!

Jimmydee said...

One more extension - Let us choose to finish off our favourites !!! We will pay more - let us finish it in style ! you never know this way you could make more money.

Ethan Thane Athen said...

Thor8 - fair point, but you misunderstand how deeply the collector gene runs in me. I have to have them all. Hell I've got 'Love Beach' by Emerson, Lake and Palmer in my music collection and that's an execrable album but I couldn't not have their complete discography! To miss a figure would 'ruin' the collection for me as it means I don't have the full set. I know, sad isn't it. ;o)

Thor8 said...

Ethan mi amigo, I do not misunderstand. I understand and respect your point of view. Once upon a time I felt the same way about certain collections of mine (particularly The Avengers), I thought and felt I had to own anything and everything that featured my favorite group. I'm glad I modified my way of thinking or I'd be deep in debt (and Avengers merchandise),especially after the big success the movie has had,but once again I repeat,I understand you and respect your feelings towards your collection(s).

P.S. Please everyone remember to drop EM's big wigs a note on your desire of the continuation of this collection.

LAWay said...

Not to burst people's bubbles of perception of the collection, but Dan said himself that that everything they do is towards the limited subscription base.

It you are not subscribing then it is not making the balance sheets look as good. A parts work magazine relies on subscription numbers to set a target of sales. I would imagine that the thought of pulling the plug is due to subscription numbers either falling, or simply not growing to keep up with the production costs.

Again, purchasing from stores do not generate EM as much money as subscribers. Of course overseas buyers dont have an option, but I am talking UK customers.

The collection is at its weakest point in terms of marketing. Who in a line-up of characters is there to wow fans and get them to invest in this collection?

LarryS' solution involves subscribers bailing the collection out and paying upfront, which is fair enough. But then, surely the only figurines that will be made will be to order for all the subscribers? To cut down on production costs? I dont know sales, but I think making a £2 profit on an £8 product isnt good business. I think the safe term is to make 4 or 5 times the amount it costs to produce the product.

But in a way LarryS has highlighted a solution to the dilemma.

1.Work out how much to break even & tell subscribers a new price that would be viable for the collection to continue.

2.Subscribers get in touch and inform you how many would renew.

3.You now have your collection base. Can work out how much you need to spend and how much you will make.

4.Subscribers pay money upfront for a year.

5.EM produces figurines for subscribers.

That way EM know how much money they have guaranteed, and wont set to lose out on any. It would then of course only be a subscription only product, so overseas buyers will have to resort to eBay or their local comic stores charging over the odds, but theres a solution for you.

Subscription is the key. If you are in the UK and not subscribed, then it aint helping. If you dont want to buy every figurines, fair enough. If you are overseas and even buy every figurines, its out of your hands to help sadly.

I have accepted it will come to an end, and 200 is a great way to end. While I would love to see a new extension, with 20 characters voted for by the collectors, really, thats what EM should have been doing after 100 figurines. I think it has come to a point its too much hassle for EM to keep the collection going in terms of changing prices, arranging new manufacturing costs, factories, materials to produce in resin, and then inform all subscribers and retailers a price increase. in the chance that many buyers would opt out. Too much of a risk. Its safer for them to stop now and start a fresh with something new. I would imagine because of the compassion for the collection and how well it has done, something similar will be produced, but more expensive in resin starting off with main characters in marvel probably in their more modern iterations.

Thor8 said...

I'm not saying you're wrong LAWay,but many collectors on this blog (myself included) have stated that if a new collection were to start,they would not subscribe. many of us aren't getting any younger,and display space is another item. Besides what guarantee do we have that this new collection won't be cut off before we see many of our wants,and we just wind up with a bunch of characters we already have.

If EM were to change from lead to resin,then the doors for USA and other countries (Puerto Rico included) would open up and we could subscribe,thus boosting subscription levels.

LAWay said...

I know, but its a lot of 'ifs' for a product that is not expanding its subscription numbers in the UK, where it probably means the most to the company. If they could set up distributing offices in other countries it would probably be better, but we dont know how big EM are and if they have the finance to do that.

Wasnt a resin collection introduced and then cancelled in one country?

I know a lot of people are saying they wouldnt collect a new product, but EM probably need to take that gamble since their profit margins are not good enough currently anyway.

A new product will get new fans due to the initial couple of issues being in shops. Everyone likes a new product, and people who may not have heard of the CMFC may pick it up. The gamble will be CMFC collects will also seek it out, and even those who say they wouldnt buy it may change their minds once they see the product.

But isnt the CMFC disguised under a different name still the CMFC to us? It will be resin like you want. More expensive like you say you are willing to pay. Introduce the main marvel characters to draw in more fans like you were willing to accept to keep the CMFC going.

Really, what would be the difference? Would it really be so bad? Maybe instead of subscribing you pick and choose like many do already, or like others threatened to do if resin or variants were introduced. Would it really matter?

sed tallis said...

Have a wee word with Saint Jude patron of lost causes, he loves this kind of stuff.
I believe he works on a no win no fee basis.
Cheerio Marvel, very sad yadda yadda etc.
Hello to the Capcom collection!
You little EM beavers must be working on a replacement collection???. Hopefully you can let us in on what it is before the last cmfc subby box arrives next March.

CGJ said...

With the biggest ever opening weekend attributed to a Marvel movie, if EM aren't hastily knocking on Disney's door to create an Avengers themed something, they don't deserve their salaries.

It might not be the same scale, same idea or same poses, but it will be something. Chese set? Diorama?

All the hype is on the Avengers at the moment and Iron Man 3, Captain America 2, Thor 2, Avengers 2 and even another Hulk movie are all in the pipeline for the next few years, it makes pure business sense to close one collection and make hay with a second visit to the A list superheroes.

I'm not saying I am happy about it, but if I was charged with making money from a Marvel license, I would be chucking out Iron Man, Cap and Thor by the dozen rather than Brother Voodoo, Gargoyle and Dr Druid. (Those aren't random, those are the ones I want).

It's a shame this has had to end and we won't see it's like again, but with the sadness I take a bit of pride from being there from the beginning til the end.

Fellas, it's been a blast

Subscriber 0136 out

CGJ said...

Chess set! Chess set! Not Chese set! God, don't let Ted see that

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...

A Marvel-themed cheese set makes a lot of sense. We already have Gorgon and some folk want Arnim Zola...

CGJ said...

....and so it begins

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Well, I don't know about you,
but I am categorically NOT going to buy characters I already have. Having seen the DC chess set, the figures are NOT better at all. And even if they were better, I'd be choosing only those very few that really need a better version. Say, a better version of Crystal. I'd buy such insignificant number of redos, I would make insignificant contribution to the commercial success of a new collection.

Of course I root for EM's success, as I'm grateful for the awesome CMFC they've given us.
However, to be realistic, I don't see how a new collection will be able to find more buyers than the CMFC already has.

EM need to consider these two possible marketing scenarios:

a) X number of new collectors who want to buy A-listers.

b) X number of people who want to buy characters that go with the ones they already have in the CMFC.

I am no expert, but intuitively I think the second scenario is more reliable.

X number of collectors are ready to buy a Baron Mordo for each Dr Strange out there, a Starhawk for each Vance Astro out there, a Sunspot for each Cannonball, and so on.

This is more a certainty that the unknown X number of new collectors ready to buy A-listers in a hypothetical new collection.

And that's my view, folks.
There are at least another 100 characters that would sell simply because they'd be great with those we already have.

sed tallis said...

Someone mentioned the possibility of a #201 fig.
This would be a nice touch EM. A Stan Lee fig included as a wee thankyou to the subscribers who gave you eight loyal years.This little token included in their last subby box would be a most touching acknowledgement of this.
C'mon don't be a tight bar steward ;)

LAWay said...

You have to agree. Although EM would of had to have planned for an Avengers special in advance, not knowing if the film would be good or not,but marketing decisions like that are what gains public interest.

Marvel have said due to the movie, the Hulk's comic sales are massive. He wasn't going to get another film made about him until the fan reaction. Thats around a $200 million investment that Marvel feel will pay off due to his popularity right now. Are you saying people really wouldnt buy 'another hulk' just cos they already have him?

The is no certainty that collectors are more likely to buy Baron Mordo compared to a new sculpt of Captain America of Spider-Man. What characters do you think online retailers and blog sites are more likely to feature? An exciting new Captain America Avengers memorabilia (bad example I know) or Baron Mordo? In doing so, the exposure gets more orders, new fans.

What character is more likely to be google searched by the average Marvel fan? Or even movie fan after seeing Marvel's latest offerings? And what will pop up in their search results? New about a new figurine of that popular character.

You cannot in any terms say with certainty that Baron Mordo will sell more than an A-List character redone, just like I cant give a certainty people will buy those A-listers, or that fans wont cancel their orders if redoes were introduced.

But Dan said the subscription numbers are limited. Right now, I would say a new collection that opened with the characters from the new movie as the first 10 would get more new subscribers than what a new extension list would give the CMFC, where there is no certainty that subscribers will stick with the collection if it turns to resin and gets a significant price increase.

LAWay said...

As for the Marvel cheese set, they cant forget about characters like Stilton Man, Cheddaredevil, Red Dragon Man, Stinking Bishop and Whitehaven Tiger.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

A music analogy
Speaking only for myself, what I can say for certain is that I am NOT going to buy the characters I already have. I'm not going to buy another Hulk or another Spider-Man simply because they're done with a new manufacturing technique. Just like I am NOT going to buy a remastered copy of the Beatles' White Album simply coz it's a remastered version. It's a classic, yes, and it's great, yes, but I already have it, thanks! I know some collectors like to buy the same thing over and over again, and they appreciate the variations and minute quality increments that a new technology can bring. The way I collect, I'm more interested in variety and representation of different dazzling ideas. In my Beatles music analogy, if I have the White Album, then I also want Revolver and Rubber Soul. I don't care about yet another remastered White Album. I want to explore the Beatles universe, not obsess about one same work. So, to conclude the analogy, I want to explore the Marvel Universe I have Doctor Strange, now I want Gargoyle and Baron Mordo. I have Cannonball, now I want Sunspot. I don't want a 're-mastered' Hulk or Spider-Man.
That's me, though.

The Mad Thinker said...


LAWay said...

Well done you. You must have the least amount of marvel memorabilia because of your standards of never buying the same character ever. Great principal, and great way to support the comic brand that you love.

Obviously I am joking and exaggerating the situation, but cant you see how silly that sounds. To say you will NEVER buy the same character ever again. I can accept not having an interest but being swayed if the figurine looked good, but doing it out of principal?

I guess you never bought a DVD since you had VHS copies? lol Of course its not the same comparison.

But I buy multiple action figures of the same character. I buy multiple statues of the same character. That is probably the closest comparison we can get to this discussion.

But given the choice of a £7.99 version of this and this , I wouldnt hesitate. I wouldnt see a complaint at all. I love these characters, I love the variation in the poses, the sculpts, the costumes. Are you really saying all you love is the variety, essentially, in a name?

Like I said, I can understand not wanting to, simply to save money. Understandable. But to fully commit and deny ever buying them, no matter how good they looked, simply because you dont believe in it sounds abit petty and childish. Maybe I have misunderstood the reasoning, or maybe you haven't opened your mind to the potential. Either way, I'm just saying, to EM, not everyone, hopefully, is as close minded as that ideal.

LAWay said...

haha trust me.

We were all having a bromance at the beginning of the update and wiping away tears, uniting together.

Sorry. ^_^

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Encyclopaedic ambitions
Haha, you exaggerate my friend. And you don't understand me very well!
As we know, each Marvel character represents an idea, a concept, a theory, a story.
An Agsardian god who becomes guardian of earth; a mutant with a holocaust backstory
who can control magnetism; a woman who can turn intangible thanks to the powers granted
by a cosmic gem; and so on. I like an encyclopeadic approch whereby I get a representation
for each of these awesome ideas. Once I have one good figurine that represents
the idea, then I'm happy. Most CMFC figurines are excellent representations,
so I don't feel I need a duplicate. I feel I want representations of other ideas,
other characters that I don't already have.
An art analogy: I own excellent printed versions of van Gogh's Sunflowers, Picasso's Guernica
Munch's The Shriek and Botticelli's Rites of Spring. I admire the unique ideas they represent.
The representations I own are excellent, and I don't feel it necessary to other
printed versions of the same artworks. I want other artworks i don't already have.
Just like I have a copy of Shakespeare's Hamlet, and I don't care about another
printed version of that idea. I want other Shakespeare's works.
Stan Lee's Marvel Universe is on a par with Shakespeare for me.
I don't need 20 copies of the Hamlet if the one I have is excellent.
I want other, different works. I don't want another Hulk or Spider-Man.
I want other characters who represent other fascinating MU idea.
If you don't liek or understand this, that's fine.
But it's a perfectly reasonable encyclopaedic approach to the House of Ideas that is Marvel.

CGJ said...

Sometimes it pays off though Blake, The Beatles Mono remastered boxset was worth every penny.

Just saying.

Robert said...

Blake, what about us oldies who grew up with classic Iron Man? I like the Extremis armour, and the Silver Centurion armour, and a few others, but when I imagine Iron Man I see him in his classic armour. Tony wearing modern armour is Iron Man and yet, in a way, it's isn't...

Robert said... isn't.

sed tallis said...

Best Beetulz album "best of the Beatles" fact! , If the Beatles were to be represented by figurines from this collection, who would you choose Ted?
Impossible Man,Icarus,X-Man and Carnage.....because they too are ...pish!
I'll cry the salty tears after the Hela preview.There will be nowt left to show brave.

LAWay said...

It isnt the same Blake.
You are comparing EXACTLY THE SAME THINGS as not wanting more of, which is fair enough. I wouldnt buy 5 versions of a single figurine as its not different in the slightest.

But a different sculpt, a different costume, then its a completely different figurine. It is not the same as you keep saying, its only resemblance to a figurine you already have is purely that it shares the same name. Havent you been an advocate for henchmen saying you would be multiple versions of the same figurine?

If we are talking encyclopaedia, then you must take into account the historic nature of costumes and variant personas. You have to respect all the different creators that have resulted in the costume changes and alias of characters. One writer or artist's take on a character is different to another, to follow your Shakespeare analogy. I dont think any reasoning you are giving bares any relevance to this subject.

The Marvel Universe is the greatest universe created to me as well. I have no problem buying more than 1 version of a figurine. If I did, then surely you have to question how much you really love that universe if you will blatantly impose a ban on buying anything without even seeing it. Now I know you love Marvel, but its like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

To each his own though. If EM make a new Marvel line I will certainly be sniffing around, and no matter who the character, if the figurine is good I will be buying it, like I do with every marvel product.

Robert said...


Hypothetical situation: Someone gives you a video with Kim Kardasian dancing around while wearing a baggy pair of workman's overalls.


another friend offers you one of her dancing around in a sussies and suspenders.

Would you refuse the second as you already have one of her?

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

LOL. The analogy with Kim Kardashan is quite exciting! But it only works if you refer to Crystal or Marvel Girl. They're not in their best possible representation, so yeah i'd ask her to come back in lingerie! So yeah, I'd buy hotter redos of figs that are not so hot. However, most CMFC figurines are hot enough for me to be satisfied that they can be part of my personal museum of the Marvel Universe.

Robert said...

Okay, so if I follow your reasoning, I can express this in a way you will agree with: I don't think Tony in the Extremis armour is "hot", but I feel a strange stirring in my underwear at the mere mention of "classic" Shellhead. So, can I please have a classic Iron Man figure?

The Mad Thinker said...

Finally got round to seeing the Avengers Assemble movie today and I must say that I am having withdrawal symptoms already.

The whole experience from start to finish was simply excellent , I loved it.

5* 10/10

And for those of you who also watched it in 3D , don't tell me that you didn't put your hands out and try to pinch the very sexy Scarlett Johansson's bum.

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