Tuesday, 4 October 2011

aaaaaaand the winner iiiiiiiis......

The winner has been selected at random, and was contacted. We are waiting for a reply, so if you're reading this Angel from Spain check your e-mail!!!!

Commiserations to all those who entered but were unsuccessful. We had well over 300 entries. We used a random number generator to select the winner.

The CMFC Warrior was composed of 14 figurines:

Bon soir.


TheTooN said...

Congratulations Angel :)

Blog Master Dan said...

or should that be buena noche?

Gremlin said...

Congratulations Angel. Now comes the very hard task of picking the right characetr....cough AIM agent cough

Banshee said...

Well done Angel. I can't wait to hear your selection :-)

Hiperion said...
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Hiperion said...

Technically, it would be "Buenas noches" Dan :D

I'm so glad a spanish guy has won. I'm from Spain, maybe I even know him from some forum.

I can't wait to know his choice. I hope he's a New Warriors lover :D

Robert said...

Congratulations, Angel!

If you're stuck for ideas, I'm sure there will be plenty of folk available to give you suggestions! ;)

mighty_marvel said...

congrats to angel. hope we hear the selection soon. and that the pick is someone even more controversial than nico :)

didn't enter myself but nice to know i got all the characters right in the frankenfig. even if it wasn't overly difficult

Anonymous said...

Congratulations... Hope you choose Spider Girl :D

The Mad Thinker said...


Looking forward to the big reveal now

Who will we get ?

Enjoy the rest of your week guys and girls.

Becquerel said...

Congrats, Angel! :)
Very curious about your choice.

buffduffdan said...

Congratulations Angel!

I hope you make a great choice :)

LarryS said...

EM, Suggest you give him 24 hours to respond. If still radio silence, then (as with the raffle at my local fair) angel forfeits and it goes to a fresh draw.

Thor8 said...

Una sincera felicitacion para Angel,espero que disfrute su victoria y que su seleccion sea acogida por los demas con agrado.

navaho said...

Congratulations Angel, if you're stuck can you please pick one of the Warriors 3, Hogun the Grim is my personal favourite. Also if you're looking for someone a little Hispanic, either The White Tiger or Tarantula will suffice nicely. Good luck anyway, and buenos tardes señor/señora.

Bagman said...
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Bagman said...

Congratulations Angel, well done. Looking forward to see who you pick.

max_0888 said...

COngrats to Angel! :)

I really cannot wait to hear who you will choose.

John said...

Above all else, I hope its a Cosmic pick!

SinisterVenom said...

Congratulations Angel! Looking forward to seeing the character you choose! I'm sure everyone else is too so no pressure ;)

LAWay said...

Well done Angel you jammy git.

Hope he got the email. What happens if he doesnt respond? Does he have a time limit? (lol - the desperation as I claw at the keyboard typing this)

So who have been the winners altogether so far?

Ken said...

Yea congrats Angel...gosh darn it, I really wanted to win! I would have picked Darkhawk, Heimdall, Nightmare or Darkstar...

BobDiamond said...

Well Done Angel!
All the best in your choice making!


Ken said...

Yea congrats Angel...gosh darn it, I really wanted to win! I would have picked Darkhawk, Heimdall, Nightmare or Darkstar...

JinxDealer said...

thanks ARCHANGEL thats a huge help, im really gratefull thanks for your help & expertise. congrats to angel.. although i cant remember seing him on here, is he a regular on here?

Dan The Man said...

We'll have to give him at least 2 weeks (as he may be on holiday?), I'm sure he'll get back to us asap. But of course, if he doesn't we'll have to randomly pick another name :)

Becquerel said...

I think the next extension should be made out of 20 competition winners, just to annoy LAWay! :D

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Congratulations Angel!
You're one lucky collector.

I'm sure you have some characters in mind, but if you are looking for ideas for visually outstanding figurines, please feel free to have a look at these possible


These would make very special figurines which would increase the variety and visual beauty of the CMFC. Hope you agree. But congrats again, whatever your choice. Very happy for you.

Miguel Angel Caldera said...
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Miguel Angel Caldera said...

Hi, I'm Miguel ANGEL, from Spain. Don't know if I'm the winner, because I have NOT the "golden mail". Please Dan, if you read it, could you send the mail to the winner again? Maybe I'm not the winner, but if the winner is named Angel from Spain (My name is Miguel Angel) from 300 entries I think I can be...
Sorry for my English...

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

Ay Caramba!!
Sorry i no reply, I play thee golf in Amereeca. This better than winning US Open, I chose Blodstone, Ay Caramba, etc etc
Miguel Angel Himeminez. the Spanish Golfer who chose Bloodstone.......Ay Caramba.

TheTooN said...

LOL Ted, DP or is it Dan ?

Very funny whoever ;)

Becquerel said...

I think it's Ted. :P

LarryS said...

Angel, I'm thrilled you've made such a fantastic selection. Great choice!

My only question... Have you chosen Bloodstone pops or daughter...?

Or should it be a twin pacck?!?

LarryS said...

It may be a hoax but I think it's a great choice so let's stick with it. Well done Ted

AngelMan said...

Hi, I'm Angel
thanks to all
I've just chosen. He or She is a villain and his name starts with "c".
are you able to guess who is?


Chewit said...

I sure hope its Constrictor or Crossbones !!

Paibok said...

or Cobra

Banshee said...

Could be Callisto??

bethrezen said...

I hope that this is Crossbones

Paibok said...

or Count Nefaria

lipstick said...

Kαμιά μαλακία θα διαλέξει ο Angel...

max_0888 said...


I want to know !! hehe I would love Crossbones in the collection

LAWay said...

lol probably another fake account folks.

Created in October 2011?

haha, I think every post I make would involve a rant (rather than every other).

Sage said...

I hope it's Callisto.

The Mad Thinker said...

I hope it's a Serpent society character

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Callisto or Carrion would be great.

CGJ said...


Sire-bd said...

Congratulation Angel !

Three names only to choose well:

Cobra, Constrictor and Carrion !

buffduffdan said...

Here's hoping for Constrictor!! ;)

Becquerel said...

Could it be ... the Chaos God Shuma-Gorath? *false hopes*

Anonymous said...

It's Cassandra Nova! ;)

mighty_marvel said...

constrictor, crossbones or count nefaria would all be good choices

Robert said...

Classic Drax?

Thor8 said...

I don't buy that tale about it being a villian who's name starts with the letter 'c'. Like LAWay pointed out,this account was opened on October 2011. And Dan said the winner was ANGEL not Angelman.

Oh Dan you said there was over 30 entries,where all of tem correct?

Thor8 said...

Darn typo. I meant over 300.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Callisto should be chosen as Angel's villain.

SinisterVenom said...

If it's true that the character we're getting does indeed begin with the letter c then my top wants would be Crossbones, Callisto and Count Nefaria.
The suspense is killing me! :P

TheTooN said...

I think its real post and hope Angel picks from Constrictor, Count Nefaria and Crossbones.

Looking forward to EM's confirmation.

Thor8 said...

If the info is genuine,then I'd like the villain to be,Count Nefaria,Collector,or Constrictor.

Next specials I'd like to see announce are;

1) Mangog
2) The Destroyer (overdue IMO)
3) Super Adaptoid
4) Dragon Man
5) Giant-Man (Pym)

LarryS said...

Yes, Fake, Agreed.

Dan - why are you allowing two weeks for the real Angel (if he exists) to respond before re-opening the competition? In case he's on holiday, you say...? Who goes away for two straight weeks in October without any email or internet access, and doesn't check this site even though he's entered the most important contest of the year.

No wonder the Spanish economy is on the slide if people are taking two weeks hols in mid-October!!

tinodragon14 said...

There are four villains that there seems to be some question about whether they are Specials are not : ATTUMA
All four are really big bad guys.
If they did a Mega Hank Pym I like him better in his GOLIATH outfit with the Wasp on his shoulder again.
VOLSTAAG (Though I wish they would consider a Warrior Three Pack}
Pity they could not do the good guy original GOLIATH (Hank Pym) & BLACK GOLIATH (Bill Foster)
& the bad guy GOLIATH ( Erik Josten) who started out as POWERMAN & later became ATLAS.

LarryS said...

I suppose Collector would be very symbolic, given this is, after all, the figurine Collection. As collectors of the collection, we could all collectively feel we had a stake in the selection. If you catch my drift.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Villain started with ,,C"? Just choose Cortez.
,,Thought to be royalty from Spain, Fabian Cortez organizes the original Acolytes."
Cortez Fabian would be perfect choice from Spanish guy.

Dan The Man said...

AngelMan is indeed the winner and his choice does indeed start with a C. (I'm glad he replied so quickly as 2 weeks would of been a painfully long wait!)

I'll reveal who makes the last spot on Friday!

Also we have only just been asked by the powers that be to choose the next 2 specials (Myself and Richard have looked at the poll list of specials and also considered other reasons for our choices - on friday I will reveal who the 2 possible choices might be - We would be very interested in your opinions.

See you on SPECIALS friday!

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Great to hear it Dan. Finally news about next specials, can You tell us at Friday will we have 6 special next year?

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Next special:
ATTUMA please!

mighty_marvel said...

terrax and atlas please.

hopefully the choice will be one of constrictor, count nefaria or crossbones. all fine choices. but sadly will leave the comp pick without that other c it has so far been linked with - controversy ;)

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Terrax for March.
Warpath in May with Thunderbird release please.

bethrezen said...

Strong guy or Warpatch Please!

Banshee said...

Yes Dan!!! Specials time!!! I really really would love you to confirm Lockjaw and Mojo but I could see the trouble you'd have with the latter, which makes me think he'll never be made. SIGH!!! But you have the power to shatter my doubts Dan :-)


John said...

Dan, any chance one of those Specials can be a 2-pack like Sasquatch and Puck? Groot would be an amazing sculpt, but you can't have him without Rocket Raccoon.

It also solves the problem of wanting to add Rocket, but the higher ups possibly not allowing him due to his.. animal-ness.

Now get this for reasoning; Marvel is currently thinking about a Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Rocket and Groot are getting an Additional buddy story backup in an upcoming Annihilators mini. Both are fan favorite of a fan favorite comic. And MAJOR points: Rocket Raccoon will soon be playable in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Groot by himself won't sell, but I guarantee he will paired with Rocket. Rocket's not much lead to begin with (like Puck) so its a small investment for a huge increase in sales. A small Groot will make GotG fans angry.


Groot and Rocket Raccoon! :D

John said...

I'd really like some Cosmics in general though. Blastaar, Terrax, Lockjaw. These are all guaranteed safe bets.

If you want to go more risky but cool; Eternity or Ego. ;)

Another safe bet... due to the tie in. Get working on Madame Web so it can be out with the Spidey movie.

Banshee said...

I can't see a two-pack happening again soon because the Northstar/Aurora one isn't out till next year. Groot and Rocket would be epic though!! I'm guessing well get two regular specials confirmed.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Terrax - March
Warpath - May
Madame Web - July
IMO perfect 3 next specials.

kissynose said...

This would be a great time to throw Power Pack in as a special.

Paibok said...


Seeing how good Odin is another Asgardian please. SKURGE THE EXECUTIONER, needs to be standing alongside the Enchantress soon. He is fairing well in the specials poll - Dan you know it makes sense.

My other choice would be LOCKJAW. The pooch is the heart of the Inhuman family.

Sage said...

Hopefully Warpath and Mojo are both in with a shot.

Mojo is the top most wanted special according to the poll on the SHFF and Warpath has been wanted for years now.

mighty_marvel said...

madame web in july would be awesome.

terrax in march and atlas in may

Saturn Lad said...


Been waiting on him for ages and now were getting Thunderbird it's the prefect time to get him.

WARPATH for 1 of the 2 announcements.

buffduffdan said...

For those curious, the top 30 specials on the CMFC poll after 147 votes are:

Mojo 54
Terrax 40
Strong Guy 38
Lockjaw 37
Warpath 36
Atlas 33
Wendigo 29
Giant-Man (Hank Pym) 21
Shadow King 20
Skurge The Executioner 20
Black Goliath/Goliath (Bill Foster) 17
Ch'od 17
Titanium Man 17
Destroyer 15
Hulkling 15
Madame Web 15
Rockslide 15
Blastaar 13
Dragon Man 13
Eternity 12
Brood Drone 11
Thundra 11
Groot 10
Volstagg 10
Mr Hyde 9
Onslaught 9
Box 7
Nimrod 7
Stature 7
Surtur 7

LAWay said...

Hmmm...if 'C' is correct, I would love Constrictor or Crossbones.

Could even be Controller.

I have a feeling it will be more obscure though, like Corrupter.

SPECIALS - Really, i aint too bothered by them, or perhaps I just need to be inspired or confirmed as to who classifies as a special nowadays because of height.

I would love a giant Atlas, or Madame Webb, but can see why they shouldnt be done.

Would love a Doppleganger, but not enough material.

Strong Guy would be good for X-Factor completists. Onslaught? I dunno.

Becquerel said...

I'm heavily in favor of Terrax, Lockjaw (to finally complete the royal Inhuman family), or Ch'od.
Can't have enough Cosmics.

LarryS said...

Odin lives! Picked him up earlier today at FP London. So, even though the CMFC homepage still makes out Sauron's the most current special, the all-father is 100pc confirmed in circulation...

LarryS said...

A special of Arishem the Celestial would be awesome.

Power, presence, authority, magnificence, and Jack-Kirby-at-his-most-outrageously-inspired-from-head-to-heels.

Victor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SinisterVenom said...

So the choice does bewgin with c...you know it could even be Chase Stein of the Runaways! Lol.
Speaking of the Runaways, I was thinking (no offense to MM and his choice by the way) about how Nico Minoru will look kinda out of place compared to the rest of the collection. While personally the Runaways aren't really anywhere near top of my wants list, perhaps we should get at least one or two more to make Nico look like she fits in somewhere.
As for specials, my top two choices would be Onslaught and Madame Web.
Onslaught has been a powerful opponent in the MU and it took a lot of heroes and villains to bring him down. He has returned a few times so there is plenty of material to write about him and you can't deny he would make an outstanding figurine!
Madame Web is a favourite of mine and she would look much better in her chair, thus marking her down as a special. Without it, she wouldn't look right. And yes, with the new Spidey movie next year it would be a nice coincidence (even though she's not in the film but still!).
I would be happy if Mojo got in too. I think now that we have Spiral and Longshot, it would make sense to bring him in.
Also Robert, did you see the post on my blog I made for you? Something to look out for ;)
Well off to bed now, when I wake up, I'm off to get Blackheart, finally! I'n really excited! I'll let you know the details in my Figurine Inspection later on! :)

SinisterVenom said...

Wow, bad spelling on my post! Must be tired!
Word verification is screme. Save it for Halloween!

John said...

We've just had so many X-Specials lately, I hope they're not X-Men... I mean, eventually we are going to need Strong Guy and Mojo and others that complete certain areas, but for now and for a while, us non-X-fans have been overwhelmed in the Special area. ...that sounded...

I'd almost say Asgardians too, since Odin's a Mega (right?) But at the same time, EM should ride the success of the movies that are being released. Destroyer really should have come out this Summer. I don't know if it'll be in the Avengers in any form, but that or Volstaag seem like logical choices.

I'd still rather have Cosmics (for above mentioned reasons) and/or Madame Web.

Miguel Angel Caldera said...

And what about a third Dr. Strange character as Special? Shuma-Gorath would be a great Special. In all collection we only have 2 Dr.Strange characters in more than 220 figurines (Dormammu and Dr. Strange).
Also, Shuma-Gorath is well known as a playable player at Marvel vs Campcom 2 and 3.
Dr. Strange needs a third character Dan, please, consider this for Friday.
And I really hope another extension, with Baron Mordo, Clea...

ATO said...


Terrax! And Dragon Man.

mighty_marvel said...

While personally the Runaways aren't really anywhere near top of my wants list, perhaps we should get at least one or two more

what a fantastic suggestion. karolina dean and molly hayes would do just fine :D

CGJ said...

Dan mentions new Specials and all the old names come out again - even though Dan has said they wont get in. I am only surprised someone hasn't asked for a Howard the Duck Special.

Lockjaw and terrax would be great or if he wanted to mix it up with some lower down the list then any of Mr Hyde, Dragon Man or Nimrod would do fine

TheTooN said...

Here I go again with my dislike of all things goofy looking.

Mojo, Strong Guy and Lockjaw are big wants for what I would call 'real fans' and I completely understand folks wanting them.

Not sure what the casual buyers and cherry pickers would make of them though.

For me they would all be put out of the way/out of sight. I would still buy them as I like to collect 100%.

Given that it took 3 copies of Foom before I gave in and glued one back together myself rather than repeat the return cycle, Sauron arriving with a claw and wing tip smashed off due to box compression in transit. What hope for something as complex as Mojo ? No thanks EM

Strong guy is just an ugly looking guy, both body shape and head and in a visual collection he's a no thanks.

Lockjaw is a big dog.....nuff said.

Negatives over, looking at the rest of the forums top 10.

Terrax - Yes please.

Warpath - I still feel its a waste of a special and could be in the regular lineup. Use resin ?

Atlas - Mega special

Wendigo - Not yet but yes please.

Giant Man - Mega special

Shadow King - Dont know him at all.

Skurge - Yes Please.

From the next 20 I'm struggling with knowledge to be honest.

Volstagg would be great and I would love a Groot/Rocket 2 pack.

Eternity should be Mega and if the paint budget allowed could be a fantastic piece, maybe the standout.

Thundra should be regular same size as Shulkie.

Blastaar could be good.

Dragon man falls into the goofy looking category for me.

Ch'od could be good and I like Cosmics.

Ravenous ?

Sorry for the long post and I'll get my hard hat ready :P

Becquerel said...

I absolutely agree with what Miguel Angel said. Shuma-Gorath has been in pretty much every Marvel/Capcom crossover that wasn't specifically going with X-Men only.

However, the sad thing is that, although somewhat familiar to gaming fans, Shuma-Gorath is one of the more obscure characters in the Strange-Universe. I can see a Shuma-Gorath special being appealing to gamers getting interested into the collection if it is presented and advertised well enough.
However, speaking in favor of our beloved tentacle monster, he IS the reason that Strange is (or rather was) Sorcerer Supreme and the Ancient One being no more material being, so he made a really big impact on the character's history.

If we can get him and Rocket Raccoon, I would even do a Marvel vs. Capcom 3 display. :D

Becquerel said...

Ravenous is a Cosmic as well. He's been a big part in Annihilation. If you haven't read it, go get and read it RIGHT NOW.
Ravenous'd represent the current Cosmic Marvel pretty good, I spose.

Gremlin said...

Hmmmm....I am torn on the specials.....there are so many I want to see but I do agree with the sentiments that maybe a non- x special would be nice. Or at least if you announce two leave an x-special to the second slot. There are still a lot of areas that need covering and a lot of good characters to get through.

Personally I want some smaller specials just to give my wallet a rest.

That's why someone like Terrax, Wendigo or Atlas would be good.
In fact I am a huge fan of Atlas as the next special. EM have been making great headway on the Thunderbolts and he is an iconic member. I have no issues with him being done as a special because he is mostly seen at a larger size than his team-mates.

If an X-special were to be announced then I would prefer Strong Guy. The 90's X-Factor lineup is missing only him and he also goes a way to completing the modern lineup.

That said I am still holding out for a Brood Drone special. I think they would look fantastic and I think many people such as myself would buy multiple copies.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Wendigo won't be smaller special, he's Sasquatch size. Giving him in the end of next year would be awesome.

jonnystormlive said...


Paibok said...

I think two specials who are easy on the wallet.

Super Adaptoid

jimbob said...

Mojo 54. - not that interested on having him next year, the year after maybe.

Terrax 40 - Would make a good cosmic special.

Strong Guy 38 - Very important to have him for the X-Factor display.

Lockjaw 37 - Though he would have been confirmed by now.That's why I didn't vote for him in the special poll.

Warpath 36 - I want him so bad!!!Brilliant character in the X-Force stories.

Atlas 33 - Complete the THUNDERBOLTS.DC are likely to have Atom Smasher out next year we should compete with that and have our own size changer special.

Wendigo 29 - Would make a cool special but I don't think it's his time yet.

Giant-Man (Hank Pym) 21 - We should have had him at as a mega-special at the beginning of this collection.

Skurge The Executioner 20 - Keep the ASGARDIANS coming.

LAWay said...

Terrax and Blaastar would be awesome too, thanks for the reminder!

We had a recent asgardian, and people complain about x-characters, so these fit into something different category.

As for Shuma-Gorath, when he first appeared in marvel vs capcom, i always thought he was a capcom character. I was shocked to know he was Marvel. A character included in the game because of a distinct look that allowed for a distinct character in a fighting game. That does not mean a great character that everyone wants merchandise of.

tinodragon14 said...

Since ODIN has just come out & the last four specials before him were X-related it is time for:
If the above are done as well as previous Specials I shall buy more then one like I'm doing with ODIN & like I have done with SAURON, THE BLOB, SASQUATCH & PUCK, GALACTUS, THE WATCHER, FIN FANG FOOM, KINGPIN.
There is only one Special I will not buy if they do it & that is mojo one of the silliest concoctions ever from Marvel.

SinisterVenom said...

It's true Mojo is possibly amongst the strangest of characters in the MU but I kinda like that. It shows not everyone in the MU are all serious like say Cyclops for example. I think every needs to have that odd character that's different from the rest. Mojo is a crazy weird looking...thing, Deadpool breaks the fourth wall, Impossible Man...well you get the idea.
I actually would like Shuma-Gorath in the collection! I agree that there isn't a lot of Dr. Strange related characters in the collection so I'm all for it! Though I would prefer if we got Baron Mordo first, he is way overdue!
I also would like to see Titanium Man make it in at some point.

max_0888 said...

My three fave specials not yet made are Mojo, Strong guy and Lockjaw.

Mojo has an awesome visual
Plus with Spiral and Longshot now in, I just don't want the collection to end without having him

Lockjaw is a must for the inhumans.

Strong guy, would finish the 90's Peter David x-factor (Havok, Polaris, Wolfsbane, Madrox and Quicksilver)
Plus, he's my biggest want. X-factor investigation is my fave comic book serie and I really want to add him with Madrox, Siryn, Longshot and Wolfsbane

So all in all I can't wait for friday
(Would be happy with Atlas, Volstagg, Ch'od, Warpath, Dragon man, Hulkling)

TheTooN said...

Max - You say awesome visual I say awful. Surely a marmite character all be it more like him than hate.

And I would give a MOJO figurine less than a 50% chance of surviving transport if all its legs were included in the sculpt.

@Dan - If you guys do decide on MOJO then what do you plan on changing to protect it in transit ?

Also put the prices up and pay the painters a bit more :)

@Max - Wanted to say having finally got Siryn in hand she's a darn good figurine, the cape works, the paint works. Shame about the sausage finger but very impressed overall and much better in hand.

Of the 10 figurines that rolled up yesterday the letdowns were predictably Destiny and Moondragon although Toad and Songbird were soso.

Balder was surprisingly good and looks fine next to Odin. (Sorry Robert)

Odin himself was slightly let down by sloppy paint at the top of his boots. Its like the painter did 95% of him perfectly then went
sod it I cant be arsed. I still love it to bits but its a shame.

What colour paint is used on his leggings Archangel/anyone ?

Saurons paint was perfect and apart from the 2 damaged parts I really like him. Wrecker is great as are Spiral and Siryn.

Overall I'm happy with the batch.

I'm goint to try to fix Sauron but never tried a resin repair before. Is Superglue ok or does resin need something else ? Dont want to melt it :P

Kal Brindle said...

I'd like to see Hulkling, Thundra, Lockjaw, Executioner, Wallop or Goliath (Foster) please.

My most wanted specials however would be a mounted Phantom Rider on Banshee and Box from Alpha Flight.

michal9402 said...

As special I'd like to see Strong Guy or Lokcjaw.

TheTooN said...

@Becquerel - I loved Annihilation but I dont know if Ravenous has enough appearances to warrant inclusion. Its the first time I came across him.

The Collector or the Sphinx would also look great in lead.

max_0888 said...

hey the toon, glad you liked Siryn :)

Hiperion said...

My major Special wants are Terrax, Titanium Man, Atlas and any of the Thor ones. Destroyer, Volstagg, Mangog, Skurge, Ymir, Surtur, Kurse... There are so many still to do!

kissynose said...


It's been mentioned before. Does Eaglemoss keep track of individual figure sales? If so, can you provide some insight on the top 10 or 20 best sellers?


jimbob said...

ATLAS and TERRAX I think should be picked.For a change instead of X-Special.Even tho I wouldn't mind Strong Guy and Warpath.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

TheTooN as I rememebr You have Braddock in X-suit in your avatar at SHFF. And you don't know who is Shadow King, never heard about even Muir Island? You say Mojo and Strong Guy looks goofy, where there a lot of goofy looking characters in Cap Britain history.

Specials for next year:
Twins - January
Terrax - March
Warpath - May
Madame Web - July
Mojo - October
Wendigo - December

Robert said...



'Nuff said.

Jacadoo said...

Well done angel, although I can't remember seeing you on the forum - matters not and I hope you pick who you really want, many of us will never get the opportunity.

For me Magnus, now I'm getting stingray!!!'!!!!!!

Jacadoo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SinisterVenom said...

As promised, here is


This time it is the long awaited Blackheart! Simply AMAZING! This was well worth the wait! The paint job was great (yes I know he is pretty much just black with red eyes but it was still done brilliantly), the pose is spectacular and he looks great next to both Ghost Rider and Mephisto! You won't regret paying money for this character guys, I promise you :)

Word verification is bangs

sergiogf said...

I'd really like Mojo and Wendigo for Specials and for the C character... I hope Callisto has a chance¡

Robert said...

Have to echo SV's comments.

Of all the figurines in this collection, Blackheart more than any other looks as if he stepped right out of the (DD) comic he first appeared in. It looks like John Romita junior sculpted him. Incredible when you consider the size of the little fella.

TheTooN said...

@Thomas - My Avatar is Captain Britain taken straight from the cover of an 80's UK monthly.

I read Marvel for a brief window of maybe 8-10 years from the mid 70's to mid 80's and then only what we could find/afford.

I only started dabbling again a couple of years back when my son was old enough to enjoy Super Hero Squad toys. That got me loving Marvel again hence the CMFC.

So yeah my knowledge is slim, no idea about Shadow King, Muir Island,most of the last 30 years or anything I didnt find as a kid.

I tried to explain earlier that I understand 'real fans' want these goofy looking characters but for casual fans they may not have the same appeal.

I hope my explanation meets your approval :)

I'm here all week :P

Dan The Man said...

Thanks for the specials banter guys - it's all very helpful in our decision.

Yes EM have all the sales figures, But I doubt they would want us to reveal them.

All I can say is they are slightly disappointed in recent sales, so they have asked us to try and boost sales somehow - so that is our main intention with the next two - we need to show EM towers that the specials are profitable!

We're not going to do anything totally radical this time, but there may come a time with future specials, when we have to radically rethink the specials and go for mass market/cherry picker appeal.

Ideas have been discussed that include such crazy things as 2 characters in battle, for instance a Hulk vs Thing or Spidey vs Goblin type scenario. We know this will anger the hardcore collector's, but if such a thing was to boost sales dramatically and keep us going longer it would benefit all of us in the long run. Just food for thought at the moment.

Any IDEAS for radical specials that will appeal to a NEW audience are welcome.

One-of-Three said...

Darn. I was hoping this would be my chance to get The Stepford Cuckoos into the collection. Oh well, perhaps the winner will share my love for the girls.


Anyway, congrats Angel from Spain, I'll be looking forward to whomever you announce!

mgf said...

Lockjaw and Maximus! Yeah, that'll happen...

What about designs based (loosely) on famous covers? That's more likely to appeal to hardcore fans. For example Spidey with his Ditko webwings versus an original Doc Ock. Check out ASM #3, or #11...

(If you really want to feel all warm and cuddly ASM #16 might do the trick.)

Apart from that if some sort of battle scene releases are necessary to keep things ticking along then it'll have to be tried.

Word verification is... "lockjawandmaximus!" What are the chances of that??

Archangelsr said...

@ Toon

I dont have Odin yet he wasnt in my last sub box. Id be glad to pay the same price as non subscribers to get them before them even by a few days. Shall let you know when he arrives.

Specials i like the idea of Attuma for something really diffrent.

If not Blasstar would be my next choice.

Atlas should be a mega or a larger than normal special so cant see us getting him yet although he would almost round out the thunderbolts. Just bring on the fixer

TheTooN said...

I would LOVE to see fight scenes or more action oriented poses from the big hitters.

I would hate to think we wont get another couple of extensions at least but if getting the big names out again helps I'm all for it.

After looking at Roberts 'Team up' display it brought back some great memories. I would go for 2 characters leaping out on a shared base.

mgf said...

It might give an opportunity to revisit some of the classics who have alternate looks. For example, Namor in the green trunks, blue furry Beast.

Banshee said...

I don't like the idea of the two battling characters that we've already got inthe collection, I would have to give these a miss and I'm a subscriber with every single issue. I'd much rather have another double pack or even triple pack like The Warriors Three or Stepford Cuckoos. Maybe something could be done with having them on the same base. I think the Cuckoos would look great all together. I'd even rather have Power Pack than the grappling pair.

The Grim Reaper said...

Dan, several ways to boost sales.

-Get the EM sales portal updated. it took ages to get Sauron on there and Odin hasn't made an appearance yet.

-Make it possible for over-seas buyers to order direct from EM. I know plenty of collectors in the USA who want certain characters but won't pay the extortionate prices that they go for on eBay.

-resolve the Visa Debit card problem.

I often feel that EM make these great figurines, well sculpted, great magazines, fantastic price etc etc but collectors find all sorts of obstacles in the way stopping them actually getting hold of the things so they simply give up.

CGJ said...

I don't like the idea of battling characters Dan, and don't think I would be buying them.

In mentioning this though, I assume that the intent there is to revisit big name characters again to boost sales, I don't think a Strong Guy against Blastaar diarama is going to do the trick somehow!

If there is need to make an impact with a special, a big name that will appeal to casual collectors and not offend (most of) the diehard collectors then I will once again shout out for a Mega Special Giant Man.

An original Avenger, easily recognisable by the casual collector, and classic enough to tempt those who have been away from comics for a while. A mega special size would look dramatic on display too

Some will argue that we have had Hank Pym already but the time has come for drastic measures and to be honest, it should have been Giant Man instead of Yellowjacket anyway.

After that, Original costume XMen in two packs, Cyclops/Jean Grey, Iceman/Beast, Angel/Vanisher. Maybe then to make a comic cover re-creation?

I think there needs to be a balance between getting the big names back out there and making it enough of an event to tempt those that have already bought them once, changing the colours of the underpants won't cut it I dont think.

Robert said...

While I like the idea of scenes based on classic covers (I own the one with Galactus vs Everyone), it's already been tried and didn't last long. The obvious conclusion is that it didn't sell that well.

However, all series - whether statues, play figures, even Mini-Mates - all return to the big hitters and do variants, classic versions, etc. To not do this would mean that the CMFC is COMPLETELY different to every other Marvel line. That doesn't sound plausible at all.

If we're talking scenes, I'd like, for instance, a scene with Tony Stark tinkering over a work bench, surrounded by glass cases with several of his most iconic armours (original, classic, Silver Centurion, stealth). Or Cap and 'Bucky' (Rick Jones) fighting Hydra agents, c. Steranko's run. Each of these would have new elements but still focus on a classic character.

JinxDealer said...

@ GRIM REAPER, exactly you have hit the nail on the head, 100% spot on. also maybe EM should go with their gut instinct instead of all this polling they do.

Gremlin said...

How about doing someone like Red Hulk? I know the whole Thunderbolt Ross/Rulk issue is a bit testy. But in all fairness I am sure there are a hell of a lot of buyers who would get Rulk. Plus you could do a varient on him and paint him green. Many collectors have wanted a bigger Hulk and by doing that you are essentially doing two characters at once.

Action poses I am down for. If it means the collection goes on longer then do it. You could mix it up a bit and have unreleased characters like Wendigo battling characters like Wolverine.

Or how about Archangel. Ok so he has already been released as Angel but he is an iconic character in his own right. He has a lot of fans from his 80's and 90's comics and with his fantastic storyline recenty he has gained a lot more fans.

Another option that I hesitate to mention is maybe drop the number of specials a year. These things are expensive and so many specials a year really does add up. Doing 4 a year instead of 5 would give a nice little breather on the wallets and maybe people wouldn't be forced to skip characters because they cannot afford so many in sucha short time.

JinxDealer said...

i find it strange how the likes of anti-venom & archangel get dismissed yet a battle scene of 2 already done characters get the possible go ahead.. but hey if its whats needed to keep this collection going then i guess i'l buy them. im keen on variants.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Today isn't 1 April, but hope it was just a big joke from You Dan about this ,,2 characters in battle". It would be total lost of time, they would sell worse than the worst CMFC figurine, so please just don't give us ideas like that. Just next most wanted characters, that's what customers want.

John said...

"Any IDEAS for radical specials that will appeal to a NEW audience are welcome."

Personally, I was very impressed by the Sasquatch/Puck pairing, which is why I keep going back to that. It seemed like an incredible visual for a buyer to see, the giant and the dwarf. Very well sculpted and visually different than anything else.

If this was a big seller, then I again urge Rocket Raccoon/Groot be considered. Guardians of the Galaxy have a VERY dedicated fan base, just as Alpha Flight does, but then... Rocket will have the boosted popularity of being a main character in a video game (and likely to get a LOT of attention due to his unique look) AND a Guardians of the Galaxy movie is being discussed (in which case, more popularity, more sales.)

This is only if Puck/Sasquatch was a big seller of course, but it truly is my most wanted... anything, that you guys could do.

If you want to go the safe route, the poll numbers speak for themselves. Terrax has a lot of votes and would be a cheaper Special to produce and likely safer to sell.

Very drastic changes? Well, I'd hate to say this as I'm honestly fully against it, but we all know a Giant-Man Mega would sell well. Current collectors will be made that we already have Pym and/or that we have a size-changer taking a precious Special space. If you're not doing this with current collectors in mind, go for Giant-Man. Pull in new collectors with an A-Lister. Give the older, current fans what they originally wanted.

rob said...


Check out my CMFC Gallery (Canada/West)

Paibok said...

I am not for the fighting poses, but perhaps pulling out variants of the big guns.

There was talk back of a bigger Hulk, well go for it. Or even as Gremlin says have the Red Hulk instead with a green variant. Two popular characters with one stone. A pose like the one I have been tantalised for years on the website.

Ghost Rider on a bike may be another idea, or even better Vengeance on a bike.

Captain America and Bucky in WWII uniforms, Hulkbuster Iron Man, a larger bulked out Venom.

Archangel, the Phoenix Force and strangely it might be worth considering Onslaught.

I think that Hank Pym Giant Man should be done as well, an original Avenger who should have been done as a mega in the first place.

Or to keep those like me who would prefer new characters doublepacks with one marvel superstar and a less popular co star.

i.e. Hulk and Rick Jones, Silver Iron Man and Jarvis, Thor and Frigga, Spiderman and Harry Osborn (Goblin 2), Wolverine and whoever, Bigger Cable and sigh Hope Summers

Paibok said...

Or going by what John is saying, if Sasquatch and Puck sold alright then have another pairing like that with visual appeal. So go with the large section of modern X-fans and go with the big guy / small guy pairing of Rockslide and Anole.

Cheshire Cat said...

What did you mean by: "disappointed in recent sales"
Sales of special size figurines or overall sales?

For me it's like you put great effort and release brilliant fig like Enchantress or Sif but then again you surprise us with poor ones like Moondragon :(

But, OK. Concerning VS special, if it's meant to take place of those we already have - I'm with those guys who are against. However, if you mean to add up just another type of special, with no harm to the status we already have - I say, why not?

I'd love to see Wolverine vs Sabretooth special so EM could finally do justice to these characters.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Exactly, more X-Men = more money for EM.

jimbob said...

Boost sales.


Complete teams!

Pick the right costumes!!!!!!!!!!!

mighty_marvel said...

reducing the number of specials seems a sensible idea. spread out more, more people would be able to afford more of them. it wouldn't be my personal choice but if it kept specials going for longer then it would be worth it.

the only thing that will draw new and casual collectors in is revisiting the big hitters of the MU. i can only really think of hulk, giant man, archangel and possibly hulkbuster iron man that would be special sized though. maybe you could do double-packs of jim lee costumed x-men too.

but please, no rulk unless ross is going to be in the collection too.

Ken said...

@Grim Reaper:

I totally agree! EM should advertise in comic books and magazines for Market exposure!


That sounds like a cool idea! Yea, have classic characters in a different style situated in a diorama like setting...mmm...or throw in vehicles? Such as Natman with his batmobile? Just an idea.

Cheshire Cat said...

GhostRider on his classic bike (Jim Lee used to draw it) - that would rock!

John said...

The true answer is not "If you build it, they will come."

The answer is to advertise. MOST Comic Book fans, I'm sure, don't even know the collection exists. I work in Columbus, Ohio. Last week I drove around to every comic book store I found on Google. Guess how many shops just had figurines out on display? 3. One specializes in Magic: The Gathering cards, one was almost impossible to find and the other does decent business but kept most figurines in the basement.

I happened to see a Shocker figurine in a store in Dayton and had to look into it. My regular shop doesn't carry them because its too risky to rely on walk-ins. He barely carries any types of figures. I get mine from him through Diamond special orders.

Interviews on website, ads in comics. Comic Con events still only reach a certain number of people... Go to Newsarama, IGN, any other comic news site and do an interview! That way you can show people what you're selling!

kissynose said...

Find a way to give subscriptions to us here in the USA. That will boost sales. Atleast get some advertising in the US

kissynose said...

whole team packs could be a good idea also. Variants like 80's x-factor classic x-men

mtravis390 said...

There is no reason for EM to start making dioramas. If specials are not selling in the US it's because retailers will not order a figurine unless a costumer pre-orders it. And if you do not get it when it is first released then your not going to get it.

So here are all these great characters that EM has made, yet there is no way to buy them once they have been out for a few months. Don't even bother trying to get a special or regular figurine that came out two years ago. Unless you want to go to Ebay and get ripped off.

Another interesting point that was brought up. Why is EM not advertising this collection in the comic books themselves? Heck I've seen cake toppers advertised in the pages of Marvel comic, but not this collection.

Only the die hard fans read Previews. If you want more buyers then start placing ads in the comic books that people are reading.

And start direct shipping older character that Diamond refuses to sale.

We do not want dioramas we want more specials. Maybe give the X-characters a break and give us a cosmic character. Or better yet give us Big Wheel.
For those of you who do not know him.

If you really need to recreate a figurine then give us Mystique in her white dress or the Ape Beast like we should have gotten in the first place. ;)

tinodragon14 said...

I think an ARCHANGEL Special with his metal wings spread out lifted in flight would get more buyers.
I would buy it.
Perhaps a GHOST RIDER on his flaming bike might get more buyers. I would but it.
GREEN GOBLIN on his bat glider.
Perhaps a tie in with the new Spidey movie with him fighting the LIZARD.
I still hope you do Specials of TERRAX & TITANIUM MAN & DRAGONMAN.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

,,Maybe give the X-characters a break and give us a cosmic character."
Then selling definitely will fall down.
Sauron is only 3 months in shop and I can't buy him now at Forbidden Planet, because out of stock. So please don't say specials sells bad.
Also earlier special - Blob is out of stock too.
So for sure x-specials sells very well.

Mr J said...

I think WARPATH would sell well, he was a major character in the X-FORCE books which were very popular and he has that cherry picker appeal to him.

Putting him out in the same month as Thunderbird would be a nice touch.

bethrezen said...

Hulk vs Thing? Spider-man vs goblin? This is a stupid idea. I do not buy this.

One-of-Three said...

Unpopular opinion alert:

Dan, if you want to pull the figurine collection to another level and expanding the variety of consumers you're going to have to stop getting your suggestions from people who treat new ideas and change like scabies. I won't even go into detail how pathetic many acted in reaction to Nico Minoru.

Many of the collectors here and on the Super Hero Figurine Forum only care about recapturing their past from what I can tell. Which is perfectly fine to a certain extent since that's part of the point of the collection. Unfortunately though, that will run it's course eventually (if it hasn't already from what it sounds like.)

Honestly it seems like many of the members of the forum haven't picked up a comic in little more than a decade, so they aren't familiar with the newer characters, story lines and other things that have changed since then. This includes little things like character designs, and just overall feel of a character. They seem to be missing the bigger picture.

Honestly, I think your idea is daring and wonderful and could add a whole new appeal to the collection and expand it's variability considerably. It'll attract new collectors to the collection for sure.

I would be very interested in seeing how these turn out if you decide on going with this idea.

One-of-Three said...

Oh, and because I anticipate that my comment won't be well received by some. I'll save everyone (especially myself) some time by saying that I don't plan on wasting my time responding to or reading anything less than civilized response.

My comment was intentionally biting, mostly because I'm just tired of the childish attitudes and temper tantrums towards anything that isn't what one wants. I'm weary of seeing members share different opinions or new ideas here or on the forum which are ignored or rejected harshly because it's not about some character created and forgotten in the 1970's and 80's.

What's sad is, I'm probably older than the specific group I speak of, so do try to grow up. "Pathetic" isn't a shade that looks good on anyone, let alone a self respecting individual.

TheTooN said...

I've hardly touched comics for 30 years and have been clueless about a lot of CMFC characters in the past 12-18 months.

Nothing wrong with being truthful but I do get weary of explaining my position to others who are and have been regular long time readers.

I feel a bit like a Leper at times when in truth I am as big a fan of the CMFC as anyone. I just dont read comics. This doesnt mean my opinion is invalid its just different.

I have a 100% collection and will continue to support the main line along with anything else EM want to trial 'if' it helps continue the CMFC.

The thought of mini 'Bowen type' dioramas is very exciting to me and I would love them.

I wouldnt like them to replace the main line but if sales are becoming a concern now the collection is so deep into the MU then why not try it ?

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Battle figurines would be good as add to check if this sells good or not, but not in place of specials.

Cheshire Cat said...

You're damn right.

I used to write this at SHFF before but my opinion is still the same. EM should always consider figurines that will sell. If the sculpt is poor, chosen costume is prehistoric and dull, pose is boring or character forgotten who will buy such figurine? However if some of above mentioned elements are lacking, like popularity, for an instance, figurine can still recuperar it with awesome sculpt and painting, costume etc.
Marketing is poor I can confirm it. We polish fans keep fighting to save collection in our country.

Hiperion said...

I'm off to class in 15 minutes!
Fingers crossed to see the update or I'll have to wait till this night.

SinisterVenom said...

''aaaaaaand the winner iiiiiiiis......"

I can't take all this waiting lol. I purposely worked overtime today in the hopes that I wouldn't be sat at home waiting for the update whilst driving myself mad for it but to no avail I see :P

Becquerel said...

One-of-Three and Cheshire Cat, I absolutely agree with your comments.

Dioramas or re-done figurines of heavy hitters might work well to boost sales and support the mainline. You should also consider variants and updated re-dos like Anti-Venom or Iron Patriot, who all have a lot of fans.

I think part of the reason why sales are comparably low for the CMFC is terrible marketing and, as someone else mentioned, the hurdles everyone not located in the UK has to take in order to get a hold of the little lead guys. I'm not blaming Dan or Rich for this, they're not responsible for that.

I also know that there's legal mumbo jumbo at least for exports in the US. But at least from how I hear it, getting a figurine is almost like chasing down Bigfoot for our American friends, so why not try find a distributor in Canada or such who would pick them up and offer them in the US?

Also, the marketing HAS to improve. You do have a contract with Marvel, right? Why aren't you allowed to advertise your products on Marvel's website, or in their comics? At least in the European ones - it's not like they wouldn't benefit from it.

Make flyers, give them to your bigger distributors. I know EM has distributors in Germany and Austria (though the latter isn't doing the CMFC, but still), and I'm sure you have some in France, Spain and the likes - have them advertise you. It will boost their sales too, after all.

Get in touch with the local comics stores. One of the absolutely biggest comic stores here in Vienna imports American comics from Diamond, offers a crapload of action figurines of all kinds - but I NEVER saw an EM figurine there. And they never even heard of it before I told them.

Try to find comics forums, and maybe contact them, make the collection more publicly known. I only accidentally stumbled over it in a preview of my store's comic distributor for their upcoming products (including the collection).

Have a deal with Amazon, they only have some random issues.

However, back issues availability is a big problem to many people, apparently.

As said, the sales number mostly is low because of the difficulty non-British collectors have gaining these little guys.

CGJ said...

You have certainly come out punching OIT, except nobody was really fighting, merely expressing opinions.

Let's not forget that it's just as important to see the nays on here as well as the yays or else we could end up leading the collection down a very short dark alley.

Your comment is crying out for some individual sales figures to back it up. Unfortunately we won't see them any time soon, if ever, (and I personally would love to see Nico Minoru's sales figures.)

As it stands, Dan cited four characters in his post - Hulk, Thing, Spidey and Green Goblin, so it looks like the older characters are going to get precendence over the newer ones if this re-invention goes ahead

mighty_marvel said...

oh yeah, let's pick on nico. that's so original. never mind the fact that it's special sales figures dan has said could do with some boosting and not the regular figures.

Gremlin said...

Ok, so if we don't get an update today can we at least just get the name of the character the comp winner chose. It's been a week and my anticipation is fast turning to annoyance.

LarryS said...

Yip. EM's marketing is not great.

So they have a problem with sales figures for the Specials...?

Not a big surprise.

As has been pointed out many times (not least by me!) the ODIN SPECIAL IS NOW PUBLISHED. Various people have spotted it in various places (Ireland, FP, ebay) over the past two weeks.

Would you know of Odin's existence from this very site, other than from blogger comments? No sirree. It's till Sauron plastered all over the homepage.

What other firm would invest in a great product, and then forget to update their website to showcase its existence. And then complain about unsatisfactory sales figures!

C'mon guys. Marketing 101. You've got a great product, just take some obvious, simple and low-cost steps to boost awareness and loyalty.

JinxDealer said...

wait a minute... haven't the last two specials been X related? ( to early to judge odin ). Dont i keep repeatedly read on here "make more X'ers they'l sell"....?

CGJ said...

Doesn't have to be original MM, it's my opinion and I am entitled to it, personally think it is the worst character choice from the whole collection, and if 'picking on Nico' has become an event, maybe that is because so many agree.

Sorry if that offends but shelling out £6 for it offends me too

JinxDealer said...

LOL its surely not as bad as crystal???

CGJ said...

Crystal is a decent character with a bad sculpt, NM is just bad.

mighty_marvel said...

wouldnt describe it as an event. just the same few people, who mostly haven't read an issue of runaways, determinedly linking everything negative about the collection to nico. such as the fall in special sales, that's clearly down to nico isn't it.

the sculpt is excellent and is a damn sight more detailed than many of the older more traditional superheroes in the collection.

CGJ said...

I have read an issue of Runaways. This is the reason I dislike the character so much

One-of-Three said...

Really? Honestly, any comic book fan would know that reading just a single issue of anything is not always enough to understand who a character is or what they're like.

Runaways isn't a comic where you can read a single issue and understand how a character works. Writing has gotten a lot more intricate and character driven and a hell of a lot less campy. Character's develop and grow and that's exactly what the center focus of the Runaways is. How a group of kids deal with phenomenal situation, how it effects them and how it changes them for better and worse.

It's perfectly understandable if you've gotten through an entire ark and dislike her, but honestly Nico's character development spans the entire series. You're most definitively titled to your opinion, but remember so is everyone else. MM won the competition last time, and picked Nico. It's fine to not like it, but please do get over it already because I can name at the very least 10 characters who are far worse choices than Nico Minoru and this would be based on character importance, relevance to the marvel universe as well as popularity. Not just me disliking the character's personality.