Friday, 18 January 2013

Flaking out!

Hello and welcome to 2013. I'm a bit late for the party, but I've been so busy getting the last three issues out in the time it normally takes to do two (go figure), I'm working at burn out speeds. (What I'm lined up to work on after CMFC will be even worse! but apparently it's the way things are going in the industry!

I've not had time to put anything of major interest together for an update (the full list of sculptors is a work in progress, and the competition needs an investment of at least half a day - but I will hopefully find time to pull it together soon).

Anyway, going back to the Deathbird cover I was struggling with before Xmas - I decided we had the budget for one last cover commission - So I asked Jack Lawrence to do one last girlie cover for us

Et voila...

Thanks Jack for your work on this and all previous covers (including: Valkyrie, Impossible Man, Moondragon, Viper, Jocasta, Spiral and probably some others I've missed?).


And here's the sculpt.
(btw I think she's got one of the best derriere's in the collection!)

So until I get time to breath again, make mine CMarvelFC!