Friday, 6 January 2012

CMFC BLOG Vol.3 #1 (2012)

Welcome back!

It's the new year, so let's get cracking with some new eye candy for you...

First up, Gamora. A controversial costume choice for most, but I think the sculpt speaks for itself. (NB ignore the lean, as it's not attached properly to the base, as the painters need to take off for obvious reasons).

Tiger Shark cover rough:
(John Royle pencil layout - looking forward to the Joe Rubinstein inks!)

Avalanche final cover:
(Courtesy of Kev Hopgood)

On Sale soon:

NEXT WEEK in issue #2: Firelord & Wolfsbane (The early stages!)


mighty_marvel said...

gamora. hate the rug on her back. and has the fishnet look been achieved by cutting into the figure? if so, not sure how good this will look up close. like the pose and her face. but can't help but feel it would have been so much better in modern costume.

the mag covers are looking really good though.

The Hood said...

I think Gamora looks great, and i really like the new covers. Just how soon will Northstar and Aurora be on sale?

deamon said...

Hope Wolfsbane will have long hairs.

mighty_marvel said...

i hope so too deamon. she needs the long, ginger hair in that costume.

Joeking said...

I originally voted for the modern look on Gamora, howevere if the sculpt arrives looking exactly like the one shown I will be more than happy. Can't wait to see Wolfsbane.


Robert said...

Gamora looks wonderful (allowing for the corrected lean, of course). If my figure comes out looking like that it will be one of the best sculpts ever. Absolutely love it. No idea who the sculptor is but he or she deserves all the praise going. (And can you ask him to do Hela as well, please!) Really chuffed. Brilliant job. Thanks.

buffduffdan said...

Gamora is nice but I'm afraid I'm not entirely won over. I like the pose and the facial expression! However I still think the modern costume would have looked better and considering the version we get is usually not to the same quality as the preview I wonder how well the "fishnets" will be in hand. Typhoid Mary got away with it but only from a distance! I was surprised at how much hair Gamora has on the fig too!

I like Avalanche's mag cover! :) Tiger Shark's is cool too!

And yay for Northstar & Aurora soon

CGJ said...

Ha! There should be copious amounts of humble pie being eaten and some apologies thrown about too.

I couldn't have given too hoots about Gamora but that is one of the sculpts of the collection.

I can't help feeling there will be some disappointed faces when they click on that image

'.....oh. They did pull it off'

Congratulations to the sculptor, and treat yourself to a smug cigar Dan.

Excellent job

mgf said...

Gamora looks good. Glad the N&A saga will shortly be over. It seems to have gone on forever. I hope sales are strong. Double packs may not be the future, but it would be a shame if they were the past.

Word verification is "slypersh" which, as we know, is what Sean Connery wears on his feet when he's wandering around the villa.

Robert said...

Had to come back on for another look!

And it still looks perfect!

spidey_1979 said...

Never knew Gamora was half woman, half snake. What? She's wearing fishnets. Ha ha ha. You're pulling my leg.

sed tallis said...

Gamora looks hot, best female sculpt in ages.Glad the never ending snoreathon is nearly over and Chaz Michael Michaels & Jimmy MacElroy are on the way. What price be they?

AMARON said...

Gamora looks fantastic and yes all those who were haters will certainly buy her now!!!!!
Cannot wait for the twins, when are they on sale?

jimbob said...


Gamora classic costume is rubbish.

Looking forward to the blog next week.

tinodragon14 said...

Thanks for the update Dan & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Even though I had no interest in Gamora I must admit as with the Lady Sif it is a fine looking figure. I like the look & the hair. She could be one of the top female figures in the collection. Well done Dan.

Kudos on the AVALANCHE cover. The TIGER SHARK cover looks good except around the nose but perhaps after coloring that will change.

BobDiamond said...

That is one hell of a fantastic figure!
Well done EM for showing Gamora in all her classic glory- she could well be the best female fig yet.


Robert said...

Not sure if I'm like anyone else with this, but my enthusiasm for the CMFC isn't as consistent as it once was and goes up and down depending on the figures. When I get a sequence of characters I have little or no interest in, I start to wonder if I should cut own and only buy a select few. Even when I get someone like Captain Marvel (Monica), who I was keen to get, and see a half-heartedly done representation, I start to wonder now. Then I get Odin and think, "What a cracking figure! I want more like that!" And when I see something like Gamora heading my head - withy Hela to follow - I just think this collection has a long way to go before I give it up.

Has someone worked out what date Gamora will be out? And is it next week?

tinodragon14 said...

Received four figures yesterday. Those being HYDRO-MAN, KARNAK, MODOK & THE PUPPET MASTER.

THE PUPPET MASTER was fine except his smile is just wrong. The paint job had overlap where the apron & pants & pants leg & shoes meet but overall okay.

MODOK I really like a lot & aside from a few spots paint wise around the mouth overall he looks good.

KARNAK has a poor paint job with the white & green colors overlapping too often & most disappointing is how poor his hands look.

HYDRO-MAN is another disappointment with his hands looking poorly made & the paint job around his shirt sleeves & his arms overlaps. The water part actually looks good.

Kal Brindle said...

That is the Gamora I wanted - what a fantastic job Dan, I am over the moon. Sorry modern fans, I know it's not what you wanted, but you have to admit, even though it's the wrong costume for you - it's one hellof a great sculpt!

Both cpvers look aces, but seeing the twins in their point of sale packaging has me on the edge of my seat. The Beaubier twins saga is nearly over and I am ecstatic. They cannot get here soon enough IMO.

I have preordered three from my LCS. I encourage all CMFC collectors to support this special - if they sell like the proverbial hotcakes, then we just might see more regular figure double packs in the future! So if you were fence sitting - get off it and go buy it!

My wood verification joyetc how perfect is that?!

tinodragon14 said...

Hey Dan with NORTHSTAR & Aurora coming out soon is it possible that TERRAX THE TAMER could come next before mega-mojo hits pocketbooks?

spidey_1979 said...

I don't have to admit that at all Kal. While the facial features have been very well done, it is ruined by the hideous snake skin that is trying to pass for a fishnet bodystocking. What makes me sad is that awesome face sculpt could and should have been with the superior modern costume. Now that would have been one hell of a great sculpt.

But I will be buying Northstar and Aurora. This collection needs more double packs.

michal9402 said...

Now I know that costume choice was really good. Gamora looks perfect for me.
I like Tigershark cover but I'm not so ok with Avalanche's.

Robert said...

There was really only one logical choice for Gamora's costume: the one her creator gave her, the one she wore during her greatest stories (even Abnett and Lanning admit that), the one she wore longest, the one she wore in her highest-profile appearances (the Infinity series), the one she wore more than any other. It's not even close to being a competition.

Deadpool said...

Daniel, is there a delay in shipping figures to subscribers?

Not sure if I was taken in by the prospect of a Santa figure but I never got one.

Gamora looks quite sexy, but I prefer girls without hairy backs.

I am reallly looking forward to getting N&A, it would seem that the mossmen have done a really good job on the latest double pack.

Keep up the good work and happy new year.

I'm off to Japan and Africa in February with the possibility of a side visit to China so cya later guys I have quite a lot of preparation to do.

LAWay said...


Gamora looks amazing! What a turnout. One of the best female figurines in the collection. Immense detail if we get it like that. A wonderful feminine face and figure. Hope everyone is apologizing now, because this is not a horrible figurine, and while you may have preferred the other costume, you CANNOT deny this looks fantastic.

Upcoming covers also look great.

spidey_1979 said...

Gamora's face is amazing. The costume, however, is horrible and ruins what would have been a great figure.

tomasz said...

Hi Dan!
CUSTOMER SERVICES doesn't answer on e-mails. Can You tell them we want Northstar & Aurora in Poland too? We want some Mega Specials too, because we didn't have any of them since begin of existing CMFC in Poland (nearly 3 years). We have only regular specials here.

mrsinister88 said...

Well I'm certainly excited that Aurora and her brother have finally made it out onto the shelves......

Gamora looks good and she's in her classic costume. I'm a little surprised that some fans are asking about more modern costumes. After all this is the CLASSIC marvel figurine collection and in all honesty it still really, really bugs me that several of my favourite characters have been shown in the collection wearing costumes which are now easily forgotten. Their classic look would have been better - ie Mystique in her white dress, rogue in her classic costume, namor in green speedos, storm in her giant sized x-men outfit, kitty in her blue shadowcat costume.....

Anyway i'm really hoping that the collection will be once again extended... i think the quality of the sculpts is getting better and better and there are still loads of amazing character which we need to complete sets.....

My pick for the next 20 - mainly to complete some sets now are:

1. Mantis
2. Starfox
3. Dr Druid
4. Sersi
5. Triathalon
6. Marrina
7. Vindicator
8. Gargoyle (Defenders)
9. Selene
10. Madame Masque
11. Nebula
12. Karma
13. Sunspot
14. Magma
15. Frankie Raye (Nova)
16. Molecule Man
17. Piledriver
18. Thunderball
19. Bulldozer
20. Volcano

Special could be The Beyonder

And twin pack could be Corsair and Hepzebah

SinisterVenom said...

Nice to see you again Dan! Happy New Year to you and the EM team!
Gamora is not a character that I am really excited about I'll admit so whatever costume she's in doesn't bother me. But I will say her figurine is terrific! Once the leaning thing has dealt with she'll be perfect.
The covers look brilliant too! Tigershark is absolutely amazing and Avalanche is awesome too!
I really can't wait for the Northstar and Aurora double pack to be released! I really hope we havn't got much longer left to wait...

And fingers crossed for news of an extension soon! So many good characters still left to be made: Whirlwind, Baron Mordo, Jigsaw, Jackal, Warlock, Crossbones, Silver Samurai, Corsair, US Agent, Selene, Count Nefaria, I could go on and on...

deamon said...

Corsair, Jigsaw, Sage, Sunspot, Tombstone in next extension please.
Wendigo and Madame Web for next specials.

mtravis390 said...

How can anyone be proud of how Gamora turned out? The fishnet is suppose to be black. It doesn't look black on the figurine. It looks like grooves craved in the lead and painted all green.

Plus this is the product sent to EM office. Does anyone think the product shipped to us will look that good?

Very disappointed. I wouldn't have minded a classic Gamora if we got a classic Drax, but getting a modern Drax with a classic Gamora just seem silly.

Osvaldoeaf said...

Thanks for the update, Dan. Hope you have a great new year....and a new extension..LOL

Well, I think Gamora looks simply stunning....I really don't understand what the problem is!!!!
Can't wait for next week!

Sage said...

Gamora looks amazing! great job on her.

Really like the covers and The Twins!!!!! finally.

Can we see a Danielle Moonstar soon?

navaho said...

I personally love Gamora's look, very nice sculpt and captures the characters sensual nature.
I love the energy in the Tiger Shark cover and can't wait for the Twins, it's been a long time coming!
PS tried to order things from the website, things didn't turn up, gave up and bought them from eBay instead.
Will never, ever, never try them again. Buyers beware!

sed tallis said...

"Should auld aquaintance be Lee da da de dum"
It's a new year . Let's not rehash ancient history either buy Gamora or don't. But enuff with the the bleating already.
I vented my bilesack all over the forum trying to get the Beetle in his original goofy costume. But hey ho , I had to get on with it. The fig i am about to receive looks as bland as baby food . Yet I will still look after him as I do all my little Marvel masterpieces . And when the time comes I will gladly polish his little purple helmet.

The Mad Thinker said...

Happy New Year Everybody

I love the Gamora sculpt , the fact that the fish nets look more like fish scales can easily be forgotten due to the overall wow factor.

max_0888 said...

Gamora looks awesome. Great details. Could easily be one of my fave female fig. I would still have preferred her modern costume, but i'm happy with this one also. Can't wait to add her to my cosmic shelf.

Also very happy with both Tigetshark and Avalanche's mag cover. Especially Tigershark's. I always love to see original covers from EM. I hope Arachne and Mockingbird will get one also. Too bad Siryn, Magik and Shanna didn't get one.

U'm also really thrilled about Northstar and Aurora. It will be a good looking team with Shaman. I really really hope Vindicator will find her way into CMFC. She is my fave Alphan.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Happy New Year Dan & all you lovely bloggers.

What a fantastic start to 2012 for the CMFC with Gamora looking totally awesome. Kudos to Dan and the sculptor.

It's a perfect 3D rendition of the character in her original, uber-classic costume, as intended by her creator. So iconic and so quintessentially Marvel. She looks like she's just come off the page of a comic book from 1976. I'm a very happy and proud collector, seeing that the CMFC can give us such exquisite gems of Marvel design.

My wish or 2012 is to get confirmation of more and more extensions. There are so many wonderful characters left to cover. I'm excited about how the CMFC is continuing to evolve, and about all the possibilities.
May the CMFC live to 500!

tinodragon14 said...

If there is a next extension & I hope the powers that be will allow it in following the blog Dan had indicated his strong support for 3 characters :
He also mentioned that GRET GARGOYLE was suppose to have made the last extension.
Unfortunately Namora won the Golden Age Poll.
The votes on the forum indicate 3 X characters will be picked.
either SAGE or SELENE
The contest winner choice is anybody'e guess.
Dan also expressed support for a western character.
That's ten so the next ten could be anybody.
Hoping this is WHIRLWIND'S time.
Also Dan spoke of trying a re-do or two which could be MYSTIQUE or IRONMAN or HAVOK or ROGUE
Reading the blog & checking the forum I'd say
all have a shot.
I'm still pulling for my villains though
DOOM 2099

Bob said...

Why oh why did She-Hulk not look as jaw dropping as Gamora? I am gawking at this sculpt endlessly!

LAWay said...

Well said Bob.

She-Hulk was so disappointing. Should have looked more like those gorgeous photo-real covers in the one run she had (cant remember the artist) or like a Frank Cho drawing.

This figurine looks elegant. Often we complain about female figurines, and I cant see how people can say how this is not one of the best.

SinisterVenom said...

If there will be any complaints about Gamora Leigh, it'll either be about the costume and the detail of the fish nets. I won't be one of those people though, for someone who wasn't fussed about Gamora beforehand, I'm really looking forward to picking her up!

I also have...


Odd time for a SV'S FI? That's because I have finally got my hands on MODOK (few months later!), though I had no choice but to resort to ebay and pay an extra couple of quid on the P&P. I just couldn't wait any longer as I've wanted this character for too long!
Ahem anyway without further ado...MODOK is magnificent!! The detail is incredible, the paint job on mine is brilliant and I'm glad he has some weight to him (unlike Sasquatch who's light as a feather!). If I got this figurine before the New Year, he would definately be my special figurine of 2011! Yes I like him more than Odin's figurine, and that's saying something!

Will have another SV'S FI later in the week when I pick up the Beetle! :)

sed tallis said...

Here's a hoping for an extension announcement. Let the forum run their wee poll to choose the first three figs..then announce the first redo . That would be a belting start to 2012. Go Dan. Modok, better than Odin??? SV, did your Odin arrive unpainted and smashed beyond recognition ??
Yeah that would explain it ;)

spidey_1979 said...

Gamora's not one of the best because the fishnets look like scales. It makes her look like some sort of hybrid snake/woman creature. As a representation of that costume it's a very poor fig. The pose and the face are excellent, and are the reason why the figure is getting so many compliments. But the pose and face would have been equally good if she were done in the recent costume, except in this case the costume would also be just as well done.

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BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Fish Net visualisation
The form of art known as sculpture aims to reproduce the details of reality by means of 3D signs.

If Gamora's fish net had been done by painting a grid of black lines, that would have been the poorest, laziest way to achieve the effect.

Even so, the painted lines would still be a symbol standing for something that in reality is a structure of textile threads.

The engraved fish net is a very sophisticated sculptural rendition of the textile threads in a real fish net. We've got a beautiful Gamora.

The only better option would have been to create a grid of embossed threads, but this would have been a nightmare to paint.

I disagree with anyone who criticizes the engraved fish net. As I explained above, it is a superior sculptural achievement, while a painted fish net would have been a cheap choice. I praise EM and the artist who pursued the best esthethical effect.

spidey_1979 said...

But it doesn't look anything like a fishnet. It looks like scales. Therefore it's a massive failure as a representation of the costume, which in turn lets down what is otherwise a good figurine.

spidey_1979 said...

One good thing though. If and when Princess Python gets in the collection, with the experience gained from Gamora, she's going to be awesome.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

You only see it as scales because you choose to see it that way. Painted lines or engraved lines, they're just signs used to represent a fishnet. Even on the comic book page, your eyes will see a fishnet in the drawing only if you train them to decode those ink lines as threads of a fishnet.
Art plays with our perceptions.

spidey_1979 said...

I don't choose to see it that way at all. I'd rather it looked like a fishnet and was actually as good a figure as the pose and face deserves. Fishnets are not engraved. They do not go into the body. I see it as scales because it looks like scales.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

But fishnets are not painted either. They are not flat lines painted on the body. If it was made of painted lines, it'd look like a harlequin costume, only all green. Let's wait and see how the figurine looks in hands. I'm sure it will look great.

LAWay said...

lol fishnet vs scales. seriously?

I dont see scales at all, I see how the fishnets contort around the shapes of a body.

But maybe you have a point.

I google 'Gamora' images.

Most drawings look more like fish scales than fishnets.

Argument is stupid. The difference in scales and nets visually would be a semi circle overlap for it to be a scale, with all the scales needing to be a consistent size rather than changing shape.

Thus, the fish scale argument is people just picking at something to moan about.

Maybe they do look like fish scales to you...and maybe you confuse fish wearing some very kinky outfits.

Go fish.

Bagman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bagman said...

Amazing, only on here could you get grown men discussing the look and merits of fishnets, what a start to the new year!!!!

Bob said...

Hey, I'd like She-Hulk redone in nothing but fishnet! Same with Rogue and Storm!

sed tallis said...

Aw man baby, Spidey 79 is right Princess Python will look absolutely awesome. Perhaps we could put the python in painted fishnets ?.
Verification Conan . That's just cruel

TheTooN said...

Gamora looks absolutely stunning ! Hats off to all involved.

Scales......What have you been smoking Spidey ?

sed tallis said...

Oh, Pirate Adam show us yer Betty Boop tattoo...or was it Rastamouse you were getting??
Dan when we jocks gain independance will you still let us foriegners subscribe??

Dan The Man said...

Thanks for all the great comments - Hopefully it will be a great new year with what we have left to create and release! also the possibility of an extension plays on my mind daily :)

Not sure when or how we will be informed, but I'll get my minions on the case immediately "RICHARD!"

Looking forward to friday as I have some interesting works in progress for you to view.

SinisterVenom said...

And Dan saves the day by being the only person to post a comment today!! (lol) ;)
That's great to hear Dan! Fingers crossed for yet another extension! Still so many great characters left to cover! But please if we're gonna have re-dos, release them seperately and not have them waste slots in the extension for newer characters. That way we can all get what we want :) Btw any latest news on what's happening with the Debit Card problem? I had to resort to buying MODOK off ebay instead last week which ended up costing me more :(
Can't wait to see what you're gonna give us Friday! :D

Dan The Man said...

I am at a total loss to understand the problems with the internet/ordering side of things - If you can phone Eaglemoss kensington offices directly you may get put through to someone who you can at least have a go at! (Remember I didn't say that)

Dan The Man said...

RE: RE-do's.

Not sure we will do any yet - it's just an idea - if we get another extension, then i'll think seriously about doing 1 or 2. I'm not in a position to do any other spin off collections, so I can only work with the 20 issues plus specials we may get given.

mighty_marvel said...

personally i hope we get redos. there are some figures that are really in need of it. whether due to wrong costume choice or just poor overall.

*cough* rogue and mystique *cough*

i understand that the forum are shortly sending the results of the next extension request poll. i think you should use the top 3 of this poll as the forum choices and then build a balanced extension around them, rather than doing the forum choices at the end. currently this would give us sunspot, silver samurai and sage.

mighty_marvel said...

if a new extension is greenlit of course :)

mtravis390 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mtravis390 said...

I think we are a long way from needing redoes in the collection. There are hundreds of characters that are worthy of lead treatment. If EM starts to incorporate them in the collection then that will mean that there will be characters that will never make it in. Unless the collection is going to 1000+.

But it EM is going to shove redoes down our throats then I know where they need to start.

Gamora. 'nuff said. :D

Robert said...

Classic Iron Man is a must. As is furry ape Beast.

sed tallis said...

Classic Bloodstone is a must Dan. It still baffles me why we got him dressed in a loincloth bundled with a bucktoothed pussy.

LAWay said...

Collectors must accept that so many characters will NEVER make it into the collection, so the introduction of redoes whether its just 1 or 2 is irrelevant on the grander scale of things.

Collectors would love to see some characters revisited, and in saying that, its impossible to put every marvel character into the collection, so it wouldnt be the end of the world.

At least its put out there that subsets and other collections are not a possibility.

Bagman said...

Dare i say Original Cpt. Britain for consideration?

Robert said...

I agree, Bagman F.F.F. I just suggested Shellhead and McCoy as they were less contentious. Still, surely he has to be near any proposed list...?

Banshee said...

If re-do's do make thier way into the collection, what's going to be the deal with the magazine?

Will we just get the figurine alone at the same price or will another magazine be knocked out or will we just get a copy of the original mag?


sed tallis said...

Considering redoes will be of Marvel's big nobs , I'm sure Rich, Dan etc will be able to fill a mag with new pwetty pictures. Even better Daniel ma floppy eared spaniel . When you do the Cap Britain redo use the mag to reprint Cap's first issue. That would be a rare treat for the young uns.

SinisterVenom said...

Captain Britain is amongst my least favourite figurines in the collection...possibly my worst male figurine. I'm not against re-dos or anything...I just don't like the idea of them taking up spaces that could be used for new characters, say if they changed their minds and gave Howard the Duck or Rocket Raccoon the go ahead! I know it's unlikely but that was an example.
Btw, someone on the SHFF said they phoned their local Forbidden Planet and was told that the Northstar and Aurora double pack is to be released in around 2 weeks when they release Shanna. Keep your eyes peeled everybody!

As promised, here is...


Second FI this week and today I recieved the Beetle! One word guys...beautiful! He was well worth the wait. The figurine looks much better in hand, you can see the pose better, the great detail and the lovely metallic paint job that he has. Top marks from me on this one EM, great work!
Next time, we'll have Shanna the She-Devil. Not a character I'm too excited about but I will admit the figurine does look good. We shall see in 2 weeks time! Hopefully we'll have Alpha Flights' twins out shortly afterwards!

Word verification is 'wharr', kinda like the sound I made when I saw the Beetle :)

deamon said...

Too early for redos in regular extensions. There are still so many famous characters to do, we can easy go till #300 without any redos. Archangel (Angel redo) in specials please.
It's 2012, Dan can You say which months we will have Terrax, GiantMan and Mojo, and who's next or between them? Madame Web and Wendigo please :)

Robert said...

Might be some more famous folk to come, but would any be more famous than classic Iron Man?