Friday, 11 November 2011

It's a special time!

Wow, don't the weeks fly by!

I only skim read your comments this week, so sorry no direct answers to any queries.

The problems with the main site and subscriptions/customer services etc etc that some of you are having will have to wait for another update as I still have no informed answers to give you.

All I can say for now is I'm very sorry to all of you who are having any problems with collecting this series. I feel very annoyed and embarassed that all the effort we put in at the creative end is not put in all the way along the line.

In a perfect world I could wave a magic wand and make everything work properly, but alas I am only a small cog in a big cockoo clock - so I have no power or expertise to fix these issues. I have e-mailed someone who may have some answers, but we will have to wait and see.

Anyway enough of that stuff, here's some cool stuff...

I was in shock when I saw this - it is absolutely jaw droppingly amazing!
So much fine detail!

Nuff said.

Terrax is comig along pretty good too...

Seemed most of you like him last week - Deadpool had some good constructive criticism that I also initially had myself - but now it looks a lot more finished - I am really happy with it. We often shy away from action poses as it's safer to go for the simple poses - but in this case I'm glad we went down that route. so I think this is a great success.

Very early Giant-Man.....

Again another 'actiony' pose, but I think the character asks for it. The slow stride forward gives him a real stoic presence that hasn't been done in any of the other GM figurines. The views were mixed on the building rubble, so we removed it for the safer option. Still very early but it definitely has the makings of a CLASSIC Mega special.

Paint ammend to Trapster... (now with 20% more purple!)

I did promise the final coloured Dracula cover this week - well, bit of a problem Disney didn't like the crucifix - so it's gone back to the artists for modification - we're gonna change the cross for a stake instead. I know it's blasphemy, but Disney has the last word. I may show the original crucifix version at some point anyway - at least it will be published online!

Here's Toby Whitings colour guide for WBN - As some of you noted the weight distribution wasn't right, so Toby is having to straighted him up slightly to avoid him falling over (and smashing your collection to pieces!) shouldn't effect his dynamism too much. infact it may give him more height presence when displayed with other figurines.

Bye for now.


Hiperion said...

What an update!! Thank you Dan.

I wasn't 100% convinced by Mojo's confirmation, but that sculpt looks top notch!

Trapster and Terrax look great, as well as Jack Russell

Giant Man looks promising, but I've not decided yet if I'll buy him.

Bad news about Drac's cover.

Jacadoo said...

The slow step forward by GM really capture movement and scale please do not change!!!!!

Mojo is a class addition and I worry who I place on the shelf beside him, as they may suffer in comparison.

WBN wow!!!

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

Wow! I know it's early days but Giant Man looks absolutely fantastic,perfect pose . It's going seem an age til i gets me mitts on him.
Mofo is a perfect representation of the character. A character I couldn't care less about , so I will happily pass and give the wallet a welcome respite.
Terrax is shaping up nicely , can't wait to see a propper "real" sculpt of WBN.
Rather excellent update Daniel :)

LarryS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LarryS said...
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LarryS said...

It's now 26 weeks since 181-200 was announced. So hopefully just 14 weeks left until Dan's able to confirm the 201-220 extention...

I have Friday 24 Feb 2012 red-lined in my calendar for exactly that reason!

fredpostman said...

Giant Man has the makings of a brilliant figurine;don't change a thing (is the costume going to be the yellow and blue one?).
Don't know a thing about Mojo but another great figure and Terrax has been a fave of mine since he took on a cosmic powered Dr Doom in FF so he's another must buy.
Lon Chaney jr is another great one (repeating myself i know)LONG LIVE CMFC..
lockjaw for 2012 please.

Kal Brindle said...

What a fantastic update! All of these sculpts look awesome, however it is the Giant Man which evoked my biggest emotional response. I LOVE it!

It is EXACTLY what I wanted to see. He looks impressively imposing and may just become my favourite mega special. I am really glad you scrapped the rubble idea. Clean and simple is best. I'm gonna add Yellowjacket's wasp to GIant Man's shoulder though.

Mojo - wow - who knew you could do that in resin and lead? I am impressed.

WBN - simply fantastic.

Terrax - superb.

Trapster is bang on. Nice call Dan, I thought he was just fine before, but the purple wash has added more dimension to the figure and I am very happy!

Woo Hoo - I am one happy cowboy today! The the only thing that could make me happier would be the announcement of a Box or Phantom Rider special!

Sage said...

All 3 specials look good but Mojo is amazing!. That really is a top notch sculpt.

I'm still hopeful that Warpath or Strong Guy will be coming our way in 2012 also.

Robert said...

Terrax looks great, and Trapster, Werewolf by Night and Mojo all look very good, too.

But - there's always a 'but' - am I the only person who's disappointed that Giant-Man is not bigger? Yes, he varied his height, and, yes, there's a limit to the size of a figurine, even if it's a mega or a special. That said, he's still much smaller than the size/s he generally spent most of the time. I had wondered if they'd make him kneeling so that you could get a really big figure. Instead, they've gone with a slightly awkward and self-conscious swagger. Of course I'll still buy him. Let's face it, I was so keen to get Moondragon, I bought her despite the fact she had been painted by someone in the advanced stages of motorneurone disease. Still, disappointed by his size. The old appearances I remember he was at least four or five times the size of the other Avengers. Maybe I should just go and buy the large Bowen figure...?

Osvaldoeaf said...

Can't wait to get my hands on Mojo!

CGJ said...

Going to go against the grain here but I preferred the other sculpt for Giant Man. I didn't mind the rubble at all and I think this sculpt looks too robotic.

Mojo and Terrax looks well detailed, don't really care about Mojo as a character but will get it anyway

Werewolf by Night looks incredible, can't wait to get him

tinodragon14 said...

Thanks for the great update Dan. Sorry you cannot answer any of my questions though.

The mojo lovers should be pleased with the sculpt.

TERRAX looks AWESOME! Don't change a thing. Cannot wait to see him painted.

TRAPSTER looks perfect now. The added purple worked & I don't know if you toned down the yellow a tad or it is because of the added purple but it looks better as well. I really like this figure now even though I voted for a different costume choice I will buy two. Still don't know where he holsters his paste gun.

Love the stride on the GIANT-MAN figure though I'm disappointed you removed the building but then I liked it so it had to go & I guess the idea of a small pointy headed Wasp on his shoulder fell on deaf ears. Surprise!

WEREWOLF BY NIGHT looks great in color & I really didn't notice the altered position you spoke of.

What! No cross with the vampire DRACULA!?! What is Disney run by creepy religious people? No cigar with J.J.J. & no cross with Dracula is just silly. Political or social correctness run amok.

You may not look at every comment Dan but you do look at certain regular's comments & point them out by blog name when you like their suggestions. Alas I weep for I am ignored by the Man.

mgf said...

Giant Man is magnificent.

There'll bo no sales problems if you keep delivering work like that.

Paibok said...

Going to echo the comments on here really. Wow what an update.

Mojo - Don't care for the character otherwise I cannot deny it is a good figurine. Just about noticed the clear plastic pole up his....
Terrax is coming along nicely, like the action pose, I hope he is the second special next year, followed by...

An amazing Giant Man, totally stoked this to me is the best of the three. Could have gone for the whole crouched to look bigger, but you cannot deny it is a Giant Man. Just a note to Dan if there was to be a variant Blue/Gold or Red/Blue I would be tempted to buy both.

Perhaps the crouched look can be used for Atlas in the future...

Trapster looks as good as ever, and I cannot wait to see WBN in a sculpted form.

Dracula's cover, shame about losing the cross.

mgf said...

Wasn't it Pym as Goliath who was firstly in yellow and blue (Avengers #28), then later (Avengers #53) red and blue?

I might be wr... wr... - no, hold on, I can do it, just wait a second, deep breath... wrong, but I don't recall 60s Giant Man in yellow.

deamon said...

Mojo, Terrax an GiantMan in 1 update, all confirmed, happy Friday.
Mojo just looks amazing, but he needs much bigger base. Those legs can't be behind base just like that.

sed tallis said...

Man, a variant Goliath would have been fantastic. Four or five years ago, when the world was all milk and honey, i phoned up EM everytime one of those variant flyers were included with my subby pack. A red/blue Goliath with the option to purchase the yellow/blue variant could have been a beautiful thang!...still, Giant Man looks as near perfect as i could ever have hoped for.

Thor8 said...

I love this update. All of the sculpts look very promising,hope the finished product of each turn out as great as they are looking so far.

I'm very,very pleased to know Giant-Man will be made. I agree with Robert(I do that alot don't I?) about his hieght,but he still looks good. Would it be possible to move his antenaes a little lower towards the eye brows and going upwards instead of foward? They look like horns instead of antenaes in the sneak peek.

"Wasn't it Pym as Goliath who was firstly in yellow and blue (Avengers #28), then later (Avengers #53) red and blue?"

The answer to this is no. Giant Man first appeared in Tales To Astonish #48 and his uniform was red,black and blue. He briefly wore another blue and red uniform towards his last appearnces in TTA and Avengers before temporarily retiring. When he returned to active duty in Avengers #28 (1966)he doned the blue and yellow uniform (designed by The Scarlet Witch no less) and took up the name Goliath. He then changed the colors to red and blue in Avengers #53.

mgf said...

As Goliath he was first in yellow and blue, later red and blue, and never appeared in yellow and blue as Giant Man, which is what I wrote.

Banshee said...


Dan Mojo looks AMAAAAAAZZZZING!!!!! Any chance we can get a size comparison pic of him next to Spiral and Longshot??

Terrax is also gonig to make a phenomonal sculpt.

And Giantman has thrown me big time. I really wasnt fussed about him but the sculpt is great, a really dynamic pose which captures the characters awesomeness really well.

WBN as I've said before is going be a great. A stand out figurine.

You guys are really stepping up your game the longer this collection goes on. And lond may it continue!!!

Dr Headache Rushing said...

Giant Man looks awesome, would like him a little....... taller though? Love the slow walking pose.

Really, really looking forward to Dracula and Werewolf BN, got a thing for the horror figures. Just need Frankenstein's monster now to round that series off.

The Mad Thinker said...

Giant Man looks horrible , please change. The sketch looked better than the sculpt.

The Mad Thinker said...

Red white and blue all the way for Giant Man too !!

Bagman said...

Great update, really liking the look of Terrax its good to have another herald in the mix.
Giant-man is looking good as well would like to have seen him next to another mega special for comparison though.
WBN -- that sculpt gives me hope that we may see Frankensteins Monster some time in the future.
As for the crucifix if you turn it horizontal and move the hand to the edge of the page you could tell Disney it's an X , or are they going to try and re-do the alphabet as well?

michal9402 said...

Great blog update. I love Mojo and Terrax sculpts. Gigant Man looks really good too and that pose is fantastic. He looks so natural.
I still can't wait to see new women like Mirage or Wolfsbane.

Thor8 said...

mgf: I re-read your first comment,and yes your right. Sems I read it too fast and misunderstood your point,sorry about that amigo.

pirate adam said...

Mojo - i couldn't care less about

Terrax - simply amazing

GiantMan - words cannot express my displeasure, an absolute waste of a mega special, this has really ruined my day, if there is one thing good to come out of this travesty, is that it may open the door to other variant/redo's

Trapster - not bothered

Teen Wolf - is missing his basketball

a very disgruntled, PA

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...

Good to see so many legendary long-term posters like Thor, Jacadoo, Ted, Adam and MT on here today. And also the return of the world's greatest detective, Bagman F.F.F.

Slightly worried, though, that the only person agreeing with me about Giant-Man is MT. Actually, change "slightly" to "very".

Still unsure about G-M's pose, though. Don't people lean forward a little when they walk? He's unnaturally straight, I feel.

Anyway, where's my Yellow Pages? Let's see. Property Development, Property Management, Protection, Psychiatrists, ah, there, we go.

sed tallis said...

Dan,many thanks for the sneak peak of the Bloodstone magazine, Really stoked about this one.
What is so wonderful about the Giant Man pics is that they almost look like animation cells , he looks like he's moving??. that pose is soooooooo cool don't dare change it.

pirate adam said...

what a nice touch Robert, i read your deleted post and thought you had fallen out with me but then haypresto my name magically appeared, you put the smile back on my grumpy face

cheers mate

a slightly less disgruntled, PA

sed tallis said...
sorry my cut and paste is a waste of space

Robert said...

You can buy the monster-lady's bean-bag at Argos.

Robert said...

Couldn't leave you out, Adam. I just checked the Yellow Pages because my Friday night brain doesn't have enough functioning parts to think of alphabetical services leading up to psychiatrists. That's why there was a delay and I didn't notice your post.

And it's funny. I don't know if anyone is the same as me, but the folk who preceded me have a certain status that no one else has, even the really great newer guys like Bagman F.F.F., John or Toon. I can't explain it.

Kal Brindle said...

I too would buy a blue and yellow Goliath variant in addition to a Red and Blue Giant Man.

Think about it Dan.

The pose is bang on for me as well.

Dan The Man said...

Hey tinodragon14!

I do read your thoughtful comments.

Rich and myself considered your query about the gun holster on Trapster - but when we looked at the comics reference - we couldn't find a holster in that costume - so we decided not to add one.

Thanks anyway.

I also agree about GM height. but that's pretty much as big as we can do 'em - he will be similar height to Sentinel. We will also look at the antennae position. The colour design will be as he first appeared - i believe red and blue but that's just off the top me 'ead. We also considered the crouching pose, but figured standing tall to be best. yes he looks a little awkward/stiff, but I view him like Dr. Manhattan when he grows and walks thru a city he must be careful not to tread on anyone!!! so he would alter his movement to insure stability? I'm 6' 5" and often look awkward when walking into a room full of kids/dogs/people/CMFC figurines.


Dan The Man said...


I'll put it forward.

Robert said...

Hi, Dan!

The image we have with Creel does not make G-M look anything like as big as a Sentinel. Or is it just me? I'll go and check. Appreciate the comment anyway. I am being somewhat unrealistic about the size, I know.

The sculpts of late have been almost universally superb and I hope that my comments do not appear to be random negativity about the CMFC.

sed tallis said...

Dan said"I'm 6' 5" and often look awkward when walking into a room full of kids/dogs/people/CMFC figurines."
Funnily enough Dan i'm 65 and also feel awkward and self conscious in the scenarios you mentioned.

Robert said...

Guys (especially the old-timers like me), article on Bill Mantlo on CBR Comics website. Warning, it's pretty heavy stuff and hard to read. More tragic than anything you'll read in a comicbook, unfortunately.

Good night. God bless Bill Mantlo.

deamon said...

Sentinel has 15cm.
GiantMan looks like 12,3cm.

Dan The Man said...

ok will check with sculptors on size of GM - agree we need him big as possible!

Robert - appreciate all comments positive or negative! your eye for detail/quality is always helpful.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

A peak of sculptorial genius, proving once again that EM can create exquisite works of Marvel with a surprisingly accessible price tag.

Amazing. Possibly the best sculpt in terms of how the pose is capturing the essence of the character. With a high-quality paint job, this special can become as awesome as Thanos.

Totally love this one. It's got a unique style, almost as if it was part of a vintage sci-fi collection
and I think he'll be outstanding, like the acclaimed Adam Strange
in the DC collection. For some reason, I find them in the same league.

Eat your hats, all you lycanthrope haters! This is one of the most stunning, dynamic figs in the CMFC.

Gigantically superb. Quite simply, this character is unmissable and is a dream come true for those who aspired to completion of classic Avengers.

Personally, I don't see it necessary and I suspect that the majority of collectors will simply buy the variant they prefer, and not buy both variants. Or at least that's what I know I'll do. I will only buy the costume variant I prefer.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

The matter of the size... is it really important??? Considering that even a cosmic entity like Galactus could not exceed the max EM mega size, I don't see how this is more of an issue with Giant Man who is a size changer after all! Sure, a few inches taller would be good, but it's not a big deal for me. In fact, personally I'd prefer it if mega specials did not have to reach Galactus size, as to me he symbolises an approximation of cosmic size (compacted into a CMFC format), a size that should be/should have been used only for other vast cosmic entities.
But I guess that's just my idiosyncratic view, innit?

jimbob said...

Great blog Dan.

Mojo is looking fantastic.

Trapster is spot on.

Terrax is spot on.

Giant Man is the highlight of the day.It's going to make such a different to the collection to have a size changer.Visually superb!!

Make him taller please EM and variants would be good.Just like what Bowen designs have done.

LAWay said...

What an update eh guys?

Mojo is looking fantastic. An awful lot of detail there! Would be great to see a side by side comparison with any other character, but he looks superb.

Giant Man looks amazing. Can't believe we are seeing a preview of this guy already, but very glad. I imagine when complete, he will be mind blowing. I like the idea behind the stance and think it makes alot of sense. When you watch movies/cartoons. read comics of giant characters, they are often standing straight as they tower over things, if anything, to exaggerate their size.

I do agree with Robert that all? Can't you make him like, 20% bigger? He doesn't look like he will be bigger than Galactus of Sentinel, and he has to be at the very least, the same size as them.

And while the variant idea is exciting, in today's economy, I dont think I could afford to splash out on 2 different versions. I would hate for sales to be affected because of a variant, with maybe one getting bought more than the other, or collectors choosing not to buy either out of principal. It would only look bad on the character choice, with people saying 'redos should never have been made'.

Werewolf by Night, like I said before, I was proved so wrong on that call saying it was a rubbish choice as he looks amazing. Cant wait to see a sculpt. Best thing about digital sculpts is that they dont take as long to edit, so glad the position got tweaked.

Trapster looks ok.

Still not 100% convinced on Terrax. I thought I was the only one to criticize the sculpt. lol But the detailing has won me over slightly. Maybe the paints can win me over more. I would still like to see abit more bend in the elbows and the left wrist, and lower the head slightly to be facing the 'viewer' more, but hey.

Great update.
One small step for EM, one giant leap towards redos. ;)

Deadpool said...

Thanks Dan for the update.
I am a passionate supporter of this collection and a subscriber of Eaglemoss on every collection since lord of the rings.

For info leigh, I am a subscriber. I simply want more figures and another subscription.

If you need a "consultant" to turn Eaglemoss around and resolve these problems, I have a little spare time in February 2012.

I asure you Eaglemoss is simple compared to my normal line of work.

The creative side seems to be in good order.

Giant Man is absolutely superb and I look forward to seeing the painted version.

Were Wolf by Night neesds a darker ink wash over his fur, but again he is superb.

Mojo ... meh.

Thanks again Dan.

Deadpool said...

Well Tall - Ted..

If we are comparing sizes then I have to admit I am a wee lad at 5'7".
I am as hairy as Logan and about the same build.

I've suffered loads of injuries and breaks (including fractures to my skull a couple of times), but alas I dont have the healing factor.

At least I have a few impressive scars.

cya later

Thor8 said...

My opinion is that the Giant-Man figurine should be red and blue. His light blue and yellow costume did not have antenaes(originally) and he wore gogles and his ears were uncovered,so this figurine does not represent Pym in his blue and yellow Goliath costume. I'm planning on purchasing 2 of them and just change the colors on one,remove the antenae,add goggles and ears and I'l have my Goliath figurine.

Oh and Robert if you check my previos post you'l see that I did agree with you on the height issue.

ghost said...

Mojo looks incredible, I character I know very little about but a sculpt that will take centre stage (paint job permitting!).

Giant man looks out of scale with the size of the base? He actually looks small on it and only looks big when compared to Drax next to him. At least Sentinal and Galactus occupy their space well.

Not fussed about Giantman at all, I agree with his fans that the pose is good but very disappointed in his inclusion, I hope however this now opens the door to remaking a more dynamic Hulk... and if you don't like that idea you know how I feel about the Giant Man being made.

On a positive note, Jack and Terrax looks very promising too!

Very disappointed in Disney (again).. No Cross!!! I don't know, can't smoke, can't burn Vampires, what's a 20 a day Athyist to do these days.

Robert said...

Hi, Thor. It wasn't the height issue I was referring to, it was the pose. At that point, only MT had agreed. Later on even Dan agreed he was a bit stiff and awkward. (Behave yourself, Ted!) It's a minor quibble, though, and I'm just pleased he's in the collection. Like most folk, I'm nit-picky with the figures I'm keen on.

P.S. I was always partial to the yellow and blue Goliath costume, so like Thor I am planned on buying two Giant-Men and modifying one.

navaho said...

OMG Dan, where do I start.....firstly Giant-Man looks great, his pose is indicative of someone who has to be aware of what his stepping on, first rate, very stoic!

Secondly, Terrax looks like he's sprung directly from the comic books, my favourite special yet, amazing.

Thirdly, Mojo looks very very good even though I have no idea who he is and WBN is going to knock people's socks off!

Although I disagree with Disney's stance on the crucifix I can understand their sentiment, religion is a prickly subject these days fellas.

One final thought guys, the only thing that will keep this collection alive is the quality of the merchandise, at present this is possibly the best in terms of sculpt design I have ever known.

Well done all at EM and Dan, pat yourself on the back buddy, you've earned it.


Jacadoo said...

Gents off topic just want to save you all some money (so you can all put towards this collection).

Under no circumstances go to see the new file Immortals..... It is the biggest load of overacted tripe put onto the big screen!!!!!

What's worse i paid for exclusive seating, drinks etc and no change out of £70 later....... I was trying to pull my eys out.

Sorry if not central to our beloved collection but I had to share.

Oh Padam fully moved in and I start on Hemdall tomorrow, no charge as you have been so patient - expect in post next week!!

Robert said...

Thanks for the tip, Jacadoo. As a huge "300" fan, I was unsure whether or not to go see this.

And as for this 'Tippety-Toe' Giant-Man explanation, I have to say it's not a convincing argument. When you are carefully stepping around children, pets, or buildings if you are huge, you look DOWN. Giant-Man's head is held high and he is looking STRAIGHT AHEAD.

sed tallis said...

Ooooooh. Robert you are such a picky pants. As some fella in Cap Corps #5 said to some other fella " Robert, you would complain about a sunny day" ;)
Loved 300 Spartans when i was a lad, Richard Egan was Lee yon ideas.
Oh,and DP 65 refered to my age not my height....short arse ;)

dallen238 said...

i have no interest at all in mojo but the sculpt looks to be great quality,over the moon with terax and especially giant man who look great in the action poses

to Pirate Adam
i cant believe you only like one out of all those on offer today,either your a miserable so and so or your just not a marvel fan.

Mblu6 site said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mblu6 site said...

Giant-Man was essential in the Marvel Universe.

I really want the rule of not having the same character twice.

But Giant-Man was the only real exception to it!

Mblu6 site said...

in eaglemoss stroy ..... there is already an exception to the female;: wasp

seem right to have a male .....

Who better than her husband's historic Pym?

beautiful Giant-Man

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

EM should do these 2 characters, and not just Giant Man in 2 different costume variants. As some other bloggers have explained, the blue & yellow variant is Goliath, but he needs a different head with goggles and no antennae. If EM could do a variant sculpt with the correct Goliath head, then we could really have both Giant Man and Goliath. It's only in this case that I would buy both figures. In fact, I'd be delighted.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Pls reposition Giant Man's feelers
Dan, would it be possible to re-position Giant Man's feelers (aka antennae). They should be rooted in the area slightly above the gap between his eyes. Currently they are too high on his head, like horns, and their roots are too distant. I'm sure you were planning this correction anyway? Thanks for the fab sneak preview.

Thor8 said...

I did find the Giant_Man pose to be a little,I don't know,plain? Didn't mention it before because so many others loved it I thought it might just be me. The feelers should be repositioned as I mentioned before and Dan said he'd look into this,and if he can be made a bit bigger it would be grand.

Deadpool said...

Apologies Ted, I must have misread the post and thought you were freakishly tall.

I should have realised you were in fact freakishly old.

Ear trumpets, capstans and commodes for all.

From now on Ted Sallis will be known as Father Ted.


Deadpool said...

Oh of course I mean Grand Father Ted.

LAWay said...

I think EM could win collectors over if with redos at the moment because the sculpts are looking so good.

Surprised use with a few sculpts of old favourites like a classic iron man, bucky version of captain america, jim lee version jean grey etc...and see the compliments flow in. ;)

mighty_marvel said...

and don't forget 90s jim lee rogue laway

LAWay said...

there are way too many to mention mighty_marvel, but I believe if EM sculpt them, the collector's sense will come. ^_^

Robert said...

Never mind the Bucky version of Cap, what about Bucky??!! We have a Golden Age poll and what gets voted for: Namora! I ask you...

Variants we should get first are Classic Shellhead and Classic Beast. Followed by Classic Captain Britain!!

tinodragon14 said...

If you can squeeze a tad more height for GIANT-MAN that is fine with me Dan. I have to agree with others about his antennas. They should start lower like eyebrow level centered towards the nose flowing out & up not sticking out forward. They should be thinner. I still think you should reconsider a tiny pointy headed Wasp on his shoulder. The stride does not bother me but then I liked the building. His original costume was blue & red. I think if you did him in his GOLIATH outfit as a variant with his yellow & blue outfit & a different mask without antennas & with the yellow eye covers also with the yellow belt design that would be great & I would buy both.

TheTooN said...

Spot on Robert. Love to have 70's IM/Beast for a classic Avengers plinth.

I guess I'm in a minority actually liking Captain Britain in the CMFC ? Wouldnt say no to his original costume though.

Just bought the Marvel Universe 3.75 comic 2 pack and love him. Why he came with Spidey is still a bit of a mystery though :)

tinodragon14 said...

Oh Dan with the fine work done on WEREWOLF BY NIGHT I think you should do FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER as a Halloween special next year. He is listed as being 8' tall in the Marvel U.

Oh Dan I still think you should do an ARCHANGEL special with his metal wings spread out & lifted up by a peg. I think he is a very wanted X-figure & would sell well & would look awesome. You could fit him inbetween mega mojo & Mega-GIANT-MAN.

NORTHSTAR & Aurora two-pack
X-Men regular special ARCHANGEL
Avengers Mega Special GIANT-MAN

Robert said...

Hi, Toon. I suspect the Cap B-Spidey two-pack is a nod to the fact that the good Captain's first US appearance was in MTU #'s 65-66.

Robert said...

Had a wee look on eBay and it is indeed a reference to MTU #65. Doesn't make any refernce to this being Cap's US debut but pretty sure that is right.

TheTooN said...

@Robert - I dont doubt you for a second mate, I was having a snark at the fact I must have 15+ MU 3.75 Spidey's already.

Hasbro are good like that :P

Honestly, I guess they were apprehensive on sales without an 'A' lister in there to back him up.

LAWay said...

@Toon - come on man, doesnt the 2-pack come with the comic where the two appear together? lol it is called the 'comic series'.

And actually, there havent been many spider-man figures produced in the marvel universe range. I think its only 3...the original spidey in one of the first series, then there is 1 in each comic series 2 packs.

It does suck though as they usually put him or one of the ones they have already released in with a character really cool and not done before.

I picked up Dr Droom, Dr Strange and Scarlet Spidey the other day. Great figures!

Oh, and as for wasp and giant-man, would is be possible to have wasp flying around hank? Probably not cos it would involve some sort of plastic to keep her up...but just a though.

Robert said...

Ah, now I'm with you, Toon. And here I thought I was being helpful. :)

Actually, Bagman F.F.F. told me about this months ago. I only remembered in bed last night. I was going to buy it and then I thought about comicbooks I'm missing instead and the money was almost magically gone...

TheTooN said...

@Robert - You are always helpful matey :)

@LAWay (off topic)

I collect MU 3.75 obsessively even when it pains me to stump up cash for repacks and slight variants.

I haven't counted them recently but I'm sure I have 5+ variants of the original 2009 sculpt (all varying shades of red/blue and released in everything from Spider Man and Friends to the Target 2 packs) and at least 3 or 4 of the Secret Wars black Spidey one just for starters.

I love Spidey but as you say he gets chucked in all over the place. Throwing him in with Captain Britain seemed a little bit cheap.

I know I'm an oddball but I couldnt care less about the comics that come with them. Would much prefer Hasbro released everything as singles so I didnt have to suck up endless repacks and variants to get a new figure.

There is a lot to be said about EM's redo's policy ;)

Dr Strange is an awesome figure, I still dont have the Astral variant yet but its on its way to me any day via a mate in Hong Kong.

Doom was ok but is a repaint of the Secret Wars comic pack version so didnt do much for me.

Unmasked version of Doom for next years Marvel digital subscription (whoopy do...) Will be the first year I dont bother with the digital subcription only figure. (I pay the $60 to a friend in the US and dont get to read anything as its not available outside US/Can)

I just picked up waves 15 and 16 plus the last 2 waves of comic packs on hols and love them for the most part. Quicksilver is great and the new Daredevil/Bullseye body is a great improvement.

Sorry for rambling about plastic guys !

As for the update its very impressive.

I'm not a fan of MODOK but if its well implemented (and painted) then it will find a deserving spot on my shelves.

Terrax is looking good so far.

Giant Man - Chuffed to bits he is in and I would buy 2 versions of him if made available.

Not trying to be critical for the sake of it but something doesnt look quite right in his stance to my eyes.

Not sure if its the way his upper body is twisting back with his right shoulder in the background.

I like that he's in a walking pose but the torso twist and the right hand are a bit odd looking from the all important front facing view.

I appreciate you couldnt answer comments directly last week Dan.

I hope you can find some time to investigate the MODOK paint query for us this week ?

Should he have had a 'wash' on customer copies ?

You guys on the creative side do some amazing stuff and it must P you off when we grumble.

I'm sorry to do it but if the end product doesnt meet standards the collection will suffer.

Thanks for the update and keep up the good work.

LAWay said...


Fair enough man. I forgot about the spidey and friends boxset, and alot of series are slow to come out in the uk. I also wasnt counting the spidey variations like the house of m spidey, black suit, and iron types.

Of spideys classic suit, in the regular series, it appeared twice, and even then there was a slight colour variation. Same sculpt I know. But then hasbro did release the same figure in the comic packs more frequently so probably why I you so many if you get all those. I skip out on them because they are expensive and I already own a spidey...just look on ebay for anyone selling them as singles. ^_^

It is a great range though, I'm sure there are over 100 unique characters, and then on top of that redos and variants of characters.

I think EM should take note. And things like the 'comic series' is something they could take advantage of for 2 packs. The could re-issue old sculpts and repaint for a cheap alternative for 1 figurine like Hasbro does on occasion and supply a new, more obscure character that might not make the collection otherwise. The magazine can cover as much backstory about the newest character as they want, if they need to fill, they can rest on the popular character to fill pages, and if they get approval, print the original comic or at least part of it inside too.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

ARCHANGEL back in the game.

Looking at the Mojo sculpt, there is no doubt that EM's art dept and production techniques are reaching stellar levels. Only a year ago, I would have been unsure about the feasibility of such intricate sculpt in the CMFC.

I had first glimpses of new great possibilities for the CMFC when I saw Annihilus. A complex design, beautifully executed with expert use of resin to create his wings. And now Mojo, amazing work.

Clearly EM are now in a position to produce an awesome Archangel figure. The mechanoid details all over his body and the war jet-like wings are no longer a production challenge.

You can do it, EM. I guarantee that Archangel would be one of your best selling specials. Dan, please can you consider Archangel as one of the next specials.

LAWay said...

good shout blake.

Make it so EM.

sed tallis said...

Hey Dan. Listen i don't want to sound like Leigh, aka mr picky pickerson. But?....looking at the side on image of WBN ....look at his leading leg...from knee to ankle it looks like poor jack has suffered a compound fracture to his tibia and possibly fibula.
That's gonna smart when he reverts back tae human......just sayin is all

Robert said...

Ah, Ted, my good friend, would it be picky to point out that you told me off for being picky before you were picky yourself tonight?

pirate adam said...

Hi Jacadoo

i thought you had forgotten all about Heimdall and i didn't want to pester you about it, cant wait to see it now

thanks pal


LAWay said...

maybe i should create multiple accounts with that new nickname eh? I could annoy so many more people that way with agreeing with myself.

SinisterVenom said...

Wow, great update Dan! Also your apology over the problems on the main site is appreciated but not necessary, it's not your fault after all as you continue to give us great updates every week! This is why I trust you when you say you will try to talk to the people to get the debit card and customer services situations sorted :)
Right, onto the figures! Mojo first and he is going to look absolutely incredible when finished! If he looks this good at this stage already, there may not be any need to wait longer to make him perfect, he already is! Soooo Mojo before Terrax maybe? ;)
Speaking of Terrax, he is coming along nicely too! The pose is unique and you can see the detail is done really well too.
But what's this? A THIRD special??...Giant-Man!? My word Dan you are giving us a treat aren't you! And just look at's just an epic win! It's a pose that works for him and hasn't been used yet. I hold my hands up when I say I wasn't too fussed about Giant-Man before but now I cannot wait to get him!
Trapster looks so much better in this colour. Totally works for him. Werewolf By Night looks awesome too, I still can't get over how amazing this figurine is!
As for Archangel, I'd really love to see him but there are plenty other specials I'd rather see first like Onslaught, Madame Web and Shadow King to name a few.

BobDiamond said...

There's a new Specials Poll over on the Forum, now that Giant-Man (ya-hoo!), Terrax, MODOK (yee-haaa!) and Mojo have been confirmed. You get to choose 5 possibles...
I went for:
Black Goliath
Dragon Man
Super-Adaptoid (My must-have)

Who would you guys pick??


promo1965 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
promo1965 said...

My List:


Black Phoenix (Phoenix entity)

Brood (queen)



Robert said...

1. Volstagg
2. Titanium Man
3. Lockjaw
4. Drax (from Infinity Gauntlet era)
5. Ulik

tinodragon14 said...

I voted for
DRAGONMAN - 15'4" tall
TITANIUM MAN - 11' tall

Robert said...

Skurge is 7 foot 2?! Really? Oh, change my Ulik vote to the Executioner then.

mighty_marvel said...

i voted for

madame web

tinodragon14 said...

The heights I listed are based on Marvel U info. I'm not just making them up.

LOCKJAW looks to be leading the pack so far.

Nice to see DRAGONMAN, THE EXECUTIONER & TITANIUM MAN getting some votes.

If a voted good guys alone my choices would be
A-BOMB (Rick Jones)

Dr Headache Rushing said...

My votes:

Frankensteins Monster
High Evolutionary
Living Tribunal
Titanium Man

Robert said...

Tino, I wasn't implying you were making the heights up. I was surprised, that's all. I believed you: that's why I changed my Ulik "vote" to the Executioner.

And, like you, Tino, I'm chuffed to see Titanium Man get some love. He should have been made yonks ago.

SinisterVenom said...

I placed my top 5 specials on the forum yesterday. I chose:

Madame Web
Shadow King
Titanium Man

Check it out Tino, Robert, another vote for the T Man :)

Hiperion said...

My votes went for:

Dragon Man
Skurge, the Executioner
Titanium Man

So yes, another vote for T Man :D

LAWay said...

I put my money where my mouth it and did a quick edit of the Terrax sculpt reflecting my picky points.

Hopefully you can see what I meant visually and can give your thoughts on whether I had a case, or if I am still totally wrong. ^_^

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

My votes for specials:

Super Adaptoid

Big regulars
There are a few more that I love but think that they can/should be
regulars: Hulkling, Psycho-Man and Heimdall. After all we've had huge regulars like Crimson Dynamo and Blackheart, and I think their sizes would be ok for Hulkling, Psycho-Man and Heimdall. Maybe even for Attuma and Blastaar. What do you guys think? What does Dan think?

LAWay said...

After what EM say, I cant imagine anyone remotely over muscular and tall being a regular figurine.

After doing Giant Man, I would love to see Atlas to sort of book end the two giants.

If not:
Man Spider (aint ever going to happen - so Doppelganger as replacement)
Red Hulk

Let it be known...I would be more than happy to switch any of those for an archangel.

SinisterVenom said...

I've gotta say, I am absolutely loving the fact that Onslaught is getting more and more votes lately!
Could it be that the special I have wanted pretty much since the collection began might have a great chance of making an appearance soon!? I sure hope so!

LAWay said...

what version of onslaught would you prefer? Would it be a deal breaker?

SinisterVenom said...

Well there are two versions I can see being made. This is the one I would want as I think it would make an outstanding figurine:

Saying that this version would look cool too. Here's the other one:

Maybe we can get your thoughts on Onslaught too Dan? Would you like to see him in the collection? And what version could you see being made?

tinodragon14 said...

I not sure I mean with a limited number of specials if
ATTUMA - 6'8" tall
BLASTAAR - 6'6" tall
THE DESTROYER - 6'6" tall
MR. HYDE - 6'5" tall
have to wait to be a special I'm not sure they will get done with tough competition in the special category. Each is a classic villain & are big bulky bad guys so they could be specials but height wise they might still fit into the regular figure category giving them a better shot at being done. I guess that's Dan's call but what do you guys think. Specials or Regular figures??

LAWay said...

Yeh SV, I would prefer the top one myself. :)

dont forget to check out my terrax edit. ;)

Robert said...

I like what you did with Terrax, Leigh.

LAWay said...

hurrah! cheers Robert.

I was hopefully that hopefully it made my points that I expressed clearly, and people could see the potential in the changes, and maybe even think it was an improvement, or could at least see on some basis why I would prefer it more.

Would love Dan to see it and see what he thinks, but they are probably too far down the line and couldnt tweak it at this stage. But personally I can hope.

TheTooN said...


I think the head tilting down a bit looks better for sure. He looks 'at us' rather than skywards. Maybe that was intentional in EM's sculpt though ? He is looking for Galactus....and a fight probably ;)

Left elbow is also an improvement.

Credit where its due for taking the time to show the reasoning behind your earlier post.

Robert said...

Had a better chance to look at Leigh's modification of Terrax and, while I still really like the EM version, I think on balance I prefer Leigh's. I was unconvinced by Leigh's criticisms, but now I have seen the images, I have to hold my hand up and say I was wrong to disagree.

By the way, FP are selling a book called "1001 Comic Books to Read Before You Die". Who's on the cover? Spidey? No. Batman? Uh uh. Supes? Nope. Who is it? A certain Judge Joseph Dredd.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I like elements of EM's Terrax sculpt (his head looking up at in the sky, I find it very evocative) and elements of LAWay's Terrax version (the way he's holding his lance closer to his bust, and the pose of the other arm). Can we combine the best of them? ;)

CGJ said...

My 5 would be

Dragon Man
Mr Hyde
High Evolutionary

TheTooN said...

@ LAWay - I counted em this afternoon.....sad I know but it was bugging me :P

Including all versions/variants I have 15 Spideys ;)

I guess Hasbro would struggle selling a Captain Britain comic pack with the Fury though eh !

Who would go better with him in a 2 pack ? Anyone know ?

LAWay said...

Ah, glad I could convince people and show that i wasnt just bickering and being picky for the sake of it and could back up what I wanted to say and win others over to some degree. Even if EM dont change it, I am happy my point is clearly put across and people understand what I meant. :)

Toon - have the seen the 3 pack of 'captains' they are releasing? I think it has Red Guardian, Cap america and a captain britain *cough* ultimate.

15?! Really?! That many!? Wow! I guess there are 2 black suit spideys, iron spidey, scarlet spidey, iron spidey, house of m spidey...I cant believe there are over 10 regular costumed spiderman figures surely!? I only counted 2 in the regular waves, and 2 in the comic series, and the extra one in spidey and friends.

Then again, if you are collecting ones that havent come out in the UK yet, then I may be behind slightly.

TheTooN said...

@LAWay - Yeah saw that 3 pack. iirc its a K-Mart exclusive but never been a fan of Captain Britain outside of my timeline ;)

Also it isnt part of the main line so an easy skip for me.

Pic of the 15 Spideys on top of their MU wave/3 pack/comic pack bags.

Looks like there were 7 releases of the first sculpt.....And all 'slightly' different to extract maximum return from us 'anal' 100% collectors.

Now I'll have to check Wolverine Iron Man and Thor :P

LAWay said...

wow, yeh, you have been stitched up man! lol 7 or 8 spideys there, and hardly that much different really.

how come you keep them in bags instead of on display? dont you want them? lol

Robert said...

Toon, with all those Spideys you'll be able to re-enact the Clone Saga.

TheTooN said...

Never actually read any clone stuff but I get the point ;)

My CMFC collection is at 20 plinths now and takes up the lions share of my display space so the poor old Marvel Universe stuff is opened, posed, admired for a few days then bagged.

I only keep the Gigantic Battles and Masterworks figures on display along with a few Diamond Select and Legends.

I just bought 15 DC Direct Blackest Night figures on holiday and they have eaten up the last of my display space.

Something about the whole lantern thing has got me interested in DC for the first time in 30 years.

Maybe its the fact these Black Lanterns look like Zombies ?

I was also on EM's DC BN website last night and might dip a toe in there.

I'd love to see all the MU 3.75 out but it wont happen in my current place.

I need to kidnap Roberts loft :)

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

Tut, tut EM.
Just received my plinth, even tho I never use the things, it's my way of supporting this once in a lifetime collection.
and how do you repay dear old Ted??
By sending me a Hydroman fig that has been painted by Stevie Wonder on a pogo stick !
The paintwork was so awful it took me a couple of minutes to realise half the water spikes were broken off. And where is Modok?
Breakages I can accept , shite quality paintwork I won't

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

Where's Modok?
Just twigged, subscribers are receiving their plinths this month, So i can see why he's not in this pack ,and if he had an all to familiar slapdash paintjob, then I fear the sight of a £40 bill may well have been the last straw.

LAWay said...

What do you mean 'subscribers are receiving their plinths'? Are EM giving us free stuff? (admittedly, useless plinths)

It is confusing that they offer so much if you subscribe. What is to stop you subscribing after 1 year, resubscribing, and getting the free gifts again?

And if that is the case, when people's cards expire and collectors sign up again to keep the subscription going...why dont they the free gift again?

More importantly, to keep subscribers longer so that they dont abuse all the free stuff and opt out after a short time, why dont EM offer an annual free gift?

(and i dont want to hear more international buyers complaining or those who worry about breakages of whatever. its a question to address the subscription service and the gifts they already provide.)

Robert said...

"Painted by Stevie Wonder on a pogo stick."

That was the funniest thing on here in yonks.

Word verification (I kid you not): "mangld." How apt.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I bought Hydroman today, and he's a splendid figurine. The paint job is practically perfect. Particularly the water effect, which is skillfully painted with lots of color nuances and details.
I'm very pleased.

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

My spirit soars for you Blake, in the paintjob lottery you purchased a winner.
Just received my final BN figurines, lovely paint jobs to boot!
But why no Special?? My display will forever be unfinished. I had planned on bookending my cherry picked DC figs with my two BN plinths ,but noooooo , that would be too bleeding much too ask for , pull the plug on the collection why don't you and leave a gaping hole where the final special should be.
I did enjoy the articles on the marvel b+w mags from my kiddyhood Monsters Unleashed, Dracula Lives ,Savage Tales etc.......highlight of my subby pack...warra revoltin development.

Banshee said...

Hi Dan,

A new poll opened up on the forum after your epic update last week. It's a Specials poll on who the guys in the forum would like to see next.

Lockjaw 39
Atlas 26
Archangel 24
Strong Guy 20
Wendigo 20
Hulkling 19
Warpath 19
Skurge The Executioner 18
Volstagg 18
Madame Web 15
Blastaar 14
Titanium Man 14
Ch'od 12
Rockslide 11
Shadow King 11

To be honest I just want you to see how popular Lockjaw was and get him on yours and EMs radar. Any chance?? :)

Robert said...

Nice to see Volstagg at the top of the forum poll with 1,790,560 votes.

BobDiamond said...

Hi Ted,
Here's an idea- why don't you put the Anti-Monitor Special in the middle of your second BN plinth. He has a sort of link to the Yellow Lanterns I believe.
(I don't know much about all that BN/BD stuff- only the info from the mags themselves. The figs have been dead cool however.)


Robert said...

So, tomorrow, what about a wee bit of info on Gamora, Dan?

SinisterVenom said...

...Or perhaps an early sculpt of Deathbird or Hela? ;)
Also will tomorrow also be the day Dan updates us with what's happening with the debit card and customer services problems? Or even better, news that it has been fixed?
And will Dan give us his opinions of having Onslaught in the collection as a special? Also what version would you prefer?

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

Thanks Bob, that will be just dandy, If I had a cigar and you liked cigars ... Er .. I would give you one.
Gamora will be one of the more...anticipated? sneak peaks of the collection thus far.
Really hope we see her.

Robert said...

If we can't see a sneak peak of an early-stage Gamora, I'd be more than happy to go with SV's idea of Hela.

Bagman said...

Sneak peeks for me ---

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

Those geek rawk gods Kirby Krackle played at the SDCC. I will always be grateful to them for explaining the workings of Hal Jordan's ring ,through the medium of guitar based rock.
They played " Who watches the Watcher" . Their after show excesses are legendary .An insider at the after SDCC party said "all band members were involved in a marathon session" .They read seven graphic novels and a copy of Wizard each, before slipping into their pyjamas and passing out at around 11.46 pm.
Man , it's a young man's game.
Dan may surprise us yet again, and produce sneak peaks of Gamora. Yondu, Hela, Bloodstone and Firelord.

Thor8 said...

Just a couple of questions.

1) What ever happen to Angel,the guy who won the last comp? He had never posted before he won and he has not posted after either.

2)Once upon a time a long,long time ago,Rich mentioned that he was busy with a special project. I don't recall him ever mentioning it again or ever revealing what said project was.

Hope we get an update today(and a very good one at that).

LarryS said...

Thor8 -

good point.

Next time, how about having two competition winners:

- the first is selected at random from all entrants
- the second is selected from regular bloggers on this site (I'm sure a suitable criterion could be devised).

Personally, I'd be more enthused to see a character chosen made by one of the regular blogging crowd (even those I've crossed swords with ocassionally - - mentionaing no names), rather than some anonymous stranger...

Banshee said...

Why should the regulars on here have priority over anybody else??

If those are the rules then why not regulars on the forum too??

Everybody should have a equal chance regardless if there on here everyday or once a month.

Robert said...

Gee, not afraid of controvery, are you? :)

I appreciate your suggestion, Larry, but really can't agree with it. Even though such a comp is probably my only chance to get the likes of the Recorder or Pip, it would be unfair.

I can only imagine that the forum went into meltdown when your suggestion was first mentioned there...

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

It wouldn't matter if the comp was blogger only, I would never win due to my tag as the world's unluckiest man.
"How unlucky are you Ted?" , Well i fell into a barrel full of t*ts once and came up sucking my thumb, that's how unlucky i am.

Joel said...

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