Friday, 13 January 2012

CMFC BLOG Vol.3 #2

Hello to one and all!

A quick-fire update this week...

Werewolf By Night physical paint:

Tiger Shark final painted cover:

Shaman painted:

Wolfsbane sculpt stage:

Stingray sculpt stage:

Have a good weekend (Sorry Firelord next week)....


CGJ said...


Werewolf by night looks amazing. It has lost nothing in the painting and is one of my most wanted figs from the start so I am extremely pleased.

Shaman looks great also and I saw Thunderbird for the first time in the latest previews, another great sculpt.

Teen Wolf looks ok, but a werewolf with a pony tale screams kids teatime cartoon to me.

Stingray awesome also,

Osvaldoeaf said...

Love the update, Dan, excited about each new figurine...
Also, really looking forward to know if the forum has sent you the results of the request polls, it'd be great to have a new extension with the first places. Specially my favorite, Sage!

mighty_marvel said...

werewolf by night and shaman both look good.

really pleased you added the ponytail onto wolfsbane. its correct to the era the costume is from and makes her look more feminine. hope something is done with her mouth though. would really like her face to be pretty human except for the ears and hair on cheeks. something like this would be perfect

CGJ said...

Tail, pony tail! not pony tale duh

bomber59 said...
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bomber59 said...

nice update... even without Firelord's picks !
werewolf is simply amazing, one of the best figs of the collection IMO.
shaman looks OK, he will look great with the others alphans.
Good work on wolfsbane and stingray (better pose for the second than for Rahne).

Paibok said...

I suppose we were never really going to see Stingray in a more dynamic sculpt. He actually looks better than I thought he would actually.

Werewolf by Night has not lost any of his charm when painted. Still fantastic Ditto with Shaman.

Wolfsbane looks pretty good as well. Not much else to say about her really.

BobDiamond said...

Werewolf by Night looks amazing, and as bomber said, could well be one of the best figs in the collection.
Stingray looks pretty good too- interesting details on the back especially...and even Wolfsbane is turning out well.
All in all another top notch set of figs! Well done guys!


Anonymous said...

Quality update!

sed tallis said...

Jack Russell looks wonderful . The computer mock ups are all fine and dandy, but I do love a real paintjob I does.
Glad you didn't mess up Michael Twoyoungmen as that would have been a real Shaman.
Sorry but I find Nick Cleggs nasal hair more interesting than Wolfbint.
Splendid update Dan .

fredpostman said...

Stingray looks fantastic;he was my no.1 want so i am really happy..
Lockjaw for 2012 please.
Just got the Beetle and he's another great sculpt with a good paint job.I LOVE THIS COLLECTION.

LAWay said...

Werewolf by Night looks great, brilliant photographs. Judging by the detail of the painting, I doubt we will get anywhere near that with the dirt in the nails, the highlight in pupil, the strands of hair defined etc, but as long as the fur isnt painted as a brown blob then should be a great figurine.

Shaman looks good with the introduction of colour. Nothing was done with the balance issue it seems as it does look like he is leaning backwards unnaturally given where his weight is supposed to be placed under his standing leg, but I guess you dont notice it from the front view which is how I will be displaying him.

Wolfsbane looks abit...meh. Not all that excited about it. I think its just the face that spoils it, but then if you went for the more human like face or different expression it wouldnt go with the pose. Think it will look good painted, but missed opportunity for me because of the face.

Stingray looks great! Nothing too complicated, just a good ol fashioned power stance. The only disappointing thing is seeing how good the musculature is and then looking back at the likes of Captain Britain.

Great update though.

LAWay said...

I echo Mighty_Marvel's link in regards to Wolfsbane's face.

Seems like you got trigger happy with the werewolf snarls after WBN. :P

CGJ said...

Have had to come back for another look, Werewolf by Night gets better every time, particularly the face which is what stands out as being particularly bad on Cheetara.

The pony tail and the strange mush is going to make this yet another female mutant flop

Ryan Maxwell said...

I didn't realize you had started doing zombie figures. Shaman looks dead, no emotion at all in his face. Yet another disappointing Alpha Flight sculpt. This team, my absolute favorite, has been done no favors by Eaglemoss.

jimbob said...

Werewolf By Night looks epic!!!!

Shaman looks fine did't expect anything more just need him to complete the AF display.

Kal Brindle said...

Hey Dan, great update - thanks!

Shaman - I disagree with Ryan and think that this sculpt is pretty darn great. The issues are minor and I see his face as more stoic than emotionless. The headband motif is wrong (should be a triangle pattern) but as I said the issues with this fig are truly minor.

Wolfsbane - as a stage one figure - I think she's well on her way to being just what the collectors asked for, a little refinement in her sculpting will quiet the naysayers I'm guessing.

Stingray - I wish there was more going on and does his cloak really look like that from behind? I thought it was one piece all the way down. Nightstar on the forum is a huge Stingray fan, perhaps he knows and can provide better source material. So for me, this is a great start but needs revisiting.

Werewolf by Night - wow. This is one of the true stand outs in the collection in my opinion. Great job to the entire team on this stupendous achievement. Bravo.

So Dan I have to ask, are you a fan of the Texas Twister? What do you think his chances are over all? As a FF ally he wa son Rich's poll several years ago, but his name hardly ever comes up, so I was curious to know whether he's on your personal radar at all and if not, what I can do to get him there? LOL

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Another week into 2012, another great update. I totally love this collection. Every new addition is a massive thrill. Where else would you find interesting characters like Gamora and Stingray getting the star treatment with sculpts of such awesome quality. I love love totally love the CMFC!!! Imo, it's getting better and better under Dan's inspired direction.

A stunning figurine that has been blessed by an inspiring digital pre-production that hasn't lost an inch of beauty wiht the transfer to lead. It wins the Greatest Surprise Award for the way it has exceeded the expectations we had for this character.

I'm really impressed. Even without a dynamic pose, I must admit that it looks fantastic. Great work with the cape. It should look stunning once it's painted. I think an iridescent motherpearl white paint would be perfect in combination with the red details, instead of a simple matt white.
While I love this Stingray,
I'm still curious as to why EM didn't go for the dynamic pose which could have pushed Stingray into the league of 'Wow Factor' figs such as Beta Ray Bill, Hydro-Man, Cannonball and Annihilus. After all, the amount of lead for a dynamic Stingray would have been more or less the same as a static one. Maybe the problem is the size of the box? Too big? To what extend does box size have a limitating influence on sculpt development? I'd like to know.
Anyhow... I love the Stingray we got and I look forward to the painted preview.

LAWay said...

I have noticed those Marvel graphic novel collection adverts all the time on tv and on a bunch of websites, even on's very own page!

Was the CMFC this aggressive when it started out?

ghost said...

Wow may have been an over used word on this blog... but WOW! Werewolf By Night is incredible.

Lets pray the version we get is as good as that! Brilliant work.

But Stingray... Keep the hands off the cape please (if its not too late). In the past this effect has not reproduced well. IMO The Nighthawk pose would be far better. But its still a nice piece.

tinodragon14 said...

Thanks for the update Dan. Much appreciated here.

Love WEREWOLF BY NIGHT from every angle.

Like the TIGERSHARK cover except what is with his nose.

SHAMAN looks good to.

STINGRAY looks okay but WOLFSBANE looks like a hairy guy/girl.

mrsinister88 said...

New figures are looking good.... i'm getting excited....

If you could pick 10 figures which u would like to see redone... in a sub-set away from the main collection who would they be and why......

my pics would be -

1. Crystal - She's out of proportion to the other figures, her pose is pretty bland. I'd like her in here blacka nd white Avengers costume.....

2. Mystique - White dress and scull belt please.

3. Spider-woman - original sculpt is horrible. shes just standing there. i'd prefer a more dynamic pose perhaps with a venom blast coming out her hand...

4.The BEAST - just like he was during his original time on avengers and defenders

5.Sub Mariner in his green speedos!

6. Rogue in her x-men fox kids cartoon costume..

7. Phoenix - again she is out of scale from the other figures...

tahts all i could find...........

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Dan, I hope you can confirm that you are going to keep the Issue Number lozenge on the cover of the mag. It'd be a shame to lose it, imo, especially as we approach 200.

SinisterVenom said...

Another excellent update Dan! Thanks for sharing the latest with us :)
First off, Werewolf By Night is looking as stunning as ever! He's gonna be up there in the best figurines in the collection!
I must say, I love the Shaman figurine! I don't see anything wrong with his face, it's great to me. He's going to look brilliant amongst the rest of Alpha Flight! I can't wait for them to all be together!
Wolfsbane has got off to a good start and Stingray looks amazing! So he doesn't have such a dynamic pose, at least this look still looks good enough to please fans.
Tigershark's cover looks great too, really happy with it. Btw regarding the numbers on the mags, I think they sre staying on. I've seen a few pics on the forum of the front covers for issues 171-175 and they all have the issue numbers on them. Looks like we've nothing to worry about :)

lipstick said...

Sorry but Wolfsbane is a crap...

SinisterVenom said...

I'd just like to point out something. Here's the list of double packs so far. What do you notice?

Professor X and Lilandra
Ka-zar and Zabu
Sasquatch and Puck
Northstar and Aurora

That's right, they are all in some way or another X-related! Now I don't have any issues with getting X-characters, if anything they are probably my favourites...or after the Spidey related figurines. But even for me, I have to admit that basing each double pack on X-characters so far is a bit much. So how about something different next time? With Lockjaw amongst the top (in fact I think he IS at the top) of the special polls, why not get him released with Maximus or Luna? I believe we had this discussion a while ago but nothing has been heard on the matter since then.

CGJ said...

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday is subby day

Magik, ace.

Beetle, ace.

N+A ace and ace.

It's all ace

mgf said...

Stingray - looking good. Can't wait to see him painted. I looked up his first appearance in Sub-Mariner #19 (1969) yesterday, and he's red and yellow inside the comic, red and white on the cover. Jeez. I'm boring myself...

WBN - terrific.

Shaman - just fine. He'll look great in the Detolf.

Wolfsbane - deadly dull, but that's more to do with the character than the sculpt.

Subby pack today. A mixed... box.

Northstar & Aurora, here at last and worth the wait.

Beetle - not the version I wanted
but a nice piece.

Magik - a major "meh" from me, but I'm old enough to remember when the X-Universe was actually exciting.

BTW the point of redos as I understand it is not to take up places that could be used for unique characters, it's to ensure (hopefully) a sales spike enabling further extensions to include even more one-offs.

sed tallis said...

Bizarre yet enjoyable subbie surprises .
For some reason my lapsed DC subscription has been restarted at a seemingly number. I may have been clicking while drinking !! Anywho, just received
Cyborg and Red Tornado they are simply fantastic quality. I also received a random special , Clayface . Both regular figs are noticeably heavier than resinface . All lovely stuff.
My CMFC pack may not be quite as impressive in comparison , but it's still lovely .Beetle paintjob is sweet despite wrong costume ;)
Magic is lovely quality in both sculpt and paintwork .
The twins are fine. But hey call me a partypooper, I kinda like my specials to be... Y'know.. Special?

TheTooN said...

Thanks for the update Dan.

WBN looks stunning on these 'official' photographs.

If my copy looks like that I will howl at the moon. My guess is it will look more like Dougal.

I'm sending another box of figurines to Archangel sometime this month for repaint.

I would happily pay 3 times the cover price for copies that look like the official ones.

Must say I'm impressed with Shaman, he wasnt one I was fussed about but he looks very good. Simple paint scheme will hopefully make for a decent customer copy.

Wolfsbane ? Meh

Front view of Stingray is ok I guess but a missed opportunity with the static pose.

Cant wait to see Firelord next week.

The Hood said...

Stingray, Wolfesbane and Shaman all look good, but Werewolf By Night is amazing, I would love to see more horror characters in the collection.

Paibok said...


Perhaps the sculptor of Werewolf by Night could take a look at the Wolfsbane figure. He has nailed the fangs on Jack Russell perfectly, perhaps he/she could correct Wolfbane's gob. The rest of the sculpt is great... why don't werewolves have tails?

Jacadoo said...

I never try and find fault withis collection and I have never made any complaints, but I cannot hide my disappointment with stingray.

His pose is just so boring and this sculpt seems like a place filler, I waited and begged for this character but now just feel cheated!!

Sorry just a big let down for me.

tinodragon14 said...

I agree with Mr. Sinister about
HAVOK - in his all black original outfit.
THE LEADER - with his original tall green head.
DOC OCK - in his green jumpsuit with his hourglass spectacles.
Also agree about Crystal as a re-do with her original Egyptian style hairdo but in a two pack with LOCKJAW.
IRONMAN - in one of his classic armors.
QUICKSILVER - in green & in a running position.
ANGEL but as ARCHANGEL - as a special with outspread metal wings to come out between the mega-mojo special & the Mega-GIANTMAN Special.
MYSTERIO - I know but I did not like his pose or his helmet. MR. FREEZE had a clear non lead helmet why not have MYSTERIO with a frosted helmet so you cannot see his face clearly but have his head actually inside the helmet. Take that extra step to make him more impressive with more of a flowing cape & his arms outstretched with smoke coming up around his feet.

Nightstar1441 said...

Looking at Stingray - shouldn't the cape/fins be attached down to his legs as well?

Also - I know the arrow on the face mask has been drawn that way - but usually isn't it a bit more streamlined?

Other than that - for a static scuplt on such a fluid character - he looks good

ADParker said...

Really liking the fig more and more. No complaints here.

It's a cover, they don't bother me that much, but I generally like it, and am happy that he has made it into the collection.

Liking the figure. It is true (I think) that the headband has tended to have a more triangular pattern, but of course there is often a lot of variation in artwork. I think the triangles would suit him better, but it is hardly a major issue.

Not really loving the face, I don't think the snarl is really right for her. I agree with mighty_marvel that something along the lines of this would be better

I like the pose and look, but for the sake of accuracy; the 'wings' really should be affixed to the arms and legs. It is primarily a swimming-aid like an actual stingray not a mere cape, nor set of wings-for-flight per-say.

max_0888 said...

Great update indeed.

Werewolf by night is just stunning. What an awesome sculpt.

Shaman is great too but not a character I particularly like. Glad to add another member of Alpha flight tough. Would love Vindicator (Heather Hudson) to go with the team. She's most needed to complete the team (along with Marrina imo)

I think Wolfsbane and Stingray are looking great. Wolfsbane's mouth looks a bit awkward but i'll wait for the painted version.

Nice Tigershark cover too.

Someone mentionned having only x-related double packs in the collection. I think it's the perfect time to add Misty Knight and Colleen Wing as a double pack to this collection. The daughters of the dragon would look awesome together. Misty with her gun and Colleen her long sword. Definitely missing those two on my heroes for hire/marvel knight shelf.

LAWay said...

Note to EM.

Everyone seems to think Wolfsbane face/mouth looks crap.

Ignore at your own risk.

lipstick said...

Wolfsbane is a crap because of the hubrid morph. I can't understand yet, why they did that way... If the forum guys wanted a hot chick there are a lot of others.

John said...

Stingray and Shaman are EXACTLY what I wanted. Thank you EM. :)

Blurred View said...

I've nothing unique to add.

Werewolf by Night looks fantastic. I can't wait to get him and add him to my little display of supernatural characters. I think he'll steal the show from the rest of them.

Shaman turned out to be a well done fig. I'm no Alpha Flight fan, though. It is nice to see a team getting rounded out, though. I'm just hoping to see it done with other teams like Thunderbolts.

Have to agree with the general consensus on Wolfsbane. There's just something about the face that I'm not feeling. I like the rest of the fig well enough. It's just that expression she has. I'm not really a fan of how it looks.

I like that you didn't go all dynamic with Stingray's pose. His costume speaks for itself well enough. I think he'll look really impressive once painted.

sed tallis said...

Decided to unpack N&A . Here's a wee tip EM spend that extra quid yer charging on securing the plastic pegs properly.
There is one big hitter with only a few Marvel appearances I would like to see included Sherlock Ohmes. He's probably more recognisable than all the x-Men put together. A lovely diorama [ a bit like Jonah Hex] featuring Sherlock in mortal combat with The hound of the Basketcases would be beyond awesome.
I know N&A were worthy of inclusion, I would rather they had used up 2 reg spots than a precious special slot ( a shuggley plastic peg doesn't, elevate them to special status)
Sasquatch wow! , Colossus wow! , Man-Thing wow! Etc, etc . 2 regular figs in the same box ? naw that special.

sed tallis said...

On the upside am looking forward to everyone of those beauties on the main site update :)

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Dan, as has been correctly pointed out, Stingray's 'wings' must be attached to his body, and not left flapping freely.

To clarify, looking at the empty space in the shape of an inverted U in between the wings, the hems which define the U must be attached to his body, as if the wings are growing out of the costume. It may be more difficult to paint, but that's the way it is.
Hope the design can be rectified.

Robert said...

Looking forward to seeing a painted Stingray.

AVENGERS -87 said...

Good surprise for Werewolf by Night

Sage said...

Lots of great stuff on show this week.

Wolfsbane and Stingray look to be coming along nicely.

Shaman and Werewolf by Night both look really nice and I like the Tigershark cover.

Hope we get a new extension soon and Like Osvaldoeaf stated hope to see Sage make the cut this time.

Can't wait to see Danielle Moonstar and Deathbird.

max_0888 said...

Actually, the more I look at Wolfsbane sculpt the more I like it. I'm sure painted she'll look even better. I know the mouth was annoying me at first, but with the pose she has, I really believe she's better with an angry wolf-like face than a pretty rahne sinclair-like face.

LAWay said...

But then it goes to show its not a good decision altogether max. Its like a hybrid no one particularly wanted, with issues with the sculpt people arent happy with.

We'll see how it goes. I dont think the pose is sculpted bad so it shouldnt go down as one of the worst figurines we have seen, maybe just down as a disappointment.

But I guess thats what happens if they dont listen to the collectors.

Simon West said...

hmm, some interesting pieces but i'll admit to recieving more statues that i am less familiar with tbh.
I;m just dying for the announcment that your going to do 'SLEEPWALKER' rather than x-team extentions and obscure charecter.
Regardless of that i loved the beetle :) keep up the good work.


mighty_marvel said...

in the original drawings of wolfsbane the mouth isn't quite so big and snarly. she would probably look ok if the mouth was toned down a bit to how it is in the drawing. but would still prefer her face to look like how it does in the picture i linked to earlier.

LAWay said...

She could still have an angry, pretty, normal face.

SinisterVenom said...

As it stands, I have no issues with the Wolfsbane figurine at the moment. But maybe that's because the figure is not yet painted and also the fact that I am not very familiar with the character compared to a lot of people on here. I think I'll just wait n see until the final pics on the figurine are uploaded before I decide if I like it or not.
Also I took a short break from my artwork recently but I finally started my Thor pic today. It's still incomplete right now but hopefully shall have the sketch uploaded by tomorrow...or should that be today now? :P

LAWay said...

I think its best to get issues with the figurines off our chest as soon as we see them before they go through other processes as it kind of marks a point of no return.

But then again I dont think our criticism is really taken on board unless a costume is wrong. But I think thats mainly due down to budget reasons. The sculptor has done his job and picked up his pay, any changes would cost more.

Would anyone be interested in a CMFC with ALL figurines the size of the Galactus and Sentinel specials. So they are more like mini statues, but keeping the low price that CMFC produce. Heck, even sprinkle a little extra on top, maybe £20-£25 per statue. (a limited run though, maybe 1 figurine a month).

JinxDealer said...

Great update Dan

Osvaldoeaf said...

Mmm, not really. To me, one of the good things about the CMFC is exactly the size of the regular figurines, it really allow us to buy a lot of them and have space in our room to display them.

LAWay said...

Different strokes for different blokes.

I am not saying get rid of the CMFC, just something that would make a great future collection perhaps, or new specials.

Can you imagine Bowen, sideshow or diamond statues, but scaled down to around CMFC special size in lead for a mere £20-£25 instead of hundreds of pounds? Would be incredible.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

It's always interesting to see how many different opinions we have. For me, the beauty of the CMFC is precisely that the figurines are in such small scale. There is something timeless, enchanting, stylish and classic about these figurines. It fills me with wonder to look at each one of them and all their unique details. And it fills me with wonder to see them all gathered together in a small space. It's an assault on the senses, an exquisite visual experience.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...


Today I bought Magik, Beetle, Aurora and Northstar (and also Ravager and Mon-El. Shhhh!).
All of them are awesome!
Magik is tiny but the sculpt and paint work are wonderful. Beetle is fantastic. The real fig is 1000 times better than the pic. The Alpha Flight twins are flawless and very sleek.

Anyhow... going back to the MONTHLY DOUBLE PACK topic ...

This overdose of 6 figurines in one go has given me an appetite for an extra 2 Marvel figs a month.
I would totally buy a double pack each month. Or every two months.
Why not, EM? There are so many great possibilities:


these double packs would keep me very happy.

Deadpool said...

A quick comment regarding Wolfesbane.

Unfortunately it looks like the mossmen have done her doggy style.

Her feet should be longer to give her a more lupine stance.

Make her face a bit more feminine and tone down the "Mutton Chops".

On the whole I actually quite like the figure.

She would make an interesting donor figure to mod into Darkchylde.

Keep up the good work Mossmen.

LAWay said...

new update today, yay or nay?

Place bets now!

JinxDealer said...

Hi guys was the subscriber Santa clause a myth or grit real? Just haven't seen any pics . Thanks

JinxDealer said...

*typo* don't know where *grit* came from

LAWay said...

Still havent received it yet?

Sometimes I have waited ages for certain figurines though. I have seen others commenting on figurines that I havent yet got so maybe its just a delay thing or when you subscribed or something. Could be waiting weeks or months, but imagine you'll get it by the first day of April.

Wonder if EM will announce any other 'out there' specials for subscribers. ^_^

JinxDealer said...

Plans to subscribe had to get put on the back burner a while back burner (health reasons) so plan to start subscribing now theirs real benefits.just wanted to know if it was real or a joke lol.

JinxDealer said...

Lol can't get used to typing on phone. Its adding words. Apologies

LAWay said...

Ah...if you dont subscribe now and that hope of a Secret Santa was going to sway it to you to subscribe now, I gotta own up, it's just a big joke man.

The first day of April hint was maybe too subtle. Soz man.

JinxDealer said...

lol thanks LAWay, i'l not bother to subscribe now, i'l hold off til theirs real benefits (if it ever happens)

sed tallis said...

"Real benefits"?????
How aboot the finest marvel figurine collection ever seen? postage. Yer not seriously telling me, no Santa no subscription??
av got a Lego Green Goblin somewhere I could send you. I'll write from eaglemoss with love on the box, if that will persuade you subscribe ;)

JinxDealer said...

Ah ted the quality isn't in question. But the idea of 1 or 2 subby figs a year would sway it you know. I can get these at my local newsagents for the same price.

JinxDealer said...

Im not necessarily saying 100% exclusive you know . The figs could be available for sale to non subscribers

TheSymbioteEffect said...

No update this week then? Slightly disappointing :(

Word verification: eflumpli :S

SinisterVenom said...

So what happened to us being shown Firelord this week then eh?
I think to make up for missing an update Dan, the next one should feature Firelord AND either Hela or Deathbird (or both!). Yeah that'll do nicely ;)

sed tallis said...

Tut!. Where are my manners, nice to see back Jinx .the idea of subscriber exclusives has been discussed a few times .Even if us subbies got it for a few quid less. Or perhaps subbies get a special edition of the special ?? Kinda like videogames , us subbies get a couple of added bells n whistles not available to the unwashed masses;)

JinxDealer said...

thanks ted :) how you been keeping? something along those lines would be great i agree. i must admit the standard of figurines just seems to be getting better and better ( occasional dodgy paint job aside )

LAWay said...

I think something more visual for an incentive for subscribing would be better than getting a few quid off the expensive specials.

You can argue that when you first subscribe you can a folder and a plinth, but looking back they are useless. A plinth to display 10 figurines and folder that is designed for 20 magazines, and we are in the 200s.

Some sort of 'special edition' of a special would be cool...but then, say if you dont like the 'special edition'? lol

Robert said...

Hi, guys!

Slightly disappointed there's no Firelord sneak peeks. Maybe Dan will come on tomorrow? Have we any info on the pose? Curious to see how they have him holding the firestaff.

Has anyone checked the reference for the back of Stingray's cape? Was it settled whether or not it was comic-accurate?

Question: After every episode of The Big Bang Theory, my wife points out at least one more example of how I am like Sheldon. It's a pretty long list now. Anyone else noticing the same thing, or having a nearest-and-dearest do it?

sed tallis said...

Yep, I'm a lanky smart arse ,due to come oot the closet .just like oor Sheldon
My dearest has a right gob on her when she opens the gin.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I'm pretty sure that the wings are attached to his body, as can be seen in this image and many others. I suspect that the EM sculptor has misinterpreted the refrence image he was given, as a frontal view of the character can give the illusion of a free-flowing cape. They're glider-wings designed to replicate hydrodynamic properties of a real stingray.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

This is the correct link:

Hope it works.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Oops. Sorry. It still doesn't work. Anyhow... Stingray's glider-wings definitely need to be attached to his body.

Robert said...

Thanks, Blake. That's what I remembered but I wasn't sure my memory was reliable. I'll dig out my favourite Stingray appearance - the one from the Armor Wars circa Iron Man #215 - and have a look for myself.

Ethan Thane Athen said...

Werewolf by Night looks fantastic. Love the pose - real feeling of movement and captures the feeling of the old comics superbly.

mrsinister88 said...

If we were to have an extension which of the following would u choose... Please pick your favourite ONE from each catagory....

1 Avengers Women
Sersi, Mantis, Silverclaw or Firebird

2. Avengers Men
Dr Druid, Starfox, Gilgamesh or Living Lightning

3.Alpha Flight
Vindicator, Marrina, Nemisis or The Master

4. Fantastic Four
Nova (Frankie), Sharon Ventura, Lyja or Malice Mistress of Hate

5. Defenders
Gargoyle, Cloud, Original Beast or Mandrill

6. Villanesses
Nebula, Volcano, Black Mamba or Madame Masque

7. Villians
The HOOD, Beyonder, Molecule Man or
Master Pandemonium

8. Evil Mutants
Vertigo, Lady Mastermind, Selene or Chimera...

9 X-men
Lifeguard, Sage, Magma or Fantomex

10. The Macabre...
Brothers Grimm, Dansen Macabre, The Shroud or Gypsy Moth

LAWay said...

Wouldnt really like to choose from your list mrsinister, think there are other better picks for me personally.

Also, I think you should worry if you are like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory. lol

CGJ said...

Nor me if I am honest, would take the following

1. None
2. Dr Druid
3. Marrina
4. Gargoyle
5. None
6. None
7. Molecule Man, Beyonder and The Hood
8. None
9. None
10. None

Deadpool said...

On the subject of the Big Bang theory ---

My wife - the Shi Devil -has also pointed out the similarities that I share with Sheldon in terms of intellect, obsession, total lack of interpersonal skills and lack of empathy.

Is this the curse that all Marvel Figurine collectors share?

Quite frankly dear I don't give a damn.

Bazinga .... :)

JinxDealer said...

Wouldn't it be great if we could get the CMFC to feature on the big bang theory. I picture sheldon going into overdrive when he discovers theirs 200 + to collect lol

JinxDealer said...

Theirs a new update guys

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Polling collectors' favorite characters by MU area or category is a great idea, probably the best way to identify top characters to create a balanced extension.

However such poll would need well-researched/structured categories, and a more exhaustive list of characters within each category.
Then it would work very well, imo.

I'm working to create this poll, and will be able to run it soon.
Get ready!

LAWay said...

In regards to Sheldon references...

since he has no interest in women, it doesnt say much for the CMFC collectors. :s