Monday, 17 October 2011

Tell me why, I DO like mondays!

To make up for the no-show on friday, thought I'd update with a quick preview of the early stage Trapster - he still has a way to go (all those little cannisters need adding!), but I think we have the makings of quite a groovy figurine - nice sense of action without going OTT.

And after discussions with the marketing dept. we have decided to have a three-pronged attack and add TERRAX to the mix of specials we are considering (Giant-Man and Mojo being the other two). Depending on the production side of things, we are hoping for one of the larger figurines followed by the cheaper Terrax - then the other more expensive one. (this is our goal, but we may miss the target on production so we'll have to keep fluid on our expectations).

These are the kind of poses we are thinking about. Very powerful, angry violent, aggressive... you get the picture...

He's got a fairly consistant costume so the Ed McGuiness one (last one) would be perfect.

and before I go....


Probably one of my favourite sculpts. Toby Whiting (Imagika), captures the essence of the Thing - A human in monster's clothing!

Geek moment: We commissioned/scheduled the Thing as issue 3 before any talk of specials was ever mentioned - and in doing so made a lot of bean counters wet their knickers. HE SHOULD OF BEEN A SPECIAL FROM THE GET GO. (and I believe subsequently has been dropped from some foreign territory editions!

On a side note we have recently started to published the collection in resin only versions in Brazil and Quebec? So keep a look out on EBay!



BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Wow. This is an awesome way to start the week. Trapster is shaping up as a very cool figurine and I'm ecstatic that Terrax is going to be one of the forthcoming specials. The Heralds - and all cosmic characters in general - are among my favorite Marvel creations.
The Terrax sculpt by Bowden Design is a good source of inspiration and proves that he can be a magnificent, imposing figurine.
Of course you can always explore
if you look for inspiration and ideas for characters to include in the CMFC. Long live the CMFC.

Robert said...

Thanks, Dan. As usual, loads of background info and food for thought/ discussion.

The addition of Terrax to the proposed specials list will be popular and I'm very happy to see another Herald.

Trapster looking good, even at this early stage.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

The launch of an all-resin collection in Brazil and Quebec is pure marketing genius. After all, you already have all the moulds for the sculpts. We may have become blasé about the early figs, but the fact remains that they are still beautiful and many Marvel fans worldwide will want to collect them. Just look at The Thing. Awesome sculpt. I hope these additional international releases will provide commercial support for the CMFC to continue for many more issues and years to come.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Please confirm Mojo and Terrax - two most wanted specials at now.

ghost said...

Terrax is going to be excellent. I prefer the "hand forward : axe back" position... but please don't obscure the face!

Mojo too is going to look fab, but I personally don't want Giantman, I think Atlas would be far better as the magazine would cover a new character not a redo of another Pym!

As for trapster... not sure... I think he looks bow legged, it doesn't look like a very natural pose!

TheTooN said...

Thanks for the unexpected update Dan.

Great news about Terrax, I love Cosmics !

Pic's 2 and 3 are my fave's and I hope something like that can be done.

I would rather he didnt interfere with other figurines space on plinths though so dont go too mental ;)

Glad to hear Giant Man is still being considered, not so much about MOJO but the majority will be very happy.

Cant wait to see what you guys come up with for packaging !!

Trapster's a funny one for me, I'm not a fan of the old school Marvel style with blocky colours.

I'm guessing he will look very similar to Kirly's Virtual Gallery fig ? Looking at the virtual 180-200 extension he stands out like a sore thumb.

I'd be interested to hear how fans react to the 'all resin' figures in Brazil and Quebec. Hopefully someone can let us know here or on the forum.

Long live the CMFC !

buffduffdan said...

Trapster is looking very nice. I like the pose you've gone with and of course that was the best costume so I'm looking forward to seeing him progress and hopefully turning into a top notch figure :)

Terrax is a brilliant special to consider. I'm sure he would look superb given the lead treatment and is doing very well in the special poll of the forum so he makes a lot of sense!

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Actually I think that Trapster's colour scheme is going to look great, very distinctive. My virtual mock-up is plastic-y and shiny, but I'm sure the painted EM version will look as cool as Adam Strange, a similar character with gun and block-colour costume.

LAWay said...

Something not quite right with Trapster, but it could just be the lack of details like you mentioned. Hope it turned out well.

I would love a Terrax figurine, and the second picture pose would be my fave out of that selection. In all honesty, I dont want anything too complicated, and if you can give us a miniature version of this, i would be happy.

Hope Giant-Man is still being considered somewhere down the line.

And the resin sounds like good news for overseas collectors. Would be very interested in seeing the quality in the regular figure line for an all resin character. What about a free resin spider-man free gift for subscribers? ;)

Love the ideas from the vault as a feature. More please.
I think setting Thing out so early made it a little confusing as what was defined as a special. He certainly is one of the best figurines. What scale is that in the preview? Is it much larger?

Would that be something to offer as a special, like a 1:6 scale statue with better production values on the paints? Could be cast in resin. Some people may be interested, would appeal to statue and bust collectors and also spread more word on CMFC.

Anyway, those covers coloured look fantastic too. What a way to start the week. :)

Paibok said...

Early Trapster looks great, went with the right look. Modern ain't always the best, and this is the case here. Obviously there is still alot of detail glue pellets etc.
Terrax is a welcome choice to consider, I hope the run is Giant Man, Terrax then Mojo (give more time on those legs). As long as his face isn't obscured.

SinisterVenom said...

Well this is a nice surprise! Thanks for the extra update Dan.
Trapster has gotten off to a good start, I like the pose he's been given. It's too early to say anything bad about him yet until at least the sculpt is finished so looking forward to seeing that come along.
I think more people want Terrax over Giant-Man (and possibly Mojo, even if he is the most requested special) so I do think he should be considered if you want to keep your sales going strong. If he does get in, then I really think you should use the second pic as his pose. It's something no other character in the collection is doing and let's face it, it would look outstanding!
Personally I don't mind if we get him yet or not but I will buy any special regardless. I have a full collection so far and that's how I like to keep it :)

max_0888 said...

Thanks for the update Dan. Glad to know Terrax is in talk too. Having Northstar/Aurora, Mojo, Terrax and Giant-man in the same year would be a really great year imo.

Trapster is coming along nicely. I'm sure he'll look a lot better once finished, but he's looking good.

As for resin, i'm from Quebec. It will be sold in some stores? That's quite cool.
I actually already have Siryn in unpainted resin. hehe.

SinisterVenom said...

Oh and uh...I somehow forgot to add:


CGJ said...

Image number 1 for Terrax gets my vote.

lipstick said...

I have a question... Hulking is a regular or special size character?

fredpostman said...
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fredpostman said...

Thanks for the great update Dan;love the news that Terrax may make a special

bethrezen said...

Terrax is not my number one but he is a good choice

Sire-bd said...

Thanks Dan for Terrax !!!
Very good choice! Finally a new Herald of Galactus!

michal9402 said...

I don't really know Terrax but he looks cool so I'm ok with that idea.
Trapster looks better than I supposed. Still wait for Moonstone and Moonstar.

Banshee said...

Trapster is looking nifty.

Terrax isn't a character I know alot about but he's going to make a great looking special.
I can't complain as getting Mojo(possibly) and the twins next year is all I could have asked for.

Now we have four possible specials for next year a double-pack, two Megas and a Regular, I'm guessing the last place will also go to a regular. Who's everyone rooting for??

Personally I'd take a fully resin Lockjaw if he finally got in!!!

Great news on the resin collection going worldwide lets hope it keeps it alive for a good few more extensions.

But I have a question Dan:- Will the resin collection be the same characters and running order as ours or will they be getting different characters/poses/costumes etc????

Osvaldoeaf said...

Good news for Brazil...but O already got all of mine in lead...LOL

JulianoCPereira said...

Osvaldo, Dan's comments about Brazil doesn't make sense to me...

Panini has freezed the collection since number 5 (i think). How can they are producing resin figure for us now?

Maybe Panini test on lead didn't rn well,so they decided to reprint and relauch it in resin now?


BobDiamond said...

Great news about Terrax. My number one want of the possible 3 Specials is still Giant-man by a long way, but all 3 would be a welcome addition to the collection.

Now...for the (far?) about The Super-Adaptoid as a mega Special? He would look stunning in his late 60s incarnation with the powers of The Avengers from that era.
Throw in the original Mimic as a regular (powers of the classic X-Men) and we could re-inact one of the coolest moments from the Silver Age, when these two clashed! (also would make a fine mini-display with the Super-Skrull...)


PM Agria said...

Hey, hey, hey.... as Juliano said,these are weird news... we really DON'T have resine figurines being released in Brazil.
Panini has done a bad try to launch CMFC (in lead) in just EIGHT middle-sized cities, and this was stopped by number 5!
Please, Dan, explain this to us, Brazilians...
And, as Oswaldo, I already have CMFC in lead... importing them. hehe

Saturn Lad said...

I just hope MOJO happens as I have no interest in Terrax or a repeat character like Giant Man.

CGJ said...

If there is going to be an all resin release in Quebec, will this allow American collectors to subscribe?

Sage said...

Personally would of wanted Warpath if a regular sized special was going to be done but I'm sure Terrax fans will be pleased.

It's all about the Mojo for me though, he's the special that needs to happen.

AMARON said...

Why Quebec and not the whole of Canada??????????? There are french speaking people across Canada.

Ken said...

Thanks Dan for the info on the Thing. When I started collecting these figurines, I had a feeling Thing should have been a special, since he's immensely heavy. Now I know why he wasn't :0( Alas he made a beautiful figurine.

Please do give s more "behind the scenes" info about the history of these figurines. I absolutely LOVE and I'm obsessed about the CFMC (I would even pay for a documentary on the creation process!)

tinodragon14 said...

Thanks Dan for the update. Much appreciated here.
Thanks for TERRAX which as I hoped will come between GIANT-MAN & mojo or vice-versa but I hope you do GIANT-MAN first then TERRAX & save mojo for later so you have more time to work on his sculpt since his silly design will need time. He is popular though I don't know why so for their sake take your time & get it right.

Again I ask that you add wasp in her original pointy hat garb standing on GIANT-MAN'S shoulder since they worked together then. You did it well with Yellowjacket.

The last drawing of TERRAX is his best look especially his face design. An aggressive action stance for him will look best.

TRAPSTER looks good though his legs stance seems off to me. Someone else said he looks bowlegged.

John said...

Veeery happy about Terrax! :D Thank you, Dan!

So... Air-Walker, Nova and Stardust? ;)

Trapster's legs look kind of short, but overall pretty good. Hell, I'm just happy he made it!

Maybe release Madame Web between the two Megas as well. Or, if there's ANY chance the Destroyer makes an appearance in the Avengers movie, you GOT to make him. That's free advertising on a HUGE scale.

And I still say, if women sell better and will attract more buyers (which is the point of revisiting a founding Avenger, right?) make the Wasp instead of Giant-Man. Put Ant-Man on HER shoulder.

Or, since it doesn't really fit in with what we have established with the collection anyway, just make a Mega-sized Special of Emma Frost. THAT will attract new collectors!

LAWay said...

I guess with the collection being in other countries, perhaps subscription isnt available because the countries are so big. In the UK things are more manageable with parcels, in the US, Canada, etc maybe they all need to be airmailed, and thus is no cheap enough to do.

A large Wasp would also be cool, but I guess Giant-Man makes more sense, you know, because of his name.

But something that could be looked into, like I said. Higher production value, resin statues 1:6 scale. You already have the molds if you just wanted to redo previous characters, or could easily commission a new one. I'm sure there would sell at a competitive price, say £50?

Bob said...

Please have Terrax in a pose like the Bowen Design FS! That one pose is hard to beat!

mtravis390 said...

Good to see another Herald in the mix.

So is EM going to charge the same price for the resin figurines as the lead ones?

Blog Master Dan said...

Sorry, slight mis-information from me, they are testing a resin collection (same designs as lead) in Quebec (Canada) and Australia (not Brazil - - it was the DC in resin they did in Brazil and it was a limited run of 15).

Hopefully if it's successful in Quebec it may run out across Canada (not sure how the subscription side will work - maybe just in-store only ?).

PS. Got Mojo and Werewolf By Night first look (digital designs) and Trapster finished to show you on friday!

Banshee said...

Thanks for clearing that up Dan.

I can't wait to see what you've got instore for us with Mojo. I really hop all goes to plan and there are no problems along the way. He's going to make a phenomonal figurine if you guys manage to pull it off :)

Robert said...

And if the (resin) figures catch on in Quebec, and then Canada, why not also the States? The US has restrictions over lead figures, don't they? There would, presumably, be no such barriers over a resin collection.

I'd be happy for the collection to become all-resin if that meant that more people can collect the CMFC.

jarvis69 said...

Hi Dan . Could U explain to me why here , in France we're stil VERY late about the specials . The last one here was " Cloak and Dagger" .....:(

Blog Master Dan said...

Very strange about the French specials, I don't personally have any involvement with the France edition except forwarding on the digital files for translation. I can ask Rich - wait a mo and I'll come back....

answer is: "they (Cobra - the French publisher), put the specials out at their own rate - it's nothing to do with EM".

We are presuming this is a financial consideration by Cobra (make your own assumptions on that).

Hiperion said...

Trapster looks great! He will look amazing along with Wizard.

Terrax is a superb choice as the next normal Special. Fingers crossed to have him next year.

Can't wait to see Werewolf by Night design.

PM Agria said...

Hi, Dan... thanx for the answer...

But even DC figurines are not seen here in Brazil except when imported.

We are very frustrated with the failed release of CMFC by Panini here in Brazil... but DC is worse, even a failed release wasn't tried yet... hehe

It's a greay pity - lots of Brazilian fans were excited with this release and now... no plans - this is what we obtain as answer from Panini.

Sage said...

Can't wait to see Mojo on friday, that's going to be great.

Any chance we could see Danielle Moonstar anytime soon?

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Design of Mojo on Friday.
So Dan can You say he's confirmed?

Blog Master Dan said...

heh heh. If all goes smoothly, then Mojo will 'almost proabably' be the next special.

Blog Master Dan said...

It's a new word I invented.

CGJ said...

Like the pic from the archive, any chance we could get a close up pic of the elusive Hulk sculpt that appears on the website?

Found the magazine that came with t he Spiderman issue the other day. The only two figs off that chart that we haven't had or had confirmed are the Jackal and Aunt May, what chance on seeing these in the next extension Dan?

The figs that were shown in the early advertising, Iron Man, Storm, Beast were all in modern representations of their costumes. Was this an early EM choice or was this a request from Marvel at the negotiation stage?

Nightwing said...

Can't wait to see Mojo, that will be one interesting looking sculpt!

By the way is anyone alive over at this forum everyone keeps talking about, I tried to register like five hours ago and I am still waiting for someone to verify my account so I can get on there, I cant even view the place until someone verify s me.

jimbob said...

TERRAX is a brilliant choice.I'm glad GIANT MAN is still considered for Mega Special.

Trapster looks good.

Thor8 said...

Hi Dan:Could you inform us on what Giant -Man's chances of being approved are? Is it 50/50 or better or are you telling yet?

Has the order in which the figurines for the 180-200 extension been decided yet?

mtravis390 said...

So I ask again. Is EM charging the same price for the resin figurines as the lead?

John said...

I apparently can't stay away. This collection is too much of an addiction for me. I'll just skip the posts of the posters who get to me.

Jackal next extension? Yes, please. We actually still have a lot of high profile Spidey characters (thanks to the cartoon making them so recognizable.) So as far as comics go, Jackal is a HUGE character. As far as recognizability goes, add in Tombstone.

We have so many, so let's make what sells, and this may be speaking as a Spidey fan, but it seems like Jackal and Tombstone will sell.

The extension after that, can I suggest Kaine or Jack 'O Lantern. Spot is a huge fan favorite.. his fans would LOVE him, plus he was featured on the show in multiple episodes. People know him. Casual fans will know him. *cough* high selling point *cough*

You want an impressive sculpt, go with Doppleganger. That'll turn heads. Plus, there's barely any other merchandise on him. Finding characters like that will attract new collectors who've been looking for a representative for their favorite characters.

Swarm is a personal favorite, though as impressive as his sculpt would bee, I'm not sure how well he'd sell. Just being honest.

Madame Web Special should be out next Summer. Spider-Man is going to be hyped Big Time (along with Avengers and Wolverine) so let's get a Special Spidey character out there. She probably won't feature in anything, but with the heightened Spider-Man craze comes people wanting Spidey things. And she's the last of the high profile, Special sized, Spidey characters (before getting to Big Wheel...)

And sorry I got carried away with this Pro-Spidey post, but...
Now bare wit me. He's only had about one serious comic, and has since appeared as a joke CONSISTENTLY. But then, he's always showing up consistently because of it. People know him. For good or bad reasons, people know him. And, like the Doppleganger comment, no one else is making merchandise for him. As odd as it sounds (I know) I truly think a Hypno-Hustler figurine would be a big seller.


From Spidey and non-Spidey fans.

John said...

I'm always somebody pushing for characters to be released when they have a big story arc in the comics at the same time, or are being highlighted in a video game or appear in a movie. This is free advertising. People want the figures of the characters they've just experienced. And you want to draw in the casual crowd? EM, you knew the Thor movie was being made!!! Warriors Three?! Destroyer?! Heimdall?! Instead Balder came out around the same time, and he wasn't even IN the movie!

Anyway, my point. I just read that the next Spider-Man game, based on the movie, has a giant Spider-Slayer in it. This means, likely, Alystair Smythe should be in it. This also means, more casual fans (and not JUST comics fans, but video game fans too) will know who Smythe is and have him fresh in their mind.

The biggest issue with Smythe, however, has always been his look. Usually, he just looks like a guy. The cartoon look seems wanted, but it was likely a short lived 90's thing, never to return. Dan Slott's version was cool, but only had one arc to it. EM, check with Marvel and that game company, see which version they're using and if Marvel plans to continue with his recent look. If they are, GO INTO DEVELOPMENT NOW, to capitalize on this chance!

(Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom comes out next month, btw. Rocket Raccoon is playable. If he's big enough to put in a video game, and Marvel would only do that if they want to push the character in the future, surely he'd sell... and will be even bigger later... just sayin')

tinodragon14 said...

Regarding Spidey villains now that HAMMERHEAD is in the collection my top choices visually speaking is MOLTEN MAN, TOMBSTONE, JACK O'LANTERN, PUMA, SCARECROW, STEGRON, JACKAL & CARDIAC. All would make good looking figures. I recall that Dan had mentioned JACKAL as a good possibility for the next extension which I beg the powers that be to indeed extend this collection. I would hope at least a second Spidey villain would be considered. I would be torn between MOLTEN MAN (Who is one of the remaining classic villains.) & TOMBSTONE (Who would probably be the more popular choice.).

Bagman said...

Did i read your post right, that they're doing a test run here in Australia? Any idea when? Any clue as to the publisher? How many and in which cities?
Great news about Terrax as well, would love to see Air-walker in the mix as well.

Nightwing said...

I like the idea of seeing Jackal and Molten man in the collection. Tombstone could make an interesting figurine too. But Johns suggestion of Allister Smythe (in his ultimate spider slayer costume) gets my top vote !

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

Tombstone for 201-220.
Doppelganger for 221-240, each hand in different pose, this would be awesome.
Madame Web as special next year please, with SM movie.

Paibok said...

Spiderman characters... Tombstone and Jackal next extension, then Puma and Molten Man, Tarantula, Doppelganger, Kaine, Spot, Boomerang, the Rose, Gibbon and of course Vermin.

LAWay said...


I think Doppleganger benefits from being in a big spiderman story arc that was fortunate to appear in a toy line based on the 90s tv series (dont think he was in it though) and the awesome maximum carnage game.

Hypno Hustler I dont think has the same appeal. Simply clutching at dreams there man. ;)

There are still several characters from the original marvel vs capcom games that havent made it in the CMFC.

But thats not including all the characters to ever grace a Marvel game as well. Sure, Rocket Raccoon being in the newest game, and also being released as an action figure in Marvel Universe certainly boosts the current argument that he could be included for all those who want him, but you could also argue that other characters have appeared in games, cartoons and as action figures before and are still waiting to be represented in the collection. ;)


Cant see it being cheaper, would be a bad business decision. EM may not even decide the retail prices, who knows. But it will probably be the equivalent or more expense due to shipping the product abroad and having to create a whole new system to give resin figurines rather than lead.

tbh the whole 'lead' thing never appealed to me, it wasnt why i signed up. They could have been plastic and I still would have collected.

Banshee said...

If Mojo is confirmed Dan I will ask for nothing more for you :)

Well except this one question. You've never completely 100% confirmed that we'll get the Northstar/Aurora double-pack in January. Could you please please please just put into writing for me that we will definitely be getting these guys next year??

tinodragon14 said...

2012 SPECIALS seem to already be the two-pack NORTHSTAR & his sister then mojo, which I will not buy, then finally get to buy TERRAX THE TAMER, more then one, & then GIANT-MAN.
I don't have any luck with specials. I was pulling for Mega-Special of DRAGONMAN & had no interest in that silly mojo concoction so sure enough they pick mojo. I was hoping they would do mojo later & sure enough they pick him first. I was hoping for a new SIZE-changer i.e. THE LIVING MONOLITH who is a mutant X villain & sure enough they picked GIANT-MAN. I will buy GIANT-MAN though but since I suggested they put the wasp on his shoulder I know that will not happen. I'm surprised TERRAX made it through but that means TITANIUM MAN does not have a chance nor does ATTUMA or a COBRA & MR. HYDE two-pack. Since I listed other Spidey villains before JACKAL he is a shoo in & that means MOLTEN MAN has no chance. I may have doomed TOMBSTONE to. I understand why WHIRLWIND or BARON MORDO or THE MELTER or others have been passed over.

JinxDealer said...

@ TINODRAGON.... some prozac ?? :)

JinxDealer said...

nice update dan, looking forward to friday.

Robert said...

Tino, are you the guy with the one-eyed, three-legged, blind, tail-less dog called "Lucky"?

Went to the shops today wearing my Dr. Doom baseball cap and a thirty-something woman complimented me on it. Twice.

tinodragon14 said...

Prozac? Which villain is he Jinx? Actually I should be called Jinx with the bad luck my bad guys get on here.

Don't forget he is toothless to Robert but I don't call him Lucky. I call him Democracy. He calls me DOOM.

Robert said...

Your dog can talk, Tino?!!? Or is it all in your head and you need stronger medication than prozac?

Anywho, Tino, we've probably all got tales of woe about characters we'd like to see not appearing. Or characters being produced in the "wrong" costume.

I'm still waiting on classic Iron Man, classic Captain Britain, the Warriors Three, the Recorder, Pip the Troll, as well as guys who've been mentioned lately like Tarantula and Jackal. Meanwhile, my shelves are cluttered up with dross like Ka-Zar, Carnage, Machine Man, Impossible Man, Icaris, etc.

Nightwing said...

Speaking of spider-man I have always liked the idea of a Man-Spider figurine. It could look really good if done right.

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

Really looking forward to getting Puppet Master if it looks as cool in hand I may end up marionette

Blog Master Dan said...

Answers to questions:

chances of Jackal Aunt May in next extension?
Jackal very high, Aunt may not so high, seems civilians are not generally wanted by collectors, although we snuck in J.J.J. and I think he's come out quite well.

Early costumes choices for Iron Man, Beast, Storm were chosen mainly by the original editor Alan Cowsill, and soemtimes Marvel had a hand in the decision (especially the X-Men characters).

Giant-Man's chances are 70/30 in favour.

Not sure of the resin prices but I would guess not much different to lead.

The Northstar and Aurora issue is being worked on now, so it will be the first special of next year.
MODOK coming first though!

PS Seems there are Some problems with 'trolling'on the blog. Myself and Rich cannot read all the comments all the time, so I haven't seen the offending comments. All I can say while we look into this matter is please try to ignore any derogatory comments and don't let the few spoil the good vibe we've got on here.

Robert said...

Thanks for the extra info, Dan.

Great to hear that Giant-Man is 70/30. Excellent news.

Trolling? I thought it had been quite friendly and calm on here recently...

Nightwing said...

Maybe he is talking about your idea of having for Pip the Troll in the collection Robert lol :D

Robert said...

Good one, Nightwing. :D

Banshee said...

Thanks for that Dan you are a true legend :-)

CGJ said...

Not so much the few as 'The One', got more personalities than Hank Pym but the razor sharp wit is a dead giveaway

JinxDealer said...

@ TinoDragon, lol im the complete opposite as most of the characters i know have long been done probably covered by issue 20 :) so i dont have any wants & every new named character in the CMFC is the 1st ive ever seen of them so it adds a real fun aspect to the collection for me. & after seeing the virtual CMFC it just proves that their are alot of gems still to come. ive read & learnt LOTS just from this blogs discussions ( heated ones at times :) )

Osvaldoeaf said...

I've been away for a while, so I have to say I'm really excited about the confirmation of Northstar and Aurora....
Also very excited about Mojo....he's one of my favorite villains!

I may be a little ahead on this, but I can't wait till we get to that time next year when we start talking about a new extension, I think it's going to be a great one!!!

Robert said...


Had a look through FF #'s 210-213, 242, 243 and 258-260 for poses. Lots of images of Terrax similar to the second last image: hunched over, both hands holding the axe (often while riding a chunk of flying rock or mound of earth). Quite like that pose, although I'll admit it's not as aggressive or animated as the other images.

Will check the Surfer appearances and Avengers Annual #16 later.

mtravis390 said...

"tbh the whole 'lead' thing never appealed to me, it wasnt why i signed up. They could have been plastic and I still would have collected."

The reason why I started this collection was because they were lead. I grew up with the lead D&D miniatures and was very excited when I discovered this collection.

I for one would not buy an all resin collection unless the prices was drastically cheaper than the lead figurines. Even then I think I would pass.

I'm not to sure why EM would even want to relaunch this collection as resin unless they were shipping to a country that prohibits the sale of lead.

Diamond has already raised the price of this collection on US buyers so I am willing to pay more to keep the lead in the current collection.

jarvis69 said...

Thanks again Dan for your answers ;)

jimbob said...

Thanks Dan for Giant Man update and A&N.

Tombstone before Jackel please.

John said...

Giant-Man probably will be the first one I skip, but whatever helps the collection. I've named off some pros, cons and alternative ideas in the last update, but if this is what EM thinks will keep the collection going, try it out.

I guess I can go ahead and buy the Cap and Thor movies now, since I'll be saving that $38 later. ;)

"Tombstone before Jackel please."

I'm torn between which of those two I'd want more, but, like I said, Spidey's a good seller and we still have quite a few Spidey characters to go through. If you want to increase sales and turn some heads back to the collection, just confirm both. :)

Paibok said...

Cant see why you cannot have Jackal AND Tombstone in the same extension seeing as we tend to get two each extension anyway.

Robert said...

Ach, Jackal before Tombstone. Quite like Lonnie, but, well, Gerry Conway and Ross Andru's original story with Prof Warren was one of my favourite stories as a kiddie-winkle.

Checked Surfer #'s 74 and 75. Terrax shown on final(splash) page of #74 with axe over shoulder. Rin Lim must have liked that pose as he used it twice in #75, too! Anywho, it has the arrogance you'd expect of Terrax - as a former alien despot he was, of course, used to power - but not the violence or aggression. So, still a few comicbooks to check for a pose I can recommend to Dan.

Word verification: "roblenci"!

bethrezen said...

"Tombstone before Jackal please."

I agree.

Tombstone for the next character from the Spider-world PLEASE!

or Tombstone and Jackal

SinisterVenom said...

Agreed Paibok, we've had 2 Spidey villains in the group before, Hydro-Man and Beetle (Beetle is Spidey-ish), Man-Wolf, Hobgoblin AND Chameleon appeared between 101-120, and before the 100th issue, we had 3 or 4 Spidey characters appear in each group of 20 (81-100 had Scorpion, Shocker and Morbius for example) so I don't see why we shouldn't have both Jackal and Tombstone in the next extension.
Hey Kirly, here's a thought. Maybe you should do a virtual gallery of the figurines we thought were the worst or would like to have seen redone. I can think of the first 7 I'd have chose already:

Beast (ape version)
Mystique (white dress)
Rogue (anything! lol)
Captain Britain
Marvel Girl
Dr. Octopus (chubby version)

Just a thought there, if you are interested and have the time of course.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

For me it's Jackal all the way before Tombstone. Not only that. It's also Kaine, Cardiac, Vermin, Spot, Jack O'Lantern and Swarm before Tombstone. I just can't stand Tombstone, not to mention the fact that visually he's so dull. Just my view, is all.

Robert said...


Okay, Dan, had a look at Avengers Annual #16 (waste of time; blink and you miss Terrax; he gets lost amongst the cast of thousands), some later Lim Silver Surfer issues (very few that show all or most of Terrax and often he is without his axe) and Cosmic Powers #1-6 is largely very badly drawn and not much use either. An image in CP #1 or 2 is the inspiration for the Hildebrandt painting. I now understand why you resorted to cards so much for reference images you posted: there aren't a lot of good, full-length images to work with. I'll go and check the Offenders Hulk story with Terrax.

Robert said...

TERRAX (Last today, honest!)

Okay, the last image you posted, Dan, comes from the variant cover of Hulk #10 (with Mordo et al cropped out). McGuiness is a wonderfully OTT artist but he does have this strange habit of making Terrax seem one-eyed. (See the cover of Hulk #12 in particular.) Hope we won't see that in any possible figure.

Conclusion. Um, not sure. The Lim images of Terrax with axe over shoulder would probably suit Skurge, the Executioner better, if he were to be made. That pose is menacing and arrogant. However, Terrax is often very angry and vicious, so a more dynamic pose is more appropriate. Swinging the axe or holding is aloft - whilst screaming murderous oaths, of course - would seem the only way to go. Which, um, is what you had already decided.

I should have read a book.

LAWay said...

The Pip the Troll suggestion certainly offended me.

Glad EM are keeping an eye on the situation.

John said...

SV: "we've had 2 Spidey villains in the group before..."

I'm just saying its not a guaruntee. Usually when you see a breakdown of who's going to be in a balanced extension, there's a "1" next to Spidey or a "1 or 2." So it very well could be Tombstone OR Jackal (or someone else, of course.) I'm just asking early (probably too early) so EM could plan ahead.

It does seem like Tombstone and Jackal together would be the best choice. Especially as they're two of the most requested, but it seems that if someone's not a fan of one, they like the other. Thus guaranteeing them a Spidey character they'll like per extension. (There ya go, Blake and Robert. Problem solved.) :D

LAWay said...

Arggghhhh! John ignored me? It means i'm 'one of them'. Damn. Sorry man. :(

As for Man-Spider suggestion...hell to the yes!

I know he hardly made an appearance, but dammit he looked so cool. I got the action figure of him from the 90s animated show, and a shame the marvel legends series of spiderman fluffed him up, could have been a great sculpt.

And I collected D&D and warhammer lead models. Love them. But to me, what sold it to me was the characters and the magazine. Less so the magazine, but just these nicely painted and sculpted figurines.

For anyone interested, Marvel Legends are coming back in 2012 with a Piledriver, Terrax, Blaastar, Klaw, Contrictor, madame masque...and many more.!

SinisterVenom said...

I understand that John and I agree that there is no guarantee, we only got Hammerhead last time after all.
I was just saying it has happened before not too long ago so there is always a chance it could happen again.
But yeah, Tombstone and Jackal are deffo the most popular. Madame Web is being mentioned quite a lot for a special too. I'd also like to see Molten Man, Kaine, Jack O'Lantern and Spot appear in the collection sometime too.

John said...

And I'll back you up on all the characters you listed. Take note EM. ;)

Special-wise, I think its pretty clear that Spider-Man fans (and many comic fans in general) would like Madame Web released with the movie, even if she's not in it. :D Better start now so you can figure out that chair!

Paibok said...

SV - 'I understand that John and I agree that there is no guarantee, we only got Hammerhead last time after all'

Er Spider Man 2099? I think he fits into the Spider Man category.

Tombstone and Jackal for same extension even though I would prefer Molten Man

tinodragon14 said...

Don't worry guys JACKAL is a shoo in. I listed him behind other Spidey villains. So he has it made. I'm sorry about TOMBSTONE though because I listed him & MOLTEN MAN leaning more towards MOLTEN MAN so MM is doomed from getting in but TOMBSTONE may also be tainted. Sorry.

Nightwing said...

Its funny I didn't realise we had quite as many decent Spidey characters left to be represented in the collection. Sure Tombstone, Jackal, Molten Man, Kaine, Jack O'Lantern and The Spot might not be the first villains that come to mind when you think of Spidey (probably not even the second or third :P) but they all hold potential to be great figurines.

@ LAWay - Glad to see a fellow supporter of Man-Spider :)

I'll also throw my support behind a Madame Web figurine, she would look fantastic!

Robert said...

Ah, John, you always try to find a solution that keeps everyone happy.


...if it were a Spidey two-pack, I'd have Tarantula and Jackal together as they are a natural pairing (see the classic first Clone Saga, although it wasn't called that back then) and I much prefer ol' pointy-toes to Mr Lincoln.

Come to think of it, having dropped Spider-Man due to the "Sins Past" storyline, I have no idea if Jackal and Tombstone have worked together. Have they?

tinodragon14 said...

I never liked the Madame Webb character & since she is not in the Spidey movie why waste a Special on her & a chair which means she will probably be the next special.

Dan talks about trying something different with the specials so since I was pulling for TITANIUM MAN & ATTUMA & THE EXECUTIONER & BLASTAAR & THE LIVING MONOLITH & DRAGONMAN & THE COBRA & MR. HYDE TWO-PACK & THE MAD THINKER & HIS AWESOME ANDROID TWO-PACK none of them have a chance of being picked.

Others have already suggested the GHOST RIDER on his bike or the GREEN GOBLIN on his bat glider with the smoke from the glider holding him up. I suggested the original BLACK KNIGHT on his black winged horse which eliminated him.

Since the LIZARD is the villain in the Spidey movie do a special with Spidey & the LIZARD in action stances with separate bases that can interconnect. I have heard others on this blog mention how they wish Spidey was in more of an action stance & this would be a chance to have him in an action position.

Someone else THAT'S SOMEONE ELSE NOT ME SO IT SHOULD BE CONSIDERED mentioned having a two pack special of MIMIC & THE SUPER ADAPTOID from a past issue X-Men where they they fought. MIMIC had the X-Men's powers with the Beast's human build & big feet, Angel's wings & the glasses for Cyclop's eye beams & THE SUPER ADAPTOID was in all of his Avenger's finery as big as Giant-Man with wasp wings & Cap's shield & Hawkeyes bow & arrows with a mix of their costumes except all in green. That's a great idea NOT MINE!

JinxDealer said...

@TINODRAGON, you may have just put the kiss of death on it... :)

Nightwing said...

Good call on The Living Monolith as a special tinoDragpon, that's a really good idea :)

Robert said...

Am I the only person who can't keep a straight face when reading Tino's posts? Sorry, Tino, but they're very funny. :)

JinxDealer said...

@ ROBERT , no your not the only one. he's a true mr optimist LOL

JinxDealer said...

does anyone on here collect the DC blackest night figurines?.. i just have a few questions if any you kind folk know the answers, when is the next special due out? & im assuming we get a few figurines from each tribe??.. just the indigo tribe only has 2 that have names.. the rest are described as unnamed individuals so how could they be made into figurines ?? ( i think agent orange's tribe may have a similar problem..??) thanks for your time, and that brings to a close the -jinxy's ask & learn section- :)

tinodragon14 said...

Yes Nightwing THE LIVING MONOLITH would have made an awesome size- changer Mega-Special. He is separate from the Hank Pym size-changers:
Hank Pym as Giant-Man then
Hank Pym as Goliath then
Clint Barton aka Hawkeye as Goliath
then Bill Foster who worked with Hank Pym as Black Goliath then
Powerman as bad guy Goliath who then became Atlas all connected but THE LIVING MONOLITH is his own size-changing man. His mutant power is where his size-changing ability comes from & he is an X-Men villain. He would have made quite a striking Special had I not brought him up. Alas they will do Giant-Man, Goliath, Goliath, Black Goliath, Goliath, Atlas before they would ever do THE LIVING MONOLITH now. I'm so sorry Nightwing.

Nightwing said...

Haha don't be sorry tino, its great that you brought him up even if there isn't much chance of him being made. I mentioned Man-Spider even though there is pretty much 0% chance he will be made, it's just great to get ideas out there for EM to consider :)

SinisterVenom said...

Oops, I forgot all about Spider-Man 2099, my apologies Robert. Thanks for the correction. :P

Robert said...

It was Paibok who mentioned Spider-Man 2099, SV. Can't take any credit for remembering him.

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

Gawd bless the afternoon post, It takes something pretty special to drag my 4 yr old son away from a Gears Of War session , but even he paused long enough to let out a " Woooahh!!" when he gazed upon Odin.
Blackheart is stunning, as is the goofy little guy wearing the comedy dentures holding a Thing dolly.
A 10/10 subby pack. I love EM and Ben Grim , because you both rock!

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

,,I was pulling for Mega-Special of DRAGONMAN & had no interest in that silly mojo concoction so sure enough they pick mojo."
Silly would be giving Dragonman at now, as we already have green dragon as mega special. There should be a lot of characters before Dragonman, for sure Mojo, who's most wanted special in overall.

SinisterVenom said...

Oh my god, I apologize again! Thank you for the correction Paibok, and Robert, thank you for correcting my second mistake! Yeeesh dunno what's wrong with me today...must have been getting high from Goblin Gas after attending the Green Goblin's Halloween party!
Oh well, I can however give you...


And this week is the Puppet Master! The sculpt is very well done and I really love the Thing figure he is holding. However the paint job got a little sloppy on the lower part of his body. The top half is nice but let down by his legs and feet. I'd say 7/10.

Robert said...

No harm done, SV.

Now, forgetting your wedding anniversary, that's a different kettle of fish...

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

Squirrel Girl is in the new Superhero Squad game out next month ,she really has to make the next extension as comic to videogame characters are insanely popular FACT!
so far Em have ignored Shuma Gorath (MVC3) . Machete,boomerang , Oddball and Rattan (Dr Dooms Revenge
Releasing Madam Web to coincide with the Spidey reboot would be awesome to the max.
Who's being released to coincide with the Avengers movie ? Purdey??
please space out the release dates of Mofo and Strongay..5 yes between them would be super awesome.

mtravis390 said...

I'm surprised that Demogoblin isn't on anyone's Spider-Man's list. I would love to have him in the collection to go with the other Goblins we have.

Robert said...

He's not on many lists because Hobgoblin is the poor man's Green Goblin and Demogoblin is the poor(er?) man's Hobgoblin.

mtravis390 said...

I guess you have to be an Inferno fan to appreciated Demogoblin.

tomaszkasjaniuk said...

,,I'm surprised that Demogoblin isn't on anyone's Spider-Man's list."
You're not Xavier :P
Demogoblin is on my wanted list. I want Carnage's Family in CMFC, but first Doppelganger, than Shriek, Demogoblin and Carrion.

It's easier to create GiantMan than Mojo, maybe we should get GiantMan first.
How about that:
January: twins
March: Terrax
May: GiantMan (with Avengers movie)
July: Madame Web (with SM movie)
September: Mojo
December: Wendigo (good to release him in winter next year)

navaho said...

Great news about Jackal being a shoo-in for the next extension but instead of Tombstone I would prefer White Tiger, don't ask me why, I just friggin like him alright!
Can't wait for Giant-Man, whom I think is long overdue and Terrax will look awesome I'm sure.
My guilty pleasure and someone who I can guarantee will never ever get made is........Diamondhead. Not enough appearances but what a cool character to have in the collection.
I still have so many wants that I could spend ages listing them but I won't bore you guys, suffice to say I hope the collection goes on for long enough to see most of them.

The Mad Thinker said...

Trapster looks f**k all like him and is s***e , sorry but a big let down for me.

Robert said...

I enjoyed Inferno, actually. There's a great issue of Spectacular Spider-Man that centres on the Daily Bugle being attacked.

Robert said...

How would you know, MT? You don't read comics.

Thor8 said...

Dan: A little late on my part,but thanks for answering my inquiry on the Giant-Man special. 70/30 in favour is great news.

Would like to see USAgent,Starfox,Justice,or Mantis make the next extension.

Candidates for specials: Super Adaptoid,Destroyer,Mangog,Atuma.

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

My mommy and daddy in law just got back from a cruise somewhere...foreign?. They brought me home a chipped mug featuring some derilict cathedral, and a Boligrafo Jumbo featuring Marvel characters .Us geeks are so easy to shop for.
Just read about Dan and Rich investigating possible trollage on this blog...and to think when MT suggested such an organization existed he was mocked!
Finally watched Green Lantern ..utter pish.. but the guy playing Sinestro was actually very watchable.
I can hardly wait for this Fridays update.As i can hardly wait to phone up and cancel Moojew.

LAWay said...

I want Demogoblin, even though he is the poor man's version of hobgolin, who is the poor man's version of green goblin.

Because regardless of that (and it is true, i cant argue that lol) he still has more presence than alot of names mentioned that havent appeared in a comic for 40 years.

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

Is that birthday presence or christmas presence???

Robert said...

Names, Leigh, please. Which characters are you referring to exactly?

Robert said...

For my birthday I want red peppers, for my Christmas I want green peppers and as an extra treat I want the Sunday peppers.

Robert said...

Joke copyright, Rikki Fulton, "Scotch & Wry", 1984.

LAWay said...

I think its combined. More presence all round, like Santa turning up on your birthday.

Of course, its all my own opinion, but he has appeared in cartoons, games, toys as well as the comics. He may not appear in loads outside of spider-man, but he is a top spidey villain.

(well...i say top...)

Since he only debuted in the 90s, all things considered, its not as bad as characters with 40s years of 'history' who have had slightly more appearances in comics, yet is largely unknown to wider marvel audiences.

Then again, I am a 90s fan growing up with marvel in that period, my views tainted.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Does anybody know if the forum is down? Currently it cannot be accessed.

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

False alarm. It's up and running.

The Mad Thinker said...

true robert but that's why they invented google images lol.

SinisterVenom said...

I don't care about the poor man's version of whoever, I would be happy to see Demogoblin be made into a figurine.
Just got back from the midnight queing for Batman Arkham City. DC fan or no, you can't deny that Arkham Asylum was an amazing game so naturally I have been very excited for this one! Right, I'm off to go play! :)

John said...

Robert: "Come to think of it, having dropped Spider-Man due to the "Sins Past" storyline, I have no idea if Jackal and Tombstone have worked together. Have they?"

Well, someone has good taste. I dropped Spidey at Sins Past, too. And I'll never read another JMS story. I don't know why I stuck it through for so long *cough* but after Digger, Shathra, Morlun, and just boring, dragged out story, one after another, Sin's Past finally did me in.

I skipped One More Day as well, but picked up from Brand New Day and "marriage aside" its EXACTLY everything I want for Spider-Man. Its been consistently good... no, incredible! ever since.

But to answer your question, Robert, no. They haven't worked together. But no one's asking for a 2-pack. I think most people would save those for a large and small figure or 2 that are REALLY connected (ie, Rocket and Groot, Misty and Colleen.)

On Demogoblin, I think the issue with him is that he was the product of him time. He appeared, he had memorable issues, then died. No return in sight. I feel the same way about Tarantula.

Now being someone that started reading comics in the mid-90's, I would actually like Demogoblin, because I know him (though barely.) He looks really cool. But a casual fan, a new fan? They won't know him or want him any more than I'd want tarantula... which is not at all.

Again, he was around for, what? 3 years? And then died. He's famous for being a part of Maximum Carnage...

tinodragon14 said...

BEN spells GRIMM with two Ms.

Squirrel Girl!? Really?! Perhaps they could do her in a special with the raccoon & tree characters & call it the Forest animals special edition.

Oh Topaz trying to compare DRAGONMAN to FIN FANG FOOM shows how little you know about either & saying you should not do DRAGONMAN because you did a FOOM Figure in the past & they are both DRAGONS well it is like saying since you did an X-Man character already & he is a guy well then no more male X characters should be made. That is silly but nothing is sillier then the mojo concoction.

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

blog master Dan said " seems there's problems with trolling on the blog, myself and Rich cannot read all the comments".....That suggests some one contacted you or Rich directly. Hmmm i'm guessing it's probably someone. With no official link to EM, But this doesn't stop him carrying a " special advisor to Eaglemoss" business card.
Was it EM's very own Adam Werritty ?

LAWay said...

@Miguel - yeh, people probably making fake accounts and posting tongue in cheek comments. No-one stands out as an obvious fake account though, right?

70 issues in 3 years? Its impressive if its true, but I imagine it was a little bit longer, and the maximum carnage storyline wasnt that long was it? Like I said, he is helped by being used in things outside of comics to boost his popularity and status.

I had Arkham City a day early mate. Pre-ordered the collector's edition, which has the dark knight returns skin, penguing ice lounge map, soundtrack, gotham knight dvd, artbook and a statue. :)

Although I am annoyed about the amount of DLC that was around. About 8 different skins, robin, and joker versions. Annoying. But its great.

Robert said...

Thanks for answering the question, John.

I really didn't mind JMS for the most part, John. The idea to let Aunt May learn Peter was Spidey made sense and opened up a lot of story ideas. And I thought the Digger issue where he bursts into a rap club and complains that no one is singing "When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie, That's Amori" was hilarious. BUT. Due to the slightly delayed nature of the UK reprints, I grew up with Gwen and was deeply affected when she died. So, "Sins Past" angered and disgusted me in a way no other story has. I should have realised then that Marvel was heading downhill and that I would have to stop buying modern comicbooks one day.

MT, google images are often biased towards certain images and eras. After your post I had a quick look at Spectacular Spider-Man #158 as I knew the costume he was wearing then was pretty close. The Trapster costume in that story is very similar to the figure, except for the boots and the addition of the gun that he nearly always had in every other costume anyway. So you're mistaken. And for what it's worth, it's not the costume I'd have chosen, either.

Tino, you are our very own Ben Grimm. We can almost hear you mumble "What a revoltin' development!" every minute or two...

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

Leigh,when i heard "Troll" my first thought was "what's that silly sausage Leigh went and said now"
But i can't find anything remotely ...trollsome??
Besides I think your more of a Doll than a troll.
Robert, I always loved Gwendoline, a classy beautiful girl. Her death only increased my dislike of the ginger bike, Peter would end up with.

Robert said...

Yep, totally agree, Miguel. Gwen was classier, smarter, emotionally stable and, with a police background through her father, understood the "he's going out and may not come back" life she would have lived with a superhero. MJ should have married someone like Flash Thompson. After Gwen, the best girlfriend for Peter was probably Debra Whitman. But the writers were determined to wreck that relationship, unfortunately.

mgf said...

I'd like to see Molten Man as the next Spidey villain. I think EM could make such a simple design look very classy.

Subby pack yesterday...

Puppet Master, just great. Suitably mad looking and the puppet Thing is a lovely touch.

Blackheart, not even close to as delicate as the images would suggest. In fact you culd kill a man with it easily. AND DON'T THINK I HAVEN'T THOUGHT ABOUT IT!!!! Sorry, sorry, happy place, happy place. A pleasant surprise.

Odin, terrific.

DC: The last of Blackest Night and it went out with a whimper. I shall not miss it.

Blue Beetle, nice sculpt, but I don't know this version.

Now, Captain Boomerang... I'm rather disappointed with this. Firstly he is a bit unbalanced, but more importantly he's just wrong. After that brilliant classic Captain Cold you'd have hoped we'd get the other Flash rogues in their Silver Age goodness. Instead of the tunic and fast food joint hat we get a rain mac and a beanie hat.

He could have been a standout of the DCFC but is an also ran.

The Mad Thinker said...

robo , i prefer the brown colour costume for trapster but we seem to get the latest look for characters these days which sucks cos i think the 90's were the best

LAWay said...

classic ted. ;)

JinxDealer said...

@ MGF. has the blackest night ended already?

JinxDealer said...

anyway i hope the dc blackest night hasn't ended as i was looking forward to getting some big names done as white lanterns & black lanterns

BLAKENEWMAN2002 said...

Hi JinxDealer
The Blackest Night/Brightest Day
collection has indeed ended. It was always meant to be a subset of 16 regulars and 1 special. All in all, it's been a great run. I love how it gave us a chance to get figurines of characters like Atrocitus, Saint Walker and Larfreeze. It's unlikely that we would have seen them in the main collection.

I hope EM can now start looking at producing a Marvel subset. There are plenty of MU themes, sagas and events that a subset can be based around.

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

Surely Blackest Nicht would only finish once a plinth had been neatly filled? Or would that be too much to hope for?
I'm at Hawk &Dove ,so my imminent subby parcel should contain 1 plinth ,2 regular and 1 special fig , to neatly finish my collection .Not bothered with the rest if they stop at some random point leaving a half filled plinth.

Miguel Angel Jiminez said...

Cheers Blake, can't wait to complete the collection.
Retro!, everyone knows retro sells. So for the Avengers tie in release a lovely retro doublepack featuring Golden Iron Man and a Kirby inspired purple y fronts wearing Hulk. Just recreate the cover from Avengers #1 for the mag cover and you will have a genuine sales success on your hands....y'know..if your into that sort of thing...;)

JinxDealer said...

thanks BLAKENEWMAN2002, thats a real shame, i was unaware it was only a 16 figure collection i pictured all the dc greats done as either black or white lanterns. i also assumed we would fill 1 plinth per "tribe/corps" with a special for each. thats a real downer im honestly gutted.

JinxDealer said...

i'd love to see EM do a collection one day where all the figurines are the size of galactos & sentinel... not necessarily in lead.

Robert said...

"robo , i prefer the brown colour costume for trapster but we seem to get the latest look for characters these days which sucks cos i think the 90's were the best."

Kind of confused by your post, MT, as the brown costume is the 1970's look (see, for instance, MTU #1 and some classic J. Buscema FFs). The costume you dislike is the late 1980s, into '90s, so your post is contradictory.

Nevertheless, I also prefer the brown costume as that's what I grew up with. The newer costume is fine, though, just a personal preference.

Robert said...

Jinx, one of the reasons I like the CMFC is that it doesn't take up huge amounts of space. A collection the size you suggested would look great, but I would have to skip it on the grounds of being unable to display it.

JinxDealer said...

@ Robert, no doubt it would take up some space but i mean for a collection that isn't going to hit the 50 mark. i personally like undead & space marines that sort of thing & would love to see them bigger than a fingernail :)

Robert said...

Oh, right. Thought you were suggesting something pretty comprehensive.

Can't help thinking your idea would make a great 2000AD series..

And, while I'm dreaming, I'd like comicbooks to be good again...

JinxDealer said...

agreed they'd look awesome ,we can hope robert :)

JinxDealer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert said...

The only Marvel Zombies that interest me are the fanboys like me that I bump into at marts and comic shops.

Robert said...

Oh, so you changed your mind about asking whether we'd like zombies, then...?

Honestly, I harbour no thoughts of violence against you!

JinxDealer said...

LOL robert i feared a massive backlash & realised theirs far better subsets that could be done. i guess picturing all the could of been black lanterns got me carried away