Friday, 25 November 2011

I've seen the future...

...and it's Spider-man 2099!

Here are some preliminary sketches done by sculptor Dene Mason (yesterday and today!), so we are still working through them to achieve the best result - we want him to be different to the existing Spidey figurines we've done - with more action and spideryness! which is difficult when he has to be attached to a base and not to spread out or crouching!!! but, I have faith in Dene.

Again these are just ideas from which to bounce off and see what works and what doesn't..

head changes: Much more handsome and slicker antennae:

cover sketches from Andie Tong:
Can you guess which one we went for?

The de-volution of a cover:
Here's a little look at the stages of the Dracula cover.

We always wanted to use Gene Colan, so we searched through the reference at our disposal and found two sketches we thought could work...

I then made a mock up of the cover combining the two sketches which we could present to the inker Cam Smith - he did an amazing re-creation from Gene's sketch.

We then sent to Chris Blythe for an amazing colour job. we were happy.
Disney were not. They didn't like the Cross! we went all the way back to the ink stage and gave him a stake instead - not as strong as the cross but still pretty good.

Final colour version coming any day now.

Question time:

We are 'thinking' of our next commission 'Wiccan', as he's quite detailed I was thinking about a nice simple standing pose with cane.
I'm not well versed in the fella, so I wanted ask would anyone be against him in this costume and pose? (maybe have his arm up a bit in a fist?)

All the best. Dan


mighty_marvel said...

think i quite like the fifth spiderman 2099. it's difficult without more detail though and the images are pretty small. hopefully we'll see some better ones to choose between soon.

reckon you went for the fourth firelord cover. it's the one i'd have chosen anyway.

improvements on giant man are good. a top notch job.

no objections at all to wiccan looking like that.

any news on the possibility of changing wolfsbane's hair. still think it needs to be longer (in a ponytail) and red. would make her look more feminine.

just wondering if there was a nico minoru cover yet? would love to see it.

michal9402 said...
this is best pose for Spidey. I'm waiting to see women. Will we have to wait so long?

Blog Master Dan said...

RE: Wolfsbane
As I recall we ran a poll and that costume with that head/face/hair won out - I'm happy with the costume and pose in general, but I am willing to look at the hair again.

Nico Minoru cover will have to been from existing Marvel art (budget requirement) - I may use the Mystic Arcana cover she graced.

buffduffdan said...

Personally I'd leave the cane for Wiccan and go for something more like:!.jpg or even

And please don't have those Thor/wing ears on the one you comission ;)

The cover for Dracula is looking great. Shame Disney objected to the cross but not that surprising I guess!

Giant-Man is looking better. All 5 of those Firelord covers look cool but I'd put my money on B (or maybe C :P)

As for Spidey 2099, I think I like D best ... failing that then A. I have a feeling B would look odd when done in 3D and C is a little plain IMO!!

buffduffdan said...
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mighty_marvel said...

totally love the costume and pose for wolfsbane. the polls on the forum chose that costume and mid-transformation features. don't think the hairstyle was specifically included. it's fantastic that you listened to our input on wolfsbane and i thank you. would just like her to look more feminine (and scottish!) also her hair was longer in that costume

Anonymous said...

C pose for Spider-man 2099 would be ace

Osvaldoeaf said...

Thanks for the update, Dan..I always look forward to fridays and you never disappoint!

Bob said...

Back at the Firelord sculpt from last week. He needs to hold his cosmic fire staff at an angle instead of jusr vertical. That pose looks to bland in it current form. Every other image of him has him holding it either with both hands like a weapon at an angle instead of like a plain pole.

fredpostman said...

Thanks for the update Dan;Giant Man is looking great.
Just received MODOK and i think he looks brilliant.
I would have chosen the 4th cover for Firelord,and Wiccan looks fine to me though i don't know much about the character.
LOCKJAW FOR 2012 please..

Deadpool said...

Spider Man 2099.
Heroclix did an awesome figure where he was standing on a piece of rubble - check out the image on my Marvel customs blog.

Do the complete base in Resin to keep the cost down.

This would make an awesome companion to the special roof top spidey.

MGF Nico Minoru was a disappointment when I saw the sculpt.
She looks like she is bending forward slightly in order to emit an almighty FARRRRT!.

Michal, nice to see another straight guy has finally arrived in the blog. I concur ... bring on the Babes.
Start with SHI...

Bog Monster Dan, Produce wolfsbane exactly as she is in the sketch.
You creatives have her spot on for a great figure first time.

Homo eroticism from OLAF as he thanks Dan for pleasuring him each friday ... sounds like we need more info on that one.

Bob , I wholeheartedly agree about Firelord, provided he is depicted in a hovering pose similar to Adam Strange from the DC collection.


mgf said...

Disney didn't like the cross, but approved the stake? Priceless. I read once they have the fourth largest navy on earth. Dunno if it's true.

Bill Hicks was right about marketing and advertising. It seems Marvel are more in thrall to the suits now than ever, and that's saying something.


GM looking good, and another vote for Lockjaw in 2012 please! Perhaps the suits could do a deal with Winalot...

Deadpool said...

I have a rather radical suggestion.

Why don't we, the Marvel Fans buy out Marvel from Disney in an effort to rescue the company from it's inevitable demise.

We need to replace the Mickey Mouse Management that is poncifying every character and destroying the brand.

I of course would have the "Stan Lee" role with hand picked "best of the best" bloggers in the other key roles.

I would obviously nominate Robert, Ted and BD as my creative directors due to their combined encyclopeadic knowledge of the genre.

Kirly could be head of promotions and advertising and SV could do something sinister with the girls in the copy room.

I could even find a spot for Dan the Bog Monster.

Let's dig deep guys and buy the company out.

I have a spare 6 figure sum that I could put down, and if we combine the contributions of the other collectors it will be a done deal.

Ducks, Mice and Pooches should not be running this publishing Icon.

Kal Brindle said...

Great update Dan. I'm fine with any of the Spiderman 2099 poses. Love the Gene Colan art for the Dracula cover (even with the Disney changes). Giant Man looks better for his eyebrow trim. Thank you.

Wiccan. I was hoping for a spell casting pose like his Mum (the Scarlet Witch), but a static pose is fine if it's done well. The headgear is wrong though IMO as he has not worn the Thor wings on his headband since he changed his name from Asgardian to Wiccan. His headband is simpler in that it's a simple coronet, however it is inscribed with celtic (?) designs. I'll look for apic and post it.

Thanks for asking for feedback on him though.

Kal Brindle said...

More like this...

I'm not fussed about the staff either way as I think he dropped that too when he became Wiccan.

Deadpool said...


If anyone is reading this from the inland revenue... ignore the last post, it is of no interest to you.

Deadpool said...

Kal I was rather disturbed by your reading list.



John said...

"The headgear is wrong though IMO as he has not worn the Thor wings on his headband since he changed his name from Asgardian to Wiccan."

Dan, please reconcider the costume choice for Wiccan. Like Kal said, this is the wrong look.

The Young Avengers made their first appearance based heavily on other Avengers characters, where Wiccan was going as The Asgardian. However, this only lasted an issue or two. It would be like if the only Daredevil we had was yellow. Use the current costume. ;)

Deadpool said...

If we have to have Wiccan then keep his as you've shown him in your sketch.

Th Asgardian look is best.

Spooky verification word is : -


This is clearly an omen.

PS Kal, i would have expected Midnight Cowboy to be one of your favourite films.

Just kidding, one of my friends is of a similar persuasion and he is a great guy and I imagine you are too.

John said...

Wiccan's one of my favorite favorite characters. Please use the right costume. These basically show the costume, not necessarily good poses. The two costumes are almost exactly the same, minus the wings. ...The wings look cool, but they're not Wiccan.

Deadpool said...

I prefer good figures rather than being purist.

I understand your desire John but you can always file the wings off his head.

Robert said...

Huge improvement with G-M's face. Well done.

Not too fussed about Spidey 2099, although I did buy his comicbook when it came out and still have the whole series. I think I was more fond of Peter David's writing and Rick Leonardi's art than the actual character himself...

The second last Firelord image is probably the one chosen.

Looking forward to Gamora next week. Can't wait.

P.S. DP, if you've any sense you'll give the Creative Director role to Bob. Me, I'd just wipe out the last ten years or so and pretend they never happened. Starting with raccoons torturing mad titans...

Deadpool said...

Robert I like you're style, you've passed the interview stage.

PS I finally got around to looking at your collection images on your blog and must admit you have an amazing fortress of solitude.

Addiotionally you are a great painter and modder too.

Keep up the good work.

Deadpool said...

Bog Monster Dan, may I ask a serious question?

What is the modelling medium used for the master sculpts in this collection?

Is it some sort of two part epoxy clay or is it an oven bake polyclay like Super Sculpey firm?

Blurred View said...

I'm a fan of S-Man 2099 and the Young Avengers, so I'm real interested in this blog post.

I really like the fifth and sixth poses for Spider-Man 2099 the best. The sixth is the one with the cape being blown in the wind. Both look like they'd be able to show the talons on his fingertips too, which is kind of an important detail of the character I would like to see int he sculpt. I'm really excited to see how this one turns out.

As for Wiccan... well, that's not Wiccan. It's Asgardian. That's the heavily Thor inspired look he had when the Young Avengers first debuted. As Wiccan, he doesn't have the winged headpiece or staff anymore. I'm glad you asked us about this so the mistake could be caught in time. It would have been a real shame for our first Young Avenger to end up getting made incorrectly. I do like the idea of giving him a simple pose, though. His costume is interesting enough on its own that he wouldn't really need an exciting pose.

The cross problem with the cover was pretty ridiculous. But I'm not really bothered by the change either. It still looks good.

tinodragon14 said...

Thanks for the update Dan.

GIANT-MAN's face improvement looks good. Well done guys.

Love the DRACULA cover work with the cross. The stake cover looks fine to. Disney is weird. Like a stake is a lot less violent an image then a cross. The cross is being used to fend off EVIL not marry him ya silly mouse.

Robert said...

Considering your own creations, DP, I'm more than flattered by your comments on my modest little hack jobs. Still don't think you should employ me, though. :)

My "Fortress of Solitude"? That sounds suspiciously Brand Ecch to me. Can we call it my Sanctum Sanctorum instead? I had new shelves put in a month or so back, so I have space for all my comicbooks now. Soon as I stain the new shelves with varnish (probably over the Chistmas holidays), I'll post some new images.

Hope to see the likes of Bagman F.F.F., Jacadoo, Bob, Thor and Adam on here later.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Please base the sculpt exactly on the image you posted. It's awesome.
And please include his cane. It's a distinctive visual element. I'm a massive fan of Young Avengers and I look forward to Hulkling and Patriot too.

Again, I love the image you posted but I feel the figure should have the tall, pointy hairstyle which makes the character much more iconic, in my opinion.

More and more amazing with each improvement. The antennae should bend a bit more backward following the contour of his head. It'd make them less fragile too.

I think you'll go with cover E.
It's also my favorite of the lot.
I can't wait to see a sneak preview of this figure. Next herald: Airwalker, please! A fascinating character that would make a stupendous figure.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

But hey, yes, I agree that Wiccan should not have a winged helmet. Just the headband/coronet he's wearing these days.

tinodragon14 said...

I like the second FIRELORD drawing the least so I figure you picked that one.

The drawing for the weakan I mean wikkian or rather the wiccan character probably does the best with what little you have to work with.

I agree that Spidey 2099 should be a more active figure but I need a bit more then the sketches listed to decide.

I think the Wolfsbane drawing combines all of the vote choices including the costume choice & the desire for a human/wolf combined look. Her head hair is short but reddish in contrast to the rest of the hair on her body. I think it works well.

John said...

"I understand your desire John but you can always file the wings off his head."

Or, you being the master customizer that you are, it would be much easier for you to ADD wings, and give the fans of the character... the actual character. ;)

C in the 1st image (bottom right) is my favorite for Spidey.

A and E are my favorite Firelord covers. E is the most dynamic, while A shows off the character the best. They're all good though.

mtravis390 said...

So did Disney give a reason as to why they wanted the cross removed?

I know that if EM was a US company then you'd be hearing all the "political" news channels(Fox and MSNBC) talking about this.

I not to picky on Wiccan. I like his early look when he first came out, but he hasn't had the helmet in some time. So I'm not going to pick a side since I know EM will go with the opposite. ;)

Spacey4 said...

I don't think Wiccan should have the headwings. That was his costume back when he was Asgardian- he changed that name and ditched the wings, and the figurine should reflect that- also they're kinda lame.

pirate adam said...

firstly, Ted, your M.O.D.O.K is ??? well words cant describe its awsomeness, the detail on the wrinkles in the face are just amazing, how the sculptor managed it is beyond me

now to this weeks update

GiantMan - still a SH!TE decision to make him a special and still annoys me every time i see it

Firelord - cant wait for him, all the covers are excelent

Dracula - shame about the cross but still looks good

Wiccan - dont care

Wolfsbane - dont care even more

Spidey 2099 - i dont know what you can do to make him look dynamic, everything Spidey does is either upside down or web swinging, maybe a web shooting pose would look good


BobDiamond said...

Ahhh....a Creative Director of Marvel Comics...thanks DP!
What a dream job that would be! And working with the likes of Ted and Robert- never a dull moment I'd imagine....(bad news for X-Fans however :))
A few new titles that would have to be introduced straight away...
'The Cosmic Adventures of The Recorder'
'Bloodstone and Company'
'Fun With Princess Python'
'The New Warlock and The Infinity Watch'
...and The Flag Ship title..
'Bob Diamond and The Sons of The Tiger!'

( What's that they say about absolute power??...)


Ps...Ted would have to wear his MODOK costume full-time in his new post...and all our little helpers would have to wear those cute AIM bee-hive helmets..

Robert said...

My first act as one of the triumvirate of Creative Directors would be to bring back the "Stan Lee Presents..." on the splash page of every Marvel Comic.

Even mentioning the great man's name should boost the shocking quality of the company's present-day product.

BobDiamond said...

You know, you're right there Robert...'Stan Lee Presents...'had a certain guarantee of 'quality control' about it.


sed tallis said...

First on my list would be regaining the publishing rights from the REH estate , So that Conan & Co can take their rightful place in the CMFC.
I am filled with genuine excitement at the thought of Giant Man towering over my Avengers section. Glad you replaced Man-Bull's horns with GM's antennae.
I consumed some delicious chicken liver with Scottish Heather honey pate.. Never noticed how many weeks out of date it was. The bottom has quite literally fell out of my world.I can feel another round of pebble dashing coming on.

LarryS said...

Bob -

I fully support the launch of the proposed 'Bob Diamond and the Sons of The Tiger' ...

... IF you support its companion title, 'LarryS and the Daughters of the Dragon'.

Mandatory team sauna to unwind after every victory

AMARON said...

The cross is a symbol of light, Dracula is a creature of the night. Did Disney miss the point of reference? Makes you wonder why Mickey and Minnie never had a litter. Why do American Companies feel the need to push their religious right ideas on the rest of the world. Jesus, a cross on the cover of Dracula will not make me think of GOD or Southern Baptists. The Disney execs need to get a life.

Robert said...

"You know, you're right there Robert...'Stan Lee Presents...'had a certain guarantee of 'quality control' about it."

Well, I may have been rash with my first edict: I think they were still using that intro in the 1990s, so it didn't exactly ensure decent stories or art! I still miss seeing the "Stan Lee Presents...", though.

The Mad Thinker said...

I like all of the sketches for spidey.

I'm sorry but Disney are idiots if they say no to the cross on the front cover of the Dracula issue.
The stake looks crappy !!

Going back to the topic of re-do's can we please re-do the following characters ?

Storm - White costume
Beast - Larger scale ape look
Cyclops - Blue + yellow costume
Rogue - 90's costume
Ice man - Makeover job
Cable - Makeover job
Quicksilver - Running pose
Captain Britain - Makeover job
Mystique - White costume

X-men mini sub-set of re-do's ?

mighty_marvel said...

i'd be happy for redos to pop up every now and again in the main collection. 2 or 3 in every 20 maybe. but if a subset is the only way a 90s x-men set seems the most logical to me.

an initial 8 to begin with:

cyclops (blue/yellow)
beast (ape)
jean grey (blue/orange)
rogue (short jacket, yellow thigh boots)
mystique (white costume)
storm (white costume)
wolverine (tan costume)
cable (bigger and better)

plus an archangel special

Anonymous said...

I'd prefer the Wiccan figure to be in his recent costume as opposed to the 'Asgardian' one in the pic above. There's already a figure of him in that get-up, and it's a fairly old costume now.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

His current look, please. He wears a coronet. He's seen holding his magic staff in his current look, also, although less frequently, so that'd be correct Marvel canon.







deamon said...

,,we ran a poll and that costume with that head/face/hair won out"
Wrong, we choose costume from 90's X-Factor and hybrid body, there wasn't poll for Wolfsbane's face, but we wrote few times, we want her preety as woman.

Bagman said...

First up, Ted's M.O.D.O.K has to be one of his best custom job's yet, way up there with Sasquatch.

Giant-man,big improvement on the face.

Dracula cover looked much better with the cross and i think it should stay, if i remember rightly Disney had a problem with Bowen Designs Goblin Queen as well, must be the let's not ofend anybody policy.

Firelord -- would go for cover E.

To the(new) Marvel exec's i'm applying for a job i have $5 Aussie dollars spare will that get me in?

sed tallis said...

Asgardian looks like a self conscious teenager at a fancy dress party. Do that other feller instead..wot's his face?...Wiccaman.I remember them filming that when i was a tiny tot.
Right i'm off to pay over the odds fer an unfktup copy of Hydroman cheers EM .

Robert said...

Bagman F.F.F., can't help feeling you'd be a distinct improvement over me, so I hereby relinquish my duties and appoint you my replacement, effective immediately.

However, like Chief Judges taking the Long Walk into the Cursed Earth, I leave one order: that the CMFC get a Recorder figure made.

Enjoy your new role.

Robert, former Creative Director.

P.S. Your secretary is a bit of a cutie.

Bagman said...

Thanks Robert, first creative decision finish the original G.O.T.G. line-up and then complete the new line-up!!!!.
Damn i'm all Creative Directored out, this is hard work, i may have to go for a liquid lunch.....

Robert said...

Recorder first, though, world's greatest detective!


I'm not sure if I'm being thick, but can someone explain to me why the use of the crucifix on the Drac cover is offensive? The cross is being used unambiguously as a symbol of goodness. It's not being burned or broken or covered in blood or defiled in any way. Maybe someone with faith like Thor8 could explain this as I'm just not getting it.

Bagman said...

If the powers that be find the cross offensive on the cover of the mag. what must the make of the cover of TOMB OF DRACULA #9???
Makes you wonder.....

Robert said...

Thanks, Bagman F.F.F. Had a look at Dracula #9 and can just about see why a Christian might object to it. The cross has been turned into a comicbook weapon and even the name of a character.

Actually, that line of reasoning may explain the cover, too. Maybe the objection to the Drac cover is not the use of the cross in a comicbook but the fact that the cross is in a comicbook at all? Maybe it is too holy an object to be used in such a 'trivial' or 'low-art' way? It belongs on or in churches, in sacred art or graveyards.

Bob said...

Disney is one of those companies that do not relate to any symbol that references Christian beliefs, even Catholic beliefs, but readily accepts pagan practices relating to magic, the supernatural and the like, no matter how subtle they intend to be.

Robert said...

Thanks, Bob. So it's just a blanket ban, regardless of usage or placement? Okay. I was looking for a particular issue with the Drac cover! Oops!

Just as well Dracula isn't a smoker, too, eh? He is, after all, a role model!!

Robert said...

Been reading some reports from the States and came across some interesting stuff about Disney being attacked by Christian fundamentalist groups. They've objected to Disney's films promoting a supernatural rather than Christian world view and, particularly, what is perceived to be a pro-gay stance. Hence the use of "Magic Kink-dom" to describe their films and t.v. In that light, it's hard to blame Disney for trying to eliminate anything that may offend already sensitive fundamentalists who are just looking for an excuse to go on the attack again.

Bagman said...

So a cross is a no-no, but an inverted pentacle is O.K.?(#134)
What if the cross was pointed at the end? you could argue it was a wooden sword maybe..... one for the lawyers.

BobDiamond said...

What I think is happening here re: The Drac cover, is that Disney (in a total over-reaction) do not want to be seen endorsing any established religion. This is similar to the stance taken by the school system in many States in the USA.
Over the top and paranoid, but...


LAWay said...

Dont hate on Disney, hate on people who complain about every single thing that offends them.

The PC brigade has ruined everything for everyone.

A shame as the composition with the cross is so much better, but religious people ruin it for everyone like usual.

I was hoping to see a Spiderman 2099 sculpt but nice to see so many sketches. Hope they dont go with standing straight with hand stretched out in utterly pointless pose, but others look decent. I wonder, could you to a base that have a, I dunno, 45-75 degree angle to it, and then pose spidey as if he is stuck on the wall ready to jump off it. Guessing he would have to be resin, or the base would, just an idea.

As fore FireLord, looks great, Andie Tong is the man. I think B is strong, but has too many mistakes in it and while Andie probably would love the perspective in it, it would take too long to either fix, or he would be unhappy with a finished result on a flawed drawing. So, I think you will go with E. Looks the best to me as a finished pose, sells the complete character and looks like one Andie took a lil longer to draw and detail because it is also one of his faves and is subconsciously leading you in that direction. ^_^

Nice to hear Wiccan will be coming up shortly, and Giant Man doesnt look as ugly. Would prefer that original Wiccan look as opposed to his newest costume which seems more bland and toned down.

ADParker said...

Spidy 2099:
Think I am liking the 4th panel of the 1st image, 1st if the 2nd, 2nd if the 3rd the most so far.

Giant Man:
Greatly improved. That might just be the one.

Dracula cover: Better I agree with the cross, but the stake is a good compromise (for a frankly silly edict.)

I am pretty sure that the poll sided for the costume and level of transformation, but the hair was hardly brought up, certainly not voted on. I think it at least has to be a notably reddish hue, and some length would best, as that best represents her look at the time she was in that costume.

Deadpool said...

My official opinion is that modok is very poor.

His forehead is too big, his face is too flat; and with his arms and legs spread out he appears as if he was crushed by a steam roller.

The paint job is completely flat on his face, no shading.

The eyes are completely white, no pupils or eye lining.

My scratch built Modok proto type is better by far, with the exception of the base.

If you don't have Modok yet, don't bother you aren't missing much.

For £18 he is simply a waste of money.

Clay face on the other hand is very nice, even though he appears to be resin.

Get clay face and display hum behind Batman.

Deadpool said...

Ted, I approve of your Modok.

Take note Mossmen this is the way modok was mean't to look.

Ugly face and tash all the way.

Ted, I hope you only dismembered one baby, not four for those scarily life like limbs.

I would consider that overkill.

Robert said...

Ah, DP, you wascal, you make me laugh.

Anywho, computer going to the doc's tomorrow. Definitely be back in time for the Gamora pics on Friday!

lipstick said...

This is not the correct costume for Wiccan. This is the old one. Read the Avengers-the children's crusade, to see how he is now.

Also.., we have a modern Siryn, a modern Madrox and a Wolfsbane from 90s, and all of them belong at the same team right now. Thanks to guys from forum and Eaglemoss...!!! All of you there, don't read the current series of MARVEL, do you?

And what about the cross..? Crosses, Jesus and Bibles are a myth like Dracula. Tell the Disney to get a life...

Paibok said...

Spider Man 2099: Don't really know the character that well, would like to see more detail, perhaps if he was shooting webbing..

Firelord: Cover E please if not then A would be my second choice.

Giant Man: Wow he looks handsome now.

Wolfsbane: Keep it as it is, don't always have to go with the most modern costume, contrary to the belief of others. I would be displaying her with the other New Mutants not Madrox and Siryn.

Wiccan. Should really be in his Wiccan look not his original Asgardian look (or just change his name). Keep the staff, lose the Thor wings. Don't be too long in adding Hulkling to the collection.

Just recieved MODOK and Hydroman. Both sculpted well and painting is good. Cannot wait for Captain Marvel.

mighty_marvel said...

except for lipstick i think most people have supported the wolfsbane costume choice. it is her most iconic, well known and won the poll. however, i do think a slight alteration needs to be made to her hair. when in that costume wolfsbane had long, red hair worn in a ponytail. the hair should be changed to reflect this imo. other than that, the pose and costume are spot on.

Paibok said...

a wolf with a ponytail is ridiculous consdering she is covered fully in hair anyway.
I think the artist did her a favour by omitting it, she looks better without it.

Dan. With the specials next year... are there plans for one or two more? Specifically I am thinking of Skurge the Executioner.

mighty_marvel said...

she's not fully wolfed out. still has human features. i agree a ponytail on a wolf would look silly, but she's not a wolf in the pose. a ponytail is accurate to the era the costume is from and would make her look more feminine.

sed tallis said...

"More feminine",Yeah ..i agree, hairy women are hot as long they can fashion a ponytail from their body hair..COOOOOOOOOOOOR!!, GERTCHAAAAAAA!!!

TheTooN said...

I'd love to see Skurge too.

My love of the CMFC has seriously waned since MODOK and MOJO got the nod. There are lots of other 'special size' characters I would have loved rather than hated.

I still pay upfront for my figurines and have a good while yet to be out of credit.

A dog and an ugly mutie might just spell the end for me.

Polls be damned !

No offense to the guys and gals over at the SHFF I just dont agree.

tinodragon14 said...

I agree with those who want an EXECUTIONER Special. He will make an awesome figure.

I'm not bothered by MODOK though he is just a big head but mojo was just too silly a concoction for me.

Yes he is just a big dog but I like LOCKJAW but Strong Guy is not only a lame name but with the tiny bald head except for a ponytail & goofy glasses on top of his oversized body is just a lame looking character & will make a lame figure. A waste of a special slot.

I hope after the Mega MODOK & the NORTHSTAR & Aurora double pack that Dan will have a regular special figure TERRAX THE TAMER before the mega mojo figure & then do a regular special like ARCHANGEL before the Mega GIANT-MAN Special & then do another regular special like SKURGE THE EXECUTIONER.

I still hold out hope for Dan to consider a FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER Halloween Special after the excellent work on Werewolf by Night.

Mariusz Buzianocnik said...

Dan, just don't listen haters.
Strong Guy for next special please.

sed tallis said...

I've stated previously , that there is no way i'm letting EM take a £30 bite out of my hoop fer who? and Whae cares??!
Mofo cood be fae the Dr Who or Warhammer universes, and ah coodnae gae a funk fer either oh thum.
Strongly??? ..seriously that's what we're reduced to??? A generic load oh pish, a 10 yr old could come up with a better character design... yeah Dan no lissen haters, keep dropping turds into the collection.

lipstick said...

I'm with Strong Guy too.

deamon said...

EM will earn more money from Strong Guy sell than from for example Skurge.
Lame? This nickname only proves Guido should be made as special soon.
He's interesting character and for sure he's look isn't lame.

navaho said...

God a lot of negativity out there.....c'mon guys show some love!

Good luck with the update tomorrow Dan, I'm sure you won't disappoint.

Ps. I love, love, love the collection.

Nuff said, bw Navaho

pirate adam said...

i find myself agreeing with TED!!!

Mofo and Strong Guy....NO THANK YOU!!!


Paibok said...

Find it bizarre that because I prefer Skurge as a special over others it is assumed that I am a hater for Strong Guy. It is possible to like both. Yeah so Strong Guy has an odd look but that is part of the charm. Skurge would make a better sculpt. SKURGE has been overdue since Enchantress arrived on the scene what 2 years? ago now.

Quite like the idea Frankenstein's Monster to coincide with halloween.

fredpostman said...

By the beard of Odin...Skurge for a special soon please..
LOCKJAW FOR 2012 ..woof woof

TheTooN said...

Expressing an opinion isnt hating guys, its being honest.

I buy and love the CMFC for its visual appeal. If it loses its beauty it loses that appeal.

I've been wrestling with the thought of breaking my 100% buying policy for some time now. Paint concerns for the most part but MODOK was a tipping point too.

I do want to support EM and see the collection continue as long as possible....but on the other hand I despise ugly looking characters.

I'm going to contact my supplier to cancel the MODOK he has waiting for dispatch and I wont buy MOJO either, nor Strong Guy if/when he gets the nod.

I'm not that keen on animals in the collection (exception for Rocket) and bought Zabu reluctantly.

I would still rather have Lockjaw than MODOK/MOJO/Strong Guy any day.

He is a dog but he is a handsome one.

I might buy Lockjaw if he is done as a resin heavy special around the £12-14 price point. I certainly wouldnt pay mega special money for him and I dont think many casual buyers would either.

Of the current top 20 in the SHFF specials poll I would def go for..

Madame Web
Titanium Man
Super Adaptoid

michael said...

PLEASE do not use that costume for Wiccan!!!

As many people have already said, that is an extremely dated costume that he has not worn for years, and only for a very short amount of time in proportion to his second, and current, costume.

Someone gave the analogy of only having yellow daredevil in the collection, but at least that would even be his "classic" look. this is just a hasty first appearance costume before the character was fully established.

Collectors who aren't fans of the character will not care either way, but collectors who are fans (i.e. the people for which Wiccan was included) will be severley miffed if he's not properly represented!

No staff, no thor wings, cleaner costume! Thank goodness you thought to check it out on the blog first so it could be corrected for the final product :)

Also, I know I'm a bit late to the party, but Longshot is looking fantastic! Keep up the good work!!

pirate adam said...

DAN any news on Hela today??

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

In my opinion, Wiccan should be depicted holding his magic staff. It's a distinctive design element, and it's perfect Marvel canon. The character can be seen in comics in his current Wiccan costume AND with the staff. Personally I think the staff will be a nice visual element that will make the figure more interesting. I'm repeating myself, but I want Wiccan with his magic staff!

Dan The Man said...

Sorry guys!

I had zip to show you today, so I opted for the no-show. sorry to disappoint - plus I'm mega busy getting Forge and Thunderbird issues completed before Xmas (I'm off from the 14th - so maybe 1 or 2 more blog updates until the new year.

Hopefully I'll have something next week - Myself and Rich are gonna have a massive blitz on the remaining characters to be commissioned - so should have plenty for upcoming blogs.

Wiccan will be in his recent costume.

We will add a ponytail to Wolfsbane - Working on the Forge issue (X-factor comics) I've come across lots of good images of her and long hair.

I really like the idea of adding in a few 'resculpts' if we get another extension - I think it will add something different to the collection and hopefully boost sales a bit.

I don't think EM are interested in a sub-set - they seem happy with the regular and specials - plus they have some ideas kicking around for new Marvel collections! shhhhh.

All the best. Dan

Dan The Man said...

Wiccan with staff sounds good.

Dan The Man said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dan The Man said...

Not sure if you guys have seen the 'final' order of 181-200.... (subject to change of course)

181 Sebastian Shaw
182 Swordsman
183 Owl
184 Hammerhead
185 Longshot
186 Trapster

187 Shaman (gone to paint)
188 Werewolf by Night (gone to paint)
189 Gamora (awaiting final master/gone to paint)
190 Vance Astro (awaiting next sculpt stage)
In production

191 Wolfsbane (to be commissioned)
192 Moonstone (to be commissioned)
193 Firelord (to be commissioned)
194 Spider-Man 2099 (in early drawing stage)
195 Wiccan (to be commissioned)
196 Stingray (to be commissioned)
197 Deathbird (drawing stage)
198 Hela (to be commissioned)
199 Danielle Moonstar (to be commissioned)
200 Constrictor (to be commissioned)

Still plenty to get on with!

Robert said...

Admittedly, I'm a little disappointed we didn't get to see Gamora - or anyone else, frankly - but, Dan, it's hard to complain or get annoyed when you've been so reliable up to now and always given us huge updates full of info and images. The fact you come on here and explain why there's no update, or even like last week explain why it's after five p.m., makes it easy to wait another week.

Have a good weekend, Mr. Dan.

P.S. New Marvel collections?? Scenes/ dioramas? Vehicles? (I gotta get me a quinjet!) Hey, you can't leave this hanging! We're still not sure what that secret project Rich was on about in 1957!

John said...

New Marvel collections worries me. Stretch the buyer base too thin, and something gets dropped. I know I couldn't keep up with two collections. Does that mean disaster for this new upcoming collection, or the cancelation of CMFC. ...Or just big sales for both and profit for EM. I hope for the final, but...

John said...

Oh, and Dan, like Robert said, thank you for all you do. Its much appreciated. :D

Wiccan in current outfit sounds great. ;)

John said...

One more port today:

As of Wednesday, here's the top poll results of Specials characters. #1 is a pretty clear-cut decision, I think. ;)

Lockjaw 49
Strong Guy 34
Archangel 30
Wendigo 30
Atlas 28
Warpath 28
Hulkling 22
Volstagg 21
Skurge The Executioner 20
Madame Web 19
Blastaar 18
Rockslide 17
Titanium Man 17
Shadow King 16

Dan The Man said...

Yes Lockjaw would be nice - we've had no 'go ahead' from marketing on any more Specials yet, I think they want to see how the last batch (Modok, N&A, Mojo, Terrax, Giant-Man) will do, before making a decision - I hope they do WELL, and we get to do some more!

I think Lockjaw and Archangel are my personal favs from that list.

Dan The Man said...

PS I'm not at liberty just yet to reveal any of EM's future projects. Yes Rich has worked on quite a few projects since he moved into the development team (although he still works with us on the figurines) - not all of them have come to fruition and others are still in development/testing limbo.

I will add that some of the projects have the potential to eat into the CMFC market (my worry) - but some are aimed at different audiences (kids/model builders etc) that I doubt would effect our collection.

The DC collection was a worry when it came out but it didn't really effect CMFC sales (in fact it created a nice 'sister' project. and that was the closest thing to our collection possible! so i'm not too worried about other 'comic/figurine' collections that may or may not come out.


BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Well folks, I hope I can entertain you and provide some ideas to debate, with this week's

Major villain with huge impact on recent X-History.

Two-Gun Kid
Cool-looking representative of Marvel's Western genre and an Avengers character too!

Psychedelic creation from the genius of Steranko, and memorable Nick Fury adversary. Also a Zodiac member!

Misty Knight
One of the coolest kick-butt women in the MU, and much wanted Villains For Hire representative.

Filling the gap for eye-catching old-school flamboyant villains, and of course Circus of Crime leader.

Awesome character with awesome design, currently gaining new prominence in Marvel comics.

The Collector
Because how can this collection be without an Elders of the Universe representative, and one who's the ultimate collector on top of that?

Click here and enjoy:

SinisterVenom said...

Hi guys, it's been a while! Hey nice sketches up there too.
Loving the latest virtual gallery choices Blake, really loving the Bastion one as well. He's one of my top X-choices. I'm reading the Second Coming story at the moment in which he serves as the main enemy, he even killed Nightcrawler! :'(
I still say the resculpts should be optional as a subset or something like the DC Collection had. I really don't want to see slots for new characters wasted on characters we already have. Besides what are you going to put in the magazines? Information and pics that we've seen already?

Anyway, I can say that the Iron Man pic is complete and will be working on Captain America next. I'm quite excited about this one!



In the spotlight this time is Captain Marvel. The figurine itself is nice. The detail is great and the paint job is really good too. The only thing I'm a bit meh about is the pose, it's a little common. I mean we've seen this pose on Luke Cage, Ikaris, Jack Of Hearts etc. It's not a big deal as it's still a good figurine but just like to see something different like some of the latest figs have like Sebastian Shaw and Sif for example.

Btw Dan, still a problem with Visa Debits on the main site, is that stil being looked into?

TheTooN said...

If redo's are still under consideration for a (possible) future extension I would dearly love 70's Iron Man or Ape Beast.

As for the magazine, if the intention is to attract new customers then it needs to be something special.

Cant wait to see Gamora and hope she is a knockout.

Dan The Man said...

Not my area, but there is something afoot with the company that run the site/subscriptions - hopefully things can be put right. i.e. I hope a new company would take over!

mighty_marvel said...

really pleased you've decided to go with the ponytail look for wolfsbane. it's accurate to the period of the costume and will add some definite difference and more humanity compared to the other werewolf characters. just hope she is also done as a redhead.

i've always been a supporter of resculpts. so you won't hear any complaints for me regarding that area. and i'll be eternally grateful if one of the resculpts happens to be 90s jim lee rogue.

would have been happy whichever costume wiccan was in. there isn't really that much difference between the two anyway. but most people want the newer costume so it makes sense to go with that one.

would be great if one of the secret projects was a dr who figurine collection. with the show's 50th anniversary next year and a potential movie in the works, the dr's exposure will be at a high.

Robert said...

How popular is Doctor Who in the States? I know folk have been on saying that 2000AD is not well known. (Yes, I am an old man who is completely out of touch.)

Not a Doctor Who fan but I did watch "The Ark in Space" when it was first broadcast Jan-Feb 1975 and, even though I wasn't really that young, it still gave me the heeby-jeebies.

deamon said...

,,I think they want to see how the last batch (Modok, N&A, Mojo, Terrax, Giant-Man) will do, before making a decision - I hope they do WELL"

Sorry but this is unfair to judge it now, will they do well or not.
Modok - Mega
N&A - Double Pack
Mojo - Mega
Giant-Man - Mega
Since begin of the collection in Poland we have only regular specials, so how can we help EM, when we can't buy those specials?
Can we have double packs and mega specials in Poland since begin next year? Nobody from customer service can answer me, so maybe You could talk with them. We want to buy all figurines and keep this collection alive.

sed tallis said...

Ah, the heeby jeebies , my favourite sweet fae the Woolies pick and mix.
Last Dr Who I watched was that Wurzel Gummidge feller, I remember big white wiggly slugs..
When will the next extension be greenlit?
Am fare itching to get these redos started.

buffduffdan said...

Glad Wiccan is being done in his modern costume. Definitely the right choice :)

Personally I'd leave off the staff though. I don't think he needs it and a simple pose without would suit him brilliantly!

tinodragon14 said...

Thanks for the blog comments update Dan. Just because you have nothing to show it is still nice to hear from you.
Oh Dan, would you consider having TERRAX as a breather regular special cost wise after NORTHSTAR & Aurora but before the mega mojo hits the collector's wallets?
I agree with your choices of LOCKJAW & ARCHANGEL. I think you should push for an ARCHANGEL special between mega mojo & Mega GIANT-MAN. I think he would be a very big selling regular special for EM before GIANT-MAN hits the selves.
Oh Dan, how about a FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER Halloween Special next year?
Disappointed that THE EXECUTIONER & TITANIUM MAN are not higher on the Specials list. Both would make awesome looking figures & both are classic villains in the Marvel U. And of course DRAGONMAN & THE LIVING MONOLITH are not even on the radar.

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...

The last time I watched a full episode of Dr. Who, the wonderful Tom Baker fell off a pylon, Ted, and turned into a nice lad who sticks his arm up cow's bums. Didn't like the New Direction the programme was taking and stopped watching.

Oddly, as a wee baird watching Davidson insert his skinny white arm into a bovine bahooky, I identified with him. Now, when I think about it, I feel sorry for the cow. Really don't want to think about what that says about Old Man Robert.

Victor said...

i'm a supporter of resculpts.

John said...

Let's say this for Dr. Who in the states. Those that know the show, LOVE it. But by and large, No One even knows the show exists. Its typically fans of Comics or Star Trek that heard from a friend that stumbled onto the show.

I'm still against resculpts. I do want the collection to keep going though. ...If they would boost sales THAT much, then... Just don't have them ALL X-Men, and no "1st appearance of" sculpts. "Ditko Spider-Man," "Yellow Daredevil." Bleh.

If you haaaad to have resculpts, I wouldn't mind Ape Beast or Gamora.

Robert said...

Just remembered that there was talk of the Children in Need Dr. Who segment on the Cbr Comics website a few days ago, John. Would they talk about it on there if it was such an unknown?

Anywho, as far as figure series go, you'll never convince me that a figure of any of the doctors or even a Dalek would look half as cool as Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper, Strontium Dog, the A.B.C Warriors, Wulf Sternhammer, Sam Spade, the Stainless Steel Rat, Ace Garp, G.B.H., Judge Death, or, best of all, a Judge Dredd riding his Lawmaster motorcycle!

TheTooN said...

A man after my own heart Robert ;)

A 2000ad collection could be absolutely gorgeous. Maybe not a world wide hit though ?

Is there anything wrong in a 'UK' hit for a UK product ? Or does EM have grander ideas these days given the success of the CMFC / DCFC ?

Any other 'part work' companies reading ? :P

I can only assume previous 2000ad licenses have not proved profitable so will just keep on wishing.

My last memory of 'The Doctor' was Tom Baker. That show scared me shitless at times but it was also slightly erotic with the beautiful
Leela.....that Chamois leather bikini !!! Oh to be so easily aroused today ;) (or scared)

I do like Dr Who from what I remember but wouldnt be interested in a part work. (if it is under consideration)

I bought all of the Super Hero Squad size Dr Who 'Time Squad' figures
/images/drwho_timesquad.jpg lets face it Daleks and Cybermen have a unique UK cool about them.

Robert said...

Hi, Toon. Visually, the 2000AD characters collectively knock spots off any other characters you'll find anywhere. I don't say that lightly. If you've seen my loft, you'll know what a Marvel Zombie I am! Considering a number of people come on here and talk about 'visual appeal' making them buy figures, even when they have no background in reading Marvel comics, it would probably sell better than we suspect. I'd love a 60-part 2000AD series. I keep thinking of more characters like Durham Red, Middenface MacNulty, the Styx Brothers, the Gronk, Angelina DiGriz, the Mean Machine, the Harlem Heroes, ah, the list goes on and on.

As for the doctor, for decades his main nemeses, the Daleks, used to be foiled by a front step that my rabbit can hop over. Hardly threatening. (Yes, yes, I know they can fly now. Like R2D2 and his jets, that's revisionism, though.) Most of the characters in Dr. Who were limited by the prehistoric "special" effects and the tiny budget the BBC allocated to it. 2000AD was limited only by the imagination and that's why it would be infinitely better.

tinodragon14 said...

Am I on the right blog or is this now the classic Dr. Who collection???

Robert said...

Tino, Dan wrote

"PS I'm not at liberty just yet to reveal any of EM's future projects. ... I will add that some of the projects have the potential to eat into the CMFC market (my worry) - but some are aimed at different audiences (kids/model builders etc) that I doubt would effect [sic] our collection."

So that's why we've been speculating about different collections and discussing their viability.

tomaszkasjan said...

,,197 Deathbird (drawing stage)"
Please don't forget she has to have her crown.

pirate adam said...

a street fighter collection would be amazing, i would also love a Star Wars collection done by EM and not like the shite that came out a few years ago or the original Transformers from the 80's cartoon and my last choice would be a "Legends of Formula 1" collection, that would make me go all giddy at the knees

there are plenty of others like Football Legends and so on but the 4 i mentioned would be my faves


sed tallis said...

Em,...Saints!!! there are loads of em, and there are loads of afflicted people who would lap up such a collection. An official vatican stamp on the mag cover and you have potentialy EM's most successful naw even joking. look into it Dan , yool make big brownie points within EM if you pitch this to the big dicks upstairs.
Speaking of big dicks upstairs , time i was aff tae bed.

Robert said...

Bed? It's not even 9p.m. You're making us oldies look even worse than we are, Ted!

Saints? Great idea. It would work best as little dioramas, though. Then you have the patron saint of nettle rash (Saint Benedict), furiously scratching his limbs, the patron saint of road accidents watching a multi-car pile-up, the patron saint of dysentry standing over somewho has his 'Song and Verse' parked on a toilet and the patron saint of blindness watching someone walk off a cliff. The possibilities are endless. Another winner from the Tedmeister!

pirate adam said...

what about a collection of us bloggers?? i think everyone should have there own little Ted, Robert, Thor8 and so on sitting on their shelf


Robert said...

Everybody I know thinks one Robert is more than enough, PA...

mgf said...

It's not the first time Lockjaw has done well in polls, but he found himself sidelined while something called "Omega Red" carried all before it. I hope that is not the Dawgy's fate this time around, as he's a boney fido classic of the MU.

I invested in two more Detolf cabinets last week and now all my figures and statues - sneeringly referred to as toys by the dishwasher - are all tucked away safely in my office. The FF and Avengers sections are absolutely outstanding, and the Spidey shelf is terrific, but rearranging all the figures again really brought home to me how messy the X-ers are. Too many eras to be a cohesive representation.

SinisterVenom said...

Hehe if I get a figurine of myself, I am so calling Sasquatch's pose! (I really like it for some reason).

darttiglao said...

I've been collecting for some time now and it has been a comic fan heaven for me but just a few gripes and a request:

1. I wish like many it seems that Havok was represented instead in his real classic uniform. Same goes for Storm, Polaris and other X-men. Refer to Silvestri artwork, if I may suggest.

2. Ms. Marvel one of my favorite character was a disaster. Something wrong with her face as well as her stance.

3. And my biggest gripe: the magazine needs tons of editing. It has more self-conscious rhetoric (don't you think?) and amateur quips than meaty informative material. Please see Silver Surfer issue at its worst.

I understand the magazine is aiming for a certain fun tone but certainly it is way over board and more unprofessional high school style writing rather than what any fan would want to read. It would be a waste to maintain this quality in spite of the great layout and artworks of the magazine

4. Figurine requests: Beyonder, Gateway, Goblin Queen, and the Stranger.

I would really hope you can address at least my third gripe.

Deadpool said...

If and when you do Lockjaw as a mega special, include a much sexier redo of Crystal, making it into a two pack instead.

mgf said...

Redos of several of the X Men would really help smooth out the dog's dinner we currently have in that corner of the collection.

Victor said...

Complete agree.

The Mad Thinker said...

Dan :

What was that you said about you'd spoken to the people in charge of the main site and that they've sorted out all of the problems ?
Well I've just tried to place an order for 10 back issues with a debit card and I got a message saying that they do not accept visa debit cards.
I thought this problem had been sorted out.
Please help !!

LAWay said...

Back from my New York trip! Kinda glad I havent missed anything here, but disappointed no new update. I guess its more exciting for this Friday, especially after announcing the current progress of the line-up.

Now, looking at what Dan said...

"I really like the idea of adding in a few 'resculpts' if we get another extension - I think it will add something different to the collection and hopefully boost sales a bit."

Exciting news that resculpts are so close on the horizon. Remember ow long the next extension will take to come out, so we won't be seeing these guys for a long time. Infact, if sales are poor the CMFC may close its doors at 200 before we reach them. Would be very sad.

"I don't think EM are interested in a sub-set - they seem happy with the regular and specials - plus they have some ideas kicking around for new Marvel collections! shhhhh".

Like I have said all along, its pointless raising the subset debate. I think in terms of 'EM being happy' translates to 'EM dont want to take any risks and spend more money'. It makes perfect sense/ It would be interesting whether resculpts would boost sales, a phrase that seems to go hand in hand at the moment whenever the issue is raised. Could give deeper meanings on how EM are thinking at the moment if they are worried. Then again, if they don't significantly boost sales, then its not the end of the world financially to them as a 'ok' selling subset would be.

"...we've had no 'go ahead' from marketing on any more Specials yet, I think they want to see how the last batch (Modok, N&A, Mojo, Terrax, Giant-Man) will do, before making a decision - I hope they do WELL, and we get to do some more!"

Big big big hints that we have to keep buying these specials if we want EM to keep making them. I think it could tell us that there could be concern in the trend of character and their popularity, and EM need assurance that specials are still selling despite characters being more marmite as we draw up new lists. Basically Dan is pleading with you guys to buy and boost those sales. But like others have said, just give me a good looking figurine worthy of a special rather than ticking off names off a list of large characters.

"I will add that some of the projects have the potential to eat into the CMFC market (my worry) - but some are aimed at different audiences (kids/model builders etc) that I doubt would effect our collection."

Awesome news I think. I love the idea of more collections and very interested to hear or see about the ideas and projects that have been tested or even shelved.

If the new projects eats into the CMFC, I assume this relates to the chess sets as more direct competition. Although would love to hear whatever ideas have been discussed. Things that we have suggested like dioramas would make a great collection themselves, but would easily slot into the specials gap in the CMFC and replace those marmite risky characters that EM are hoping sell well.

And of course, model kits aimed at kids! How exciting! Sign me up if its anything like warhammer! I'd buy multiple plastic model kits to customize, its what alot of us have wanted for a long time.

Anyway, thats me stirring done for now, reading too much into things once again, but also hopefully adding something to think about. More marvel means exciting times to me personally, especially after coming back from new york with a suitcase full of merchandise. So keep delivering EM. :)

pirate adam said...

Guess what i'm doing today....NO, ok i'll tell ya

i'm goin to go and book meself in for a tatoo...of what? i hear you ask, well its gonna be of The Mighty One himself

is that sad?? possibly but i dont care


Deadpool said...

Hmmm... a tatoo of the great one himself....

My bet would be "Ted Sallis as Modok" (or some other gay icon).

sed tallis said...

PA, I don't think it's sad at all, I loved
Mighty Joe Young , I even cried the Salty tears at the end .
I'm booked in fer a Prince Albert.

TheTooN said...

Surely the Mighty one is Tharg ;)

Hope you had a good trip LAWay !

sed tallis said...

Any other subscribers received the questionnaire fae EM ,about possible DC/Marvel chess sets?
I filled in my top Marvel picks. The pick list featured everyone from Daken dark Wolverine?? to Madame Masque. But no Ulysses Bloodstone?? Probably an oversight.

pirate adam said...

LOL a prince albert ted???

dont know how any man could do that to himself, i do know your joking...right???


Robert said...

What image of the Odinson are you going for, Adam? Classic Kirby?

BobDiamond said...

Talking of 'Classic Kirby', I bought an amazing book last week in Brighton (brilliant place for back issues BTW..)called 'Kirby-King of Comics'.
It's written by Mark Evanier, and is a must-have for any Kirby fan. Packed full of wonderful art (obviously) and wonderful anecdotes about the great man's early career and war-time exploits.
Thoroughly recommended.

Also got 5 60s/70s Avengers comics for £3 each and my one remaining issue of Strange Tales starring Warlock that I've been looking for for ages. Get down to Sydney Street now true-believers! It's the coolest place!


Bob said...

I would like a special of Skurge the Executioner please! And if not, let's do a Nimrod Sentinel. a Super Adaptoid, Titanium Man or the HulkBuster Armor, even Ulik or a Frost Giant, or that Holocaust (Nemesis) dude.

sed tallis said...

Pa, Make sure you post up a pic, After you get yer Tanarus tatt.

pirate adam said...

sorry Robert, as much as i love Thor's classic look, he is probably the only character who's modern look i like just as much, so i went with a modern cover image that i really like and will look fantastic as a black and grey tattoo complete with thunderstorm background

anyway all will be revealed the end of January when its done

and Ted dont worry about posting a picture of the Prince Albert, that image may just cost me some sleep ;)


Robert said...

Don't have any tattoos, but if I did, it would say "Stan Lee is my God".

Or maybe it would be an S/D 'badge' on my shoulder. Wouldn't get "Bubba" across my chest, though. Too many painful memories. (In-joke for Alpha fans!)

sed tallis said...

I toyed with the idea of a Surfer tattoo yonks ago, but I could never quite bring myself to commit . I always remember being in the pub when one of the guys bared his shoulder to reveal a fresh bloody looking new tattoo.
"Smart as f*** eh?" he enquired.
"Why have did you get a tattoo of a potato with a knife through it ?" someone asked.
"It's a skull wi a dagger through it ya ar*****e" , he replied.
Never been able to get that potato out of my mind, whenever I thought about getting a tattieoo.

Bagman said...

Well fellas after more than a few complaints about not being able to subscribeI received my first Subby pack to-day from CMFC here in Australia.
They are trialing it in South Australia at the moment, but you’re able to subscribe on the web-site and the distributor is here in Victoria and the collection is slated for 60 issues, but that’s still to be confirmed, I suppose that depends on how sales go with the pilot issues.
The figurines themselves are being advertised as LEAD FREE METALLIC RESIN and are a lot lighter than the UK ones --- Spiderman weighed in at 40 grams if that’s any help to anyone --- and cost $14.99 Australian dollars (that’s about 9.85 Sterling) and the postage
Is free (sort of) I suppose its included in the price!!
So that’s me a bona-fide subscriber, even though I have all the figurines up to Moondragon I’ll be getting all the ones released here as well just in case they change the running order, although I doubt it as the first 10are in the same order as the UK.

Osvaldoeaf said...

Hey, guys, I just would like to share a few shots I've done with my collection. The guys at the forum seemed to like them, so I thought it'd be nice to show you guys here as well:

lipstick said...

First, the modern Wiccan's costume hasn't any staff. The staff is part of first costume.

Second, must be clear if Hulking is a special or a regular size.

Robert said...

Looks good, Osvaldo. Especially liked the Cannonball-Sentinel shot; very clever.

Nice to see Bob D and Bagman F.F.F. on here. What was the Warlock ish you were missing, Bob?

Really hope we hear about Gamora on Friday...

sed tallis said...

Or her brother, Begorra.
As Flanders sang "Stella you put me through Hela"
C'mon Dan baby make Friday something for the Laaaaaydeeez .

BobDiamond said...

It was Strange Tales #180 'Judgement Day', the one with Kray-Tor. An amazingly surreal chapter with some of the best Starlin artwork ever. I'd read the story many times in reprint, but it was excellent to find the actual comic to complete my set!
It's sad to realise that nothing Marvel produces any more comes close to that level of genius...
Finished reading the Kirby book...what an amazing guy he was. What was an eye-opener however was that he had an ever-lasting battle to get the recognition he deserved from the publishers ( Stan got it, he didn't), and very little money came his way until he got into animation towards the end of his life.
Stunning when you think how different comics would have been without his designs and vision...including of course, this collection we all love so much.


Robert said...

Sounds a really interesting, if depressing read. Kirby was incredible. Like Stan, the older I get and the more I know about comicbooks, the more my respect grows. It's such a shame Kirby was treated badly by the bigwigs. Will probably order this now that you've recommended it.

A day or two back I ordered a book about the early years of 2000AD. Rediscovering my old Dredd collection right now! Amazing stuff.

Osvaldoeaf said...

Thanks a lot, Robert.
Yeah, that seems to be the most popular shot!:-)

Robert said...

You mean i agree with the forum??!! How the Hel did that happen? This is like one of those nightmares where you are naked at work.

Had a look on the CBR Comics website and they had an article on the 35th birthday of 2000AD. In February of next year there will be a party celebrating this at a con somewhere. Maybe Eaglemoss will use the con/ birthday to announce a 2000AD collection? There will be loads of free advertising around the birthday as it will be reported in the national press here and trumpeted no end in the pages of the Galaxy's Greatest Comic itself. Maybe that's one of the ideas that Dan mentioned was in discussion?

TheTooN said...

We can only wish !

Much as I love the CMFC (oddities aside) a 2000AD collection would have me as excited as a kid at Christmas.

I would pay double the CMFC price to see 2000AD characters immortalised in lead.

There must be a good 60+ run of popular characters.

Probably 10 or so right from Mega City, once you add in the bad guys
probably 20+.

I would love to see big names from Dredd/Rogue/Slaine/ABC Warriors to name a few.

An odd nod to the wider range could include Zenith, DR and Quinch....Bradley would be a cool looking figurine ! Fiends of the Eastern Front would be nice, Blackhawk.......Ace Garp ! The list as has been stated is really endless.

A British collection for a British audience ?

BobDiamond said...

Not only were you agreeing with the Forum Robert, but you were actually agreeing with me! I was the first to post my praises for that amazing shot of Cannonball vs the Sentinel by Osveldoeaf through my Forum alias.

Btw, all your photos are fab Ossy, including the DC ones!! :)

Rob...before you commit to the Kirby book, make sure you don't pay any more than £12.99. I got it from an excellent cut-price book-store for that price (I think the regular price was £30 odd...)

Thrifty BD

Robert said...

I'm with you, Toon. I'd pay double for 2000AD figures. Just imagine, the Dark Judges facing off against Dredd, Anderson, Hershey and Giant!

"Not only were you agreeing with the Forum Robert, but you were actually agreeing with me!"

Well, that makes it okay then, Bob. That's why I like you and Toon so much: you talk nothing but good sense. (And thanks for the tip.)

BobDiamond said...

Here's a thing....whatever happened to...dun, dun, derrrr... (scary music)...CBRBeast??!
He seems to have disappeared both here and on the Forum. In a weird way, I kinda miss him...he certainly stirred things up a bit!
Hope you're OK Beasty-boy....or have you assumed a (shock/ horror) 'new identity'! Could be a job for 'EM Investigations' perhaps? :)


sed tallis said...

Apropos CBR,I heard he's now living in Swollen Groin Texas, and has become a scat movie star. Aah bless!!
Ding dong merrily on high .
Dan, tomorrow may be yer last update til 2012......make it a beltor :)

TheTooN said...

@ Ted......'you are awful but I like you' anyone else remember Dick ?

I did a google image search on 'Marvel Modok' the other day and your 'custom' MODOK was right up there. My missus hates everything Marvel but she just about pissed herself when she saw that !

Did you ever do a follow up to the parrot sketch ?

Hope we see Gamora tomorrow Dan.

sed tallis said...

Aaaaah, Dick, god love him Toon.As a wee nipper i loved that show, The thick as mince skin head father and son " Dad i fink i got it rong again" were my particular favs.....Jeez toon, as well as being incredibly handsome you are also incredibly old me ;)
I'm off fer a cup o Horlicks and a viagra. night night.

SinisterVenom said...

If we get an update today, my fingers are crossed for sneak peaks of Hela or Deathbird. That is all.

Deadpool said...

I've seen the past and it was Spider Man 2099 - two weeks ago.

CBR Beast is missing... how strange.

Maybe he is swimming with the fishes are holding up a motorway bridge.

My verification word says it all: ---- Ferchuto

Deadpool said...

Or maybe he P****d me off and I paid him a visit .. who knows.

I'm sure he will surface soon.
(Sooner than everyone expects - I only weighted him down with used cat litter.)

HELA perview please.

Update on if we can order resin figures in the UK via subscription.

Reveal the redo plan for the next extension.

Deadpool said...

The CMFC word of the week is ....


I am reliably informed that PA uses one as a Bellend Beret.

sed tallis said...

Is the resin reboot available in the UK? I would like to replace some of tatty older figs with this new super substance.
RIP Jerry Robinson a Golden Age great.

Osvaldoeaf said...

I feel like a broken record...but I can't help it: thank you, Bob, for your comments!

LAWay said...


LAWay said...

Anyway, upon visiting new york and seeing the cool comic shops out there, man, they know how to display the CMFC and the DC collection.

They look great filled in their glass cabinets along with all the statues and busts with the prices alongside, with even 'sold-out' signs next to some.

Thats what the UK, or more from my experiences, forbidden planet isn't doing. The UK retailers are not giving this product enough credit/respect/exposure.

In all the forbidden planets I have been in, even my very own tiny cardiff one to the massive london store, neither display the figurines like this despite having glass cabinets capable. Its a shame.

The biggest shame would be to see EM go bankrupt making a 2000AD collection. :P

pirate adam said...

No update again GRRRR!!!!

Dan your getting very lazy

i joke of course


Robert said...

Very disappointed tonight. Been a long week - so long I fell asleep when I got in from work and I've just woken up - and was really looking forward to a long update and maybe a wee peek at Gamora.

"The biggest shame would be to see EM go bankrupt making a 2000AD collection. :P"

Be interested to see the market research you conducted, Leigh. Be a dear and post a link so we can all go and see the evidence for ourselves. Thanks.

LAWay said...

Just pulling your leg Robert. I know 2000AD fans are loyal, and the fans it has now are the same ones it has had for years. All you oldies want it, I get it. ;)

I was just referring to, like I said, the past merchandise of indie comic characters when they were included in a popular and successful, established brand, and it made the series go bust. Although I believe Dredd was the only popular character of the 2 series, his arch nemesis or whatever warmed pegs everywhere.

Didnt Dan say he was going on hols? If we dont get the update this weekend, is that it until 2012?!

sed tallis said...

Outlaw Josey Wales on ITV , Treat yerselves. Dan loves this movie , that's why he's so keen on a western character being in the next extension

Robert said...

Okay, Leigh. I probably over-reacted anyway. Tiredness and disapppointment not a good mix. I don't know if a 2000AD collection would sell well enough to be viable, but it's undeniable that it has a core audience that is very, very loyal. You don't sell a comicbook every week for 35 years otherwise. A 2000AD collection is probably up there with my idea of a Dreadstar set: just a pipe dream.

LAWay said...

It all depends how its marketed. The fans are loyal, and if it gets exposure then you can hope that they would go to it like moths to a flame.

However, if EM treat it like the CMFC and dont advertise, then a property with less readership will struggle to keep it going.

All the best with the pipedream though, we all have our own personal wants. Like I said, I would probably pick up Dredd myself but that would be that. Would be interesting if they do the figurines stylized, as thats very much part of 2000AD.

BobDiamond said...

I think I would definitely consider purchasing a limited 2000AD collection- but only of about 20-25 figures.
Dredd and a few major associates, certainly the Dark Judges.
Also Jonny Alpha and his mates, Rogue Trooper, a few ABC Warriors, Nemesis the Warlock and Dan Dare...anything later I have very little knowledge in.
What I'd really love- but I know this is a real pipe-dream, would be a very limited collection of Underground Comix classic characters.
Mainly The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Wonder Warthog, Robert Crumb creations such as Mr Natural and Fritz the Cat and a few lesser known ones such as Nard n Pat...but I realise I'm in a VERY small minority with this particular want! (It'd be great though!!)


sed tallis said...

Ah Bob, You old stoner ;)
I got my girlfriend at the time to queue for over an hour in Mega City Comics ,In dear old Camden Town . To get a comic signed , bless her she came back with the signature and a drawing of Fat Freddies Cat.
As for pipe dreams, I have loads of weird dreams after smoking the pipe.
I would snort butter if Johnny Cougar were ever made.

mgf said...
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BobDiamond said...

Back in the 80s sometime, I also managed to get a couple of Freak Bros. comics signed (with cute doodles)in the original Forbidden Planet on Denmark St, London.
I wonder if it was the guys doing the rounds at the same time as you got yours signed?


PS...who's Johnny Cougar? Sounds familiar...was he a character from an old brit comic like Victor or Valiant?

sed tallis said...

The signing would be late eighties Bob, Around 88ish
Johnny Cougar was a red Indian pro wrestler, He appeared in an old title called Tiger.
Surely a figurine collection featuring obscure characters from the heyday of British comics would be a great hit with folks of our ....vintage.
EM could advertise the collection in Saga magazine;)

Ken said...


Which NYC store did you visit? I live in NYC, and if it wasn't for Midtown Comics displaying these figurines years ago, I never would have even known this fantastic collection existed. I agree ALL comic stores should display these figures!!!

Ps. We need the High evolutionary in the next extension!

Robert said...

Used to love Johnny Cougar. Beautiful art.

LAWay said...


Yeh, it was Midtown comics. It was just around the block from our hotel near times square so very convenient to visit and they know how to display stuff. We visited the one on central too which was a little let down because it seems so much smaller, but still great stuff. I spent alot in those stores.

EM really need to send in employees into the shops they are selling to and seeing how they display their product, because all the forbidden planets I have visited, either you would never know the product existed, or they are just piled in a mess of magazines in their plastic bags and not displayed as the premium product that they are.

Jacadoo said...

What no update - thank goodness struggling to type with a broken wrist and three fingers for good measure!

LAWay said...

Dan is off on the 14th.

So we have till Wednesday until no more updates (unless someone else takes over).

I'm confident we'll see something big on Monday.

pirate adam said...

Jacadude, a broken wrist and three fingers???? i thought you Olympians where made of sterner stuff than that, you wouldn't catch us Asgardians with such girly injuries

although i did break my hand earlier this year but that was in a MANLY way :)

get well soon buddy


Robert said...

Yeh, get well soon, Jacadoo. Can we add your name to the list of Omnibus-related injuries?

Hopefully, Leigh is right and we see a super-duper update on Monday.

COUGH! Gamora.

Sorry, a wee tickle in my throat.

Jacadoo said...

I broke it on the Brookes Hell Run - Hell in the South - a real race have a search and you will see!!!

Olympians relax doing hell runs and I finished.

Robert said...

Yeh, yeh. I once broke my leg when attempting to break the Land Speed Record on motorised Iron Man skates. I wouldn't have minded so much but it was the same leg I broke when conquering Everest on a pogo-stick. Check youtube to see! ;)

Word verification: "trousedr"!!

sed tallis said...

On a freezing morning at Morecombe Bay we unhitched several ton of tractor trailer and lowered it gently to the ground. it was so cold it took me a few seconds to realise it was on my foot. How we laughed. Actually they laughed , I screamed " Get it aff" in a manly manner.

Anonymous said...

Please leave off the Thor helmet wings! Those aren't part of his costume any more.

pirate adam said...

My respect goes out to Jacadoo, i got tired just looking up the run on youtube.

my line of thinking.....if its not Frost Giants or Trolls or Fire Deamons then its just not worth getting up in the morning


pirate adam said...

Ted i also checked out the weans wah, i'm well impressed by your artistic skills

and are you ready for Raams Shadow on tuesday


Hawkeye said...

Talk of figures from old British comics reminds me of the long lam ented "Action" which was shelved after much protest from the Mary Whitehouse brigade - too violent apparently - anyone else old enough to remember Hookjaw and Dredger?

TheTooN said...

I loved Action, I remember a pull out colour poster of hook jaw causing havok. A torn off leg streaming blood as it sank through the water. Classic :)

It was never the same when it merged with Battle......but neither was Battle tbh.

Bagman said...

Ah, "ACTION" Didn't that comic cause a s**tstorm, yep too violent by half says Mary Whitehouse, beg to differ there Mary not if your a 10 year old who thought it was the best thing since sliced bread --- my personal favourite was SPINBALL,a complete rip-off of Rollerball. What about "KIDS RULE OK" what a world that was, no adults, do what you liked, magic stuff.
I read somewhere that a few of the guys that worked on the comic went on to do 2000AD and that DREDGER was a forerunner to Judge Dredd.
Even now all the pre-ban comics still sell for a decent amount on e-bay.