Friday, 16 September 2011

The amazing Marvel blog competition...

Hello everyone,

Richard here this week with pictures of Lady Sif and details about the competition, which begins today and ends on 30th September.

So, first things first, here are the images of the Lady Sif sculpt. As you can see we've gone for quite a dynamic pose – she has her sword but it is in a position we've not done before. (It's amazing how many of these little figures actually have swords.) I think this is a fantastic figure and will look stunning next to the Enchantress.

Right now on to the competition.

Competition Details:

Last Monday I came into the office and caught Art Editor Dan Rachael with a miniature hacksaw, a tube of glue and a crazy look in his eyes. As I approached his desk, all I could hear was muttering about ‘the ultimate competition’ and ‘the bloggers will take me seriously now’. Before I could make it to the door – in a desperate bid to call security – he produced the below monstrosity from under his desk.

This my fellow bloggers is the hideous jigsaw man/woman-thing that Dan created, rather than going home for the weekend. Nicknamed the CMFC Warrior, the figure is made from 14 sculpts and your task is to name them all!

That’s right name all 14 characters that were brutalised to create the above image.

Then send me your answers to

Put the answers in the email, along with your name and address.

The comp will close AT MIDNIGHT GMT, 30th SEPTEMBER 2011 and I will choose a winner at random from correct answers.

I’ll then contact the winner to let them know and ask which character they want in the collection.

One entry per email address only.
One entry per household only.

It is vital you send your name and address as winners will receive a model of their chosen character.

The character chosen must be regular-sized (a general rule is under 6’ 8”) with enough background/appearances to fill a magazine.

The character chosen should also be an original Marvel character that has not been in the collection already, so no redos.

And lastly, please remember that Marvel have the final say on all characters and costumes.

Right, that's your lot.


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CGJ said...

Nah, still don't like that Sif sculpt.

Well done Dan on the competition monstrosity, lets see if I can this one wrong as well!

mighty_marvel said...

got all 14!!! don't think it's right to enter the comp again though :(

sif looks amazing. just hope the paint job does her justice.

CGJ said...

Done I think, got my nine year old to help so that I dont mess it up

michal9402 said...

Still love Lady Sif sculpt. Hope that painting'll not make it worse like Photon.
About competition... i don't think I will have problem with that;P

Can't wait to see Moonstone or Mirage in next excetion.

navaho said...

sif looks FINE!

competition is tooooo easy!

make mine Marvel

Thor8 said...

Stil think that Sif breast nedds a litle "fixing" and the part of the cape over her shoulders should be a litle les bulky,preferably no fur!

The hard part of the competition isn't getting all 14 answers right,but being picked amoung all the right answers,now that's difficult.

Thor8 said...

Stupid keyboard! Makes my spelling seem like that of a 4 year old!

Archangelsr said...

Not to taxing. Loving the sneeky one in there but all good. Sif looks better next to Bill

Becquerel said...

Got all 14. :)
I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Love the pose of Sif.

Osvaldoeaf said...

I do love Sif, can't wait to get her!

Oh, competion time...I'm in!

Godd luck to everyone!

The Mad Thinker said...

competition entered , fingers crossed.

Sif looks amazing regardless of the size of her bangers lol.

Hi Rich , good to hear from you again.

Robert said...

Well, I'm off to try talk Ted into entering.

Considering that the Dr. Frankenstein competition was his idea in the first place, it seems all kinds of wrong that he's not here to have a go.

I am politely asking my fellow bloggers to go onto his blog and do the same.

Robert said...


It's a page on his blog where he drew some of the regulars on here. Seemed appropriate.

tinodragon14 said...

I emailed my guesses. Good Luck everyone especially me.

I had to chuckle when I saw Sif with her boobies stuck right out there but unpainted it actually looks like she has two sets of boobies two furry ones higher up & then the regulars. It's her furbies & her boobies!!

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Sif looks amazing, love her boobs.
I don't know a character, only saw her in movie, but after seeing this sculpt I'm interested in buying this figurine.

TGR said...

@Robert...Good call.

for all of his faults, the Frankenfig idea was a good one without a doubt. credit where it's due.

Anonymous said...

Excellent competition.
Rich, thanks! You're a great story-teller. I enjoyed imagining Dan hacking figs to pieces to create the frankenfig... but luckily no fig was brutalized for real! My eagle eye can see that it's a 100%photoshop creation. Dan, you're a digital imaging wizard. And I thought I was the king of the virtual figurines! Bravo. :)

PS. Do I win an extra choice of character just for spotting the photoshopping? ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, the above message is from me!
This blog creates absurd screen names when one forgets to enter the AIM Open ID.

Robert said...

Glad you posted, Grim. I contacted Ted earlier and he's going to enter. He made the point that after Siryn and Nico it's about time an 'oldie' won! Had to laugh at that.

P.S. Dan doesn't think we take him seriously, Rich? Can you tell Dan that as collectors who are interested in folks that can twirl a hammer to travel in time, who can build a suit of flying armour out of the scrap in a Vietnamese cave and who can use a shield to deflect a hail of lava, we take him completely seriously.

SinisterVenom said...

Great competetion, best get cracking!
Also very nice to hear from you again Rich! It certainly has been a while. Hope all is well with you buddy!
Still liking the look of Sif :)

Anonymous said...

Jokes aside... what I love about this year's competition is that it will probably allow many more collectors to guess correctly and be part of the final lottery-style random draw. Naturally I'd like to win, but I'm equally excited knowing that many of the potential winners share my passion for visually striking curveball-ish characters of the cosmic area of the MU. Good luck to all of you... especially those who share my Marvel tastes.

lipstick said...

I hope the winner will choose a not so famous character.

Thor8 said...

Robert: I Loged into Ted's blog,but how do I send him a meesage?

LarryS said...





Both have been promised before the end of the year.

But no news on either since the Serpent's seven hammers were still light years from earth!!

So, my simple questions:

The shelf spaces I've reserved for both are starting to gather dust!

John said...

Hey guys, to make it a little easier on EM, how about we send the list of 14 alphabetically. :)

LAWay said...

Sif looks great.
Got my contest entry in. Not too hard especially if you take your time. Should have greyscaled it to definitely make it harder. So now we await the lottery outcome.

No idea who I would pick. Lipstick makes a point of not making you choice be a character that is really popular, but how niche would you go? Would they have enough backstory?

Honestly, I dont think I like anyone that niche. I could name dozens I would love that I still consider important and popular characters, so I dunno, we'll see.

LAWay said...

Oh, also, something that really bugs me.

Look at the marvel figurines page and check out the studio picture with the Hulk on the turntable thing.

THATS the Hulk I wanted. Looks so cool. Legs were probably too wide for a base, but dammit, it is awesome.

mtravis390 said...

I like Sif. The shoulder padding is a little big, but overall she looks great. I can't wait to see how she looks painted.

Robert said...

I thought we could just leave a message attached to the post titled Bloggers in Lead, Thor8. It's kind of a moot point as Ted's going to enter anyway.

P.S. Last night reading Thor Masterwork and saw Odin in slippers! (JiM #116) and the map of Asgard - from annual #1? - complete with directions to the Temple of Titans, the Hall of Heroes, the Museum of Weaponry and... the "Shopping Center"!!! Gotta love the Silver Age.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the comp! Have just entered and have my fingers crossed :D - Thanks again and Sif looks ACE!

Robert said...

A question for all the folk who like the "Sif" sculpt.

Have any of you actually read any Thor comicbooks?

It's a nice sculpt but it looks nothing like Sif.

Anonymous said...

I think Sif is based on this pose:

Hawkeye said...

Sif is looking like she'll fit in nicely with the other Asgardians so no complaints from me.

Think I've got the competition sussed but the dilemma is, if I win, do I choose a figure that I really, really want but won't necessarily appeal to the majority or do I go with one that will have a wider appeal? Decisions, decisions.... What would others do?

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

That pic above proves Robert is wrong.

Robert said...

Thanks for the link, James. Where is that image from? A one-shot? A four-ish LS? It's not from Thor's comicbook, is it?

There are literally THOUSANDS of Sif images I have seen in the pages of Thor - which, I will reiterate, I have read every issue of several times - which do NOT look anything like the figurine. It's ridiculous.

It's not a representative image and therefore I am right to condemn this figure. Ask Thor8 or anyone who actually knows the character inside-out.

Robert said...

And while I'm on my soapbox, the figure doesn't look like that image either. She looks older, taller and now has the airbags of a porn star.

Becquerel said...

Your hope is definitely well-placed should I win the competition. I finally decided on the character I would like to see.
I hope Eaglemoss (and ultimately, Marvel) agree with me. :P

Thor8 said...

I would like to hear an answer to Robert's question concerning Sif. How many of those that find said figurine great,are Thor fans and actually read the book? As i said before the sculpt is very fine and well done(a little too much breast though),but it really does not represent the Sif from the comic book series. If EM could at least tone down the breast and the shoulder pads maybe it will be a little more acceptable.

Becquerel said...

I actually agree, the boobies are too big, and the shoulder pads are just ridiculous, hah.

The pose, I think, is really well-done, though, and I also think that she'll be a splendid figurine. :)

Robert said...

And Thor8's post above proves Tomas is wrong.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

This is a comic book, it proves Robert needs new glasses.

Robert said...

Me, earlier: "Where is that image from? A one-shot? A four-ish LS? It's not from Thor's comicbook, is it?"

The image is taken from the final page of Sif #1, June 2010. A one-shot, as I said, and not Thor's own comic where Sif has made 99.99% of her appearances.

One comicbook is NOT representative, Tomas. Like I said, I could list thousands of images of Sif over many decades from Thor's comicbook, none of which look anything like this one-off issue's look.

I'm not sure if I can make this any simpler for you to understand.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

This is Lady Sif, she was looking like that
It's picture from comic book.
I don't care in one issue or one hundred times, she looks good in this costume. People choose best look, not costume with most issues.

Ken said...

Gentlemen, this debate brings up the issue of which costume to go with any given character. Shall we go with the one with the most appearances? Most aesthetically pleasing to the eye? The original? Or the latest costume?

Personally, I would go with the one with the most appearances since that is how many fans recognize their heroes/villains.

Lastly, we NEED the High Evolutionary! :0)

Robert said...

I don't care in one issue or one hundred times, she looks good in this costume."

So, if Spider-Man appears in a costume for one issue and you like it, that's what we should get?? Are you serious?

Honestly, I have no idea if some people on here are taking the mickey or if they are genuine.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

It's not what I want, Robert, but most of fans want, and as we see EM did the same choice.

You gave wrong example. Spiderman is most popular marvel character, and Sif? You even asked did anybody of voters read her comics. In Spiderman situation I don't see him in other costume than this But we have him also in black costume.

Victor said...

"... which costume to go with any given character. Shall we go with the one with the most appearances? Most aesthetically pleasing to the eye? The original? Or the latest costume?"

For me:
1st choice: The ORIGINAL
2nd choice: Most appearances
3rd choice: Most aesthetically
Choice latest costume? NO WAY, ARGH!

TheTooN said...

Seems to me EM are just hedging their bets with Sif.

It does seem odd to choose a look from a one shot or even a short lived mini series.

Rather than trying to give characters their most appearance 'look' they make what they think will sell. (who can honestly blame them here if thats true)

In the case of Sif I think she will sell in droves and hopefully entice new customers into the collection.

In my position as a long time Marvel fan but 'not' a long term comic buyer/reader I am aware of Sif but wouldnt have known EM's choice was not a typical look.

EM threw us 'oldies' a bone with classic Gamora but the meat seems to be 'whats going to sell' and if it keeps the collection going then I am not going to complain.

I would like to hear Dan or Rich explain their choice for her.

Long live the CMFC (and boobs) :P

Robert said...

Ach, if that's the case, let's just go the whole hog and present all the female characters in bikinis and things. Sheesh.

Robert said...


TheTooN said...

Its only my thoughts mate, hopefully EM will reply.

Much as I love boobs I would prefer a fair representation of Marvels creations.

Whats your pick if you won the comp Robert ? and it would be nice to hear from Ted again if you have his ear ?

Robert said...

Sorry if it sounded like I was getting at you, Toon. It was the idea that we reduce the collection to sexual titillation, a suggestion that has been raised - ahem - before.

Ted's okay. Working on some mosaics, including one from the rather brilliant film "The Outlaw Josey Wales". You should have a look at his work. I am proud of my mods and hammer, but Ted's mosaics are something else. This place is really not the same without him and I hope he does come back one day.

My choice? You must be new round here! The Recorder.

TheTooN said...

awwww man I forgot !! Not a character I'm familiar with. (same old same old)

I saw Teds Hulk which is brilliant.

Love to see a mosaic of Josey spitting on something :P

Thats the memory which sticks for me......unless I am thinking about the wrong film...been a while since I watched it.

And yes the blog suffers from lack of 'fun' atm. Controversy too ;)

Robert said...

That's the same film. Your memory obviously works some of the time, so you will probably get by for a few months yet before your workmates have to start covering for you. :)

TheTooN said...

I've been retired almost 6 years now. Got lucky with shares in my company and we sold up just before the world went tits up.

My brain has deteriorated ever since but not having to get up for work will do that to you :)

I should have remembered the Recorder from previous conversations but honestly I never saw him before coming on the blog.

EM would only graft boobs and a mini skirt on him

LAWay said...

Ok, I aint an expert on Sif. I am not entirely sure I have read her in a story, which includes a short Thor run I read. I can tell you that the pose doesnt reflect her warrior personality. But she does look other worldly, she looks like some sort of god, as if the romans sculpted an image of her in her honour.

As for costume choice, again, I am no expert, but think it is the best version of the ones I have seen.

Can she feminine? Absolutely.

Are her breasts small? Check out the images again, and a few more:

I guess it depends on the artist. These are all obviously picked to support the figurine and there are many more examples, much more, to support why she could be changed.

But hey, its a great sculpt. The costume is one Sif wears, or wore. Maybe Marvel picked it. Its a fine pose. Because it is close to your hearts you see more faults than other people do. But then, you asked about people who liked it if they have a problem, and it seems like alot of people like it and dont.

How should characters be represented? In their most iconic look I say. With some characters, there havent got an 'established' look, be it changing their costume too many times, or just because they are supporting characters who change depending on the artist.

Sif for me fits that category, but again, I dont know much about her. If Marvel pushed for a Sif stand alone comic and this was her look, and it was fairly recent, then I imagine this is how Marvel will want Sif to look from now on.

Until the next artist draws her at least anyway. ;)

LAWay said...

Controversial...if you win the competition...

would you sell your vote?


What sort of dastardly suggestion is that? What sort of morales to you think I have?


a million dollars you say?


I always wanted the Recorder in the collection. ;)

tinodragon14 said...

I will have to see Sif painted but as I said unpainted it looks like two furry boobies above the regular oversized boobies.

And since everybody asked nicely er wait no one asked ya dope okay I'll tell them anyway STEGRON THE DINOSAUR MAN since WHIRLWIND & BARON MORDO are high in the voting along with THE GREY GARGOYLE & HIGH EVOLUTIONARY. Also ATTUMA, MR. HYDE, TERRAX, BLASTAAR, TITANIUM MAN & THE EXECUTIONER all seem to have to be Specials. That leaves THE COBRA, STILT-MAN, MOLTEN MAN, BLIZZARD, THE MELTER, THE SCARECROW & STEGRON to try & pick from. Which of those seven bad guys is least likely to get made anytime soon if ever in anyone on here's opinion I ask???????

TheTooN said...

Sif looks fit in all of those :)

If you won the compo and chose Sif what would she look like ? Robert ? Thor8 ? anyone ?

As for bribery..........I know the Fury is out due to size and honestly I cant think of anyone else worth it.

Ape Beast would have me thinking tho !!


I dont buy Marvel Universe 3.75 here in the UK as its silly money online. If you get time check out my usual haunt.

Made some great mates there from the US and traded back and forth (CMFC to them and MU to me) We have a shoutbox purely for chat and have a good laugh with no restrictions. Nice mix of Brits, Irish, US and Canadians including a Canadian Expat in Hong Kong who recently sent one of the lads wave 15 weeks before its US release.

I have a box on its way atm including the recent team packs and comic packs at dollar prices so its a no brainer.

Not sure if you need to reg for shoutbox but its an open forum otherwise. Happy to see any of you guys there for real time chat.

If I'm being a bit dodgy trading CMFC outside of Diamond then someone let me know and I'll stop talking about it.

LAWay said...

sounds like a good deal Toon.

At the end of the day, EM are making money through yourself buying the figurines. If anything, they probably make more money that way than people buying them through diamond, so I cant see a problem at all.

Thor8 said...

Okay,here I go again. This is The CLASSIC Marvel Figurine collection,so it should live up to it's name. Sif is a MAIN character in he Thor titles and along running supporting cast of the same. She didn't just pop up out of nowhere for an issue or two and then just disappeared.I believe Thor fans and collectors deserve a figurine that represents the character they're familiar with and not some generic run off the mill one shot unknown.

"It's not what I want, Robert, but most of fans want, and as we see EM did the same choice."

Fans of whom or what?
Fans of Sif? (I sincerely doubt it) or fans of playboy and gigantic breasts?

I originally started this comment an hour ago but had to step out,hope my comment isn't outdated.

TheTooN said...

I would still like links to pics of what her classic fans would have preferred her looking like. I need to see the visual argument for history over boobs.

@LAWay Diamond get nowt but stick from US buyers from what I have read but I dont want to get myself in any bother hence my wimpy comment.

When you consider the crazy prices some of the figs go for in the US my mates have had some nice bargains.

Thor for one plus some of the popular X-Men go for $40+ each so its a great trade route.

My nipper helped me get the 14 photoshop pieces this afternoon. I couldnt think who the glases were from but he told me instantly without even looking at the figs.

He was irate at the mirrored parts.....gotta love 5 year olds sense of right and wrong :)

LAWay said...

Thor8, the 'classic' arguement is thrown out the window on ISSUE 2 with the most modern wolverine costume, followed by the newer xmen costumes.

You just cant you that old debate. classic doesnt mean 'old'. (if that was what you were refering to. if not, sorry for the assumption)

Like Toon said, show us what Sif should look like.

As for playboy type figure? Exaggerated abit. We have ALL complained about the females, and the we get a very decent, attractive sculpt, and still people aren't happy. I think the chest plate exaggerates the breasts, but come on, in all comics the females are busty. Its like complaining that all the heroes are super insanely ripped.

TheTooN said...

I see your argument there, as a kid I dont think I would never have got into Superheroes if they looked skinny. The whole point was that it wasnt me :P or anyone I knew male or female.

Having said that its still a toughy if you grew up with a particular look that EM choose to ignore to sell more figs.

LAWay said...

Just like how nearly everyone felt with most xmen figures. ;)

LAWay said...

Characters that dismissed the 'classic' theory.

#02 - Wolverine
#03 - Doc Ock
#06 - Blade
#12 - Iron Man
#14 - Storm
#16 - Beast
#19 - Punisher
#25 - Cyclops
#29 - Rogue

Could keep going on, but none of them shown in their 'classic' look, and I mean that in every sense of old and iconic, which are two totally different things.

Now I dont have a clue about Sif really, havent read enough of her in comics as I didnt read alot of Thor, but the figurine looks good, which in return makes me want to know more about her. You could say the opposite about alot of characters that have been done badly.

Becquerel said...

Daredevil isn't in his classic look either, or rather his original one, since he has been sporting red on yellow first, then switched to all red.
There's also Mar-Vell, who is sporting his spandex duds, while he originally wore the Kree uniform (which I personally actually would've preferred).
Of course, there's also the She-Hulk, whose original costume was just a ripped white dress (or rather bedsheet). Not to mention her cousin, who was originally grey-skinned.

etc. pp

I don't mind more modern costumes, as long as they make a good figurine. To me, a figurine that pleases the eye on my shelf is much more pleasing to me than the character wearing their brightly colored 60s outfit. Some of the "classic" costumes and designs just look hideous. Not saying all of them do, but, well, most of them.

LAWay said...


See, you are confusing 'old' and 'classic'. None of those that you said apply.

Daredevil is iconic in his red suit.
She Hulk is iconic in her purple suit.
Mar-vel is iconic in his red and black suit.

I never said the examples I gave should be done in their first appearance costumes. Some characters, it does happen to be their most iconic look, like spiderman, while others, it is not, like Captain America.

Robert said...

Been out to a party, so catching up with the Sif debate a little late...

My objections to Sif are less about her costume than her physical form itself. The original image apparently used as reference makes her look like a skinny teen, when she has always been shown in Thor's title as a grown woman. The figurine itself makes her look excessively tall, too skinny around the waist, certainly too busty and her arms are like a body builder's. While Sif is undeniably a beautiful woman, she is certainly not some exaggerated, caricatured wish-fulfilment of what a woman should be. (The 1990s have a lot to answer for with their depiction of women. It's probably helped screw up a whole generation of comic readers.) The figure does not resemble her at all, as Thor8 agrees.

In a roundabout way, it reminds me of the story of the nude female robber. The male bank staff were so busy staring at her rack, after the robbery they couldn't give the police a decent description of her face. Bascially, it's someone else wearing Sif's outfit and hoping everyone will be so busy gawping at her oversized breasts, no one will stop and say, "Hey, you're not Sif! You look nothing like her!" And, from some comments, it's a ploy that seems to be working.

As for the costume, it's mostly okay. The Hogunesque leather straps hanging from the belt and the almost Iron Manesque leather sections over her thighs are an addition only seen - I think, I have to doublecheck - in the Sif one-shot. Sif has worn a few variations on the red-and-white look since the early 1980s, although none prior to 2010 with these additions. Basically, the look that Sif sported when Jurgens was writing Thor would be perfect.

LAWay said...

See RObert, noisy #3. Coming up here stirring all this up. :P

I totally get you though. Ithought she looked too big in the arms, and having large arms and chest, the lower body seems out of proportion.

Sif is a warrior, which I guess is what they wanted to show with muscle, rather than having an athletic looking woman who has super strength.

They have done a muscular woman alot better looking than how they handled she-hulk, so a little relief there.

I think its a wonderful figurine, and next to beta ray bill she doesnt look big at all. However, I am fortunate to be distant from the character and appreciate a good sculpt and design for what it is, and if it does upset hardcore Sif fans, well i feel sorry for them that she wasnt done correctly in their eyes.

But seriously - best female sculpt so far I reckon.

Robert said...

No argument from me that it's not a striking sculpt. As generic, fantasy women go, it's excellent. But as you said, that's not where my complaint comes from.

Basically, it's just not Sif. She's wearing the costume - with some additions from the one-shot - but then I could put Sif's costume on and that wouldn't make me Sif either.

Now, if that image doesn't keep you up during the night with scarey thoughts, nothing will. :)

TheTooN said...

@Becquerel - You hit the nail on the head with the second part of your comment.

Enchantress is the best female in the collection to date imho. Fine sculpt and fantastic paint. I just had her in hand (fnar fnar) and she appears to have similar proportions to Sif, maybe a little smaller. If Sif is a warrior I would expect her to have broad shoulders and bigger arms.

What do you guys think about Enchantress ? is she comic accurate or 'one for the boys' ?

And I would still like a couple of links to Sif as you would prefer her as I'm still in the dark.

Robert said...

Agree on Enchantress. Lovely figure and certainly one of the best female characters so far.

I understand your thinking on Sif, that as a warrior woman she should be more athletic, but in the comics she was never drawn as some muscular Asgardian She-Hulk. Amora was always depicted as impossibly beautiful, more so than any other goddess. That was part of why she earned her name. That, and her kissing folk making them fall in love with her (see earliest appearances). That said, Sif was always very feminine and beautiful, too. It was more a difference in attitude and dress than actual physical build between the two. Sif likes to scrap: Amora likes to either use cat's paws (as they used to say in the '60s) or spells, never to actually get her hands dirty. Sif wore a sort of floaty, princess-like dress for a bit c.early '70s, but generally she wears something more suited to battle, like a silvery suit (albeit a skintight one) or a trimmed down uniform (that admittedly shows her legs) or even the horrendous S&M outfit she sported briefly in the DeFalco-Frenz era.

I don't have any links, Toon, and there's not much point me directing you to individual comicbooks...

TheTooN said...

Just had a gander on comivine, is this look more in tune ?

Much as I love the sculpt we have seen this is very nice too.

I would love to see Skurge at some point, Loki in the middle of him and Enchantress would be cool.

I still dont have Balder yet but what the heck went wrong with him ?

Robert said...

No, Toon, that's not it at all.

What happened to Balder?

The forum and one of its bird-brained polls is what happened to Balder.

Well, you did ask.

promo1965 said...

I Think that the best themes for Marvel Figurine Collection Subsets would be big names of Writers and Pencilers of Marvel Comics.

TheTooN said...

Confession time....I went looking for the poll for Sif and I voted for this which got 82 votes and 40% of the total.

This one got 19 votes and 9%

And seriously I'm not trying to take the mickey with the questioning here I just wanted to see what was so off.

I cant find a poll for Balder but this seems to be the pic its based on.

I know as much about him as I do Sif tbh (next to nowt) but his figurine is a miss for me and wont be going with the other Asgardians unless I am gobsmacked when I get him in hand.

For a real fan like you or Thor8 it must be galling that I can cast a vote with so little knowledge of the character or history. I understand your grievance but I'm probably a bit of an oddball over there and certainly not representative of the forum.

I'm gonna shut up about her now :)

LAWay said...

I see where Robert is coming from. Dunno why EM bulked her up when characters like Miss Marvel is just as strongly portrayed, hell, even drawn quite muscular at times, but we had a feminine figure. Super strength in the Marvel Universe doesnt mean huge muscles, which is where the sculpt goes wrong.

Putting the disappoint of the Sif fans in perspective, I imagine its how we all feel about the weedy, skinny looking Captain Britain.

So fair point.

Thor8 said...

"See, you are confusing 'old' and 'classic'. None of those that you said apply."

"Daredevil is iconic in his red suit.
She Hulk is iconic in her purple suit.
Mar-vel is iconic in his red and black suit."

What you mentioned above is exactly what I was referring to in my previous comment LAWay,maybe I just didn't express myself in the best manner,but anyway you and I basically have the same line of thinking as far as the meaning of "classic look",and that is the main disappointment of Robert and myself. This sculpt of "SIF" IS by all means a great looking sculpt,no doubt about that,but it does not really represent the Sif from the MU we Asgardian fans have come to know and love. I ask all those X-fans who have complained about Rouge,Mystique,and "cat" Beast,to think about how they feel each time they look at these figurines in their collection,and they'll have a better idea of how Robert and I (and many other Thor fans)feel about this sculpt.
Speaking of Thor fans,where is Pirate A,jacadoo,and BobD?

Oh one last thing before I go:

"For a real fan like you or Thor8 it must be galling that I can cast a vote with so little knowledge of the character or history."

Believe me Toon, it does not bother me at all that you can cast a vote. You have just as much right to have your say as any "expert" on the field,and I think Robert feels the same as far as casting votes are concerned. What really bothers me is that maybe Marvel isn't providing enough historic research material to EM,or EM is not paying attention to "where" and from "whom" the request or demands come from. I mean if I were selling Spider-Man related merchandise ,and 3 Spidey fans come up to me and say model "A" is the best choice,and later on a group of 12 come buy and say WOW model "B" looks awesome you should make that one,and I say: Really? So you think "B" is a better representation of Spidey than "A"? to which they answer: Well,we really don't know much about spidey,we collect Hulk and,Iron Man and then walk away,what do you think I should do go with the three Spider-Man fans or the "majority of 12 whom most likely won't buy the product in the first place?

LAWay said...


I hope you mean characters sculpted in the style of certain artists, or costumes in the appearance of said artist or writer...

...and not a sculpt of the artist themselves. That would suck. lol

Anyway, I would love it. There is a Batman black & white collection that is just black and whit statues of batman done in the various styles he has been portrayed in, and the statues are fabulous.

There was a poll about the Batmobile collection which offered suggestions based on which artist had drawn it as well. It was awful, and shows it may not work. I didn't realize there are like a hundred different batmobiles because of how different an artist has drawn it from comic to comic.

Of course, drawing superheroes is not as inconsistent as the batmobile example.

LAWay said...


I hope you mean characters sculpted in the style of certain artists, or costumes in the appearance of said artist or writer...

...and not a sculpt of the artist themselves. That would suck. lol

Anyway, I would love it. There is a Batman black & white collection that is just black and whit statues of batman done in the various styles he has been portrayed in, and the statues are fabulous.

There was a poll about the Batmobile collection which offered suggestions based on which artist had drawn it as well. It was awful, and shows it may not work. I didn't realize there are like a hundred different batmobiles because of how different an artist has drawn it from comic to comic.

Of course, drawing superheroes is not as inconsistent as the batmobile example.

LAWay said...


Problem is, what is sif's most iconic look? You and Robert have mentioned it, but is it just the physicality that is the problem, or the costume? Because no one is giving an example of what is her iconic look, and it could possibly be because she doesn't have one?

Thor8 said...

I know it difficult to choose an iconic look for Sif just as it is for Odin since they are constantly changing wardrobe,but I'd say it more a matter of physical appearance rather than the clothes. Maybe if EM could smooth out the muscles on her arms,tone down the breast and get rid of the shoulder pads(Yeah I know the pads are not a physical detail)she'll look a little more like what she does in the books> The paint job and colors chosen might help also,I just hope they get it right.

mighty_marvel said...

I ask all those X-fans who have complained about Rouge,Mystique,and "cat" Beast,to think about how they feel each time they look at these figurines in their collection,and they'll have a better idea of how Robert and I (and many other Thor fans)feel about this sculpt.
Speaking of Thor fans,where is Pirate A,jacadoo,and BobD?

just been looking on the sif costume thread and pirate adam voted for the costume that we have got, calling it 'fantastic'. he asked for the pose we got too. don't know what he feels about the muscles though.

Anonymous said...

Virtual CMFC Gallery update

This week the gallery takes a look at some characters that feature in the top 40 of the forum poll, with a view to evaluate their potential to make great figurines:


M (Monet St. Croix)

view here

Anonymous said...

In particular...

She can be as amazing as Spiral.
With the star-like structure of bones on her back,
this can be an outstanding sculpt.

I was unsure about her visual impact.
But she can be really iconic, especially if her distinctive halo of mind waves can be included in the sculpt.

Why the controversy?
He would make a supercool figurine.
So unique, just so freaking awesome!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Arkon is just a curveball favorite of mine. This Avengers villain is the warlord and ruler of the extra-dimensional world of Polemachus, and I think he'd make an interesting fig.


Deadpool said...

Having driven 800 miles in the last 26 hours I finally have a chance to leave a comment.

To my sheer amazement I see boobs.

Wow Sif looks awesome.

Lose teh puffy shoulders and you have a winner.

I hope I have time to scrutinise the monstrosity before the closing date.

Hel passed a message to the the She-Devil and said somebody wanted a sculpt of The Fury...

I'll see what I can do when I have time at the end of October.

Cya later guys .... have fun.

Deadpool said...

PS regarding Sif's awesome assets ...

Ignore the calls for breast reduction ... they are totally amazing.

I like her with a bit of a muscle too.

Bye .....

Remember---- Keep the Boobs!!!

promo1965 said...

@LAWay said...

Yes, I mean characters sculpted in the style of certain artists, or costumes in the appearance of said artist or writer.

My sugestions:

Neal Adams

Dave Cockrum

John Byrne

Paul Smith

John Romita, Jr.

Rick Leonardi

Jim Lee

Any more artists sugestions?

Deadpool said...

OK last comment ....

If you modify sif - make her stand with her legs apart rather than her current demure stance.

I like my girly Norse gods a little sleazy ...

Don't forget ... her Boobs are fine.

Thanks Dan for finally delivering a real woman in the colection.

LAWay said...

Liek I said Thor8, maybe Sif doesnt really have that sort of iconic look. The only thing iconic about her is the headdress and black hair. The rest is game to change it has seemed.

Glad Hel spoke with Deadpool's wife and told him about the custom. Saved him some reading at least. Good to know some people keep in contact outside of this blog. ;)

I wonder if it is contracted so something cant be done in that sort of effect, if they would need some sort of approval or whatever. Would be cool if the style is distinct, but then thats the thing about art styles, its subjective and not everyone might like it.

LAWay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ken said...

Eh stop bickering folks, no matter what the look/costume, some one will be disappointed. It is what it is and accept what EM has chosen. Just pray that more awesome characters are being made!

Again, we NEED the High Evolutionary! :0)

Robert said...

The red-and-white outfit has been a fairly consistent look for Sif for thirty years, Leigh. There have been periods when it's been dropped for a while, but it keeps coming back. The figurine we're getting has a similar look, it just has some (unnecessary) additions from the Sif one-shot. It's mainly her physical build that is the issue, Leigh.

P.S. Thor8, have you read the Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics 12-issue LS? I'm reading the hardback and it's great fun. Like reliving the Silver Age. And it has Thor, Odin and the Warriors Three! I definitely recommend it.

jimbob said...

Sif is perfect!!!!

Muscularly as expected from a Asgardian warrior who can lift 30 tons.

Robert said...

Spider-Man is much smaller than Captain America, and yet he's much stronger, jimbob. Physical size often has nothing to do with strength in the MU. This is even truer when we're talking about gods and goddess and all "normal" rules of nature are largely irrelevant.

I repeat: Sif has NEVER been depicted as a muscular woman, not by Kirby, Adams, Buscema, Pollard, Simonson, Frenz, Romita junior, etc., etc.

ADParker said...

I wouldn't say "Never" Robert:

But very very rarely at any rate.
Personally though I like the muscle; shows her off as a true warrior.

LAWay said...

Its a fantastic sculpt regardless though.

dallen238 said...

TO ROBERT, i couldn't agree more this is just another playboy basterdisation of a good female character, the boobs are far to big and where did her hips go (maybe they are still at the gym trying to catch up with her biceps)

if people want women with big boobs then go on the internet there are millions of them, AND STOP RUINING THIS COLLECTION!

mgf said...

Subby pack today, Marvel, DC & that Blackest Night thing...

Marvel: Siryn, a figure so light it might need to be glued down to stop it floating away. --->

Spiral: Sensational in every way. Straight into my top five of best figures, even if she's not in the top 100 of my favourite characters.


Robert said...

ADParker. Let me amend my earlier comment.

I repeat: Sif has NEVER been depicted as a muscular woman IN THOR'S OWN TITLE, not by Kirby, Adams, Buscema, Pollard, Simonson, Frenz, Romita junior, etc., etc.

Dallen238: You raise a second major objection to the interpretation of Sif, one I have barely touched upon. I agree, though. Super-hero comics have always dealt in physically perfect human beings, but the wholly unrealistic depiction of women with enormous breats and jutting posteriors, etc. is taking this to another worrying level.

CGJ said...

Spiral is amazing, definitely one of the figures of the collection.

Siryn looks like it came out of the pound shop. There was no need to stick a resin cape on a character with no real weight to it anyway surely.

As an experiment I stood it on the kitchen counter to see if I could blow it over.

I could.

Let's not have anymore resin capes please, in fact I am suspicious that all of Siryn is resin. If the collection goes that way, I will be stopping my subscription

CGJ said...

Just had a closer look at Siryn and am more convinced that she is indeed all resin, Dan can you confirm this and if we are going to get more that are the same?

Archangelsr said...

Just got my subby pack. And i mean just got it. Didnt even know posties delivered this late.

Should we not have got Odin this time?

Thor8 said...

mfg; Your comments on your Spiral figurine confirms something I and many others have mentioned before.
I also find Spiral to be one of the best female sculpts and in general. Lots of detail,nice pose and true to the character. I don't really care much about her as a comic character,but this figurine is just to well done to pass by. On the other hand other figurines such as Drax whom I really wanted in this collection and had high hopes of purchasing is absent from my collection because of how he was depicted. I am now working on converting an extra Vision figurine into the real Drax.

Archangelsr said...

@ Thor8

Hey seen you comment about using vison. Would martian manhunter not have been a better starting point for a old school drax ?

Jacadoo said...

I like the Sif pose but have to agree with our resident asgardian Thor8 - boobs and sholder pads need to be toned down.

Sorry I cant drop in and participate as much as I want to - in a long drawn out process of moving back home!!!!!

LAWay said...

The people comment on the physique of you guys actually read comics? That is how the females are drawn in general, usually busty with slim hips, long legs etc etc etc.

Sure, you may say Sif aint usually drawn like that, but it depends on the artist. I dont think they have a strict bra size for each character.

I find it refreshing to actually receive a female figurine that looks more like a comicbook character for once.

Robert said...

Maybe I should have been clearer when talking about the physical attributes of the female characters, Leigh. I was talking about Marvel comics, not the barely-legal stuff you've been buying off Swedish websites under the alias "Willie Hardigan".

Oh, if a Drax conversion is possible, and I win the comp, make way for Pip the Troll!

mgf said...

Re: Siryn.

If you do the tongue test you can tell she's not all resin. The metallic part is noticably colder than the resin.

I don't try this with all my figures, although I did get the wife to test my Man Thing, as initially he seemed quite insubstantial when I first took him out, until it became obvious within a few minutes he was in fact quite solid.

Perhaps being a figure EM had possibly little confidence in sales wise they cut costs as much as possible.

Thor8 said...

Archangelsr: The reasons I chose the vision were...

1) I have an extra Vision figurine.
2) I don't have an extra Martian M
3) The vision's headpiece and cape are very similiar to those of Drax and his built is very similiar also.

jacadoo: Glad to here from you again my friend. I hope you and yours are all well.

Robert: No I haven't read the Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics 12-issue LS,but I try and look it up,thanks for the recommendation.

LAWay: Yes I do read comic books and I actually look at the art. Amoung the thousands of comics I have read,over 700 have been Thor books,and Sif does not have cannon size breast in any of them. You want a figurine with a big bust ask EM to make you a BIG BERTHA SPECIAL.

TheTooN said...

Blimey...Sif discussion still not settled down yet.

Maybe EM didnt have confidence in Syrin so took the cheap option for materials ? Maybe its a sign of things to come if the price cant go up ? Can a 'part work' have a price increase ? is there a law for that ? or is it worry about lost subs ?

Not having a pop at Syrin there, I dont have her yet for one. And she isnt much different from recent unknowns. (to me anyway)

@Deadpool - Comment on your blog re Fury mate.

TheTooN said...

I see I wasnt the first with the Syrin theory ! Popped out for a smoke and a beer mid post.

Robert said...

Thor8, the full title is Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine. I managed to get it for only £17 from FP's home shopping site. Folk like Kurt Busiek, Erik Larsen, Bruce Timm, Ron Frenz, Tom DeFalco and the legendary Joe Sinnott worked on the 12 issues. It's choc full of guest stars like the Hulk, Avengers, Inhumans, Namor, Dr. Doom, Galactus, the Surfer, as well as your good self, ALL in "classic" costumes! It was a weird experience. Reading "new" Silver Age comics very similar to Stan and Jack's work on FF!! Who says you can't go home?

LAWay said...

lol mgf's comment was the best thing I have read.

Well done mate, hilarious! ^_^

As for the the busty superheroes, you cant just turn a blind eye all of a sudden and try and take the morale high road. If you have read comics in at least the last 30 years, its how women are depicted and why they have had a sexist rap to them. It is a cliche nowadays, that comicbook characters are big and muscular, or the females are skinny with big boobs.

If you are denying ever reading a book with characters like this in, you obviously havent read comics in a very very long time.

Sif may not have been represented like this in the comics/old comics. Whatever. It changes depending on the artist. The DC figurines are represented as quite busty, like in comics. Where is the hate then? Where is the general hate on the representation of women in comics? Where was the hate when you were all saying every female character looks rubbish because they didnt have enough curves?

The armour probably makes her look more busty than she is, who knows. But you guys are blowing it all out of proportion because the character has been represented with slightly bigger boobs than you would like. Its not as if you are gonna be licking it like mgf suggests. ;)

Victor said...


JinxDealer said...

hi guys im back, haven't been too good health wise of late so it'l take a while to catch up on older bloggs, pleased to see the soap continuing lol. so ive managed to get all the competition correct & have narrowed down my choices incase i win to 14 lol based off the virtual gallery done by blake ( thanks blake ). ive went solely for what i class as "eye catching" but not sure if my choices qualify but sure you guys will know.

JinxDealer said...


JinxDealer said...

oh i notice we miseed a blog in my absence & that rich seems to be holding the fort. coincidence its happened not long after some people were calling for dans head??.. i hope not as dan was a breath of fresh air to this blog & is liked by 99.9%.

Robert said...

Ach, Leigh, no one is saying that superheroes haven't always been pysically perfect. However, there is no question that proportions have become more exaggerated. That's the point I was making.

Incidentally, I have never asked for curvier female figurines.

P.S. Glad to have you back, Jinx. Sorry to hear you'd been ill.

JinxDealer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CGJ said...

Not tried the lick test, just the flick test. All sounds plasticky and hollow so I assumed it was all resin

JinxDealer said...

thanks robert, hope your keeping ok yourself mate. ps the above deleted comment was mine ( i made spelling mistakes )

Robert said...

Well, apart from the high blood pressure from She-Sif-Hulk, I'm A-okay, Jinx... ;)

JinxDealer said...

ah robert dont let it work you up to much after all marvel may side with you when shown the sculp ( if they havnt seen it already :) . clutching at straws i know but you never know.. also it could be one of those that when in hand look so different.

LAWay said...

See Robert, you were gone for ages and then when you returning, you cause a stir. :P

Always knew it was all your fault.

JinxDealer said...

sadly i cant say either way if sif looks right or wrong as she & 90% of the collection are unknown to me. but i tend to prefer male figurines as most female ones are small blah & same'y to me. eg just got dove from the DC blackest night & she's my least favourite ever looks like a anorexic granny in a cape

ghost said...

Although I read the blog every day, I haven't posted in ages, most of you are saying what I am thinking anyway so whats the point... But I have to write this once just to say...


How can EM release such a brilliant sculpt and yet at the same time release such amaturish pieces like Moondragon!

For £5.99 I think Spiral is amazing value... almost worthy of a special, and now I'm wondering why I spent £5.99 on sculpts like Moondragon (come on EM how did this get passed!). EM you really have set the bar high and I hope it says as good as this.

PS. Sif looks fab! I for one didn't care for her inclusion much but the sculpt makes her look a far more attractive piece to display.

PPS. Where are all the specials! So many great but large pieces to be included, we can't afford to go for so long without them.

PPPS. Big vote for the Brood from me :)

Thor8 said...

LAWay:Mate your missing my point. I'm not saying that the female figurines shouldn't be made feminine looking,sure I agree that they should look like attractive,well built fems,but in Sif's case it's almost like Robert referred to her: She Sif Hulk.Her breast is too big ,her arms are too bulky,and her shoulder pads are unnecessary. The sculpt is perfect for representing a mythical female warrior,but this is not quite Sif. Y'know it's funny how Robert and I have mentioned various things we don't agree on this Sif figurine,and the only thing we get stoned for is for criticizing her breast. Could be someone else wants to do the licking?!

Thor8 said...

Glad to hear from you again Ghost,as you yourself stated it's been ages. Have to agree with you on The Spiral figurine. It truly is a fabulous work of art. As I mentioned before,I really don't follow this character too much,but this figurines is a true 'must have' in this collection.

JinxDealer; Glad your back also buddy,hope your feeling a lot better. Hope you and Ghost don't do the disappearing act anytime soon,and stick around for some friendly banter.

Deadpool said...

This is Shi.

I have posted some photos of Deaffool's Judge Anderson model he did a while ago.

I promised I would post pictures for him but I forgot.

See his marvel customs blog for more details.

i also posted an image of his Shi and wolverine crossover comic.
This was with the intent of giving Eaglemoss a reason to make a model of her.

Bye bye.

Deadpool said...

Oh and regarding Mr Shi's (Deadpool's) fascination with Sif's breasts ... real women are not built that way.

Eaglemoss ..feel free to remove them altogether.

Now that would be funny.

JinxDealer said...

@ THOR8 thanks, & yes i plan on sticking around for the friendly banter & controversy :). i think ive finally givin in & decided to subscribe to the marvel & both the DC figurine collections. I was holding off in the hope for a better free marvel subscriber gift. can you subscribe without a credit card?

Robert said...

I suppose we should be thankful that Marvel are not like George Lucas and re-releasing classic comicbook material with digital enhancement of prominent parts of the female anatomy.

P.S. Leigh. Me, noisy? If you forget about The Drax Debacle, and The Balder Blunder and Sexbomb Sif, I've been quite quiet! ;)

ghost said...

Im not concerned with the enhanced female anatomy, bring it on, but I am concerned about the attention to detail on the face. Some sculpts are amazingly detailed, other look like it was drawn on with a twig.. maybe the whole branch. As long as Sif has a face as well painted as Enchantress I think it will be a winner.

Thor8 said...

Have to agree with you again Ghost. Some of these figurines faces depict time and dedication to them,while others seem to have been done at 2:00 a.m. after having been watching soap operas for 10 hrs.straight.

jimbob said...

Marvel female figurines has not been good as DC female figurines.

Moondragon at this stage of the collection was very bad and disappointing.

Hope EM can design their female sculpts as good as Enchantress and Sif.

Osvaldoeaf said...

I'm more than ok with Sif's boobs!!!

TheTooN said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TheTooN said...

With Moondragon is it the sculpt or just the paint thats ruined her ?

Becquerel said...

I think you can rule out Anti-Venom from your list, since Eddie Brock is already in the collection, thus it would be a re-do of Venom.

As for me, I have decided to go for Shuma-Gorath, should I win the competition. Why, you ask? Well, this is the only chance in hell he would be included into the collection out of all remaining Dr. Strange-related characters.
And before all of you start rambling about how he should be a Special - yes, he would be better as a Special, but there's no chance at all for him to get a Special spot. And canonically speaking, Shuma-Gorath can change his size; in fact, iirc, he takes on the form that the being in front of him fears the most.

All the other characters I would choose (the likes of Clea, Stilt-Man, US Agent, etc.) have chances of being made, and some of them would probably even make it into the next extension. So... Shuma it is, for me.

LAWay said...

Ah, I have probably been abit of a hypocrite anyway. No doubt in my endless rants I have complained about a certain look, anatomy issue etc etc.

My Moondragon didnt look too badly painted. Just the character didnt deserve to be made in my books. ;)

SinisterVenom said...

I'm gonna be honest Becquerel, I wouldn't say no to Shuma-Gorath, whom happens to be one of my big wants too. Yes I do think he would make a better fig as a special slot character but if you can get away with him as a regular size then go for it!
I am still debating who to choose if I won the competition. I'm going for ones that I really want to see in the collection, yet I'm also thinking about those that may never show up in the collection or those that are popular and might poop up in the next extension. Thing is it's not definate that we will have another extension yet so I don't want to make a decision and regret it later on.
ARGH! Such a head fry!

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

I love Moondragon as a character. I've always found her very charismatic and enigmatic, and I also love her looks, so I was pleased when she was included.
I must admit the figurine isn't great, alas. It lacks details and gravitas. I wish she had been sculpted by the artists who gave us Scarlet Witch and Enchantress.

tinodragon14 said...

I'm not sure STILT-MAN has a shot in the next extension with only 9 votes in the poll. The top of course has six X characters the top vote getter being SILVER SAMURAI with villains THE HIGH EVOLUTIONARY in the third spot & WHIRLWIND spinning in seventh place followed by THE GREY GARGOYLE in eighth. BARON MORDO is in the eleventh slot & ATTUMA is down in spot 17. Perhaps the above villains have a shot at the next extension I hope but ATTUMA may have to be a Special.
STILT-MAN, SCARECROW & STEGRON are longshots & all three will make great figures. Which of the three would you pick?

Archangelsr said...

I hope we find out if there will be a further extension before anyone has the weighty task of picking what could be the last ever figure *gulp*

tinodragon14 said...

Say you start off the next extension with the forum vote & the top three follow this recent vote with SILVER SAMURAI, SUNSPOT & THE HIGH EVOLUTIONARY taking the top three again. Minus the comp winner that leaves 16 slots. I would hope villains would have more slots this extension with



Of course I would have all villains & add STILT-MAN, SCARECROW, JACK O'LANTERN, QUICKSAND & TOMBSTONE.

I hope TERRAX THE TAMER & TITANIUM MAN are the next Specials & DRAGONMAN is the next MegaSpecial.

I hope they do a COBRA & MR. HYDE two-pack Special. It would be the first villain two-pack & these two villains were partners in crime in Marvel comics for a long time. Their joint history & separate ways should fill a good sized magazine.

LAWay said...

For the final extension, like I suggested for the forum vote, we vote for 1 character each. The top 20 are made.

If there are alot of characters with equal amounts that make the characters go over 20, we pit them off against each other and vote one over the other until we get it to 20, essentially making the perfect fan requested extension.

Becquerel said...

I wasn't meaning Stilt-Man has a shot for sure in the next extension, I meant most of the characters I want could be likely additions. ;)

The thing is; Stilt-Man has MORE chances than Shuma-Gorath could hope for. That's why I want Shuma instead. I'll be pushing for Stilt-Man after Shuma is in for certain. :)

The thing is, Shuma is the reason Dr. Strange became the Sorcerer Supreme in the first place, and he has an awesome design. I'm a big fan of his. That's why I'll be going for him should I win the competition.

Becquerel said...

Also, SV, don't worry too much - Dan already hinted at another extension with his Rocket Raccoon comment a few blogs earlier. I'm sure we'll have at least one more.

TheTooN said...

Just googled Shuma......ermmmm :P

Had never heard of him before, does he always look like this ?

Not one for me looking like that, does he have a human form too ?

tinodragon14 said...

Well Becq I understand your liking Shuma but frankly anything less then a Special size could not do justice to the multi-tentacled giant eye that is Shuma & even then I'm not so sure.

JinxDealer said...

@ BECQUEREL. oh anti-vemon was 1 i was leaning towards :(

CGJ said...

Great list Tino, makes you wonder when people make requests for Strong Guy or Ahole why we dont have an all villain extension. There are certainly more big names in the villain side of things than the heroes.

I wondered about the voting if you still have 5 votes but if there is a character you really want to see you can spend more than one vote on them

Becquerel said...

He usually looks like this, yes.

Although my memory might be playing tricks with me (I haven't read the old Strange comics in a while), I remember him having another form some time, I don't remember whether it was humanoid or not, though.

However, the picture you found is from Marvel vs. Capcom, which is actually a good thing - it shows how Shuma would look when scaled down:

I understand Shuma as regular-sized figurine wouldn't do him all the justice he deserves, however, I'd rather have him in my collection in a down-scaled version, than not having him at all.

I hope you understand my train of thought here. :)

Thor8 said...

Nice looking list you put together there tino,except for #11 I would pick all of the others myself.

Here in the Caribbean we haven't gotten Moondragon yet. She is one figurine I wanted in my collection because of her ties to The Avengers and The Defenders,and she looked quite well done in the picks shown in the main site and in the sneak peeks,but with all the negative feedback I've been seeing in this blog I now fear what I'll be getting when she arrives.

"I think you can rule out Anti-Venom from your list, since Eddie Brock is already in the collection, thus it would be a re-do of Venom." I don't think so. It would be Eddie Brock yes,but it would also be a whole different identity and a whole different figurine. Don't see what the big phobia is about the same person in different ID or costumes is. WE got special #5 and #8 which are repeats of the same person already done in the collection and were purchased at 'special' prices to boot and nobody (or at least the majority) didn't seem to mind about this,so what would be the difference of making let's say,aGiant-man figurine or a Ronin figurine just because the person underneath the mask is somewhere else in a totally different ID?

My main pick if I win the comp is a secret for now,but if EM or Marvel say nay to it my second and third runner ups are Mantis and White Tiger.

Becquerel said...

Thor8, I am not opposed to re-done characters, I myself would like to see Anti-Venom, Iron Patriot, Ronin, and even the Hornet.

However, this is what the rules of the competition says:
"The character chosen should also be an original Marvel character that has not been in the collection already, so no redos."

We have Eddie Brock. So, no Anti-Venom.

TheTooN said...

Yeah Tino's list is very good. I would skip Marrina though. Maybe its just the pics I have seen of her but she doesnt do much for me.

All villain extension would be fantastic. Lots of interesting sculpts that stand out from the crowd.

Shuma is a good looking fella ;) I just cant visualise him in the CMFC.

You live in the Caribbean Thor ? Which island ? (lucky devil)

Thor8 said...

Sory Becquerel,I didn't know you were refering to the comp choice specificly,my bad. When I mentioned peole having a phobia about re-dos I wasn't refering to you personnally,but was speaking more in general. A lot of bloggers have been opposed to re-dos and even EM has said nay to them,yet they HAVE been made already (see samples mentioned in my previous post). Some people even consider two different ID's such as Yellowjacket and Giant-Man,Hawkeye and Ronin,Winter Soldier and Bucky,or Beetle and Mach IV re-do's just because the person under the suit is the same. I for one totally disagree with this and believe we are being cohibated from some great additions to this collection due to this phylosophy.

TooN: I live on the island of Sunny Puerto Rico (now you know one of the reasons I want The White Tiger).

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Villains? My most wanted for now are:
Carrion, Demogoblin, Doppelganger, Fabian Cortez, Goblin Queen, Jigsaw, Mojo, Shadow King, Shriek, Tombstone.

TheTooN said...

Caught a cruise from San Juan a long time ago but never got outside the terminal mores the pity.

Kudos for collecting from such a far flung destination, must cost you a pretty penny man.

Read some UK Spidey reprints back in the 70's/80's where Hector co-starred so he has a special place in the collection for me too. Hope we see him before the end.

Becquerel said...

Yes, he indeed is a good looking fella. Who could resist that giant tentacled eyeball? I sure can't! <3

It's alright, man, don't worry. :)
I just told you my position on it, and tried to clear up what I meant.

I know there's a lot of terrific figurines we could get from allowing re-dos - aside from the 3 I mentioned earlier, I also would like Binary. :)

TheTooN said...

What are peoples thoughts on the EM polls for chess sets ?

If the CMFC was replaced by a chess piece every 2 weeks (or even 2 pieces every 2 weeks) would you guys be happy ? This is pure conjecture btw but I worry about 2 lines running in tandem and feel one might kill the other.

Anyone who hasnt already (and can) get over to the forum and vote please.

If you cant vote then stamp your feet here :) Left foot for yes please and both for no way Jose !

JinxDealer said...

@ THE TOON, chess sets are a big no for me & i would show zero interest in them

Robert said...

I have no interest in a Marvel chess set and can't see the idea getting off the ground at all.

TheTooN said...

I thought most folk would feel the same tbh Jinx. Not so much about chess itself just another EM Marvel partwork that could hurt our beloved CMFC.

Current state of play is approx 2 thirds against but its been levelling out from 3/4 against yesterday.

Worried from Nottingham (Exiled)

I feel some folk might not appreciate exactly what they are voting for. But then again I could be full of it and the CMFC might coexist for another extension.
I want it to go for a lot longer than that.

EM if you are listening ? I would throw £300 on the table for a full set now but wouldnt want a part work.

Would love Dan/Rich to put my fears to rest that it wouldnt start while the CMFC has good enough numbers.

Cant help thinking some folk would buy both at the start but drop one.

And honestly if you have a couple of hundred in a chess set you aint gonna stop until its done. CMFC is way easier to drop if moneys tight.

TheTooN said...

I'm not clued up on the details but its been previewed abroad and some figures produced already.

From what I recall it was a good looking set just not what I am looking for.

Anyone have concrete info on how far EM have gone so far ?

JinxDealer said...

im happy enough with the CMFC & the two dc ones for now.

Archangelsr said...

To be honest if i was going to spend x amount on a chess board id want a nicer one than a marvel set.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Chess set is lost of time, better see 200 next characters in CMFC.

TheTooN said...

Agreed. I just had a look on Ebay and this is the set my Mum bought for me back in the 90's.

I had moved out of the house before it was finished ! Total cost £450 so think before you vote for one guys.

LAWay said...

i would get the chess set, purely to get more figurines of my fave marvel characters.

Anonymous said...

Check Mate
Personally I have zero interest in the chess sets. I don't like the chess set formula. It's a merchandising mechanism whose appeal I never understood. And, while I am no marketing expert, I feel the chess set formula has become a bit trite and obsolete, and I can't see how it would still prove attractive and successful.
Of course I'm also concerned about its potential impact on CMFC sales.
I would much prefer a new series of Marvel figurines or CMFC subsets dedicated to exciting sagas, concepts and areas of the Marvel Universe. I would happily buy another 1000 figurines if they were marketed and packaged as thematic sets, but I will never buy a chess set. I hope EM will come up with some more innovative, interesting formula for packaging & selling their licensed Marvel characters.

Thor8 said...

I agree with what most of you have already stated,and that is no to the chess set. I'd rather see this collection go on a while longer or/and se some sub sets added.

Thor8 said...

Oh Toon I forgot to mention I have gotten most of my figurines at great low prices from sellers I've met on the internet,but unfortunately I miss out on The Scarlet Spider and The Kingpin special. Still trying to get these.

Archangelsr said...

The thing with the chess set is you cant pick and choose your tied to the whole lot and you have to wait till you get all the parts to bash on with a game, if you so desired.

Id rather a marvel sub set now that dcs is winding down. Theres plenty of sub sets to be had out there for marvel aoa or ultimates would be my picks with ultimates almost tying in as a movie line for them (and if so please give us that huge huge on the web page)

TheTooN said...

I think we should vote Blake onto EM's board and let him choose the future direction of Marvel.

Imagine the glorious figurines !! I bet the price would be a tenner each in no time though :)

I'm running out of display space but provided paint quality issues were addressed I would be happy to have at least another 100 figurines on top of whats confirmed.

@Thor - If you cant get hold of Scarlet Spidey and Kingpin I would be happy to find them and send them over to you. (if UK Ebayers wont ship intl)

@LAWay - I think EM want to know how many folk 'would' subscribe to a chess set 'and' complete it rather than pick and choose as they can with the CMFC.

The set I linked earlier must have been about £25 a month based on a fortnightly release which is a decent chunk of cash to drop on a secondary collection.

My worry is that people would not want to continue buying or subbing CMFC on top and its far easier to drop standalone figures than a chess set. Dropped CMFC sales figures due to chess sets = Premature Death.

Never thought I would be running scared from a 'proposed' chess set.

CGJ said...

Had a quick look at the poll, I didn't realise it was a 'Who do you want?' rather than 'Do you want it at all?'

looking at the Green Goblin picture it does look quite good and something I would be interested in but it would have to have substantial subscriber incentives to get me to buy three complete chess sets for Marvel.

Not bothered about a batmobile collection, wouldn't be getting that.

DC chess set, might get the Batman one but thats all

Again, the only concern would be if subscribers jumped ship and started collecting big name characters now that we are getting into the lesser known characters.

CGJ said...

Had a quick look at the poll, I didn't realise it was a 'Who do you want?' rather than 'Do you want it at all?'

looking at the Green Goblin picture it does look quite good and something I would be interested in but it would have to have substantial subscriber incentives to get me to buy three complete chess sets for Marvel.

Not bothered about a batmobile collection, wouldn't be getting that.

DC chess set, might get the Batman one but thats all

Again, the only concern would be if subscribers jumped ship and started collecting big name characters now that we are getting into the lesser known characters.

LAWay said...

It could be a sign of worry. Are EM looking for dedicated subscription based products to guarantee customers because the Marvel collection is slipping in sales/subscribers?

With chess sets, EM know if they get subscribers from day 1, they should stay on the complete the chess set. While collectors of the CMFC could drop out at any time.

And if EM launch a new product and it fails, will it hit the CMFC as well?

Could be worrying.

Thus why I have gone on about subscription related incentives for the CMFC, if that is indeed the problem.

Would you prefer subscribing to the CMFC knowing it would save the collection and make EM not attempt risky ventures?

JinxDealer said...

yeah subscription incentives MUST be tried before the CMFC gets the bullet or even switching to all resin. 4 variants a year should do the trick. even if the CMFC gets axed i wont even waste £1 on a dumb chess set/piece or a vehicle collection.

jimbob said...

No thanks to chess set!!

Wish they invested that money on better quality sculpts.



JinxDealer said...

or maybe hire new painters..

Becquerel said...

I wouldn't specifically MIND a chess set, I just would rather have this collection continue and not compete with a second collection.

LAWay said...

Its sad that there seems to be a lot of people opposed to the collections. I would imagine a lot of people who collect the CMFC is a key audience for these products and it would be a shame after all their research, design, sculpting and other work that it just gets scrapped.

It does pose a problem for many people with how much it would cost collection all lines, and something has to give. Seems like the majority wishes for the CMFC to live on.

So maybe EM should be looking closer to home and making special extras for the CMFC. Unless they simply are not getting many new customers, and thats what they really want, to start a new product that people are not intimidated into joining.

LAWay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LarryS said...


Your 12 Aug blog promised the ODIN SPECIAL will go on sale on 22 Sept.

Well, the long-awaited date has arrived, and the site still shows [expletive deleted] Sauron.

Still 140 minutes till midnight, so hopeful still a chance of meeting your self-imposed deadline!

You wouldn't want to incur the wrath of the All-Father!!

Robert said...

Was wondering about Odin a day or two back. Couldn't remember the official release date, just knew it was soon. Will look great with the other Asgardians as it's a lovely sculpt (albeit too large). It's funny that I am keen to get him. I'm rereading Thor from JiM #83 and Odin's an infuriatingly inconsistent character. So far, it's a toss up who causes Thor more grief: Odin or Loki?

jimbob said...

Odin is out in the shops now!!!!!!:-)

CGJ said...

Have you seen it in the shops Jimbob?

I thought I saw it listed in Previews to be out next month I think with Puppet Master and Karnak but I could be wrong

The Grim Reaper said...

Odin fig was spotted on sale in Ireland on Tuesday. Certainly wouldn't be surprised to find it in good mag shops now.

Are we going to get the Comp result this next update? I certainly hope so :-)

Anonymous said...

I was in Forbidden Planet in London, and I can confirm the All-Father of Asgard has not descended onto the shelves.

As for the Comp result, it cannot be in this week's update coz the Comp is supposed to run until 30 September.

@The TooN
"Blake for director"
Haha. That's the best idea ever! Vote me onto EM's board and, hey presto, here's my plan:
Day 1 - a high standard rule, whereby all figs will be as awesome as Beta Ray Bill, Taskmaster Annihilus and Enchantress.
Day 2 - confirmation that the CMFC is extended to 500.
Day 3 - launch a series of thematic subsets called Marvel Universe Files covering sagas, teams, concepts, planets, dimensions and areas of the MU.
Day 4 - Take all of you awesome bloggers into the board and promote you to assistant directors of the EM.

Coincidentally, the word verification is:
... Who, moi? ;)

ghost said...

Chess set? Can't understand why? It'd be like using the figures we already have, and we all know how easy they are to chip and break.

So is it going to be a resin set with a hard coating over the paint, with a heavy base?

Would it require a mag? Not really as they would be duplicates of the CMFC mag... but with chess rules in them!

Overall, I think its a waste of time and would either be an unused chess set for fear of damaging it, a duplication of what we already collect, or worse one of those chess sets where you can't tell whats a bishop (unless its Bishop) and whats a castle (unless its Punisher!)

The Grim Reaper said...


I was just testing you :-)

Guess it's another week to wait for the results then :-(

TheTooN said...

I still didnt enter the comp. I figure the grief I have given EM over paint (and chess) will mean my entry would end up in the bin :P

I would happily pay another couple of quid a figurine to see paint restored to its best. From Pyro onwards its been very hit and miss.

LAWay said...

Update day today ya reckon?

Would have been good to announce the winner of the contest or to close it by today's update, but would have been unfair if anyone had gone away for a week.

So what could they show us today? I am always surprised when EM show us a new character/sculpt etc, as I figured they had already told us everyone that are being released.

So is there any blanks left in the upcoming schedule? Which figurines that have been announced have yet to be previewed to us?

And who do you think it will be? :)

Robert said...

What about explaining why Sif looks like She-Hulk drawn by Frank Cho?

JinxDealer said...

@ DAN THE MAN. why are you so quiet these days?

LAWay said...

Frank Cho is an amazing artist and draws gorgeous women. If any female figurine looked like a Frank Cho drawing I would be extremely happy.

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