Friday, 9 September 2011

We're Back!

Took a week off, but I bring good news (for those who don't know already) - We have the final results from the Forum Choice polls!

Top 20 went like this:

Shaman 61
Stingray 56
Wolfsbane 54

Silver Samurai 51
Sage 37
White Tiger (Hector Alaya) 36
Grey Gargoyle 31
Star-Lord 26
Warlock 26
Sunspot 24
Whirlwind 24
US Agent 23
Baron Mordo 22
Constrictor 20
Count Nefaria 20
High Evolutionary 20
Selene 20
Corsair 19
Mantis 19
Dust 18

So Wolfsbane, Shaman and Stingray go through (I'm very pleased about that).

Stingray and Shaman I would assume would be in these costumes... (unless anyone has any major objections?)

Wolfsbane on the other hand has lots of possible looks (Forum guys if you haven't done it already you're welcome to do a poll - I'll try my best to go with the majority!)

Here are just a few of her 'looks'. I would imagine a mid-change look would suite her (hirsute -geddit?).

There's also some interesting runners up to consider if we get another extension.


Owl revised (with fatter face and more defined hair)

Hammerhead (further along, still needs a few tweaks and refinements, especially to the gun)

Final coloured MODOK wraparound cover

Andi Tong's rough sketch for Photon (we'll add lightning type energy emanating from the energy globe to create the background - plus I've asked Andi for more boobage - as she seems quite flat-chested at the moment!)


Was going to run the competition today, but still need to iron out a few technical details - will definately have it for next friday, if not sooner! Sorry for the delay.

Have a grand weekend! Dan


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CGJ said...

first! yay! but childish

Really like Hammerhead, not seen that before, looks really good.

Not a fan of anything post-1990 so I would prefer the Wolfsbane at the bottom - Ha! like that would happen...

jarvis69 said...

Shaman ! Stingray ! last .....
" There's also some interesting runners up to consider if we get another extension." ...ofc U have to consider another one ;)

Ryan Maxwell said...

YEA!! Shaman! That costume is ALMOST there. The loincloth needs to carry the lines from the rest of the costume into it. Check out Byrne's run, starting about issue 12, I think that's where it first appears. Also, here's my custom, using Mephisto. It'd be great to see him drawing from his medicine bag.
Sorry for the blurry phone pic.

mighty_marvel said...

the forum already started a wolfsbane poll. i did post an update of it in the last blog thread but here it is again. (the numbers have changed a little bit now, but the same things are still in the lead.)

not a requested EM poll but thought i'd share the current standings in the how wolfsbane should be made vote on the forum. there are 2 parts to this vote.

part 1 - degree of transformation

don't mind - 11 (8.3%)
human - 5 (3.8%)
hybrid - 93 (70.5%)
full wolf - 23 (17.4%)

i'm pleased the hybrid look is currently well in the lead as its the iconic form i associate with her. so i hope EM do go along with the forum on this one. also we'll be getting a fully wolfed out werewolf in werewolf by night in this extension so wolfsbane should be different. would be great if EM based her face on this image of her

as the red hair is another well known feature of the scottish lass.

part 2 - costume

don't mind - 9 (5.7%)
no costume - 23 (14.5%)
new mutants - 17 (10.7%)
x-factor (90s) - 53 (33.3%)
x-force (00s) - 15 (9.4%)
x-factor (00s) - 42 (26.4%)

i think her 90s x-factor look is her best so would like her to be done this way. also, if EM go with the overwhelming majority and do her in hybrid form its the only costume that really makes sense as in her 00s x-force and x-factor costumes i think she was pretty much always shown as fully wolfed out. and unlike madrox's 00s x-factor costume with the spotted green shirt, wolfsbane's has no particularly unique features. so 90s x-factor costume should definitely be the way to go.

Hiperion said...

Loving the improved Owl and Hammerhead. Two cool sculpts I can't wait for!

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Hammerhead looks great. But his gun is too thin in front.
Hope we won't wait for competition till next Friday.
Where is Sif picture?

Osvaldoeaf said...

Nice to have you back, Dan.
Yes, we definitely have some interesting runner ups for the next extension....:-)
Owl looks better.
Hammerhead looks pretty cool.
Chossing a look for Wolfsbane is gonna be tricky, there's already a forum poll on that!

Looking forward to the competition!

The Mad Thinker said...

shaman & stingray = correct costumes.

Wolfsbane = costume from 3rd picture please.

Hammerhead = don't like at all , thought he'd have a gun or guns and be in a running head butt style pose , not just standing there holding a tommy gun , which needs extending by the way !!
even a rose or something in his suit jacket top pocket would add extra feature to the sculpt.
I really want this character but he needs improvements.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Yup 3rd option is best for Wolfsbane.

CGJ said...

Has anyone ever done a demographic breakdown of the forum posters? (and as a matter of interest, subscribers if EM have such a thing)

Be interesting to see what the age range of posters is, and which areas of Marvel people associate with, comics, cartoons, films etc.

Only thought of it because the 90's always seems to be the most popular in costume choices and stuff

michal9402 said...

nice hammerhead and owl BUT we still don't have Sif.
wolfsbane on first picture, x-factor 00' is the best option.

The Hood said...

Owl and Hammerhead are looking very good. I'd pick the 3rd costume for Wolfsbane, and the costumes for Stingray and Shaman are fine. If there is another extension we have to get Constrictor, and if the collection is extended will Howard The Duck be reconsidered ?

pirate adam said...

Dan your gonna turn me in to Evil PA again GRRR!!! you promised Sif but didn't deliver GRRRRRRR!!!! the only way to make it up to me is to fix the comp so i will, ok, cool, looks like Stardust is gonna get in, or is he???


mighty_marvel said...

There's also some interesting runners up to consider if we get another extension

what i find interesting about the runners up is when you compare the top 20 from the poll (minus the winners) to the top 20 in the 201 - 220 request thread.

Poll..............201 - 220
Silver Samurai....Silver Samurai
White Tiger.......Warlock
Grey Gargoyle.....High Evolutionary
Star-Lord.........Grey Gargoyle
US Agent..........USAgent
Baron Mordo.......Whirlwind
Count Nefaria.....Baron Mordo
High Evolutionary.Corsair
Brother Voodoo....Karma
Tombstone.........Monet St Croix

obviously many of the same characters reappear and its to be expected that some of the lower people from the poll will drop down a little as votes are redistributed. but i find it amazing that only one of the top 10 from the poll has failed to make the top 20 of the 201 - 220. isnt it funny how votes change when people aren't trying to get a friends character into the collection and are just voting for the characters that they actually want.

Archangelsr said...

Loving the Owl Sculp and glad Hammerhead is up right as would hate him to be hunched over like Juggernaut

buffduffdan said...

Hammerhead looks awesome!! Loving him :P Can't wait to add him to my Spidey shelf!

Owl is also looking great. I think the touches you've added have definitely improved him and he looks the better for them.

Shaman has to that costume and I hope you guys might considering a sitting pose with a clear peg underneath. It'd be very unique!

100% for that Stingray costume too!

Thor8 said...

Glad two of my three top picks made it into the extension.VERY GLAD and surprised that the White Tiger did so well in the polls also.

The Owl looks very well done he looks like he leaped right out of a comic page.

navaho said...

Great update Dan,

Firstly Owl and Hammerhead look great, however Hammerhead's gun needs to be bigger.

Secondly hybrid Wolfsbane please.

Cover of Photon looks amazing but she needs padding out a little.

Can't wait for the comp, bring it on!

LAWay said...

Shaman and Stingray, correct, need to be done like that. Wolfsbane, Mighty_Marvel is the man to talk to with the facts, the 3rd one down is where the figurine should be heading with.

Owl improvements look good. Hammerhead, great to see. Gun isnt quite right, too small/thin/how he holds it, but the character looks fantastic.

MODOK cover is alright. Photon pose is good but yeh, more boobs please. lol

Did you guys see my Longshot drawing to try and sway the pose?

jimbob said...

Hammerhead - Look brilliant hopefully the gun will be bigger.I like the pose cant wait to add him to my Spiderman collection.

Owl - Good improvement!

Shame that the female characters aren't getting as much quality attention as the male characters.

Moondragon is a very poor figurine we have had recently.

Speaking of possible runners up for the next extension,here is the request poll for the 201-220 from the forum

The results after 110 votes

32 Silver Samurai
29 Sunspot
27 Warlock
26 High Evolutionary
24 Grey Gargoyle
24 Mantis
24 Sage
24 Selene
23 US Agent
23 Whirlwind
22 Magma
21 Baron Mordo
21 Corsair
20 Darkhawk
20 Starlord
18 Dust
17 Speedball
16 Constrictor
16 Karma
16 M (Monet St-Croix)

It looks a different outcome to the recent official poll results.

White Tiger not even in the top 20 ;-)

Banshee said...

Perfect costumes for Stingray and Shaman. Please do them justice and pick a good pose for them :-)

I'm loving the look of the poll.... Go SUNSPOT!!!

Niels van Eekelen said...

Hurray for Wolfsbane!

I (really really) hope that you guys go for her classic halfway form rather than the more recent full-wolf-head-on-human-body.

promo1965 said...

Hurray for Wolfsbane!

I hope the same.
Hurray for Wolfsbane!

Sage said...

Wolfsbane's best look is her 90's X-Factor look so it's good to see that's the look the majority of fans want as well as her in mid transformation.

Great to see SAGE get 5th place, she should hopefully be in the next extension.

Osvaldoeaf said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Osvaldoeaf said...

Ok, I've been asked to tone it down with the Sage campaigning...but could I not be happy to see her here!? SAGE...hope you remember to vote for yourself in the request poll:-)

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...


Yes, please Dan, they're perfect in the costumes you posted. Wolfsbane has to be in her hybrid form. Personally I love the big hair and 90's costume. Her most iconic look. As for Shaman, some forum members have suggested he could be floating in mid-air in a cross-legged sitting position. I think this pose would be great.
Stingray is most iconic with a lifted arm and showing off his awesome red cape, nevermind he will need space on the shelf!

Also, there is a
of the current CMFC extension

for everyone to enjoy, here:

It's clear that it will be an amazing extension. Can't wait.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Also new this week in
the Virtual CMFC Gallery:


Check them out here:

I'm particularly convinced that Clea would make a beautiful fig, and is a much needed Dr Strange ally. In the hands of the talented sculptor and colourists who gave us Enhcantress, Clea could be another outstanding female in the collection.

mighty_marvel said...

The results after 110 votes

32 Silver Samurai
29 Sunspot
27 Warlock
26 High Evolutionary
24 Grey Gargoyle
24 Mantis
24 Sage
24 Selene
23 US Agent
23 Whirlwind
22 Magma
21 Baron Mordo
21 Corsair
20 Darkhawk
20 Starlord
18 Dust
17 Speedball
16 Constrictor
16 Karma
16 M (Monet St-Croix)

It looks a different outcome to the recent official poll results.

White Tiger not even in the top 20 ;-)

and not being top 20 even though people have 12 votes instead of 5. makes you wonder about the effect of vote-trading in the poll.

LAWay said...

Want to stop people voting for their friends?

Members are only allowed 1 vote. ie - name only 1 character.

Would you really risk your 1 vote to keep a friend happy over your own personal want? I doubt it. Could mean a closer poll to call them usual, with maybe some tied characters. Then we can either vote again or EM just picks.

Would stop vote sharing anyway.

jimbob said...

Or maybe just two characters should go through the next poll.

It is fun voting,maybe vote sharing is just part of the fun now.

I think EM should look at the 201-220 request poll instead of the official poll we jut had.

tinodragon14 said...

Missed you Dan! Your updates have become addictive.
THE OWL looks perfect to me. The changes to face & hair did it.
HAMMERHEAD'S face looks good but the body seems a bit off. His lower half seems smaller or his legs too skinny. Of course the tommy gun needs to be bigger as everyone has said & perhaps angled a bit more around out in front of him.
That is SHAMAN's classic look but don't forget his medicine bag of spells he carries with him.
That is STINGRAY's classic & only look. He should make a striking figure with his ray wings out.
The forum has already been running a poll on Wolfsbane. Not a big fan of this character but agree she should be in hybrid form. Makes her look different from just a generic werewolf.
I find I don't care for the MODOK cover in color. Silly as it sounds it just looks too cartoony for me. Sorry.

LAWay said...

vote sharing isnt fun.

Its fun if you have enough people to manipulate and vote for each other. For everyone else, it cheats them out of what they want.

I vote can be controlled by group of people sharing votes. How is that fun for every other collector that isnt involved?

1 character is enough, and removes that element. The flaw in the plan is not getting a bigger consensus of what people want in general on a wider scale, but to remove vote sharing if it does go on, its worth it.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh. Are some people still crying because people will toss a vote towards a character that someone else wants? There's not a damn thing wrong with supporting someone's passionate character campaign. Especially if there's only a few characters you really really want. All of my votes went to characters I personally want, but I'm not going to complain because they didn't win. I know the winners are far more popular in the grand scheme of things. I'm just happy that EM picks a few wild card choices every expansion from the less loved characters.

spidey_1979 said...

Wolfsbane should be in her hybrid form and the 90s X-Factor costume is the only one that really goes with this look. I don't like the big hair though. But do like the red-hair version from the picture MM posted.

promo1965 said...

Here is my updated collection.

promo1965 said...

My Display:

LAWay said...

The issue was raised and I just suggested something that would deal with it without taking away the forum vote. If you see problems you think up how to fix it. If you dont see problems, then nevermind. People are allowed opinions and ideas.

mighty_marvel said...

errrmm....nobody's complaining that their character didn't win. we were just discussing the effect of vote sharing on the results. it's pretty clear when comparing the poll with the 201 - 220 request thread that certain characters in the poll are appearing to be more popular than they actually are.

Banshee said...

I'm a member of the forum and my votes weren't swayed one bit. I think the issue your raising only concerns a very slim section of the voters. Four of my five choices hardly made an impact but I'm not blaming any collective voters. I think the 3 choices were a great decision and the following 20 look to be making a great extension (if we get one)

LAWay said...

not saying the votes are definitely swayed and it changed the results. Just saying that there will always be that chance it could be.

Anonymous said...

Soz! I posted a wrong link.

This is the correct link to see the
of the CMFC 181-200 EXTENSION


including Shaman, Stingray and Wolfsbane. Plus this week's update.
I think Clea is awesome, and hope she and Gargoyle will be added to the collection. Defenders all the way!

LAWay said...


Good update. Confirms US Agent will look immense, Tarantula looks great and I would be happy with speedball despite my preference for pennance...but I think White Tiger would make an awful figurine.

Just look at him. He would be custom fodder to many happy collectors, but looks very very dull.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'd love Speedball in his classic costume. EM could create a truly outstanding fig if they managed to include multi-coloured globes in the sculpt, maybe like Cannonball's base but made of a stream of coloured energy globes.

John said...

Very excited about Hammerhead. Now I want Tombstone even more. But I also think Jackal's time is now, what with his recent popularity in Spider-Island. New readers know the character now and EVERY classic fan HAS to have heard of the guy. The Clone Saga, good or bad, is legendary.

Next extension, can we please have both? Tombstone AND Jackal?

As for Poll results, EM should ALWAYS go by the Request Poll results for the following extension. It takes the final 3 into consideration and is what the poll was created for in the first place. Also, as you get more votes, it shows a broader range of what people are excepting of, not JUST most wanted (or vote shared ;)

Pirate Adam, if Stardust is your pick, I hope you win (if I don't.) Or Buffduffdan, as Phyla-Vell is his pick. Heck, Air-Walker gets us one step closer to a full Heralds set as well, so maybe Blake. But if Star-Lord or Rocket Raccoon is your choice, you have my extreme support. :D

Osvaldoeaf, I just didn't want Sage to become watered down on the forum from constant campaigning. I've seen it happen with a few others (Stepford Cuckoos come to mind.) People got sick of hearing about them. But if you're truly passionate about it, don't hold back when appropriate. Especially on the blog. Dan might hear you. ;)

Speaking of which, Dan, I've learned Osvaldoeaf is a very nice guy after talking with him on the forum. He's very adamant about Sage, and the Request Poll thinks highly of her too. This considered, maybe she could take the X-Spot next extension (and Corsair to start the Starjammers, and Warlock for the New Mutants.) Sounds balanced, no? :)

Thor8 said...

"It's pretty clear when comparing the poll with the 201 - 220 request thread that certain characters in the poll are appearing to be more popular than they actually are."

I would say it's all the contrary. Since the poll was held with "hidden" votes and no one knew how many votes each character had,most people just voted for whom they REALLY wanted. On this new 201-220 request poll everyone can see which character is ahead and start feeding it extra votes just to ensure it makes it to the top,whether they really want this character or not.
When the poll was held I voted for The White Tiger expecting him to come in 25th or so. It was a real surprise to see him come out 1 vote short of 5th place. Seems like many other voters Do want him.But when open polls are made and campaigns start to make a lot of noise,some people just go with the flow and "sell-out" to others. So it's not really a matter of a certain character being really popular or not. It's a matter of just how easy some people get swayed by group pressure.

Thor8 said...

Dan do you think you could have Photon done with another hairdo,the Afro is way outdated and she did change her hair style quite a few times.

Anonymous said...

Aaargh! Photon is great with her afro hairdo. Personally I love how the sculpt turned out. I feel it captures her at her most iconic.

Thor8 said...

Well Kirl,it was just a suggestion,and besides I don't really believe EM will make any changes in her at this stage anyhow.

Oh I forgot to mention I prefer look #3 for Wolfsbane

John said...

My only concern with Photon's hair is how similar it is to Misty Knight's. Now she HAS to have the afro. That's her most iconic and... really only hairdo. There aren't many black women, and it will look a little strange where the only two besides Storm look the same...

John said...

Oh, I forgot! Speaking of the Request Poll, Blastaar is doing surprisingly well!

Obviously, he'd really need to be done as a Special to be done justice, but he's up to 14 votes so far. I'm hoping his presence in being so high in a poll he wasn't designed for shows EM how much he's wanted.

So if you haven't voted yet and you're a FF or Cosmic fan, please consider Blastaar. :) Or Rocket Raccoon. :)

SinisterVenom said...

Nice to hear from you again Dan, hope you enjoyed your week off.
I must say I'm a little upset you didn't show us the pics of Sif like you said but this update is still nice all the same.
I'll start with Wolfsbane. I would like either the first or the third look for her. My only beef is the first one would look a little too much like Werewolf By Night and Man-Wolf, where the third look is something different so I would probably prefer that one. Right looks for Stingray and Shaman though.
MODOK and Photon's covers look nice too, I won't say no to a bit of bigger boobage on Photon...hehe :P
Owl looks much better now, I'm so glad how good he's shaping up. Hammerhead looks awesome too. The main thing to focus on with him is the gun now but like you said it is not finished yet so I'm sure you will solve that problem.

I do believe it's also time for...


And what a character we have this time: Spiral!
All I can say, just WOW!
She is absolutely stunning! The pose is unique (naturally) and the paint job is brilliant. I highly recommend to you all that this is a figurine that you must have! Definately up there in my favourites!
Siryn is next, the character chosen as the competition winner's choice (by Max I do believe?).

Speaking of competition, good luck to everyone. We all have our high hopes of winning so let's participate and bring another great character to the collection. (I'm still not sure who'd I have as my choice yet lol).
And word verification is mugings, none round my area I hope!

mtravis390 said...

I must need my eyes check because I cannot see any difference in the Owl. He still looks fine though.

Wolfsbane has got to have her 90's costume with the hybrid look. It may be a bit dated, but it is her best look.

When will we see Sif? Has there be a problem with her production?

Anonymous said...

ATTUMA as the next special


Awesome character, awesome fig.
Standard special size, like Ronan.
Artful paintwork, like Odin.

Reasons and relevance:
When it comes to classic, larger-than-life Marvel villains, very few can match the great Attuma. This brutal Atlantean chieftan has launched countless attacks on Atlantis and cities of the Earth, proving a formidable adversary for Namor, Fantastic Four, Avengers and Alpha Flight.
Attuma's presence and nefarious actions have been reverberating across the Marvel Universe for decades, and now he's gained renewed prominence in the events of Fear Itself. In this major crossover, he has become one of the Worthy and transformed into Nerkkod, Breaker of Oceans.
Combine his rich history with the magnificence of the character design - his costume, weapons and physical features - and you have one of the most deserving candidates for inclusion in the collection.

Osvaldoeaf said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Osvaldoeaf said...

I know what you meant, John, and it wasn't just you...three other people gave me the same advice in PMs...and I agree with you all...
I'll totally tone it down, since the last thing I want is to hurt Sage's chances of making it in!

And wow, I can't even begin to thank you enough fot what you just did right now, I hope Dan reads it. You are just the coolest guy, man!!!!

Hel said...

I think this issue has been highlighted on earlier threads.

There is an opinion that the faceless mafia that run the forum are skewing the voting with "Friend" voting.

The only fair way to vote for figures is to do it directly to EM.

I do not believe the forum is either fair or representitive.

This is reminiscent of trade union corruption and block voting.

The only fair way to do this ,as stated by LAWay, is 1 person - 1 vote.

If we take Bloodstone as an example (and no I am not Ted Sallis) reading previous threads I count at least 5 declared votes, yet he was not even on the list provided by the forum.

Draw your own conclusions.

Before you start CBR - I have no interest in your opinion which is rarely constructive and mostly condescending.

Anonymous said...

very pleased with choice of stingray and it is good to see characters like whirlwind and constrictor were pretty high in the forum.owl and hammerhead look really very for wolfsbane,if she has to be done i think the third option would be best,i don't see the point of doing her if she is not going to be in wolf form.also what happened to the update on sif?

dallen238 said...

Really glad about Stingray but as expected 2 more x characters again.

Owl looks realy good but Hammerheads torso looks far to bulky

i was really happy to get Moondragon but that was tarnished by the terrible paint job on mine and a couple of friends too.

Hel said...

TGR remarked that this blog is now very pleasant.

That may be true but this is at the expense of humour and spirit.

The blog is "Flat as a Fart" since in the absence of Robert, Bob Diamond, Ted Salis, Deadpool, Hawkeye and others that appear to be staying away since the blog was hijacked by the forum.

It's hardly worth reading the comments.

If you were at a theme park what would you prefer to ride a "Roller Coaster" or "Its a Small world".

The blog is now in the latter category and mostly Yawn worthy.
With the exception of LAWay, Sinister Venom and the odd funny remark by Pirate Adam.


Owl is very good now.

Hammerhead looks like a generic gangster who would make a good Aim Agent if converted.

Disappointed that Sif has not been revealed.

Shaman is a good choice, but I dont like Stingray nor Wolfsbane.

Wolfsbane image 3 is the best choice - red hair hybrid - not in wolf form - give her a pretty face.

Goodbye ...see you all in Hel.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

,,see you all in Hel"
You're coming to Poland? Or did you mean hell :D

LarryS said...

You've had Murphy's Law, Newton's Law, Einstein's Laws, Parkinson's Law.

Now you have Larry's Law.

Which states:

A lame-o character that "completes a set" will get selected for immortalisation in lead prior to a cool but standalone character.

Blog Master Dan said...

Thanks for all the comments. SIF is still with the sculptor (I'll ask him for a quick photo, as he usually just brings it in when it's finished), he's the same sculptor (Pete Hutchinson) who did Enchantress, Beta Ray Bill and Loki - so I'm expecting his 'lateness' will be well worth it!

I agree with the 90s x-factor look for Wolfsbane (but with less angular/pointy hair).

Annoyingly, Hammerhead originally had a massive gun that we got made smaller - it was fat too big - now people are saying it's too small - hopefully we can extend the barrel length to compensate.

Longshot - I'm gonna make sure Dene Mason does him with 3 fingers!!!

Skewed poll results? I'm not sure how/why these things change so much - but i always like to use them to advise rather than define the collection.

Building the 201-220 extension will be very interesting indeed. (If we get one - keep buying!!!)
Do I use the polls to heavily influence it - or do I try to balance it, like previous extensions (4/5 x-men/1 asgardian/2 spidey one/horror/etc)?

I think we're getting to a point when the polls are very helpful in weeding out characters that don't deserve to get in. Would be interesting to see how the line-up would look if we just chose them (Star Brand would be in by now!)

mighty_marvel said...

balance the extension please. all areas of the MU deserve representation in each extension. and besides, if you just confirm whatever is top of the polls whats to keep some people coming back?

i'm pleased you're backing the 90s look for wolfsbane. if only you'd been in charge when rogue was done ;) did you see the picture i posted for her face?

i hope her hair is done like this as the red hair shows her scottish roots.

mighty_marvel said...

a good balance is difficult with not knowing what the forum poll will put through but if its done at the beginning next time then you could try to balance extension roughly like this

4 x-men (2 heroes, 2 villains)
1 x-ally (starjammer, you know it makes sense)
4 avengers (2 heroes, 2 villains)
1 spiderman
1 fantastic 4
3 knights (hero, villain, supernatural/horror)
2 cosmic
3 other (from anywhere in the MU: asgard, runaways, hulk, british, golden age, thunderbolts, new warriors, villains, extra x-men or avengers if you think they're needed etc etc)

1 space for comp pick

Bagman said...

Interesting idea ----
"one collector,one vote" ----
Be curious to see how (who) the top three would turn out if that was the case.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

We are buying it Dan, and we will after #300 (yup 300, not 200), but it's not our fault we have only 75 regulars in Poland, also only 2 specials last and this year.

As for next extension:
4 x-men (2 heroes, 2 villains)
2 x-ally (starjammer, morlock)
4 avengers (2 heroes, 2 villains)
2 spiderman
4 knights (hero, 2 villains, supernatural/horror)
2 cosmic/F4
2 other

Susnpot - male x-hero
Sage - female x-hero
Silver Samurai - male x-villain
Selene - female x-villain
Corsair - male x-ally
Callisto - female x-ally
Mantis - female Avenger
US Agent - male Avenger
Grey Gargoyle - Avenger villain
Whirlwind - Avenger villain
Tombstone - spider
Jackal - spider
Jigsaw - Punisher still don't have a villain
White Tiger - MK hero
Baron Mordo - MK villain
Brother Voodoo - supernatural
Nova - F4/herald
Beyonder - cosmic
Speedball - New Warrior
Namora - Golden Age

tinodragon14 said...

I think since there are many classic villains left at least 10 of the next extension should be villains. My ten would be :
ATTUMA - Subby big bad guy but he may be a special because he is so big
but that's EM's call.
BARON MORDO - DR. STRANGE still needs his main nemesis.
THE COBRA & MR.HYDE - However there is talk that HYDE is special size so perhaps a two pack with his longtime partner in crime.
BLIZZARD - Marvel's cold criminal.
WHIRLWIND & THE MELTER - Longtime Avenger foes.
At least two Spidey villains mine would be MOLTEN MAN & TOMBSTONE but I know THE JACKAL is popular but there is also JACK O'LANTERN, PUMA, TARANTULA, STEGRON, CARDIAC etc., etc.
STILT-MAN - DD's tall tin man
Of course if ATTUMA & HYDE have to be specials they will be competing against other villains like TERRAX & TITANIUM MAN & DRAGONMAN & there are fewer specials but if they have to be specials then I would go with an FF Foe like DIABLO & an X-Foe like MASTERMIND. I realize that SILVER SAMURAI, GREY GARGOYLE & THE HIGH EVOLUTIONARY were the highest villains in the forum vote but I'm not on the forum now.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Marvel history experts

"I think we're getting to a point when the polls are very helpful in weeding out characters that don't deserve to get in"

Dan, I'm slightly worried by this comment. While the polls are great indicators of character popularity,
I still want EM to rely on Marvel history experts and researchers
to decide which characters deserve to get in the CMFC for reasons that go beyond the mere, fleeting notion of popularity. This is where you come in.

For me, the CMFC should explore and study the Marvel Universe as one would study the history of literature, arts or myhtology, covering characters, ideas and styles for their historical importance and for the power of the concept they represent.

I doubt that we'd have Ikaris in the CMFC if it was for polls, and yet there is no doubt that he deserves to be in the collection as a representative of The Eternals
- an amazing Jack Kirby creation based on awe-inspiring concepts.
(Too bad the figurine didn't turn out too well, but he needed to be in).

Similarly, Sleepwalker is not very popular in the polls, and yet he had his own title and is based on unique, highly imaginative Marvel concepts. He deserves to be in.

So, Dan - by all means, use the polls as a guide to your research, but please ontinue to use your knowledge of the Marvel Universe and your editorial control over which characters really deserve to be in the CMFC.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Don't deserve to get in?
If we have to keep buying, give us characters we want.
Polls show most wanted characters for now, so in next extension should be characters from the top of the 201-220 poll.
I don't care someone isn't on the forum, anyone can be there, and vote. If someone isn't there, and yells about poll results, it's only his fault.

promo1965 said...


Dan, use the polls to heavily influence it.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Well, I'm on the forum too, and love the opportunity it gives us to say which characters we want.
I still think, however, that these 'wants' must be taken with a pinch of salt. After all, for a while it almost seemed that White Tiger was one of the most deserving characters. Which, in my opinion, is not a real reflexion of his importance in the MU. I don't want the CMFC to be 100%subjected to the rise and fall of so-called 'popular' characters, as this popularity is in constant flux. I also want some depth to the selection, as this comes from pure knowledge of MU history.

promo1965 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cheshire Cat said...

It's clear for me that we'd have mix of characters voted by ppl in polls and characters which should get in because EM or Marvel wants them. I'm not sure about proportions though...
To hell with all what ppl want. If'd be 100% like that I'd never be surprised and I want to be surprised. And don't you poll voters overreach yourself. There is also large group of people who can't or don't want to waste their time over Internet forum and stuff. Another issue is EM international market strategy, different popularity over different markets, France, UK, USA, etc. And then, character importance/potential commercial success of figurine. For example, Captain Britain is important as char but figurine is boring as hell. Some people didn't buy it due to it's boringness and vice versa. It all should be considered wisely.

promo1965 said...

I care only Earth-616 characters

Ken said...

Dan, I would look and listen to the threads on the forum more so than this blog. This blog seems it is visited by only a dozen or so Marvel fans where as the forum has a more diverse population and thus, more varied opinions.

That said....we need High Evolutionary in the next extension!!! :0)

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

,,There is also large group of people who can't or don't want to waste their time over Internet forum and stuff."
What doesn't mean they can't or don't want?
Everybody can register and vote.
They can lose time to buy figurines through internet, but they can't vote during 1 minute?
That what you wrote exactly proves it's only their fault.
If they are SLUGGARDS, they don't have rights to yelling.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Dan is perfectly able to listen to both this blog and the forum, and make sense of the opinions expressed. You forum members need to tone down your sense of ownership and influence on the CMFC. There are collectors like me, who are mostly silent and are happy with EM's control over the character selection process.

There is no proof that the forum is not riddled with multiple accounts, as it's so easy to use different computers with different IP addresses.

I can't believe that characters like Karma and Monet St Croix are suddenly so urgently deserving to be in the CMFC, over so many much more historically important and visually interesting characters. Unless some forum member has been using his alter egos and asking his friends, cousin and grandmother to go to the forum and vote for them.

Dan, forum polls are ok and all, but do not be over-inluenced by them.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Yes my cat is voting for me too.
If you read forum, you should know M doesn't appear suddenly in TOP20.
She didn't have 1 or 0 votes in 181-200 poll.

Anonymous said...

Like hundreds of other collectors,
I do NOT read the forum. It is not compulsory, you know? But good luck to all of you forum poll voters. I'm happy to let EM decide which characters should be in the CMFC, and I trust their decision to be based on

Oh... and I spoke with my friends, cousins, grandmothers and cats.
They all think Monet, Karma and Sage are boring figs and they said that if it was up to them, they'd be in the CMFC extension 500-520. My grandma doesn't buy CMFC figs, but she feels her opinion should count as much as any forum member's. And who am I to argue with her and her ancient wisdom?

Archangelsr said...

I think a few Danny curve balls would be great. Look at spidey 2099 not one i thought would show up but there he is and im glad of it.

Same as Hella awesome choice. Of course the forum polls and the blog should form a basis for the collection but as a over view and not a given that there will be 3 picks put aside for us to choose.

On the other hand if only one character was to get chosen out side the comp and em im sure as heck id spend a little longer thinking who i wanted.

SinisterVenom said...

Dan, I have collected every issue and special issue since the collection began and will continue to buy every issue until the collection eventually ends so you can count on me to keep on buying! Just don't end it yet as there are so many deserving characters yet to be made :)

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

If you look at 181-200 poll, you will see Hela and Spiderman 2099 weren't curve balls.

Yes we want collect all figurines of CMFC, so who I have to ask will we have more than 75 regulars, because English and Polish customer services don't know, Rich didn't know and Dan doesn't know the answer.

Blog Master Dan said...

The foreign language editions of the CMFC are 'published' by Eaglemoss, but we give the files to the foreign co-publisher who translates and markets them how they see fit (they know their territory better than us), we supply them the figurines and they hope to publish as many as the english edition, but if sales dip below the margins they have no choice but to cancel. The good thing I suppose is the internet allows foreign collector's to continue buying (even if it's via ebay).

LAWay said...

If EM surprised us with the characters, I would get them all anyway. It wasnt stopping me before I discovered the blog, so I would have no problem.

But its a nice gesture EM do offering polls and votes. Its a nice guideline for them, but has to be taken with a pinch of salt. White Tiger being an example. A plain looking character with less than 70 appearances.

As we all know, the forum members petition for characters and so people are swayed to vote for them. Doesnt mean that is how the collectors think, it just shows that is how online friends think.

I dont condone name calling of forum members, but I also dont appreciate small mindedness saying that the forum has a better opinion of the collection over the blog. Let's not make it us vs them.

@2bbfe2b6-dbd1-11e0-8684-000bcdcb2996 how on earth do you remember your login name? lol

Also, Batman chess has been suspended. sad. if it got released in the US or UK I am sure it would flourish. While there are alot of passionate foreign collectors online, perhaps there just isnt enough in those regions to keep the collections going.

John said...

I agree that I want to see a balanced extension. Do the Forum Poll first to guarantee each area only has a certain amount of representatives. And I know X-Men and Avengers have the most members total, but I'd still like to see no more than 4 a piece.

2 Spider-Man (Go with most requested)

3 Cosmic (Old and Modern GotG, Herald or other)

4 X-Men (New, Classic, Villain, Ally)

4 Avengers (Mix of old and new, hero and villain)

1 FF (Hero or Villain)

3 MK (Hero, Villain, Supernatural)

2 Other (Asgardian, Golden Age, other teams that don't fit above categories... though I personally lump Asgardians in with Avengers)

1 Competition Pick at the end :)

If the Forum Poll happens first, the choices simply dip into the above categories.

John said...

"As we all know, the forum members petition for characters and so people are swayed to vote for them."

If this is a very bad thing, we need to cancel the blog right now. Dan has been swayed into confirming Swordsman this extension, as well as dropping Shaman for Deathbird.

The biggest example (most obvious example) of vote sharing is White Tiger. But for the most part, forum members vote for who they actually want. Or who they believe is truly deserving, based on opinion or a strong campaign or otherwise. As long as collectors are grouped together (here or the forum) people will discuss who they want and why. In doing so, opinions will be swayed. No way around it. A poll run on the blog would be subject to the exact same issues brought up over the forum poll (but with more chance of cheating.) So ignoring White Tiger, it seems as far as possible to me.

John said...

*fair* as possible. lol

Anonymous said...

Well, I want the CMFC to run up to issue 500. I really love all Marvel characters, and I hope in time we'll see the completion of all Marvel teams, MU areas and events, and a wide selection of fascinating curveball characters. I buy them all. In fact I express my support for the CMFC by buying 2 copies of each issue, sometimes even 3 copies, all for me! And I buy loads extra figs all the time as birthday and Xmas gifts for friends and family. My mission is to Marvelize the entire world, until each earthling becomes a passionate Marvel fan and CMFC collector. Long live the CMFC, until we get all the characters we want.

mtravis390 said...

"The good thing I suppose is the internet allows foreign collector's to continue buying (even if it's via ebay"

At the rate that some of the figurines and plinths go for on Ebay it would be cheaper to pay international shipping from the UK.

Why can't the EM site allow the overseas costumes to order from them directly?

Why can't I get plinths and binders in the US via EM since Diamond will not carry them?

Why not sell back issues to costumers in the US and Canada directly if Diamond is not going to carry them?

Did EM try to find someone based in the US to offer a mail in subscription service to the North American market?

Will we ever see the Beyonder and High Evolutionary?

Was Jessica executed by a Communist firing squad?
Did Chester kill Danny and Annie after catching them in bed?
What happens when Burt walks into an ambush orchestrated by his political enemies?
What ever happened to Chuck and Bob?

These question and many other will be answered on the next episode of the CMFC blog.


And if you understand the last part of this post then you an old man like me.

John said...

I have no idea what Travis is talking about. I must be showing my age. :D But I do agree we need the Beyonder. Its about time, imo.

Bagman said...

Didn't Chuck and Bob end up hosting the Oscars?
I remember that show very well.

tinodragon14 said...

SOAP! Travis is talking SOAP talk.

Rabid Womble said...

I didn't vote in the poll. If it was at I'm totally locked out. I coudn't remember my username or which email account I used either. Not that my votes would have affected the outcome of the poll.

Of the ones in that list I had three of those and only two of those three would have got a higher placing.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

,,At the rate that some of the figurines and plinths go for on Ebay it would be cheaper to pay international shipping from the UK."

Exactly, why only people living in UK can buy in official shop?

I can't find Eaglemoss at ebay. Buying figurines just from other guys at ebay and paying 3 x normal
price is unserious.

Sage said...

Next extension I'd like to see these kind of numbers:

4 X-Men
4 Avengers
2 Marvel Knights
2 Spider-Man
1 Fantastic Four
1 Golden Age
1 Cosmic
1 Hulk

Thor8 said...

I find that Blakeneman2002 and 2bbfe2b6-dbd1-11e0-8684-000bcdcb2996 comments on how Dan and the gang should pick future candidates for following extensions(which hopefully will be approved),are the wisest and most logically expressed in this blog(or the forum)in quite awhile. Yes the polls and expressions given by fans and collectors are valid and helpful,but I also believe that EM should do some serious research of Marvel's history and what impact or contribution any given character has played in the MU,not only due to # of appearances,but how this character has forged or impacted the life of a given character or book title.

Another thing to take into serious consideration is VISUAL IMPACT! This is mostly a "visual" collection,and the figurines in it should catch people's eyes at first glance. Figurines like Maddrox,Drax,Blade,Siren,X-23,may be characters wanted or requested and complete teams,but put them apart from the collection and they say very little on their own.

When people see my Bowen's Avengers mini bust collection,most of them recognize Thor,Iron Man,Hulk,Captain America right away,but then they see Stingray and say things like "WOW what a cool looking figure,who is he?"

Stingray is not "A" class or as well known as the others I previously mentioned,but he gets a lot of praise from all whom see my collection display. So characters like Whirlwind,Attuma,Dr.Spectrum,Corsair,and others,tend to have that effect on casual buyers who may not necessarily be familiar with the character but find the figurine to be way cool looking and purchase it for there collection. On the other hand if the figurine is rather plain looking,even if it's a character one is familiar with,one might just pass on it(which is what I did with Drax).

Bottom line;As Blakenewman2002 said,do more MU research (and Marvel should help out on this,if they're not doing so)and pick characters that are both visually tempting and have made an impact in the MU as a whole or in one of it's titles.

TheTooN said...

I voted for White Tiger but haven't posted to the new poll yet. Could be others in a similar situation ?

My forum votes went to Starhawk and Yondu as personal favourites and then I looked to previous forum lists for potential winners that I liked. White Tiger Count Nefaria and Grey Gargoyle are characters I remember from childhood.

I certainly didnt 'throw a vote to a friend' but selected a character I liked who I thought had a chance to make the extension.

It is pretty slow on here lately and thats sad. I miss the noisy offensive guys :P Not condoning anything before I get shot at but they made the place a good laugh for me at least.

I've been quiet for a couple of reasons.

Firstly the constant sh*t slinging between the forum and the blog gets me down. Seriously guys let it be and enjoy the collection for what it is.

Secondly the forum choice doesnt do anything for me personally and it took the shine off for a bit.

Shaman at least finishes off Alpha flight but thats it. I dont need any more until we hit 300+ (sorry Kal)

Wolfsbane starts a team I dont know at all so not really interested.

Stingray will hopefully be a cracking figurine and he is the only one I am looking forward to.

I am at the stage where I like 'maybe' 50% of the upcoming extension and can only see that figure going down as more and more 90's + characters get in.

I still intend buying them all but its not feeling as much fun as it did when I got into it.

I'm not totally stuck in the past and grabbed Annihilation and Secret Invasion recently and loved both.

For the record I am 43 and have barely touched comics since the mid 80's so hopefully I am not typical and EM needn't worry too much ;)

Thor8 said...

Yes this place has been kinda quiet lately,and quite a few bloggers has disappeared into thin air. Where are you Robert,Bob Diamond,jacadoo,Hawkeye,and the rest of the gang?

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

,,Wolfsbane starts a team I dont know"
Wolfsbane is nearly finishing 90's X-Factor. We need only Strong Guy now to complete this team.

The Mad Thinker said...

Strong Guy for the next special ?

Hell Yeah !!

John said...

I'm still hoping for Vindicator to finish off my Alpha Flight display. ;)

CGJ said...

Don't go quiet Toonster, I'm 38 and feel exactly the same!

For me Wolfsbane continues the original New Mutants line up alongside Cannonball and Magik (who I think has been confirmed). Sunspot, Warlock and Magma would make great looking figurines out of the same team but I am in no great hurry to finish the team off, let them wait an extension or so.

Wolfsbane doesn't even register as a member of X Factor as far as I am concerned, I dropped out of comics for a decade in the 90's, X Factor to me is the original XMen line up that had a run in the late 80's.

For me the next Special would be better as either Dragon Man (although preferably a Mega), Mr Hyde or Terrax

CGJ said...

Don't go quiet Toonster, I'm 38 and feel exactly the same!

For me Wolfsbane continues the original New Mutants line up alongside Cannonball and Magik (who I think has been confirmed). Sunspot, Warlock and Magma would make great looking figurines out of the same team but I am in no great hurry to finish the team off, let them wait an extension or so.

Wolfsbane doesn't even register as a member of X Factor as far as I am concerned, I dropped out of comics for a decade in the 90's, X Factor to me is the original XMen line up that had a run in the late 80's.

For me the next Special would be better as either Dragon Man (although preferably a Mega), Mr Hyde or Terrax

Victor said...

I'm still hoping for Marrina to finish off my Alpha Flight display. ;)

ps: sorry John

Victor said...

For me Wolfsbane continues the original New Mutants line up alongside Cannonball and Magik.
Waiting for Sunspot.

Thor8 said...

Top Ten on my specials list:

1)Super Adaptoid
2)Dragon Man
6)The Stranger
9)The Destroyer

Not necessarily in the order listed.

John said...

And I'm waiting for Warlock.

Sorry Victor. ;)

How about a compromise on Alpha Flight? Give us Vindicator AND Marrina, and throw in Box as well. :D

lipstick said...

Wolfsbane in the full werewolf form will be a more impresive figurine. Also, in different way with the werewolf by night, she must appear with a BIG werewolf head.
And... in the modern x-factor costume of course.

mighty_marvel said...

wolfsbane poll update:

part 1 - degree of transformation

human..........5 (3.1%)
hybrid.........114 (70.8%)
full wolf......28 (17.4%)
don't mind.....14 (8.7%)

part 2 - costume

no costume.....24 (12.4%)
new mutants....20 (10.4%)
90s x-factor...67 (34.7%)
00s x-force....19 (9.8%)
00s x-factor...53 (27.5%)
don't mind.....10 (5.2%)

vast majority want hybrid form. even with a massive margin for error this should still be the case. the only costume that really goes with this form is 90s x-factor. i really hope EM go with the forum on this.

jimbob said...

Top 10 special poll update

Mojo 51
Terrax 39
Strong Guy 38
Warpath 36
Lockjaw 35
Atlas 33
Wendigo 28
Giant-Man (Hank Pym) 20
Skurge The Executioner 20
Shadow King 19

Any news on Lockjaw?Really want him to complete the Inhumans.

jimbob said...

I am worried about Wolfsbane 90's X-Factor costume is winning,because she will stand alone in the collection.
She won't fit into 00's Xfactor we have already,New mutants she won't fit into,X-Force display she wont fit into.

Shame that Polaris,Havok and Madrox aren't in their 90's X-Factor costume cause it would be perfect for Wolfsbane to be in hers.

CGJ said...

I think the hopes of having matching costumes for a complete team have gone.

Now its just a case of picking the best look for a character from any time in their history. Some will be hits, some will be misses.

Personally I would have loved a complete line up of the New Mutants in their original costumes,

And I would happily shed £35 for a collectors edition Original X Men in their first appearance costumes. Dan? You listening?

mighty_marvel said...

the x-men we have are already from different eras. and because they change costumes so frequently she'll look fine amongst them, especially in a recognisably x-men costume. it's her best costume and the only one that properly goes with the hybrid human/wolf form, which is how the vast majority of people want to see her done.

mighty_marvel said...

And I would happily shed £35 for a collectors edition Original X Men in their first appearance costumes. Dan? You listening?

me too. and even more on a jim lee costume set.

LAWay said...

Who cares if Wolfsbane wont fit into the 'team' visually? We are voting for the best interpretation of the character.

I know people are hellbent on completing teams, but lets not sacrifice the look of a character.

Most of you say you buy the things for the character not the costume, thus your reasoning for not wanting variant costumed appearances. So surely the same thing applies? You ain't buying them for their team uniform, right?

I understand it looks better to fit in a team for display purposes, and who knows, Marvel themselves may make EM go with the new wolfsbane, but 70% of collectors, out of 4 options, is huge. Especially when people complain that all the new mutants get too many votes, isnt it refreshing to see an older version of an x-character?

LAWay said...

hell yeh for the x-men variant sets.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Agree with Laway on this.
Who cares costume fit? I'm happy Wolfsbane is in. Don't care Havok is in this costume, Polaris in other, and Madrox...
For me Cyclops is first X-Men member and he should be in X-Men. X-Factor is his brother team. IMO X-Factor members are: Havok, Polaris, Madrox, Wolfsbane and Strong Guy.
I don't see a place for Guido in 2012, but really hope he will be special in 2013.

lipstick said...

Yes, I by characters because of their costumes and if Wolfsbane will be made in her 90s uniform she will be completely out of the x-community we already have. And I will not buy her because there is no reason. We would like to complete the 00s x-factor team and all of you haven't complete anything because all of x-characters already have are in modern costumes. If all of you want the hybrid look, then it will can be in the modern costume, so nice and beautiful. Don't be selfishes...

LAWay. Do you know anything about statistics? Where is the 70%?

jimbob said...

"And I would happily shed £35 for a collectors edition Original X Men in their first appearance costumes. Dan? You listening?"

That would be great to do a special edition of this.

LAWay said...


Mighty_Marvel said:

wolfsbane poll update:

"part 1 - degree of transformation

human..........5 (3.1%)
hybrid.........114 (70.8%)
full wolf......28 (17.4%)
don't mind.....14 (8.7%)"

The hybrid version, ie, the one in the 90s costume, is clearly winning. I may not have a degree in statistics, but I think its safe to say, its more than a majority here. Landslide is another expression. Now, EM can make up their own version and do the 90s look in the 2000s costume, but really, who wants that?

And sounds like you dont buy every figurine or subscribe since you buy purely based on costumes, or maybe its just an intention.

It is however ironic to tell people off saying they are selfish for wanting a certain type of look just because it isn't what you want.

jimbob said...

Wolfsbane costume

90s x-factor...67
00s x-factor...53

LAWay said...

wasnt aware of her hybrid look in modern x factor comics, everything i read she was full wolf...and her costume, if you can call it that, was just very casual clothes.

I dont want EM making up their own character looks. people can always repaint her.

Victor said...

I would have loved a complete line up of the New Mutants in their original costumes,

As CGJ, I would happily shed £35 for a collectors edition Original X-Men in their first appearance costumes. Dan?

Re-Dos... redos...

mtravis390 said...

"wasnt aware of her hybrid look in modern x factor comics,"

I can find no example of her in her hybrid forum with her current costume choice. It would be silly to make such a figurine since she has never appeared this way.

But Toad never had the long tongue with the costume EM made for him, so I guess there is a precedent for making a character that is a mash of classic and current look.

LAWay said...

And look how awful Toad turned out. lol

Depending on how many characters were in a set, I would happily pay. If it worked out £7 per figurine and it was a 5 character set, no problem here.

I would pay the extra for the variants, no question. I'd subscribe to whatever EM released and they would have more of my money forever.

I wouldnt be in it for the short term just to see a certain character appear in a certain costume to complete my fantasy line-up. I'd take em all.

Sadly its unlikely to ever happen, while a new collection of anything marvel or dc looks impossible with the suspension of the dc chess set. If subscription numbers talk , then sign me up right now and lets get this baby moving. :)

jimbob said...

The Wolfsbane poll is not an EM official poll any ways,just made up by the forum.I don't think mixing it up will work.


It this is that is keeping this collection alive,our obsession on completing teams.

John said...

I don't care about matching team costumes. I just want the best look for each character. For example, I've said before the modern GotG are my favorite team (along with the Agents of Atlas.) Personally I think Gamora, Rocket, Star-Lord AND Groot all happen to have the best costumes from that team. BUT, I've also said Mantis would be best done in her Classic look. I hate it in comparison, but it truly is the best representation of her.

I can deal with a mismatched team if it does the character justice.

I'm also a big opponent of redos. Gamora may be one of my favorite characters, and while I've been asking for her for years and will now hate the figure... I still would not like to see redos start, just to "fix these travesties." We don't get many figurines a year, please make them always a new character.

mtravis390 said...

"I don't care about matching team costumes. I just want the best look for each character."

I wholeheartedly agree. EM needs to go with the best look.
To bad EM didn't do that with Mystique and Beast. :(

Victor said...

The best costume is the original costume.


mighty_marvel said...

"I don't care about matching team costumes. I just want the best look for each character."

I wholeheartedly agree. EM needs to go with the best look.
To bad EM didn't do that with Mystique and Beast. :(

and rogue

mighty_marvel said...

I'm also a big opponent of redos. Gamora may be one of my favorite characters, and while I've been asking for her for years and will now hate the figure... I still would not like to see redos start, just to "fix these travesties." We don't get many figurines a year, please make them always a new character

but if resculpts were done in subsets they would be on top of the main line. so we'd still be getting the same amount of new characters as ever, with the added bonus of fixing some of the mistakes of the past

LAWay said...


May be what you want, but seems like others just want the best looks of the character, which is way people have moaned at costume decisions, not because they didnt fit with a team, but because it wasnt their favourite costume.

I dont think the completion of teams is keeping people collecting. The fact they are subscribed keeps them collecting. People have said they just want as many characters as possible. Nothing about completing teams in certain uniforms.

LAWay said...

As for redos, variants, subsets, whatever. I can understand why people don't want it and why EM wouldnt do it because it wouldnt fit with the already established run of the CMFC.

But if EM announced another line/product that was based on that concept, I would be all over it too. I would prefer that it was all kept with the CMFC brand, but as long as I could get my hands on those figurines I wouldnt care what it was called. ^_^

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

,,I just want the best look for each character."
Agree with this. Don't care costume fit to other characters.
And best look for Wolfsbane is 90's costume with beautiful face

spidey_1979 said...

I'm going with the majority in saying Wolfsbane should be in her hybrid nineties x-factor look. Give her wolf ears, fangs, mutton chops, ponytail and a ready to pounce pose and the job's a goodun.

Regarding vote sharing on the forum. We all know it happens. Some members decide its time one of their number 'deserves' their favourite in and for the last couple of extension polls it has been white tiger benefitting. Don't understand why anyone would want him personally, a fig of him would be as dull as dishwater. But hey ho. I fully expect that if/when White Tiger gets in we will see a sudden rise in votes for Tarantula or Phyla-Vell.

Missing bloggers? I've got a funny feeling that some of them are on under different names.

Redos? Yes please.

Saturn Lad said...

The nineties X-factor look for Wolfsbane is the way to go, it is the look that best represents her and is the most eye catching.

It is very interesting to see the request poll results where people actually vote for who they want and dont get together secretly to vote through characters for friends and yes I am talking about White Tiger.

I like the look of the current request poll I want to see Silver Samurai, Us Agent, Sage, Grey Gargoyle and Sunspot all make the next extesnion.

CGJ said...

I don't think the collection needs re-dos per se, because basically, the only figure that has been published to date that everyone can agree has the right costume choice is Spiderman, and even then some would prefer a different pose.

My thoughts was more along the lines of an'Ultra Special' release and the original Xmen would be perfect for that.

The FF should probably claim the top spot for historically most important team in Marvel but their costumes are pretty much how they have always been

-cue long lists of 50 years worth of costume changes for the FF -

whereas the Xmen figs that we got are significantly different to that first appeared in the 60's

Add to that the fact that it would be a noteworthy 'event' for the collection and would grab attention in Previews and in comic book stores, and might bring in new collectors (or bring back old ones)

Tie it in with a Vanisher or Unus figure, what's not to love?

mighty_marvel said...

the only figure that has been published to date that everyone can agree has the right costume choice is Spiderman,

oh i don't know about that. i was quite keen on his paper bag man look. :D

TheTooN said...

Christ on a crutch Spidey leave the forum alone matey. Whatever faults they have they do a good job that couldnt be done here.

I admit the forum's a little sterile at times. I'm a straight/white/English/chauvanist Geordie in my 40's and love banter but in the modern crazy 'PC' world its just not happening. Forum rules and etiquette is 100% necessary if its to be taken seriously. I feel I must add that I am not racist or anti anything. My little Bro was Gay....God rest his soul.

Thats kind of why I miss the blogs 'rowdy crowd' who sound just like my mates down the boozer. Much as I hate the PC crowd and all of modern lifes bullsh*t sometimes you cant have your cake and eat it.

Re-do's I agree with you 100% but the timing for me has to be when the subbie/sales numbers dry up to the extent its the only viable way forward for EM and the CMFC.

I collect Marvel Universe 3.75 100% and am grumbling about repaints already in year 3. Prior to that I collected Super Hero Squad 100% and that was almost laughable for repacks and repaints before it went on hiatus.

The amazing thing about the CMFC is simply the fact that every 2 weeks an entirely new Marvel creation comes along. I admit I may not know/like as many now as I did in the early days but re-do's says 'beginning of the end' to me.

Long live the CMFC !!

btw the grumbling (mostly snidey now) is still coming from both sides...........and both are worried that EM only listen to one or the other.....sheesh !!!

Thor8 said...

"Don't understand why anyone would want him personally, a fig of him would be as dull as dishwater."

"...but I think White Tiger would make an awful figurine."

"Just look at him. He would be custom fodder to many happy collectors, but looks very very dull"

Can someone tell me what's so great lokking about a racoon with a gun or a cigar smoking quack?

spidey_1979 said...

Compared to a guy dressed head to toe in white?


TheTooN said...


Agree on the Duck but not the Critter :)

Having said that I never read any HTD stuff and the movie previews I saw put paid to me ever looking.

I loved Annihilation so I can see Rocket in lead. Not positive on how he would be represented in terms of size mind you.

To those that advised on Wolfsbane being new/old team......think how I feel :)

Ken said...

Hey guys!

Is it me or does the Marvel Girl look horrible?

Lastly, I also have every single figurine and intend to buy every single figurine. However, a Jim Lees Xmen subset would be awesome, too!

TheTooN said...

Costume and pose are fine imo but her face looks a bit TV.

Also................White Tiger looks just like Guardian minus his leaf !!

Dont understand the negativity tbh.Whats not to love ?

tinodragon14 said...

Regular Specials
Two-pack Specials
Mega Specials

LAWay said...

I've never said I wanted RR or HtD, as we all know.

I would gladly have ANY spiderman costume in my collection. Ben Reilly Spiderman, Iron Armour Spiderman, Ironman version spidey, house of m spidey, noir spidey, movie spidey, symbiote spidey and so on and so on. lol

I get the Marvel Universe too. What are you complaining about? Sure, if you are a completest then the repaints will bother you, but the amount of new unique characters they have doen is usually 3 in a series of 4.

I do wonder how collectors or just marvel fans in general would vote in this collection as opposed to the limited circle of people on the blog and forum. I generally don't believe that the heroes and villains that appear in comics today, that have been popular and current in marvel continuity for at least the last 10 years, would fail to even make it on the top 20 polls. I wonder if the average current marvel reader holds some of the characters that win the poll in as high regards as the polls make them out to be.

I guess its the nature of the beast having such confined polls though.

LAWay said...

Also, i remember someone saying the different between petitioning for a character on the forum is the same as the blog to sway opinions.

My argument is on the forum, most members have a signature with pictures of characters they want in, with some boosting about ones that they have wanted that got in, like some sort of bingo callout card. There is also a thread specifically for petitioning for characters, and topics to suggest who people want in.

While people do mention who they want on the blog, as soon as they start petitioning and repeatedly post endless lists of characters, I think they get ignored pretty quickly.

No statement in this post, just saying the two approach it differently. The forum can have many diverse topics that can be categorized neatly, while the blog is usually a straight up discussion, debate, arguments etc.

TGR said...

Just curious why you guys would think a White Tiger fig would be "as dull as dishwater"?

A fig dressed head to toe in white???

What about head to toe in silver/grey/red/black/white/yellow?

still dull?...yes?

So what about Jocasta/Silver Surfer/ultron/daredevil/cyclops/Crystal etc all of these are predominantly one colour. Are these dull or something you wanted? ;-)

ok my argument fails on Crystal.... LOL :-)

SinisterVenom said...

Some good choices I see for the specials. Mojo, Titanium Man and Destroyer stand out for me. However I also would like to see Onslaught and Madame Web in her chair made at some point too. I know people say you can do Madame Web without her chair as a regular but she just wouldn't look right without it. Besides if you can use a special slot for Black Suited Spidey and Destroyer standing on top of a fallen soldier then I'm sure you can give Madame Web her cool looking seat.

John said...

"I know people say you can do Madame Web without her chair as a regular but she just wouldn't look right without it."

Just sitting on the figurine base? You couldn't even see her that way!

I very much want a Madame Web Special. Preferably during the release of the Spider-Man movie.

Most of my Special wants are Cosmics. Number one is Rocket Raccoon and Groot. But also Lockjaw, Terrax, Blastaar, Ego, and Eternity. Most of which would have to be Megas...

Another issue I have with redos; who are the likely candidates? I am perfectly content with all the A-listers we have. Gamora is the only one I may want. What do you really think the odds are of getting a redo of her when it took 200 Regulars to get to her in the first place? What are the odds that anyone's most wanted redo will be the one covered? If its Beast, Cable or Mystique... pretty high I'd guess. Anyone else? Who knows.

What we'd likely see are just redos of X-Men. Nothing else would fit into a subset anyway, and anything else would be too random. Personally, I think we have more than enough X-Men in the collection.

But I'd still rather take a Sleepwalker over any character I already have (even Gamora in the 'right' costume.)

Bagman said...


John said...

I was actually going to mention Captain Britain...

What do you really think the odds are of getting Captain Britain as one of the redos? The trouble is, everybody has different tastes in what makes for a poor costume choice. You may want Captain Britain, I may want Gamora, MM may want Rogue and so on.

We can't have TOO many without just starting a new collection (in which case, I'm out.) But any decisions are just going to leave people feeling just as sour. ESPECIALLY if this was their one chance to get their character redone and they get skipped over. Then they simply lose out on a figurine slot.

We could put the most wanted to a poll, but most of the guys on here have been complaining about what a poll result actually means. Besides, it would just be from a group of collectors that constantly talk about the figs, not reflect the overall market, right? ;)

So Redos would make a few people VERY happy, LAWay extremely happy, and most everyone else sour. That's my take.

Kal Brindle said...

I voted for White Tiger and I think he'd make an excellent figure. He's the first Latino hero Marvel ever created giving him a special place in many people's hearts. He was created in the middle of the 1970s Kung Fu craze and was part of all manner of really cool stories in Deadly Hands of Kung Fu, Shang Chi Master of Kung Fu, Amazing Spiderman, Marvel Team Up, Power Man & Iron Fist and so on. The amulet that gives him his powers comes from the Sons of the Tiger a trio of Kung Fu masters - one black, one asian and one white...all very United colours of Benetton way before that was cool. So many of us older collectors have a great fondness for the character and that time in our lives. I know I do anyway.

Yeah he is Zombula's most wanted character - so what?! Doesn't make me want him any more or any less.

As for his standings in the poll well we are all picking more than five - meaning there is going to be more overlap on popular characters and the standings will change. In the end I fully expect Hector to end up right where he left off in the Forum Choice Poll give or take a vote or two.

Ultimately the right sculptor could make him look fantastic! Did you imagine Mole Man could look so amazing? I also want Phantom Rider who's also all white as is Fantomex as was Moon Knight so is Colleen Wing and Wundarr the Aquarian. Get over it. We all have our favourites and we're going to vote for them when we can.

LAWay said...

The difference is in the details. Most characters are not just a man in spandex, be they have extra details in the mask, the face, weapons, a symbol/logo, armour details, gloves, boots etc.

I think there are just as many people who would want redos. Sure, most people online may say they dont, but all these people have a fixed opinion on what they think the collection should be, backed up by their online buddies to all agree they dont want it done. Will the normal collector at home think the same? Who knows. I wouldnt expect redos purely because what I have said, at 200 figures, it doesnt really fit.

But also about missing out on a certain costume for a character, what is stopping making 1 costume redo per character? And sure, characters like Gamora will be low down on the list to be redone, but the fans of the big characters will buy all the variants of their favourite big name characters.

Madame Web would prefer a special in the chair, but I guess others are eluding to having her as a regular standing up.

CGJ said...

I think the fear must be, not taking into account the cost, if the silent majority of subscribers get a bulkier Cable in the post, will they just go and cancel their subscriptions thus spelling the end for the collection?

If there was a reason for the revisit rather than, 'we can do it better this time', it might not go that way.

I hate to say it because it is one of biggest wants but even an 'Ape Beast' doesn't have the same sense of theatre as an Original Xmen lineup released as a Special rather than a subset, second line or whatever

LAWay said...

I agree. People will accept a worthy subset of variants, but the same characters popping up in the extension may confuse people.

And then you have to define what is worthy, and the original x-men, jim lee x-men etc fits that bill.

EM could loosely thread an 'avengers' theme with a new cap, iron man, spidey, wolverine, thor etc. Or just a 'villains' set, or base some off comic events like house of m, siege etc just for an excuse to revist characters, add the likes of Iron Patriot, the new Thor design etc

I dont think it will happen, or not any time soon. Would be great though and many fans would love to have them despite what some online folk may say.

If the fear does lie in whether the subscribers would cancel and thus end the collection, then surely a proper poll just for the subscribers is needed to see if they want it.

SinisterVenom said...

To tell the truth, there are many figs I have looked at and have been disappointed at what we got like Beast, Rogue, Mystique, Captain Britain etc and I do wish they were done in their other costumes or looks. However I don't know if I would like the idea of a re-do subset when we could have other subsets of characters that we don't have yet like Asgardian: The Warriors Three, Heimdall, Tyr for example, or even teams like the Starjammers.
Don't get me wrong it is a good idea but I just don't know if I could get used to seeing 2 different figures of the same character on my shelf, I can live with Spidey's costumes but 2 Rogues and 2 Mystiques? I just don't know. I know I would never get rid of the old figures though, otherwise it wouldn't be a full collection in my eyes.
What happened to all our bloggers? Thor8, John, LAWay and a few others are still around but I havn't seen Robert, BD or Jacadoo in a while. Heck even our very own 'Merc with a Mouth' DP has been quiet lately!
Oh, and does anyone know when Odin is due out? I'm hoping to see him pop up on the CMFC main site soon :)

TheTooN said...


Marvel Universe 3.75 is a great line with some fantastic character choices but Hasbro manage to extract every last penny possible through repacks and repaints.

A couple of guys at my usual haunt are kind enough to buy and ship stuff over here from the US so I keep reasonably well up to date. Latest comic packs and the 2 giant size X-Men box sets got me really grumbling about the dupes and minor repaints from the XOW line.

I cant resist a good grumble but I love Marvel Universe to bits :)

I never get sick of changing poses on the action figures and only wish I could change the lead ones too !

Robert....where are you mate ?

mgf said...

CGJ: "... an Original Xmen lineup released as a Special rather than a subset, second line or whatever."


X-Men will be celebrating 50 years in 2013 and I myself will be celebrating the first twenty-five or so of them. ;-)

Great time for an original line-up to be made.

Hel said...

I agree with Thor - this is a visual collection.

As my friend's wayward mercenary husband would say.

"Show me the the boobs?" (Yes even girls like boobs too)

I agree 100% that the figures should be eyecatching.

If you were to see the aformentioned merc's Lady Mechanika conversion then you would see what I mean.

Eaglemoss should pay more attention to the dedicated fans that convert figures or create their own sculpts.

This gives them a new direction.

If you are still in doubt, check out that famous conversion "Bucky Cap" or even the "Warriors 3" by Deadpool.

I personally like his "Howard the Duck" which I hope to receive for my birthday from Mr and Mrs DP. Hint Hint

Hel said...

Bagman, Deadpool put some images on his blog of his Captain Britain conversion with the original costume.

It is on his marvel customs blog in the older posts section.

Petition Eaglemoss to reproduce figurines in alternative costumes like this.

Bye for now - "See you all in Hel"

Thor8 said...

"The difference is in the details. Most characters are not just a man in spandex, be they have extra details in the mask, the face, weapons, a symbol/logo, armour details, gloves, boots etc."

Could you please explain the details in the Silver Surfer,or Ice Man,or Cloak,or Dagger(other than her breast popping out of her completly white spandex)or Blach Widow,or Silver Sable,or...

Hel said...

DC has produced multiple Green Lanterns and Lanterns of other colours.

There are three Batman sculpts and multiple versions of Superman.

DC fans are happy.

DC collection is the award winning magazine.

The fact is fans will collect multiple versions of characters provided they are of good quality and have been produced for a good reason.

I would love a Dark Phoenix rising figure suspended in the flames of a transluscent resin Pheonix force.

jimbob said...

At some point in the collection I would like to see EM being more creative with the characters they have already done.

Dark Phoenix rising figure suspended in the flames of a transluscent resin Pheonix force would be cool.

Green Goblin on Glider.

Ghost Rider on flamed bike.

Maybe some of the characters could be done flying like Iron Man,
Thor,Magneto,Nova etc..........

promo1965 said...

Dark Phoenix rising figure suspended in the flames of a transluscent resin Pheonix force would be very VERY cool.
I need it.

John said...

"Could you please explain the details in the Silver Surfer,or Ice Man,or Cloak,or Dagger(other than her breast popping out of her completly white spandex)or Blach Widow,or Silver Sable,or..."

Surfer has his board, otherwise you've just named some of the most boring sculpts in the collection (fine as though they may be ;)

I still say a Subset or "line of characters released as a Special" should simply be 3-5 characters released once a month until that 3-5 is up. Give us the Warriors Three, Starjammers, Wrecking Crew, etc. this way. One a month, outside the collection... the themes they're released in will drive the sales. That's something that can't be done releasing Piledriver in an extension...

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I'm really looking forward to a sneak preview of the Deathbird sculpt. I must say I totally agree with EM/Dan that she doesn't need to be in the pompous 90's costume. She'll be a great fig in her early design, which is distinctive and iconic. I'm hoping in something like this:

Imagine what it could become in the hands of a talented EM sculptor like the ones who made Annihilus and Beta Ray Bill. I've a feeling that Deathbird is going to be an outstanding fig too.

jimbob said...

If we do get subset,we will have to wait till DC finishes theirs.I think this was one of the reason why we didn't get a subset at the same time.

I like the Warriors Three idea

Wrecking Crew

or Guardian of the Galaxy (modern) the rest could be done in their uniform.Groot,Star Lord,Rocket Raccoon etc.....

Archangelsr said...

It would be great to get some new warriors in the collection to stand along side firestar and nova. Speedball, night thrasher, Rage, Slapstick (how awesome would he be) namorita. That would make a great team and a lot of the characters have a big importance in the marvel world in there own right.

Specials what a about a Bill foster Goliath figure. Turning him in at the sasquatch size would do the trick i think and give us a height changer and a centre peice for the avengers shelve.

Phil Thomas said...

Really excited to see Shaman top the poll!
It HAS to be his original classic Byrne uniform and HAS to have his pouch.

LAWay said...

So i see Hel is either a very keen and knowledgeable Deadpool (member) fan, or they are infact the same. lol

As for the 'dull' characters already - Silver Surfer had his board, Iceman did have his xmen belt and a frosty painted colour scheme, cloak & dagger were on the same base, silver sable's costume has quite a few details, as does black widow with the trademark cuffs and belt, plus they had guns, and faces, and hair.

oh, and most named are iconic A-list marvel heroes, or second string supporting characters. Not a character killed off before reaching 70 issues.

As for marvel subsets that could be done before we even start to think of variants, I aint really interested. If characters can be released as single figurines, thats how I want them. I dont want to pay above the odds for lower string characters bunched together because EM dont think they will sell by their own. If they wont sell on their own, don't include them in the collection.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Hope for this Deathbird look, she has to have her crown

Osvaldoeaf said...

I'm very happy Sage came as the second runner up, and is also doing well in the request poll. Dan, I really hope you guys pick her for the next extension, since she's the next biggest missing x-man from the collection!

Thor8 said...

So Silver Surfer has his board,and Ice Man has his(HA HA HA)belt,my how interesting. So WT has his amulets and can be made with throwing stars,nachacus,or any other martial arts weapon.

Four villains that should most likely make the next extension are:

1)Grey Gargoyle
3)Baron Mordo

I was going to mention Attuma and The Destroyer but these guys are most likely "special" material.

As far as heroes are concerned,I'd like to see USAgent,Hyperion,Dr.Spectrum,Mantis,Sersi,Fandral,Hogun,Youndu,Martinex,Justice,and of course,White Tiger.

jimbob said...

The request poll for the 201-220 from the forum

The results after 130 votes

35 Silver Samourai
33 Sunspot
32 High Evolutionary
30 Warlock
29 Mantis
27 Sage
27 Selene
27 Whirlwind
26 Grey Gargoyle
24 Corsair
24 Magma
24 Starlord
24 US Agent
23 Darkhawk
22 Baron Mordo
21 Dust
19 Speedball
18 Attuma
18 Karma
17 Constrictor

Hel said...

LAWay I am a friend of Mr and Mrs DP.
Mrs DP put me up to blogging here to keep an eye on him.
I share his interest in Comics and figurines.

I am a big Asgardian fan (not literally big, but you know what I mean).

Hel said...

If you believe in conspiracy theories then I could be the much maligned Ted Sallis.

Archangelsr said...

Yeah my missus always has one of her mates look after me on these sites. Never know what can happen on a blog about little lead superheros. I heard its the cause of marriage break ups across the world. :)

BobDiamond said...

Hi Hel, Thor8, The Toon, SV and all you guys...
Been a while since I last posted, but personal life has a habit of taking prominence every now and again. I haven't been off the blog for any particular reason but that, although I've got to say that these days I feel I've very little to add that's not been said a million times before by someone or other...
It has to be said that the chatty, matey feel of this blog has gone a little out of the window lately..when we could just go off on a tangent and discuss the comics behind the figurines etc...but that just shows my age somewhat (and as everyone else seems to be disclosing lately, I'm 47..)
I still love this collection, but I'm beginning to wonder when it's going to end- shelf-space is definitely an issue! And I've come to the realization that those figures that I personally consider 'classic'(again because of my age), may never get made anyway, eg. The Duck, Killraven, Original White Tiger, Baron Strucker etc. So it's getting to hard decision time for me- should I stay a subscriber or give it up totally (picking the odd one at FB now and again..).
I've basically decided on drawing a line under the DC Collection- hardly have any knowledge and even lower interest in the characters being produced now...
Where I'm going with this I don't's great to see guys with real enthusiasm like LAWay still actively coming up with excellent ideas and opinions, but for me personally at this point in time I feel I've got the best the collection has to offer me, and perhaps should start to focus again on some other stuff in my life.

To Robert, Ted, DP, Jacadoo and all the others who have gone a little quiet lately..I hope you guys are good..and it would be cool to sit back and shoot the breeze again soon.

I'll be back...


Thor8 said...

Very glad to hear from you again BobD,you had been missed,as have been many a blogger lately,such as Robert,Deadpool,jacadoo,Pirate,Ted,and many others. Seems like you have reach the same stage I have concerning this collection. Although I still plan on purchasing quite a few of those that have been approved,I feel that many of those I considered classics have a minor probability of being added to this collection,as more and more recent fans demand more updated characters,and the few classics that they desire are demanded to be made in thier modern look. So it sems the sun wil set for me in this collection soon,but it's been one heck of a ride and it's the best figurine collection I have ever seen. Truly a dream come true.

jimbob said...

How about classic costume subset.

Classic Iron Man
Doctor Octopus

mtravis390 said...

Finally a preview of Sif.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...


LAWay said...

Good to hear from you BD, although not in such a cheery tone as we would have liked. lol

I think many can relate to your feelings with the collection. We all love it, and it could go on forever, but do we have the space, the money, or the interest to really stick around to 300...400...500? When will it end, if ever?

I wonder in a poll how long subscribers/collectors are willing to collect until they call it a day. Robert has enough loft space, maybe we can all rent it out to keep the never ending collection in there. :)

LAWay said...

Is Deadpool fooling anyone? lol

Robert said...

Just received an email from Bagman F.F.F., with pics of "Sif".

Awful. That's not Sif, that's some generic Amazonian warrior that's been imported from a fantasy line of figures that has never even heard of Marvel Comics.

Sif was always very feminine and of normal stature. Yes, she's a warrior maiden and athletic. However, this figure looks like Titania or She-Hulk in height and muscular arms. And when did she acquire the ridiculous airbags! The sculptor has completely missed the mark with this one. I can only imagine that it will look better with paint but right now it's nothing like Sif. What a huge disappointment.

P.S. The World's Greatest Detective also said that some folk, I assume I am one, are now referred to as the "noisy crowd". Can I be Noisy Crowd Member #2 or #3, as I assume Ted is #1?

Anonymous said...

I would easily and happily buy 500 figurines. There are so many awesome Marvel characters left to cover, many of them with important history and many other simply for the visual beauty of their design. Bring them on.

John said...

OMG, Sif looks amazing. My favorite part are the "airbags." :D

LAWay said...

any links guys?

good to have noisy #3 back.

Robert said...


Oh, right! :)

HOW could I forget YOU, Leigh! So, are you #1 or #2?

Paibok said...

Sif looks amazing. Dan get this sculptor working on an EXECUTIONER special right away so he could be ready for next year!

Hammerhead looks cool, but needs a bigger weapon

LAWay said...

I couldnt possibly think anyone would put ME in such a category, I hardly have anything to say around here.

TheTooN said...

Good to see a couple of regulars back.

@Robert - You are not a 'noisy one' mate........I was referring to DP and Ted mainly. 'Rowdy crowd' :P

And if you guys are here under pseudonyms then you are behaving so may as well go back to your usual names ;)

I just saw the pics of Sif and think she looks nothing short of fantastic. I never got into Thor or Asgard outside of Avengers related stories so I cant comment on how 'off' she may look. Her guns are pretty large which looks a bit odd but maybe they balance out the huge airbags ?

Few unpainted preview pics get me excited but along with Odin and BRB this is one of them.

I have to say again its hard for EM to keep all the different age groups happy and balance each extension without losing fans.

A few of us on the blog are in our late 30's or 40's and would like to see more of the characters represented as we remember them.

The Forum has a lot of guys in the same age bracket too so it isnt a big deal where we do our talking and its not right to try to treat either camp as 'different' to the other. We all love Marvel and we all love the CMFC.

It must be very hard for some fans to keep motivated when the few characters they are desperate for are snatched away by not doing them as they looked back in the day (or as they appeared in recent times for newer readers)

Look at the amount of arguing over Drax and then again for Gamora to give 2 examples. EM cant please everyone but if they balance these decisions it should mininimise disappointment and keep us buying.

I'm reading modern books again to get some appreciation for characters I dont know but its hard especially with X books as there is just so much out there.

I figure if I dont try this approach the collection will eventually lose its magic.

Far too many X characters in the request poll for my tastes and I would like to see more Cosmics and Avengers. As many villains as possible too as they usually make better figurines than the heroes imho.

I can live with liking 50% of characters in each extension provided the other 50% are good looking figurines.

I haven't had a box since Ares so am getting quite excited for Odin and my next batch.

I emailed my supplier to ask if it was possible he could reserve me a copy of Moondragon that didnt look like it was painted with a trowel...He replied he would do his best but EM's paintjobs had not been up to scratch recently which is worrying as he is a large supplier and must see hundreds of them.

In this box will be a replacement Ares (first one was damaged) and then right up to whoever is out near Odin. I am very worried about Destiny and Moondragon after seeing pics on the forum.

I forget who but one of the guys posted a side by side of Moondragon and Sif and I swear it was like one came out of a Kinder egg :P

No offense intended EM !! Hopefully you have already addressed this with your suppliers and they bought some smaller paintbrushes or glasses for the painters ;)

I think I may be rambling now !

TheTooN said...


The Mad Thinker said...

Just been over to the forum and checked out the lady Sif sculpt.

omg , gob smacked !!

fantastic job , well done !!

P.s : Huge fun bags lol.

TheTooN said...


Back on the subject of MU 3.75 for a sec.

3 years and no Sue we have the Fantastic 4 team pack plus the Future Foundation variant set and this morning I saw a pic of a third set with semi invisible Sue.

AARRGGHH !! Thats $75 for the 3 sets. Why couldnt Hasbro release the team set variant as a single !

Laffer curve anyone ?? Its almost at the point I give up collecting these 100%

Robert said...

Having read every Thor comicbook up till the start of 2011, Toon, I can assure you that Sif has never resembled that look except in a short mini-series.

Oddly, I almost feel quite disappointed that I am not considered noisy or rowdy. I guess I have to settle for something bland like "chatty" or somesuch, then?

TheTooN said...

Hmmmm I would say you are knowledgeable, and prolific certainly, but then I'm only a fairly recent member of the blogging fraternity.

I certainly cant recall you being anything other than nicey nice so rowdy doesnt fit.

What made you go quiet anyways mate ?

And if Sif never looked like that outside of one miniseries then why did EM choose it ?

Is it really down to boobage ??

Do EM have hidden cameras in FP's and see the reaction of the boys when they pick up issues :)

Do older versions not sell well in comparison ?

I only know Sif from her Super Hero Squad figure

TheTooN said...

Grim has done a cool colour mock up and I think she is toned down as a result. Just asked if I can link the pic outside the forum so you can take a look.

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