Monday, 23 January 2012

Better late than never!

Sorry for no-show on friday, I've got a rather nasty flu/chest infection, so things have been slow going. Never fear I will struggle on with my duties like a trooper.

Let's see now what have we got ready to preview... (back in a second)....

...Oh yeah I've got a painted Giant-Man for you:

I'm really pleased with the final outcome - Still a shame about the building rubble :( but I went with the overall consensus and I'm happy with the result. As you can see next to Spidey his height is not super-massive (I think he's a bit smaller than our usual mega-specials), He's a size changer and we didn't feel he was in the same league as Galactus and Sentinel so we made him a tad smaller to keep the human element of his character. Not sure how he will cost up, will have to wait and see.

Constrictor stages:

more refined:

We went with the strong classic pose here - think the sculptor nailed it - I feel the eyes are not quite right and have asked for changes.

The story of Firelord (Part one):

The basic frame stage by Joni Higgins

Joni had followed Andi Tong's drawing closely and we were happy to proceed to the next stage

We were pretty happy with it at this stage, although we were unsure about the head/neck shape and position, also we wanted some of the muscle definition to be smoothed out.

Joni took in our 'criticisms' and presented a very nicely finished piece. As with any amporphous shape rendered in solid form - the fire was always going to be a challenge, I think the flames are excellent, particularly on the flames wrapping around the base of the staff are especially well done. My only criticism remaining is the neck looks a bit thin compared to rest of body - so hopefully we can make an amend there.
Part Two coming soon!

The next two figurines we are focusing on are Moonstone and Moonstar (Danielle, aka Mirage), Andi Tong is quickly becoming our go to guy when we struggle to find the ideal existing drawings and he hasn't let us down this time:

We had long decided on the her modern look, but found it really hard to nail a solid pose for her - I think we've got it now thanks to Andi.

Going with the majority (forum poll and blog) we went for latest costume with bow-in-motion look. there were plenty available but we needed to hone them into one workable image - again I think we have it here. Ideally she'd have a wide stance - but as you can see base restrictions have to be considered and her gait was reduced accordingly.

Anyway, I'm off to cough up my lungs now. bye-------------


JinxDealer said...

Great update Dan .

SinisterVenom said...

Hi Dan, sorry to hear about your flu, nasty things to have! Hope you get better soon! But thanks for still finding the extra time to give us an update!

Giant-Man looks lovely. I think he looks better like this than that drawing of him on the building rubble. Him being slightly smaller than the other Mega Specials is no problem to me, like you said he is a size changer and I think having him at the same size as the Devourer of Worlds would look a bit weird tbh.
Surprised to see Constrictor at this point in time! He's looking much better than I thought he would! Really happy with that and looking forward to seeing him upon completion.
Firelord looks incredible! Thanks for the story of his creation there, nice little bonus for us! I only noticed the neck problem when you mentioned it, it does need adjusting but other than that, top marks on this guy! I'll bet the finished painted version is gonna make him amongst the favourites in the collection.
Moonstone is gonna look stunning and that is the perfect pose for Mirage! Another two figurines to look forward to. Can we get Hela and Deathbird after these two please? ;)

Any ideas when we'll know more info regarding future possible extensions?

JinxDealer said...

All previews look amazing. Looking forward to adding them to my display. Get well soon Dan :)

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Fab update.
Thanks Dan, you're a star!

Looks amazing, and I'm happy with the size you went for. Perhaps it needs just a wash of dark shading, as the uniform red is a bit mono-dimensional.

What an awesome sculpt for one of my fave characters! He's got all the gravitas I was hoping for.
The flaming staff is fantastic. I know it has been argued that he should be holding it at both ends in a more dynamic way, but I'm really happy with this stance too.

Excellent choices of reference images, perfect poses. If the sculptor can recreate them in 3D, we're going to have 2 beautiful figurines. Hope you'll make good use of metallic paint on Moonstone's costume.

Week after week, this blog has been delivering outstanding creations confirming that the CMFC continues to go higher and higher.
Hope we'll get confirmation of new extension soon. I can't wait to see what Dan will manage to do with the great many characters left to cover.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

He seems to have lost the pointy, flaming head which is visible in the second stage of development, before 'smoothing out' was done.
Please can you keep the pointy, flaming head. It looks too flat in the final version. Unless it's the angle of the pic? Firelord needs a distinctive pointy flaming head.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I'm confused. Firelord has flames on his shoulders in the second series of pics, but he's lost them in the final scultp. Are the pics in the correct order? Firelord must have the distincitive flames on his shoulders. It seems to me that the sculpt in the second stage of development is the best and should be the definitive one.

Banshee said...

Wow, to say your ill Dan your certainly still on form.

Giant-Man looks great. I don't think the size is an issue. I wouldn't want him completely dwarfing my Avengers display. I think you guys at the towers have him spot on.

Firelord is a masterpeice. The detail thats gone into him, especially the fire on his staff is incredible. With him and Terrax on the way The Heralds are going to be making a pretty stand out display. Bring on Frankie Rae.

Constrictor is a solid looking figurine. I don't think his eyes look to bad, they're quite menacing.

Moonstone is a long awaited want for me and if you guys at EM pull this sculpt off I'm gonna be a very happy chappy. I have to echo BLAKENEWMAN2002's call for metallic paint on her too. She could be made a stand out female in the collection.

As will Moonstar if you match the drawing. However I worry that the bow will be very fragile.

You and your team are doing a phenomonal job Dan. Week in week out you guys always manage to make me as excited as a young girl at a Beiber-fest.

fredpostman said...

Get better soon Dan
loved the update THANKS

michal9402 said...

Love everything here except Moonstone pose. Please don't make her another angry Titana. After all she is famous for her debauchery and that's why i like her. She should have more sexy and alluring pose.
That's how I've imagine her when i vote her on forum poll.

Mirage looks perfect.

buffduffdan said...

Nice update Dan - and I hope you feel better soon! :)

Giant-Man is looking brilliant (and that's coming from somebody who was never that keen on him!). Pretty much spot on for the character so kudos to you guys!

Constrictor is coming along nicely. Was a big supporter for him and I'm certainly not disappointed. The simple pose works well and I'm glad you've given him a coil. Looking forward to seeing him painted :)

Interesting to see the stages and things you've changed during the way with Firestorm. But I think you're definitely heading in the right direction and I definitely approve so far!!

Love the drawings for Moonstone and Moonstar. If you can get them both as close to those pictures as possible then I would be very impressed and happy :D

jarvis69 said...

This is an update ! lol
Giant - Man look great ... but .... white antennas ???
Hope You'll feel better soon ... for a new update ;)

Sage said...

Thanks for the update Dan and get well soon.

Giant Man looks very nice, I wasn' sure about him at first but I've been won around and he looks good.

Firelord looks to be coming along nicely also.

Moonstone and Danielle Moonstar's skethes look great particuarly Danielle Moonstar's, Can't wait to see her sculpt.

mighty_marvel said...

firelord is looking really promising. the paint will make or break him though so look forward to seeing him finished.

if you can nail that pose for dani moonstar she will make an excellent fig. can't wait to see her in the future.

giant man sculpt and moonstone picture both looking good too.

hope you feel better soon dan.

BobDiamond said...

In response to mrsinister 88's Poll from the previous thread...(I've put my own preferences in brackets..)

Avenger Ladies: MANTIS
Avenger Guys:DR. DRUID (pref. USAGENT)
Alpha Flight: MASTER
Fantastic Four: NOVA (Pref. THUNDRA)
Defenders: 'APE' BEAST
Evil Mutants: SELENE (pref. MIMIC)

Look forward to your version Blake- I'm a bit of a sucker for geeky list-making!

Anyway....Giant-Man looks sensational!!..can't wait to get him...and there's fewer and fewer of these gems I can say that about these days.

Robert, Ted, SV, Guys in general...any more thoughts about how we could meet up at the London con?...and do you think we need to pay beforehand, or will it be easy enough at the door?

Cheers all,

deamon said...

Fantastic update Dan.
Firelord looks amazing, can we have Nova (Frankie) as next herald in 201-220 extension please?
Can't wait to see Moonstar sculpt.
As for Deathbird, don't forget she has to have her crown.

SinisterVenom said...

In response to mrsinister88's post on the previous update, there really isn't a lot there I'd want in the next extension apart from Selene and Vindicator as the main two. I'm more for Baron Mordo, Whirlwind, US Agent, Jackal, Silver Samurai etc.
BD I've paid for my ticket when I booked it. Today, we were looking into hotels to stay and how to get there. It's not cheap guys I tell you!
I do have a question though. The tickets have our names on them so will we need ID? It's only I've recently changed my last name due to a new marriage in the family and I don't think my ID with my new name will arrive in time. I really don't want to travel all that way and be told that my name doesn't match. That would devastate me!

max_0888 said...

What a great update once again Dan. Thanks a lot.

Giant man looks stunning. I don't really want any re-dos in this collection, but I admit it looks great and will by it anyway. Of course id prefer to see Lockjaw and Strong guy in the near future than re-dos.

Both Constrictor and Firelord are coming along nicely. Good job on them.

Plus I do love both of Moonstone and Mirage's sculpt. If Moonstone looks like that i'll be very happy. I really can't wait to add her to my Thunderbolts display.

Plus, I was wondering which special will we have first? Terrax? Mojo? Giant-man?
And if you can, when? May?

Thanks again

Robert said...

Okay, I admit it, my misgivings over Giant-Man were misplaced. He looks great. Still would have liked him bigger, mind you. (And the argument that he should be smaller than Galactus makes no sense at all. The Big G was completely out of scale with everyone else and can't be compared to any other figure because of that.)

Not too sure what to make of Firelord yet but then I was wrong about G-M...

Already bought my ticket, Bob. No intention of taking the chance it's sold out - although considering the size of the place, it would seem unlikely.

As for meeting up, the only thing that will work is a pre-arranged meeting place and time. The idea of us wearing a distinctive badge or t-shirt is just nonsense. Thousands and thousands will be there and we'll be lost in a sea of garishly-coloured t-shirts. Maybe we should meet up at the very start, exchange mobile phone numbers and then we can contact each other if we intend standing in a long queue for Stan, etc. Then we have someone to keep a place in line if we need the loo and to have a second (or emergency) photo of meeting Stan, etc. Would also be nice to have someone to chat to. The queue for Stan is likely to be VERY long. (Mind you, I have already picked out half a dozen Essentials I am taking for the queues!)

jimbob said...

Great blog update!

Presentation of the preview figurines are getting better makes me feel excited about this collection again.

sed tallis said...

Sweet update Dan GM is hooruva good.constrictor is looking very impressive also.
Bad news, my Clinton Eastwood mosaic sold last Thursday and my wifey insists I now go to the comic con.
Does GM now have White feelers?

LAWay said...

Oh come on, man flu? Soldier on ya wimp. :P

Giant Man looks fantastic. Knew the colours would only enhance what was already there, and he looks fantastic. I think no one would have complained if he was bigger, but we can understand the theory behind it.

Constrictor is a good sculpt. A little boring (coming from me!?) but I understand you have to make use of his whips and they cant really be dynamic as they would just snap off or be hard to package. I'm happy anyway, and I'm sure the paint will make him pop. The eyes are a mess though, and placed too high up his head, too angular, and not symmetrical. But other than that, look forward to him.

Firelord needs to add some muscle to his boy neck. He looks way too odd with such a big body and puny neck.

I have been a big fan of Andie Tong for a long time and he is a great artist and very friendly decent bloke, so I am happy to see more artwork from him and just makes me want an 'Art of' book or feature in the magazine even more.

I agree though I would have preferred Moonstone more sexy and alluring, thats her character. Personally I would be happy with just dropping her arms to her side for a compromise, but I think she'll turn out good if the sculptor sticks to Tong's designs.

While I dont care much for Moonstar, its a pose that I would really want for someone with a bow so should make for a great figurine. I do worry how the sculptor will interpret the leg stance as I worry the balance on one foot with the other raised looks unbalanced and could look worse/exaggerated with the already leaning backwards pose.

Do you get the designers to draw a turnaround by the way, or just one sketch like the examples you provided?

Anyway, great update. Get well soon/

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Meanwhile, the Virtual CMFC Gallery continues to grow. Now with 250+ characters, hopefully proving that the Marvel Universe can feed the CMFC for lots more extension. This week, Wave 38 was submitted by forum member Noah2099.
Click here to check it out...


Pip the Troll
The mischievous missing element
of the Infinity Watch.

Whether it's Alexei Shostakov or
Clint Barton, this awesome warrior
needs to make it into the CMFC.

Death Adder
Prominent member of the Serpent Society with striking design.

Red Hulk
The hulked-up version of General Ross would make an outstanding special.

She's an Eternal, an Avenger, and one hell of a kick-ass foxy lady.

AIM agent
Generic characters don't come more
iconic than these mean yellow-suited soldiers.

Curious furry mutant/alien,
most famous as Devil Dinosaur's companion.


ADParker said...

Nice update.

Looking Good. I was never a fan of the Rubble idea, the collection works best with all having simple stances on simple bases I think.
I'm not a big fan of the antennae being white like that either, would prefer colouring like this pic:

Darker blue with the antennae the same (or black perhaps.)
But this is hardly a deal breaker for me.

Not bad at all. I think the eyes will look better once painted and the mask is more clearly defined, so wouldn't really worry about that.

Love seeing the various stages. The 'final' stage there looks good, except is conspicuous for the loss of the shoulder flames and flamed air peak from the previous stage. Add those back in and it will look spectacular. And yes the neck needs bulking back up as well.

Moonstone: Not a bad concept image to start with.

Moonstar: Another good concept piece. One thing that has always drawn me in visually is her drawing of the bow with a psychic arrow when it is obvious that there is no string on the bow, it just highlighted the "psychic" aspect I think. Just a thought (Not that Hawkeye has a string on his bow in the collection anyway, heh.)

Paibok said...

Thanks Dan. Great update.

Giant Man looks even better painted. Looks like he is out for a stroll. Cannot wait to add him to the Avengers display - been missing for along time.

Constrictor - been a big advocate for him for a long while. So glad he is in, thankyou Angel. I don't know how much imput you have on the sculpt but it looks amazing. Would have prefered both coils showing.

Firelord looks grand, I think that the flame on shoulders would have looked to much, but I agree his hair needs more effect. Needs a thicker neck as well.

Moonstone. Apart from being in the wrong costume the drawing looks okay. I don't really care that much for the character but I am glad her fans like her.

Moonstar is the better image and I cannot wait for her. Wonder who I will her shooting at.....

Paibok said...

Dan i Forgot to ask...

which special is next Giant Man mojo or Terrax?

mtravis390 said...

Well if Dan has the flu then that must mean my voodoo doll I made(because we still do not have the Beyonder)of him is finally working.

I so happy to see Giant Man because that means there is no more excuses about not giving us Archangel. So now is the time to confirm him/

Was there in consideration on giving Constrictor a whip on each arm? Or would that require a special base?

Bob said...

I see something is not right with Firelord's hair. He resembles Quicksilver! Need to have the flames spurting out of his head and shoulders to give that look of a herald of Galactus! I propose a variant of Giant Man to yellow and purple costume Goliath and make the variant a limited edition release.

SinisterVenom said...

Anyone got any answers for me on my post from yesterday about needing ID at the convention? I ask because I have never been to a comic convention before so I don't really know what to expect.

Started work on the Hulk pic today. With Iron Man, Captain America and Thor now complete, the Avengers pic is coming closer and closer! After the Hulk is done, I plan to draw Hawkeye but shall I do more Avengers after him like Yellowjacket/Giant-Man, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Vision etc or shall I move straight on to the Avengers pic?

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Just to re-iterate, Firelord definitely needs more pointy flaming hair. Also, personally I think the flames on his shoulders were great. With that flat head and those smooth round shoulders, he looks too angelical, imo.

Robert said...

Hi, SV.

I don't know about the ID thing as I am a first-timer as well. That's why I didn't respond. However, I would be surprised if they were real sticklers about this.

LAWay said...

ID? for what?

I guess if you are buying any alcohol from any of the food places, but tbh I am not sure if they even sell alcohol.

Dont know if you need ID for 18 certificate dvds/games or other adult products. I dont think I have ever been questioned, but then I dont think I have ever bought stuff like that (dirty boy).

Although it rings a bell with some conventions that have game demos and they definitely make sure you are of age, but I guess they have more responsibilities than vendors.

SinisterVenom said...

Thanks for the reply Robert and Leigh :)

I mentioned it in an earlier post post Leigh. I've recently had my last name changed due to the latest marriage in my family and my ID with my current name on won't be here in time and my ticket has my new name on. I just want to make sure because I don't want to go all that way just to be told no. I'm sure I'll be ok but you can understand why I worry, especially if Stan the Man is there!

Robert said...

Completely understand, SV. Better to find out any problems now, rather than when it's too late. Guess the best idea is to take any ID you have just to be safe. Maybe you can get a statement from a bank about the name change, as they are often the first people you notify about these things and they can print something out if you go in to your local branch?

That raises another question: Do Avengers Identicards and Mega-City Judge badges with my surname on it count as valid ID at conventions...?

SinisterVenom said...

Thanks Robert, might just do that. Btw did you check out the pic of Thor on my page? If you loved Cap then you'll LOVE this ;D

LAWay said...

Yeh, best bet is take anything you can to save the mix up. I honestly dont think you'll need it, they have never checked ID for any cons I have been too, they just ask for your ticket.

I guess if you are picking up the ticket at the event after already paying for it online there could be a suspicion, but as long as you have your online receipt to claim it then should be fine.

Nice looking Thor drawing too man!

Oh, everyone, check out the new Spider-Man ride updates for Universal Studios. If you have been on it before, it has changed loads! If you havent been before, you are in for a treat.

SinisterVenom said...

Will do Leigh, thanks :)
Well, it's been a little quiet lately so my last post before tomorrow's update (hopefully) features:


I have today picked up Shanna the She-Devil. Not a character I'm majorly fussed about but upon seeing the pictures, I thought the figurine looked nice so will look forward to that.
So did she look nice? Yes...on her face and the back of her hair. Everything else was just sloppy. There is a lovely big blob of skin colour in her hair, you can barely see the finger and toe marks because of too much paint and her left arm looks really wrinkly, you'd think she was old! So I'm afraid this was a disappointment for me this time. Let's hope Forge is much better, he was one of the characters I used to ask for a lot so I really hope he doesn't disappoint.
Oh, and looking at Forge's cover, it looks like EM didn't put his issue number on :( Let's hope this is just a one off due to the chosen pic.

sed tallis said...

Hold it, I don't want anyone to get upset. But I may not make the super con.
I went and got into a bidding frenzy on a sweet piece of bronze age art. I have left my maximum bid, not a penny more will I go.
Speaking of original art Nice Thor ,SV. I see the odd piece of fan art on eBay. they usually sell around the £10-£20 Mark depending on size and quality.
Have wee snoop around on fleabay to get an idea of what's on their .
Tomorrow will see the next extension confirmed or my name ain't Benjamin netinyahoo

tinodragon14 said...

I'm afraid I'm late to this last update but many thanks Dan & get well quickly cause we need ya buddy.

GIANT-MAN looks great & I was one that liked the building rubble concept drawing but he still looks good without it.

So Dan is TERRAX next after the twins two pack or mega-mojo or GIANT-MAN. I'm hoping TERRAX after having bought two MODOKS & two CLAYFACES & then the twins. I want to buy two of TERRAX to.

The CONSTRICTOR pose is one I recall from a classic drawing of him that I like so I'm looking forward to seeing him painted.

The artwork on Moonstone & Mirage looks fine though admittedly neither is a favorite of mine.

The final FIRELORD is well the body looks good but does not anyone else notice how small his head is compared to his body & I'm very disappointed the flaming hair & flames on his shoulders were removed.

The Mad Thinker said...

Great update Dan , and get well soon.

Wish list for next extension :


1- Callisto
2- Vertigo
3- Corsair
4- Silver Samurai


5- U.S agent
6- Thunderstrike
7- Whirlwind
8- Grey Gargoyle

Fantastic Four

9- Nova ( Frankie Raye )
10- Ms Marvel ( Sharon Ventura )
11- Red Ghost
12- Blastaar


13- Boomerang
14- Speed Demon
15- Tombstone
16- Aunt May or Mary Jane

Marvel Knights

17- Jigsaw
18- Clea
19- Paladin
20- White Tiger

Specials :

Strong guy
Man ape
Madame web
Lockjaw + Maximus

max_0888 said...

Hey LaWay, thanks for the link. I love that ride. And seeing this new pic of Scream (Female Symbiote) makes me want her inclusion in the CMFC even more. She hasn't done much in the MU but I love her look so much. And what a psycho she was, killing all those symbiotes hehe.
Too bad she doesn't appear more. I hope Remender put her as a supporting cast in his Venom serie.

LAWay said...

Yeh Max, the new CG model looks fantastic. I would love to see her inclusion, but admittedly, I know her only because of maximum carnage, the ride and the cartoon series, and I doubt she has made a big enough impact to warrant a figurine.

Cant wait to visit the park again sometime in the distant future and see how the updates look. EVen the queues and the JJJ segments will have to be redone I imagine, and it also means new merchandise as well. :D

max_0888 said...

That is pretty cool! Been there twice already. Last time I went the Harry Potter ride just opened.

But yeah she really doesn't have enough appearances. And she wasn't in Maximum Carnage actually. She was in Venom: Sepration anxiety and Venom: Lethal Protection. And she teamed up once afterwards with Scarlet spider if my memory is correct.

Robert said...

Okay, anyone who has already bought tickets for the London Super-Con will know that the details of the Stan appearances have now been posted. There is actually an (expensive) option of a Meet and Greet with Stan which also guarantees a seat at the panels he'll be on!

I read this update when I got in from work seven hours ago and didn't do anything, turned off by the commercialism of it all. As the night wore on, I started to wobble. (I admit that a small part of the appeal is that the Meet and Greet avoids the worst of the queueing. I absolutely loathe queueing.) I then discussed it with the wife and she, with her usual wisdom, pointed out that I spent a similar amount on a flipping hoover two weeks ago! That made my mind up. Anyone else thinking of signing up for this?

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Just to make sure this recurrent comment does not get lost...
Dan, please can you make sure Firelord has the big, pointy, flaming hair that he had in phase 2 of the scultp. A figurine of Firelord without the big flaming hair would be like a figurine of an elephant without a trunk. It'd be missing the most distinctive physical trait. Please please please.