Monday, 12 December 2011

'Twas The Blog Before Christmas...

Ho! Ho! Ho! A Merry Marvel Christmas to one and all!

This will be the last blog update before the new year. I've Been extremely busy in the run up to the 'Holiday season' - those lovely people in production have kindly only cut 10 days(!!!!) from the schedule to 'help us' over the new year. God bless 'em!

So I've been cranking out the magazines and figurines and unfortunately the blog has been the victim (although I haven't really had much to preview - as we're commissioning the final 10 figurines pretty much in one big batch, so won't be getting any new sculpt images until the new year).

Here's the 1st Terrax paint (we feel the blues and reds aren't sinister enough, so have sent back to the painters for a darker hue)...

Vance Astro (pretty much finished)...

Final covers for 168-172...

Eagle-eyed viewers may notice that I've dropped the issue number lozenge from #169 as it was really starting to get in the way of the beautiful artwork - so the issue number will now go with the price gumpf.

Upcoming figurine commissions:

Thanks to the forum, who ran a poll for the Wiccan/Asgardian dilemma
and I think most will be happy with the result:
Asguardian 32% [ 29 ]
Wiccan 68% [ 61 ]

I think it best if he doesn't have a stick/wand/cane as he pretty much dropped it when he became Wiccan.
The only thing left is to decide on an actual pose - I think something with him casting a hex would suit.

My memory isn't what it was, but I remember some debate about what costume/pose for Mirage - and as I remember the majority wanted the new New Mutants costume holding a bow and arrow (this image seems to fit the purpose)...

He's usually seen artfully swimming, diving or flying in all manner of physical contortions - not good for a lead figurine - so these 2 images I found trawling cyberspace seemed to fit what we need for our figurine.

Oh, and one final great bit of news for you - we've hastily got a special slot just before Christmas for one very special Marvel fan favourite.....


He's gonna be delivered on Christmas morning to every subscriber who's been a good little collector.


pirate adam said...

1st lol

im so lame


pirate adam said...

Terrax looks amazing, Thunderbird cover looks stunning, Vance is coming along nicely and Stingray will be an amazing fig im sure


sed tallis said...

whoo! Just received my subby box, my old ticker skipped a beat when I saw one corner of the box had been caved in.
Thankfully the only damage was to Captain Marvels magazine.
Mar-Vell is just perfect, delighted with him.
Photon is spoton. fine, the facial paintwork is not as detailed as the mastersculpt we see on the site, but it's just dandy all the same.
Terrax is looking good . The Warpath cover is a classic.
Ooooh ! , I can hardly wait for my subscriber exclusive Xmas special.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Very nice update, but...

1. The covers are awesome, but do we really need to drop the lozenge which contains the Issue number?Personally I'm a bit OCD and I don't like to lose the sense of serial continuity. Surely the lozenge is small enough to be kept on the cover without spoiling the artwork. Please!

2. Terrax would benefit from treatment with metallic paint, like Thanos for example. It would create a more cosmic feel to it, and result in a better figure.

3. The proposed choices for Stingray poses are a bit limited. Only those two? A bit safe/lame, imo. I am concerned we would not make the most of the character's stunning design - the wings. Please check out my Bowden-isnpired Stingray mock-up here:

Sage said...

Terrax looks good, and the covers are all cool. The Thunderbird one is excellent!.

Love the pose, bow & arrow and costume choice for Danielle Moonstar. Can you make sure her braids are long though as she usually always has them down to her waist.

lipstick said...

Third pose is nice for Wiccan.

But why you made Magik with the old costume of NM and now we have Mirage with the new? Is it a forum thing again?

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

4. Wiccan staff.
It is not 100% correct that Wiccan has dropped the staff. He just uses it less frequently.
He was able to summon the staff to him, while he was fighting Master Pandemonium. He has also been seen
using the staff to focus blasts of mystical energy. I would prefer Wiccan with his staff.

SinisterVenom said...

Thanks for the update Dan! Nice to see you one more time before the new year so have a good Christmas and New Year!
Terrax has a great paint job! Maybe slightly darker colours will make him look better but I would still buy him even with the colours he has now! Vance Astro is looking good too!
I'm also loving the covers...especially the Thunderbird one! But, unless I've missed a post somewhere, has the order for 171-180 been changed? Last time I checked (from a post way back in February), 171 was going to be Arachne and 172 was Lady Sif. I've seen a recent list for 181-200 but I havn't seen any changes before that.
Happy with Mirage and Wiccan but Stingray looks a little dull in the pics, I agree with Blake, you should try making Stingray with a pose like the one in the Virtual Gallery. Out of the 2 pics you did put up though, I prefer the second one.

After watching Cap again, I didn't notice before that the void that sucked in the Red Skull happened to look very similar to that which Loki fell into in Thor, and Loki is in the Avengers! I'm now thinking Red Skull might be in Avengers too...

Paibok said...

Covers are great, love the Thunderbird one.

Terrax is coming along fine, cannot wait to get him. Vance Astro looks great as well.

Kind of prefer the fourth image for Wiccan. The second looks as if he is tripping over. Needs Hulkling to go with.

As long as Danielle has her pigtails and the bow & arrow, I don't mind which costume she is in.

Rincevent said...

Thanks for the news

but i'm very sad for Stingray pose
you say it's due to the lead
(when I saw Destiny half in resin), I can understand you choose this poor monolithic pose

Rincevent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mgf said...

Terrax is really outstanding and he'll look amazing on my FF shelf. I'm really looking forward to him.

Subby box today. Mar-Vell magnificent, and my first thought upon seeing this ultra classic MU character was "How did it take so long for him to make it in?" Photon pretty cool. MODOK painted by an epileptic squid, but rather nice anyway.

Merry Christmas all...

PS - I can't recall who here recommended Mark Evanier's Jack Kirby book but thank you. I picked it up on Amazon for thirteen quid and it's absolutely sensational. Highly recommended Xmas gift for a wife or girlfriend... ;-)

mighty_marvel said...

the mirage pose pictured will be perfect.

terrax is looking great. sure vance will look good once painted.

TheTooN said...

Terrax looks very good. Agree that metallic paint would really set him off.

Stingray 'needs' a dynamic pose similar to Blakes virtual gallery.
Otherwise he might turn out like Destiny or Snowbird. NO RESIN PLEASE GUYS

I have zero interest in Wiccan (or any of his team mates)

Maybe he will appeal to younger folks but not one for me.

Thanks for the update and enjoy your 10 days Dan and team.

First update of the new year please confirm some redos.

Deadpool said...

Yule tide greeting Dan, thanks for the update.

I agree with Kirly that we should retain the lozenge for continuity between the magazines.

May I suggest 3 redos in the next extension.

Since 2012 is to be known as the Year of the Avengers, I would suggest redo's of Cap, Thor and Iron Man.

A mega Special Ghost Rider on his flaming Motorcyle - would be a welcome additin to the collection.

May I suggest that it is inspired by the "Bat out of Hell" album cover with a bit of scenic detail on the base.

Can we have any sneak peek news on future collections such as 2000AD in the new year?

Bye guys ... I hope everyone has a great Christmas / Yule-Tide and keeps collecting in 2012.
I'll hopefully see you all in the new year.

fredpostman said...

Thanks for the great update Dan but...
i have wanted STINGRAY in the collection for a long time but the images you have shown make Walter seem to static;he needs to soar...
Terrax looks great;can't wait to buy him
My favourite pooch for the new year LOCKJAW FOR 2012 please

SinisterVenom said...

Btw, I'm waiting for a 'told you so' kind of comment from our buddy Leigh, he did call the update being today after all!

Robert said...

Bumper update. Thanks, dan.

Somewhat irrationally, I am disappointed not to see Gamora. It's not as if Dan said or even hinted she'd make an appearance any time soon, I just started to believe she would feature in the next update. Oh well.

Terrax is looking mighty impressive. I have to agree that he is too shiny, though.

MGF, I think it was Bob D who recommended the Kirby book.

deamon said...

,,The Warpath cover is a classic."

tinodragon14 said...

Thanks for the update Dan. Will miss them until next year. Sob!
Merry Christmas to Dan & the EM gang!!


The covers are all great. The THUNDERBIRD & DRACULA covers are especially AWESOME!!

Vance Astro looks okay but I think it will depend more on the paint job.

Dan The Man said...

RE: comments

Thanks for the constructive comments guys.

Yes I will look at putting the lozenge back on covers - but as you can see it's almost impossible to put it on Forge without ruining the a/w, Wizard maybe, Thunderbird (should be ok), Dracula (difficult). so you see the problem I gotz!

Metallic paint on Terrax: Hmmm, interesting...

Stingray pose - yes I agree, a more dynamic diving/flying pose would suit him the best - but we do have restrictions! I'll re-evaluate the pose. Maybe the sculptor we use can add his own ideas (?)

Costumes: I think we have to take each character individually - rather than look at getting all the same costumes for teams (New Mutants/X-Men etc) I think the horse has bolted on that one a while back!!! - but I think it adds to the diversity of the collection - where we dip into different eras of certain teams and 'hopefully' get the best costume for that character (for instance Wolfsbane would look fairly boring in her original costume). There is a thought process we put into this, but we don't always get it right!

I haven't had any shots of Gamora yet - even though she's finished. I'll do my best for the new year. the only cast we got was sent immediately to Disney - so will have to wait for next stage.

Gotta go now and by a 'Otomatone' for the brother in law. may come back later.....

John said...

"Terrax is looking mighty impressive. I have to agree that he is too shiny, though."

Agree. I want him dark and gritty, no metallic paint.

With Stingray, PLEASE keep his wings under control. Batwoman is a beautiful sculpt which must be nestled against a wall so she doesn't obstruct the view of any other figurines on the shelf. Same with Angel and Annihilus. The first image is perfect for me. I love Stingray and I want him front and center on my shelf.

The Shanna cover makes me happy... and makes me laugh since you can clearly see nip outlines, but Disney make the cross disappear! lol

I hope the Mirage sculpt is a little sexier than the image...

John said...

...maybe the large issue number leaving is a good thing. Somebody sees that right away, and they may feel overwhelmed knowing so many others are out there. This might actually hook new collectors.

buffduffdan said...

I really like the first picture you posted for Wiccan. Something simple with his hands at his side or maybe slightly risen would work.

I'd go for pose 1 for Stingray too. Having the cape/wings sort of draped around himself a little.

As for the number lozenge, I really hope you can keep it on. I guess I'm a little OCD but I don't think it affects things too much?

Oh and I'm loving Terrax. Agree he needs a darker paint but he's coming along very nicely. Now if only we could have another cosmic special in the form of Lockjaw ;)

But speaking of specials, has any progress been made on the Debit issue on the shop? Last week I tried to buy some specials on both the CMFC shop and the DC one and both times I got told they didn't accept "Visa Debit". Very frustrating!!

SinisterVenom said...

Yes, that is something I was meant to mention too. Any more news on the Visa Debit problem? I was going to buy some specials for a couple of people as xmas prezzies but still can't do it! It has been going on for far too long now, surely someone has to fix it!? :(
Can we have the latest running order for 171-180 please? Like I say, the last thing I knew about that was February's post where Arachne was issue 171 and Sif was 172, while on this update, its Thunderbird and Dracula! Unless of course I've missed a post since then, can anyone help?

Ken said...

Warm feedback:

-Absolutely LOVE all the new covers (keep those artists!)
-Terrax sculpt looks awesome!

Cool feedback:

Is it just me or is Terrax disproportionately large? He is listed at 6'6" on, and Loki is 6'4". I love the fact that most of the CFMC figurines (cough*exceptHULK*cough) are scaled accordingly, let's keep that trend. Terrax should be just a tad smaller (1 or 2 mm shorter me thinks :0)

mighty_marvel said...

have to say leaving out the big issue number on the front of the magazine does not bother me one bit. off or on, whatever, it doesn't really make much of a difference to me.

in general i think characters have been done in the correct costume (there are a few notable exceptions though *cough* resculpts *cough*). while it is nice to have a team in matching costumes, with the x-men in particular, so many of them have been on so many different teams that it makes it very difficult to please everyone. the best bet is therefore to go with what is the most wanted and considered that characters 'best' look. if that happens to match other characters on a team then thats just an added bonus.

saying that, if the opportunity came along to get a full set of 90s jim lee costumed x-men i wouldn't turn it down.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

1. Reinstate the lozenges with the Issue number please. No pun intended, but they're not an issue! Not a problem, that is. They don't spoil the artwork. They make the cover design more distinctive and, most importantly, they signify a serial continuity.

2. Terrax's colours are too cartoony. I think dark metallic paint would work, as seen on the Bowen sculpt. Maybe just a deep metallic red against a non-matallic blue. Or viceversa, a metallic blue with non-metallic red details. Gritty, yet cosmic.

3. Stingray - more dynamic, more dramatic pose please! Of all the reasons for choosing a pose, shelf space and display matters should not be so influential. Best representation of the character is top priority. We want a figure that makes us go 'wow!' and the wow effect can be achieved if Stingray wings are used in a dramatic way. Let's remember that we also seek to attract new collectors.

LAWay said...

What an update eh? ;)

Terrax looks ok, like an animated version in those colours. Like others have said, darker, maybe metallic could look cool. I would darken his chin and not make it as shiny too, like the Bowen statue. Replicate those colours.

Although, sad that my Terrax fixes weren't noted. Many seemed to agree with the little tweaks, here it is again:

Vance looks cool. Abit plain, but looking forward to seeing colours.

Great covers too, fantastic works of art. The Wizard is still anatomically incorrect, but ah well. The loss of the numbering is sad, but also, makes sense, especially for commissioning the artwork. Unless you include the artwork inside with the logos and branding as a poster? But without the huge numbered issue, it looks alot less intimidating to newcomers.

Cant wait, after all these years subscribing, finally getting an exclusive, and one we all wanted too! Merry Christmas, one and all! ;)

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Any update on this? My view is that
variants can be exciting additions to the CMFC.
Personally, I would prefer them in subsets if possible.
In any case, they should be seen as the perfect way for the CMFC to
properly cover the evolution of the ideas and characters
of the Marvel Universe.

This week, the Virtual CMFC Gallery
aims to show you that there are
three main types of variants:

a) Costume variants, ie. a character is seen
in their first costume, or in his newest, or in what
is considered their truly classic costume. For example, classic
white dress Mystique.

b) Saga-specific variants, ie. a character's design is transformed
during a memorable event in the MU or in an alternate timeline. For example,
Age of Apocalypse variants.

c) Other superhero identity, ie. a character
has become a completely different superhero - not simply
in a new costume, but also new powers and new concepts
and ultimately a new name. For example: Man-Wolf as Stargod.

View some awesome examples here:

1. Daredevil (first costume)
2. Havok (classic)
3. Archangel (Age of Apocalypse)
4. Captain Britain (classic)
5. Mystique (classic)
6. Stargod (Man-Wolf)
7. Sunfire (Age of Apocalypse)


tinodragon14 said...

The Mirage drawing looks perfect for the character combining elements from different wants expressed by others.

As for Wiccan I just don't get the tattered cape. In the first drawing he looks too young. In the second drawing he is flying so that pose cannot be done. In the third drawing he looks like a girl. I realize he is gay but please gay does not equal girl. In the fourth he looks more mature & almost sexy. I still don't get the torn up cape though.

Not really high on either STINGRAY drawing but of the two offered at least the second one has his wings flowing somewhat though not in flight.

tinodragon14 said...

As for the redos/variants Blake offered I have already voiced strong support for an ARCHANGEL Special which I believe will be a big seller for EM.

I would love to see classic redos of MYSTIQUE & HAVOK but Cap Britain I'm not sure about.

Like the costume picked for SUNFIRE which I think is one of the best costume designs. The so-called new SUNFIRE looks like a digital version of him.

I'm not interested in the silly stargod version of MAN-WOLF. I like him in his Spidey villain garb. My complaint about the figure was his wolf face looked poorly done. Sorry they did not do him as well as WEREWOLF BY NIGHT.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I agree that the original Sunfire is awesome. But there is something equally magnificent in his Age of Apocalypse variant. Precisely the incredible modernity of the design. One of the best modern Marvel designs, imo.

As for Stargod, he's so cool.
I love everything about the character. Why dismiss him as 'silly', Tino? C'mon! By that logic, 50% of Marvel characters could be defined as 'silly'. A Stargod figure could have been as awesome as Beta Ray Bill, imo.

LAWay said...

Forgot to mention, top picture of Stingray nails a pose perfectly.

A strong, caped pose. We dont have many of them, mainly people doing stupid gestures or slightly moving.

Becquerel said...

Man I would love a Santa figurine... :(

Ken said...

Also, I agree about the serial numbers and lozenges! Keep it the same please :0)

ghost said...

The next few months look great, and particularly looking forward to Terrax.

Nice to see that us Subscribers may get a reward for dedication (and having to put up with the odd crap figurine) I was contemplating becoming one of the Cherry Pickers, but if I get a motivating reason to continue being a subscriber, then continue I will : )

Merry Christmas to all at CMFC and to my fellow collectors (early I know, but I'm going to be very busy now...back to my Wedding Planning! Got a Busy 2 weeks and 3 days! gulp!

TheTooN said...

Virtual Gallery suggestions.

Thanks for all you hard work on these Blake :)

1st App DD - Would buy him but not fussed.

Havok - Classic look is much better than modern imo. Would be nice to have both for cosmic/Xmen plinths.

Archangel - Where do I send my money !

Captain Britain - Yes please.

Mystique - Yes please.

Stargod - Not one for me.

Sunfire - Great look but not fussed about aoa costume variants.

Other suggestions :-

Modern Thor, classic (70's) Beast & Iron Man. Namor in Speedos. 90's Rogue Storm and Cyclops. Mr Fantastic.

Deadpool said...

Dan I think you and the creative guys are doing an amazing job.

It is with regret that once again I feel it necessary to complain about your customer service telephone line.

Once again I attempted to place a substantial order for figurines.
True to form I was f****d around and treated like Sh*t.
When I eventually got through to a representative I was then promptly put on hold for 10 minutes.
The girl at the end of the phone could barely understand the Queen's English.

Early in the history of the collection I regularly ordered additional figures wihtout any hassle. I got them at the subscriber price and didn't have to pay any additional postage since they were usually packed with my subscription figures.

The south african call centre attempts to add postage for each figure that is twice that shown on your web site for non subscribers.

For the sake of the collection please get this sorted out.

Eaglemoss must be losing a fortune as a result of such incompetence and poor customer service.

Anyway ..all the best for Yule tide Dan and the other Mossmen.

Deadpool said...

PS, is the issue with Visa Debit fixed yet so I don't need to deal with the Morons on teh customer service telephone line?

Seasons Greating.

tinodragon14 said...

Sorry Blake, I should have just said I preferred MAN-WOLF as a Spidey villain & not in this later incarnation.








max_0888 said...

Great looking Terrax!! Thanks for the blog update.

I'm just wondering, how far is Arachne pushed back? She was suppose to be after Wizard. Thanks

Dan The Man said...

Latest updated running order. Lady Sif was delayed so we had to juggle around a bit...

Issue 170: Wizard
Issue 171: Thunderbird
Issue 172: Dracula
Issue 173: Avalanche
Issue 174: Arachne
Issue 175: Mockingbird
Issue 176: Tiger Shark
Issue 177: Nico Minoru
Issue 178: Domino
Issue 179: Lady Sif
Issue 180: J. Jonah Jameson

Not official but roughly correct:
Issue 181: Sebastian Shaw
Issue 182: Swordsman
Issue 183: Owl
Issue 184: Hammerhead
Issue 185: Longshot
Issue 186: Trapster
Issue 187: Shaman
Issue 188: Werewolf by Night
Issue 189: Gamora
Issue 190: Vance Astro
Issue 191: Wolfsbane
Issue 192: Moonstone
Issue 193: Firelord
Issue 194: Spider-Man 2099
Issue 195: Wiccan
Issue 196: Stingray
Issue 197: Deathbird
Issue 198: Hela (possibly swop with Constrictor?)
Issue 199: Danielle Moonstar
Issue 200: Constrictor

PS really sorry about the visa/debit thing - I was told it was fixed. Shows what a mug they think I am.

Holds head in hands, weeping profusely.

Robert said...

Of course, when you say Sif you really mean "Sif"...

Have a great Christmas holiday, Dan. Your lengthy and regular updates have been really appreciated by everyone.

John said...

Geez, we've got a Hela vah wait for some of these Asgardians.

Constrictor and Jameson are 2 of my most wanted, so any juggling you want to do that ends up making them come down the line a bit, I'm fine with. ;)

sed tallis said...

Photon is # 165 so, this time next year I'll be getting Sif for Christmas . The wife will be delighted.
Dan, me old mucker it looks like EM are losing a Santas sackfull of cash with this debit card fiasco.
I know it's the season of goodwill, but someone needs their arse kicked.
Heh, Dan, I chortled at the image of the Elvis modoks.
Any chance you could ditch Mofo and go with Elvis ? Fans of the king would go wild for it ;)

Deadpool said...

OK, I know that a large proportion of the collectors of little lead figurines are "Festives".

However. a wider audience could be attracted if we added a few unashamedly sexy figures into the collection.

To this end I propose a redo of Magik.

Lets see her as Darkchylde in her cloven hoof, horny devil persona.

I know she isn't a favourite of the sherry drinkers here, but as a figurine she could attract new collectors with higher testosterone levels.

See X-infernus for some mouth watering, seat wetting details.

Deadpool said...

PS Photon is a terrible figure that looks like a "Pig with a Wig on"

Robert said...

"However. a wider audience could be attracted if we added a few unashamedly sexy figures into the collection."

If anyone is looking for sexual kicks from tiny little lead figurines, they're in a whole mess of trouble.

Helped the kid two doors down with his homework last week and he bought me Hulk #1 today to say thanks. It was garbage. Greenskin's right thigh on the splash page is possibly the WORST piece of inking I have EVER seen. DO NOT BUY THIS COMIC! You have been warned!!

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Can we make Stingray
the star of the extension?

Personally I'm not too happy with the options proposed by EM for Stingray. I am concerned we won't make the most of the character's design, just like Snowbird and Prowler became just so-so, for example, despite the potential of their designs and our hopeful expectations.

Feasible, but still 'wow!'
Stingray should be treated as one of the stars of the extension.
Together with Hela and Firelord, I think Stingray can be one of
the figurines with the 'wow!' factor that attracts new collectors.

For me, the below mock-up is a good one which EM could easily
make an effort to produce. I gave it a reasonable wing span, so it shouldn't exceed production limitations...


I'd love to know what Dan and you fellow bloggers think about this.

mgf said...

Anyone know why when I open a Marvel subby pack I often think to myself "That's nice...", while when I open a DC sub pack I nearly always think "Wow!"?

Monday saw the arrival of Captain Marvel, Photon and MODOK, all very serviceable indeed. Happy days. Even the poorly painted MODOK wasn't too awful.

Today the DC pack came with Phantom Stranger, Cheetah and Clayface. These three aren't just good, they're sensational. Paintwork is impeccable snd all three, (yes, even Clayface...), in stark contrast to recent CMFC deliveries.

I've always been a Marvel chap, so it's not down to childhood bias.

Can it really be down to that extra quid or do the two collections use completely different sources?

If it's down to money for God's sake put the CMFC price up.

Robert said...

I prefer Blake's Stingray to the preliminary sketches.

TheTooN said...

Poor paint is the bane of the CMFC imho.

I have asked a few times if EM can up the price to return the quality we love.

Kal over on the SHFF made a good point about a possible stumbling block here.

If EM up's the price they would write to subbies advising and 'potentially' see a raft of cancellations.

If you leave subbies alone chances are they will just keep on going. Put up the price and it gives them an easy chance to cancel.

I dont honestly know how these things work but the logic seems sound.

Catch 22 anyone ?

I mentioned further up the page, I dont want Stingray to be a poor figurine due to his pose.

Blake's mock up is just how he should look imo. Arms down = bland

I display all my figurines on plinths so I do understand the worry about how he would fit.

A poor looking figurine would go to the back anyway so please choose a decent pose.

I've only been into a Forbidden Planet once and their CMFC/DC display was just a shelf (mags in wrappers) which didnt really do much to attract casual buyers.

Last time I was in the US I visited a comic shop which had a couple of glass display cabinets for CMFC/DC

All the shoppers paused to look and admire the figurines.

Once again the US shows us how it should be done.

I assume the cost would prohibit EM buying/installing these themselves.

With all the buying power of FP would it really be that expensive for them to do it ?

sed tallis said...

It is an undeniable fact that the DC figurines have a higher standard of finish than their CMFC counterparts. Almost as if they are produced by two different company's.
I know more about Ethiopian snooker, than I know about the DC verse , Yet I collection all the BN figures and still on occasion pick up figs from the regular series. Just because they are so darn impressive.
Cut me in half and you would see the words Stan Lee running through me like a stick of Blackpool rock.
The CMFC is the greatest Marvel collection of all's just the in this casethe Distinguished Competition is a wee bit greater.
Hey! The "fig of the year" results are in, so without further ado
In 3rd place Cannonball
In 2nd place Blackheart
And the winner iiiiiiiis.......Spiral
"special of the year"
Odin a country mile.
Right I'm off to polish my joystick and think of all the fun I'm going have with PA over the festive period

SinisterVenom said...

Thanks for the recent post Dan. Give those guys in charge of the Visa Debit problem a good kicking for us will you? There are so many figurines I still want to buy, including MODOK! Just think of the money that will be coming in when it's fixed.
Also thanks for the updated list. As much as I really want Hela, perhaps she would be a more fitting 200th issue than Constrictor would be. Just my opinion, what do you guys think?
And now...


Today I collected what DP described as a 'Pig with a Wig on'. This is Photon we are talking about and I have to disagree with you on this one DP. The Photon I collected has pretty good detail on her face. The paint work on the body could have been better as her hands are quite difficult to see on her body. But the face was good on my figurine, you must of picked up a bad egg there DP :( is Magik so I can't wait for her. Really looking forward to checking out the detail on her sword! :)

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...

"Cut me in half and you would see the words Stan Lee running through me like a stick of Blackpool rock."

Is it any wonder I love that man?

Looking forward to getting Captain Marvel (Monica) on Saturday, as she's probably the most important '80s Avenger we've still to get. Fingers crossed it's not painted by the same dingaling who painted my Moondragon.

Word verification: "cogdxs", the part of the body a person with marbles in their mouth sits on.

BobDiamond said...

I don't often complain about the standard of the figs, but I've got to agree with Ted on this one...My Photon was probably one of the worst figs I've had (Rogue is my all-time worst..).
The Photon I received was leaning so far over to her right that I thought she'd fall over. A bit of gentle bending (oo-er) sorted that out, but I still think she's pretty naff- her legs are like match-sticks.
MODOK and Cap Marvel were excellent however- and they're the ones I really care about anyway.
You really should see the latest DC figs. They're in a different league completely- Cheetah and Clayface are stunning, and Animal man is as good as the best the Marvel line has produced recently. One pound more seems to make one hell of a difference.


pirate adam said...

my fig of the year resuts

3rd - Ares
2nd - Blackheart
1st - Beta Ray Bill

Special - Odin

cant remember if Ares and Bill came out this year but i dont care i didn't do a top 3 last year.

incidently Balder came very close to the top 3

and Ted, i look forward it


tinodragon14 said...

I collect most of the DC figures. They are larger then the Marvel figures I guess so you cannot put the Marvel & DC characters together which is stupid & silly but I think the slightly larger size works to a better detail advantage though I have gotten my share of poor paint jobs from the DC Collection. I just recently got the HUSH figure & it seems to me he is larger then earlier BATMAN figures. Does the DC Collection even bother with trying to keep characters in an accurate size ratio because it seems to me like later figures are getting a bit bigger then earlier ones.

sed tallis said...

Hey PA, i'm going to purchase the Raam dlc tonight , You and Baroni are like my carers in the community, people say i should change my username to " revive me " :)
Just zoomed in on the xmas parcel from the cmfc bullpen. Ah Dan ya dancer, there are only three characters in that diorama that are not as yet in this collection.
Conan,Kid Colt and money's on Conan first ;)

Deadpool said...

I stand by my statement regarding Photon "She is a Pig with a Wig on".

She has been relegated to the rear of the shelf of shame.

Deadpool said...

Dan please promote Vance Astro in the running order.

Vance is an awesome figure blank - a totally generic figure that could be adapted to be a whole hoist of other characters, including a brand new Cap A.

Also consider giving us a big Asgardian dose of Sif early in the new year.

Deadpool said...

The Deadpool Top 3 figures of 2011: -

1. Beta Ray Bill
2. The Wrecker
3. Hydro-Man

Best ever Special = Odin

Top 10 in collection overall: -

1. Beta Ray Bill
2. Task Master
3. The Enchantress
4. Jack of hearts
5. Machine Man
6. Medusa
7. Namor
8. Kraven the Hunter
9. Mole Man
10. Scarlet Witch

Best Blackest Night figure: -
Carol Ferriss - Star Saphire.

Top 10 DC figures: -
1. Zatanna
2. Poison Ivy
3. The Joker
4. The Riddler
5. Lex Luthor
6. Hawkman
7. Superboy Prime
8. Mr Freeze
9. Magog
10.Hawk girl

Best DC special = Gorilla Grodd and Killowog joint first place.

Thanks Mossmen for delivering a great set of products that have inspired my imagination and helped me keep a grip in my sanity.

SinisterVenom said...

I wouldn't expect you to change your opinion of Photon DP, everyone is entitled to their own opinion after all! I'm not saying Photon is anything special, if anything she's not exactly one of my favourites either but she's not terrible, just could of been a lot better.

I like lists sooooo...

Top 3 figurines of the year:

1st: Spiral
2nd: Blackheart
3rd: Beta Ray Bill
Best special of the year: Odin

Top 10 figurines in the collection so far:

1st: Taskmaster
2nd: Spiral
3rd: Annihilus
4th: Blackheart
5th: Cannonball
6th: Hawkeye
7th: Beta Ray Bill
8th: Enchantress
9th: Mr. Sinister
10th: Deadpool

Best ever special: Fin Fang Foom


BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I'm glad my Stingray mock-up is getting some good feedback.
I hope Dan will see it.

I'm sure the height wouldn't be an issue, as even Hydro-Man has his arm fully stretched up. And the wings are totally feasible if you consider how we've got Annihilus with awesome resing wings.

I hope we can persuade EM/Dan that Stingray deserves a top creative
treatment, like they did with Hydro-Man and Annihilus for example, and not a rushed or uninventive approach.

SinisterVenom said...

Blake, your version of Stingray is incredible and in my opinion, is the exact way the figurine should look! If EM can get away with characters like Annihilus and Vulture with their big wings then they should be able to make something with Stingray. Though I must ask that the wings don't come out too much like they did with Vulture, it's quite difficult finding figurines to stand next to him.

sed tallis said...

Hey Rob, Bob and co. are you heading to the London super comic convention in Feb?
Stan the man is attending , the man's incredible nearly 89 years old and he's got more va va voom than a man half his age.
Are EM going to be promoting their wares at this showcase?
Robert a man with you connections could probably hook us up with some back stage passes huh?

Deadpool said...

That might interest me too Ted.

I have already got Stan Lee's autograph and that of Herbe Trimpe + a remarked sketch of Wolvie by him too.

Exactly what date is this convention?

I should be able to get e few free days in the middle of February.

sed tallis said...

DP, look up London super comic convention , you will find all the details , it is on the weekend 25/26 Feb .
Hey DP , I bet you have an impressive one, maybe even as impressive as Robert's. Get yer collection on that cbr shelf porn and let us have a peek.

JinxDealer said...

merry xmas all ive been away a while, glad to see subscribers getting a bonus, just wanted to say thanks dan for all the great blogs you've done and a thanks to all the friendly bloggers.

Robert said...

Wow. I'm definitely up for that. Stan Lee coming over is the best thing to happen to Britain since Thatcher was kicked out of Number 10.

I jumped onto the website and they haven't confirmed which day Stan is attending. So a two-day pass it is! Will wait till the wife gets in to see if I am going to London alone. I am given to understand there are many establishments that sell shoes and handbags in England's capital, so I think yes.

I am, however, slightly afraid that I will go to the con, wait in a huge queue for five hours, then when I finally get a chance to meet The Man I will faint with excitement! Actually, that would be a great time to die of a massive coronary. Let's face it, after meeting him, everything else I might do with my life will be an anti-climax and a horrible disappointment.

sed tallis said...

WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Marvel are publishing a John Carter series called Gods of Mars, C'mon Dan , Put old JC into the 201-220 extension, Am gagging on a barabarian...aint we all. ooo er,

Robert said...

From the high of hearing that Stan is coming to the UK, to the low of reading of the passing of Joe Simon.

Thanks, Joe, for teaming up with Jack to give us Captain America. It's a small thing, but I'm glad you lived to see Cap on the big screen in a worthy adaptation.

SinisterVenom said...

What's this? Stan Lee in the UK!?
Brb I gotta check this out! London super comic convention, got it! I can't miss this amazing opportunity! :D

The Mad Thinker said...

Dan :

Thanks for the heads up on the visa debit crisis.

Will this get sorted ?
I'm so desperate to get the issues that I missed.

When I was a subscriber I used to pay over the telephone using my visa debit card , so I can't understand why they won't accept that form of payment on the web site.

pirate adam said...


London in Feb????

i may just be able to make it


Robert said...

Since last night I've thought of little else but seeing Stan next year.

Sounds as if a few of us will be there. Hopefully we'll be in the same queue, then if my camera inexplicably goes on the blink someone will be there to take a photo of me with THE MAN.

Even if you don't know who Stan is, I'll be easy able to spot: just look for the guy in floods of tears having an emotional breakdown.

Word verification: "uperman"!!

SinisterVenom said...

I think there will be a few of us in floods of tears Robert...tears of joy that is! I feel as excited as a little kid that's just about to meet Santa! I've already spoken to a couple of my pals if they would like to join me in this wonderful opportunity! I can't wait!
Of course, we're gonna be getting the 2 day pass, just to make sure that we won't miss Stan the Man himself :)

Robert said...

Excellent comparison, SV. It's like an excited kid meeting Santa.

Now times it by a million...

SinisterVenom said...

To be completely honest, you could say a million, billion or trillion and it still doesn't seem close! There are no words to describe my excitement, it sounds like you're in the same boat too Robert! ;)

Robert said...

We will have loads of company, SV. I honestly think I will be a gibbering wreck when and if I meet Him. Looked on the website again and He's to appear both days, which is even better.

2011 was a really sad year for me, and I'm still a bit wobbly at times, so I'm glad I have something so indescribably fabulous to look forward to in 2012.

It will be a nice extra if a gang of us regular Brit-based bloggers meet up there, too. Will the CMFC be there at all...?

Word verification is "excesses"!!

Robert said...

Guys, you really should have a look at SV's drawing of Cap on his blog. It's hugely impressive and very professional. (Hints of the excellent Ron Garney actually when you look at the legs.) Nice one, SV.

sed tallis said...

Won't know til the new year if i can attend the coming of Stan.
I notice on the website they are encouraging us to attend in fancy dress.
Now to be honest i always thought that looked a bit shit and embarrassing ...a bit like the Jeremy Kyle Show and Sky news , Yet bizzarly these are now taken seriously??.. And after seeing "cosplayers" from the last big US convention, i may just change my mind.
I saw a lady dreesed as Psylocke, she was absolutely stunning. The little short feller standing behind her having the trouser malfunction was probably DP.
My Bloodstone ootfit is the baws, Not sure if they will let me in with a 12 gauge tho?

Robert said...

It's great when the cosplayers are sexy as all outdoors (Black Widow in leather "springs" to mind) but I also love it when a short, fat, balding guy dresses up and looks utterly ridiculous. There's something rather wonderful about the insanity of it all. Like life is just one big piss-take and, while we take comicbooks seriously, we also realise it's all just bonkers in the nut. I'm going to the con to see Stan, but I think the whole experience will be fun. I may borrow my friend's costume: he once went to a party as a Vietnam door. Even at the con, that should get some bemused stares!

sed tallis said...

A Vietnam door???? I ain't got a scooby doo what that refers to.
I'm sure you ladies will recognise each other by your costume choices.
The big dude walking about with the full size cap shield on his back will be Robert.
The hunk in the little green leather mini skirt will be PA in his Herc outfit. ( not many straight dudes can pull that look off).
Be it funerals weddings or bar mitzvahs DP always comes as a Thai ladyboy.
Big guy in a skin tight sperm cossie will be Bob D as White Tiger.
I'll pay good money fer that group photo.

mgf said...

I shall try and get there too. Too good an opportunity to miss. I owe Stan Lee a lot. He taught me to read.

Spiral was my figure of the year. Looked a winner from the first sketch and didn't disappoint when she finally arrived.

On another topic... I had to buy an iPad the other week as my poor old laptop had to go in for treatment. He's back now. My downloading habit killed the hard drive in a little over fourteen months... :-(

The iPad is a lovely thing but it reminds me a bit of an Audi TT in as much as it is a beautiful object best suited to ladies.

Anyhoo, I spent much of last night downloading Lee, Kirby and Ditko classics via the Marvel Comics app. Another app gave me Hellboy, Tom Strong and assorted DC first issues.

This must be the future of comics if there is to be one. Anyone else getting their fix via tablet and what do you think?

sed tallis said...

" I owe Stan Lee a lot he taught me to read" , lucky you M, Mrs Sasoon taught me,and I hated the auld cow.
I have used the marvel comic app on my iPod. Too fidgety fer me, but I should imagine it to be be a lot more feasible on a the larger tablet screen. No doubt it will be the future. First impressions of earth by the Strokes was the last physical cd I bought back in 2008 ish, it's been download city for this laddie ever since, same will happen with video gaming. I now download a fair amount of games to my xbox . The thing I like about downloads is no more scratched discs. Books are being replaced with Kendals or whatever they are called ,so why not comics? Save the rainforests and all that gash.

Robert said...

Rainforest? Oh, crap, with my collection of comics and books, I'm going to hell!

Ted, when we asked, "What the hell is a Vietnam door?", my friend Rab looked at us as if we were stupid and said, "It's a door from Vietnam. What's the matter? You don't speak English?!?"

We're still not sure what drugs he's on.

TheSymbioteEffect said...

i'm having no problems with payments so far, i have just re-subscribed and bought back a few issues and a bunch of specials, it feels great to be collecting again! :) Really hoping to see a Shuma Gorath special in the new year the detail that figurine could have would be amazing, Also my collection is calling out for a Howard the Duck figurine ;). Can't wait for my issues to arrive.Also been reading through comments concerning re-works, i must say i would love a re-sculpt of Hulk looking much bigger than what he is, would be sick! i can dream can't i? :D

mgf said...

I wasn't hopeful downloading from the Marvel app, but it's a really pleasant reading experience. You can read by page or by panel, and it brings the art to life.

It doesn't seem to make the modern Marvel or DC stuff any less loathesome, cynical and bereft of ideas, but perhaps one day someone will invent an application for that too.

LarryS said...

I came upon my best Stan lee collectible a couple of years ago, when I acquired the 'Hugh Hefner' outfit he wore for the Iron Man movie (Marvel Studios was auctioning off various costumes and props). It's quite a talking point whenever we have house guests!

Robert said...

Wow. That's pretty cool, Larry.

sed tallis said...

Leisure suit Larry?

Bagman said...

Hi guys, for those of you thinking of attending The London Super Comic Con and doing the cosplay thing, check out this ----

NYCC 2011: Marvel Cosplayers

And was that your hammer being used as a prop Robert?

And are any of you watching this on e-bay -- 140662841413 -- somebody's chrissie present maybe???

Robert said...

Hi, Bagman F.F.F.!

Well, the woman playing Domino should keep the perverts like DP happy! Bet he's going now! ;)

Actually, the two women playing Wasp and Ms Marvel looked very much like their comic counterparts. Wonder if they are going? And how much money DP wil offer them for a foursome?

LAWay said...

Well, just for Deadpool (and other secret pervs) that may admire Domino, here are her websites:

Certainly is a great cosplayer. Amazing that people make a living doing that.

All 3 girls look great, but also nice to see more amateur people dress up for the fun of it and love of the characters.

Although, whenever I have been to cons, I havent seen many cosplayers (especially hot ones - sorry DP) but good luck in London. Meeting Stan the Man is surely enough. ;)

Think anyone will get withdrawal symptoms of blog updates over xmas and the new year? ^_^

Robert said...

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeee!

Well, it's already been a great day. MTIO #2, some Dredd, Captain America DVD special features, double-decker Primula sandwich and I'm sitting with my girls. Next up, Invaders Annual #1. Incredibly, I haven't read it!!

Have a great Christmas, everyone!

Bagman said...

Happy Birthday mate, enjoy the day.
All the best.

sed tallis said...

Happy birthday junior ,and it fell on a Thorsday :)
I remember my 40th ......ah they were the days a pint of mild fer 18 and a half pence and a fish supper fer a groat.

Robert said...

Thanks, guys. The only good thing about being forty-four is that it appeals to my OCD. After I last posted, I decided to go and read my Invaders Annual #1. Then my OCD kicked in yet again, and I started with Giant-Size Invaders #1, the first published appearance. Page 1: it's set in 1941. December 22nd, to be exact. Which was a pretty spooky coincidence. Mind you, I think there is also a Spidey-Doc Savage team-up set on my 8th birthday. And the Spidey-Red Sonya story was set on my 10th birthday. And on my 29th I finally managed to get a date! Okay, the last one was made up...

So, what to ask Stan to sign? The No-Prize he sent me? The hammer I made? The first comicbook I ever read (which Stan wrote)? A birthday card to my girls? My arm, and then I'll get it tattoed? My copy of his autobiography?

LAWay said...

Happy Birthday old timer, glad you're having a great day. ;)

pirate adam said...

Happy Birthday, Robert!!!!

and since we wont get another update this year, i'll take this opportunity to wish you all a.....


see you all in 2012


BobDiamond said...

Happy Birthday Robert!!
Hope you got all you wanted, and a few surprises on top!
That Invaders Annual- is it the one that ties in with The Avengers/ Kang story...or was that called Giant-Size Invaders?

Anyway, it would be amazing if a bunch of us could get together at this con in Feb...but how would we know each other? T-shirts? Something to to think about...

Until then, I wish everyone on here a very Merry Christmas and hope your New Year is everything you want it to be..Cheers everyone!


sed tallis said...

Excellent idea Bob, How about "Scouting for boys " T-Shirts?
heh Robert, another wee coincidence my niece has just been admitted to the maternity suite, looks like I may become a great uncle again on yer birthday :)

SinisterVenom said...

Happy birthday Robert! Hope you're having a good day!
Right I'm off to get ready for my night out before Christmas! I'll have a drink for you Robert haha ;)

Robert said...

Hi, guys. Been a great day. Folks popped round during Captain America, but they brought comicbooks, so it was fine!

Spot on, Bob. You know your stuff.

Not sure a t-shirt will be enough. What are we gonna do, check out 3,000+ t-shirts? We'll need to arrange a time and place. You know, somewhere where they collect lost children at 3p.m.? Or the Lost and Found amongst the guys looking for Vulcan left ears and light sabres? ;)

Barnabas said...

I've had little time of late to sit and read the postings here and tend to only skip through. Hopefully I'll have a bit more time next year.
I think I'm getting dangerously close to having to eat my words about the number of extensions there would be. Oh dear!

But for now......

Have a great Christmas everyone.


best served chilled said...

Hey guys first off love the collection...but customer service is anything but. I've telephoned and sent many emails and still no reply and all i want is the folders i ordered for this and the D.C. comics collection at the start of November. Does anyone know who else i can contact about this, i'm in the U.K.. Many thanks

Bagman said...

Hey guys, Merry X-mas and Happy New Year to all my fellow Bloggers have a great day to one and all.
From Down Under.
All the best.

sed tallis said...

I've been trying to flip my balls into Mephistos mouth without much luck . Excellent pinball game tho .
A merry Christmas one and all

Robert said...

Well, that's the flights, hotel and con ticket sorted. Can't wait till February! Reading The Stan Lee Universe and it's just making me even keener. No, actually, that would be impossible.

Off for a few days to the in-laws tomorrow, so I'll get in my Happy Christmas now in case I forget. I hope you all celebrate the birth of Santa with lots of comic-related goodies!

LAWay said...

Have a Merry Xmas everyone!

SinisterVenom said...

I've booked the tickets already, I've just gotta print them off now. Need to look into hotels and ways to get there now :)
Midnight has gone soooo...


TheTooN said...

Merry Christmas to all :)

sed tallis said...

Daddies nuts dry roasted by an open fire. Jack Frost nipping at yer nose. Aaaaaah ,boxing day sitting in ma. Cap America fluffy bathrobe glenfiddiched tae the hilt.
Reading my token Xmas. Marvel comic assortment Hulk number wan utter utterpish......I loveyooz

Guilherme said...

First Merry Christmas to all folks here! And there is my question: wich figurines were most made by resin? I hate to pick one from the box and notice it's lighter than I expected. Blob and Anihilus I am sure they are almost all resin. Cheers!

mgf said...

Compliments of the season, one and all. Sasquatch was all resin, and the Syryn (sp?) figure is so light I had to Sellotape it down to stop it floating away.

Robert said...

Happy Birthday, Stan!

Guilherme said...

Stingray would look perfect like in this image from Marvel Wiki:

Deadpool said...

My Number 1 Christmas present this yeat was - Lady Mechanika issue 0, Autographed by Joe Benitez and Peter Steigerwald.

I now have teh complete set and the variants, inluding the dealer exclusives.

Ho Ho ho

Robert said...

Number Two Christmas Present: Recoloured Simonson Thor Omnibus.

Number Three Christmas Present: Giant-Size Invaders #1.

Number Four Christmas Present: Invaders Vol.1 number 1, to complete my Invaders collection.

Of course, I had to buy my Number One Christmas Present myself: a ticket to see Stan! Excelsior!

pirate adam said...

Did any one else see the advert for the marvel hardback collection?? I only caught the end and need some details, who is it by and when is it out

Help please guys


Robert said...

Didn't catch the full ad, either, PA, but I think it was a Best of Marvel collection. I saw a limpse of a Campbell Spidey drawing on what I think must have been issue 1. Going by normal advertising, I would expect to see it in the shops in a week or so.

It's a great idea. There's so many comicbooks and collected editions around that having someone give you tasters of cherry-picked classics is a wonderful intro to the SLU. Hope it finds an audience.

mighty_marvel said...

it's by hachette partworks PA. 1st issue is £2.99, then subsequent are £9.99. website is

LAWay said...

Wow, thats an interesting idea that we have suggested to EM, only to capture a moment from one of these tales in lead and give us the backstory in the magazine.

I like that there is a definitive end point, although 60 issues is abit much at £9.99 each. You can easily pick up alot of those sagas now at those prices or under, and I would imagine most Marvel comicbook collectors have the stories already, or have read them?

I may pick up spidey to see what the format is like, but with each issue released I would just research how much the accompanying book is online in its proper print and try saving some money.

Also, the free subscription gifts do nothing for me. Generic, cheap looking mug, bag and bookends that are not unique to marvel, and the hulk dvd which I already own and is widely available.

Thumbs down from me.

pirate adam said...

I'll be getting it, anyone else thinking about it


pirate adam said...

And thanks for the info guys


Robert said...

Also thanks from me, MM. Tried and failed to find this last night after I posted.

I won't be buying it, PA, as it's wasted money for me as I already own all of these comicbooks. Still, it's a great idea.

The gifts smack of the sound effects for the old Batman series (yes, I know about Stan's Pow! company) when most of the stuff they're reprinting is modern. Hopefully, they'll reprint more of the older stuff in the future.

sed tallis said...

With the CMFC I got a binder a plinth and the superb rooftop spiffy fer nowt. Reprints of modern stuff does little for me and the freebies are utter gash , cheap fairground tatwoodnae age ye tuppence for it.
Ted Sallis news at ten.

sed tallis said...

Predictive text really twists my sack

Hawkeye said...

Geeked out this Christmas - Darth Vader Wii remote for The Force Unleashed, Batman Hoodie, two Star Wars books (including the Jedi Path), a pack of Star Trek playing cards, Capt America & X-Men: First Class on DVD (also the A-Team and Green Lantern in the sales). Now I see they'e doing a Graphic Novel collection. The Geeks shall inherit the Earth... Happy 2012 to all fellow collectors.

sed tallis said...

Hope yer all friends with the real Stan Lee on Facebook ?. Just checking out stan's photo album , absolutely fantastic stuff. everyone from Hugh Hefner to Ronald Reagan begged our Stan for a photo. Filled with Stans peerless quips, go on treat yourselves.

AMARON said...

Did anyone get a Santa figurine for Christmas?

LAWay said...

Yeh, was subscriber only gift. Did you not get one?

sed tallis said...

I shouldn't complain as it's a freebie , but my subbie Santa has a crack in his sack. Still he looks magical . Thanks EM I was genuinely moved when I opened the box.

LAWay said...

I was surprised at how well the paintjob was considering its a freebie. I especially liked the snow covered base with the chimney. Nice little touch there EM.

CGJ said...

Picked up the Marvel Graphic Novel #1 in WHSmiths, looks quite good but I'm not sure I can stretch to 60 issues at £9.99 each

sed tallis said...

Just arrived home with the first of the Marvel hardbacks it's nice ennuf , the poster was worth the £2.99 alone,my lad is scouring the drawers fer Blue Tack as we speak. £6.99 for the next one ...I'll pick that up .. But 9.99 fer the next 58 whoooooo!! The wife would grate my gonads if I stuck yet another collection on the credit card. Plus even a sporadic comic reader like myself has read a sizeable chunk of the first few already so not that fussed. Not even for a pow mug and shoulder bag!!!!! Lamest freebies ever. How about some Marvel merchandising ya muppets??

SinisterVenom said...

Hey guys, hope you're all well! Less than two months to go for Stan Lee guys!!! :D
What's this new Marvel Graphic Novel stuff you guys are all talking about? I havn't heard about this. Is is being advertized on tv? Serves me right for not watching tv the last week or so lol.

But I can give you...


The last figurine of 2011 that I have for you is Magik! Now I know a lot of you have had negative thoughts on this character (something about the costume?) but seriously guys, she is superb! Considering EM usually give us female figurines that don't always please us (Crystal, Rogue, Marvel Girl Mystique, Moondragon etc...) Magik has been done really well. The face looks good, the pose is cool and the sword is stunning! I will say though, the pics I've seen of Magik on here and the CMFC main site showed her in a yellow and blue costume correct? Well the Magik I got came in the same costume, only it's yellow and black instead!
But that doesn't stop me admitting this is a great figurine, well done EM! The first figurine in 2012 will be the Beetle for me. This is a character I've wanted for a while! :D

As this shall be my last post beforehand...



sed tallis said...

Final wants list of 2011 my dweam extension
201 Hardgirth
202 Futon
203 Bigload
204 Dump
205 Rainbow Flaps
206 Juan Sheet
207 Big Bell
208 Throbber
209 Shafty o tool
210 Captain Klunge
211 The Green Pea
212 Testiclon
213 Wee Tam
214 Boil in the Bag
215 Hairy Mary
216 The Vajazzler
217 Prince Albert
218 Rampant
219 Shunt
220 Daisy DEath
A happy new year tae you all.

CGJ said...

There you go SV, looked at the first six issues and I have got them all so it doesn't look like a go-er for me personally. Says they go from 1980 onwards - pretty sure Dark Phoenix was 1979 but that is splitting hairs...;)

Happy New Year everyone

Kal Brindle said...

Happy New Year bloggers. Here's hoping that 2012 is a great year for us all and filled with multiple extensions including Texas Twister, Princess Python, Rawhide Kid, Clea, Baron Mordo, Count Nefaria, Arcade, Lorelei, Mastermind, Firebird, Living Lightning, US Agent, Captain Universe, Diablo, Thundra, Squirrel Girl, Diamondback, Yondu, Shroud, Meggan, Whirlwind and every other character we've ever wanted.

mighty_marvel said...

happy new year everyone!

Deadpool said...

Dan, Is there a delay in getting the subscriber special Santa?

I still haven't received anything.

Happy New year to one and all.

PS SV, I am really looking forward to receiving Magik, thanks for your review.

TheSymbioteEffect said...

Hey guys! Was passing the blog and saw a lot of you guys talking about the London comic convention :D I ordered tickets yesterday, as soon as I found out stan lee was there I didn't hesitate so I just bought. But the problem is I live in Wales, just wondering is the place easy to find? I'm not all that familiar with London but I couldn't really miss an opportunity like this :)

LAWay said...

Picked up the 1st of the graphic novel collection. Great value for money for a great hardback book for £2.99.

Would I buy any more? Doubtful. Not at £9.99.

Crafty too. Spider-man is number 1, but the spine says 21. Why? Because the spines make a complete picture if you collect all 60. To make sure they keep you, I suspect they will be giving sporadic sections of this complete picture despite the publication order. SO the only way to get any decent image combining these spines will be to buy alot of these books until they finally match up.

The book though does add some interesting backstory (hints of CMFC) and something I have been screaming for, sketches from artists (although odd J Scott Campbell even though the featured artist is John Romita Jnr)

Pick up the 1st book, great value for money. For a hardback collection, if a story arc intrigues you, it will probably be cheaper and better presentation than the Marvel offered paperbacks.

As for DP not getting Santa, obviously all your complaining about the EM phone service has put you on the naughty list. :P

LAWay said...


AH, another welsh lad here! Pnawn da!

As for London, easiest place to get around with the tube. THe website describes how to get there:

I also suggest using tube planner that will arrange any travel destination you want to use via the underground:

And finally is a great site for a route planner to walk from station to station if you need to (but probably wont, just jump from train to train)

When I went to a London convention at Excel, I stayed in a hotel right next to it and so could walk straight to it. Was only a 5-10 minute walk so was very convenient. Cant remember the hotel type, but was a cheapy so probably premier inn or similar. They have plenty of parking, but even staying over night, you have to pay.

From Excel I then got the train (again, very close by) into the main town for shopping, visiting the huge forbidden planet etc, so highly recommend planning out the visit.

Hope any of that helps man. Wish I could help more, but in all honesty, my girlfriend arranged it all and organized our trip. ^_^

TheSymbioteEffect said...

@ LAWay

Yeah thanks that was a great help :)
Also thanks for the links, never expected the place to be so big haha. And yeah money isn't an issue I plan to stay for the whole thing so the 5 hotels on campus couldn't be more convenient, really looking forward to it ^_^

Where in Wales you from? I'm from Llanelli so will be great to get out of here for a little while haha :D.

LAWay said...


I'm sure you will have a great time if its anything like previous conventions held there. My advice to anyone with an iphone is the have the redlaser app to scan barcodes of anything you are thinking of buying. On most occasions, the dealers do give you good offers, but some are crafty. But also dont be afraid to haggle with the sellers too, especially on the last day where they'll be more likely to drop their prices for you.

I'm based in Cardiff now but used to be around Pontypridd area. ALways good to meet a fellow welshie on these type of boards, never seems like many of us.

TheSymbioteEffect said...


Okay will do thanks for the advice :) and yeah I'll be sure to do that hope to pick up several things once I'm there, you've been a great help, thank you ^_^

Robert said...

Happy New Year. And here's my first rant of the year.

Saw the advert for the Marvel Graphic Novel collection yesterday during The Simpsons. Quote: "The Best of Marvel from the last 30 years."

I know they've qualified the use of "best of Marvel" but they really think they can use that phrase and have a collection with no art by Jack Kirby? Nothing drawn by Steve Ditko? No art from Gil Kane, John Romita or Ross Andru?

And, worst of all, NOTHING written by Stan!!

Let me repeat that: NOTHING WRITTEN BY STAN.

'Nuff said.

mighty_marvel said...

all this talk of meeting stan is making me really jealous of you guys who can get down to london. just found out there's no way i can make it down there in february :(

Robert said...

Maybe we can get something signed for you, MM? Not the same, I know, but worth considering, eh?

SinisterVenom said...

Anyone know if the Debit Card problem has been solved yet? I'm still missing MODOK and I'm getting so bored of waiting I'm considering getting him off ebay or something soon :(
Btw guys are we planning to all gonna meet up and say hi when we go to London to meet Stan Lee? I'm just thinking how will we know who's who? This will be my first comic convention so I don't know what to expect really, apart from my legs turning to jelly at the sight of Stan The Man himself! :P
Do you reckon we'll see an update this Friday? If so, what do you think we'll see? (Fingers crossed for sneaks of Deathbird and/or Hela)

LAWay said...


wear t-shirts with your blogger names written on them. ^_^

They have only released the news of the first 5 or 6, so maybe they will have more classic books coming out afterwards, as they do plan on bringing out 60. Although 30 years of marvel history doesnt really add up especially since they just celebrated the 70th anniversary.

Then again, with the free gifts they offer, perhaps they are restricted in what they can do.

Robert said...

I kind of hope we meet up even if it's just so we have camera back-up when we meet Stan! But, yeh, I think a get-together is a must regardless. And I'm really hoping Ted makes it.

Robert said...

Hi, Leigh. They're talking about the last 30 years only. Which rules out all the Bronze Age stories (The Death of Gwen Stacy, Starlin's original Warlock run and other classics like the Jungle Action Panther issues) and Silver Age classics (the Galactus Trilogy, "This Man, This Monster", etc.). I don't understand this restriction. It would be like releasing a Best of James Bond collection without Sean Connery. It doesn't make any sense to me.

sed tallis said...

Meree crismas....again. A tardy parcel arrived today from the good old US ( along with a £15.00 charge for incorrect postage!! )
Anywho, i waited until my good woman got home, before getting tore in to the parcel first out was a Captain America tongue stud??. That's for my pierced nephew.
Next out was a Thing bobblehead, and a rather cool Cap America keyring in the form of his shield.I had a Thor ( Mjoliner ) keyring but this was only viable if hung from a beltloop i made the mistake of cramming my keys in my back pocket ,before later sitting down and snapping the uru hammer, believe me being impaled on Thors shaft was not as much fun as it sounds!!

LAWay said...

perhaps its some publishing deal. I have seen lots of mini comics/graphic novels/collections of the classic story lines that seem to be made purely for the UK market so maybe its a contract clash. You can find some in The Works shops, where I also saw a neat Judge Dredd collection of strips that was relatively cheap.

Heres looking forward to Fridays update so we can get back to discussing the CMFC. ^_^

mighty_marvel said...

would be fantastic if someone going to the covention could get something signed for me robert. but isn't it normally a one person one signature deal at these things?

Robert said...

No idea, MM. Never been to a convention. I was just thinking we'd say, "Our friend can't make it but he's a huge fan and wants to have your children, as we all do, and can we have an autograph for him?" Didn't think anyone would question that if other signatures are to Robert, "Ted", etc. and this absent friend is called, I don't know, Hugo or somesuch. (Of course, this may all be niavety on my part. And your real name, MM, is not Hugo.) Anyone got any guidelines on etiquette?

And when I go to the convention, I'm gonna ask Boy Layton to do a head sketch of a Recorder. That wonderful man keeps using a Recorder in his Hercules' minis! He he. Can't wait!

Ethan Thane Athen said...

Have to agree with comments about Photon. Legs were ridiculously too long with a tiny body perched on them. Way out of proportion. Worst figure since the 'ageing hooker' Marvel Girl.

Ethan Thane Athen said...

Oh and I'm another 'Welsh' blogger!

Ethan Thane Athen said...

Finally, slightly embarrassed to ask but I assume the supposed 'Santa' figurine for subscribers was a joke?

LAWay said...

Yay! The Welsh army is growing strong!

Em must have made a mistake because they sent me too Santa specials, maybe because I recently had to renew because my card expired, but remember you had to be a subscriber to get it.

All you guys going to the convention - The Stan Lee autograph, I dont know if they say on the website, but chances are you will have to buy anywhere from £25-£50. Most times they dont even let you take a picture, unless its part of their photo sessions which again are priced similarly.

My advice, take alot of cash.

Robert said...

Woke up an hour ago. Dreaming about the con again. Now can't get back to sleep. If this is me at the start of January I dread to think what I'll be like mid-February.

Leigh, the website makes no mention of additional charges and says that Stan'll be signing, having photo opportunities and appearing on panels. Hopefully, they are not going to charge extra for The Man. This is already costing me hundreds of pounds and I'd rather it not completely spiral out of control, especially as I want to buy loads of comics as well when I'm there.

CGJ said...

Signatures were free at Kapow in April but limited to three per person. Only got a few bits signed (mark Millar, JRJR) Sean Philips was doing sketches for £40 so I felt too cheeky to just sidle up and ask him to sign something without buying a sketch as well, so I didn't get his.

I shouldn't think Stan needs the money so I would imagine they would be free

LAWay said...

Ah, i didnt get any autographs at Kapow, but yep, dont think i saw anyone paying for any then, maybe its just the memorabilia shows that are the ones that rip you off.

The site does say a signature is free from all artists and writers.

However, it does also say:
"have your comics signed for FREE by both American and UK creators with the details of Guest of Honour Stan Lee to be announced soon."

So does that suggest that there will be different plans/rules for Stan the Man? Hope not.

Also...lets hope for an update today, right EM? :)

Banshee said...


Warren said...

Hi I just wanted to say that I love collecting this collection and love the work on all the figurines... I was just wondering when will the collection end do you think.

ART-3 said...

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