Friday, 7 October 2011

Special feelings

Hi guys, ran out of time today, so here's a quickie...

The specials we are currently considering are -


He's top of the polls and has a detail and uniqueness all of his own. Yes we understand there could be breakage problems, but hopefully we can improve the packaging somehow. We would have to use the biggest base size and cleverly attach a join between the base and his undercarriage (to achieve stability etc). Also his legs may have to curl around the sides of the base (because of his huge surface area). If done correctly this could be an awesome figurine.


This is Kev Hopgood's sketch of how we could do him - The added Wall detail allows for his stance to be more dynamic. I think this choice would do well with non-CMFC collector's, yet still please the fanbase.

Both these figurines would be in the £18-20 range (don't quote me on that!). If our marketing department want a cheaper alternative then we might consider someone like Terrax (although popular with the fanbase, not so with the wider world.)

All these specials are still in the planning stage and I have previewed them much earlier than usual, just because I love you guys! (and we value your opinions!)




Should make a fine addition.

One last thing. Trying to come up with a pose for Shaman that hasn't been done before and isn't boring, is proving pretty tricky - we did consider doing him crossed legs levitating in meditation (but he would have to have a clear peg up his bottom, so we ruled that out), so I came up with an image (badly drawn I know!) of him summoning up the ancient gods of Canada type thing - I'm sure the sculptors can give him more presence and bring it to life. Any haters?

Anyway must dash. Have a smashing weekend.


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Anonymous said...

I'm guessing some won't be happy with Giant-Man since he would be a repeat character of sorts.

LarryS said...
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max_0888 said...

COngratulation for Angel, Constrictor is a great choice :) I'm really happy for you!

As for Mojo being highly considered, YEAH!
He's my most wanted special (right there with Strong guy)
He'd make an awesome figurine. Plus with Spiral and Longshot in, he's a must.
I must say I am thrilled for this and I really really hope you won't change your mind about him. If done right he could easily be one the best looking specials in the collection.

Giant man would be cool I guess, but I prefer not repeating characters. Id prefer Terrax.

Thanks for the update Dan!

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

After two big specials (Odin, MODOK) we wanted two normal sized, but you propose two big, Ok, for sure I will buy Mojo, he's one of my most wanted.
Constrictor, shame it wasn't Callisto or Carrion :(
Shaman looks like: I have no idea what to do. There are better options.

Why EM doesn't give us (fans from Poland) Megaspecials? Where are Blob, Galactus, Watcher and Sentinel? So we won't have Mojo and Giantman too? You say selling specials fall down, just give us opportunity to buy them.

sergiogf said...

I hope Mojo will have a real opportunity. I'll go for him.

And about Constrictor...mmm not the choice I'd wish but I can understand it's a good character.

Giant Man... uf

Holy Wolf said...

Constrictor's a great addition, I'm very happy with that one.

Mojo could look immense if done correctly. Breakages would be my number one concern, but I like your ambition.

Giant Man would be awesome, but I'm not keen on the wall rubble addition personally. It didn't work for Jonah Hex in the Dc collection either.

The7thCynic said...

I'm happy with Constictor. Nice choice. Could have been WAY more controversial.

As for specials:
Mojo - YES!!
Gaint Man - not so much.

JinxDealer said...

ooh i like those ideas !!!!!! constrictor is a nice safe character so no problems their either. thumbs up from me :)

CGJ said...

Constrictor is a good choice, nice one Angel!

Mojo would make a very interesting fig

Oh my god how awesome would that Giant Man look? Going to upset a few people no doubt revisiting Hank Pym and also having a Diorama base but to hell with that, it would look amazing

Clear peg up the bottom works for me, might be a problem with breakages but it would be a unique addition if you could pull it off Dan

Gremlin said...

Ok, after a week of anticipation we finally have our 20th character and it's a great choice.

Constrictor is going to make a killer sculpt and he adds to the Avenger villian section too which is a bonus. really pleased.

Mojo - As an X-Fan I have no issues with this. He looks like no other character out there and I am sure he will make an amazing sculpt.

Giant Man - I am surprised you haven't done him sooner. This guy is a solid choice and I am sure both new and existing colelctors will snap him up. I know some people are going to have issues with repeating characters but in all honesty I would prefer this Pym anyday.

Great update. well worth the wait.

mighty_marvel said...

constrictor is a safe choice. he did pretty well in the poll so would likely have been seriously considered for inclusion soon anyway. angel couldn't have wanted to risk the wrath of some of the collectors.

very surprised that after you've said you're worried about the sales of specials the possible next 2 are both going to be expensive. more expensive specials should be spread out so that it doesn't impact people's finances so much.

maybe try

jan/feb - northstar and aurora
apr/may - giant man (to coincide with avengers movie)
jun/jul - madame web (to coincide with spiderman movie)
sep/oct - terrax
nov/dec - mojo

Ryan Maxwell said...

Shaman's pose really should show him drawing something from his pouch. A staff, some cool clear/colored resin smoke, etc. Alpha Flight 1-28, John Byrne already has the perfect pose for you in there somewhere.

bethrezen said...

Why Giant-Man? We have Hank Pym in the collection. Who next? Anti-venom, Ronin? We need new people. Terrax! Strong Guy! Warpatch! Hulkling!

LAWay said...

Ok - Constrictor, amazing choice! I probably would have picked him too, great job Angel. Many will say 'safe' or 'boring' because he would appear in the collection 'eventually', but even then, it would be a lengthly wait...probably over a year or two, maybe longer. And thats if the collection continues that long. So glad to have him sooner than later.

Mojo or GiantMan, decent choices. Great choices. Popular characters. Would love a GiantMan personally.
Take about brining out A-game style characters...toy collectors went nuts for the giantman build a figure in marvel legends, and the tall figures are collectible in marvel universe too. Mega Specials should be just that, and that is what GiantMan is.
Mega Specials should not be confined to just 'really big characters', because quite frankly, there arent many interesting ones left to warrant the extra size.

Shaman pose...Not great. I personally dont like figurines with their arms out invading the space of a figurine near it. As for the sitting pose, they did it in heroclix and he was joined to the base through electric bolts or something.

Just go safe and with a generic pose. Collectors are buying the character, not the pose. It would also allow the sculptor to do the best in terms of detail rather than having to worry about getting the pose right too. about 'radical ideas for specials' in the last threads comments section. My ideas will follow shortly...all hands on deck...theres gonna be a storm...

Gremlin said...

I have to question the use of the rubble on the Giant man base. I am all for the Giant Man sculpt but I don't see why the rubble is needed. Surely it will just add cost to the figure. I think having a GM at a mega-special size would be enough to get peoples attention. remember this isn't just any Avenger, it's one of the most prolific ones in one of his most iconic costumes. Fans old and new will grab this regardless of the rubble.

I will be happy either way he is done just as long as he is in. I am hoping that if he gets in then the door is opened for an amazing Archangel sculpt with big mettalic wings.

CGJ said...

Maybe there is a load of Jonah Hex bases left over....

kissynose said...

Love the choice of specials. I think Giant Man is a perfect choice.

Also think the Shaman pose is great.

Paibok said...

Firstly. Thank you so much Angel for choosing Constrictor. A very solid choice, one I was considering myself, and I can now knock off one of my top ten from my list. Should hopefully lead to Diamondback in the next extension. Hint HINT.

Seems though his choice is going to be controversal for not being controveral enough.


Giant Man I love the idea off. There should have been a Giant Man ages ago, so for me this is a long anticipated addition and one I would be rushing to buy as soon as its realeased. As long as the wall effect is still on the black tile base it should be okay not like the Abomination. I know why there may be opposition to this (from x-fans I imagine) as Pym has done before but really to me Yellowjacket and Giant Man are different characters in the same body (if that makes sense). Could tie in with movie.
Also if there was going to be variant (red/blue or gold/blue) I may even buy both.

Mojo. I am not his biggest fan tbh, but he is top of the polls so I suppose that he should be done. BUT with Odin, MODOK, Twins, Giant Man, my wallet would prefer a regular £12/15 special i.e Strong Guy, Skurge. Perhaps leaving Mojo until X-Mas next year which should give time to work out on those spindly details and get him right. So Tomasz and other fans I'm not saying no, just later please.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

I agree Mojo should be in October next year. EM needs time to create amazing figurine.
Terrax in GiantMan place, as we have Pym already.

Anonymous said...

Constrictor... What a quality choice!!! Nice one Angel :D . Also is Onslaught ever going to be considered once again? As for Mojo and Giant Man, both are ACE!!!! :D

The Hood said...

Constrictor is a great choice, he is long overdue. I would prefer Shaman floating with a clear peg. Mojo will make a great special, Giant Man would be good too but I would prefer Howard The Duck first.

Paibok said...

Oh, don't like the Shaman pose suggested, its looks odd as if he has been distracted by a fly buzzing round his head, and is trying to catch it. Couldn't he be casting a spell of something.

jarvis69 said...

Constrictor :Really good choice Angel , congrats !
Bring us Giant-Manand even Goliath ;)
Mojo , no interest for me but I'm sure lot of guyswant him ...
About Shaman pose.....i'm.....not sure it's the best one ! lol

CGJ said...

We have Hank Pym true but Giant Man and Yellowjacket are not the same character in different coloured costumes, they are completely different characters and should be included as such.

We have three Peter Parkers and a clone plus two Tony Starks, not heard any complaints about that

The Mad Thinker said...

Great news on Constrictor , good choice angel.
I actually had him as my choice for one of the previous competitions.
My choice this time round though was Red Guardian.
It's also good that this time round we get a male character as the last two winners chose females.

I really want Mojo in the collection so that I can display him next to Spiral and Longshot.

I like the sketch for Giant man but if you add building rubble as detail to the sculpt please do not make this the base like you did with Abomination.
Place Giant man on a normal Marvel base and add the extra detail on top of that.

My most wanted specials :

Strong Guy
Madame Web
Man Ape
Giant Man
High Evolutionary
Psycho Man
Stilt Man

Lockjaw + Maximus
Red ghost + Super Apes
Ursa Major ( human form + bear )

Aleta + Starhawk
Elsa + Ulysses Bloodstone
Cobra + Mr Hyde

Warriors Three -
Hogun + Volstagg + Fandrall

Wrecking Crew -
Bulldozer + Piledriver + Thunderball

Sage said...

Mojo would be great and I would snap him up in a heart beat.

Giant Man not for me, why repeat characters already?. He is an easy miss.

Constrictor is an ok choice but I have no real interest in him.

Please make Mojo happen!

Gunzilla said...

Giant-man is a great suggestion, not sure on him stepping over rubble though. He should be a mega special, the biggest yet and released in time of the Avengers movie. Who cares that ant-man & Yellow Jacket have been made already, Giant-man will look awesome with his fellow team mates. We need more Hero specials (+mega).

jimbob said...

Thanks Dan for the blog update.


Mojo - nervous about the packaging.

Giant-Man - Good idea,really nice addition to the collection
this is what the collection needs.Sales are low,get someone people have actually heard of back into the collection.I think he will be a big seller and give a good indication for EM on what sells best in the collection.

Shaman - I'm not sure about the pose hard to say yet.

SinisterVenom said...

So Constrictor makes the final place in this extension. Nice choice Angel, not a personal fave of mine but I'm happy for you to have the opportunity to choose a character you want in the collection.

Which means for this extension, we have:

Sebastian Shaw - seen painted
Firelord - not yet seen
Hela - not yet seen
Wiccan - not yet seen
Longshot - seen sculpted
Swordsman - seen painted
Mirage (Danielle Moonstar) - not yet seen
Moonstone - not yet seen
Hammerhead - seen painted
Owl - seen painted
Vance Astro - not yet seen
Spider-Man 2099 - not yet seen
Werewolf By Night - not yet seen
Gamora - not yet seen (seen sketches)
Trapster - not yet seen
Deathbird - not yet seen
Shaman - not yet seen
Stingray - not yet seen
Wolfsbane - not yet seen
Constrictor - not yet seen

Now the specials. I would love to see Mojo make it next year! Please make it so EM. Giant Man? Can't say I'm excited about him. The pose over the building is great but I would rather have someone like Onslaught, Titanium Man or Madame Web first to be honest.

I think updating the CMFC main site may help increase sales EM. Odin still isn't being advertised on it yet and he's been out for around 2 weeks now! Plus sorting out the debit card problem may help too. It would certainly stop me having to buy the specials from ebay where I have to spend a bit more for postage and packaging! :(

Finally, the Shaman pose? Don't like it. I really wouldn't want my Shaman figurine to look like that. Why don't you draw up some sketches or artwork and we can vote on a poll for the pose we want? Seeing as the poses chosen for Longshot and Gamora didn't go down well for a lot of people compared to the other poses, if we vote for Shaman's pose, you may get more happy customers, thus more people will buy the figurine.
There's a suggestion for ya :)

Chewit said...

Angel you are a legend, Constrictor was going to be my choice if i won the comp !
Happy with the possibility Mojo he has a great design.
Could do with some more regular specials too - Terrax, Strong Guy, Destroyer

Thor8 said...

Giant-Man!!!? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes. Dan if ths won goes thru I just might send you a vacaton ticket for a week here in the Carribean(well a post card at least).

Robert said...

Pleased with choice of the Constrictor. He seemed a decent candidate for inclusion in any upcoming extensions, so pleaantly surprised.

Really happy with the idea we might get Giant-Man (without rubble, if possible). FINALLY someone at Eaglemos is beginning to realise that variants are a goer.

Holy Wolf said...

Dan, how about using Atlas as a special rather than Giant Man?

mgf said...

Wonderful! Constrictor is a great choice!

Giant Man would be VERY cool, but we all know Mojo will be made, don't we?

jimbob said...

Don't think there will be point on putting rubble on Giant-Man base because he will be displayed with the regular figs in front of him hidding the base.

I have a good feeling about this,EM needs to take a different direction.

Gary said...

There can only be one pose for Shaman, and that ain't it!

He should be holding his magic bag in one hand, and with the other hand he should look like he is about to pull something out of it!

LarryS said...

if the second special was Stature, instead of Giant Man, then there would be a few advantages:

- First female mega special
- Very similar visually to Giant Man, while neatly avoiding the problem of being "another Hank Pym"
- Would be a second Young Avenger, alongside Wiccan
- Has been a hugely important figure in recent Marvel history e.g. read the current 'Childrens Crusade' Avengers mini-series

Anonymous said...

We have Longshot and Spiral, so I'm tossing my support behind Mojo. Not only is he a totally new character and not a redo like Giant-Man, but he really would give the sculptors something wild to sculpt. I would also suggest a clear section under his walker/chair to also take some of the risk of breakage off his legs.

And Constrictor is an amazing choice. Long overdue. And if I recall correctly he was one of the Fan Choice winners of the Hasbro Marvel Universe line also. So about time he made it in the figurine line. Plus he's certainly a less controversial choice than some previous ones.

Dan The Man said...

Interesting about Stature - marketing have asked us for a female special (pretty girlies seems to sell well), we didn't consider her, but now you mention it.... does she deserve the place instead of GM though?

clear support pegs under Mojo is another great idea.

Ok - i'll reconsider the Shaman pose, Funny i was looking at the hand in the bag pose, but thought it may look odd. maybe i'll have another look at it.

yes, maybe we need a cheaper special inbetween the two proposed ones. ?

Jacadoo said...

Giant man oh he'll yes, although not so sure regarding the base. I hope mojo gets in as a very worthwhile addition.

Constrictor is a fine choice angel, well done.

Shamans pose has got to be reaching into his bag of tricks.

Jacadoo said...
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Holy Wolf said...

I fully support the inclusion of Stature over Giant Man!

Robert said...

On the subject of Shaman's pose: I read Alpha Flight back in the day because Byrne was doing it, and the image I have in my head has him reaching into his bag.

Gremlin said...

Nah, would rather have Giant Man instead of Stature. If you are worried about special's sales stick with an original iconic Avenger.

I can't believe you have overlooked the most obvious female special......Big Bertha!!!!

Robert said...

Oh, and no thanks to Stature.

Word verification - and I kid you not - is "restrome"!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, a cheaper special before the next Mega would be great. How about Hulkling? Though you guys probably want to have him coming out around the same time as Wiccan. After all, they're the new power couple of the Marvel Universe. Hulkling with his wings would look great.

And yes, Stature before a Giant Man redo. Plus it gets us another member of the Young Avengers. I would be happy with her or Madame Web, since we have the Spider-Man reboot next year in theaters.

jimbob said...

I would be up for Stature for Giant-Man.

Complete the Young Avengers.

Bob said...

Shaman - he needs to pose as if gesturing out with his left hand casting a spell or tossing out a magic item out of his medicine bag, or better yet holding out an open hand and have some smoking mist coming out of it while clutching his medicine bag with the other hand. There are a lot of poses I can think of.

This comment has been removed by the author.
mighty_marvel said...

jan/feb - northstar and aurora
apr/may - giant man (coincide with avengers movie)
jun/jul - madame web (coincide with spiderman movie)
sep/oct - terrax
nov/dec - mojo

breaks up the expensive specials easing the hit on the wallet and allows some specials to be linked to the biggest marvel movies to come out in years which should hopefully generate more interest

mgf said...

If they want to increase sales I doubt Stature is going to help.

Banshee said...

Mojo YES YES OH GOD YES!!!!!!!! Giant Man I'm not so fussed about especially with the rubble (Abomonation anyone?) I'd much prefer Atlas.

Constrictor is a good choice. Hope the sculpt does him justice!!

Peg up the bum NO. But I dont much like that pose either. Sorry!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the suggested pose looks like he's either prepared for messing his pants. Or he's doing his Titanic "I'm the King Of The World" imitation.

mgf said...

Dan The Man said...

"yes, maybe we need a cheaper special inbetween the two proposed ones. ?"

A dog with a tuning fork on his head can't be that expensive.

Banshee said...

I agree that Lockjaw would be a great medium priced Special inbetween the megas!! He's awesome and he'd pretty much complete the Inhumans (ish)

tinodragon14 said...

Still having a chuckle about the peg up Shaman's butt.

Gee another X character & one of the silliest of all. I will not buy mojo. I have bought everyone else but not this concoction. If you wanted to do an X character you should have picked ARCHANGEL.

I was really hoping for TERRAX.

My thanks to Angel for picking CONSTRICTOR. He is a good (or should I say bad since he is a bad guy) choice of villain. At least there can be no doubt about the costume choice. I hope they do a better job with his coils then they did with Omega Red's which were disappointing.

word verification : squeein

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Female special?
Give us Madame Web.
It's too early for another version of Pym, it will be good when we will have movie about him.

navaho said...

Great choice Angel, Constrictor is one of my favs left so thank you very much.
Mojo is neither here or there for me to be honest but Giant Man is an awesome choice. I hope you keep the stepping over the broken buildings (makes a change from the norm).
Not keen on th Shamen pose, have him reaching into his bag whilst looking the other way.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

An OK choice. I would have liked a more daring choice - a curveball character more unlikely to make it into the CMFC, but hey I'm still happy as he'll make a visually interesting figurine.

He can be in levitating position, and it's not like his butt is the only peg-worthy body part. You could have 2 pegs, one under each thigh, and maybe the pegs could even be sculpted as ivy leaves or energy emanations.

I think he'd be awesome. I like the broken wall rubble under his foot, so long as it's placed on a a traditional CMFC black base, and not instead of the base (this was the problem with Abomination, as his missing base was an anomaly). Judging from the sketch, I think Giant-Man can be a truly iconic figurine. Enough with this non-sense that we already have Yellow Jacket. So what? Hank Pym deserves multiple representations just like Spider-Man deserved a black costume representation. Moreover, we really need a representative of Marvel's 'giant character' idea, as it's an important superhero canon, and Giant Man is without doubt the best and most classic giant model there is.

Gremlin said...

Gotta give my support to a cheaper special as a break for my wallet. How about Attuma. Great look, he isn't particulalry big and he has currently been featured in the Fear Itself crossover.

tinodragon14 said...

Stature is just a rip-off of GIANT-MAN. If you want a female special do THUNDRA. You said she would have to be a special & her tight outfit & big boobs should satisfy the sickos that drool over female lead figures.

Of course I would prefer a Mega size changer be THE LIVING MONOLITH. He would look great & he is an X-villain. However I would buy a GIANT-MAN figure & the drawing with the wall looks fine to me. I would ask that you put a tiny wasp in her original costume with the pointy headgear be sitting on his shoulder since he is in his original Avengers costume & they were always together.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

While he's not my most wanted special, I agree that he could make a spectacular figure, and I love the idea of his legs wrapped around the base. It'd be a phenomenal special, one which could attract casual buyers for sheer visual impact.

While I love the Young Avengers, I can't help but feel that she'd be one hell of a boring figurine. Her design, in my opinion, does not contain elements which deserve to be immortalised in sculptoreal form, and I'd rather see EM's talented sculptors tackle more challenging, distinctive and more genius designs. DESTROYER, SUPER ADAPTOID or A CELESTIAL would be awesome, for example.

tinodragon14 said...

I agree SHAMAN should either be standing one hand reaching into his medicine bag & the other arm stretched out as if to cast a spell like DR. STRANGE or THE ENCHANTRESS. Or floating in the air legs folded & instead of a clear peg mystical energy bolts holding him up like they did with his Heroclix figure.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Personally, this is definitely the best possible choice for a standard Ronan-size special.
Attuma looks amazing and has tons of history in the MU. Moreover, he'd link well with the current Fear Itself saga, in which he appears. Effetively, this would be the first special to link directly with a successful Marvel saga while it still running.

tinodragon14 said...

I think TERRAX or ATTUMA or TITANIUM MAN would make great looking regular Specials & I think they would all sell well because each has a unique look. I would buy two of each at least.

Robert said...

Tino: "I agree SHAMAN should ... be standing one hand reaching into his medicine bag & the other arm stretched out as if to cast a spell like DR. STRANGE or THE ENCHANTRESS."

Absolutely spot on. That pose says, "Move a muscle and you're for it, matey!" Except in Shaman's own idiom, of course.

Also, I'd be happy with Tino's other excellent idea of having a Wasp perched on G-M's shoulder. Gives us the opporchanceity to get another Wasp costume into the collection.

Robert said...

And, at the risk of making everyone think I want to have Tino's children, Titanium Man is very high on my specials list, too.

tinodragon14 said...

This talk of tying characters into movies coming out might be interesting except GIANT-MAN is not in the Avengers movie & Madame Webb is not in the new Spidey movie.

John said...

Commenting on everything. Be prepared...

I want the pose to be him interacting with his bag in some way. Reaching in or flinging magic from it. ...that almost sounds dirty...

One of my top 30 characters! Could not be more pleased with the choice. :) Thank you Angel and thank you EM.

Not a character I like, BUT an insanely detailed character that will attract more buyers. Also an inevitable choice so why not now than later? Basically, I don't want him, but I already had a spot reserved for him on my shelf by Longshot and Spiral.

My suggestion is to make the legs detachable, set his chair on a clear base, and basically you only have to worry about the scorpion tail for breakage. ;) You're welcome.

...will bring in more collectors. I do NOT want Giant-Man. But he will sell.

I'm against redos. I'm against size-changers. At the very least, please remove the rubble, as I'm against that too. And Pym is one of my Top 10 favorite comic book characters as well, so its not for a lack of love!

Anyway, 2 Megas that I'm not thrilled with, but agree will help prolong the collection, so I'll buy them... *angry face*

Or Blastaar or Hulkling are my most wanted regular Specials. I'm not sure where Madame Web fits in, but her as well. I'm assuming Lockjaw is a Mega? If not, I want him very badly.

Giant-Man, again:
Between Stature and Giant-Man, I want Stature so much more. I'd prefer her as a Regular though, but if you're all gung-ho on a female size changer, I'd prefer a new character (Cassie Lang.)

Or do a mix of both.
A Mega of Wasp in HER classic look, with Giant-Man on HER shoulder. :D

Kal Brindle said...

I am SO glad you're reviewing Shaman's pose - no offense, but I wasn't a fan of what was initially proposed. So thank you. I'd have love for EM to find a way to make the levitating pose work, but would happily take him casting a spell or reaching into his medicine bag or both.

I'm delighted to hear that Giant Man is being considered - well past due (IMO) and what's more it settles the size-changer debate once and for all. I may buy two and customize one as well unless you offer us a variant option. Better still would be a Goliath variant option.

I'm all for Stature making it too one day. The Young Avengers rock.

I'd love to see Atlas and Bill Foster make it through too!

Mojo is going to be really tricky and there will be delays, so while I think confirming him as one the working list is a good idea, I'm not so sure about committing to having him in this year's specials running order. (Just my two cents).

I'd also like to see a standard sized special come out and I think Hulkling is your best bet for attracting new collectors as newvies can start the team with him and then get Wiccan soon after.

Angel - congratulations on Constrictor - a great choice! Nice one amigo.

tinodragon14 said...

Since THE COBRA was not the C choice I once more ask for strong consideration of a COBRA & MR. HYDE two-pack.

Gremlin said...

Personally I would leave Mojo till the back end of 2012 or sometime into 2013. We have had a slew of x-specials so pushing him back would help break things up a bit. Plus he is going to be expensive no doubt about it. You are going to need to put a regular sized special either side of him to help people pay for him.

Don't get me wrong, I really want him and think he could be a fantastic figure......lets delay hima bit and look at some cheaper guys first.

It's a shame Marvel doesn't have many special sized women. Obviosuly there is Madame webb but I get the feeling when Dan mentioned this point he was thinking more along the lines of sexier women. The only possible one I can think of is Thundra but I really don't think she is special sized. Ok so she is tall but if you can include Hela in the regular lineup with hr head-dress and cape then sure as hell Thundra can easily be done.

As i mentioned before the next regular special should be someone like Attuma. Or maybe Wendigo.

Remember guys this collection is going to run till at least mid-2013. there are still lots more special slots to fill.

Banshee said...

John I'm confused by your comment. Cassie Lang is Stature??

LarryS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hiperion said...

Constrictor is a nice addition, a villain who as confronted so many heroes and teams. Plus I love his design.

About the Specials... Mojo isn't a big want of mine, but it could be a spectacular looking fig. Giant-Man is not for me, I'm fine with Yellowjacket. But if it helps to get sales boosted it's Ok.

I'm glad to see so many comments about Terrax and Titanium Man. They are long overdue.

The Mad Thinker said...

how about mankiller also known as amazon as a female special ?

SinisterVenom said...

I too really want Titanium Man in the collection! I think it is his time for sure!
But Stature? Sorry, but I don't have a clue who she is. She just reminds me of a female Henry Pym. If that's the case, I'd rather get her later on if we had to. If you want a female special (I do) then let's get Madame Web. She would look awesome in her chair! Please, please, please let her be the first female special?

navaho said...

Cannot imagine people are considering Stature over Giant Man......unbelievable. They're not even in the same league, by a long shot.

Also would it be possible to put an Avengers villain in amongst the rubble Giant Man is stepping over. I think that would look awesome!

Thanks again for Constrictor, over the happy.

Right, off to bed now.

One-of-Three said...

I completely support the inclusion of Stature over Giant Man. I'd buy her for sure.

Honestly, The Young Avengers are soaring in popularity especially since the start of Children's Crusade and more people are picking up The Young Avengers.

Besides, Cassie Lang is incredibly like-able and amazingly well written. And honestly no one likes Hank Pym, founding avenger or not he's just incredibly dis-likable. Honestly Stature has more importance than he does in the Marvel Universe currently. Plus he's already been done. lol

Colossus said...

Dan, if sales have to come into play here, have you guys considered asking for suggestions or more proactive input from Marvel? I'm assuming everything has to be first approved by them, but what about asking them if there is anyone that they're trying to push, thinks is relevant or notices is actually selling right now and is not already in the collection?

I'm completely oblivious to the details that go into character selection outside the forum choice and competition (which are both great ideas), and the fact that you guys are willing to listen to your fanbase for ideas is wonderful. Unfortunately, you guys do run into the issue of not knowing how similar vocal fans are to the entire possible market. I'm just wondering if maybe a combination of what you guys are doing now with a little guidance from Marvel would help the collection from stagnating.

LAWay said...

I am glad the majority agree Giant-Man is the way forward.

Big name, popular character, will boost sales with general Marvel collectors and CMFC collector's alike.

Stature is nowhere near as marketable. I love Young Avengers, but I ain't deluded.

Thudra as a regular special? If She-Hulk and Sif can be regulars, so can Thundra.

If you want to start going down the YA route, throw in Hulkling. Makes the most sense while Wiccan is already confirmed, and would be quite different from most recent specials.

LAWay said...

Colossus makes a fair point.

Sales are down so you say on specials alone?

Have most of the specials been voted in, or majority approved by the forum votes?

Maybe its a sign the poll doesnt work. They like to vote but not buy? Most people seem like they havent picked up a comic in at least 20 years, and yet despise the major marvel characters for being in every comic title they dont read. (not directed at the forum members, just people who voted and then express their opinions)

While Marvel may have ideas, the answer is obvious. The odd variant. Forbidden Planet and collectible magazines and websites will have a field day with announcements of cool new figurines of the best selling characters. They wont however get excited about characters that are not as mainstream.

Then again, maybe I'm wrong. But there is probably reasons why we see the same characters being made as statues and busts worth hundreds of pounds/dollars, and the same characters produced as action figures.

mtravis390 said...

Constrictor is a pretty good choice. I'll be happy to add him to my collection. Not as happy as if it was the Beyonder, but still happy.

So does this mean Giant Man is going to be a mega size character?

I think Talisman would look better if he was reaching in his bag to get something. I'm not to keen on the pose that Dan posted.

John said...

"I completely support the inclusion of Stature over Giant Man. I'd buy her for sure."

Let me back this up and say I agree. I want Stature (or Bill Foster, Atlas, or O'Grady's Ant-Man) over a repeat character 1,000 times over. This is me personally, and I say this again as someone who ranks Pym in his Top 10 favorite characters.

I don't want redos, and I worry for future redos after Giant-Man. I don't even want size-changers as Megas to begin with.

HOWEVER, I think most collectors will agree that if it helps continue the collection, it may be worth it. Its still iffy, as you don't advertise so only the main collectors are going to know about it anyway, and honestly... this may be the first figurine I skip. Just like you have so many adamant fans for Howard the Duck, many others refuse to buy him. A size-changing redo is exactly the same.

My suggestion, is if you want to really change it up... rather than looking to all the old characters and dipping into the pool SO much, look at current trends. EM doesn't really cater to the Modern market at all (let's face it,) and is always more dipped in nostalgia. You want new subscribers? Hook new readers.

Someone said Rockslide and Anole. I can get Giant-Man from any other statue line, but you don't see a lot of these fan favorite characters. They'll actually turn heads. Or I say again, Rocket Raccoon will be playable in a MAJOR video game soon. They're looking into a Gaurdians of the Galaxy movie. Make Rocket/Groot.

The Thor movie came out and half a year later we get Odin. Marvel vs Capcom comes out and a year later we get MODOK. There's no Destroyer, Whiplash, Warriors Three. Time this stuff so even casual buyers will know the B characters we're down to.

And like was said by someone else, just ask Marvel what's selling, what characters are popular, and most importantly, who they're going to be pushing soon. Dracula would have been a GREAT pick... a year ago, He was only announced when Marvel was really pushing him. And now?

One-of-Three said...

"You want new subscribers? Hook new readers."

This a million times over. I can't possible agree with this more. Marvel is currently re-numbering the X-Men series, making it possible for new readers to easily jump right in. A lot of the characters currently in the collection haven't seen the light of day in a current comic in ages.

Hope Summers is a VERY important character in the X-Men universe and she has her own series. Why on earth doesn't she have a figure while she's getting so much spot-light? Two of major X-Men events in past three years have been about Hope, yet there is absolutely no mention to her on the forums or blog. This only proves my my point that the -some- of the more vocal subscribers don't read comics anymore or know what's current.

There's so much tied to her and so much back story to her she can fill a magazine easily. Maybe even twice.

Another thing: It's really foolish to say that newer characters like Nico are a terrible inclusion. They're currently filming a Runaway's movie (with a pretty good writer). Having Nico Minoru in the collection is actually REALLY good considering there will be new Marvels fans who will be turned on to The Runaways and Marvel comics in general. If you want to catch the Runaways high, you're going to have to release more Runaways now (by the time they come out the movie should be out.)

Honestly, Dan, stop looking backward for new characters who just vanish, and start looking toward the new age characters. They're the ones in current comic books, they're the ones who are going to attract new readers to the Marvel Figurine Collection.

John said...

"Honestly, Dan, stop looking backward for new characters who just vanish, and start looking toward the new age characters. They're the ones in current comic books, they're the ones who are going to attract new readers to the Marvel Figurine Collection."


LarryS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LarryS said...


Excellent points, well made.

Agree with everything you say.

EXCEPT when you say that Hope has not previously been mentioned in the blogs.

Back on 17 June, I submitted my "A to Z" of modern characters - the best since 2000 - for consideration for the next extension of two. And, yessir, Hope Summers made the list!

Here is what I proposed...

- Agent X
 (NB, the following week, I was persuaded by one of the other bloggers that someone like Armor would've been a better choice)
- Bloodstone (Elsa)

- Caiera the Oldstrong

- Daken

- Echo (hmmm, may strictly pre-date 2000?)

- Fantomex

- Gravity

- Hope (I would have picked Hood, but I figure he'll get selected for the collection soon anyway)

- Iron Lad

- Jewel (she's the more important character, though I figure Jackpot would make a more fun figurine)
Kid Omega

- Lady Deadpool

- Mr Negative

- Nocturne

- Old Lace (from Runaways)

- Patriot

Queen (yes, there really was a character called Queen. It took me a while to track down. No relation to Freddie - Mercury)

- Reptil

- Sin (ok, first appeared way back, but has only come to prominence in recent years, central to both Death of Captain America and now the mega-crossover-event Fear Itself)

- Typeface

- Ultragirl

- Veil

- Wiccan

- Xavin

- Yorkes (Gertrude)
- Z lister (got too tired by this point!)

Still a tad disappointed that out of the 20 characters announced for the extension, only one (Wiccan) met the criteria for this list. Guys, pick up some of modern stuff - Marvel is now engaged in its most frenetic burst of sustained innovation and rampant imagination since the '60s.

One-of-Three said...


Quentin Quire? Whatever.

My girls put him down, and honestly it bugs me that he's popping up again in comics. I've always hated him. >=(

Also, another newer character I would love to see is Cosmo from Guardians Of The Galaxy. He's not important enough yet, but he'll be a rising star.

Blurred View said...

So close. I was hoping for Crossbones, but Constrictor is a cool choice too. So far every competition winner has picked a character I'm rather happy about.

Not a big Mojo fan. ...Okay, I really hate the whole Mojoverse. But still, Mojo is a good call. We have Spiral. We have Longshot. At this point, Mojo is a must. I'm sure he'll look awesome too. I would like to see these more expensive specials spaced out a little more with regular priced ones, though.

Giant Man really doesn't thrill me at all. I'd be much more interested in seeing Stature or Atlas if we're looking at getting a size-changer made as a special. I get the idea of trying to lure in those who aren't already collecting, but I don't see a Hank Pym variant doing that. Sure, he's well known. I wouldn't say his fanbase is huge and rabid, though. In fact, I would say his fanbase are the kind of fans who already collect. The CMFC has been kind of nice to Pym already. We have him as Yellowjacket and really as Ant-Man too (yeah, I know it's technically Scott Lang but a lot of people supported that look to get him as Pym). I don't really see a third Pym fig drawing in new people. I have to agree with those saying the real untapped fanbase here are the more recent fans of the past decade or so who don't really see many of the characters they currently enjoy in the collection much. I'd say you would have a better shot at grabbing their attention with the likes of Stature, Atlas, Skaar or Rockslide.

Whatever happened to Lockjaw anyway? It seemed like he was all but confirmed about a year ago when we were being asked if we'd like to see him paired with someone like Luna or Maximus. But since then it seems like his name hasn't come up again in regard to specials being considered.

Suzene said...

Gotta put in another 'meh' for the Shaman pose. Very generic mystic, not terribly interesting. Some alternate suggestions/inspirations:

sergiogf said...

Hi Dan,

Special Sales... I know it's difficult to find the right way.

I would like to see as specials famous covers of the Marvel's history. I understand someones are extremely difficult or impossible to make it but what about famous covers as Uncanny X-Men 136, 137, 141, 251 or Giant Size 1. I think they're great moments, aesthetically pleasent art, very interesting for a lot of people and a new niche market.

I'm sure people on this blog or in the forum can say avengers, spiderman or daredevil' famous covers. I prefer, of course, mutatn covers :-)

Instead of dioramas I'd rather prefer famous covers.

Sire-bd said...

Thank you very much Angel for your excellent choice with Constrictor !

For me Mojo: NO - Giant Man: YES and Terrax: YES !!!

Robert said...

I just love it when I hear that Marvel need to entice new collectors (or readers).

First priority should be keeping your existing fans, surely?

TheTooN said...

Loving Constrictor thanks Angel !


I still think some of you are missing the whole point of Dans post.

Special sales are not as good as projected/required.

Giant Man will sell by the bucket load to new and old customers and more importantly to casual buyers.

Casual buyers dont give a rats ass about 'character development' and think an 'arc' is what Noah keeps his animals in ;)

This is the difference between 'real fans' and casual fans. EM and the CMFC cannot survive forever with just 'real fans'

If Nico Minoru (for example)looks like a good figurine she will sell 'some' copies on her looks alone. I honestly dont see many casual buyers picking her up and oooohhing and ahhhing that she has 'grown' so much in the last 3 months I simply have to have her. sheeesh :P

Its time to get some more money in the coffers or all you MOJO fans might never see him.

Food for thought guys.

I also think Marvel (Disney) wouldnt want to advertise a product that could 'potentially' steal sales from its all conquering Marvel Universe 3.75 line. (which I love and also buy 100%)

look what they did to Marvel UK !

I obviously dont speak for EM but to me Dan wants suggestions on increasing sales 'WITHOUT' spending more money.

Giant Man - With or without the rubble will sell sell sell.

I dont mind either way and I am also up for as many redo'/alternates/Dioramas as EM can see profit in producing.

I love Marvel but I'm not 'into' comics so I guess look at things differently.

Look on Giant Man (or whatever makes some money) as a means to an end for MOJO or any of the other less well known characters that you all want so much.


CGJ said...

I honestly dont see many casual buyers picking her up and oooohhing and ahhhing that she has 'grown' so much in the last 3 months I simply have to have her. sheeesh :P

I love you Toonie.

Just want you to know that.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

,,Maybe its a sign the poll doesnt work. They like to vote but not buy?"
What? We vote for character we want to have and buy. EM just doesn't sell those specials in other countries. In Poland since the begin of CMFC we still don't have Megaspecials and Double Packs. From current we want Saquatch & Pack, Blob, and big specials as Odin and MODOK.

How to earn money? Like someone said keep the momentum. Since 2000 year we have Marvel movie every year. Confirm characters who are popular at the moment, and they will sell good as hot buns. Make a mix between movie and top polls characters for each extensions. Confirm Callisto, when we still remember X3. Confirm Blacklash because of IronMan 2. Confirm Phantom Rider when we still have GR movie in out memories. As for newer movies: Thor - give us Destroyer as special; Cap America - confirm Arnim Zola; First Class (glad you confirmed Shaw). Future movies: GR2 - confirm Blackout, Wolverine - confirm Silver Samurai, Ant-Man - then give us GiantMan special not now. Also give us some modern characters if you want new buyers, we will have Runaways, GOTG movie - so you can confirm Rocket & Groot double pack for 2013.

LarryS said...

... and advertise great product (say, the Odin special - available on ebay for the past two weeks) in places where the cost to EM is nil (say, the homepage of this site, still leading with Sauron).

Some at EM might think it radical and daring to promote stuff you've created. To me, it's common sense

SinisterVenom said...

There are loads of characters from films we don't have yet. X-Men 3 had Callisto. Punisher War Zone had Jigsaw. Iron Man 2 had Whiplash. Incredible Hulk had General Ross (we could get him or Red Hulk). And Thor has The Warriors Three and Destroyer.
There's a few other characters too but not names as big as these.

The Mad Thinker said...

For me it's all about the costume and character , I couldn't give two hoots about it being the same person underneath.

Someone said stick wasp on giant man's shoulder , but then that would mean 3 wasps in the collection.
Who actually cares as long as we get cool looking figurines in this collection ?

lots of people would like ronin and Goliath but we already have hawkeye in the collection.
So they are all Clint Barton , I don't care , I want all 3 versions of him.

Some people like General Ross while others would prefer Red Hulk (Rulk)
Why not have General Ross standing in front of Rulk on the same base , like I suggested with Ursa Major.

The Dc collection showed the Atom in standard size and in shrunken form on the same base.
We could have got the same but as a mega special of Giant man and Ant man on the same base.

The Hood said...

Dan suggested a cheaper special between the two proposed this week, how about Terrax, Arnim Zola, Frankenstein's Monster or of course Howard The Duck, I mean because of his size he couldnt be too expensive.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Yup I forgot about Jigsaw. Only Punisher from all most important MKs still doesn't have his villain in this collection. Also he's in TOP20 in 201-220 poll. Jigsaw is must have for 201-200 extension.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Sorry 201-220 extension, I thought he will be in 181-200.

Mr J said...

Mojo is a must and he's the special the majority want. Pick Mojo.

None of the other characters you've mentioned interest me. I'm still wanting Warpath as a special too.

LarryS said...

... on the subject of MK arch-enemies who have transitioned to the silver screen, but not yet to the Collection, there's one more to add to the list. None other than Mr Deacon "Top of the food chain" Frost!

michal9402 said...

I'm an x-men fan but I'm not really intersed in Mojo. Gigant Man? I don't see any reason for another Henry Pym. I'd like more Stature.
Congrats for Angel. Constrictor is not my favorite but I understand you like him.
Shaman pose is ok.
Still wait for Moonstone or Mirage.

BobDiamond said...

The possibility of a Giant-Man special is the best news I've heard on here for a long time. It puts the 'Classic' back into 'The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection'. As Jean Luc would say 'EM, make it so..'!

Mojo...don't mind this idea, he'd certainly make a stand-out figure, and reminds me of the Arthur Adams period in The X-Men when I was still buying it back in the day.

And Constrictor as the comp choice...not bad at all. This guy has a lot of history, and really became a a character to care for in the late Initiative series. Him and Diamondback made a sweet couple.

Now EM, what about that 'Killraven, Recorder, Bloodstone' 3-Pack you promised us??? :)


Saturn Lad said...

Bring on the MOJO!!!! Now we have Spiral and Longshot It's time for MOJO. As others have stated he's the most wanted special.

Shatterstar next extension would be brilliant as well.

I would like to see WARPATH in 2012 as well.

lipstick said...

I will pass on Constrictor and Giant man. I don't like as characters.

LAWay said...

Dan asked how to make specials more appealing and thus sell more.

Since the beginning of the collection, it has been established that specials DO NOT have to be a new character. We bought the spiderman on the wall, we bought the black spiderman on a wall, we bought movie iron man, as I am sure non collectors of this collection did.

Would a GiantMan sell? Absolutely. As I said before, GiantMan as a large special has been done before in other lines, and has sold well. The same characters get produced as statues for good reason, because they sell.

In a comicbook shop, who is going to sell more? A GiantMan mega special in the display window, or a mega special of Stature? I believe nostalgia wins every time. Because she is new, she hasnt got a classic look where everyone will instantly know her. GiantMan does. He would catch people's eyes, and then they would be drawn to the collection.

Stature would only pull in fans of Young Avengers, while GiantMan would pull in any fan of Marvel. He is an iconic character. Not saying everyone will buy him, but as an attention grabber, it would work alot better.

At the end of the day, we are talking a classic marvel character. I still dont understand why collectors dont want to see more of the most popular and classic marvel characters. This isnt just Yellow Jacket. This is a Mega Special GiantMan. As others have said, you could include Wasp as well. Not many figurines could offer the same.

We are at the point where people are obviously not buying the specials. This may not just be the 'casual buyer', but deeper than that. This problem could rest with YOU. The very people reading this, commenting, voting etc. If you have not been buying recent specials, then the blame comes down to you as to why EM wants to make a drastic change in how they approach this.

We are at the stage where characters are hit or miss, and will divide people. With specials being expensive, collectors choose more carefully on who they splash their money on, whether they like or know anything about the character. Casual buyers looking from the outside, as we get characters more niche, it distances the CMFC product from those fans. It is already daunting enough reach the 200s for any fan to join the collection, but the characters appearing nowadays are not as classic, iconic or popular enough to grab them.

A GiantMan mega special is a great start. It doesnt open the floodgates for redos. This is for specials only, which, has been done before, but admittedly, badly. This would make the most of a character making them a special. EM would probably gain more exposure and sell more to casual buyers to people who know GiantMan than they would with say LockJaw.

Of course only EM know the figures of who has been selling and want specials has been disappointing. Maybe they should state which have been disappointing in sales, and we can explain what we thought about the character, and why some collector's didnt buy them. But this would be a step in the right direction.

LarryS said...

Reviewing the comments, I'd say the Stature versus Giant Man supporters are divided almost exactly 50 / 50.

What a tricky dilemma we've posed for Rich and Dan to resolve... It's almost worthy of Arcade!

LAWay said...

^as lipstick shows as an excellent example.

Doesnt like the characters, wont buy.

With collectors like this, EM dont have reliable income. They cant rely on the decision of the fans when characters and decisions nowadays are so marmite. (you either love it or hate it)

If a character is going to sell, make that character. If the figures substantially show a decline from the a certain period of the collection, it shows you what fans want who maybe dont collect this product anymore and why they quit, or are just not interested.

EM are forcing people to accept characters that they dont know about, and sometimes, not even the sculpt is enough to win the buyer over. This will simple continue and get worse as we trail the marvel archive looking for characters. Collectors may be passionate about niche characters, but people will be just as adamant of not buying because they dont know the character and grow even more distant to the direction EM are going.

Honestly, more fans will drop out rather than be picked up. the characters are not big enough for shoppers to be intrigued. they are not big enough for current collectors as it is. once collectors get the characters they want, you get the impression from their comments that they will up and leave then.

Lets face it, 200 is a huge number of magazines and figurines. As someone stated, Marvel and DC have resorted to renumbering and going back to #1 to get new fans who felt daunted by joining a comic into the hundreds of issues.

EM could do the same from 201 onwards and renumber. They could make a big fuss about the numbering with a special #1. Of course, it wont work by just having the characters that EM are currently producing, or have lined up. it would have to featured marvel big guns.

Open big with a variant. An Ultimate version of a character. A movie version of a character. A variant Captain America etc. Something big to ger them in at issue #1, then continue with the characters in the extension line-up, dropping in the odd variant, maybe as a special.

The new numbering would maybe draw in new fans, and because they havent collected before, mean you can reintroduce previous characters done before as they havent read about them yet. Not saying rehashing the same stuff, but characters like Ronin.

LAWay said...

lol LarryS stop talking bull and count.

Looking at the comments, its about 70/30 in favour of Giant man.

I counted around 25-30 comments in favour of giant-man.

around 15 against. and that was against in principle, and not simply stating Stature as preferred.

So 70% so far WANT Giant Man.

30% dont. around 15-20% mentioned Stature.

So, its not 50/50. It isnt a Stature bandwagon rolling.

It is a Giant-Man 70% majority towering over any other decision. Take note Dan.

LAWay said...

...i'm just getting started. ;)

TheTooN said...

The cries for alternatives to EM's suggestion of Giant Man have me banging my head.

Giant Man (to me at least)is a kind of cry for help.

Atlas and Stature are both worthy but what chance do they have if specials are canned altogether due to poor returns ?

If Stature or Atlas could sell 60-80 thousand units then surely Giant Man would sell 150k+

Giant Man alone could fund some of the years REAL FANS wants.

Wake up and smell the coffee guys and gals. Accept that things may not continue as they have in the past.

LAWay said...

Exactly Toon.

The bigger picture is saving the collection and seeing it last longer.

Although some people would be stubborn and not buy a Giant Man Mega Special out of principle that he was done before as yellow jacket 3 years ago.

This isnt an action figure line that sees the same characters in the same costumes 2-3 times a year. How can people seriously complain? End of the day, its marvel, its seeing the characters as great figurines...thats what we signed up for.

lipstick said...

''I fully support the inclusion of Stature over Giant Man!''
Or maybe a cheaper special Hulking. I really really love Young Avengers.

''Someone said Rockslide and Anole. I can get Giant-Man from any other statue line, but you don't see a lot of these fan favorite characters. They'll actually turn heads.''
I totally agree.

"Honestly, Dan, stop looking backward for new characters who just vanish, and start looking toward the new age characters. They're the ones in current comic books, they're the ones who are going to attract new readers to the Marvel Figurine Collection."

As for the pose o Shaman. I like it. Is good enough.

Shatterstar must be in the next extension.

I wait a preview of Mirage and Wolfsbane (what about her costoume?)

pirate adam said...

what a crock!!!

pirate adam said...

word verification....i kid you not and it couldn't be more appropriate


i say no more, im goin to play Gears 3 with Ted


tomaszkasjaniuk said...

,,If Stature or Atlas could sell 60-80 thousand units then surely Giant Man would sell 150k+"
I don't think so, maybe after Ant-Man movie, but not now.

Wendigo isn't regular size special. He's nearly the same size as Sasquatch, so he will be expensive too. Terrax and Warpath for specials after twins.

Shatterstar should be soon, but I don't see him in next extension. There will be Sunspot and Warlock as male x-heroes.

Apolo said...


BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

The fact that the CMFC has reached number 200, and continues with this numeration, is not daunting and does not put anyone off. The opposite is true: it gives you the excitation and reassurance that you are collecting the best Marvel and potentially most complete collection ever. When I discovered the CMFC, it had already reached number 121. When I saw that it included 120 characters before, and was set to cover plenty more, I decided it was a dream come true and I was instantly hooked. I'd never be interested in a series where you get only 20 or 50 or who knows what. The CMFC's most atrractive selling point is precisely that it's so vast and is intent on a mission to explore all areas of the Marvel Universe. The fact that it covers more and more interesting characters, old and new, and many that were never before made as sculpt... all this is its greatness and beauty.

In fact, I think EM should start running reprints from number one in parallel with the current CMFC. This would attract more and more collectors, knowing that they can get all these amazing characters and achieve the dream of owning the most complete Marvel figurine collection. The current CMFC has so many awesome characters left to cover, I want it to run up to 500.

And that's my view, folks.

LAWay said...

"Honestly, Dan, stop looking backward for new characters who just vanish, and start looking toward the new age characters. They're the ones in current comic books, they're the ones who are going to attract new readers to the Marvel Figurine Collection."

Take a look again. Who are also in current comic books. Spiderman, the xmen, captain america, iron man, thor...and most look different from what we seen in the collection, and have many different looks too. Who are the biggest sellers? Who has the most fans?

While EM does need to reflect modern marvel more, that doesnt mean they are popular. The Runaway movies was mentioned, which has been put on the shelf for the time being, while Ghost Rider, ridiculously, gets a sequel. Why, because their is an audience for it, and no matter how rubbish, it will sell.

200+ issues.
Priced at £5.99.
I dunno. If I didnt collect these things and I saw I had to pay around £1200 just to play catch up, I would think again.

However, I see a new Bucky Captain America rebranded #1 at £2.99, here, have my money. Oh, you do subscription? What, you did a collection reaching 200 before? Well, I would certainly like to buy some of those characters, and hey, maybe this collection will be as cool.

Just label it as volumes, or golden age of EM, silver age, bronze age, whatever.

John said...

"GOTG movie - so you can confirm Rocket & Groot double pack for 2013."

Here, here! :D

''I fully support the inclusion of Stature over Giant Man!''

That should make the count easier. As I said, Giant-Man would sell and help the collection, but I personally don't want the figurine to be made. I want it to be made to help the collection. I don't want it to be made for what it will do to the collection.

Like I was saying about the movies coming out and how figs should coincide with movie releases (i.e. Destroyer, Warriors Three should have been out the same month as Thor.) And that MODOK reeeally should have come out with Marvel vs Capcom, and Rocket should be out with Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom... Lets look at the actual comic books as well...

I said earlier how Dracula was announced at the height of his modern comic... awareness. Vampires were going to be big in X-Men, they were bringing back Dracula, and everyone was talking about it. Well now they're not. Marvel must have planned the event out very early on, and EM should have asked if there were any big characters to look for.

Fear Itself, big cross-over event. Even if you didn't read it, or read it and didn't like it, or whatever, you can't ignore that it was EVERYWHERE. That's what an event does. The Serpent should have been a Special released at the same time. Look around. There is NO other merchandise. He would have stood out and people would have noticed the collection. Same with Chaos War, or ANY OTHER CROSS-OVER EVENT. Marvel plans these things early, stay in contact, and release Specials accordingly.

EM... Silver Samurai really should come out the same time as the new Wolverine movie. Time Nico with the Runaways movie, not before or after. If a big Marvel game is about to come out, see what characters are in it that we don't have yet, and get it out at the same time as the release. Just communicate with Marvel.

LarryS said...
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LarryS said...

LAWay -

You asked me to count, so that's what I did.

Since Dan opened the debate at 20:24 yesterday, until our exchange this afternoon, I counted:

- Nine preferences for Giant Man (Gremlin, Robert, mgf, tinodragon, BlakeNewman, navaho, TooN, BobDiamond and you)

- Nine preferences for Stature (Holy Wolf, CBR Beast, jombob, John, One Of Three, Blurred View, michael9402, lipstick and me)

- One supporter of both (Kal Brindle)

- One person who welcomes Giant Man, but without expressing whether or not this is in preference to Stature (Jacadoo)

- One person who seemed genuinely open-minded (Dan)

I can't guarantee this is 100% correct, since it was quite rushed (I have other things to do!), so I'm sure I'll have missed out one or two. And some of the blogs had an element of ambiguity. But, as I said, a reasonably even split for EM to digest.

If fandom wants a more sophisticated count, perhaps it's one for the Forum...?

lipstick said...

So, the next extension must include at least 2 new mutants and 2 x-factor members. And for the second, Shatterstar and Monet are the most populars.

Kal Brindle said...

I just want there to be another extension. After what happened to the DC fans earlier this year and now Dan's talk of failing specials all I want to hear is we have another extension.

Once we get confirmation of that, then I'll start lobbying for charcaters, but at the moment I'm nervous about the whole shooting match.

LAWay said...


When you commented:

"Is there a Stature bandwagon a-rolling a-rolling...?"

6 people had approved of Stature including yourself. 12 people were against Giant-Man. 21 were for, disproving your 50/50 argument.

Since then, going through all the posts and being picky...

Giant-Man Against - 17
Alexocks, max_0888, sergiogf, The7thCynic, bethrezen, tomaszkasjaniuk,
Sage, SinisterVenom, LarryS, CBR Beast, Banshee, John, Hiperion,
One-of-Three, Blurred View, michal9402, Lipstick
(anyone stating they were against or indifferent to him here)

Giant-Man For - 26
Holy Wolf, CGJ, Gremlin, LAWay, kissynose, Paibok, James, The Hood,
jarvis69, The Mad Thinker, Gunzilla, jimbob, Thor8, Robert, mgf, Jacadoo
mighty_marvel, navaho, BLAKENEWMAN2002, tinodragon14, Kal Brindle
navaho, Sire-bd, TheToon, BobDiamond, Apolo
(Only people stated they would have him)

Stature - 10
LarryS, Holy Wolf, CBR Beast, jimbob, John, Kal Brindle, One-of-Three, Blurred View, michal9402, Lipstick
(anyone mentioning the would like Stature...not instead of, just people who actually want her)

Took ages going through the comments and theres the results.

Want Giant-Man - 60.4%
Against - 39.5%
Those who want Stature - 23.2%

There we go. Giant-Man is in. ;)

Robert said...


Finally managed into FP to buy the All-Father, who I have just placed between Thor and Loki. He looks quite majestic and imposing. Surprisingly, he's not as over-sized as he appeared in the sneak-peak photos. All-in-all, very happy with him and a well done to everyone involved in his selection and production.

Warriors Three to be started in the next extension, if we get one!

P.S. Not sure how valid the idea of tie-ins to movies are. Films have little impact on comicbook sales so not sure how much of a boost, if any, they would have on sales of little lead figures. Moreover, I may be misremembering, but didn't the movie Iron Man figure bomb?

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

The CMFC can definitely run for many more years. There are so many interesting characters to cover, and that I love, I often wish it could run weekly instead of every 14 days!

Here you can see the
according to a poll recently run by the superherofigurine forum.

While I'm sure we all have a different set of personal Top 40, this should give a good idea of the many exciting CMFC extensions we can expect to see. It's just the tip of the iceberg. Long live the CMFC.

lipstick said...

OK, everyone can see that the Giant Man wasn't a very good choice.
But with Mojo, almost everyone is happy.
We need one other special, instead of Giant Man, to make almost all of us happy.
There are to many others. Maybe Strong Guy or Huliking or Stature or Warpath or...

TheTooN said...

For the love of mike !!

Listen to EM and use your noggin !!

Robert said...

"OK, everyone can see that the Giant Man wasn't a very good choice. ... We need one other special, instead of Giant Man, to make almost all of us happy."

Huh? Seems like quite a few liked him and were quite keen.

As for everyone being happy with Mojo, well, I'll not be buying him. Nor would I buy Strong Guy, Hulking, Stature or Warpath.

JinxDealer said...

i would buy GIANT MAN... & not just because i buy 100% but im all for variants, alter ego's, same person represented as a different character etc etc

Robert said...

And, adding to Leigh's list, Jinx makes 27.

Yep, "everyone" can see that he "wasn't a good choice".

sed tallis said...


Robert said...

And once we get the variants taboo out of the way, we can finally get folk like Bucky in this collection, too.

LAWay said...

"OK, everyone can see that the Giant Man wasn't a very good choice. "

lol did you even read what I wrote? The MAJORITY of people WANT Giant-Man.

EM WANT to make a special that is POPULAR.


"Films have little impact on comicbook sales so not sure how much of a boost, if any, they would have on sales of little lead figures."

Actually they do Robert. When most films have come out, the comicbooks have shot to number 1 in the bestsellers list. Thats why nowadays there are so many tie-ins involving the character when a movie comes out, because its like free advertising for the comic and they sell.

Movie Iron-Man was just a horrible sculpt and horrible pose. Had he not been in a stupid pose, it could have looked decent.

Robert said...

Ah, Ted, it warms the cockles of my heart to see you on here again.


I cry at weddings and when they show Disney films, too...

JinxDealer said...

i have to agree the iron-man special was turd, theirs bigger bulkier regulars & it just looks.. strange on a special base

Robert said...

Are you sure, Leigh? I can't remember where, yet I am sure I read several articles over the years saying exactly the opposite. Memory is bad, admittedly, but still still positive I have read that.

Assuming you are right, that leaves the rather obvious question: why is the comic industry selling a fraction of what it used to, even as recently as the '90s, when we have had a regular diet of big budget Marvel films to 'sell' the characters like never before?

Word verification is "buggr"!

sed tallis said...

Five minutes into my Gears o War 3 session with PA, i realised i was a wee bit thirsty so i nipped along to Tesco fer some teabags and biiscuits, i met auld Maureen just as i got back to my street, she's affy hard to get away from if ye engage in conversation, Onyhoo, we both decided Gypsy creams were the best biscuit wi a cuppa. So back home i got only to find the following message on ma telly " you have been removed from this session for failing to participate" FAILING TAE PARTICIPATE?????????
I had made a lovely pot of tea and had bought ennuf Gypsy creams for Adam,Baroni8 and myself.
Well hell mend yeas, i'm watching the Scotland game an am gan tae scoff every last Gypsy.Humf!!

TheTooN said...

Nice to see you Ted :)

Look forward to your 'ten bob' on recent revelations.

Thats 25 2p's for the younguns.

Cos he's worth it :P

LAWay said...

Comics are still seen as a dirty, geeky thing. People only buy the movie related comics, but they dont stay as avid comic readers I guess.

Iron Man was on the slide until the movie news came out and he was then pushed into the forefront of Marvel. Ultimate spiderman was helped by the release of the spiderman movie being released and that was always a big seller. There were dozens of Cap tie-ins, but admittedly I dont know how they went, and things like KickAss, scott pilgrim, sin city, 300 and Watchmen went on the bestsellers list of books...not just comicbooks, when the films were released.

Digital age nowadays, people read scanned versions of comics uploaded by others, or are just not into comicbooks as much, so maybe thats why the decline. But when a big movie comes out, the comics industry usually make a push on that character, or if a film is based off a graphic novel, the thing flies off the selves.

LAWay said...

I'm still playing thru Gears of War 2...

Robert said...

Guess we would need to see the sales figures to be sure, Leigh. Are there any comic shop owners who post here who can offer some insight...?

Oh, Ted, my brother subscribes to the school of thought that the perfect biscuit for a cuppa is a Bourbon.

CGJ said...

Best biscuit with a cuppa is a chocolate Hob Nob and I will entertain no argument.

Bought Dark Souls this morning and am waiting for family to desert the X Factor box so I can crack on

Archangelsr said...

Comics are taking a dive due to them all being pirated on the net and people being able to download them. Whats the point if you cant have them in hand i dont know.

Any way Giant man yes please. Rumble i dont know if its needed if hes a mega as it may make him look to big next to galactus etc due to it. Although as a diorama peice to sell to one off buyers yeah possibly.

Constrictor is a good addition i was hoping for paladin my self but ahhh well.

max_0888 said...

I really don,t want characters to repeat themselves. I'm buying the whole collection beside Rooftop spidey, movie Iron man and variants. What I like about this collection is the great diversity and anyone who are still collecting after Balder, Destiny and Blackheart are probably in for the long haul imo...I still feel like a completist cause I own all 157 figurines out in Canada (except for Blade, Mystique, Medusa, Nick Fury and Lizard...damn they are hard to find hehe...i'll get them eventually for sure, just when my LCS store finally receive them) so me not buying movie Iron man is just that, it doesnt fit with the way I see the collection (I know it's just my opinion, but it's why I collect this)

But, at the same time Dan said the latest specials haven't sold that well. I just think their are so many great characters special size yet to be made. I want Strong guy, Mojo, Lockjaw, Hulkling, Ch'od, Atlas, Terrax, Skurge, Volstagg, Warpath, Brood drone...and so many more.

With few spots a year I really don't want them to put Giant-man in.

BUT, I do agree that it's better to have Giant-man and Archangel to keep the specials going so that will get us characters like Mojo and Strong guy.

As long as they keep doing mostly new characters specials a year, I guess I will be ok with a few re-dos eventually.

I'm just thrilled Mojo is finally in talks.

max_0888 said...

So that mean I would prefer Stature to Giant-man. Not because I prefer Cassie Lang to Hank Pym. Not at all. But because she's a character that has not been made yet. (and I do like her)

But I don't think that not having Giant man means having Stature. There are a lot more specials id prefer than her. Heck she could be in the regular line-up. I don't necessary need her towering over the other characters.

SinisterVenom said...

I'm not against Giant Man at all! I was just saying I'd rather see some characters before him that's all. If he gets in, I will still pay for him!
I will admit I'm not keen on the idea of Stature though.

Archangelsr said...

@ max

Mate i have about 6 blade figures if your needing one sure i could dig out the others as well.

max_0888 said...

hey Archangel that's awesome of you. Thanks But Kal Brindle just informed me that Diamond are taking back orders on all previous figurines! That rocks!
I'm going to try that out first. I really hope they will be able to get the last 5! I can't wait to finally have them all.

LAWay said...

Sorry SV, I was only counting those who gave definitive answers. Even better to hear you are for him.
So that makes it:

64% FOR Giant-Man

I see redos this way as boosting the sales.

How many people will buy Radian, Gamesmaster and Vanguard?

How many people would buy WW2 Bucky, Captain America Bucky, Jim Lee Cyclops, Original Wolverine?

Collectors would sit on the fence with both types of characters. The differences is the latter selection are more likely to be sold to shops and websites and picked up by casual buyers, thus getting new people to know about the collection.

And with these type of characters, they still have depth to visit other costumes too to keep being able to pick up that audience and get people excited rather than just pleasing the hardcore existing customers.

I dont drink tea or coffee, but I am partial to a ginger nut biscuit and a mug of milk.

LarryS said...

OK, I'm now bored with this whole Giant Man v Stature debate, so I'm checking out for the rest of the week. But since LA Way is so keen on percentages, here are a handful to reflect upon...

The period Jan 2000 to Oct 2011 have provided:

- 23% of the elapsed months since FF no. 1
- Over 30% of Marvel comics published since FF no. 1
- Only 2.16% of figurine collection (that's 5 out of the 231 made or announced including specials and double packs).

So, we fans of the recent continuity and innovation are feeling a little overlooked and taken for granted.

Stature would have only made the weighting 6 out of 232 (=2.5%). Hardly a massive rebalancing towards the modern era. Simply a gentle and modest nod to the fact that the interest of some fans lies in this direction.

Right, that's me done for this week. I'm off to earn a living...

sed tallis said...

Dan i have returned in your time of need ( only for a cameo appearance)
so you herberts on the forum can calm doon,
Dan you silly, yet gorgeous little sausage, the answer to your dilema was already provided by your goodself...i gazed upon your Shaman sketch and i realised BONGO! you have drawn him in a Simpsons stylee you sly dog you, just imagine how cool a subset would look in a Simpsons style, Matt Groeanpig loves Marvel, I saw Brother Voodoo in a Simpson style it was fantastic...i think he was called brother Boogie ..but any who you catch my drift, A Marvel/Simpson collaboration on Specials would be a huge money spinner.....i just ate a big red candle

LAWay said...

LarryS, no idea what you are talking about mate.

But you got your 'facts' wrong once, so I dunno what to think anyway.

And I for one have been petitioning for the Young Avengers for ages. So this isn't a personal hatred of Stature. I'm just proving people wrong who think the majority don't want the likes of Giant-Man.

CGJ said...

Larry, in the sixties, Marvel survived on one X title and Wolverine hadn't been born yet, now they have 14 X titles, 6 Wolverine spin offs, 8 Avengers titles, 5 Captain America titles, three Hulk titles plus numerous Spidey titles, Ultimate spin offs, mini series, Stephen King, Anita Blake, Wizard of Oz, Punisher etc etc etc

It's no wonder that the overall % of comics released in Marvel's history is weighted more to now, they are flooding the market with tat.

Quantity doesn't necessarily equate to quality

The Mad Thinker said...


Thor8 said...

CGJ is absolutely right. Marvel(and DC for that matter) have flooded the market with so many comic book titles you can't tell head from tails any longer. There was a time when comics had a genuine thrill to them,the stories were great the continuity was rock solid,and the characters were so 'real' and unique. Now you get one mega story after the other,each promising to change the MU like never before and conning you into buying half of their titles in order to get the full story,which in the end turns out to be another mayor letdown.

Thor8 said...

Dan: You asked for radical ideas that might boost the sales on your 'SPECIAL' figurines,well how about this:

A six figurine set of the original Avengers (Thor,Hulk,Iron Man,Wasp,Ant Man,and Cap)each on an interlocking base with one letter of the name MARVEL that when locked together make a giant standard base. You could have Thor on one end raising his hammer Ala Beta Ray and Cap at the other end raising his shield. In the middle you could have Iron Man in his golden armor Wasp in original costume with a clear peg(and wings) flying,Hulk with his purple shorts,and Ant Man summoning his ants.They would of course be each sold separately till you complete the set.

The same could be done with the original X-Men (Cyclops,Beast,Marvel Girl,Angel,Ice Man,and Prof X)They could be done in their original uniforms. Beast would be in his human form,Ice Man looking more snowy,and Angel could be place in the Middle with his wings semi spread out Ala Annihilus.

What do you think? (Well you did ask for radical ideas).

Thor8 said...

Oh I forgot to say: Congrats once more to Angel,and I think your choice was a very good one.

To the blogger who said Giant-Man is a character that has vanished into the past should pick up a couple of copies of Avengers Academy,one of the best written Marvel titles of the present,and with Giant-Man at the helm.

Giant-Man has not vanished into the past,he just shrinks down to Ant size.

LAWay said...

I approve of Thor8's subsets.

Thor8 said...

Thanks LAWay!

John said...

Robert: "P.S. Not sure how valid the idea of tie-ins to movies are"

Robert, when I say tie-in with a movie, I mean release the 616 Destroyer at the same time the Movie Destroyer is seen by an audience. I don't want characters based on the movie versions. I'm saying casual buyers will know the characters from mass media things and thus increase the chance of sales.

"64% FOR Giant-Man

That's just about the Gamora poll, so I guess that means no Giant-Man, right? ;)

As for Stature, I don't want her as a Special. I do really want her as a Regular figure though. My point is that I don't actually want ANY size-changer made as a size-changer. We have too many big characters to make that have no other way to make it.

However, if I had to choose between Giant-Man or Stature as a Special, of course I'm going to choose Stature. She a new character! And one I love any way. No redos!

I would much rather try to shift the debate away from either locking in Giant-Man or debating Stature in place of... and look for some OTHER ideas. Its not going to go over well on here, because most blog members have a mean hard-on for nostalgia. BUT, if Dan wants a drastic change take a look at your character selection;

As I've said before, we don't cater to any current readers of comics. We really only provide to the "Classic" fans. The same people vote in polls, post on the blog or forum... of course the results are always going to show the same characters. These are not new ideas from new collectors.

Rockslide and Anole, Rocket and Groot, Hope, the Hood, Jewel, Crossbones, Jackal, Lady Deadpool, Vindicator, these are all characters that are big RIGHT NOW. In the spotlight. Free advertising. In collectors' faces and that's who they're more likely to want.

Not even every one on that list has to be a post-2000 character. Just pick characters that are actualy being USED. Swordsman, Thunderbird, Nomad, Prowler, Man-Wolf, Beetle pre-Mach armor, these characters haven't been seen in a looong time and of course a current or casual reader/buyer isn't going to know who it is. I'm even naming characters I like, I'm just sayin'.

Bottom line, if you want new collectors, look at what's relevant. Who's in books right NOW? Who's in the spotlight (either by book, movie or game.)

Plus, then you also get the added bonus of some characters having no other merchandise so of COURSE their fans will come to you. (You hold all of the Runaways merchandise to the best of my knowledge. Even if many current collectors don't like the character, you'll surely hook Runaways fans into the main line with her.)

Bagman said...

@Sed Tallis,
Great idea a Marvel/Simpsons mash-up subset, there has to be some pics of that on the net somewhere i 've seen some of the Marvel/Disney mash-ups --- sacrilege i know but amusing at the same time.
Congrats to Angel on the Constrictor pick.

LarryS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LarryS said...


Re your 23:41 post. We were measuring different things from different times. Not surprising we came up with different results.

We obviously share a passion, but we've never met. So I'm not sure what I've done to be on the receiving end of unprovoked, sustained, vitriolic sarcasm.

If I've done something to offend, I apologise publicly. If you want to exchange bile, I can sneer with the best of 'em, but frankly I'm not interested.

Now, I'm off back to work.

TheTooN said...

Hopefully you have both slept on it and will be bright eyed and bushy tailed today :)

I do like Thor's ideas but am sure its being done right now both by Hasbro 3.75 and another larger resin collection I saw in a TRU last time in the US. Those sets spelled Marvel or Avengers and had all the big hitters. Sure they were around $20 each and look very nice.

Heres an example on Ebay now.

Hasbro are repacking/repainting 3.75 characters that come with a light up interconnecting display.

Again the big hitters are present and prices are $20 each.

Might have been interested if they were new figures but repaints are far too easy to ignore. Just a tax on 100% collectors imo.

Anyway its not been done in lead to the best of my knowledge and could be very nice.

jimbob said...

Giant Man might sell in multiples for those who would want to customise him in his veriant costumes.

I do feel that we need the big hitters back into the collection or EM just need to Market themselves better.

Seeing the lesser known characters in the shops isn't going to attract any new collectors.

Robert said...

Okay, John. I get where you are coming from. Not having sales figures, etc. to hand, I have no idea what impact the films have on sales of comicbooks and other merchandise. Maybe the articles I read in the past were mistaken. I have to admit I took them at face value and didn't try and check.

Also, CGJ and Thor8 are spot on about market saturation. When I started you had one Avengers title, one FF title, one Thor comic, etc. There were admittedly three Spidey comics, although one of those was a reprint title (Amazing, Marvel Team-Up and Marvel Tales) - and Spectacular followed soon afterwards in '76. And, of course, everything was on volume 1 and re-numbering was a crime that had yet to be invented. It was easy to follow characters, in fact following practically the whole Marvel line was possible. Now I struggle to know what's going on and that's off-putting for both newbies and diehards.

jimbob said...

Re-boot this collection??

I think EM need to go into the FP shops and see how they display these figurines.Some have them stacked out on the shelves nicely and others have them in a box you have to pull out and search for what you want.

Maybe EM could provide the comic shops with a display stand for the magazines, that way they won't be hidden away.

Robert said...

In Glasgow, you have to be related to Stilt-Man to get at the figures...

SinisterVenom said...

You guys are lucky! I never see any issues on sale over here anymore! They disappeared after about 20 issues.
But it looks like EM may be listening to us anyway. The CMFC main site is now updated with Odin now being advertized. Also they are showing figures 166-170 now (Magik, Beetle, Shanna, Forge, Wizard).

Word verification is 'guess'.

Robert said...

Actually, I should mention that there are CMFC figures displayed in the window of Glasgow's FP. The shelf they are on is close to 7 feet up, mind you. (That's still lower than the shelf inside that back issues of the CMFC are on!)

As I recall, the figures in Edinburgh are displayed at an easily accessible height. Would be interesting to know if there is much of a difference in the sales between these two stores...

jimbob said...

FP Bristol and Manchester has a amazing display of the collection in their store,contrasting that with FP Cardiff that puts them in the box you have to pull it out and search through to look for those issues.Surely they are not going too sell many like that!

I notice that WHSmith has stopped selling them,maybe because it is down to the lesser known characters for them.

Comic Guru I think does well on selling this collection.

Maybe EM need to focus on online selling that's how most company's are surviving these days.Get their Website updated and let us buy on there without hassel.

bethrezen said...

I prefer Stature than Giant-Man.

Becquerel said...

By the by, after re-reading Annihilation, I'll be heavily pushing for Stardust as the next Herald. :D

lipstick said...

Am I the only one who see the people have a problem with Giant Man..?

John said...

Lipstick, no you're not. Those that want the figurine, their point is that the majority do, and the prospect of new collectors would add to that/balance out.

But for me... make a subset outside the main line, and you can do whatever you want, because it doesn't effect the main line. BN had 2 Sinestros. A Marvel Subset could include A-listers and a Special sized Giant-Man, and I'd be okay with it, because I wouldn't be buying it anyway AND wouldn't feel there's a gap in the collection.

"In Glasgow, you have to be related to Stilt-Man to get at the figures..."


Victor said...

I prefer Giant-Man than Stature.

John said...

I'm curious about this:
Stature is a bad example, especially on here, where most people dislike modern characters.

Looking at your own preference, not for the contunued sales of Specials, etc. etc.... if EM were to make a size-changer, would you prefer Giant-Man or get a new character like Atlas, Goliath (Foster,) or Stature? (Did I miss anyone? Ant-Man III usually shrinks, so...)

John said...

Also, Artificial Idiot posted this on the forum and I think it was a great post:

"Have to say, this is what I've been thinking over the past couple of days. DC already tried this with Batman on a bike, and even though we don't know the sales figures on that - It seems they've never tried anything like it again since. One could say that was down to fan backlash, but surely if it had been a roaring sales success we'd have seen more like that in future? And that was Batman, their flagship character. If a redo of Batman can't pull in the numbers, I'm sceptical if a redo of Hank Pym would do any better."

Robert said...

John's idea of a separate release for the regular fortnightly releases and variants makes the most sense. For those who want only new characters, they are unaffected. Those that want variants also get what they want. It's probably going to financially stretch collectors that want both, though, and let's face it, we're all feeling the pinch right now. Still, it seems the best compromise.

CGJ said...

Shaman 61
Stingray 56
Wolfsbane 54
Silver Samurai 51
Sage 37
White Tiger (Hector Alaya) 36
Grey Gargoyle 31
Star-Lord 26
Warlock 26
Sunspot 24
Whirlwind 24
US Agent 23
Baron Mordo 22
Constrictor 20
Count Nefaria 20
High Evolutionary 20
Selene 20
Corsair 19
Mantis 19
Dust 18

The results of the recent most wanted poll. Not many post2000 characters in there to my knowledge.

So why the need for a seperate line for redos to fit modern 'popular' characters into the main line up? It doesn't look like they are that popular anyway, we get a false perspective on their popularity because the few that do want them are the most vocal.

And repetitive.

John, you are asking for the inclusion of recent characters and the continued success of the collection and yet when EM are admitting to have to shake things up to generate sales, you say that you are not going to buy it. I'll have to buy Nico Minoru as much as it pains me, we're all in this together.

JinxDealer said...

@ BECQUEREL, nice choice :)

John said...

"So why the need for a seperate line for redos to fit modern 'popular' characters into the main line up?"

Easy. Like I said before, they don't show very high on the polls because they've been voted by the same collectors who are already buying it. "Shaking things up" means looking at potential groups NOT currently buying the collection. Best place to start? Those that are currently in the shops where the figs are sold. Why are they there in the first place? To pick up new issues of comics.

And I didn't ask for post-2000 characters. I asked for characters currently being used. Who's in the spotlight right now? Who's Marvel talking about, promoting right now? These are the guys casual fans will know.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

If we talk about Redos, I'm interested only in Archangel, not just different costumes for characters we already have.

Nova for next Herald!

BLAKENEWMAN2002 your TOP40 is from before confirming Costrictor, there are a lot of new votes.

LAWay said...


My apologies for any offence. I merely saw your comments not reflecting the facts, and when I saw that what you were saying was not matching up with what was going on, in my eyes, simply to sway EM's decision when reading these comments that no one was interested in Giant-Man and the majority supported Stature, well I had to call you up on it.

I just wanted the facts out there for EM to see, thats all.

sed tallis said...

"Have to say, this is what I've been thinking over the past couple of days. DC already tried this with Batman on a bike"
EM are planning on doing Giant Man on a bike????? EXCELLENT!!

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Specials packaged as a

I think EM should revamp the marketing concept for specials. One possible way: create specials that work as subsets dedicated to major Marvel events so if a buyer buys one special, then they're likely to buy the other ones. For example, 4 specials dedicated to the Four Horsemen of Age of Apocalypse, one every 2 months. They would look amazing, and the attraction is in knowing you'll end up with an awesome four-piece subset. The magazine would be also titled Age of Apocalypse. This is just an example. You could also have a subset of four specials dedicated to more current sagas, like Fear Itself.

jimbob said...

But DC is different to MARVEL collection wise.

Marvel goes on costume veriants than DC.

I feel there are more MARVEL merchandise out there than DC.

sed tallis said...

"Have to say, this is what I've been thinking over the past couple of days. DC already tried this with Batman on a bike,
Is it too late to put Nico Molestu on a space hopper?

sed tallis said...

Molecule Man on a Segway?

sed tallis said...

Princess Python on a pedalo.Artyfecal Idyot is on to something big........

Robert said...

Silver Samurai on a Sinclair C5?

sed tallis said...

Blaastar on the 4.30 fae Motherwell

sed tallis said...

Volstag on the Orient Express.....we're cooking wi gas noo Dan.

sed tallis said...

Anti Venom on a Raleigh Chopper.

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