Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tuesday Update?

Hello, finally read through your comments and will attempt to answer some of them....

Future Extensions

No official word from EM Towers as yet. But rest assured I will announce the decision as soon as I know it.

...and yes I will consider Thundra in the "next extension"! and Selene will make a compelling argument too.

Big shout goes out to Rob @ classicmarvels.tumblr.com - I like what your doing, plus any promotion for us is appreciated.


Possible dates and order for the next specials are.....
Mojo- May
Terrax- August
Giant-Man has not been scheduled yet.
PS Giant-Man antennae!!!! yes I think black or dark blue would be an improvement.

Lockjaw would be cool - As Giant Man is yet to be scheduled, I would hold back on any future specials speculation at this point.


Yes we are hoping to address some of the issues with him. The neck is a main priority for me, and I will also try and get the flames on head and shoulders returned to the early version. Thanks for your comments regarding this.....

SinisterVenom - Forge has a number on his issue it's just moved over to the left side just for one issue. Again your feedback was important as I wanted to remove it completely from future issues, but your views persuaded me not to do it!

Constrictor: 2 coils considered? we honestly just went with the handbook image, so we were happy to only have one coil fully extended.

LAWay wanted to know if we commission turnaround art for the figurines - the answer is no, we have existing turnaround style guides for the majority of characters or we plough through tons of comics to find appropriate art that shows the back, sides etc....

Hela and Deathbird aren't started yet - Dene Mason who is in line to do Deathbird is still working on Spidey 2099, and Pete Hutchins is working on Wiccan before he hopefully starts Hela. These guys are traditionally slower than the other sculptors we use, due to various reasons - so we tend to give them less work knowing they are slower - but their work is off an excellent standard so we allow them extra time to produce their masterpieces!

I think I covered most of the queries that I could give an answer to.

Anyway here is the early CG mock up of Moonstone:

We thought she looked to symmetrical and flat, so we made adjustments to her stance, head angle and arm position, which I think improved it:

We're still not 100% happy with her - we feel her fingers are to crab-like and maybe she looks a tad angry/older than she should. Also we want her hair more toussled and 'blonde looking'. Obviously costume detail will come after we get the basic figure right. So we are awaiting the next stage of changes, which we should get in fairly soon. Any constructive comments at this stage would be appreciated and may help us improve what we have already - as she is a CG construct it's easier to keep going back to the sculptor and make changes before he starts on the 'real' sculpt.

Anyway, must dash - toodle pip.


Banshee said...

Shame EM haven't gave the nod for the extension yet but I'm pretty confident they'll be making more. Fingers crossed.

Great news Thundra could be a regular, I don't think she needs to be any bigger than She-Hulk.

Yes Mojo in May. I can't wait but please make Lockjaw your first choice of future Specials Dan :)

Can't wait to see Hela and Deathbird.

Regarding Moonstone, I'd scrap the stance she's in at the moment and make her more alluring and sexy. For me she looks a little to butch and Karla should be HOT!!!

michal9403 said...

It looks like Selene'll be finally confirmed...yes!
About Moonstone, I love character and I had big expectation for her but I don't really like that stage. Maybe I'm the only one. Her ass is cool, but I like to see her more sexy and less angry. Don't make another Titana.

Joeking said...

Selene and Thundra in the next extension would be cool. Although my top choice would be WARLOCK from the New Mutants, I would love to see Selenes relative MAGMA make it in before the collection comes to an end. I realise that SUNSPOT and probably KARMA are ahead of the queue in that respect, but Amara would be the icing on the cake.

LOCKJAW would be an excellent choice for the specials to round out the INHUMANS

Dont know too much about Moonstone, but the pics look great to me.

Paibok said...

Makes sense for Thundra to be considered a regular, I hope to see her and Attuma/Diablo/Mad Thinker representing the F4 in the 'next extension'
Selene okay, but not at the expense of Silver Samurai, that guy has to be the next x-villain.

So Mojo next huh... I was hoping his sculpt was going the be....indefinately delayed like Onslaught. Never mind save the best (Giant Man) till last.

Fingers crossed that the sculptor of Wiccan and Hela is the the responsible for the Lady Sif & Odin beauty.

Moonstone is the character I care about the least this extension so not really going to comment on it.

Lockjaw would be cool. If not him then Skurge the Executioner please.

Sage said...

As for characters for the next extension I think Thundra and Selene would be great choices. I hope you give us at least 5/6 female characters if we get another extension and I'd hope they would be:

SAGE - The most wanted female based of polls she should be automatically in for that reason alone I don't think we should have to waste votes on her.
MANTIS - 2nd most popular
SELENE - Most wanted female Villain

Moonstone is looking good, can't wait to see more of Danielle Moonstar.

LAWay said...

Made some edits in photoshop and posted on my blog.

Will explain later, but gotta get back to work.


Eduardo Guedes said...

I´m pretty sure there´ll be more and more extensions, so I gotta ask: when are we going to see some of the X-Statix members? Milligan´s run was just epic! If that happens, my vote goes to Dead Girl! Please!
And what about some of the New X-Men? Dust, Rockslide, Anole or Mercury would be awesome!

Sage said...

Dust would be great, she's been THE most wanted modern character based of polls for the last few extensions. Rockslide would make a great special also.

Banshee said...

Love the edit LAWay. I think with one hand fisted like you have her and one hand on her hip would make Karla look great.

Osvaldoeaf said...

Wow, Dan, I don't think I have seen só many questions answered in a single post, thanks for that. Hope that means you are feeling better! So, regarding a possible next extension, I would really like you to consider Sage, who came in fifth on the forum poll, and who is in third place on the request poll as you can tell from the results that were sent to EM. Basically, she is the next main x-man left to be made ( like Longshot was in the last extension), specially when it comes to x-women! She would make for a great looking figurine and I think her time has really come, so, please, consider her as your female x- hero for the next extension! Thanks!

Eduardo Guedes said...

I agree about Sage. But she has to have a very sexy and classy pose.

Mr J said...

Sage is the only choice for the x-female hero slot. She's the next logical choice personally I would like to see......

Sage, Warlock, Sunspot & Selene

I think fans have shown through various polls that the majority want the New Mutants completed we should be able to have 2 in one extension.

Sage is a must and I also think that we should not have to vote for her like we did Domino, it was such a wasted vote hence the reason Domino won that poll by a landslide!

jothagraz said...

Giant-Man: A great figurine! Thanks for changing the colour of his antennae. Actually I think they are still done wrong and look like horns. They should not be standing in a 90 degree angle away from his forehead but in some 45 degree angle in the direction of the back of his head. Anyway, I am looking forward to him.

max_0888 said...

Great to know Mojo is next. Mojo always was one of my most wanted special alongside Strong guy so knowing he's coming along sooner rather than later makes me very happy. Can't wait to see the painted version.

Also, can't wait to see the sculpt of Wiccan, Deathbird, Mirage and Hela. All great characters that I really want a lot.

I think Moonstone is coming along nicely. Moonstone is either sexy or angry imo. So the pose works for me. It all depends on how the face will look actually. Oh and good job Laway on your sketch. She looks nice with colors. I'm sure i'll love the final sculpt.

Someone mentionned Sunspot, Warlock, Selene and Sage as the x-spot in the "next extansion". I'd actually prefer if we had one member of X-factor investigation in there instead of two new mutants to keep a good balance to go with Madrox, Siryn, Longshot and Wolfsbane. Id prefer Monet St-Croix but would be thrilled to have Shatterstar in. I think Shatterstar would make a great sculpt. Obviously I also really want to complete new mutants. But since my fave team is X-factor investigation, I really want at least one character per extansion imo.

Also very nice to know that Thundra is considered in the regular line-up instead of special.

As you can see I really love the female character of the Marvel universe so bring on Jessica Jones, Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, Meggan, Monet St-Croix, Vindicator, Marrina, Husk, Mantis, Clea, Squirrel Girl, Hepzibah, Goblin Queen, Princess Python, Karolina Dean and Magma :)

Cheshire Cat said...

What about helmet Moonstone was supposed to be standing on (like DC Lobo)?

deamon said...

Please don't make any holds on specials. Again we have to late start (since May). I don't count twins as special this year, because they're delayed from last year. Confirm characters earlier to have more time to prepare figurine for sell. So will we have 2 specials after GiantMan this year?

michal9403 said...

Eduardo Guedes- great idea with Dead Girl for me but I think we have to still waite for that:(

SinisterVenom said...

Hi Dan, hope you're feeling better now :)
Thanks for answering my question regarding the issue numbers, it's great to hear you're keeping them in so thank you for that :)

I think it makes sense to go for more extensions. There are loads of characters still worthy of being made into figurines and you've mentioned yourself a few names you'd like to see make the next one should it happen, Thundra and Selene today and you mentioned Jackal before too. Thundra should definately be a regular around She-Hulk's size, save the special slots for the characters that could never be made as a regular like Madame Web, Shadow King, Titanium Man, Onslaught (I will never give up hope for this guy!), Shuma-Gorath etc. And Selene is one of my most wanted so I would be happy with that! More X-related females? Sage is certainly a must, Dust and Magma are also good choices but how about Callisto and Marrow too? Surely at least one of these muties need to make it in the collection soon?

I'm happy with that special order too, I want Mojo more than I do Terrax anyway :) I can't wait to see the final painted sculpt.

The wait for Hela and Deathbird is killing me! But I'm glad to hear they are being done by your best sculptors. They should make it worth the wait...but not too much longer though eh? Lol ;)

Moonstone looks ok so far. Certainly room for improvement needed, I thought she was getting crabby too when I saw the pics. It will be interesting to see the changes when the sculpt is made.

Finally, I wanna say that I completed the sketch for Hulk last night. The pic isn't up yet but it will be when I get some time later or in the week, doing some house hunting today so could take up some time today. I'll aim to get him coloured real soon too. At the moment he's looking ready to say:

...couldn't help myself could I...

Osvaldoeaf said...

Nice to ser Sage getting so many shout outs, she really is a must this time around!

fredpostman said...

Thanks for the update Dan very happy that LOCKJAW has got noticed by you;he would make a great figure.
Concerning the next extension;surely the Grey Gargoyle and High Evolutionary's time has come?
Agree that Thundra could be a regular;we need more ladies in the collection.
Would love a Mr Hyde/Cobra and Red Ghost/Apes double packs (the apes could share a base)especially if the Twins do well.

fredpostman said...

ps Forget SKURGE...as a special!

mighty_marvel said...

if/when we get a new extension i think the 3 figures leading the forum request poll should be confirmed as the forum choices to start. i believe this currently gives us

silver samurai

then 16 EM choices

us agent
misty knight
brother voodoo
high evolutionary
the hood

leaving one spot for competition.

got to agree with others about moonstone. her stance should be more alluring.

The7thCynic said...

Bummed Moonstone doesnt have her helmet as discussed. It was an awesome compromise between the classic/modern look. She could have easily been in that pose with a leg up on the helmet ala Lobo.

Saturn Lad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saturn Lad said...

I hope EM give the green light for the next extension soon. We all want one no doubt about that.

Interesting to see you mention Selene and Thundra both very worthy female characters. It's a shame however you did not mention Sage as she has done so well in official request polls.

You don't really give us many female characters so it's a shame the most fan wanted does not even get a mention by you. With so few women last extension Sage been number 1 with fans should should make her a sure thing next extension for yourself/EM to confirm. Would be a lovely way to please the female figure fans. There's clearly a lot of support for Sage possibly due to how sexy she is as a character.

I like the idea of Moonstone holding her old helmet, that would be a nice touch but I do like the sculpt preview shown so far.

I would like to hear Dan comment on Sage next update. She's the gal a lot of us want.

buffduffdan said...

Yay for Thundra. Really hope you can include her next time!

Selene would also fit the bill nicely for an X-Villainess :)

Moonstone is coming along nicely. I'd agree with uncurling her fingers a bit and maybe reducing the facial expression. Change her eyes a bit and make them less angry and you'd be heading the right way!!

SinisterVenom said...

I know you're probably getting tired of hearing me bring this up all the time Dan but is there any latest info on the Debit Card problem yet? Really would have thought it would be sorted by now :(

Oh and Dan, I forgot to mention earlier...call me SV ;)

Dan The Man said...

ok SV!

The debit card problem doesn't seem to be getting fixed anytime soon - EM are overhauling their website/online shops so hopefully it's something to do with that? it's all I can offer as an explanation at the moment - I will inquire again and post my findings asap.

PS LAWay! WOW! that picture is just how I envisioned her! It's actually very close to our original sketch. I will forward to the sculptor and see how they do with it!

Thanks for all the greta comments.

PPS I haven't mentioned Sage as she is quite high in the polls and would probably walk into the next extension. So there's my answer!

L8rz (don't u hate text speak?)

Dan The Man said...

No one mention Greta.

I meant GREAT!

Mr J said...

Not really fan of that comment about Sage at all Dan. It seems very disingenuous and if the top ranked female can't even be confirmed if there is another extension then I guess that means well not be getting Sunspot, Silver Samurai, Mantis or Warlock confirmed by you either since their all high in the polls also. I'm guessing it's more a case of you not liking Sage as a character.

Been high in the polls does not mean your guaranteed to get voted through. Look how often poor old Silver Samurai has just missed it.

Robert said...

Sage? Yawn.

Sage said...

Robert don't be a troll dear.

Sage fans will rally around her, well clearly have to do so. I guess next time people should not vote for the characters they actually want in a poll that way if they are lower ranked they clearly stand more chance of been picked.

jimbob said...

We need more specials!!!!!

if this is going to be the last extension get those specials out there fast.

Strong Guy

THUNDRA will be a regular great.

michal9403 said...

Someone said that Sage could be a really sexy figure, so think how sexy selene could be...huh?

Osvaldoeaf said...

Hey, Dan

I hope that Sage gets picked by EM this time around, fans are crazy about confirming her at this point!

And please, let's not shoot down other people's favorites, guys!

Robert said...

I'm not shooting down anything. If she's high in the polls, she'll get in. And I'm not saying she shouldn't.

Her inclusion, however, bores the arse off me. That's all I was saying.

Goth Prince said...

People should have enough class not to slag off other people's favourites but hey class ain't something everyone has.

Sage is popular why should we have to waste votes on her the poll at the end should be a tight run contest where it could be anyone, that makes it more of a fun result.

Sage and Selene should both be in the next extension.

The7thCynic said...

Dan, u didnt comment on the helmet. :(

Like I said on the forum:
To me, adding the helmet would not only be a gesture to fans like us that wanted the original look, but a tribute to classic Moonstone. Acknowledging and respecting the character as she was before (which was drastically different), and in a way, representing the (like it or not) evolution of the character. Would have been a nice touch we really havent seen before.

Is there a reason u strayed away from that idea?

Robert said...

Silly me. And here I thought it was okay to express an opinion. You'll turn this blog into the forum if that's the way you want to go.

(I dread to think what the reaction would have been if I had said something stronger than "she's boring". Maybe you'd be calling for my head they way folk called for Dan to be sacked over Gamora?)

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Moonstone development
The sculpt is shaping up nicely when one considers the inherent simplicity of her design. I'm sure the sculpt will acquire a 'WOW!' factor once it's painted. I think LAWay's excellent mock-up suggests simple changes which can make all the difference.

Firelord improvements
Dan, many thanks for listening to Firelord fans. He really needs a big flaming head, or he just won't look like Firelord. The flames on the shoulders are not a must, even if they really would be fab. But the big flaming head is necessary!
The flame on his head should be as big as the flames on the staff, or almost as big. This way, you'll be sure to create the best possible representation of this awesome, much loved herald.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

... and, of course,
now it's time for this week's Virtual CMFC Gallery update.

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One of Namor's deadliest enemies.
Mean-looking, this is definitely one scary S.O.B!

The golden boy of the X-Verse
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Shadow King
In his astral form, this nightmarish entity makes an
impressive sculpt.

His ability to tap into the Darkforce makes him a true Master Of Evil.

Freakish villain whose powers
include chloro-blasts, simuloids and control over the plant world.

Molten Man
Tragic scientist Mark Raxton,
the phenomenal Spider-Man adversary
with the plasmatic physique.

Who would you want in the CMFC?
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deamon said...

,,Sage and Selene should both be in the next extension."
We need more extensions, still don't have so many famous ladies:
Callisto, Darkstar, Goblin Queen, Hepzibah, Mary Jane, Shriek, Vertigo, Vindicator,...

jimbob said...

Moonstone looks good.

I'm glad EM did't go with the helmet even tho I would have preferred the classic look.

I would like MASTERMIND for the next x-villains or

Black Tom Cassidy

I hope to continue x-teams in the next extension.

New Mutants

sed tallis said...

Yawn! Next

jimbob said...

And can we have Warpath and Strong Guy the next two specials after Lockjaw.

Osvaldoeaf said...

I agree that the first ones in the request poll should be the first ones picked by EM, that's why fans have been voting and campaigning for them for months! Also, it would make the forum poll a lot more interesting.

Dan The Man said...

Moonstone standing on her old helmet, was (I believe) originally my idea (someone check the blog archives!) - but I think it got dropped along the way for what ever reason - - I think with the changes we still need to make to her, that may be a step to far in the unnecessary direction (although I do like the idea!)

I have my own favs that I PREFER, BUT I will always try and put through characters that are wanted, voted for or generally deserve it - I'm a Marvel fan since the 70s, but I never profess to know everything thing about all the many characters (I stopped reading fervently when I got a job at Marvel UK in1994 funnily enough - I suppose the abundance of comics became overwhelming). So I like to get a well balanced view of everything before making a decision on who gets in - we have made mistakes in the past, but I think generally we have got the best characters in the top 200. and hopefully if we get another 20, I will take into consideration all the many wants lists, polls and info, also think about making money to hopefully get another 20 after that (so the idea of re-do's/alternate costumes came in).

LAWay said...

Thanks very much guys.
Hoped I got the message across. I wanted to make the changes slight so that it wouldnt be all that different from the original pose and wouldnt give the digital sculptor too much work to do.

Would be cool seeing if any changes are made close to my edit and thinking that I helped with that. :D

tinodragon14 said...

Thanks for the great update Dan. Hope you are feeling better.

Hope you can add the flaming head & flames on his shoulders to the FIRELORD figure.

Disappointed with TERRAX being out in August after the mega-mojo. Really wanted a regular special between the twins two-pack & the mega figures.

Thundra is listed as 7'2" tall. I thought that would make her a special. She-Hulk is listed as 6'7" tall.

Was not really a fan of Moonstone the male or female version. However as I said before the new non-helmut costume is a generic look & makes her look like Dagger.

Oh Dan with all the two-packs being heroes how about a villain two-pack like the team of THE COBRA & MR. HYDE.

Saturn Lad said...

The top 3/4 characters are clearly the most most wanted so if it's about making money and keeping the collection going why wouldn't they be included when fans have cleary shown that's what they want to be spending their money on.

Sage is a must next extension the fans have spoken she's female, she's x-men she'll sell well and the fans have backed that up with non stop support of her for years she's always done well in polls.

Sage and Sunpsot have earned their spots next extension and not putting through characters at the top of the poll is basically is a way for EM to try and control the forum poll result. That vote should be for the characters not at the top as that's why we bother to vote for them so you'll include them next time when you make your character picks.

mrsinister88 said...

In the old days alot of figure manufacturers were reluctant to include too many women in their collection.... remember Masters of the universe where the only 2 were Teela and Evil Lyn (and even then Lyn was just a repainted Teela with a new head). I think Eaglemoss have done us proud so far with the inclusion of females...originally the likes of Storm and Phoenix were taken for granted but there have been some females included that I never ever thought we'd see... ie Photon, Moondragon, Snowbird.... so i guess it just goes to show anything is possible....

I agree with everyone that there is still a massive number of much anticipated female characters just waiting to be sculpted....

If for arguements sake the next extension of 20 characters was to include 9 females and we have already kind of agreed on Selene, Sage and Mantis then who would the final 6 be.....

I think Meggan, Marrina, Diamondback, Goblin Queen/Maddy Prior, Sersi and Vindicator.

While you may love some of these and only care slightly for others they are all rich in history with plenty of comic book appearances....

TheTooN said...

@LAWay - Love your mockup mate, small improvements make her much easier on the eye.

@Blake - Shadow King looks like it could make a great visual figurine and thats what I love about the CMFC. No more generic looking X'ers !

As for the crap about expressing opinions..........Its an open blog.

Nuff said.

I honestly dont know any of the New mutants and dont care if they get made or not.

I'm sick of X-Men and would prefer more Cosmics/ Asgardians and classic Avengers villains.

Female figurines are frequently very poorly executed. Looking at Snowbird, Moondragon, Songbird and Destiny here as recent examples.

If future females look as bad as those I would prefer not to see any more. Yes there are some crackers but in general its an area I feel lets the collection down.

As for who EM choose to put in the extension (if another is granted) its entirely their call.

Yes the forum data is useful but to suggest EM just add the top 3 ??

I do like Silver Samurai but not interested in the 2 ladies at all.

Skurge for special, Lockjaw.....I guess is inevitable but for gods sake no Strong Guy. He offends me more than MODOK and MOJO put together. (sorry Deamon and others just being honest)

Paibok said...

The polls should only be used as a passing reference only. Everyone is fully aware that they can get disjointed in favour of one area of the MU, and thats the nature of it. They shouldn't be taken as gospel as some seem to think it is.

Ideal extension

Silver Samurai
US Agent
Grey Gargoyle
White Tiger (Hector Ayala)
Two Gun Kid

Hiperion said...

Hope you feel better, Dan.
Moonstone's look isn't which I voted for, but should make a decent sculpt.

Regarding a future extension, the characters I really 'need' at this stage are Baron Mordo and Speedball.

The first is one of the major villains left to be made. The second, my last hope to have a New Warriors display someday.

Another Horror character would be very cool too.

LAWay said...

A great looking list Paibok.

The problem with forum voting is the vote sharing for certain characters, and fans having personal niche favourites that no one else is really bothered with.

A solution? Ask Marvel.

I imagine there must be polls done or some market research into how popular characters are. Although a problem with that could be a lot of new recent characters will be on that list that CMFC fans dont care or know about.

I have said many a time that a poll done by CMFC inside magazines would be the best way to get feedback, but we all know the problems with that too.

So no real solution and no ideal way in creating future extensions for everyone to be happy about.

I think I had a point when I started typing but this just ended up as worthless guff.

Psybeam said...

I would like to see the top ranked male and female Avengers and X-men make it. So that would be these four based off the polls?

Mantis - Female Avenger
Us Agent - Male Avenger
Sage - Female X-Man
Sunspot - Male X-Man (and New Mutant)

Paibok said...

Damn, new I forgotten someone Baron Mordo was one of my votes on the poll. I blame that on the brain freeze due it being so cold!.

Switch Corsair for Baron Mordo

The problem with the voting is the 12 votes per person. If you were restricted to your top three (the number of slots allocated to the forum) the poll would look very different.

Robert said...

Toon, enough of that freedom to express an opinion nonsense! Get yourself down the corridor this instant. Stop when you get to Room 101. There's a guy named O'Brien waiting for you. He'll sort you out.

As for the forum making decisions, I though we had learned from the banking crisis not to put too much power in the hands of the few.

mighty_marvel said...

i'd say EM should confirm the top 3 of the forum request poll and use them as the 3 forum choices of the extension. leaving them until the end like has happened in the past can potentially lead to one area having too much representation. confirming them at the beginning will allow EM to more easily achieve a fair and balanced extension.

silver samurai

us agent
misty knight
brother voodoo
high evolutionary
the hood

+ one spare spot for competition.

Sage said...

That's a good idea Mighty Marvel!

Use the top 3 requests and then build the rest of the extension (should it happen) around them.

Blog Master Dan said...

If we get an extension it might feasibly be the last one, so I might as well put Howard the Duck, Rocket Racoon and Star Brand in!


LAWay said...

Cant build an extension around 3 characters. What if they are really bad choices, sucking the life out of every other choice.

I dont really see what is wrong with the top 20 picked on the forum.

Or make is a long voting process.

1 vote - 1 character. Total the results, the hightest polling character is in.

Then do that again 19 times.

Ideally, the ones we really want as a collective should be top of the pile throughout. Although voting could be fixed easily. Hmmm.

As long as we dont build an extension around RR and HtD as out starting points. ^_^

sed tallis said...

Ah well Dan all good things must come to an end .
it's been a great ride.
Just pick your favs the quirkier the better.
Would rather the last fig was something or someone a bit mental . Rather than yet another deadly dull pair of little lead titties

max_0888 said...

Oh I really hope it's not the last one. Let's just go one extansion at a time hehe!

Id be thrilled to have both Howard and Rocket Raccoon next time :)

Robert said...

Ach, Dan, I think you are not being completely serious with us! You wouldn't joke about it if you thought it was about to happen.

If this collection ends without a classic Iron Man, it will probably be the only Marvel collection ever not to feature the classic armour. Every other full-size statue, bust, play figure, Minimate, or other collection has had one. Actually, it should be in the next extension, if we get one, regardless of whether ir not it's the last. I mean we've got duffers like Silver Sable and complete disasters like Drax-in-jeans, and no classic Iron Man??!? And if the end is nigh, will we also miss the equally unmissable Lockjaw?? How bad will that be if we have folk like Omega Red and Mojo and yet no Lockjaw?? And we have no Warriors Three, either! I could go on...

tinodragon14 said...

Oh Dan, LOCKJAW is the top special want in the forum poll but a TITANIUM MAN Special would look awesome.

A classic villain special with TITANIUM MAN

A X Special with ARCHANGEL & his metal wings stretched out.

A LOCKJAW Special to go with the INHUMANS (BLACK BOLT, MEDUSA, GORGON, TRITON & KARNAK) I don't include Crystal because the figure is badly done & looks nothing like her.

Robert said...

"TITANIUM MAN Special would look awesome. ... A LOCKJAW Special to go with the INHUMANS (BLACK BOLT, MEDUSA, GORGON, TRITON & KARNAK)"

Hear, hear. Excellent ideas.

John said...

Maybe not Star Brand, but definitely Star-Lord! My last two BIG wants are Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon. Beyond them, I'd be happy with whatever choices you make.

Of course, I'd prefer the likes of Brother Voodoo (most of my students are black, and it'd be nice to show them a figurine of my favorite black superhero,) Jackal, Paladin and Jimmy Woo or Namora, but honestly, you give me Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon, and you can make ALL the rest in the collection the most boring X-Characters, and I'll buy them all in support.

pirate adam said...

My good friend Robert is too polite to say it but I on the other hand have no such draw backs

Sage sucks, big time

I am sure there are people who would think the same about some of my faves but I dont care, each to there own


Osvaldoeaf said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Osvaldoeaf said...

Well, being someone who has been campaigning for Sage for months now, all I can do at this point is to hope that getting her at third place on the request poll is enough for EM to pick her.
It would mean a lot to me to finally have her after waiting for so long, so I'll keep my fingers crossed and my hopes up!!

Robert said...

Ah, PA, amigo! How have you been?

I should warn you, step lightly with your comments. Some delicate souls on here whose state of mind is precariously balanced. Don't want to see little Adam effigies appearing in the centres of the major world capitals! (Funny, though, how one man's lack of class is another man's politeness.)

By the way, are you going to the London Con, Adam?

And, while we're on the subject of semi-legendary long-timers, where's Thor8 these days?

Paibok said...

I really hope there is more than one extension to go. There are so many characters left to do, and if the market is still there, they why stop such a good thing. Revisting characters as well which could extend it even more. I agree that a classic iron man is needed.

The collection cannot end with Skurge the Executioner standing alongside the Enchantress.

Howard and Rocket should make the collection regardless, so should Franklin Richards. A pack with DRAGON MAN would be awesome

Deadpool said...

Hello Dan,

Since you are in a responsive mood how about some feedback on the Eaglemoss subscription service and order line.

Has the shambles been resolved?
Can members of the public order figurines with their debit cards via the website?

Will my recent overly enthusiastic "wet work" in Africa be exhonerated so I can go to the far east or will I remain deskbound?

Who knows ... until next time ... same Bat time, same Bat channel

John said...

On the issue of Sage, even as a non-X-fan, I find her interesting. Plus she's hot. Now what sells in the Marvel toy market? A-listers, groups for completionists, X-Men and hot women.

Sage isn't an A-Lister, but she fits all 3 other categories. She's an X-Man, hot and has the Hellfire Club angle going for her.

...I'd actually suggest we go for her, Selene AND Mastermind in the following extension. They cover very different sections of the X-Universe, but also round out that team perfectly. It finishes off the main Hellfire Club, the main Brotherhood, all big characters that will sell... seems win-win.

If Dan thinks the next extension or the one after may be the last, we've got to consider finishing off teams.

John said...

Speaking of finishing off teams (sorry my thoughts are so scatter-brained) who do you think is NEEDED in order to have our groups fully fleshed out? Pretend we literally only have 20 spots left. Can we afford to give any out to any new groups or loner characters? (And I say this as a huge fan of Brother Voodoo and Agents of Atlas...)

Not 'who do you want' but "who do we NEED in the collection?"

max_0888 said...

If the collection was to end, id definitely need:

Meggan to complete excalibur line-up.
Jessica Jones to complete the new avengers line-up

Plus for specials
Strong guy to complete 90's Havok's x-factor team.
Lockjaw for inhumans

Of course id love to complete new mutants and x-factor investigation but it's impossible to get them all in the same extansion (Monet/Shatterstar/Rictor/Layla Miller/Strong guy) or (Sunspot/Magma/Warlock/Karma). Id love to have both Vindicator and Marrina for Alpha flight but I really doubt we would get them both. Atlas and Fixer would be nice and feasible for Thunderbolts.

Plus, ill never feel like my marvel knight/heores for hire display is complete without Misty Knight/Colleen wing and Paladin. Plus Rocket Raccoon/Groot and Starlord would be much needed on my cosmic display. Plus id love to have a little trio of Runaways (adding Karolina Dean and Molly to Nico) and same for Young avengers (adding Hulkling, Stature and Kate Bishop)

But going like that the list could go on and on.

So if I had to choose only 2 characters. It would be Jessica Jones and Meggan.

Interesting topic, John. Really wanna know about all of you guys most needed characters.

Robert said...

Lockjaw to complete Inhumans.

Asgardians badly missing Warriors Three.

Classic Shellhead and furry Beast for Avengers to go beside classic Thor, Cap, etc.

Classic Captain Britain with quarterstaff for the hell of it.

Sonic Scream said...

Sage is an absolute must have next extension she's is the big female x-want and it's her turn. She's sexy, interesting and is what the majority of fans clearly want.

Having a complete New Mutants would be great one day I hope that can happen and only 5 characters needed;

Sunspot, Magma, Warlock, Karma and Cypher.

John said...

Don't forget they got the main 3 Doom Patrol members in one extension in case this is the last extension for DC.

Planning it out (like they should, imo)..

The final really big Asgardians are Heimdall, Warriors Three, Skurge and Destroyer. Assuming this were the final extension, I'd suggest Heimdall and Skurge be made. One regular, one Special. If a 2nd extension got the greenlight, the entire Warriors Three could be made with Volstagg as a Special, and Destroyer as a second Special that year. This could flip-flop if people deem the Warriors Three more worthy, but this does take an additional slot.

This is my favorite category, yet I'm only going to say Jackal. Jackal is the last of Spidey's BIG villains, the ones with major impact. Jack O' Lantern would be nice, and Tombstone and Spot, a Madame Web Special, but they're not NEEDED to round out any missing areas. Unfortunately, its Just Jackal. (Who I love, I'm just saying I wish more were necessary.)

Fixer and Atlas. That's easy. And I love that so many people feel they're needed for completion. Like the C-lister Trapster to finish the Frightful Four, these guys are NEEDED to finish the Thunderbolts. Ghost has made huge waves in the comics and became one of my favorite members, but looking at their overall history, I don't think the grouping needs him to be complete. (As a fan favorite, he would sell more and possibly attract more buyers, hint, hint...)

Strong Guy. Layla and Rictor and characters like this will appeal to readers of the title but not much outside of it. Strong Guy on the other hand is so much more well-known and thought of as an established member compared to the others. So unfortunately to its fans, I'm going to say Strong Guy is the only necessary character left.

Guardians of the Galaxy
Speaking of which, lets hop over to my favorite team. I Reeeally want Bug, but recognize he's not necessary, just as Layla isn't. Star-Lord, Rocket and Groot. To really do the team justice, it would take these three characters. Phyla-Vell is one of my Top 5 most wanted figurines, but she's not in this list.

And as the old GotG are only 1 member in, we wouldn't have the time to flesh them out either (just as adding more Eternals to go with Ikarus would be silly at this point.) Now if we KNEW there'd be at least 2 more extensions, then we should have Starhawk in one and Yondu in the other. With Vance Astro, these are the only 3 characters NEEDED to represent the team. ...Starhawk and Yondu could be done in 1 extension, but I don't think they hold the same clout as the Warriors Three to earn that.

Lockjaw for Inhumans. Almost any collector will tell you that.

John said...

Other groups, like the heralds, Masters of Evil, Young X-Men, have too many individual characters left to consider any ONE to be NEEDED. So as much as Air-Walker or Nova deserve a spot, just looking at who should get the final spaces to fill out groups, I wouldn't include them. Again, this from someone who reeeally wants Air-Walker, Surge and Pixie...

New Warriors
Continuing that thought with a very heavy sigh, let's not forget Night Thrasher, Speedball, Justice and Nighthawk. MAJOR characters that it almost feels too late for. The only logical way to include them is if we KNEW we had at least 2 more extensions and had 2 apiece per extension. They each have enough individual history to warrant inclusion anyway, but again, if looking for just necessary characters for a final extension, they don't individually do much for the team.

Alpha Flight
I DON'T think Marrina is necessary for a full representation of Alpha Flight. Nor Talisman. Nor Box. ...honestly. I love Alpha Flight, and I don't think we HAVE to have them. Vindicator is too important to the team to miss though. Heather and Mac. Vindicator leading the team for so long. Her being the driving force for so many of the stories, including the current one. Actually, now would be the ideal time to make her as she's so front and center.

And of course, looking at it this way, new teams or individual inclusions wouldn't add much to what we already have, or will just leave us disappointed if it doesn't finish. Agents of Atlas, Serpent Society and Great Lakes Avengers members spring to mind. Squirrel Girl would be great. Jimmy Woo. Sidewinder. But where does that get us? The individual heroes, some of my most wanted, Sleepwalker, Nightmare, Paladin, Brother Voodoo? It makes me sad looking at the collection in this way, but if the collection were to end, completing these areas would leave the most people happy with their sets, and long term, that's what really matters.

SinisterVenom said...

I don't like all this talk of the collection coming to an end :( Yes I know all good things must come to an end and someday, the CMFC will too but until I see confirmation that the collection is ending, I refuse to even mention the end.
But I do agree with the talk on finishing teams like Lockjaw, Selene and Vindicator being included. And I DEFINATELY agree that the Warriors Three NEED to be included soon! Heimdall, Tyr, Destroyer, Skurge, these are all Asgardians I'd love to see too!
But I still think characters like Dr. Strange and Punisher need more villains! I mean Baron Mordo NEEDS to be in the collection soon, he's way overdue and Jigsaw would be great for Punisher.
And seeing as we're now getting Firelord, we may as well have more heralds eh?
I've also finished reading the Second Coming story in Essential X-Men and I gotta say, I want Bastion now more than ever! Besides him and Baron Mordo, other favourites of mine are Whirlwind, Silver Samurai, Tombstone, Jackal, Maximus The Mad, Penance, Crossbones and of course...Onslaught! I will never stop campaigning for that guy! ;)

Should also have the Hulk pic finished by tonight hopefully too!

max_0888 said...

Yeah I do agree that we shouldn't talk about the end of the collection. I never want to consider it.

I like what you are saying about Heather Hudson (Vindicator), John. Marrina would be great, but Vindicator has been such an integral part of Alpha Flight for as long as it existed. She had a big part even before putting a costume on. She was leader of the team and she's front and center in the recent Alpha flight serie. She is by far one of my most wanted character. So, here's a strong vote for Heather Hudson who is much needed for this collection.

Osvaldoeaf said...

Yes, I do think Sage would sell well, and she would complete a team: the X. S. E.

Osvaldoeaf said...

Now John's question is really a thinker. Besides Sage, let me see: Lockjaw, Marrina, Marrow, And I'd love to have Warriors Three... Quite frankly, I don't understand how come none of them haven't been made yet!

tinodragon14 said...

I have no interest in Sage who will make a rather dull looking figure. I would pick MANTIS, MARRINA, PRINCESS PYTHON or HEPZIBAH long before I would even consider Sage the snoozer. Of course the Xers dominate the forum so you will be one of their three picks probably along with SILVER SAMURAI & SUNSPOT. I remember Dan has expressed support for THE HIGH EVOLUTIONARY, JACKAL & BARON MORDO (He is long overdue) in the next extension. I'm still calling for classics villains:


LAWay said...

Hot women only sell if they are hot, obviously.

EM dont have a great track record for hot females, and most females in action figures dont sell because they dont look hot because the points of articulation ruin a beautiful female body.

If EM start making mini bowen/diamond statues closely to the style of adam hughes for its female characters, then I would approve an extension of all females.

Bagman said...

I must admit i had to look up and see who SAGE was.
Now i'm just curious at what the difference is between a "REQUEST POLL" on the Forum and a "FORUM CHOICE POLL" is?
Out of the 1314 Forum members eligable to "REQUEST" 220 voted, from that 45 had Sage on their list of twelve(less than 1/4),wonder how it would have went if the choice had been limited to just one "REQUEST" each?

On another note its getting closer fellas, 3 weeks to go.....wish i was going as well(should have planned my annual leave better) be cool to try and catch up with other collectors and i'm almost positive that LOCKJAW will be the COMIC-CON exclusive from EM, am i rght Dan?

John said...

Well Enchantress, Sif, Spiral, Powergirl, Jade, Hawkgirl... EM has the potential to make hot looking female figurines, and Sage has the right look to have potential to be sculpted as a hot looking figurine.

Tino, you have an amazing list, minus Melter and Unicorn, who I really don't think deserve a place for a good long while. Scarecrow would visually look amazing. Cobra deserves it for all his history. Red Ghost is a classic, Tombstone a major Spidey foe (thus will sell well.) Yet I find it ironic when you say, "I have no interest in Sage who will make a rather dull looking figure," then mention this:


over this:


I'm sure its a generational thing... as I could see the appeal of the characters you're choosing. People tend to appreciate the looks of the characters more from the times they read comics. For example: I started reading in '96. I love Moonstone, Gamora and Maximus the Mad. I think ALL their old costumes look horrid. But Robert will tell you the opposite. Both are valid.

It does not, however, mean that Sage is a bore of a character.

Osvaldoeaf said...

If we eere allowed to vote for just one character, the results would certainly be different, not just for Sage, but for every character on the list...

pirate adam said...

Ahh the comic con......if only

I would like nothing more than to meet up with you guys down there but work and funds wont allow

hopefully there will be other opportunities

Adios Amigos


JinxDealer said...

Oh thank F Im not the only one sick to death of all these X crappers.

Deadpool said...

Since I am on the naughty step ( or should I say the naughty desk);
I guess it is time for the collection to end.

It has got to the stage where the blog is filled with petulant kidults.

Personally I'd prefer the collection to continue; filled with hot girlies with curvy figures and pert, but not necessarily large, bosoms.

You know the type, the ones that would poke your eyes out in a cold room.

So let's start a vote: -

Do we keep the collection going and include the pert and pointy?


Do we switch our allegiance to DC and lay the Marvel collection to rest?

I vote for Pert and Pointy.

Deadpool said...


Deadpool said...

Leigh its nice to see you've been scared straight by the prospect of the collection coming to an end.

As a big fan of the fairer sex, I can vouch for the fact that you've taken your first step into a much more exciting world.

As the girlies often exclaim "Excelsior!"

Paibok said...


Funny you say that when DeadSTOOL would be considered as a part of the X-Crappers.


Moving on....

The collection would not be complete without SKURGE THE EXECUTIONER alongside Enchantress (sculpted preferably by the sculptor of Odin), BLASTAAR to stand opposide Annhilus, LOCKJAW sitting infront of Crystal, DRAGON-MAN looming over the Fantastic Four, and ATLAS stooping over the Thunderbolts. Pad that out with a decent WARPATH, HULKLING and ROCKSLIDE

BARON MORDO is so overdue, so is HIGH EVOLUTIONARY. US AGENT completes the West Coast Avengers, MANTIS is just necessary, and if you need a figure for visual appeal DARKHAWK, WHIRLWIND or ANOLE. If its a different visual appeal your after then perhaps its time for NIGHT NURSE or if its your thing the TWO GUN KID.

Deadpool said...

And once again the Mutant vs Mutate debate raises it's ugly head.

Mutant - genetic as a result of X-Factor
Mutate - as a result of external influences ie radioctive spider bite.

Did you know that Skrulls are mutants that evolved from a radioactive stool.

Food for thought - especially in Jersey.

I hope you're not feeling too flushed considering your heritage.


Deadpool said...

Cat and mouse between the Lion and the Archer.

Paibok said...

Whatever I really don't give a crap(pardon the pun)

If you cannot take a joke there is something seriously wrong with you.

I was merely referring to the fact he is currently a member of X-Force (or whatever), I dont really care if he is a mutant, mutate, human being or flying banana, I don't discriminate.

If you want to bring up the debate again that is entirely down to you.

Robert said...

Some great shouts, Paibok. Mantis is up near the top of my Most Wanted list and U.S.Agent is conspicuous by his absence. Skurge, Dragon Man, Blastaar, are all excellent suggestions.

Paibok said...

Could be worse, could be called Torpedo.... sorry

Leaving that messy subject behind.

Dan, if there was one more extension and Howard and Rocket would be considered, how about Hydra Agent Bob. The mag would be a tribute to HYDRA overall.

Seriously consider Bob, collectors would go crazy over him.


Paibok said...

Thanks Robert.

Skurge is my most wanted figure by miles, and I fully agree they are most conspicuous by their absense.

If there was one more extension only I would really like EM to go all out and and try teampacks one Original Guardians of the Galaxy, and another Young Avengers. Including Vance and Wiccan in the team packs they some extra room to round up the collection with US Agent and Darkhawk taking their places. Could do the same with the Runaway witch for Clea.

LAWay said...

No idea what you are talking about DP.

sed tallis said...

Two packs or twin packs whatever you want to call them have been a waste of valuable special slots thus far.
We've just had the dancing queens and I have to say "a plastic peg doth not a special make"
When normal folk look at my pretty little lead dolls. I usually hear the biggest Ooooohs of appreciation for the specials or megas especially Odin,colossus, watcher, Man-thing etc.
Because ...they......are.....special you see??
Unlike xavier and whatever the space bint is called, or Ka-Zar and his hairy pussy.
The only two pack that was truly special was Sasquatch and Puk ( the one I cancelled as it was resin) thanks to DP giving me a good slap I finally got it .
So please no more regular figs stuck together wasting precious special slots. give me resin, give me red ghost and his resin apes, give me Franklin and his resin dragon man, or the mad thinker and his awesome resin android or cobra and mr resin caped Hyde.

Robert said...

For at least four extensions I've reacted by thinking, "What, no U.S.Agent?" Mantis and others I can understand more easily. The Agent is a pain but he's been a prominent character since the 1980s.

Skurge is certainly one character I'd like to see soon. A character that's featured in classic stories by greats like Lee, Kirby and Simonson (and probably John Buscema at some point). He also has, hands down, the best death in comics. He has a fantastic look, with or without the helmet. Which raises the question, with or without helmet. I say without, holding the axe in one hand and the axe in the other.

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
deamon said...

Still so many characters, Dan You know we need much more extensions ;)

tinodragon14 said...

Hey John,

The villains I picked I grew with in Marvel comics. THE MELTER was an original member of THE MASTERS OF EVIL along with the original ZEMO, RADIOACTIVE MAN & the original BLACK KNIGHT with his black flying horse. He was with the next MOE incarnation along with KLAW, WHIRLWIND & RADIOACTIVE MAN again. Through the years his costume changed from his melting beam shooting from his chest plate to carrying a held hand melting gun to having the melting ray shooting out from fingertips of his gloves. He was murdered in the Marvel SCOURGE storyline which ran through several different comic books but he is more then worthy of a place in this collection.

The UNICORN had teamed up with THE SCARECROW, THE EEL, THE PORCUPINE & PLANT MAN to fight the X-Men. They were working for Count Nefaria. He has fought other Marvel heroes including Spidey & Ironman. He even teamed up with Ironman before meeting his final tragic end.

I'll admit I was unfamiliar with Sage so I read up on her & looked at her various looks. She is relatively new to me & they rewrote X-Men history to claim she was there before the original X-Men. I hate revisionist history. I was not impressed with her looks as far as whether she will make an interesting looking figure. She will make a dull figure. I find newer characters in the Marvel U tend to look have a generic look & generally when they revamp characters like say Drax or Moonstone they look dull & generic as well.

For obvious reasons there are more villains then heroes & Marvel's classic villains tend to be more colorful & will make great figures in the collection. I would pick a classic X villain like MASTERMIND, THE VANISHER, MESMERO, ARCADE, HARRY LELAND, EXODUS, SELENE, SILVER SAMURAI or UNUS THE UNTOUCHABLE before I would pick Sage.

I agree THE SCARECROW would make a great figure with him holding his pitchfork with a crow sitting on his shoulder.

I have called for a villain two-pack of THE COBRA & MR. HYDE and THE MAD THINKER & HIS AWESOME ANDROID and THE RED GHOST & HIS SUPER APES.

I also called for Specials of TITANIUM MAN, THE EXECUTIONER (SKURGE) (7'2"), BLASTAAR (6'6") & MEGA SPECIALS DRAGON MAN, THE LIVING MONOLITH & THE SUPER ADAPTOID in all his Avenger absorbed glory.

deamon said...

Yup we need more Villains.
As for X-Villains we need also:
Black Tom Cassidy, Cassandra Nova, Fabian Cortez, Goblin Queen, Nimrod, Shadow King, Stryfe, Trevor Fitzroy, Vulcan, William Stryker.

SinisterVenom said...

I think Stryfe and Vulcan would make good choices too. I'm not too bothered about Black Tom Cassidy as much right now. He was one of my top X-wants but I've kinda drifted towards other characters like Exodus and Selene. William Stryker though? I don't think I've heard any calls for him before you tbh, I doubt we'd get him with all the other characters left before him.
My Hulk pic is finished and uploaded now guys. Also features the next character I'm gonna work on and a question regarding should I do more Avengers before I start the big Avengers pic?

mgf said...

My most wanted X-er is the original Mimic. Actually he's my only wanted X-er, as the chances of any of Milligan and Allred's X-Statix seems unlikely. BTW, anyone else having trouble signing in recently?

Deadpool said...

Paibok I have no idea what you've been smoking, Sniffing, snorting or injecting?

Maybe you simply have a sub normal IQ.

Has the education system in the UK failed you perhaps?

I'm sure I can arrange a GP to prescribe some Ritalin if you like?

How about some cosmetic surgery to remove the scrotum from your chin?

I doubt any of these remedies would allow you to integrate into society.

Cleary real humour, irony and sarcasm is beyond you.

Pause a moment, take a deep breath and take more time to read the previous comments.

I'm on leave in a just over a week and have always facied visiting Jersey for some tifin.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Almost near perfection
Personally, I feel there's plenty of life in the CMFC. With a few more extensions, this collection can achieve the best coverage of the Marvel Universe ever.

With the high standard of figs we're seeing thanks to Dan, and with so many MU areas getting close to having all of their best representatives, for me the CMFC is more exciting than ever.

More extensions.
Bring them on!

SinisterVenom said...

Hear hear Blake! May the CMFC live on even longer and bring us more characters, making this the greatest Marvel collection to ever exist! (Not that it isn't already lol).
I truly agree that there are still more extensions that can be made and keep this collection alive!

AVENGERS -87 said...

Bravo from Moonstone

SinisterVenom said...

Ok, I've been thinking a lot about the collection today and here's a few reasons why I believe the collction should have a few more extensions.

1. Nico Minoru.
While I respect Mighty Marvel's choice on choosing Nico as his character after winning the competition a while ago, I must admit she will look a little out of place compared to the rest of the figurines. This is why I think we need to include more Runaways in future extensions so that we don't end the collection with one Runaway standing in the middle of a collection full of Avengers, X-Men, villains etc.

2. The Warriors Three.
With the wonderful Lady Sif not too far away from being released now, it's quite odd that we are getting her but not Volstagg, Hogun and Fandrall! Despite the idea being dismissed in the past, sometimes people's thoughts change so we may one day get a triple or multi pack with the Warriors Three. But if not then we need to have them as regulars, we can't end the collection without them. Also, as mentioned before, have Volstagg released as a special if needs be.

3. Teams.
There are still teams left to complete. With the confirmation of Shaman, some people will class Alpha Flight as complete now while some will still want characters like Vindicator and Box. Also we need characters like US Agent for the West Coast Avengers, Mastermind for the Brotherhood, Selene for the Hellfire Club, Lockjaw for the Inhumans (maybe even Luna and Maximus too), some of the new X-Men and so on. Of course, there are also still many teams still left to start like the Starjammers and the Morlocks.

4. Important Characters.
It goes without saying there are characters that are well overdue and need to be included in a Marvel collection. Here are some of them: Baron Mordo, one of Dr. Strange's main enemies (if not his main enemy). Jigsaw, another main enemy for Punisher. Crossbones, killed the original Captain America. Jackal, responsible for the Clone Saga in the Spidey-verse. These are just to name a few.

5. All of us!!!
While I understand the importance of money and how the sales are faring and who will buy what characters now, you have to admit that no matter what figurines you choose to make next, you'll always have people willing to buy them! I'm one of those people, still havn't missed one issue yet! :) Yeah I know that not everyone buys every issue but hey, we still pay for the characters we know and love and without the CMFC, we would never have them on display like we do now.

So to wrap things up, I say yes to more extensions and may the CMFC keep going strong and become the best collection ever to exist!

LAWay said...

New Avengers trailer shown during the Super Bowl. Enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rE09rUdpB94