Friday, 28 October 2011

Feeling a bit sketchy

Only a few sketches to share this friday.

Andie Tong kindly drew up a possible pose for Shaman. A lot of you asked for him to be dipping into his bag of tricks. I think it works, may have him standing straight on though, see pic below...

Kev Walker's sketch for the Werewolf By Night (WBN) figure - this was done way before Toby Whiting took it to a whole nother level with his digital skills.

And Editor John Tomlinson did a great job of tracking down Mike Ploog who did a great cover for WBN. These are his 'rough' pencils. Mike's a true Marvel legend who did a lot of work on Marvel's horror titles in the 70s. He's still got his chops!

Final inked piece.

That's all for now - I'm off to have sleep the whole weekend!


jarvis69 said...

Hi Dan
Shaman's MUCH better like this ...

Have a good ( and long .. ) night ! ;)

Ryan Maxwell said...

From this huge Alpha Flight fan, don't change a thing on Shaman. He's perfect!!

Deadpool said...

Damn missed first slot

mighty_marvel said...

would have liked the levitating seated pose for shaman. could have stolen the idea of using lightning to support him so he didnt have a clear plastic pole up his rear.

WBN cover art looks good. is there any cover art for nico minoru yet?

Deadpool said...

COMPLAINT - Reloaded - since I have no response by phone, email or Blog.


Hello Dan, I called customer service today for the following as an existing subscriber: -

• Order additional figures ( including another ODIN)
• Set up a new subscription today for CMFC ( hopefully in resin)
• Enquire when I would receive my subscription copy of Mr Mxyzptlk and Bat-Mite special (I bought a copy from Forbidden Planet)

The customer service representative from South Africa: -

• Demanded that I give her my credit card details.
• Stated there was no such special as Mr Mxyzptlk and Bat-Mite and warned me not to continue that discussion??!
• Stated I couldn't have any additional figurines as a subscriber and would have to buy them as a non subscriber.
• Didn't give me a chance to talk about another subscription.

This is appalling customer service.

All collectors take note that with customer service like this, the collection is doomed.

I then called the Eaglemoss office to raise this as a concern.

Eaglemoss Publications Ltd
1st Floor, Beaumont House,
Kensington Village, Avonmore Road
London, W14 8TS, England
Tel: 020 7605 1200

• I was first forwarded unceremoniously to South Africa.
• Second time I was sent to an anonymous answer machine
• Third time sent to a different answer machine where I eventually left a message.

Dan, please forward my complaint to the powers that be so that the service can be improved.

I still want the following issues to be dealt with sensibly: -

• Order additional figures (including another ODIN)
• Set up a new subscription today for CMFC (in resin)
• When will I receive the subscription copy of Mr Mxyzptlk and Bat-Mite?

Thanks again.

Depressed and Disgruntled Deadpool.

Suzene said...

Vast improvement on the Shaman pose. Thumbs up!

Deadpool said...

Shaman levitating is the only way to go.

mgf said...

Leviatating cross-legged Shaman would be great except for where the clear post would have to go, so bag o' tricks Shaman is my favourite.

bethrezen said...

This Shaman's pose is very good, better than the levitation

buffduffdan said...

I really like that pose for Shaman. It's something new and unique to him so I'm all for it. Not too fussed whether he's straight on or has 1 leg forward really. Great drawing though!

The Werewolf by Night sketches are also pretty cool. I can't wait to actually see the figurine now :D

LarryS said...

Have met Mike Ploog at a couple of UK conventions.

Real Marvel legend - great bloke, true professional, helped create foundations of the Universe we all know'n' love today. Spends tons of time chatting to fans and completing a zillion sketches of Ghost Rider, Man Thing and such like. Delighted he's now made his mark on the collection

sed tallis said...

Mike Ploog on art chores for WBN .Excellent surprise Dan, Make sure you call on Mr Ploogs talents when the Monster of Frankenstein is is confirmed. Nobody came close to Ploogs work on old Frankie.
Shaman reaching into his handbag for his lipgloss is the greatest pose since leonardos Vitruvian man. Geneyus!

Paibok said...

Like the Shaman pose, hand in bag is better than a 'pole up your hole' levitation.

Love the sketch for Werewolf, cannot wait to get him. If you can you should tie him in with Halloween next year be quite apt.

Dan: Don't suppose you have a sketch of the Northstar and Aurora cover lying around or even the running list of 181-200.

Robert said...

Much prefer the new Shaman pose. ("Pole up your hole." Heh.)

The Ploog cover looks great, especially the pencil version. Really glad you were able to track down a '70s legend for the CMFC. (Also really pleased to hear he's a good guy, too!)

michal9402 said...

Nice... but when will we finally see some women.

Jacadoo said...

Shaken needs to be stepping forward it gives the impression of movement.

Will look superb with the rest of Alpha Flight!

Jacadoo said...

I meant Shaman - bloody auto spell!!

SinisterVenom said...

Very nice pose for Shaman, much better! Just don't pose him to the side too much. Make him like he is in the second pic.

Now it's my turn for a complaint. What is happening with the Debit Card situation? I used to be able to buy all my special figurines from the CMFC main site but lately it never accepts Debit Cards anymore!
My little brother was playing the new Batman game today and he was saying how he would love to have a Batman figurine. So I thought I would be nice and head over to the DC Figurine collection main site and purchase one for him. Only when I went to the checkout page, I was told yet again that they refuse Debit Cards! The Batman figurine on the main site is £2.99, anywhere else I looked and the cheapest I could find was around £7! Outrageous just to buy the same figurine!
So my question is will EM start accepting Debit Cards again anytime soon? I really don't see why we can't use them. It would really boost your sales and stop people from purchasing the figurines elsewhere. Please respond to this Dan, thank you.

Bob said...

Shaman has a great pose but need to have a more Native American look. He looks a little on the young side with a boyish look to him. Maybe give him a more pointy chin but not the Tigershark mug.

Thor8 said...

I agree with jacadoo's comment on the Shaman's pose for the same reason he mentions(it adds sense of movement to it).

Will we be hearing more news about the Giant-Man special soon?

Dan The Man said...

Glad you like the Shaman pose, we really tried hard to get the look that suited him best - I agree the floating idea would have been amazing - but it could have gone terribly wrong in so many ways, so we are under pressure not to let sculpts escalate out of control, so choosing a controversial pose from the start is asking for trouble. I'm more than happy with the bag o' tricks pose.

I will try to bring up your subscription/purchasing concerns up with the relevant people. It's not my area of expertise and international ordering is a whole different bag but, EM rely on collectors' (who are the most discerning people on earth!) for their business, so it does concern me that at the revenue end of the line things don't always run smoothly, it's never gonna be perfect but there should always room for improvement.

sed tallis said...

Well i suppose if the choice is " peg up the pooper" or "hand in the leathery flaps" You took the right option.

Paibok said...

Everytime Dan posts, I wonder whether we will actually ever see Arnim Zola in the collection.

Thor8 said...

Dan: Didn't expect to see you posting any time soon,since you said you would be taking a weekend long nap,but seeing that you did I was wondering if you could let us know if the order in which the 181-200 extenson is already known,and if so when will we be informed. I know I've asked this a couple of times before but I'm vry curious to see which position in the list The Swordsman,Stingay and Hela are in. Oh,and any word on Giant-Man?

Kal Brindle said...

The Shaman sketch is awesome - much better than what was initially proposed, so I am delighted. Thanks Dan.

The Ploog Werewolf by Night cover looks truly superb! Nice one guys. Everything about this choice has been top notch!

I also would love to know the running order of the 181-200 extension (if you've nailed it down yet) and naturally a sneak peek of the Twins mag would make me ecstatic!

John said...

"Damn missed first slot"

That's what he said.

I actually don't care much for the animated series pose, but LOVE the sketch. Turned, foot forward gives it so much... what's the word? It just looks so much more impressive than him standing head on. Just my opinion. Either way, reaching in his bag rather than... anything else... is my vote.

Robert said...

"EM rely on collectors' (who are the most discerning people on earth!)"

Surely that must win a prize for most diplomatic use of the word "discerning" in a sentence?

Been re-arranging the loft (again) and has anyone noticed just how heavy Taskmaster is? I picked up Thanos to compare and he's about the same weight. I only mention this as it seems Taskmaster would be a perfect choice if you were suddenly burgled: you could bludgeon AND impale your robber at the same time. Good old Eaglemoss. Not only concerned with making pretty things to look at, they take home security seriously, too.

TheTooN said...

Posting on my hols from LA so a little late and very jetlagged. Shaman' pose looks great and much better then sitting with a pole up his bum. Great to hear the twins are on the way. Funny to hear all the daft Marvel stories, almost pleased I buy product but dont read comics !

Off to Frank and sons tomorrow so wish me luck on acquiring 'tons' of Marvel goodness. love the USA ;)

Sage said...

The Shaman sketch looks good, will make a very nice pose if you do go with it.

I'm keen to see the running order for this extension also, I'm hoping that Danielle Moonstar is not at the back end of it ;)

LarryS said...

And as well as the 181-200 running order, do we have a date yet for the MODOK special...? I recall it's mean to be this side of Christmas

Paibok said...

MODOK should be out towards the end of next month.

Would like to see the running order for 181-200 as well, wondering when we would be getting Vance Astro, Deathbird and Gamora

Guilherme said...

That's a question for all the folks who visit the commentary space: what do you know about those news about a resin-made collection? Thankx in advance!

Paibok said...

Guilherme said...
That's a question for all the folks who visit the commentary space: what do you know about those news about a resin-made collection? Thankx in advance!

That EM will be releasing the collection from #1 in Australia and Quebec in resin rather than lead. Otherwise I imagine the rest of us will still be getting figures with lead in them.

Becquerel said...

I would've preferred the figurine pose sketch as cover art, to be frank, I really like that styled WBN much more than the one from the actual cover art.

LarryS said...

It's now 24 weeks since 181-200 was announced. So hopefully just 16 weeks left until Dan's able to confirm the 201-220 extention...

I have Friday 24 Feb 2012 red-lined in my calendar for exactly that reason!

Figurehead said...

Hi, I was wondering what program was used to do the digital model of the Werewolf?

tinodragon14 said...

Thanks Dan for the update. Much appreciated here. SHAMAN design looks fine. WEREWOLF BY NIGHT artwork looks good as well.

Oh Dan where does the TRAPSTER holster his paste gun?

sed tallis said...

"Oh Dan, where does Trapster holster his gun"
Same place Shaman could have had his peg.

Pointy head Wasp would look fab on Giant Mans shoulder. Who cares if she's teensy? That's kinda the way she should look.
The guy who sculpted Puppet Master did a pretty impressive teensy Thing , So it's very feasible .
Go on amaze me and make it happen .

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I really hope a new extensions will be confirmed soon. And then more and more extensions. There are so many awesome characters
left to cover.

Check out this week's

1. Red Ghost, a charismatic old-school villain and famous master of super apes.

2. Goblin Queen, a.k.a. Madelyne Pryor, a supremely evil lady of the X-Verse.

3. Mimic, a prominent member of the Dark X-Men, Brotherhood of Mutants and more.

4. Maximus the Mad, the utterly genius and utterly insane member of the Inhumans.

5. Demogoblin, demonic Spider-Man villain with terrifying looks and powers.

6. Kylun, a warrior trained in the world of Ee'rath, and one of the most interesting Excalibur members.

7. Night Thrasher, star of his own comic series and founder and leader of the New Warriors.

Wouldn't it be cool if these characters made it into one of the next CMFC extensions? ;)

Thor8 said...

Would like #'s 3 and 4 on your list to make it in Blake.

The Mad Thinker said...

dan : if you can pursuade them to except debit cards on the main site i'll be grateful as i'm missing some back issues. Well done with shaman and werewolf by night. I'm off to bed now to try and shift this man flu. I feel aweful.

John said...

Good lord... I really want Maximus the Mad, but if its not the modern look, I don't want him at all. That looks hideous. (Though Blake did an amazing job, as usual.)

And a comment about the old Guardians of the Galaxy, I think Aleta is my most wanted... and I have no clue who she is. :D

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Yeah John, I know...
Maximus's insanity was also messing up his fashion sense! Now he's on better medication, and I heard he commissioned his costume from an intergalactic branch of Armani. I'll see if I can redo the virtual fig in the new costume. ;)

SinisterVenom said...

Thanks for the reply Dan. I am grateful if you could find out what's happening. I have since tried on multiple occasions to contact EM myself from the CMFC main site but when I click on the link I need to contact them, the following message shows up:

'Could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed.'

This message has showed up pretty much since the Sauron figurine was put on the main site, that was also the same time the Debit Card problem started too.
I await your response Dan, thanks again.

Dan The Man said...

Here is the list as it stands (we were under pressure to cement the list from EM Towers, so we just went with what has been commissioned already (10 down 10 to go!).

(List is subject to change of course).

181 Sebastian Shaw (paint approved - in production)
182 Swordsman (paint approved - in production)
183 Owl (paint approved - in production)
184 Hammerhead (paint approved - in production)
185 Longshot (paint in process)
186 Trapster (paint in process)
187 Shaman (sculpt in process)
188 Werewolf by Night (sculpt in process)
189 Gamora (sculpt in process)
190 Vance Astro (sculpt in process)

yet to be commissioned:

191 Wolfsbane
192 Moonstone
193 Firelord
194 Spider-Man 2099
195 Wiccan
196 Stingray
197 Deathbird
198 Hela
199 Danielle Moonstar (aka Mirage)
200 Constrictor

Robert said...

Thanks, Dan.

My two wants are half way through, and near the end. Could be worse, I guess...

LarryS said...

Thanks for the info, Dan. Great to know how quickly they're all moving ahead.

Are you able to confirm the release dates for the next few specials, especially MODOK, the Northstar / Aurora double-pack, and Mojo...?

jarvis69 said...

Thx for the list Dan but.... Constrictor CANNOT be the last character ;)

Anonymous said...

Quality! Can't wait to see a peak of Spider-man 2099!Shaman is perfect!

As I always say ONSLAUGHT???? Any news? Also Dan/EM you should read my latest post

sed tallis said...

I was in the quaint little Scottish Capitol Edinborrow yesterday, So I took the opportunity to pop into Forbidden Planet, and picked up Cap America Corps 4 & 5, Bloodstone is silent but his Unmatched charisma see's him steal every scene he's involved in
I have rarely been this excited watching another man discharge his weapon.
They stocked a few issues of the CMFC although the Dc collection made up around 80% of the figs on display.
Not sure if that 's because the DC collection is more popular ... Or they can't shift them .
I picked up another Radioactive Man just cause I loves i does

Sage said...

Thanks for the list Dan :)

I'm looking forward to seeing what Longshot painted looks like and seeing what Wolfsbane looks like.

Thor8 said...

Thanks for the list Dan,I'm more than happy that Swordsman is second on the list,tooo bad Stingray is #196 though.

Now if only there were some news on Giant-Man.

John said...

"Now if only there were some news on Giant-Man."

Or the Rocket Raccoon/Groot Special. :D

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Many thanks for the list Dan.
I can't wait to see the sculpts of my faves: Firelord, Hela, Vance Astro, Gamora, Wiccan, Deathbird and Stingray. Please make them awesome! Firelord needs his cosmic staff, Hela needs a sumptuous hairpiece (don't save on size!),Vance needs his shield and Stingray needs a nice wing span.
Make them artful and impressive. Not too much asking, is it? ;) I'll buy 3 of each fig.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

A supreme (or sinister) choice .
Squadron Supreme are one of the most awesome teams in the Marvel Universe. In their 'Sinister' incarnations or as Earth-712 heroes, these characters have been involved in key MU sagas, such as the outstanding Avengers 'Serpent Crown' story arc.

Dan, I hope you agree?
It is time for the CMFC to include
some Squadron characters.
Check this out...

Special virtual preview:

1. Blue Eagle
2. Golden Archer
3. Power Princess
4. Doctor Spectrum
5. Nighthawk
6. Hyperion
7. Whizzer

Awesome, awesome characters - all of them. 4 and 6 are a must.
Which ones would you like?

Robert said...

Looks good, Blake, but where's Tom Thumb?

(Before you say it, no, I don't have a thing for foul-mouthed midgets.)

LarryS said...

Only two issues separating Werewolf and Wolfsbane. Is that sensible?

deamon82 said...

,,181 Sebastian Shaw (paint approved - in production)"

Hmmm, some time ago You said EM has to make some changes on Shaw because of Marvel. Can we see final version of this figurine?

Thor8 said...

I'd like to see some Squadron members included in the next extension also. I think EM should start with Hyperion and Spectrum,and then follow with Nighthawk and whizzer,but that doesn't mean it has to be limited to just those four.

Speaking of the next extension: Isn't it about time The Collector was added to this collection? After all he is the grand daddy of all collectors.

TGR said...

I'm with Figurehead here:

Go on then Dan, spill the beans, what IS the software used to render those mock-up?

I'd love to get my mits on it to have a go at some 3D modelling :-)

Dr Headache Rushing said...

Really excited about the Werewolf By Night figure, if it comes out even close to the design it's going to be awesome. Pleased with the constrictor choice but series definitely shouldn't end on him. FWIW here are my suggestions of characters I'd love to see included;

Albion (Peter Hunter)
Circuit Breaker
Death's Head (Version 1.0)
Frankensteins Monster
High Evolutionary
Human Fly (Rick Rojatt)
Living Tribunal
Phantom Reporter
Steel Spider
White Tiger (Hector Ayala)

Arguably some more deserving than others but some, like Living Tribunal, really should be included in the series due to their importance in the MU.

mighty_marvel said...

suggestions for the next extension

forum choice - just go with the top 3 from the current wants poll. allows you to balance the extension better.

1. sunspot
2. silver samurai
3. high evolutionary

EM choices

4. sage (most wanted female x-man)
5. selene (most wanted female x-villain)
6. corsair (starjammers NEEDS starting)
7. us agent (most wanted male avenger)
8. mantis (most wanted female avenger + has cosmic ties)
9. fixer (finishes original thunderbolts if we get an atlas special)
10. diamondback (continues snake themed villains)
11. thundra (f4 villain. prob not most wanted but gives an extra female)
12. jackal (him or tombstone. but jackal means we don't get 2 gangsters in a row)
13. brother voodoo (MK hero)
14. jigsaw (MK villain)
15. starhawk (cosmic. original gotg)
16. phyla-vell (cosmic. new gotg)
17. namora (GA character that won the poll)
18. two-gun kid (1st western character. the area dserves a representative. he also has avenger ties)
19. whirlwind (much wanted villain. and potential to look awesome)
20. general ross (hulk should have his main nemesis in)

Robert said...

Strong list, MM. I would most like to see U.S.Agent, High Evolutionary and Mantis (in reverse order). The shout for Diamondback's a good one, too. She started off as very much a background character but she made an interesting bad-girl girlfriend for Cap.

Thor8 said...

Nice list you put together MM. I'd go with most all of them,except #'s 4,5 and 20.

John said...

A lot of my favorites there, MM. Not enough Cosmic or Spidey for me, but overall, a very balanced extension.

Especially happy to see Namora, Jackal, Phyla-Vell, Fixer, and Brother Voodoo included. ;)

I wish there were room for Tombstone as well, a 3rd Cosmic that's not GotG related, and a Young Avenger... Patriot.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

MM's list offers a good base, but I'd need to adjust it to my personal preferences ;)
as follows...

Callisto instead of Selene.
Would love a Morlocks representative.

No to Fixer.
Ghost is more interesting.

No to Diamondback. Don't like her.
For a curveball female, I'd go for Clea (Defender), Madame Masque or Darkstar.

No to Thundra. Would rather have an old-school FF villain like Psycho-Man, Diablo or Red Ghost.

No to Jigsaw. Instead, I'd go for a much needed Cap villain. I'd go for Baron Strucker of Baron Blood.

Namora only if in her blue version.
If not, then Spitfire is a better choice for a sort of (retcon) Golden Age female.

The extension would also need another New Mutant (preferably Warlock), explore a new MU team
(Speedball for New Warriors), and also a YA (Hulkling preferably).

Absolutely no General Ross!
The CMFC gives us a chance to employ talented sculptors, and I'd rather have them tackle a more imaginative Marvel design than a military character that I could easily buy from a war figurine collection.

John said...

And I say absolutely YES to General Ross, as he's the Hulk's MAIN villain. The star villain of both recent Hulk movies, a character that's decades old with piles and piles of... not just issue appearances... but real story arcs, that matter. He's got real substance to him and is a glaring ommission from the Hulk display. Glaring. He's the last of the true "big players" when it comes to the Hulk.

Anyway, the reason I came on here, I'm sure everyone wants to see Rocket Raccoon beat up Hulk, right? :D MvC3 FINALLY revealed Rocket, and here ya go:

deamon82 said...

,,Callisto instead of Selene.
Would love a Morlocks representative."
Definitely it's time to start Starjammers and Morlocks.

,,No to Jigsaw. Instead, I'd go for a much needed Cap villain. I'd go for Baron Strucker of Baron Blood."
Cap has his villains in this collection. Punisher doesn't have
even one villain.

Another absolutely yes for Ross. We need main Hulk villain.

tinodragon14 said...

Thanks for the list Dan. Great to see 4 villains up first. I will buy multiple figures of SHAW, THE SWORDSMAN, THE OWL & HAMMERHEAD.

Doing lists again. Well you know the forum three will probably be X-characters. Say
then the contest winner picks one leaving 16 but
Dan gave strong support for THE HIGH EVOLUTIONARY, THE JACKAL, & a western character
in the next extension. He also said he would pick one golden ager & namora unfortunately won that poll though I think he should just go with THE WHIZZER or THE BLAZING SKULL or THE RED RAVEN because they will made better figures then a female NAMOR rip-off.
That leaves 12 so I go with
1) MANTIS - Avenger, Swordsman's lover, cosmic
2) WHIRLWIND - Avenger villain & mutant, past due 3) YONDU - Original Guardian, cosmic, Striking Looking
4) Horror Character - FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER & if he has to be a Special then BARON BLOOD
5) THE GREY GARGOYLE - Avenger villain, popular in forum polls
6) BARON MORDO - Main opponent of DR. STRANGE, past due
7) DIABLO - Classic FF villain
8) MARRINA - Alpha Flight member, Namor's lover
9) MOLTEN MAN - Classic Spidey villain, past due
10) CORSAIR - Starjammer, cosmic, X-related
11) THE COBRA - Longtime partner of MR. HYDE, Thor villain, DD villain, Spidey villain, Cap villain, Founding member of THE SERPENT SQUAD
12) STILT-MAN - Classic DD villain, Murdered by the Punisher, great looking armored suit

mighty_marvel said...

thanks for the (mostly) approval of my extension suggestions. i always try my best to make extension lists balanced between the areas and with a reasonable proportion of females and villains. if/when we get another extension it will be tricky to balance because there are so many deserving characters and so many areas to try to fit in. dan has seemed to suppport a golden ager and a western character which takes 2 spots, x-men should get their customary 5 spots as i imagine they are the biggest sellers, the importance of the avengers means they should get 4 places. and if there's a comp pick again that leaves only 8 places for spidey, f4, cosmic, marvel knights, modern characters etc to fight between. really don't envy EM.

tinodragon14 said...

Of course there are others I could have picked
THE MELTER - Original Master of Evil, Ironman villain, Avenger villain
THE UNICORN - Classic Ironman villain, great costume
MASTERMIND - Classic X-Villain, Original member of The Brotherhood, past due
TOMBSTONE - Popular Spidey albino bad guy
THE SCARECROW - Classic villain of Spidey, Ironman, X-Men. Would look great with pitchfork in hand & a black crow on his shoulder
NIGHTMARE - Dr. Strange villain, great looking figure
JIGSAW - Punisher's main opponent
PRINCESS PYTHON - Pretty lady with a snake
JACK O'LANTERN - Spidey villain
MR. FEAR - Classic DD villain
THE RINGMASTER - Circus of Crime nuff said
THE RED GHOST - Classic FF Foe
QUICKSAND - Thor villain
STARHAWK - Original Guardian, cosmic
ARCADE - X-Villain

michal9402 said...

"Callisto instead of Selene."
I disagree. Selene is much higher in forum rank and I think she would be great, detail sculpt.

sed tallis said...

Anyone on xbox live get Pinball FX 2 You can download Fantastic 4 and Captain America themed tables .They are fantabulous and only a couple of pounds each.obviously created with love by fanboys.
Looking at my glowing Radioactive Men, Me thunk, could any future Toro ,Original Human Torch fig be coated in red flourescant paint ? That would be tres cool!!

SinisterVenom said...

I also have Marvel Pinball on my PS3,it truly is a Marvel to play! Four tables: Spider-Man, Woverine, Iron-Man and Blade, as well as the two DLC tables: Fantastic Four and Captain America and there are still more planned for the future including rumours of Ghost Rider. This is a great and addictive game indeed! My favourite part is when the heroes and even the villains all gather to grant you a round of applause. The first time I saw that I giggled at seeing the likes of Blade, Mysterio, Doc Ock and Silver Samurai applauding me!

Any further news on the Debit Card situation Dan? Or even the contact problem so I can send an email to EM myself?

LarryS said...

I'll be happy as long as at least 25 per cent of the extension are 'modern' characters - ie their key appearances are more recent than the new Wembley stadium.

When some of the suggested figurines made their key appearances, the old Wembley stadium hadn't yet hosted the '66 world cup final!

Robert said...

Who do you mean exactly?

LarryS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LarryS said...

When Unicorn and Melter were in their heyday, my pops was in diapers, Harold Wilson was in Downing Street, Cliff Richard was serenading his living doll, Neil Armstrong was getting himself ready for one giant step, Barack Obama was crawling around a living room in Hawaii, IBM were forecasting the global market for computers was less than a hundred,and noone had ever heard of mobile phones, google, gay marriage, the euro, robert downey junior, abba or political correctness

Robert said...

Thanks for the clarification, Larry, although am I the only Brit amused by the irony of someone asking for us not to look back and mentions the '66 World Cup in the same breadth? The rest of the UK has been bored to death endlessly hearing about that from English football commentators.

TGR said...

@ Robert... I laughed out loud at the footie comment. Heaven knows what would happen if we ever got a team capable of winning it again.

@Larry.. just to clarify, young Neil Armstrong would have been preparing for " one small step", if it was a giant step he would have fallen over.
Now EM need to be preparing for their "giant leap for mankind" (well...for the collectors at least ) and announce that the next extension has been given the thumbs-up. :-)

LarryS said...

Fair point about small steps, although lunar gravity does mean you can bounce around a bit more freely than down here.

Maybe I should have said Hank Pym was preparing for a giant step. But perhaps best not to re-open that controversy!

sed tallis said...

1966 was a great year Robert, There are loads of quality characters that debuted in "66.,,..who??? Well I'll tell you some.
The Collector
Super Adaptoid
Pluto ( not the dog )
Sons of the Serpent
Ego the living beard loving planet.
Would like to see most of those bad boys in the collection.

SinisterVenom said...

There's gonna be no SV'S FIGURINE INSPECTION today folks. I purchased Karnak today, I've just got home to see that Karnak's hand has broke off. Second figure to be broken now, the first was Taskmaster when the shopkeeper dropped the box! Back to the shop tomorrow morning then!

tinodragon14 said...

Both THE MELTER & THE UNICORN are classic villains that will make great looking figures. If you eliminate characters in the Marvel U who debuted in the 60s well goodbye collection.

Robert said...

Ted, how could you? I mean, really! You mention all those characters and you forget the most important creation of 1966!


(I was going to write "the one, the only..." during that build-up but there were loads of Recorders made. Hey, it's a big multiverse out there!)

I have no issue with valuing things that are old. (Thankfully, neither does my wife.) Doesn't matter if a character like Melter's or Unicorn's so-called hey-day was the 1960s - although I'd argue the point as they were regular adversaries in the 1970s, too - jusy because something is old doesn't mean it should step aside to let in something new. That's like saying we should forget about Shakespeare just because his hey-day was hundreds of years ago and put someone contemporary on the secondary school curriculum just because it's new. I don't get that at all. There's a reason why most of the great Marvel characters and most of the inspiration for the CMFC comes from the 1960s: it's because the two (perhaps three, if you count Ditko) greatest geniuses ever to work in comicbooks were at their creative heights then.

Robert said...

Oh, and Larry, no offence meant. When you mentioned Cliff Richard singing and then Neil Armstrong, it did occur to me that mankind sent the wrong guy to the moon.

In space, no one can hear you sing.

sed tallis said...

My top ten wants Dan,? well since you asked
Black Jack Tar
Omega the Unknown
Just keep staring at the list dan....ten minutes should do it.

LarryS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LarryS said...

Guys, guys, guys,

Stop being greedy!

I only asked for 25 per cent of the extendion to be for modern folk.

That still leaves a whopping 75 per cent for your Gibbons and Melters and Eggheads and Terrible Tinkerers and related nonsense.

I'm happy to let you nostalgia-buffs have the lion's share. Are you trying to deny us modernists even the crumbs from the table?

Deadpool said...

Daniel, any news regarding the appalling subscription / customer service line?

As a UK subscriber of many collections I expect a fast efficient and polite service.

I still want to add a new subscription in resin and order some additional figures including an additional ODIN.

Deadpool said...

Future collections: -

How about an Eaglemoss / Games workshop collaboration.

A classic Warhammer collection covering 40K, Fantasy and Bloodbowl would be awesome.

Personally I would love a Bloodbowl only collection providing CMFC scale Bloodbowl figures.
My Skaven team is our leagues Champion team and I am also developing a Necromactic team too.

Give this some thought, I think it the Classic Warhammer collection or Bloodbowl collection would be a huge international success.

You could also with minimal copyright issues bring out Elfball teams.

Give it some thought and include me in the process as an advisor.

See ya later ....

PS I've painted 5 of my dreadfleet ships - so they wil be appearing soon on my Marvel customs blog.

OMG .. verification word is AllhailDP .... this is more than a mere coincidence ...

Deadpool said...

Dreadfleet images now on my Marvel customs blog.

Check out the images for the Dwarf dreadnought, the Kraken, the Swordfish and the Shade Wraith.

Bye for now...


PS where on earth is that foul mouthed ogre Ted Sallis?

I miss his whimscal filibusters ... the blog is like a ghost town without him....

Sed Tallis is more of a sidekick methinks.