Tuesday, 2 September 2008

I'm back...

Hello and welcome back to the CMFC blog.

My apologies for the long time between updates, a few members of the team have been off on holiday so those of us that remained behind had to work that little bit harder, which has meant I’ve missed a few weeks of blog update.

Anywho, I’m back now and have a couple of exclusive images of figures coming to you in the future.

First up is Union Jack. A personal favourite of mine, he’s turned out very well. There may have been different men in the costume but really there’s only ever been one look with this character, so the choice was very simple (although the way the flag fits that costume has always disturbed me a little). We decided to include the character’s classic weaponry, the Webley .455 revolver and 6” dagger, as these weapons really make the figure, plus I believe they’ve been passed down through the family line of Union Jacks, so it keeps the figure a little more ageless.

The pose was based on a Mike Perkins piece of art that featured on issue one of the recent Union Jack series. We chose this as it brings together the Super Hero and secret agent aspects of the character.

The second figure I have for you is a pre-production sculpt of the Man-Wolf. With this character we wanted to have the first and classic costume, rather than the newer Star-God version. We chose this as the Star-God version really isn’t the character Man-Wolf; he’s got a lot more control and uses different weapons (in some comics he looks a little like a Wolf version of Hawkeye). The classic Man-Wolf figure in our eyes was the first version Jameson changed into, although he eventually gained control of his bestial form, in his first appearances Jameson was this out of control Werewolf and that’s what we wanted to capture in the sculpt. Hopefully we succeeded.

Both figures are due roughly around the #110 point.

I’ve also set up two polls; the first is which costume would you like Madrox (the multiple man) to be in? The images below correspond to the numbered choices. I’m really keen to get everyone involved with this character, so please vote even if you don’t particularly like the character (but really what’s not to love).

I’ve also set up a poll for our next normal sized special. There’s some interesting choices but if you think I’ve missed someone really important leave a comment with the name on.

Anywho, I think that’s plenty for everyone to chew over, I promise the next update won’t be quite as late.


gunzel09 said...

thanks for the updates dude i like the union jack figurine and agree on the 'flag fits nicely' comment. i picked the newest costume for madrox and kingpin for the special (has to be done) but i think cloak & dagger should be done as a double pack after prof. x & lilandra

Fabio Mucci said...

Yes, i vote Kingpin for the special. A Marvel collection without Kingpin isn't a Marvel collection! And for the Madrox costume i think or the third or the fourth! But i'd want also Cloak & Dagger on this collection, with Howard the Duck, Power Pack, Tigra, Killraven, Werewolf by Night, Dracula and some others!!!

Cable said...

First and foremost there Richard, voted for Kingpin as the next special. He has to be made, no question about that, he's long overdue.

I do like the Man-Wolf figure there too Richard, the figurines are really going strong indeed

Riddler83 said...

Voted Kingpin in the special poll, but being honest, at least Annihilus, Blob, Dragon Man & Cloak/Dagger need to be done aswell.

Man-Wolf looks great, collection keeps getting stronger!

bomber59 said...

thanks for the news.
i voted for Kingpin, it's the most important marvel caracter in the list.
but, i'm surprised to see in this list omega red, stiltman or Beyonder : they have to be made but maybe just in a normal size ! and Giant man, why not as a mega special ?
i noticed few missing caracters : Odin, Volstagg, strong guy, charlie 27 (if you'll make the gardian of galaxy), Modok (a great look!!!!), Mr Hyde (maybe in a double pack with Cobra), Ch'Od (Starjammers), Titanium Man, Mojo (maybe difficult to sculpt), Sphinx (the man who defied Galactus!), Attuma, Super Adaptoid (he could be made as a mega), Holocaust, Destroyer (robot), Ulik, S'ym (belasco minion), Orka and Korvac (i like this last one).

Anonymous said...

The Man-Wolf sculpt still looks fairly early along, so I can't tell if he has the Moonstone Pendant in his throat. The costume is obvious the first appearance outfit from the comics. Which means he should have the jewel in his throat. Just thought I'd mention it given that it appears to be missing.


See also:

Anonymous said...

Doh. The link didn't post correctly. See here...


jarvis69 said...

Hi Richard , Welcome back!!
Of course , I love Kingpin but....I vote for Sasquatch .I NEED THE ALPHA FLIGHT !!!
And , thx for the updates

Lonewolf said...

Hi Richard

I'm a french marvelfan guy since many years.
I vote Kingpin too because he's a giant character in marvel universe and I delay my vote to Sasquatch for next time. I'm agree with gunzeI09 about the double pack "Cloak and Daggger".
Thanks and excuse for my poor english language...

silversdood said...

Looks like Kingpin will be a no brainer! They are all good choices for a special.

I am interested in what costume you had in mind for the Beyonder? I would only like him if he was in his silver cosmic armour as shown on the 90's Spider-man animated series. Omega Red, Annihilus and Sauron would also be good to see made but will you have them with wings outstreached for impact?

Hal Cyon said...

Man-Wolf is off to a great start! But his head looks like a cat due to the pushed-in nose. I suggest lengthening his muzzle and bringing the nose further forward. Amazing Spider-Man #125 and Giant Size Super-Heroes #1 are good references for a very wolf-like Man-Wolf.

Sire-bd said...

Thank you Richard for the news !

It is evident and normal that the Boss wins the sounding; it is for it that I voted for The Cloak and Dagger! Do not forget to quote Drax the Destroyer in a future sounding!
I am a very active defender of the ancient’s suits thus Madrox has to go out in the first version but when I see at the moment the result of the sounding it is far from being gained, really damage …
Congratulation for your future figurines, Union Jack is magnificent as well as the Man Wolf which is very promising, to Continue so! Really it is better and better with a quality of excellent sculpture!
Good news soon for the competition of customs? I wait for him (as well as many of the other customiseurs) with a great deal of impatience!
In the pleasure to read to you soon?!


Captain Taggart said...

Great update, love the info. Manwolf is great, it's funny how as soon as a figurine is revealed there has to be an apologetic justification for the look - are marvel really so fickle?!?!!

I voted for Kingpin, he really is in need of a figurine. Does Omega Red need to be a special? Obviously his tendrils are an issue, but his frame is generally a muscular man.

Please put Madrox in his most recent costume, with his trench coat on, and with the 'M' tatoo over his eye!! It must be done!

Can we also have the Wizzard, the Hood, and Silver Samurai in any future lists? And of course the Young Avengers are a must!!

Anonymous said...

Union Jack looks great, as does Man-Wolf. The Madrox poll is really disappointing since I'm not at all a fan of street clothes costumes. He's most definitely a skip for me in that look. I prefer the first choice but would buy choice 1, 2 or 3. That's the one thing that saddens me about this collection. Instead of being "Classic" so many of the sculpts are the "flavor of the month" look that will be gone with the next creative team on the book. :(

silversdood said...

I agree with 'hal cyon' Man Wolf does look very cat like so an extension to his muzzle would help it to look more wolf like.

Also, I agreed with 'kamandi2' about these modern looks. shame about Blade, Mystique, Beast, Dr. Octopus and now possibly Multiple Man.

Hammer Head said...

Excellent work. I really can't wait to get all/any of them guys on the list. Thanks for the update. You ever thought about doing a DC blog spot?

Rich300 said...

cloak and daggger!a must,id love giant man as well.what about wasp?is she going to have full size figure?

Bring out!blob,avalanche,pyro,toad,mastermind
sauron,black tom,mammomax.B.O.E.M

costumes are not to bad at the moment.i love beast and doc oc.the other versions would have looked a bit kidish!he only one i would change is polaris,she looks to old fashioned.maybe you could do a polaris and havock special in their x-factor costumes and all we need then is strong guy and wolfsbane to make x-factor team.
thaks Richard

Freakazoid37 said...

MADROX at last... i cant wait, wish it could be bumped up to something before the 100...

I noticed the poll results in regards to his design... Personnally i think what you need to do is do the latest verson of Madrox with the Trench Coat. That you have the more modern design of him with the teal/green t-shirt and face shown but at the same time the Trench Coat would be a nod to the 90's verson.

I also voted for Kingpin... i feel he is one character im surprised that hasnt appeared in the past 3 years as more of a priorty character...

But then there is quiet a few characters missing even from the working list ive read. Personally i feel this collection has focused too much on the Avengers universe rather than that of Marvel Knights and Spiderman... where is Chamelon?