Friday, 28 October 2011

Feeling a bit sketchy

Only a few sketches to share this friday.

Andie Tong kindly drew up a possible pose for Shaman. A lot of you asked for him to be dipping into his bag of tricks. I think it works, may have him standing straight on though, see pic below...

Kev Walker's sketch for the Werewolf By Night (WBN) figure - this was done way before Toby Whiting took it to a whole nother level with his digital skills.

And Editor John Tomlinson did a great job of tracking down Mike Ploog who did a great cover for WBN. These are his 'rough' pencils. Mike's a true Marvel legend who did a lot of work on Marvel's horror titles in the 70s. He's still got his chops!

Final inked piece.

That's all for now - I'm off to have sleep the whole weekend!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Got my Mojo workin'

Wow. just wow.

Amazing digital 'sculpt' from Toby whiting, perfectly captures the Marvel Werewolf as Ploog intended. had a slight concern you guys wouldn't like it because he leaves the front of the base quite a bit, but I thought it was so brilliantly dynamic it'd only spoil it to stand him up straighter.
Talking of Mike Ploog we've got him to do the cover! - and if what I've seen from the sketch he did us (coming soon) it's gonna be a classic.

Trapster final stage

I think the final detail really brings it alive. Very close to the reference we provided the sculptor. A good paint job should complete a great figurine.

Mojo early design stage

Still needs all the little detail etc, but I was really delighted with it to be honest.
As a first draft I think they nailed him pretty good.

Have a fine weekend.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Tell me why, I DO like mondays!

To make up for the no-show on friday, thought I'd update with a quick preview of the early stage Trapster - he still has a way to go (all those little cannisters need adding!), but I think we have the makings of quite a groovy figurine - nice sense of action without going OTT.

And after discussions with the marketing dept. we have decided to have a three-pronged attack and add TERRAX to the mix of specials we are considering (Giant-Man and Mojo being the other two). Depending on the production side of things, we are hoping for one of the larger figurines followed by the cheaper Terrax - then the other more expensive one. (this is our goal, but we may miss the target on production so we'll have to keep fluid on our expectations).

These are the kind of poses we are thinking about. Very powerful, angry violent, aggressive... you get the picture...

He's got a fairly consistant costume so the Ed McGuiness one (last one) would be perfect.

and before I go....


Probably one of my favourite sculpts. Toby Whiting (Imagika), captures the essence of the Thing - A human in monster's clothing!

Geek moment: We commissioned/scheduled the Thing as issue 3 before any talk of specials was ever mentioned - and in doing so made a lot of bean counters wet their knickers. HE SHOULD OF BEEN A SPECIAL FROM THE GET GO. (and I believe subsequently has been dropped from some foreign territory editions!

On a side note we have recently started to published the collection in resin only versions in Brazil and Quebec? So keep a look out on EBay!


Friday, 7 October 2011

Special feelings

Hi guys, ran out of time today, so here's a quickie...

The specials we are currently considering are -


He's top of the polls and has a detail and uniqueness all of his own. Yes we understand there could be breakage problems, but hopefully we can improve the packaging somehow. We would have to use the biggest base size and cleverly attach a join between the base and his undercarriage (to achieve stability etc). Also his legs may have to curl around the sides of the base (because of his huge surface area). If done correctly this could be an awesome figurine.


This is Kev Hopgood's sketch of how we could do him - The added Wall detail allows for his stance to be more dynamic. I think this choice would do well with non-CMFC collector's, yet still please the fanbase.

Both these figurines would be in the £18-20 range (don't quote me on that!). If our marketing department want a cheaper alternative then we might consider someone like Terrax (although popular with the fanbase, not so with the wider world.)

All these specials are still in the planning stage and I have previewed them much earlier than usual, just because I love you guys! (and we value your opinions!)




Should make a fine addition.

One last thing. Trying to come up with a pose for Shaman that hasn't been done before and isn't boring, is proving pretty tricky - we did consider doing him crossed legs levitating in meditation (but he would have to have a clear peg up his bottom, so we ruled that out), so I came up with an image (badly drawn I know!) of him summoning up the ancient gods of Canada type thing - I'm sure the sculptors can give him more presence and bring it to life. Any haters?

Anyway must dash. Have a smashing weekend.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

aaaaaaand the winner iiiiiiiis......

The winner has been selected at random, and was contacted. We are waiting for a reply, so if you're reading this Angel from Spain check your e-mail!!!!

Commiserations to all those who entered but were unsuccessful. We had well over 300 entries. We used a random number generator to select the winner.

The CMFC Warrior was composed of 14 figurines:

Bon soir.