Friday, 18 November 2011

The Towers That Be...

Good news, I've pestered the online people and they have finally fixed the debit card problem. (although, not heard directly about the complaints/customer services side of things, but I would imagine they are sorting that out too. ?)

In regards to the UK and overseas subscription services - This is run by outsourced companies, and I have no idea how any of the problems mentioned can be sorted - Needs more investigation...

Please keep us informed of any problems and at least we know about them, and may be able to help in future.

Re: paint jobs and breakages - again this is another frustrating part of the job for us and you guys! We preview the nice shiny masters and production samples - then they go off the China and come back less than perfect - Obviously there will be degradation from the master sculpts as they go through the production process - But I agree sometimes the paint jobs are not up to scratch. This is extremely hard to control, and something we can only work on to improve. (Question: Would you be as critical of the paint jobs if you hadn't seen the paint masters on this blog?)

Anyway here are some works in progress...

Giant-Man stage 2:

We agree with some of your comments that the antennae need improving, and we feel the face could be improved (less angry, more handsome) - horns and face like this...

These changes are in the process. Apart from that I'm really happy with the rest of him.

Vance Astro Early stage:


Work still needed on both these sculpts, but good starts.

Andie Tong's pose sketches for Wolfsbane and Firelord:

Rahne's stance may need taming and Firelord's flames may need calming down, but I'm excited about these two.

Interested to hear all your comments on the above.

Tales From The Vaults: Another random image from the Eaglemoss archives...

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5676374511621915570" />

Have a Marvelous weekend.


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LarryS said...

It's now 27 weeks since 181-200 was announced. So hopefully just 13 weeks left until Dan's able to confirm the 201-220 extension...

I have Friday 24 Feb 2012 red-lined in my calendar for exactly that reason!


CGJ said...

Wow. Need to read through that again to take it all in.

few things that stand out, yes, I would comment on the paint jobs if I hadn't seen the masters because there seems to be a difference in quality from the beginning of the collection to now. Please don't let this continue because it is becoming ever more noticable.

Hydroman that came was great but karnak had definite wobbly paint strokes on the body. I looked at Captain Britain for comparison and he had a much better paint job. I get the impression they are being rushed?

Shaman looks to be a really dynamic pose now, don't know if anything has changed particularly but I can't wait to see it painted.

The Firelord and Vance Astro sculpt look great, please let them be painted up to the usual (original) standards when they arrive!

Suzene said...

Agreed that the Shaman sculpt could use a little more touching up -- like the Guardian figure, he looks way bulky compared to the comics portrayal. The pose really does look good, though!

Am I misremembering, or did 90's era Wolfsbane have long hair/a ponytail?

buffduffdan said...

I like the pose for Giant-Man but I think you're right that the horns need a big change as right now he looks a little like a Giant Devil :P

The pose for Shaman is cool and unique so it gets a thumbs up from me. Hard to judge Vance at such an early stage but it seems good so far!

Liking the idea for Firelord. If he can be done well like that then he should look amazing. The Wolfsbane sketch seems cool but doesn't excite me as much!

deamon said...

The pose for Shaman isn't unique. Another man looking for something in his bag.
On the other side Wolfsbane looks like a wolfy boy. Agree she should have longer hair.

deamon said...

mgf said...


Yes, Giant Man needs a few tweaks to move him from tremendous to magnificent.

Vance is going to look great as the centre piece of both GotG eras. What would that need? Another half a dozen extensions? Easy...

Shaman looks great and Firelord should be suitably imposing. I'd like to Air Walker up next on the Herald front, with clear resin "wings".

kissynose said...

I don't know my interest has really diminished in the collection. I think the paint has gone way down hill especially considering over in the USA we have very few options. Either you buy the one figure you hopefully find or it's nothing. I don't know if it's the same people painting the DC line but they have much better paint. I don't find myself rushing out to buy the new realeases anymore.

Wolfsbane is far to human in that pose.

As for this extension I think it sucks quite frankly. Hope we can get back to a more mainstream for the next. I think it's also important to complete the teams already started. Collectors seem to like things completed so that assures the figures will sell.

tinodragon14 said...

Once again I have no problem with the body sculpt of GIANT-MAN but the antennae need to be thinner & pointing up & starting from eyebrow level & his nose is too big. He is better looking then that & get rid of the frown or scowl.

Like the SHAMAN sculpt so far but Vance As seems to preliminary to judge yet.

Love both drawings of Wolfsbane & FIRELORD. I think FIRELORD looks flaming great. I would not tone down the flames at all.

A bad paint job is a bad paint job whether you see the masters or not. I say we find the guy with the masters & make him give them to me. YES GIVE THEM ALL TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tinodragon14 said...

I forgot to say thanks to Dan for the update. Much appreciated here sir.

BobDiamond said...

Some great looking figures on the way! Especially like the sketch for Firelord- very dramatic and noble.
Even Wolfsbane looks good, though I'm not the biggest fan of the New Mutants.
Love the Vance Astro with Cap's shield- hope the paint-job does it justice (see what I did there? :))


PS. Got some amazing DC figs yesterday- Original Batgirl, Phantom Stranger(an all-time fav DC character of mine- and he looks excellent)and an absolutely wonderful double sculpt of Batmite and Mr Mxyzptlk.
Just goes to show how great a Howard the Duck or even Rocket Raccoon figure could be if certain management types at EM had the bottle...( not talking about you Dan- you're aces in my book!! :) )

kissynose said...

I hope there is another extension. I've been reading comics faithfully for 30 years and I barely know many of the characters in this extension. Imagine what the general public knows. Hope we survive this one.

mighty_marvel said...

absolutley love the pose of wolfsbane. if you can transfer the fur detail from the sketch to the fig it will be very impressive. but please, please, please give her longer, and red, hair.

shaman is ok. still would have preferred the floating seated pose, with him held up by lightning bolts, but oh well.

Blog Master Dan said...

Thanks for the reminder LarryS,

THERE IS CURRENTLY NO CONFIRMATION ON ANOTHER EXTENSION. If we receive one I will be the first to let you know.

It's wholly possible it could be over a year until we know. More likely sometime in 2012. I hope we get one or I need to find a new job :)

TheTooN said...

Couple of quick comments. Hopefully more tomorrow when I have more time...(getting my beer goggles on)

Giant man looks better in V2 pics, tucking his finger in helps.

If we hadnt seen a 'showroom car' would we complain about getting one with paint defects ? Nuff said !

Please ask your FD to allocate more towards paint and QC or this will all be over sooner rather than later.

I'm in 2 minds about packing in atm due to paint and how sad is that :(

Blog Master Dan said...

PS. Like Kissynose said, Depending on the sales figures we may have to shift dramatically towards re-sculpts for the next extension could be cool to have a Classic Cyclops or Beast?

What 20 could we do if we wanted to SELL figurines rather than complete the universe?

1. Cyclops (original)
2. Beast (Human)
3. Spider-man (Ditko Look)
4. Daredevil (yellow and Red)
5. ????

sed tallis said...

Ha Hey Dan, You always deliver cracking updates, Vance Astro is easily the stand out for me. Absolutely crazy mount of detailing in such a teensy fig, simply stunning.
Paintjobs are becoming a lottery these days. We see these beautifully crafted works of art shown in all their splendour on your site......then i get my subby pack... and to be honest, crap paintjobs used to be a rarity ...sadly that is no longer the case.

kissynose said...

I totally agree Dan. My comments seem harsh but in essence I do love the collection.

kissynose said...

You have to take a page from the Bowen Designs playbook. For every obscure character they have to put out one spiderman iron man or other mainstream character to keep sales up.

mgf said...

I've found my interest in the CMFC reignited by recent revelations, Giant Man, Terrax and so on, if not Mojo.

I was growing tired of the modernists demanding characters whose introduction into the MU has coincided with a drop sales that threatens the entire medium.

The mix of modern and classic is about right in as much as it has kept the collection chugging along. OK, we've had to endure Blink, X-Man etc,. but it has helped in some way to give us the main Inhumans, and finish off Alpha Flight.

I cn live with tedious generic tripe like Longshot if it means Whirlwind, or Molten Man or Blizzard will turn up eventually.

kirk said...

Next extension as Re-sculpts? Then sales will fall down as never before.
Only new characters for now.
Who would buy human Beast, when people wanted ape Beast?
Who need re-sculpt?
We want blue-skin Archangel with his metal wings.
We don't want characters just in different costumes like Cyclops or Daredevil.

mighty_marvel said...


ape beast
jim lee rogue
white costume mystique
jean grey (green skirt)
jim lee cyclops
daredevil (yellow)
doc ock (classic)
storm (white costume)
captain america (WWII)
wolverine (tan costume)
thor (modern)
invisible woman (clear resin)
iron man (bulkier)

LarryS said...

Dan, can I be the first to shout aloud that we don't want you to need to get another job. This is the role you were born to perform!

The "unique selling point" of this collection is the brilliant job it does covering untouched corners of the MU.

If we're going to have a zillion versions of Spidey and Wolverine, there's no real difference from Marvel Legends, ToyBiz etc etc.

While my office has far too many Spideys, I'm loving the fact my EM shelf is the only place you can find Puppet Master and Siryn

Anonymous said...

I'm glad they are changing Giant-Man's face. When I looked at the face, I was wondering why they were doing Bill Foster in Hank Pym's costume.

Thor8 said...

Just enough time for a quick post. Dan this update has been one of your best. Love all the sneak peeks,will comment on them more in detail later.

EM is considering resculpts? GREAT!!! I'll put together a list soon and post it.

bethrezen said...

"PS. Like Kissynose said, Depending on the sales figures we may have to shift dramatically towards re-sculpts for the next extension could be cool to have a Classic Cyclops or Beast?

What 20 could we do if we wanted to SELL figurines rather than complete the universe?"

This is a joke? This is a stupid idea!

yondu said...

I you want to give us resculpt as next 20 regulars, Dan, I'm done with this one.
Agree with LarryS, please don't be boring like other collections. No for other versions as next extension.

sed tallis said...

Well Dan did ask.
1. Cyclops (original)
2. Beast (Human)
3. Spider-man (Ditko Look)
4. Daredevil (yellow and Red)
5. Broon and tan Wolvie
6. Iron Man take yer pick, just make him bigger and better.
9.Kirby purplepanted mean sumbitch Hulk.
10. Proper Havok
11. proper Dock Ock
12. Copiel Thor?
13. Apparently xfans would rush to buy their prefered versions of Mystique
14. And Rogue
15. Zombie Cap America pointing at his missing skull flap would surely sell like brain burgers at a zombie infested McDonalds?.....if not, I would settle for a decent resculpt of the first Avenger, 1940's look.
16. Punisher
17. Beast,circa Avengers # 155
18. Venom...Anti
19. Cage
20 Bloodstone...Hey, c'mon you thought X-Man was a good idea...

Robert said...

Another excellent update, Dan. Loads to see and think about. Thanks.

Giant-Man. Totally agree that the face is all wrong. He is definitely handsomer than this. Antennae continue to be an issue, too. Great that you are on top of both these problems.

I don't remember Shaman being quite so buff. Curious to read what Byrne himself will say on his site when Ryan Maxwell passes on the pics.

As for resculpts, it has always seemed to me to be inevitable the longer the collection went on. Every other collection, whether it be statues, play figures, minimates, do it. I know some folk have said they would skip resculpts, well, I am not buying Z-listers like Silver Sable and possibly won't buy Hydro-Man. However, I will definitely buy a human or gorilla Beast, original Cap A or B, etc. Eaglemoss are gonna try the resculpt of one of the main characters and it's gonna out-sell the likes of Siryn (no offence to the comp winner) and many other folk by two to one. And then watch the floodgates open.

lipstick said...

Why this costume for Wolfsbane..? No...

bethrezen said...

Tombstone, Jackal, Baron Mordo, Jigsaw, Misty Knight, The Hood, Crossbones, Dust, Callisto, Boom Boom, Vulcan, Daken, Mastermind, Magma, Sunspot, Hepzibah, Corsair, Silver Samurai, Marrow, Star Lord, Nova, Namora, Whirlwind, Patriot, Phylla-vell, maximus

We need them, and many others but not resculpts

Paibok said...

Personally I see nothing wrong with this extension character wise. Part of what I enjoy about the collection is the variety of characters, and the potential of characters to come. If that was to go for the sake of resculpts of Iron Man, Spider Man and Wolverine then I am going to have to seriously think about stopping altogether. Given a choice of Ape Beast or Caliban, Caliban wins hands down. If there has to be resculpts to help sales, why not take up the option of a on-going subset / sideline which doesn't interfere with the main collection and allows those who want resculpts to buy them.

Giant Man and Archangel would be different. Same person, different personilities.

Speaking of which, Giant Man still looks cool, but quite angry, has Janet been bugging him again.

Shaman looks bulkier than I expected, like Guardian was. Maybe its just the angles. Great design and a unique sculpt.

Vance Astro looks as I hoped from what I have seen, simple mimicing Cap, and most importantly shield to the front.

Robert said...

Bethrezen, you don't serously think that a character like Dust, for instance, will outsell, say, a 90's era Cyclops, do you?

Re-sculpts will sell well and have a far greater chance of hooking new collectors.

A separate collection of resculpts would keep everyone happy, except when you consider cost. It would force many people to choose. Over time, this collection ain't cheap.

tomaszkasjan said...

Yup, redos only in subset.
Don't destroy the collection.
New characters over redos.

Can't wait to see Wolfsbane and Firelord.
Long/red hair for Rahne.

Jacadoo said...

Vance just make the original capt amarica look feeble!!!!

Both vance and shaman look like they are going to be fine additions.

I like the refinements to giant man, just can't wait to receive him.

Still hate the iron man sculpt - sorry!!!!!

kirk said...

It this were begin of the collection for sure I would buy 90's era Cyclops, not Dust, but we already have Cyclops. I'm not interested in buying him in different costume at now, Dust please! I won't throw my money to trash, I will keep the old version of figurine, now it's time for next characters.

Banshee said...

Shaman looks awesome I can't wait.

Giantman is good too.

I think Vance Astro is a hard one to comment on until we see the full painted version.

Firelord is going to make a great sculpt if its anything like the drawing.

Got to say though although I do love Wolfsbanes lycothrapic look I'm not massively excited about the costume.

And it really really saddens me to say this Dan because I truly do love the collection but if remakes are the way forward then I'm out. The reason I'm still collecting is that new and various characters come one after another and I love to learn about them. This extension has been one of the best especially the Specials that are on there way but repaints and remodels of the characters I already have just don't interest me.


Maybe you could fashion some kind of poll to find out the reception for this proposition??

sed tallis said...

Well Daniel me old spaniel , there you have it some zealots would rather remove their own nutbags than see resculpts . However your question was which figs would sell...therefor if you remove the handfull of naysayers from the equation , There is no reason why resculpts shouldn't be a considerable sales success, thereby extending the life of the collection, thereby boosting the chances of Dust,Bloodstone etc .
Please mahe a Cap America variant of Vance, as Jacadoo said Poor old Cap looks like a nine stone weakling in comparison.

bethrezen said...

@Robert - I'm not interested in characters that I have on the shelf

mgf said...

Resculpts would sell by the ton.

Do it EM.

Robert said...

Bethrezen, I know you are not interested in resculpts. And that's perfectly fine. My point was one about sales. For what it's worth, I have no interest in 90's era Cyclops, either.

Banshee said...

Ha ha a zealot. Funny. I'm far from it, I'm just voicing my opinion like everyone else does. If the collection does go to re-do's and people buy it enough for them to make extensions with new characters I will be back on board.

Like I said I adore CMFC but in this day and age I just can't justify paying for characters I already have. I'd love a new Mystique, Rogue etc but I'd much rather have a character I don't have.

I am a subscriber but it's just a step to far for me. I'm sorry my comments affect you so.

sed tallis said...

Robert said "I have no interest in 90's era Cyclops"
That's not what 90's era Cyclops said about you big boy????

Osvaldoeaf said...

Oh, Lord....resculpts? Please, no!!! Like it's been said, the best thing about this collection is the fact it has so much variety....there are so many great characters to be done before we start getting resculpts. At least one more extension......

The Hood said...

I dont like the idea of resculpts when there are still a lot of deserving characters yet to be made like Groot, Jigsaw, The Hood, Howard The Duck, Rocket Raccoon, Frankensteins Monster, Killraven, Hyperion, Warlock, Speedball, Lockjaw, Night Thrasher,Star-Lord and Simon Garth. Also what information would be in the magazine for a character that we already have ?

fredpostman said...

Thanks for the warning Dan;it's been a great journey since issue 1 but if/when this happens then it's time to say good bye.(with no Mr Hyde,Cobra,Lockjaw,Whirlwind,Skurge,Red Ghost,Mantis,High Evolutionary amongst MANY others not even realized yet!)

Osvaldoeaf said...

Hah, great point, The Hood!

Robert said...

I may be mistaken, and I'm too lazy to check, but I think that's three updates in a row that Dan has mentioned sales. And now EM are seriously considering resculpts and Dan is joking about getting a new job. If I was a suspicious man, I might start to wonder that EM are getting worried about the future of this collection.

I am keen on resculpts and yet even if you aren't, consider this. Which is the lesser evil: the occasional resculpt to keep sales up or cancellation?

Osvaldoeaf said...

Well, if it were an occasional resculpt, then ok, we already got some of that in the collection....but what Dan said suggests it would be a lot of resculpts, maybe thw whole extension!

You are right, it does semm like sales are becoming a problem for EM...and that makes me think that having a new extension (and my fave character Sage) isn't a sure thing anymore, as we were all thinking!

I, for one, wouldn't spend a dime on a character I already have!

Robert said...

Reread what Dan said, Osvaldo, and, yes, he does say that a whole extension could be resculpts. Hadn't really taken that in properly at the first time of reading.

Hmm. Drastic. But then it does offer up the possibility of a relaunch of sorts. I would have thought a single try-out of a resculpt would have been a safer toe-in-the-water experiment. A brave strategy with a hint of recklessness, methinks.

Kal Brindle said...


If you want to do resculpts then consider a team based sub-set.

Magazines about the teams.

New sculpts of popular figures to represent that team. ie: Ape Beast = Avengers, Black & Grey Wolvie = X-Force etc...

I think the backlash would be to high from collectors who are a loving the B, C & D listers or are waiting for their favourite character to come along.

If you have to I get it, then it should be only one space per extension. The reality is that you're going to see losses either way, but to keep this fantastic collection going please do whatever you can.

Great update today - my my Shamn is looking buff. Vance Astro will be superb and I'm glad to see the tweaking of Giant Man.

Bob said...

Giant-Man is excellent but his horns reminds me of Surtur! Vance Astro looks great but Shaman seems like been attending a bodybuilder convention, never imagined him to be as buff as Conan the Barbarian!

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

An exciting update!
Thanks Dan.

With the new improved antennae, he is approaching perfection. Really an awesome addition to the CMFC.

While the sculpt is excellent, it's a little bit static. Surely some dynamism can be achieved. Try to create some movement with his left arm. The shield is a beauty.

Wow. This is a beautiful sculpt that brings the character to life, with great potential to become an outstanding figurine.

Very pleased with the choice of look and pose. But I am more eager to see how her head/face will be rendered in sculpt.

Holy cosmic moly! Awesome sketch, awesome choice of pose and great position for his flaming staff. If the sculpt can replicate the sketch, we're gonna have a superb figure. This is the one I look forward the most.

sed tallis said...

My mistake Dan, Apparently it's a resounding bollocks!, to resculpts amongst the partimers long did you say it was till the next extension announcement, eleventy years?

Banshee said...

Part-timers, you don't even know if the people commenting are subscribers or not.

I am and have every single figurine released and I'm not for the re-do's. Your arrogance is pathetic. You feel the need to shout your opinion and dismiss everyone else's.

I have faith that Dan and the guys at EM will make the right decision.

mighty_marvel said...

i'm a subscriber and i'm for resculpts. if the extra sales generated from a couple of resculpts per extension helps the collection go for longer then that can only be a positive thing. for example, no resculpts gets us 2 extensions = 40 new characters. 3 resculpts per extension gets us 3 extensions = 51 new characters. if this happens, i don't see what the issue with resculpts is.

a whole extension of resculpts seems a little much though. if this many need to be done then why not go down the subset route. a 90s jim lee x-men subset will include most of the most requested resculpts, i would imagine x-men are pretty much guaranteed sellers, and you would attract not just comic fans but fans of the tv series too.

Banshee said...

I agree a couple of re-do's an extension would be fine and being a subscriber I probably would buy them but from Dan's comment it sound as if a full extension of re-do's is possible.

I'd like a Mystique and Rogue re-do but only if they're inbetween a Sunspot and Heimdall figure.

kissynose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Holy Wolf said...

I personally would be very happy with a few resculpts slipped in. Say 15 new chaacters and 5 resculpts a collection would be great.

I'd love an Ape Beast, a better proportioned Iron Man and Hawkeye etc!

kissynose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ken said...

Dear Dan,

As a devoted fan who has purchased EVERY single figure in the CFMC, as well as some of the DC figurines, I think a combination of re-dos AND new characters would be best for the long term health of this amazing collection.

Continue with creating new characters for the extensions but have a subset solely devoted to a select group of popular redos such as White costume Mystique. You'll will appease the current collectors and draw in new ones.

sed tallis said...

MAN! I'm playing thru Resident Evil 4 on pro setting, itsa one a spiceymeataball.
Bancheese said"I have faith that Dan and the guys at EM will make the right decision."
Yep.......stirring words.

kissynose said...

kissynose said...

Your really taking a beating today.

I think everyone misses the point here. Eaglemoss is in the business for profit.

Everyone who complains and whines better be buying a majority of the figures. If not your just stupid and shut up. If you want the collection to continue that is the ONLY way it will.

Furthermore, every collection that has ever existed needs to balance between popular and so called fringe characters. Any of the sculpting companies that still survive will tell you that is key.

Bowen does it....Disney does it...sideshow does it. If you think you will keep this collection will these minor characters your WRONG.

Open your wallet or find a new collection...nuff said

PS_yes I do buy every figure

Dr Headache Rushing said...

I'm a subscriber, have been since issue one, figurines, plinths, folders - the whole lot. Thankfully not part of the little clique that exists on this blog, although I read it a lot and post a little.

Personally I'm not interests in resculpts or redo's and wouldn't buy them. Everyone is, of course, entitled to their own opinion but that would be the end of the collection for me.

Robert said...

How did the DC subset work? Was it released at the same time as the main DC figure line, one figure every fortnight/ month? That would work for me. It keeps the subscribers who don't want resculpts from cancelling and gives the guys who want resculpts what they want. The only slight fly in the oinment would seem to be cost for collectors.

Oh, and perhaps stretching the production capabilities of Eaglemoss. (Although they did it for the DC subset and that's completed.)

Robert said...

Dr Headache Rusging. Sorry you don't like the clique on here. We can't all live 'portfolio' lifestyles.

Whatever that means.

mgf said...

Seems pretty obvious that a redo of Wolverine or Hulk would outsell a Longshot or Dust.

One or two resculpts per extension would boost sales, and give a chance to continue this remarkable collection.

Quite why some would stop collecting at all just because there were redos is a mystery.

Dr Headache Rushing said...

Robert, I've no idea what a "Portfolio Lifestyle" is either. I'll ask Gary next time I see him.

As you were old son.

Victor said...

I would love re-sculpts mixed in with new characters if it helps keep the line going.
Thanks Dan

Robert said...

I had to google it, Doc, to find out. In the one usage of it that I found, it's a pretenious phrase that basically describes a job history.

As for my own attitude to jargon, see George Orwell's many essays on plain speaking.

Robert said...

That's "pretentious", of course. Damn Friday night brain.

Banshee said...

Dr Headache Rushing I think you speak for 99% of the people on this blog. Many read and don't often blog. Maybe it's due to 'the clique' which does contain certain loudmouths that puts people off commenting on here. It's kina sad :( Get yourself over to the superherofigurineforum it's much more civilised.

Robert said...

And here we have another tedious blog vs forum argument.

I'd just like to point out that the "clique" did not start this tonight.

Word verification is "arces", which is just spooky.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

What star sign are you?
This week, the Virtual CMFC
takes a look at a very special Marvel team, known to be often debated among Marvel fans and CMFC collectors:

Flawed astrology-inspired absurdities? Or fascinating old-school supervillains that are utter & complete genius?

The jury is out!
Check out these 7 representatives:
Leo, Aries, Capricorn, Pisces,
Cancer, Gemini and Sagittarius

I must confess my view is that the Zodiac is a genius idea, and their design is a very cool example of old-school Marvel. I would buy the whole subset in the blink of an eye... if it existed.

So come'on, take a look and
judge for yourself:

Banshee said...

Not an argument just reality. Alot more people are active on the forum which is not at all a slight at the blog. It just seems certain people in the blog are alot more vocal than others.

tinodragon14 said...

I beg & plead with the powers that be to extend this collection & keep Dan working.

As for re-sculpts I suspect if you did add say MYSTIQUE in her white costume with skull heads belt you would get many buying the new version of her or HAVOK in his original black costume with his arms stretched out front as if he is about to blast or THE PUNISHER in his first appearance costume in Spider-Man holding his gun targeting Spidey about to take him out.

If you look at the new specials vote ARCHANGEL is high on that list. Do a ARCHANGEL Special between mega-mojo & Mega-GIANT-MAN. He is a very wanted character & will sell well because if you do him with his metal wings open in flight with a clear peg lifting him up in flight he will look awesome on display in a store & will sell well.

John said...

Giant-Man looks good, if I wanted him. I don't, but I'll buy him to support EM... grrr...

Vance Astro is a character I'm SUPER excited for. Though I think he looks way too muscular. Like someone else said, just like Guardian.

Shaman is absolutely perfect.

Wolfsbane should have bigger boobs. ;)

Firelord... if you can pull that off, I will be soo happy (that's what he said.) But that Firelord would make an incredibly amazing sculpt. PLEASE make it just like that. :D

Bob: "Just goes to show how great a Howard the Duck or even Rocket Raccoon figure could be if certain management types at EM had the bottle..."

Here, here! I actually just got Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom. First thing I did was run through Arcade Mode using Rocket Raccoon. :D He is SO cool to play as. And he's so short, most people's blasts just go over my head. :D

"What 20 could we do if we wanted to SELL figurines rather than complete the universe?"

I'm not the one to ask, because I'd be out. Kissynose has one view, but to me, this is the BEST area that we're now pulling from. Even the DC is finally getting away from all the big name characters that are made over and over and over in every other collection. ...Originally I was picking and choosing maybe 2 or 3 per DC extension. This last one, I counted 15 I wanted. Just sayin...

But if we HAD to have resculpts, I'd like to see Gamora and Songbird first... though that kind of defeats the purpose...

John said...

mgf: "I was growing tired of the modernists demanding characters whose introduction into the MU has coincided with a drop sales that threatens the entire medium."

And exactly what modern characters have done this in the last extension? Spider-Man 2099 was made in 1992, so I guess he counts? Is that modern? Then we have Wiccan, and... oh yeah, that's it.

Bagman said...

clique (kliːk, klɪk)

— n
a small, exclusive group of friends or associates
suggestive of the necessity to exclude NONMEMBERS.

You don't have to be a member to comment on this Blog, it's open to anyone. Whereas you have to join the Forum to comment on it, NONMEMBERS can't, does that make the people on the Forum more of a Clique?

By the way Vance Astro is looking real good and hopefully Firelord is as good as the sketch.

Dan The Man said...

Interesting reactions to my re-sculpts idea. We are not officially considering resculpts, but it is something that came to my mind as a way to extend the life of the collection and still offer the wider characters from the edges of the MU.

Maybe we could at least try it out if we get another extension, maybe 1 or 2 or 3 'resculpts' would be a good litmus test - if the sales aren't that much different then it wouldn't be worth following up, but if they sold well then no-one who enjoys this collection could deny it would help extend the life of the collection. Just a thought.

The question is what 3 characters would we choose that A. deserve to be remade and B. Would sell really well?

mighty_marvel said...

3 regular resculpts to test the waters

3 from:

1. ape beast
2. better, bulkier iron man
3. mystique (white costume)
4. WWII captain america
5. modern thor
6. 90s jim lee rogue

Banshee said...

Surely Mystique and Rogue would be one and two? I'm guessing Beast would take third spot!

TGR said...

OK, so one or two re-sculpts per extension wouldn't do any harm if it guaranteed the collection carrying on and in this instance I think the majority of current collectors would carry on...but...what if the re-sculpts do well? Will the ratio of re-sculpts:new characters go from 1 in 10 to maybe 1 in 3? If so then I see a lot of current collectors calling it a day.

Secondly, at the moment we have up to issue 200 confirmed (april 2013) are EM really going to wait until then to test the water or are some of the figures so far confirmed going to get bumped out for a re-sculpt?

One or two per extension I can live with, but any more than that then I would really be looking at un-subscribing because I don't want a cabinet full of re-dos, this will then leave me free to pick and choose and some of the "new" characters may be on my to-skip list and the slippery slope starts for me. I understand EM are out to make money (their prime task) and they may encourage new collectors - none of whom are likely to back-order 200 figs - but they do run the risk of alienating some of their most ardent supporters.

got to say as a subby i'd take bloodstone as it would be a figure that is part of the collection I choose to subby to, but as a pick chooser - not a cat in hells chance.

Just my thoughts. :-)

Victor said...

My re-sculpts:
Beast (Ape version)
Jean Grey (Green Miniskirt) or (Classic 80's Green Dress Costume)
Mystique (White Costume)
Storm (original costume)
Cyclops Cyclops (80's) or (90's Costume)
Havok (Eggbeater)
Wolverine (brown...

Holy Wolf said...

Top 3 redos for me would be

Ape Beast
Iron Man

With Archangel and Hulk as redo specials. They'd all sell thousands in my opinion.

I stopped subscribing to the cmfc a while ago mainly because I got a little annoyed at the inconsistency in the quality of figurines. As such i pick and choose 60% of the figurines. For instance put hawkeye next to iron man or cable next to bishop and they just look ridiculous.

If a couple of resculpts came out now and then I honestly think would consider subscribing again.

tinodragon14 said...

Oh Dan I listed 3 in earlier my comments
MYSTIQUE - Since I have been following this blog she seems one of the biggest disappointments as far as costume choice. I believe if you do a re-sculpt of her in her favored white costume she will sell well. I will buy her.
HAVOK - I think if you do his favored black costume with the circle on his chest & the egg beater headpiece plus have in a action stance arms forward as if he is preparing to fire a blast.
THE PUNISHER - He has been a popular character since his first appearance in Spidey. Take the sculpt right from that first appearance cover & it will be a hit.

As a villain lover though I like the DOC OCK sculpt okay I wish you he had been done in his green jump suit costume with those hourglass eye goggles. You might do a special re-sculpt of the DOC lifted up by his lower metal tentacles.

How about a re-sculpt special with THE GREEN GOBLIN on his bat glider.

Perhaps you could do a LOCKJAW special with a re-sculpt of CRYSTAL with her correct hair style included since hers was a poorly done sculpt.

Tell me Dan what about a ARCHANGEL Special. He will make an awesome figure if done right & well & will look great on display in a store. What say you Dan the Man? Please read me Dan!

Bagman said...

How about a Cpt.Britain re-sculpt in his original costume with quarterstaff or star sceptre.

LAWay said...

I think the Firelord image looks ace! Andie Tong impresses again, although I do worry about sculpting fire...

Wolfsbane, a lil disappointed she aint in the classic look to be honest. This look is neither classic or current is it? Just doesnt do anything for the character.

Vance Astro looks a good, solid pose and sculpt at this rough stage. I think looking at the muscular structure or him makes me hate the puny Captain Britain sculpt even more. Such a shame.

Shaman needs a little more work. Top half looks good. He just needs more weight on that right leg which needs more bend and leaning forwards more.

Giant-Man is looking good. Very stiff in the torso, just needs that visual of the abs twisting to accompany the chest. He suffers a little from the Ares 'snake-hips' as the pelvis looks very long. After the fuss I made of Terrax's tilted head, I think Giant Man needs some twist...maybe its just me, but I want the front of the figurine to be facing me as a viewer, not looking to the side. This little twist may add a little more interest in the overall pose.

Iron Man was a glorious sculpt. These would be fantastic cast in a grey plastic and sold to collectors to paint. :)


*rolls up sleeves*

Oh man, the sh*t is going to hit the fan here, but you know which side of this I am on. Expect a very long and controversial rant that I have probably repeated numerous times...

tinodragon14 said...

You could do a re-sculpt of say CAPTAIN AMERICA in a more action stance.

You have many different IRONMAN suits to choose from to do one or more re-sculpts of him.

I suspect a re-sculpt special of THE HULK in an angry fighting stance so he could be put opposite THE ABOMINATION would sell well.

I wish you did THE SUB-MARINER in his green trunks bare chest & all. What has someone at Marvel or Disney got an aversion to bare male chests & green swim trunks?

Villain wise besides DOC OCK you could do a re-sculpt of THE LEADER with his tall head instead.

Victor said...

Dan, we already had that pool:

pirate adam said...

i'm late to the party....Firelord will look simply stunning, Vance looks like he could use Cap as a floss cloth when he gets out the shower.

Re-do's....i have every fig upto 130ish and cherry picked about 10 since then, about 3 per extension so if you throw in 5 re-do's of the main men then i will be buying more figs hence more sales hence collection continues

my list for re-do's

Cap - bigger and better

IronMan - bigger and better

Johnny Storm - worst fig in the collection, please re-do him

Sabretooth - too skinny

and for my pal Robert please give us a different Drax, my choice would be the Infinity Gauntlet version

also people are asking for a modern Thor, although i'm not opposed to getting another of my fave character in the collection (i could stand one with the Avengers then) i am rather happy with the Thor we have, for such an early sculpt he is still one of the best


word verifivation....retrim

i shizzen you not

LAWay said...

Oh, and Dan, this is how Terrax should look:

Few little tweaks and its complete. ;)

Blurred View said...

Giant Man is still not doing much for me. I think it just comes down to the character. I don't really have any desire to buy another version of just Hank Pym. Much less one at the price of a mega-special.

I'm liking what I'm seeing of the other works in progress, though. Good poses all around. I'm mostly glad that Wolfsbane won't end up having that ridiculous three foot tall hairstyle.

So... resculpts. Not something I ever really wanted. But I get that a few could help sales overall. I'm cool with that. I may even be interested in some of them. I just have to ask one thing. Can they not ALL be old looks? I get the appeal of things like Beast's older look and all, but it would kind of suck for all the resculpts to just cater to fans of older decades. There are popular newer looks too. I know I'd love to see a modern Thor or Luke Cage.

And I've got to say. As a huge Spider-Man fan, a resculpt of him in "Ditko style" really doesn't do anything for me. I don't really see how that would even translate into lead in a way that's worth doing, especially compared to all the other Spider-Man looks available.

LAWay said...

Let's note firstly that re-sculpts of previous characters was only a suggestion to the issue that 'if' sales figures dipped and it would be a route to explore if they can boost a few sales to keep the collection going.

That being said...if you are against the idea, then you are against the collection ongoing any further.

While Dan suggested 20 names is abit extreme, I think starting off with simply 3 characters in a roster of 20 is plenty. It pleases those who want re-sculpts, it pleases those who wanted their favourite characters in different looks, and is doesnt annoy the collectors who dont want re-sculpts too much.

And remember, this isn't a repaint. This is turning cat beast into his classic and much loved Ape Beast. This is turning emo rogue into her classic, sassy and sexy 90s Rogue that we all had a crush on growing up. Turning the short lived Winter Solider into Bucky Barnes, a character many comic readers wanted to be and could relate to.

If the thought of these characters doesn't excite you...if you are so turned off by these characters, then why the hell are you reading Marvel in the first place?

Many complain about the idea of re-sculpts, and yet they don't buy all the figurines anyway. They don't buy x, y , z if they are not interested in them, and because of people like that, that is why sales would be down. Because of lesser known characters, a wider audience wouldnt purchase them in shops or catalogues, and certainly wouldnt search for those characters online.

This isn't a drastic overhaul. This is requesting 3 characters. It could be increased if successful, it could be decreased if unsuccessful. It could just be kept the same.

People complain and say they dont want the CMFC to turn into brands like Marvel Legends, Marvel Universe, Bowen Statues...highly successful, world renowned brands. They don't want to see a balance of new characters and characters in different costumes. They cannot see that a decision like this would be for the greater good of the collection, just like it works so well in other brands.

Let's face it, we have already had 'resculpts'. If you havent bought the likes of the rooftop spideys and Iron Man movie special, then you are not a completist, and thus, why do you care whether re-sculpts enter the regular line-up?

We have had it good with loads of individual characters, but something like this was inevitable. Unless you are a subscriber, there is no guaranteed income from collectors that everyone will buy these more niche characters, and as we get further along, characters will get more niche, more like marmite. Then you get the sculpt, which will also affect whether you buy or not. Eventually the collection would end by not selling enough. If the thought of dipping sales are being brought up now, it will only get worse in the future.

Em could please the fans with the 3 most popular as voted for by the polls.
Archangel (which is more likely to be a special)
(Add Rogue incase Archangel cant be done).

Keeps more people happy, but realistically, you need the likes of Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine as well. (it would also stop people complaining about x-only characters)

Shops would order more of the big name characters. Introduce classic iron man with beast and mystique as the first lot of re-sculpts and see how it does. Then do a spider-man with rogue and Cyclops. A captain america with bucky and Johnny Storm.


LAWay said...

I'd also add when at Kapow comic con, at the Q&As, there was ALOT of Captain Britain love an enquiries, and since it is a UK formed collection, a classic Captain Britain for the fans of CMFC would go down well, but by the sounds of things, go down well with general UK comic buyers.

This isn't much to ask. Out of 60 characters in the next 3 extensions, 9 resculpts? Leaving 85% of the collection being all new characters. If successful, potentially more extensions off the back of a small price to pay.

If unsuccessful, then I cant imagine it being much worse than a regular line-up, but if it is, EM would probably get 1 more extension for everyone to put their money where their mouth is.

I dont want these guys to lose their jobs, especially because of stubborn collectors. I am not sure if something like this can start afresh in today's economical climate. Whether the fanbase would transfer or not.

So surely, the best solution is which ever will be best for the collection to keep going. If EM suggestion a whole extension of resculpts, I could understand people leaving as thats not what they signed up for. But a handful really isn't much, and I am sure EM could impress with their sculpts and change your minds.

LAWay said...


Its not the master paints that ruin is for collectors. They can easily pick up a magazine in stores and see the promotional picture and see the two figurine paint jobs are completely different.

Some who order from catalogues or subscribe see the promo pic, and is disappointed, may even ask for a refund.

I think people can let the odd paintjob on the regular figurines slip...but as for specials, the price paid, I think is more unacceptable.

You couldnt photograph that MODOK professionally and present it as a promotional image as it wouldnt sell. But because people are getting them blind in the post and have no alternatives, they are stuck with it. We are told colours may vary etc But this is a massive slip in quality.

SinisterVenom said...

Thanks for another great update Dan, and thanks for info about the debit card problem...I don't mean to sound like a right Sir Moan-a-lot but I've just been on the CMFC main site to purchase MODOK only to be told that Visa Debits are not accepted by Jacklin Enterprises! Is this still a problem that has yet to be solved or has EM actually stopped accepting Visa Debits? My card worked fine before this all started. Sorry to keep on Dan but could you find out for me please? I really want to buy MODOK soon and I really want to pay for him on the main site.

Now regarding re-sculpts, I really don't want them to interfere with the next extension when there are a lot more deserving characters yet to be made. Yes I do sometimes look at characters like Beast, Rogue and Mystique and wish they were done in different costumes and looks etc but I'm happy with what we got now and I think it'll look weird with two characters of the same, I don't mind so much with situations like Yellowjacket and Giant-Man being in and the Spideys but if we really have to have redo's I would rather see them as a subset, keep the extensions for new characters.

Right, that's enough moaning from me, now onto the update.
Giant-Man is coming along nicely, the antenna situation doesn't look too bothersome to me but I'm good for whatever if the change makes him look better.
Vance Astro and Shaman look awesome for early starts. Really happy the sheild is facing forward, will look superb. Shaman is turning out really great too, no complaints :)
I think Firelord and Wolfsbane will turn out great too, I was worried about the likliness Wolfsbane would have with the other wolves in the collection but it looks like there will be no problem there.

Finally, just time for...


Hydro-Man surfed up today and I must say he's a great figurine! The paint job on mine is really good and I love the effect between the human and the water effects of the figurine. There were no broken parts on my figurine so it really is a case of bad luck if you recieve a broken one, the same situation I had with Karnak before. Next time: Captain Marvel!

Essay over, shutting down for the night.

mtravis390 said...

If EM feels the need to do re-do then why not make a subset for them and not replace slots in the current collection. There was talk about doing the classic X-Men that way, so why not all the re-does?

I think EM might actually lose sales if they start filling slots in the main collection with re-does. Sure they would get some new costumers, but they would also lose out on those people that have already bought the figurine earlier, and EM risk loses some of the completes who might not want a bunch of re-does in the collection.

Logan said...

Dan do You guarantee all re-sculpts will be better than original figurines?
All of them will make a guy, who made Odin sculpt?
If not, then it's only lost of our money.
But if You guarantee, then what's price for one figurine, when they will be without magazine?

Definitely Cable needs redo. He's 6'6 and in collection he's about 6'. Also he needs more coloured costume and bigger, modern weapon in his hand.

Holy Wolf said...

I think that's the nail on the head there. If you make resculpts you're going to have to put extra controls in place to make sure the figurines are exquisite, not just good. Whats the point of replacing a duff figurine with another duff figurine in a more cherished look? They should be assigned to the best sculptor you have and go through many levels of revision to ensure they're just right.

At the end of the day if you do an a list character in a more suitable look and the fig is stunning then it's going to sell fantastically.

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

Two or three resculpts in an extension. Sounds very reasonable .Certainly no need for anyone to throw their sheleighly out the pram.
Off to bonnie Kelso fer a wedding, by the end of the day I shall be very very...sober??
Designated childminder.
Surely a hall full of drunk folk will be great fun?

Robert said...

Still thinking that a subset would be the best solution. What about a staggered (monthly?) release of, say, six resculpts: a 90's X-character (Cyclops, Rogue, etc.), an apeman Beast, classic Iron Man, Namor in trunks, modern Thor and someone like Neal Adams/ eggbeater Havok. There, four mutants, that should even keep the forum happy.

Love the idea of a classic Captain Britain with quarterstaff, Bagman F.F.F. Wouldn't make that the first resculpt, though. A real big seller should be the first, and original Cap probably isn't it as he appeals mainly to Brits of a certain vintage. As DP's mod shows, he'd be a lovely figure (if painted competently).

Oh, thanks, Adam, for the Infinity Watch Drax suggestion. Alas, he would still be on shelves collecting dust when I have gone to the big comic shop in the sky.

dallen238 said...

i think giant-mans right shoulder is a bit to far back,very happy with vance astro,finaly some common sense showing the front of the shield instead of as with the terrible captain america figure when its stupidly facing away.

Paibok said...

Okay, so two to three resculpts per extension would not be so bad, it it keeps the collection going and still guarantees the new characters we are after. Saying that, as someone else already mentioned will it stop at 2-3 or will this increase to 2-3 Wolverine's per extension. So pardon me for wanting to throw my vodka bottle out of my pram, but I would take Sage, Caliban and Broo over AoA Wolverine, Weapon X Wolverine, and Wolverine taking a dump etc

Now if there was to be 2-3 resculpts it would be better to start with the big hitters, because if sales don't increase with them then a white dressed Mystiquw or Captain Britain wouldn't cut the mustard. So despite the above paragraph the first three should really be Wolverine (Brown/tan costume), Captain America in his WW2 gear, and Spider Man probably in the black costume (unperched) or Ultimate Spiderman.

Having it as an on-going side collection / subset will be the best solution, but less frequently so not to be too much of a strain on wallets, one every two months.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Beautiful beats famous

Looking at the official Bowen sales report for October 2011, it is obvious that collectors will buy sculpts that are beautifully executed and can be admired as Marvel art objects. These do not necessarily need to be A-list characters. The theory that an A-lister will sale more, I feel it's a simplistic assumption and a bit of an illusion.

Personally I feel EM would do better by focusing on the quality of the figures, rather than the choice of characters. New buyers will be attracted to a beautifully crafted Marvel figure. Emphasis is on the craft, not simply the character depicted. Take the example of Bowen's Dreadnoughts and Guardians of the Galaxy. Not what you'd call A-listers. But they were so awesome, Marvel figure collectors could not resist buying them.

Official Bowen Design sales
October 2011:

Dreadnought 2-Pack
Guardians of the Galaxy set
Warriors Three
Iron Man (Modern)
Iron Man Chrome (2-Pack)

The Hood said...

Ok, 3 resculpts per extension would be fine, i just dont want an entire extension full of them

I aslo have every Issue, Special, Mega Special, Double Pack and Varient Paint Job.

My 3 Choices for rescupts

Beast (Ape or Original Costume)
Angel (Archangel)
Captain Marvel (Green and White Costume)

Robert said...


Finally managed into FP today and picked up Triton. Actually, he was the second I picked up as the first had green paint all over his left shoulder.

Overall, it's a bit meh. The white on his arms and legs is muted, which is good. But otherwise I'm underwhelmed by the pose. I'm happy to get another major Inhuman, just not so happy with the figure itself.

Surely Lockjaw can't be too far away now?

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Did you mean Karnak???

Paibok said...

Another thought on resculpts, just start up a subset of the Ultimate Universe characters, that way you can bring in 2 new Spider Men, the clones, a full set of X-Men, a new Cap, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, bigger Hulk, Nick Fury, Captain Marvel, the fantastic four, Spiderwoman, the hulk like Green Goblin, and his other famous villains, its what the movies and alliance games are based. Seeing as the Avengers movie is due next year, and Spiderman is being relaunched as well...

Sage said...

Shaman and Vance Astro look to be coming along nicely.

Really love the Wolfsbane sketch and Firelord looks very good also.

Can't wait to see what Danielle Moonstar is going to look like.

[daniel] said...

Why don't make resculpts subscriber exclusive specials. That way people that wanted the resculpts would have to be subscribers at least (ie sales figures that eaglemoss wants)

And then it won't affect the running order.

And subscribers given the option on whether they want the resculpts or not.

Now most are probably going to say it will take up a special slot. I've thought of that too, they can maybe exchange a slot in the running order. (ie instead of 2 running order figure per month,, we get 1 running order and 1 resculpt)

In the end if the resculpt idea backfires, it would not have affected the running order collection at all.


Robert said...

Yes, Blake! Didn't notice that blooper at all!

Logan said...

Cable is even taller, he's 6'8 in comics.
Back to my earlier post, he's first to redo in CMFC.

TheTooN said...

Vance and Shaman look great, very impressive. Sketches for Wolfsbane and Firelord also looking good.

Copy of my post on the SHFF.

A couple of weeks ago we were asked about Giant Man as a possible way to increase forward and here he is.

Now its re-dos, Is the writing on the wall ?

Shouldn't we embrace whatever keeps the collection going longer ?

Sure some folks will 'cut off their nose to spite their face' as the saying goes but the collection isnt going to last forever without a rethink.

Let EM try it and SUPPORT them by buying whatever they put out or you might never see some of your c/d/e listers in any collection....EVER.

imho its short sighted to say redos = cancelled subs. If you have invested heavily thus far and really want to see 'xyz' character then why not suck up a few redos to keep the chance alive ?

Is it any different to subbing and receiving 5 Crystals over the course of an extension ?

Paint quality is the only issue that bothers me and makes me question my spend.

Redos ? Bring em on !

My top 5 wants :-

Ape Beast
70's Iron Man
Comic Punisher (surprised he hasnt been mentioned as the movie one is poor)
90's Rogue
Classic Havok

I appreciate Dan's comments re paint quality, its a real shame to have fantastic sculpts spoiled by paint volume requirements.


John said...

A subset would make redos like optional Specials. Kind of like how you don't NEED to buy Giant-Man to feel you have a full run. And since that's already happening, why not go with the redos into a subset?

The important thing is that they end up in display together in a comic shop, making people notice and want the rest of the collection. ...But making "Large Cable" as #214 in a run isn't neccisarily going to get people going back for the previous 200.

Try them out as a subset... or just Specials in general, just to get them on the shelf. And not piss off collectors like me.

michal9402 said...

Nice update couse we finally have some preriew of women. Personally I'd like to see Wolfsbane in more dynamic pose and her hairdo is poor.
All scuplts looks fine but Shaman have a little to big arms.

LAWay said...

@Blakeman - do you have sales figures of those Bowen statues? And price points for each statue? And the look of each character as in has the costume been made before? Alot of factors are involved I believe.

@Toon - haha you sound like me man. :)

As for resculpts being exclusively a subset deal, it is the best, most convenient idea, but it is also the most expensive. EM put all their resculpt eggs in one basket, with no guarantee that anyone will sign up to it. Not because of the concept, but because of collection ANOTHER collection, or collectors purposely snubbing it to make sure it doesnt happen.

If the subset bombs, then it will effect the CMFC and its game over.

If the integrate a few resculpts in the regular line-up, it may boost sales, they may not sell...but if its only 3 characters, EM can make a decision for the future about whether to include them again or not, and the finances wont affect the CMFC as much.

Who knows, after that, if it goes well, the do a resculpt subset and leave the main collection alone, knowing that resculpts have a leg to stand on themselves.

Could they be introduced as specials? EM look to make more money on specials, so I doubt they would want to fill a £12.99 figurine with a concept that is abit marmite at the moment for £5.99.

Could you make them subscriber exclusive? Yes, but then you could get complaints from those completest who dont want it, or those who choose not to subscribe, or those who simply cant (like our oversea friends). Personally, I think it would be a good way to get people to subscribe...but I would imagine it offers logistical problems only offering subscribers something.

Would a free resculpt a year for subscribers entice people to subscribe? Maybe.

Safest bet is to try out 3 and see.

But like others have said, we need the quality to be there. Sometimes, the main reason we want the resculpt isnt the costume choice, its due to the poor sculpt. If these are previewed, and get ans feedback every step of the way, then its one way to ensure success, and even possibly convert those against the idea.

tinodragon14 said...

Oh Dan if there is a next extension & please let there be don't forget WHIRLWIND (He will make a neat figure.) or ATTUMA at 6'8" tall & a big bulky bad guy is he regular or special?

I know you have shown interest in THE HIGH EVOLUTIONARY, THE JACKAL & an as yet named western character & now you are talking about re-sculpts but please don't forget the bad guys listed above.

Dan The Man said...

As I remember Grey Gargoyle was in the running to get in this extension, but someone else replaced him at the last minute.

Some characters in consideration for 201-220 shortlist: (NB the shortlist has about 100+ names in it!)
High Evolutionary
Baron Mordo
Rocket Racoon
Golden Age (TBC)

Resculpt ideas:
Captain Britain (Original)
Iron Man (Classic Red and Gold)
Beast/Rogue or Mystique (X-Men Re-do)
Archangel (Special?)
Spidey (Black/Ultimate/Unmasked?)

Robert said...

Nice to see classic Captain Britain at the top of your resculpt list, Dan. His launch was huge at the time and Stan did a tour of the UK to promote him, if I'm not mistaken. Historically, his importance is undeniable, as he gave the British market a character all its own for the first time. AND it was a great comic for most of the initial run. (Don't ask about the stories in Super Spider-Man!)

IF we ever get him, it has to be the original quarterstaff. That was his original weapon and the one he used thru most of his comic run.

LAWay said...

I'm a HUUUUUGE spidey fan, but not even I think we need another version of the red and blue suit, or the black costume. We already have that on the rooftop.

So, I say give us Iron Spiderman, or his new Future Foundation suit.

You could gamble on the new spiderman movie costume, or go with ben reilly's spidey costume, or even house of m, or the newest ultimate version, but just dont give us the same costumes.

I think to start off with 3, Captain Britain, Iron Man (classic red & gold) and one of the X characters (Beast/Mystique/Rogue) would go down well.

mtravis390 said...

Did you forget to put the Beyonder on the list Dan?

Stevie said...

Surely the safest bet would be if Re-Sculpts are being seriously considered, release, say 6, as a Subset.

If the Subset sells well, then they can slip any further resculpts into the Main Collection, if they don't sell well, it proves the interest is not there.

Why risk hindering the Main Collection, if the demand isn't there.

navaho said...

As a subscriber since the beginning I must say I was disappointed to hear that we might get re-do's, but I then went back and had a look at the collection and I'm a little excited to be honest. My top five would be:

Tan/yellow Wolverine
70's Iron Man
Ape Beast
WW2 Cap America
Original Cap Britain

These would sell by the absolute bucketload and we could even have them in a subset or in a double pack with lessor known characters eg. 70's Iron Man with Whiplash or WW2 Cap America with Whirlwind.
This would solve the problem with the magazines.

Just a thought, Navaho

PS Giant-Man looks frigging amazing!

TheTooN said...

At this stage of the collection if say 5 of 20 in each extension are not selling enough to break even (or be profitable in their own right) the whole extension slides towards dangerous territory and possible cancellation.

Adding a redo 'subset' does nothing to change those numbers. 5 will sell poorly and drag the whole lot down.

Swapping those 5 with potential sales winners could return the whole extension to the levels that will see another granted by the powers that be.

5 'fans wants' may have to wait or even not get made at all but the other 15 will and thats 15 more than no extension at all.

Its a tough call for EM but you cant please all the people all the time.

You MUST please your Directors.

Would you guys rather have another 2 extensions and get 30 more of your wants + 10 redos ? Or are you happy to call it a day in spite of desire for more figurines ?

Re Dans last comment, I like all the names under consideration for the next extension.

As for the redos I would LOVE original Captain Britain, this version of Iron Man

Any of the named X-Men in that order.

Spidey ? Maybe if he could be done something like this ? Hanging upside down 'IS' Spidey for me and I would buy that in a heartbeat.

Here are a couple of pics of the Super Hero Squad 'lampost Spidey'

Not really interested in Daken but I have never read anything with him in personally.

Logan said...

We don't have even first version of Daken, why we would need redo of him?

LarryS said...

A 01:58 Sunday morning post, Dan...? Those EM suits are certainly working you hard!

bethrezen said...

Rocket Racoon? I would prefer to Rocket Racoon + Grot as double-pack.

Daken Resculpt?? We do not have Daken.

NO for Resculpt!!!

We need new characters!

sergiogf said...

I can understand the re-sculpts idea but i don't like it.

Maybe you can try first with a double pack re-sculpts.

I'm interested in X-Men characters and I'd prefer Magma, Meggan or Silver Samurai rather than a new beast re-sculpt.

But If you are considering it, maybe you may think in a double pack but with interesting and stronger versions of our characters as Weapon-X Wolverine with the punk hair Storm (or with the beautiful Original Storm). Another idea: Jean Grey's Marvel girl with a 70-80'sCyclops re-sculpt.

I'll go too with the Archangel special but not with Daken..

Robert said...

Went into a bookie's and tried to put a bet on an X-Men character being the first resculpt, if we get them. Guy just laughed and said, On yer way, pal, dae ah look daft?"

Cheeky sod.

TheTooN said...

You should have asked odds on Drax...

10,000:1 ?

Couldnt resist Robert ;)

Robert said...

Oh, the super computer hasn't been built that can the calculate the odds on that happening, Toon.

TheTooN said...

@Dan - Are you guys considering temporarily replacing some of the 180-200 slots with redo's or has it not got that far yet ?

I would rather you threw some in sooner than later if sales are looking flaky.

LAWay said...

You talk much sense Toon. Shame others cant see that a subset is not a viable option if the main line is suffering.

It surprised me on the forum where they hold a poll for which characters they would buy, and after the much love of Trapster, the debate about his costume and needing to be holding his gun, he was the least popular. On average most characters had 170 people wanting to buy, but he was down 130. I was surprised, doesnt seem much, but thats a 24% drop in a character I would have considered a popular choice.

Just goes to show you cant really rely on people buying all these characters, and wonder if further extensions will suffer.

I think EM should offer us a list of...I dunno, 50-100 characters they are possibly thinking of doing for the next extension. Say 40 new characters and 10 redos. Then we vote on which out of those 50 we would want in the extension.

The idea is to make a fan created extension. Redos may prove popular, they may not. They may just prove to be more popular than other characters. The list can keep whittling away, maybe dropping off the least popular 10 until we finally get to 20 that people would more or less agree with.

Its an idea anyway.

I dont know about you...the idea of revisiting older characters with resculpts and variant costumes excites me. When Dan mentioned a very old western character that Marvel is not really known for...those type of curveballs make me worry for the collection.

tinodragon14 said...

Hi Dan,

So what character replaced GREY GARGOYLE & is he going to be in the next one then?

Nice to see you mention BARON MORDO. As Dr. Strange's main enemy his choice is past due.

I knew you were considering HIGH EVOLUTIONARY & JACKAL but why not WHIRLWIND or MOLTEN MAN.

Is Big bad bulky Subby villain ATTUMA at 6'8" tall going to be a special or a regular.

Again I have suggested & supported an ARCHANGEL Special. He is a popular X-character that polls high & will look impressive as a figure on a store self even for those who are not buying the whole collection. Have him come out between mega-mojo & Mega-GIANT-MAN.

As others have said there is no Daken figure & frankly I would buy another WOLVERINE figure over the rip-off Daken character.

Since the Brits are behind this American Marvel Collection I love doing a Captain Brit re-sculpt should be popular with British Collectors but I don't know how he would sell beyond your shores. I would buy him if he is part of the collection though.

You already have Spidey in his red & blue & as a special in black & as a clone Scarlet Spidey & future Spidey 2099. Perhaps an armored Spidey or a Special Spidey holding Gwen Stacey in his arms right from the cover where the GREEN GOBLIN kills her.


I think you should do an X-character re-sculpt of MYSTIQUE in her white costume & an IRONMAN classic suit re-sculpt.

LAWay said...

"Since the Brits are behind this American Marvel Collection I love doing a Captain Brit re-sculpt should be popular with British Collectors but I don't know how he would sell beyond your shores." I

Are you being condescending mate? Are you taking the mick?

Its a UK product. Marvel is a global brand.

Are you complaining that UK buyers want a UK character in their UK product? Are overseas buyers lucky that some company distributes it overseas for them to buy this UK product? Would anything like this exist without this UK company doing it?

I really hope I have gotten the wrong end of the stick of that comment, because it was out of order.

Robert said...

I think you're over-reacting, Leigh, and that Tino has a point. I've wondered the same thing myself. How many of the folk on here who are passionately calling for Cap B bought his UK-only comic back in the day? Me, Bagman F.F.F. (who got Chris Claremont to sign his ish #1 this year!), probably the likes of Toon and Ted, too, amongst others. The original UK-only Cap B stuff wasn't collected until fairly recently. Up to that, classic Cap B to anyone outside the UK meant Marvel Team-Up #65-66 and then probably Excalibur. The costume then briefly reappeared in Avengers being worn, rather oddly, by a woman. Otherwise, it's the Chris Hoy version that non-Brits know. While I still believe it will sell well, it's a valid comment.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

What about the famous saying:
Put your money where your mouth is.
For anyone who is worried that the CMFC may stop before you get the characters you love, surely the simplest way to support the commercial success of the CMFC is to buy all 20 figures in the extension. Buy all 20 to get the 10 or so you really love. Let's face it, there will never be a single extension which includes 20 characters you love. However you can support the CMFC mission to explore the entire Marvel Universe by buying characters you like less. Maybe even learn to love them by reading the magazine. And then, as the CMFC continues, you will get your favorites while also helping everyone else to get their favorites. Buy, buy, buy. Buy 2 copies of each issue if you can. Buy them as presents for birthdays and Xmas. Get you friends to become collectors. But above all, make sure you buy all 20 figures.

On the other hand, EM must ensure that every figure is an awesome representation of the character - so we're happy to buy all 20 figs even if 10 are not our favorites.
Half-baked figures like Silver Sable and X-Man must not ahppen again. It's not that the characters are inherently uninteresting. They're let down by the so-so quality of the figures. EM must treat every character like a mini masterpiece. I know nothing about DC's Azazel and Starfire, for example. I bought them because the figures are great and inspired me to learn more about those characters. In fact I buy all DC figures in each extension. When a character is not my favorite, I am motivated to buy by the sheer artistic quality of the figures.

Dan, I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's impossible to create an extension that makes everybody happy. Some want resculpts, some don't. Some hate Asgardians, some love them. Some want Western, some want more females, some want more modern. And so on. For me the CMFC should continue to explore all MU areas as it's done so far. All I suggest is that you ensure every figure is a little masterpiece, so everyone will gladly buy all 20 characters in the extension knowing that the next extension will include other characters they love.

mighty_marvel said...

not upset at all that grey gargoyle was bumped from the last extension. i've personally found most of the one colour character's figs quite dull and i just can't see him being an exception.

would prefer to see jigsaw as a marvel knights villain representative in the next extension ahead of mordo. dr strange at least has a villain already to stand him beside whereas punisher has nobody. would be nice to have a villain to put him with.

even though my absolute most wanted resculpt is rogue, not being selfish i think the best three to test the waters with would be ape beast, iron man (bigger, bulkier, better) and captain america (either WWII or ultimate).

tinodragon14 said...

Putting down the Brits? You read that comment & thought it was insulting the British. I am indebted to the British because you have under taken this great collection. I said I love it & said I would buy a Captain Brit re-sculpt if he is in the collection. You guys should be proud of what you have accomplished with this collection. Something an American company has never done. And what is wrong with pointing out that Marvel was born in America. I simply was responding to Dan's comment about re-sculpts including Captain Brit. I simply thought he would be popular with the home crowd but I did not know if he would sell well beyond it. There are villains I would & have suggested but I realize those villains would probably not be as popular as X-characters or Spidey or Ironman or Hulk or Thor. I was just thinking realistically in an effort to increase sells to keep this great collection going & going.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

This is not to say the CMFC figures are not masterpieces.
They are masterpieces. Most of them are amazing, in fact. But there have been a few average cases, and I wonder if they've affected overall sales of an extension, or discouraged people to become more selective instead of committing to buy all 20 figures.

A poll
There is an important question which needs an answer:
Are you prepared to buy characters that are not your favorites if EM delivers them as figurines of outstanding artistic quality?

I'd love to poll this.

BobDiamond said...

Hi Robert!
I'd just like to add my name to your list of proud original Marvel UK run of Captain Britain owners. Whole set, including the Super Spiderman stuff( but only a few of the Alan Moore/ new costume monthlies).
Actually, although the Cap Britain stuff was great (especially the team-up with Cap America against The Red Skull), it was the colour reprints of SHIELD that blew me away as a kiddie- amazing stuff!

Anyway....back to the collection. just received Hydroman and Karnak. Both excellent, especially Hydroman. Slotted him next to Sandman- they make a very dynamic duo.

Not convinced that Re-Dos will get casual buyers to buy more than just the re-dos I think that they'd only go for re-dos of the big-guns: Spidey, Wolverine, Cap etc...

However, IF we did have re-dos, my personal picks would be:

Havok (original)
Man-Wolf (Star-God version- NEVER gonna happen!)
Beast (Ape.. could have one with my Avengers set then.)
Cap Britain (original- you guys convinced me..)
Could go on , but 5 sounds good.


LAWay said...

My apologies for overreacting then. I thought you were saying 'this is an american brand, so dont force your british characters on us'. But again, sorry if I misread it.

Like I said, I was at the Kapow Comic Con in London, and people were constantly asking for more Captain Britain to the US Marvel editors. They were like 'wow, we never knew he was that popular over here'.

Question, would EM benefit from announcing a smaller extension, and charging £1 more to make the quality better? Maybe just an extension of 12. It wont matter to collectors as long as the extensions keep coming, but it just protects EM if 8 characters are duds. That being said, if they are contracted for 20 and get a big budget upfront, then maybe sticking to 20 is best. I dunno. Just a thought.

tinodragon14 said...

In America the Marvel Collection started at 12 dollars & went up to 14 dollars around the Prowler figure issue 147. I don't know how that translates into British pounds or euros. If the cost has to go up a buck or two to maintain top quality I will pay. I am buying the whole collection & in many cases buying two sometimes three & in DR. DOOM'S case 4. He insisted since there are 4 F.F. members.

LarryS said...

This whole re-sculpt debate is progressing on the basis of imperfect information. Such as: what is the sales trend? is the collection at risk of ending unless there's a new approach? or is another extension likely to be a formality? My view on re-sculpts might change if I knew the answers to questions such as these ...

TheTooN said...

$14 is about £9 at current rates so you guys are paying getting on for double the UK subby price.

How much of that is down to legit transport etc etc.....'or' Diamond being Diamond is up for interpretation.

They are a business too so thats life, suck it up like we do for everything else of US origin ;) (grinning...I see it the other way for all my other Marvel loves)

The CMFC as others have rightly said is a once in a lifetime deal.

I buy action figures by the bucketload but whats on display in my house ? Exactly !

If I was told I could have the original quality figurines at twice the launch price I wouldnt bat an eye.


Robert said...

Hi, Bob. Nice to hear from you, as always. This blog is a far, far poorer place without you. Yeh, the old Steranko stuff was amazing, especially in colour. One of my best memories of the Cap back-up stories was a reprint from Marvel Team-Up #6 (or is it #7?), Spidey and Thor by Andru. MUCH more vibrant colours than the US originals of the time, which themselves were hard to find anyway. I have the original now and I still prefer to read the reprint in Cap's comicbook!

TheTooN said...

Larry makes an excellent point !

I'm reading between the lines but could be a country mile off for all I know.

LarryS said...

Much obliged for your post, TooN...

It's nice to be appreciated!

LAWay said...

Larry does have understandable concerns.

But if people are willing to embrace resculpts, EM want to do resculpts, regardless of sales, then what is the issue?

If people are open to it in the future or at a time of crisis, then why delay the inevitable? Test the waters now. ;)

mtravis390 said...

Diamond has been ripping us off from day one on this collection. Then on top of that they jerked us around by not releasing them in order for the first year and a half.

Then Diamond decided to thank the loyal buyers of this collection buy raising the price another $2.

And if you live in Canada then Diamond really sticks it to you. I think it's $18 there. Kal can verify or correct that if I'm wrong.

The fact that people on this side of the pond are still buying this collection despite the garbage that Diamond as pulled should show EM that there is plenty of life in the collection.

You know Dan, you could reward the loyal North American market that has had to put up with the scum known as Diamond buy giving us a US exclusive figurine. Maybe the Beyonder? Or the High Evolutionary? I'm not picky. :D

LAWay said...

Are US dollars different to Canada dollars? Or did you mean the equivalent to a US dollar?

I think the main issue with price lies with shipping the product across, and of course, buying it. It cant be cheap to purchase these magazines, and the profit margins are probably small for EM, yet alone Diamond. So hiking the prices to cover all this makes sense.

Its like UK buyers of products like Marvel Universe pay nearly twice as much as they are in the US.

Just gotta lump it I am afraid. It's your own fault for liking such a brilliant product. ^_^

Bagman said...

OK ,been giving the re-do's a bit more thought and i'm showing my age here along with Robert, BobDiamond, Ted and any other children of the 70's, my personal preferences would be ---
1.CAPTAIN BRITAIN(original costume).
2.DRAX THE DESTROYER(original costume).
3.PUNISHER(1st apperance look).
4.Ms.MARVEL(original costume).
5.MAN-WOLF (star-god look,good call on that BobD).
I also like the idea of a clear resin Invisible woman.

Not up on my THOR but have the Asgardians on here seen the Bowen mini-bust of SURTUR on the Bowen web-site? Worthy of a special slot or not lads?

TheTooN said...

@LAWay - At the moment theres next to no difference in what a £ would get you between US and Canadian $.

10 years or so back the Canadian $ was much weaker. Used to be up towards $2.50/£ but now its around $1.55 same as the US$

Sterling aint worth diddly anywhere these days ;)

If Diamond charge $18 Canadian its a steep price. Almost £12 as opposed to £9 for the US.

Take a look at a world map and shipping from China to North America shouldnt be a whole lot different from China to the UK ? Should it ? Anyone in the know ?

Maybe we have underpaid for a few years now but EM cant increase the price due to it being a partwork ?

Or tell us if you cant and I'll shut up about it.

As for what we buy here you can usually just change the £ sign to $ and not be far off. MU 3.75 are £8 odd if you can find them at supermarkets and they are $8 odd (plus tax) over there.

We lose out due to the exchange rate which is why I buy loads of stuff on my hols.

Classic Drax looks good in a google image search but I would worry he would come out looking like Beetle colour wise. I would skip Beetle if I was a pick and choser.....same as Trapster.

I'm just not a fan of the old fashioned block colour costumes I guess.....least not in lead.

Surtur would be a cool looking figurine but I had to google him too.

CMFC Punisher is a shocker pure and simple. Love to see him done justice :P

Robert said...

Toon, the Punisher they went for is the Tim Bradstreet version. He did most of the covers for years; nearly all the Garth Ennis Punishers have him on covers.

Robert said...

Just had a look at the custom "Surtur".

It's so awful it should be funny. But it isn't. What a terrible modification.

BobDiamond said...

See what you mean Robert, about the custom Surtur....looks like a Yeti that's been on a sun-bed too long. :)

Great to see my Man-Wolf redo idea getting backing from you Bagman...perhaps it's not such a mad dream after all!!

Plus, I'd like to add my backing for an original/ Starlin-style Drax- that would be brilliant.


TheTooN said...

I can barely tell the difference between this

and the action fig. I guess you have to know him to see whats wrong.

Ta for the Punisher clarification Robert, I assumed the CMFC one must have been some kind of movie deal.

I wouldnt have a clue about the different artists styles being truthful. I just know I have no love for the one we got and would have preferred this look.

@Dan - Is the redo discussion all over then ?

Was it 'only a thought' and has fan backlash kicked it to the kerb ?

LAWay said...

I would love original Punisher, maybe in the pose as he appeared on that classic spidey cover.

*googles punisher busts*

Oh, didnt realize there was a statue of it.

Anyway, was googling to show you the bust I have of punisher and its one of my faves:

Its a cheap one considered the likes Robert has, but I love it.

This one would be great scaled down to CMFC size:

The good ol days when £1 was worth $2. How I went mental buying stuff from US. Although, an $8 Marvel Universe figure, essentially a fiver, I'll snap them up at that price.

I guess in the US, since they magazines dont have a foreign price tag on them they could sell them at whatever they want. I wonder if they do ship them from china, or if they order directly from EM. The difference being, EM sells them to us and makes £5.99, all of it. I wonder whether Diamond pay that or most probably get a cut price, especially buying in bulk, but still, I cant see EM selling them for less than £3-£4 each. For Diamond to make some profit, they would need to hike the price up.

Probably be cheaper if you yanks just move to the UK. ;)

tinodragon14 said...

I recognized the Punisher cover they took the figure from but he looks old & tired. I wish they had taken him from his first appearance in his great skull costume with black hair blowing in the wind as he takes his aim on Spidey. Bowen did a fine replica of him from that cover. Wish I could have bought that one.

Deadpool said...

Dan, the only gripe I have with the collection is the telephone subscription service.

Get this sorted and make it easy for me to take out an extra subscription in resin and I will be happy.

Also make it easy for me to order additional figures without some ignorant tw@t on the other end of the phone being obnoxious, argumentitive and awkward and again I will be happy.

Resculpts - I agree whole heartedly. I particularly like good Old Ted's list.

Bring out resculpts as a new parallel collection similar to Blackest Night and I will be extatic.

Favoured resculpts: -

1. Captain America
2. Bucky
3. Iron Man
4. Captain Britain
5. Wolverine as Patch.
6. Ghost Rider on Bike
7. Mystique in skull costume
8. Flying Dynamic Human Torch
9. Stretchy Strecho Mr Fantastic
10. Bulky knobbly thing
11. Partially invisible Woman
12. Dark Phoenix Rising in resin Phoenix Force - mega special
13. Shi - as seen in the Crusade / Marvel Crossover with Wolverine - check the Comic Book back drop used on my blog for Judge Anderson.

Also consider bringing out a mini collection the covers the phenominal Lady Mechanika - figures representing some of the main characters or even Ms Maechaika herself would fly off the shelves. (If you don't know her then check her out online, her comics have sold out repeatedly)

Bye for now.

Kal Brindle said...

I am sad to hear that Grey Gargoyle got bumped from this extension as he and Arcade are my two most wanted villains, closely followed by Lorelei, Baron Mordo, Count Nefaria, Molecule Man & Diablo.

Fingers crossed he'll make it in next time.

Toon. Things cost more in Canada than they do in the US even though our dollars are currently at par. We are a much smaller market with strict language laws regarding merchandising (we are a bi-lingual country after all) and higher tarrifs when your product enters the country which often makes things a lot more expensive here than they are in the US.

Such is the case with the CMFC. It blows, but Diamond and the LCS currently charge anywhere from 16.50 to 18.00 for a regular figure.

Deadpool said...

I agree with Blakeman regarding "Put your money where your mouth is".

Cherry Pickers grow some gonads and make a commitment to the collection.

I am a multi subscriber and would have more if not for the shambolic telephone order line.

I will buy every figure that you make Mossmen.


Deadpool said...

Check out my lady mechanika custom figure on my marvel customs blog.

Also check out some of my older posts too for Captain Britain, Bucy Cap and the Wariors three.

There's a Duck and Racoon there too.

Bye bye

Robert said...

No problem, Toon, happy to help. The Bradstreet covers were photo-realistic and pretty impressive, but Frank was much slimmer and older in these images (although he is hardly young since the Vietnam War ended over three decades ago). I'd also have preferred a classic Punisher figure. I remember reading his debut and have to admit I never anticipated him becoming a major character with his own comicbook. So much for my 'nose', eh?

Deadpool said...

Dan, I would like to petition once again for a figurine of Shi.

Shi has done many crossovers with Marvel and other comic book producers.

See if Crusade will allow a figurine to be made.

Shi would make an awesome addition to display along side Wolverine.

It would also make my wife very happy since she is of Occidental and Oriental origin and she can kick ass too (and she is a babe).

Bob said...

Cable (beefier)
Hulk (much bigger)
Iron Man (Mk IV movie version)
90s Cyclops
Juggernaut (bigger and massive)
Mystique (classic)
Jean Grey (Jim Lee)
Dr. Strange (levitating supported by mists or plumes of smoke)

Deadpool said...

Mossmen, several collectors claim they would not buy resculpts of existing characters.

This is of course utter tripe.

I suggest that the mossment drop a figure from the current extension and give us a resculpt of Captain America.

If the sculpt is good and the pose dynamic, the nay sayers will end up eating their own tripe.

You make it and they will buy it.
They would be fools not to.

Deadpool said...

Just a thought to get the cherry pickers worked up.

How about a resculpt Cap that is a regular special.

The special is available to subscribers by default at a maximum of three per subscription. The remainder are limited to advanced direct orders via EM or diamond, in this case limited to 1 per customer.

Providing a resculp like this gives an incentive to order and provides Eaglemoss with a clear picture of how many to produce.

If this is popular do a second edition run of the resculpt, but ensure that the first and second edition resculpt can be clearly distinguished from each other.

Back this up with some free advertising in Marvel Comic book titles.

Rarity generates demand, just look at the idiots who pay over the odds for a Green Quick Silver.

Deadpool said...

I would by three for each of my subscriptions.

LAWay said...

dont think they would get 'free' advertising in marvel comicbooks.

Marvel make too much money with their actual adverts. Cant afford for the comics to lose money so that EM can make money.

LAWay said...

would love to know if it is cheaper to make the whole collection in resin, and if so, would they consider making them resin in the future to cut costs, and maybe be able to spend more on the painting.

to be honest, if the quality is good people will buy. not many really care about the lead as the main selling point.

I have said it before, but even if they were plastic I would buy them

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

How about a Punisher special??
The scene from The Civil War series where he wastes a couple of D list villains then turns to Cap and says "what?"
Had me laffygiggle. Capture that scene with the dead duffers at Frank's feet.
Make the first limited printing a subscriber exclusive ...
Then release the common as muck version for the lollygaggers.

John said...

Dan: "Some characters in consideration for 201-220 shortlist: (NB the shortlist has about 100+ names in it!)
High Evolutionary
Baron Mordo
Rocket Racoon
Golden Age"

Make Rocket Raccoon and I swear I will completely shut up about redos. Make a Double Pack with Groot, and I'll even BUY the redos!

TheTooN said...

@Kal - Thanks for clearing that up, I didnt consider the dual language issue. Never been to Canada myself but its on my 'to do' list.

Are the mags printed for different regions ? or printed on a thicker magazine in both English and French ?

At up to $18 it must be just about the same price to get them here at just over £5 and ship !

I would still like to know if redos are in/out of thinking at EM.

I know Dan said it was just a thought but is it officially dead ?

I like the idea of the Punisher Special. I'm not a huge fan of the Destroyer one though.

SinisterVenom said...

Question guys, is anyone having trouble getting on the SHFF? I've tried but I'm getting the message saying I'm banned again...even though I've not posted on there for a while. This happened before but I thought they had sorted it.
Also a question for Dan, would you be able to find out the details on the latest visa debit card problem? I mentioned it in an earlier post above a few days back.

Sheesh I'm starting to complain too much...

BobDiamond said...

Just happened to me as well SV.. I reckon it's the same problem as last time. I e-mailed the administrator just to confirm, but still waiting reply...sure it will sort itself out again though. Probably have to contact Virgin (in my case)however.


Kal Brindle said...

Re: the SHFF problems logging in...

some members cannot log it and get a "you have been banned" message. This is due to their ISP using transparent proxy servers and is not generated by SHFF. If anyone contacts you about log in problems then please ask them to contact their own ISP. Affected users seem to be on AOL / SKY and Virgin networks.

Hope that helps. Please e-mail one of the mods or admins if the issue persists and they'll assist you.

Really hope that short list of Dan's includes the Grey Gargoyle, Arcade, Count Nefaria, Marrina, the Two Gun Kid and the Texas Twister.

Deadpool said...

Dan, don't include any Cowboys in the collection.

Jonah hex was an absolute disaster for DC and probably the worst figure on the DC collection.

On s diferent note: -
Will I be able to set up an extra subscription to CMFC in resin?
Resin will be a much easier medium to work with when modding.

Deadpool said...

For anyone who doesn't know the character Shi - check her out in the Wolverine and Daredevil crossovers - she would be an awesome addition to the collection.

Also check out Lady Mechanika.
A mini series collection of 20 figurines would be awesome too.

Let's also petition for a Redo subset of CMFC and try and encourage the Mossmen to readvertise.

Mossmen, the next time you advertise a part work collection also mention CMFC, CMFC subset and DC in the advert.

There must be a huge untapped market that would buy these figures if only they knew.

I personaly have encouraged several people to buy these figures.

Finally, how about all collectors giving the Mossmen some free advertising, I'd be happy to include a sticker in my car window.

Deadpool said...

I was lucky enough to marry the real life version of Shi and therefore must pester for a figure on her behalf.

BobDiamond said...

To SV and anyone else having Forum problems...
I've just been talking to Virgin and they've said the only way to sort out the IP Address problem business(to get onto the Forum), is to switch off my modem for 24 hrs! That way you automatically get a new IP Address or something.

Not going to be popular with the rest of the family...


Sire-bd said...

By pity Dan do not touch the series current but to create a subset! So character interesting in the collection is missing that it would be a beautiful mortar to include re-do!

LAWay said...

A subset would cost more. Was it a success for DC? I am sure EM know the answer to it and may effect their decision.

A subset would make a nice display in store and as a stand alone product. Problem being because it is released as a bit part product, a shop is unlikely to display all figurines as EM probably wouldnt have finished making them all by the time #1 is out.

Alternatively they could release them all at once and just see how they do. Maybe keep it small, like 6 or 8 of the biggest names and most wanted redos (of the biggest names...realistically Drax wouldnt fit in) It would stand as a special stand alone series/product that could sit on shelves.

Change the packaging like the Marvel Univrse / marvel legends comic packs so that they can fit on pegs and people will look at them more, and placed like FP wont open the packets and ruin the magazines/hide the figurines from buyers.

But realistically I imagine redos would only appear in the main line.

Resin would be welcomed. If you are deciding on releasing them worldwide in resin, then why keep the UK in lead? We already have 200 in lead, dont mind resin at all as long as the quality is there.

mtravis390 said...

"Jonah hex was an absolute disaster for DC and probably the worst figure on the DC collection."

You don't think that might be because they charged a special price for him?

No one asked for a gold treasure chest on the base with Hex. Which made no sense anyways. Now if the base had an old western tombstone it might have worked better.

Maybe if Hex was made as a regular figurine (at a regular price) instead of EM trying to cash in on the movie with an unnecessary special then he would have sold.

Deadpool said...

Yep DLT - hairy monster- I agree, Hex with a tombstone and better pose as a regular would have pleased me and most other collectors I guess.

But random cowboys from Marvel's murky past - no thanks.

Deadpool said...

MOssmen - make the whole collection available in Resin so I can take out another subscription.

Resin is a dream for modders and other creative types.

Deadpool said...

Sire-bd, I agree with you wholeheartedly.

Me want subset of redo for mortar maximum comport.

Redoddle my submariner of new colon at nicely priced resingle bingle.

Deadpool said...

I would like to start a protest group to petition against the following: -

The Two Gun Kid,
The Nipple Twister.

They do not have the appeal or earning potential of resculpts of the Big hitters such as Spidey, Cap, Iron Man, Thor, DD, Hulk or even the young Avengers.

Deadpool said...


Deadpool said...

PS ... I never mentioned Wolfsbane.

The illustrations are awesome.

I love the pose, the long legs and the costume.

I wasn't fussed about having her in the collections but make the figure like the illustration and i will be a happy chappy.

Deadpool said...

I can't wait to mod Vance Astro into a new Captain America, or US Agent or that soviet super soldier Captain America Wannabe.

I think that basic sulpts like Vance have many possibilities, they are like a blank canvas.

I want lots of this figure to chop up and put back together.

Giant Man has loads of possibilities too - I even see I super sized High Evolutionary in the making.

Deadpool said...

Finally ... Firelord.

Please present Firelord in a hovering postion floating above his base, in a similar pose to Adam Strange, with his flaming staff held vertically in his right hand.

Robert said...

I'd like a John Buscema striding Firelord, arms lowered, firestaff parallel to the ground.

sed tallis said...

I say knock out a Marvel nativity scene fer xmas, with Howard the Duck as Joseph and Rocket Raccoon as Mary
Stick a couple of big ears on all those unsold X-Man figs and pass him off as a donkey. It will appeal to collectors of schmaltz.
Make it so DP.

mtravis390 said...

Can anyone find out from Dan if MODOK is going to contain any lead in him?

There is some of us that are wondering if he will be all resin.

BobDiamond said...

Back again...what do you know, the old trick of turning the modem off (for 24 hrs )actually worked!

Anyway...This new Giant-man figure..are we sure he's in his original costume , or is it the new, slightly up-dated Avengers Academy one? Hard to tell from an unpainted proto-type.
Think I'd still prefer the original, but the new one isn't that far removed, so I wouldn't mind too much.
What about you guys?


BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. M.O.D.O.K.
I got my Modok special today.
Guys, it's an awesome figure! We all rushed to wrong conclusions when we saw a pic a week ago. The sculpt is excellent, very well painted and just as advertised on the Eaglemoss website. The face has a good colour wash, creating a nice shading effect. A fine black line defines the contour around his white pupils, making him look really creepy. It's quite heavy, and I think it's mostly lead with some hollow parts.
A picture is here:

LAWay said...

yep, hands up, thats a much better pic. cheers blakeman.

LAWay said...

With this weeks thread being dominated by the talk of redos, do you think the next update will feature more news on the situation?

Would you prefer to know whether or not it is definitely on the cards rather than a plan B? Would you like to know a pencilled date on when we can expect to see the first one appear in the set?

I would love it if EM said:
"After much discussion, we will be bringing resculpts into the collection. We are talking and working on ideas new which we hope to integrate if not the next extension, definitely the one after that."

Something nice and definitive would be good to read.

Also lets see a Gamora preview. If you are going to annoy a few people with the new of redos, may as well go the whole hog and see if they are disappointed / 'proved right' with what they thought would be an impossible task. ;)

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