Friday, 5 September 2008

You wait for ages and then two turn up at once!

That’s right I have another blog update this week.

First I wanted to show everyone the Bishop figure. I promised this a while ago on one of the forums and completely forgot, sorry about that. I know the costume choice is going to split the fans but we went for his original 90s look. The reason for this was that we thought this particular costume was the most iconic and represented the character the best. After all, this is his XSE uniform that he wears in the future he comes from. The more modern costumes/appearances have lost this look and, in my mind, really made the character into just another generic X-Man in an X-uniform.

The second part of this update is once again devoted to that controversial subject: the possible Marvel Chess Set. After reading (and passing on) a lot of the comments on this blog and other websites we’ve decided to set up a poll to outright see if you guys actually want a chess-set or not. It’s not just a bit of cheeky market research we really want to know if you think a chess set is a good idea, now, later or never, we do value your opinions.

As with all the polls I promise we won’t just go blindly forward with the top result but we will be using the results as a guide.

Anyway that’s your lot, enjoy.


Tuesday, 2 September 2008

I'm back...

Hello and welcome back to the CMFC blog.

My apologies for the long time between updates, a few members of the team have been off on holiday so those of us that remained behind had to work that little bit harder, which has meant I’ve missed a few weeks of blog update.

Anywho, I’m back now and have a couple of exclusive images of figures coming to you in the future.

First up is Union Jack. A personal favourite of mine, he’s turned out very well. There may have been different men in the costume but really there’s only ever been one look with this character, so the choice was very simple (although the way the flag fits that costume has always disturbed me a little). We decided to include the character’s classic weaponry, the Webley .455 revolver and 6” dagger, as these weapons really make the figure, plus I believe they’ve been passed down through the family line of Union Jacks, so it keeps the figure a little more ageless.

The pose was based on a Mike Perkins piece of art that featured on issue one of the recent Union Jack series. We chose this as it brings together the Super Hero and secret agent aspects of the character.

The second figure I have for you is a pre-production sculpt of the Man-Wolf. With this character we wanted to have the first and classic costume, rather than the newer Star-God version. We chose this as the Star-God version really isn’t the character Man-Wolf; he’s got a lot more control and uses different weapons (in some comics he looks a little like a Wolf version of Hawkeye). The classic Man-Wolf figure in our eyes was the first version Jameson changed into, although he eventually gained control of his bestial form, in his first appearances Jameson was this out of control Werewolf and that’s what we wanted to capture in the sculpt. Hopefully we succeeded.

Both figures are due roughly around the #110 point.

I’ve also set up two polls; the first is which costume would you like Madrox (the multiple man) to be in? The images below correspond to the numbered choices. I’m really keen to get everyone involved with this character, so please vote even if you don’t particularly like the character (but really what’s not to love).

I’ve also set up a poll for our next normal sized special. There’s some interesting choices but if you think I’ve missed someone really important leave a comment with the name on.

Anywho, I think that’s plenty for everyone to chew over, I promise the next update won’t be quite as late.