Friday, 30 September 2011

Paint The Town Redish/Brown

Hi, True Believers and welcome to another mind-boggling blog update!


These and other quintessential questions will probably not get answered this week, but don't let that hold you back from raving and ranting about your favourite lead based Marvel figurine collection! Let the CMFC war of words begin anew...

And after that big build-up I've only got a couple of paint jobs for you this week. It's slowed down on the commissioning recently as we are ahead of schedule, so we are having a breather while we can - I'm sure it will move up a gear in the coming weeks.




I think they're all pretty punchy and vibrant.

RE: Domino paint. There were some comments last update about the redish/brown colour on Domino not being part of her costume - I went back and had a look at our reference. (We went with her recent appearances in X-Force), and although it's hard to see with the modern 'dirty' colouring I am happy with what we achieved - her face is not always white these days, but we felt she had to have a white face.
You can clearly see the redish/brown patches...

So, come back on monday (or maybe tuesday?) and we'll announce the winner of the competition. Good luck whomever you shall be!


TheTooN said...

WOW ! Awesome update thanks guys !

Off out on the beer, have a great weekend everyone !

SinisterVenom said...

Hey Dan, thanks for another great update.
The Forge cover looks a lot better in colour, looking forward to seeing the finished look now.
The painted figs of Owl, Hammerhead and Lady Sif look stunning! I'm really happy with those! :)
Ooooo so close now til the competition ends! Good luck everybody! Looking forward to seeing who wins and seeing which character completes this extension! :)

TheTooN said...

Sif is fabulous....couldnt resist another quickie :)

What do you think Robert ?

Surprised but pleased to say I like both Owl and Hammerhead !

SinisterVenom said...

Oh cripes, as if I forgot...


A special edition for a special figurine today. That's right, it's the All-Father himself, Odin!
In the end I had to purchase him off ebay due to nowhere around here selling him and the CMFC main site not advertizing him. But it was worth it, he looks incredible! Excellent pose, beautiful paint work and he's not as big as the pics made him look, meaning he goes well next to Thor and the other Asgardians in the collection. 10/10!

michal9402 said...

Sif is just...BEAUTIFUL! I was worried about her face but it's one of nicer in collection. Hammerhead is ok and I'm not sure but I think Owl shout be readhead.
Great Forge cover.
And I still can't wait to see Moonstar or Moonstone.

LarryS said...

Yes, absolutely correct, lots of 'Odins' for sale on ebay. Seems bizarre to be buying them through the auction market, rather than receiving direct from EM as part of my sub. But patience has never been one of my strong-points, so I'll be hitting that 'Buy It Now' button iminently!

Sage said...

Owl, Hammerhead and Sif all look good and I'm looking forward to seeing Danielle Moonstar eventually.

mgf said...

All three paintjobs are magnificent.

Robert said...

Thumbs up for Owl and Hammerhead. Hammerhead's pose still looks a little awkward somehow.

'Sif' looks quite impressive. With colour it is easier to see that it's supposed to be her, although it's still not a great likeness.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Sif looks perfect, hope we will have good paintjob as on this pic.
IMO paintjob on Hammerhead's face between nose and mouth is too dark, rest is OK.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Back to Domino, look at her eyebrow at those pics. Why our figurine is so sad? Eyebrow should rise up, not fall down.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

...and second eye shouldn't be full white.

tinodragon14 said...

Thanks Dan
The colored Forge cover really enhances the artwork even more then I thought it could & makes it so much better & I thought it was good before.
Wow the paint jobs on THE OWL & HAMMERHEAD look great. I loved THE OWL design before painting & now I cannot wait to add him to my collection.
I was not sure about the HAMMERHEAD figure but seeing him painted I am very pleased & looking forward to adding him to my Spidey villain collection.
I said before I would have to see Sif painted to be sure & I must admit she looks much better. Painted her whole costume looks great except I'm still not sure about the fur shoulder pads but the color even tones down her boobies a bit.
Domino well since I don't like the pose at all the paint job does not make it any better so she will remain in case.
Thanks again Dan for the great update.

Hawkeye said...

Three really good previews this week...thanks CMFC!! As an old-timer, (I started reading Marvel in the '70's doncha know) the Owl and Hammerhead really appeal and will certainly find their way into my collection as well as Sif who, now she is painted, looks much more, how shall we say, in proportion :) Good luck to everyone for the competition. Fingers crossed. Make Mine Marvel!!
(verification word is catest (as opposed to dogest?)) Weird...

LarryS said...

Dan -

I've had a "eureka" moment!

I see you've gotten "far ahead of your schedule" for commissiong the figures.

So, here's my suggestion.

Perhaps you could spend the time saved on some extra Specials...?

And/or a sub-set of the Warriors Three...?

And/or (since we've had quite a number of large-size and mega-size characters), a sub-set of small characters...? (Power Pack, Franklin and Valeria, Howard, Rocket Raccoon etc.........).

I'd hate to think that you're all sat around the office with not-a-lot to do!

Anonymous said...

Indeed an excellent update, which deserves feedback:

Very pleased with the result. His pose and facial expression have perfect degree of gravitas, thus showing the character in his most intimidating version, rather than the goofy and kitsch one that could have been.

I praise the pinstripe details on his suit. I feel, however, that his face is too cartoony and the weapon should have been much bigger. But then again, he is my least favorite character in the entire collection.

This figurine is exquisite. Everything about it. It's in another league. Yes, she has an over-muscular body frame that is the sculptor's re-interpretation of the character, but it paid off. She makes an outstanding fig. The highly detailed headpiece and the quality paintjob create an amazing 3D rendition of one of the most iconic Asgardian costume designs.

Anonymous said...

Proactive HELA comments.
Looking at the amazing Sif fig, I hope Hela will be at the same level. Hela's iconic design needs highly detailed patterns on her costume, and the famous intricate headpiece. Dan, please ensure Hela's costume will be as detailed and equisitely painted as Sif's, and please put resin to good use to create the best possible rendition of the large, elaborate headpiece which is Hela's most defining design feature.

Anonymous said...

OWL's hair.
At closer inspection, I agree that Owl's hair should be in a more reddish shade. I hope this can be done.

Thor8 said...

Very pleased with today's update,although lately they've been shorter than I would like them to be,but you did mention the reason why so it's okay.

This week's sneak peeks all look good. Not too fond of ol' flat top,not sure if I'll be getting him,but he is quite a good resemlance to the comic book version.

Sif looks very well done as I said before,the paint job does seem to tone down her breast a bit and the colors of her clothes and her headpiece identify her more as Sif. I would have gotten rid of the fur on her cape though.

LAWay: going back to the golden age poll topic I mentioned in the previous update. It's not a matter of if I lke her old costume or not,it's a matter of representing the Golden Age,which was the purpose of the poll. Captain America was NOT done to represent the Golden AGE (althugh he IS in the uniform he wore then)and niether was Namor,but Namora was chosen for this purpose.

lipstick said...

Nice paints. Not like Domino's so white face (with no any shadows).

Robert said...

Thor8, hasn't Cap's costume changed a bit from the Golden Age? The stripes around his waist only covered the front area back then. Also his shield was more, um, shield-like in Captain America Comics #1 and then when he got the round shield in ish #2, the inner circle around the star was blue, not red. In other words, we definitely got the Silver (and Bronze) Age Cap. Which is distinct from the present-day Cap who has an army-belt and 'fish-scales' now. (Sorry to nit-pick. I appreciate that wasn't the main thrust of your argument.)

mgf said...

Silver Age Cap had scales, chainmail, I suppose.

Kirby certainly had an attempt at representing them on the cover of Avengers #4 and beyond that too. Unless my memory is...

... sorry, what we're you saying?

Robert said...

It was generally shown only in small areas, though, and largely implied. Even close up you couldn't see all the links. Now it is all drawn in, the chainmail sections are larger and are visibly over-lapping. You also have a straight edge around the neck where this area ends and a looped edge above the stripes. They still refer to it as chainmail but it looks very, very different. Like fish scales.

Thor8 said...

Robert: I believe the chinmail/fish scales n Cap's uniform is mre an artist redemption of the same rather than a change in costume.

Robert said...

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "redemption", Thor8. Redefinition? The tunic has certainly been altered. The chainmail section reaches the lower neck in a neat curved line and then stops there, then it is presumably a toughened fabric. This distinction was never apparent before Cassaday came on board. Seen in profile, the chainmail is now clearly layered with downwardly pointing arched sections. Sometimes the gaps between these 'scales' are quite noticeable. With classic Cap, you struggled to even notice slight ridging. You're right, it's still chainmail, they've said as much in the comics. But visually it's not the same at all. It looks like bloody fish scales.

LAWay said...

Thanks for the update guys!

Forge cover, wow. I wasnt a fan at first, but the artist knew what he was doing with the colours, superb work.

Owl looks good. Agree he needs more red in his hair. Looks rather odd without the pupils filled it too. ^_^

Hammerhead looks great, a real fun looking character. Very stylized, and could have been done so many different ways on style alone. But happy with the outcome and the gun doesnt look too small like we all first thought.

Sif looks amazing like we knew she did. Maybe she is too tanned, but hey, they live above the clouds in Asgard I guess. No cover from all that sun. A truly magnificent figurine, and best female in my books.

@Thor: Cap had a different shield, mask, and stripe orientation. What about Namor too? etc etc

The poll wasnt about representing the Golden Age as you put it. It was voting for a Golden Age character. 2 totally different things. Once the most popular character was chosen, their most popular costume was then chosen. The character is still a Golden Age character and still represents that era, she just doesnt wear the same costume.

mtravis390 said...

Sif looks beautiful. I'm sure glad EM went with this look. I was afraid we would get another Balder for a minute.

Owl and Hammerhead look great as well, but Sif has just blown me away.

The Mad Thinker said...

A splash of paint will work wonders !!

great paint jobs , well done Eaglemoss Investigations !!

dallen238 said...

Hi,the Owl and Hammerhead look good.

Sif is just about OK,personaly i would have gotten rid of the fur collar the oversized boobs and the stupid girly pose,the quality of the sculpt is very high but is let down by the aforementioned drawbacks.

Becquerel said...

Wow, Sif's breast is almost as big as Spidey's head. XD

LAWay said...

Forgot to add....seeing those side by side comparisons reminds me how much the figurines have improved in quality.

A shame Marvel's biggest and best characters won't get a refreshed new look now EM are on a roll.

Deadpool said...

I'm out of commission due to my dodgy right eye so have a little weekend time to leave a comment.

Sif is awesome - this is the way Big Barda should have been.

Sif is a big lass and a bonny lass... as we say from my neck of the woods.

Since the competition is over, what is the consensus regarding the eyes of the monstrosity.

Hel and the Shi devil did a detailed study and reckon they belonged to Wonderman.

I sincerely hope they were right.

I will buy a couple of Sif figures and remove the fur from one just to see how it looks.

Cya later guys and good luck to everyone in the competition.

JinxDealer said...

thanks DAN for a great update, i really like hammerhead and sif. DAN whats this you say about rocket racoon..? is he isn't he? i think i'l stay true to stardust but you've caused me a little headache lol, its quite quiet on here.

Robert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John said...

Don't worry, Jinx. If I win, you'll get Rocket Raccoon anyway. Good luck to yourself as well. Stardust is a big want for me. ;)

JinxDealer said...

thanks john, good luck yourself , i'l be happy to get either. i almost got the main body part of the comp wrong ( i was so sure i thought i need not check ) then something made me double check at the last second..

JinxDealer said...

@ ROBERT, did you manage to change your display yet? ive been eager to see how it turns out.

Robert said...

Jinx, thanks for asking. I put a photo of my Masterworks shelves - sans CMFC figures - up yesterday and have just posted photos of the Marvel Team-Up display. More than any other US originals, these comicbooks connect to my childhood. Took me hours to put them up as I kept stopping to read another classic tale. I also picked some as a nod to a few folk on here. Can you work out who?

Becquerel said...

Where can I see these photos? :D

I'm curious.

TheTooN said...

Those look great Robert. Team ups were some of my fave's back in the day even if they were mostly always exactly the same story.

2 heroes stumble upon one another, have a wee misunderstanding, smack each other around for a page or 2 then stop, find evil doers and smack them around for another couple of pages. Simple stuff but as a kid they were great.

Pretty sure the ones I had were black and white and probably in the Spidey weekly.

One of these days I will get them all out of storage.

TheTooN said...

As the comps closed heres the list I came up with.

Iron Fist
Mr Sinister
Scarlet Spider
Jack Of Hearts

Anyone confirm thats right/wrong ?

@Becquerel - Roberts loft and all his goodies are on his blog. Click the icon next to his name and then click The recorder.

Go right back to earliest comments to see it in all its glory :)

Bagman said...

Hi Robert, Thanks for the mention on your Blog, still have them team-ups, must get round to digging them out someday.
@ Toon that's the 14 i came up with as well, still hopeful of an e-mail from EM headquarters come Monday.

Becquerel said...

That's the 14 I got, as well.

SinisterVenom said...

That is the 14 characters I found too! Though I nearly messed up on one or two at first.
Could be any one of us guys! Looks like a lot of people have the same answer. let's hope it's the right one!

TheTooN said...

The question thats burning for me is Rocket Raccoon.

Is he allowed now as a fans competition win ? does that also mean someone could force Howard back into the mix ?

Will an X-fan win again ? Dust, Pixie, Suspot, Sage...

or a golden oldie ;) The Beyonder, The Recorder, High Evolutionary ?

Will it be a Blogger or a Forum member or both ?

I am excited to see whoever wins and will be refreshing the Blog like a loon from tomorrow morning.

Good luck to everyone.

JinxDealer said...

robert that display is awesome thanks, the prices on them made me grin, i wonder how much they cost now?? thats a real nice way to display comics robert, i may be forced to try out something similar.

JinxDealer said...

those are the 14 i got aswell although i was sure it was guardian at the beginning.. until i realised it was angel at the very last second before i sent the email

Robert said...

Thanks for the nice comments, guys.

Yup, that's my fourteen as well. At this point I have to admit I ran my list by Ted, who checked my homework for me! So no doubt if I win, I will have to resist calls for Mr Bloodstone to be my pick. :)

And kudos to SV and Toon for wishing everyone good luck. A pair of class acts, those two...

michal9402 said...

isn't hammerhead a little too hight? don't ya think?

JinxDealer said...

@ ROBERT, where is ted these days its awfully quiet? when i seen your comment at 4.45AM i had visions of you just rolling in from a nightclub with a kabab in 1 hand lol

TheTooN said...

More likely a fried Mars Bar :P

And over 40's and nightclubs dont go together much......least in my recent experience.

Robert said...

Ah, Jinx, the truth is far less interesting: I have a cold. It's playing merry havoc with my sleeping patterns. Any notions that I live a rock 'n' roll lifestyle are entirely the work of your imagination! (Work - diy - read some comics - conk out - that's MY day.)

Ted is fine. We email each other every now and then - Ted to tell me about art for sale on eBay, me to show him stills from the new Avengers film and check my comp answers, etc. He's busy with a Josey Wales (a classic Clint Eastwood film from 1976 for you youngsters) mosaic at the moment. So far, it's looking great. Considering his last mosaic was the absolutely brilliant Hulk face (which I would have tried to buy but for all the stuff needing done to the house right now), I think he's really perfected this talent. I'm still hopeful he'll return.

JinxDealer said...

@ TOON, lol ive seen a few over 40's out now & then. i cant wait til we find out who's won i too will be refreshing the blog like crazy on monday ( or possibly tuesday ) i'd still like DAN THE MAN to compile a list of the top 10 best selling figurines so i have an idea of who's the big hitters in this collection, i'd suspect thor was high up the list.

JinxDealer said...

@ ROBERT, ah hope you shake off your cold soon its probably down to this sudden change in weather we have had lately, we had a wasp swarm clinging to street lights in the mornings to keep warm the other day ( the heat have must of tricked them into thinking it was summer ). does ted have a blog so i could view his work? ive been pleasantly suprised by how many talented people are on this blog :)

SinisterVenom said...

Ah Robert, you flatter me sir!
In fact I was up til whatever time it was in the morning watching Thor with my lil bro as he hadn't seen it yet. Then I thought to myself, I havn't done much Marvel drawings recently, with the exception of a Spider-Man one I did a few months back so I thought with the Avengers out next year, it's time I made an Avengers drawing!
If you like I could show you when I've done it? I'm going to draw the characters on their own first as some of them I've never drawn before. Can you believe I've never done drawings of Hulk and Thor before!? Gotta do something about that ;)

Becquerel said...

I wished everyone luck when the competition started. Pshaw. ;P

Of course I'll be happy with anyone winning, but noone would ask for Shuma-Gorath I'm sure. XP

Robert said...

Jinx: "I've been pleasantly suprised by how many talented people are on this blog :)"

Couldn't agree more. Ted with his mosaics, painting and drawings; DP with his custom figs; Leigh with his art; etc. Comic fans: a special breed! :)

And thanks for the get well.

SV, I'd love to see your drawings. I smiled when you told me about watching Thor with your little brother. I seldom see my wee bro what with him being a daddy and both of us tied up with work and life, but he was a Thor fan as a kid, so we both snuck off and watched the film when it came out. I enjoyed the film a lot more because he was there with me.

Word verification: isable. I have an Auntie Isable. Phonetically speaking, that is.

Robert said...

Ted's Hulk mosaic.

SinisterVenom said...

I'll see if I can get a pic of some on here, it's about time I put something on my page anyway. Also I hope you get over your cold soon Robert! I normally get them around December every year! Nasty little things.
And Becquerel, don't forget I too would like Shuma-Gorath in the collection at one point too, I even considered choosing him if I won the comp but I still havn't decided yet, though I do have favourites ;)

SinisterVenom said...

Ok then, first post on my blog is up! Along with two pics of my Spidey sketch! Check em out! :)

Word verification is suckstsh. Hopefully you won't think this when looking at my pics :P

JinxDealer said...

@ ROBERT, thanks for the link i'l try see if i can get the link to work for me & this awful browser of mine :)

JinxDealer said...

@ SV , it was worth the wait :) beautiful art work.

Becquerel said...

I'm a musician, not a craftsman. X)

Anonymous said...

If you are looking for ideas for
visually interesting figurines,
then you might like this week's


Including the weird and wonderful
U-Foes, X-Ray, Ironclad, Vector and Vapor, surely one of the most unusual Marvel teams.

Dreadnought, a tremendous Iron Man villain with magnificent design. Shockwave, a cool representative of the Hood crime syndicate. Last, but not least, Captain Universe, a cosmic character who's deservedly returning to a prominent role in the MU.

Thor8 said...

Testing 1 2 3 .

Thor8 said...

It's been three days that I've been trying to log onto this blog with no success. For some reason my last three comments were erased after I had published them,and shortly after that it just refused to let me log in,for awhile I thought I had been banned from this blog.Oh well at least I'm back again.(For better or for worse)>

TheTooN said...

I'm 0 for 7 in character recognition this week Blake ;) Having said that at 3 or 4 would make great looking figurines. Keep em coming mate.

Nice to see you made it back Thor.

CGJ said...

.....not had an email yet.....

Becquerel said...

Welcome back, Thor8, good to see you again! :)

ADParker said...

New paint jobs, excellent.

Like it a lot, you really got the face spot on this time.
Only quibbles are:
1. The hair would be better a more reddish-brown I think.
2. Give him eyeballs! I know that is a common comic book convention, but only a select few should really have that look.
Placing him beside Hulk really shows up how same Hulk looks as a special nowadays. Heh! (No I am not arguing for a redo.)

I like it a lot. But yes, the Tommy gun still looks a tad undersized to me.

Beautiful. The fur still looks a bit oversized, but I can live with it

TheTooN said...

The suspense is killing me !

Cant wait to find out who is the newest addition to the collection.

My Son was playing Wii in my room yesterday and launched the Wiimote across the room straight at the CMFC.

Thank the lord it hit the upright of the bookshelf rather than taking out a full plinth's worth ! A foot higher and Dark Phoenix might have been MIA.........(along with him!)

Sue took a bit of whiplash from the wrist strap and is suffering from acute alopecia now but Impossible Man stood tall and prevented any further damage to the plinth behind.

Lessons learned ! Wii banished to his play room.

I have a load of citadel paints as well as a box full of figurines with paint chips but am wary of attempting self repair.

Anyone fix their own figurines up and can give me some pointers ?

Paint looks pretty thick and I wondered if it was best to build up layers or apply something on the bare metal first ?

Hawkeye said...

Like that. A while back I came home and found that my youngest had put the Silver Surfer down the (unfortunately full) toilet and bent one of Galactus' 'horns' with resulting paint chippage. The Surfer was scrubbed, disinfected and perfumed (still smells a bit odd) and I did a paint repair job on the big fella.

Thor8 said...

Well no e-mail notice yet,so it seems like I'll have to wait another year and try my luck once again.

Thanks Becquerel and TooN for the 'welcome back'.

As I mentioned in one of my post that was vaporized, Owl looks keen(agree with the majority about his hair color),Hammerhead looks good although his face seems kinda cartoonish or lacking a bit more detail.Sif surprizingly looks a lot more like herself now that she's been painted. Even her breast seems less voluminous. Still don't like the fur though.

Just out of curiosity,why does EM place thier sneak peeks next to figurines that have nothing or very little to do with the figurine being shown. Why not place Sif next to Thor or Enchantress,or Owl next to DD,or Shaw next to one of the X-Men,or Swordsman next to Hawkeye,etc?

Robert said...

Yep, this waiting business is a killer. Sorry, can't really help with painting tips, Toon. Not my strong point. Where's DP or Archangel? They'd be the guys to ask.

"A while back I came home and found that my youngest had put the Silver Surfer down the (unfortunately full) toilet."

Oh no, not another reason for the Surfer to complain about his mistreatment by humanity! We'd just got him to calm down from the last incident!

Children, huh? I can barely cope with bunnies.

JinxDealer said...

you pose a good question TOON i wondered the same thing about doing the touch ups in small layers etc, my big barda has a chip on her cape.

JinxDealer said...

i haven't checked my emails yet i could be the chosen one :)

Thor8 said...

Just re-checked my email and no notification....YET! No early update either so it seems EM is going to make us suffer by having to wait till (gulp) Friday. It just may be Dan's way of getting back at al those whom mistreated him awhile back.(just joking)

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

It's October, only 3 months till twins, Dan can you tell us who's next special?

Becquerel said...


LAWay said...

...seems like i have an important decision to make...

SinisterVenom said...

A little late, but better late than never, welcome back Thor8! Good to see you!

But I've got something to tell you guys..........

I have not had an e-mail yet too.

I really want to know who's won and who the character will be! I am actually really excited about it, I feel like a little kid that can't sleep on Christmas Eve! I don't think I've ever been this excited over one of the figurines before! It's kinda a good way lol.
Also which month is MODOK being released? Was it November?

Becquerel said...

"...seems like i have an important decision to make..."

Don't tell me... you won?
If so, congrats.

Becquerel said...

Wait, we ARE talking about LAWay, he might struggle with himself and his decision of accepting the competition choice.


Thor8 said...

LAWay,are you toying with us or are you really the comp winner? If you are my sincere congratulations.

LAWay said...

Oh, sorry guys, i was just deciding what to wear tomorrow.

Forgot about the contest thing. My bad.


Becquerel said...

I knew it. You can't trust LAWay.

I bet tomorrow Dan posts LAWay won, and everyone is like "Nah, you're just trolling us Dan!"

TheTooN said...

Whoever gets the nod better have thick skins judging by some of the flak the last 2 winners got.

Just remember to be nice to the winner no matter who/what they choose.

(unless it goes Quack...) are an expert with paint :)

I could email Archangel or chat to him in the shoutbox at my usual site but figured it was a good question to put up here.

Must be an awful lot of us with damaged figurines. I am still thinking about poor Surfer :P

There is a customs help thread on the forum but I dont think repairs have been discussed.

Archangelsr said...

Citadel paint is whats used on the figures by Em. Richard once confirmed that and getting those are pretty easy but at £2.20 a pot depending on what you need to do and how many paints you need a new figure may be the way to go.

With the paint its acrylic based so you should always add water to it to keep it of a thin and light consistency. Really two parts water to one part paint and even more water if your building up highlights as youll need to layer these up and you dont want a blobby mess.

If you sand down the area that is chipped it should make it flush for you to paint on as the last thing you want to do is strip the whole figure to touch up a chipped cape.

The hardest part is getting the right colours to be honest as citadel are always revamping there line and getting rid of colours.

If anyones looking for a specific match let me know im sure i can work it out i have enough of there paints here to try the colour before yu have to spend hard earned cash on the wrong one.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

MODOK will be in November, I'm asking who's after twins.

Gremlin said...

The following special after N+A hasn't been announced yet. I suspect we will be finding out in the next month or so given that if N+A are out in Feb-ish then the next special will be May.
Fingers crossed for someone like Terrax, Wendigo or a BROOD.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

I'm asking Dan, not you. I know it hasn't been announced yet. Twins in January, next special should be in March. 6 specials for next year!!!

Archangelsr said...

Id love to see a moonboy and devil dinosaur mega special.

TheTooN said...

Thanks for the reply re paint Arch.

I only ever heard of Moonboy and Devil Dinosaur on the forum and know nothing about them.

I guess if FFF is in then why not :)

Wonder if the winner is in the US and EM have not managed to get hold of them yet. It still early morning over there. Or they could be giggling at keeping us waiting ;)

TheTooN said...

Just had confirmation that my backlog (from Ares onwards) will be here by courier tomorrow. Added the Marvel Universe Guardians of the Galaxy set too. Will be twitching every time I hear a van.

Word verification.....TREPIDATION !
(it wasnt but it should have been)

Fingers crossed I'm all smiles and everything's good.

JinxDealer said...

@ ARCHANGEL, thanks for the touch up tips, i wonder if you know which paints i'l need for the following, i'd really appreciate your help, jack of hearts ( entire wrist cuff ) wondermans nose, blink ( green part ), galactos helmet, & finally big barda's cape ( as looking from behind ), thanks.

JinxDealer said...

i just checked my email & no word from EM

JinxDealer said...

@ THOR8 , i think EM put the sneak peeks next to character of simular colour so you get a rough idea of what shade of a certain colour thet used, oh & a late welcome back :)

mighty_marvel said...

would be nice to get some news on future specials. for next year, after n + a, i'm hoping for terrax, atlas, madame web, brood, hulkling

Archangelsr said...

@ Jinx

JoF is Golden yellow on the cuff with the hearts being blood red.

Blink is scorpion green

Wonderman is elf flesh for the skin

Galactus is warlock purple although the newer one is a touch lighter than the previous series one but not by much.

Big barda i dont have her in my dc collection as i just pick them up when and if i know who they are and thats few and far between now. Althouh it looks like crimson gore from the images ive found.

CGJ said...

So let me hazard a guess.....

the winner has been notified, they have chosen a figure that has either already been vetoed or Marvel have said 'No chance', and we are waiting while they make a better choice.

Robert said...

Well, whatever the truth, it doesn't involve me. Just in from work and there's nowt in the old inbox.

Could be worse. If CGJ's theory is right, Marvel might have vetoed both the Recorder and Pip, the only two major wants I have...

Becquerel said...

Nothing for me yet, either.

TheTooN said...

Winner is Angel from Spain.

New blog update on main page.

JinxDealer said...

thanks ARCHANGEL thats a huge help, im really gratefull for your help & expertise.

One-of-Three said...
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