Friday, 4 November 2011

November Nights!

Good Evening chaps (and chapettes?) on this chilly November evening,

Sorry no news on the website issues as the person in charge is away.

some recent painted images just in...

LONGSHOT. I'm very pleased with this one - very simple clean paint job.

Trapster. Not so pleased with this one - too pink me think! We will get this amended to a more purple hue. In the ref we have the gun is mainly presented as a gold metal colour so that's correct.


Sneak peak early stage TERRAX...

The confirmed dates for next specials are
MODOK - 17th Nov
N&A – around 12th Jan.

Ideally we’d then put something out end of March but really I have no idea which would be first – Terrax or Mojo. ?

I'll end this weeks blog update with Cam Smith's amazing inking job on the late great Gene Colan - I'll show you the Chris Blythe colur job next week...


Anonymous said...

Great job! Love Terrax! Keep it up EM

Anonymous said...

Also Longshot looks incredible as well does Trapster... So do you think Onslaught will ever make the collection? As I remember Richard was a huge fan

Hiperion said...

Amazing update! Thank Dan

I love all three previews. Terrax will look stunning!

And I'm very happy to see a Gene Colan cover for Dracula magazine. A very cool homage! ;)

LarryS said...
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LarryS said...

I'm encouraged to see so much of Dan's blog devoted to specials, without a single mention of Giant Man.

I'm hoping that means EM Towers is having well-justified second thoughts. My intuition is that, perhaps, the suits are persuaded by the arguments in favour of ditching him in favour of a certain tall, glamorous, sexy young Avenger ...

Victor said...

Mojo would be first on March.

deamon82 said...

Hope in shops we will have the same good paintjob on Longshot.
Terrax should be in March, as we don't even have sculpt of Mojo.

max_0888 said...

Thanks for the update Dan! That Longshot is awesome. Still don't know where I will add him though. Probably next to Madrox and Siryn with X-factor (Since I didn't do an Australia run display and will leave Spiral and Mojo in the x-villain shelf).

Nice to know that Terrax and Mojo are pretty much confirmed. Id prefer Mojo first, but as long as we have both, I really don't mind.

Terrax looks great btw.

My most wanted special is Strong guy! I really hope he'll be considered sooner rather than later.

Oh and nice covers too. Both Werewolf and Dracula looks top notch

jimbob said...

Everything looks great.

Any chance we can see Giant Man preview along side Captain Anerica,Thor,Iron Man and Hulk.


deamon82 said...

Better EM do great job on Mojo, so they need more time. Terrax in March.

tinodragon14 said...

Thanks Dan for a great update.


LONGSHOT looks better then I thought he would now that he is painted. Feel better about having to buy him.

I agree TRAPSTER is not suppose to be pink & the yellow is too bright.

TERRAX is looking GREAT! KUDOS again!!
Please release TERRAX in March DAN.

You can then finish up & release mojo & have another regular special between mojo & GIANT-MAN. Like TITANIUM MAN or THE EXECUTIONER or ATTUMA or MR. HYDE or BLASTAAR or THE DESTROYER. All would be worthy choices & will make great looking figures.

Love the DRAC cover by Colan. Are you using an existing drawing of his or did he do this before he died Dan?

I have to be honest & say I'm not a fan of the MODOK cover. MODOK just does not look menacing enough just kind of blah.

tomaszkasjan said...

Yeah, Mojo and Terrax are confirmed! Great news, and painted Longshot looks better.
I prefer X-characters, but better wait for perfect figurine, give us Terrax in March. Does it mean we will have 6 specials next year, would be amazing :)
GiantMan is also confirmed?

BobDiamond said...

Great to see so many truly classic characters in the pipeline, especially MODOK, Werewolf by Night and Terrax. All with excellent designs too.
Also pleased with the prospect of Trapster and that amazing Gene Colan Dracula cover. Even Longshot looks cool.
Now all we need is a sneak preview of Giant-Man, and all will be right with the world...


Thor8 said...

Great update Dan,thanks a heap.Like others have already mentioned Longshot does look alot better now that the painted version has ben shown. He goes from not to sure if I'll purchase,to I will most likely purchase,in my personal list.

Trapster look pretty nice and should look even better once the color adjustments are made. Terreax looks dynamic,nice pose looking very foward to this one.

Glad to see I'm not the only one waitng and wanting to see a Giant-Man preview, would be nice to see him posed next to the original Avengers line up like jimbob suggested.

buffduffdan said...

I have to admit, Longshot looks a load better now he's painted. I wasn't a fan before but actually he seems like a nice figurine now. I especially like the facial detail.

Trapster looks cool too. I think he does need a darker paintjob but not a lot more. He's going to be great amongst the other FF villains!

Nice to see the start of Terrax. I guess with his size and bulk he'll be around the £15 mark? I like what you've done with him anyway, a nice pose with his big axe.

Jacadoo said...

Terrax looks like another fine addition, but I would really like an early look at stingray if at all possible.

In terms of order herald first please.

So as I'm happy with the giant man special I guess if I want a bob foster I need to break out the customisation tools again!

The Hood said...

Longshot and Trapster look great, so do the covers for Dracula and Werewolf By Night, also I would pefer to get Terrax before Mojo.

Now I don't collect the DC collection myself but as soon as I saw The Mr Mxyzptlk & Bat-Mite special I had to buy it, The figurine is excellent and it was very reasonably priced, I think that a lot of non-collectors will pick it up too. Which leads me to think that if you were to do something similar with Howard The Duck he would go on to be quite a sucessful figurine.

LAWay said...

Terrax is far from done.

Back to the drawing board please.

Legs awkwardly squatting.
Arms rigid.
Looking up pose is awful.

It looks like someone has just painted an old he-man toy grey.


Covers are looking good.
Longshot looks good too. Had a freaky elf like, t-1000 quality to his gaunt face.

Trapster is very pink.

Would be nice to vary the colour especially on the boots compared to the legs and the bit covering the torso, just to break up the same colour on the legs and arms. But i know it would cost more money and its all one colour in the comic.

Ah well.

Fix Terrax!

Great character, ruined by an awful pose.

The sculpt style is nice. The pose is awful.

THIS is Terrax -

THIS is Terrax -

Even THIS action figure feels less rigid -

YOU, are giving us THIS!? -

I know this issue will be ignored, but just pointing a few things out.

Robert said...

Even after reading most of his appearances again, I was stumped as to what pose to go for with Terrax. I just felt it needed to be aggressive and angry. Well, you nailed it perfectly. A great job. He's going to look incredible.

While I have zero interest in X-Men, I have to also say that Longshot looks very good, too.

Put me down for a Giant-Man special. I managed to knock over my modified Giant-Man from another collection and break off his left foot, so I am even keener than before!

fredpostman said...

Thanks for the great update Dan,roll on 2 weeks time when MODOK arrives,a barmy but brilliant concept for a character.
TERRAX is shaping up nicely,and yes,TRAPSTER is a bit to pink.
When is the dog going to be announced?LOCKJAW for 2021.
A COBRA/MR HYDE double pack would be great aswell.....

Robert said...

Leigh, I respectfully disagree. I had a look at your links and none of them has much sense of movement in them. Mostly they are just standing and depending on the fact they are holding a big-ass axe. I have to admit I was very suprised and disappointed when I first saw the Bowen Terrax as Bowen statues are usually of an exceptional standard. An uncharacteristic fail for them. The second image (the bust) is very Byrne-like, and has a sense of cruelty in the sneer. It's easily the strongest of the images you posted in terms of 'getting' Terrax's personality. However, none of your images had the aggression and fury of the CMFC figure. In his appearances Terrax is nearly always angry, shouting and trying to kill someone (the FF, other Heralds, etc.) Think of it this way, the creation of Terrax set up the premise: what if you had someone with the same power source as the Silver Surfer, one of the most powerful beings in the universe, and that person was a furious, cruel maniac with a huge axe? A scarey prospect.

deamon82 said...

Laway like usually.

About Longshot facial, he looks like Pavel Nedved :D

sed tallis said...

"what if you had someone with the same power source as the Silver Surfer, one of the most powerful beings in the universe, and that person was a furious, cruel maniac with a huge axe? A scarey prospect."
Galactus should have heralded Lizzy Borden's ass.
Terrax has the best beard in comicdom, he's progressing nicely.
Longshort looks very nice indeed, hope we receive the same showroom quality paintjob.
Please show us Giant Man next week

Robert said...

So, the Big G picked Terrax over Lizzie because he had a better beard...? ;)

mighty_marvel said...

love longshot and terrax is looking promising.

can i suggest terrax at the end of march, leave mojo until autumn to make him as good as possible. and in the meantime madame web in may and atlas or giant man in july :D

LAWay said...

I'm just saying I would prefer a sinister looking 'power' type stance rather than an awkward, bent legged, rigidly unnatural arms. I know he is strong, but the pose holding the axe like that doesnt look well balanced, and his key feature, his head design, is obscured because it is tilted up.

Say what you like, my points are valid. Subject to opinion, but doesnt mean I have to like what is presented here, not if I can critique and try getting the best figurine possible. If they could do a better pose displaying his anger and could make it dynamic I wouldnt mind that either, but this pose doesnt do the character justice. Like I said, it looks like that he-man toy. Its all in the arms and legs that kill it.

@deamon82 I did post positive comments about the covers and the other figurines.

I was really looking forward to Terrax, but really I dont want to settle of substandard figurines. Maybe I am just not seeing what others are.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

A stellar update, Dan. Many thanks.

LONGSHOT is superb. Straight out of his heyday Eighties comic pages.
In terms of resemblance, his face is one of the best renditions in CMFC sculpts, imo.

TRAPSTER is fab. Personally I like how the brash hues of yellow & pink/purple work together. The design has a nice retro style, which is very distinctive. I agree that it could do with a more muted hue of purple. But all the rest is perfect. Kudos to the golden gun!

TERRAX is awesome. Well, I'm a huge fan of the Heralds, so his inclusion is enough to make me happy. But the sculpt looks really imposing and powerful. I hope you will use metallic red paint, which would create a lush figure.

Completely happy, here.
Long live the CMFC.

navaho said...

Terrax looks great, love the bad-ass vibe he's giving out.
Where is the news on Giant-Man? Is he coming or not? It would be great to complete the original Avengers.
Trapster looks like he's just gone shopping in Jane Norman, sort that out ASAP!

Thor8 said...

Gee LAWay, When everyone else whom has posted find the Terrax pose to be good and you are the only one (so far)who doesn't like it,what makes you think it is a bad sculpt? It's one thing to not like something or not agree on a decision made,and it's another thing to say something is no good or awful just because 'I' don't like it. I respect your point of view and your opinions,like I do everybody else's,but you can't say something is wrong based solely on your personel likes and dislikes.

deamon82 said...

Agree with mighty_marvel, more time for Mojo = better sculpt. He was most wanted special lately, and we want very good figurine.
Giantman (in May) and Madame Web (in July) between Terrax and Mojo are good choices.

The Mad Thinker said...

jolly good show old chap , giant
man next please

John said...

MODOK will be a Mega and cost the most compared to all our types of figurines, correct? Next we have a Double Pack, typically priced MORE than 2 regulars. So $38 then $32.

Give us a cost break and have the next Special be the smaller one. Terrax would be $20, Mojo would be $38...

So I definitely say after the twins, give us Terrax. It should encourage more buys and be easier on the collectors. After Mojo, I'd even like another small Special before our next Mega (Blastaar, Madame Web, Hulkling?)

John said...

Oh, and please reconsider making Giant Man...

Ken said...

Finally, one of MY most wanted is going to be made! Love Terrax!

I wouldn't mind waiting for Mojo either if that means a better sculpt and paint, especially after the Moondragon debacle, just a horrible paint job :-/

Now we need the High Evolutionary next!

LAWay said...

Yeh, I guess I am in the wrong and very very small minority of 1 on this one. lol I dont mind, people are entitled to their opinions, and who knows, it may grow on me once its painted up.

I think the sculpt is nice, clean and stylistic. Just how I wanted it to look. Just the pose isnt sold on me.

It could just be that this is a WIP. I would like to see a little more bend in the arm stretching out to the sky. Doesnt look like he is doing anything with it, and just highlights his lack of mobility with huge arms and the shoulder pads. A little bend in the elbow, a twist in the forearm and wrist to show us the back of his hand...I think slight improvement.

The other arm looks like it is too far away from the torso. Such a huge muscular figure wouldnt have such a large gap between his lats. I dunno, it looks like too much of a gap, too awkward to me. Again, more bend in the elbow to show the weight of the axe. I know he is strong, but to make the axe look like it weighs nothing loses any dynamics. Maybe if he held the axe near the blade would help that visually, I dunno.

Maybe it just needs the details to be filled.

Maybe its like a rough sketch, not being able to see the final picture myself, but the sculptor knows where he is going with it.

Maybe I am just being annoyingly picky at something that obviously no one else sees! lol
(to be fair, how old are you guys and when was the last time you went to the opticians? ;) )

I'm happy to say I am wrong like I have done so many a time on this blog when EM have surpassed themselves with sculpts and paintjobs, changing my perception on their initial previews. I'll be open minded, but if my tiny suggestions make someone take notice, look at it slightly different and makes the smallest of changes for the better, well, thats all you want when you raise up issues right?

For the greater good, yarp?

Robert said...

Leigh, I was reading your comments, trying to understand why you don't like Terrax when you made the comment about being old and needing glasses. That made me laugh: at 2:45 this afternoon I have an eye test appointment at Blacks & Lizars in Gordon Street, Glasgow. :)

Since so many of us on here don't understand your objections, or at the very least disagree, I am curious what pose you had in mind that was better? Maybe you could quickly fire off a sketch? Many, if not most, villains are sinister and evil, but what was quite noticeable about Terrax's personality was the fact that he was nearly always angry and waiting for the slightest provocation to start attacking people. I think the sculpt captures the fury and aggression of Terrax really well. I'd kind of thought that they'd probably go with an axe-swinging pose (despite the possible packing and display issues) and was pleasantly surprised they didn't.

Deadpool said...

Short and sweet...

Longshot - hate the bloke but like the figure.

Trapster - meh

Terrax awesome work in progress.

Judging by the verbosity of Law's posts I think sometimes it's just attention seeking and the need to be a little controversial ... a little like the loony lefties in the student union when I was at University.
No offence Law-man you do make me chuckle.

Thanks for the feedback on My Dreadfleet ships Ted... much appreciated.

For all those who haven't seen my latest Dreadfleet painted ships - check out my Marvel customs blog.

Bye for now.

Sage said...

Longshot looks great, a very nice figurine for sure.

Trapster looks cool also.

I would prefer Mojo in March but as long as we get him I'd be happy to have Terrax first.

Dan can you confirm that Mojo is officially confirmed for 2012?

Deadpool said...

To reiterate my post from the last thread on New Collections: -

Daniel .....

Future collections: -

How about an Eaglemoss / Games workshop collaboration.

A classic Warhammer collection covering 40K, Fantasy and Bloodbowl would be awesome.

Personally I would love a Bloodbowl only collection providing CMFC scale Bloodbowl figures.
My Skaven (Ratmen) team is our leagues Champion team and I am also developing a Necromantic team too.

Give this some thought, I think the Classic Warhammer collection or Bloodbowl collection would be a huge international success.

You could also, with minimal copyright issues, bring out Elfball teams.

Give it some thought and include me in the process as an advisor.

See ya later ....

mgf said...

Terrax looks OK to me, and when he's painted he'll be terrific, without a doubt.

So Dan, I note dear old Lockjaw has dropped off the special radar despite strong showings in past polls.

Is he felt likely to experience similar marketing issues to Howard the Duck & Rocket Racoon or is he still a possibility?

sed tallis said...

Hey DP , I came across something called Beasts of War out on channel 201 . It is a show about table top gaming, of which you are a fan I believe?
I'm 97.345% sure you are the presenter of said show ;)
Just spotted Devil Dinosaur in the Modok wraparound cover, Dan please tell me a moonboy Devil Dino mega spesh is being considered. That's why he's featured on the cover, just to gauge opinion. Am I right?,am I ???

LAWay said...

DP - i'm a big fan of bloodbowl, loved the tabletop game and bought the computer games too. Really good if you havent got them.

As for commenting for controversy sake, not true. I think if you read the disagreements on the Terrax pose you can see the reasons why I dont like it. Its not as if I am just complaining for complaining sake, but I actually have reasons, in my eyes, why I want it changed and what I would want changed.

I know most people probably dont even read my posts and dismiss it as endless ranting of complaining rather than reading the points. Fair enough. Maybe I am in the wrong here and nothing is wrong with Terrax. Maybe I should do what Robert suggests and whip up a sketch of what I would like.

I would have liked to have seen the sketches for the Terrax production though. I would have imagined the designer would have had fun with it, and hope they didnt just give a comic panel to the sculptor that didnt give him all the information he needed.

Dan The Man said...

Madame Web
Devil Dinosaur
Rocket Racoon and Groot

everyone has their favourites...

and all would make brilliant specials and the CMFC team would love to make all these possible, but we have to try to gage which would (to put it bluntly) sell the most.

We are given the go ahead for 1, 2 or 3 specials at a time. So we can't plan more than that - so we have MOJO, Terrax in production at the minute, with one possible (GM?) still to make. We felt that was a good price balance, and character balance.

We have a rough idea through your polls, but who would sell better Giant-Man or Lockjaw? it's almost impossible to know. So we have to make decisions based on how they fit into the collection - I think we are more sure of a Super type selling than a furry dog (probably why Lockjaw is not considered higher a the moment).

If MODOK and MOJO do well that may open the gates for more exotic looking characters such as Lockjaw/Racoon&Groot/THE DUCK?!!! etc

Fingers crossed eh.

Robert said...

Thanks, Dan, for the additional comment.

The only way to be sure which would sell better, Lockjaw or Giant-Man, would be to make both, sell them to us and then compare the two sales figures... :)

BobDiamond said...

Have you seen those ads in the latest Marvel comics for Thor #8? It seems there's going to be (at least temporarily..)yet another Thor-based character taking over, called Tanarus. Now, I haven't been keeping up with Thor for many decades- accept in The Avengers, so I've got no idea who he is, but it led me to think of a new(ish) game...
Who would your Top 5 Character-Wants be based on existing characters already in the collection?

Mine are:

USAgent (Cap America)
Original Human Torch (cheated a bit there, sorry...)
Thunderstrike (Thor)
Dreadknight (Black Knight)
Marvel Boy- Noh-Varr (Cap Marvel)

And talking of Legacy-type characters..they've just introduced yet another female White Tiger over in Avengers Academy!(That's 3 females and 2 males so far..)
What happened to the Hand- possessed one in Daredevil?? If you know, let me know...ta.


SinisterVenom said...

Superb update Dan, thanks very much!
The Werewolf By Night and Dracula artwork are beautiful. I especially love the Dracula one.
Longshot looks really good too! Clean paint job and everything, let's just hope we all get him in the same great quality.
Trapster looks fab too. I do agree he is a little too pink so looking forward to seeing that altered in the final version of the fig.
Terrax was a nice surprise! I didn't know you were doing him for deffo! His figurine looks incredible! I can imagine the final look of the fig will look outstanding!
As much as I would rather have Mojo before Terrax, I think Terrax should be released first. Mojo is going to be a difficult sculpt to nail so give yourself more time to make him look awesome! :)
Regarding specials, I echo the call for Onslaught. I have wanted this character for years, pretty much before Galactus was released lol. He would make a stunning figurine and I really hope we get him soon. From your list Dan, I would buy any of them, though the ones I would want the most are Onslaught, Madame Web and Hulkling. Also I look forward to news on the website when the person in charge of it returns.

I finish my post with...


As I mentioned the other day, I picked up Karnak this week. The first one I got had a broken hand before I removed any packaging so I was able to get it swapped for a new one. Karnak himself is a good figurine though. The paint job isn't bad, there's one or two mistakes with it in parts but it's not the worst. The pose looks better up front than what you see on here so not a bad figurine all in all.
Next time, we're hitting the waves with Hydro-Man!

SinisterVenom said...

Superb update Dan, thanks very much!
The Werewolf By Night and Dracula artwork are beautiful. I especially love the Dracula one.
Longshot looks really good too! Clean paint job and everything, let's just hope we all get him in the same great quality.
Trapster looks fab too. I do agree he is a little too pink so looking forward to seeing that altered in the final version of the fig.
Terrax was a nice surprise! I didn't know you were doing him for deffo! His figurine looks incredible! I can imagine the final look of the fig will look outstanding!
As much as I would rather have Mojo before Terrax, I think Terrax should be released first. Mojo is going to be a difficult sculpt to nail so give yourself more time to make him look awesome! :)
Regarding specials, I echo the call for Onslaught. I have wanted this character for years, pretty much before Galactus was released lol. He would make a stunning figurine and I really hope we get him soon. From your list Dan, I would buy any of them, though the ones I would want the most are Onslaught, Madame Web and Hulkling. Also I look forward to news on the website when the person in charge of it returns.

I finish my post with...


As I mentioned the other day, I picked up Karnak this week. The first one I got had a broken hand before I removed any packaging so I was able to get it swapped for a new one. Karnak himself is a good figurine though. The paint job isn't bad, there's one or two mistakes with it in parts but it's not the worst. The pose looks better up front than what you see on here so not a bad figurine all in all.
Next time, we're hitting the waves with Hydro-Man!

SinisterVenom said...

Huh? How did that post twice? :S

sed tallis said...

Maestro ( Hulk )
Goliath ( Clint Barton )
Ronin ( Clint Barton )
Tanarus (Thor ). I'm sure he will be a massive star of the MU for many weeks , perhaps even months.
Red Norvell (Thor)
Giant Man vs Lockjaw?? Too tight to call Dan, Best just give us them both :)

tinodragon14 said...

Oh well like I said I mentioned them & they are doomed.
I listed TITANIUM MAN, ATTUMA, MR. HYDE, THE EXECUTIONER, BLASTAAR & THE DESTROYER as specials & DAN THE MAN did not list one of them. Sigh, sorry my villains.

Again I hope TERRAX comes after the Mega MODOK & the double pack N & A Specials. He will be a great regular special & gives collectors a money break before the Mega mojo concoction.

Between GIANT-MAN & LOCKJAW I think GIANT-MAN might sell better with the success of the animated Avengers which he is in & the upcoming movie which he is not but frankly I like both & would buy both. Both have their detractors on the blog. GIANT-MAN i.e. Hank Pym has already been done & LOCKJAW is just a big dog with a tuning fork on his head but I like them both & both have a long history in the Marvel U with the Avengers & the Inhumans respectively.

tinodragon14 said...

Oh Dan would you consider putting a tiny pointy headed Wasp on GIANT-MAN'S shoulder?

Oh Dan did Gene Colan draw the DRACULA cover before he died or is it a past drawing he did?

Oh Dan if you decide to have TERRAX after Mega MODOK & the N & A double pack & then mega mojo would you consider another regular special before the Mega GIANT-MAN.

Oh Dan are you going to keep the destroyed building base for GIANT-MAN. I hope so.

Oh Dan please try not to black out when you get to my comments. Do try & read them.

BobDiamond said...

Oh Tino, what's up man? :)

BTW, quite agree, a tiny Wasp on giant-Man's shoulder would be excellent.


tinodragon14 said...

Oh Dan does THE LIVING MONOLITH or DRAGONMAN have any chance of being made as Mega-Specials?

Oh Dan if you do consider doing a regular special between mega mojo & Mega-GIANTMAN how about ARCHANGEL. He is quite popular & an X character & still relevant in the Marvel U. With his metal wings (of lead) spread out & having him lifted up by a clear peg he will be a awesome figure. Or how about THUNDRA. First female special & you said she had to be a special. She would sell well with the tight fitting big boobed collector crowd.

tinodragon14 said...

Oh Bob D, I'm sorry full of questions & ideas & wish to get them out but I'm fairly new on here though I followed the blog much longer & so I don't know if Dan the Man pays any attention to a newbie when he has his regulars on here who know each other by name & chat about stuff not related to the collection.

tinodragon14 said...

There was a great suggestion by one of the bloggers on here about doing a MIMIC versus THE SUPER ADAPTOID Special based on X-Men issue #29. MIMIC had the X-Men's powers & THE SUPER ADAPTOID had the Avengers' powers. Great idea!

Oh Dan how about a COBRA & MR. HYDE Special?

pirate adam said...

Dan, please dont make Giantman as a special, he is a size changer as a special and also a re-do, both of which Rich said in the past would not be considered, plus Pym is a loathsome character who i hate and if you do make him with the Wasp on his shoulder then my friend Jacadoo may just explode at the thought of a 3rd Wasp

i am all for re-do's in the collection but if its a mega special your after then how about Eternity, Living Tribunal or a Celestial all visually stunning and much more interesting than Hank Poo!!

also GRRRRREAT news about Terrax and he looks amazing


LarryS said...

A Giant Man special would be a giant missed opportunity

John said...

Dan: "Lockjaw/Racoon&Groot/THE DUCK?!!! etc"

I buy every Marvel figurine, so I hope I'm improving their chances. ;) I feel Lockjaw and Howard are ESSENTIAL to the collection, and Rocket and Groot are 2 of my 3 MOST WANTED figurines.

Dan, if it confirms these 2, let me know and I'll personally buy 3 MODOKs. Yeah, I'll throw an extra $80 at you (on a teacher's salary) to get my Guardians of the Galaxy.

deamon82 said...

,,but we have to try to gage which would (to put it bluntly) sell the most"
Movies are main motor to who is popular, and what people want at the moment, You have to use it.
Giant Man in May with Avengers movie.
Madame Web in July with Spiderman movie.

January - twins
March - Terrax
May - GiantMan
July - Madame Web
September/October - Mojo
December - Wendigo (after F4, Avengers, Spiderman, X-Men, would be good tho have MK special, ideal special for the begin of the winter)

In 2013, You will know how the sell looks, and you can give us Lockjaw, Groot & Rocket.
About Devil Dinosaur, he should be in double pack with Moonboy sitting on T-rex. If we have Groot & Rocket in 2013, then Devil Dinosaur & Moonboy in 2014.

pirate adam said...

as far as i am aware Giantman is not in the Avengers movie so no point releasing him to try and profit from a movie


BobDiamond said...

Tino, take a breather my friend...BTW that was my idea about getting Mimic and Super-Adaptoid, so I'm grateful for the support on that one.


John said...

Maria Hill IS in the Avengers movie. This would be the BEST time to release a figurine of her, if ever.

...Granted, there are many others I'd like first. I'm just saying, looking at this in the long run, this would be the time she would SELL the most.

pirate adam said...

missed opportunity with Heimdall then

Robert said...

The movies mean little and should have next to no influence on the CMFC.

Look at the facts. Thirty years ago Marvel had virtually no presence at the box office, and what it had was embarrassingly low budget. Nevertheless, most titles regularly sold around 350,000.

Jump to 2011 and we have a series of big budget films of Marvel characters like Iron Man, Thor, Cap, etc. and the top selling comicbook sells a fraction of that.

If films are so important they should be boosting sales through the roof. But they're not.

Victor said...

A tiny Wasp on giant-Man's shoulder would be excellent.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

First of all, let's clarify that there are 3 separate notions:

1. a REDO means that an existing character is done once again, mainly with the aim to improve on the previous fig. For example, a redo of Captain America with a more muscular body frame and his shield facing upfront.

2. a VARIANT means that an existing character is done again, but in a different costume or incarnation. For example, Cyclops in his classic egg-beater costume variant and Spider-Man in his balck costume (which, let's remember, has been done by EM)

3. an OTHER SUPERHERO IDENTITY means a completely different superhero character, where the man behind the mask is the same.
For example, Ronin (Clint Barton), Archangel (Warren Worthington) and Giant-Man (Hank Pym).

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Broadening the collector's mind
I think it's about time for the CMFC to abandon the rule which excludes Other Superhero Identity
figurines like Ronin, Arhangel and Giant-Man. If it continues, in my opinion it's at risk of
becoming obtuse and detrimental to both the commercial success of the CMFC and its mission to become the most complete exploration of
Marvel characters.

Archangel is possibly one of the most wanted and most stunning figurine that EM could ever
make, and in my opinion it is Archangel who would make the most successful mega special. Considering that EM's production techniques have become so advanced, and looking at how
Annihilus was beautifully made, a similar work in resin could be used to create Archangel's
wings and produce a best-selling figure. I hope EM and Dan will start contemplating Archangel as a special/mega special.

As for Giant-Man, he's not a redo or a variant. He's an Other Superhero Identity, where the design, concept and power sets of the character are so significantly different as to warrant treatment
as a distinct Marvel entity which deserves a place in the CMFC.

LAWay said...

Based on sales, we'd imagine Giant-Man would sell the most purely down to possible casual buyers and Giant-Man/Avengers/general marvel fans picking him up.

Sales could be effected by stubborn collectors who refuse to buy any sort of 'redo'.

Would Lockjaw sell as well? Will the difference of collectors buying the dog compared to casual buyers being giant-man make that much of a difference? And of course, with fickle type collectors, is there any guarantee that they will buy Lockjaw after actually seeing him?

People are saying do both, and I would imagine both would eventually be made anyway, so why not commission a sculpt of each, and sell whichever is the most popular, and save the other one for the next extension.

LAWay said...

Remember Robert, comic sales are affected by illegal downloads and scans, and the amount of comic titles available available to a reader stretches their budget and means they cant read all the titles they would like.

Also, kids have computer games, phones, good tv etc to distract them. Like like your days where you would balance a wheel with a stick or whatever you fuddy duddys did. ;)

mighty_marvel said...

personally i'd say a redo/resculpt is a character done again in a different pose, so a new sculpt is needed. this may or may not include a different costume or identity.

a variant is what we got with phoenix, angel, hulk etc early in the collection. the same sculpt is used but just painted differently.

i'm all for resculpts in the collection. there are definitely some early figures that would benefit.

Kal Brindle said...

Lockjaw or Giant Man?

How about Lockjaw & Giant Man instead?

Maybe we can ask this question on the Forum it may provide some small measure of enlightenment.

I know that I want Lockjaw and Giant Man. But as you so wisely said Dan...I also want Hulking, Box, Wendigo, Misty Knight & Colleen Wing, Howard & Beverly Switzer, a mounted Phantom Rider, Skurge the Executioner and the Living Tribunal. I am sure it's difficult to choose - though please know that I will but whatever you produce..from Millie the Model to Groo the Wanderer; if it's Marvel, I am in for the duration. However, I also know that's not the case for a lot of collectors now. It's going to be a gamble regardless of which way you go - just keep on keeping on and hopefully the cream will rise to the top and more "pickers and choosers" will buy what you decide upon as well.

I'd say look to the sales of Triton, Gorgon and Karnak to see how well Lockjaw will do. A fan is a fan is a fan. If they bought those three characters then their collection will NOT be complete without the giant dog with a tuning fork on his head. Lockjaw will sell to those collectors guaranteed.

Giant Man may be slightly trickier in that some collectors may already see Hank Pym as done and not buy him and still others may think he'd be better represented as a regular, but at some point Eaglemoss has to take the leap with size changers just to see what the marke response will be. There is no better character choice to test those waters than the guy who started it all - Hank Pym Particle Giant Man! If it's rousing success then I'd say the way is clear for Atlas, Bill Foster, the High Evolutionary & Stature to follow.

I do think however that standard sized specials need to come spaced between the megas and double packs to keep our wallets happier. So for every Giant Man, Wendigo, MODOK, Lockjaw, Mojo and Mounted Phantom Rider, there should be a Hulkling, Box, Skurge the Executioner, Titanium Man, Super Adaptoid or Blastaar in-between.

Kal Brindle said...

Sorry for the double post - but I like the pink on Trapster and I also like the way Terrax is shaping up. Longshot looks way cooler than I thought he would too. Bravo!

sed tallis said...

Funny you should mention sales figures Robert, I was looking at sales figs from 1969 The top three were all DC titles with Spidey the highest placed Marvel title averaging around 400 000 in monthly sales. Skip forward to 2011 and some big name titles are selling 25 000-50 000 ??
Marvel have been knocking out blockbusters for over a decade now seen by billions across the globe, yet they have sales figures Caravan Monthly would be disappointed with.
I was trying to think of possible reasons for this.
Kids have so many other choices these days with their smart phones , Satellite telly ,interwebwork etc.
Then I was queuing at the checkout searching for my Tesco clubcard and I pulled out the receipt from my trip to Forbidden Planet , it read Captain America Corps £2.30 , Captain America #3 £3.20........fer one comic?!
These comics are overpriced pish and certainly not aimed at kids. I see lots of 18 to 50 yr old types but rarely kids in these places. Kids ain't mugs ,Geeks on the otherhand apparently are.
Oh and Robert I also spotted Princess Python in Captain America Corps #5. Bloodstone and Princess P in the same mag??? You cannot ignore the signs Dan.

Robert said...

Leigh, illegal scans and downloads are just your generation's version of letting your mates read your comicbooks rather than buy them! Both affected sales.

And, anyway, regardless of other distractions, if movies are generating new readers, sales would go up. Which is not the case.

As for games when I was young - apart from chapping Plato's door and running away - we just patted the mud flat and used our fingers to 'write' in it. Free tip: if you urinate on the mud, it's easier to write on. Just don't eat your jam pieces immediately afterwards.

Ted, you are right. Even when you and I were kids comics were cheap as chips. I love the improved paper quality and printing, though. And that would mean cost would go up (in real terms). Still, the idea of having a few coppers in your pocket and still having enough to pick up a comicbook are long gone and that's sad.

Robert said...

Oh, Ted, sorry I missed Princess Python. To be honest, the mini-series was boring me and I was struggling to maintain even a low level of concentration.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Not really. A character in another superhero identity is not a redo or a variant. It's another distinct superhero deserving to be in the CMFC.

The clue is in the name.
Ronin is not Hawkeye. One is based on a Japanese myth, the other is an archer. Giant-Man is not Yellowjacket. One is a size-changer, the other has powers based on a venomous insect. And so on. Regardless of their civilian identities, these characters would have existed in the MU anyway, as they are such distinctive creations and concepts. The fact that the men behind the masks are the same is just fortuitous.

We should not limit the CMFC to the point where we it will not include amazing characters like Ronin, Archangel or Giant-Man.
And that's my view, folks.

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LarryS said...

Ronin can be made WITHOUT breaking the rule against redos, variants, or other superhero identity.

That's because Black Widow's ex-husband Alexis Shostakov donned the Ronin garb for a time. So did Maya Lopez.

So I say, make a Ronin figurine. In fact, the record will show I used one of my five votes for Ronin in the recent poll.

But the accompanying mag should start by profiling Alexis, and perhaps delve into Russia's role in Marvel history. Then a section on Maya's relationship with DD and the Silver Samurai.

Finally, to satisfy the Hawkeye fans, one of the back-features could cover Clint's stint in the costume.

This solution should satisfy purists and pragmatists alike!

Banshee said...

Sorry for the forcefulness if this post.....Screw Giantman!!! Give me Lockjaw everyday of the week. Give the people what they really want Dan. It's all about LOCKJAW!!!

Victor said...


John said...

PA: "missed opportunity with Heimdall then"

Exactly. And Destroyer. EM goal should be to expand the collector base. How do you pull in new collectors? Look at what groups you're catering to and what other groups you can support without losing your identity.

As I've said many times, the CMFC mostly caters to 60s/70s era in terms of their character choices.

We should also look at who's popular RIGHT NOW, making the news. (A new character comes out in a big way... don't "give it a few years." Do it THEN. Ex: The Hood. He should have been made at the hieght of his popularity during Dark Reign.)

Look at movies, shows, and video games. This lets even the most casual of collectors want your product. I do NOT read DC, but I watched TAS of Batman. I own every Batman character on the DC side. I saw Green Lantern. Now I own Star Sapphire and ordered Sinestro. I'm EXTREMELY tempted to get Kilowog, a veeery expensive character I know nothing about, JUST because he was in the movie and was so cool.

So modern, popular characters, and characters in other media. THAT'S how we can expand the buyer base without turning the collection into something it wasn't.

John said...

Other examples:

I have the Teen Titans because I love the cartoon. I bought Azreal and Deadshot just because of minor appearances in Arkham City. I know I'll want a General Zod once the new Superman movie comes out... and I'd be a hell of a lot more tempted to buy it if it were release at the same time.

MODOK should have come out when Marvel vs Capcom was released. Rocket Raccoon should be out in a couple weeks with the game's sequel. Jigsaw would have sold the best when the last Punisher movie came out. General Ross with either Hulk movie. Even characters like Blackout will find an audience if they were released when YOU BASICALLY HAVE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF FREE ADVERTISING FOR YOUR CHARACTERS. But no, give us characters that haven't been used in 20 years. That makes more sense...

John said...

Thanks for the clarification Blake.

To clarify: I don't want any Redos, Variants, OR alternate superhero identities.

Kal: "I'd say look to the sales of Triton, Gorgon and Karnak to see how well Lockjaw will do. A fan is a fan is a fan. If they bought those three characters then their collection will NOT be complete without the giant dog with a tuning fork on his head. Lockjaw will sell to those collectors guaranteed."


Kal again: "but at some point Eaglemoss has to take the leap with size changers just to see what the market response will be."

Or wait until sales results for Giganta come in, then you can make a decision based on solid data.

Uno Mas: "I do think however that standard sized specials need to come spaced between the megas and double packs to keep our wallets happier."


Blake: "Ronin is not Hawkeye. One is based on a Japanese myth, the other is an archer. Giant-Man is not Yellowjacket."

To me;
Ronin and Hawkeye are Clint Barton.
Giant-Man and Yellowjacket are Hank Pym.

If I put on pajamas or my work uniform, I'm still John. I'm the same guy. I see your side of it, but understand others see the exact opposite... the way I do. Spider-Man in a red suit or a black suit or as the Bombastic Bag-Man or the Hornet, were ALL Peter Parker... and we have him. Let's move on.

Darwin said...

If we talk about Asgardians, I was interested only in buying Thor figurine, but after movie I want even Warriors Three. I don't know who is Rocket Raccoon, but maybe after GOTG movie I will buy him.

LAWay said...

yeh, like I said, peopel cant budget for as many comics nowadays, as Ted stated, £3 a comic is crazy.

Nowadays I just went for the collections, and even then I wait for a paperback version instead of hardback, just to save more pennies. Not sure if as many collections existed 'back in the day', but maybe thats another reason. Its funny, but I think nowadays, Marvel is more popular/have more of an audience/make more money off things that arent comics.


As for making a character for when someone is 'in the spotlight' etc to boost sales, the problem is, most of those characters have already been made.

Rarely do the comics have a big storyline revolving around a character we havent seen in comics in years.

Then you have the logistics of EM confirming they have a greenlight for a new extension, then announcing those characters and getting the product ready etc. I doubt Marvel would release important information like that to EM a year in advance, and I doubt EM can quickly turnaround a figurine to meet something topical. I could be wrong.

tomaszkasjan said...

Today kids prefer watching movies and cartoons about heroes than reading comics, so you shouldn't compare popularity with present comic sale.
Even if Giantman isn't in the Avengers movie, they know he's an Avenger because of cartoons.

Thor8 said...

I totally agree with Banshee Dan,give people what they really want. GIVE THEM GIANT-MAN!!!

John said...

"give people what they really want. GIVE THEM GIANT-MAN!!!"

Ha! I'm not a person, I guess. ;)

fredpostman said...

LOCKJAW,,woof woof
Mr Hyde
Titanium Man
The Destroyer...i would take them all

Robert said...

Hmm. Not sure what to think about the posts here, although it's all very interesting. Honestly, I've read several articles over the years about movies having little or no impact. And sales are not exactly fantastic, even compared to the 1990s, never mind the 1960s or 1970s. The only thing I can say is that most of the people on have mentioned cartoons or games, and not the movies. Perhaps any consideration of the impact of other media on comic sales needs to be more comprehensive and not narrow its focus to include only films. And I'm not sure if anyone has tried to measure that (actually, how would you?). The barometre the articles used was probably very simple: compare the six months prior to a film release, with the six months afterwards.

One thought does occur: if comicbook sales are being boosted, however slightly, by a combination of cartoons, games and films what kind of nick would sales be in without them? For sure, Marvel would be making more lay-offs than they are...

sed tallis said...

Giant Man has to be released for the Avengers movie. Yes I know he is not actually in the movie but I'll wager the kiddiewinks know exactly who he is . My little lad loves giant Man , Nothing to do with comics . Every weekday at 7.30 am on CITV he settles down with his Nutella sandwich to watch Avengers Earths mightiest heroes.
The majority of young uns that go to the movie will know the characters from the cartoon not the comics.
Oh and EM, Kids love The SuperHero Squad Whenever I pop the DVD on the kids are all singing the theme tune, it's genuinely funny. A partwork series would surely be a winner. A mixture of figs and building parts to create a Superhero Squad mansion perhaps??

The Mad Thinker said...

Specials - Next time round :

Lockjaw + Maximus (mega twin pack)

Strong Guy


Madame Web


Man Ape



High Evolutionary

Elsa + Ulysses Bloodstone (double)


Aleta + Stakar Ogord (double)

Enough there for two more extensions at least !!

Thor8 said...

I believe that Blakenewman2002's terminology best describes the difference between a redo,a variant,and a different identity.

For those whom keep on insisting that no matter the powers or ID change if the guy behind the mask is the same then it's a redo; I would add,Dan give us Kevin O'Brien in an Iron Man armor,and Happy Hogan in an Iron Man armor,heck while you're at it give us Aunt May in an Iron Man armor,since they've all worn the suit in the past(except May of course),they are not redo material and can be put into this collection.

Oh ,and Blake,going back to your terminology. It was Scot's brother Havok who wore the 'egg beater outfit not Cyclops.

Giant-Man or Lockjaw? I believe both can be done although I personally prefer Giant-Man first. Lock jaw may turn out a little tricky sales wise, I know his fans will purchase him,but what about the general buying public? Maybe if you pair him up with Maximus it would boost sale probabilities. I'd love a Crystal and Lockjaw double pack,it would give you a chance to redeem yourself for the poor figurine we got of her in the past.(I can hear the anti-redo fanatics screaming all the way here in the Caribbean).

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Hey Thor8
Thanks, yes I meant Havok in his egg-beater costume! Not sure how I ended up typing Cyclops, as I'm a huge Havok fan and know X-Men history pretty well!

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Giant-Man please.
I look forward to this special.
It will also prove that EM have decided that Other Superhero Identities can - and indeed - must be covered. They are not redo. They are not variants. They are completely different superhero ideas from the House of Ideas, and deserve representation in the CMFC.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

The true Marvel historian
In my opinion, the CMFC is a veritable study on the history of Marvel as a house of ideas. As such, CMFC editors need to think like curators of an art gallery or of an encyclopedia. Any important Alternate Superhero Identities must be covered. Allow me a rather eye-brow example and analogy.

A Kandinsky analogy
If I am curating a gallery on the art of Kandinsky, I will need to include his works in impressionist style AND his works in abstract style. They are 2 completely different and perfectly coherent expressions of his personality.
It would be historically inaccurate and obtuse to say 'I'm not going to include Kandinsky's impressionsit works because I've
alreday included his abstract works'. By doing so, the curator would not do Kandisnky justice and would create an incomplete gallery.

Dear CMFC curator
Giant-Man and Yellowjacket, Ronin and Hawkeye, Archangel and Angel are the same case. Different expressions of one same personality, where the result is so different and so important for the concept it represents, they need to be covered. If, like I like to think, the CMFC is the most complete exploration of Marvel as The House of Ideas, then the curators must not limit themselves. They must act as historians, understanding that some cases of Alternate Superhero Identities must be included, just like both impressionist Kandinsky and abstract Kandinsky get included in a museum or an art history book .

Robert said...

After reading your very thoughful and interesting post, Blake, I can't decide between the following two conclusions.

1. You are correct.

2. We are watching you descend into madness.


BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

So... yes, please do Giant-Man.
He's nothing like Yellowjacket, and he's an amazing Marvel idea. The argument that he's Hank Pym and 'we already have him' is a flawed methodology which is detrimental to the CMFC. It's not like we're flooding the CMFC with alternate superhero identities. We're only suggesting that some special cases like Giant-Man, Ronin and Archangel must make it into the collection. I encourage collectors to react less rigidly to this approach, and start seeing that it will benefit the CMFC.

tomaszkasjan said...

High Evolutionary is 6 feet tall guy, definitely regular.

LAWay said...

Wow, well said Blake. What away of bringing the discussion into a high brow argument. ^_^

Well, i totally agree.

Also, with whether comics are affected by movies etc, I think when the movie comes out, like the month of its release, there may be a small spike of an increase, but then these regular marvel fans dont continue the hobby, either because the comics arent like the film that they liked, or because its too confusing to follow which comics they should be buying, or because it is an expensive hobby.

Regardless, marvel makes many new fans from these different mediums, even if that fanbase is only strictly to support that medium, be it the cartoons, games or films.

Question - should the CMFC cash in on this theory, and make figurines based off designs and styles represented in the cartoons, films and games? I very much doubt that they could get the license so easily to make merchandise, but it would be interesting.

Would an animated style Avengers set sell as well as characters like the Recorder, Rocket Raccoon, Paladin, etc? Who knows. But there are fans of these things either way.

John said...

Robert: "And I'm not sure if anyone has tried to measure that (actually, how would you?)"

I did. Like I said, I saw Deadshot and Azreal in Arkham City and the next week I bought their figurines. Before that, I didn't look twice. Now I really want a Hugo Strange, Talia al Ghul, Gordon... basically anyone I saw in the game that doesn't have representation yet.

The Tinkerer is such a big part of Ultimate Alliance 2, that I reeeally want a Tinkerer. And because the game sold so well, I'm sure the general buying public will know Tinkerer as well.

Robert said...

Hi, John. I guess the problem with the articles I read was that they talked about the impact MOVIES have on COMICBOOK sales. Nothing about the impact of games on figurine sales. All I know for sure is that sales of comicbooks are declining and have been for decades. The movies, games, cartoons and toys may be slowing that decline down but they are certainly not stopping or reversing it.

Ah, the Tinkerer. I always liked him. There, you've gone and made me all misty-eyed with nostalgia again, John. Sniff.

pirate adam said...

Blake i have no problem with Giantman making it into the collection, anything to postpone the end of the collection is welcome

i just dont want them to waste a valuable special slot on a character that can easily be done regular when there are many many fantastic character that have to be special still waiting to be made

put him in the regular line up and i'll just skip him like i sadly do with most of the characters these days, i think i am only going to pick up 5 or 6 from the latest extension which is sad because there are plenty of characters to keep me collecting for a long time yet


Thor8 said...

Sorry Pirate,but I can't agree with you on this one. What's the use of having a guy called GIANT-MAN in the collection if he's going to be portrayed at regular height? ( I just know someone is going to mention Ant-Man at regular size).

Robert said...

I would also prefer Giant-Man as a special. We seldom saw him normal-sized in the old Avengers comicbooks, so it would be odd if he was normal size. And like Thor says, he's GIANT-Man. The collection often tries to either show characters demonstrating their powers (e.g., the Human Torch) or give the impression of using their powers (like Dr. Strange casting a spell), so why not show a guy with size-changing abilities changing his size?

jimbob said...

Give us Giant Man,he will look awesome towering over the Avengers.

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

Robert said "The collection often tries to either show characters demonstrating their powers (e.g., the Human Torch) or give the impression of using their powers (like Dr. Strange casting a spell), so why not show a guy with size-changing abilities changing his size?"
Another example being Syrin portrayed showing her ability to mimic the appearance of leftover mince.
Giant Man has to be spesh or mega or not at all. Supersize me baby.

tinodragon14 said...

There is no point to doing GIANT-MAN if he is a regular figure. He has to be a Mega GIANT-MAN if done at all.
I still ask that Dan consider this order
NORTHSTAR & sis two-pack 2012
mega mojo 2012
ARCHANGEL with outspread wings 2012
MEGA GIANT-MAN with tiny wasp on shoulder 2012
Another regular & make it a villain (after two heroes an X-Men & an Avenger) like TITANIUM MAN, ATTUMA, THE EXECUTIONER, BLASTAAR, THE DESTROYER or maybe a COBRA & MR. HYDE two-pack

LarryS said...

if you look at the specials that rotate on the homepage, there are as many animals (Zabu) as there are women (Dagger). OK, this will change slightly with Aurora, but the fairer sex are still lamentably under-represented in the specials list. Time for Big Bertha, perchance...?

John said...

There aren't really any Special sized women people want besides Madame Web...

Don't push for a character just for the sake of it being a woman. It should be character driven.

Now a Misty Knight/Colleen Wing Double Pack... THAT makes sense!

Deadpool said...


My interest in the collection is waning - blame the goons on your Telephone subscription order line.
They are a bunch of [random expletive] morons.

Since I am having no luck ordering nor setting up another subscription maybe I will have more luck UNSUBSCRIBING.

Eaglemoss could end either DC or Marvel and give us a new collection instead - with a subscription service BASED IN THE UK instead of "bongo-bongo-land".

Maybe a decent subset of Redos would rekindle the fire.
Classic Avengers subset would be nice.

My preference to replace Marvel or DC would be 2000AD.


ghost said...

I know everyone has to have the odd character in the collection that they may not be a fan of, but of all the repeats... WHY PYM!

God, hes boring, and even as a Giant he's still dull.

Please don't make him.

On the subject of Pym, isn't he just a mixed up non-powered human drunk who just takes a particle or two that anyone could take?... Can't understand why people want him and yet dismiss General Ross? Is it just cause he wear's tights and hangs out with the Cap?

Momo to Ross: Buy Spandex and start a club with Ms Marvel : )

Thor8 said...

So you don't want Pym cause he's boring yet you want an old army general whom should have retired a long time ago? Now that's classy!

Robert said...

Somewhat of a character assassination. He's flawed but he has redeemed himself with countless acts of bravery.

And, yes, anyone could take the Pym Particles formula. However, it took Pym to invent them - that's why they are called Pym Particles.

As for Ross, he's far less laudable. An absent and emotionally-illiterate bully of a father. He's just as unlikeable all red and gamma-irradiated.

BobDiamond said...

With the same argument, you could state that anyone could be Ironman- because it's just a suit of armour...But it's the brains, courage and resourcefulness behind the invention(s)that makes the hero in the end.


Thor8 said...

Pym may be flawed as most everyone is,but he has brains he's courageous,and he keeps bouncing back and keeps on trying. Those are the makings of a true hero IMO.

To see some of the things he's capable of,take a peek at Avengers Academy.

Robert said...

Totally agree, guys. Even when someone brave and smart like Rhodey wore the armour he never used it to its full capabilty because he wasn't its inventor and didn't (and couldn't) fully understand it.

Jacadoo said...

Dan on many occasions numerous subscribers have commented on wanting a 2000AD collection, could you comment on any potential future collection?

For me 2000AD would be a must have from Sam Slade through to the ABC Warriors and Ace Trucking not to mention Dredd!!

My 11 year old son Jac would force me to buy any Warhammer tie in collection.

Hey you Pym haters lay off - this character has been torn to pieces and reinvented numerous times and we really need a classic member such as Giant Man!

Me yes I admit I would also like Atlas and Bob Foster, but happy to get the original, bbut still not sure of the base......

Robert said...

Jacadoo, did you know they're bringing out a collected edition of all the Blackhawk stories from Starlord and 2000AD this Thursday? I've been eagerly awaiting this for five or six months and hope I get it for the weekend...

Robert said...

Erm, that comment had unfortunate connotations.

Jacadoo said...

Roberto ermmmm not a lot I can say about your last comment!!

One thing though will be posting some shelf porn very soon - new cabinets for the CMFF collection being made to order!!!!!!

Robert said...

Excellent. Looking foward to that, Jacadoo. I also had new shelves put in along two walls in my loft, so I have space for all my comicbooks now. Still to stain them so haven't put any pics up on my blog.

Erm, by "stain" I do of course mean with varnish.

I think I should go to bed now before I say anything else that might get me in trouble.

LAWay said...

Lets not go overboard guys.

Only around 20 people max has mentioned a 2000AD collection.

And only around that many will buy it. Thats why it wont get made.

2000AD characters appeared in a hugely popular toyline created by the makers of Marvel Legends. Many expected it to be huge.

It died after 2 series.

Maybe it could survive a very limited run. If all the 2000AD readers knew about it. But what, they have a fraction of the fanbase of marvel. I cant see it being anything but a massive gamble for EM.

John said...

You guys also have to understand, 2000 AD is really ONLY popular in the UK. Most Americans have never heard of it.

zombiedude13 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
zombiedude13 said...

Personally, I would like to see about 3 new lines. First, a Marvel Zombies line to contrast wiht DC's Blackest Night. It would have a lot of different elements that would push it forward, multiple characters, horror aspects, popularity, etc.
Secondly, I really think Eaglemoss needs to do an Independant comics line with Dark Horse, Image, and others. Can you see getting Invincible and Concrete? Hellboy and Rick Grimes?

Finally, I really believe a great line would be Doctor Who. Plenty of Doctors, Companions, and villains to go around.

ghost said...

I'm prepared to go overboard LAWay lol.

C'mon Dan, twist a few arms and get a 2000AD collection going.

Much as I like Marvel and this collection (Pym excused, some people obviously think he's a classy character (splutters coffee over keyboard) but really, lets face it, he's not)... 2000AD (IMO) is by far the best and original comic available (and the only one that I still buy to this day and not just because I collect it but because I want and look forward to every issue).

It has the most varied and colourful cast around (with new creations appearing constantly) and even the civies are far from plain... imagine the sculpt of a fatty with a belly wheel, priceless (well.. £20 probably).

And if the Yanks haven't heard of 2000AD thats their loss, How can you compete with Disney really.

mmmm... wonder if Winnie the Pooh will get a cape and someone on the Blog will demand him to go with the Duck!!! lol

(as for only 20 people wanting this collection... this is a marvel collection Blog so not exactly the main topic on conversation!)

Jacadoo said...

John if the USA is the comic powerhouse why was the CMFF launch here in the UK?

Just because 2000AD was a UK based publication does not mean it would not be supported - it would be interesting to see a breakdown of global sales and then base if a UK comic collection could survive?

LAWay there have been repeated requests and if you cast your consciousness wider you would see there are numerous blogs and forums crying out for such a collection.

LAWay said...

I do have an open mind and hear what people are saying about 2000AD or an Indie comics collection, but it has been done before and it died a very quick death.

The ONLY character that seems to sell is Judge Dredd.

If you can pull together Hellboy and Invincible, maybe even somehow get in Kick-Ass and Nemesis, you could have a very small run.

I just cant see it working due to its popularity and what has been done before. Merchandise of these comics no dot sell very well.

A series of 1-off specials, like Judge Dredd, Hellboy, Invincible, done as 'special' figurines, or hell, keep it at 6.99, with the magazines explaining the whole universe, these could sell.

However, their supporting characters wont. They never do.

Jacadoo said...

Away is this not the same debate regarding A B and C level characters from this very collection?

Many of the collectors have their own likes and dislikes and subject to much debate, for me the ABC Warriors and Strontium Dog were the stand out!

Must disagree with your comments regarding how the collection would perform, Just based on the size of forums that are crying out for such collection.

But if Dan knows better.........

reindj23 said...

ive been collecting these figures since they were released it in SA back in 2004, I LOVE the series but even i wont spend cash on another Hank Pym related character, Lockjaw, Howard of a racoon. it seems that we're getting to the point where we're requesting figures just for the sake of having more.

but i do love the Mojo and MODOK specials :) terrax looks really cool!

ive always wanted a Maverick figure, hopefully one day!

and just a quick question (i realize that its like 2 years late) but has anyone noticed that the black spiderman on the rooftop is shooting webbing the wrong way? i mean, normally its from the white section on the back of his hand right? unless im way outa touch with spiderman

reindj23 said...
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pirate adam said...

off topic

at 00:15am, after standing in a line for nearly 2 hours i purchased the newest game from the biggest gaming franchise ever, YES i am sad enough to line up and i purchased MW3 for the pricey sum of £45

at 9:45am i returned to the shop to return the biggest pile of sh!te i have ever played and the kick in the teeth is i only got £30 back, so i urge anyone who is thinking of picking up this game to try out a friends or rent it out before you too throw £15 in the pan

so i'll stick to playing Gears 3 with Ted, although he seems to have deserted me lately


Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

I've not deserted you PA , I'm just loved up on arkham City ,bought the Nightwing dlc fer £4, bargain ,didn't even have to que in Asda at midnight ;)
Keep hold of that £30, that will buy you the Giant Man mega and fish supper.
Now that's a bargain!!

Thor8 said...

"It seems that we're getting to the point where we're requesting figures just for the sake of having more." Hmmm,Isn't this the reason why everybody keeps collecting them? Never seen a collection grow by getting less.

reindj23 said...

i get what you mean thor, i think i should have phrased it a bit better, i dont think we should be extending the collection with the specials that we've been suggesting, im sure there are cooler characters out there?

Robert said...

It's true that past 2000AD merchandise has not sold terribly well. Although, part of that may be down to the fact that 2000AD has only half-heartedly tried to sell stuff. I suspect that there is a market in the UK that could support a 60-figure collection. 2000AD has been continuously published since the 1970s and there are loads of people like myself who no longer buy it (I stopped in '84) who would be all over a lead collection of Dredd, Alpha, Rogue, Jim DiGriz, etc. They sell high-end 2000AD props like belt buckles, badges and helmets (Termight Replicas) and reprint collected editions every month or two (Blackhawk is out in two days), so there are people out there who still think "Splundig vir Thrigg", or whatever Tharg the Mighty used to say...

Jacadoo said...

Zarjazz To you Roberto!!!!

tinodragon14 said...

I'm sticking with hoping this collection continues. I ask that the powers that be please do several more extensions of this great collection.

Robert said...

Ah, Jacadoo, one day the Big Meg will name a block after you.

While scoffing down my tea, I thought a bit more about this. 2000AD has not only been around since '77, it has been published WEEKLY all that time. I have no idea what number it must have reached by now - #2000 plus? That's impressive in any language. Between the regular weekly anthology comic and the monthly Megazine, Dredd must have racked up a number of appearances that is comparable to Spidey or Batman. (He's been in every issue since #2, I believe.)

And, also, I am unsure of an earlier comment that non-Brits don't know 2000AD. As early as the mid-1980s there were US editions of Dredd and Strontium Dog (and possibly others). I know because I still own the ones I bought then (they were colour versions of the original B&W strips - ah, you Amerians and your aversion to monochrome!). Also, any American collectors with a cultured palate would have dipped into other comicbook work that wasn't just tights-wearing superheroes. I'd be amazed if there weren't guys on the other side of the pond who'd love this collection, too.

tinodragon14 said...

Oh Dan, I was wondering whether some villains would be specials or could be regular figures. In one of the Marvel U Handbooks
ATTUMA is listed as 6'8" tall
BLASTAAR is listed as 6'6" tall
THE DESTROYER is listed as 6'6" tall
DRAGONMAN is listed as 15'4" tall
THE EXECUTIONER is listed as 7'2"
Now THE ABOMINATION is listed as 6'8" tall but he was a special & BETA RAY BILL is listed as 6'7" tall & he was a regular.

Ken said...

I definitely agree with Johns earlier statement about timing characters releases with big events like movies to increase appeal and exposure of the CFMC. Toy companies make tons of money by marketing products that coincide with a blockbuster movie such as Thor etc.

CFMC lost a golden opportunity this past summer with Thor and Xmen. They could (and should) have released a Heimdall figurine or released Hela and Odin while the film Thor was in theaters! Same goes for Xmen! C'mon Eaglemoss! It seems like you have great artists, sculptors, painters and writers but horrible a marketing department!

John said...

"Lockjaw, Howard of a racoon. it seems that we're getting to the point where we're requesting figures just for the sake of having more."

"I've always wanted a Maverick figure, hopefully one day!"

See, your Maverick is my Rocket Raccoon. Rocket and Star-Lord are the last of my Top 10 FAVORITE COMIC BOOK CHARACTERS. Seriously. Rocket's in my Top 10. Probably 5. Meanwhile, I know and care nothing for Maverick. ...I'd buy him, because I respect all areas of the MU, and I want EM to do really well so the collection keeps coming... but I don't want him. Same thing. ...except I'd buy yours...

Robbie: "2000AD has not only been around since '77, it has been published WEEKLY all that time."

It's still being made?! I thought it was just some thing from ages ago. See, Americans (at least) don't have a clue.

Rob: "Also, any American collectors with a cultured palate would have dipped into other comicbook work that wasn't just tights-wearing superheroes."

That's what I'm saying, exactly! So let's get ourselves Two-Gun Kid, Howard the Duck and Mary Jane Watson.

John said...

Ken: "It seems like you have great artists, sculptors, painters and writers but horrible a marketing department!"

They don't really market anything to begin with, so yeah, why not at least use the blockbusters?

...I would even hold onto Hela until Thor 2 is confirmed and see if she's in it. While you're waiting, rush Heimdall or a Warrior (of the Three) out while they're fresh in young viewers minds.

Or as SOON as you know if... Arnim Zola, let's say... is in Captain America 2, make sure he comes out WITH THAT MOVIE.

We have a few more big B characters that are likely to have movie appearances. Lets use it.

Can we change the order and have Silver Samurai with Wolverine this Summer? Is there enough time. Believe me, sales will greatly increase.

tinodragon14 said...

MARVEL lists
MR. HYDE as 6'5" tall
THUNDRA as 7'2" tall
THE THING as 6' tall
TERRAX as 6'6" tall
ODIN as 6'9" tall
ONSLAUGHT as 10' tall
RHINO as 6'5"
TITANIUM MAN as 11' tall

Deadpool said...






Deadpool said...




Deadpool said...

Is anyone else having problem with the CMFC or DC order telephone service?

I am at my wits end with them.

Deadpool said...

Proposal for a new collection by a fellow collector of mine - Typhoid Mary.

The Wacky Racers - vehicle collection.

Featuring CMFC scale specials of Dick Dastardly, Mutley and Penelope Pitstop.

Deadpool said...

Let's get Blashpemous ....

How about exploiting all those religious types with a Judeo Christian Character collection?

You could have Jesus and the desciples, Mad as a Hatter John of Patmos and even a cameo of Mohammad ... peace be upon him.

Robert said...

I'd just like to completely disown my previous comments on the grounds that John has misused them to argue in favour of the duck and the raccoon.

Robert said...

Oh, one other thing.

For you guys who think that movies are a good lauching pad, there is a second, more faithful Judge Dredd movie being made. So, a Judge Dredd figurine could be released to tie-in with a 2000AD movie!

See, John's not the only one who can 'spin'! ;)

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

Keep getting my balls stuck in Adhesive X. I love Cap's pinball game.
Just received the latest FPI catalogue and they do a better job of marketing the CMFC than EM .
FP's mailing list must be quite substantial ? The CMFC get a double page spread and a 5 star review.
Compared to the eyewatering price tags on some other dolls the CMFC is the bargain of the century.

Jacadoo said...

Miguel well said I think we all loose focus on the fantastic price range on this collection.

I fully accept we all cannot afford specials and their mega brothers but let's celebrate and hope we can maintain syndication of this collection for a long time to come.

My only gripe is the trend of one offs in differing regions, such as angel etc - why do this?

If alternates are going to be made available then extend it to all collectors and not just the few.

Anyway off the soap box and looking forwad to Fridays upday and perhaps a look at stingray...........

LAWay said...

Have you seen pics of the new Dredd film Robert? It looks worse than the Stallone movie! Nothing like the comic at all. He may keep the helmet on the whole time...maybe...but thats it.

Why doesnt EM launch figurines to coincide with movie releases like toys? Because the toy companies have the licenses for the movie, and thus are entitled to secret designs way before the film is released to make the toys and ships them out in time with the movie.

And with these films really only coming out in the summer, its not as if they can scatter them throughout the year.

Next year we will see Avengers and Spider-Man. Unfortunately, all these characters have ready been made (you can argue gwen stacey and maria hill - but would they really be best to promote and coincide with a movie?)

So its the age old debate of redoing old characters, but doing movie versions.

Which some collectors oppose.

Jacadoo said...

Just a quick one - is anybody going to the memorabilia show at the NEC in Birmingham on the 19 & 20th?

Would be great to put faces to names.

tomaszkasjan said...

Beta Ray Bill and Tombstone aren't bulky as Thing or Abomination.
Talking about only tall isn't right argument.

Robert said...

Hi, Leigh. Hadn't seen anything about Dredd. I don't surf much and the only forum I visit is this one, so I am pretty out-of-the-loop with films and stuff. I'd be disappointed if they botched it again after the claims made about fathfulness at the initial announcement of production. The first Dredd film had some great bits (the Angel Gang, the Chief Judge's Long Walk into the Cursed Earth, etc.) and some cringe-worthy stuff (basically Rob Schneider and Stallone). The potential is enormous and it amazes me that other 2000AD stuff hasn't been mined by Hollywood. How cool would a Stront Dof film be? Or the Stainless Steel Rat? Or Rogue Trooper? And so on.

mgf said...

I don't think EM have a problem with movie tie-ins because of other licenses. These are figures so would no impinge on an articulated action line or even statues. I think one of the key USPs of the collection when it launched was that no-one had thought of it before and it was essentially a new source of revenue for Marvel.

The movie Iron Man figure looked fine, but simply didn't fit with the rest of the collection. How could it when a movie's cinema shelf life is measured in weeks if it is lucky. It's the only CMFC item I have that doesn't sit anywhere near the others.

There have been other opportunities EM have either not pursued or have been unsuccessful in their attempts, with Watchmen being the greatest pity.

A proper 60s Pym Giamt Man should be produced for The Avengers movie next year, perhaps initially available as a mail away item, after collecting six vouchers from the main title in good old FOOM tradition. That would boost sales.

A few months later it could be made more widely available like rooftop Spidey.

LAWay said...

Robert - he doesnt look like Dredd and has a chin weaker than a simpsons character. The helmet may be the only thing that looks like its from the comic. While the old Stallone movie was naff and cheesey, you could argue some of the looks of the costume and props etc looked right. But hey, it may please the fans. I think Rogue Trooper was scrapped as a movie, I think it was talked about, but thee is an xbox game of it for anyone interested.

As for movie character licenses...EM would have to get the license from the movie studios to make products of it. Marvel could have all the say, but either way, EM would have to talk to some pretty big wigs to get an agreement to make them, especially to coincide with a release. I would imagine anyway.

Not as simple as seeing the trailer and making a figurine.

@Jacadoo - I usually go to that show, always a good shopping day, but i'm saving my pennies for the mecca of all geek shopping holidays...NEW YORK baby!

Robert said...

Went off and had a look, Leigh. Not sure about it from the photographs, although I was worried about the Cap film too and it turned out great. Thanks for the info. Also slightly concerned by the year delay in releasing it. You never know, it may be fine.

Jacadoo said...

Laway shame but I can see the trade off from wet and windy Birmingham. I'm planning to indulge myself next year, mountain biking in Nevada, co icon and Florida to round things off.

On the Dredd film yes cringworthy as a first attempt but I must admit I do like the look of the new uniform for the next film.

I have the rtrooper game on pc and still play it!

SinisterVenom said...

You are not alone DP, I too have tried on multiple occasions to purchase from the Marvel and DC main sites only to fail due to debit card issues and have also failed to contact them in order to address the matter. Dan has said he will try to contact them and have it sorted so I'm trusting him on his word.
In the meantime, I have noticed the CMFC main site has been updated with MODOK being advertised now. I'm going to attempt to purchase him and hope for the best.

sed tallis said...

On the 19th oh this month i shall be at a family wedding in Kelso, Next year i hope to take the wife and kids to a tea towel convention in Whitby,happy days lads.

LarryS said...
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LarryS said...
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LarryS said...

To Deadpool et al.

I sympathise with your experiences with EM's 'Customer No Service' Department.

I started collecting after the CMFC had been running a year or so. But gave up ordering back issues via the "Customer No Service" department, due to endless problems, and so used ebay instead.

The typical experience was as follows:

1. I'd place an order, and my credit card would be debited immediately (this was the only stage that didn't involve a delay)

2. I'd receive an email saying please allow 30 days for delivery.

As an aside, it must be at least 20 years since I was last told to allow 30 days for delivery. The service industry from amazon to ebay to John Lewis now works on typically 4-7 days.

3. Any attempts to chase up within the 30 days were met with the response: "You haven't yet allowed 30 days"

4. Eureka! 30 days arrives, so I can now legitimately complain. After two or three emails, I'm told "many apologies, item will be sent. Please allow 30 days for delivery" (!!!!)

5. Wait another 30 days.

6. After 30 days (60 days total), can now re-chase. After a few days, told item was out of stock all along. I'm told they'll let me know if and when when back in stock.

7. I say, "never mind, I'll buy elsewhere. Please recredit my card."

8. Told, ok, card will be recredited within 30 days.

9. 30 days later, not recredited.

(repeat cycle)

10. Eventually say, "can't be bothered any longer. Don't worry about recrediting my card. Just give the money to charity"

11. No response. I still wonder whether there was a lucky charity at the end of all that!

LAWay said...

Wow, sounds like some trip Jacadoo! I would have loved to go to the states while a big convention was happening but sadly not the case. Ah well.

Robert - I think the director of Judge Dredd left as well during the edit process. I dunno...the signs aren't looking good, but let's hope it surprises us all, even if it is just to ignite something for a brief 2000AD run for you guys.

Robert said...

Thanks, Leigh. Just as if it was a Marvel film, I'll go see it regardless and support it.

One day I hope Hollywood wakes up to 2000AD, although I am not hopeful considering it took them so long to realise the potential of Marvel properties and adapt them properly, and that's something from the same country...

Jacadoo said...

Actually I did not realise there were so many problems with the production of the new Dredd movie.

I know a couple of yearsago a small uk film company had a go at Slain (you can download for free from I love movie) but please do not blame your old friend Jacadoo for watching this if you don't pull your eyes out first.

Even an animated ABC warriors movie would be acceptable.

Kirk said...

You ask us to buy figurines, but then customers are cheated again.
Cost of MODOK on the left £18.99.
Cost of MODOK on the right should be?
We (customers) asked for paintjob as on promo pics.

LAWay said...

wow, you are right kirk.

the paintjob on the face is unacceptable. All it needs was a brown wash to will in the crevices and add some depth EM.

While you can get away with saying the £1 different in regular figurines is the difference in quality compared to DC, when we are paying this much for a special, it has to be worth it.

I feel you are cutting back alot not for the good of the collection and quality of figurines, but just to make more profit for yourselves.

Keep going, and disgruntled fans wont be there to purchase a poorer quality product, and certainly wont tell fellow collectors about it either.

Shape up.

Robert said...

Wow. I had to look twice to see if that was from the same collection.

It worries me slightly that Eaglemoss charge the same as they charged when this collection started and yet costs have to have risen for them, shrinking their profits. Something's got to give, like increased use of resin and, possibly, reduced payments/ time per figure for painters, which results in an almost inevitable slippage in quality. I know that Moondragon was easily the poorest paint job I have seen and wonder if that is just a fluke occurrence or a sign that the quality is starting to decline. I hope not, especially as the sculpts are still top-notch.

CGJ said...

That looks nasty. The flash on the photo might make it look worse than it does in the hand, will have to wait until my subby one arrives, but if its as bad as that, it will be going back

CGJ said...

As a matter of interest Kirk, what is the lead/resin ratio?

sed tallis said...

Man, that Modok is rougher looking than my first wife. And she drinks meths.Don't be putting anything like that in my subby pack.
Although as CGJ saiys it may look even worse due to to the flashage.

TheTooN said...

Long time guys, hope all is well here :)

I brought up the MODOK issue over at the SHFF yesterday after Sean posted the first 'in hand' pics. 7th's side by side really shows the difference in stark light.

My final words on it over there..

"If EM can no longer make what they advertise (for the money) then they may as well pack in the collection now. Personally I would be happy to pay more and receive what I know they 'can' make/produce.

I didnt want to argue about it guys and sorry if I ruffled any feathers but I wont accept this difference in quality. If my copy comes like that I will return it as 'not as advertised' "

LAWay said...

Can anyone link other people's side by side comparisons? Too lazy to go through all the forum pages I have missed out on since I last visited. Lazy, I know.

I really wonder if the figurine's cost is anywhere near £18.99, but would like to know what the price increase would have to be to get better painted figurines, and maybe its something EM can discuss with the collectors.

At the end of the day we want a good looking figurine. We dont want to have to paint them ourselves which would devalue the collection, and not all of us are expert miniature painters.

If the end result of a bad paintjob is just going to be cheap looking tat, then lets move to collection to plastic and spend more time on the painting, because otherwise all the hard work on these great sculpts are going to waste.

I would pay the same price for a good quality plastic painting the way it looks in the promo pics. If it looks good, I am sold.

But like others have said, maybe its an illusion of the flash, or a 'bad' figurine.

Deadpool said...





To think I defended the collection ,particularly during the Sasquatch resin fiasco.

DAN I have every respect for the job you have done here but the rest of the organisation appears to be in meltdown.





BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Modok or Mod-not-ok?
Modokifications, please!

I agree that the Modok in the leaked picture is disappointing, but it may be just an unfinished job. Modifications are needed:
clearly the face needs a wash of light and shade, using darker paint in the skin creases. It also needs a black outline around the pupils of the eyes. Lastly, the jet flame effect needs to be improved. The advertised version has more protruding yellow flames and more voluminous dark plumes of smoke. Lastly, it seems to me that the advertised version has a larger, rounder head - and this is how it should be. I hope Dan will confirm that the leaked picture does not represent a finished version.

Deadpool said...

I must confess my love for these collections is rapidly turning to disappointment.

Eaglemoss is losing money because of lost sales due to the crap telephone service.

I want to but more figures, I want yet another subscription.

The useless f***ers at the other end of the telephone line (on some distant planet or in bongo bongo land) are awkward as f**k and make it impossible to place an order.

Are they all high on crack or what?

Deadpool said...

Just to clarify I want to buy more figures not but them.

Having said that... maybe the telesales cretins can butt them instead.

TheTooN said...

Just to clarify.

The pic linked by Daemon is a composite of the original EM blog picture and a 'customer copy' kindly uploaded by bansheeseancassidy. (He always seems to be the first customer to receive his copies of new figurines)

To me it looked like the final 'wash' stage was missed completely....

Lazyness ? Time constraints ? A mistake ?

I dont care.....that figurine should never have landed at a paying customers door plain and simple.

I would love to hear a response from Dan/Rich on this.

deamon said...

I didn't link it Toon ;)
But agree with Kirk, and looks like they need better ,,paintjobers".

SinisterVenom said...

For goodness sake! I can't order MODOK because the debit card problem still hasn't been solved! This is getting beyond a joke now EM, I am getting just as annoyed as DP is!
Dan, please tell me you'll have some news about this on the update later? It's reasons like this why EM aren't making as much sales. Sort this out and you'll make more money.

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

Hmmm, subby pack day will be interesting, will my Modok be a hit or a sh*t.
Didn't Rich state a while ago,that specials were where they made most profit compared to the £5.99 regular line?
If this is true they really should be pulling out all the stops to ensure a top quality product .if that Modok is representative of the finished article , then your returns dept will soon be overun And it will be absolute sales disaster . If they need repainted to an acceptable standard I'm prepared to tolerate the delay. This fig is just shy of £20 we should expect it to be of a high quality finish.

TheTooN said...

Apologies Deamon, I honestly thought it was you blogging under Kirk ;)

I love the CMFC and hate knocking it but something must be wrong with QC on the copy we have seen.

I hope to god that it was just a mistake and that others are of a better quality.

If that is the case hopefully EM will provide swaps for Sean's and any others like it.

When are the sub packs due guys ?

LAWay said...

If people subscribed then they wouldnt have to constantly phone up and order the figurines. ;)

Although I am a little behind now. My card expired, so I had to re-subscribe, and now I am a month behind on the figurines.

Hope MODOK gate is addressed in the update. Hopefully they can reassure us.

reindj23 said...

at the great risk of having everyone present throwing stuff at their monitor in the hopes of hitting me in the forehead...i actually dont think the MODOK looks THAT bad, if you take the flash into concideration as previously mentioned, its not that bad. sure it doesnt have the same finish, but id still buy it. in SA the specials are expensive anyway so no harm no foul;)

the kingpin was done brilliantly paint wise but frankly it still looked awkwardly proportioned, Thanos however was fantastic though, i loved that one :) and Fin Fang Foom (even though after reading the mag i lost any love for the actual character)

lets chalk the leaked MODOK up to a slip up and give the guys a chance maybe?

ok, feel free to start chucking stuff...

reindj23 said...

all his purple paint sections are metallic instead of the mat that theyve shown and the flames and smoke are in shadow, so maybe thats one of the reasons it seems like a poor paintjob?